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1725 C78/, no. []
1725 12 Jan 11 Ann Evans; and Elizabeth Evans, infants, by their guardian; William Knapton; John Willis, sr; John Willis, jr; Odber Knapton; and Robert Willis re. ordered and decreed that the said trust estate in Wiltshire should be sold to the best purchaser that could be gotten for the same to be allowed of my Master Borritt, then of this Court, in which sale all parties concerned were to join, as they Master should direct, and out of the money arising by the said sale the £2,000 & interest due for the same, from the death of the said testator, given to his said two daughters, was to be paid to the defendants William Gibson and John Willis for the use of the said Ann and Elizabeth Evans according to the said will... C78/1706, no. 4 [2]
1725 12 Jan 11 Richard Sandford v. Nicholas Ellard and Mary his wife; and Henry Floud and Susannah his wife re. loan £400 29/30 July in the fifth year of present reign [1718-19] by Ellard and Flood from

Richard Sandford, secured on messuage or Inn called the Oyford [Oxford] Inn and bowling green without the East Gate of the City of Exeter between Northernhay and Loogbrooke St in par. St Davids...

C78/1458, no. 6 [3]
1725 15 Jan 11 Robert Norris of Kingwood [?Ringwood], Hants, yeoman v. Daniel Goddage; Richard Pawsett; and John Thurston re. complt. Robert Norris agreed to lease two farms, one in Hants., one in Wilts. fot 7 years from Lady Day [25 Mar] 1705 at £110 p.a; agreement, conditions. C78/1803, no. 2 [4]
1725 16 Jan 11 Adrian Vanden; Bomenaer Cornelius Vanson; and Robert Gordon, upseers or deacons of the English Presbyterian Church in the City of Rotterdam; and William Uyterwaest; Isaac de Lepelaar; Thomas Oudman; Michael Summuk; Cornelius Van Raamburg; Johannes de Pries; Johan Verstolk; Paulus Van Hemert; Christian de Cracy; Henrick de Vital; Jacobus van Kirkhoven; Cornelius Bendy; William Greenvelt; Jan Phenix; William Step; Abraham Bubbeson; Paulus Vandervalk; Johannes de Graef; Cornelius de Kemp; and Baron Groenvelt, the upseers or deacons of the Public Reformed Nether Dutch Church of the said City on behalf of themselves and the poor of the said churches; and Joseph Hill; and Bartholomew Loftus, ministers of the said English Church complainants

v. Charles Reve, clerk

re. will 8 Feb 1712, of Nicholas Reve; his considerable personal estate; devise to the complts., the upseers and deacons of the English church in Rotterdam, his house on the south side of the Newhaven in Rotterdam. C78/1778, no. 14 [5]
1725 18 Jan 11 John Harris and others (sic) v. William Norcliff esq and others (sic) AND Daniel Deane and others (sic) v. William Norcliff and others (sic) re ordered and adjudged that the former decree therein mentioned of 15 June 1740 should stand and that the defendant Francis Harris should join in the sale of the lands... C78/2074, no. 4 [6]
1725 27 Jan 11 Sir Thomas Brand, knight[c.1670-1761]; Balthazar Guidott, esq; Thomas Jenney, esq; John Theophilus Desaguliers, doctor of laws; Thomas Moore, esq; Andrew Robinson, esq; John Lawton, esq; William Branthwaite, esq; Colin Cambell, esq; and Robert Hackett, esq, being the major of the trustees appointed by the proprietors of the undertaking called The Devonshire Mines and Quarries, for themselves all the proprietors except the defendants

v. John Pratt, esq; John Collier, gent; Thomas Burdus, esq; Nicholas Herle, esq; Philip Treherne; William Midford; Thomas Tayler; and John Chambre, gent

re. lease purchased by defendant Burdus in July 1720 from lady Lucy countess dowager of Londonderry for 21 years of her mines and minerals of copper, lead, iron, tin and any other mines or minerals except marble, slate and shingle, quarries then found in the manor of Tormoham [Tor Hohun, now in Torquay], Devon... C78/1707, no. 5 [7]
1725 1 Feb 11 Elizabeth Fenwick, widow of William Fenwick, esq; and Elizabeth an infant, daughter of said William Fenwick v. John Fenwick, esq, & Margaret his wife; William Wrightson, esq, & Isabella his wife; and John Bacon, esq re. marriage settlement, 2 April, 2Anne [1703-4] of the said William Fenwick & Susanna the daughter of the deft John Bacon. Barony & manor of Bywell, lands in Newton, Acomb, Bromley, Mickley, New Ridley & South Middleton, and tithes of North Middleton, all in Northumberland. C78/1755, no. 4 [8]
1725 4 Feb 11 Joshua Iremonger, an infant of 2 years and upwards, by Samuel Sheafe his uncle v. Sarah Iremonger, widow; Edward Lascells; Joseph Raymond; and Nathaniel Gould, esq re. purported will 4 Feb 1717, of Joshua Iremonger leaving property to wife Sarah Iremonger. If he had died intestate, property to son, the complt... C78/1680, no. 2 [9]
1725 4 Feb 11 Archibald, earl of Ilay v. William, lord Forbes; and William Dale of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, esq re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Conway of this Court to compute what was due to the complt. for principal money and interest on his mortgage, and to tax him his costs at law & of the said suit... C78/1675, no. 5 [10]
