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1746 C78/, no. []
1746 11 Jan 19 Mary Nuthall; and Elizabeth Nuthall, spinsters v. Thomas Earle, & Elizabeth his wife lately called Elizabeth Nuthall, widow; Thomas Nuthall an infant by said Elizabeth Nuthall his mother; and Stint Gilmore re. will or testamentary schedule, undated and without attestation, of John Nuthall (died June 1718) and considerable property in par. of St Clements Danes, Middx. C78/1842 no. 3 [2]
1746 16 Jan 19 Elizabeth Fagg, spinster, now the wife of Sir Charles Matthew Goring, baronet v Gawen Harris Nash, esq, & Mary his wife; Christian Fagg; and Margaret Fagg, spinsters; Dame Sarah Fagg, widow; William Ward, esq; Henry Campion, esq; and Robert Ward, esq re. marriage settlement agreement, 22 Oct 1729, between Sir Robert Fagg of Wiston [West Sussex], complainant's late father and William Ward, father of Sarah Ward. C78/1844, no. 5 [3]
1746 4 Feb 19 William Sherman of Kingston upon Hull, gent; Thomas Sherman; and Mary Sherman, son and daughter of said William Sherman by Mary his then late wife, infants by said William Sherman their father; Leonard Collings of Kingston upon Hull, alderman and merchant; and Thomas Escrick of Howden, Yorks, gent v. John Collings of Kingston upon Hull, esq re. will, 16 Oct 1733, of John Collings and provision for his two daughters, Anne and Mary and two closes in par. of Sutton, [Sutton-on-Hull] Yorks. C78/1833, no. 3 [4]
1746 5 Feb 19 Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of the Mayor and Commonalty and Citizen of the City of London, Masters and Guardians and Governors of the House of Hospital called Bethlehem situated without and near to Bishopsgate of the city of London and also at the relation of Thomas, lord bishop of Oxford; George, baron Carpenter of Killaghy, Kilkenny, Ireland; Sir George Saville baronet; The Right Honorable Edward southwell esq secretary of state for Ireland; The Honorable John Schutz esq; Ambrose Dickens esq; Thomas Rea esq; John Drumond esq; and Andrew Drumond esq Governors (among many others of a society commonly called and known by the name of Governors of St George's Hospital near Hyde Park Corner) and subscribers and contributors to the said hospital; andJoseph Hudson esq; and Richard Aspinwall gentleman treasurers of the said society or hospital for themselves and the rest of the then and future governors, members, subscribers or contributors to the said society and hospital for the use and benefit of such poor, sick, and lame persons as then were or thereafter should come to be relieved in the charitable design carried on by the said society v. Thomas, lord viscount Weymouth; Dorothy, lady Chadworth widow of John, late lord Chadworth; James Calthorpe; and Reverend Dalton esqs; Joshua Grigby; Orbell Ray; and Elizabeth James widow; George Short esq & Penelope his wife; Ann Brackenbury widow; and ____ James esq re. will, 15 May 1740, of John James of Saint Edmundsbury [Bury St Edmunds], Suffolk. C78/1851, no. 1 [5]
1746 8 Feb 19 William Cresswell, esq v. Edward Cooke; George Thompson; and William Ward re. land in manor of Cresswell, Northumberland between high and low water marks, allegedly parcel of said manor. C78/1811, no. 3 [6]
1746 13 Feb The Attorney General at the relation of William Arney; Samuel Allen; Samuel Gardiner; Benjamin Weeks; Thomas Coomer; Emanuel Card; and Daniel Richard church wardens and overseers of the poor of the parishes of Chedder and Rodney Stoke, Som v. George Card an infant by his guardians and John Warwick re. will 18 May 1724, of Joseph Card[?] of Draycott and lands in pars. of Oare [?], Burnham and South Brent [Brent Knoll], Somerset. C78/1868, no. 1 [7]
1746 13 Feb 19 John Paine; Henry Mauley; Francis Barford; John Bowditch; James Dare for themselves and for other creditors of William Dagget esq deceased v. Henry Gale; John Wyat; Roger Gale & Hannah his wife; James Minifer & Margaret his wife; John Patch & Hannah his wife; Elizabeth Dagget since deceased re. debts of late William Daggett and property in Taunton Deane, Somerset, and his will 8 Oct 1729 C78/1859, no. 5 [8]
