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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1709 C78/, no. []
1709 20 Jan 7 Anne Ingram, widow & executrix of Ralph Ingram late of London decd v. Elianor Speering and Elianor Grafton, widow Mortgage of the lease of a parcel of ground in Spittlefeilds in the parish of Stepney als Stebunheath, Middx on which 4 messuages were erected. C78/1444, no. 3 [2]
1709 24 Jan 7 Arthur Williams, esq, only son and heir of Edward Williams, esq his late father v. Susan Williams the elder his mother; and Susan Williams the younger his sister; and Timothy Edwards C78/1768, no. 1 [3]
1709 24 Jan 7 Richard Lister, esq; Frances Pate Lister his wife; John Abigail; Ellinor, William, Thomas, Frances, and Penelope Lister younger children of said Richard Lister and Penelope his wife, infants, by said Richard their guardian v. St John Bennett; and Rowland Browne, esqs C78/1612, no. 9 [4]
1709 25 Jan 7 John Collier v. John Paulfreman administrator of Thomas Paulfreman sr; William Astell & Anne his wife administratrix of Thomas Paulfreman jr C78/2010, no. 16 [5]
1709 25 Jan 7 Hugh Massey v. Jeremiah Smith Purchase of the reversion of a copyhold estate in Hemingbrough, Yorks after the death of Dame Lenox Pilkington, mother of the deft, and late wife of Sir Lionel Pilkington. C78/1444, no. 4 [6]
1709 28 Jan 7 Joseph Kirke, esq and Susann Clarke v. Nicholas Clarke the elder; Nicholas Clarke the younger; Sir Thomas Abney, knight & Dame Mary his wife; Samuel Powell; and Alexander Pitfield esqs; and Henry Kelsey gentleman C78/2010, no. 13 [7]
1709 28 Jan 7 Joseph Kirke, esq; and Susanna his sister married to Nicholas Clarke the elder, one of the defendants v. Nicholas Clarke, sr; Nicholas Clarke, jr; Sir Thomas Almey, knight, & Mary his wife; Samuel Powell; and Alexander Pitfield, esqs; Henry Kelsey, gent; and others C78/1615, no. 10 [8]
1709 5 Feb 7 Dame Margaret Blackett widow; Sarah Mountague wife of the Honorable Charles Mountague esq by the said Dame Margaret Blackett; and Edward Mountague; Crew Mountague; Jemima Mountague; John Mountague children of the Charles Mountague; and Sarah all infants by the said Dame Margaret Blackett; James Mountague of the Middle Temple esq; Lyonell Vane of Long Newton, Durham, esq; William Porter; and John Rogers of Newcastle upon Tyne merchants; and Enock Hudson of Brunton, Northumberland, gentleman; Sidney Worthley alias Mountague esq; and Henry Cox of Kingsinton clerk v. Charles Mountague; Francis Baker; Samuel Turner; Thomasw Brunnell; and others Marriage settlement of Charles Mountague & the complt Sarah his wife, then Sarah Rogers spinster C79/126, no. [9]
1709 5 Feb 7 Benjamin Harrington esq v. Andrew Innys C79/175, no. [10]
1709 9 Feb 7 Joane Baynard; Henry Baynard; Elizabeth Baynard; John Patte & Frances his wife v. Arthur Grant, gentleman and Peter Smith clerk C78/1907, no. 1 [11]
1709 9 Feb 7 The Honorable ___ Walburgh Howard, only daughter of James, lord Howard, who was son and heir of Thomas, lord Howard v. Phillip, earl of Chesterfield; Henry Compton, bishop of London; Edward Hales, esq; Phillip, lord Stanhope; Jane Wotton; and James Henry Otten C78/1579, no. 2 [12]
1709 11 Feb 7 John Bedwell of St Margarets, Westminster, Middx, brewer; and Joseph Collett of London, merchant v. Elizabeth Alland; Richard Alland the father; Richard Aland the son; and Anne Alland C78/1655, no. 3 [13]
1709 12 Feb 7 Anne Heylin relict & executrix of Henry Heylin decd v. William Strode; Angelia Harrington; and Mary Harrington; and others (not named) Refs previous decree of 5 July 1707. C78/1450, no. 5 [14]
1709 12 Feb 7 Henry Sheppard v. Catherine Sheppard, widow; William Sheppard, an infant, by his guardian; Edward Crofts; and others C78/1774, no. 11 [15]
1709 12 Feb 7 William, lord Digby, baron of Geashill, Ireland; Dame Mary Marrowe, widow, relict, and administratrix of Francis Fisher of Berkswell, Warw, esq; John Crowne of London, gent; John Potenger of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; William Dockwra of London, merchant; James Wellwood, doctor in phisick, & Elizabeth his wife, latey Elizabeth Seymour, widow; and Edward Byrch of the Middle Temple, London, gent, grandson and heir of Edward Byrch serjeant at law v. John Barry, gent; Margaret Williams, widow; and Edward Barry, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1765, no. 1 [16]
1709 14 Feb 7 Danverse Greville spinster v. Randall Marsh & Rose his wife; and Thomas Marsh C78/2043, no. 9 [17]
1709 14 Feb 7 Phillips Grimwade; Susannah Grimwade; and Francis Grimwade, which said Susannah and Francis were infants by Francis Grimwade their father v. Ralph Cresfield C78/1615, no. 9 [18]
1709 14 Feb 7 Benjamin Hyett, gent v. William Hynson, esq; and others C78/1615, no. 7 [19]
1709 18 Feb 7 Thomas Franklyn; Thomas Edwards; John Jenner; William Powell; Mary Wilmott; and others (sic), creditors or representatives of creditors of William and Henry Fisher or one of them v. Frances Fisher; Arnold smith; William Fisher; Thomas Chamberlain; Richard Spong; Robert Far; Richard Sare; and William Powle, executors of Olivers Triggs C78/1612, no. 11 [20]
1709 21 Feb 7 John Palmer v Mary Woodford Debts of Thomas & John Carvell C78/1364, no. 4 [21]
1709 22 Feb 7 Samuel Bradshaw, gent v. Peter Legh; Edward Downes; and John Shalcrosse, esq; John Lowe; and Richard Johnson, gent C78/1614, no. 4 [22]
1709 24 Feb 7 Henry Coxed and John Carter v. Sir Charles Napier baronet C78/2043, no. 13 [23]
