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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1707 6 C78/, no. []
1707?? John Rose v. Edmund Coleman; ___ Craske C79/197, no. [2]
1707 15 Jan 5 Sir John Collins of St Margarets, Westminster, knight, grandfather and administrator of Rawlin Mallack, jr only son and heir of Rawlin Mallack sr, esq v. Rose Mallack, daughter of said Rawlin Mallack sr, by ___ his wife; and Rawlin Mallack, cousin and heir of Rawlin Mallack jr C78/1621, no. 11 [3]
1707 18 Jan 5 William Bastianse Schepers of Rotterdam, Holland, merchant v. John Warren; and George Lapthorne of Plymouth, Devon, merchant AND v. The President and Directors of the Royal Prussian African and American Company of the City of Emden, East Friesland in part beyond the seas; and others (sic) C78/1721, no. 1 [4]
1707 24 Jan 5 Charles Earl of Winchelsea, Robert Earl of Holderness, Charles Earl of Burlington, Robert Bruce and Sir Thomas Hale and Dame Mary his wife v Thomas Strangwayes, Ralph Ironsyde, William Stroder, Richard Lewis and others (not named) Trust settlement of the manor of Symondsbury, Dorset, manors of Wexcombe [in Grafton par.] and Weets als Stirmyn, Wilts and the manors of Sandford, Haygrove cum Bridgwater, Spechington [Speckington] and Bridgehampton [in Yeovilton par.], Somerset by William late Marquis of Hartford afterwards Duke of Somerset. C78/1344, no. 3 [5]
1707 24 Jan 5 Charles Haddon, & Mary his wife v. John Berryman; and others (sic) C78/1639, no. 5 [6]
1707 24 Jan 5 William Wynne & Margaret his wife administratrix of Meredith Lloyd her former husband v. Simon Lloyd and others (sic) C78/2010, no. 14 [7]
1707 25 Jan 5 Peter Cartwright v. Richard Tilden; John Hoett; Peter Hoett; and others (sic) C78/2043, no. 14 [8]
1707 28 Jan 5 Margaret Gunter widow & executrix of Thomas Gunter the elder decd; Thomas Brotherton since decd and Margaret his wife; Nicholas Starky and Elizabeth his wife; Mary Gunter, spinster; John Elderfield and Anne his wife (which said Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary & Ann are the daughters and coheirs of the said Thomas Gunter v. Sir Edward Hungerford; Francis March; Elizabeth Hall, widow; John Coy; Peter Burrell; Charles Dew and John Williams Mortgage by Sir Edward Hungerford of the manors of Broadwater, Sussex & Hungerford als Hungerford Ingleford, Berks and Wilts. C78/1408, no. 2 [9]
1707 29 Jan 5 Richard Hanson & Sarah his wife v. Hannah Croucher, widow; Richard Ludgate; John Pierson C78/2030, no. 5 [10]
1707 3 Feb 5 William Griffith and Sarah Spencer his wife, Daniel Keefe and Constance Clotilda his wife v John Rogers and Elizabeth his wife Estates of Edward and Lucius Smith, sons of Edward Smith late of Whitchurch, Bucks, all now decd. Property in Bucks & Beds. C78/1311, no. 4 [11]
1707 4 Feb 5 John Rous and Joseph Rous executors of John Sargent on behalf of themselves as well as on behalf of Benjamin Baty; William Baty; Elizabeth Baty; John Voll; Jacob Voll; Rebecca Voll; and Elizabeth Tyre all infants, grandchildren, and legatees of said John Sargent by said John Rous and Joseph Rouse their next friends v. Thomas Hutchins; Ralph Clayton; George Smith; Henry Jermyn; Thomas Coell; Martin Folks; and the lady Rachell Russell C78/2044, no. 5 [12]
1707 5 Feb 5 Thomas Hodges an infant by Edith Hodges, widow, his mother v. Elizabeth Wood, widow Will of Thomas Hodges decd, the plaintiff's great grandfather (dated 1674). Messuages and land in Cricklade, Wilts. C78/1450, no. 3 [13]
1707 7 Feb 5 Richard Mountny the younger and Anna his wife one of the daughters of John Cary decd v Thomas Catry; Thomas Mercer; and Richard Backwell Will of John Cary, citizen and freeman of London C78/1404, no. 1 [14]
1707 18 Feb 5 John Hooper v. Gabriel Eyles; and Richard Rideout an infant by his Guardian Will of John Rideout, several messuages etc in Wadhurst, Sussex. C78/1416, no. 2 [15]
1707 18 Feb 5 John Sellwood and Martha his wife v. Simon Foulkes; Sir Oliver Ayshcomb and Dame Elizabeth his wife; Robert Greenway; Humphrey South; Godfrey Gimbort; Randolph Greenway and Anne his wife; Dame Elizabeth Chapman, widow; Edward ...tmond; Henry Wynn; Jane Johnson, widow; Robert Sellwood; and Richard Playdell, clerke Refs previous decree of 8 June 1703. C78/1451, no. 13 [16]
1707 22 Feb 5 Sarah Coppinger widow of Henry Coppinger decd and Sarah Coppinger their daughter v John Ozlebar, George Gooday, Edward Gooday, Daniel Gooday and Thomas Wilson Marriage settlement. Fasebournes Hall, Cogsett garden, Badcock's, Six Acres Close, The Hoppitt and Pearetree Pightle all in Buxhall, Suffolk. C78/1353, no. 3 [17]
1707 22 Feb 5 Roger Hurrell; Anthony Penhay; and Nicholas Parnell v. Joane Parnell, spinster C78/1245, no. 2 [18]
1707 24 Feb 5 James Cowan gentleman brother and administrator of Elizabeth Humfrey deceased late wife of James Humfrey esq and formerly the wife and executrix of Richard Berney of Parkhall in Redeham esq being also the administrator de bonis non of said Richard Berney with his will annexed and also the administrator of said James Humfrey with the will annexed v. Sir Richard Berney baronet; Richard Berney esq; Dame Rebeccah Edward widow; William Fashion; Anne Martell widow; Robert Hardisty; Gilbert Pasmore; May Miles widow; Denzil Onslow esq; John Clopton; and Francis Wise gentleman C78/202, no. [19]
