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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1763 C78/, no. []
1763 9 Feb 3 Henry Swan; the Reverend Gilbert Bennett clerk; William Poar; John Masters; and John Parlby v. Joshua Peart; Robert Obbinson; John Brown; Elizabeth Peart; Ann Peart; Mary Peart; and Eleanor Peart re. will 1 Jan 1759 Joshua Peart [senior], and property in pars. St Mary and St Peter at Goates [Gowts], Lincoln. C78/1977, no. 3 [2]
1763 19 Feb 3 Edward Pemberton and Robert Pemberton esqs v. Delabere Pritchett; George Pritchett; John Bowdler; George Edmonds; and John Tasker re. indenture 13 Sept 1742 concerning purchase £600 by John Tasker the elder of par. Sibdon Carwood, Salop. from Gilley Prichett of par. Richard's Castle, Heref. of several messuages, lands etc. C78/1978, no. 2 [3]
1763 1 March 3 Ann Hucks and Elizabeth Hucks spinsters the two surviving daughters of Elizabeth Lambe, widow v. Henry Collop & Ann his wife; Elizabeth Collop; Jane Collop; and Ann Collop infants by said Henry Collop their father and guardian; Richard Wilton; Christopher Hatton Walker; John Young; Jonathan Hatchman; George Petty, esq; and Thomas Orton re. will 12 July 1677, of George Collop of Grays Inn, Middx.and bequests to sons George, John, Henry and Harold and property in Flitwick, Beds. C78/1973, no. 4 [4]
1763 8 March 3 George Warren knight of the Order of the Bath executor of Dame Jane Warren his late wife who was the only child and heir at law of Thomas Revell esq; William Webb esq & Jane his wife theretofore the widow and relict of the said Thomas Revell and mother of the said Dame Jane Warren; and Henrietta Everton spinster v. Elizabeth Harriott Warren spinster an infant; James Cholmondeley esq; and Samuel Egerton esq re. conveyance 29/30 May 1761 manors of Poinington [Poynton] and Stockport, Chesh. etc., to Earl Cholmondeley and Bishop of Bangor and other listed properties. C79/86, no. [5]
1763 23 April 3 Rebecca Lowe; Michael Biddulph; Benjamin Biddulph; Francis Biddulph niece and nephews of Thomas Jolliffe late of Cofton, Worcs, esq and also the surviving devisees of said Thomas Jolliffe on their own behalf and on behalf of the other devisees of the real estate of said Thomas Jolliffe v. John Jolliffe; Thomas Mills; and Rupert Dovey re. will 3 Jan 1754, Thomas Joliffe of Cofton [Cofton Hackett], Worcs and divers bequests and manors and lands in Heref. and Worcs. C78/1982, no. 3 [6]
1763 25 April 3 Jane Davies widow and administratrix of George Davies late of Queenhithe, London, cornfactor on behalf of herself and the other joint creditors of Thomas Shewell; Henry Masterman; and William Whitmore all late of Shot Lane, London, brewers and copartners who contribute to the suit v. Ralph Royle; William Piercy; George Mason; Thomas Shewell; Henry Masterman; and William Whitmore re. terms of partnership agreement June 1757 in brewing business between Shewell, Masterman and Whitmore, and Commission of Bankruptcy against Shewell & Masterman. C79/132, no. [7]
1763 25 April 3 Samuel Pike v. Samuel Hoare and Nathaniel Newberry re. ownership of a 13,000 acre estate in Pennsylvania, North America following deaths of Joseph (1759) and Elizabeth Pike (1733). C78/1979, no.2 [8]
1763 7 May 3 Thomas Lord clerk v. Samuel Rush esq; Thomas Payne; Robert Wimper and Thomas Gray re. complnt's induction 17 Dec 1744, as rector par. Roydon [Reydon] Suff., and entitlment to tithes of underwood and all other great and small tithes. C78/, no. 1 [9]
1763 14 June 3 Mary, countess dowager Gower, widow and relict of John, earl Gower v. Granville, earl Gower, son and heir of the said John, late earl Gower; George Leveson Gower commonly called Lord Viscount Trentham an infant by his guardian Baptist Leveson Gower esq; Robert Barber esq; John Waldegrave esq & Lade Elizabeth his wife; John Leveson Gower esq; Charles, duke of Queensbury and Dover; and Catherine,duchess of Queensbury and Dover his wife; Sir Matthew Lamb baronet; and Timothy King re. rights of the complt as a daughter of Thomas [6th] earl of Thanet [1644-1729] & as widow of Anthony Grey, earl of Harold [1694-1723] & as widow of John Leveson-Gower, 1st earl Gower [1694-1754]. C79/134, no. [10]
1763 30 June 3 James Thwaites Barker and Ann barker infants v. Charles Gregory & Jane his wife re. ownership/descent of the Barker timber business in Lambeth, after bankruptcy of Charles Gregory who married the widow Jane Barker in 1761. C78/1983, no. [11]
1763 5 July 3 John Priestley & Phebe his wife (the daughter of Thomas Webster) v. John Buxton the son re. marriage agreement (1695), Thomas Webster and Mary Wadworth and divers lands, tenements and hereditaments in Dewsbury, Yorks. C78/1975, no. 5 [12]
1763 7 Nov 4 Edward Daintree, gentleman v. Sarah Erith, widow re. demise 17 Oct 1737, by James Woollaston to William Tight, part of close called 'Brookfield' in par. St George, Hanover Sq. C78/1977, no. 5 [13]
1763 10 Nov 4 William Jesson and William Wither esqs v. Thomas Brewer; John Brewer; Ann Risley, widow; and Constance Denton, widow re. decree of 24 Oct 1684 and manor house and rectory of Chetwood and property in Barton Chetwood, Lenborough [par.Gawcott] and Buckingham and elsewhere in Bucks. C78/1978, no. 6 [14]
1763 15 Nov 4 Sackville, earl of Thanel and Peter Garforth v. William Lonsdale; Richard Wise; Richard Birtwhistle; Henry Atkinson; Thomas Howorth; and George Lowcock re. rights of inhabitants in Skipton, Stirton and Thorlby [in Craven district] concerning ancient water corn mill at Skipton, Yorks. C78/1982, no. 2 [15]
1763 5 Dec 4 Richard Webster & Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Scott spinster granddaughter of John Johnson deceased v. Thomas Scott father of said Elizabeth Webster and executor of John Barker who was the executor of said John Johnson re. will 25 May 1729, of John Johnson, bequests & messuage and land at Bradley, Staffs. C78/1979, no. 1 [16]
1763 C79/, no. []