1709 24 Feb 7 Sarah Hill, widow and executrix of John Hill, gent, her late husband; Humphry Whyle, clerk; William Hill, gent; and Phillip Scriven, gent, & Sarah his wife, which said Will Hill; and Sarah Scriven were the son and daughter of said John Hill; and John Whyle v. Thomas Tyrer, gent; and Mary Tyrer, spinster C78/1721, no. 11 [24]
1709 25 Feb 7 Richard Wheeler, gent, since deceased v. John Hornblower; Thomas Hornblower; Benjamin Jolliffe; Elizabeth Hornblower; Anne Burton; Robert Newey; Jacob Wilson; and Thomas Cowper C78/1722, no. 3 [25]
1709 25 Feb 7 William Hills of London, druggster, executor of William Hills, his late father v. George Bohun; Phillipp Clements; George Guy; and Ralph Hardwick C78/1655, no. 4 [26]
1709 25 Feb 7 Anne Foreman, spinster; Thomas Foreman; William Foreman; Robert Forman; John Read, & Mary his wife, late Mary Foreman; and Thomas Gardner, only son and administrator of Sarah Gardner, the said Anne, Thomas, William, and Robert Foreman, and Mary Read, and the said Sarah Garner being the next of kindred in equal degree to one Thomas Mills v. William Mayhew; and Joseph Bird, executors of Thomas Mills; Francis Kilderbe; James Moor; William Revans; Robert Capon; and Edward Keer C78/1532, no. 6 [27]
1709 27 Feb 7 Ralph Baynes, gent v. Millisant Slingarm, widow; Tempest Slingar, gent; Isabell Baynes, widow; and John Baynes; William Baynes; Margaret Baynes; Elizabeth Bayne; and Dorothy Baynes, infants, by said Millisant Slingar, their guardian; and others (sic) C78/1762, no. 4 [28]
1709 28 Feb 7 Anne Milward, widow v. Edward Walker and Francis Osborne C78/1484, no. 5 [29]
1709 2 March 7 Edmund Gibbon of the Inner Temple v William Hellyar and Thomas Hole. Reconveyance of mortgaged premises in Cannonting [Canonteign], Devon C78/1216, no. 4 [30]
1709 2 March 7 Morgan ...van v William Bassett; Christopher Bassett; Charles Jevans; Rice Penry; George Powell and James Thomas Leases on the manor of Penrice, Glamorgan C78/1376, no. 5 [31]
1709 2 March 7 George Martin, clerk; Charles Cocks, esq; and John Hopkins, an infant, by said George Martin his uncle and guardian v. Elizabeth Wintle, widow; and Richard Wintle C78/1774, no. 2 [32]
1709 3 March 7 Bridget Elson an infant of about the age of 9 years and Elizabeth Elson an infant about the age of 5 years, the two daughters of William Elson esq by Jane Elson their grandmother and guardian who was one of the executors and trustees of the said William Elson her son and also the said Jane Elson v. Thomas Carr esq; Thomas Woodyer since deceased; John Woodyer clerk; and Thomas Gratwick esq; and William Elson son and heir of said William Elson C79/105, no. [33]
1709 3 March 7 John Miller baronet; Richard Goodman; Thomas Hamond; Francis Goaler; and Francis Reynolds creditors by book or simple contract of William Elson esq deceased on behalf of themselves all other creditors of William Elson by simple contract who contribute proportionally to the suit v. Jane Elson widow; Thomas Carr; Thomas Woodyer; and Thomas Gratwick executors and trustees of said William Elson; John Elson; William Mason; Eleanor Holney; Henry Peckham; Richard Bragg; Mary Whitwood; John Lang; Nicholas Haberden; Richard Ede; Edward Ewens; William Holstead; John Royle; Thomas Peachey; Anne Elleger; Anne Elson; Elice Swaine; Anne Weekes; John Fowkes; Peter Heald; Nicholas Bowne; William Bowrey; and William Loyd who were all creditors of William Elson by bond mortgage and other specialties AND against William Elson only son and heir of the said William Elson; and Bridgett Elson and Elizabeth Elson the only daughters of the said William Elson C79/105, no. [34]
1709 3 March 7 Dame Mary Haman, widow, executrix of Sir William Hayman, knight; Thomas Edwards esq & Mary his wife sole daughter and heir of said Sir William Hayman v. Elizabeth Morgan, widow late wife of Thomas Morgan the younger, son and heir of said Thomas Morgan the elder C78/2009, no. 5 [35]
1709 3 March 7 George Walden gentleman v. Mary Menedee alias Young widow; John Edwards gentleman; Richard Raw gentleman; John Brice sr; John Brice jr; and Thomas Hutchins C78/1902, no. 1 [36]
1709 8 March 8 Thomas Turner v Mary Mayne widow and administratrix of Christopher Mayne and John Mayne son and heir of the said Christopher Payment of debts of John Mayne from lands in Tiffont [Teffont], Wilts and Offwell and Colwell, Devon C78/1216, no. 6 [37]
1709 8 March 8 George Herbert and Richard Pottinger v. Robert Chambers, gent C78/1728, no. 3 [38]
1709 9 March 8 Elizabeth and Gertrude Pincombe spinsters, John Beaumont, Thomas Luxton, Mary Grace widow and Joseph Gnash on behalf of themselves and the other creditors of Ambrose Radford late of Chawley [Chawleigh ], Devon decd v Henry Bellew, Moses Fitch, Thomas Stafford, Elianor Radford widow and Thomas Radford Stewards embezzlement of rents from lands in Chunley and Winkley, Devon C78/1216, no. 5 [39]
1709 9 March 8 John Ladd v. John Danny; Richard Gay; Timothy Jeffryes; John Fox, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Steward; Anne Steward; John Daynes; Bridget Webb, widow; Elizabeth Ingram; Anne Danny; Mary Danny; William Hirne; John Watts; and others C78/1615, no. 6 [40]
1709 9 March 8 Thomas Bromfield v. John Rogers, baronet; John Rogers, jr, esq & Mary his wife; Dame Barbara Henly, widow; John Henly, esq; George Burrard, esq; John Rogers; Robert Rogers; William Rogers; and Mary Rogers, infants, by said John Rogers, esq their father and guardian C78/1152, no. 5 [41]
1709 22 March 8 William Jones, gent, & Bridget his wife, formerly Bridget Witherly, spinster v. Abraham Spooner; Richard Jones; and Thomas Batt C78/1501, no. 10 [42]
