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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1741 C78/, no. []
1741 12 Jan James Swann gentleman v. Richard Gibbons; Thomas Calcott; Thomas Wood ward; Charles Carne; and John Randall re. loan, Feb 1736, £340 by Richard Gibbons of St George's par. Bloomsbury, Middx from James Swann, secured on property at Kensington Gravel Pits, Middx C79/156, no. [2]
1741 19 Jan 14 Samuel Mence of Worcester, gent v. Thomas Ramell; William Kettle; Thomas Bovey; William Biddle; Alexander Buller; William Cooke; John Keech; Samuel Preedy; Thomas Yarnold; and Joshua Smith re. the execution of the 1727 Act of Parliament called 'Act for repairing and amending several roads leading to and from the Borough of Evesham...Worcs' C78/1827, no. 8 [3]
1741 19 Jan 14 Peter Bronsdon; and Abraham Wells, executors of Thomas Bronsdon v. William Jukes; George Jukes; and Joshua Winter, & Leader his wife re, will, 19 Aug 1732, of Thomas Bronsdon and property at Chislehurst and Cudham, Kent C78/1809, no. 3 [4]
1741 3 Feb 15 Christiana McNeil wife of John McNeil gentleman by George Fryer of London merchant v. James Fraser and the said John McNeil re. sale of Borden Farm, Borden near Sittingbourne by John Carney of Reading, Berks., now deceased C78/2069, no. 1 [5]
1741 5 Feb 14 Samuel Court esq & Jane his wife by her next friend v. Thomas Martyn esq re. alleged fraud on Jane Court involving investment of £150 by Thomas Martyn, in absence of her husband. C79/162, no. [6]
1741 11 Feb 14 Walter Warburton of Chester, esq & Anne his wife v. Lea Gresley of Leicestershire, esq; and Hugh Warburton of Chester, esq re. sale of messuage, farm and grounds 18/19 Oct 1734, at Norton Canes (or Norton by Cannock) by Ann Warburton, dau. of John Alleyne. C78/1781, no. 3 [7]
1741 12 Feb 14 Right Honorable William Lorise Abergaveny v. Edmung Thomas re. lordship of the manor of Ewyas Gary [?Ewyas Harold], Herefordshire C78/1830, no. 7 [8]
1741 17 Feb 14 Richard Weedon v. John Foll the elder; John Foll the younger; Isaac Murray, & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Parker; and John Parker re. will, Sept 1717, of Samuel Parker and considerable estate worth £2000+ C78/1785, no. 12 [9]
1741 18 Feb 14 Katherine Walker of Littleham, Devon, widow relict and administratrix of Endymion Walker her late husband v. Anne Gilbert; William Rooper; Pomeroy Gilbert; and William Walker gentlemen re.sale £400 21/21 April 1713 by John Gilbert of Compton to William Green, shipwright of Topsham, Devon of messuages and lands in Compton and par. Marldon, Devon. C78/2068, no. 3 [10]
1741 19 Feb 14 Sir John Barnardiston baronet v. Thomas Lingood re. loan dated May 1730, £300 by Sir John Barnardiston from Thomas Lingood C78/2068, no. 9 [11]
1741 28 Feb 14 John Frank gentleman son, heir, and executor of Richard Frank clerke deceased v. Thomas Cary, John Bamber, Joseph Barnett and John Wray re. property of Sir Edward Ayscough at Caistor, Grasby, Owmby, Clixby, and Searsby, Lincs C78/2079, no. 5 [12]
1741 7 March 14 Jane Vernon, widow v. Elizabeth Taylor re. loan dated April 1721, £250 from Thomas Vernon by Elizabeth Taylor, secured on property in Isleworth, Middx. C78/1797, no. 9 [13]
1741 12 March 14 William Lloyd, & Mary his wife; and Ann Jobson, spinster v. John Spillett; Grace Packer; Frances House; Stamp Brookebank; Mary Warner; Richard Rawlins, & his wife; and the Attorney General re. property of late John Stamp of London, merchant who died childless on 2 Jan 1721 C78/1781, no. 1 [14]
1741 18 March 14 Elizabeth Smith widow ; Charles Smith; Ann Smith; and Mary Smith infants by the said Elizabeth Smith their mother v. John Westley; Rebecca Hollister; Joseph Bagnold; and William Wealland re. property of late Nicholas Smith of Walton upon Thames, Surrey in Salcombe Burnett and Chudleigh, Devon. C78/2068, no. 5 [15]
