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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1745 C78/, no. []
1745 12 Jan 18 Theophila Partridge widow v. George Cooke, clerk & Catherine his wife re. indenture 21 June 1733; John Alleyne and a prebend of Lincoln Cathedral called 'Langford Ecclesia' [Oxon]. C79/74, no. [2]
1745 12 Jan 18 Edmund Waller, esq v. Thomas Lobbe, esq re.loan 12 May 1740 £952 2s by Thomas Lobbe from Edmund Waller, secured on two houses in Pall Mall field in par. St Martin in the Fields. C78/1805, no. 10 [3]
1745 12 Jan 18 Sackville, earl of Thanet; Sackville Tufton, esq his son and heir apparent an infant by said earl his father v. Thomas Pattenson the elder esq; John Bonsfield; Christopher Harrison; Edmund Dixon; Thomas Nicholson; William Wilken, gent; Reginald Scaife; James Bland; Richard Swinners, James Shaw jr; Jeremiah Jackson; Miles Monkhouse of Blawn; James Morland, jr; Robert Williamson; Miles Monkhouse of Stirragh; Nicholas Dent; Robert Dent; Edward Steel; Hugh Raisbeck; Thomas Bland; and Christopher Salkeld re. properties of George [Clifford], 3rd Earl of Cumberland [1558-1605] and their succession, particularly Brougham Castle, Appleby, Pendragon and Brough under Stainmore [now Cumbria]. C78/1790, no. 1 [4]
1745 8 Feb 18 William, earl of Inchiquin in Ireland administrator of Murrough O'Brien esq commonly called Lord O'Brien his late son v. Robert French; Percy Wyndham alias O'Brien St Charles Wyndham; and Charles O'Brien commonly called Lord viscount Clare and St William Dudley re. will 14 Oct 1738 of Henry O'Brien, earl of Thomond and vicount Tadcaster C78/1834, no. 8 [5]
1745 6 March 18 Sir Thomas Drury of Overstone, Northt, baronet v. Robert Clavering, bishop of Peterborough; and Augustine Fish, clerk, rector of Sywell re. agreement 3 Aug 1723, William Wilmer owner of the open fields of Sywell, Northants, enclosure and the tithes of the fields. C78/1835, no. 4 [6]
1745 8 March 18 Alexander MacMullen v. John Wilson; Margaret Wilkinson; Henry Procter; and Alexander MacCree re. heirs at law of Alexander MacMullen otherwise Mullen of Challouck in Lanswade [?Challock in par. Leswalt], and properties at Blackwell [now in Darlington], Durham. C78/1964, no. 4 [7]
1745 14 March 18 Elizabeth Johns, widow, the relict and executrix of Richard Johns and one of the creditors of Francis Penneck on behalf of herself and other creditors of said Francis Penneck v. Margaret Penneck; William Penneck; John Worth; and Edward Penrose re.14 Aug 1721 loan £100 by Francis Penneck from Richard Johns, and will 6 March 1722 of Francis Penneck. C78/1804, no. 4 [8]
1745 15 March 18 William Jones of the parish of Landisilio, Pemb, gent, eldest son and heir of John Jones who was son and heir of David Jones grandfather of said William Jones v. John Rees and Reed Jones re. lands of David Jones (complainant's grandfather) in St Ishmael [Llanismel or Llanishmael], Carmarthn., intermixed with the lands of Rees John Davis. C78/1815, no. 6 [9]
1745 18 March 18 Capill Hall Merek v. William Wall esq; John Shipp esq; Basil Prichard gentleman; George Binham esq; Jane his wife; and George Prichard infant re. marriage agreement 30 Mar 1683, Thomas Wall and Mary Chamberlain and Lintridge Farm, Great Dymock [Gloucs]. C78/1853, no. 2 [10]
1745 11 April 18 William Barker; William Peacock; Nicholas Smithson; and William Hutchinson creditors by specialty of John Lascells deceased v. Willam Lascells; John Lascells; Robert Lascells; Elizabeth Lascells; William Roundell and John Topham re. loan £20, 4 Aug 1732 and loan £20, 8 Dec 1735 by John Lascells from William Barker, and loan £20, 10 Mar 1737 by John Lascells from Nicholas Smithson... etc. C79/196, no. [11]
1745 4 May 18 Luke Pearson, gent, brother and heir at law of William Pearson esq who was the eldest son and heir of Luke Pearson the complainant's late father, an infant by Ricahrd Gibson yeoman v. Isabella Whitehead; and Isabella Pearson re. lands of Luke Pearson in Gressingham, Eskrigge, Hornby, Tunstall and elswhere in Lancs. who died 2 Feb 1739, intestate.