1707 25 Feb 5 William Lawley, son and heir of William Lawley gent; and Katherine Lawley, relict and administratrix of said William Lawley v. Francis Woodcock, son of Francis Woodcock; Francis Woodcock, son of William Woodcock deceased; and others (sic) C78/1639, no. 1 [20]
1707 25 Feb 5 Richard Brocas and Frances his wife; and Edward Fanshaw and Mary his wife v. William Dove; William Meredith; William Fawkener; Thomas Rock; and William Dixon C78/1485, no. 9 [21]
1707 26 Feb 5 Roger Ottway v. Margaret Arch...; Robert Barker; George Johnson and Anne his wife; Henry ....; John Mills; Thomas Fenwick; Thomas Toll; John Milburne; William Earsden et ux; Robert Dove & ux; John Dove; Mary Warriner; and Thomas Potts Will of Thomas Otway of Preston, Northumberland. Estate in Preston and Tynemouth, Northumberland. Complt was son of Thomas Otway late of Sandgate, Newcastle upon Tyne, ship carpenter decd. C78/1416, no. 6 [22]
1707 26 Feb 5 Dorothy Bayly, Jane Bayly & Mary Bayly daughters of William Bayly decd; Dorothy Lloyd & Radigund Lloyd infants by George Lloyd their father; Nathaniel Hodges; Anne Diggle; John Beavan; & Phillip Parke creditors of the said William Bayly v. William Bayly; Radegund Bayly, widow; Thomas Goare; Richard Stephens; Edward Cooke; and John Cocks Debts of William Bayly & portions for his daughters. Manor of Wheatenhurst [now Whitminster], Gloucs. Incomplete, confirmed by finding aid, from which dates are supplied. C78/1443, no. 12 [23]
1707 26 Feb 5 Cornelius Denn and William Stead the assignees of Arthur Dent, bankrupt v. Henry Kindon executor of Henry Kindon decd C78/1484, no. 4 [24]
1707 27 Feb 5 John Moore; Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, and Frances Moore the younger children of John Moore late of Totver [Todber], Dorset, gentleman being all infants by John Horder v. Robert Moore; William Moore; John Moore; Roger Clarke; and John Cheverell C78/2045, no. 25 [25]
1707 2 March 5 Mary Wentworth an infant by William Hugesson of Provender, Kent and Elizabeth his wife, the said Elizabeth being appointed her guardian by the will of Ruishee Wentworth her late father v Rt. hon. Richard Lord Coote, Sir Geoffrey Copley, Darres Barrett of Dublin, Gideon Dlanne of Provinder and Francis Colley of St Paul's Covent Garden, Middx. Trust settlement of unspecified lands in England and Ireland. C78/1060, no. 3 [26]
1707 3 March 5 Anne Hutchinson, widow; John Morse & Grace his wife; Walter Baker & Mary his wife; and Samuel Hayward, an infant v. William Garnons & Anne his wife, late Anne Smith, widow; and Richard Smith, an infant C78/1246, no. 4 [27]
1707 11 March 6 Mary Ray widow and administratrix of Benjamin Ray v. Ralph marshall esq; Peter la Vigne & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Bucknell; Reyney Bawdewine; Charles Lason; William Broughton; Samuel Rawston; Mathew Howard; and Henry Burton C78/1904, no. 4 [28]
1707 11 March 6 Henry Rankell the younger, clerk v. Henry Rankell the elder; Peter Rankell; and John Pleydell, gent C78/1767, no. 16 [29]
1707 11 March 6 Juliana Allington, spinster, late daughter of William, lord Allington, by his first wife v. Dame Diana Allington, widow, since deceased; Nathaniel Napier, esq, & Catharine his wife; and Diana Allington, spinster C78/1610, no. 9 [30]
1707 11 March 6 John Duke, baronet v. Tollmach Duke, an infant C78/1529, no. 3 [31]
1707 11 March 6 Richard Murrell; John Murrell; Charles Murrell; Robert Garland, & Mary his wife; John Coe; Roger Coe; Helena Coe; and Charles Coe, sons and daughter of Oliver Coe, by Helena his late wife, all infants by said Oliver Coe their father; Henry Murrell; John Sparke; Richard Sparke; Henry Sparke; William Sparke; John Lumley, & Alice his wife; Thomas Cox; and Hannah Cox C78/1529, no. 1 [32]
1707 11 March 6 William Lane, infant, by Drew Shirley, gent v. Thomas Medley; and John Smith C78/1246, no. 5 [33]
1707 11 March 6 Mary Wise, widow v. Susanna Parr, widow; Ralph Parr & Anne his wife, now Anne Parr, widow; William Saunder; and Thomas Parr C78/1234, no. 1 [34]
1707 11 March 6 Robert Styles, esq, executor of John Trussell, gent; Nathaniel Ludlow, esq; Robert Squibb, gent; William Duncombe v. Nathaniel Tylson; Jonathan Johnson; and Thomas Saywell C78/1246, no. 2 [35]
1707 12 March 6 Elizabeth Saville, widow and relict of John Saville, late of Clapham, Surrey, clerk; Anne Saville; and Mary Saville, daughters of said John Saville; and John Pochin of Bendish Hall, Essex, gent, for themselves and for divers other persons, creditors and legatees of said John Saville v. Richard How and John Thompson, trustees named in the will of said John Saville AND v. John Saville, an infant, son and heir of said testator C78/1031, no. 2 [36]
1707 13 March 6 Sir Edward Stafford esq v. Katherine Stafford an infant; Katherine Stafford widow; and Jacob Knight C79/174, no. [37]
