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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1720 6 C78/, no. []
1720 7 C78/, no. []
1720 (from IND1) Gilbert Vane & Mary his wife v. Lord Barnard incomplete and discontinuous C79/4, no. [2]; [3]
1720 14 Jan 6 Christopher Cradock and Hannah Cradock children of Christopher Cradock decd infants by George Cradock their uncle v John King and Florentia his wife late Florentia Warr widow, mother of the complts and formerly the widow of the said Christopher Cradock the children's father; Osmond Beavoir; and George Lewis clerk Will of Christopher Cradock. Personal estate in the East Indies. C78/1380, no. 5 [4]
1720 15 Jan 6 Elizabeth Ord spinster and the aunt and sole executrix of Elizabeth Ord decd and also William Ord als Blackett and Elizabeth Ord als Blackett the children of the said Elizabeth Ord the testatrix, infants v Sir William Blackett; William Thompson and Dame Julia his wife; Elizabeth Blackett; Isabella Blackett; Diana Blackett; Ann Blackett; William Davison; John Wilkinson; Sir Walter Calverly and Dame Julia his wife; and Frances Blackett Annuity payable to the testatrix Elizabeth Ord and her heirs during the joint lives of her and the deft Sir William Blackett. C78/1381, no. 3 [5]
1720 28 Jan 6 Dennis Nevile v. Stephen Offley, esq; and Samuel Crome, executors of Robert Offley, esq, who was the executor of Cornelius Clarke, esq C78/1586, no. 4 [6]
1720 29 Jan 6 Samuel Vaus, merchant v. Catherine Pearce alias Miller; Edward bing; Richard keech; Godfrey Kneller Hinkle; and John Miller C78/1793, no. 23 [7]
1720 29 Jan 6 James Massingill v. Jacob Flyerden C78/1634, no. 6 [8]
1720 1 Feb 6 John Tuck, gent v. Anne Gaisford, widow; Roger Gaisford; Richard Gaisford; Stephen Gaisford; Edward Gaisford; Elizabeth Gaisford; John Gaisford; William May; and Thomas Flower C78/1552, no. 3 [9]
1720 3 Feb 6 Adam Galt and Sarah his wife late Sarah Haddesdon, spinster; Isaac Smith and Ann his wife sister of the said Sarah which said Sarah and Ann were cousins & heires of Martha Fisher decd who was widow and relict of Cecill Fisher decd v. George Lewis; Francis Seal; Joseph Moyse; Margaret Deane; Joseph Norris; and John Stockwell C78/1475, no. 10 [10]
1720 9 Feb 6 Richard Gipson of Turnham Greene, Middx, gardner v Thomas Bainbridge Loan of £200. Disputed terms of associated bond. C78/1402, no. 4 [11]
1720 10 Feb 6 Mary Hallett, only daughter and heir of John Hallett of Barbadoes esq by Sarah his wife being an infant, by Sarah her mother; and also said Sarah Hallett the mother v. Edmund Sutton esq and William Cogan, merchant, both of Barbados, executors of said John Hallett; William Brookes; John Wowen; John Baker; and John Burridge C78/1552, no. 5 [12]
1720 17 Feb 6 Walter Estcourt of Shipton Moyne, Gloucs v John Wake Common of pasture due to a tenement called Hancock's in the manor of Newnton, Wilts. C78/1362, no. 2 [13]
1720 18 Feb 6 Nicholas Letchmere, Attorney General, at relation of the Mayor, Commonalty and Citizens of London, Governors of the Hospital of Edward the Sixth of Christ Bridewell St Thomas the Apostle; and Thomas Grover of Trinity College Cambridge v. The Master Wardens and Commonalty of the Bowyers of the City of London C78/1482, no. 6 [14]
1720 20 Feb 6 Meux Kant, esq, & Sarah his wife; James Hardey; Dorothy Hardey; Robert Hardey; Anna Catherine Hardey; Mary Hardey, infants by Sarah Houblon and Catherine Houblon; and said Sarah Houblon and Catherine Houblon v. Robert Hardey, esq C78/1634, no. 11 [15]
1720 20 Feb 6 Robert Jackson principal creditor of Thomas Hunt decd; and Henry Hunt brother of the said Thomas Hunt decd v. Ann Hunt an infant, the only daughter and heir of of the said Thomas Hunt decd, by John Aylor her uncle; Thomas Curtis; and Stephen Jackson C78/1469, no. 3 [16]
1720 23 Feb 6 Frances Deye the wife of John Deye v. George Wyndham esq; David Rashley; John Thorpe; Robert Thorpe; Charles Raymond; and John Lee C78/1936, no. 9 [17]
1720 24 Feb 6 Anthony Woodroffe; Daniel Woodroffe; and Thomas Church, & Sarah his wife v. George Wood; Richard Cooper; Thomas Borley; William Glover; and John Woodroffe C78/1507, no. 6 [18]