1725 5 Feb 11 Francis Wicliffe gentleman v. Ambrose Johnson; Ann Johnson; Margaret Clarkson; WIlliam Robinson; Erastus Johnson; John Harker & Pennington his wife; and Elizabeth Harker their daughter re. descent or title of lands at Whorleton [Whorlton], Durham and a conveyance July 1654, by Edward Taylor, decsd., to Ambrose Johnson decsd... C78/2050, no. 2 [11]
1725 10 Feb 11 Elizabeth Whitchurch and Mary Whitchurch, infants v. Joseph Whitchurch; and Edward Whitchurch senior re. Edward Whitchurch, died May 1721 without issue, of Westcomb [Westcombe in par. Batcombe, Soms.], complt's late uncle; descent of his capital messuage called Batcombe Lodge with the gardens, orchards and other messuages etc. in Westcomb, £300+ p.a. C78/1480, no. 5 [12]
1725 13 Feb 11 John Borranskaile, clerk v. Ralph Emmerson, clerk re. curacy of Potton, Beds; complt. John Borranskaile promised emolument 30 Jan 1696 £27 p.a.; appobation of Mr Gardiner, Bishop of Lincoln. [James Gardiner, 1637-1705]. C78/1472, no. 7 [13]
1725 15 Feb 11 Robert Hodgson clerk executor of Robert Hodgson v. Thomas Kynaston an infant by his guardian and Charles Drew and Anne Tooke executrix of Thomas Tooke re. Will 28th July 1718, of Thomas Kynaston and his considerable real and personal estate; devise to Sir Thomas Tooke of Bishops Stratford [Bishops Stortford] and Robert Hodgson of Covent Garden, all his farms and lands at Colston in Suffolk... C79/94, no. [14]
1725 20 Feb 11 William Howard v. Elizabeth Rookes, widow and administratrix of Edward Rookes, esq, afterwards the wife of William Graham, gent; AND v. Edward Rookes and Elizabeth,m infants, son and daughter of said Edward Rookes by said Elizabeth Graham their mother and guardian re. purchase of 8 several messages or tenements situate in Drury Lane and in Wills Passage in par. St Giles in the Fields, Middx. £82 p.a., the property of Edward Rookes the father. C78/1795, no. 5 [15]
1725 23 Feb 11 William, lord bishop of Bangor commendatory rector and parson of the parish and parish church of St Giles in the Fields, Middx v. Edward, lord Leigh and Peter Haynes gentleman re. indenture 7 Apr 1662, messuage called the White house in par. St Giles in the Fields, Middx., given and granted by lady Alice, duchess dowager Dudley deceased [1579-1669] to William lord archbishop of Canterbury [William Juxon, 1582-1663]... C78/2037, no. 13 [16]
1725 25 Feb 11 Mildred Wells v. John Edwards, & Martha his wife re. will 8 Aug 1714, of Henry Lee died 12 Aug 1714 (complt's cousin) and his very great personal estate, ctock, monies, plate & securities and considerable estate in par. Fareham [Hants] £40 or £50 p.a.and divers copyhold lands and tenements, held of manor of Fareham. C78/1762, no. 8 [17]
1725 25 Feb 11 Thomas Billinger, & Elizabeth his wife v. Christopher Caple, esq; John Caple, doctor in phisick; and others (sic) re. will 28 Dec 1675 of William Caple and his capital messuage and diverse lands in Prestbury, Widcombe [Winchcombe], Longford, Down Hatherly and Twigworth, Gloucs. & some of the tithes of Barnwood £60, and a considerable personal estate. C78/1760, no. 1 [18]
1735 1 March 11 John Swinnerton, dyer, gent, & Mary his wife; John Gaudy, & Frances his wife v. John Anstis, esq [1669–1744], garter king at arms re. marriage agreement William Hooper and Mary Anstis (dau. of John Anstis), parents of Mary and Frances, the complts; manors lands and tenements in Cornwall and Devon; death of William Hooper intestate, debts and obligations. C78/1710, no. 2 [19]
1725 5 March 11 John Boyd; John Deane; and Thomas Hanmer v. Henry Freckleton; Robert Hardisty; Alexander Barham; and Christopher Hall [damaged document] re. May 1688 complts. enlisted in troop of late Lt Col Palmer in war against France; dispute concerning remuneration. C79/78, no. [20]
1725 5 March 11 Thomas Slocombe; Roger Hains; Thomas Dyke; Thomas Bond; John Baker; Richard Slocombe; Humfry Puddy; John Puddy; Lewis Harris; Joseph Palmer; John Merry; Humfry Jenkins; John Stevens; John Pulsford; Edward Williams; Elizabeth Slocombe, spinster; John Winter; Philip Winter; William West; Francis Coles; John Southey; John Perriam an infant by Sarah Perriam his mother; Thomas Dyke esq; Dame Jane Fynte, widow; Sarah Perriam, widow; Richard Nutcombe, owners of lands within the parish of Bishop's Lydeard, Som, or tithable places thereof on behalf of themselves and several other owners of lands within the same parish

v. John Geale [or John Gale], clerk

re. descent of, or title to ancient water grist mill called Portman Mills in par. Bishops Lyddiard [Bishops Lydeard, Soms.] C78/1825, no. 5 [21]
1725 6 March 11 John lord Ashburnham baron of Ashburnham, Sussex; and Richard lord viscount fitzWilliam of Morion, Ireland v. Bertram Ashburnham; Francis Annesly; Edward Southwell; Richard Wareing; and Henrietta Bridget Ashburnham re. marriage agreement 15 Oct 1705, William Ashburnham [1679-1710, d. without issue, smallpox] and Catharine Taylor [1686-1710, smallpox]; portion and lands in Beds, Sussex and Wales & an annuity. C79/63, no. [22]
