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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1748 C78/, no. []
1748 12 Jan 21 Charles Satterthwaite of Hubberstys Head in Crossthwaite in Heversham, Westmoreland, yeoman v. Thomas Dennison, & Mary his wife; Thomas Harrison, & Jane his wife; John Braisien & Susannah his wife; James Inman; John Robinson, & Elizabeth his wife; Ann Aylmer, widow; and others re. loan, 2 Feb 1739,£200 by Tobias Knipe of Flodder in Lyth, par. Heversham from Charles Satterthwaite secured on messuage called 'John Scales' [Johnscales Farm] in Lyth [now in Crosthwaite cum Lyth par.]. C78/1839, no. 2 [2]
1748 26 Jan 21 Richard Clayton, gent v. Thomas Robey the elder, & Alice his wife; William Strelley, & Grace his wife; and Thomas Robey the younger re. sale 6/7 Nov 1717 by Thomas Robey the elder, of messuages in Derby, mines & veins of coal in Derby; Over Birchwood, Notts [?Upper Birchwood, Derbs] & Hose, Leics. C78/1833, no. 6 [3]
1748 28 Jan 21 Lawrence Evans; Samuel Line; and Benjamin Love on behalf of themselves and the rest of the creditors of James Fortrye, esq; and George Price; and Martha Ash an infant by Sarah Ash widow her mother v. Thomas Chiffinch; Jpohn Landon; George Elliott, & Mary his wife; and Thomas Prettyman re. will, 20 Dec 1744, of James Fortrye, bequests and payment of various debts & property in Northfleet, Singlewell, Gravesend etc., Kent. C78/1828, no. 4 [4]
1748 10 Feb 21 Zenobia Howard spinster v. Mary Ducasse re. will, 29 Oct 1743, of Mary Ducasse the elder deceased, and £100 legacy to Zenobia Howard. C78/1876, no. 1 [5]
1748 18 Feb 21 William Allen v. Elizabeth Beeman widow and Vannam Cox spinster re. marriage agreement John Bayly (compt's g-uncle) and Ann Harris before year 1670; and land in Twiverton [?Twerton-on-Avon now in Bath], Soms., then belonging to John Bayly C78/1853, no. 7 [6]
1748 18 Feb 21 Olivia Darell, widow and executrix of John Darell her late husband and executrix and devisee of Mary, viscountess Strangford her mother v. Robert Moore, esq; and Ann, lady Toynham, relict and administratrix of Henry, lord Teynham re. agreement 1 Aug 1710, Lord Teynham to pay £500, within 6 months of death of Mary Viscountess Strangford according to her will. C78/1831, no. 11 [7]
1748 1 March 21 Robert French; and Henry Coffin, & Mary his wife late wife of Joshua Lintel the younger v. Mary Alexander, widow; Mary Alexander, spinster; James Francis, & Charlotte his wife; Thomas Alexander; Coulson Fellows; Robert Jenner; Charles Jenner; and Anthony Nott re. 16 Nov 1711 sale of land called Colemans Hedge in Soho, par. St James, London, with the houses erected on it. C78/1831, no. 12 [8]
1748 2 March 21 Sarah Uvedale widow and relict and one of the executors in will of James Uvedale clerk her late husband v. Samuel Uvedale clerk; Ann Uvedale spinster; Elizabeth Uvedale spinster; Joanna Bullen widow; and Margaret Washbourn widow; Robert Uvedale an infant by Ann Platell his guardian; and John Bridges re. marriage agreement 7 Jan 1717, between Sarah Uvedale, widow and James Uvedale, now deceased. C78/1891, no. 10 [9]
1748 7 March 22 John Arthur Shish of Poland Street, Middx, esq v. James hopkins; William Cockell; Calop Grantham; John Freeman; George Dashwood; Joanna Palmer widow; Joseph Barbaroux; John Eyles; William Talbot; and Sarah his wife; Daniel Christmas; and Samuel Forster esq & Rebecca his wife re. will, 1707, of Rebecca Shish and personal estate of £30,000+ in ready money. C78/1862, no. 5 [10]
1748 12 March 21 John Barker, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. John Daye re. will, 7 Sept 1701, of Thomas Daye and divers properties in Scoulton and Carbrooke, Norf. C78/1952, no. 3 [11]
1748 15 March 22 William Hambly, esq, surviving executor of Richard Pinnell the elder v. John Hallett administrator of Thomas Hall, esq re. will 13 Jan 1737, of Richard Pinnell the elder [d. Jan 1738] residue of large estate to his children when youngest son should attain 21. C78/1838, no. 7 [12]
