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1735 C78/, no. []
1735 Hilary (bill) 8 Frances Nelson, spinster; Catherine Nelson, spinster; and Elizabeth and Ann Nelson, infants by Catherine Nelson their mother v. Rebecca Frere executrix of Elizabeth Frere and administratrix of Elizaebth Titus de bonis non re. will 9 July 1728, of Elizabeth Titus; considerable personal estate, securities for large sums of money; Barbados C78/1815, no. 15 [2]
1735 9 Jan 8 Robert Lawson of East Chirton [North Shields], Northumberland, esq v. Philipp Bickerstaffe; Dame Martha Villers; Ann Gades; and Thomas Hindmarsh Purchase of the reversion of copyhold estate in East Chirton, including Bailiff's Farm and Marshall's Farm, formerly belonging to John Clarke, former husband of Jane Bickerstaffe, wife of the deft Philip Bickerstaffe. C78/2051, no. 6 [3]
1735 17 Jan 8 Thomas Arslett, & Mary his wife v. Mary Brewer, widow; David Fuller, gent; George Courthop, esq; and Sarah Taylor, widow re. loan £600 16 May 1693 by Thomas Brewer of Ditton, Kent, from Elizabeth Monins; secured on capital messuage called Ditton House and other lands and premises. C78/1743, no. 10 [4]
1735 18 Jan 8 William Braban the younger of Ewhurst, Sussex, gent, only son and heir of Martha Braban of Ewhurst, who was one of the daughters and coheirs of James Fullager the elder of Cranbrook, Kent, yeoman v. George Tilden, & Elizabeth his wife re. will 10 Feb 1704, of James Fullager (complt's grandfather); property in Cranbrook and Headcorn, Kent. C78/1743, no. 6 [5]
1735 20 Jan 8 Catherine Brinkhurst; Frances Brinkhurst; Susan Brinkhurst; and Penelope Brinkhurst, spinsters, the four surviving daughters of John Brinkhurst esq, and the four surviving nieces and devisees of Thomas Brinkhurst, esq v. John Brinkhurst; Sir Francis Curson, baronet; and thomas Rowncy, esq re. will 25 Sept 1714, of Thomas Brinkhurst and properties in Preston [near Faversham], ?Ospringe and Faversham, Kent also Wisbeach, Cambs. C78/1756, no. 11 [6]
1735 27 Jan 8 Edward Payne, executor of Miriam Wilson, widow v. James Reynolds re. alleged misdemeanours of defendant James Reynolds in care and management of affairs of late Miriam Wilson, in particular, the mortgage of a cottage & orchard in Broadclyst, Devon. C78/1744, no. 11 [7]
1735 28 Jan 8 Benjamin Charlewood administrator of Benjamin Charlewood his father v. James St Amand esq administrator of James St Amand esq re. dissolution of Charlewood and St Amand partnership in apothecary business, following their deaths. C78/2067, no. 2 [8]
1735 4 Feb 8 Jonathan Collett; and Richard Brown, assignees of the estate of John Tyssen a bankrupt v. John Ward; and Know Ward, esqs; and others (sic) re. debts and assets of John Tyssen, Commission of Bankruptcy 17 June 1726; divers messuages in London and Middx. and the manor of Woolverstone, Suffolk. [see also 1730. C78/1398.no 1, etc.] C78/1747, no. 1 [9]
1735 13 Feb 8 Sir William Juxon [2nd Baronet, 1660–1740]; and Francis Loggin, gent v. Elizabeth Were, widow, wife of Samuel Harris, gent; Jonathan Waad; Christopher Hamlyn; Thomas Hamlyn; Margery Hamlyn; Robert Pascho Hamlyn, an infant by his guardian Mary Souton; and William Vaux, gent re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Mr Thurston ( a Master of this Court) to compute what was due for the sum of £1,500 and interest, from the death of Daniel Hamlyn the father... C78/1745, no. 2 [10]
1735 18 Feb 8 Christopher Woodward, an infant, by William Crosby, esq v. Thomas Woodward re. will 29 Sept 1698, of Christopher Woodward and descent of manor of Southorles or Southerns, messuages, [named] lands and premises at Newent, Gloucs. valued at £200 p.a., personal estate of £600. C78/1746, no. 6 [11]
1735 18 Feb 6 Christopher Woodward, an infant, by William Crosby, esq v. Thomas Woodward [apparently identical to above, 1735 C78/1746, no. 6] re. will 29 Sept 1698, of Christopher Woodward... C78/1746, no. 6 [12]
1735 19 Feb 8 Richard Eskrigge & Elizabeth his wife one of the three children of Francis Froysell the son of Alexander Froysell gentleman both deceased v. Joyce Froysell widow; Charles Williams; Alexander Nash; Thomas and Alexander Nash his sons; Anne Nash; Briliana Nash; Margery Nash; and John Hughes re. will of 20 July 1692, of Alexander Froyzell [?Frizzell], g-father of complt. Elizabeth; his debts and lands and messuages in par. Eardisland & elsewhere in Heref. C78/2065, no. 3 [13]
1735 19 Feb 8 Isaac Danford; William Holbrow; and William Danford an infant by said Isaac Danford; and William Holbrow v. Abraham Danford; John Sparry otherwise Sparrow; Daniel Creed; and Nathaniel Webb re. loan £60 'about 18 years then since' by William Danford (complt' Isaac's father) from John Sparry or Sparrow; messuage or tenement & seven cottages adjoining, in Dursley, Gloucs. C78/1845, no. 3 [14]