1725 19 March 11 Benjamin Stephens, & Christian his wife v. Robert Harle; John Colton; William Fountaine; Richard Fountaine; William Batty; William Colten; Thomas Preiter; William Preiter; Anthony Preiter; Richard Fountaine; Anne Fountaine; William Fountaine; Dorothy Fountaine; Robert Fountaine; Jennett Fountaine; Elizabeth Fountaine; and Christopher Fountaine; Thomas Atkinson; William Atkinson; and Matthew Atkinson; William Booth; and Anne Booth; Hewett Fountaine; John Newell, & Anne his wife; Mathew Jones, & Margaret his wife; Richard Yoward, & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Appleton; and Frances his wife re. will 15 July 1721 of Richard Fountaine [1639-1722] of Enfield, Middx;his considerable real estate and great personal estate, stock in Bank of England, South Sea Company, East India Company; provision for Stephens and wife etc... C78/1728, no. 7 [23]
1725 6 April 11 Ralph Worsley, son and heir and also administratrix of George Worsley v. Richard Percivall, esq re. debts of complt; mortgage 22 July 1682, messuage or tenement and lands called Blackstock in co. of Lancaster. C78/1757, no. 5 [24]
1725 7 April 11 Christopher Chapman, & Sarah his wife; and Catherine Collins, spinster v. John Wales; and Calver Wales re. descent of property of Edward Collins of Walberswick, Suffolk; divers messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments both freehold and copyhold value £100+ p.a. and his personal estate to the value of £15,000+ (Sarah and Catherine = his nieces). C78/1821, no. 3 [25]
1725 10 April 11 Robert Mills then lately an infant v. Ursula Toll, widow re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Holford of this Court to compute what was due for the £80 legacy therein mentioned with interest, for the same from six months after the death of Mary young the said testator's late wife when the same became payable... C78/1934, no. 4 [26]
1725 14 April 11 Herbert Norris v. Daniel Goddard; Richard Pawlett; and John Thurston re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Dormer of this Court to take an account of the said Robert Norris senior's goods and effects and what were the values thereof... what was due to the defendant for rent or other wise at the time of such distress.... C78/1801, no. 1 [27]
1725 21 April 11 Samuel Cox, citizen and haberdasher of London, & Hannahhis wife; and Elizabeth Delitha of Newington [Stoke Newington], Middx, spinster, the said Hannah and Elizabeth being two of the children of Edward Delitha of London v. William Delitha, esq re. sisters Hannah and Elizabeth in dispute with brother William over sums of money given by their father the late Edward Delitha to William.... C78/1788, no. 10 [28]
1725 24 April 11 John Voyce, sr v. Harcourt Goodrick re. will 12 June 1700, of Nathaniel Houston jnr. mercer of London, and his considerable personal estate bequest to complt, his former servant. C78/1807, no. 8 [29]
1725 24 April 11 Thomas Boothby, esq v. Mathew Vernon; and John Yong re.descent of property of late Sir Henry Boothby [1682-1710] unmarried, without issue, of Broadlow Ash [near Thorpe, Ashbourne] Derbs; messuages, farms, mills, tithes, lands, tenements and hereditaments in pars. of Ashbourne, Mapleton, Tissington, Alsopladale [Alsop en le Dale], Starston [?Stanton, Staffs], Bentley [Fenny Bentley], ?Dallington and Thorpe and elsewhere in Derbs. C78/1709, no. 1 [30]
1725 27 April 11 Mary Wilks, widow and relict of Robert Wilks, gent; Robert Wilks, gent, an infant by said Mary his mother v. Francis Wilks; Joseph Harris, & Susanna his wife; Benjamin Dawson, & Mary his wife re. will July 1718 of Robert Wilks and his divers manors, farms, messuages, lands and tenements and hereditaments in York. Middx. and elsewhere £300+ & a very great personal estate £10,000; bequests. C78/1737, no. 7 [31]
1725 27 April 11 Joseph Rodrigues, merchant v. Alvaro Mendes; John Laws; and George Middleton re. three six month bills of exchange 15 July 1720, drawn by defdnt. John Laws of Paris for £6,000, £5,000& & £4,000 payable to complt. Joseph Rodrigues; subsequent loan. C78/1701, no. 3 [32]
1725 28 April 11 Martha Ord, spinster; and Erasmus Ord, gent v. Thomas Smith; Francis Smith; Walter Ashley, & Francis his wife Mortgage (about 37 or 38 years ago) by Christopher Ord decd, late brother of the complts, of the tithes of Scremerston, Co Durham [now Northumberland], to Adam Smith. Said Christopher went abroad to escape his creditors about 30 years ago, and died abroad about 20 years ago. C78/1741, no. 6 [33]
1725 3 May 11 Jane Colchester, an infant, one of the daughters and coheirs of Maynard Colchester of Westbury [Westbury-on-Severn ], Glouc, esq, by Jane Colchester, widow, her mother v. Sir Thomas Clarke, baronet; Rauf Freke, & Ann his wife; Edward Cook; John Snell; William Clutterbuck re. marriage agreement 26 Dec 1689, Maynard Colchester [1665–1715] and Jane Clarke [d.1741]; portion of £5,500, divers manors, lands and hereditamants in Gloucs.; Sir Duncombe Colchester [1630-94]. C78/1737, no. 8 [34]