1720 3 March 6 Thomas Shrimpton esq & Elizabeth his wife v. William Wytherly gentleman; Thomas Lister esq; and others (sic) C79/156, no. [19]
1720 5 March 6 Peircy Freke of Ireland baronet; Ralph Freke; Redman Freke; and Elizabeth Freke infants by the honorable Brigadeer George Freke and Arthur Barnard esq; Thomas Colepepper an infant by William Colepepper esq his father v. Awusham Churchill esq executor of John Freke esq who was one of the executors of Peircy Freke esq also acting executor of Elizabeth Freke who was the acting executor of Ralph Freke; Anne Brodrepp sister and residuary legatee of the said John Freke; and Robert Austen esq the other executor of the said Elizabeth Freke C78/1902, no. 3 [20]
1720 5 March 6 Thomas Stanton of London, tanner v. Thomas Aylworth; Edward Willes; John Bolding; John Palmer; and John Stanton C78/1670, no. 1 [21]
1720 12 March 6 Henry Farmer; Ezekiell Welson; Peter Taylor; and Edward Watkins late churchwardens of the parish of New Radnor, Co. Radnor v Thomas Tonman; Thomas Jones; William Prosser; Joseph Pugh; Fletcher Powell; David Williams; Edward Stones; Thomas Hoddall; Timothy Morris and Samuel Tonman parishioners of the said parish of New Radnor Mortgage by Phillip & William Stevens of a parcel of land called Long Meadow als Clithorne in New Radnor to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the said parish. C78/1388, no. 5 [22]
1720 12 March 6 Francis Jessop and Elizabeth his wife, and now the said Francis Jessop as administrator of the said Elizabeth; and Francis Jessop junr an infant by the said Francis his father by bill of Revivor v Charles Cesar Refs former decree of 4 July 1718. Marriage settlement. C78/1388, no. 6 [23]
1720 12 March 6 William Warre; Jane Warre; and John Warre (children of William Warre merchant deceased) by Anne his late wife also deceased daughter of John Nicks merchant deceased infants by Sarah Warre widow their grandmother v. Florentia Warre widow; Osmond Deavon esq; and George Lewis clerk C78/1901, no. 10 [24]
1720 12 March 6 John Young, & Mary his wife v. Peter Hoskins AND cross-suit C78/1741, no. 2 [25]
1720 12 March 6 Mary Reynell of Newton Abbots, Devon, widow and administratrix with the will annexed of John Reynell, her then late husband v. Samuel Spurway; and Elizabeth Spurway, infants, daughters of said Samuel Spurway C78/1670, no. 2 [26]
1720 26 March 6 Sir John Fleet, knight; Robert Richardson; Thomas Coppin; Richard Lechmere; Richard Merryweather; John Lateward; Edward Owen; Peter CartwrightJohn Moore, sr; John Moore, jr, an infant by said John Moore sr; Anthony Job; Samuel Warburton; Thomas Wickham; William Clapham; John Clapham; Edward Missenden; Nathaniel Smith; Jonathan Smith; and Thomas Joyner of London, wharfingers; Elizabeth Newton; Jane Smith; and Hester Clapham of London, widow v. Joseph Ashton, wharfinger C78/1556, no. 4 [27]
1720 29 March 6 The Honorable Thomas Southwell, esq, son and heir apparent of Thomas, lord Southwell, & Mary his wife v. Phillip, earl of Chesterfield; James, earl Stanhope; Thomas, lord Southwell; and Thomas Coke, esq; Elizabeth Coke, spinster; George Lewis Coke, infants by said Thomas Coke their father and guardian; Mary Coke, wife of said Thomas Coke, esq, by Jeremy Hale; and said Jeremy Hale C78/1545, no. 3 [28]
1720 26 April 6 Elizabeth Weedon of the parish of St James Westminster, Middx, widow & administratrix of Cavendish Weedon decd v. Sir Erasmus Norwich and Dame Jane his wife; Erasmus, William, Arabella, Annabella & Jane Norwich their sons & daughters; Thomas James; Sir Rushout Cullen; Lewis West; Mathew Johnson; Simon Barwell; and Thomas Reynolds, clerk Refs previous decree of 26 Jan 5Geo. C78/1433, no. 5 [29]
1720 1 May 6 Michael Flitcroft, jr, eldest son of Michael Flitcroft of Manchester, Lancs; and Litchford Flitcroft, second son of said Michael Flitcroft the elder; Abel Flitcroft the younger son of said Michael Flitcroft the elder; and Elizabeth Flitcroft; and Rebecca Flicroft, the daughters of said Michael Flitcroft the elder, the said Abel and Rebecca being under 21, by said Michael their eldest brother v. John Rowland; ___ Litchford and Elizabeth Pearson the executors of said Abel Litchford, esq C78/1526, no. 4 [30]