1746 26 Feb 19 Sir John Webb baronet v. The Mayor, Bailiffs, and Burgesses and Commonalty of the town and county of Pool and also v. Thomas Cleeves and John Cleeves & Mary his wife re. building of a saltern in manor of Great Canford [now Merley], Poole, Dorset by Thos Cleeves and John Cleeves. C78/1850, no. 1 [9]
1746 27 February 19 Bartholomew Clarke of London merchant v. Robert Abbott esq; Thomas Abbot; Elizabeth Abbot; Anthony Abbot; and Penelope Abbott; Penelope Bentley and now the wife of William Smith re. 1704 loan by Job and Saml Smith, £200 from Thomas Winter secured on messuage called the Swan in Chelsea, Middx. C79/73, no. [10]
1746 14 March 19 John Searle and Andrew Searle the younger v. Ashley Barrett and Andrew Searle the elder re. will, 18 Jan 1700, of Thomas Barrett and bequest to grand-daughter Jane Barrett of East India Co. stock. C78/1850, no. 3 [11]
1746 18 March 19 William Wrightson v. John Drakes and John Sidwell clerk & Elizabeth his wife re. 13 May 1715, loan £50, by James Sherwood from Elizabeth Southeron, widow, secured on messuage in Eastgate, Beverley, Yorks C78/1851, no. 3 [12]
1746 18 March 19 John Trewe, esq v. Margaret Vyvian; Robert Hamley, & Dorcas his wife; and Richard Wilcock alias Williams, & Margaret his wife re. 21 Oct 1724, loan £100, Stephen Vyvian from Elizabeth Marshall, secured on property in Polgrain in par. of St Wenn, Cornwall. C78/1820, no. 2 [13]
1746 19 March 19 Charles, lord viscount Townshend eldest son and heir of his late father Charles late lord viscount Townshend; and The Honorable Horatio Townshend esq which Charles late lord viscount Townshend and Horatio Townshend were the only surviving sons of lady Mary Townshend one of the sisters of Sir James Aflie baronet also deceased eldest son and heir of Sir Joseph Ashe baronet also deceased by Dame Mary his wife v. Joseph Windham Aflie esq & Martha his wife; Aflie Wyndham esq; and The Governor and Company of the New river brought from Chadwell and Amwell to London re. shares of Dame Mary Aflie in New River and Waterworks Company, Nov 1698 C78/1855, no. 1 [14]
1746 7 May 19 Thomas Shelford clerk & Mary his wife late Mary Clayton widow v. Samuel Travers; and George Higgins & Margaret his wife re. marriage agreement 5 May 1721, Robert Clayton and Mary Boate; and £1,800 due to Robert Clayton; property in Saint Christopher [St. Kitts]. C78/1853, no. 6 [15]
1746 14 May 19 Sir Dudley Ryder, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Richard Brown and Martha Todd inhabitants residing and dwelling in the parish of Benhall, Suff v. Edmund Tyrell, esq re. will 9 Aug 1732 of Sir Edward Duke [c.1694-1732]; and charity £1,000 towards the maintenance of a person able to be a schoolmaster at Benhall to teach poor children. C78/1821, no. 5 [16]
1746 or 1747 3 June James Steward of Cheshunt, Herts, gent, executor of Daniel Waite of St Sepulchre, London, grocer v. Dorothy Green alias St Lawrence; Thomas Haddon; and Dorothy East re. maintenance and other expenses of female child, which Dorothy Green alleged was fathered by Daniel Waite. C78/1813, no. 11 [17]
1746 14 June 20 John Wheeler, & Leonora his wife v. Philadelphia Bingham, widow; Richard Bingham, jr, esq; George Bingham, clerk; Susanna Bingham; Elizabeth Bingham; Philadelphia Bingham, spinster; Thomas Skinner, esq; and Robert Hann, & Annabella his wife late Annabella Bingham re. will, 2 April 1730, of John Pottenger grandfather of Leonora Wheeler [née Bingham] and house in Berks. called 'Sadlers'. C78/1831, no. 8 [18]
1746 17 June 20 Henry Cooke v. Robert Harris; George Long; Robert Wright, & Mary his wife re. loan 3 Aug 1736, £350 by Henry White from Henry Cooke secured on messuages in manor of 'Old Paris Garden' [later part of par. of Christ Church, Southwark] C78/1842, no. 6 [19]
