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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1795 C79/, no. []
1795 ? ? John Wharton v. Edward May esq; Joshua Mendez da Costa; Isaac Bornal [damaged document] apparently re. a bankruptcy hearing in Nov 1799; baptismal date of Margaret Wharton. C79/345, no. [2]
1795 30 April 35 George Norman; Richard Norman; and Elianora Norman widow executors and executrix of the will of James Norman esq v. Charles Williams; John Nash; Stephen John Sewell & Catherine his wife re. sale ?23 Dec 1777 of piece of ground on south side of Great Russell St., par. St George, Bloomsbury Sq, Middx. by Sir John Rushout [1738-1800] to John Nash [architect, 1752-1835]. C79/259, no. [3]
1795 20 July 35 Thomas Jackson and George Railton and John Gibson v. Robert Grubb re. loan £600 1 Sept 1788 by Robert Grubb from George Gibson secured on messuage and brew house called 'Ship and Wheatsheaf' in Nightingale Lane. C79/253, no. [4]
1795 22 July 35 Percival Clennell; Sir Alfred Lawson baronet; William Cockburn & Sarah his wife; Sarah Lowthian widow; James Forster & Isabella his wife; Judith Fengrouse; and James Lewthwaite v. William Lewthwaite; William Hunter; and The Governor and Company of the Bank of England re. will 30 Oct 1780 of John Lewthwaite [d.1790] of Whitehaven, Cumbs, very considerable real estate; bequest to William Lewthwaite; to John Lewthwaite of Dominica (who died before the testator), messuage at Kirksanton and property in Whitehaven. C79/239, no. [5]
1795 24 July 35 Richard Dixon and others on behalf of themselves and and all other specialty and simple contract creditors and legatees of Drigue Billers Olmius late lord Waltham who contribute to the suit and Maria Brown widow v. John Luttrell Olmius & Elizabeth his wife; John Bullock; Frances Maria Luttrell Olmius; John Brown; and Drigue Morgan re. will 2 Feb 17?? of Drigue Billers Olmius [1746-87]; manor Cressing Temple, property at Cressing, Witham, Notley, Rivenhall and Stisted, Essex. C79/240, no. [6]
1795 30 July 35 John Pybus esq surviving executor of the will of Dame Ann Fletcher widow v. Ann Read; David Webster & Elizabeth his wife; Hether Read; Sir John Wedderburn; George Dempster; James Wedderburn; John Wedderburn; and Edward Cotsford re. marriage agreement 9 Sept 1774, Sir Robert Fletcher and Ann Pybus; monies to lay out on Govt securities to pay interest to Sir Robert Fletcher during his life, and then to wife. C79/265, no. [7]
1795 14 July 35 Thomas Brograve v. John Winder; Mary Watts; Henry Palmer Watts; Mary Moxon; Elizabeth Lyon; Joseph Lyon; Joseph Winder; William Lyon; Joseph Hayes Lyon; Thomas Hayes Lyon; William John Lyon; Mary Ann Jane Lyon; and John Winder Lyon re. will 2 May 1783, Robert Moxon of Grays Inn Middx. and Woodford, Essex; property in Essex and Montgomeryshire and elsewhere; marriage settlement Joseph Lyon and wife. C79/298, no. 6 [8]
1795 25 July 35 John Ludd Fenner clerk; Thomas Freebody; James Thomas Nunber & Phillippa his wife later Phillippa Fenner spinster; William Hubbard; and John Hubbard and Priscilla Hubbard spinster infants by the said William Hubbard; Elizabeth Woolmer spinster; William Pickley & Lucy his wife late Lucy Woolmer spinster; Mary Brewer Woolmer spinster; William Woolmer; Samuel Woolmer v. John Arundel; George Clark; John Ludd Fenner the younger an infant; Job Orton Hughes; John Hughes; George Fenner Hughes; and Bridget Hughes infants; Wiliam Hubbard the younger an infant; Elizabeth Shirley Woolmer; Susannah Shirley Woolmer; Shirley Woolmer; Caroline Woolmer; and Matilda Woolmer infants; Binley Woolmer; Joseph Woolmer; William Barker & Jane his wife; Zachariah Hubbard; Thomasine Hubbard widow; Mary Horolitt widow; Rest Fenner re. will 10 Jan 1793, Timothy Hargrave [d.30 Jan 1793] of New Brentford, Middx; claims by relatives. C79/299, no. 1 [9]
1795 29 July 35 William Barton v. James Barton re. loan £2,500 22/23 April 1790 by James Barton of Penwortham, Lancs from William Barton, secured on messuage in Farington [near Leyland], Lancs. C79/287, no. 5 [10]
1795 C79/, no. []