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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1774 C79/, no. []
1774 28 April 14 Thomas Branson v. Thomas Kirkes; John Collier; John Weston & Sarah his wife; and Collier re. loan £150 10 Aug 1771, by James Collier of par. St Mary, Bermondsey, Surrey from Thomas Branson, secured on pieces of marsh land in Isle of Dogs, in par. St Dunstan, Stepney, Middx. C79/120, no. [2]
1774 17 June 14 Susannah Brooke the wife of Peter Brooke esq by the Reverend John Fayle doctor in divinity her uncle v. the said Peter Brooke her husband re. marriage agreement 3 Apr 1761, Peter Brooke and Susannah Brooke; property in Clifton, Salwick, Lea, Ingol and Ashton, Lancs. C79/120, no. [3]
1774 23 June 14 John Lethbridge an infant, eldest son of John Lethbridge esq who was the eldest son of Thomas Lethbridge esq who was the third son of Christopher Lethbridge esq v. George Downes otherwise Cross; Elizabeth Downes other Cross; Hugh Somerville; John Southey Somerville; John Pring; John Clark; James Crossing; and Edward Collins re. will 2 May 1706 of Joanna Andrews née Lethbridge, and property in Exeter and elsewhere in Devon. C79/254, no. [4]
1774 8 July 14 John Hopkins cousin and heir at law of John Hopkins esq; Sarah Hopkins; Mary Hopkins; Elizabeth Hopkins; Hannah Hopkins; and Amey Hopkins infants by said John Hopkins their father v. Sir Richard Hopkins knight; John Rudge esq; and James Hopkins executors of said John Hopkins esq; John Dare; Francis Dare; and Philip Dare infants by Francis Dare their father and guardian; James Bennett an infant by Robert Talbot his guardian re. orders and decrees concerning the estate of late John Hopkins which was devised to the complt., his nephew John Hopkins. C79/120, no. [5]
1774 14 July 14 Mary Osborne wife of Nathaniel Osborne of the parish of Wapley and Codrington, Glouc late Mary Jeffery widow v. Nathaniel Osborne; Charles Osborne; Elizabeth Hancock; and John Coteland & Betty his wife re. marriage agreement 11/12 July 1738, Mary Osborne and Nathaniel Osborne; messuage and lands etc. at West Littleton in par. Tormarton, Gloucs. C79/260, no. [6]
1774 18 July 14 Roger Kynaston esq v. Victoria Kynaston; John Hill; Rowland Chambre; and John Kinchant re. will 8 Oct 1771, of Edward Kynaston [1709-72, MP for Montgomeryshire]; property in Hordley, Salop and ?Plasydinas and other places in Montgom. C79/253, no. [7]
1774 27 July 14 Isaac Ximenes v. William Cook re. loan £2,000 27 June 1768, by William Cook from Isaac Ximenes, secured on messuage on west side of West Smithfield [London, EC1], commonly called the 'George Inn'. C79/217, no. [8]
1774 30 July 14 Sir William Ashburnham baronet; The Reverend John Frewen, clerk; and Thomas Frewen, gentleman executors and devisees of Robert Bradshaw late of Guestling, Sussex, clerk v. George Bradshaw; Elisha Kirkhall & Deborah his wife; Ferdinando Norton & Bridget his wife; James Dewhurst & Alice his wife; Margaret Bradshaw Attorney General; The Governors of the Charity for the Relief of the Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen; The Governors of Queen Anns Bounty for the Augmentation of the Maintenance of the Poor Clergy by original bill and bill of revivor re. orders and decrees concerning Robert Bradshaw's trusts and charitable legacies [The Robert Bradshaw Charity]. C78/1986, no. 3 [9]
1774 19 Dec 15 Patrick Lawson esq v. Robert Gilbert; Richard Cardin; Fasham Nairn; and James Alexander re. shares in the vessel 'Lord Holland'[an 'east-indiaman'] of the East India Company's Service, and the nomination of the captain or commander therof. C79/224, no. [10]
1774 C79/, no. []