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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1780 C79/, no. []
1780 5 Feb 20 Henry Adderton gentleman executor of Jeremiah Adderton and Helen late the wife of Jeremiah Adderton and executrix of his will v. William Greenville & Ann his wife re. loan by William Greenville from Jeremiah Adderton, secured on messuage at Bew Bank in manor of Bewcastle [near Carlisle, Cumbria]; previous loan £400 15 June 1745 by William Greenville from Ann Sowerby. C79/219, no. [2]
1780 12 Feb 21 Abel Jenkins and William Bray creditors of Thomas More Molyneaux esq, deceased v. Cassandra More Molyneux; Jane More Molyneux; Carolina Sussannah Molyneaux; and Ann Cornwallis Molyneux spinster; James Freeman otherwise Molyneux; Sir Cornwallis Maude baronet; William Maw Godschall; William Molyneux Green; Elizabeth Wilbraham Bootle; John Wilkinson; George Teow; Mary Puttak widow; John Nashouse; and Thomas Hammond re. will 12 Mar 1760, of Thomas More Molyneaux and his debts; his real estate in Surrey, Notts., Leics. and Lancs. C79/209, no. 5 [3]
1780 25 Feb 20 Sarah Davies spinster and Henry Waner gentleman on behalf of themselves and other creditors of John Topp late of Whitton, Salop, esq, who contribute to the suit; and Martha Lloyd spinster the niece and one of the legatees of John Topp on behalf of herself and other legatees who contribute to the suit v. Richard Lloyd (now Topp); Sarah Lloyd; Jane Price; and Robert Pemberton re. will 3 May 1777 of John Topp [d.1778] of Whitton, Salop and real estate in Westbury, Salop and Alderbury, Montgom.[now Salop]; devise of estate to his sister's son Richard Lloyd, now Topp. C79/221, no. [4]
1780 1 March 20 Sir Harbord Harbord baronet v. William Chapman and Robert Bacon farmers; and (later added:) Richard Parkinson clerk vicar of Hanworth, Norf re. right of Sir H. Harbord to the rectorial tithes of Hanworth, Norf. as impropriator of the parish and church. [see also 1776 C79/120, no. [2] ]. C79/251, no. [5]
1780 6 March 20 William Davie and John Snell v. John Stephens and Mary Stephens; (added later:) James Ford re. contract 1 Aug 1760 for sale by William Stephens yeoman, to William Davie, a messuage called Lower Shilstone in par. Exbourne, Devon. C79/242, no. [6]
1780 20 April 20 Timothy Hutchinson esq v. George Hutchinson; Peter Marley Hutchinson; John Westgarth; and William Hutchinson re. will 18 July 1749, of William Hutchinson [d.1749] of Barnard Castle, Dur; manor of Eggleston and Eggleston Hall, property in par. Middleton in Teesdale, Barnard Castle, Ingleton, Ryton and Staindrop, etc. C79/248, no. [7]
1780 3 May 20 Roger Moore & Jane his wife formerly Jane spinster v. Charles Pearce & Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Jane Howell Shepherd widow; Carolina LouisaHowell Shepherd; Nathaniel Cotes; James Frith; Elizabeth Shepherd; Edward Charles Howell Shepherd; Mary Hill widow; and William Bayntam; (added later:) Evan Lewis; William Smalwood; George Richards; John, earl of Bute; and John lord Milton re. will 13 Dec 1741 of Edward Shepherd [architect, d.1747] and leasehold premises called Shepherds Market [Mayfair, London] leased from Sir Nathaniel Curzon. C79/211, no. 1 [8]
1780 17 June 20 Edmund Lally clerk vicar of Blessed Lady the Virgin [St Mary's], Whitegate, Ches v. Thomas Corbet esq re. status of church after dissolution of Vale Royal Abbey in 1538, and whether the whole of Over township is part of the parish of Whitegate, Chesh; decrees of 'Bishop of Rome' and an Act of Henry VIII. C79/224, no. [9]
1780 20 July 20 Elizabeth Awse only child and heir at law of Richard Stevens esq and widow and relict of Richard Awso esq v. Mary Melhuish and Thomas Melhuish re. will 23 Dec 1761 of Robert Awse [d.1764] of [Horwood House] Frithelstock; bequests and real estate inc. manors of Frithelstock, Langtree and Great Torrington etc., etc., Devon . C79/227, no. [10]
1780 30 Oct 21 The Reverend Michael Lort doctor in divinity v. The Reverend Thomas Jones clerk; William Greaves; Beaupre Bell; Thomas Hankey; George Russell; Abraham Young; and William Pickett re. ownership of about 40 acres of meadow or fen ground at Witcham [near Ely in Cambridgeshire]. C79/210, no. 4 [11]
1780 23 Nov 21 William Hill & Susannah his wife sole executrix of Richard Steavens late of Walthamstow, Essex, esq v. William Hemmings re. loan £150 16 Aug 1776, by William Hemmings bricklayer of par. St George, Bloomsbury, Middx. from Richard Steavens (now deceased), secured on parcel of ground in par. St Mary, Lambeth on north side of a new way called China Walk [London, SE11]. C79/209, no. 2 [12]
1780 18 Dec 21 Richard Steavens esq v. John Hockley re. loan £422 3 May 1777 by John Hockley of par. St Olave, Southwark from Richard Steavens[sic], secured on parcel of land on north side of Great Maize Court in par. St Olave [?Great Maze Pond, SE1]. C79/214, no. 4 [13]
1780 C78/, no. []