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1740 13 C78/, no. []
1740 11 Jan 13 Walter Tyler and John Price v. Roger Lewis, & Martha his wife; John Lewis; Sarah Lewis; Elizabeth Lewis; Joseph Bealing, & Jane his wife; John Bealing; Thomas Bealing; and Joseph Bealing the younger; Joyce Gabriel, widow; Sarah Gabriel; and Elizabeth Collet re. will of Thomas Banks, 27 Feb 1733, and property in pars, of Weston [in Bath], Easton and Katherine [St Catherine], Somerset C78/1814, no. 4 [2]
1740 11 Jan 13 Thomas Bates, esq v. Robert Warner; Richard Porter; and John Blake re.loan by Robert Warner Oct 1723 , £50 from Peter Boyes, security lands in Alton Westbrook in Alton par., county of Southhampton [Hampshire]. C78/1802, no. 8 [3]
1740 19 Jan 13 William Pulteney esq and Henry Watson v. Ossory Medlicott; John Pepper Medlicott; Bernard Wilson; and Penelope York re. demise 21 Dec 1715, of part of Stone Bridge Field on north side of road from Piccadilly to Hyde Park, in pursuance of an Act of Parliament [9 Anne 27] to discharge a debt to the Crown. C78/2065, no. 5 [4]
1740 19 Jan 13 Arthur Harris and Thomas Harris, executors of Edward Harris v. James Allen and John Weeks re. loan £300, 29 Sept 1716, by James Allen from Arthur Harris, security messuage with barns, stables etc. and 80 acres land in Marden, Kent. C78/1765, no. 9 [5]
1740 23 Jan 13 Esther Speere, spinster v. John Mellersh of Bramley, Surrey, malster re. loan, 1734 by John Mellersh of £500 from Adam Churcher, security a malthouse and property called 'Biddles' or 'Bodles' in Bramley, Surrey. C78/1837, no. 6 [6]
1740 31 Jan 13 George Cawdron gent & Elizabeth his wife, Edward Bell & Bridget his wife; Faith Wright spinster; John Hallam gent & Jane his wife, John Wright and Noble Thomas Wright infants by Mary Wright their mother, Anthony Taylor gent, Richard Taylor infant by the Reverend James Rustat clerk his next friend, Ann Taylor spinster an infant by the said Anthony Taylor her next friend, and Mary Hodgson spinster creditors and legatees of Jacob Connington deceased on behalf of themselves and other unsatisfied creditors and of the unsatisfied legatees who contribute to the suit v. John Linton clerk, William Wilby, Skinner Bayly, Jacob Connington, and Henry Connington infants re. will 27 Nov 1720, of William Taylor and bequest to equally divide surplus of estate between his g-children. C78/2079, no. 7 [7]
1740 6 Feb 13 Dudley Ryder esq Attorney General at the relation of Samuel Curson v. Castle Thorpe re. will 15 Dec 1728, of Mary Thorpe and a bequest concerning a gravestone, made by virtue of her marriage settlement on her marriage to Castle Thorpe. C78/2074, no. 15 [8]
1740 12 Feb 13 John Grove; and John Powell on behalf of themselves and for other creditors of William Foley, esq; and Elizabeth Foley an infant, by John Whorwood v. Anna Maria Foley, widow; William Foley; John Cooke; Walter Noel, & Elizabeth his wife; Charles Howard, & Penelope his wife; Frances Foley; Mary Foley; and Edward Foley re. marriage agreement 5 Sept 1705, Paul Foley and Elizabeth Turton, £6,000 and property in the county of Stafford. C78/1775, no. 8 [9]
1740 3 March 13 Thomas Rede esq v. Anne, countess of dowager of Coventry; and William, earl of Coventry re. will of Giles Rede dated 22 April 1611 (sic) and meadow grounds and other property in manor of Witton, Worcs. C78/1854, no. 10 [10]
1739 4 March 13 William Wilson one of the nephews and devisees and also one of the residuary legatees and devisees of Henry Raine, the said William Wilson's late uncle, William Wilson then being about 13 years, by the Reverend John Lloyd, clerk v. William Simpson; Richard Haddock, esq; William Petre; John Petre; Ann Rogers, widow; Dorothy Petre, spinster; Humphrey Parsons, esq; John King; William Duffin; John Rayne; and Elizabeth Rayne, spinster re. will 17 Oct 1736 of Henry Rayne [Henry Raine], no wife or issue, brewer of par. Saint George [St George’s in the East, Wapping], Middx; bequests to relatives and charitable foundations. C78/1789, no. 13 [11]