1725 7 May 11 William Ward, esq; Mary Ward; Martha Ward; Bridget Ward; and Elizabeth Ward, daughters of said William Ward by Bridget his wife; and Catharine Ward and Dorothy Ward, also daughters of the said William and Bridget Ward, infants by William Ward their father v. John Blake, merchant; and John Curryer re. will 12 Dec 1720, of William Wright (d. 9 Dec then last); rest and residue of his estate to bro. John Wright and particularly of a messuage and lands at Mile End, Middx... C78/1795, no. 9 [35]
1725 26 May 11 Elizabeth Ord, spinster executrix of Elizabeth Ord; William Ord alias Blackett; Elizabeth Ord alias Blackett infant daughter of the aforesaid Elizabeth Ord deceased v. William Blackett baronet; William Thompson knight & Dame Julia Blackett his wife; Walter Calverley baronet & Dame Julia his wife; Elizabeth Blackett; Frances Blackett; Diana Blackett; Isabella Blackett; and Ann Blackett; William Davison esq; and John Wilkinson re. ordered and decreed that the said jewels plate and apparel by the Master's report certified to be in the hands of the defendant sir William Blackett [2nd Baronet of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1690–1728] be, by him, forthwith brought before the said Master who was to see the same sold for the best price that could be got for the same, and the money which should be raised by such sale was to be brought before the said Master and the defendant sir William Blackett was also to bring before the said Master the said sum of £985 certified to be remaining in his hands for the arrears of the said annuity... C78/1934, no. 3 [36]
1725 28 May 11 Alicia Wallop widow and relict of John Wallop esq and mother and executrix of Bluet Wallop esq who was son and heir of the said John Wallop v. Catherine Llangdon widow; Robert Llangdon; Phillip Llangdon; Elianor Llangdon; Thomas Llangdon; and John Llangdon re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master ?Knaston of this Court to compute what was due to the complainant for principal and interest on the mortgage in question in the said cause, and to tax the complainant her costs both at law and in this court... C79/161, no. [37]
1725 28 May 11 Christopher Crofts, gent, & Hannah his wife; John Bingley, gent, & Rhuhanna his wife; and John Wood, an infant, by said Christopher Crofts, which said Hannah, Rhuhanna, and John Wood were three of the younger children of Robert Wood, gent, and Hephzibah his wife, one of the daughters of Andrew Morewood, gent; and Morewood Greenwood, gent, only son and heir of Edward Greenwood and Bethia his wife, one other of the daughters of said Andrew Morewood

v. Hannah Latham, widow of John Latham, gent, another daughter of said Andrew Morewood; Hamlet Yates gent, which said Hannah Latham and Hamlet Yates were the executors of said John Latham; Elizabeth Oldfield, widow and executrix of John Oldfield, her late husband, another daughter of said Andrew Morewood; George Mower, esdq, & Anne his wife, daughter and heir of said John Latham by Anne his former wife; John Seale; Elizabeth Seale; and Thomas Woodhouse, executors of David Seale, who was executor of Joseph Morewood; James Walker, & Mary his wife; Gamaliel Lloyd, & Elizabeht his wife; Robert Butler, & Bethia his wife, which said Mary, Elizabeth, and Bethia were the children of Sarah Cart, deceased, another daughter of said Andrew Morewood; Thomas Oldfield; Humphrey Oldfield; Robert Oldfield; and Mary Oldfield, children of said Elizabeth Oldfield, widow; Daniel Rooke, & Hephzibah his wife; Daniel Robinson, & Mary his wife; William Wood, administrator of Henry Wood; Mary Wood, widow and administratrix of Andrew Wood her late husband, which said Hephzibah Rooke; Mary Robinson; Henry and Andrew Wood were four of the younger children of the said Hephzibah Wood; and Elizabeth Greenwood, daughter of said Bethia Greenwood

re. will 28 Sept 1700, of Andrew Morewood (having five daus. and no sons); capital messuage called Hallows and property in par. Dronfield and elsewhere in county of Derbs. (except a close of five acres to his daughter Sarah Cast and her heirs) in trust to sell or dispose for the payment of his debts, legacies and funeral charges, and the profits of his real estate to (bequests)... C78/1688, no. 3 [38]
1725 7 June 11 William Younghusband v. Daniel Searson and Francis Carter Payments following the sale of the ship Ann and Frances, failure to provide bill of sale.. C78/1439, no. 5 [39]
1725 7 June 11 Damaris Hoblyn, spinster v. Francis Hoblyn; Judith Hoblyn, widow; Grace Pendarves, widow; Thomas Hoblyn of Trelodern; Carew Hoblyn, clerk; Thomas Hoblyn of Penhergard; Jane Hoblyn, widow; Thomas Hoblyn of Goram; and Damaris Hoblyn, widow Trust settlement by Robert Hoblyn the complts late grandfather of his estate including the manor of Trevardow, Cornwall. C78/1455, no. 9 [40]
1725 8 June 11 Jeremiah Whitaker; William Whitaker; James Whitaker; Margaret Whitaker; Charles Lisle Whitaker; infants by Farnham Haskoll v. Daniell Whitaker; James Whitaker; and John Haskoll re. will 7 Aug 1719, of Jeremiah Whitaker (complt's father) and his manor of Charlton Marshall, Dorset and other real estate in Hants. and a small personal estate; bequests. C79/113, no. [41]