1746 19 June 20 John Walker, esq v. Sir Robert Austen, baronet re. loan 22 Nov 1739, £16,000 by Sir Robert Austen from John Page, secured on manor of Woodruff/Woodrove [?Robertsbridge] and lands in Wallen Marsh in par. Margate, etc., etc. Kent. C78/1832, no. 3 [20]
1746 1 July 20 George Bradford, clerk, & Catherine his wife; and Charles Chichester an infant by said George Bradford v. Sir John Prideaux, baronet; Dame Ann Prideaux, widow; and Christopher Hawkins, esq re. indenture 21 May 1687, Sir Peter Prideaux [1626–1705]; rents £56 12s 10d p.a. from tithes in Bodmin, Padstow, ?St Minford and Cubert, Cornwall, etc. C78/1815, no. 8 [21]
1746 3 July 20 Nathaniel Tilly of the parish of St Andrew, Holbourn, Middx, gentleman, and William Tilly of Bristol, wine cooper v. John Simpson of St Stephens near the city of Canterbury, gentleman; John Broome of Tuppendense, Kent, esq; Elizabeth Tilly the widow and relict of Lancelot Tolson Tilly; Elizabeth Bestman of the parish of St Andrew Holbourn, widow; Edward Tunewell of Chigwall, Essex esq & Deborah his wife; Sarah Brown of Holes Street in the parish of St Clements Dane, Middx, widow; and Edward Cockey of Warminster, Wilts re. will, 5 Feb 1726, Lancelot Tolson of Plaistow, Kent and properties in Beckenham, Bromley, Lewisham, Stone, Swanscombe, Darenth and Ash, Kent & Wadhurst,Sussex & St Botolph-without-Aldersgate, London. C78/1883, no. 6 [22]
1746 5 July 20 Ambrose Page, esq v. Sir Edward Leighton, baronet; Fourester Leighton; and William Fourester, esq re. an [1713] Act to enable sir Edward Leighton, bart. to charge his estate with £4,000 (preferable to £6,000 already charged therupon by his marriage settlement) for the purposes therein mentioned. C78/1828, no. 1 [23]
1746 5 July 20 John Allen, administrator of Thomas Higgins of goods unadministered by Mary Higgins v. John Markham and Richard Higgins re. loan Feb 1733, £150 by Matthew Markham deceased, of St Bride's, London from Thomas Higgins secured on two brick messuages at Little Moorfields in par. St Giles-without-Cripplegate C78/1814, no. 13 [24]
1746 8 July 20 Sir Dudley Ryder, knight, Attorney General at the relation of John Haines bailiff and William Granes the younger; and Henry Lane, constables of the town and borough of Cricklade, Wilts on behalf of themselves and others the inhabitants and landholders within the town and borough and several parishes of Cricklade St Sampsons and Cricklade St Marys v. Richard Byrt, gent; Joseph Hale; William Smith; Richard Adams; William saunders; Christopher Saunders; Thomas Mills; Thomas Hinton; and William Woodward re. purchase of properties in 8 Queen Elizabeth I [1565-6] from Henry Baskerville and Thomas Chadderton, to provide for reparation of highways. C78/1832, no. 1 [25]
1746 (late process) 10 July 20 John Rogers & Ann his wife executrix and residuary legatee of Christian Billingsly v. John Surelock & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Muckleston; Rebecca Muckleston; Benjamin Muckleston and Elizabeth Muckleston infants by said Elizabeth their guardian; Joseph Ferrer & Dorothy his wife (late Dorothy Muckleston an infant by the said Joseph Ferrer her guardian; Anne Muckleston; John Muckleston; Rowland Muckleston; Edward Safyear; Sarah Muckleston; and Elizabeth Barnes re. Richard Muckleston of Shrewsbury, apothecary, deceased, praying in 1721 that a bond against Christian Billingsly be cancelled. C78/1874, no. 5 [26]
1746 14 July 20 Elizabeth Ivie; and Catherine Ivie, only children of Robert Ivie late of Exeter, esq, infants by John Richards v. William Hull the father, esq; William Hull the son, esq; William Bury; John Bury; Dame Catherine Bury; William Fortescue; William Cholwich; Elizabeth Bury, widow; George Bussell; Edward Whiteway; Katherine Bury; Dorothy Bury; and Thomas Bury, the son of William Bury re. will, and rent and profits, of estate of Robert Ivie which was referred 2 Mar 1733 to Mr Spicer (Master in Chancery). C78/1809, no. 9 [27]