1720 4 May 6 Thomas Mathew, jr, & Margaret his wife v. Benjamin Penhalls, gent C78/1764, no. 9 [31]
1720 6 May 6 William Hamond of London haberdasher v. John Ange esq C79/137, no. [32]
1720 6 May 6 Arthur Sprake gentleman son and heir and executor of Christopher Sparke and John Smith v. Richard Palgrave baronet C78/2056, no. 5 [33]
1720 6 May 6 John Nance v. Richard Pearce Title to several parcels or stitches of land in a barton called Kerris als Kerris Mere in the parish of St Paul [in Penzance par.], Cornwall, formerly the property of Henry Nance the complts grandfather. C78/1456, no. 10 [34]
1720 10 May 6 William Jones v. John Knight; Richard Foreman; and Benjamin Davies C78/1511, no. 1 [35]
1720 11 May 6 Susannah Goodwin, Richard Goodwin, Julian Goodwin and Anne Goodwin infants and children of John Goodwin decd and Susannah his wife, which said Susannah was administratrix of the said John Goodwin, by John Brown their next friend and guardian; and also the said John Brown; Thomas Miller; Sir Thomas Franklin; William Yerbury; and James Graves, creditors of the said John Goodwin v. Juditn Munden, widow and executrix of Charles Munden her late husband decd, surviving executor of Susanna Goodwin decd and administratrix do bonis non of the said Susanna unadministered by Richard Goodwin senr decd and the said Charles Munden, and against the Governors and Company of Merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Sea and other parts of America and for Encouraging of the Fishery Wills of Susanna Goodwin, widow of John Goodwin. Partnership between John Goodwin and his father, Richard Goodwin, also decd. C78/1432, no. 6 [36]
1720 14 May 6 Catherine Chapman an infant by Edward Chapman her grandfather v. Nicholas Tirrell and John Highley C78/1469, no. 5 [37]
1720 17 May 6 Isabella Hawes, widow and relict of George Hawes; Katherine Hawes; Anne Hawes, an infant, by William Wickham, esq, two of the daughters and younger children of said George Hawes; and Charles Bridges, esq, & Charity his wife, another of the younger children of said George Hawes v. George Hawes; William Hawes; Robert Hawes; John Pursell, & Mary his wife C78/1553, no. 5 [38]
1720 17 May 6 Francis Hill v. John Merriweather C78/1483, no. 3 [39]
1720 18 May 6 Henry Carter, merchant v. Lawrence Carter, sr; and Lawrence Carter, jr, esqs C78/1808, no. 4 [40]
1720 18 May 6 Isaac Denew, & Elizabeth Anne Stamp the wife of John Stamp, by said Isaac Denew v. John Stamp C78/1505, no. 4 [41]
1720 20 May 6 Anthony Browne v. Thomas Wellins; William Adney and Catherine his wife; and Elizabeth Browne C78/1497, no. 13 [42]
1720 24 May 6 Mary Hobart the infant daughter of Francis Hobart the younger, her late father decd, by Robert Burridge jun v. John Burridge; Richard Burridge; John Jeane; Francis Hobart an infant; Francis Burford; and Robert Burridge senr Numerous lands in the manor of Taunton Deane, Somerset (named and described), estate of Francis Hobart senr, the complts grandfather decd, and settlement on marriage of the complts parents Francis Hobart the younger and Mary Burridge daughter of the deft Robert Burridge the elder. C78/1409, no. 2 [43]
1720 25 May 6 William Skipsey; John Burne; Clement Trumble; Anthony Wilkinson; John Smyth; William Browell; Robert Saburne; Ralph Rookesby; William Atkinson; John Duxfield; Llane Allen; Anthony Oliver; Richard Burne; George Duxfield; Cuthbert Humphrey; and Ruhama Moore widow, all of Seaton Delaval, Northumb v John Blackett son and executor of Sir Edward Blackett decd Rights to the tythes due from the tenants of the Seaton Delaval estate. Complts were tenants of that estate, formerly from Sir Ralph Delavall late of Seaton Delaval, and latterly from his widow Dame Diana and her second husband Sir Edward Blackett. C78/1380, no. 6 [44]