1725 8 June 11 Dina Ragdale v. Theophilus Armitt re. will 29 Oct 1703 of Ann Armitt (complt's aunt); bequest to defdnt. of farm, messuages, tenements and hereditaments in Normanton, Derbs... C79/78, no. [42]
1725 8 June 11 Roger Hill and John Hill an infant by said Roger Hill his father v. Richard Filkin & Frances his wife; John Eyre esq; Vincent Bush; Benjamin Rawlins; and Hannah Laserre re. marriage agreement (15 or 16 years then since) Roger Hill and Ann Smeeton (dau. in law of Francis Stephenson);£800 marriage portion & estate ££50+ p.a. in manor of Hays [Hayes], Middx. C78/2075, no. 2 [43]
1725 8 June 11 Thomas FitzGerald, esq v. Edward FitzGerald re. claimed introduction/procurement of widowed niece of Captain John Miller, who had £300-400 p.a. and a great personal estate, by defendant to complt... C78/1738, no. 3 [44]
1725 12 June 11 William Newland, esq, & Martha his wife, the daughter and heir of Edmund Shepherd v. Joseph Shepherd; Bartholomew Layton, the executors of said Edmund Shepherd; Martha Shepherd, his widow; Rebecca Newland; Elizabeth Newland; and Martha Newland, infants by their guardian re.ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Bennett Senior of this Court what to take an account of the personal estate of the said Edmund Shepherd and of the value thereof at the time of his death and how much thereof had come to the hands of the defendant...and also the rents and profits of the freehold and copyhold estates of the said Edmund Shepherd... C78/1770, no. 10 [45]
1725 15 June 11 Richard Dickinson v. John Sim re. distinct parcels of land which lay in common unenclosed, in township of Allanby, Cumberland [Allonby, Cumbria] which were seldom ploughed, but commonly grazed and stinted; dispute concerning over-stinting and making barren of the land... C78/2048, no. 9 [46]
1725 16 June 11 John Stapylton, esq; William Levinz, esq; Elizabeth Hickman the elder; and Margaret Hickman spinsters executors of Sir Willoughby Hickman, baronet v. Sir Nevile Hickman, baronet an infant by Thomas Hutton, gent, his guardian; Elizabeth Hickman the younger spinster; Mary Hickman, spinster; Charles Wood, esq, & Anne his wife; Elizabeth Mellish, widow; and the said Thomas Hutton re. will 22 June 1720 of Sir Willoughby Hickman [3rd baronet, 1659-1720 of Gainsborough Old Hall] and his manor of Thonock, lands and tenements in Thonock, Corringham, Blyton and Warton [Wharton in par. Blyton] & 3 closes in Gainsborough, £400 p.a. and personal estate, jewels, plate, stock on South Sea Co., £10,000.; debts and provision for daus. C78/1829, no. 4 [47]
1725 18 June 11 Joseph Shaw v. Katherine Warren an infant by Henry Paschall esq her guardian v. Katherine Warren an infant by Henry Paschall esq her guardian re. indenture 26 May 1654 sale to Christopher Shaw, messuages, lands and hereditaments in Dalton Norris and Gayles [in par. Ravensworth, N. Yorks]. C78/1895, no. 4 [48]
1725 23 June 11 Thomas Stoner of Stoner, Oxon, esq; Sir John Webb of Great Canford [Canford Magna], Dorset baronet; John Talbot of Longford, Salop, esq, which Sir John Webb and John Talbot are executors of the Right Honorable Lady Anne Belasyse; Dame Anne Ivoery widow; Barbara lady viscountess dowager de Longueville; and Gilberta Talbot daughters and coheirs of Sir John Talbot of Lacock, Wilts, knight v. Sir Samuel Garrard baronet; Elizabeth Squibb widow and executrix of Arnold Squibb; and Lawrence Squibb gentleman re. indenture of sale 27 Dec 1693, capital messuage or inn called the Unicorn in Southwark, Surrey by John, Lord Ossulton [John Bennet, 1st Baron Ossulston,1616-1695] & Robert Squibb to Lady Anne Belasyse... C78/2046, no. 4 [49]
1725 24 June 11 Edward, earl of Suffolk v. Charles Howard, esq; Sir John Smyth, baronet; John Smith, esq; and others (sic) re. descent from Thomas Howard [1561-1626, 1st Earl of Suffolk] of several manors in Chipping Walden [now Saffron Walden], Brooke Walden, Little Walden, ?Penshal, St Aylotts, ?Eveshey, Maynould, Debden, Littlebury, Hadstock, Great Chesterford, Balesgrove etc, etc. C78/1557, no. 2 [50]
1725 24 June 11 Ralph Hopton since deceased; and Thomazin his wife late widow of Thomas Shipton; and Mary Shipton, daughter and heir of Thomas Shipton and now the wife of Peter Consett, gent v. Thomas Hayes; Richard Shipton, sr; Richard Shipton, jr re. marriage settlement 19 Feb 1684, Thomas Shipton and Thomazin [Thomassin Metcalfe]; £1,000 portion and divers lands, tenements and hereditaments in Ugthorpe [near Whitby], Yorks. C78/1557, no. 1 [51]
1725 30 June 11 William Walford; Thomas Gitting; Edward Boune; John Chettoc; and John Murrey v. Joseph Smith and Ralph Wilson re. monies owed by Samuel and Thomas together with Lawrence Higginson (surety 6 Jan 1673) to late William Walford, part paid before his death intestate; subsequently relict Eleanor Walford died intestate without receiving any further money... C78/2056, no. 8 [52]