1746 17 July 20 Henry Abraham alias Metcalfe v. Thomas Vaughan and William Fisher re. loan, Feb 1728, £2,000 by Thomas Vaughan from John Abraham secured on land in St Martins Lane, St Martin-in-the-Fields, Middx C78/1842, no. 5 [28]
1746 31 July 20 Lady Mary Griffin widow; Edward lord Griffin; and Anthony Griffin (?) esq v. Edward Griffin; Thomas Peach; and John Robinson esq executors and devisees of the said Edward lord Griffin; John, earl o Portsmouth & Elizabeth countess of Portsmouth his wife; and William Whitwell esq & Anne his wife re. arrears of an annuity or rent charge, closes and ground at Dingley Northants [Damaged document]. C79/134, no. [29]
1746 6 Aug 20 Elizabeth Uthwatt the elder widow; Henry Uthwatt and Elizabeth Uthwatt the younger infants by Thomas Uthwatt esq their uncle v. Denis Farrer esq; Richard Sutton esq; William Symer clerk & Jane his wife; Jane Symer spinster an infant by said William Symer clerks her father and guardian; Alexander Dallurry esq & Margaret his wife; William Andrews esq; and Thomas Brownsall esq re. marriage portion Henry Andrews and Jane Cole, £6,000 and manor of Lathbury, Bucks. C78/1853, no. 1 [30]
1746 7 Aug 20 William Bedford of the parish of St Nicholas Olave, London, doctor in phisick, executor of Hilhiah Bedford, clerk his late father; and John Morris; and Thomas Street both of the Strand within the liberty of the City of Westminster hosiers; and William Armstrong of the parish of St James, Westminster; and Ann William Simpson of the same parish, gentleman for themselves and for other bond creditors of Philip, late duke of Wharton

v. Thomas Gibson esq the surviving trustee in deeds of trust for payment of the said late duke's debts; the Honorable Robert Coke esq; and the lady Jane Coke his wife the only surviving sister and heir of the said duke and sister and administratrix of the lady Lucy Morice; Joseph Moyle; Mathew Lamb esq; Walter Pryse esq; Maria Teresa Wharton the widow of the late duke; Sir Philip Musgrave baronet; Humphrey Parsons; Adam Pigott; Edward Pigott; Francis Loggin; Charles Boucher; The Warden and Fellows of All Souls College in Oxford; and Doctor Edward Young

re. numerous debts of late Philip Wharton, 1st Duke of Wharton [1698-1731] C78/1848, no. 3 [31]
1746 18 Oct 20 The Attorney General at the relation of Richard Mayne and infant by Ann Mayne his mother v. Zacharias Mudge; Nathaniel Boughton; John Bedford; Robert Forster clerks executors of Henry Kelway; Jane Hockeday widow (sic), sister, and heir at law of said Henry Kelway re. will, 15 Apr 1732 of Henry Kelway, bequests in Plymouth and Saltash and a legacy & annuity to Jane Hockaday. C78/1874, no. 3 [32]
1746 30 Oct Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of Wiliam Thomson esq; James Shutt; John Capes; Robert Smith; Francis Farrah; Henry Truslove; Robert Raines; Ralph Gallaway; William Meadley; John Carvil; Samuel Gibson; Michael Webster; William Johnson; William Bell; George Atkinson; and Ralph Wriggles with the ____, ___, or vestrymen of the parish of Humbleton, Yorks; Robert Smith; and Michael Webster; Robert Raines; and John Sumner churchwardens on behalf of themselves and the rest of the parishioners of the parish v. Thomas Heron re. will 20 Jan 1718, of Francis Heron of Burton Agnes, bequest to wife and endowment from lands in Flinton and Sutton Ings, for teaching poor children in Humbleton, Yorks C79/74, no. [33]
1746 14 Nov 20 Algernon Coote, earl of Mountrath, Ireland; Orlando Bridgeman of Blodwell, Salop esq; Sir Hugh Bridgges of Haughton, Salop baronet; and James Coxe of the parish of St James, Westminster, Middx, esq executors of Mary, late countess dowager of Bradford then a lunatic, only son and heir of said Mary late countess of Bradford by said Algernon, earl of Montrath; and Diana, countess of Montrather his wife; and the said Orlando Bridgeman esq; and the lady Anne his wife committees of the person and estate of said Thomas, earl of Bradford; and Walter Povey esq executor of John Dove then late of Clements Inn, Middx, gentleman his late father, deceased