1707 14 March 6 Mary Gotley; Joseph Gotley; William Arch & Hester his wife; James Gotley; and Benjamin Gotley infants by said Mary Gotley v. William Woolley; Michael Pope; Edward Hacket; Samuel Fox; Richard Gotley; and Rachael Gotley C78/2010, no. 2 [38]
1707 (bill) Easter 6 The Master and Keepers or Warden and Commonalty of the Mystery or Art of Ironmongers London v. Sir Gabriel Roberts knight; John Roberts & Catherine his wife (Robert and wife were the surviving executors of Sir Robert Jeffreys knight); Sir William Gore knight since deceased; Sir Simon Harcourt knight (then Attorney General); and John Midgley C79/175, no. [39]
1707 4 April 6 Richard Earl of Ranelagh and the Lady Catherine Jones his daughter v Lawrence Earl of Rochester, Sidney Lord Godolphin, Sir Stephen Fox, Edward Progers, Thomas Lord Coningsby and Francis his wife, James Kendall, Sir Francis Child, John Rogers and Sir Edward Northey (Attorney General) Trust to provide portion for Lady Francis Jones (now the deft Francis Coningsby) another of the daughters of the complt, and her marriage without the consent of her father. C78/1331, no. 3 [40]
1707 25 April 6 Richard Smyth esq v. Thomas Dolman esq now Sir Thomas and others (sic) C78/202, no. [41]
1707 26 April 6 John Shaw, esq; and Jane his wife v. Anthony Hayward; Ralph Cresfield, esq; Stephen Hincham; Jeremiah Daniel; and Thomas Blake, administrators (?) of Susan Daniel C78/1639, no. 11 [42]
1707 3 May 6 Robert Baskett, citizen and apothecary of London v. Francis Hollis Newman, esq; Robert Allain, gent; and Henry Willis, yeoman C78/1563, no. 7 [43]
1707 7 May 6 Gilbert Vane, esq, son and heir apparent of Christopher, Lord Barnard v. Christopher, Lord Barnard, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; John White; William Vane, & Lucy his wife; and Christopher Vane, their son; and Grace vane C78/1654, no. 4 [44]
1707 8 May 6 John Pennyman, gentleman; John Smith, esq; James Green; Anne Jolliffe, widow; and Judith Gould, widow v. Dame Elizabeth Manwaring, widow; Sir Thomas Manwaring, baronet; Roger Whitley, esq the son; Sir Thomas Bellott, baronet; Sir Robert Cotton, baronet; Sir John Crew knight; Theophilus Biddolph, esdq; and Thomas Gibson, gentleman C78/2000, no. 3 [45]
1707 10 May 6 William Dunn; and Mabel Eaton, widow, which Mabel was only tenant at will to the said complainant Dunn and is since lately deceased v. John East; and Joseph Townsend, & Margaret his wife C78/1639, no. 6 [46]
1707 12 May 6 Bartholomew Burton esq v. John Knight esq C78/2059, no. 12 [47]
1707 13 May 6 Evan Seys; Edward Coleman; Henry Grayson; John Mason; William Jackson; Francis Jordan; Issrael Knowles; Anne Allaby, administratrix of Richard Allaby; Edward Jackson, & Ruth his wife, administratrix of George Thomas; Mary Selby, administratrix of Thomas Selby; Elizabeth Sherwood, administratrix of Thomas Sherwood; James Fifield, & Elizabeth his wife, executor of Enoch Checkerley; margaret Symson, executrix of John Sympson; and Nicholas Foster, administrator of James Hayman v. Mathew Kendrick; Stephen Alexander; Bigley Wilson; Thomas Lambert; William Ivat; Richard Cradock; Sir Thomas Grantham, knight; John Wright, & Elizabeth his wife, administrator of William Reeves; Richard Griffith; and Owen Wynne C78/1611, no. 2 [48]
1707 15 May 6 Lady Anastasia Holman and William Holman her son, an infant v. Bernard Howard and Dame Catherine his wife; Henry Charles Howard; and Edward Burdett Mortgage of tenement & farm in Chacombe, Northants by George Holman, complt Anastasia's late husband. C78/1413, no. 3 [49]
1707 16 May 6 Mary Woodford, widow and administratrix with the will annexed of John Woodford clerk and administratrix with his will nuncupative annexed v. Richard Woodford; Mary Woodford; Anne Woodford; and Elizabeth Woodford infants by Thomas Palmer clerk their guardian C78/2031, no. 1 [50]
1707 16 May 6 John Partridge, & Elizabeth his wife, executor of Sir Harry Coningsby, knight v. Thomas Aram, esq C78/1548, no. 4 [51]
1707 16 May 6 Thomas Whincall; and Joseph Wyatt, executors of Sarah Isaac, widow; George Fokard, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Boyden; Adam Boyden; Susanna Langston, widow, executrix of John Langston, gent, the legatees mentioned in the case for themselves and the rest of the persons to whom legacies are given by the will v. Anne Cole; Alice Cole; and Henry Cole C78/1529, no. 2 [52]
1707 17 May 6 George Trobridge of Trobridge, Devon, esq; and William Trobridge the eldest son and heir apparent of said George Trobridge v. John Northcote; and Arthur Ashford, esqs C78/1762, no. 15 [53]
1707 18 May 6 Richard Lee gentleman v. Richard Cater an infant C78/2045, no. 14 [54]
1707 19 May 6 Thomas, Lord Howard of Uffingham v. Hugh Shortridge, Doctor in Divinity Custom of payment of heriot on the manor of Great Bookham, Surrey. C78/1418, no. 10 [55]
1707 19 May 6 Sir Edward Northey, then Attorney General, at the relation of Colonel Hans Hamilton and all the Officers and Soldiers then under the Command of the said Colonel for the regiment of foot under the said Colonel's command v. Thomas Spackman; Robert Thornill; and John Walker C78/1654, no. 3 [56]
