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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1769 C79/, no. []
1769 17 Jan 9 ??? Attorney General v. George Fox; Bacon Morritt; Thomas Fairfax; Philip Harland; Peter Johnson; Charles Slingsby esq; the Reverend Master William Tomlinson doctor; Cliftin Wintingham; Richard Dawson esq; John Twisleton esq doctor; Andrew Perrott; Sir William Wentworth baronet; and the Reverend Master Thomas Samplugh who were the trustees or governors of the infirmary at York [damaged decree] re. will [? 3 Nov 1743 ?] Mary Ramsden; buried at Addlingfleet, Yorks; bequest to St Catharine's College, Cambridge & other charitable bequests; Garthorpe, Luddington, Fockerby, Lincs. C79/84, no. [2]
1769 24 Feb 9 Sarah Pollen (afterwards struck and made a defendant) widow and George Pollen an infant by Edward Pollen his father v. John Pollen esq and Mary Rudyerd spinster (and added later:) The Attorney General and Sarah Pollen (formerly a complainant) re. will 12 June 1762, Anne Pollen [d.1764] of St James, Westminster, Middx.; bequest of leasehold messuages in Lancaster Court in the Strand, par. St Martin-in-the-Fields, Middx., to mother-in-law (sic) Mrs Sarah Pollen.; other bequests. C79/154, no. [3]
1769 9 March 9 John Allett esq v. Edward Hoare and Elizabeth Downes; (later added:) Mary Salisbury; Sarah Salisbury; Constance Salisbury; and Edmund Mills; and Robert Wyrrill re. loan £500 1 Nov 1752, by Richard Abell of Walton upon Thames from John Allet, secured on property in Rosemary Lane, Whitechapel, Middx. C79/219, no. [4]
1769 1 May 9 George Amyand esq; James Reed; William Borrow; and Thomas Stretton v. John Clark & Sarah his wife; Joseph Symons; and Joseph Kaye gentleman re. the several debts of John Clark and apportioning of his assets. C79/184, no. [5]
1769 10 June 9 Frances Gibson commonly called Frances Shepheard daughter of Samuel Shepheard esq deceased an infant of about 14 years old by Ann Dean spinster; Ann Annyson widow; and George Riot gentleman on behalf of themselves and others claiming annuities of Samuel Shepheard; and William Yealder and Francis Chamberlayne surgeon on behalf of themselves and other legatees of Samuel Shepheard v. Henry lord Montfort; Christopher Jeoffreson; Peter Godfrey; John Waple; Elizabeth Rogers; Samuel Shehheard; Joseph Pyke & Mary his wife; and Thomas Gladwin & Eleanor his wife re. will 26 Sept 1744 of Samuel Shepheard and property in Lincs. and Cambs & Isle of Ely, and large personal estate, including Bank Stock, East India Stock and South Sea Annuities etc. C79/100, no. [6]
1769 28 June 9 Lacon Caithilian? v. James Campling, James Pocock; and Robert Stubbs [faded document] re. loan £500 by James Campling secured on messuage in ?Paddington Street, par. Marylebone . C79/285, no. 2 [7]
1769 3 July 9 Sir Fletcher Norton knight, Attorney General at the relation of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge v. Thomas, archbishop of Canterbury; Richard, archbishop of York then lord bishop of Landaffe & Elizabeth his wife; and others named re. will 20 Dec 1717, of Sir George Downing [3rd Baronet] of Gamlingay, Cambs and property in Cambs., Beds. and Suffk. [if all his named heirs died without issue, then proceeds of property to foundation of Downing College]. C79/101, no. [8]
1769 18 Nov 10 John Ellis clerk eldest and only surviving son and heir at law of Richard Ellis gentleman by Elizabeth his wife also deceased v. Edward Brooke & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Ellis; and John Ellis the younger re. marriage agreement 28/29 July 1719, Richard Ellis and Elizabeth Russell; property in Northrepps and Overstrand, Norf. C79/88, no. [9]
1769 15 Dec 10 William de Gray esq Attorney General at the relation of Jeremiah Atkinson; Charles Alexander esq; Wakelen Welch; Joseph Baker; John Marshall; and Thomas Colderoy churchward and overseer of the poor of the parish of West Ham, Essex, informant v. James Bonnall esq residuary legatee sole executor of Sarah Bonnall spinster; John Hanniker esq; and John Shadwell sometime since together with Timothy Morice since deceased churchwarden; and Ralph Ayers and Stephen John Chapman at the same time with Robert Rakesmed deceased overseer of the poor of the said parish of West Ham; Elizabeth Rutland and John Oxlade executors of Benjamin Rutland esq deceased who together with Thomas Spearman deceased were legatees in trust of Sarah Bonnell, which Benjamin Rutland survived the said Thomas Spearman re. will 17 Sept 1761, of Sarah Bonnell [d.1766] and bequest to build and furnish a school for the poor girls of par. West Ham, Essex.[ Mrs Bonnell's School alias West Ham High School for Girls] C79/227, no. [10]
1769 C79/, no. []