1735 20 Feb 8 Sarah Franklyn, widow; and Jane Franklyn, spinster v. George Franklyn, gent; and James Herbert, esq re. death of Daniel Franklyn immediately after surrendering, 10 Sept 1727, copyhold messuage and divers lands, according to custom of manor of Haddenahm Bucks. C78/1822, no. 3 [15]
1735 22 Feb 8 Augustin Blundell, gent, & Mary his wife v. Smith Fleetwood, esq; John Freeman, doctor of physick; Edmund Bateman, clerk; John Bateman; Mary Buckby; Richard Buckby; and Edmund Buckby re. will 11 Dec 1732, of William Bateman; considerable real estate and divers leasehold lands and tenements at Hendon, Middx. held by lease fron All Souls College, Oxford; bequest to defendants in trust to sell the same and the interest to complt. Mary. C78/1756, no. 1 [16]
1735 25 Feb 8 Thomas Holroid of Barkisland, Yorks, an infant of about 13 years by Isaac Holroid his father v. James Alderson; Christopher Smith; John Farrer; and George Smith re. will of Joshua Dunn of Furnival's Inn [Holborn, Middx], bachelor [d. Ripponden, Yorks]; personal estate of £10,000; bequests and residue to Thomas Holroid [Holroyd] of Halifax, Yorks. C78/2067, no. 4 [17]
1735 27 Feb 8 Thomas Bird v. Henry White and Jane Potterton widow re. surrender 7 July 1704, of copyhold messuage and backside by Henry White, carpenter and Judith his wife, customary tenants of manor of Ebbisham [Epsom], Surrey. C78/2073, no. 8 [18]
1735 27 Feb 8 Anne Tilly, widow v. Edward Neicby the younger; and John Cutton re. loan 12 Feb 1724 £200, by Edward Newby secured on messuage (formerly six cottages with gardens etc.) at place called Hangman's Acre [near Lukin Street, E1 0AA] in Ratciffe in par. Stebonheath [Stepney], Middx C78/1777, no. 9 [19]
1735 Feb 27 8 William Sclater v. John Travell, esq; Dame Frances Travell, afterwards countess of Sutherland; Mary Moore, widow; John Coffen; Roger Burgoyn; Alexius Clayton; and Hugh Watson; James Medlicott, esq re. ordered and decreed that the defendant Mary Moor, executrix of will of Sir Thomas Travell [c.1657-1724], of Jermyn Street, Westminster, Middx & Milborne Wick, Soms. should come to account before Master Thomas Bennett of this Court, for personal estate and rents and profits received... C78/1754, no. 9 [20]
1735 3 March 8 John Salmon an infant; James Salmon an infant; Joseph Salmon an infant; Lucy Johnson an infant; Susan Hartley an infant; and Mary Hartley an infant by Samuel Herring for them v. Phineas Cheeke one of the sworn clerks of Chancery; Charles Hartley; John Pulman; Frances Salmon & Sarah his wife; and James Gold esq re. marriage agreement 1/2 May 1730, John Pulman [of Woolwich, Kent] and Jane Bent of Edmonton; closes of pasture and meadowland and freehold lands in Edmonton, Middx. [married 6 May 1730, St. Paul's cathedral] C78/2078, no. 5 [21]
1735 8 March 8 Mary Baker of Cranfield, Beds v. Joseph Field, gent, of Cranfield re. loan by Thomas Baker deceased, secured on estates in Cranfield; his will of 19 April 1710 C78/1780, no. 12 [22]
1735 14 March 8 William Wareing gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Bydder; and Margaret Bydder v. Thomas Walters & Dorothy his wife; George Bydder an infant by said Thomas Walters his guardian; and Henry Lucas gentleman re. marriage agreement 10 Feb 1703, parents of complts, Elizabeth née Bydder, Anne and Margaret Bydder; terms and conditions, messuage, lands, pasture and wood called Killay in par. Bishopston [near Swansea], Glam. C78/2073, no. 4 [23]
1735 18 March 8 Abraham Da Costa Villa Real the younger and Sarah Da Costa Villa Real infants by Abraham Da Costa Villa Real of London their grandfather v. Catherine Da Costa Villa Real and Joseph Da Costa re. ordered and decreed that the defendants should come to an account before Master Holford of this Court for the personal estate of the testator come into their hands...; interest on £9,000 C78/2065, no. 8 [24]
1735 18 March 8 Benjamin Tomkins; and Joseph Tomkins, executors and residuary legatees of Benjamin Tomkins their late father v. Joseph Strainge, yeoman re. loan £350 25 March 1717 by Joseph Strainge from Benjamin Tomkins, deceased, secured on close of meadow or pasture ground, lately inclosed, in par Goosey, Berks [now Oxon]. C78/1747, no. 9 [25]
