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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1705 C78/, no. []
1705 11 Jan 3 Richard Richardson of St Clement Danes, Middx, linen draper v. Sir Thomas Travell, knight C78/1501, no. 2 [2]
1705 11 Jan 3 John Ball v. John Warters & Elizabeth his wife C78/1027, no. 2,3 [3]
1705 15 Jan 3 John Smith; Stephen Smith; and Anne Smith infants v. William Sheppard and Thomas Stevens executors of John Newman C78/2045, no. 10 [4]
1705 18 Jan 3 (1) Christopher Pitt and others (sic), creditors of Charles, duke of Richmond and Lexon v. Dame Frances, duchess dowager of Richmond and Lenox, relict of said late duke; Henry, lord O'Bryan, & Lady Catherine O'Bryan his wife, sister and heir of said duke; and Donatus O'Bryan then an infant by said Henry, lord O'Bryan his father and guardian assigned him by an order of this court; Arthur, earl of Essex; Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, knight; and Martin Forster, esq, the executors of Duke John, earl of Bath; Henry, earl of Clarendon; Robert Spencer, esq; and John Wise; AND (2) the said lord and lady Katherine O'Bryan and said Donatus O'Bryan infant by his said father v. said Frances, duchess of Richmond and Lenox; John, earl of Bath; Henry, earl of Clarendon; Robert Spencer, esq; Arthur, earl of Essex; Sir Charles Bickerstaffe; and Martin Forster; AND (3) said duchess v. Arthur, earl of Essex; Sir Charles Bickerstaffe; Martin Forster; said lord and lady Catherine O'Bryan; and Donatus O'Bryan infant by his said guardian; and said John Wise C78/1550, no. 2 [5]
1705 20 Jan 3 Thomas Jeffery, esq v. Joseph Prust, clerk C78/1234, no. 3 [6]
1705 20 Jan 3 William Snelling of London, merchant v. Charles Armistead C78/1245, no. 4 [7]
1705 23 Jan 3 William Nanny, clerk v. Margaret Lloyd; Mary Lloyd; and Howell Vaughan, an infant C78/1151, no. 3 [8]
1705 24 Jan 3 Charlewood Lawton and Ralph Lawton sons & executors of Ralph Lawton decd; and Christopher Monntague v. Elizabeth Lister, widow; and Henry Gage Bond for £500, payable to the deft Lister, which had been left in the hands of Ralph Lawton decd by Dame Elizabeth Boterer also decd, but also claimed by the deft Gage her husband. C78/1418, no. 13 [9]
1705 25 Jan 3 James Duke of Ormond, Charles Earl of Arran, Lawrence Earl of Rochester, Sir Stephen Fox and Sir Robert Southwell v Henry Martin senr, Henry Martin jun, Honora Peirs executrix of Dame Martha Peirs, Paul Lombard, John Kent, Richard Crofts, William Oldis, Thomas Pollexfen, John Delann Doctor in Divinity and administrator with will annexed of Charles Coney, John Pollexfen, Sir John Edgeworth, Thomas Bramwith, Robert Abbott, John Tisser, Edward Rigby, Dame Hannah Knox, Christopher Lovett, John Lovett, Thomas Allen, John Lund, Elizabeth Leave, Jonathan Burgoyne, Samuel Hodges and Osborne Taylor James late Duke of Ormond grandfather to the complts Ormond & Arran. Mortgage of manor of Borishole Cledagah, Co. Mayo C78/1322, no. 7 [10]
1705 26 Jan 3 Thomas Browne; John Dixon; and Anne Robson v. John Emerson and John Maddison C78/1991, no. 1 [11]
1705 26 Jan 3 Henry Clavering, gent v. Sir James Clavering, baronet; James Clavering of Greencroft, esq; John Clavering of Axwells; Sir Robert Shaftoe, knight; and Mark Shafto, esq Trust settlement of the manor of Lemadon als Lematon[?Lemington], Northumberland, and all the coal mines there, by Sir James Clavering to provide for his sons, the complt & the defts James & John Clavering C78/1772, no. 10 [12]
1705 31 Jan 3 Francis Lawrence, esq, only son and heir of Samuel Lawrence, esq v. Protestant Hill, widow; Edmund Earle & Elizabeth his wife C78/1195, no. 1 [13]
1705 1 Feb. 3 Sir Edward Northey (Attorney General) at the relation of Samuel Pratt Minister of the Parish Church of Tottenham High Crosse, Middx, Hugh Smithson, Joshua Beale, Abraham Raynardson, Benjamin Beauchamb, Thomas Welsh, Thomas Morris, William Baxter, Henry Beale, John Whitehurst, Samuel Boon and William Evans inhabitants of Tottenham High Crosse and Daniel Ridley School Master of the School of Tottenham v William Staunton administrator of Sarah late Duchess of Somerset and others (not named) Legacy for maintenance of School in Tottenham, Middx C78/1140, no. 2 [14]
