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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1719 C78/, no. []
1719 (Bill) Hilary Elizabeth Chapman widow and relict of Ambrose Chapman cleric and William Chapman son of the said Ambrose by the said Elizabeth v. Simon Blomfield and Samuel Waller C79/129, no. [2]
1719 10 Jan 5 The Reverend James Finney doctor in divinity prebendary of Durham; Thomas Wilkinson of the City of Durham esq; and Dame Fleetwood Belasyse of Branspeth Castle [Brancepeth], Durham, widow and relict of Sir Henry Belasyse knight v. William Belasyse esq and Richard Belasyse esq & Margaret his wife (damaged) Will of Sir Henry Belasyse (recited in full). Brancepeth, Co Durham C79/20, no. [3]
1719 23 Jan 5 John Williams alias Gore; Edward Williams (alias Gore?); ___ Williams alias Gore; David Pen (?); ___ Gaude spinster; Thomas _____; John Brewer & Elizabeth his wife; Rupert Clarke; James Taylor v. Sir John Trevelyan baronet; John Hunt; Thomas ___ esqs; Thomas Ca_____; ; Alexander ____; Thomas Rich; Susannah Lacy widow; Sarah Periam widow; Robert Liddon sr; Nicholas Liddon; and Robert Liddon jr C79/106, no. [4]
1719 26 Jan 5 Thomas Houghton, only brother and next heir at law of Richard Houghton of Wigton, Lancs, gent v. Sir William Gerard, baronet; Thomas Gerard, esq; Richard Worthington, esq; Richard Gerard, gent; John Walmsley, esq; John Cumberton, gent; and Margaret Houghton, widow C78/1524, no. 1 [5]
1719 26 Jan 5 Elizabeth Weedon of St James Westminster, Middx, widow relict and administratrix of Cavendish Weedon decd v. Sir Erasmus Norwich; Dame Jane his wife; Erasmus, William, Arabells, Annabella & Jane Norwich their sons and daughters; Thomas James; Sir Rushout Cullen; Lewis West; Mathew Johnson; Simon Barwell; and Thomas Reynolds, clerk C78/1495, no. 7 [6]
1719 27 Jan 5 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Watts, Vicar of the parish church of Orpington cum St Mary Cray, Kent; and William Scrafton, Rector of St Paul's Cray, Kent v. Peniston Lamb. Refs previous decree of 8 March 1717 (1718). C78/1434, no. 6 [7]
1719 27 Jan 5 William Watkins of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, vintner and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters & sole executrix of Simon Westland late of Benington [Bennington near Boston], Lincs decd v. Henry Patey C78/1495, no. 2 [8]
1719 5 Feb 5 Peter Marescoe, Thomas Marescoe, Elizabeth Marescoe, Mary Marescoe and Jane Marescoe infants by Elizabeth Marescoe widow, their mother v Peter Lekeux and Jane Jones widow, and also John Lekeux, Phillip Lekeux, Daniel Lekeux, Charles Lekeux, William Lekeux and Jane Lekeux Execution of the will of Peter Marescoe, the complts grandfather. Messuages etc in Hayes, Middx and Tilbury, Essex C78/1320, no. 2 [9]
1719 7 Feb 5 Benjamin Pearse senior and Benjamin Pearse junior v. Richard Medland son, heir and executor of William Medland decd Mortgage by the complts of 2/3 parts of a messuage called West Balsdon, Cornwall to the defts father. C78/1456, no. 9 [10]
1719 7 Feb 5 John Braddyll, esq, son and heir, devisee and sole executor and residuary legatee of Thomas Braddyll, esq v. Frederick Herne, esq; and others (sic) C78/1551, no. 1 [11]
1719 9 Feb 5 John Challis, gent v. Thomas Casborne; Robert Casborne; Isabella Casborne, the widow and relict of John Casborne; John Piggott; Jane Seyliard; Thomas Williams; John Pamplyn, esq; and John Clench C78/1731, no. 2 [12]
1719 9 Feb 5 John Shapleigh only child and administrator of Richard Shapleigh his late father decd v. James Modyford Hele (since decd); Dame Elizabeth Modyford, widow; Mary Deane, widow; James Bulteele; Walter Hele; John Snell; John Wolcombe and Ann his wife (both since decd) Mortgage by Judith Hele, widow, since decd, to the complts father of the barton of Orcheton in the parish of Modbury, Devon. Description includes rights to carry water across tenements through a lead pipe, and the liberty to fetch sand in five sand barges. C78/1456, no. 5 [13]
1719 10 Feb 5 Peregrine Cleggett of Wickham Brooke [Wickhambrook], Suff spinster v Norman Gibbs; James Shewell; Rives Dickinson; John Mayes; Robert Horton and Robert Allison and also John Gopp and Samuel Wright Mortgage by Norman Gibbs to deft Robert Allison of close & messuage in Islington, Middx. C78/1381, no. 4 [14]
1719 10 Feb 5 William Floate & Elizabeth his wife late widow and relict of Thomas Fowler and only daughter infant son of the said Elizabeth by the said William Floate and Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Sapp & Elizabeth his wife late the widow and relict of John Styant the younger; Francis Goater; and Henry Newman C79/110, no. [15]
1719 11 Feb 5 Sir Edward Stradling baronet v. Evan Seys; Edward Jenkins; Sir Edmond Thomas baronet; Wenllum Seys; and Elizabeth Seys C78/2056, no. 6 [16]
1719 14 Feb 5 Timothy Kemp, & Elizabeth his wife v. Mary Fowtrell, widow C78/1793, no. 18 [17]
1719 14 Feb 5 William Clifford v. William Else; Joseph Swaine; Ann Duncomb, widow; Samuel Marriott; and Sarah Marriott, widow C78/1481, no. 7 [18]
1719 14 Feb 5 Thomas Thompson and Anne his wife v. Thomas Honey and Jane his wife, late wife of Richard Worsley decd; Elizabeth Waghorne the widow of John Waghorne; John Waghorne and Thomas Waghorne his sons and coheirs in gavelkind; Nicholas Wray administrator of William Lock; Anne Waghorne, spinster; William Russell and John Russell sons of William Russell by Elizabeth his wife; William Watts and Sarah his wife; William Wells and Jane his wife; and Abigail Waghorne, spinster C78/1488, no. 4 [19]
1719 15 Feb 5 William Eyre, gent v. William Salisbury, gent; and John Good C78/1793, no. 24 [20]
1719 16 Feb 5 William Eyre, gent; Joseph Lakin; and John Lakin v. Simon Lucas; George Biddulph, esq; and Richard Andrews, esq C78/1793, no. 21 [21]