1709 3 May 8 Thomas Dent, Doctor of Divinity v Sir William Duck, William Walker, John Young, Edward Solomon, Thomas Sheppard, Josias Smith, Alice Rawlinson widow, Solomon Lord, Robert Coye, John Eagle, John Searson, John Skulthorp, Benjamin Skulthorpe, Edward Kitchin, Edward Parnham & his wife, Ralph Mason, Francis Tuson, Thomas Chapman, George Barlyman, Edlow Coney, William Drury, John Smith, George Obrey, Timothy Lacy, John Garland & John Longland tenants of the said Sir William Duck Tythes of the parish of Lenton als Levington [Lavington near Folkingham], Lincs. C78/1347, no. 5 [43]
1709 3 May 8 Catherine Salusbury widow and administratrix of John Salusbury her late husband decd v Joshua Salusbury Mortgage by the deft of messuage called Shamber Bryn Inylan and other named cottages in the parish of Llurhayader [?Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch], Denbigh C78/1376, no. 3 [44]
1709 7 May 8 John Stout; and Michael Rawlins v. John Gardner; and others C78/1139, no. 2 [45]
1709 12 May 8 Thomas Dade; Bridget Dade v. Elias Turner; Edward Turner; William Burnett, & Elizabeth his wife; Abigail Atherton; Mary Atherton beginning of case inaccessible; parties reconstructed and uncertain C78/1796, no. 2 [46]
1709 13 May 8 Mary Rich v. The Mayor and Burgesses of the City of Gloucester; and Anne Comelin C78/1612, no. 10 [47]
1709 14 May 8 John Powell and Anne his wife v Thomas Bell and Thomas Hewson Estate of Anthony Hanson the complt Anne's late father C78/1329, no. 1 [48]
1709 15 May 8 Ondart Foster; Sandra Foster; and Thomas Foster, sons of William Foster, deceased, who was son and heir apparent of William Foster, doctor of laws, the said Ondart, Sandra, and Thomas being infants, by said Doctor Foster, their grandfather v. Richard Symmonds & Barbara his wife, late wife of said William Foster; Sir William Honywood, baronet; and Thomas Hillersden, esq C78/1026, no. 9 [49]
1709 17 May 8 William Elliott, & Barbara his wife, daughter and heir of Robert Forster of Kingfield [Nichol-Forest, in Kirk-Andrews-upon-Esk par.], Cumberland v. Thomasin Hodgson, an infant by Thomas Hodgson, gent, her husband and guardian; George Bell, gent; and Robert Elliott, & his wife C78/1793, no. 15 [50]
1709 19 May 8 Edward, Earl of Warwick and Holland v. John Fuller; John Williams; John West; and Marmaduke Dorrell AND also John Fuller v. The said Earl of Warwick & Holland and John Williams; John Wilkisson and his wife, relict of Alexander Ewster decd Refs previous decree of 15 July 13 William III. Right of way through a passage out of Warwick Court in to Holborn. C78/1463, no. 5 [51]
1709 20 May 8 Margaret Holt, wife of Thomas Holt; and Susanna Holt, an infant, by Jervas Templar v. Charles Holt; Thomas Holt; Edward Carter; and Thomas Templar C78/1615, no. 11 [52]
1709 20 May 8 James Jones, esq v. William Board, esq; John Pattison; and others (sic) C78/1095, no. 2 [53]
1709 21 May 8 Dame Mary Hayman executrix of Sir William Hayman, knight, and Thomas Edward esq & Mary his wife sole daughter and heir of said Sir William Hayman v. Elizabeth Morgan, widow late wife of Thomas Morgan the elder; and Thomas Morgan jr son and heir of said Thomas Morgan sr C78/2010, no. 11 [54]
1709 21 May 8 John Jernegan v. Henry Wallis; and Robert Darnes C78/1613, no. 4 [55]
1709 21 May 8 John Dominico Bonicelli of Genoa in part beyond the seas, merchant v. Joseph Boit and James Roussy C78/1487, no. 7 [56]
1709 23 May 8 John Terry of St Andrews, Holborn, Middx, gent v. George Prescott; Thomas Prescott; Lewis Prescott, jr; Josia Woodward, & Martha his wife; John Gibbs, & Jane his wife; and Mary Green, widow C78/1785, no. 9 [57]
1709 24 May 8 Joseph Pippen, citizen and grocer of London v. Sir Richard Holford, knight, one of the masters of Chancery and Ricahrd Holford, grandson of said Sir Richard Holford C78/1763, no. 1 [58]
1709 24 May 8 Lewis Dyve, esq v. Sir William Millard, knight, & Dame Alice his wife; and Nehemiah Brandreth, esq C78/1655, no. 2 [59]
1709 25 May 8 William Weatherall & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Johnson widow; Robert Hamond son and heir of William Hamond & Sarah his wife an infant by said William Weatherall & his wife v. Elizabeth Ally widow; Richard Tippetts & Elizabeth his wife; George Bampfield; Richard Haly; Sir Edward Northey; and _______ heir of Alexander Ally; and William lord Mountgomery C78/2059, no. 9 [60]
1709 26 May 8 Daniel Cook & Katherine his wife only child of Martyn Forster esq v. Barnabas Tonstall esq & Katherine his wife relict and administratrix of said Martyn Forster C79/66, no. [61]
1709 26 May 8 Katherine Colvill, widow; and Elizabeth Kiffin, an infant, daughter and only child of William Kiffin, gent, by Elizabeth his late wife deceased, who was daughter of said Katherine Colevill by said Katherine Colvill her grandmother v. said William Kiffin C78/1721, no. 7 [62]
1709 28 May 8 Thomas Read administrator with the will annexed of Nicholas Chesle v. Margaret Chestle widow relict of the said Nicholas Chestle; William Baron; Nicholas Chestle; James Chestle; and Robert Chestle C79/49, no. [63]
1709 28 May 8 John Harris, sr, esq; and John Harris, jr, esq, son and heir of said John Harris sr v. Thomas Horwell, gent; Theophila Horwell; and Mary Horwell, infants, daughters of said Thomas Horwell; and others C78/1763, no. 2 [64]
