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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1742 C78/, no. []
1742 28 Jan 15 Henry Osborne, esq v. Thomas Paine, gent; John Perry; Richard Marshall, & Sarah his wife; Richard Burnett, & Ursula his wife; and William Keylynge, esq re. loan 10 Dec 1735 £150, by Richard Marshall from Ann Self, secured on property near Michell Dean [Micheldean, Forest of Dean], Gloucs. C78/1813, no. 6 [2]
1742 7 Feb 15 Mary the wife of Anthony Proctor gentleman by William Lake v. Richard Bulstrode esq; Edward Gilborne; John Plaistowe; and said Anthony Proctor re. conveyance 7 Apr 1719, property in par. St Mary Matfelon, otherwise Whitechapel, Middx. to John Bulstrode for use in trust. C78/1852, no. 4 [3]
1742 17 Feb 15 Joseph Freame and James Bariley v. Theodore Eccleston, esq; Isabella Eccleston, widow; Hester Eccleston; Priscilla Cox, widow who afterwards intermarried with John Welch; and Richard How re. loan dated 29 Sept 1729 by John Eccleston of £2000 from Richard How, secured on vaults and warehouses etc. at St Dunstan's Hill [St Dunstan-in-the-East], London EC3 C78/1812, no. 10 [4]
1742 22 Feb 15 Thomas Wilson doctor in divinity & Mary his wife late Mary Hayward widow only child and heir of William Patten deceased v. William Hayward esq son of the comlainant Mary by William Hayward her late late husband re. Dowry of Mary on her marriage to Thomas Wilson, 22 January 1733. C78/2074, no. 16 [5]
1742 27 Feb 15 James Townsend administrator of Jonathan Townsend; Thomas Darrack; William Lutwych; and Elizabeth Harwood widow daughter of Elizabeth Collins on behalf of themsselves and other creditors and legatees of John Dunton v. Richard Nowland; Thomas Holford & Mary his wife; James Boddington & Anne his wife; Benjamin Child; and William Wyath re. 21 June 1711, will of John Dunton and property in Little Missenden, Iver and Chesham, Bucks C79/73, no. [6]
1742 1 March 15 William Leworthy v. Marshall Swaine; and John Swaine re. descent of property called Bradninch in par. Landkey [near Barnstaple], Devon, purchased by Christopher Leworthy (complt's gt-grandfather). C78/1797, no. 16 [7]
1742 4 March 15 Henry Lambton of Lambton, Durham, esq v. John Kidworth of Chester le Street, Durham, esq; William Lamb of the same place, clerk; and Sir William Williamson of Monkwearmouth, Durham, baronet re. purchase 1708 by William Lambton from John Hedworth the prescipt of hay tithe, Easter offerings, oblations, obventions and compositions at estate of Lambton Tribley [Tribley Lambton], par. Chester le Street, Durham. C78/2077, no. 10 [8]
1742 5 March 15 Thomas Eastcourt esq, a creditor by bond of Miles Martin late of Malmsbury, Wilts, gentleman deceased on behalf of himself and other creditors v. Mary Martin widow; Edmund Eastcourt Martin an infant; John Howard; Henry Smith; and James Cecil re. alleged debts of Miles Martin deceased, owed to Thomas Eastcourt. C79/190, no. [9]
1742 11 March 15 Edward Bowater esq administrator of Henry Bowater late of London linen draper v. William Wood re.alleged debts due to the estate of Henry Bowater (died 1735) from William Wood, for travels undertaken by HB. C78/2074, no. 11 [10]
1742 23 March 15 Sir John Graves v. Falcon Cook sr; and Richard Stanton re. lease & release 19 Sept 1728, property in par. St Olave, Southwark [now Tooley St, SE1]. C78/1787, no. 4 [11]
1742 30 March 16 Richard Rocke esq v. David Davies; John Davies; John Humphrey; Roger Mostyn; Thomas Owen; Sir Charles Lloyd baronet; and Thomas Gardiner re. indenture 1 May 1730, between John Davies of Diffrin Myood [township of Dyffryn in par. Meifod], Montgom. and John Humphreys & Roger Mostyn. C78/2077, no. 9 [12]
1742 27 April 15 William Jolliffe knight v. John Blaxland gentleman re. loan Nov 1733,£2200 by John Blaxland of St Andrews par. Holborn, Middx. from Sir William Jolliffe, secured on property at Luddenham, Kent. C78/2077, no. 7 [13]
1742 28 April 16 William Dyer v. William Vaughan & Mary his wife re. sale 2 Oct 1708 by Henry, Duke of Beaufort to Charles Gwyn, the manor of Pengevenny, Monm. C78/2079, no. 9 [14]
1742 1 May 15 Peter Pierson gentleman v. Henry Vernon eldest son and heir of Henry Vernon esq his father; Thomas Lutwyche esq; and James Preston esq re. loan 26? Nov 1716 £1,500, by Richard Vernon from Richard Pierson (compt's g-father) secured on messuage in Shipbrook [in par. Davenham], Ches. C78/1850, no. 5 [15]