1720 2 June 6 Charles, Earl of Carlisle; The Masters and Scholars of Balliol College in Oxford; Ralph Clarke; and Deborah Potts and Nathaniel Ogle for and on behalf of Isabella Newton widow and the said Isabella Newton and also William Shippen and Frances his wife and Dorothy Stote spinster which said Frances and Dorothy together with the deft Margaret Tonge were the only sisters of and coheirs of Bertram Stote decd who was the only son and heir of Sir Richard Stote decd v Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Lord Bishop of Durham; John Tonge clerk and Mary his wife Division of the infields of Longbenton parish, Northumb. Refs decree of 17 March 1718 [C 78/1381 no.2. 1719]. C78/1381, no. 1 [45]
1720 6 Jun 6 John Cay of Laygate, Co. Durham v. Mary Williamson, widow; James Love; James Harvey; John Ramsey; Cuthbert Collingwood; and John Scott North Charlton Moor, Northumberland. Boundaries between the township of North Charlton, and the townships of Old Bewick, New Bewick and East Lilburne. Bounds described. C78/1433, no. 9 [46]
1720 13 June 6 Benjamin Morrett merchant and Robert Eyres creditors of John Bennett decd on behalf of themselves and other judgement creditors of the said John Bennett v Thomas Parke, Mary Copplestone, Sir Nicholas Morris, Rebecca Whitrow, Elizabeth Reynolds, Elizabeth Bennett, Grace Bennett, Daniel Cox & Rebecca his wife, Leonard Pead, Daniel Alford, John Monntague, Sir Nicholas Morris, Joseph Moyle, John Winstone, Joseph Huddlestone, Francis Thompson, John Littlehale, John Mercer, [blank] Pelme, John James Gatches and Rebecca his wife, John Jolley, Clement Kent, John Foster, Mathias Walraven, Joseph Cranmer, Richard Lawrence, John Freeman, John Frewen, Francis Taylor, Sir Edward Dering, William Dering, Jane Tryon, William Broadneas, Jane Mead, John Mead, John Gumley, Daniel Symonds senr and Daniel Symonds junr Mortgage of lands & tenements in Rotherhithe, Surrey by John Bennett decd. C78/1365, no. 1 [47]
1720 15 June 6 Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of John Rotheram; Lawrence Tristram; Henry Kingsley; Heylock Kingsby; William Lucas; John Draper; and Richard Finch v. Sir Ralph Radcliffe; Edward Radcliffe; and James Lawrence junior C78/1471, no. 12 [48]
1720 17 June 6 Joseph Onyons; Silvanus Onions, Elizabeth Onions, Samuel Onions & Mary Onyons infants by Joseph Onyons their brother; William Crosser & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Greenhill, widow v. Humphrey Tyrer; Thomas Tyrer; Mary Tyrer; Thomas Onyons the elder and Thomas Onyons the younger; and Samuel Barnesly and his wife Refs decree of 6 Feb 3 Geo. C78/1497, no. 12 [49]
1720 23 June 6 William Constable, an infant,by Jane Pike, widow; and also said Jane Picke; and Jane Lawson Pick, for themselves and other creditors of Sir Robert Constable, knight, deceased v. William Wakefield, esq; Thomas Grimston, esq; and Wilfrid Constable, esq C78/1507, no. 4 [50]
1720 25 June 6 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Richard Bate curate of the parish church of Kinfare, Staffs at the nomination of the parishioners, and at the relation of John Wood, Edward Hillman, Humphrey Bate, Richard Moseley, Thomas Moseley and Richard Bradley on behalf of themselves and the rest of the inhabitants of the said parish v Paul Foley, Thomas Oliver, John Cooke and Thomas Bradley Advowson and tithes of the said parish, formerly an entitlement of the monastery of Bordesley, Worcs. Purchase of certain tythes to provide a trust for the augmentation of the curate's salary. C78/1338, no. 1 [51]
1720 28 June 6 Francis Manaton of ___, Corn, esq v. John Starr of Exeter, merchant, & Dorothea his wife; Edward Harwood, clerk, & Theodosia his wife; Peter Trevisa; Henry Trevisa; James Trevisa; Jonathan Trevisa; and others (sic) C78/1605, no. 8 [52]
1720 30 June 6 William Babington and Frances Babington an infant of about 15 years by said William Babington the only children of William Babington deceased v. Walter Greenwood & Frances his wife and William Farr C78/2052, no. 3 [53]