1741 15 April 14 Sir William Codrington, baronet; Lucy Webb, spinster; John Harford; Joseph Barker; Joseph Woodward; John Harvard; George Browne; James Woodwrd; Thomas Ford; Robert Powell; Angell Shapland; William Oland; Elizabeth Waterford, widow; John Waterford; Harris Emerson; Michael Huff; William Humphrey; Sanuel Watts; and John Nicholls v. William England; and John England re. customary usage of three un-inclosed fields; Northfield, Southfield and Westfield in par. of Marshfield, Gloucs C78/1813, no. 2 [16]
1741 16 April Charles Edward Bruce an infant about the age of 15 years by Paul Humfrey of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, gentleman v. Alexander Lancaster and Thomas Devey re. will dated 27 April 1730, of John Cotsworth, clockmaker of london C78/2068, no. 6 [17]
1741 13 May Elizabeth Carter one of the daughters of Robert Carter late citizen and freeman of London an infant v. Rebecca Carter; Martha Raine; and Thomas Heginbotham & Elizabeth his wife re. will 3 July 1731, of Robert Carter of par. of All Hallows the Less on Thames [close to Thames St, City of London] C78/2068, no. 8 [18]
1741 15 May 14 Sir Thomas Powell clerk ; Ann Price administratrix of Thomas Price; Anthony Morgan clerk; David Lloyd; Oliver Watkin; and Rees John creditors of John Jones esq; and Roger Davies gentleman on behalf of themselve and other creditors of John Jones and Roger Davies v. Margret Davies; Ann Jones widow; Hector Jones; Thomas Pardo doctor of divinity; John Herbert; Paul Pardo; Griffith Hughes gentleman; Thomas Jones; Margrett Jones; William Price & Margrett his wife; and Mary Lloyd widow re. debt £100 by bond 19 June 1730 of John Jones to Thomas Powell. C78/2076, no. 2 [19]
1741 15 May 14 Dudley Ryder esq Attorney General at the relation of Henry Bond clerk v. Giles Gardiner, esq; William Capell, gentleman; John Stephens; John Cox; Henry Window; Thomas Stephens, esqs; Richard Plummer, gentleman; Thomas Arndell; Thomas Bond; and Brice Seed re. distinct parochial rights of Stroud (a chapel of ease of Bisley), and of Bisley, Gloucs;

and tithes paid to impropriators and vicars of Bisley.

C78/1961, no. 5 [20]
1741 29 May 14 George Berrisford, & Eleanor his wife v. Thomas Millward; and Thomas Berrisford re.a marriage portion of £300 and estate of Thomas Berrisford consequent on marriage of George Berrisford to Eleanor Millward, the daughter of Thomas Millward. C78/1838, no. 3 [21]
1741 1 June 14 Joseph Combe an infant by Robert Sessions, gent v. Bennett Combe, esq, & Katherine his wife; Richard Brodropp, esq, & Jane his wife; William Combe, an infant; Peter Templeman; William Templeman; and Benjamin Derbie re. marriage agreement 22 Mar 1713/4, Bryan Combe and Ann Cole, Wraxall, Dorset; £3,000. C78/1824, no. 4 [22]
1741 2 June 14 William Stamworth alias Stannaway the younger; and John Stanworth alias Stannaway an infant by William Stanworth alias Stannaway the elder v. Zacheus Heydon;Jane Heydon; and Ralph Rose re. will 4 August 1725, of Sir John Fryer and bequests to the Stamforth family C78/1777, no. 3 [23]
1741 4 June 14 William Dawson, gent, executor of William Walker; and Anne Ludlam, spinster legatee of John Lockwood v. Abraham Ludlam, gent; and John Ludlam re. will of John Lockwood, 29 June 1728, and properties in Kirkburton, Thurstone, Quarmby, Saddleworth and elsewhere in Yorks C78/1793, no. 7 [24]
1741 8 June 14 Prince Goulding, & Anne his wife v. Mary Somers, widow; and Anne Somers, widow; James Acourt, esq; and John Lane, esq re. loan 10 Aug 1730 £100 by Anne Goulding from Ann Askey; parcel of ground in St Mary le Bow [Marylebone], Middx being part of a field called Broadfield or Gravell Pitts. C78/1815, no. 4 [25]