1742 1 May 15 Alice Lloyd, spinster v. Humphrey Ellis; Henry Davies; Rowland Evans; Griffith Evans the younger; Griffith Evans the elder, & Jane his wife; John Kyffin, clerk, & Elizabeth his wife re. loan 3 Dec 1730 £400, by Rees Lloyd (compt's eldest bro.) from William Russell & Timothy Quarrell secured on property in [named] parishes in Montgomeryshire. C78/1787, no. 7 [16]
1742 5 May 15 Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Hill clerk Rector of the parish of Dunstable, Beds; and John Swindall; and William James churchwardens of said parish; and Thomas Edgar; and Jonathan Read overseer of the poor of said parish; and William Hawtayne vicar of Leighton, Beds informant v. The Mayor, Commonalty; and Citizens of this City of London; Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the Hospital of Edward VI of Christ's Brideswell and St Thomas; Marsha Dickenson; John Henry Vasmes & Elizabeth & wife; Ann Heldt spinster; and Goddard Hagen an infant re. will 1 June 1730 of Mary Lockington and bequest to church of St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street [London, EC4] for teaching poor children of the parish. C78/2077, no. [17]
1742 11 May Roger Devey v. William Seedwell; Joseph Austin re. loan 14 May 1736 £40, by William Seedwell from Roger Devey, and non-payment of interest or loan during time of bond. C79/73, no. [18]
1742 13 May 15 Sir Henry Bedingfeld baronet v. John Meriton clerk re. land of Sir Henry Bedingfeld in Oxburgh, Norfolk and, separated by a brook, three contiguous closes owned by Caius College, University of Cambridge, and the alleged unauthorised enclosure of a rood of land. C78/1891, no. 5 [19]
1742 20 May 15 Thomas Fox v. Miles Brockbank re. debt of £122 and 5 shillings owed to William Fox by Miles Brockbank of Ladyhill, Millom, Cumberland. C78/2046, no. 5 [20]
1742 25 May 15 Henry Richardson clerk, William Richardson doctor in Physick, Robert Oddie, Henry Oddie, George Oddie, Jeremiah Rawson, William Rawson, William Thornton & Martha his wife, Henry Stockdale & Mary his wife (Jeremiah and William Rawson and the two last wives being the sons and daughters of William Rawson attorney at law deceased), Mary Hollings widow and executrix of Jeremiah Hollings gent v. Sir John Lister Kaye baronet & Dame Dorothy his wife, RIchard Richardson the younger, Walter Ramsden, Judith Ramsden, John Richardson, Thomas Richardson, Margaret Richardson, Gregory Rhodes, Thomas Hudson, Samuel Hill, Elkanah Hould, Gilbert Brookobank, John Dyson, William Wilkinson, and Johnb Oddie the heir at law and legatee of Grace Ramsden spinster re. orders of the Court relating to will 31 Oct 1739, of Grace Ramsden, her personal estate and her debts. C78/2079, no. 11 [21]
1742 31 May 15 Thomas Motley esq v. Edward Bathurst esq re. 7 July 1737 loan of £5100 by Thomas Motley to Edward Bathurst, secured on property in Wilmington, Kent. C78/2074, no. 10 [22]
1742 17 June 16 George Beauclerk commonly called Lord George Beauclerk and the Right Honorable Lady Diana Beauclerk daughter of Charles, duke of St Albans, an infant of about 14 years old by the Right Honorable Sidney Beauclerk commonly called Lord Sidney Beauclerk her uncle v. Diana Dormer spinster re. will 1 Jan 1741, of Percy Kirke [Army officer 1684 - 1 Jan 1741], and sole executrix 'Miss Dormer'. C78/2074, no. 8 [23]
1742 20 June 16 Samuel Child, esq v. Thomas Blechyorden, esq, & Lydia his wife; John Cock the elder; John Cock the younger; Thomas South; Walter Pryce, esq; Henry Collett; and Rebecca Harrison, widow re. purchase of manors and lands at Rochester and Swanscombe, Kent. C78/1828, no. 2 [24]
1742 1 July 16 John Turnpenny v. Thomas Hollioak re. sale 21 Sept 1730, by John Brown to defendant, part of close [?Upper Gill field] in par. St George Hanover Square, then part of par. St Martin in the Fields, Middx. C78/2077, no. 8 [25]
1742 3 July 16 John Lester; Simon Onun; Robert Hammick; and Peter Blackletter, creditors of Thomas Prestwood, esq, on behalf of themslves and all others his creditors as well by specialty as simple contract v. William Cholwich, esq; John Fowell, esq; Charles Taylor; and William Strode, esq; Ann Prestwood, widow; Peter Baily, & Mary Ann his wife; William Moore, & Judith his wife; Catherina Prestwood; and Elizabeth Prestwood; Humphrey Jutsham, gent, & Mary his wife; Julian Prestwood, spinster; Thomas Tothile, esq; Ambrose Rhodes; and John Fortescue, gent. re. will of Thomas Prestwood dated 15 May 1724 who died 17 June 1735. C78/1832, no. 7 [26]