1707 19 May 6 Thomas Bludworth, an infant of about 5 years, eldest son and heir of Charles Bludworth, esq, his late father; and Charles Bludworth; and Elizabeth Bludworth, younger children of said Charles Bludworth, infants of about 4 years and 3 years, by Thomas Dares, esq, their uncle v. Margaret Bludworth, widow; Richard Cawthorne, clerk, & Mary his wife; William Yardley, esq; Richard Lynch, gent; Dame Margaret Bowels, widow; James Brace; Buxton Brace; Thomas Harris, gent; John Case; William Blackmore; and Mary Romney C78/1639, no. 8 [57]
1707 20 May 6 John Irons esq v. William Metcalfe and Mary Gregory C79/40, no. [58]
1707 20 May 6 The Royal African Company of England v. Jane Corker; Robert Corker; Alexander Cleeve; and others (sic) C78/1155, no. 1 [59]
1707 23 May 6 Mary Maynard, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Maynard v. The Mayor and Commonalty of the Borough of Colchester, Essex; and others C78/1639, no. 7 [60]
1707 6 June 6 Susan Ayloffe, administratrix of Susan Ayloffe; Sarah Richardson, administratrix of Robert Richardson v. John Harvey C78/1611, no. 11 [61]
1707 10 June 6 Sir John Collins, knight v. Walter Bogan, & Elizabeth his wife; Rose Mallack; William Hosegood; Gilbert Slee; John Blake, alias Blackford; John Weymouth; Margaret Lea; George Burton; and others (sic) C78/1611, no. 3 [62]
1707 10 June 6 Petre Kingsman of the Middle Temple, London, gent, only son and heir of Jasper Kingsman of Horndon on the Hill, Essex, esq v. Josiah Kingsman, sr; and Josiah Kingsman, jr; Benjamin Kingsman; Jasper Kingsman; and William Kingsman, children of said Josiah the elder AND ALSO v. Roger Woodcock; and Robert Bateman C78/1039, no. 1 [63]
1707 11 June 6 Isaac Heming; Christopher Dix; and George Butteries of London merchants v. Andrew Seile; Arthur Sedgewicke; and Isaac Dellillers C78/1998, no. 1 [64]
1707 13 June 6 Mary Lane of Bristol, widow, relict, and administrators of Robert Lane of Bristol merchant and Mary Lane an infant only child of said Robert Lane by said Mary Lane her mother; and William Swymmer; Anthony Swymmer; and Richard Lane merchant v. Susanna Lane C78/1917, no. 3 [65]
1707 16 June 6 Henry Sheppard v. Catharine Sheppard, widow; William Sheppard, an infant; Edward Crofts; and others C78/1774, no. 10 [66]
1707 17 June 6 John Orlebar, esq, late administrator with the will annexed of George Gooday, gent during the minority of George Gooday esq; and the said George Gooday, esq, eldest son and now administrator with the will annexed of George Gooday his late father v. Charles Atherton, esq; and John Jones, gent C78/1785, no. 6 [67]
1707 18 June 6 Richard Periam v. Thomas Eastlake C78/1245, no. 1 [68]
1707 20 June 6 Derby O'Brien, esq v. Michael Hickie, gent; William Atwell of London, goldsmith; and Lionel Wafer of London, surgeon C78/1607, no. 2 [69]
1707 25 June 6 Thomas Sanders v. James Wheeleer; John Wheeler & Margaret his wife C78/1932, no. 5 [70]
1707 26 June 6 John Wallis of Saundesse [Soundness in Nettlebed par.], Oxon, esq v. Susanna Bard, widow; Thomas Bard; George Bard; William Finemore; John Davis; and Henry Sanders C78/1996, no. [71]
1707 28 June 6 William Vane, esq, & Lucy his wife; and Christoher Vane their son and only child, an infant, by said William Vane his father v. Christopher, Lord Barnard, & Dame Elizabeth Barnard his wife said complainant; William Vane's father and mother; and William Jolliffe esq, father of complainant Lucy C78/1665, no. 4 [72]
1707 30 Jun 6 Isaac Terrett of the parish of St James Westminster, Middx, coachmaker, principal creditor and administrator of the late Charles, Earl of Westmorland decd unadministered by the late Vere, Earl of Westmorland then also decd; and Frances Izard widow the relict and executrix of William Izard late of the parish of St Mary le Savoy, Middx, salesman her late husband decd v Dorothy, Countess Dowager of Westmorland and Rachell, Countess of Westmorland Debts of the late Charles, Earl of Westmorland C78/1376, no. 4 [73]
1707 30 June 6 John Tindall, clerk; and George Grills, the only surviving executors of Richard Savery, gent v. Waltham Savery, esq; William Ilbert, esq; Katherine Hole, widow; Josiah Calmady, esq; John Sparke, esq; William Sparke, gent; and Walter Warren; and others (sic) C78/1155, no. 2 [74]
1707 30 June 6 William Bower; John Baker; William Coverdale, gent; and Anne Hobson, administratrix of Richard Hobson for themselves and all other creditors of Ralph Egerton, esq v. Humphry Lloyd, esq; and Robert Warburton, gent, executors of said Ralph Egerton; Cornelius Cayly, esq; John Hill, esq; and George Watson, gent, surviving trustees by the will of said Ralph Egerton for payment of his debts; Elizabeth St Quintin, widow and executrix of Sir William St Quintin her husband, who was a creditor by judgment to said Ralph Egerton, Elizabeth Egerton, widow of Thomas Egerton, esq; John Billing & Diana his wife, Thomas Beech & Barbara his wife, and Partenia Egerton, which said Diana, Barbara, and Parthenia were the daughters of said Thomas Egerton and legatees by the will of said Ralph Egerton; Sir George Warburton, baronet, heir at law also a creditor of said Ralph Egerton; William Osbaldeston, esq; Sir Richard Osbaldeston, knight; Thomas Farside, gent; and Edward Hutchinson, the son, mortgagees of the estate of said Ralph Egerton; John, earl of Bridgwater, son and heir of John, earl of Bridgwater his father, who was residuray legatee by the will of said Ralph Egerton; Sir William Husler; John Farside, gent, purchasers of the estate of said Ralph Egerton; Sir james Symeon; Humphry Perry; and Anthony Hunter, since deceased C78/1155, no. 4 [75]