1741 11 June 15 Mary Mathews; William Jubb; Thomas Warman; Richard Tombs; Thomas Warner; John Gibbs; Joseph Clement; and John Solomon, creditors by bond of Charles Collins esq on behalf of themselves and the rest of his creditors v. Simon White; Ferdinand Springall, esq; and William Bowles executors of said Charles Collins; Ferdinando Collins, Lorenzo Collins an infant by said Simon White his guardian; Christopher Bowerbank, & Sarah his wife; William Hawkins, esq; Richard Sellwood; Adam Blandy; James Leaver; and William Leaver executors of John BVlandy; Timothy Gibbard; John Curtis, & Mary his wife re. debts of Charles Collins to Mary Mathews and many others; and his very considerable personal estate including messuages and lands etc. in East Lockinge, Betterton and Charlton [in Wantage], Berks.[now Oxon]. C78/1837, no. 8 [26]
1741 16 June 15 Elizabeth Langley, widow; and Ann Rotheram, widow v. Elizabeth Brown, spinster re.loans and interest totaling £1,050, accrued by Richard Benthall from Elizabeth Brown; manor of Benthall (sic) and property in Benthall, Posenhall, Wyke, Atterley and Broseley, Salop. C78/1835, no. 2 [27]
1741 20 June 15 Attorney General at the relation of Jane Bonneau; Mary Oliver; Mary Demarais; Mary Michell; Nicholas Inaquot; and Elizabeth Sevrice, poor Franch Protestants on on their own behalf and a great number of other poor French Protestants residing about the City of London and Westminster v. Amand L'Allouche Dupperon, esq, & Susanna his wife; and the Governor and Directors of the Hospital for Poor French Protestants Residing in Great Britain re. will 29 Aug 1726 of Susannah de Berringhen, late duchess dowager De La Force, and legacies for relief of poor French refugees. C78/1811, no. 8 [28]
1741 24 June 15 Edward Bulstrode esq administrator of Edward Bulstrode his late father and also administrator de bonis non with the will annexed of George Gardner esq of the goods not administered by Edward Bulstrode and Ann Gardner his executors both deceased and also administrator with the will annexed of the said Ann Gardner v. Roger Farr; Samuel Ryland & Sarah his wife; Robert Cookes; and Joseph Ryland re. loan 30 March 1715 £75, by Roger Farr, and lands in Great Hampton, Worcester. C79/54, no. [29]
1741 24 June 15 Reverend John Lynch [1697-1760], doctor in divinity and dean of the Cathedral and Metropolitan church of Christ, Canterbury v. Alexander Deveson and Samuel Norris re. sale 5 Aug 1721 by John Deveson of Staple, Kent to Sarah Gilbert of Sandwich, Kent a cottage, orchard and garden in Staple. C78/1840, no. 1 [30]
1741 30 June 15 Dudley Rider, esq, Attorney General at the relation of James Hustler executor of Cornelius Rickaby, clerk; John Topham, clerk; Peter Robinson v. Elizabeth Ward, widow; Pennock Ward, gent; William Ward, clerk; William Cowper; John Hutchinson; Thomas Micklethwaite; Mary Wake, widow; Robert Medd; Edward Preston; John Elstob; Mary Elstob; William Carliell; and Richard Hodgson re. indenture 27 Sept [?]1635 monies from property in Broughton Yorks. for maintenance of schoolmaster to instruct children in Burlington [now Bridlington], Yorks. C78/1804, no. 12 [31]
1741 3 July 15 John Cheshyre an infant by Thomas Cheshyre of Beaton's Well, Kent, esq his father v. Dame Anne Cheshyre widow; Robert Cheshyre; William Bunbury; Randle Wilbraham; Thomas Cheshyre; James Cheshyre; and Robert Cheshyre sons of John Cheshyre of Warrington; John Cheshyre; Robert Cheshyre; and William Cheshyre sons of William Cheshyre late of Liverpool re. will 14 Feb 1737 of Sir John Cheshyre of Isleworth and property in Isleworth, Middx, and Runcorn, Cheshire and mortgages, bonds, notes, securities, South Seas Annuities, plate, jewels, books etc. C78/2058, no. 4 [32]