1719 17 Feb 5 Richard Reynolds, Chancellor of the Diocese of Peterborough, Northants; Sir Robert Hesilrige; and James Keir v. George Smith, John Smith, Dorothy Smith & Mary Smith, infants; Thomas Smith; William Haines; and John Rose C78/1482, no. 9 [22]
1719 17 Feb 5 James Harvey of Cockfield, Suffolk v. Benjamin Thompson and Samuel Waller; and also, following amendment, Samuel Fisher; Micajah Perry; and Thomas Lane C78/1484, no. 11 [23]
1719 18 Feb 5 Pilkington Robinson and Elizabeth his wife who was the only child and heiress of Elizabeth Palmer decd late wife of Robert Palmer which said Elizabeth was one of the nieces and co-heiresses of Sir William Milman decd; and also William Buckle and Diane his wife; Charles Mount and Robella his wife; John Langford and Mary his wife; which said Diana, Robella and Mary were the three other nieces and co-heiresses of the said Sir William Milman v Dame Elizabeth Milman; John Jacob; Robert Jacomb; and Anthony Cracherode Will of Sir William Milman decd. C78/1396, no. 2 [24]
1719 19 Feb 5 The President and Scholars of St Mary Magdalen College, University of Oxford v. Miles Silvester; Thomas Collings; William Cooper; Henry Baker; Richard Heale; William Wells; Nicholas Coles; William Cobb; Magdalen Lawrence; John Turner; Edward Aldred; Francis Loe; Henry Carpenter; and George Wells C78/2017, no. 2 [25]
1719 19 Feb 5 Mary Middleton; Constance Middleton; Diana Middleton; and Ann Middleton four the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Middleton esq infants by Arthur Onslow esq v. Richard, lord Onslow esq; Sir John Williams knight; and Richard Hockenhull & Elizabeth his wife C78/1895, no. 6 [26]
1719 20 Feb 5 Peter Crayford gentleman & Anthionetta his wife v. Elias Didier gentleman; and Mary Didier and Elizabeth Didier infants C79/43, no. [27]
1719 21 Feb 5 John Crew cousin & heir of Sir John Crew decd and of Elizabeth Knightly, widow, decd, sister and heir of the said Sir Crew v. Hugh Chamberlein and Dame Mary his wife, relist and one of the executors of the said Sir John Crew; Crew Offley and John Offley his son an infant; Richard Ardern and Elinor Manley executors of the said Elizabeth Knightley, sister and another of the executors of Sir John Crew; John Parkhurst and Dormer Parkhurst his son; John Parkhurst and Altham Parkhurst sons of Nathaniel Parkhurst decd, infants by the said John Parkhurst their grandfather; Robert Duckingfield; Sir Samuel Daniell; John Shallcross; Randle Wilbraham; Roger Manwarington junr (trustees in Sir John Crew's deed of trust. Will of Sir John Crew, trust settlement of manor of Tottenhall als Tatnall [Tattenhall] and other manors in Cheshire. C78/1436, no. 2 [28]
1719 24 Feb 5 Sir John Topp, baronet v. Frances Stanhope, widow; Michael Stanhope, doctor in divinity; Arthur charles Stanhope, his eldest son, an infant; Edward Topp, esq; John Topp his eldest son; Richard Harcourt, esq; Charles Stanhope, esq; George Stanhope, dean of Canterbury; Alexander Kellett, gent; Richard Aspingwall; and Charles Sloper, doctor in divinity C78/1525, no. 1 [29]
1719 25 Feb 5 Lewis Wogan esq & Martha his wife only daughter and heir of David Williams & Jane his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of John Adam esq v. Anthony Webb; Thomas Webb; John Mathews; Mary Wyndham; Richard Sayes esq; Edward Thomas; and Edward Stradling C79/197, no. [30]
1719 26 Feb 5 Richard Hayes and Elizabeth Hayes an infant by Elizabeth Duncombe, widow; Sir Lacon William Child and Sir Robert Legard late the two senior masters of this court v. Samuel Rich Refs previous cause concerning the estate of Robert Brock senr, grandfather of the complts Richard & Elizabeth Hayes, and their late brother Thomas Hayes decd. Also, estates of Richard & Elizabeth Hayes, their father and mother, and Robert Brock junr, their uncle. C78/1408, no. 1 [31]
1719 26 Feb 5 Crispe Lock; and Mary Lock the widow and executrix of Joshua Lock of London, creditors of Jane Bigg, widow v. Penelope Spackman; George Barnard; Charles Easton; John Spackman; Benjamin Brewood; and Henry Spackman C78/1735, no. 4 [32]
1719 2 March 5 Sir Jonathan Trelawney, Lord Bishop of Winchester v. Thomas Knight; and William Knight Mining of copper ore and other metals by Thomas Knight the defts late father since decd, on his copyhold estate at Kingston [Kingston St Mary], parcel of the manor of Taunton Deane [Somerset], without the complts licence. C78/1456, no. 3 [33]
1719 3 March 5 Edward Gooday; and Daniel Gooday of London, merchants, sons of George Gooday of London, esq, deceased v. John Burkin; and John Orlebar, esqs; and George Gooday, gent C78/1634, no. 9 [34]
1719 5 March 5 Dame Mary Langthorne widow and relict of Sir William Langthorn baronet an infant by Ephiphanius Holland clerk her uncle v. Robert Warren doctor in divinity & Dorothy his wife; Sir John Conyers baronet; William Langthorne Gaines an infant by said Robert Warren his guardian; Baldwin Conyers esq; Joseph Kirke esq; Robert Sherrard; and Dorothy Warren; Anne Warren; and Langthorne Warren infants by said Robert Warren their father and guardian C79/142, no. [35]
1719 5 March 5 John Clay, gent v. Robert Piggot, gent; Rogeer Dewhurst; Isabell Dewhurst; and Anne Dewhurst, children of said Roger Dewhurst; John Dewhurst; and Anne Dewhurst, children of said Roger Dewhurst; John Dewburst; Mary Dewhurst; and Anne Dewhurst, children of Henry Dewhurst; Robert Dewhurst; and Thomas Dewhurst, children of said Roger Dewhurst; John Graystock; George Graystock; and Ellen Graystock, children of William Graystock, & Margaret his wife; John Gooday, & Mary his wife, daughter of said Roger Dewhurst; William Wareing; John Prachard, & Sarah his wife; Mary Mitchell; Mary Wareing; Henry Dewhurst; Henry Wareing; John Tayrell, & Mary his wife in the bill called Mary Lund; Francis Whaley; Christian Mitchell; and Francis Mitchell C78/1616, no. 6 [36]
1719 12 March 5 James Read v. Stephen Coulston; John Read; Charity Clarke, and Nathaniel Romain C79/155, no. [37]