1725 30 June 11 Elizabeth Brickenden, widow; Thomas George; Edmund Francis; and Hugh Brickenden, sons of said Elizabeth Brickenden; and Elizabeth Brickenden, daughters of the said Eliza Brickenden v. Francis Parry; Thomas Lessey; and John Elliott re. will 24 Apr 1717, of of Elizabeth Parry of North Tidworth, Wilts. and her very considerable personal estate; her desire to make provision for niece Elizabeth and her children; bequests. C78/1706, no. 2 [53]
1725 13 July 11 Mary Metcalfe, widow and relict of Samuel Metcalfe, citizen and upholder of London v. William Langmore; Daniel Woodroffe; Thomas Nicholls; and William Russell re. Feb 1691, proposal and undertaking for raising a Joint Stock for furnishing funerals in partnership; freemen of the Company of Upholders [upholsterers]; £4,000 raised by subscription for things usually provided at funerals... C78/1795, no. 7 [54]
1725 15 July 11 Mary Field and Anna Field spinsters, surviving executrixes of Thomas Field their late father decd; and Lawrence Squibb v John Gibson and Dorats his wife; John Gibbes; John Rogers; and Edward Leign, executors of William Holbeth decd, executor of Ambrose Holbeth decd; and William Higford re. conveyance 18/19 Feb primo Jacobi secundi[1685-6]; Christopher Eyre & Wiliam Eyre to Ralph Hawtrey and Edward Maplesden, manor of Islelips alias Riselips [Ruislip], parish of Northall [?Northwood], Middx; monies unpaid. C78/1404, no. 4 [55]
1725 15 July 11 Benjamin Beaumont, an infant, by William Rollinson, esq; Jane Seymour, spinster; Sarah, countess dowager of Winchelsea; Berkeley Seymour, esq; The Reverend Samuel Croxall, jr, clerk; Susannah Thomas, spinster, daughter, and administratrix of Dame Dorothy Thomas, widow; Mary Poplar, spinster; Susan Thomas, spinster; Christopher Tilson, esq; and John Huggins, esq v. John Highmore, David Launce, John Woodall and Henry Fenn re. will 8 May 1719, of David Jackson; his divers messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments and in particular of three messuages and tenements in Albamarle Street in the parish of St Martins in the Fields Middlesex & a personal estate of £10,000+; bequest to Thomas Highmore of St James, Westminster... C78/1755, no. 2 [56]
1725 16 July 10 Mary Molesworth, spinster, one of the daughters of Sir John Molesowrth of Pencarrow [near Bodmin], Corn, baronet; Prudence Molesworth; Hender Molesworth; and Sparke Molesworth, the other daughter and younger sons of said Sir John Molesworth being infants, by said Mary Molesworth their sister v. Edmond Prideaux and Robert Thornhill, esqs and Sir John Molesworth, baronet, eldest son and heir of said Sir John Molesworth and brother of the complainants re. will 3 Sept 1720, of sir John Molesworth [3rd Baronet, 1668–1723] and his very considerable real and personal estate in Cornwall and Devon; bequests... C78/1757, no. 9 [57]
1725 19 July 11 Alexander Minshull, gent v. William Hall, esq, & Margaret his wife re, tenancy agreement 9 Oct 1721, house in London Street, Greenwich, Kent, for one whole year from 25 Dec next, £12 per quarter; complt. being tenant. C78/1824, no. 6 [58]
1725 21 July 11 The Right Honorable Nicholas Lechmere esq [1st Baron Lechmere, 1675–1727], then Attorney General at the relation of the Warden and Scholars of St Mary Winchester College commonly called New College, Oxford undoubted patrons, electors and visitors of the free school in the town of Bedford, Beds, found by Edward VI; Matthew Priaux school master of the said free school; and Benjamin Rogers usher of the same for and on behalf of themselves and the poor maids and poor boys and youthes and other poor of the town of Bedford

v. the Mayor, bailiffs, burgesses and commonalty of the said town of Bedford

re. letters patent 15 Aug 6EdwardVI [1552] at Ely, erection of school at Bedford to provide education, institution and instruction of Boys and Youths in Grammar, Literature and Good Manners; dispute between the Warden and Fellows of New College, Oxford, and the Corporation of Bedford, concerning the nomination of the Master and Usher to the school. C79/94, no. [59]
1725 6 Aug 12 Henry Ashton, & Mary his wife; and Robert Ashton v. Richard Dawson, & Hannah his wife; Martha Tull, widow; Richard Vincent; John Vincent; and Richard Hughs re. will 9 Nov 1719 of Robert Cowper, gent; his great personal estate, bequests, conditions and debts; articles of co-partnership 14 June 1716, his one eight part of capital stock in trade of glassmaking... C78/1809, no. 5 [60]
1725 20 Oct 12 Andrew Baden; William Viner; and Thomas Kingstone on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Philip, late earl of Pembroke v. Thomas, lord viscount Windsor & the lady Charlotte his wife daughter and heir of said Phillip, late earl of Pembroke and relict of John Jeffreys; William Herbert, esq commonly called Lord Montgomery; and Sir John Tevor knight late Master of the Rolls re. ordered and decrees that the decree of the 25th February 3William & Mary [1691-2] should stand confirmed and that Master ?Edbury of this Court should approve one or more purchases for the said several terms... C78/1936, no. 7 [61]