1742 5 July 16 Edward Brazier v. John Mareys, & Susannah his wife, late Susannah Cotton, widow; John Field, esq; John Eston; and John Terry re. Thomas Coton (now deceased) was bound 24 July 1707, to pay brother Ralph Coton £1,000 when he should attain 21 years or complete apprenticeship. C78/1805, no. 9 [27]
1742 6 July 16 James Williams Arnold (about 19 years); John Arnold (about 17); and Henrietta Arnold (about 14) infants by Francis Baxtyer v. Samuel Storke and Ann Arnold executors of Richard Arnold re. will of Richard Arnold dated 3 October 1739 and a codicil 30 Jan following. C78/1881, no. 3 [28]
1742 6 July 16 Mary Carr, widow, mother, and sole executrix of Elizabeth Carr, spinster v. John Bince, & Ann his wife; Margaret Salt; Janathan Tyers; and Bennett Meller re. will 20 Feb 1732, of Sampson Salt, brewer, deceased of par.St Mary Whitechapel, Middx. and messuages, brewhouses and lands at Saltpetre Bank and elsewhere. C78/1839, no. 6 [29]
1742 13 July 16 Thomas Bird v. Joseph Littlehales gentleman re. sale 20 Mar 1738, by Joseph Littlehales to John Duke, of piece of ground on north side of Whitechappel street in par. Whitechapel. C78/2076, no. [30]
1742 16 July 16 John Wheeler; Edward Roughan; Thomas Bray; Thomas Preston; and John Shepherd on behalf of themselves and other the creditors of Sir joseph More, baronet v. Dame Osbaston; Sophia More; Joseph Greenhill; Cleave Greenhill; Sir Joseph Edmunds More, baronet; Henry Popple, & Anne his wife; Cleave More; Sophia More; and Thomas More re. various debts of Sir Joseph Edmunds More, deceased. C78/1840, no. 3 [31]
1742 20 July 16 Nathaniel Griffin one of the sons of Benjamin Griffin late of Wokingham, Berks, mercer v. Giles Griffin; Benjamin Griffin; Richard Palmer; Robert Palmer; Mary Palmer; Elizabeth Griffin; Peter Griffin; Hester Griffin; Joseph Griffin; Griffin Ward; John Shaw, & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Ward; and Richard Butler, & Jane his wife re. will dated 19 Oct 1702 of Benjamin Griffin and considerable property in Oxon, Wilts and Berks. C78/1823, no. 6 [32]
1742 6 Nov 16 John Heather, cousin and heir at law of Elizabeth Harding v. John Pankhurst; Ann Harding, widow of Packman Harding; Joseph Kirk, esq; William May, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Harding; Mary Pankhurst, spinster; John Pankhurst the younger an infant by his guardian; and John Frencham re. will dated 20 Aug 1712 of John Packman of Woolwich, Kent C78/1809, no. 4 [33]
1741 11 Nov 16 Elizabeth Holloway; Ann Holloway; and Sarah Holloway executrices of Henry Holloway clerk and Ann James administratrix with the will annexed of Lydia James widow v. Thomas Walker and James Walker re. mortgage 2 Nov 1719; messuage and lands in Chipping Norton, Oxon. conveyed to Stephen Marshall. C79/183, no. [34]
1742 18 Nov 16 John Walker esq v. John Stevens esq and Joseph Biscoe re. loan by John Stevens, Aug 1735, £1500 from John Colbrooke and James Burn C78/2078, no. 2 [35]
1742 24 Nov 16 Anne Corrance, an infant, by Richard Webb, esq, her great uncle v. Anne Corrance, widow re. will 22 May 1742 of John Corrance, father of Anne Corrance, an infant. C78/1787, no. 8 [36]
1742 10 Dec 16 Nathaniel Hallies, eldest son and heir and also executor of Nathaniel Hallies, gent v. John Mark re. debt £3,500 of Sir John Darnell sergeant at law deceased, to complts' father; and two copyhold houses in manor of Petersham, Surrey. C78/1776, no. 3 [37]
1742 15 Dec 16 Sir Dudley Ryder, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Francis Barnard, doctor in divinity, rector of St Bartholomew the Little near the Royal Exchange, London; Peter De Visine; and William Field, churchwardens of said church v. The Right Honorable George Heatchcote, esq, Lord Mayor of the City of London and the Commonalty of the said City re. will 15 Feb 1557 [sic] of Sir George Barnes and property in Southwark bequeathed to parson and churchwardens of St Bartholomew the Little. C78/1812, no. 13 [38]
1741 C78/, no. []