1719 12 March 5 Benjamin Morret and Robert Ayres v. Sir Nicholas Morris; Mary Copplestone; Rebecca Whitrow; Elizabeth Reynell; Grace Bennett; Elizabeth Bennett; Thomas Parke; William Dering; Sir Edward Dering an infant; Jane Tryon; John Gumley; Francis Taylor; Joseph Cranmore; Jane Mead; John Mead; William Mead; John Jolley; Leonard Poad; Daniel Alford; Clement Kent; Johem Foster; Francis Thompson; Joseph Huddlestone; John James Gathes and Rebecca his wife; John Mercer; John Littlehales; Mathias Walraven; Daniel Cox and Rebecca his wife; John Monntague, doctor of divinity; and Edward, Earl of Sandwich Refs previous decree of 8 Feb 4 Geo. C78/1419, no. 3 [38]
1719 12 March 5 Nathaniel Toot v. John Blake; and Samuel Brand C78/1735, no. 5 [39]
1719 12 March 5 Samuel Manship of London, bookseller v. Henry Odingsells; and Mary Odingsells C78/1684, no. 3 [40]
1719 12 March 5 Henry Young, gent, & Anne his wife; Elizabeth Clark, widow; Charity Clark, widow; and Amphillis Young; Mary Young; and John Young, son and daughter of said Henry Young; William Clark; Esme Clark; and Elizabeth Clark, sons and daughter of said Charity; and Mark Clarke and William Clark, sons of the said Elizabeth Clark, widow, infants, by said Henry Young v. John Cottle, gent; and John Baker C78/1545, no. 7 [41]
1719 17 March 5 Charles, Earl of Carlisle; The Master and Scholars of Balliol College in Oxford; Ralph Clarke; Deborah Potts; Nathaniel Ogle for and on behalf of Isabella Newton widow; and also William Shippen and Frances his wife; Dorothy Stote spinster which said Frances and Dorothy together with the deft Margaret Tonge were only sisters and coheirs of Bertram Stote decd v Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Lord Bishop of Durham; John Tonge clerk and Mary (sic) his wife Estate of Sir Richard Stote, father of the said Bertram Stote. Longbenton, Jesus Mount alias Jesmond, Kirkheaton [in Kirkharle par.], Wooperton [in Eglingham par], Willington, Howdon Panns [in Wallsend par.] and West Morton in the counties of Northumberland and Durham and 3 messuages in Newcastle upon Tyne. Also the will of Henry Holmes of Whitchester, Northumb, late uncle of the said Bertram Stote and his 3 sisters. C78/1381, no. 2 [42]
1719 19 March 5 Daniel Tomkins, & Alice his wife, daughter of Edwyn Sandys, esq, by Alicia his wife also deceased, who was one of the daughters of Sir James Rushout, baronet v. Samuel Esquire; Martin Sandys AND v. Edwyn Sandys; and Samuel Sandys, sons of said Martin Sandys; Edwyn Sandys, brother of the said complainant Alice; Sir Rushout Cullen, baronet C78/1527, no. 1 [43]
1719 11 April 5 William Gunner; Thomas Relfe; John Dray; William Adams; John Bannister; Sarah Norris widow and administratrix of Jeremiah Norris; John Norris; Nicholas Saxby; Richard Devenish; William Relfe; Edward Chapman; Abraham Cooper; Richard Pelling; Robert Dupleck; John Driver; Richard Ward; Thomas Hart; John Beale son and executor of Thomas Beale; and Anthony Fowle on behalf of themselves and other creditors and legatees of Ferdinando Pankhurst late of Buxted esq deceased v. Thomas Shorte; Richard Capper; John Hutton & Dorothy his wife; and Humfrey Fowle esq C79/43, no. [44]
1719 15 April 5 The Master Wardens and Commonalty of the Mistery of Pewterers of the City of London v. Edward Dawkins; Anthony Burward; Robert Hill; and John Stebbing Annuity due to the Pewterers from the will of Ralph Stray, citizen and pewterer of London. Messuages in the county of Suffolk. C78/1443, no. 18 [45]
1719 20 April 5 Ann Brock, spinster v. Thomas Ousley, clerk and Jane his wife; Joseph Butler and Sarah his wife; Bernard Metcalfe and Ann his wife; William Rayner and Hellen his wife; Elizabeth Barker, widow; and John Goostrey and Margaret his wife C78/1495, no. 5 [46]
1719 21 April 5 John Hassell v. Edward Linney; Giles Riddle; Joseph Withall; John Curtis sr; Isaac Fielding; and others (sic) C78/1901, no. 14 [47]
1719 21 April 5 Gilbert Penrice, gent v. Thomas Steyner, esq C78/1729, no. 15 [48]
1719 21 April 5 James Jeanes of Bristol, merchant v. Edward Tibbott the elder; Anne Trelfye; Edward Tibbott the younger; Lawford Cole; and James Donning C78/1690, no. 5 [49]
1719 21 April 5 Jacob Melhuish v. John Tristram junr Purchase by the complt of Tristram's moiety of mortgaged tenement lands, rocks and quarries in the parish of Bampton, Devon. C78/1456, no. 4 [50]
1719 21 April 5 Henry Embris of Thornford, Dorset, clerk v. Robert Forrest; Edith Knavine; Prudence Knavine; and Elizabeth Joyce C78/1505, no. 2 [51]
1719 23 April 5 Mary Henley; Elizabeth Henley; Katherine Henley; Robert Henley; Henry Henley; and Bertie Henley, the daughters and younger sons of Anthony Henley, esq by Mary their mother, one of the daughters of the Honorable Peregrine Bertie, esq, being all infants, viz, the said Mary being about 11; Elizabeth, 10; Katherine, 7; Robert, 5; Henry, 4; Bertie, 3, by Charles Bertie, esq v. Henry Bertie, & Mary his wife; Anthony Henley, eldest son and heir of said Anthony Henley, esq; The Right Honorable John, earl Paulett; Mountague, earl of Abington; Joseph Henley; Robert Henley; and Thomas Brounfield C78/1783, no. 9 [52]
1719 24 April 5 Robert Micklethwaite & Mildred his wife relict and executrix of Richard Booth late of Wyham, Lincs, gentleman v. William Booth and Frances Arnop widow C79/15, no. [53]
1719 25 April 5 Charles Simpson of Heldon [?Howdon], Yorks v. Mary Trippett, widow & relict of Robert Trippett late of Kingston upon Hull, merchant C78/1499, no. 4 [54]
1719 27 April 5 Robert Lowther, esq v. John Blackbourne, & Francis his wife; Emanuel Justice; and Robert Parker C78/1771, no. 1 [55]
1719 28 April 5 Henry Fawler of the St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx, silk dyer v. John Lutman of St Leonard, shoreditch C79/14, no. [56]