1740 10 March 13 Frances Howard of Carleton, Yorks, widow relict executrix and devisee of Charles Francis Howard esq her husband v. Elizabeth Hall otherwise Howard; WIlliam Hall otherwise Howard; Sir Warren Crosby baronet & Dame Dorothy his wife; Robert Bullman gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; and James Allgood Complts jointure. Manor of Ridsdale, advowson of the rectory of Elsdon and capital messuage called Overacres, Northumberland C78/2051, no. 4 [12]
1740 13 March 13 Peter Gaskell v. Hannah Ashenhurst, widow; and James Ashenhurst her son, an infant, by said Hannah his mother and guardian re. Revell Ashenhurst of Beard [in Glossop par.], Derbs purchase of a messuage called Bolehouse. C78/1793, no. 5 [13]
1740 Easter term (bill) 13 John Hippisley Coxe esq, & Mary his wife late Mary Northleigh v. Margaret Northleigh the only sister of the plaintiff Mary by John Pollexfen her guardian deceased; Dame Frances Chudleigh, deceased; the said John Pollexfen; Sir John Oglander baronet; Thomas Prowse, esq; William Spicer, esq, trustees for said Mary, Margaret Coxe, and Richard Hippisley Coxe infants by John Topswell, clerk, their guardian re. indenture 1/2 Oct 1706 conveyance by Sir William Davie of Creedy, Devon to John Pollexfen (the father) et al: divers, manors bartons, lands, tenements in Devon. C78/1803, no. 6 [14]
1740 2 April 13 Nicholas Brown of Bolton, Northumberland; and Mark Aynsley of Gallow Hill esq; Sarah Ogle of Eastwich both in the same county widow; and Abraham Dixon of Newcastle upon Tyne esq v. Henry Ogle esq; Sir Henry Liddell baronet; James Hargrave esq; and William Henry Ogle; John Ogle; and Benjamin Ogle infants; Ralph Ogle; and John Hay Trusts declared in the will of John Ogle decd. Estate in Eglingham, West Ditchburn, Ingram, Green Side Hill, Greeves Ash, Longframlington, South Middleton and Wapperton, Northumberland C78/2050, no. 1 [15]
1740 6 April 13 Sir William Ashburnham baronet; The Reverend John Frewen clerk; and Thomas Frewen gentleman executors and devisees of Robert Bradshaw clerk late of Guestling, Sussex v. Elisha Kirkall & Debora his wife; James Dewhurst & Alice his wife; Bridges Sale; George Bradshaw; Margaret Bradshaw; the Attorney General; The Corporation of the Governors of Queen Anns Bounty for Augmentation of Small Livings; and the Corporation of the Governors of the Charity for Relief of Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen re. will 20 Nov 1734, Rev Robert Bradshaw of Guestling, Sussex; bequests to relatives and charitable bequests inc. foundation of a school for 20 poor children of the parish, and £15 per annum for the master's salary; and £15 per annum to an apothecary, to attend the poor of the three parishes of Guestling, Pett and Fairlight. C78/2066, no. 4 [16]
1740 15 April 13 Sir John Thompson knight v. Humphrey Thayer, esq; and Daniel Waite assignees of the estate etc., of John Elliston by virtue of a commission of bankruptcy AND also v. said John Elliston re. loan 1725 of £1000 by John Elliston from Sir John Thompson C78/1837, no. 2 [17]
1740 19 March 13 Horatio Walpole, esq v. Hugh Naish, esq; Lucy Newark; William Peer Williams, esq; Ambrose Naish; Thomas Naish; Urania Goodwyn, spinster; Charles Spelman otherwise Gallop, esq; Dame Elizabeth Spelman, widow; Robert Bence, gent; Edward Spelman otherwise Gallop, esq; and Robert Britiffe, esq re. several loans by Charles and Edward Spelman from Hugh Naish, secured on manors and other property in Norfolk and Suffolk. C78/1823, no. 1 [18]