C78/1834, no. 9 [12]
1745 14 May 18 Pomeroy Gylberte, esq v. James Churchward; Henrietta Maria Gylbert, spinster; Gilbert Yard; and William Strode, esq re. conveyance 29/30 Mar 1706, by Roger Pomeroy to John Gylberte of the barton of Sandridge in par. Stoke Gabriel and manor of Brixham, Devon. C78/1820, no. 1 [13]
1745 20 May 18 John Sherrington & Rebecca his wife v. George Fettiplace surviving executor of Richard Lely deceased; John Moecenas Lely; and Francis Scrope Lely children of said Richard Lely by said George Fettiplace their guardian re. will of Richard Lely, barrister of Lincoln's Inn and late father of Rebecca Sherrington and estate in Greetwell, Lincs. & Surrey and elsewhere. C79/164, no. [14]
1745 20 June 19 Thomas White v. Sarah Wells re. loan £200 10 Sept 1721, by William Wells from Eilzabeth Dryden (complt's mother); piece or parcel of ground on north side of Princes Street near Hanover Square, Middx. C78/1804, no. 19 [15]
1745 7 July 19 John Egerton gentleman v. Nightingale Egerton the wife of said complainant; John Hurst & Dorothy his wife;John Mansell; William Fabian & Martha his wife; Elizabeth Longuevile; and John Goody re conveyance 13 Dec 1695 by Henry Longueville the elder to Henry Longueville the younger, and heirs male of his body; property in Cosgrove, Northants. C78/1871, no. 3 [16]
1745 16 July 19 Margaret Brind and Dorothy Brind spinsters v. Richard Southby esq & Bridget his wife; and Ambrose Goddard esq re. sale of farm etc. in May 1725 on advice of Richard Goddard bachelor, now deceased, and monies received by him on behalf of sellers. C78/1879, no. 3 [17]
1745 23 July 19 Thomas Atkinson of London merchant; Alexander Strahan of Hampstead, Middx, esq; and John Henry Morttins of London, jeweller, creditors of John Wastell the younger and Mathew Wastell late of London merchants and copartners deceased and bankrupts on behalf of themselves and the rest of the creditors of the said John Wastell and Mathew Wastell who seek relief under the said commission and contribute to the suit v. Henry Pierse, esq, surviving assignee of the estate and effects of said John and Mathew Wastell; Elizabeth, Barbara, Audry, Mary, and Catherine Wastell daughters and coheirs at law of John Wastell sr; Joseph Williams surviving trustee in the marriage settlement of the said John Wastell the younger; John Wastell eldest son and heir of the said Mathew Wastell; and Henry Wastell re. provision on marriage of John Wastell junior and Arabella Williams in case she outlived him. C78/1833, no. 5 [18]
1745 3 Aug 19 Benjamin Hoare v. Sir Edward Leighton, baronet re. referred to Mr Thurston a Master in Chancery, to compute what is due to complt. Benjamin Hoare. C78/1843, no. 7 [19]
1745 3 Aug 19 John Brickdale, esq v. Edward Hill, gent re. conveyance of a property in Bedminster, Somerset C78/1813, no. 8 [20]
1745 4 Aug 19 John Wills esq Attorney General at the relation of Charles Joy of the parish of St Thomas, Southwark, Surrey, esq; William Astell; Robert Surman; James Brooke of London esq; James Mead of London gentleman; and John Clarke of Stratford, Essex, gentleman executors of Elias Turner of Lay Street, parish of Barking, Essex; and Jacob Sawbridge of London esq one of the trustees in the will v. George Montgomerie esq the heir at law of said Elias Turner; and Abigail Turner the widow of said Elias Turner re. will of Elias Turner, property in City of London and Essex and estate upwards of £50,000. C78/1881, no. 1 [21]