1705 1 Feb 3 Edward Henry, earl of Warwick and Holland, only son and heir of Edward late earl of Warwick and Holland, an infant by Charles Clayton v John Fuller; John Williams; John West; and Marmaduke Darrell C78/1784, no. 16 [15]
1705 7 Feb 3 Joseph Jorye, esq v. Gilbert Cocks; Robert King; James Groundman; Richard Savage; Thomas Lake; Thomas Gilbert; Thomas Swanman; and John Martin C78/1041, no. 1 [16]
1705 15 Feb 3 Sir John Wittewronge eldest son and heir of Sir John Wittewronge decd v Edward Earl of Orford, Dame Mary Ayscough, Thomas Hatcher, Phillip Doughty, Letitia Harbord (who afterwards married Sir Rowland Wynne) and Richard Meredith Delays in the redemption of the mortgage of the manor of Stanton, Bucks. C78/1322, no. 6 [17]
1705 20 Feb 3 Charles Phillipps v. John Grocer; Elizabeth Fielding; John Woodward; John Reeve; Thomas Avys; John Crofts; and Nathaniel Newson; John Womack; and Lawrence Womack C78/1773, no. 5 [18]
1705 22 Feb 3 Katharine the wife of Henry Bright, daughter and only surviving child of Thomas Harris, citizen and freeman of London, by John Underhill; and said John Underhill on her behalf v. Lawrence Smyth; and William Jemmett, executors of said Thomas Harris; Elizabeth the wife of said William Jemmett; Mary Harris; and Thomas Harris; Henry Bright, husband of the complainant Katharine; Thomas Pierce, gent; and Christopher Appleby, gent C78/1245, no. 3 [19]
1705 23 Feb 3 George Edward and Withers Edward infants by George Edward their father v Elizabeth Longe widow Rights of the complts to a share of the estates of their grandfather William Withers and his wife Sarah formerly Sarah Fellows widow. C78/1308, no. 3 [20]
1705 23 Feb 3 Daniel Price v Edward Williams; Daniel Williams; [?Wm?] Williams; and Samuel Owsley Mortgage by deft Edward Williams and his mother Elinor Williams widow, of certain lands in the County of Devon. C78/1373, no. 3 [21]
1705 23 Feb 3 John Addison, esq v. Thomas Errington; Ann Bates, widow; John Rogers; William Fletcher; William Marshall; and others Employment of deft Marshall by the complt and certain bonds etc made during the complts ill health. Actions at law & bill in exchequer, tithes of corn & hay in Rowchester[Rochester], Northumberland, and deed to convey the tithes made after the defts had made the complt intoxicated. C78/1773, no. 4 [22]
1705 23 Feb 3 Francis Farnaby, esq, since deceased; and Susanna Letten, widow v. Sir Thomas Colepepyr, baronet; William Stringer; and Thomas Stringer, esqs, trustees in the will of Sir Thomas Taylor, baronet, for sale of his estate and payment of his debts; and Dame Alicia Taylor, executrix and also trustee of said Sir Thomas Taylor for the purposes aforesaid; and Sir Thomas Taylor, baronet, son and heir of said Sir Thomas Taylor; and others (sic) C78/1247, no. 7 [23]
1705 23 Feb 8 The Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St John Baptist in the City of London v. Zouch Watson C78/1247, no. 8 [24]
1705 27 Feb 3 Thomas Paske v. John Bennett C78/1498, no. 8 [25]
1705 28 Feb 3 Prudence Poulson v. Robert Grout; Jacob Spooner; Anthony Dawson; Robert Dawson; Daniel Taylor, & Sarah his wife C78/1694, no. 1 [26]
1705 4 March 3 James Franck executor of Richard Allen junr and administrator of Frances Allen his wife, Richard Allen, James Allen and Frances Allen infants v Joseph Webb and Sarah his wife executrix of Richard Allen senr decd Legacies payable from personal estate of Richard Allen junior late of St Clement Danes, Middx, Woollen Draper. C78/1218, no. 1 [27]
1705 5 March 3 George Jackson of London executor of Roger Jackson late of London v Charles Peers and Edmund Tuke als Tooke Debts of Thomas Brailsford late of London to Roger Jackson. C78/1348, no. 6 [28]
1705 5 March 3 John Ward v. Nicolas Newcomen & Mary his wife; John dighton; and William Palmer C78/2030, no. 4 [29]
1705 7 March 3 William Godfrey v Anne Cole widow, Harry Cole and Thomas Rogers. Debts owed to estate of Henry Godfrey payable from lands in Oxon and Lincs. C78/1217, no. 3 [30]