1719 28 April 5 William Redman and Anne his wife who is the sole daughter and heir of John Greenwollers junior who was the eldest son and heir of John Greenwollers senior by Joane his wife who was the daughter of Thomas Barnes decd v. Edward Deaves and Alice Deaves, widow Mortgage of rights to copyhold messuage called New Wood Houses in the manor of Whitchurch, Shrops by John Greenwollers senior. Originally surrendered by the said Thomas Barnes and Alice his wife to John Greenwollers senior on his marriage to their daughter Joane. C78/1456, no. 7 [57]
1719 29 April 5 John Carkett; and Samuel Carkett the younger v. John Fuge; Nicholas Corhett; John Corett; and Henry Corett C78/1793, no. 22 [58]
1719 30 April 5 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Richard Farbrace; and John Blackwell, churchwardens of Southminster, Essex; and Benjamin Rutland; and Thomas Bridge, overseers of the poor of said parish v. Thomas Renda, esq; John Salvetti; and Richard Pont C78/1616, no. 5 [59]
1719 1 May 5 William Cotesworth of London, esq v. Richard Harwick C78/1536, no. 4 [60]
1719 1 May 5 John Cawley the younger of the Close of Lincoln and Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Sharp senior & Thomas Sharpe junior; Francis Harvey; and [blank] Aynesworth C78/1495, no. 8 [61]
1719 4 May 5 Richard Lleeves gentleman one of the sons and only surviving executor of William Lleeves esq v. Henry Poore; Robert Poore; and John Poore C79/103, no. [62]
1719 4 May 6 Sir Edward Dereing, baronet; and Cholmley Pering both infants by Jane Tryon, widow v. George Scott, esq, & Cecilia his wife; and William Dering, esq C78/1815, no. 5 [63]
1719 4 May 5 Sir Edward Dering, eldest son & heir of Sir Cholmley Dering decd; and Cholmley Dering second son of the said Sir Cholmley Dering, infants by Jane Tryon, widow v. George Scott & Cecilia his wife; and William Dering C78/1488, no. 6 [64]
1719 5 May 5 Nathaniel Gyles gentleman v. Samuel Percivall gentleman and Allan Horde merchant C78/1897, no. 10 [65]
1719 5 May 5 Edward Hastings, gent v. Henry Godfrey, esq, administrator of John Godfrey C78/1509, no. 3 [66]
1719 11 May 5 Thomas Grundy an infant by Nicholas Grundy gentleman his uncle v. Sir Edward Gould knight; James Harriman; and Jonathan Grundy & Sarah his wife C78/1939, no. 1 [67]
1719 12 May 5 Attorney General at relation of Mayor & Burgesses of Abingdon [Abingdon-on-Thames], Berks v. Samuel Provost; Ann Long; Robert Stone; and William Honor Charitable bequest in the will of John Provost late of the parish of Richmond, Surrey, clerk decd. C78/1450, no. 9 [68]
1719 13 May 5 Robert Pardoe of Bewdley, Worcs, tanner v. John Buleine; Devereux Bulleine; and John Moreton als Borton C78/1469, no. 7 [69]
1719 14 May 5 Francis Jessop and Elizabeth his wife v Charles Cesar; Catherine Marshall widow and Edward Marshall Marriage settlement on plts marriage. C78/1388, no. 3 [70]
1719 15 May 5 John Richbell; John Ragdall; and Edward Chapman v Dame Elizabeth Milman; William Buckle and Diana his wife; John Langford the elder and Mary his wife; Charles Mount and Robella his wife; Robert Palmer; Pilkington Robinson and Elizabeth his wife; Mary Buckle; John Llangford the younger; Charles Milman Mount; John Mount; William Milman Buckle; Diana Buckle; Robert Jacomb; and Anthony Cracherode Will of Sir William Milman. Lease of 3 parcels of ground in Lambs Conduit Fields, St Andrews Holborn, Middx. C78/1396, no. 3 [71]
1719 15 May 5 Gregory Syndercombe and Francis Clase v. William Martyn snr; William Martyn jun; Richard Troyte; William Jope; and William Siderfin trustees for the said William Martyn senior; William Blackford; John Trevelyan; Tho Dyke; and John Gardner trustees for the said Blackford; and John Russell a creditor by judgement of the said William Martyn senior Lease by William Martyn senior to the complt Syndercombe of several closes and parcels of land in Nether Stowey and Over Stowey in Somerset which had already been mortgaged to the deft Jope.. C78/1456, no. 6 [72]
1719 25 May 5 Thomas Alphy of Tysehurst [Ticehurst], Sussex, for himself as well on behalf of other creditors of Stephen Stringer late of Goudhurst, Kent, esq v. Jane Stringer; Thomas Weston & Jane his wife; Thomas Weston; Jane Weston; Hannah Monk; Anne Stringer; Mary Stringer; Edward Bathurst sr esq; Edward Bathurst jr; John Bathurst; Elizabeth Bathurst; and Thomas Bathurst C79/5, no. [73]
1719 27 May 5 Salwey Winnington of Stanford Court [in Stanford-on-Teme par.], Worcs, esq, & Anne his wife; and Thomas Winnington, only son of said Salwey and Anne v. William Foley, esq, an infant C78/1690, no. 2 [74]
1719 29 May 5 George Prickett, merchant v. Sir Cleave More, baronet; John Plumb, gent; John Earle; Richard Gildart; Henry Parr; Weedon Perry; and John Snee C78/1793, no. 13 [75]
1719 29 May 5 John Nott, jr, & Mary his wife v. William Mudford C78/1771, no. 2 [76]
1719 4 June 5 Charles Lister and Jude Abbey v. Anne Gill and William Beckwith and others (sic) C79/20, no. [77]
1719 5 June 5 Edward Trevor, esq, eldest son and heir of Sir John Trevor, knight, then master of the rolls, by Dame Jane late wife then also deceased v. John Trevor, esq; Arthur Trevor, esq; and Tudor Trevor esq, younger sons of said Sir John Trevor, knight; The Honorable Allen, lord viscount Middleton, Ireland, & Anne Lady Middleton his wife; Prudentia Trevor, which said Anne and Prudentia were the daughters of said Sir John Trevor AND v. Rowland Pugh, doctor in phisick, & Elizabeth his wife; and Margaret Salesbury, spinster C78/1669, no. 1 [78]
1719 6 Jun 5 Phillip Jellard of Sherford, Devon, executor of Thomas Jellard late of Stokenham, Devon decd; and Thomas Jellard an infant by the said Phillip his father v. Elizabeth Jellard, widow of the said Thomas Jellard decd Marriage settlement Thomas Jellard and the deft Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth Cowne C78/1429, no. 12 [79]
