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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1754 C78/, no. []
1754 12 Jan 27 Elizabeth Parsons spinster and William Bund an infant by William Bund his father v. Margaret Elizabeth Freeman widow; Walter Edwards otherwise Freeman; and Thomas Edwards re. descent of lands of Richard Freeman late Lord Chancellor of Ireland in Gloucs., Worc.& Warks. and also lands of his eldest son, Richard Freeman, in Beds., Hunts., Northants., Dur. & Herts. C78/1887, no. 2 [2]
1754 24 Jan 27 William Ord esq and John Ardy esq v. Anthony Wilkinson esq; Robert Wharton esq; Mathew Whitfield esq; Robert Lowes; Osytha Whitfield; Thomas Eden; Joseph Robinson and Catherine his wife; Mathew Robert Aterick; Elizabeth, Catherine, Jane, Mary, and Margaret Robinson infants; Hendry Hopper & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Whitfield; Robert Ord esq; and Joshua Peele gentleman re. loan 14/15 Nov 1729, £1,500 by Mathew Whitfield & sons from Gregory Elsley secured on manor of Whitfield [sic] and Ouston, Northumberland. C78/1879, no. 1 [3]
1754 31 Jan 27 Joseph Parsons brother and heir at law of Thomas Parsons who was eldest son and heir at law of Thomas Parsons who was one of the four children of Thomas Parsons who was the eldest brother of Joseph Parsons late citizen and clothworker of the City of London; George Hopkins and Catherine and Ann Hopkins infants and only daughters and children of Ann Hopkins late wife of the said George Hopkins which Ann was one of the six children of Abraham Parson one of hte brothers of the said testator Joseph Parsons by the said George Hopkins their father; and Jane Clare an infant by said George Hopkins, which said Jane Clare was the only daughter and child of Richard Clare & Sarah his wife late Sarah Parsons both deceased, which said Sarah was another the children of the said Abraham Parsons v. Philip Parsons; George Widows & Mary his wife; Stephen Parsons; Abraham Parsons; Francis Thacker & Susannah his wife; Edward Hodges & Grace his wife; Joseph Poppitt & Sarah his wife; Ann Parsons spinster; James Salmon & Martha his wife; Mary Parsons spinster; and Richard Sparkes re. will 29 June 1724, of Joseph Parsons and bequest to wife Mary of 'Three Mariners', Wapping, and dwelling house and woodyard in Northumberland Alley in par. of St Katherine Coleman, London, etc.,etc and subsequent descent. C78/1953, no. 1 [4]
1754 16 Feb 27 William Seward and William Lloyd assignees under a commission of bankruptcy awarded and issued against Sheffield Fox late of Finch Lane, Cornwall [?Cornhill], London, victualler for themselves and for other creditors of said Sheffield Fox v. Samuel Harris re. bankruptcy of Sheffield Fox and sale of his dwelling house, goods and effects to Samuel Harris. C78/1889, no. 2 [5]
1754 25 Feb 27 William Belchier of Epsom, Surrey esq v. Thomas Reynolds & Ann his wife; Ennice Willimott; and Thmas Harris re. purchase 26 June 1749 by William Belchier of messuages, lands etc. in Ebbisham [now Epsom], Surrey from dame Elizabeth Willimott, now deceased. C78/1886, no. 3 [6]
1754 2 March 27 William Hickinbotham & Jane his wife only surviving daughter next of kind and administratrix of George Clowes and also administratrix of Thomas Lowbridge who married the widow of the said George Clowes; Samuel Pearman & Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Sarah Clowes spinster and also administratrix of Jane Tomlins her late mother v. Richard Old son and heir of John Old a devisee named in the will of Robert Clowes (late of the Inner Temple); Eleanor Fitzar executrix of Joshua Piper who was executor of Daniel Piper a legatee in said testator's will; William Baker & Sarah his wife only daughter next of kind and administratrix of Margaret Clowes another legatee in said will re. will of Robert Clowes 25 May 1704 and bequests to his cousin Thomas Clowes, sisters Sarah, Margaret and Jane, uncle George Clowes & cousin Daniel Piper. And sale of property in Bush Lane [par. All-Hallows-the-Great, Upper Thames St] London in order for cousin John Old to buy Rowlton Farm, par. Broseley, Salop. C78/1889, no. 3 [7]