v.Sir John D'Oyly of Chislehampton, Oxford

Apparently copy of decree, below [C78/1832, no. 2], concerning Sir John Doyley, 1st Bt. [1640-1709]), of Chiselhampton, Oxon C78/1852, no. 5 [34]
1746 14 Nov 20 Algernon Cook, earl of Mountrath, Ireland; Orlando Bridgeman, esq; Sir Hugh Brigges, baronet; and James Cocke, esq, executors of Mary, late countess dowager of Bradford; and also Thomas, earl of Bradford, a lunatic only son and heir of the said Mary late countess of Bradford by the said Algernon, earl of Mountrath; and Diana, countess of Mountrath his wife; and the said Orlando Bridgeman, esq, & the lady Anne his wife, committees of the person and estate of the said Thomas, earl of Bradford; and also Walter Dovey, esq, executor of John Dovey, gent his late father

v. Sir John D'Oyly, baronet

re. loan, Dec 1730, of £10,000 by Sir John D'Oyly from Mary, late countess of Bradford, secured on manor of Wantage, Berks. C78/1832, no. 2 [35]
1746 18 Nov 20 Samuel Hare and James Rogers executors of Edward Hare and Edward Hare eldest son and heir at law of said Edward Hare v. James Tate, gent re. loan 9 Nov 1732, £300, by James Tate from Edward Hare the father, secured on manor of Tyttenhanger [near London Colney] and Ridge [near South Mimms], Herts C78/1820, no. 9 [36]
1746 19 Nov 20 Sir Dudley Rider knight Attorney General at the relation of William Nicholls church warden; Charles Charles Tudway; and John Porch overseers of the poor of the parish of St Cuthbert in Wells, Som, and John Doliott Long; and George Hopkins inhabitants of the same parish for themselves and the rest of the inhabitants and poor of said parish

v. The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Wells; The Reverend Doctor Samuel Creswick dean of said cathedral church; The Reverend Robert Woodford clerk treasurer of said church; The Reverend Francis White doctor in divinity; The Reverend Timothy Collins the sub dean; The Reverend George Shakerley clerk archdeacon of Wells; The Reverend Francis Squire clerk chancellor of the cathedral church; The Reverend Samuel Hill clerk; and The Reverend Robert Wilson clerk, canons residentiary of said church

re. divison of revenues, tithes etc between cathedral church of St Andrew and parish church of St Cuthbert, and the 'In-' and 'Out-' districts of St Cuthbert's parish in Wells, Som. C78/1859, no. 2 [37]
1746 19 Nov 20 Lascoe Hide of London, merchant and mariner v. Richard Hide and William Keen re. appointment 1743 by Lascoe Hide of uncle William Hide, now deceased, giving him power of attorney, prior to voyage to the East Indies and China [?Hyde of Denchworth, now in Oxon]. C78/1842, no. 4 [38]
1746 19 Nov 20 The Governor and Company of the Bank of England v. John Spicer; and Godolphin Edwards; Thomas Edwards; John Langley; and Henry Wood re. sum of £6,824 8s 4d due from Samuel Edwards, deceased. C78/1833, no. 1 [39]
1746 25 Nov 19 Richard Ellicombe of Colebrook, Devon, clerk, & Jane his wife only daughter and heir at law of William Green late of Enfield, Middx, gent, who was the only surviving son and heir at law of John green late of Enfield, esq by Elizabeth his first wife was was the eldest daughter of Sir William Middleton son and heir of Sir Hugh Middleton v. Mary Green Taylor, widow; Elizabeth Atkins; John Green an infant; Elizabeth Tuckfield, widow; and John Tuckfield; Edmund Overall, gent; and the Governors and Company of the New River Water Works brought from Chadwell and Amwell to London re. marriage agreement 9 Dec 1673, John Green (complts g-father) and Elizabeth Middleton (dau. of Sir William Middleton), and £5,000, or stock in the New River Waterworks C78/1831, no. 10 [40]
