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1739 C78/, no. []
1739 12 Jan 12 Richard Baynes v. John Westray; Thomas Walker; and Christopher Dalston re. debts of Christopher Dalston the father and Christopher Dalston the son; estate in Low Lorton, Cumberland [Cumbria]; consortium of Richard Baynes attorney, Thomas Walker of Cockermouth tobacconist and John Westray of Riggs in Embleton, woodmonger. C78/, no. 3 [2]
1739 12 Jan 12 Mary Gilpin, widow v. Mary Stibbs, and Abel Stibbs re. Will of Richard Stibbs of Farington, Berks [now Faringdon, Oxon] C78/1816, no. 4 [3]
1739 13 Jan 12 Sir Philip Yorke knight Attorney General at the relation of William Handley; and John Potter church wardens of the parish church of Newark upon Trent, Notts; and parishioners and inhabitants there; and of Samuel Foster one of the gentlemen land owners and inhabitants there for the parishioners and inhabitants of said town v. The Mayor and Aldermen of Newark in their corporate capacity; Henry Martin; John Milnes; Samuel Rastall; Robert Marris; John Herring; John Taylor; Christopher Buckley; Edward Eastland; Benjamin Farnworth; Joseph Lund; William Hoyes; Thomas Wilson; and Edward Smith who the then Mayor and Aldermen of Newark; and Bernard Wilson clerk vicar of the same place Re. will of Thomas Magnus which endowed a grammar school and a school of song at Newark from lands etc. in Sandall near Bilborough [Bilbrough] in Yorks; Folkingham, Walcot, Boulby [Bulby in Irnham par.] and Aslaby [Aslackby] in Lincs and Harwell [in Everton par.], Everton, Mattersey Thorpe, Barnby [Barnby in the Willows], Ranby and Newark in Notts C78/1880, no. 2 [4]
1739 17 Jan 12 John Willes esq Attorney General at the relation of Joseph Brookes and John Phelps churchwardens of the parish church of St Nicholas, Warwick, Warw, and Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish and Parishioners and Inhabitants there also of Thomas Archer and Henry Wise esqs two of the principal inhabitants of Warwick on behalf of themselves and the rest of the inhabitants and the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Warwick in their corporate capacity

v. the defendants William Newsham; Thomas Newsham; Francis Smith; John Bradshaw; Richard Croft; Nicholas Boddington; Richard Heath; Thomas Ward; Henry Mander; and John Stanton

re. orders that accounts should be considered by Master Holford; alleged malpractices and abuses. C78/2064, no. 1 [5]
1739 19 Jan 12 William Taylor and Mary Taylor widow v. Thomas Nicholls and Thomas Bassett re. Thomas Taylor loan of £600 to Thomas Nicholls C78/2074, no. 12 [6]
1739 19 Jan 12 Richard Thomas v. James Stedman; Thomas Edwards & Elizabeth his wife re. loan £400 2 Sept 1724, by Edward Stedman from Richard Thomas, secured on capital messuage and lands in townships of Drefor and ?FFean in par. Kerry [Ceri], Montgomeryshire [Powys]. C78/2057, no. 4 [7]
1739 23 Jan 12 Jasper Taylor v. Henry Pritchard and William Coumbe re. loan £600 9 May 1718 by Henry Coumbs (now deceased) from John Cuthbert, secured on 'George Inn' on north side of Long Acre Street [WC2] in par. St Martin-in-the-Fields, Middx. C78/2074, no. 14 [8]
1739 Feb 1 12 Anthony Wibird v. Richard Woodman re. loan secured on property in Betchworth and Buckland, Surrey C78/2078, no. 11 [9]
1739 1 Feb 12 Robert Roden, gentleman v. George Neale, gentleman Re. loan of £150 from Roden to Neale with estate in Hamelhemsted [Hemel Hempstead], Herts as security. C78/1968, no. 8 [10]
