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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1717 C78/, no. []
1717 3 John Clinton in the county of Essex yeoman v. John Whalley & Jane his wife; Margarett Mede; Dame Elizabeth Warde; Edward Ward; Phillip Papillon; Sir John Phillipps; and George Townsend C79/198, no. [2]
1717 12 Jan 3 Peter Eaton of London, merchant v Anne Nicholson the widow & executrix of Francis Nicholson decd, Phillip Morris, William Emmett and Henry Foxcroft Mortgage of the manor of St Radigunds [in Hougham Without par.], and other property in the County of Kent. C78/1343, no. 6 [3]
1717 12 Jan 3 William Todhunter; William Castlehow; John Jack; John Paule?; James Todhunter; Adam Bird; Lancelott Busher; Thomas Benson; Ambrose Hodgson; Anthony Dawson; William Williamson; Edward Rakertray; Thomas Harrison; Thomas Slee; Edward Busher; John Sandwick; William Slee son of Richard Slee deceased; William Slee son of John Slee deceased; John Hodgson; John Todhunter; William Thompson; John Edmondson; John Slee; William Edmondson; Henry Atkinson; Joseph Todd; and Thomas Slee of Stodday [Lancs.], tenants of the manor of Hutton John [in Greystoke par.], Cumberland for themselves and on behalf of all other tenants of the said manor v. Andrew Huddleston esq the father and his sons Andrew Wilfrid; William Richard; and Lawson Huddleston C79/67, no. [4]
1717 12 Jan 3 Luke Mole; Thomas, Christopher, John, Mary, Dorothy and Elizabeth Mole sons and daughters of Thomas Mole and Dorothy his wife, one of the daughters of Christopher Hodges decd, one of the cousins and coheirs of Luke Hodges, merchant decd, nephew of the said Christopher, all infants by Edward Greene v Mary Hodges widow & executrix of the said Luke Hodges; the said Thomas Mole and Dorothy his wife; and John Peck and Mary his wife the other daughter of the said Christopher, and the other cousin and coheir of the said Luke Hodges Will of Luke Hodges.Lands in Sandhurst, Gloucs and in Vicken [Wicken Bonhunt] and Newport, Essex C78/1383, no. 4 [5]
1717 18 Jan 3 Ralph Chetham of New Malton, Yorks v Phillip Wheath, Elizabeth Wheath, Zachary Wheath and Mary Wheath Estate of John Wheath Rillington decd. Manor of Rillington and lease of rectory of Langtoffe [Langtoft ] and Cottam, Yorks C78/1319, no. 1 [6]
1717 24 Jan 3 John Batchelor and Mary his wife v John Searle jun and George Searle and also the Governors and Company of Merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas and other parts of America and for the encouraging the fishery Will and estate of William Allen in St Warbergh als Hoo [Hoo St Werburgh], Kent, half brother to the complt Mary. C78/1332, no. 2 [7]
1717 1 Feb 3 John Boughey brother and heir and also executor of Richard Boughey son and heir of Richard Boughey who was son and heir of the body Richard Boughey and Catherine his wife the said John Boughey late grandfather and grandmother deceased v Edward Vernon; John Shingleton; Aaron Smith; Elizabeth Burgis; William Hulme; Ralph Hulme; Richard Cook and Richard Colclon C79/180, no. [8]
1717 4 Feb 3 Joane Newman, widow v. Thomas Manwood, gent C78/1634, no. 2 [9]
1717 6 Feb 3 Joseph Onions; Silvanus Onions, James Onions, Elizabeth Onions, Samuel Onions, James Onions (sic) and Mary Onions infants by the said Joseph Onions their brother; William Cosier and Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Greenhill, widow v. Humphrey Tyrer; Thomas Tyrer; Thomas Onions senr; Thomas Onions junr; Mary Tyrer; Samuel Barnesly and Jane his wife C78/1497, no. 11 [10]
1717 7 Feb 3 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Sir Christopher Wren, Sr Jonathan Andrews, Sir Francis Child, Sir James Bateman, Edmond Dummer and others Directors and Comissioners of Greenwich Hospital and William Draper treasurer and receiver general thereof, and several other persons (not named) on behalf of the Royal Hospital near Chelsea and the Cathedral Church of St Pauls, London v John Noell, Sir John Tyrwhitt and Mathew Johnson devisees and executors of John De La Fonntaine decd Will of John De La Fonntaine. C78/1333, no. 1 [11]
1717 8 Feb 3 William Bromley esq then speaker of the House of Commons and one of her then majesties' privy council; John Smith; John Walker; John Savage esqs; and John Banks gentleman executors of Sir Roger Cave baronet and John Cheshire one of her late majesties' serjeants at law v. Charles, duke of Shrewsbury; and Robert, earl of Oxford; and Earle Mortimore; John earle Rivers; and ; and James Earle; and Elizabeth, countess of Barrymore C79/186, no. [12]
1717 8 Feb 3 John Ravenscroft esq son and heir of John Ravenscroft esq & Susanna his wife; John Walpoole esq; and William Warham v. Susanna Ravenscroft spinster and Richard Walpoole gentleman C79/33, no. [13]