1720 1 July 6 John Wentworth als Creswell; Thomas Cartwright; Elizabeth Phipps, widow; Grace Phipps, widow; William Gibberd; Edward Gibberd; Richard Mathews; Hugh Elmes; William Lapworth; John Evans; and Edward Tooley v. Sackvile Tufton C78/1498, no. 5 [54]
1720 5 July 6 Thomas Rue and Elizabeth his wife v. Edmund Towse Mortgage by Thomas Pound of houses and land in Jacob Street, St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey to the complt Elizabeth, then Elizabeth Giles, widow. C78/1410, no. 13 [55]
1720 8 July 6 _____ v. Edward Foster C78/1895, no. 10 [56]
1720 8 July 6 William Colt, eldest son and heir of William Colt and Mary his wife v. John Bruce, & Ann his wife; Nicholas Jekyll; and John Poulter; Jeffery Erith; and John Lockin C78/1818, no. 2 [57]
1720 8 July 6 William Geldard, son of John Geldard of Graddell in Slaidburn, Yorks, gent v. John Brenn; and Edward Parker; Thomas Parker; Roger Nowell; Thomas Lister; and Ambrose Pudsey, esqs; Edmond townley, clerk, then rector of Slaidburne; Henry Wiglesworth; John Walker; and Ultrid Hodgkinson, gent; John Smithson; Ellen Smithson, widow; and The Right Honorable Nicholas Lechmere, esq, then Attorney General C78/1507, no. 3 [58]
1720 14 July 6 George Ellis, citizen and haberdasher of London; and Henry [missing] of London, lace merchant, executors of Edward Frowd late of London, lace merchant, decd v. Timothey Guest and Lidia his wife C78/1469, no. 2 [59]
1720 16 July 6 Josias Burd of Bovey Tracey, Devon v. Thomas Badcock of Mary Tavy [near Tavistock], Devon C78/1672, no. 1 [60]
1720 18 July 6 Samuel Savill & Henrietta Maria his wife one of the daughters of Sir Edward Blackett; and William Skinner v. Sir Edward Blackett; John Blackett; Sir Arthur Key; John Stapleton; and Christopher Blackett Trust settlement in will of Sir Edward Blackett, and additional sums promised to his daughters shortly before he died. C78/1463, no. 3 [61]
1720 19 July ? Jane Battishill & Anne Battishill, spinsters v. Robert Tapson; Benjamin Oliver; and Peter Battishill an infant C78/1490, no. 9 [62]
1720 20 July 6 James Fowkes only surviving son and administrator with the will annexed of John Fowkes; and Nicholas Gay and Mary Gay a minor by the said Nicholas Gay her father v. William Elson esq C79/113, no. [63]
1720 20 July 6 James Foukes only surviving son and administrator with the will annexed of John Fowkes and Nicholas Guy and Mary Guy a minor by the said Nicholas Guy her father v. William Elson esq C79/113, no. [64]
1720 20 July 6 Robert Lowther esq v. John Blackburn & Frances his wife; Elizabeth Justice widow and executrix of Emanual Justice and Banastree Parker son and heir and executor of Robert Parker C79/79, no. [65]
1720 20 Jul 6 Francis Holloway and Anne his wife v. Stephen Stanmore Mortgage of the lease of a piece of ground in Portsea, Hants C78/1434, no. 3 [66]
1720 20 July 6 Gilbert Molleson and Sarah his wife, executrix of Thomas Curtis her late husband decd; Peter Briggins; and John Tovey v. Roger Browne and Anne his wife Refs previous decree of 12 May 1718 C78/1469, no. 1 [67]
1720 22 July 6 William Bullock and Martha Philley creditors of Samuel Swift esq deceased; Mary Stepney widow; Hester and Sarah Swift spinsters; Benjam Perry & Anne his wife; and Margaret Underhill spinster legatees of the said Swift on behalf of themselves and other legatees v. James Swift son and heir of the said Samuel Swift; William Swift eldest son of said Samuel Swift; Samuel Swift eldest son of said William Swift; and Hercules Underhill; William Hart; and Stephen Ashby executors of the said Samuel Swift; and Jacob Tousen C79/190, no. [68]
1720 26 July 6 Charles, Lord Fitzwalter v Daniel Scarning Conveyance of complts lands in Essex to the deft in trust. C78/1383, no. 2 [69]
1720 26 July 6 Jane Kynaston widow of Charles Kynaston late of Oatley decd, and Cotton Lacon, spinster, both of Oatley, Salop v. James Lacon and Buckley Mackworth Marriage settlement, John Lacon and Hester (one of the daughters of Sir Robert Cotton), parents of the complts. C78/1407, no. 3 [70]