1735 19 March 8 John Bigsby, son of John Bigsby on behalf of himself and the other creditors of Thomas Smith, clerk v. Susan Smith, widow of the said Thomas Smith; Thomas Smith an infant; Isaac Nevill & Sarah his wife; and Hannah Nay, widow, which said Susannah, Sarah, and Hannah were the three daughrters and coheirs of Thomas Wiseman re. loan £50 17 Nov 1722, by Thomas Smith now deceased from John Bigsby; marriage agreement 3 Sept 1712, late Thomas Smith and Susan née Wiseman, £1,700 marriage portion. C78/1822, no. 6 [26]
1735 1 April 8 Wyseman Clagett, gent v. William Glascock; Peter Knight; Richard Forster; George James; and William Plumer; and Richard Plumer, esqs re. will 15 May 1734 of George James; mansion house called Malendine parsonage in Manuden, & freehold and copyhold lands, meadow, pasture and wood grounds in Manuden and Farnham, Essex; mortgage of £3,400 on parsonage. C78/1817, no. 1 [27]
1735 15 April 8 William Lawes, esq formerly captain of His Majestye's sloop the Tryall and afterwards of the Seaford Man of War v. William Franklyn re. dispute over distribution and cost of sailors' wearing apparel (or 'slops') i.e. jackets , waistcoats, breeches etc. C78/1822, no. 4 [28]
1735 15 April 8 Usher St George alias Usher Olivia Usher; and Judith Usher, infants, children of John Usher esq and Mary his wife by the Right Honorable George St George, esq, Lord St George, Ireland, their grandfather; and the said John Usher and Mary his wife v. Mary St George, widow and executrix of Oliver St George, esq, her late husband; George Lord Carpenter in the Kingdom of Ireland; Archibald Hutchenson; Marmaduke Coghill; George Gore; and Thomas Marlay, esq; and others re. will 27 Sept 1728, of Oliver St. George [1661-1731] of Grosvenor Square, London and property in England and Ireland; bequests to his wife Mary St George. C78/1811, no. 4 [29]
1735 15 April 8 Elizabeth Coleraine, baroness dowager of Coleraine, Ireland; and William Gilbert, gent v. Trevill Cross, esq re. loan 16/17 Mar 1721 £1,000, by Trevill Cross from Lady Elizabeth Coleraine, secured on messuage or tenement in manor of Duryard in par, St Davids [Exeter, Devon] and other lands, etc. C78/1744, no. 12 [30]
1735 19 April 8 Philip Bennett, esq, administrator of Anne Bennett his late wife v. William Henry Morgan, esq re. loan 25 Mar 1727 £5,000 by William Henry Morgan from late Anne Bennett (before her marriage), secured on manor of Cowley, Gloucs with all the messuages, houses, appurtenances etc. C78/1778, no. 6 [31]
1735 23 April 8 Henry White v. John Fenwick; John Barker; Zouch Troughton; Joseph Goodfellow; Edward Loathis; John Rice; Richard Jefferys; Henry Cowndell; John Whitaker; William Calcot; Thomas Mayling; Mary Manning widow; Daniel Barrow; and Roderick Price re. complt. Henry White was friends throughout lifetime with William Fenwick of Christchurch, Surrey, waterman (died 6 June 'then last'); management of £1,000 estate of Henry White after death of W. Fenwick. C78/2073, no. 7 [32]
1735 26 April 8 Moore Green, second son of Moore Green of Monmouth, an infant by Sarah Green his mother v. Thomas Symonds, esq; and George White, esq, the surviving executors of John Smith of Eaton Bishop, Herefs, esq; Elizabeth Smith; Hannah Smith; and Bridgett Smith, infants, the heirs at law of said John Smith; Elizabeth Green, spinster; Charles Green; Philip Green; and Thomas Green; William Gaskarth; and Thomas Houghton, gent; Sir Philip York, knight, Attorney General re. will 19 Dec 1722, of John Smith divers lands Eaton Bishop, Peterchurch and Clehonger & elsewhere in cos. Hereford and Brecknock [Brecon], tithes of Talgarth [Brecon], very considerable personal estate; charity £400 for poor old men and women in Eaton Bishop & Kingstone, Heref. C78/1734, no. 5 [33]
1735 1 May 8 Elizabeth Hunt widow administratrix with the will annexed of Elizabeth Willoughby v. Arthur Blake, gent re. loan £200 19 Oct 1717, by Arthur Blake from Thomas Seward secured on lands in ?Charlinth and ?Spaylon; loan also from Elizabeth Willoughby; John Lord Lisburne C78/1859, no. 4 [34]
1735 1 May 8 John Isam, esq; Joseph Aylotte, esq; Edward Corbett, esq; John Blechendon, esq; John Harvey, gent; and Richard Blechendon, doctor of divinity, executors and trustees of William Smith esq v. James Moore afterwards called James Moore Smith, esq, then an infant, by Arthur Moore the elder, esq, his father and guardian; Arthur Moore the younger, esq; William Moore, esq; Robert Smith esq; The Honorable Henry Berkley, esq re. ordered and decreed that the plaintiffs should come to an account before Master Hiccocks of this Court for what, of the personal estate of the testator William Smith, had come to them... C78/1745, no. 5 [35]
