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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1783 C79/, no. []
1783 18 Feb 23 Richard Rocke esq & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Kinchant spinster v. Robert Gosling and Francis Gosling esqs; John Charlton Kinchant esq; John Kinchant esq; Francis Kinchant; Richard Kinchant; and John Gardner & Emma his wife re. indenture of 17/18 Jan 1772; mansion house called Park Hall and divers lands etc. in pars. of Whittington and Salatin [Selattyn], Salop. C79/225, no. [2]
1783 24 March 23 William Pultney esq one of the executors of Harry Pultney esq, & Francis his wife the daughter and only surviving child of James Pultney esq deceased and also cousin and heir at law of the said Harry Pultney who was only brother devisee and heir at law of the late earl of Bath who was the only son and heir at law of William Pultney esq son and heir at law of Sir William Pultney all deceased v. Henry, earl of Darlington another of the surviving executors of Harry Pulney who was entitled to all the real estate to be purchased with the then surplus of the personal estate of the said Harry Pultney which should remain after payment of his debts, financial expences, and legacies with remainder to Harry lord Barnard as his only son in tail male and William lord viscount Chetwynd; Sir Harry Burrard baronet the other surviving executors of the Harry Pultney; Harry lord viscount Barnard; the Honorable Frederick Vane brother of the said earl of Darlington who in case of the death of his said brother without issue male would be entitled to the lands to be purchased with the said surplus of the personal estate of the said Harry Pulney with remainder to his first and other sons in tail male; and Raby Vane re. will of Henry Guy [1631-1711] dated 6 July 1709; messuages, lands, tenements etc. in par. Stoke Newington, Middx. and elsewhere; claims of the Pulteney [sic] family. C79/261, no. [3]
1783 28 March 23 Elizabeth Vane (later amended to Hone)widow one of the executors, devisees and legatees of Thomas James Selby of Wavendon or Wandon, Bucks, esq v. Richard Medcraft; Ellen Weno; John Franklyn & Catherine his wife; Henrietta Franklyn; Elizabeth Franklyn; Sir Thomas Alston baronet; William Lowndes; Daniel Shipton & Temperance his wife; John lord Richard Filles (?0; Edward Thurlow esq Attorney General; the Governors and Guardians of the Hospital for the Maintenance and Education of Exposed and Deserted Young Children; The President, Vice President; Treasurer and Governors of the Magdalen Hospital for the Reception of Penitent Prostitutes; Francis Kelly; Maxwell Clerk treasurer of the Asylum; (later added:) Oliver Thorne; Samuel Selby re. will 19 Aug 1768 of Thomas James Selby of Wavendon, Bucks and considerable personal estate and real estate in Bucks., Beds., Middx and Cambs; numerous bequests with conditions and bequest 'To right heir at law (to be found by advertisements in public papers) manor of Whaddon and Nash and capital messuage known as Whaddon Hale and lands...' C79/218, no. [4]
1783 13 April 23 Charles Morgan esq v. Lady Rachael Morgan widow; William Jones esq & Elizabeth his wife; George Augustus Cavendish esq called Lord George Augustus Cavendish; Frederick Cavendish esq called Lord Frederick Cavendish; and John Cavendish esq called Lord John Cavendish re. marriage settlement 13/14 May 1723, Sir William Morgan [1700-1731], complt's late uncle, and Lady Rachael Cavendish [1699-1780]; manors, lands and tenements in cos. of Monmouth and Glamorgan. C79/211, no. 2 [5]
1783 3 May 23 Edmund Pepys & Sarah his wife and others (sic) v. Charles lord bishop of Bath and Wells; John lord Willoughby de Broke; Jacob earl of Radnor & Ann his wife; and Ann countess dowager of Radnor; James Wayts; Elborough Woodcock; Thomas Pickering; Thomas Walley Partington; John Bowater & Frances his wife; and Evelyn Philip Meadows re. will 15 March 1776, of Edward Bowater (father of John Bowater); freehold estate in Kent. C79/213, no. [6]
1783 6 May 23 Francis Townshend v. Joseph Draper esq & Mary his wife; Margaret Townshend spinster; John Plumb & Mary his wife; and Richard Hancock re. marriage agreement 17 June 1701, of William Townshend (the son of William Townshend, the elder) of Oxhill, Warwks.and Martha Morgrave; property in Oxhill. C79/277, no. [7]
1783 8 May 23 The Reverend William Buller clerk prebendary of the cathedral church of Winchester & Anne his wife; John Buller one of the commissioners for the executing the office of the Lord High Adminiral of Great Britain; George Harris doctor of laws and chancellor of the diocese of Landaff; and Edward Mulso esq v. Sir Francis Vincent baronet re. loan £5,000 11/12 Oct 1773 by sir Francis Vincent [7th Baronet, d.1775] of Stoak Dawborne [Stoke d'Abernon in Elmsbridge], Surrey from William Buller [1735–1796]; marriage settlement William Buller and Ann née Thomas (dau. of John Thomas, bishop of Winchester). C79/342, no. [8]
1783 20 June 23 Edgar Thomas Brewster gentleman v. Richard Chabnor and Francis Eves re. sale 12 Jan 1774, by Richard Chabnor to John Hill, a messuage, lands and hereditaments in Witney [Whitney-on-Wye], Heref. C79/205, no. 4 [9]
1783 2 July 23 Elizabeth Pincke widow v. Henshaw Thornycroft and Ann Thornycroft re. marriage agreement 11 Feb 1686, Sir John Thornycroft [1659-1725] and Elizabeth Key, dau. of Joseph Key of Melcomb [Milcombe], Oxon. C79/213, no. [10]
1783 6 Nov 24 Lydia Babington widow and Thomas Babington; Mary Babington spinster; Matthew Babington; William Babington; and Joseph Babington infants by the Lydia Babington their mother v. John Stephenson & Mary his wife; Francis Hart; and Edward Gulson assignees of the said John Stephenson a bankrupt re. loan £1,200 14/15 May 1773, by John Stephenson from Thomas Babington, secured on new erected capital messuage, in or near a place called 'the castle' in Hinckley, Leics. C79/205, no. 1 [11]
1783 29 July 23 Richard Smith esq v. Thomas Plumer Byde esq re. loan £12,000 7 June 1775, by Thomas Plumer Byde [of Ware Park, Herts., ?1720-89] from Richard Smith, secured on property in Herts. C79/271, no. [12]
1783 3 Dec 25 George Bonney & Martha Elizabeth his wife; James Tomlinson & Mary Watts his wife; William Sellman & Ann his wife (the said Martha Elizabeth, Mary, and Ann being the three only children of Richard Watts gentleman deceased) v. Ezra Ridgard & Martha his wife; Noah Barnard; Samuel Carter; John Thornton; and Cornelius Van Mildort re. will 16 Mar 1746, of Richard Watts and property in the par. St Giles-in-the-Fields [now Soho] and in The Mint in par. St George, Southwark. C79/205, no. 3 [13]
1783 13 Dec Joseph Lancaster; John Bax; and John Ellill v. Samuel Nicholson re. loan £300 28 Aug 1779 by Samuel Nicholson from Joseph Lancaster etc., secured on piece of ground, part of Black Lyon Field in par. Paddington on turnpike road from Tyburn to Kensington gravel pits, and other property. C79/254, no. [14]
1783 C79, no. []