1717 9 Feb 3 John Booth of Market Raysin [Market Rasen], Lincs v. Edward Dymoke and Mary his wife Will of John Booth, the complts father, and late husband of the deft Mary. C78/1432, no. 2 [14]
1717 9 Feb 3 Henry Holloway v. Edward Holloway C78/1642, no. 5 [15]
1717 11 Feb 3 Samuel Newcomen and Mary his wife, James Smalpeice and Hester his wife, which said Mary and Hester were the sisters and coheirs of Sir Edward Barkham v Sir William Masingberd, Dymock Walpoole, Edward Barkham of Fort St George in East India and Edward Barkham son of Michael Barkham, and Richard Wynne Will of Sir Edward Barkham decd. C78/1315, no. 1 [16]
1717 11 Feb 3 Jacob Hall, Ann Hall, Elizabeth Hall and Mary Hall the younger children of Jacob Hall late of Underley in the parish of Wooferlow [Wolferlow ], Herefs decd & Elizabeth his first wife by Joseph Garson of Bromyard [Herefs] v Moses Hall, Mathew Hall, William Sheffield, John Jennings, Job Noxon, Anne Hall, Ursula Hall and Sarah Malden Jointure of Anne Hall (nee Griffiths) wife of Mathew Hall the complts grandfather C78/1363, no. 1 [17]
1717 12 Feb 3 Peregrine Hyde lord Osborne commonly called lord marquesse of Carmarthen; Thomas Osborne commonly called lord Danby son and heir apparent of the said lord marquesse of Carmarthen an infant by Robert, earl of Oxford and earl Mortimer then lord high treasurer of Great Britain his grandfather; Lady Bridget Osborne; and Katherine Herbert spinster v. Peregrine, duke of Leeds; Mountagne, earl of Abingdon; Phillipp lord bishop of Hereford; and Ralph Freeman esq v. C79/77, no. [18]
1717 13 Feb 3 Dorothy Scudamore relict & executrix of James Scudamore, clerk decd v John Powell and Anne his wife; William Hughes; Lydia Hoskins; Blanch Powell; Hugh Powell; and William Crosby Refs previous decree of 17.5.1716. C78/1383, no. 5 [19]
1717 13 Feb 3 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General at the relation of William, lord North and Gray; John Lloyd clerk; Humphas State; William Collins; Henry Tarling; John Street; and James Mills inhabitants of the parish of Epping, Essex v. Henry Gray alias Neville esq C78/1899, no. 10 [20]
1717 19 Feb 3 Dame Lovise Atkins of Pinbury Parke, Gloucs, widow of Sir Robert Atkins late of Pinbury Parke; William Wakelin of Red Lyon Square, Middx; and John Grayhurst of Cirencester, Gloucs v. Robert Atkyns; Henry Bridges and Annabella his wife; and Robert Bridges, infant Will of Sir Robert Atkins, uncle to the defts Robert Atkyns & Annabella Bridges. C78/1450, no. 1 [21]
1717 19 Feb 2 Mary Hoskins the widow and executrix of John Hoskyns of Purse Caundle alias Puis Caundle, Dorset, esq v. Peter Hoskins C78/1740, no. 2 [22]
1717 21 Feb 3 Edmond Miller, one of the Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, esq v. Patrick Seagrave, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Drew; Henry Rising; Robert Hall; John Farthing; Robert Boneing; and several others (sic) C78/1613, no. 9 [23]
1717 25 Feb 3 Anthony, earl of Shaftsbury an infant of about three years v. Jone, countess dowager of Shaftsbury; Sir Robert Eyre; the Honorable James Stanhope; Thomas Micklethwaite, esq; John Wheelock, gentleman; Edward Hooper; Thomas Hooper; James Harris; Thomas Haris; and the Commissioners and Governors of Greenwich Hospital C78/1937, no. 1 [24]
1717 26 Feb 3 Charles Challis the younger v. John Hooper and Thomas Ford Mortgage by deft Hooper to deft Ford of 2 messuages in Curry Lane otherwise Gandy Lane in St Pauls [Exeter St Paul par.], City of Exeter. C78/1456, no. 14 [25]
1717 27 Feb 3 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of John Tracy, Danvers Hodges, John Grayhurst the younger, Anthony Compere, John Johnson and Anthony Lapthorne clerk v Dame Sarah Floyer, Thomas Cooper and Sir Henry Atkins Messuage and annuity or rent charge on the farm of Claverhambury, Waltham Holy Cross, Essex, granted in the will of Edward Denny late Earl of Norwich for the maintenance of a preacher in Waltham Holy Cross. C78/1320, no. 3 [26]
1717 2 March 3 Joseph Longden, gent v. Marmaduke Bealing C78/1527, no. 7 [27]
1717 5 March 3 William lord Cadogan baron of Reading lieutenant general of their majesties' forces; Jeffery Prendergast esq; and Colonel James Dawson executors of Sir Thomas Prendergast late of the kingdom of Ireland baronet v. Sir Alexander Cairnes baronet; Henry Cairnes; and Robert Auchmuty esq C79/128, no. [28]
1717 5 March 3 Luke Hodges and John Carter v John Cater Debts of deft to complt Hodges. Refs judgement in Kings Bench. Lands in Casehalton [Carshalton], Surrey. C78/1387, no. 3 [29]
1717 5 March 3 Mary Trenchard, widow; Arthur Sparke, gent; Thomas Gill; and Thomas Awsiter, gent v. Charles Weddell; Nathaniel Manlove, esqs & Anne his wife; William Manlove; and Francis Paynter C78/1262, no. 10 [30]