1705 7 March 3 Edward Northey, Attorney General, at the relation of Sir John Parsons; Richard Key; Thomas Holder; James Lee; John Hanford; and Joseph Jackson, churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parish of Rigate [Reigate], Surrey, and the rest of the inhabitants of the said parish v. Benjamin Bonwick Land in the parishes of Rusper and Newdigate in Surrey, purchased for the benefit of the poor of Reigate by Henry Smith decd, about 60 years then since. C78/1421, no. 1 [31]
1705 9 March 4 Thomas Mason v Joseph Markes and others (not named) Dispute over the setting up of a distilling house at Lambeth, and a subsequent joint stock partnership. C78/835, no. 2 [32]
1705 9 March 4 Charles Hornby of Grays Inn, Middx, gentleman & Alice his wife and Anne Hatton spinster two of the daughters of Robert Hatton late of the parish of St Gregory, London, esq v. John Sands; Robert Tash; and Thomas Hatton son and heir of said Robert Hatton C78/1901, no. 4 [33]
1705 9 March 4 Sir Richard Hoare knight citizen and alderman of London v. John Chappell; Richard Atkins; and Richard Butler esqs C78/1897, no. 18 [34]
1705 9 March 4 Edward Westfield v. Mary Rabett the younger, Frances Rabett, Elizabeth Rabett, Prudence als Priscilla Rabett, Reginall Rabett and George Rabett (children of John Rabett decd, by Mary Rabett the elder, widow); the said Mary Rabett the elder; William Betts; Thomas Neale; and John Catchpole Sale of messuages and tenements in London. C78/1420, no. 2 [35]
1705 9 March 4 John Luffe v. John Forder, Richard Solme and Sarah his wife; Henry Penton; Charley Stanton and Elizabeth his wife; and Jane Leach Mortgage of a messuage in West Street, Farneham, Surrey. C78/1435, no. 5 [36]
1705 9 March 4 Elizabeth Gale, widow; Isaac Gale; Robert Loane & Mary his wife; Richard Loane & Elizabeth his wife; John Edwards & Margaret his wife; and Penelope Gale an infant v. George Flower; Theophilus Pomeroy; William Willcocks & Mary his wife Will of Thomas Gray decd, brother of the complt Elizabeth Gale, widow, and uncle to the other complts C78/1444, no. 9 [37]
1705 12 March 4 The Portreeve and Commonalty of the Burrough of Langport Eastover, Som v. John Hunt esq and others (sic) C79/40, no. [38]
1705 21 March 4 Thomas Stevenson, & Jane his wife, daughter of Champion Ashby and Elizabeth his wife, both deceased v. John Dey, gent C78/1635, no. 10 [39]
1705 17 April 4 William Froggatt, gent; Joseph Snoden, clerk (?), & Priscilla his wife, administrators of John Bullock, gent v. Thomas Bulkely, son and heir of John Bulkely, gent; and Arthur Bulkely; Henry Poynton; and Charles Blyth C78/1623, no. 6 [40]
1705 17 Apr 4 Mary Peters and Hamilton Peters, infants, children of John Peters decd by Charles Hamilton v. Mary Peters surviving executrix of the said John Peters decd; and Thomas Sandford executor of Anne Peters the other executor of the said John Peters C78/1487, no. 13 [41]
1705 20 April 4 John Smith; Stephen Smith; and Anne Smith infants v. William Sheppard and Thomas Stevens executors of John Newman C78/2044, no. 12 [42]
1705 21 April 4 George Gooday, esq, eldest son and heir of George Gooday, esq v. John Orelbar, esq; Edward Gooday; and Daniel Gooday, two other of the sons of the said George Gooday C78/1785, no. 1 [43]
1705 25 April 4 Charlotte Rouse, widow of Felix Rouse decd; Mary Anne Rouse, Charles Rouse and Frances Rouse daughters of the said Felix Rouse, infants v. Felix Rouse, son of the said Felix Rouse decd; Richard Pepper; and John Rouse Will of Felix Rouse decd, Chirurgeon of Epsom, Surrey. C78/1418, no. 14 [44]
1705 25 April 4 Nicholas Goray, administrator of Richard How v. Anne How, spinster, daughter of said Richard How C78/1151, no. 1 [45]
1705 27 April 1 March John Holland v. Sir Humphry Edwyn, knight; and Nicholas Pitt, esq, executor of John Hall, esq C78/1247, no. 6 [46]
1705 2 May 4 Joseph Davis v John Pawling, Benjamin Mosse since decd, John Sharpe, Jeffrey Jeffreys and John Jeffreys Title to messuage on Little Tower Hill, Middx. C78/1218, no. 2 [47]
1705 3 May 4 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Samuel Pratt, doctor of divinity, minister of the parish church of Tottenham High Cross; and Robert Green; and Thomas Adleston, church wardens of said parish of Tottenham High Cross, Middx; Hugh Smithson, esq; Joshua Beale, esq; Abraham Raynardson, esq; Benjamin Beauchamb; Thomas Welsh; Thomas Morris; William Baxter; Henry Beale; John Whitehurst; Samuel Boon; and William Evans, inhabitants of the said parish of Tottenham High Cross and Daniel Kidley, clerk, school master of the said school of Tottenham v. William Staunton, gent, administrator of Sarah, late duchess dowager of Somerset with the will annexed; and others (sic) C78/1195, no. 3 [48]