1719 8 June 5 William Hancock of Norton, Worcs, Charles Hancock, Ann Hancock spinster, Judith Simpson widow and Catherine Hancock spinster the surviving children of William Hancock late of Twining, Gloucs decd who was the eldest son and heir of William Hancock late of Norton decd v Judith Hancock, John Parsons and Elizabeth his wife, Judith Parsons, Charles Parsons, John Parsons junr, Mary Hancock and William Dowdeswell Estate of William Hancock the grandfather. C78/1362, no. 1 [80]
1719 9 Jun 5 Margaret Airey an infant of about 17 years by Sir John Delavall her uncle; and also the said Sir John Delavall v Edward Killerby Sums due from the estate of Sir Ralph Delavall decd, the complt Sir John's late father, and the complt Margaret's grandfather. C78/1381, no. 5 [81]
1719 9 Jun 5 John Talbott als Ivory v. Charles, Duke of Shrewsbury; Richard, Earl of Scarborough; Barbara, Viscountess Dowager Llongueville; Talbott, Viscount Longueville; William Longuevill; Thomas Gibson; William Bromley; Sir Brian Stapleton; Dame Anne Ivory. widow; Gilberta Talbott, spinster; Talbott Ivory; and Henry Yelverton Sir John Talbott decd, his son Sherrington Talbott. Trust settlement of the manors of Charlton, Liddington Coate and Walcoate, and the rectory of Liddington, the manor of Laycock, and the rectory of Laycock, the manors of Charles Weeke and Weeke Farm, the manor of Down and Barbaray Downe Castle [Barbury Castle], all in Wilts. The manor of Salwarpe and the advowson of the rectory of Salwarpe, Worcs. C78/1431, no. 4 [82]
1719 9 June 5 Hills Thompson v. Samuel Thompson and Hannah his wife Will of Henry Hills. Messuage and land called Fowles Wood and farm called Hatch in parishes of Chislett & Herne and elsewhere in Kent. C78/1460, no. 5 [83]
1719 10 June 5 Jane Elson widow; Bridgett Elson; and Elizabeth Elson spinsters daughters of William Elson esq minors by the said Jane Elson their grandmother v. William Elson esq & his wife; Sir John Suffield knight; Henry Peckham; John Peachy; William Barry; Anne Weeke; Nicholas Bowne; William Floyd; James Vavasor; Thomas Carr; John Woodyer; and Thomas Gratwick C79/112, no. [84]
1719 10 June 5 George Manning & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Wilson C79/33, no. [85]
1719 10 Jun 5 The United Company of Merchants of England trading to the East Indies v. John Powell Interruption of the trade of the Company by the 'separate graders' C78/1417, no. 15 [86]
1719 11 June 5 Jeremiah Batley citizen and stationer of London & Sarah his wife one of the daughters of Doctor Richard Stoughton v. Susanna Stoughton widow and Robert Paine Barnard merchant C78/1908, no. 11 [87]
1719 15 June 5 John Naylor, Hugh Baxter & Anne his wife, Susannah Dunny, Frances Hanwell, Susan Hanwell, Frances Naylor, Mary Naylor and Sarah Saule v Henry Bridges and his wife, John Bridges, Rose Bridges, Anne Bridges, Nicholas Merwin and Mary Dotchin Estate of Shem Bridges late of Ember Court, Surrey decd, cousin to the complts. C78/1366, no. 3 [88]
1719 15 June 5 Walter Garston v George Wellington Lease of Red Marley Parke. County not stated [?Herefordshire] C78/1388, no. 2 [89]
1719 15 June 5 Samuel Baddiley, & Isabel his wife, who was the only daughter and heir of John Hoar late of Northampton, apothecary; and Isabel his late wife both deceased v. Nathaniel Alsop; and William Windress esq C78/1525, no. 3 [90]
1719 18 June 5 Elizabeth Owen, widow & executrix of Massie Owen, mariner decd; and Nathaniel Owen eldest son & heir of the said Massie Owen, an infant v. Simon Mitchell; and Stephen Martin Wills of the said Massie Owen, and his father Nathaniel Owen. Mortgage by Massie Owen of an estate in Stepney and Mile End Old Towne, Middx. C78/1443, no. 17 [91]
1719 18 June 5 James Bate; William D___; William Yenn; Robert Needham; Anne Orme; Mary Clark; William Sheldon; and John Mynow, tenants to part of the lands and tenements belonging to the freehold of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics v. John Elton; Timothy Clarson; Thomas Pratt; Joseph Clark; Edward Pullen; and John Mathews, feoffees of said lands and tenements; and William Lynes, school master of said school C78/1580, no. 12 [92]
1719 18 June 5 Robert Withey, an infant of 17 years, by John Withey v. Ricahrd Temple C78/1526, no. 3 [93]
1719 19 June 5 Richard Harris; Christopher Hanley, & Anne his wife; Nathaniel Claridge, & Susan his wife; Phillip Haynes; George Haynes; Christopher Hanly the younger; and Elizabeth Hanly, infants; Edwrd Brooks; and Edward Haynes v. John Heale; Thomas Watson; Hannah Haynes; and Joseph Haynes; and John Heale Haynes infants C78/1779, no. 14 [94]
1719 19 June 5 Daniel Tainturier, esq v. James Rokeby, & Anne his wife; Hellen Randall; and John Chardin C78/1771, no. 6 [95]
1719 19 June 5 Nicholas Flower & Ralph Rawlings v. Joseph Trower & Anna Maria Sterne, widow C78/1490, no. 8 [96]
1719 20 June 5 Mary Wallis, widow v. John Wallis; and John Easton C78/1764, no. 10 [97]
1719 22 June 5 Mary Tucker widow and administratrix of William Tucker v. William Hunt and John Elliston C79/98, no. [98]
1719 22 June 5 William Higford of Dixon [Dixton], Gloucs and late of Acton Underhill, Gloucs v. Joseph Way, Stephen Perry, and Thomas Voyce Lease of tenement and forge at Alvington in Gloucs, called Barnedge Forge C78/1451, no. 10 [99]
1719 24 June 5 William Hilman of Salisbury, Wilts, gent v. Robert Cranston; and Andrew Smith C78/1764, no. 5 [100]
1719 26 June 5 Henry Masters of the parish of Martock, Som, gentleman v. Thomas Jeanes; John Jeanes of Woolavington [Som]; John Langhorn; Thomas Masters and John Henry; William and Joseph Jeanes infants by the said Thomas Jeanes their father and guardian C79/147, no. [101]
1719 1 Jul 5 Elizabeth Lilburne, widow v. William Lilburne; Robert Lilburne; Elianor Lilburne; Jane Lilburne; Elizabeth Lilburne; Alice Lilburne; Mary Lilburne; Isabell Lilburne; and Anne Lilburne; and others (not named) Will of William Lilburne the complts late husband decd. Estate in Gunnerton [in Chollerton par.] and Kenton Colliery, Northumberland, and in Sunderland, Co. Durham. Complts legacies, and life interest in lands at Gunnerton & Sunderland. Extensive schedules of accounts. C78/1430, no. 3 [102]