1717 7 March 3 Hester Miller and Elizabeth Miller spinsters, daughters, and coheirs of Humphry Miller esq both infants by Samuel Pollett gentleman; and Hester Miller widow and executrix of said Humphry Miller v. Margaret Miller mother of said Humphry Miller; Margaret Miller; Jane Miller; Elizabeth Miller; Mary Miller sistsers of the said Humphry Miller; John Reynoll; John Godfrey esq; Thomas Polhill sr; Thomas Polhill jr; Elizabeth Leche widow; David Polhill gentleman; John Heath executor of Cesar Chamberland and others (sic) C79/78, no. [31]
1717 7 March 3 Martha Beriew of Wokingham, Berks, widow, late the wife of Christopher Beriew late of Beconsfield, Berks decd v. Mary Segory, widow and Benjamin Archer, clerk Marriage settlement of William Segory of Wokingham and Mary Archer of Beaconsfield, and also of Thomas Burnet & Susanna Sims, the neice of the deft Mary Segory. C78/1433, no. 3 [32]
1717 12 March 3 William King v. Thomas Saunders; William Shutt; Francis Jeffreys; Sir John Trevillian, baronet; and Samuel Pitt, esq C78/1696, no. 5 [33]
1717 13 March 3 Rachel Carslake only daughter and heir of Abraham Carslake an infant of about seven years by Rachell Carslake widow her mother v. John Osmond doctor in physick and John Hill C79/78, no. [34]
1717 13 March 3 Andrew Baden; William Viner; and Thomas Kingstone on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Philip, late earl of Pembroke v. Thomas, lord viscount Windsor & the lady Charlott his wife daughter and heir of said Philip, late earl of Pembroke and relict of John, lord Jeffreys; William Herbert esq commonly called Lorde Montgomery; and Sir John Tredor late master of the rolls C78/1939, no. 9 [35]
1717 13 March 3 John Atkins, esq v. William Hanbury, esq C78/1695, no. 1 [36]
1717 13 March 3 Anne Edmondson, widow and relict of Richard Edmondson, citizen and merchant taylor of London v. Peter Cox, esq, executor of Richard Edmondson; and others (sic) C78/1582, no. 6 [37]
1717 20 March 3 William Stamper; Robert Stamper; Charles Stamper; and Thomas Stamper infants by Thomas Hodgekin gentleman v. Samuel Kingston C78/1917, no. 5 [38]
1717 29 March 3 Thomas Thornborrow of London, apothecary, & Susannah his wife v. William Marwood; and Benjamin Jordan C78/1729, no. 12 [39]
1717 30 April 3 Samuel Strefford als Strevat & his late wife Rebecca Strefford v. Elizabeth Gibbs; Hester Bradney; Mary Holbech; Anne Jevon, widow; Grosvenor Dyson & Margaret his wife; Thomas Strefford; and others (not named) C78/1470, no. 1 [40]
1717 4 May 3 Benjamin Greive, & Frances his wife v. Thomas Karver; and William Dandy C78/1527, no. 6 [41]
1717 9 May 3 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Rotter Ford; and others (sic) churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Bury Pomeroy [Berry Pomeroy], Devon v. Fenwick Bee of Sutton, Hants C78/1684, no. 1 [42]
1717 9 May 3 Charles le Bas v. Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General; Robert Peter; David Heckstetter; John Hill; John Jepson; Richard Kilpin; Sir Roger Mostyn; Charles Wills; James Taylor C78/1478, no. 1 [43]
1717 14 May 3 John Bird; Charles Bird; Thomas Bird; Elizabeth Nelthorpe widow; Mary Bird; and Sarah Bird spinster; John Fleetwood administrator of Anne Fleetwood his late wife; William Parker; and Thomas Drake executors of Grace Marsh widow C79/78, no. [44]
1717 15 May 3 Elizabeth Lomax, widow and administratrix of John Lomax the younger her late husband v. JohnLomax the elder father of her siad late husband; Caleb Lomax; and Thomas Woolley C78/1764, no. 7 [45]
1717 18 May 3 Compton South v. Thomas Chambers esq; James Norman; John Rogers; and Thomas South C78/1735, no. 2 [46]
1717 20 May 3 John Hippesly esq; William Barr executor of John Barr; Abraham Scholfield gentleman; Robert Browne; Mary Rushley; John Lawrence; Edward Moremit gentleman; Thomas Hunsden; and Robert Yoake, creditors of John Hyde esq v. John Hyde esq son and heir of Fredrick Hyde AND also v. Charles Loader esq C79/77, no. [47]
1717 21 May 3 Elizabeth Godolphin widow v. Joseph Silly esq; John Molesworth esq now Sir John Molesworth baronet; John Johns; Thomazine Wreyford; WIlliam Phillips & Anne his wife; John Silly; John Anstis; Sir James Salter & Katherine his wife; Sary Silly; Mary Docton; Elizabeth Opie; Edward Northy knight Attorney General; Simon Paget clerk; George Hanily; Thomas West; Thomas Lane; and John Willis C78/2056, no. 7 [48]
1717 23 May 3 William Burgis infant by Thomas Burgis his father of the City of Gloucester v. John Cocks; and Nathaniel Lye, doctor in divinity Will of Thomas Burgis late of the City of Gloucester decd, the complt William's grandfather. Manor of Minsterworth and manor of Oxloe in the parish of Awre, Gloucs, also property in Upton St Leonards, Standish, Great Harefield & Little Harefield, all in Gloucs. C78/1451, no. 6 [49]