1741 4 July 15 Antony Tripe of Exeter goldsmith the sole executor and residuary legatee of Elizabeth Cross the widow and relict of Edward Cross gentleman who died intestate in the lifetime of said Elizabeth his wife who was one of the daughters of William Trevill esq deceased v. Trevill Cross esq & Elizabeth Cross his wife; Thomas Collyns; David Pring; and John Clarke re. will 16 April 1680 of William Trevill, his son and three daus; manor and barton of Trencreck [?Trenethick] in par. Menheniot, Cornwall. C78/2076, no. [33]
1741 4 July 15 Thomas Meld of Dudmaston, Salop, esq v. Ann Beech, widow; and Jane Beech, her daughter an infant by said Ann Beech her mother and guardian re. will 14 Nov 1730, of John Booth of Chelmarsh and property in Brompton and Chelmarsh, Salop C78/1835, no. 3 [34]
1741 6 July 15 Dudley Ryder, esq, Attorney General, at the relation of the Reverend Leonard Hodgkiss, head master of the Free School of Shrewsbury, Salop; The Reverend Samuel Low, head school master of the Free School of Newport, Salop; The Reverend Hugh Stockhouse, head school master of Bridgnorth, Salop; The Reverend Edward Fosbrooke, school master of the Free School of Idsall alias Shiffnall, Salop; The Reverend John Appleton, school master of the Free School of Wem, Salop; and the Reverend Edward Tipton, clerk, school master of the Free School of Donnington, Salop; and The Reverend Seth Shepherd, curate of the parish church of Bobbington, Staffs v. William Hayward, esq, serjeant at law; Margaret Meeson, widow; William Cooke, & Damaris his wife; Samuel Alcock, & Mary his wife; and Josiah Miles, & Sarah his wife re. will 3 Feb 1689 of Edward Carsewell of Blakelands in par. Bobbington, Staffs.; messuages and farms called Walkers Low and Walkham Wood in par. Stottesdon, Salop and messuage called Sydnall Farm in par. Priors Ditton [Ditton Priors], Salop., etc. C78/1775, no. 11 [35]
1741 16 July 15 Sir Thomas Prendergast, baronet, son of Sir Thomas Prendergast, baronet v. John, lord Cateret; Charles, lord Cadogan; Henry Petty commonly called earl of Shelberne, Ireland; Margareta Cecilia, countess dowager of Cadogan re. executorship of William, Earl of Cadogan [c.1671- 1726] after death of Sir Thomas Prendergast [c.1660-1709]. C78/1840, no. 2 [36]
1741 17 July 15 Dudley Ryder, esq, Attorney General at the relation of William Ward, clerk, Master of the Free School of Thornton, Yorks v. Thomas Robinson; Thomas Worsley;John Hill; Hugh Cholmley; William Osbaldeston; and James Bustley, esq; and Marmaduke Harrison re. lands in par. St. Botolph's Without Aldgate & St. Botolph's Bishopsgate for the use of Lord Chomley [Hugh, 1st Earl of Cholmondeley]. C78/1804, no. 14 [37]
1741 18 July 15 Thomas Gibson esq; and Henry Jacomb, gent his partner; Edward Gibson, merchant; and Edward Kinsey Atkins merchant his trustee; Edward, bishop of Durham; and Ann Maynard, spinster v. Francis Haskins Eyles Stiles, esq; Sir John Eyles baronet; William Bumstead esq, & Mary his wife; John Worgan the son of Benjamin Worgan, clerk; John Worgan of London; giles Stamp; Robert Hinde; Peter Hinde the elder; Peter Hinde the younger; Elizabeth Spence; John Trevor; Adam Richardson; Robert Essington; John Edwin; William Hodgkin; John Eyles; and James Mountague re. indenture lease and release 20/21 Mar 1729, and the manor of Bremhill [near Chippenham], Wilts with the appurtenances etc. C78/1835, no. 1 [38]
1741 24 July 15 Peter Dolme esq v. Charles Fleetwood esq; Henry Janson esq; and Littleton Poyntz Meynell esq re. sale 14/15 Jan 1729, by Frances Fleetwood (sister to Charles Gerard, later [6th] Baron [of Gerards Bromley, Staffs]) of manor of Audley, Staffs and castle of Hely [?Heighley] to John Price. C78/2068, no. 4 [39]
1741 13 Oct 15 Hester Probert widow v. Thomas Clifford & Rachael his wife, Thomas Morgan, Eleanor Morgan, William Rogers & Mary his wife; Francis Jenkins, Thomas Clifford; Christopher Bond, and Sarah Probert otherwise Rogers re. orders concerning estate of Henry Probert. C78/2079, no. 3 [40]
