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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1760 C78/, no. []
1760 28 Jan 33 Richard, lord bishop of Durham, lord the manor of Lanchester, Durham; Walter Smith, esq; Mary his wife; Bryan Harrison, gentleman; Sir Walter Wagstaff Bagot, baronet; William Fenwick, esq; and William Lutwyche, esq v. George Clavering, esq; Sir Thomas Clavering, baronet; and James Clavering re. ownership of the manor of Lanchester, Durham by the Church and See of Durham. C78/1972, no. 1 [2]
1760 1 Feb 33 Metcalfe Proctor, esq v. Joseph Townend re. sale £150 9/10 Sept 1748, by Susan Townend and daughter Mary Townend of Blackshaw Royd [farm near Hebden Bridge] and a messuage called Mearhead at Fieldhead in Stansfield [par. Halifax] to Timothy Turner. C78/1961, no. 6 [3]
1760 21 Feb 33 Charles then earl of Peterborough and Monmouth grandson and heir at law of Charles then late earl of Peterborough and Monmouth v. Sir John Mordaunt; Charles Mordaunt; the Honorable John Mordaunt; Charles Lewis Mordaunt; Thomas Otby Hunter; John Luke Nicol; The Right Honorable Lady Frances Mordaunt; and the Right Honorable Lady Mordaunt then late an infant by the said Lady Frances her guardian; The Right Honorable Charles Henry lord Mordaunt (complainant's) only son) an infant by Sir Abraham Jansson baronet his guardian; George Gray esq; and Robert Hoper esq re. sale 29 Feb/1 Mar 1734, by Charles earl of Peterborough and Monmouth (complt's late g-father) to James lord Lymerick, a mansion house at Parson's Green, Fulham, Middx with lands, messuages etc., together with manor of Turvey, Beds and manor of Clifton, Bucks [now Oxon]. etc., etc C79/213, no. [4]
1760 21 Feb 33 Charles, earl of Peterborough and Monmouth, grandson and heir at law of Charles, late earl of Peterborough and Monmouth v. Charles Henry, lord Mordaunt by his guardian; Sir John Mordaunt; Charles Mordaunt; The Honorable John Mordaunt; Charles Lewis Mordaunt; Thomas Orby Hunter; John Luke Nicoll; Lady Frances Mordaunt; and Lady Mary Mordaunt; George Gray; and Robert Roper, esq Duplicate of above ??

re. sale 29 Feb/1 Mar 1734, by Charles earl of Peterborough and Monmouth (complt's late g-father) to James lord Lymerick, a mansion house at Parson's Green, Fulham, Middx with lands, messuages etc., together with manor of Turvey, Beds and manor of Clifton, Bucks [now Oxon]. etc., etc