1735 8 May 8 William Wareing gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; Ann Bydder and Margaret Bydder v. Thomas Walters & Dorothy his wife; George Bydder an infant by said Thomas Walters his guardian; and henry Lucas [vide 1735, C78/2073, no. 4, above] re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master John Bennell of this Court to see what part of the estate comprised in certain articles dated 10 Feb 1703 concerned the said testator George Bydder...[lands, pasture and wood called Killay in par. Bishopston [near Swansea], Glam. C78/2073, no. 3 [36]
1735 10 May 8 Nathaniel Wilkins, son and heir of Michael Wilkins, who was son and heir of Theodore Wilkins by Katherine his wife who was sister and heir of Richard Watson and also grandson and next heir of said Katherine and nephew and next heir of said Richard Watson v. John Brett Fisher, esq; Edward Fisher; Robert Barrett; Thomas Vyne; John Course; Samuel Rudland; and Thomas Roach re. will of Edward Brett [c.1608-1683] and descent of his property; divers messuages, manors, lands and woods in Kent [Blendon, now in London Borough of Bexley]. C78/1746, no. 1 [37]
1735 17 May 7 Francis Clarke; and Edward Benton, executors of Joseph Fashion v. Sidney Fashion, widow; Anne Clarke, wife of said complainant; Francis Clarke; Mary Deaken, widow; Jeremiah Deaken, an infant; Hannah Allison; William Attley; and John Spears, churchwardens of the parish of Hammersmith; Edward Heather; and William Eden, churchwardens of the parish of St Andrew, Holborn; Charles Hunt and Nicholas Read, churchwardens of St James, Westminster; the Attorney General; and Honora Fyler re. will, 16 Jan 1720, of Joseph Fashion and property in Hammersmith and Fulham, Middx C78/1735, no. 7 [38]
1735 20 May 8 Fenton and others (including Peter Spendelowe) v. Egerton baronet and others [damaged documnt] re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master...to compute was was due..;sir Edward Egerton C79/16, no. [39]
1735 22 May 8 Sir Phillip Yorke, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Leonard Milborne, clerk, vicar of Milford [Milford on Sea], Hants; John Kirkman; and John Fennings, churchwardens of said parish on behalf of themselves and the major part of the said parish who contributed to the poor rates v. William Hicks and William Earlis, overseers of the poor of the said parish; Nicholas Pennis; and Mary Scott re. will 2 July 1690, of Thomas Pening; his charitable intention & two closes in Milford called Dunstall and Strong Croft to his wife Jane née Brainford, and after her decease to the poor of parish for ever. C78/1825, no. 7 [40]
1735 23 May 8 George Nicholls; Norton Nicholls; James Nicholls; and Anne Nicholls, infants by James Chambers, gent v. Abraham Nicholls, an infant; Abraham Chambers; and Abraham Fowler re. marriage agreement 1702, Richard Nicholls of London, goldsmith, and Esther Chambers (parents of complts.); will of father 18 Mar 1706; descent of mother's property. C78/, no. 6 [41]
1735 9 June 8 James Walwin, esq v. John Whittington; William Edwards; Thomas Price; Ann Whittington; Edmund Whittington; Thomas Whittington; Isaac Whittington; and Stephen Jenkins re. loan 7/8 July 1707 £800, by John Whittington of Leominster, Heref. from Samuel Skinner,now deceased, secured on two messuages or tenements at Brierley in par. Leominster. C78/1745, no. 6 [42]
1735 10 June 8 Anne Atherley widow of Richard Atherley decd (and others named) v. Walter Jobber devisee of Thomas Jobber re. loan 1726 £400, by Thomas Jobber from Richard Atherley, secured on messuage, farm and lands in Idsall otherwise Shifnal, Salop called Aston [Aston Hall], and in Blymhill, Brineton and Bishops Wood in Staffs & elsewhere. C78/1766, no. 15 [43]
1735 13 June 9 John Cromwell of Mitcham, Surrey, yeoman only surviving brother and heir at law of Robert Cromwell late of Paddington, Middx, yeoman v. Thomas Griffiths; Francis Griffiths; and Richard Prescott re. will 10 Sept 1722, of Robert Cromwell, deceased of Paddington and lands in Hayes, Middx and messuages lands and tenements at Brentford and elsewhere & considerable personal estate in ready money & goods to value of £2,000; bequests and conditions. C78/2050, no. 9 [44]
1735 17 June 9 Mary Barkham widow one of the executors and only residuary legatees of Edward Barkham esq and administratrix of Sir Edward Barkham esq not administered by said Edward Barkham v. Robert Harr and Thomas Marwood two other of the executors of said Edward Barkham and also the Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London; Masters Guardians and Governors of the Hospital called Bethlem Hospital AND also v. Mary Newcomen widow sister and devisee of said Sir Edward Barkham; Elizabeth Meux executor of Sir William Massingberd jr baronet who was son, heir, and Executor of Sir William Massingberd baronet and surviving trustee of Sir Edward Barkham; Lewis Dymocke esq; and John Willes Attorney General re. will 19 Jan 1709 of Sir Edward Barkham [3rd Baronet, c.1680–1711] of Wainfleet, Lincs; bequest of all real and personal estate to Sir William Massingberd and Dymoke Walpole, since deceased, in trust to sell...; bequest to cousin Robert Barhkam, conditions... C78/2077, no. 1 [45]