1741 14 Oct 15 Tamberlain Gwillim v. Rogers Holland esq; Samuel Birch; William Bach; and Mary Wellington re. will, 19 May 1713, of Humphry Mayo of Hope under Dinmore [s. of Leominster] and property including manors, messuages, tenements, lands, tythes etc. in Herefs and Worcs. C78/2076, no. 1 [41]
1741 23 Oct 15 Paul Hanet v. Ann Sommers; Mary Sommers; John Lane; and James Accourt re. sale 20 Jan 1725, of parcel of ground (part of field called Broadfield or Gravell Pitts) in St Mary le Bow [Marylebone], Middx by earl and countess of Oxford to John Sommers [vide, C78/1815, no. 4]. C78/1779, no. 15 [42]
1741 Oct 29 15 John Wase gentleman v. Edward Purcell & Elizabeth his wife; Michael Stephens; Edward Ward; Thomas Ward; Thomas Purcell; Charlott Purcell; Mary Purcell spinster; and Mary Langley widow re. 1694 loan of £500 by Samuel Langley from Philip Wingfield, clerk, secured on property in Broseley, Salop. C78/2078, no. 10 [43]
1741 6 Nov 15 Anne Swymmer spinster v. William Swymmer re. will dated 23 April 1700 (sic), of John Swymmer, brother of complainant C78/1854, no. 7 [44]
1741 6 Nov 15 Thomas Strode, esq, & Hester his wife, late wife of Richard Brodrepp, esq and administratrix of George Brodrepp esq her late son by the said Richard Brodrepp; George Strode, esq, & Catherine his wife; Elizabeth Hunt, widow and relict of John Hunt, esq; Francis Newman, esq; the said George Strode; Elizabeth Hunt; and Francis Newman being executors of said John Hunt v. Henry Seymer, esq; Thomas Bennett, esq, & Etheldred his wife; and John Catline, gent re. grant 9 June 1718 by William [Wake], Archb. of Canterbury in favour of his daus. Hester Strode +2 others from profits of Office of Registers of Prerogative Court of Canterbury. C78/1812, no. 6 [45]
1741 9 Nov 15 John Huggins esq v. Mary Alexander widow; Thomas Alexander; Thomas Brown esq; Mary Alexander the younger; George Alexander; James Francis & Charlotte his wife; Catherine James; and Francis Alexander; Charles Alexander; Lewis Augustus Alexander an infant; and Samuel Child esq re. £30000 will dated 20 April 1735 of James Alexander C78/1848, no. 1 [46]
1741 9 Nov 15 John Huggins, esq v. Mary Alexander, widow; Thomas Alexander; Thomas Brown, esq; Mary Alexander the younger; James Francis, & Charlotte his wife; Catherine Alexander; James Alexander; Francis Alexander; Charles Alexander; Lewis Augustus Alexander an infant heir at law of James Alexander; and Samuel Child heir at law and executor of Sir Francis Child re. £30000 will dated 20 April 1735 of James Alexander C78/1827, no. 10 [47]
1741 10 Nov 15 Joseph Wilson and John Wilson an infant by said Joseph Wilson his father v. Edward Busby since deceased & Isabella his wife re. property of Margaret Grey in North Shields, Northum. & Pandon, Newcastle upon Tyne, and her marriage to William Jennison, and their indenture of 3 Feb 1719 with Edward Busby. C78/2078, no. 9 [48]
1741 10 Nov 15 Daniel de Flores v. Isaac Lusitano de Pinna, & Mary his wife; Francis Salvador the younger; and Jacob Mendes de Costa re. assets including bank stock, East India stock, South Seas stock and South Seas Annuity stock of Manuel Mendes Montforte, doctor of physick, of Lisbon, who died intestate, May 1726 and the difficulties of his widow on administering his affairs in England. C78/1836, no. 2 [49]
1741 12 Nov 15 Thomas Haworth v. John Walker; William Walker; John Lund; Sarah Lund; Burles Lund; and John Holmes re. sale of timber and wood on credit by Thomas Haworth to Thomas Lund, now deceased C78/1804, no. 17 [50]