1739 1 Feb 12 Elizabeth Jenner v. Letitia Ward; and Henry Bartholomew, & Anne his wife re. loan £500 18 April 1708/9 by George Ward from Anne Jenner (deceased, complt's mother), secured on messuage and lands in Downington in par. Lechlade, Gloucs. C78/1775, no. 10 [11]
1739 8 Feb 12 Edmund Morton Pleydell esq v. Robert Larder; Ann Larder; and George Larder Re. loan of £500 by Anthony Larder deceased, of Loders, Dorset secured on property at Wyke Regis, from Barbara Churchill, widow of Dorchester. C78/2057, no. 7 [12]
1739 8 Feb 12 Richard Bacon of the precincts of the cathedral church of Norwich, gent; William Bunbury of the Inner Temple, London, esq; Alice Norris of Norwich, widow, on behalf of themselves and other the creditors of Richard of the city of Norwich, esq whose names are mentioned in a schedule annexed to an indenture of release bearing date 20 September, 1736

v. Richard Berney, & Mary his wife; Sir Edmond Bacon, baronet; Miles Branthwait, esq; Thomas Newton, esq; Stephen Gardener, esq; Thomas Bramston, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Sir Thomas Dyke, baronet; George Bramston, esq; John Ives; John Gerrand; Hannah Dinsdale; Jane Greenwood; and William Greenwood; Thomas Brograve, esq, & Julian his wife; William Petre, & Elizabeth his wife

re. sale £1,300 20 Aug 1733 by Richard Berney to Richard Bacon, of property in Langley, Loddon, Carleton, Chedgrave, Harpley and Thurton in Norfolk. C78/1830, no. 9 [13]
1739 8 Feb 12 Ann Winfield, spinster; William Bagshaw, esq, & Mary his wife, which said Ann Wingfield and Mary Bagshaw were two of the younger daughters of John Wingfield, gent v. Margaret Newton; Robert Newton her son; Francis Pole; Joseph Offley; Henry Winder; William Shaw; William Wildman, & Priscilla his wife; and Wingfield Wildman their son re. will d. 23 Nov 1719, of Ferdinando Wingfield (also d. 23 Nov 1719 ) of West Lisbon, Portugal, merchant; bequests to children. C78/1790, no. 3 [14]
1739 12 Feb 12 John Morley, gent; Thomas Parlow the elder; Samuel Rowe; George Randall; and Grace Staker, spinster, for themselves and other creditors of Thomas Staker, gent who contribute to the suit v. John Hill; John Farhill; Jane Staker; John William; Henry Hounsome; and Jane Stuart Re. debts of Thomas Staker, deceased who was seized of messuages, lands etc. in Shipley, Yapton, Walberton and Aldingbourne, Sussex C78/1816, no. 5 [15]
1739 14 Feb 12 Robert Loder and Catherine his wife v. Ebenezer Harris, gentleman; Judith Hill; and John Wingfield clerk re. will 15 June 1715 of Thomas Harris (late husband of Catherine Harris); property in pars. of Churcham and Bulley, Gloucs. C78/1981, no. 5b [16]
1739 19 Feb 12 Jacob Bobart v. Robert Jordan; Francis Jordan; Launcelot Jordan; and Greville Jordan re. 1731 loan of £1200 secured on messuage or tenement in Ensham [?Eynsham], Oxford C78/2057, no. 5 [17]
1739 19 Feb 12 Sir Henry Pulty, citizen and cooper of London, & Sarah his wife, one of the daughters of George Cordwell late citizen and plumber of London, devisees and executors of George Cordwell v. Anthony Cordwell; Samuel Cordwell; John Cordwell; Ruth Cordwell; and Elizabeth Cordwell, children of said George Cordwell; and Edward Sturgis, & Hannah his wife (which said Hannah is also one of the daughters of said George Cordwell re. will of George Coldwell, property of Burkshead Court, London and Southwark, Surrey C78/1830, no. 10 [18]