1746 6 Dec 20 Theodore Darley, gent v. Theodore Darley, esq; Vincent Darley; Elizabeth Darley; James Marshall, & Sarah his wife; Robert Gould, & Mary his wife; William Wivell; Christopher Cunningham; George Issack; William Rawling; John Pearson; Nicholas Evans; John Edgecombe; Thomas Bray; Alice Anthnania, widow: David White, & Joan his wife re. will, 10 April 1707, of John Vincent, died Nov 1710 C78/1820, no. 6 [41]
1746 9 Dec 20 George Bradford gentleman v. Gilbert Cobb gentleman and Thomas Harcombe re. grant and release 25/26 Aug 1692 of messuage and one yardland and other property in par. Winterbourne, Gloucs by William Bridges to Thomas Towgood & Richard Hawkesworth; daus. of said Wm. Bridges, one married to John Dickinson & other about to marry John Hickes. C78/1854, no. 2 [42]
1746 9 Dec 20 Thomas Revell of Fletcham, Surrey, esq, & Jane his wife late Jane Egerton granddaughter and one of the devisees of Sir George Saunders who was one of the coheirs of Sir Thomas Colby then late of Kensington, Middx, baronet; the Honorable Henrietta Egerton, spinster another granddaughter and devisee of Sir George Saunders; Anne Egerton an infant by Anna Maria Egerton her mother another of the granddaughters and devisees of George Saunders; John Calvert of Old Street, Middx, esq, & Susan his wife late Susan Whitehall; Mary Whitehall of Kensington, Middx, spinster, which Susan Calvert and Mary Whitehall were two others of the coheirs of Sir Thomas Colby; Robert Roose; Robert Rose an infant by William Dodd of St Margaret, Westminster, vintner; the said William Dodd; and Thomas Darke, which said Robert Roose, Robert Rose, William Dodd, and Thomas Darke claimed under a deed of settlement made by Mary Roose late wife of the said Robert Roose, another of the coheirs of the said Sir Thomas Colby; William Knowles doctor of laws brother and devisee in trust in the will of Gilbert Knowles another of the coheirs of the said Thomas Colby; Gilbert Knowles an infant by the said Dr William Knowles; and Francis Powell clerk who claimed an interest in part of the said Gilbert Knowles' real estate v. Sarah Colby re. property of Thomas Colby who died intestate Sept 1729, and lands in Kensington and the par. of St Clement Dane & at Holloway, Middx & at Orsett, Essex C78/1833, no. 9 [43]
1746 9 Dec 20 Mary Lawson, spinster v. John Lawson the elder, esq; John Lawson the younger, esq; William Dickinson; and John Pierce gentlemen; and Loylton Lawson, esq re. sale 17/18 July 1740 by John Lawson the elder to William Dickinson and John Pierce, closes of arable, pasture and wood in Goldington, Clapham, Milton ?Carms and Ravensden, Beds. C78/1820, no. 5 [44]
1746 12 Dec 20 James Clayton esq, administrator of Ann his late wife v. John Farhill, esq; William Smith, esq, & Jane his wife re. will, 24 Oct 1733, of George Parker of Chichester, bequests and John Farhill, executor. C78/1831, no. 9 [45]
1746 13 Dec 20 William Bave of Bristol gentleman v. Thomas Waters; Edward Waters; and Catherine Waters re. sale £200 28 July 1715, of messuage, barn, stable, oxhouse, closes etc., in par. Penhow, Mons. by Thomas Waters to Jane Attwells of Thornbury, Gloucs. C78/1854, no. 1 [46]
1746 17 Dec 20 Mary Benger widow of William Benger and administratrix of William Benger her son v. William holloway and Richard Holloway executors of William Benger re. will, 16 Dec 1742, of William Benger, and property inc. manor of Manningford Bohune [Wilts.] C78/, no. 8 [47]
1746 19 Dec 20 Barbara Davenport widow and Ann Ivory spinster v. William Brereton; William Maisterson; Thomas Cradock; and Margaret Broadbent re. loan 3 July 1677 [sic], £500 by Ralph Horton from Margaret Totty widow, secured on manor of Cool [?Coole Pilate in par of Acton St Mary], Cheshire C78/1869, no. 1 [48]
1746 19 Dec 20 Edward Sawbridge, gent v. Edward, lord Griffin; Elizabeth Barton; Benjamin Ailecock; John Sawbridge; and William Rushton re. 'an Act..[1705-6]..to enable trustees to make leases of part of the Manor of Dingley..[Northants.].. and lands there, for payment of the debts of James Griffin esq., and raising portions for younger children'. C78/1842, no. 1 [49]
1746 C78/, no. []