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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1756 C78/, no. []
1756 7 Feb 29 William Earle Benson of Stoke Newington, Middx, esq eldest son and heir at law of William Benson late of Grosvenor Street, Middx, esq, one of the two auditors of his Majesty's Imprests lately deceased by Eleanor his wife formerly Eleanor Earle spinster the complainant's late mother also deceased and also the brother and heir at law of Earle Benson esq deceased and sole executor of and residuary legatee of said Earle Benson which said Earl Benson was the eldest son of said William Benson by the said Eleanor his wife v. John Aislabie Benson esq son of said William Benson by his second wife residuary legatee of said William Benson and also administrator of said William Benson with the will annexed re. marriage settlement (complnt's parents) 8 Oct 1707; capital messuage or manor house of North Stoke [par. Kelston], Soms. C78/1951, no. 3 [2]
1756 3 March 29 Richard Hussey of the Middle Temple, London, esq and Thomas Jones of St Austell, Corn, gentleman devisees in trust of Elizabeth Prowes late of Whiteford, Corn, widow v. Robert Orylls esq; Hoefe Nicholas Archer esq; Margaret Archer; Ann Gendraulf; Mary Stephens; Robert Harvey; Samuel Archer; Maria Elizabeth Archer; Edward Archer; and Addis Archer the younger; and the Honorable William Murray Attorney General re. will 24 Jan 1753 of Elizabeth Prowse, and customary estate within manor of Stoke Climsland, Cornwall C79/98, no. [3]
1756 25 March 29 George Colpitts; Robert Fewster; Thomas Mills; David Hastings; Thomas Wake; James Evington; and Catherine Grey, bond and simple contract creditors and legatees of Thomas Younghusband esq deceased on behalf of themselves and other bond and simple contract creditors and legatees of the same Thomas Younghusband v. Samuel Younghusband; William Younghusband an infant; Elizabeth Younghusband; Dorothy Younghusband an infant; and Isabel Moncaster re. will Thomas Younghusband (d. 12 July 1749); property at Berrington [par.Kyloe], Durham including colliery and at Budle, Northumberland and elsewhere. C78/1954, no. 2 [4]
1756 25 March 29 Edmund Shuttleworth late of Princes Street, London, goldsmith but then of Harrachford, Lancs, esq; Robert Mitford of Cornhill, London, woolen draper, son and heir of John Mitford citizen and clothmakerof London deceased; and Roger Nowell of Harrackford, yeoman v. Ralph Pendlebury & Margaret his wife; John Pendlebury & Ann his wife; John Sparry Pendlebury infant; Samuel Touchett; Daniel Blaney; John Beaswick; and Alexander Leaver re. loan 20 June 1741, £300 by Ralph Pendlebury of Lostock [Lostock Hall], Lancs and son John, from Edmund Shuttleworth, secured on messuage in Lostock. C78/1952, no. 5 [5]
1756 27 March 29 Sir Edward Lawrence, knight v. Trafford Smyth esq & Conway his wife; Sir John Walton, knight; and Sir Thomas Webster baronet; and Thomas Offley esq re. mortgage on manor of Birling [par.East Dean and Friston], Sussex; Dr Thomas Hacket, bishop of Down and Connor. C78/1974, no. [6]
1756 17 May 29 Robert Dalzell, esq v. George Ross and Edmund Bradshaw re. sale by Alexander Wilson 7/8 Aug 1750 to Robert Dalzell, 150 acres of fen pasture, part of Cowbit and Spalding common. C78/1953, no. 7 [7]
1756 17 May 29 Robert Dalzell, esq v. George Ross; Edmund Bradshaw; Mary Lynn; and Andrew Gallway re. loan £10,000 23/24 May 1748 by Alexander Wilson from Robert Dalzell, secured on property in Tidmarsh, Berks. C78/1953, no. 6 [8]
1756 19 May 29 Mary Walter spinster v. David Thomas; Bridget Stokes; and Walter Davids re. will 22 Dec 1725 of Sir Richard Walter; messuage called Ravensdale and other property in Langannor[Llangunnor], Carmarthen. C78/1945, no. 4 [9]
1756 21 May 29 John Webber, gentleman v. William Hearding re. will 19 April 1689, Samuel Chalk of Chulmley [Chulmleigh], Devon and property in Wembworthy and elswhere in Devon. C78/1950, no. 7 [10]
1756 27 May 29 Thomas Parfitt of Wells, Som on behalf of himself and of other bond and specialty creditors of Dodington Sherston late of Wells v. Peter Sherston; Peter Davis; and William Provis re. Dodington Sherston (d.1751) of par. St Cuthbert in Wells, Soms and close called Mundays Mead; loan £200 from William Provis. C78/1967, no. 5 [11]
1756 1 June 29 Benjamin Randolph v. Strode Browne re. loan 26 June 1741 £900 by Strode Browne from Benjamin Randolph secured on moiety of manor of Tarnock in par. Badgworth, Soms. C78/1955, no. 7 [12]
1756 15 June 29 Robert Darling of Bethnal Green, Middx, goldsmith, sole executor of John Baolton late of Portsmouth, Hants, goldsmith v. John Bay re. sale, 2 Feb 1753, by Nicholas Pierson of Porstsmouth to William Willoughby of wharf and storehouse without the Portsmouth Point Gate. C78/1945, no. 7 [13]
1756 15 July 30 John Henessy, gentleman v. William Price esq re. agreement to sell for £360 by William Price to John Henessy three dwelling houses in par. St Asaph, Flint and land in Talar township in St Asaph. C78/1968, no. 6 [14]
1756 19 July 30 James Lloyd; Isaac Coxie; John Blundy; John Cooke; Edward Holmes; William Cave; Nicholas Edward; Stephen White; Joseph Leigh; Joseph Gwin; George Venables; Samuel Darking; Joshua Hill; James Bartlett; William Shreeve; Thomas Eades; James Lloyd; Arthur Roberts; Bartholomew Edwards; Henry Carrington; Charles Simpson; Charles Hickman; John Lewis; John Raymond; John Berge; Daniel Lawson; Samuel Wright; Richard Badcock; William Pullen; John Franklin; Richard Jackson; James Anderson; John Gill; Joseph Jackson; Thomas Lock; Charles Newton; George Haskins; William Osbourn; Edmund Marshall; John Challoner; Daniel Ballard; Moses Bateman; John Wright; John Mason; Richard Farmer; Daniel Challice; Ralph Williams; Robert Ellis; and John David

v. Anthony Head, David Richards, John Guy and James Noyes.