1709 31 May 8 Mary Hockmore, Jane Hockmore, Honora Hockmore and Alice Hockmore daughters of William Hockmore of Buckland Baron, Devon decd and also of Mary his late wife also decd, infants by Thomas Tothill v Prestwood Hockmore another daughter of William Hockmore, Thomas Prestwood, John Castchurch, Richard Reynell, Richard Dyer, George Sanford and Richard Underhay Debts and legacies payable by will of William Hockmore from trust of the manors of Wembdon, East Chilton, Chilton Trevett and North Bower, Somerset and Buckland Baron or Netherton [in Haccombe-with-Combe par.], Devon C78/1216, no. 3 [65]
1709 31 May 8 Abraham Weekes and Francis Weekes and Hobbs Weekes the younger brothers of the said Abraham Weekes v John Lord Somers, Richard Channdeler and Catherine his wife, Susanna Hobbs, Sir John Hawles and John Lilly Refs two previous cross suits. Estate of Doctor Thomas Hobbs decd. C78/1307, no. 8 [66]
1709 3 June 8 The Master and Keepers of Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery or Art of Ironmongers in the City of London v. Sir Gabriel Roberts; John Roberts & Catherine his wife; Sir William Gore knight deceased; and John Midgley C79/187, no. [67]
1709 6 June 8 Sir Simon Harcourt (Attorney General) for Samuel Shaw school master of the free school at Warrington, Lancs v Alexander Radcliffe grandson and heir of Alexander Radcliffe decd and John Radcliffe son and heir of Doctor John Radcliffe second son of the said Alexander Radcliffe decd as also against Thomas Banks, Jonathan Blackburne, Edward Vaudrey, Richard Haughton and Jonathan Case. Trust settlement of lands in Tildesley to maintain a free Grammar School in Warrington, Lancs. C78/1130, no. 3 [68]
1709 6 June 8 Samuel Atkinson v. Sekeford Cage; Mary Clinch, widow; and Thomas Clutterbuck C78/1471, no. 7 [69]
1709 7 June 8 Elizabeth Lockler of London, widow; and Tuder Lockly; and William Lockley, sons of said Elizabeth, infants by said Elizabeth their mother v. John Shelton; and James Braine C78/1796, no. 5 [70]
1709 8 June 8 Caward Brereton esq v. Samuel Jones; Thomas Crew & Christian his wife; and John Lloyd esq C79/66, no. [71]
1709 8 June 8 Maurice Whitmarch v. Robert Fitz and Edward Somner C78/1935, no. 3 [72]
1709 9 June 8 John Hickes, esq, & Mary his wife, relict of Edward Conyers, esq v. Richard, bishop of Peterborough; Sir Gilbert Pickering, baronet; and John Conyers, gent C78/1554, no. 4 [73]
1709 24 June 8 Anne Ingram, widow and executrix of Ralph Ingram v. John Manley esq C78/2009, no. 6 [74]
1709 27 June 8 William Lawrence of the City of Gloucester, baker; and Joseph Pegler of the City of Gloucester, tanner v. Jeremiah Harris Mortgage by Thomas Maddocks late of the City of Gloucester, sadler, of a messuage in Westgate Street in Gloucester C78/1451, no. 8 [75]
1709 28 June 8 Mary Dennys and Elizabeth Dennys infants by Dorothy Dennys widow their mother and guardian v. Elizabeth Strode and Andrew Innys C79/175, no. [76]
1709 28 June 8 John Jackson citizen and haberdasher of London & Anne his wife v. Richard Baker and Joane his wife; Walter Taylor & Margaret his wife; Richard Bennet; Joseph Adlington; Thomas Eckley; George Eckley; Rowland Eckley; and John Jackson jr C78/2071, no. 2 [77]
1709 29 June 8 Timoth Hall grandson of Thomas White v John King, Griffith Lewis and Margaret his wife, Katherine White, William Andrew and John Jeal Will of Thomas White decd. Messuages etc in or near the Great Minoryes in the parishes of St Trinity Minoryes and St Botolph without Aldgate, Middx. C78/1364, no. 2 [78]
1709 29 June 8 Mary East widow v. John East and John Rose C78/2056, no. 1 [79]
1709 2 Jul 8 Arthur, Lord Altham an infant by Dorothy, Lady Altham, his mother v John, Earl of Anglesey; John, Lord Haversham; The Lady Katherine Annesly; Arthur Annesley and Thomas Coote Will of James, late Earl of Anglesey decd. C78/1377, no. 2 [80]
1709 4 July 8 Charles Chambers the younger of Bernards Inn, London, gent, & Jane his wife, the only daughter and heir of Jervis Pratt of Terrington, Yorks, gent v. William Mantle, surviving executor of said Jervis Pratt; Thomas Upwood; Edmund Sparkes, & Anne his wife; and John Wardale; and others (sic) C78/1719, no. 9 [81]
1709 4 July 8 Samuel Hewitt v. Joseph Hall C78/1554, no. 2 [82]
1709 7 July 8 Joseph Peisley v. Thomas Spingall and others (sic) C79/104, no. [83]
1709 8 July 8 Samuell Prigg of Stanton Drew, Som, clerk and William Fawlkner of Twiverton husbandman v. Sarah Falkner; John Falkner; and Elizabeth Falkner C79/174, no. [84]
1709 9 July 8 Charles Chambre of Burleton [Burlton in Loppington par.], Salop, gent v. Richard Prestland, & Mary his wife; and others (sic) C78/1567, no. 3 [85]
1709 11 July 8 Elizabeth Framewell widow v. Christopher Stephens; John Stephens; Thomas Harris; William Foster; and John Lee C79/31, no. [86]
1709 12 July 8 Daniel Tayspill of Colchester, Essex, baymaker youngest son of Giles Mayspill of Colchester merchant deceased v. Jacob Tayspill C79/104, no. [87]
1709 14 July 8 William Philpott; and Elizabeth the wife of Thomas Boteler, gent, while sole by the name of Elizabeth Philpott, children of Ralph Philpott of Word alias Worth, Kent, yeoman, infant, by William Verrier of Sandwich, Kent, gent v. Mary Paramore; and Thomas Denn C78/1518, no. 1 [88]
1709 19 July 8 Robert Pennington son, heir & executor of Miles Pennington decd v Mathew Wilcox and Mary his wife Personal estate, goods and deeds etc of Miles Pennington which had been entrusted to the defts, also debts of the defts to Miles Pennington. C78/1355, no. 2 [89]
1709 19 July 8 Thomas Baker, gent v. Robert Steynor, esq C78/1721, no. 10 [90]
1709 19 July 8 John Heber, gent v. William Cockshott; and Thomas Cockshott C78/1165, no. 8 [91]