1745 10 Aug 19 Peter Coryton esq lately Peter Goodall of Fowey, Corn, esq, only son and heir of John Goodall, esq, nephew of Sir William Coryton late of West Newton Ferrars, baronet v. Dame Rachel Coryton; John Clarke, esq; Christopher Batt the younger; Richard Gotley, & Mary his wife; Thomas Bond; William Helyar the younger; and Wyndham Harbyn re. will, 2 Dec 1711, of sir William Coryton and property in Cornwall and Devon, and bequest to dame Sarah his wife. C78/1810, no. 2 [22]
1745 11 Oct 19 Samuel Savile, gent v. James Broughton re. sale £1,150 6 Jan 1729 of Great Tun Yard etc., being lately part of the field called Pell Mell Field [Pall Mall, SW1], by William Wharam to compt. Samuel Savile. C78/1841, no. 7 [23]
1745 21 Oct 19 John Bromley, & Barbara his wife; William Watts, & Sarah his wife, which said Barbara and Sarah are administrators with the will annexed of Matthew Kent; Samuel Child esq executor of ___ Child, knight, who was son and executor of Sir Francis Child, knight; Samuel Skinner esq, executor of Elias Russell who was executor of John ____; Samuel Forster, esq, & Rebecca his wife, who is the surviving executor of Anna Arthur spinster who was surviving executrix of Rebecca Shish widow, who was executrix and residuary legatee of her late husband Jonas Shish; Mathew Martin, esq, surviving executor of Amy Jener, widow, who was relict and executrix of Captain Samuel Jones; Henry Jolly, gentleman, surviving executor of Deborah Drury who was sole executrix of Joseph Drury, who was sole executor of Sarah Brooke; Phillippa Walton, widow and surviving executrix of Samuel Jackson; Charles Green, gent, administrator of Rebecca Green formerly Rebecca Hammond his late wife who was executrix of John Hammond her late husband, who was one of the executors and residuary legatees of Elizabeth Bourne; Clayton Heyrick, esq, executor of John Heyrick, esq, who was executor of Elizabeth Bourne, widow; Thomas Dorr, gent, & Ann his wife, administratrix of William Oroby; and Thomas Western, esq, executor of his father Thomas Western, esq, executor of Anne Western who was sole executor of Robert Fisher, on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Sir Stephen Evance and ___ Hales jointly or of Sir Stephen Evance separately, whose debts are of a like nature with the plaintiffs as to carry interest who shall seek redress and contribute to the suit v. Sir Cesar Child baronet heir at law and also administrator de bonis non of Sir Stephen Evance; Mary Ward, spinster; John Pruin, clerk, & Mary his wife; Samuel Blackwell; and Roger Metcalf executors of Andrew Percival; Thomas Gibson, esq, surviving assignee under a commission of bankrupt of Sir Stephen Evance and William Hales, bankrupts; John Goodere, esq, surviving assignee of the separate estate of Sir Stephen Evance; Seward Stubbale, gent, administrator of Whitfield Haytor; Sir Biby Lake baronet only son and heir and sole executor of Thomas Lake esq who was th eonly surviving acting executor of Peter Percival his uncle and Robert Bowring administrator of William Louler re. decision concerning the debts of the late Sir Stephen Evance; referred to Mr Bennett, Master in Chancery. C78/1814, no. 12 [24]