1754 20 March 27 John Holmes v. Robert Dickenson re. loan 1 May 1741, £220 by Robert Dickenson from John Holmes secured on property at Kent Leas, in par. Aldstone [Alston], Cumberland. C78/1942, no. 6 [8]
1754 20 March 27 John Holmes v. Robert Dickenson re. [copy of above] C78/1942, no. 6 [9]
1754 27 April 27 John Robinson doctor in divinity; the Warden and Scholars of the House or College of Scholars of Merton, University of Oxford v. Jane Pierse, widow; William Annesley, esq; and Arthur Annesley, esq re. will 11 Nov 1723 of Edward Worth, Dr of Physic, of Dublin and bequest of £2,000 for purchase of land etc., to be vested in warden and scholars of Merton College , Oxford. C78/1980, no. 6 [10]
1754 5 May 27 Robert Dixon of Ingoe, Northumb, gentleman v. Margery Stokes, widow; and Nathan Wetherell, gentleman re. loan 14 Mar 1733, £50 by Timothy Johnson of Hexham, deceased and George Heron of same place, deceased, from Robert Dixon, and property in Simonburn, Northumberland. C78/1890, no. 4 [11]
1754 10 May 27 Thomas Bradish gentleman & Carew his wife v. Thomas Gee; Thomas Gee the younger; William Gee; Honor Briscoe; John WIlson; Sir John Strange; and Roger Coningsbie re. will April 1726, of William Bristoe of par. London Colney, Herts and manor of Napsbury [Herts.] and property in Middx. & elsewhere and bequests to Roger Coningsbie & John Roberts. C78/1942, no. 1 [12]
1754 14 May 27 Ann Seagood of Bartholomew Close, London, widow and Joseph Pearse of the parish of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, bricklayer, assignees of the estate of Thomas Seagood late of Bartholomew Close, carpenter a bankrupt and also the said Thomas Seagood v. John Ferrand and William Ferrand re. will of Ann Langley, widow and four messuages in Princes St, in pars. of St Giles in the Fields and St Clement Danes; rent and profits from said messuages and their poor repair. C78/1891, no. 3 [13]
1754 18 May 27 William Ellis v. Timothy Smith & Mary his wife; Richard Lloyd & Catherine his wife; Elizabeth Ellis; Mathew Snowden & Annabella his wife re. will 11 Feb 1739 of William Ellis (complt's cousin) and manors and property in Kidhall [near Barwick in Elmet], Woodhouse and Rowall [?Roall near Kellington], Yorks. C78/1959, no. 1 [14]
1754 22 May 27 Sir Audley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of Henry Porter; Edward Wilson; and William Scrivener v. The Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of Tanners of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey; Nathaniel Groombridge; and Thomas Hodgson & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Groombridge re. will 18 Nov 1728 of Nathaniel Smith tanner; all his freehold estate and £40 rent-charge to finance charity schools [The United Charity Schools] in par. of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey. C78/1885, no. 4 [15]
1754 18 June 27 Percivall Lloyd gentleman v. John Abrahall otherwise Hoskins, clerk; James hoskins esq; William Jones; William Chinn; Margaret Gibson; Alice Hooper; and William Hammond re. indenture 15 Nov 1706, Gilbert Abrahall/Mary his wife & Oswald Andrews/Benedicta his wife, and William Jones of LLanwern & Joseph Clarke of Newhill Court [Walford], Heref.; property in Foy, Sellack, Fownhope and Brampton Abbotts, Heref. C78/1946, no. 1 [16]
1754 19 June 27 John Mogg nephew and heir at law of Dorothy Churchey and eldest son and heir of Richard Mogg brother of the said Dorothy Churchey v. George Hodge; Benjamin Moore; and William Goldfinch executors of said Dorothy Churchey; Elizabeth Mogg; Francis Mogg; and William Mogg three of the eldest children of said Richard Mogg; and Jacob Mogg the next of kin of said Dorothy and entitled with the complainant to a distribution of the said Dorothuy's personal estate; Mary Peckstone; Mary Walter; John Maggs legatees of said Dorothy; John Taswell vicar of Chewton Mendip; Thomas Seccombe school master of Chewton Wintaunton and Mapperton; Sarah Cooper; Mary Hill; Martha Cooper; John Evans & Hannah his wife; and Deborah Taylor; The President and Governours of the Hospital at Bath; and Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General re. will 6 April 1748, Dorothy Churchey bequests inter alia to vicar of Chewton Mendip [Soms.] for services in Farrington Gurney, and wages of schoolmasters for the poor children of Chewton, Wincanton and Maperton. C78/1885, no. 1 [17]