1709 20 July 8 Peter Francia v Andrew Lopez a Portuguese Merchant Sale of three fourth parts of the ship Thomas and Peter, and profits form the remaining one fourth part. C78/1307, no. 7 [92]
1709 20 July 8 Samuel Hunaby, & Mary his wife, relict of Thomas Whitebread, gent v. Roger Woodcock; Jeremiah Bentham; Thomas Whitebread; and William Whitebread C78/1612, no. 8 [93]
1709 21 July 8 Nathaniel Wood, citizen and wine cooper of London; and vincent Sheppard, citizen and haberdasher of London v. James Cole, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1717, no. 3 [94]
1709 22 July 8 James Ploome and Ann his wife (who was the widow & executrix of John Singleton decd which said John Singleton was executor of John Singleton his father also decd) v. Robert Fuller and Elizabeth his wife; and William Bridgeman & Ann his wife C78/1488, no. 8 [95]
1709 23 July 8 Nathaniel Herne; Urban Hall; and John Lade esqs; Nicholas Goodwyn gentlemen; Gyles Been; Playford Clark; and John Vanhatton merchants v. Sir William Humfreys & Dame Ellen his wife; James Lancashire; Ellinor Lancashire; Orlando Humfreys; William Sheppard; Joseph Bragg; and John Sheppard C79/135, no. [96]
1709 23 July 8 Elizabeth Vernall an infant of the age of 8 years by Jane Vernall of the parish of Stepney, Middx, widow, her mother v. Thomas lord Coningesbey baron of Clanbrazell, Ireland; and William Casewall C79/104, no. [97]
1709 25 July 8 George Naldrett, John Gratwicke and Anne his wife, John Collins and Mary his wife, Thomas Butcher, Jane Neve widow, William Birdfield junr, Thomas Smith, John Wallis, John Sherwood, Richard Butcher, Joan Parkhurst widow and James Burstow creditors of Thomas Beard the elder and Thomas Beard the younger v Thomas Beard the elder since decd, John Stone and Richard Turner surviving executors of Thomas Beard the younger and of Ralph Beard the son and heir of the said Thomas Beard the younger and against William Blaker since decd who was administrator of John Monke decd and against William Monke son and heir of the said John Monke Trust settlement of lands in Hurstpierpoint, Twineham and Shermanbury, Sussex. C78/1130, no. 5 [98]
1709 26 July 8 Henry Marshall gentleman son heir and executor of William Marshall gentleman who was son and heir and also executor of the complainant's grandfather William marshall gentleman v. Thomas, lord Fairfax; Thomas Fairfax esq; Bryan Fairfax esq; Anthony Bothomly; and Edward Tregenna C78/1907, no. 2 [99]
1709 26 July 8 Robert Powell of Cowbridge, Glamorgan, administrator of Ann his wife decd, who was daughter of John Longher of Llantrisant in the said county by Florence his wife, and who was also grandaughter of Margaret Gamage of Hendre Wenn in the said county widow decd v. James Harries and Florence his wife; Philip Longher; and Walkin Jenkins Marriage settlement of the complt and his late wife Ann. C78/1440, no. 8 [100]
1709 28 July 8 Richard Bacon of Patching, Sussex, carpenter v. Robert Edmunds; Thomas Bacon and Katherine his wife C78/1486, no. 2 [101]
1709 28 July 8 Sir Robert Davers and Dame Mary Davers his wife and Isabella Davers, Penelope Davers, Henrietta Davers and Elizabeth Davers the 4 youngest daughters of the said Sir Robert Davers and Dame Mary his wife, infants; Thomas Bond; Henry Jermyn Bond, Charlotta Bond and Judith Bond the younger children of the said Thomas Bond by Henrietta Bond his late wife decd, all infants; Sir Symonds D'Ewes and Willoughby D'Ewes the younger son and Delarevere D'Ewes, Mary D'Ewes, Henrietta D'Ewes and Merelina D'Ewes the 4 daughters of the said Sir Symonds D'Ewes by Dame Delarevere D'Ewes his late wife decd, all infants; Gray James Grove & Penelope his wife and Penelope their daughter an infant; Dame Merelina Spring, widow, the late wife of Sir Thomas Spring decd; Merelina Spring, Mary Spring, Henrietta Spring and Delarevere Spring the 4 surviving daughters of the said Sir Thomas Spring and Dame Merelina Spring v. Edmund Poley; Thomas Folkes; and John Molings C78/1486, no. 1 [102]
1709 29 July 8 Henry Carlisle, clerk v. Nathaniel Palmer, esq; Thomas Dyke; John Burland; John Saint Alban, esqs; Robert Everard, gent; Samuel Lett; John Taylor; Benjamin Key, clerk; John Thorne; John Farthing; and John Cook C78/1510, no. 3 [103]
1709 30 July 8 William Wynne & Margaret his wife v. Symon Lloyd C78/1932, no. 14 [104]
1709 1 Aug 8 Richard Fosse v. Edward Stephens, esq, & Sarah his wife; Phillip Mayowe, & Mary his wife; and Mary Mayowe; and Burthoy Mayowe, son and daughter of said Phillip and Mary Mayowe, son and daughter of said Phillip and Mary; and Richard Hubbage C78/1557, no. 3 [105]
1709 2 Aug 8 Thomas Foley of Witley Court, Worcs, esq & Mary his wife, sole daughter and heir and also administratrix of Thomas Strode serjeant at law; John Winsor of Norrington, Wilts, esq; George Hadley of East Barnett, Herts, esq; and Thomas Strode of London merchant executors of Sir George Strode knight and serjeant at law; the Honorable Henry Thynne, esq, son and heir apparent of Thomas, lord viscount Weymouth & Grace his wife sole daughter and heir of said Sir George Strode; Nathaniel Napier of the Grainge, Dorset, esq; Edward Harley of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq; and James Woodhouse of Woodhouse, Heref, esq v. Isabella Spratt, spinster; John Baldwin of Ludlow, Salop, gentleman; John Higgons of Steventon, Salop, gentleman; Valentine Dawes of Ludlow, esq; Mary Pember of Newport, Heref, spinster; John Carpenter of Dillin, Heref, gentleman; Orlando Nicholas late of Boycott, Salop, esq; Giles Gauderton of Heref, gentleman; and Thomas Taylor of London; Benjamin Pember of Newport, Heref, gentleman; and ____ Johnson C78/2001, no. 1 [106]
