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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1771 C79/, no. []
1771 9 Feb 11 Stephen Pitcher; John Hancock; Samuel Bartlett; Nicholas Tuff; and John Harbin the younger and on behalf of themselves and other owners and occupiers of lands in the parish of Whitechurch Canonicorum, the parish or chapelry of Marshwood, and the chapelries of Chidcock and Stanton St Gabriels, Dorset v. William Hawkins clerk and vicar of Whitechurch Canonicorum with the parish or chapelry of Marshwood and the chapelries of Chickcock and Stanton St Gabriels annexed re. rights of vicar of par. Whitechurch Canonicorum to the tithes of corn and grain from prebendal manors of Sarum and Wells within said par. C79/264, no. [2]
1771 11 March 11 Honour Abby; Thomas Abby; and Rhoda Abby infants by Nightingale Abby their father v. William Honour of Lannock; William Honour of Pirton; John Goodwin; and Nicholas Honour re. will 27 July 1734, of William Fletcher and bequest of property in Clothall, Herts. to William Honour, with condition regarding his (Fletcher's) sister Mary. C79/88, no. [3]
1771 11 June 11 Brian Cooke esq & Mary his wife otherwise Mary Foley one of the children of Colonel Samuel Foley deceased; Samuel Foley; and George Foley the sons of the said Colonel Foley infants by Mary Foley their mother v. Elizabeth Turst and Elizabeth Willimott (afterwards struck out as defendant and made a complainant) re. oft-repeated promise of William Moore, deceased 13 Oct 1741 (uncle of Colonel Foley) to leave him all his real and personal estate in Mundon, Great Baddow, Witham and other pars. in Essex. C79/120, no. [4]
1771 4 July 11 William Newton; Nicholas Newton; and John Newton v. James Bennett; Mary Tryon; and William Tryon re. Thomas Tryon and William Moore, partnership dissolved 25 Mar 1743 and alleged indemnification against all claims on Wm. Moore by Thomas Tryon. C79/225, no. [5]
1771 4 July 11 Charles Prideaux an infant by Roger Prideaux of Kingsbridge, Devon, gentleman v. Mary Brune, spinster; Neville Morton Pleydell & Betty his wife; Edmund Morton Pleydell, esq; Humphry Prideaux the elder, esq; Charles Prideaux, esq; Charles Morton Pleydell; Humphry Prideaux the younger; and Edmund Prideaux re. will 15 June 1768, of Charles Brune of Plumber [Plumber Manor near Lydlinch], Dorset and various bequests with conditions. C78/1985, no. [6]
1771 10 July 11 Abraham Lea; Richard Lea; and Elizabeth Lea spinster legatees of Thomas Bromhale late of Spring Lane, Cheshire, esq, on behalf of themselves and other legatees who contribute to the suit v. Mary Wilbraham then an infant now 21 executrix of Thomas Bromhall and Samuel Rogers cousin and heir at law of said Thmas Bromhall re. will 6 March 1770, of Thomas Bromhall of [par. Baddiley], Ches; burial, tomb and various annuities; possession of all the estate by Mary Wilbraham, executor. C79/145, no. [7]
1771 13 Nov 12 John Foster and Robert Aldworth executors and devisees in trust of Sarah Knapp widow v. George Blagdon & Catherine his wife; Benjamin Winthorpe & Elizabeth his wife; Eleanor Neale; and John Adams an infant by his guardian, which Catherine Blagdon; Elizabeth Winthorpe; Eleanor Neale; and John Adams were the heirs at law of the said Sarah Knapp; the Governors of teh Charity for the Relief of the Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen; The Master and Governors of the Hospital of Christ of Abingdon, Berks; and The Attorney General re. will 1 Jan 1759 of Sarah Knapp and real and personal estate in Berks, in trust to the plaintiffs, to be disposed of in favour of certain charities. C79/101, no. [8]
1771 14 Dec 12 Thomas Newton esq the eldest son and heir at law of Thomas Newton his father and grandson and heir of at law of Rowland Newton and as such the cousin and only heir at law on the part of the father of John Newton esq lately deceased v. William Newton gentleman re. John Newton (compt's late cousin) died 1761 intestate; capital messuage called Corbyn's Hall in Kings Swinford, Staffs.[Kingswinford, West Mids.] and property in Derby. Warks & Leics; claims to be heir-at-law. C79/148, no. [9]
1771 C79/, no. []