1741 14 Nov 15 John Cuthberston & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Edward Widdrington v. said Edward Widdington; Thomas Potto & Mary his wife; John Blacket esq; and Margaret Widdrington widow; Esther Allgood widow; and Esther Allgood and Mary Allgood infants by said Esther Allgood widow their mother and guardian v. Patrick Dawson and Isabella Wilson re. marriage agreement 1701, Edward Widdrington and property (inc. collieries) in Ritton, otherwise East Ritton, Birkhead, and Colt Park [par. Hartburn], Northum. C78/2050, no. [51]
1741 17 Nov 15 Thomas Lloyd, natural son of Thomas Lloyd late of Heightley, Salop, esq, an infant by William Peers v. Anne Griffith; and Mary Newton; AND v. Sir Edward Leighton baronet; and Sir Robert Corbett baronet re. will of Thomas Lloyd of Heightley [?Highley], Salop and properties in Anglesey and Caernarvonshire. C78/1813, no. 7 [52]
1741 26 Nov 15 Peter Pierson of Hampstead, Middx, only child and administrator de bonis non of Edward Pierson late of London, goldsmith by Elizabeth Pierson late widow and relict of said Edward Pierson since also deceased; Anthony Wright of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, goldsmith, administreator de bonis non of Richard Wright his late father by Martha Wright late widow and relict of said Richard Wright since also deceased and also executor of Martha Wright; and Robert Westby; and John Jamicy, both of St George the Martyr, Middx, gents, executors of Ralph Kemp of the same parish, drugist v. George Henry, earl of Litchfield; Dame Frances Giffard; Mary Arundel; John Crosse; Richard Sawle; Thomas Seward; and Henry Ordway re. debts of Richard Arundell of Lanherne, Cornwall and the advowsons, donations & rights of parsonage to pars. of Columb Major, St Mawgan in Pydar, Whitstone, Phillack, Cardinham, Corn. C78/1816, no. 6 [53]
1741 2 Dec 15 Francis Powell of Colchester, Essex, cleric v. William Knowles, doctor of laws; Gilbert Bouchery, clerk; and Gilbert Knowles, an infant re. a £4000 wager of 7 May 1732 that Gilbert Knowles was not the heir, co-heir or one of the co-heirs of sir Thomas Colby of Kensington, deceased C78/1839, no. 7 [54]
1741 9 Dec 15 John Barton, clerk; Sarah Pigott, widow; Thomas Darell Short; and Catherine Short, infants by said John Barton and Sarah Pigott v. Darell Shorte, gent; and Samuel Shorte, gent, his eldest son and heir apparent, & Catherine his wife heretofore Catherine Gosford, spinster, one of the executors and devisees of Catherine Titus of Bushey, Herts, since deceased; Charles Selby Amherst, esq; and Edward Bathurst, esq re. marriage agreement 15 Apr 1734, Samuel Short and Catherine Gosford; messuages & lands in par. Wadhurst, Suss. C78/1804, no. 7 [55]
1741 10 Dec 15 Mary Walter of Bristol widow, relict, and sole executrix of Henry Walter of Bristol esq who was the surviving executor of John Edwards of Bristol, gentleman; John Edwards of St Anns, Westminster, gentleman; James William of Cardiff, Glam, esq & Jane his wife; and Ann Edwards of the parish of St Anns, Westminster, spinster; the said John Edwards; Jane Williams and Jane Edwards being the children of said John Edwards deceased by the said Jane Edwards widow his then wife v. George Scudamore of Whistocks of Wellow, Som, gentleman re. will of Alice Edwards dated 12 Oct 1713 C78/2074, no. 9 [56]
1741 10 Dec 15 Judith Clive and Sarah Clive spinsters executrices of George Clive esq v. Elizabeth Smith; Phineas Smith; Frederick Smith; Robert Clive esq; Edward Lewis; and James Worthington re. loan 15/16 April 1730 £600, by Elizabeth Smith from Thomas Clondon, allegedly secured on premises of insufficient value. C78/2068, no. 2 [57]
1741 12 Dec 15 George Richards, esq, administrator of George Richards, esq, his late father v. Chilcott Symes, gent re. loan dated 1706, £700 by Thomas Symes now deceased from James Richards, security Gorwell Farm at Litton Cheney, Dorset. C78/1825, no. 1 [58]
1741 C78/, no. []