1719 1 July 5 James Host, esq; and Theodore Host, gent v. Phillip Wilkinson, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1730, no. 6 [103]
1719 3 July 5 Richard Chilcott since decd and Benjamin Code v. Elizabeth Yeab, widow Complts debts to John Yeab decd, the defts late husband, a shop keeper in Plymouth. C78/1456, no. 8 [104]
1719 4 July 5 Frances, lady viscountess Lanesborough, Ireland v. John Oakshott C78/1634, no. 8 [105]
1719 4 July 5 Mary, Lady Viscountess Dowager Killmorey, widow and administratrix of Robert, late Lord Viscount Killmorey of Ireland; and also administratrix of Robert, Lord Viscount Killmorey; and also of Francis Needham her sons decd by the said Robert, Viscount Killmorey her late husband; Thomas, Lord Viscount Killmorey; Anne, Mary, Henrietta and John Needham, infants, children of the said Robert, Lord Viscount Killmorey by the said Mary their mother; and William Watts of Middlewich, Cheshire and Ralph Lowndes, clerk, executors of Francis Cholmondley decd v. John Crew; Sir Edward Lawrence; Philip Tench and Anne his wife; Joseph Offley; Robert Cholmondley; Thomas Banks; Richard Parrott; Richard Arderne; and Elianor Manley the elder C78/1470, no. 2 [106]
1719 6 July 5 Robert Barnes; Joseph Hornesby esq; William Robinson; Joseph Jefferson; John England; Thomas Barnes; Robert Biglands; John Pattinson; John Preistman; Joseph Ismay; Anthony Pattinson; Robert Harrison; John Robinson; Thomas Clarke; Anthony Browne; Thomas Bigland; Thomas Harrison; Joseph Barne an infant by Mary Barne his mother; James Martin; William Barnes & Mary his wife; Robert Atkinson; William David; Thomas Bouch; Joseph Lightfoot; William Godson; John Taylor; John Skelton; John Drape; John Donald; Robert Sibson; John Stodart; John Barne; Benjamin Hewitt; Thomas Kirkbride; William Sanderson; Phillip Stodard; John Barne; George Studholme; Robert Barne; Abraham Stodart; John Taylor; Humphry Lawrance; Robert Cogton; John Atkinson; Thomas Backhouse; Robert Bigland; Richard Stodart; and Robert Wilson on behalf of themselves and the rest of the customary tenants of the manors of Kirkebride and Ouston, Cumberland v. Sir Charles Dalston baronet; Thomas Dalston esq; Henry Hall; and John Henderson C79/67, no. [107]
1719 6 July 5 Robert Barnes; Joseph Hornesby esq; William Robinson; Joseph Jefferson; John Bigland; Thomas Barnes; Robert Biglands; John Pattinson; John Preistman; Joseph Istmay; Anthony Pattinson; Robert Harrison; John Robinson; Thomas Clarke; Anthony Browne; Thomas Bigland; Thomas Harrison; Joseph Barne an infant by Mary Barne his mother; James Martin; William Barnes & Mary his wife; Robert Atkinson; William David; Thomas Bouth; Joseph Lightfoot; William Dodgson; John Taylor; John Skelton; John Draper; John Donald; Robert Sibson; John Stodart; John Barne; Banjamin Hewitt; Thomas Kirkbride; WIlliam Sanderson; Phillip Stodart; John Barne; George Studholme; Robert Barne; Abraham Stodart; John Taylor; Humphry Lawrance; Robert Cogton; John Atkinson; Thomas Backhouse; Robert Bigland; Richard Stodart; and Robert Wilson on behalf of themselves and the rest of the customary tenants of the manors of Kirkbride and Gulton [?Oulton], Cumberland v. Sir Charles Dalston baronet; Thomas Dalston esq; Henry Hall; and John Henderson C78/2047, no. 3 [108]
1719 6 Jul 5 Sir Cesar Child of London and Dane Hester his wife and Cesar Child their eldest son & heir apparent; and also Susan Child, Ann Child, Stephen Child, Elizabeth Child, John Child & Frances Child their younger children, all infants v. Sir James Edwards; Sir Lambert Blackwell; Richard Beauvoir; John Nicholas; and John Tyssen Marriage settlement of Sir Cesar Child and Hester Evance, only child of John Evance and Hester his wife, later Hester Goodere, widow. C78/1433, no. 7 [109]
1719 7 July 6 Robert Allen, executors of Dorothy Allen, his late wife, lately Dorothy Cook; Holcraft Blood alias Cook (natural son of Holcraft Blood, esq) by said Dorothy Allen alias Cook, an in fant of the age of 7 years by said Robert Allen v. James Pendlebury esq, executor of the said Holcraft Blood esq; Elizabeth Izard; and Elizabeth Gooding C78/1778, no. 20 [110]
1719 10 July 5 John, earl of Leicester; Dame Elizabeth Read alias Farmer widow; and Mary Turgis, widow v. Josselyn Sydney esq; Thomas Sydney, esq; Charles Egerton, esq; and Sir Henry Mouson, knight; John, lord De la Warr; Sir Richard Onslow baronet afterwards Richard, lord Onslow baron of Onslow and of Clandon; Thomas Onslow esq; Sir Nicholas Pelham knight; Thomas Pelham esq; and Robert Sydney esq son of the said Thomas Sydney C78/2037, no. 16 [111]
1719 14 July 5 John Andrews and Elizabeth Andrews; Thomas Andrews and Francis Andrews children of the said John Andrews infants; and William Smith and Samuel Smith; William Smith, Elizabeth Smith and Martha Smith children of the first named William Smith infants; and William Bowyer and Phebe Bowyer by the said John Andrews and William Smith v. William Poston; Joseph Ford; and Gregory Hickman Will of John Spencer decd, brother in law to the complts John Andrews, William Smith and William Bowyer C78/1430, no. 1 [112]
1719 14 Jul 5 Henrietta Bridgett Ashburnham the only daughter and heir of Henrietta Maria Ashburnham decd, by Charles, Earl of Arran; John Cotton; Alexine Clayton; Matthew Vernon; Henry Dechair; Thomas Webster; Edmond Awberry; Martin keating; Robert Henley; William Heys; Robert Kidwell; Avery Vokins; Edward Bodingham; Thomas Norris; George Smith; Edward Barbour; Noell Proton; Henry Warcopp; Robert Flower; Ignaces Curtoy; Jonah Bowyer; Barnaby Browne; John Bell; Delapool Corbett; David Launte; Gilbert Watson; Nicholas Parker; Mathew Chauven; John Green; John Norman; Thomas Comber; and Anthony Copus on behalf of themselves and the rest of the creditors of John, Lord Ashburnham v. John, Lord Ashburnham; Richard Waring; Bryan Fairfax; Thomas Ashurst; Francis Charteris; William Gibbon; Francis Brace; James Mackburney; Charles Bernard and Mathew Morgan Debts of Lord Ashburnham. Marriage settlement of Henrietta Maria, Countess Dowager of Anglesea, surviving daughter and heir of William George Richard, Earl of Derby, and John, Lord Ashburnham. C78/1431, no. 2 [113]