1735 17 June 9 Rich Vaughan gentleman assignee of William Stanier a bankrupt v. Henry Edwardes esq, now Sir Henry Edwardes [5th Baronet, died 1767]. re. indenture 17 Nov 1729 of co-partnership, agreement to trade in drapery for three years; conditions C78/2065, no. 4 [46]
1735 19 June 9 Paul Vaillant, gent v. James Jones; John Richardson; Jonathan Bush; Peter Paul Kemp; Thomas Stone; Rice Vaughan; and Susanna Johnson re. loan 18 Apr 1733 £1,700, by James Jones from Paul Vaillant, secured on eighteen several messuages or tenements situate in Lewknor Lane otherwise Charles Street and in Cross Street in par. St Giles in the Fields Middx. and in two messuages on the west side of Chancery Lane, London. C78/1797, no. 7 [47]
1735 21 June 9 George Knapp and Charles Cutts; Nathaniel Eastman sr; and Nehemiah Eastman jr; Peter Foster; and Roger Lonebaud and also William Hayward creditors of James Plums for themselves and other creditors of said James Plums v. Anna Plums; John Huggins; Elizabeth Daberon; Judith Aldersey; Katherine Fleetwood; Robert Forrest & Ann his wife; Elizabeth Upton; and William Aldersey re. James Plums, died Jan 1727, possessed of a large real and personal estate in Kent, Surrey, Middx. and elsewhere, sufficient to pay his creditors; his debts to named complainants. C78/1872, no. 2 [48]
1735 25 June 9 Elizabeth Bond widow and Joshua Clegg v. James Jeayns esq re. loan £800 by James Jeayns from Elizabeth Bond, secure on messuage called Balladine House with pasture grounds, rights of common and several acres of arable land in common fields situate at Wimblington in par Doddington, Isle of Ely [Cambs]. C78/2073, no. 9 [49]
1735 30 June 9 Thomas Smith v. John Richards; Raymunds Putt esq; and Thomas Gore re. loan 5 Mar 1717 £100, by Thomas Richards (now in Newfoundland) from Thomas Smith, secured on cottage in Limpston [Lympstone], Devon; repairs to cottage. C78/2078, no. 13 [50]
1735 3 July 9 Sir John Tyrwhitt, baronet; John Tyrwhitt his eldest son; and James Tyrwhitt, his younger son v. Sir Thomas Saunderson, knight of the Bath; Richard Saunderson; John Lumley; James Lumley, esqs; Sir Thomas Frankland, baronet; Richard Frankland; and Frederick Frankland, esqs; Richard, earl of Scarborough; William Gilby, esq; Jasper Blythman, gent; Sir John Prideaux, baronet; Ann Westyd, widow; George Lodington; and William Savile, esqs re. will, 26 Jan 1721, of James late earl Castleton, and messuages, lands, hereditaments etc in counties of York and Lincoln. C78/1761, no. 8 [51]
1735 4 July 9 George Clifton v. Robert Barnard re. numerous goods and services supplied, since 1718 or 1719, to defendant by the complainant. C78/1744, no. 1 [52]
1735 10 July 9 Nathaniel Stephens; Robert Stephens; Henry Stephens; Elizabeth Stephens; Mary Stephens; and Catherine Stephens younger sons and daughters of Nathaniel Stephens v. Richard Stephens esq; Elizabeth Stephens widow; and Jeremiah Pemberton esq re. will, 10 Nov 1726 of Nathaniel Stephens, and manors of Eastington, Alkerton, Bradestone (or Amey Court) and Horsley in Eastington and Horsley pars., Gloucs C78/2060, no. 4 [53]
1735 10 July 9 Priscilla Billings, widow and administratrix of her late husband Robert Billings v. Charles Mason, esq; Charles Brander; and Sir Bibye Lake, baronet AND Charles Mason, esq v. Priscilla Billings; and Charles Brander re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred do Master ?Eid of this Court to compute what was due to Sir Bibye Lake [c.1684–1744] on the assignment made to the defendant Mason dated 8 May team 1706 for the sum of £130 and interest... C78/1765, no. 15 [54]
1735 16 July 9 The Masters and Scholars of Balliol College, University of Oxford v. George Fursdon esq; Charles Snape clerk & Penelope his wife; and George Fursdon an infant by the said George Fursdon his father and guardian re. will 1714 of Richard Ellsworth of Bickham [in par.Timberscombe], Somerset, real estate in Soms., Kent and Sussex and personal estate of £10,000+; bequests including £40 to two scholars of Balliol college from Timberscombe, Cutcombe, Selworthy, Wootton Courtenay, Minehead or Dunster or, failing that, from the county at large... C78/2078, no. 8 [55]