1720 26 July 6 Mary Cay, widow v. Ambrose Norton Money due to Robert Lawley the complts late father decd, a bricklayer, for building stables and other buildings for the deft, who was surveyor of the stables in the Kings Mews to Charles II C78/1460, no. 4 [71]
1720 27 July 6 John Deacles esq & Delicia his wife late called Delicia Woolfe v. William Faris & Anne his wife C78/1899, no. 7 [72]
1720 27 July 6 Daniel Tainturier, esq v. James Rokeby, & Anne his wife; Hellen Randall; and John Chardin C78/1765, no. 7 [73]
1720 27 July 6 Thomas Robinson, & Mary his wife; and Lucy Anne Smart, daughter of said Mary, an infant of about 8 years v. William Smart C78/1634, no. 14 [74]
1720 28 July 6 John Stafford, citizen and clockmaker of London v. John Baker; Edmund Brown; Thomas Maynard; Mathias Jones; and Jonathan Cooling Agreement by the defts Baker & Brown to take black lead produced in the mines in the parish of Croswhale now Keswick within the manor of Bordale [Borrowdale], Cumberland, 40 tons in warehouses in Workington and Keswick. On condition that production to cease for 7 years so long as payments maintained. Sale to the complt of 1/8 share in this agreement. C78/1433, no. 10 [75]
1720 28 July 6 John Edwards, citizen and mercer of London v. Caleb Powell; Andrew Clarke; John Owens; and Richard Downes Payments to be made in London by the defts Owens and Powell, cattle drovers, on behalf of the deft Clarke of Radnor C78/1439, no. 1 [76]
1720 29 July 6 Jacob, now Sir Jacob Jacobson, knight, by bill of revivor v. Belthazar Meno Hamckemus, & Tetha Catherine his wife; Theodore Balthazar Jacobson; and Balthazar Menzar, administrators of Henry Jacobson C78/1583, no. 5 [77]
1720 1 Aug 6 Vincent Grantham of Kesterne [Kelstern near Louth], Lincs, esq & Anne his wife sometime ago the widow of Christopher Hildyard late of Kesterne her first husband who was the eldest son and heir of Christopher Hildyard of Kesterne esq also deceased; Mary Hildyard; Christopher Hildyard; Charlotte Hildyard; Henry Hildyard; Juliana Hildyard; Muriall Hildyard; and Anne Hildyard younger children of the said Anne by the said Christopher Hildyard infants by the said Vincent Grantham their next friend v. Sir John Tyrwhitt baronet; Mathew Llister esq; Robert Alcott gentleman; Charles Hildyard an infant by his guardian; William Morland gentleman; Paul Buissiere esq; John Pitt esq; George Pitt esq John Marshall & Jane his wife; Adrian Birth & Anne his wife; George Clayton & Dorothy his wife; Eliza Hildyard spinster; Edward Wood esq; And Robert Wood esq C79/35, no. [78]
1720 3 Aug 7 Humphrey Evans gent v. William Bishop and Thomas Bishop The complainant as an attorney in the Westminster courts procured moneys upon security for his clients, among which was money for the redemption of a mortgage on lands in Hammersmith and Brentford with a confessed judgment for security. C78/1301, no. 2 [79]
1720 5 Aug 6 Henry Caldecott of Holmer, Herefs, gent, an infant, by James Lewis of Huntington v. James Exton; Henry Evans; Thomas Caldecott; Owen Phillipps, & Ann his wife; and Elizabeth Caldecott C78/1539, no. 4 [80]
1720 5 Aug 7 James Mighells late of Loestoft, Suffolk but then of Stratford, Essex v. Anthony Barlow and Anne his wife executrix of William Church decd; John Fowler and Susannah his wife; Margaret Warwick, widow; and Thomas Landefeild and Margaret his wife, which said Susan, Margaret and Margaret are the heirs at law of the said William Church C78/1499, no. 3 [81]
1720 (bill) Michaelmas Term 7 William Ash of Paston, Northants esq v. White, lord bishop of Peterborough; Thomas Gibson clerk; Charles Parker; Thomas Deacon; and John Wildbore esq; John Rowell; Charles Dews; Thomas Rowell; John Sly; William Tilton; William Langton; Edmund Staples; Elizabeth Standish widow; Rebecca Deeputt widow; Joseph Bull; Job Johnson; Richard Toath; and William Sutton C79/35, no. [82]
1720 (bill) Michaelmas 6 James, duke of Chandos v. John Talbot, esq, & Dorothy his wife; Philip Weston; John Smith; Henry Dean; Richard Coombes; John Ward; George Middleton; Thomas Milner; James Jenyns; Ralph Wilbraham; Elizabeth Carpenter; and others C78/1811, no. 1 [83]