1739 20 Feb 12 Henry Swindell, gent, youngest son of Henry Swindell of Tonge, Leics, gent, an infant, by Joseph Greaves, gent v. Robert Glynn; Nathaniel Rokeby; and Wiseman Claggett, gent, executors of Elizabeth Hardinge, widow AND also v. George Swindell, eldest son of said Henry Swindell of Tonge re. 3 Jan 1710 will of Nicholas Hardinge, and messuage, property and goods in Hatton Garden, Middx. C78/1761, no. 13 [19]
1739 23 Feb 12 Robert Tristram; Humphry Nordon; Nicholas Blake; and John Bruce v. John Pettigrew; Tristram Whittier; Alice Stoddon; William Hamley; Anstis Stoddon; Agnes Stoddon; and Francis Stoddon; John Hatcher; Robert Nicholas & Mary his wife (who and the said John Hatcher are all the children of Joan Hacher herein; and ___ Whittier son and heir of Jasper Whittier [Faded document] re. will 4 July 1720 of Agnis Whittier; bequest to the complt. to be paid 3 months after death. C78/2060, no. 3 [20]
1739 3 March 12 Priscilla Rolle spinster v. John Rolle then an infant; Henry Rolte esq; Sir John Chichester baronet; and Richard Mervin esq re. marriage agreement 20 Jan 1654, Francis Rolle [son of Henry Rolle, Lord Chief Justice] and Priscilla Foot [dau. of Thomas Foot, Lord Mayor of London]; £7,000 and manors of Shapwick, Bawdrip, Haine or Higham [High Ham], North Curry, ?East Curreywell and Wookey in Somerset. C78/2060, no. 1 [21]
1739 8 March 13 William Mycock, & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas Nash, clerk and Mary, his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas Nash, clerk and Mary his wife v. Mary Nash, widow of said Thomas Nash; James Nash an infant by said Mary Nash his mother and guardian; and Frances Nash; Martha Nash; and Maria Nash infants by said Mary Nash their mother and guardian; Elizabeth Baron, widow; Richard Woodward; George Wingfield, esq; Jane Spencer, spinster; and Hugh Philips, & Ursula his wife; George Fullwood; and William Bedford re. ordered that the defdnt. Mary Nash should let complt. have possession of premises in marriage agreement of Thomas Nash and Mary his wife, and also Master Holford to decide cost and profits. C78/1836, no. 5 [22]
1739 14 March 12 Mary Burford, widow, sister, and administratrix of Elizabeth Masters who was widow and relict of Henry Masters esq her late husband; Alexander Dottenger brother of the half blood to the said Elizabeth Masters and Thomas Johnson administrator of John Johnson his late brother and also administrator with the will annexed of Henry Masters a minor, sons of the said Henry Masters, esq of his goods unadministered by said John Johnson his late executors and residuary legatee v. William Pluck; Thomas Jeanes; Elizabeth Clarke, widow; John Cealy, & Joanhis wife; Willilam Cooper an infant (which said William Pluck, Thomas Jeanes;, Elizabeth Clarke, Joan Cealy and Willliam Cooper are the heirs at law of the said Henry Masters, esdq, and Henry Masters his son) Thomas Pottinger, gent; and George Slade, gent re. provision for wife Elizabeth by Henry Masters; premises of £600 yearly value.; premises withheld by her brother. C78/1824, no. 2 [23]
1739 24 March 12 Mary Lloyd of Dan yr Allt, Carmarthen, widow and relict of John Lloyd of Dan yr Allt, esq and only daughter and issue of William Lloyd, gent, by Mary his wife, both then deceased; and Rachael Lloyd her daughter by said John Lloyd, an infant by said Mary Lloyd her mother v. Richard Banner, & Mary his wife; Rice Lloyd; Vaughan Lloyd, infant; Erasmus Phillips, esq; and John Williams re. marriage agreement 30 Jan 1708, William Lloyd and Alice (his second and last wife); portion £1,300 and purchase of freehold lands. C78/1778, no. 9 [24]