1717 25 May 3 Nicholas Jekyll of Castle Headingham, Essex, gent, the only surviving executor of John Catesbye of Sudbury, Suff, gent v. Oliver Andrews; Peter Barker; and John Craddock C78/1536, no. 3 [50]
1717 28 May 3 Mary Bulkley, widow of William Bulkley; Thomas Durell and Anne his wife; George le Brun and Mary his wife, which said Anne & mary were the only daughters of the said William Bulkley by the said Mary; and William Bulkley the only son & heir of the said William Bulkley an infant v. Phillip Herbert and William Arnold Will of Peter Bulkley decd. Manor of Pembsey, Sussex and messuages in Southampton and Lymington, Hants C78/1417, no. 11 [51]
1717 28 May 3 Edward Henry, earl of Warwick and Holland, an infant, by Hugh, earl of Cholmondeley; and the said Hugh, earl of Cholmondeley; The Honorable George Cholmondeley, esq; and Orland Bridgeman, esq, trustees for said earl of Warwick v. Elizabeth, duchess dowager of Hamilton and Brandon; and James, duke of Hamilton and Brandon; the Lord William Hamilton; the Lord Anne Hamilton; the Lady Henrietta Charlotte Hamilton; and the Lady Susanna Hamilton, infants, sons and daughters of said Elizabeth, duchess dowager of Hamilton and Brandon; and Charles Bodvyle, earl of Radnor; George Hadley, esq; Robert Freeman of London, merchant; and others (sic) C78/1672, no. 3 [52]
1717 1 Jun 3 Thomas Driver of Earl Stonham, Suffolk; Stephen Martin of Earl Stonham; John Cullum; Thomas Wilson; Richard Jennings; Edward Jennings; Thomas Groome; John Denton; John Marten the elder; John Waite; and William Sedon junior, all owners or occupiers of lands and inhabitants and parishioners of Earl Stonham; Samuel Pratt and John Marten the younger of the parish of West Creeting [Creeting St Peter], Suffolk; Reginald Barker of Creeting All Sts, Suffolk; Richard Frost of Playford, Suffolk; Robert Cuthbert of Needham Market, Suffolk; and John Davy of Debenham, Suffolk, all of them owners or occupiers of lands in the said parish of Earl Stonham on behalf of themselves and all other the owners and occupiers of lands in and inhabitants of and in the said parish of Earl Stonham v. Thomas Ventris, clerk Ancient customs of charging for tithes within the parish of Earl Stonham. C78/1431, no. 1 [53]
1717 3 June 3 William Hyne of the City of Gloucester, organist v Thomas Batt of Bisley, Gloucs Mortgage by the deft of messuage at Stephen's Bridge als Stoney Stephen's Bridge in Bisley and land in Minchinghampton, Gloucs C78/1363, no. 3 [54]
1717 3 June 3 Sir John Ellis, master of Gonvile and Caius College in the University of Cambridge; and Matthew Martin of Cambridge, butcher v. John Gilbert late of Hinton [Cherry Hinton in Cambridge], Cambs, cooper; C78/1489, no. 2 [55]
1717 4 June 3 James Cowan gentleman brother and administrator of Elizabeth Humphry and lately wife of James Humphry esq and formerly the wife of Richard Berney of Parekehall [in Redham, Norf] and also administrator de bonis non of the said Richard Berney with the will annexed also administrator of said James Humphry with the will annexed v. Richard Berny son of said Elizabeth by said Richard Berney deceased; Richard Berney baronet; Denzill Onslowe esq; John Clopton; Francis Wise gentleman; Dame Rebecca Edwards widow and relict and executrix of Sir James Edwards baronet; William Falshion executor of Michael Edwards esq; Anne Martell widow; Robert Hardisty; Gilbert Pasmore; and Mary Miles widow widow relict and administratrix of Edward Miles C78/2055, no. 2 [56]
1717 7 June 3 Ann Brewer widow and executrix of Edward Brewer her late husband v. Elizabeth Peirson widow; William Eustace sr; William jr; Nicholas Cleverley sr; Nicholas Cleverley jr; Edward Birch; Thomas Fist & Joan his wife C79/78, no. [57]
1717 7 June 3 Henry Sanford the elder of London, merchant, for himself and for the other creditors of John Sanford of Minehead, Som, esq deceased; Henry Sanford the younger esq; Amy Sanford; and also Lucy Sanford; Penelope Sanford; and Ayshford Sanford being all three infants by said Henry Sanford the younger, which said Henry Sanford the younger, Amy Sanford, Lucy Sanford; Penelope Sanford; and Ayshford Sanford were the younger children of said John Sanford v. William Sanford esq; Elizabeth Sanford widow: lucy Knightley esq; Thomas Carew esq; William Franceis Esq; and John Gardner gentleman C78/1893, no. 15 [58]
1717 7 June 3 Joseph Hall of London, clothworker, & Mary his wife, the grandaughter of Roger Chapman of Caldecott, Bucks v. Thomas Chapman, esq C78/1737, no. 1 [59]