1735 18 July 9 Henry Edwards, esq, now Sir Henry Edwards, baronet, assignee under a commission of bankrupt awarded against Richard Prestland, Thomas Jones, and William Stanier partners v. Samuel Sydebotham; and Samuel Keynton, assignees of a separate commission awarded against said Richard Prestland and Thomas Wright, partner in trade with said Samuel Sydebotham [see above 1735 C78/2065, no.4 ] re. indenture Nov 1729 of co-partnership, agreement to trade in drapery for three years; conditions... C78/1761, no. 6 [56]
1735 18 July 9 George Beaumont, baronet; and henry Andrews, esq v. Dorothy Chaveney; Elizabeth Chaveney; Catharine Chaveney, widow, afterwards wife of Thomas Squier; William Busby; and Anne Busby re. will 4 Feb 1725, of Henry Chaveney [d.1727]; messuages, lands and premises in Quorndon, Mountsorrell, Rothley, Barrow upon Soar and elsewhere in Leics. moieties of estate to wife and sister, and after their decease... C78/1747, no. 12 [57]
1735 19 July 9 Charles Trelawney esq administrator with the will annexed of Edward Trelawney late dean of Exeter of his goods unadministered by Darell Trelawney esq and also executor of said Darell Trelawney; John Rubell gentleman; and Nicholas Green gentleman executors of Robert Hales for themselves and other creditors and legatees of Henry Darell esq v. John Cock; Simon Lewellin; Richard Elvans; Francis Crabb; and Sarah Darell widow re. debt of Henry Darell at his death, £3,521 6s 11d plus interest, to Edward Trelawney and debt £500 + interest to Russell & Green; will 30 May 1731 of Henry Darell and his very considerable real and personal estate. C78/1890, no. 5 [58]
1735 19 July 9 Richard Acklom esq v. Thomas Meads esq; Sarah Meads spinster an infant; and John Baker; and Daniel Baker re. death of John Stanhope, died 1708, no male issue but two daus., Elizabeth (who married Richard Acklom) & Isabella; his manor of High Melwood [Melwood Park] in Owston par. and lands in High Burnham in Haxey par. and Howsham Barff in par. Cadney, Lincs. etc; descent of his properties. C78/1880, no. 1 [59]
1735 19 July 8 Margery Chase, spinster, since Margery Chaffey, wife of Charles Chaffey since deceased v. Thomas Fry; John Perry; and John Lewellen re. sale or lease 1 Sept 1708 of closes and parcels of land, meadow and pasture by John Speke to John Chase in par. Whitelackington, Somerset. C78/1824, no. 3 [60]
1735 29 July 9 William Fowler and Richard Saylor executors of Thomas Grace late of Kirk Langley, Derbs; and William Moor; and Thomas Jackson creditors of said Thomas Grace on behalf of themselves and all other creditors who contribute to the suit v. Thomas Grace the son; and David and Thomas Grace the younger the grandsons of the said Thomas Grace deceased; Philip Parr; Peter Pear; and Edward Burton re. will 29 April 1729, of Thomas Grace; debt to Thomas Jackson on bond 26 Sept 1729 £100, and to Wm. Moor on bond 1 Sept 1728 £70, & his many other debts and arrears of rent. C78/2067, no. 2 [61]
1735 29 July 9 William Barnesley v. Henry Price clerk and Edward Pugh gentleman re. descent of the manor of Shelwick, Heref. [par. Holmer and Shelwick] inc. the capital messuage called Shelwick Court and the freehold lands, tenements, pastures, woods etc., conveyed by Pauncefote Wall to James Woodhouse and William Whitmore; indenture of Oct 1702. C78/2066, no. 1 [62]
1735 29 July 9 Robert Breton clerk and Valentine Arnold v. Nathen Bancks infant; Henry Jones gentleman; and Mary Churchill widow re. messuages, lands etc near Kingsale Green in par. Hugendon otherwise Hitchenden, Bucks claimed by Henry Bancks and father Mathew Bancks...; sale £800 in 1712 to complt. Valentine Arnold. C78/2057, no. 3 [63]
1735 29 July 9 Anthony Chester of Emanuel College, University of Cambridge, clerk, son and heir of Henry Chester, esq, who was a younger brother of Sir John Chester, baronet v. Sir John Chester, baronet; Charles Adderley, esq, & Dame Frances Chester his wife; John Toller, esq; Penelope Chester; Elizabeth Chester; Ann Chester; Catherine Chester; and Dorothy Chester re. wiil 25 Jan 1725, of Sir John Chester [4th Baronet 1666-Feb 1725 of Chicheley, Bucks.] & an allowance of £25 p.a. to his student nephew Anthony Chester until he obtained a fellowship or preferment; other bequests. C78/1761, no. 3 [64]
1735 8 Oct 9 James Seamer; Elizabeth Bucknall widow; William Halliday esq & Mary his wife; Thomas Dark; William Davis; Richarfd Bull; and George Mullins on behalf of themsleves and other creditors of William Spelman esq v. the lady Elizabeth Spelman widow; Hugh Naish esq; Thomas Naish gentleman; William Peere William esq; Lucy Newarke; Thomas Metcalfe gentleman; The Governor and Company of Merchants of Great Britain Trading to the South Seas and other Parts of America and for Encouraging the Fishery commonly called the South Sea Company; John Eyre; Dorothy Naish the daughter; Nehemiah Barnett & Dorothy his wife; Ambrose Naish; Love Newark; Ann Stourton; and Sir Phillip Yorke knight Attorney General re. debts of William Spelman and of lady Elizabeth Spelman, widow following loans and dealings with complt. since 1706. C78/2072, no. 1 [65]