1739 28 April 13 Edward Hopkins; Benjamin Hopkins; Mary Hopkins; and Ann Hopkins all infants by Mary Chamberlen their aunt; and Hopkins Botterell an infant by his father v. Anna Maria Hopkins widow; Richard Hopkins an infant; Dame Elizabeth Oughton; and Henry Talbot esq re. marriage agreement 27 Feb 1724, Edward Hopkins and Anna Maria Thompson, messuage and 800 acre farm called 'Brewham Lodge' in Somerset. C78/2066, no. 2 [25]
1739 2 May 12 John Philp & Mary his wife; and John Wilson & Mary his wife (which said Mary and Mary were administrators of William How) v. John How; William Palmer; and Nicholas Williams re. Messuage called Whetcombe belonging to William Dow who died intestate,in parish of Kenn, Devon C79/2, no. [26]
1739 11 May 12 Hester Probert widow v. Thomas Clifford & Rachell his wife; Thomas Morgan; William Rogers & Mary his wife; Francis Jenkins; Thomas Clifford; Christopher Bond; and Sarah Probert otherwise Rogers re. indenture of lease and release 2/3 May 1700 concerning marriage of Henry Probert the younger. C79/152, no. [27]
1739 17 May 12 James Callthorpe, esq v. Charles Fleetwood, esq; Colley Cibber, esq; Henry Giffard; and Richard Castleman re. letters patent of King George II 3 July 1731/2 to licence Robert Wilks for 21 years, a Royal Company of Comedians to act Tragedies, Plays, Operas etc. in Drury Lane; proviso concerning minimum 150 acting days. C78/1804, no. 12 [28]
1739 30 May 12 Dudley Rider esq Attorney General at the relation of the Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the grammar school of King Edward VI in Birmingham, Warw v. Richard, lord bishop of Litchfield and Coventry; The Reverend Edward Mainwaring master of arts the chief master; and the Reverend Thomas Greene master of arts the usher of the said school. re. land and building on New Street, Birmingham and dispute between head-master and governors. C79/124, no. [29]
1739 1 June 12 The Governor and Company for Smelting Down Lead with Pitt Coal and Sea Coal v. Arthur Woolley, esq; William Smith; Samuel Beachcroft, esq; James Creed, esq; Edward Leeds the younger, esq; John Hall; Joseph Hall; George Peck;John Gray; Sarah Hopkins; Elizabeth Estangh; James Allen; and John Tatnall re. terms of the incorporating Charter of 4 Oct 1692 of King William and Queen Mary.[Governor and Company for smelting down lead with pit and sea coal]. C78/1810, no. 5 [30]
1739 4 June 12 Frances Nicoll spinster by bill of revivor v. The Honorable Peregrine Bertie esq commonly called Marquis of Lindsey and Dame Elizabeth his wife late the widow of Sir Charles Gounter Nicoll knight of the Bath deceased; Judith Gounter widow; Sir Henry Maynard baronet & Dame Katherine his wife; Sir Charles Farnaby baronet; Benjamin Pomfrett gentleman; and Elizabeth Gounter Nicoll and Frances Katherine Gounter Nicoll infants by Henry Warner gentleman their guardian re. wills of William Nicoll and Sir Charles Gounter Nicoll [1703/4-1733], and ownership of the manor and lands of Bradwell Abbey [now in Milton Keynes, Bucks]. C78/2076, no. 8 [31]
1739 4 June 12 Joseph lord bishop of Rochester v. Coghill Knapp; John Knapp & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Smith esq; Mary Marshall widow; and Robert Vicaris re. messuage called 'Johnsons' with closes called Shuttlefields etc. in Bletchingdon, Oxon; indenture 20 Aug 1698. C78/2058, no. 3 [32]
1739 4 June 12 Henry Ireland v. William Pierson re. loan 7 July 1721 £400, by Henry Ireland from William Pierson, secured on copyhold messuage with barns etc. at Little Ealing in par. or manor of Ealing, Middx. C78/, no. 18 [33]