1745 11 Nov 19 Edmund Thomas Williamson, esq, eldest son and heir at law of Henry Williamson, gent, by Stapleton his wife who was one of the daughters of Thomas Henslow esq by his first wife v. Sir John Boyce knight and Dame Sarah his wife re. marriage agreement, 19/20 Mar 1693, Thomas Henslow (complt's g-father) and Elizabeth Young, and property at Exton and Corhampton [Hants]. C78/1842, no. 2 [25]
1745 14 Nov 19 John Burgis v. Jeremiah Champion and John Hippesley since deceased; Griffin Prankard; Alexander Ascott since deceased; and Thomas Stringer executor of Edward Dowell re. charities of John Whitson [merchant and politician]. C78/1853, no. 4 [26]
1745 16 Nov 19 Henry Lambton, esq v. John Hedworth, Thomas Wheldon; John Jopling, William Lamb; and Sir William Williamson baronet re. pre 1623 tithes of corn and grain, belonging to Sir John Hedworth in Urpeth, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham. C78/1847, no. 6 [27]
1745 17 Nov 19 John Rush, esq v. John Angell, esq; and John Angell the younger re. capital messuage called 'Pinkes' in Crowhurst Park and lands at Crowhurst, Lingfield etc. etc.; John Angell and John Angell his son, and £4,360 due not paid. C78/1815, no. 7 [28]
1745 19 Nov 19 George Bateman Lawley esq v. Thomas Hooper clerk & Rebecca his wife executors of Rowland Davenant re. £200 annuity purchased by complainant's mother, dame Elizabeth Lawley, for the complainant who was unprovided for by father. C78/1863, no. 3 [29]
1745 29 Nov 19 Sarah Saint John of Sevenoaks, Kent, widow v. John Streatfield and Richard Brown re. loan 9 Aug 1735, £600 by John Streatfield from Sarah Saint John, secured on lands and property in Leigh and Chiddingstone, Kent C78/1828, no. 7 [30]
1745 4 Dec 19 Edmund, duke of Buckinghamshire and Normanby an infant v. Catherine, duchess of Buckinghamshire and Normanby; Charles, earl of Orrery; George lord Willoughby de Brooke; Thomas lord Trevor; Allan lord Bathurst; Patrick Gorden esq; Charles Hertbert esq an infant by his guardian; Sophia Sheffield and Charlotte Sheffield also infants by their guardians re. orders and decrees concerning the will and codicil of the late Duke of Buckingham & Normanby. C79/231, no. [31]
1745 13 Dec 19 Benjamin Willis; La__cy Hill; and Joan Bannett, the executors and trustees of Thomas Briquett v. William Payne; Catherine Bandish; Joseph Offley; Samuel Freeman, & Theodosia his wife; Lucy Rolfe; and Robert Mangeridge re. loan 1718, £6000 by Sir Richard Palgrave deceased of Little Palgarve and Norwood Barningham [?North Barningham], Norfolk from Thomas Briquett deceased, secured on property. C78/1828, no. 7 [32]
1745 17 Dec 19 Thomas Methuen of Bradford, Wilts, esq and Zachary Shrapnell of Bradford clothier v. Robert Jeffery the elder then of Huntspill, Som, yeoman since deceased and Robert Jeffery of Withey, Som, yeoman & Hannah his wife; and Robert Jeffery the younger re. loans 22 Oct 1709, by Robert Jeffery the elder C78/1860, no. 10 [33]
1745 17 Dec 19 John Treise, esq v. Margaret Vyvian, spisnter; and William Collier, gent re. property of John Lobb at Rosenannon in par. St Wenn, Corwall, some of which had belonged to Stephen Vyvian who died intestate. C78/1820, no. 3 [34]
1745 C79/, no. []