1707 2 July 6 Harrington Good and Elizabeth his wife, James Good, Thomas Smyth and Sarah his wife, Thomas Weight and Mary his wife, John Farmer and Anne his wife, Jane Good, the sons & daughters of Elizabeth Good the wife of the said Harrington Good, Nathaniel Ball, Thomas Ball, James Ball and Nathaniel Stretton and Hugh Stretton the sons of Sarah late wife of John Stretton, which said Nathaniel, Thomas, James and Sarah were the children of Sarah Hall widow decd v Roger Almont, Thomas Hinton and Francis Heywood executors of Doctor Thomas Sykes decd Will of Doctor Thomas Sykes late of the University of Oxford. C78/1353, no. 6 [76]
1707 2 July 6 Joseph Puxty, & Anne his wife, eldest daughter of Nicholas Dyne of Lydd, Kent, grocer; and Mary Dyne, youngest daughter of said Nicholas Dyne, an infant, by said Joseph Puxty v. Elizabeth Dyne; and Thomas Dyne; and Nicholas Dyne, sons of said Nicholas dyne C78/1520, no. 1 [77]
1707 3 July 6 Henry Currer esq and his four daughters Anne, Dorothy, Margaret, and Henrietta Maria Currer infants being the only female issue living of the said Henry Currer and Margaret his late wife sister of William Fothergill gentleman deceased by the said Henry Currer their father; Anne Wilkinson wife of James Wilkinson gentleman another sister of the said William Fothergill by William Buffield; Thomas Fothergill an infant only child of Richard Fothergill gentleman deceased brother of said William Fothergill by Elizabeth Fothergill widow his mother; Mary Benwood an infant only daughter of Roger Benwood serjeant at law & Dorothy his wife both deceased another sister of the said William Fothergill by John Comins; the said William Benfield and his five children; William, Thomas, Anne, Mary, and Fothergill Buffield by Elizabeth his wife another sister of the said William Fothergill by the said William Buffield their father; Gideon Harvey doctor in physick & his two children Gideon and Anne Hardey infants by Mary his wife another sister of the said William Fothergill by the said Doctor Harvey their father; and Amy Day alias Fothergill; and Anthony Fothergill v. Thomas Langley esq surviving trustee and executor of William Fothergill C79/66, no. [78]
1707 4 July 6 Francis Tamblyn v. John Olliver, gent C78/1793, no. 2 [79]
1707 4 July 6 Charles Lanyon v. Jane Lanyon, widow; and John Ustick C78/1793, no. 1 [80]
1707 8 July 6 Sir Charles Orby, baronet; Thomas Orby, esq & the Lady Charlott, his wife; James, duke of Hamilton & Elizabeth, duchess of Hamilton, his wife; Elizabeth Orby, spinster, an infant, by said Thomas Orby, her father v. William Elrington, esq; John Elrington; Gerard Elrington; and Robert Elrington, infants by said William Elrington, their father; Elizabeth Ashton, spinster; and Henrietta Moyle alias Gerrard, an infant, by said Thomas Orby, esq v. Charles, lord Mohun; Sir John Hobart, baronet, son and heir of Sir Henry Hobart, knight and baronet; John Brent, gent, administrator of Francis Charlton, esq; C78/1093, no. 2 [81]
1707 10 July 6 Edmund Bowyer v Daniel Keefe and Constance Clotilda his wife, William Griffith and Sarah Spencer his wife, John Ellis, Sir James Smith, Lawrence Churchey, Thomas Gawdey, Nicholas Piggott, Rowland Crosse, James Selby, John Reynolds senr, John Reynolds junr, William Selby, Thomas Underhill, John Low and James Fairclough Debts and bonds of the complt. C78/1335, no. 1 [82]
1707 11 July 6 Robert Fullwood, esq v. Supie Hill, esq C78/1817, no. 4 [83]
1707 11 July 6 The Citizens of Carlisle alias The Mayor and Citizens of the City of Carlisle alias The Mayor, Aldermen, Bayliffes, and Citizens of The City of Carlisle; and Timothy Haydock; Josias Haydock; Nicholas Bell; George Hoare; and John Mason v. Thomas, bishop of Carlisle; Robert Tomlinson; Robert Nixon; George Love; Edward Love; Thomas Porter; Amy Peate; William Rowland; Thomas Cowen; Thomas Dalton; Rowland Bowstead; and William Blaylock C78/1774, no. 9 [84]
1707 12 July 6 John Beaver; Bartholomew Beaver; Herbert Beaver; Peter Beaver; Elianor Beaver; and Edward Beaver sons and daughter of Edward Beaver clerk all infants by John Baxter v. Elianor Beaver, widow, relict, and Executrix of said Edward Beaver; and Richard Kintchen C78/2000, no. 2 [85]
1707 15 July 6 John Pennyman, gentleman and John Smith, esq; James Green; Ann Jolliffe, widow; and Judith Gold, widow v. Dame Elizabeth Manwaring, widow; Sir Thomas Manwaring, baronet; Roger Whitley, esq the son; Sir Thomas Bellott baronet; Sir Robert Cotton baronet; Sir John Crew knight; Theophilus Biddolph, esq; Thomas Gibson, gentleman C78/2000, no. 4 [86]