re. Articles and regulations of the Amicable Society (1751) meeting at 'Paul's Head' tavern, Great Carter Street, Doctors' Commons. C78/1948, no. 3 [15]
1756 23 July 30 Ann Owen, widow v. Margaret Owen, widow; Richard Edwards, esq; Richard Owen, esq; Lewis Edwards, esq; Francis Cooke, clerk; Christopher Beck, gentleman; Henry Evans, clerk; and Edward Pearson, gentleman re. marriage settlement 1722 by Athelston Owen and Vincent Corbet (complt's father) for complt and issue; estate in Merioneth. C78/1957, no. 4 [16]
1756 3 Aug 30 The Attorney General at the relation of Farindon Neld, clerk, schoolmaster of the Free Grammar School of Stamford, Lincs; and said Farindon Neld v. Brownlow, earl of Exeter; The Mayor, Aldermen, and Capital Burgesses of Stamford in their corporate capacity; Charles Shipley; Robert Henson; John Tryon; John Cook & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Linthwaite; John Blackwell acting executor of Joshua Blackwell; Jane Tipping; John Wildbore; John Warrington; John Caldecot; Francis Musson; Thomas Johnson & Elizabeth his wife; John Booth; and Frizwith Rogers; Thomas Linthwaite; Margaret Haunes; and William Turner re. will of William Radcliff 1528/9 and establishment in town of Stamford of school to teach scholars freely without taking any reward. C78/1958, no. 6 [17]
1756 5 Aug 30 Rosser Philip of the parish of Monythusloyne, Monm, yeoman v. Barbara Thomas David otherwise Barbara Thomas George, widow re. loan 22/23 Oct 1736, £60 by David Thomas David from Thomas Williams of Pontypool, Monm., secured on messuage in Monythusloyne, Monm. C78/1980, no. 4 [18]
1756 31 Oct 29 Mary Lewis v. William Allen re. loan 8 May 1746, £350 by William Allen, of Walcot a suburb of Bath, from Mary Lewis, secured on property in Tiverton, Soms. C78/1958, no. 3 [19]
1756 11 Nov 30 Robert Long of London Blackwell Hall factor v. Martha Walker re. loan 14 April 1726, £50 by William Walker & wife Martha from John Joliffe, secured on brewhouse and wharf at the 'Gate' or 'Walnut tree' in par. St Hallows the [?]Less on Thames St. C79/145, no. [20]
1756 1 Dec 30 George Garnett v. Ann Sellars widow re. will, 19 Feb 1739, of William Tuffnell, bricklayer and bequest of eight messuages with land on Wood Street [now Great Peter Street] par. St John the Evangelist, Westminster. C78/1950, no. 5 [21]
1756 9 Dec 30 Edward Stephenson esq v. Samuel Walter and Arthur Lake; and (added later:) Ralph Burton esq & Elizabeth his wife; Philadelphia Homesby; and Thomas Leach re. will 18 Aug 1692, of Sir James Hayes [1637–1694] and property in Bedgebury, Goudhurst and Ford, Kent. C78/1948, no. 2 [22]
1756 14 Dec 30 Anthony Blagrave esq v. John Abery esq re. sale 10 Jult 1737, by Joseph, lord bishop of Rochester[Joseph Wilcocks] to Simon, lord viscount Harcourt of the manor of Steventon, Oxon [now Berks]. C78/1950, no. 4 [23]
1756 14 Dec 30 Thomas Burt v. Thomas Barrabee and Richard Lane re. loan 'sometime in' 1745, £1,950 by Richard Barrabee and son Thomas Barrabee from Thomas Burt, secured on messuage called 'Bullocks Farm', West Wycombe, Bucks. C78/1950, no. 1 [24]
1756 15 Dec 30 Henry Hildyard v. George Gibson; John Bettesworth doctor of laws; Edmund Gibson; William Morland; John Newton; and Edward Diggery re. will of Christopher Hildyard; entitlement of younger six children to share sum of £4,415 and a £3,500 debt owed to Thomas Wood, secured on manor of Kelstern [Lincs]. C78/1949, no. 4 [25]
1756 18 Dec 30 William Baldwin gentleman v. Jacob Stone; John Ward esq; and Joh Clare re. property of William Baldwin in Stanbridge in par. Leighton Buzzard, & in par. Ashwell, Beds.[?Herts] and loan from Jacob Stone. C78/1948, no. 4 [26]
1756 C78/, no. []