1717 22 Jun 3 Francis Hutchinson and Anne his wife one of the sisters and coheirs of William Craven late of Sparsholt, Berks decd v Sir Thomas Dolman, Ezra Dodsworth, William Hayton, Robert Craven, Edward Broughton and Mary his wife and Elizabeth Palmer which said Mary and Elizabeth were two others of the sisters and coheirs of the said William Craven Will of William Craven. C78/1318, no. 1 [60]
1717 3 Jul 3 James Ferguson, clerke v. Richard Morse; John Bates; Samuel Warren; George Williams; William Meakins; John Palmer; Joshua Gee; and John Carter Complts employment as minister in a newly built chapel on Noble Street, within the parish of St Giles, Cripplegate. C78/1432, no. 3 [61]
1717 4 July 3 George Dye, & Lucy his wife v. Mary Aylett; Elizabeth Goodwin; Henry Booth, & Meliorem his wife; James Fisher; and Richard Drake C78/1642, no. 1 [62]
1717 5 July 3 Edward Milward, gent v. Harry Gray, esq C78/1524, no. 4 [63]
1717 6 Jul 3 Bridgett Mellish the widow & executrix of Edward Mellish decd v Edward Griffith of London merchant; Arthur Morgan; Grace Devisher; Henry Ferne; and Thomas Webb. The said Grace Devisher, Henry Ferne and Thomas Webb being surviving executors and devisees in trust for Abraham Devisher decd Debts of Edward Griffith to Edward Mellish. C78/1378, no. 8 [64]
1717 6 July 3 Wodhull Robinson & Cornelia his wife; Thomas Robinson; and Seth Robinson infants by said Wodhull their father v. Elizabeth Taylor, widow; Peter Walter; and Henry Watkins esq C78/1939, no. 10 [65]
1717 6 July 3 Francis Kingston gentleman; William Hawkins clerk; and Peter Templeman gentleman v. William Glisson; John Sterry the elder; and John Sterry the younger and William Stone C78/1908, no. 15 [66]
1717 10 July 3 Ralph Chetham v Phillip Wheath Debts C78/1319, no. 2 [67]
1717 11 July 3 Mortimer Powell of London merchant brother and executor of Charles Powell late of Barcelona, Spain, merchant v. Robert Mitchell C79/97, no. [68]
1717 11 July 3 Samuel Jackson v. Richard Thornhill; Mary Thornhill, spinster; Coell Thornhill and Frances Thornhill, son & daughter of the said Richard Thornhill, infants by Sir John Worden; Sir Thomas Hales; Anthony Teck; John Sheppard; William Shippen; and Richard Webster C78/1480, no. 3 [69]
1717 18 July 3 v. Richard lord Bishop of Peterborough; Anthony Blagrave; George Blagrave; John Breedon an infant; George Southam; Edward Southam; Edward Southam (sic); Phillip Buddand & Frances his wife; Richard Davies; John Davies; John Southam; and Mary Willis C79/102, no. [70]
1717 19 July 3 Betty Clerke Walker one of the daughters of John Walker decd; Mary Walker, Anne Walker and Carolina Walker infants daughters of the said John by the said Betty Clerke Walker; Mary Paravicin and Mahaleel Wyndham creditors of the said John on behalf of themselves and others the creditors of the said John Walker decd v Elizabeth Walker widow & executrix of the said John Walker decd; John Walker his son & heir; Andrew Card, William Wyatt, Nathaniel Cowdery, Robert Thornhill and John Walker trustees of the said John Walker the son Marriage settlement of John Walker and Dame Elizabeth Clarke, widow. Share in New River Water Works, houses on the Strand and land in Hillingdon. C78/1387, no. 2 [71]
1717 19 July 3 Thomas Henly, & Ann his wife, relict, devisee, executrix and residuary legatee of Daniel Day, who was heir at law and executor to John Day his father v. Thomas Walsham, an infant, nephew and heir at law to said Daniel Day; and Oliver Slocock C78/1693, no. 2 [72]
1717 22 July 3 Sir Henry Liddell of Ravensworth Castle, Durham v Nathaniel Lord Crewe, Lord Bishop of Durham Boundaries of the complts manor of Lamesley cum Membris C78/1319, no. 5 [73]
1717 23 July 3 Elizabeth Gillett widow; Joseph Wheeler gentleman & Anne his wife; and William Shurt & Elizabeth his wife daughters of Elizabeth Gillett, the said Anne Wheeler and Elizabeth Gillett being the daughters and only issue of Robert Woolcott which were living at the time of his death v. Joseph Way; Alexander Maunder; Thomas Prettiejohn; John Moor; Edmund Batson; Samuel Baker; Thomas Mundy; and John Roberts C78/1895, no. 11 [74]
1717 23 July 3 The late Attorney General at the relation of John Chapman clerk; Master and the cobrethren and sisters of the Hospital of St John the Baptist within the city of Bath on behalf of themselves and of the tenants of the manors, lands etc belong to the hospital v. Thomas Clement gentleman; The Mayor and Aldermen and Citizens of the City of Bath; and Mathew Johnson esq C78/2053, no. 8 [75]
1717 23 July 3 Narcissus Hatherly v. William Tucker of Marwood [Devon] & Elizabeth his wife; Peter Forse; Robert Harris; Charles Harris; John Harris sr; John Harris jr an infant; William Tucker of Highbrey; and George Horwood C78/1860, no. 5 [76]