1740 15 April 13 Elizabeth Stroud widow and Edward Hatherel, executrix and executor and also the widow and son in law of Thomas Stroud v. John Stroud and Robert Stroud, executors of Robert Stroud the elder re. will 1 Jan 1723, of Robert Stroud the elder (d.1734) and bequest to his son Thomas Stroud of £50 to be paid two years after decease. C78/1823, no. 2 [19]
1740 26 April 13 Henry Morley; Joseph Kidd; Jonathan Stagg; Joseph Walton; Samuel Dawson; and Joseph Dawson on behalf of themselves and other tenants and possessors of the several messuages, tenements and hereditaments in Glassonby, Cumberland v. John Scott; Robert Cook; John Hutton; Joseph Lowthian; John Harrison; Joshua Browne; Richard Bowman; and Sir Phillip Musgrave baronet re. manor of Glassonby & Kirkoswald [Cumbria]; indenture 8 May 1611/12 & purchase of Glassonby Moor. C78/2048, no. 4 [20]
1740 28 April 13 Dina Dufour spinster; Peter Henry & Margaret Guichery his wife; Paul Dupin; and James Dupin infants by Paul Awberry their guardian; and Charles Francis Dovalle & Martha his wife v. Thomas Eaton; Amand L'Allouche Duperron; Caesar Le Maitre; and James Dupin re. will 21 Sept 1739, Paul Dufour and annuities to relatives, and rest of estate to cousin James Dupin. C78/1850, no. 2 [21]
1740 22 May 13 John Grant of Bassingham, Lincs, gentleman and Joseph Freemery of Normanton upon Trent, Notts, gentleman on behalf of themselves and other creditors of John Burslem late of Lincoln, gentleman v. John Calcraft, gentleman & his wife; William Coddington; John Calcraft the son; and Christian Calcraft spinster infants re. loan June 1734 £100, by John Grant from Thomas Howson of the Close of Lincoln now deceased, arranged by Attorney John Burslem. C78/1956, no. 4 [22]
1740 23 May 13 John Charsley, & Alice his wife; Thomas Woodwrd, & Sarah his wife; Mary Birch; Ann Birch; Nathaniel Birch; and William Birch, younger children of John Birch the elder deceased by said John Charsley their guardian; and Alice Hawes widow, a creditor of said John Birch on behalf of herself and other creditors of said John Birch v. William Grover; John Harding; and John Birch re. will 27 Oct 1732, of John Birch and payment of debts. C78/1778, no. 10 [23]
1740 13 June Thomas Watson executor of Susanna Crichton v. Benjamin Collyer esq re. loan 11/12 May 1726 £400, by Benjamin Collyer from James Colebrook secured on a piece of ground, part of Well Close, Stepney alias Stebonheath, Middx. C79/183, no. [24]
1740 19 June 14 Nathaniel Lister v. Elizabeth Huckle widow and Giles Hudson re. Elizabeth Huckle allegedly used a messuage in St Mary le Bowe [Maylebone] as security for loan, although it had belonged to her estranged late husband. C78/2058, no. 5 [25]
1740 20 June 14 Sarah, duchess dowager of Marlborough; Francis, earl of Godolphin; William, lord Sundon, the only surviving acting executors and trustees named for John, late duke of Marlborough v. Charles, duke of Marlborough; the Honorable John Spencer, esq; and John Spencer, son of the said John Spencer; John, duke of Montagu; and Mary, duchess of Montagu his wife; Thomas Hollis, duke of Newcastle; and Marriot, duchess of Newcastle his wife; Lady Mary Godolphin; Scroope, duke of Bridgewater; and William Guidot, esq Concerning the descent of the property of the Dukes of Marlborough at Woodstock and Blenheim, Oxon C78/1813, no. 1 [26]
1740 21 June Sir Roger Burgoyne of Sutton, Beds, baronet v. Thomas Hatton esq; Smion Mitchel esq; and John Tracey esq & Anne his wife re. will, 14 Oct 1673, of Sir Thomas Wendy of Haslingfield, Cambs C78/2068, no. 10 [27]