1748 17 March 22 Dame Susanna Juxon, widow v. James Saint Amand; and Robert Vyner, esqs re. will, 18 Sept 1838, of Sir William Juxon and property in Little Compton [?Compton Abdale], Upper Lemington & Lower Lemington, Gloucs. & in Middx. C78/1844, no. 2 [13]
1748 21 March 22 Hugh Gregor of Holiport [Holyport in par. Bray], Berks, esq, administrator of Prudence his late wife who was one of the daughters of Sir John Molesworth late of Pencarrow, Cornw, baronet v. Sr John Molesworth now of Pencarrow, baronet re. will 3 Sept 1720, Sir John Molesworth [3rd Baronet], and real and personal property in Cornwall, Devon and elsewhere, and on the Island of Jamaica. C78/1840, no. 7 [14]
1748 13 April 21 Thomas Snelson; William Garmeson; John Broughton; and George Baker for themselves and all the simple contract creditors and legatees of Sir Brian Delves heretofore called Sir Brian Broughton baronet v. Sir William Corbett baronet; Brook Forester esq; and Dame Mary Delves widow of said Sir Brian Delves executors of Sir Brian Delves and since married to Humphrey Mackworth Praed esq; Dame Elizabeth Broughton widow; Sir Brian Broughton Delves baronet eldest son and heir of said Sir Brian Delves then an infant by said Dame Mary Delves his mother and guardian; Edward, lord bishop of Durham; and Wadham Knatchbull re. will, 1 May 1743, of Sir Brian Broughton ( or Sir Brian Broughton-Delves) and property in counties of Staffs, Notts, Lincs & Suffk + ready money, securities etc., etc. C78/1867, no. 7 [15]
1748 30 April 22 Attorney General at the relation of two chaplains and the ten poor men of the almshouses of Ewelme, Oxon, sometimes called the masters and teachers of grammar and thirteen poor men of Ewelme almshouses, Oxon v. Mary Townson, widow re. foundation of Almshouse and school at Ewelme, Oxon by William de la Pole, 1st Duke of Suffolk in 1437 C78/1843, no. 5 [16]
1748 27 May 21 William Mason clerk son and heir and one of the executors of Hugh Judson of Kingston upon Hull and one of the residuary legatees in his will; Andrew Perrott and Philip Young two other executors and residuary legatees ; Ann Mason spinster daughter of said Hugh Judson; Charles Poole; and Elizabeth Poole infant and grandchildren ; Christopher Harrison infant a great grandson; Arthur Hund; Mary Robinson infants other grandchildren of the said Hugh Judson v. John Faweitt & Mary his wife; John Downes re. will, 2 Aug 1690, of Richard Pearson of Ryehill,[in Holderness], Yorks and the manor of Ryehill, and bequest to only child, Elizabeth. C78/1873, no. 2 [17]
1748 27 May 22 Andrew Reid of London, merchant v. John Caryll of Lady Holt, Sussex, esq; and Elizabeth Caryll spinster re. ownership of Gatcombe Haven and Langstone Haven etc., and pertaining rights in Portsea [now Great Salterns area], Hants. C78/1839, no. 3 [18]
1748 16 June (late process) 22 William Heathfield of Tiverton, Devon, merchant v. William Quartley and John Quartley of Huish Champflower, Som, yeoman re. loan, 28 Aug 1740, £300 by William and John Quartley from William Heathfield, secured on farm known as 'North Brown or 'Middle Brown' in par. Huish Champflower, Soms. C78/1861, no. 2 [19]
1748 22 June 22 Robert Waring of Owlbury, Salop, esq v. Ann Waring, widow and relict of Edmund Waring; Robert Waring an infant; Richard Oakley, esq; Samuel Hueson; Robert Oakley; Edward Norton; Thomas Griffiths; Thomas Bird; Thomas Edwards; Lewis Baxter; Walter Jones; John Evans; Richard Collins; John Gwillim; and Catherine Gwillim re. will 10 July 1724, of Walter Waring, and bequest of rectory, tithes and advowson of Bishops Castle, Salop C79/1981, no. 2 [20]
1748 25 June 22 The Honorable Ann Poulett esquire [a male child named in honour of Queen Anne], the youngest son of sole executor of John, earl Poulett