1754 22 June 28 Charles Hitchman & Mary his wife by the names of Charles Hitchman of Oxford, taylor, and Mary his wife formerly Mary Millington the only daughter of Edward Millington second son of Francis Millington of Blaxham, Oxon v. James Grasset; William Millington; Henry Lascelles; and Edward Hope re. will Jan 1703, Sir Thomas Millington [physician] bequests to his daughters Ann & Mary and residue in trust to Sir Francis Russell and Samuel Trotman for his son Thomas at age 21. C78/1886, no. 2 [18]
1754 25 June 28 John Newcome doctor in divinity master of the College of St John the Evangelist, University of Cambridge and all the Incorporated Fellows or Fellows of the Ancient Foundation of said College (not being Fellows of the Foundation of William Platt esq as aftermentioned) and also all the Scholars of said College (except the scholars of the said William Platt's Foundation) v. Sir Rowland Hill baronet; Edmund Betham clerk; Algernon Frampton; William Totton; William Hazeland; William Robinson; and Thomas, lord bishop of Norwich re. will 21 Aug 1632, William Platt and bequest to St John's college, Cambridge of messuages in pars. of St Sepulchre & St Pancras, Middx. C78/1890, no. 1 [19]
1754 17 July 28 John Clavering of St James, Westminster, Middx, esq, youngest son of Sir James Clavering baronet, and Joseph Ord of Newcastle upon Tyne, gentleman one of the creditors of said Sir James Clavering for himself and for other creditors of said Sir James Clavering who contribute to the suit v. Sir Thomas Clavering baronet; George Clavering esq; Thomas liddell esq; Ralph Gowland esq; Robert Levison; Mathew Codling; William Foreman & Elizabeth his wife late Elizabeth Ware; John Lawson; John Wright; Jonathan Hall; Edward Robson & Ann his wife late Ann Hall; Thomas Rudd esq; David Hilton esq; and James Shuttleworth esq re. will 30 April 1748, of Sir James Clavering, his debts, and messuages, lands, mines and coal in pars. of Whickham & Ryton and chapelries of Tanfield & Lamesley, Dur., etc. C78/1889, no. 7 [20]
1754 C78/, no. []
1754 (bill) Trinity Term Frances Brandreth, widow and Henry Uthwat, esq v. John Orlebar, esq; Edward Rudd; John Allard; and John Robinson, esq re. will 23 April 1750 of Thomas Brownall; property in Blunham, Northill, Hatch, ?Wrestlingworth, Biggleswade and ?Streatley, Beds. & alleged misconduct by executors. C78/1963, no. 6 [21]
1754 26 July 28 Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of Charles Smith; John Nicholl; Isaac Vaillant; and William Hallett esqs; and Thomas Nicholl on behalf of themselves and of others nominated trustees for Carrying into Execution Certain Acts of Parliament for Repairing the Highway between a certain place called Kilburn Bridge, Middx, and Sparrows Home, Herts v. The Governors of the Possessions, Revenues, and Goods of the Free Grammar School of John Lyon in Harrow on the Hill re. profits from Milne Fields for repair of highway, and statutes of Governors of the Free Grammar School of John Lyon, Harrow-on-the-Hill [Harrow School]. C78/1942, no. 3 [22]
1754 27 July 28 John Hollingsworth; William Kirby; and William Thorpe v. Mary Cox; George Bassill; William Freeman & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Freeman; William Freeman the younger; Elizabeth Freeman; Mary Freeman; Sarah Freeman; and Ann Jane Freeman; Thomas Cox; George Bassin; and Ann Lawrence re. loan 25 April 1747 £250 and other loans, by Samuel Cox of Benington, Herts. deceased, from John Hollingsworth; and will 11 Sept 1750 of Samuel Cox. C78/1885, no. 6 [23]
1754 24 Oct 28 William Saunders gentleman v. David Harries re. loan £120 3/4 April 1711, from John Saunders to David Harries secured on capital messuage and lands in Langaine [Llangain], Camarthen. C78/1946, no. 2 [24]
1754 28 Oct 28 The Reverend Samuel Creswich doctor in divinity and dean of Wells, Som v. Hannah Bond; Mary Carswell; and Anna Bond re. right of dean of Wells, appointed Nov 1739, to estates & to revenues etc. from manor of Combe St, Nicholas, Soms. C78/1953, no. 2 [25]