1735 18 Oct 9 Thomas Forster gentleman and John Ostens v. Blasiers Tovey doctor of laws and John Neal re. division of hamlet of Brunton (or Bruruton or Bourton) in par Embleton, Northumberland, anciently enjoyed by sir Reginald Carnaby in time of Henry VIII; obligations to vicar of Embleton. C78/2050, no. 5 [66]
1735 23 Oct 9 William Mortiboys; Anne Breton, widow; Sarah Hayward, spinster; Ann Lort, spinster; Mary Cooper, widow for themselves and other creditors of William Booth Allestry, esq v. William Booth Allestry; William Walter, & Catherine his wife; John Hoo; Pudsey Jesson; and John Addeys, esqs re. loan £700 by William Booth Allestry from complt; secured on properties in Witton, Erdington (or Yourton) and Boardsley, Warks. [now in Birmingham, West Midlands] and in Handsworth, Staffs [now in West Midlands] & Greet, Worcs [now in Birmingham]. C78/1755, no. 11 [67]
1735 24 Oct 9 Thomas Hesketh v. John Plumb re. descent of lands of Bartholemew Hesketh [of Aughton] including manors of Aughton, Scarisbrick, Uplitherland, Aspinwall, Harleton, Ormskirk and Snape, Lancs. & capital messuage called 'New Hall' and the advowson of Aughton etc; indenture 9 June [1648]. C78/1757, no. 6 [68]
1735 27 Oct 9 Joseph Gibson, merchant v. James Tully, gent re. neglect and mismanagement of the legal affairs of complt. by the defendant, Attorney at Law James Tully; the case of John Shelly. C78/1797, no. 5 [69]
1735 30 Oct 9 John Tucker esq v. George Clarke re.loan 22 Dec 1720 £1,400, by George Clarke from John Tucker secured on messuages, tenements, hereditaments and rents etc. in manor or hamlet of Daccombe in par. of St Mary's Church or Coffinwell, or one of them, Devon. C78/2078, no. 7 [70]
1735 31 Oct 9 v. Tudor Lockley & Deborah his wife; Daniel Bonner; Thomas Grace; Joseph Studley; Scott Bonner [damaged document, but see 1733, C79/124, no.(49 ) Thomas Payne v. Tudor Lockley & Deborah his wife; Thomas Scott; Thomas Grace; Daniel Bonner; Joseph Studley; and John Barker] C79/198, no. [71]
1735 6 Nov 9 John Hart, an infant, brother, and heir at law of Ralph Hart; Alice Hart; and Mary Hart deceased, children of John Hart of Spalding, Lincs also deceased, and Mary his wife by said Mary his mother v. John Wetherill; John Walker; Thomas Davies; and John Pease; and Thomas Boynton, churchwardens; and Peter Baker and Edward Mawer, overseers of the poor of Whitby; and the Attorney General re. will 4 Oct 1709, of Ralph Boys and property in Whitby and Fylingdales, Yorks; bequest of messuages caled 'Southward Houses' with fields, closes belonging; other bequests; indenture 1/2 Dec 1720 of Margery Boys, widow. C78/1772, no. 1 [72]
1735 7 Nov 9 Andrew Taylor esq v. John Poll re. sale 1731 for £700 of manor of [blank] consisting of messuages with a brewhouse, stables, yards, gardens known as 'Fleece' at Wells juxta Mare [Wells-next-the-Sea], Norfolk with the brewing utensils; pay within 6 months. C78/2073, no. 6 [73]
1735 13 Nov 9 Richard Waller v. John Sutton; Walter Moel; Robert Griffin; Thomas Hammersley & Margaret his wife; Margaret Pidgeon; and Alice Pidgeon infants by Robert Griffin their guardian re. loan 4 Oct 1721 £200, by late Lawrence Pidgeon, secured on messuage or burgage with malthouse, barn, garden and tan-yard in Castle Street, Eccleshall, Staffs. C79/73, no. [74]
1735 13 Nov 9 Anne Tilly, widow v. Edward Newby the younger; and John Cutten re. referred to Master John Bennett of this Court to compute what was due for principal, interest and costs of the plaintiff's mortgage & to tax her, her costs of the suit and at law for the recovery of the possession of the said premises in question... C78/1777, no. 4 [75]
1735 19 Nov 9 William Hamerton of London, merchant v. William Bury; Andrew Lavington; and Richard Paul; John Colsworthy; Nicholas Blake; and William Stephens re. acceptance by complt. of bills of exchange drawn on him by defendants, when he had none of their effects in his hands; debts. C78/1760, no. 13 [76]