1705 7 May 4 Samuel Shelverton; Robert Bratfield; and Nicholas Nash v. The Honorable George Cholmondley, esq; and others (sic) C78/1195, no. 2 [49]
1705 9 May 4 Nathaniel Kitching ironmonger and Elizabeth his wife administrarix of John Marsh decd v William Nash; William Fisher; William Cooper; Theophilus Fisher; Thomas Sherbrooke; and John Brightland Estate of John Marsh, ironmonger decd, uncle of the complt Elizabeth C78/1373, no. 2 [50]
1705 18 May 4 Sir Edward Northy, Attorney General, at the relation of John Cock, Gerrard Van Keythuyson, William Kersteman, Cornelius Noortwick, Thomas Orsry, Reymonds de Smith, Denis Dutry, Isaiah de Walpergen, William Standert, Henry Van Berchem, Charles Lodowick and Abraham Henckell of London, merchants, the Deacons or Overseers of the poor belonging to the Congregation of the Dutch Church in Austin Fryars, London as by the relation of Paul Du Four, Jacques Lewis Bercherd, John Lewis Lonbeir, Francis Vanregard, Jacques Gaultier, Abraham Young, Peter Favrot, Peter Renew, John Arnand, Peter Cassolette, Claude Jamniean and John Jacquin, merchants and Paul Faniour of London apothecary and Germain Porterett, Andrew Pallardy, Hubert Dumont, Isaac Butteny and Daniel Alavoine of London weavers, the Deacons or Overseers of the poor belonging to the Congregation of the French Church in Threadneedle Street, London v Daniel Sochon and Sir Richard Raines Administration of the estate of Michael Castell late of London merchant decd, and legacies believed to have been promised in a number of wills which could not be found. C78/1348, no. 4 [51]
1705 18 May 4 Phillipp Trahearne the elder; and Phillipp Trahearne the younger v. Richard Sadleir; John Sadleir; Simon Beckley; George Banson; and The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of Christ's Hospital within the said City C78/1247, no. 5 [52]
1705 19 May 4 Sir Humphry Edwyn of London, knight; and William Cony of London, merchant v. John Blurton, & Jane his wife; William Rudeing; John Hughes, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Palmer; and Sir Bartholomew Gracedeiu, knight C78/1719, no. 8 [53]
1705 23 May Jane Elerker of London, spinster v. John Davies, gent; Susanna Letten, widow; John Rudge & Susanna his wife C78/1244, no. 2 [54]
1705 24 May 4 Mary Burkett, widow and late wife of William Burkett, clerk v. Miles Burkitt; Thomas Burkitt; Samuel Cox, & Grace his wife; William Mosse; and John Barnard C78/1565, no. 1 [55]
1705 25 May 4 John Vannam doctor in divinity only surviving son and heir and only surviving executor of William Vannam sr esq v. Elizabeth Vannam widow; Robert Clayton & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Hicks; Jeremy Bennett and James Pitts C78/1904, no. 6 [56]
1705 25 May 4 John de Berdt of London, merchant, executor of his late father John de Berdt of London, merchant v. Sir James Chapman, fuller, of Battersea, Surrey, baronet C78/1580, no. 4 [57]
1705 5 June 4 Henry Hall & Elizabeth his wife and Joseph Hall v. John Atkinson; Edward Daniel & his wife; and Henry Hene C78/2007, no. 6 [58]
1705 5 June 4 Thomas Barlow, gent v. John Shepheard; Jacob Ousterland; and John Keyser, merchants C78/1563, no. 3 [59]
1705 8 June 4 George Torbocke; John Morrack; John Minshall; John Birkenhead; William Starkey; Peter Cooke; Thomas Frith; George Webster; John Amery; Richard Strelth; William Eaton; Margaret Beste, executor or administrator of Thomas Bate; John Basnett; and William Sudlow, creditors of William Marbury, esq v. Katharine Marbury, the widow and relict and executrix of said William Marbury; and Katharine Marbury; and Mary Marbury, spinsters, and which said Mary is since intermarried with Benjamin Woodroffe, doctor in divinity; Gilbert Thacker, esq & Elizabeth his wife, which said Katharine, Mary, and Elizabeth were sisters and coheirs of Richard Marbury, who was younger brother and heir of said William Marbury; Sir Roger Hill; Streynsham Master, esq, since Sir Streynsham Master, knight; Cecilia Fiennes; Hercules Horsey; Edmond Harrison, since Sir Edmond Harrison, knight; John Lockey; Edmond Masters; Sir Nathaniel Curzon; the Lady Katharine Brabason since intermarried to Aonso Vere; Sir Robert Marsham; and Shem Bridges, esq, two of the Six Clerks of Chancery C78/1188, no. 1 [60]