v. John, earl Poulett eldest son and heir of said John, earl Poulett; The Honorable Peregrine Poulett esq; The Right Honorable the lady Bridget Bastard widow of Pollexfen Bastard; John Parker esq & the lady Catherine his wife; the lady Rebecca Poulett; the lady Susannah Poulett; The Honorable Vere Poulett who were together with the earl and the plaintiff (except the said John Parker) all the children of said late earl by the Countess Poulett now widow; Lucy Johnson, widow and sole executrix of James Johnston, esq, who was the surviving trustee in the earl's marriage settlement; and James Johnston, esq, son and heir of said James Johnston

re. marriage settlement, 10/11 April 1702, between John Poulett, 1st Earl Poulett and Bridget Bertie C78/1961, no. 7 [21]
1748 27 June 22 Thomas Marryat of St Saviour, Southwark, dyer, & Catherine his wife

v. Charles Townley; John Darby; John Blandford the elder; Ann Darby; Elizabeth Darby; John Blandford the younger; Thomas Marryat the younger; Elias Pearse Marryat; Catherine Marryat the younger

re. will, 13 Aug 1724, of Elias Pearse, London merchant, and properties in Lamerton, Mary Tavy, Bridestowe, Lew Trenchard and Milton Abbott, Devon C78/1838, no. 9 [22]
1748 30 June 22 Henry Balchen & Mary his wife v. George Button re. loan, 6 Dec 1742, £500 by George Button from Mary Balchen (née Mary Scott), secured on Fulling Mill, Witney, Oxon., in occupation of Ralph Box. C78/1867, no. 6 [23]
1748 2 July 22 George Kemp then an infant by John Portman v. John Fish; Henry Coppinger; Stephen Winthrop; Alfaires Squire; John Casamajor; Valens Comyn; Israel Jalabert; Parnell Nevill; Edward Ironside; and William Belchier re. expenses and share of captures or prizes taken by privateer ships, 'Prince Frederick' and 'Duke'[part of 'Royal Family' squadron]. C78/1832, no. 4 [24]
1748 5 July 22 Richard Racey, gent, & Mary his wife v. Agnes Cope, widow; Mary Cope; James Cole,& Agnes his wife re. loan, 5 May 1707, £50 by Thomas Cope from John Angell [late father of Mary Racey], secured on arable lands dispersed in the fields of Pidley cum Fenton, Hunts [now Cambs.]. C78/1844, no. 6 [25]
1748 6 July 22 Elizabeth Gounter Nicoll since deceased and Frances Catherine Gounter Nicoll the daughters and only issue of Sir Charles Gounter Nicoll knight of the Bath and of Dame Elizabeth his wife both deceased, which said Elizabeth was heretofore Elizabeth Blunden the only daughter and heir of William Blunden esq infants by Doctor Philip Barton v. Sir William Maynard baronet; Thomas Cowslad esq; and Henry Warner re. will, 17 Jan 1728, of William Blunden, residue of estate and complaint against the executors, the defendants. C78/1858, no. 7 [26]
1748 11 July 22 William, duke of Cleveland v. John Paddy & Lady Ann his wife; and Elizabeth Paddy; Charles Paddy; John Paddy; and Edward Paddy infants by the said John Paddy their father and guardian; Henry Vane & Lady Grace his wife; and William, earl of Bath re. sale, 27/8 July 1722, by Duke of Cleveland & Southampton to Henry Lord Teynham & Thomas Pulleney, of parcel of land on west side of Pall Mall, in par. St Martin in the Fields. C79/298, no. 1 [27]
1748 14 July 22 Robert Gurney gentleman administrator of Elizabeth Gurney his late wife who was the daughter of Richard Chandler v. Percival Chandler re. will, 20 July 1728, of Richard Chandler & bequests to his daughter Elizabeth Gurney, and his son and executor Percy Chandler. C78/1857, no. 2 [28]
1748 23 July 22 Samuel Creswicke doctor in divinity [Dean of Wells Cathedral] and Thomas Fane esq executors of Thomas Lowder v. Elizabeth Coleman re. demise, 24 Jan 1736, by Edward Coleman of Cribbs Causeway, Almondsbury, Gloucs. of messuage called 'Cribbs Inn' to Thomas Collins of Bristol. C78/1854, no. 3 [29]
1748 2 Aug 22 Attorney General at the relation of William Newton, esq and John Winton of Southover near Lewes, Sussex, gent v. Thomas Holles, duke of Newcastle; John Wenham, esq; Rachael Welbyll, widow; and John Bristed, clerk re. will, 24 May 1512 [sic], of Agnes Morley and the foundation of a free school [Lewes Old Grammar School] in Southover, and £20 annuity from manor of Hammes or Hamsey, by Lewes, Suss. C78/1844, no. 3 [30]