1707 15 July 6 James Morgan; William Brewster; and Dorothy Betts widow v. Edmond Godwin esq and the lady Jane Fowls widow C78/1906, no. 15 [87]
1707 16 July 6 Jane Gilham, widow the relict of John Gaham, gentleman v. Katherine Naldrett, widow; Richard Gilham; and John Gilham sons of the said John Gilham; and Sir Polycarpus Wharton baronet C78/2000, no. 5 [88]
1707 17 July 6 Grey Neville esq v. Elizabeth Nevill his wife; John Drake; William Hardott; and Richard Salwey esq C78/2045, no. 26 [89]
1707 17 July 6 Mary Rich v. The Mayor and Burgesses of the City of Gloucester; and Anne Comelin C78/1611, no. 5 [90]
1707 18 July 6 Richard Shayler v Edward Bussey, Benjamin Bussey and Edward Gillingham Testamentary settlement of lands in Sawbridgworth, Herts, by will of Edward Bussey and interests in Foxalls Court, Cow Lane, London C78/1201, no. 6 [91]
1707 18 July 6 Elizabeth Chute, widow; Thomas Leonard Chute, esq, her eldest son, an infant, by said Elizabeth his mother; Edward Chute; and John Spencer, esqs; and John dade, doctor of phisick v. Sir Fulwar Skipwith, baronet C78/1252, no. 1 [92]
1707 22 July 6 James Bowyer & Elizabeth his wife; and Robert Talcott & Mary his wife, which said Elizabeth and Mary were sisters and coheiresses of Luke Talcott, their brother, who was cousin and heir of Thomas Talcott, and they the said Elizabeth and Mary were also administratrices of their said brother v. Robert Halls, gent C78/1193, no. 1 [93]
1707 28 July 6 Alexander Popham gentleman v. Mary Bullocke widow and Edmond Blake gentleman C79/186, no. [94]
1707 29 July 6 Sir John Leare baronet; John Lapthorne merchant & Elianor his wife; John Harlowin merchant; John Taylor gentleman lately deceased; Allan Penny churchwarden; and Richard Phillipps; and Richard Metherell overseers of the parish of Marledon, Devon; William Penney yeoman; James Row gentleman; Francis sheppard esqs; John Drew yeoman; Joyce Owens widow; and Abraham Peter gentleman creditors of William Bartlett late of Compton in Marldon, Devon yeoman deceased on behalf of themselves and other creditors of the said William Bartlett v. Edward Goodridge; James Peter; and Thomas Bartlett executors of said William Bartlett; and Susanna Bartlett; and Mary Bartlett infants children of the said William Bartlett C79/186, no. [95]
1707 29 July 6 Simon Burgis v. Martin Wilkin and Jane Dowman, widow C78/1817, no. 5 [96]
1707 29 July 6 John Orlebar, esq, late administrator with the will annexed of George Gooday during the minority of George Gooday his son; and the said George Gooday the son now administrator of said George Gooday his father v. John Jones, gent C78/1785, no. 7 [97]
1707 29 July 6 William Thorold, gent v. James Thwaites; William Simpson, esq; and John Arthur C78/1563, no. 5 [98]
1707 14 Aug 6 William King, eldest son and heir of Peregrine King, clerk, by Margaret King, his late wife, who was eldest daughter of Sir William Smith, baronet v. Humphrey Hall, clerk; Peregrine King, clerk; and Thomas King, gent AND v. John King; and Robert King, infants, by William Pope their guardian C78/1611, no. 10 [99]
1707 16 Oct 6 John Graygoose, & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Timothy Tyrrell, said Elizabeth's former husband, deceased; Dorothy Tyrrell; and Elizabeth Tyrrell, daughters and heiresses of said Timothy, infants by said John Graygoose v. Barnaby Gison; Mathew Manning C78/1611, no. 1 [100]
1707 16 Oct 6 Mary Thomas, widow, relict and executrix of Alexander Thomas, esq; and Alexander Thomas; William Thomas; George Thomas; and Mary Thomas the younger, sons and daughters of them the said Alexander the elder and Mary Thomas, infants, by said Mary Thomas their mother; and Eliza Thomas spinster eldest daughter of said Alexander Thomas and Mary Thomas v. Richard Thomas, eldest son and heir of said Alexander the father; Thomas Lake, esq; and Thomas Lake, esq; and Thomas Bathurst, gent C78/1520, no. 3 [101]
1707 20 Oct 6 John Lanze, esq, administrator of Christopher Wray of Ashby cum Fenby, Lincs, baronet unadministered by Dame Olimpia Wray, his late mother and also administrator with the will annexed of Sir William Wray baronet, late brother and heir of said Sir Christopher Wray together with severeal other persons therein named who were creditors of said Sir Christopher Wray; and Sir William Wray v. Charles, late duke of Bolton, then marquis of Winchester; John Mitford; Sir Francis Child, knight, then Francis Child; Christopher Cratford; Sir Robert Clayton; and others (sic) C78/1520, no. 2 [102]
1707 21 Oct 6 Elizabeth Savill, widow and relict of John Savill of Clapham, Surrey, clerk; Ann Savill; and Mary Savill, daughters of said John Savill; and John Pothin of Bendish Hall, Essex, gent, for themselves and divers other persons creditors and legatees of said John Savill v. Richard How; and John Thompson, trustees named in the will of said John Savill; and John Savill, an infant, son and heir of said John Savill testator C78/1092, no. 2 [103]