1705 13 June 4 Edward Hawkins v. Mathew Gaine; Leonard Battle; Daniel Bincks; William Plomer; and Edward Spranger C78/1632, no. 9 [61]
1705 14 June 4 Arthur Chichester, esq; and Edward Dodderidge, gent v. John French & Anne his wife C78/1247, no. 4 [62]
1705 16 June 4 Elizabeth Wallbanke widow of William Wallbanke decd and William Wallbanke eldest son and heir of the said William an infant, James Wallbanke, Thomas Wallbanke, Elizabeth Wallbanke younger children of the said William decd v Thomas Wallbanke, Robert Wallbanke, Robert Cust, William Warrick and Mathew Smales Will of William Wallbanke decd, husband of the complt Elizabeth, and of his father, also William Wallbanke. Estate in Eppleby White House and New House, in Yorks and Carlebury in Durh. C78/1348, no. 3 [63],
1705 20 June 4 Hannah Perry widow of Edward Perry decd v William Perry and Thomas Perry executors of the said Edward Perry decd, and also Samuel Bradney, William Risdon and Sarah his wife one of the daughters of the said Samuel Bradney, Margaret Bradney spinster another daughter of Samuel Bradney, William Billingsly and Mary his wife another daughter of Samuel Bradney, Richard Stubbs and Margery his wife, Edward Perry, John Perry, Richard Perry, John Rhodes and Anne his wife, John Sheldon, William Sheldon, Robert Seamy and Anne his wife, Thomas Allen and Mary his wife, Elizabeth Sheldon spinster, John Greene and Mary his wife late called Mary Perry, legatees of the said Edward Perry decd Portion payable from personal estate of Edward Perry. C78/1226, no. 4 [64]
1705 20 June 4 Jonathan Taylor and George Barton & Esther his wife and which said Jonathan and Esther were son and daughter of John Taylor v. John Scoales; and Adam Scoales C78/1189, no. 1 [65]
1705 23 June 4 Thomas Luke, gent v. John White; Thomas Alderne, & Hester his wife C78/1623, no. 4 [66]
1705 27 June 4 John Doble v Hatton Berners and Bridgett his wife, Sir Simon Leach and Dame Mary Teresa his wife. Dower rights and title to manors of Cadeleigh and Chindersleigh, Devon C78/1100, no. 2 [67]
1705 27 June 4 Masters Fellows and Scholars of the College of Emmanuel, Cambridge v Sir Simon De Ewes, Thomas Bire, Thomas Browne and William Browne Annuity due from the manor of Laynam als Lavenham, Suffolk, granted by Thomas Skinner in 1587 C78/1308, no. 2 [68]
1705 29 June 4 Thomas Margetts v. William Margetts C78/1774, no. 16 [69]
1705 3 July 4 Sir John Percivale baronet eldest son and heir then and now living of Sir John Percivale only brother of said Sir John the son an infant by the said Sir John his brother v. Edward Southwell esq C78/1907, no. 9 [70]
1705 4 July 4 Sir Francis Wyndham and Hester his wife v Amy Taylder widow and Maurice Hunt Debts of John Taylder, the deft Amy's late husband, a trader in coal and wood, due to Mathew Ingram the complt Hester's late husband. C78/1333, no. 3 [71]
1705 5 July 4 Joseph Ferrers and Philadelphia his wife late the widow and administratrix of John Nutt late of Maresfield Gent decd v Thomas Jenkins, Stephen Fuller, John Fuller, William Wilson, William Nutt, Philadelphia Nutt and Katherine Nutt Complt Philadelphia's portion of her late husband John Nutt's estate C78/1348, no. 2 [72]
1705 5 July 4 Christopher Sparke, gentleman; Katherine Stokes, widow; and Thomas Day v. William Basset, gentleman C78/2008, no. 6 [73]
1705 5 July 4 The Mayor, Aldermen, Commonalty and Citizens of London, Governors of St Bartholomews Hospital in West Smithfield, London v. Daniel Bedingfield, esq; Daniel Allen; George Newland; Symon Beckley; Francis Camfield, & Elizabeth his wife; and James Airey C78/1562, no. 5 [74]
1705 6 July 4 Michael Richards v Sir Rowland Gwynn and Dame Mary his wife, William Bassett, Christopher Bassett, George Howell, William Richards and Thomas Edwards Trust and mortgage of lands in Pendelon [Pendleton], Glamorgan C78/1201, no. 5 [75]
1705 10 July 4 John Hall of Almery, Heref, weaver v. John Shuter the elder & Theodosia his wife; and John Shuter the younger C78/1994, no. 2 [76]