1717 23 July 3 Thomas Moreton and Edward Moreton sons of Thomas Moreton late of Christionith [Cristionydd Cynrig in Ruabon par.], Denbigh decd, infants, by Richard Moreton of the Six Clerks Office v. Richard Deane and Thomas Reade C78/1473, no. 2 [77]
1717 23 July 3 George Mawer & John Whelpdale as well for themselves as for other creditors of James Illingworth decd v. Christopher Greenwood executor of the said James Illingworth; Jane Thursby, widow; Richard Vallence; Robert Baker; Henry Moyses and Ann his wife; and Elizabeth Illingworth, infant C78/1495, no. 9 [78]
1717 25 July 3 Christopher Mitchell, gent v. Thomas Pulleyne, esq; ___ Tunstall; The Mayor, Aldermen, and Commonlty of the City of London; Dame Catherine Lowther, viscountess Lonsdale; and Richard, lord viscount Lonsdale, son and heir of John, lord viscount Lonsdale C78/1506, no. 1 [79]
1717 30 July 3 Henry Daubeny, & Mary his wife v. Edward Perkins; Dorothy Penne; George Penne; Thomas Cotton; and Dorothy Hutchins C78/1736, no. 1 [80]
1717 31 July 3 Robert Swayne of Dorchester, Dorset v. Eleanor Stephens; Frances Stephens, infants; Walter Crowe and Amy his wife; Richard Stephens; Elizabeth Swayne; Anne Swayne; Grace Swayne; Robert Browne; Charles Churchill; and Harry Chaffin C78/1480, no. 1 [81]
1717 2 Aug 4 Calthrop Long alias Parker one of the grandchildren of Sir Walter Long decd, and nephew of Sir Walter Long the younger lately decd v. Sir Philip Parker; Thomas Long; John Long, clerk; Thomas Long; and Henry Box Refs previous decree of 16 April 1711. Accounts of the personal estate of Sir Walter Long, the complts grandfather. C78/1432, no. 1 [82]
1717 3 Aug 4 Alexander St Clare, citizen and carver of London, and Hannah his wife late widow and relict of Bunny Howell decd v Edward Ranne and Sarah his wife; Sarah Conant; Bernard Dowthwaite; Margaret Place; Jane Bunny; Elizabeth Bunny; George Bunny and Robert Howell Estate of Bunny Howell decd and inheritance from his mother Dorothy, daughter of George Bunny. Lands, messuages in the parish of Little Newsome alias Newstead [Little Newsham] in the Bishopric of Durham. C78/1377, no. 3 [83]
1717 5 Aug 4 Sir Charles Kemeys of Kevenmably, Glam, baronet, only son and heir of Sir Charles Kemeys of Kevenmably, baronet v. Robert Price, esq, BEx; Thomas Morgan; Edward Cooke; and Thomas Edwards, esqs C78/1693, no. 1 [84]
1717 6 Aug 4 Robert Burges executor of Elizabeth Woogar and one of the legatees in her will; Rebecca Noades; Mary Tirwick daughter of John Turner; Butler noades son of John Noades; Susan Blewat widow; and Gertrude Rolls, which said Rebecca, Mary, Butler, Susan and Gertrude together with the complainant Burges and one Rebecca Noades daughter of the said Rebecca Noades who died in the said Elizabeth Woolgar's lifetime all the legatees named in the said Elizabeth Woolgar's will v. William Woolgar since deceased and William Hall C79/33, no. [85]
1717 6 Aug 3 Samuel Bond clerk v. Sir John Playters baronet and Dame Isabella his wife executrix of Elizabeth Neeve widow; and Martin Calthorpe esq C78/1895, no. 1 [86]
1717 6 Aug 4 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford; and of the Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London; Governors of the House of the Poor commonly called St Bartholomews Hospital near Smithfield, London of the Foundation of Henry VIII; William Redhall; James smith; William Singleton; John Bend; Benjamin Berkley; Josua Greene, & ELizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Stringer; and Sarah Lunn v. The Right Honorable William Bromley, esq; Sir George Beaumont, baronet; Thomas Sclater, esq; and Anthony Keck, gent, executors of John Radcliffe, doctor of phisick; John Smith, son and heir of Mrs Smith, one of the sisters of said testator Doctor Radcliffe; AND v. Hannah Redshaw and Millicent Radcliffe two other of the said testator's sisters and coheirs at law to the said testator Doctor Radcliffe C78/1771, no. 5 [87]
1717 6 Aug 4 Narcissus Lutterell; Ralph Palmer; and Edward Fovett, esqs; and Robert Weston, gent v. Richard Tighe, esq; and Mary Robert, widow, executors of John Fovett, esq; Verney Fovett an infant by said Mary Fovett, his guardian; Robert Cheatham, esq; John Meade, esq; Sarah Rudyerd, widow and administratrix of John Rudyerd; and John Bagnal, gent C78/1505, no. 6 [88]
1717 7 Aug 4 Henry Nurse and Thomas Nelson v. Andrew Wharton Manor of Thorpe or Thorpe Hall in the Soaken [in Thorpe-le-Soken par.], Essex. C78/1435, no. 6? [89]
1717 14 Aug 4 Henry Hayter eldest son & heir of John Hayter and Mary his wife both decd which said Mary was the daughter and heir of Mary Woodroofe who was the sister and heir of Ambrose Pyle decd v. Thomas Rodd C78/1496, no. 2 [90]
1717 12 Sept 4 William Buckle, esq, & Diana his wife; Robert Palmer, & Elizabeth his wife; Charles Mount, & Rebecca his wife; John Langford, & Mary his wife v. Lady Elizabeth Milman; John Jacob; Robert Jacomb; and Anthony Crachrode C78/1524, no. 5 [91]