1739 11 June 12 John Coton yeoman v. Simon Luttrell esq & Judith Maria his wife; Sir Robert Lawley baronet; Sir John Chesshyre knight Attorney General & Dame Anne his wife re. marriage agreement 3/4 Nov 1684, Thomas Coton the younger and Bridgett Field; capital messuage called Coton Hall in par. Kingsbury, Warks. C78/2057, no. 6 [34]
1739 20 June 13 Bishop Johnson of Coddenham, Suff, malster, executor of Thomas Smith late of Stutton, Suff, esq v. Alexander Smith; Thomas Bowes, esq; and Nicholas Freeman re. marriage agreement 26/27 Nov 1660, Sir Thomas Smith and Bridgett Bowes, dau of Sir Thomas Bowes; messuages, lands etc. in Stutton, Suffolk and the manor of Crowe Hall. C78/1840, no. 4 [35]
1739 21 June 13 Charles Sanderson of Symonds Inn, Middx, gent; Henry Webb of St Clements Danes, Middx, gent; William Dugard of Portsmouth, Hants; and Philip Henvill of Rowner, Hants, executors of James Hampton, creditors by simple contract of William Dixon late of Lincolns Inn, Middx, gent, on behalf of themselves and other simple contract creditors of said William Dixon v. William Dixon of Lincolns Inn, esq; Samuel Dixon, gent; Hutton Perkins, esq; Jane Dixon, widow; Jane Dixon, spinster; Frances Dixon, spinster; Elizabeth Dixon, spinster; Ann Dixon, spinster; and Thursdby Dixon, gents re. debts of William Dixon to Charles Sanderson; promissory note 2 Feb 1736 for £255 17s 4d. C78/1803, no. 4 [36]
1739 27 June 13 Joseph Mede, gent v. Elizabeth Dade, widow; John Dade; and William Dade her sons and Thomas Wingfield re. will 30 July 1680 of Thomas Dade of Otley, Suffolk; bequest of property at Yoxford and Dallinghoo etc. C78/1822, no. 10 [37]
1739 19 July 13 Robert Proof, & Mary his wife; Susan Whithall; and Mary Whithall, infants v. Fluellin Aspley [Flewellin Apsley], administrator of Sir Thomas Colby, baron; Thomas Bullock; William Warrington; and Sir George Saunders, knight; and James Colby re. Sir Thomas Colby died 1729 without issue; descent of his property in Kensington, Cooks Court and Holloway, Middx and Orsett, Essex. C78/1781, no. 13 [38]
1739 21 July 13 Charles Van esq administrator of Mary Lewisspinster during the minority of Morgan Lewis an infant and the said Morgan Lewis an infant by said Charles Van v. Godfrey Clarke esq re. will 11 Dec 1729 of Dame Mary Craven of Winwick, [Northants]; bequests to Godfrey Clarke and others. C78/2062, no. 2 [39]
1739 25 July 13 Attorney General at the relation of Stamp Brooksbank, esq; Robert Crouch; William Sedgton (?); and Stephen Edwards v. John Spillett; Grace Packer; Francis House; John Carter; George Fanell; John Packer Froome; and Mary Lloyd; and Anne Jobson re. marriage agreement 17 May 1710, John Stamp of London, merchant and Anne Warren (then Anne Browne), widow; covenant that should she survive him... C78/, no. 2 [40]
1739 26 July 13 Richard Burdett esq v. Ann Burdett re. purchase, 500 guineas 14 Jan 1730, of a farm in Osgodby, Yorks by John Burdett deceased (complt's bro.) from Sarah Williamson; only part of purchase handed over. C79/195, no. [41]
1739 26 July 13 Thrale Waldron an infant v. Hannah Waldron widow; Elizabeth Waldron an infant by the said Hannah her mother and guardian; Crisp Gascoyne [1700-1761]; and Stephen Skynner esqs re. indenture of mortgage, 20 Mar 1668, Thomas Lord Fanshawe, Viscount Donomore to Thomas Allen, hospital at Great Ilford and the hospital house, and the grove adjoining thereto containing six acres, a field of pasture containing eight acres, four parcels of meadow containing eight acres, one parcel of pasture containing two acres, two parcels arable land containing eight acres, a parcel of wood called Spittle Hill etc., etc. C78/2047, no. 4 [42]