1740 21 June 14 Henry Cunliffe, brother and heir of Nicholas Cunliffe v. Susan Kay, widow; Betty Kay; and Mary Kay, infants; Robert Nuttall; Thomas Nuttall; and John Hopkinson re. loan 12 June 1723 £100, by Nicholas Cunliffe from Roger Kay, clerk [d.1731, rector of Fittleton, Wilts] secured on messuages and lands in manor of Accrington, Lancs. C78/1765, no. 13 [28]
1740 23 June 14 Sir Charles Farnaby baronet; Thomas Farnaby esq; John Sawbridge esq; The Reverend Thomas Curteis clerk; Samuel Curteis gentleman; Jeremiah Curteis gentleman; Edward Curteis gentleman; and Robert Slace gentleman on behalf of themselves and other owners and proprietors of certain marsh lands called Outlands containing about 1,119 acres in Sussex

v. Sir Robert Guldeford baronet; Thomas Dallyson; James Blackmore; and John Collier esq; Mary Austen widow; Ann Blackmore widow; Sarah Hope spinster; Francis Joyfull & Martha his wife; Odiarne Hooper clerk; Robert Strealfield; Denny Marten; Henry Brockman; James Dipporn; Walter Waleis; Mark Skinner; Christopher Dive the younger; and John Elphick gentlemen

re. expenses incurred by Commissioners of Sewers for the East Guldeford Level defending the level from the sea. C78/2066, no. 5 [29]
1740 2 July 14 Henry Morison esq v. Christopher Schele re. loan May 1736 £1,500 by Christopher Schele from Henry Morison secured on a messuage in Ealing, Middx, which was alleged to be clear of all encumbrances. C79/80, no. [30]
1740 2 July 14 Thomas Weld, esq v. Thomas Acton, esq, nephew and heir of Thomas Acton, esq; Thomas Eyton, esq; and John Suker, gent, executors of said Thomas Acton; Mary Wolryche; Richard Colley; George Griffiths; Thomas Rider, gent; Dame Elizabeth Wolryche; Gray James Grove esq; John Hale, gent; John Wolryche, esq; Edmund Wolryche; and George Weld, esq re. Bill of Review and Bill of Revivor, 29 Oct 1735 to vary a former decree as to the manner of raising money out of the real estates of Sir John Wolryche. C78/1778, no. 3 [31]
1740 8 July 13 Borlace Richmond alias Webb esq v. Elizabeth Webb re. will ,13 Dec 1723, of Lt. Gen John Richmond (alias Webb), of Biddesden [in Ludgershall par.], Wilts C78/1814, no. 1 [32]
1740 16 July 14 John Newcombe of Exeter; William Newcombe of Exeter, gentleman; Richard Bawdon of Exeter, mercer; and Humphrey Bawden of Exeter College, Oxford, gentleman v. John Packer; William Richardson; William Bearcroft; John Southard; and James Packer re. 1735 loan of £500 by John Packer C78/2068, no. 12 [33]
1740 17 July 14 Edward Pye Chamberlaine esq; William Garnews; Edmond Gourmond; James Gomond; John Pye; Charles Parry; Edward Parry; Francis Price, gent; Walter Meek; Morrice Gronow; William Gronow; Georege Hewell; William Wood; Thomas Hawtre, yeoman; Eleanor Watkin; Jane Moore; and Joyce Smith, widows v. Charles Pye, esq re. rights of copyholders & customary tenants, for time out of mind, in manor of Kilpeck, Herefordshire. C78/1777, no. 1 [34]
1740 19 July 14 Mary lady Griffin wife of Edward, lord Griffin by Anthony Weltden esq her brother and also the said Anthony Weltden v. the said Edward, lord Griffin re. indenture 1 Oct 1714, trust & £100 p.a. from lands in Braybrooke, Northants for Mary Griffin of par. Well [near Alford], Lincs. the wife of Edward, Lord Griffin. C78/2050, no. 10 [35]
1740 19 July 14 Caesar Child, baronet and others since deceased together with John Gooder and Thomas Gibson esqs, assignees of Sir Stephen Evans, knight; and William Hales, bankrupts deceased v. Sir Bibye Lake, knight re. loan 1689 or 1690 £30,000, by King William & Q. Mary from Sir Stephen Evans, Peter Percival, Nicholas Fenn and ---- Young, secured on a promise of appointment as Commissioners of the Wine Licence Office. C78/1803, no. 1 [36]