1705 10 July 4 John Fox v. Charles Loder; Joseph Cox; Edward Coles; Francis Loder; Mary Loder; Jane Loder; Anne Loder; and Elizabeth Loder C78/1510, no. 1 [77]
1705 13 July 4 Thomas Dowrich v Joane and John Jennings Possession of messuage called Exton in Woodbury, Devon C78/1217, no. 6 [78]
1705 14 July 4 Dame Mary Cave, widow and relict of Sir Roger Cave of Stanford [Stanford Hall,], Leics, baronet; Penelope Cave, daughter of said sir Roger, by Dame Martha his first wife, then an infant, by said Dame Mary Cave, her next friend; John Cheshire of the Inner Temple, London, esq and since Serjeant at Law and Elizabeth his wife, eldest daughter of said Sir Roger Cave, by said Dame Martha his late wife; Roger Cave; Mary Cave; and Eleanor Cave, son and daughters of said Sir Roger Cave, infants, by said Dame Mary Cave their mother v. Sir Thomas Cave, baronet, son and heir of said Sir Roger Cave; John Smith, esq, BEx; William Bromley, esq; John Walker, esq; John Sandys, esq; and John Banks, gent, executors of Sir Roger Cave and trustees therein also nominated and appointed and which said John Banks is also administrator of Charles Cave, one other of the children of said Sir Roger Cave, by said Dame Martha his first wife AND v. John Relfe, who together with said John Walker were trustees nominated and appointed in Mr Brown's will mentioned in the case. C78/1189, no. 2 [79]
1705 17 July 4 John Savile, esq v. Sir William Reresby, baronet; John Tilly,esq & Margaret his wife, one of the daughters of Sir John Reresby and sister of said Sir William Reresby C78/1253, no. 1 [80]
1705 18 July 4 Richard Lister, esq; Frances Pate Lister his wife; John, Abigail, Elianor, William, Thomas, Frances, and Penelope Lister younger children of said Richard Lister and Penelope his wife, infants, by said Richard their guardian v. St John Bennett; and Rowland Browne C78/1621, no. 7 [81]
1705 7 Aug 4 George Meggott of Southwark, Surrey, esq; and Richard Meggott, gent, executors of Sir George Meggott, knight, their late father; George Meggott of Aldershot, Hants, esq & Mary his wife; and also Mary Meggott; and Ann Meggott, infant children of said George Meggot of Aldershot & Mary his wife, by their father v. George Wright, esq C78/1194, no. 2 [82]
1705 9 Aug 4 Mary Tyler an infant, daughteer and heir of Isaac Tyler by John Whittington v. John Tyler administrator with the will annexed of said Isaac Tyler during the minority of the complainant; James Croome; Samuel Loxton; and ____ Ward C78/2007, no. 3 [83]
1705 9 Aug 4 Judith Webster an infant by John Haslewood v. William Woodhouse & Jane his wife Estate of John Webster decd, the complts father, and late husband of the deft Jane. Property in St Leonards Shoreditch, Middx. C78/1444, no. 1 [84]
1705 9 Aug 4 Thomas Wright, clerk, since deceased, & Anne his wife v. John Mate (since deceased) C78/1719, no. 5 [85]
1705 10 Aug 4 Samuel Adams, mercer, & Anne his wife; and Edward Jennings, an infant by said Samuel Adams v. Thomas Francklyn, baronet; Edward Thedham; Charles Hannah, & Anne his wife C78/1789, no. 6 [86]
1705 18 Oct 4 Thomas Clotterbook; Jasper Clotterbook; William Clotterbook; and Giles Clotterbook infants by Katherine Clotterbook their mother and guardian v. Isaac Smith & Abigail his wife; Henry Smith & Sarah his wife; and Silvanus Lysons & Mary his wife C78/2007, no. 4 [87]
1705 18 Oct 4 Robert White; William Johnson; John Miles; Christopher Todd; Mathew Shore; and Thomas Saywell for themselves and for all creditors of John Loane esq v. Daniel Thomas; Joshua Draper; Mary Loane widow; Arthur Loane esq; and v. Meliora Loane and Margaret Loane infants by said Mary Loane widow their guardian C78/1907, no. 10 [88]
1705 18 Oct 4 Charles Tucker & Hester his wife, relict and administratrix of James Clarke v. Richard Clarke; and James Turner C78/1246, no. 12 [89]
1705 23 Oct 4 Anne Edon widow v. John Renney gentleman & Mary his wife; Sir Thomas Powis knight and serjeant at law; Francis Gwyn; and William Baber esq; and Benjamin Renney; and Jane Renney infants by said John Renney their father and guardian C79/40, no. [90]