1717 (bill) Michaelmas 4 Robert Dinely of the parish of St Martin in the Fields, Middx, gentleman v. Peter Godfrey of London merchant C78/, no. [92]
1717 (bill) Michaelmas Term 4 Richard Tate of Laytham in the parish of Augton, Yorks, gentleman v. Alexander Montgomery of Welton, Yorks, esq & Mildred his wife; and Henry Weadley of Athrope, Yorks, gentleman C79/6, no. [93]
1717 (bill) Michaelmas Term 4 Richard Tate of Laytham in the parish of Augton, Yorks, gentleman v. Alexander Montgomery of Welton, Yorks & Mildred his wife; and Henry Weadley of Athrope, Yorks, gentleman C79/6, no. [94]
1717 12 Oct 4 John Burlton of Bewdley, Worcs butcher and Edward Burlton of Bewdley grocer, executors of Thomas Burlton late of Bewdley grocer decd v Richard Freeman and Margaret his wife Debts of the deft to the late Thomas Burlton decd. C78/1366, no. 1 [95]
1717 12 Oct 4 Charles Baron; John Edwards; Henry Dodd; William Chappell; John Dodd v. Doctor William Fleetwood, bishop of St Asaph [Denbigh]; John Hunt; Robert Clark; John Garrett; and William Blenkarn C78/1893, no. 13 [96]
1717 24 Oct 4 John Baker, gent v. John Thompson; and James Cunningham, & Frances his wife C78/1736, no. 4 [97]
1717 24 Oct 4 John Smith of Holton, Suff, esq v. Giles Cutting, gent; George Prettyman; mary Bence; and William Betts, gent C78/1500, no. 5 [98]
1717 26 Oct 4 Mary Stalker an infant by Anne Stalker widow and relict of George Stalker her guardian v. Richard Munckhouse; and John Munckhouse C78/1810, no. 3 [99]
1717 28 Oct 4 Samuel Ennys, esq v. Thomas Tonkin, esq C78/1793, no. 9 [100]
1717 29 Oct 4 Henry Chester v Benjamin Rhodes; John Bibee clerk; and Ambrose Reddall Marriage settlement at marriage of complt and Jane Rhodes the only daughter of Samuel Rhodes late of Flitwich [Flitwick], Beds decd, and sister of the deft Benjamin Rhodes C78/1378, no. 6 [101]
1717 29 Oct 4 William Mowbray of the Inner Temple, London, gent v. Richard Dealing, esq; and William Lilly C78/1545, no. 2 [102]
1717 30 Oct 3 Sir Thomas Mackworth baronet v. William Shiers gentleman and other defendants (sic) C79/33, no. [103]
1717 5 Nov 4 John Newsham and Anne his wife; Elizabeth Craggs and Margaret Craggs infants by James Craggs senior their father; Susan Graves widow, which said Anne, Margaret, Elizabeth and Susan are four of the legatees of Edward Daniell decd v Joseph Sherwood; and Loftus Brightwell executors in trust named in the will of Edward Daniell; William Foster, clerk and Charles Johnson joint trustees; and Michael Richards the heir at law of the said testator Will of Edward Daniell. C78/1386, no. 5 [104]
1717 9 Nov 4 Bennett Grinsted, & Anne his wife, daughter of Robert Ford of Salisbury, Wilts, & Anne his wife deceased, and grand daughter of Robert Blandford the elder v. David Rashleigh, & Mary his wife, daughter of said Robert Blandford C78/1505, no. 3 [105]
1717 12 Nov 4 Henry Evans of the parish of St Saviours Southwark and Anne his wife; Michael Hawes and Sybil his wife; which said Anne & Sybil were the daughters and coheirs of James Lewis [of] Llanfanfraed in Elwell [Llansaintffraid-in-Elwel], Radnor decd v David Morgan Mortgage by James Lewis and Elizabeth his wife of messuages called Bryn Tuppa, Bayly Bychan and Dolley Howell Gam, except the jointure of Margaret Lewis mother of the said James Lewis. C78/1377, no. 1 [106]
1717 13 Nov 4 Staplehill Heath; and Theodore Collier, esq, & Hannah his wife, which said Staplehill and Hannah were the only son and daughter of Thomas Heath, merchant v. Paschasius Minn; and William Renell C78/1768, no. 2 [107]
1717 15 Nov 4 John Radford v. John Hubbert & Mary his wife; William Astell & Dorcas his wife; Dionisia Starkey; and James Reed C79/46, no. [108]
1717 18 Nov 4 Charles Walton of London, since decd v. Henry Wale; Sir Martin Lumley; Nicholas Ashton; and Temple Chevalier Mortgage by William or John Wale (the text is contradictory), late father of the deft Henry Wale of messuage called Damask Damish or Damitt in Little Bardfield, Essex. C78/1443, no. 20 [109]
1717 22 Nov 4 Mathew Snablin administrator of his mother and eldest son of Mathew Snablin by Anne his wife, which Anne was executrix of Mathew her husband and the said Mathew the son as administrator of his mother v. Thomas Martin & Anne his wife and John Snablin C79/194, no. [110]
1717 23 Nov 4 Mary Phillips widow v. John Chetwood and Joseph Brookes C78/2054, no. 1 [111]
1717 26 Nov 4 Robert Blackburne, gent v. William Wryght; William Lepton; and Richard Wilson, esq C78/1764, no. 8 [112]