1707 25 Oct 6 Job King, & Mary his wife; and William White, & Elinor his wife, which Mary and Elinor were the only daughters of Thomas Atkinson, who was the son of Elianor Atkinson, the sister of William Crofts v. John Skey; and Christopher Atkinson C78/1510, no. 5 [104]
1707 28 Oct 6 Elizabeth Gwynn of Neath, Glamorgan, widow, eldest daughter of Godwin Lewis late of Neath decd v. Elizabeth Gwynn, spinster; Mary Williams; Edward Games; and Elizabeth Phillips Will of William Lewis the complts late uncle, eldest brother of the said Godwin Lewis. Estate in Cadoxton-juxta-Neath, and in the manor of Neath Ultra [Glam]. C78/1440, no. 12 [105]
1707 31 Oct 6 Anthony Penhay; and Nicholas Parnell v. Johan Parnell C78/1155, no. 3 [106]
1707 4 Nov 6 Dame Mary Cave, widow and relict of Sir Roger Cave of Stanford [Stanford Hall], Leics, baronet; Penelope Cave, daughter of said Sir Roger, by Dame Martha his first wife, then an infant, by said Dame Mary Cave; John Cheshire of the Inner Temple, London, esq and since Serjeant at Law & Elizabeth his then wife, eldest daughter of said Sir Roger Cave, by said Dame Martha his late wife; Roger Cave; Mary Cave; and Eleanor Cave, son and daughters of the said Sir Roger Cave, infants, by said Dame Mary Cave, their mother v. Sir Thomas Cave, baronet, son and heir of said Sir Roger Cave; John Smith, esq, BEx; William Bromley, esq; John Walker, esq; John Sandys, esq; and John Banks, gent, executors of Sir Roger Cave and trustees therein also nominate and appointed and which said John Banks is also administrator of Charles Cave, one other of the children of said Sir Roger Cave, by said Dame Martha his first wife; AND v. John Kelse, who together with the said John Walker trustees nominated and appointed in Mr Brown's will mentioned in the case C78/1186, no. 3 [107]
1707 6 Nov 6 Thomas Pemberton v. Francis Stanhope; John Chaworth & others (not named) Claim of fraud playing a game with dice called the 'Dutch Lottery' at the sign of the Cock, Covent Garden & the Three Tunn Tavern in Holborn. C78/1418, no. 16 [108]
1707 7 Nov 6 Edward Godman citizen and grocer of London son of Edward Godman gentleman v. John Smith the younger C79/26, no. [109]
1707 10 Nov 6 John Cossart v Abraham Cossart and Cornelius Noortwyke Debt. Complts payments to Isaac Cossart of Amsterdam on defts request. C78/1307, no. 10 [110]
1707 10 Nov 6 Richard Daston & Bridgett his wife v. Mary Howell the widow of William Howell and others (not named) Marriage settlement of Richard Daston & Bridgett the only daughter & heir of the deft C78/1444, no. 5 [111]
1707 11 Nov 6 Sarah Morgan of Tockington in the parish of Olveston, Gloucs, widow, late the wife of James Heane of Longney, Gloucs v. Ephraim Sansome; James Heane jun Complts jointure. Messuage mill and parcel of land at Blackinorshall in the parish of Newland, Gloucs C78/1452, no. 10 [112]
1707 14 Nov 6 George Watson, gent v. William Man; The Master and the Brethren and Sisters of Hunsworth Hospital, Yorks; and Henry Farrer, clerk C78/1763, no. 8 [113]
1707 15 Nov 6 Priscilla Baylie, widow v. William Ryder, esq C78/2031, no. 4 [114]
1707 15 Nov 6 Mary Page, the only child of Francis Page of Uxendon [in Wembley par.], Middx, by Mary his first wife; and Richard Page, the son and heir apparent of said Francis by Mary his second wife, both infants by Ricahrd Aston of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Richard Page, esq; Thomas Owen, clerk; Francis Page, & Mary his wife; and William Norcliffe, esq C78/1786, no. 6 [115]
1707 18 Nov 6 Thomas Stisted v. John Stebbing C78/1786, no. 7 [116]
1707 22 Nov 6 John Shepherd v Thomas Warren and others (not named) Debts of the complt of Whitehaven, Cumberland to the deft. C78/1390, no. 2 [117]
1707 22 Nov 6 Joane Smith, widow and administratrix of her son Barnard Smith and daughter and sole heir of Thomas Barnard of Petworth, Sussex, gent and also cousin and heir of Henry Barnard, brother of said Thomas Barnard, gent; and Frances Smith, spinster, daughter of said Joane, an infant, by said Joane her mother v. John Dee; Francis Mose; and Thomas Barnard C78/1092, no. 4 [118]
1707 24 Nov 6 Charles Ardesoife v. Edward Pauncefort; William Hamilton; Alexander Hamilton; John Delamenardeire; and Peter Ardesoife Partnership to utilise a patented invention to preserve ships at sea. C78/1420, no. 7 [119]
1707 26 Nov 6 Henry Denton v. Esther Wicks (afterwards the wife of John Gibson) and Mary Wicks coheirs of William Wicks and Marian his wife C78/1490, no. 4 [120]
1707 26 Nov 6 George, earl of Warrington & Mary, countess of Warrington, his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of John Oldbury of London, merchant v. Francis Herbert, esq & Dorothy his wife, the other daughter and coheir of said Mr Oldbury; Alexander Pitfield, esq & Dorothy his wife; John Castle; Sir George Newland, knight; Thomas Gibson; and John Jacob C78/1145, no. 1 [121]