1739 30 July 13 Mary Edes, spinster, only child and heir at law of Henry Edes, son and heir of John Edes then late of Chidham, Sussex, who was the eldest son and heir of John Edes then late of Dedham, then late brother of Henry Edes, doctor in divinity, an infant, by Thomas William Moreton esq v. James Pym; Willliam Hay; William Dobell; and Elizabeth Shore, widow re. 18/19 March 1697; demise by dean and chapter of Chichester Cathedral, the college and rectory of Bosham. C78/1810, no. 4 [43]
1739 31 July 13 John Blatch, esq; and Thomas Agnis on behalf of themselves and all other the just creditors of Francis Elliott v. Francis Wilder; Robert Agnis; Francis Elliott; and Samuel Elliott re. debts of Francis Elliott [d.1733]; his will 22 Mar 1732; property in Colchester and Langham, Essex and a very considerable personal estate. C78/1822, no. 11 [44]
1739 31 July 13 Paul Dominique, esq v. Richard Ellis; Anne Sheeke; Dame Anne Tipping; Sir Thomas Webster, baronet; Richard Minshull, & Catherine his wife; Mary Minshull; Thomas Marriott; and Zachariah Merrill re. loan £2,300 18 Nov 1703 by Richard Minshull from Paul Dominique; bond or obligation £4,000; property in Burton, Bucks and divers other manors, messuages etc. in Buckingham and elsewhere. C78/1776, no. 6 [45]
1739 1 Aug 13 Anne White of Bristol, spinster v. Joseph Jesser; Robert Hayward; George Lock; Richard Shute; William Gaisford; Edward Halliday; John, earl of Orrery; Henry Bull; John Turnour; and John Willes, esq Attorney General Re. loan by Anne White of £2000 dated 25 Jan 1731 to Edward Halliday, security land at Marston Bigot, Somerset. C78/1813, no. 3 [46]
1739 2 Aug 13 Charles Oxley; Leonard Metcalfe; and John Storzaker executor of George Storzaker his father v. Abraham Smith; Jane Smith widow; Charles Mann & Jane his wife; John Smith; and Elizabeth Smith re. order that case should be referred to master in chancery, Mr Lightbourn to compute what was due to complainant. C78/2050, no. 3 [47]
1739 7 Aug 13 John Bosanquet and James Lonquet together with Gerard Rooters knight since deceased assignees of Samuel Cotton; and John Cotton late of London merchants partners and bankrupts v. the Honorable the lady Elizabeth Dashwood; the Honorable John Fans; and Dixcy Windsor esqs; and Doctor John King executors of Sir Francis Dashwood late of London baronet deceased; Thomas Martin; and James Martin re. debt Dec 1710 of £10,000 owed by Samuel and John Cotton to Sir Francis Dashwood [d.1724] and failure to pay 10% interest. C78/2062, no. 4 [48]
1739 7 Aug 13 Frances Fleetwood; Carolina Fleetwood; and Jane Fleetwood v. Sir John Hartop, baronet; Fountain Elwin, & Elizabeth his wife re. will 14 Mar 1726 of Charles Fleetwood; having only 5 sisters, his manors, messuages etc in Norfolk and Suffolk devised on trust to Sir John Hartop and Sir Nathaniel Gould (deceased); other bequests. C78/1802, no. 1 [49]
1739 14 Aug 13 John Hill, & Elizabeth his wife; Sarah Smith, spinster; Thomas Neale; and Ann Anderson, widow v. Grace Smith, widow; Edmund, bishop of London; James Smith, clerk; George Paul, esq, doctor of laws; and Cleave Greenhill, clerk re. will 2 Mar 1699 of Richard Smith of Bushey, Herts; descent of estates in Bushey and Aldenham and of advowson and Right of Presentation of Bushey; offer of advowson to fellows of Eton College, Bucks [now Berks] or, if refused, to fellows of Trinty College, Oxon. C78/1765, no. 10 [50]