1709 2 Aug 8 George Watson, gent v. William Man; the Master and the Brethren and Sisters of Hunsworth Hospital, Yorks; and Henry Farrer, clerk C78/1763, no. 9 [107]
1709 4 Aug 8 Priscilla Baylie widow v William Ryder Complts trust in the deft, her brother, to collect the rents and profits from her manor of Honingham, Norfolk C78/1364, no. 1 [108]
1709 4 Aug 8 Thomas Moore v. Samuel Greene & Alice his wife C78/2056, no. 2 [109]
1709 5 Aug 8 Sarah Ambrose one of the younger children of Henry Ambrose late of St Michael Queenhith, London; and Mary Ambrose, Henry Ambrose, Elizabeth, Anne and Charles Ambrose infants, 5 other of the younger children of the said Henry Ambrose decd by John Tonycliff v. John Goddard; Richard Wilkinson; John Ambrose; and Elizabeth Ambrose, widow Will of Henry Ambrose. Trust settlement of estate in Didcot, Berks C78/1429, no. 9 [110]
1709 5 Aug 8 Elizabeth Coles; Samuel Coles; and John Coles, infants by Caleb Hooke, jr their uncle v. Alicia Coles; Benjamin Coles, an infant, by his guardian; and Caleb Hooke, sr C78/1615, no. 13 [111]
1709 5 Aug 8 Henry Locke, yeoman v. Jane Norris, widow; Anthony Norris; Thomas Batcheler; and William Ferrer C78/1615, no. 12 [112]
1709 5 Aug 8 Charles Ebersfield, esq v. Lawrence Eliott, esq, brother and heir and administrator of William Eliott, esq, his late brother, who was son and heir of Sir William Eliott, knight AND v. James Close and William Staunton C78/1139, no. 1 [113]
1709 25 Aug 8 Margaret Gunter widow & executrix of Thomas Gunter the elder decd; and Thomas Brotherton, since decd, & Mary his wife; Nicholas Starky and Elizabeth his wife; Mary Gunter spinster; and John Elderfield; which said Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary & Ann are the daughters and coheirs of the said Thomas Gunter v. Sir Edward Hungerford; Francis March; Elizabeth Hall, widow; John Coy; Peter Burrell; Charles Dew; and John Williams Mortgage by deft Hungerford of property in Sussex & Berks. C78/1448, no. 9 [114]
1709 19 Oct 8 William Baguly v. Richard Chiswell; Thomas Burgesse; Clement Kinnersly; William Perry; and Thomas Baker C78/1197, no. 10 [115]
1709 26 Oct 8 Anne Bradshaw and Katherine Bradshaw an infant by the said Anne her sister v. Thomas lord Coningsby; William Cornwall; and Arundell Bradshaw C79/107, no. [116]
1709 26 Oct 8 Dame Elizabeth Seyliard, relict and administratrix of Sir Thomas Seyliard, baronet, and only daughter and heir of Sir Sandys Fortescue, baronet, and also administratrix de bonis non of of Sir Sandys Fortescue; Sarah Fortescue; and Dame Margery Fortescue v. Margaret Mill; Sir Thomas Hobby, baronet, & Elizabeth his wife; Sir Richard Mill, baronet; mary Mill; Philadelphia Mill; and Elizabeth Mill C78/1614, no. 5 [117]
1709 29 Oct 8 Rebecca Dufoy of St Margarets Westminster, Middx widow, one of the daughters of William Rushley brother to Jeremy Rushley late citizen & salter of London decd v. John and Peter Theobalds; Randall Hopley; and Hannah Holbeme C78/1466, no. 6 [118]
1709 31 Oct 8 John Wade, gent, son and heir apparent of Thomas Wade of Gloucester, esq; and John ker of Highgate, Middx, doctor of physick v. William Pratt; and Charles Hougham C78/1501, no. 6 [119]
1709 3 Nov. 8 Thomas Turner v Mary Mayne. Payment of debts of John Mayne from lands in Tiffont [Teffont], Wilts and Offwell and Colwell, Devon C78/1216, no. 1 [120]
1709 3 Nov 8 William Draper esq; Sir Robert Bedingfield knight; George Maylor esq; Francis Hare clerk; John Hill esq; and Henry Devenish esq v. Humphry Borlase; Edmund Woodward; Peter Sawyer; Henry Penton; John Ive; John Michell esq; Richard Snow gentleman; Symon Tressowick and John Buckingham C78/2055, no. 4 [121]
1709 3 Nov 8 Robert Freeman; and Thomas Freeman, executors of Thomas Freeman; George Barry; John Bridgeman the elder; Robert Saunders; Hannah Glazier; ___ Negus, widow; Edward Aborn; Barbara Gwynne; John Martin; Sir Basil Dixwell, baronet; Charles Bowen & Elizabeth his wife; James Sawyer; Elizabeth Hawton, widow; Francis Joyce; ___ Herbert; Samuel Reynoldes; ___ Dacres; John Francis; Anthony Haynes; ___ Dawkes; John Adams; Richard Smalls; ___ Flint; Thomas Saunders; Leonard Cuthbert; Sarah Judd; ___ Drew, widow; ___ Butler, widow; Anne Vere; ___ Parrat, apothecary; Nathaniel Adams; Thomas Linford; ____ Theedam; Daniel Weyman; Mathew Wing; William Watson; ___ Richards; Thomas Jackson; Christopher Wymans; Thomas Stratton; Thomas Walker; John Canards; ___ Cattle; Robert Achurch; John Chettle; William Eales; ___ Carter; Charles Richards; ___ Gronons; Andrew Richardson; John Bridgeman; and Thomas Woodward for themselves and other creditors of Sir Rice Rudd, baronet; and of Mary Pemberton; and Thomas Pemberton of Higham Ferrers, Northt, esq, all of them deceased, and also John Clendon, esq; and Thomas Pulley, the two surviving trustees for the alms house built and founded in Higham Ferrers by Goddard Pemberton, esq, the grandfather of said Thomas Pemberton; and also the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Higham Ferrers v. Lewis, lord Rockingham; Scory Barker; Thomas Hanbury; and Roger Pemberton, esqs; Mary Pemberton; Mary Saunderson, widow; Anthony Saunderson, doctor in divinity; The Honorable Thomas Wentworth; and George Watson; Mathew Johnson; and Proby, esqs; William Spencer, doctor in divinity; William Walcott; Samuel Hunt; Stephen Brampston; and John Underwood, gent; Sir John Langham, baronet; Richard Clarke; William Holleway; Griffith Davies, doctor in phisick; Alies Davies; Edward Davies; Mary Davies; Mathew Jones; Thomas Phillips; John Phillips; William Bridgestock, esq & his wife; Owen Bowen & his wife; Thomas Loyd & Mary his wife; Thomas Loyd of Grove & Mary his wife; Thomas Boucher, esq; Yelverton Peyton; Charles dalton; Elizabeth Gwynn; Francis Dandridge; Edward Horton & his wife; Jane Vaughan; ___ Vaughan; Mary Whitby; Thomas James; James Sawyer; William Linwood; George Jefferyes; Thomas Brudnell; Mary Drew; and ___ Drew; and Drew her children C78/1178, no. 1 [122]