1705 31 Oct 4 Richard Garth als Bovey by Adlard Cage v. Katherine Garth, widow and executrix of Richard Garth decd; Sarah and Mary Bannister; and Richard Phillips Will of Richard Garth late of Moredon, Surrey, the complts adoptive father. C78/1444, no. 20 [91]
1705 31 Oct 4 Mary Izard, widow, since deceased; and Elizabeth Izard, widow, daughters of George Pryor, esq, deceased, and only surviving sisters and heirs at law of Charles Pryor, esq, who was only son of said George Pryor and also administratrices of Charles Pryor v. William Betteresse the younger, son and heir of Lucy Betteresse, late wife of William Betteresse the elder AND also v. said William Betteresse the elder C78/1194, no. 3 [92]
1705 7 Nov 4 Rachell Smith, widow; and William Smith, her son v. Elizabeth Smith, widow; Richard Smith, her son; George Davies; and William Dansey C78/1246, no. 11 [93]
1705 8 Nov 4 John Arundell junr v Thomas Drew, John Fownes, George Yard, Robert Simons and John Kelland an infant by the said Thomas Drew his grandfather Portion payable from trust of the manors of Paington, Goodrington, Ingleburne Pryor, and Hernford, and lands in Westerland, Loventon, Marldon and Broadhempston and the advowsons of Paington and Stoke Gabriell, Devon C78/1217, no. 5 [94]
1705 8 Nov 4 Charles Luxford v. William Luxford C78/2007, no. 2 [95]
1705 10 Nov 4 John Porter v. John Godfrey & Deborah his wife Purchase by the complt of close and 2 oxgangs in Normanton, Lincs. C78/1440, no. 4 [96]
1705 13 Nov 4 Thomas Fellow v. Charles Mitchell & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Owen, esq; Charles Mitchell, jr; Robert Mitchell; and Dorothy Mitchell, infants C78/1246, no. 13 [97]
1705 16 Nov 4 Bathshua Fisher widow v Gustavus Horne son and administrator of Gustavus Horne decd and others (not named), and also Gustavus Horne v Bathshua Fisher and others (not named), and also Gustavus Horne v Henry Brown administrator of Onesiphorus Albyn, Elizabeth Albyn widow and Bathshua Fisher Further to decree of 12 December 1704. C78/1367, no. 2 [98]
1705 17 Nov 4 James Aylward, & Margaret his wife v. Charles Howard, earl of Carlisle; Francis Negus, esq; and Mathew Scott C78/1551, no. 4 [99]
1705 19 Nov 4 Isaac Brand, lord of the manor of Brightlingsey [Brightlingsea], Essex; William Wyaman; ___ Pierson, widow; Robert Chandler; John Baily; Thomas Bayly; John Street; William Simonds; John Rayner; William Bloys; and James Nicholson v. WilliamLeaper, sr; William Leaper, jr; Robert Knapp; William Sach; William Dreamer; Thomas Spurnett; Abraham Hawes; Thomas Hawes; John Hawes; Robert Hawes; John Clarke; John Armiger; and Charles Webb C78/1644, no. 2 [100]
1705 19 Nov 4 Stephen Bax; Mary Bax; and Anne Bax, children of Alexander Bax of Faversham, Kent, gent, infants, by George Poole, gent v. William Henman, gent; John Smith; and Isaac Terry C78/1515, no.1 [101]
1705 20 Nov 4 Alice Horne, widow and sole executrix of John Horne, clerk v. Ambrose Horne; John Nicholas, doctor in divinity; William Coker; Pharamus Fiennes; George Selby; Benjamin Derby; and Sir Edward Northy, Attorney General C78/1623, no. 11 [102]
1705 23 Nov 4 Edward Bell and Jane his wife v. Stephen Forster an infant C78/1493, no. 4 [103]
1705 24 Nov 4 John Paine administrator of Edward Paine decd v Walter Heady, John Gidding, Williams Manning surviving executors of Richard Bonham decd, William Stvenson and John Robinson Revivor of bill originally exhibited by Edward Paine decd. Estate of Richard Bonham decd. Lease of messuage lands and tenements from Thomas Browne to Richard Bonham. C78/1366, no. 5 [104]
1705 24 Nov 4 Martha Baines, widow & relict of Adam Baines decd v. Dorothy Baines, widow & relict of Robert Baines decd C78/1493, no. 5 [105]
1705 27 Nov 4 William Pannell of Emsworth, Hants, yeoman v. James Vavasor C78/1789, no. 7 [106]
1705 28 Nov 4 Stephen Hobday of Sandwich, Kent malster administrator of Richard Hobday late of Barham, Kent decd v Sir John Williams of Fulham, Middx and Dame Mary his wife, William Powell als Williams their son and Mary Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Ann Williams and Dorothy Williams their other children, and Richard Powell of the Inner Temple, London Mortgage of lands in Barham, Kent by Sir Basil Dixwell C78/1060, no. 4 [107]
1705 28 Nov 4 Samuel Bland v. Jonathan Bland; John Bull; John Northland; John Bland C78/1785, no. 2 [108]