1740 29 July 14 Ralph Holt gentleman executor of Charles Holt v. John Mingay & Anne his wife; Edward Allen & Martha his wife; Anne Mingay the younger; and William Cole re. indenture lease and release 9/10 Nov 1724, closes in Haddenham and Willinton [?Willingham], Isle of Ely [Cambs]; Hadley Doyley C78/1863, no. 5 [37]
1740 29 July 13 Thomas Hawkins, esq, sole executor and residuary legatee of Magdalen Gifford, spinster v. John Trimtram, & Ann his wife; Bryan Hind; Edward Hunt; John Yale; Richard Popper; Edward Burdett; Henry Cusand; Mary Hollings; William FitzWilliams, & Jane his wife; John Dally, & Jane his wife; and Ann Norman re. loan £1,200 20 Sept 1700, by John Cusand (decsd) from Magdelan Gifford secured on manors, lands etc. at Eaton Sokon, Beds, [now Eaton Socon, Cambs] and Chawson and Colesden [par. Wyboston], Beds. C78/1802, no. 7 [38]
1740 30 July 14 John, earl of Orrery, Ireland and baron of Marston in Great Britain v. the Right Honorable lord Archibald Hamilton; Sir Thomas Lumley Saunderson knight of the Bath afterwards earl of Marbrough & lady Frances his wife; John Croister esq; William, earl of Inchiquin & Ann countess of Orkney his wife; Murrough lord O'Brien; Charles lord Boyle an infant; Hamilton Boyle and Elizabeth Boyle infants re. marriage agreement 9 May 1728, John Boyle, [5th Earl of Cork and 5th Earl of Orrery] and Lady Henrietta Hamilton [née Douglas]; manor of Marston Bygot [Marston Bigot near Frome], Soms. & other manors/lordships in Ireland. C78/2051, no. 5 [39]
1740 1 Aug 14 Dudley Ryder, esq, Attorney General at the relation of William Young and Richard Howard, overseers of the poor in Beaconsfield, Bucks v. William Swinburne; John Turner; Anthony Turner; Henry Funsham; and Benjamin Young re. will 10 Mar 1728, of Mrs Frances Waller and the trustees and provisions of 'Waller's Charity' for clothing the poor of Beaconsfield. C78/1804, no. 10 [40]
1740 21 Aug 14 Archibald Vans of Jerrard Street in the parish of St Anns, Middx, merchant v. Rowland Cross of the Middle Temple, London, esq re. loan in 1730, £100 by Rowland Crosse from Archibald Vans, secured on property in Sutton, Staffs [?Sutton Coldfield, Warks] C78/2076, no. 3 [41]
1740 13 Oct 14 Charles Trelawny of Coldrinnick [par Menheniot], Corn, esq, administrator with the will annexed of Edward Trelawny of dean of Exeter of his goods unadministered by Darell Trelawny esq and also executor of said Darell Trelawny v. Mary Trewbody re. loan 12 July 1719 £240 by Nathaniel Trewbody from Agnes Salken; and a plot of waste ground in manor of Callington, Corn. C78/1890, no. 7 [42]
1740 24 Oct 14 John Huggins esq; Sir Andrew Chadwick knight; John Blackwell; Francis Hyde; Henry Strache; The Reverend Samuel Grove; The Reverend Israel Anthony Aufrere; Francis Philip Duvall; Isaac Grove; The Reverend Balthazar Regis doctor of divinity; Edmund Quarles esq; Robert Fotherby esq; John Hudson; Charles Kellow; George Chardin esq; Robert Hackshaw; and James Surman creditors by judgments, bonds, and other securities of the Corporation of the Governor and Company of Undertakers for Raising the Thames Water in York Buildings as thereinafter set forth on behalf of themselves and all other creditors who contribute to the suit

v. the said Governor and Company of Undertakers for Raising the Thames Water in York Buildings; Solomon Ashley esq; George Abell; William Jackson; Gilbert de Flines; Richard Fowler; and Charles Portales then late Governor and Assistants of the said Company AND v. Sir William Billers knight; John Lawton; and Nicholas Paxton esq trustees of the late Lord Widdrington's estate; John Goddard; and Cave Wiseman trustees of the said Company's Waterworks AND v. James Peachy; William Smith; John Edwin; Hilliard Holy; Alexander Bennett; Anthony Steventon; William Duncombe esq; Sir John Peachy baronet; Abraham C____; and William Lock the surviving and acting trustees nominated and appointed on behalf of themselves and the other proprietors of Annuities or Rent Charges payable by the said Governor and Company AND also v. John Willes esq Attorney General