1720 14 Oct 7 Sir Hans Sloane v. Henry, Duke of Beaufort an infant; James Bertie; Doddington Greville Refs previous complt dated 1702 in this court, William, Lord Cheney v. Duchess Dowager of Beaufort; Henry, Duke of Beauford her grandson; and Charles Price. Ownership of a water supply by brick conduit and lead pipe called Kensington Conduit, running from Chelsea Moore to the house Chelsea Place. C78/1437, no. 9 [84]
1720 19 Oct 7 Thomas Bugby of London, merchant, son and executor and residuary legatee of John Bugby v. John Caine; Mary Fowles; and Martha Wootes C78/1576, no. 7 [85]
1720 25 Oct 7 Alice Welles of Lambeth, Surrey, widow v. Richard Wyeman; Robert Frith; and Andrew Parker C78/1478, no. 6 [86]
1720 26 Oct 7 Mary Ramsden of Norton, Yorks, widow v. William Oldfield, gentleman; Mary Appleyard widow of William Appleyard of Hemplestubbs, Yorks, gentleman; Boynton Boynton, esq; William Millner of Leeds, Yorks, merchant; and Thomas Taylor of Leeds C79/4, no. [87]
1720 28 Oct 7 James Colley, gent; and John Elliott, gent, administrator with the will annexed of Thomas Elliot of Barton Regis, Gloucs, gent v. Benjamin Branch C78/1526, no. 1 [88]
1720 3 Nov 7 Luke Pearson esq administrator of Alice Pearson his late mother administratrix of William Pearson his late father v. Stephen Husband, gentleman and Mary Husband an infant by said Stephen her guardian C78/2017, no. 1 [89]
1720 3 Nov 6 William Trunkett v. Humphry Newman C78/1546, no. 1 [90]
1720 7 Nov 7 Bryan Hinton of the City of Lincoln and Elizabeth his wife v. Henry Boulton; Mary Blow; and Elizabeth Blow Robert Hodgson late of Barlings, Lincs. Agreement with friends to pass copyhold lands at Reipham [Reepham] in the manor of Fiskerton, Lincs to his daughter, the complt Elizabeth, but not specified in his will. C78/1433, no. 8 [91]
1720 8 Nov 7 Thomas Heath; and Edmund Heath, the surviving executors of William Heath, their late father v. Sir Bibye Lake, baronet; James Sadler, esq; and Elizabeth Sadler, widow; Peter Percival, esq; Sir Cesar Child, baronet; John Goodeere, esq; John Norris; and Whitfield Hayter AND also v. Samuel Percivall C78/1674, no. 2 [92]
1720 11 Nov 7 William Cossens v. Antony Mawry C79/78, no. [93]
1720 12 Nov 7 William Leighton and Dorothy his wife; John Jaies als Shone; William Jones and John Braine v Sir Edward Leighton; Robert Edwards; William Pearce; Samuel Ford; Thomas Pritchard; Robert Owen; Richard Edwards; Henry Wild; Lewis William; [blank] Bouldler; John Case; [blank] Owen; Richard Asterley; Edward Poyner; Esaiah Davis; Elizabeth Tomkis; Thomas Lloyd; Richard Williams; [blank] Gittins; Edward Morris; Richard Pritchard; Mary Davis; Elizabeth Davis; Richard Browne; [blank] Bowen widow; Henry Wild; John Pearse; and William Barrett Mortgage of the manor of Baulisley als Bawsely als Bausely [Bausley], Co. Montgomery, messuage in Shrewsbury and another near the Stitt [in Ratlinghope par. ], Shrops by Sir Edward Leighton decd, the plt William Leighton's eldest brother. C78/1384, no. 2 [94]
1720 15 Nov 6 Richard Burnes gentleman v. William Jesson esq C79/190, no. [95]
1720 15 Nov 7 Rupert Eastland esq v. Richard Franke esq; Magnus Kempenfelt esq and William Leigh C78/1860, no. 2 [96]
1720 15 Nov 7 James Babbage and Richard Babbage sons of John & Dorothy Babbage v. John Tapp & Elizabeth his wife; Emanuell Tucker; John Radford; Peter East; William Linscott & Margeret his wife; John Wilmot & Christian his wife; Mary Sonden; Dorothy Hele; and Arthur Sharland C78/1491, no. 3 [97]
1720 17 Nov 7 Owen Thomas Bromsall of Northill, Beds v Anne Grace widow & executrix of Francis Grace senior who was executor of Ralph Bromsall senior; John Thurloe Grace and Francis Grace executors of Ralph Bromsall junior Will of Ralph Bromsall senior of Northill, Beds, the complts late father C78/1401, no. 5 [98]
1720 17 Nov 7 Francis Pelsant v. Eusebius Burwell Pelsant C78/1466, no. 7 [99]
1720 17 Nov 7 John Goldesbrough Newberry v. Mary Powell, widow and executrix of Thomas Powell her late husband decd C78/1472, no. 3 [100]