1719 15 July 5 Benjamin Needler and Culverwell Needler infants v. Edward Gilbourne gentleman C79/77, no. [114]
1719 15 July 5 Samuel Webb citizen and draper of London one of the executors of Elizabeth Goffe spinster v. Martha Mason; William Albrigh; John Albright; William Mason; William Bowles & Hannah his wife; Mary Carbould; Samuel Davis; William David; Elizabeth Davis; Martha Davis; Anne Davis; Mary Davis; C78/1936, no. 5 [115]
1719 15 July 5 Nathaniel Toot v. John Blake; and Samuel Brand C78/1735, no. 7 [116]
1719 15 July 5 Alexander Bence of Haveningham [Heveningham], Suffolk, one of the devisees and executors of John Bence late of Haveningham decd, and also one of the creditors of the said John Bence in behalf of himself and other the creditors and legatees of the said John Bence v. John Barker; and Robert Bence and Thomas Bence brothers and two others of the executors of the said John Bence decd C78/1484, no. 12 [117]
1719 15 July 5 George Mawer of London v. John Dobbs; John Holden; Thomas Ashcroft, clerk; William Close; Ann Powell, widow; Richard Powell; William Cooper, clerk; Henry Whatton; John Ellis; Thomas Reynolds; John Aire; and Lawrence Almond C78/1495, no. 6 [118]
1719 17 July 5 Edward Napier of Luton Hoo, Beds, esq, one of the younger sons of Sir John Napier of Luton Hoo, baronet v. Sir John Napier, baronet; Francis Neale, esq; George Buckby; Thomas Denton, gent; Sir George Warburton, baronet; John Coppin, esq; and Francis Brace, gent C78/1504, no. 4 [119]
1719 25 Jul 5 Samuel Forth of Southwark, Surrey, brewer v. Francis Chapman; John Chapman; Elizabeth Webb, widow; and Katherine Price Will of Walter Gore of St George the Martyr, Surrey. Lease from the Wardens & Governors of the Free School, Bangor of Almshouses in Whitehind Alley nr White St. in St George the Martyr, Surrey. C78/1433, no. 6 [120]
1719 1 Aug 5 William Plowden, esq, & Mary his wife, who was one of the daughters of Sir Charles Littleton, baronet; and John Trevanion Plowden; Mary Plowden; and Barbara Anne Plowden, all three infants and children of said William Plowden by said Mary his wife, by said William Plowden their father; and Penelope Plowden; and Francis Plowden, the only daughters of said William Plowden, by Mary heretofore Mary Stoner his former wife, which said Penelope and Frances were likewise infants by said William Plowden their father v. Edward Roper, esq; Charles Henshaw, esq; Joseph Amphlett esq; Francis Clare, esdq; Sir William Foring, baronet; and Benedict Wakeman, esq C78/1526, no. 2 [121]
1719 14 Oct 6 George Cooke then an infant by Robert Evans gentleman v. Thomas Kery & Mary his wife; Edward Devereux; Elizabeth Devereux; and others (sic) C78/1934, no. 10 [122]
1719 17 Oct 6 Robert Daw v. Robert Watkins C78/1634, no. 13 [123]
1719 29 Oct 6 William Drake gentleman; Benjamin Tomlinson citizen and draper of London; John Warner citizen and goldsmith of London; Richard Truby citizen and vintner of London; Charles Matlier of the city of London, gentleman; Francis Madden of the parish of St Martin in the Fields; Henry Everett, farier, creditors of William Hale late of King's Walden, Herts, esq deceased on behalf of themselves and other creditors of said William Hale v. Sir Thomas Read; Thomas Cooke esq; Katherine Hale widow; William Hale esq; Pagon Hale; Peter Pagton esq; Samuel Stubbs; Mary Steward; John fitz James; George Cook; Boston Toller; Elizabeth Cecill; Robert Lord; Francis Brace; and William Standridge C79/162, no. [124]
1719 29 Oct 6 Mary Griffith widow and relict of William Griffith late of Llyne [Lleyn or Llyn], Caern, esq v. John Griffith esq; Sir Bibyelake baronet; and William Barnsley esq C79/31, no. [125]
1719 9 Nov 6 Walter Pigott v Joshua Churchill and Edward Castle Money due to complt, servants and company for service as Captain in a Regiment of Marines commanded by the deft Churchill. Also levy money and respite money. C78/1312, no. 3 [126]
1719 9 Nov 6 Angelo Corticelli; and Joseph Como of London, merchants and subjects of Great Britain v. Sir Edward Northey, then Attorney General; Sir Lambert Blackwell; Dominico Maria Viceli; and Sir Theodore Jansen C78/1544, no. 1 [127]
1719 17 Nov 6 Francis Hill, gentleman v. James Townsend gentleman administrator with the will annexed of Anne Hill, widow; Henry Webb; James Harding & Anne his wife C78/1934, no. 11 [128]
1719 14 Nov 6 Thomas Clarke of St Clement Danes, Middx, tabaconist v. Edward Parker; Thomas Cole; Josua Sutton; and John Shorey C79/162, no. [129]
1719 17 Nov 6 George Neldrett the younger, an infant, only son of George Naldrett the elder, & Joan his wife, sister of Katharine Naldrett, widow, by said George Naldrett the elder v. Richard Gilham C78/1555, no. 1 [130]
1719 18 Nov 6 Jacob Cliffe, esq v. Joseph Herne, esq; Peter Hambley; The United Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies; Roger Braddyll; and Alvaro de Fonseca C78/1555, no. 5 [131]
1719 19 Nov 6 Moses Smith v. Thomas Yeates; and William Yeates his son; John Archer, & Anne his wife, daughter of said Thomas Yeates; James Crump and Thomas Greenell C78/1500, no. 2 [132]
1719 23 Nov 6 Rachell Buckler widow (sister and administratrix of Anthony Perkins who was administrator of his brother Samuel Perkins) v. Elizabeth Perkins widow and administratrix of Richard Perkins (the complainant's eldest brother); and Guy Arden gentleman C78/1901, no. 11 [133]