1707 27 Nov 6 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General at the relation of Thomas Daniell; James Harris; Edward Teeton; John Price; and Samuel Cleevely, members of the Congregation of Protestant Dissenters, whereof Samuel Harris was pastor or teacher and also the said Thomas Daniel; James Harris; Edward Teeton; John Price; Samuel Cleevely for themselves and all other the members of the said congregation v. Benjamin Woolmer; Thomas Kent; John Ogle; Daniel Shanke; and William Bush C78/1721, no. 4 [122]
1707 1 Dec 6 Robert Hillard an infant by William Hillard sr his grandfather v. Susanna Hembury C78/2043, no. 12 [123]
1707 1 Dec 6 John Ingram and also Bernard Ledman; William Bond; Robert Rogers; Francis Barkwell; and Elizabeth Tax being five tenants and occupiers of the several messuages and tenements in the case v. William Kerteman; Daniel Smith; Stephen Egerton; and Anthony Bowyer, esq C78/1817, no. 6 [124]
1707 3 Dec 6 William Tucker gentleman v. John Collins; William Speke; John Goodwin; and William Drinkwater C78/2010, no. 4 [125]
1707 5 Dec 6 Edward Martin v. William Raymond and Henry Weare C78/199, no. [126]
1707 5 Dec 6 Thomas Markham the younger, son & heir apparent of Thomas Markham the elder, late of Claxby, Lincs decd v. Anne Markham, widow; and Peircy Markham Mortgage by Thomas Merkham the elder of estate in Hutton Superwick alias Hutton Bonville, Yorks. C78/1440, no. 9 [127]
1707 5 Dec 6 Sir Robert Kempe, baronet; and William Kempe, second son of said robert Kempe v. John Coleman, gent C78/1533, no. 4 [128]
1707 6 Dec. 6 William Coe v William Durdant and Robert Rhodes. Debts and bonds payable from sale of lands in Staines and Stanwell, Middx and Chobham, Surrey. C78/1201, no. 7 [129]
1707 6 Dec 6 Henry Barker an infant, son & heir apparent of Henry Barker of Monckwick, Essex, by Thomas Perry v. Francis Canning and Apellonia his wife; Bartholomew Cutley; Edward Holland; and Henry Barker and others (not named) Will of Katherine Barker the complts late grandmother, widow of Robert Barker and one of the two sisters and coheires of Thomas Audley decd. C78/1420, no. 8 [130]
1707 9 Dec 6 John, lord Ashburnham v. Sir John Briscoe, knight C78/1092, no. 3 [131]
1707 11 Dec 6 John Penfound, gent v. Mary Fountaine, widow; William Gilberd, & Sarah his wife; Honora Fountaine; Martha Fountaine; Henry Nelson; William Creed; and William Cholwick C78/1728, no. 1 [132]
1707 11 Dec 6 Richard Dunning; and William Legg the younger, yeoman; and William Ellis; and Simon Ellis, infants by said richard Dunning; and William Legg their next friend and trustees v. Elizabeth Ellis; and the Provost, Fellows, and Scholars of King's College, Cambridge C78/1721, no. 9 [133]
1707 11 Dec 6 Katherine Parker; and Mary Parker, infants by William Fortrey their guardian v. Dame Mary Parker; and Sir Phillipp Parker, baronet C78/1611, no. 4 [134]
1707 12 Dec 6 Robert Tetlowe, son and heir of Anne Tetlow by Thomas Tetlow his late father, which said Anne was one of the sisters and coheirs of William Wilkinson v. James Gifford; and others C78/1772, no. 13 [135]
1707 12 Dec 6 Henry Frith, & Mary his wife v. Richard Tull, & Edith his wife; Richard Brooker; and Adam Baines C78/1767, no. 17 [136]
1707 12 Dec 6 Henry Frith, & Mary his wife v. Richard Tyull,& Edith his wife; Richard Brooker; and Adam Baines C78/1767, no. 17 [137]
1707 15 Dec 6 Thomas Dyke esq v. John Carrock C79/132, no. [138]
1707 15 Dec 6 Sir Thomas Wroth of Petherton Park, Somerset v. Phillip Parker C78/1487, no. 8 [139]
1707 16 Dec 6 John Fiske, eldest son and heir of John Fishe, his late father, an infant, by Richard Osborne v. William Fiske; Elizabeth Fiske; and John Osborne C78/1611, no. 7 [140]
1707 16 Dec 6 John Hyett, esq, one of the aldermen of Gloucester City v. Robert Bromwich; Edmund Bromwich; Robert Coldwell & Anne his wife; Elizabeth Bromwich; and Susanna Bromwich C78/1094, no. 2 [141]
1707 18 Dec 6 Thomas Keighley v. John Walters and Anne Nelson Will of Lawrence Keighley. Property in Little Usburne and Ripon, Yorks. C78/1444, no. 14 [142]
1707 19 Dec 6 William Roberts, gent; Samuel Broad, clerk; Mary Baugh, widow and relict of John Baugh of Birlingham, Worcs, gent; Elizabeth Berrow, spinster; and Alexander Berrow and Mary Berrow, spinster, infants, by said Elizabeth Berrow their sister and guardian; Samuel Broad; and Elizabeth Broad, children of said Samuel Broad, clerk, and infants, by said Samuel Broad, clerk their guardian; Thomas Hale, gent; William Baugh; and Hester Luddington, spinster v. George Baugh; and John Amesworth, gent C78/1095, no. 3 [143]
1707 20 Dec. 6 Frances Burnham widow and administratrix of Gerard Burnham, Gerard Burnham and Frances Burnham infants v Thomas Medlycott, Ralph Hobson and George Mason Marriage settlement and trust of farm in Crendon and rent charges from lands in Long Crendon, Bucks. C78/1201, no. 4 [144]
1707 21 Dec 6 Francis Taylor, gent v. George Langston C78/1774, no. 8 [145]
1707 23 Dec 6 Dame Mary Colt, widow v. Sir George Rivers, baronet; Anne Zouch; George Whitehead; Thomas Rivers; John Deane; Edward Brooke; William Clarke, & Judith his wife; John Collins; Hannah Tayler; and Daughty Wormell C78/1642, no. 4 [146]