1754 30 Oct 28 Ferdinando Bacon Forster esq late called Ferdinando Bacon v. Robert Fenwick esq & Isabella his wife; Thomas Forster; and Isabella Forster infants by said Robert Fenwick their guardian; Thomas Adunell and Edward Collingwood esqs; Susanna Bacon Forster widow and relict of James Bacon Forster; William Green; and James Flower gentleman; John Bacon esq; and John William Bacon his son an infant by his father and guardian; John Armstrong & Dorothy his wife late called Dorothy Forster sister of the testator John Forster; Anthony Wilkinson; and John Burdon esqs re. will 24 June 1738 of John Forster and property in Etherstone, Twizlehouse [?Twizel] etc., etc & pars. of Carham & Balmbrough [?Bamburgh], Northumberland. C78/1943, no. 3 [26]
1754 8 Nov 28 Sir Dudley Ryder Attorney General at the relation of James Leslie doctor in divinity rector of Sedgefield, Durham; and James Thompson clerk vicar of the vicaridge of Bishop Middleham, Durham v. John Burdon; John Tempest; Robert Spearman; Nicholas Lambton; George Baker; Robert Surtees; Nicholas Farrow; and Robert Ord re. will 1 July 1630 of Elizabeth Freville and purchase of land to fund her charity [Lady Freville's Charity] for the parishes of Sedgefield and Bishop Middleham [Durham], every year eighty of the poorest parishioners were to receive 2d each, and three local apprentices were to be bound, though not to weavers or any other poor trades. C78/1889, no. 6 [27]
1754 21 Nov 28 John Phelps & Mary his wife; and John Savage & Eleanor his wife the said Mary and Eleanor being two of the daughters of John Phelps then deceased v. Mary Phelps, widow; Richard Tuckey & Joanna his wife; John Taylor clerk & Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Hopkins & Mary his wife then late Mary Phelps; and Germanicus Sheppard, esq re. will 27 Oct 1736 of John Phelps and bequests to his four daughters. C78/1955, no. 3 [28]
1754 22 Nov 28 Lewis Pryse v. Samuel Buck; James Brookes; Bryan Fanscott; and John Bryan Osterland re. Lieutenant-General Robert Echlin and purchase, 14 Aug 1713, of property in Bacton and Cotton, Suffk. from Thomas Barnadiston of Bacton. C78/1977, no. 6 [29]
1754 25 Nov 28 Katherine Hutchings the wife of John Hutchings of Basingstoke, Hants, clerk, formerly Katherine Jason, daughter of Sir Robert Jason late of Hinton on the Green, Glouc, baronet by Nicholas Hooper of the parish of St Margaret, Westminster, Middx v. John Hutchings clerk; the Right Honorable the lord viscount Tracey of Ireland and Willliam Jones, gentleman re. Katherine Hutchings and £50 annuity due from Lord Tracey [Viscount Tracy, of Rathcoole], and property in par. Greet, Gloucs. C78/1887, no. 4 [30]
1754 3 Dec 28 Timothy Lister gentleman v. Joseph Holling and John Mitchell assignees of the estate of Bryan Lister a bankrupt re. will 11 June 1735 of Timothy Lister of East Morton [par. Bingley, Yorks]. C78/1888, no. 5 [31]
1754 9 Dec 28 William, earl of Bath and Alexander Small suriviving executors of Ann Smyth late wife of Ralph Smyth, esq v. Thomas, earl of Bradford lunatic; Sir Orlando Bridgman baronet & lady Ann his wife; and Diana, countess of Mountrath, Ireland guardians and committees of the person and estate of said Earl John Newport esq a lunatic by Robert Ord esq his guardian; John Hill esq; Sir Hugh Briggs baronet; Mary Middleton and Margaret Middleton surviving executrices of George Middleton esq; Henrietta Townsend; Oxinbridge Harwood; and Richard Sutton executors of Thomas Gibson esq; Henry, earl of Uxbridge; the said Ralph Smythe; and Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General re. orders concerning estate of John Newport; reversionary interest of Ann Smyth due to will of Henry, Lord Bradford [Faded document]. C78/1946, no. 4 [32]
1754 9 Dec 28 John Perkins v. William Hammond an infant by James Bliss his guardian; Richard Weston & Elizabeth his wife re. loan 21 Dec 1734, £400 by Bartholomew Hammond from George Mullins secured on messuage and two closes of meadow or pasture in manor of Staines, Middx. C78/1943, no. 4 [33]