1735 26 Nov 9 Theodore Darley, esq v. Sarah Darley, wife of said Theodore Darley, jr; Robert Gould, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Darley, spinster; James Marshall, & Sarah his wife; Vincent Darley; Essex Darley; and Charity Revell, executrix of Samuel Revell, executor of Stephen Revell re. ordered and decreed that the bond of 31 Jan 1715 should be delivered up to Theodore Darley senior, and that the interest which should accrue due on the several securities contained in the assignment of 10 May 1710 should be had for the principal sums received received by her, paid to the said Sarah Darley... C78/1754, no. 7 [77]
1735 7 Dec 9 John Willes, esq, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Nelson, vicar of Orton, Westmorland; Edward Hayton of Birkbeck Fells in the parish of Orton; and George Wilson the younger of Bretherdale in the parish of Orton, churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Orton v. Hugh Holme, gent; John Dent, & Elizabeth his wife, executors of George Gibson re. will 27 Nov 1733 of George Gibson of Holborn, Middx, and endowment of a free school at Bretherdale or Birkbeck Fells. C78/1827, no. 2 [78]
1735 9 Dec 9 John Sutton an infant, son and heir and only surviving child of Robert Sutton v. Sir Richard Ellis baronet; Langley Bankes esq & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Sutton; and John Pearl and another (sic) re. will dated 11 April 1708, of Peter Hamock and property at Bardney, North and South Somercotes and Skidbrook, Lincs. C78/1880, no. 3 [79]
1735 9 Dec 9 Ambrose Brown, esq; John Brown; and Margaret Brown, spinster; Dame Elizabeth Mouse, widow; and Dame Elizabeth Miller; Jane Meux; and Ann Meux, the three daughters of said Dame Elizabeth Meux; and also Philippa Jordan, widow; William Beaumont, & Elizabeth his wife; John Hele, & Philippa his wife; Thomas Jordan; George Jordan; John Jevon, & Margaret his wife; Jane Foven; and Muschamp Jevon; and also Elizabeth Jevon; John Jevon; Anne Jevon; Ambrose Jevon; Daniel Jevon; Mary Jevon; and Catherine Jevon, the children of said John Jevon, & Margaret his wife by said John Jevon their father v. Richard Thurland, esq re. will 6 July 1725, of Margaret Fenwick of Betchworth Castle in par. Dorking [now in par. Brockham], Surrey, very considerable real estate and very great personal estate; numerous bequests, and charitable legacies C78/1786, no. 17 [80]
1735 11 Dec 9 Jerimiah Cray esq and Elizabeth Cray spinster both infants under the age of 14 years by Edward Jones clerk v. Mary Cray widow; Samuel Cray; John Cray; Philip Cray; Alexander Cray; Deborah Cray; Elizabeth Cray; Martha Cray; James Willis; Elizabeth Compton; Catherine Rook; and Roger Holland esqs re. Property of Jerimiah Cray of Southampton who died about Nov 1731 intestate, including manors, messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments, leases, securities, ready money, mortgages, plate, jewels, stock etc., etc. C79/130, no. [81]
1735 17 Dec 9 William Lockett, clerk; and John Bloodworth, executors, trustees, and legatees of Thomas Haughton, gent; William Smith, gent, & Mary his wife; Sheldon Porter; Sarah Porter; Penelope Porter; John Porter, since deceased, an infant by Robert Porter his father; said Mary Smith, Sheldon, Sarah, Penelope, and John Porter being the children of Sarah late wife of said Robert Porter, gent, for themselves and the rest of the legatees and of the creditors of said Thomas Haughton v. Hannah Coultman, widow; Barbara Clay; Hannah Coultman the younger; John Turville, & Mary his wife; John Lovett, & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Burton, & Anne his wife; Benjamin Backstrow, & Hannah his wife, late Hannah Bourne; and Andrew William Bourne; James Stephens Bourne; and Hannah Barbara Bourne, infants re. will, 5 Sept 1733 of Thomas Haughton, bachelor, no issue, considerable real and personal estate in Raworth [Rowarth], in par. Glossop, Derbs; bequest to his 'kinswoman' Hannah Coultman; his debts to several persons. C78/1747, no. 13 [82]
1735 18 Dec 9 John Kestell, gent; Stephen Made, gent, & Dorothy his wife; Phillipson Kestell, spinster; Lower Kestell; John Kestell; Richard Kestell; Thomas Kestell; and Henry Kestell, infants by said John Kestell v. James Kestell; John Treise; John Williams; and Hugh Williams; Richard Marker, & Elizabeth his wife re. will, 28 March 1732, and properties of John Kestell (bachelor of physick) deceased [d.April 1732] in Kestell (sic) in par. Egloshayle, Cornwall; bequests to family members. C78/1745, no. 7 [83]
1735 19 Dec 9 Olympia De Lafarrelle, widow of Lewis de Lafarrelle, esq; and Alexander de Lafarrelle her son and sole issue v. Robert Myre; Solomon Penny; and Claude Aubert re. will 27 Sept 1727, of Lewis de Lafarrelle, estate in trust for his wife if she remains a widow, but provisions if she re-marries; maintenance of son Alexander.[Huguenot family]; allegations against the executors. C78/1797, no. 8 [84]
1735 C78/, no. []