1709 4 Nov 8 James Worthington administrator of Cicely Worthington his late wife decd v John Norborne, Thomas Fletcher and Anne his wife Marriage settlement of Isaac Burges and Cicely Mundy. The site of the late priory of White Fryers, Marlbrough, Wilts. C78/1342, no. ? [123]
1709 4 Nov 8 James Worthington administrator of Cicely his late wife decd v. Thomas Fletcher and Ann his wife; and John Norbone Marriage portion of Cicely Mundy, the late mother of the complts late wife. C78/1429, no. 8 [124]
1709 7 Nov 8 John Full; Charles Taylor; John Legassick; and Elizabeth Bogan, widow, executors of Walter Bogan, esq, in trust for William Bogan his son; and the said William Bogan, an infant, by said John Full v. Rawlin Mallock, esq, devisee of Rawlin Mallack the elder, esq; Rose Mallack, daughter of said Rawlin by his first wife; Sir John Collins, knight, whose daughter was the second wife of said Rawlinthe elder; Giles Inglett, surviving executor and trustee of said Rawlin the elder; Nicholas brooking; and simon Brooking, sons and executors of Thomas brooking, who was one of the trustees and executors of said Rawlin the elder; Humphry Walrond, trustee for said Rose; William Coleman; Christopher Bale, & Elizabeth his wife, executors of William Stawell, esq; John Sesse; and John Barber C78/1613, no. 5 [125]
1709 8 Nov 8 Thomas Onslow esq son and heir apparent of Sir Richard Onslow baronet & Elizabeth his wife residuary legartee and by her marriage executrix of Colonel Charles Knight her late uncle, an infant by said Thomas Onslow her husband and guardian v. Humfry South the elder; Humfry South the younger; Charles Kent; Richard Onslow; and Denzill Onslow esqs C78/2009, no. 7 [126]
1709 10 Nov 8 Rowland Cross esq executor of Dame Susanna Englefield late wife of Sir Charles Englefield baronet and natural daugher of the late Lord Culpepper baron of Thoresway in Lincolnshire v. Thomas lord Fairfax & Lady Katherine his wife; Sir Charles Englefield baronet; and Christopher Cratford gentleman C79/128, no. [127]
1709 12 Nov 8 Jonas Rolfe, gent, & Lucy his wife, late Lucy Pett, widow and relict of John Pett, gent, and daughter and one of the coheirs of Samuel Smith, esq, her late father; and John Pett; and Robert Pett, sons of said John Pett by said Lucy being infants by said Jonas Rolfe v. Robert Pett, sr; Robert Pett, jr; Robert Pett, kinsman of said Robert Pett, sr; Samuel Baxter; and Samuel Bury C78/1613, no. 1 [128]
1709 14 Nov 8 Elizabeth Laurence, widow v. Joseph Bening, & Sarah his wife; and John Bagnall, gent C78/1719, no. 10 [129]
1709 16 Nov 8 Roger Horrocks & Christian his wife who was the relict and administratrix of John Hocker her late husband v. John Wright C78/1932, no. 10 [130]
1709 17 Nov 8 James Browne & Martha his wife v. James Tanner C79/175, no. [131]
1709 17 Nov 8 Walter Birch v. James Carrington and Frances his wife; Thomas Sharratt; Thomas Key and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Wood and Dorothy his wife; Dorothy Binkes; John Parker and Anne his wife; John Moreton and Dorothy his wife; Sarah Binkes; Thomas Lea; John Bailey and Margaret his wife; Timothy Somerlong and William Osborne Will of Walter Sherratt late of Kingston, Staffs. Complt was also the son and executor/administrator of Walter Birch and Dorothy his wife. C78/1408, no. 7 [132]
1709 18 Nov 8 Beaupre Bell v. Christian Hunton, widow and executrix of Thomas Hunton decd; Edmund Hunton; and Robert Fawkener C78/1486, no. 4 [133]
1709 20 Nov 8 Martha Pawlett, widow v. Thomas Hoby, baronet; Mathew Disney; and Daniel Hunt C78/1152, no. 4 [134]
1709 21 Nov 8 Charles Booth of London, salter v. William Awbury of St Clement Danes, Middx, woodmonger; James Boswell of London, goldsmith, who was become a bankrupt; Samuel Baldwin, esq; John Cole; and Richard Chancey, gent, three of the commissioners in the commission of bankrupt awarded against said James Roswell; and John Lee and William Notkells, assignees of James Boswell C78/1719, no. 12 [135]
1709 22 Nov 8 John Acworth, & Mary his wife; and Martha Andrew an infant by said John Acworth v. Peter, late bishop of Winchester; Peter Mews; and Robert Butler, esqs C78/1765, no. 2 [136]
1709 24 Nov 8 Thomas, lord viscount Weymouth; The Honorable William Finch, esq; James Thynne, esq; and John Conyers, esq, executors of The Honorable Henry Fredericke Thuynne, esq; and James Foster, gent v. Charles Cesar, esq C78/1095, no. 1 [137]
1709 26 Nov 8 Charles Eversfield, esq v. Lawrence Eliot, esq, brother and heir and administrator of William Eliot, esq, his late brother, who was son and heir of William Eliot, knight AND v. James Close; and William Staunton C78/1196, no. 1 [138]
1709 30 Nov 8 Thomas I'ans; Edward Bethome; and Martha Chamberlaine wife of the deft Thomas Chamberlaine v. Thomas Chamberlaine Marriage settlement on marriage of the deft and the complt Martha, daughter of Peter Southwick decd & his wife Martha. Manor of Ocke Pachard, Herefs. C78/1407, no. 6 [139]
