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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1794 C79/, no. []
1794 14 Jan 34 Thomas Wyatt gentleman v. John Fenton butcher; John Manby; John Beardsworth; Thomas Fletcher & Ann his wife; Thomas Fenton; Charles Clowes; Anastasia Fenton; Charles Follett & Catherine his wife; John Armistead & Catherine his wife; Theophila Ellis; Mary Ellis; John Haworth; John Buxton & Mary his wife; and Ambrose Goddard re. treaty Jan 1785 Peter Delme St. George Hanover Square and George Boughey for sale of manor of Overtown (or Over Wroughton) in par. Wroughton, Wilts; property in Allington, Rodbourne Cheney, Bayden & Ramsbury, Wilts. C79/283, no. [2]
1794 8 March 34 John Walford v. Thomas Keteriche re. agreement 16 Mar 1792 by Thomas Ketteriche, of Red Lion Sq. in par. St George the Martyr [Holborn], Middx., to sell houses at Fleet Market [now Farringdon St.] to John Walford. C79/282, no. [3]
1794 30 June 34 Willoughby, earl of Abingdon and Charlotte, countess of Abingdon on behalf of themselves and the other creditors of the Honorable Peregrine Bertie deceased who contribute to the suit v. Philip Wenman esq called Philip lord Wenman viscount Tuam in the Kingdom of Ireland & Eleanor his wife; Thomas Francis Wenman; the Honorable Willoughby Bertie; Elizabeth Bertie; Elizabeth Cox; Philadelphia Cox; and Miles Stapleton & Lady Mary Stapleton his wife re. marriage settlement 29 June 1768, Willoughby Bertie [4th Earl of Abingdon] and Charlotte Warren; debts of Peregrine Bertie. C79/228, no. [4]
1794 1 July 34 Newton Wallop then an infant but since of age and the Honorable Coulson Wallop an infant by John, earl of Portsmouth their father and Robert Fellowes esq v. Thomas Warburton; John Churchill; William Fellowes; and Martha Brown re. will 16 Sept 1789, of Henry Arthur Fellows of Eggesford, Devon; property bequeathed to Newton Wallop, 2nd son of John Wallop [2nd Earl of Portsmouth] and wife Urania née Fellows [the sister of Henry Arthur Fellows]. C79/281, no. [5]
1794 11 July 34 Henry Jones v. Joshua Smith and Sir James Cockburne baronet re. loan 25 April 1775 £5,000 by Henry Douglas & Sir James Cockburne (West India merchants), from Joshua Smith of Great George St, Westminster, Middx. C79/253, no. [6]
1794 14 July 34 Archibald Macdonald knight attorney general at the relation of Walter Rose Norton of Polesworth, Warw, clerk and vicar of Polesworth and the said Walter Rose Norton v. Joseph Boultbec; Miller Sadler; Andrew Hackett; John Dabbs; William Sawney; Francis Harris; and Thomas Clare re. Sir Francis Nethersole [1587–1659) of Polesworth [Warks.] and right of presentation to vicarage of Polesworth, after Charles I was deposed and Government of England 'usurped' during 'troubles in England'. C79/287, no. 2 [7]
1794 17 July 34 Richard Myddelton v. The Right Honorable Lloyd lord Kenyon; Sir John Rushout baronet; William Pulteney esq; William Lloyd esq; and Richard Myddelton the younger esq re. considerable debts of Richard [sic] Myddleton [d.1747] (complt's father), and property of Chirk Castle [near Wrexham] & estate at Ruthin [Dendb]. C79/256, no. [8]
1794 18 July 34 James Hamilton esq nephew and administrator with the will annexed of the estate and effects of Cecil Lloyd spinster v. Richard Savage Lloyd re. will 21 Dec 1757 of Sir Richard Lloyd [?1696-1761 of Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk], bequest £8,000 to Cecil (sic) Lloyd as her portion and real estate to Richard Savage Lloyd [c.1730–1810]. C79/252, no. [9]
1794 22 July 34 Ann Elcock spinster v. William Glegge; Felix Doran; and Samuel Riley esqs re. sale £1,000 4/5 April 1733, by William Glegg to Arthur Glegg manor or lordship of Grainge or Caldie Grange [Calday Grange] in hundred of Worral [Wirral], Chesh. C79/287, no. 3 [10]
1794 24 July 34 Somerset Davis esq since deceased v. Herbert Deem; Francis Haselden; George Pardoe; Bartholomew Haselden; James Price; Elizabeth Jane Shelley Vaimam Pococke; and Robert Kingscote re. loan £1,200 20 April 1736 by Mansell Powell, attorney (on behalf of Herbert Howarth & Margaret Howarth, his mother) from Isabella Wellington, secured on the manor or lordship of Whitehouse, Hereford & property in Vowchurch, Turnastone, Newton and Burghill. C79/298, no. 5 [11]
1794 24 July 34 Somerset Davies esq since deceased v. Herbert Deem; Frances Hadden; George Pardoe; Bartholomew Haselden; James Price; Elizabeth Jane Shelley; Vannam Pocock; and Robert Kingscote [see C79/298, no. 5 [11] above] re. loan £1,200 20 April 1736 by Mansell Powell, attorney (on behalf of Herbert Howarth & Margaret Howarth, his mother) from Isabella Wellington, secured on manor or lordship of Whitehouse, Hereford & property in Vowchurch, Turnastone, Newton and Burghill. C79/287, no. 4 [12]
1794 29 July 34 Mary Hooper spinster v. William Hooper the elder and his wife; William Hooper the younger; Ambrose Pitman; and Mary Clifford re. loan £300 29 Dec 1752 by Ambrose Pitman of Lower Swell [near Stow-on-the-Wold], Gloucs. from Mileah Greenwood, widow of Chastleton, Oxon., secured on a common inn called 'The Plough' with barn at [85 Barton St.] Tewkesbury, Gloucs. C79/250, no. [13]
1794 19 Nov 35 William Nightingale; Sir Charles Ashgill baronet; Dame Sarah Asgill widow; Thomas Nightingale; George Nightingale; and Peter Warren v. William Prosser and Thomas Stephens re. 1784 Griffith Maskelyn then of Bristol, corn merchant, now bankrupt; acceptance of bills of exchange by Sir Charles Asgill [1st Baronet, 1713-1788] & John Nightingale both deceased and the comlpt. William Nightingale. C79/258, no. [14]
1794 15 Dec 35 Edward Lewis clerk & Mary his wife and Fanny Freke an infant by said Edward Lewis v. John Freke [vide also 1791 C79/244, no. (9)] re. sale 18 Oct 1722, of manor of Hannington, Wilts., by William Freke of Hinton St Mary, Dorset to Thomas Harris and John Higham. C79/254, no. [15]
1794 C79/, no. []