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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1797 C79/, no. []
1797 19 Jan 37 Samuel Manley v. Robert Grubb re. 15 Nov 1791 concerning agreement to build, by Peter Herrison of Sir William Warren Square, par. St John Wapping, Middx., 2 or 3 brick messuages on a piece of ground in Shard Street in par. St George in the East, Middx. C79/299, no. 2 [2]
1797 22 May Henry, duke of Newcastle an infant by Anna Maria, duchess of Newcastle widow his mother v. Frances, countess of Lincoln widow; Lady Catherine Pelham Clinton late an infant; George Brydges Brudenell; Martin Whish; Francis Pelham Clinton called lord Thomas Pelham Pelham Clinton; Lady Anna Maria Pelham Clinton; and Lady Charlotte Pelham Pelham Clinton infants by George Mason their guardian; William Henry Clinton; Henry Clinton; Henry Dawkins & Augusta his wife; and Sir Robert Mackreth; and also v. John Jackson since deceased re. inheritance of mansion at Clumber, Notts. and other property & other matters following death of [Thomas Pelham-Clinton, 3rd] Duke of Newcastle in 1795. C79/259, no. [3]
1797 23 May 37 Randolph Rowland Roberts an infant v. John Roberts; John Cramer & Martha his wife; Marmaduke Cramer the younger; Thomas Cramer infants by their next friend Elizabeth Roberts; Thomas Roberts; and Multon Lambard re. marriage agreement 2 Oct 1752 Jane Roberts [dau.of Sir Walter Roberts, 6th Baronet of Glassenbury] and George, Duke of St Albans; sale of manor of 'Glastonbury'[in Cranbrook], Kent to Lionel Cranfield, [1st Duke of Dorset, 1688-1765]. C79/268, no. [4]
1797 28 July William Crawford v. Joseph Kaye re. loan £1,200 27 Mar 1787 by Joseph Kaye from Peter Calmel (now deceased) of par. St James within the liberty of Westminster, Middx., secured on piece of ground at north end of Somerset Street, St Marylebone. C78/2080, no. 2 [5]
1797 13 Aug 37 Charles Newby v. Thomas Martyn [faded document] re. loan £650 5 May 1788[?] by Thomas Martyn from Charles Newby secured on property in Willesdon, Middx. C79/258, no. [6]
1797 9 Nov 38 Thomas Thrush v. Sir James Pennyman baronet re. sale £1,700 15/16 Sept 1775 by Henry Goodricke, clerk of Aldborough, Yorks. & Catherine Dawson widow of York to Sir James Pennyman and Jane Thrush of Richmond, widow, parcels of ground called Brimley Close and Audus Close [? Molescroft, Beverley?]. C79/277, no. [7]
1797 C78/, no. []