1709 1 Dec 8 Sarah Noble, the wife of Robert Noble, by William Smith v. Archibald Hutcheson; John Perry; William Parrett & Robert Noble Will of John Sanderson, brother of the complt, lately one of the Captains in the Regiment of Foot Guards in the Kingdom of Ireland commanded by Colonel Thomas Whittam. C78/1442, no. 10 [140]
1709 2 Dec 8 Gilbert Dersley citizen and cordwainer of London & Mary his wife late Mary Lewis spinster the only child of Henrietta Lewis widow her late mother an infant by her husband v. Robert Gay and others (sic) C78/2045, no. 8 [141]
1709 3 Dec 8 Thomas Westerne of London v. John Bennett Mortgage by the deft of the manors of Great Abbingdon als Abbington and Little Abbingdon als Abbington, Cambridgeshire, to Sir Thomas Fowle. Includes extensive schedule of accounts C78/1426, no. 6 [142]
1709 3 Dec 8 Francis Moseley, clerk, & Jane his wife; and Katherine Moseley; and Elizabeth Moseley; Anne Moseley; Edward Moseley; Thomas Moseley; Mary Moseley; Margaret Moseley; Honor Moseley; John Moseley; and Rowland Moseley, children of said Francis Moseley, all infants by said Francis Moseley their father v. Richard Whitworth, esq, & Anne his wife; Joseph Hooper; Thomas Butterworth; Sir John Bland, baronet; William Ellis, esq; and Francis Moseley, eldest son of said complainant Francis Moseley C78/1763, no. 3 [143]
1709 3 Dec 8 William Coward of London, merchant; and Daniel Bright, mariner v. The Royal African Company of England C78/1655, no. 1 [144]
1709 3 Dec 8 Edmund Gibbon, esq v. William Hellyar, esq; and Thomas Hole C78/1165, no. 7 [145]
1709 7 Dec 8 Peter Flenriot of London merchant v. Thomas Pindar esq C78/1898, no. 5 [146]
1709 7 Dec 8 John Sainsbury v. James Cramer; Ann Loveday; Edward Browne; and Michael Lamprier and Elizabeth his wife Reversion of lease granted by John Sainsbury decd, the complt's late father, to William Johnson of a piece of waste ground near Bell Alley, St Giles without Cripplegate, Middx, for the building of four messuages suitable for Twisters to work in. C78/1442, no. 9 [147]
1709 7 Dec 8 Thomas Wickrod one of the sons of Peter Wickrod the elder late of the parish of St Paul Shadwell, Middx, brewer decd v. Martha Gardiner Legacy of £700 due from the will of Peter Wickrod. C78/1464, no. 1 [148]
1709 9 Dec 8 John Eastley, gent v. John Hamley; George Geere; Stephen Parr; Andrew Colwell, & Elizabeth his wife; John Ousley alias Pope; Agnes Pope; and Richard Dyer C78/1614, no. 10 [149]
1709 9 Dec 8 Thomas Morse v. Josias Thorold & Dorothy his wife; Anne Newton; James Betts; Daniel Kirton; James Nelthorpe; John Nelthorpe; John Bellamy; Robert Wright; Guy Hayle; Robert Camell; and William King C78/1027, no. 4 [150]
1709 12 Dec 8 Sir James Monntague, Attorney General, at the relation of William Turner, Thomas Macroe, Samuel Batteley and Robert Grove all of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk v. Isaac Garnham; Orbell Kay and Rebecca his wife; Mary Johnson, widow; Joseph Johnson the father & Joseph Johnson the son; Richard Langham and his wife; and Charles Bircham C78/1486, no. 3 [151]
1709? 15 Dec James Gunter esq v. William Herbert esq; William Blettun esq; William Jones gentleman; and Walter Giles gentleman C79/181, no. [152]
1709 15 Dec 8 Francis Ireland v. Peter Worthington C78/1484, no. 6 [153]
1709 15 Dec 8 John Willis of Ringwood, Hants, gent v. John Nicholls; Allen Haine; Thomas Biston C78/1197, no. 9 [154]
1709 16 Dec 8 Jane Jones relict and executrix of Isaac Jones clerk v. Rice Jones sr & Elizabeth his wife; Rice Jones jr; Ellianor Jones; Margaret Jones; Riche Price & Katherine his wife; and Godfry Harcourt C78/1996, no. 2 [155]
1709 16 Dec 8 William Rawlins and Samuel Rycroft v. Edward Sayer License to print books concerning the Common Law of England, and also the two abridgements of the Statutes called Rastalls and Poultons Abridgements. C78/1415, no. 3 [156]
1709 17 Dec 8 John Faldo, gent; and Joane Lilliott, widow v. Thomas Baynes, gent, & Mary his wife C78/1656, no. 4 [157]
1709 17 Dec 8 Allibond Bull of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, feather dresser v. Elizabeth Bull, widow, late wife of John Bull, citizen and haberdasher of London C78/1503, no. 3 [158]
1709 20 Dec 8 William Morgell and Elizabeth Morgall v Thomas Glaseour senr and Katherine his wife, Thomas Glaseour junr, George Naylor, Anthony Keck, John Birkenhead and Benjamin Critchley Marriage agreement on marriage of William Glaseour son of Thomas Glaseour (now decd) and Margaret daughter of Ralph Morgell decd. Manor of Lea and other manors in Cheshire. C78/1367, no. 4 [159]
1709 20 Dec 8 Thomas Foley, esq & Mary his wife, administratrix with the will annexed of Thomas Strode, late serjeant at law v. John Baldwyn, gentleman; Isabell Spratt, spinster; Valentine Dawes, gentleman; John Carpenter; Giles Gauderton; and William Johnson, gentleman C78/2001, no. 2 [160]
1709 20 Dec 8 John Windham; and George Hadley, esqs; Thomas Strode; and Hugh Strode v. Daniel Deligne C78/1557, no. 5 [161]
1709 20 Dec 8 Timothy Wingfield of Agmondesham, Bucks, yeoman v. Mountague Drake, esq; Samuel Trottman, esq & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and Peter Boulding C78/1091, no. 1 [162]
1709 23 Dec 8 Edward Hill, esq, son and heir of Sir William Hill, knight; William Tudor, clerk; and Stephen Hales, clerk v. Sir John Bridgeman, baronet, son and heir and also executor of Sir Orlando Bridgman, baronet, late lord keeper of the great seal of England; John Eddowes, esq, nephew and heir at law of John Eddowes, the surviving trustee of said Sir Orland Bridgeman C78/1510, no. 4 [163]