1720 19 Nov 7 Anne Sacheverel, widow v. Elizabeth Sacheverel, now the wife of Edward Pole; John Savile; Thomas Allestry; Charles Beastin (?); Hugh Bateman; George Sitwell; John Gery; George Langford; and Anne Sacheverell C78/1741, no. 4 [101]
1720 19 Nov 7 Aylworth Emblyn, Joshua Emblyn and Mary Emblyn sons & daughter of Samuel Emblyn of the City of London, hosier by Mary his wife who was one of the sisters of Joshua Aylworth late of Aylworth, Gloucs decd; and Mary Freeman, Barbara Freeman and John Freeman three of the younger children of Charles Freeman late of Aylworth Twyning, Gloucs decd by Hannah his late wife also decd who was the other sister of the said Joshua Aylworth; and the said Aylworth Emblyn, Joshau Emblyn and Mary Emblyn by Edmund Pembruge v. Kemmett Freeman son & heir of the said Charles Freeman by Hannah his wife; Aylworth Freeman the second son of the said Charles Freeman; Thomas Aylworth; John Herring; Mary Aylworth, widow, mother of the said Joshua Aylworth; Samuel Emblyn and Mary his wife; and Edward Colstone Trust settlement by Joshua Aylworth of his mortgaged estate in Aylworth, Gloucs C78/1454, no. 4 [102]
1720 21 Nov 7 Adam Cardonell esq eldest son and heir of Adam Cardonell esq an infant of about 5 years by Elizabeth Cardonell his mother; Charles le Bas; Rene Baudowin; and Frederick Faukland esqs his guardians v. William Stanley esq C78/1899, no. 8 [103]
1720 29 Nov 7 Dorothy Pyott wife of John Pyott of Streethay [in Lichfield], Staffs by John Wightwick v. The said John Pyot and Joseph Lawson Moiety of several messuages in Hellaby, Maltby & Rawmarsh, Yorks, the property of the complt as one of the daughters and coheirs of Ralph Fretwell late of Hellaby, Yorks decd, and mortgage by the deft, her husband, without her consent. C78/1409, no. 1 [104]
1720 10 Dec 6 Valentine Goodman, gent v. Oliver St John; Sir Charles holt, baronet; and John Shaw C78/1552, no. 4 [105]
1720 13 Dec 7 Cesar Pegoner; Joseph Delamotte; Jean Blanc; Claud Scoffier; Amond Boybella Dela Chapell; Piere Boybault, ministers of the French Protestant Chapel of Leicester Fields; Paul Mune; Paul Nandet; Peter Legathe; Rene Fage; Augustin Courtland; Jean Gardes; Eli Bonnitt; Daniel Case; Abraham Coninge; Jean Pens; Francis Mago; Eli Decadebaratt; John Matson; Oliver Migtault; Nicholas Lambert; Josias Manger; Steven Foucher; Oliver Savagny; Pascall Camy; and Rene Quillier the elder; Vestry Menor, consistory of the aforesaid chapel v. Abraham Garignes; Amatour Duche; Peter Brunett; Isaac Burdeau; and Francis Allotte C78/1764, no. 1 [106]
1720 19 Dec 7 Caleb Lowdham and Jane Lowdham an infant by the said Caleb her father v. Sara Lowdham, widow Marriage of Caleb Lowdham (the complt Caleb's father) and Elizabeth Mathews (the complts mother), and later to the deft, his second wife. Rights to tenement in Rocks Lane, Exeter and copyhold farm called Brown Hayes in the manor of Bradmush [?Bradninch], Devon. C78/1456, no. 11 [107]
1720 20 Dec 7 John Jolliffe of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Theobald Michell; William Tully; and Francis Tully C78/2049, no. 15 [108]
1720 20 Dec 7 Thomas Beach gentleman administrator with the will annexed of Robert Beach esq v. Thomas Beach sr; Harman King; William Beach; John Orton an infant; John Horton the elder; Adrian Moore; and Phillip Beach C78/1934, no. 9 [109]
1720 21 Dec 7 Margaret Rolle of Heanton [Heanton Punchardon], Devon, spinster, only daughter and heir of Samuel Rolle late of Heanton decd by Arthur Arscott of Tetcott, Devon v. Margaret Rolle, widow; Sir Nicholas Hooper; Roger Tuckfeild; Richard Yeo; William Fortescue; Thomas Coppleton; John Rolle of Shapwick [Somerset]; and Samuel Rolle Marriage settlement of complts parents Samuel Rolle and Margaret (nee Tuckfeild) C78/1458, no. 5 [110]
1720 22 Dec 7 John Brydges of the Six Clerks Office and James Tully of London v Richard Dalton, Sydenham Malthus, Daniel Malthus, Anne Malthus and Catherine Malthus Marriage settlement of Sydenham Malthus and Anne Dalton. Manor of Hadstock, Essex, and messuages in Cambs, Herts & Middx. C78/1338, no. 2 [111]