1748 2 Aug 22 Edith Pounsett widow administratrix of John Pounsett her late husband who died ca. 23 July, 1738 v. John Morein Turvill re. sale 12 Mar 1719 by Francis Turvill of Fonthill Bishop, Wilts to Peter Temple of Bishopstrow, Wilts., two messuages with lands etc. C78/1868, no. 3 [31]
1748 3 Aug 22 Thomas, lord Trevor baron of Bromham, Beds, and John Trevor of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Henry Skyllyng of Fosbury, Wilts, esq re.loan, 20 Mar 1727, £6000 by Henry Skylling from John Hopkins, secured on manor of Fosbury Wilts. C78/1863, no. 1 [32]
1748 13 Oct 22 Thomas Carew esq v. William Pyne; Thomas Hancock; and William Huck assignees of Thomas Parker an insolvent debtor re. referred to Mr Bennett, Master in Chancery, to compute what was due to complt. from estate of Thomas Parker. C78/1858, no. 9 [33]
1748 20 Oct 22 Godfrey Lee Farrant gentleman v. Peter Walraven re. loan 28 Sept 1739, £800 by Mary and Peter Walraven [Wallraven] her son, from Godfrey Lee Farrant, secured on manor of Pickhurst or Heaver [in Hayes], Kent C78/1854, no. 4 [34]
1748 3 Nov 22 Sir Edward Hales, baronet, an infant by Ann Hales, widow his mother v. Sir Edward Dering, baronet; and Thomas Knight, esq re. will, 16 Feb 1732, of Sir John Hales, and estates in Middx, Berks and Lincs & also Kent and city of Canterbury. Bequests to Earl Of Litchfield and Sir William Hardres. C78/1845, no. 1 [35]
1748 5 Dec 22 Clay Vincent, spinster; John Smith executor of John Motterham; John Smith administrator of Henry Smith; James Northage executor of Charles Northage; WIlliam Redman executor of Richard Redman; D'Arcy Barnell an infant executor of William Barnell esq by Ellen Barnell his mother; Nicholas Stenton & Mary his wife late Mary Heath; Henry Smith; Nicholas Leeke; and Elizabeth Upton, spinster creditors of Benjamin Clay late of Southwell of Nottingham, gentleman v. Elizabeth Clay, widow and administratrix of Benjamin Clay gentleman; William Clay an infant; and Ann Clay re. various debts of Benjamin Clay of Southwell, Notts. died 19 June 1741, and bond, 21 April 1731. C78/1968, no. 5 [36]
1748 7 Dec 22 Thomas, duke of Leeds great-grandson and heir of Thomas, earl of Danby afterwards duke of Leeds v. Thomas Powell of Nanteos, Cardigan esq re. annual farm rent, £36-16-8½, granted by King Charles II in 1674, to Thomas earl of Danby from lordship of Landabarne Vaur [Llanbadarn Fawr, Ceredigion]. C78/1883, no. 7 [37]
1748 9 Dec 22 William Hambly of Carshalton, Surrey, esq, surviving executor of Richard Pinnell the elder, of London, merchant v. John Hallett, administrator of Thomas Hall, esq re. will 13 Jan 1737, of Richard Pinnell, and residue of his estate to those children living, when his youngest son attains age of 21. [vide C78/1838, no. 7] C78/1832, no. 5 [38]
1748 13 Dec 22 George Webb esq and Willilam Neale gentleman executors of Edmund Neale esq v. Walwyn Cecill clerk re. loans by Ralph Nevill clerk from Edmund Neale, secured on messuage & 34 acres, in par. Crickhowell, Brecon. [now Powys]. C78/1853, no. 8 [39]
1748 14 Dec 22 The Honorable Frances Bruce, widow and relict of the Honorable Robert Bruce who was the only son and issue male of the Right Honorable Charles lord Bruce afterwards Earl of Aylesbury by Lady Ann his first wife both also deceased who was one of the daughters and coheirs of the Right Honorable William late marquis of Halifax v. The Honorable James Brydges commonly called Marquis Carnarvon the Honorable Benjamin Bathurst and the Lady Elizabeth his wife and the Right Honorable George,m earl of Cardigan re. marriage settlement, 6/7 Feb 1728, between Robert Bruce and Honorable Frances Bruce C78/1846, no. 1 [40]
1748 19 Dec 22 Charles Kemp assignee of William Cordwell a bankrupt and the said William Cordwell v. Thomas Machrill re. sale 15 Dec 1731, of bankrupt William Cordwell's estate and division of the proceeds. C78/1834, no. 3 [41]