1739 25 Oct 13 Evan Glynne, & Mary his wife v. Thomas Clunne, esq re. indenture 20 Aug 1679, Pryce Clunne (complt. Mary's father) and Margaret his wife; tenancy of messuage called Glandulas [near Llanidloes, Montgomeryshire]. C78/1837, no. 7 [51]
1739 25 Oct 13 Mary Browne, spinster, only daughter and surviving child of Samuel Browne v. Thomas Browne, doctor of physick; Sir Francis St John baronet; Oliver St John re. marriage agreement 12 Aug 1713 of complt's father and mother' £3,000 and advowson of parish church of Berkeford [now Little Barford, Beds], fishing in River Ouse etc. C78/1804, no. 14 [52]
1739 29 Oct 13 Walter Barttelott, & Barbara his wife; and Hannah Smith; and Mary Smith then an infant by said Hannah Smith her sister, which said Barbara, Hannah, and Mary were three of the daughters and coheiresses of George Smith then late of Binderton, Sussex, clerk by Barbara his second wife v. William Woodford; Elizabeth Woodford; Mary Woodford; Sarah Peckham, widow; Dame Elizabeth Peckham; and Thomas Peckham re. indenture 17 Nov 1692, George Smith and property in Binderton [in par. West Dean], Sussex. C78/1834, no. 7 [53]
1739 31 Oct 13 Henry Richardson clerk, William Richardson doctor in physyk, Robert Oddie, Henry Oddie, George Oddie, Jeremiah Rawson, William Rawson, William Thornton & Martha his wife, Henry Stockdale & Mary his wife (Jeremiah, William, Martha and Mary being the sons and daughters of William Rawson attorney at law, Mary Hollings widow and executrix of Jeremiah Hollings gent v. Sir John Lister Kay baronet & Dame Dorothy his wife, Richard Richardson the younger, Walter Ramsden, Judith Ramsden, John Richardson, Thomas Richardson, Margaret Richardson, Gregory Rhodes, Thomas Hudson, Samuel Hill, Elkanah Hoyld, Gilbert Brooksbank, John Dyson, William Wilkinson, and John Oddie the heir at law and legatee of Grace Ramsden spinster re. will 13 Dec 1734, of Grace Ramsden of ?Stainforth; property in Otley and Bingley, Yorks. C78/2079, no. 12 [54]
1739 31 Oct 13 John Willes esq Attorney General at the relation of Joseph Brookes and John Phelps churchwardens of the parish church of St Nicholas of Warwick, Warw, and overseers of the poor of said parish and parishioners and inhabitants there and also of Thomas Archer and Henry Wise esqs two of the principal inhabitants of Warwick on behalf of themselves and the rest of the inhabitants of the said town; and the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Warwick in their corporate capacity; and William Newsham; Thomas Newsham; Francis Smith; John Bradshaw; Richard Croft; Nicholas Boddington; Richard Heath; Thomas Ward; Henry Mander; and John Stanton re. objections by the defendants to the report 13 Jul 1738 of Robert Holford, master in chancery; letters patent by King Henry 8 and King Philip and Queen Mary. C78/2064, no. 2 [55]
1739 10 Nov 13 William Oliver, doctor in physick v. William Taylor, & Margery his wife; and Thomas Parsons, & Honor his wife Re. estate of Richard Tregears late of Dunheved alias Launceston, Cornwall C78/1765, no. 11 [56]
1739 15 Nov 13 Ralph Gold, gent v. John Hutchinson; and William Carter, gent re. £24 indebtedness 1734 of John Hutchinson to Ralph Gold; scheme to pay out of £150 owed by William Carter to Hutchinson. C78/1822, no. 12 [57]
1739 30 Nov 13 William Tonstall; Thomas Ascough the elder; and John Sutton clerk v. Thomas Bickerton; William Winterton; James Aiscough clerk; and Elizabeth Ayscough; Thomas Ayscough; and Brent Ayscough infants Thomas Ayscough the younger; Ralph Ascough; Catherine Aiscough; Jane Ayscough; Roger Pursell & Ann his wife; Jane Ayscough; and Elizabeth Ayscough; James Ayscough the younger; and Catherine Ayscough; James Hutton; Catherine Hutton; Thomas Lisle; and William Bullein Re. will 31 Dec 1734 of Thomas Tonstall of East Greenwich, Kent and annuity of £16 to be paid to cousin Tom Tonstall and his wife. C79/183, no. [58]