C78/1966, no. 2 [5]
1760 10 March 33 William Gillett deceased together with George Peat and Richard Shuttleworth assignees of Giles Powell a bankrupt v. John Powell and Giles Powell re. will 2 July 1743, of Giles Powell and property at Foxcoate [Foxcote House Estate], and Frogmill in par. Withington, Gloucs.
C78/1965, no. 2 [6]
1760 15 March 33 The Honorable William Murray, esq, Attorney General at the relation of Hugh Thomas doctor of divinity master of Christ College, University of Cambridge; James Burrough, esq master of Gonville and Caius College in the same university; Thomas Reeve doctor in physick the president of the College of the College of Physicians; the Honorable William Noel, esq, treasurer of the Society of Lincolns Inn; Philip Bearcroft doctor in divinity the master of the Charter House; Isaac Townshend esq the governor of the Royal Hospital Greenwich; and Sir Robert Rich baronet, governor of the Royal Hospital at Chelsea; AND the said Hugh Thomas executor of and one of the residuary legatees of Christopher Tancred, esq; Jonathan Wigley, clerk; John Willey, clerk; Thomas Marshall, clerk; Richard Hayes, clerk; Thomas Swainson, clerk; Thomas Wray, clerk; Anthony Shepherd, clerk; Joslina Wigley, clerk; John Barker, clerk; Alexander James, clerk; Robert French; William Backhouse, clerk; Richard Evans, clerk being at the time of the death of said Christopher Tancred the thirteen fellows of Christ College aforesaid of the foundation of Margaret, countess of Richmond and of King Edward VI; John Smith, clerk; Francis Schuldham doctor of physick; John Thurston doctor in physick; Thomas Stisted; Porter Bringloe, clerk; Robert Goodrick, clerk; William Barker Rush, clerk; John Davy, clerk; Joslina Ohite, clerk; Thomas Patrick Young, clerk; Charles Carver, clerk; James Hicks, clerk; Charles Compton; Bartholomew Dey; Robert Pate; Benjamin Kemp; William Hewitt, clerk; Edward Athill, clerk; Sir Hanson Berney, baronet; James Carlos, clerk; Christopher Munnings, clerk; WIlliam Norris, clerk; Robert Le Grys, clerk; Charles Smith, clerk; Arthur Branthwayt; and William Compton being at the time of the death of said CHristopher Tancred the fellows of Gonvile and Caius College; Humphrey Senhouse; Thomas Atkinson, clerk; Robert Settle, clerk; Peter Holford; John White Bates; Joseph Forby; Philip Moneux; Richard Husband; John Banks; William Grainger; John Tatham; Lawrence Bailey; Robert Younge; John Bull; Thomas Hudson; and Peter Lawson being at the time of the said Christopher Tancred's death the scholars of CHrist College; and John Alexander, clerk; Samuel Kingeston, clerk; John Glen King, clerk; Robert Wadsworth, clerk; John Coe, clerk; Frederick Barnwell, clerk; Samuel Newman, clerk; Robert Smith; Robert Dixon; Thomas Boys; Samuel Storey, clerk; William Bacon; William Pinching; John Mauclark; Smauel Ray; John Smith; Francis Coe; John Smith; John Walker; Robert Say; Thomas Beckwith; John Rush; Henry Punchard; Robert Leman; James Coery; Paul Columbine; John Astley; Elias David; Crispin Mathew Froslick (?) or Frochck; John Collinson; Thomas Nicholls;James Willins; Thomas Paul Roppes Brown; John Burrel; and Thomas Perry being at the time of the death of said Christopher Tancred's death scholars of Gonvile and Caius College

v. Catherine Tancred, spinster; Dorothy Lambert, widow; Ann Tancred, spinster; Elizabeth Dobson, widow; and Ursula Tancred, spinster sisters and coheirs of said Christopher Tancred; Josias Cockshut, clerk surviving trustee named in certain indentures of lease and release executed by said Christopher Tancred; the Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Christ College in the University of Cambridge; and the Master and Fellows of Gonville and Caius College in the said university in their corporate capacities and James Collins gentleman; (and, added later:) William Shaw King Gould; Charles Gould; and Povton Gould

re. settlement of his property in trust, 1/2 June 1721, by Christopher Tancred of Whixley, Yorks., in default of male issue, to the use of the masters of Christ's and Gonville and Caius Colleges, Cambridge, the president of the College of Physicians, the treasurer of Lincoln's Inn, the master of Charterhouse, and the governors of Chelsea Hospital and the Royal Hospital, Greenwich, and their successors, for the foundation of twelve Tancred studentships, for which purpose £50 apiece was to be paid to twelve young persons of ‘such low abilities as not to be capable of obtaining the education.’ C78/1969, no. 5 [7]
1760 18 March 33 Sir Edward Hawke knight of the Bath and Dame Catherine his wife who was the only daughter and heir of Catherine Maria Brooke wife of Walter Brooke gentleman one of the two daughters and coheirs of William Hammond esq who was eldest son and heir of Gervas Hammons esq and which said Sir Edward Hawke was also administrator de bonis non of said Walter Brooke and likewise administrator of William Hammond not administered, by Lade Hawke with the will annexed; and Thomas Pulleyn esq administrator of Frances Pulleyn his late wife the other daughter and coheir of said William Hammond

v. Gervas Hammond, the younger, Thomas Mosley, clerk and Frances his wife and sir Bellingham Graham baronet.