1725 25 Oct 12 James Clavering, esq, administratrix of Catherine his late wife v. Catherine York, widow; John York, esq; and Thomas York, merchant re. marriage agreement [1714] complt. James Clavering and Catherine York (a dau. of Thomas York and Catherine York, sen), and the death of Thomas York, intestate. C78/1812, no. 4 [62]
1725 25 Oct 12 Henry Green of Wyken in the City of Coventry, esq v. George Sparrow of Chesterton, Staffs, gent; Richard Parrott; Stonier Parrott of Coventry, gent; Thomas Watts of Sow, Warw, gent; and John Taylor re. descent of lands of former dissolved priory and convent of St Marys in Coventry, Warks [St Mary's Priory and Cathedral]; letters patent 21 Mar 32Elizabeth [1589-90]. C78/1685, no. 1 [63]
1725 28 Oct 12 John Powell of London, instrument maker, & Elizabeth his wife, both infants by Frances Powell, mother of said John Powell v. John Glover; and others (sic) re. will 24 Dec 1688 of James Roberts (late g-father of complt. Elizabeth); descent of his messuage or tenement called Moggs in Rippleside in par. of Barking, and several freehold houses, hereditaments and appurtenances in Barking and Dagenham, Essex... C78/1683, no. 1 [64]
1725 28 Oct 12 Jasper Horsington; and William Brooks of St Buttolph without Aldgate, London, brewers and copartners v. Richard Thornhill and another person not brought to hearing (sic) re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Kinaston of this Court to see what loss the complts. had or might sustain by reason of the said defendants not assigning the full term of seven years to them in the messuage and premises in the said cause... C78/1676, no. 5 [65]
1725 28 Oct 12 Thomas Hole devisee of the premises in question under the will of Robert Yonge decd; and John Pollard nephew and heir at law of the said Robert Yonge and residuary legatee v. John Borlase and John Jenkins re. will 26 Oct 1729(sic) of Robert Yonge. messuage and cottages in Pensance [Penzance], Cornwall to be sold for best price to pay debts, and the residue to comlpt. John Pollard... C78/1459, no. 2 [66]
1725 4 Nov 12 Rene Baudowin merchant and Frederick Frankland esq v. Adam Cardonnell; Mary Cardonnell; James Cardonell; Mansfield Fardonell; James Cardonnell jr; Syburgh Cardonnell; Edmund Calamy & Mary his wife; Samuel Speed & Cardonnell his wife; Isaac Teal; Thomas Teal; and Edward Green esq re. will 29 Oct 1718 of Adam Cardomell and his considerable personal estate, ready money, stock in the public funds and other securities; bequests. C78/1932, no. 3 [67]
1725 8 Nov 12 William Palgrave; Philip Rosier; and John Stanhawe, gentlemen, inhabitants of the parish of Pulham St Mary Magdalen, Norf; James Barnes; and Henry Stevburg, gents; and John Fuller, yeoman, inhabitant of the parish of Pulham St Mary the Virgin, on behalf of themselves and all other inhabitants and owners and occupiers of land within the said parishes of Pulham St Mary the Virgin and Pulham St Mary Magdalen or either of them v. Michael Clagett, clerk re. owners and occupiers of land had paid annual sums of money (for the time whereof, the memory of man was not to the contrary) to the rector, in lieu of some particular tithes, dues and offerings... C78/1821, no. 2 [68]
1725 16 Nov 12 Thomas Snow; and John Palcack, goldsmiths and copartners; and Thomas Cornish, gent v. William Hodgson, gent re. contract for the purchase of two subscription receipts for £1,000 each in the South Sea Co. to be delivered to defdnt. on 13 Aug following... C78/1765, no. 3 [69]
1725 17 Nov 12 John Booth, gent v. Edward Dymoke, & Mary his wife re. marriage agreement, Mary and John Booth; joynture made up of £200 p.a. from rents out of certain lands in East Raysin [now Market Rasen] and Middle Raysin [Middle Rasen], Lincs. received by defendants. C78/1703, no. 5 [70]
1725 22 Nov 12 Elizabeth Stafford of St Andrews, Holborn, Middx, widow and relict of Edward Stafford of London, merchant v. John Mohun, esq, of St James, Westminster, & Katherine his wife; and George Lewis of St Andrews, Holborn, Middx, clerk re. agreement by deed poll 1 Nov 1706, Edward Stafford and wife Elizabeth (née Maynard); promise not to touch or meddle with her portion; his affairs in Turkey. C78/1683, no. 2 [71]
1725 23 Nov 12 John Vincent and Edmund Vincent v. William Upton and his wife; John Newman; Robert Offley; William Newman; Elizabeth Newman; Mary Newman; Anne Newman; and Jane Newman infants by their guardian; William Shudall; Richard Coleham; and others (sic) re. treaty 4 June 1715, for the purchase £2,550, of copyhold or customary messuages and lands in manor of Crondall, Hants. C78/1895, no. 8 [72]
1725 25 Nov 12 Hester Lacon, Anne Lacon and Elizabeth Lacon infants by Henry Jenks & Jane his wife (which said Jane is mother of the complts by her former husband John Lacon decd v. William Dodd; Edward Wright; and John Puleston re. will 9 Dec 1719, of Richard Alport decd, uncle to the complts and brother to the complts said mother Jane Jenks; his estate in Overton [in par. Malpas], Old Castle [Oldcastle Heath], Cuddington, Horton [Horton Green], Tilston, Stockton [?Stockton Heath], Edge [Edge Green], Malpas, Chorlton and Stocklatch [Shocklach], Ches., £700 p.a; his £400 debts; bequests. C78/1442, no. 5 [73]
