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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1752 C78/, no. []
1752 18 Jan 25 Jane Gernon widow v. Hugh Knoke C78/1878, no. 3 [2]
1752 11 Feb 25 John Webb grandson and heir at law of John Webb late of Chew Stoke, Som, gentleman v. John Webb brother and devisee of Thomas Webb and Christopher Budge clerk & Mary his wife late Mary Webb widow re. descent of lands (named) in Chew Stoke, Soms. of John Webb (complt's g-father) after his death in Oct 1745. C78/1888, no. 3 [3]
1752 4 March 25 Richard Londsdayle v. William Paul re. dispute, Sept 1745, over copper mines and rights to the extraction of minerals on lands of Richard Shuttleworth in Middleton Tyas & Forcett in Richmondshire, York. C78/1873, no. 4 [4]
1752 17 March 25 Alexander Hume of Sackvill Street, St James Westminster, Middx, esq v. Roger Holland; John Browning; George Scott; and Joseph Cole re. loan 1 May 1735, £800, by Richard Stott of Chippenham from John Wild of West Yatton [in par.Yatton Keynell], Wilts, secured on messuage in Langley Burrell, Wilts C78/1890, no. 2 [5]
1752 17 March 21 Elizabeth Cooke widow and executrix of Thomas Cooke v. Thomas How re. loan 30 Jan 1730, £350 by Thomas How from Ann Mead, secured on 62½ acres of arable, ley, meadow & pasture dispersed in common fields in par. Aspley Guise, Beds. C78/1872, no. 4 [6]
1752 7 April 25 Henry Read esq v. Jonathan Knackstone the younger, son and heir and also executor of Jonathan Knackstone the elder his late father; George Moore & Sarah his wife; John Merriman; Thomas Hancock; and Francis Sheppard; and John Beale re. loan 21/22 May 1736, £400 by Jonathan Knackstone the elder from Henry Read secured on two messuages at Eastridge in par. Ramsbury, Wilts. C78/1887, no. 5 [7]
1752 4 May 25 Adam Askew doctor of phisick v. Benjamin Godfrey and Thomas Watson esq re. sale 11 Nov 1749 by Benjamin Godfrey to Adam Askew of messuages, lands and tenements in Crookham and Heatherslaw, Northumberland. C78/1878, no. 5 [8]
1752 16 May 25 Francis Buller esq and Dame Mary Carew widow and relict of Sir Coventry Carew baronet v. Reginald Pole esq re. marriage agreement 29 June 1739, Mary Bampfylde and Sir Coventry Carew and £10,000 legacy from Sir Coplestone Warwick Bampfylde. C78/1951, no. 1 [9]
1752 6 June 25 Mathew Busby administrator of Margaret Busby his daughter intestate v. William Upston and Francis Hall re. will 18 March 1739, of Edward Bliss, dyer (d. Apr 1740) and bequest to late daughter, Margaret Busby. C78/1873, no. 3 [10]
1752 8 June 25 Henry Coape esq v. Samuel Bagshaw re. loan 24/25 Oct 1729, £400 by Samuel Bagshaw from Henry Coape secured on several messuages called Holmes, alias Plumpton, in par. Chapel in Frith [Chapel-en-le-Frith], Derbs. C78/1871, no. 7 [11]
1752 12 June 26 Thomas Newnam barber and peruke maker; and Mary Talbot spinster on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Thomas Vaughan late of the Inner Temple, London, attorney at law v. Jane Vaughan, widow; and Elizabeth Vaughan, spinster, executrices of said Thomas Vaughan; William Vaughan; Thomas Vaughan; Ann Vaughan; and Jane Vaughan the younger children of said Thomas Vaughan deceased; Sir Henry Blunt baronet; and Albany Wallis, gentleman re. debts of Thomas Vaughan (d. 7 May 1750) owed to Thomas Newnham and Mary Talbot & others, and his will 31 Dec 1748. C78/1965, no. 7 [12]
1752 24 June 26 John Ford; Richard Ford clerk; Thomas Atwood the younger & Esther his wife; and Jane Ford widow v. William Webb, Thomas Atwood and Samuel Purlewent re. sale of new built messuage in par. St Michael, Bath at place called 'Tryme buildings'. C78/1888, no. 4 [13]
1752 10 July 26 Thomas Nicholls v. Thomas Gould and James Tunbridge re. will 21 May 1705 of Charles Mudd and descent of his messuage or farm at Yate, Gloucs. C78/1873, no. 5 [14]
1752 15 July 26 Jonathan Peckard & Elizabeth his wife; Grace Podger; Ann Podger; Margaret Podger spinsters and four of the daughters of Abraham Podger late of Markley, Devon, yeoman & ELizabeth his wife both deceased v. James Podger re. will 22 may 1721, of Abraham Podger of Warkley [Satterleigh and Warkleigh], Devon and property, inc. capital messuage, in Warkley. C78/1953, no. 4 [15]
1752 24 July 26 Sir Philip York knight Attorney General at the relation of John Cooper doctor in divinity rector of Berkhamstead St Peter, Staffs; Thomas Ivingfield; and John Topping church wardens of the same parish v. Nathaniel Oldham and John Hand re. will 14 Aug 1727, of Thomas Bourne of Camberwell, Surrey and inter alia, erection, founding and providing for a school in West Berkhamstead, Herts [Bourne's Educational Foundation]. C78/1952, no. 1 [16]