re. 'An Act for Incorporating the Proprietors of the Water-works in York-buildings, and for encouraging, carrying on and settling the said Water-works'[1691] and affairs of the directors [York Buildings Company]. C78/2075, no. 1 [43]
1740 30 Oct 14 Samuel Stafford of Bricknill, Bucks, gent, one of the sons and younger children of Edmund Stafford of Tottenhoe, Bucks; Griffith Wotton of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, gent; and Owen Sorton of the same, wine cooper, two of the creditors of Charles Stafford of Tottenhoe, esq, and son and heir of said Edmund Stafford on their own behalf and for other creditors of Charles Stafford v. James Selby serjeant at law; Charles Stafford; Thomas Stafford; and William Mayne re. marriage agreement 1658, Edmund Stafford and Hester Edmunds, and manors of Totternhoe [now Beds.] and Westbury Bucks, advowson of Wavendon, Bucks etc. C78/1776, no. 1 [44]
1740 31 Oct 14 Dudley Ryder esq now Sir Dudley Ryder knight Attorney General at the relation of William Bannaster clerk rector of the parish of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in Guildford, Surrey v. John Ford; Richard Withall; Edward Spooner; John Steere; Joseph Lisney; and Samuel Parvish re. repairs to Trinity Parish church, Guilford. C78/2068, no. 7 [45]
1740 6 Nov 13 Thomas Hickman v. Thomas Wise; and James Gough, & Catharine his wife re. ownership of 40 houses in Newcastle St. [?Newcastle Court, EC4], purchased in 1659 by Richard Hickman, cooper of St Mary Abchurch Lane, London. C78/1804, no. 2 [46]
1740 11 Nov 14 John Willis esq Attorney General at the relation of John Jolliffe esq on behalf of the persons entitled to the benefit of the charitable bequests of Richard Churcher, East India merchant v. John Bettesworth doctor of laws; John Hyland; Adam Churcher; Richard Loassill esq; Charles Cole esq; John Cowper esq; and Thomas Bates re. will 16 Jan 1722, Richard Churcher and establishment of college in Petersfield, Hants. to educate 10 or 12 local boys, of any age from 9 to 14, in the arts of writing, arithmetic, mathematics and navigation so they could be apprenticed to masters of ships sailing in the East Indies. C78/2068, no. 13 [47]
1740 13 Nov 14 Charles Cartwright, gent v. John Manby; Christopher Fox; and Thomas Marshall re. 12 Nov 1707, loan £300 by John Manby from Anne Hall, widow, security property and lands in par. of Kirkburn [near Driffield], Yorks C78/1805, no. 11 [48]
1740 18 Nov 13 Henry Beale; and George Beale v. John Applegath; George Thorne, & Elizabeth his wife re. property of Edward Beale, of Winchcombe Gloucs, who either died intestate.. or made a will. C78/1765, no. 12 [49]
1740 20 Nov 14 John Tudsbury of Bristol, gunsmith v. John Owens of Stapleton [now in Bristol], Glouc, house carpenter, & Sarah his wife re. 19 Nov 1735, £200 loan by Sarah Sutton (now Sarah Owens), from Katherine Clarke of Bristol. C78/1814, no. 5 [50]
1740 5 Dec 14 William Hodsoll, & Henrietta his wife, daughter of Edward Bussey the elder; and Edward Hodsell their son an infant by said William Hodsell v. Grace Bussey, widow of said Edward Bussey and Solomon Fell, executors of said Edward Bussey; Mathew Wilson; and Margaretta Martines Dickins re. sale 20 Jan 1731, of land and messuages in par. St Martin in the Fields, Middx. by Edward Bussey. C78/1804, no. 21 [51]
1740 13 Dec John Cox of Bristol, merchant v. William Rea of Monmouth, gent re. loan 31 Jul/1 Aug 1729, £300 by William Rea from John Cox, secured on lands incorporated into garden in Monmouth. C78/1814, no. 6 [52]