re. sale 19/20 July 1706 by Gervas Hammond, senior to Sir Reginald Graham and Thomas Gill property in Scarthingwell, Saxton, Biggin, Little Fenton, Kirk Fenton [Church Fenton], Barkstone [Barkston Ash] & Towton at best price to pay debts. C79/83, no. [8]
1760 15 April 33 Thomas Betson; Richard Mathews; James Arrow; and Mary Hall widow creditors of Richard Lawrence v. John Lawrence; Sarah Lawrence, spinster; Leonard Phillips; and Thomas Ripley esq executor of said Richard Lawrence; and George, earl of Cardigan re. will 25 Feb 1729, of Reginald Lawrence and codicil to will 1 Mar 1729, and various bequests. C78/1977, no. 2 [9]
1760 26 April 33 Francis Charteris, esq v. John Cartmell; Richard Preston; Richard Wright; Jonah Hodgson; Mathew Wright of Elm Tree; and Mathew Wright son of Widow Wright re. Francis Charteris as owner of manor of Preston Patrick, Westmorland (now Cumbria) and the tenant right of messuages within manor. C78/1966, no. 3 [10]
1760 5 May 33 John Gamond & Ann his wife v. Thomas Johnson; John Adams; Elizabeth Adams; and Ann Adams spinsters re. will 27 Dec 1730 of William Johns and the drawing up by John Golby of a new will in April 1738, late death-bed alterations and bequests to various relatives. C78/1967, no. 1 [11]
1760 13 May 33 William Bush, gentleman v. Alexander Sheafe and Brooke Bridges re. marriage agreeement 25 Apr 1741, William Bush and Elizabeth Bridges, deceased of Great Ormond Street, Middx and her entitlement to £9,000 of South Sea Stock and £1,000 of Bank Stock. C78/1968, no. 3 [12]
1760 10 June 33 Elizabeth Guy widow afterwards the wife of James Dennison and Albany Wallis gentleman on behalf of themselves and the rest of the creditors of Sir Richard Hylton formely of Hylton Castle, Durham, baronet v. Sir Ralph Milbanke baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Dame Eleanor Hylton widow and relict of the said Sir Richard Hylton, Susannah Sophia Hylton; and Eleanor Hylton infants daughters and coheiresses of the said Sir Richard Hylton by the said Dame Eleanor Hylton their mother and guardian; Hylton Lawson esq; Benhamin Hokgkin administrator of Sir Richard Hylton; Robert Inman; and William Bill re. debts of Sir Richard Hylton deceased owed to Elizabeth Guy, and his considerable estate of ready money, securities; rent arrears of his real estate in Durham & Cumberland, plate jewels, goods etc. C79/101, no. [13]
1760 30 June 34 John Manwaring, gentleman, nephew and heir at law of James Manwaring, gentleman v. William Hay & Mary his wife late widow of said James Manwaring re. marriage agreement 23 Aug 1732, James Manwaring and Mary Mill and freehold messuages, lands and hereditaments in Farnham, Surrey for his life, remainder to his wife. C78/1965, no. 1 [14]
1760 21 June 34 Sir Thomas Hatton, baronet; Thomas Wallis; Saunders Gifford; John Bidwell; William Stephenson; Cupis Markham; Anthony Phypers; and John Collett, yeomen v. Thomas Stewkin; Martin Johnson; and John Stewkin re. Sir Thomas Hatton and his 1,280 acres of arable land, dispersed in open fields in manors of Longstanton, Cheyneys, ?Walwins & Colvilles and the rights to depasture levant and couchant. C78/1966, no. 1 [15]
1760 4 July 34 John Dersley of Norwich, esq & Catherine his wife v. James Barnham re. marriage agreement 1 Mar 1756, John Dersley esq & Catherine his wife, and her very considerable fortune including South Sea Stock, Bank Stock and ready money. C78/1965, no. 4 [16]
1760 16 July 37 Mary Powell widow v. Godfrey Barcourt esq; John Powell; George Catchinayd; William Curre; and Thomas Harcourt Gwillim re. will, 17 June 1713, of George Lewis and property in Llangyith [?Llangynog], Abergwili, Abernant, Newchurch and Saint Peters and in borough of Carmarthen. C78/1979, no. 7 [17]
1760 13 Nov 1 Joseph Cranmer, esq v. John May since deceased; Thomas Strooke; Charles Madres & Rebecca his wife; and William Lowndes Stone & Catherine his wife re. indenture, 10 Mar 1704, demise to Jane May (daughter of John May the elder) of a messuage, garden and meadow in Seend [near Melksham], Wilts. C78/1969, no. 1 [18]
1760 12 Dec 1 Francis Eld, esq v. John Eld; Thomas Eld; Ann Eld; William Ayrey; MaryAshby; Francis Waldron; John Peake; and Richard Edwards re. will 3 Feb 1759, of Francis Eld [1691-1760] of Middle Temple, property at Seighford, Haughton & Alston, Staffs, and mansion at Bedford Row [London, WC1] & large personal estate. C78/1978, no. 3 [19]
1760 15 Dec 1 Bysshe Shelley esq v. John Shelley esq and Sir William Moreton knight re. will 4 Aug 1746, of Edward Shelley and bequest of messuages, farms, lands, tithes etc.in Sussex to nephew Timothy Shelley (complt's father). C79/156, no. [20]
1760 C79/, no. []