1752 30 July 26 Thomas, earl of Pomfrett & Henrietta Louisa, countess of Pomfrett his wife v. Herbert, lord viscount Windsor, Ireland and baron Mountjoy, Great Britain & the lady viscountess his wife; William, marquis of Powis commonly called duke of Powis; Andrews Windsor esq; John Wadman esq & Ursula his wife; John Kent esq; John Kent the younger; The Honorable Elizabeth Windsor; Mary Tyler; Richard Vernon Saleir & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Hoare esq; Sir Richard Hoare knight; Christopher Arnold esq; Richard Hoare; John Clavering esq; Charolotte Jane Windsor; and Alice Elizabeth Windsor re. indenture 27/28 May 1697 of John Lord Jeffrys and provision for his wife, Charlotte, after his death. Manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Leics and Salop. C78/1886, no. 1 [17]
1752 8 Nov 25 John Pitt lieutenant colonel in his Majesty's first regiment of footguards v. Charles Cholmondeley esq and Thomas Pitt esq re. marriage John Pitt and Mary Bellasyse and £4,000 fortune lodged with Edward Conway, a Master of the Court of Chancery. C78/1943, no. 2 [18]
1752 25 Nov 26 Nicholas Pyle esq v. James Burton; John Burton; Joseph Smith; and Andrew Gother re. Edward Lisle's right of intercommon on 250 acres of waste ground or common at Wootton (alias Woodington or Brittlesford [Briddlesford]) in the Isle of Wight and enclosure of 16 acres by Simon Burton, Dr. of Physic. C78/1876, no. 3 [19]
1752 4 Dec 26 Joseph Browne and Sarah Langhorne spinster executors and devisees and also executrix of William Hode esq her late husband v. John Howe esq brother and devisee of William Howe esq and Catherine Howe widow and executrix of William Howe; Edward Browne esq; and Joseph Coombe & Frances his wife, which said Edward Browne and Frances Coombe are heirs at law of the said William Strode; Jane Langhorne, spinster; Neice and heir at law of said Jane Strode an infant by her guardian re. marriage agreeement William Strode and Jane Langhorne, and sale to Doddington Newton of a mansion house, 'Barton Grange' and 'Street Farm' in Street [Soms.], and lands in par. Saint John the Baptist & Saint Benning. C78/1955, no. 5 [20]
1752 4 Dec 26 Catherine Andrews of Lincolns Inn Fields, Middx, widow; Mary Knollys of Winchester, widow the daughters and heirs at law of Thomas Gibson late of Lethbury London esq and also William Hall of Lincolns Inn Fields one of the creditors of Thomas Gibson and of Mr Henry Jacombe since deceased on behalf of themselves and all other creditors of said Thomas Gibson; and Henry Jacomb v. Richard Sutton; Oxinbridge Harwood; and Stephen Ashby esq re. will, 2 July 1743, of Thomas Gibson and debts owed at his death by his money scrivener partnership. C78/1944, no. 1 [21]
1752 5 Dec 26 Anthony Brown citizen and fishmonger of London v. Edward Leighton baronet & Dame Judith his wife; and Dominick Donelly re. engine or invention of John Tuite, goldsmith of par. St Ann, Westminster, Middx for making stone piped marble. C78/1883, no. 9 [22]
1752 13 Dec 26 Henry Savile of Methley, Yorks, esq, an infant of the age of about 16, only son and heir of John Savile esq by Mary Savile widow his mother and guardian; and said Mary Savile in her own right and as sole executrix of said John Savile her late husband; Haneage, earl of Aylesford and Elizabeth, countess of Aylesford his lady, which said earl and countess and the said Mary Savile were the surviving executors of Sir John Bankes of Aylesford, Kent, baronet; and Elizabeth Savile spinster the only daughter of said John Savile v. Charles Savile and Samuel Savile re. marriage agreement, 17 Jan 1692, John Savile & Mary Bankes and property in Thorne, Pollington, Muckhill, Cowick, Snaith etc., Yorks. C78/1884, no. 1 [23]
1752 14 Dec 26 Robert Parry esq v. William Humfreys; Ann Humfreys; Enion Humfreys; John Humfreys; Gabriel Humfreys; and Evan Evans re. will of Maurice Jones (d.1702) and bequest to wife Jane Jones, and afterwards to Humphrey Parry. C78/1881, no. 9 [24]
1752 15 Dec 26 William Spring Barlee of Clavering, Essex, gentleman v. Palgrave Barlee re. will 10 Mar 1692 of James Barlee of Curles [Manor], Clavering & property in Thurrock, Langley, Berden, Essex & Wilbraham, Cambs. & par.St Bartholomew-the-Great, London C78/1944, no. 3 [25]