1719 26 Nov 6 Bartholomew Tipping, esq v. Edward Sherwood, esq; Elizabeth Wiseman, widow; and Mary Wiseman; and others C78/1725, no. 16 [134]
1719 2 Dec 6 William Withers v. Hugh Whistler; and Edward Whistler C78/1511, no. 4 [135]
1719 4 Dec 6 Humphrey FitzHerbert of Bristol, esq; and Thomas Oldfield of Bristol, gent v. John Sansome, esq; George Brunt; and Wredenhall Pearce, gent C78/1690, no. 4 [136]
1719 4 Dec 6 John Hawkins an infant by Simon Cheyners v. Robert Seymour; Thomas Seymour; Elizabeth Hawkins, widow; Richard Sutton; and Rawlins Hillman executors of John Hawkins, the plts grandfather; and Nathaniel Brice; which said Nathaniel Brice together with the said Thomas Seymour and Robert Seymour were executors of John Hawkins the complts father; and Robert Reynolds C78/1482, no. 8 [137]
1719 6 Dec John Tucker esq; Andrew Tucker gentleman; John Edwards gentleman; who together with George Strode esq and Jonas Southcott gentleman were executors and devisees in trust of the last will of Solomon Andrew esq and Sarah Andrew only daughter and surviving child of said Solomon Andrew an infant by said John Tucker esq her guardian v. John Strode; Josiah Southcott; Brent Reynell & Mary his wife; Thomas Tottull; George Sanford; Northway Smale; Edward Tucker; Nathaniel Kerle; Thomas Synock; George Tyver; and Richard Chilcott C78/1893, no. 2 [138]
1719 10 Dec 6 Dame Rachell Pershall widow of Sir Thomas Pershall late of Great Sugnall, Staffs v Arthur Squire, Baldwyn Higgons son & heir of Baldwyn Higgons decd, George Bannister, Clement Farnham son and administrator of Catherine Farnham decd who was the administrator of Baldwyn Higgons senr decd and George Tooke Bill of revivor. Previous bill exhibited by Lady Pershall against her husband Sir Thomas Pershall, Baldwyn Higgons the elder, Thomas Tooke, Thos Prettyman, Robert Bosvile and William Calverley. Estate of Thomas Metcalfe of Leeds, her father's late brother C78/1368, no. 1 [139]
1719 10 Dec 6 William Wills son of John Wills of Southway in the parish of St Cuthberts in Wells, Som yeoman & Joan his wife an infant by George Hall yeoman v. Edward Austin; William Austin his son an infant; the said John Wills & Joan his wife C79/161, no. [140]
1719 12 Dec 6 James Pope late of the City of Bristol but now of the Island of Maderas, merchant; and Frances Morgan, widow and relict of Thomas Morgan late of the said Island of Maderas, merchant decd v. William Henry Morgan Will of George Morgan late of Bristol, merchant decd, and of his younger son Thomas Morgan of Maderas decd. C78/1451, no. 11 [141]
1719 12 Dec 6 John Nutt v. Thomas Woodward, gent C78/1579, no. 6 [142]
1719 14 Dec 6 John Eartlitch v. Peter Floyer esq & Mary his wife; Peter Floyer their son an infant; and Henry Englefield esq C78/1901, no. 1 [143]
1719 14 Dec 6 John Digby of Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, esq; and Charles Osborne of Kingston upon Hull, esq, & Frances his wife v. William Norcliffe, esq C78/1579, no. 7 [144]
1719 15 Dec 6 Sir Cesar Child baronet; Roger Bradyll since deceased; Gregory Page esq now Sir Gregory Page baronet; Thomas Gibson; and Samuel Jones since deceased; being the assigns under a commission of bankruptcy against Sir Stephen Evans and William Wales and also assigns under a separate commission of bankruptcy against the said William Wales v. James Metcalfe gentleman C79/78, no. [145]
1719 16 Dec 6 Samuel Edgley, clerk and Anne his wife; Hewer Edgley als Edgley Hewer; William Blackborne; Abraham Blackborne; John Jackson and Anne his wife v. Joseph Shelton; Michael Bold; Vincent Oakley; Sir Robert Raymond; Edward Ventris; William Longueville; William Barnesley; John Saunders; Henrietta Maria Shelton; Katherine Shelton; Richard Hill, clerk; Sir Samuel Clarke; Thomas Baily; John Crawley; John Hungerford; Thomas Bowdler; and Arthur, Earl of Anglesea C78/1497, no. 9 [146]
1719 18 Dec 6 Michael Coles v. Humphrey Jones; Thomas Coles; and Thomas Wharton Debts of deft Jones to complt & deft Coles. C78/1449, no. 5 [147]
1719 18 Dec 6 Sir John Holt, knight, late CJQB, & Dame Anne Holt his wife for themselves and for the several trustees of him the said Sir John Holt; Arthur Annesley, esq; and Vincent Oakley, gent for themselves and for their several trustees; and Roger North esq, who was the only acting executor of Sir Robert Gayer, knight of the Bath v. John Shelton of West Bromwich, Staffs, esq, & Mary Shelton his wife; Joseph Shelton, son and heir of said John Shelton; Mary Shelton; Henrietta Shelton; and Katherine Shelton; John Coggs of St Clement Danes, Middx, goldsmith; Elizabeth Charlton, administrators of Nicholas Charlton of London, esq; Jooseph Worsley of ____; William Symcox of ____; John Mayo of ___; John Piddock of ___; and William Silvester of ___ C78/1588, no. 1 [148]
1719 18 Dec 6 James Tildesly, merchant v. Stanley Worden, gent; Sir Thomas Brook, baronet; Peter Leigh, esq; Richard Beaumont, esq; Alexander Butterworth, esq; Thomas Banks, esq; Peter Ashton, esq; and Archippus Kippax, clerk C78/1527, no. 2 [149]
1719 22 Dec 6 Thomas Cox, jr, the eldest son of Thomas Cox, sr, & Grace his wife; John Cox; Russell Cox; Charles Cox; Anne Cox; and Mary Cox the younger sons and two of the daughters of said Thomas Cox and Grace his wife, all infants, by John Cox, gent, their uncle; Robert Izard, & Grace his wife, another daughter of said Thomas Cox, sr, & Grace his wife, and which said Robert Izard was then also an infant, by said John Cox; Nathaniel Brassey, the only son of Thomas Brassey citizen and goldsmith of London, and of Mary his wife; Thomas Parris, & Mary his wife; Jonathan Cowling, & Grace his wife, which said Mary Parris and Grace Cowling were the two daughters of said Thomas Brassey, & Mary his wife v. Thomas Cox, sr, & Grace his wife; John Staploe; Mary Brassey; John Turner; and Richard Claridge C78/1583, no. 1 [150]
1719 C78/, no. []