1717 27 Nov 4 John Sealy executor of Nicholas Wise decd v. Sarah Jago, widow and executrix of Samuel Jago decd; Sarah Jago the younger daughter and heir of the said Samuel Jago; Nicholas Sealy; Grace Sampson, widow; Margery Yeo, widow; and Elizabeth Eastway executrixes of Phillip Hooper; and Richard Eastway, clerke, husband to the said Elizabeth Eastway Will of Dame Hannah Seaward, widow. Legacy to her nephew the said Nicholas Wise for the purchase of lands of inheritance in Devon. C78/1456, no. 17 [113]
1717 29 Nov 4 John Walker, gent v. Robert Sandford, & Elizabeth his wife; and John Baptist Shorter C78/1700, no. 3 [114]
1717 30 Nov 4 John Manning gentleman v. Susanna Aynsworth widow and executrix of Susanna Earneing C78/2054, no. 4 [115]
1717 2 Dec 4 Thomas Allam son & executor of Thomas Allam decd v. William Watts and Anne his wife C78/1488, no. 5 [116]
1717 5 Dec 4 John Langford the elder; John Langford the younger, clerk, son of the said John Langford the elder; and Thomas Edge; William Dicken; Francis Griffiths; Ralph Knight; and Thomas Price, the complt Langford's undertenants v. Edward Kinaston an infant; William Kynaston; Thomas Lyster; Richard Mitton; Sir Richard Middleton C78/1497, no. 8 [117]
1717 6 Dec 4 Thomas Davies v. Thomas Stratford & Elizabeth his wife Bond & also mortgage by the complt of mills, fulling mills, dye house and land at Painswick, Gloucs as security for legacies due to the deft Elizabeth & her sisters from the estate of Thomas Davis the complts father. C78/1443, no. 11 [118]
1717 7 Dec 4 Waltham Savery executor of William Savery his late father decd who was executor of William Savery his late grandfather also decd v. Edward Eliot; Samuel Roll; and William Hancock Marriage settlement of William Savery the complts late grandfather and a sister of Daniel Eliot, to whom the deft Edward Eliot was executor. Debts of Daniel Eliot to the complts grandfather, including outstanding part of his wife's marriage portion. C78/1456, no. 15 [119]
1717 11 Dec 4 Robert South v Benjamin Rokeby Estate of John South decd, uncle to the complt, an India Merchant who died on board ship returning from the South Seas in 1664 C78/1312, no. 1 [120]
1717 11 Dec 4 Robert South v. Benjamin Rokeby Sale of the goods of John South, uncle of the complt, who died on board the ship Richard & Martha returning to England from India in 1664/5. C78/1406, no. 2 [121]
1717 11 Dec 4 Susanna Stoughton widow, relict, and executrix of Richard Stoughton (formerly apothecary and late doctor of phisick) v. Richard Stoughton (son of said Doctor Stoughton) C78/1901, no. 9 [122]
1717 13 Dec 4 Thorowgood Upwood an infant by Dorothy Upwood, and the said Dorothy Upwood widow of Samuel Upwood decd v Thomas Upwood, Richard Cockaine and William Day executors of the said Samuel Upwood decd Will of Samuel Upwood. C78/1312, no. 5 [123]
1717 13 Dec 4 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General at the relation of William Neale and William hitch churchwardens and John Faircloth overseer of the poor of the parish or chappelry of Marsh in the Isle of Ely, Cambs v. Robert Vawsor sr; Robert Vawsor jr an infant by said Robert Vawsor sr his father and guardian; Godfrey Langdale; and Timothy Trewin C78/1897, no. 12 [124]
1717 13 Dec 4 John Clarke of Beccles, Suff, gent v. Sarah Playters, widow C78/1643, no. 1 [125]
1717 19 Dec 4 Meredith Morgan v Morgan David Defts debts to the complt and mortgage of his estate in the parish of Langattock, Brecon. C78/1378, no. 7 [126]
1717 19 Dec 3 Sir Henry Atkins baronet and Rebecca Maria Maria infants v. Lady Rebecca Maria Atkins widow; Francis Mundy sr; Francis Mundy jr; Henry Tate; Edward Fryer; Robert Oveby; William Prior; John Atkins; and Annabella Atkins; and Henry Bridges doctor of divinity AND John Atkins esq; Annabella Atkins; Ralph Atkins; and Richard Atkins infants v. Sir Henry Atkins baronet an infant by his guardian; the lady Rebecca Maria Atkins; Francis Mundy sr; Francis Mundy jr; and Henry Tate esqs; William Prior; and Edmund Fryer C79/56, no. [127]
1717 19 Dec 4 Samuel Shepheard and Henry Wise v. John Wicker; Nicholas Goodwin; Thomas Scawen; James Whitchurch; Thomas Heysham; Samuel Scott and others (not named) Leases of parcel of meadow in Great Crane Meadow, Deptford [Kent], and also water mill & mill pond, and wharves and other land on the Thames bank. C78/1407, no. 2 [128]
1717 19 Dec 4 Benjamin Bathurst and Finnetta his wife v. Allen, Lord Bathurst, Baron of Battlesden; Peter Bathurst; Robert Gore; Charles Coxe; and Richard Gastrell Marriage settlement of the complts. Manor of Oaksey, Wilts. C78/1450, no. 2 [129]
1717 19 Dec 4 Sir Edward Northey, Attorney General to Queen Anne v. Samuel Neale, esq; and Frederick Slare, doctor in physick C78/1695, no. 5 [130]
1717 19 Dec 4 William Mootham v. The Mayor and Commonalty of the Borough of Colchester C78/1616, no. 1 [131]
1717 4 C79/, no. []