1705 29 Nov 4 John Whitby gentleman & Jane his wife only daughter of John Petchey gentleman v. Samuel Petchey an infant by Henry Owen gentleman his grandfather and guardian; and John Petchey; and John Kempton C78/1909, no. 9 [109]
1705 30 Nov. 4 Gilbert Yard v John Eastchurch. Fishing rights in the River Teing [Teign] in manor of Teingweeke, Devon. C78/1217, no. 4 [110]
1705 30 Nov 4 Charles Bagg, gent v. Francis Case; John Bagg; and John Slapp (since deceased) C78/1718, no. 2 [111]
1705 7 Dec 4 Robert Buck of London, mariner v. The Governor & Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies; Sir Thomas Rawlinson; Sir Henry Johnson; Sir Benjamin Bathurst; Sir Thomas Davall; Sir John Lethelleer; Sir Samuel Dashwood; Sir Owen Buckingham; Richard Child executor of Sir Joseph Child decd; William Sedgewick executor of William Sedgewicke his late father decd; William Desboverie & Isaac Desboverie executors of Sir Edward Desboverie decd; James Ward executor of Sir James Ward & also executor of Mr Samuel Biscop decd; Frederick Herne executor of Sir Joseph Herne decd; Sarah Boon, widow, executrix of Mr Thomas Boon decd; Thomas Sheppard & Elizabeth his wife which said Elizabeth is administratrix of Mr John Cooke decd; William Ashby; Justice Otgch; Thomas Coulson; John Nicholson; John Farrington; William Hewer executor of Robert Blackburne; William Johnson; Isaac Hawkins; and William Carent executor of Dame Alice Row his late wife decd who was executrix of Captain James Cooke decd; part owners of the ship Royal James & Mary and others (not named) Charter of the ship Royal James & Mary to the East India Company for a voyage to India and the Indies, during which the ship was wrecked in a river off the Bay of Bengal while attempting to avoid French men of war. Complts payments to seamen and officers for the voyage. C78/1440, no. 6 [112]
1705 13 Dec 4 John Rawson & Joane his wife late called Joan Taylor who was relict & administratrix of John Taylor late citizen and salter of London decd her former husband v. Joseph Suckling; Sir Thomas Cudden; Giles Dobbins [and] Elizabeth his wife; and Nicholas Canning & Anne his wife Estate of Joseph Suckling late citizen & tallow chandler of London, who died intestate c. 1677 C78/1440, no. 5 [113]
1705 14 Dec 5 James Nevill v. Thomas Stokes; and William Newnham C78/1533, no. 3 [114]
1705 15 Dec 4 John Key v. John Kilvington; and Ebenezer Gledhill C78/1773, no. 10 [115]
1705 18 Dec 4 Robert Love of Sheate [Sheet], Hants, esq; and Nicholas Cloudesly of Chichester, Sussex, surgeon, creditors of Oliver Whitby late of Chichester, Sussex, gentleman, for themselves and on behalf of other creditors of said Oliver Whitby; and George Gounter of Racton, Sussex, esq; and John Wakeford of Chichester, gentleman, two of the trustees apointed by said Oliver Whitby for the charity named below v. Thomas Holt, clerk & Anne his wife; Anne Holt an infant; Francis Gounter, gentleman; Thomas Carr esq; and Daniel Whitby doctor in divinity; and the Governors of the Charity for Relief of The Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen C78/1997, no. 3 [116]
1705 19 Dec 4 Sir Edward Northey knight Attorney General at the relation of Edward Glass and Thomas Lawrence v. Thomas Ryves esq; Thomas Erle esq; Nicholas Ingram; Thomas Chafin esq; Henry Portman esq; Thomas Pyle esq; Thomas Freke esq & Eliza his wife; Robert Palmer; Walter Ridout; and Edmund White C78/2044, no. 8 [117]
1705 20 Dec 4 Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys knight v. lord viscount Windsor; the lady Charlotte his wife late wife of John lord Jeffreys deceased; Henrietta Lovisa Jeffreys sole daughter and heir of the said John lord Jeffreys; Sir Robert Clayton knight; Edward Jenninges esq; Thomas Colston; William Stringer esq & Margaret his wife; Charles Dive esq & Mary his wife; and Sarah Jeffreys C78/2007, no. 5 [118]
1705 22 Dec 4 Edward Carter esq v. Ralph Butler & Ester his wife; and Robert Booth C79/50, no. [119]
1705 22 Dec 4 Edmund Clarke; Thomas Clarke the younger; and Thomas Clarke the elder v. Samuel Cudworth C78/2016, no. 3 [120]
1705 22 Dec 4 Samuel Lupton an infant by Christian Lupton his moth v. William Hambly C78/1933, no. 3 [121]