1725 28 Nov 9 John Cartlitch v. Robert Smith re. loan 29 Sept 1704 £120, by defndt. from complt. Richard Hastler, secured on certain closes and grounds called Lane land or Levers, containing about five acres, in Horsell [near Woking], Surrey. C78/1812, no. 12 [74]
1725 30 Nov 12 Joshua Smith an infant by James Doyly clerk v. Jacob Preston esq administrator with the will annexed of John Smith merchant; Nathaniel Smith; Benjamin Smith; Judith Smith; Hannah Smith; Lydia Smith; James Hannott & Mary his wife; Richard Ferrier & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Smith widow of said John Smith re. will 11 Dec then last past, of John Smith (father of complt.) and his divers messuages, malthouses, lands tenements and hereditaments in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk and Suffolk, £1,200+ p.a., and a very great personal estate of ships or vessels, great quantities of corn, malt, stock, cash, South Sea Stock and other stocks, great sums of ready money, bills, notes, mortgages, securities...; bequests C78/1896, no. 4 [75]
1725 11 Dec 12 Charles, duke of Somerset marquis and earl of Hertford viscount Beauchamp de Hache; Baron Seymour of Trowbridge chancellor of the University of Cambridge one of the lords of his Majesty's Privy Council and knight of the Order of the Garter v. Algernon Seymour? earl of Hertford; Thomas France; Jonathan Taylor; John Bowinton?; _________; Francis Radcliff; Cuthbert _____; John _____; William _______; Thomas W____; William ______; _____ Patrickson; TNicholas Hartley; John Sharpe; John Gunst__; John ____; Robert Stainton; Thomas G_____; William Thompson; William Allanby; Thomas Trougheare? of Embleton; John Barne; John Sharpe of Eskdale; and Leonard Baxter [faded document] re. death without issue male 21 May 1670, of Jocelin, Earl of Northumberland [Josceline Percy, 11th Earl of Northumberland, 5th Baron Percy, 1644-1670], and descent of his borough and manor of Cockermouth and borough of Egremont alias Egremond [Cumbria] & the manors of the five towns etc., etc... C79/57, no. [76]
1725 13 Dec 12 Joseph Gascoigne Nightingale esq, executor of Robert Gascoigne Nightingale esq, who was executor of Sir Robert Nightingale, baronet [a director of the East India Company, d.1722] v. John Walker; and Francis Chamberlain, esq. re. employment (as agent to manage his affairs) for several years before 1709 of defendt. Chamberlain by Sir Robert Nightingale, in his absence in East Indies; maladministration... C78/1780, no. 4 [77]
1725 14 Dec 12 Anne Bennett, the wife of Henry Bennett by John Bennett v. said Henry Bennet; Thomas Daviews; and David Clayton re. will 16 Dec 1716, of Mathew Slater(complt's late father) and his messuage called Wormstalls & several lands, meadows, pastures, woods and woody grounds in par. East Hanningfield, Essex; his provision for daughter Anne, knowing of the debts and misfortune of son-in-law Henry Bennett. C78/1703, no. 6 [78]
1725 16 Dec 12 William Berkeley of Bristol, gent, & Jane his wife, late widow and relict of Walter Long Warren of Bristol and daughter of William Webb of Bradford, Wilts v. Walter Long Warren; Thomas Warren; and Joseph Harding, & Edith his wife [faded document] re. marriage agreement 17 Jan 1715, Walter Long Warren and Jane; marriage portion £600 and messuage, closes and lands in par. Landbooder [?Llanbedr], Monmouthshire. C78/1754, no. 2 [79]
1725 20 Dec 12 John Tovey & Rachell Hume coheirs of John Ireland gentleman v. Samuel Davis & Hannah his wife and Penelope Hume re. will 11 Dec[ ], of John Ireland and his divers messuages, lands and tenements in pars. St Martin in the Fields and St Paul's Covent Garden, Middx., and also copyhold messuage or tenement in manor of Hampton Court, and also considerable personal estate of ready money, bills of exchequer, securities etc., £10,000+ no issue, one sister; bequests. C79/72, no. [80]
1725 21 Dec 12 Richard Northen & Isabel his wife was the widow and administratrix with the will annexed of William Spencer v. Adam Barrett the elder; Adam Barrett the younger; John Laycock; and Elizabeth Laycock re. will 12 Feb 1713, of William Spencer and his considerable personal estate; debts and bequests. C78/2050, no. 11 [81]
1725? 21 Dec 12 John Allason, doctor in divinity v. Henry Vognell; Florian Goebell; Christopher Emmett; William Braund; Josiah Bullock; John Garrard Moller; James Brockman; James Henckell; and John Glover, merchants re. will 7 April 1724, of Robert Allason, merchant ( complt's only brother) residing in Rumburgh, Bohemia [now Rumburk, Czech Rep.]; his very great personal estate of ready money, bonds, bills, notes, securities, merchandise of several sorts and debts due from several correspondents in trade, £20,000+... C78/1817, no. 13 [82]
1725 C78/, no. []