1739 4 Dec 13 William Powell, clerk v. Robert Watkins; and Margaret Watkins re. loan £440 16/17 Aug 1730 by Robert Watkins from William Powell, secured on various messuages. C78/1779, no. 17 [59]
1739 5 Dec 13 William Kennedy of the parish of Kirk Patrick, Annendale in North Britain husbandman v. Hugh Acland late of Meath, Devon; John Hooper of Swinbridge, Devon, yeoman; Philip Tawton of Meath, Devon; Anthony Palmer of Barnstaple, Devon; John Webber & Damaris his wife deceased of Barnstaple, Devon re. descent of a messuage called ?Hannover or Hannaford in par. Swimbridge, Devon, formerly belonging to Emma Acland [or Ackland] who married Thomas Kennedy. C78/2077, no. 11 [60]
1739 5 Dec 13 Anna Boughton; Jane Boughton; Judith Boughton; and Mary Boughton; and also Elizabeth Boughton an infant by Mathew Sister esq guardian v. Jane Boughton; John Shuckburgh; Francis Turner; James Powell; Anne Cooke; Edward Booke; and Thomas Cooke an infant re. descent 15 Feb 1733 of considerable personal estate of Edward Boughton of Cawston, Warks; claims of his daughters. C78/2067, no. 8 [61]
1739 6 Dec 13 Dudley Ryder esq Attorney General and nathaniel Newnham the younger esq v. Sir Thomas Hoby baronet; Elizabeth Hoby; Margaret Hoby; Philip Hoby; William Hoby; John Hoby; Richard Hoby; and Sir Richard Mill baronet re. loan £22,000 by Sir Thomas Hoby from Sir Dudley Ryder; manor and parish of Bisham, Berks, advowson of Bisham, property in Somerley and North Ashley, Hants. C78/1890, no. 6 [62]
1739 8 Dec 13 Thomas Edwards of Bristol esq v. James Butler esq & Mary his wife re. loan 1 July 1723 £9,000, by James Butler and wife Mary from Thomas Edwards, secured on manor or lordship and advowson of Purleigh, Essex and mansion house in Pucklechurch & other property in Doynton, Gloucs. C78/1853, no. 9 [63]
1739 10 Dec 13 William Webb esq; and Ann Long; Richard Long; and Robert Long infants by Anne Webb widow v. Sir Orlando Bridgman baronet; William Bowles; and Mark Thurston esqs re. indenture 21 May 1675/6 King Charles II and Dame Dorothy Bridgman concerning Bowood Park, [nr. Calne, Wilts.]; descent of the Park. C78/1881, no. 5 [64]
1739 13 Dec 13 Benjamin Bathurst, esq; and Thomas Bathurst his eldest son and heir an infant by said Benjamin Bathurst his father v. Ann Jones, widow; and William Jones, esq re. manors of Lydney, Pyrton [?Purton] and Aylburton, Gloucs., fisheries on adjoining River Severn; defendant's messuage on the shore of the River. C78/1779, no. 16 [65]
1739 13 Dec 13 Thomas Weld of Willey, Salop, esq v. Thomas Acton; Mary Wolryche; Richard Coley; George Griffiths; Thomas Ryder; Dame Elizabeth Wolryche; Gray James Grove; John Hall; John Wolryche; Edmund Wolryche; and George Weld re. will 18 April 1701, of Sir Thomas Wolryche, [3rd Baronet, 1672–1701] of Dudmaston, Salop., lands in trust; Sir Thomas's widow, Elizabeth Weld. C78/1778, no. 2 [66]
1739 14 Dec 13 Conrade DeGols esq and John Read gentleman v. Knox Ward Clarenceux & Elizabeth his wife; Philip Jones; Francis Pyle; Ralph Ward; Thomas Nestleton esq; Henry Gibbs; Elizabeth Rogers; James Lambourne; and George Wallis re. bankruptcy 20 Oct 1730, of John Ward of London, merchant; complts are assignees of his estate and effects. C78/2067, no. 1 [67]