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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1703 C78/, no. []
1703 23 Jan 1 Alice Clayton widow v Richard Ingham the grandfather, John Ingham the father, John Ingham the son, James Dearden, Henry Wrigley and Charles Scholfield. Mortgage of lands in Butterworth and Hundersfield, Lancs. C78/830, no. 4 [2]
1703 23 Jan 1 Elizabeth Hutchinson of Westminster, Middx, widow, relict, and executrix of Ralph Hutchinson of St James, Westminster, gent, her late husband v. Peter Wallis C78/1599, no. 7 [3]
1703 25 Jan 1 William Sheppard, jr; and Thomas Stevens v. John Smith; Steven Smith; Anna Smith; and Thomas King; John King; Mary King; Elizabeth King; Anna King; George Clarke; Mathew Clarke; John Clarke; Anne Clarke; Elizabeth Clarke; Mary Clarke; Sarah Clarke; Anne Clarke; and Katherine Clarke C78/1006, no. 2 [4]
1703 28 Jan 1 Thomas French since decd and Joseph Thompson the assignees of the Commissioners in a Comission of bankrupt against Thomas Glover of London v. Anthony Ashfeild and Martha his wife late wife of William Eyton; kendrick Eyton; and Thomas Eyton C78/1485, no. 8 [5]
1703 29 Jan 1 Harney Burwell v Edward Searle and Elizabeth his wife Legacies from the will of Francis Riggs of Twickenham, Middx decd to Elizabeth Gallettly als Riggs (the deft) and Mary Gallettly als Riggs then the wife of John Betts. Debts for maintenance C78/1160, no. 1 [6]
1703 5 Feb 1 Dorothy Pickering v Gilbert Pickering Trust settlement of lands in Swacey [?Swavesey], Cambs, and Molesworth, Brinton [Brington], Old Weston, Newtowne [Water Newton], Kimbolton, Hunts C78/830, no. 3 [7]
1703 10 Feb 1 William Weston, John Weston, Edward Baron and Marian his wife, Thomas Hill and Jane his wife, and Elizabeth Weston v Richard Weston, William Weston senr and Edward Read. Legacies and portions due from will of William Weston decd, the complts late father, from lands at Radburne, Haydon and Spratts [Spratt's Barn in Wootton Bassett], Wilts and Sandford [Sandford-on-Thames], Oxon and tithes of Haydon, Wilts C78/1250, no. 3 [8]
1703 18 Feb Godfrey Meynell, gent v. Nicholas Bradshaw; Thomas Bagshaw; and John Thompson C78/1575, no. 5 [9]
1703 18 Feb 1 Andrew Francklyn v. Thomas Howlett, & Dorothy his wife C78/1563, no. 9 [10]
1703 18 Feb 1 William Heaton, son and heir of William Heaton of Sudbury Wood, Derbs, gent v. William Lathbourough; and John Marriott C78/1251, no. 3 [11]
1703 19 Feb 1 John Kelland an infant, son and heir of Charles Kelland, by Edward Drew Archdeacon of Cornwall v Thomas Drew, John Fownes, George Yard and Robert Symons. Trust settlement of real (unspecified) and personal estate of Charles Kelland C78/1160, no. 2 [12]
1703 19 Feb 1 Sir Edward Northey, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of the President and Masters of College of William and Mary in Virginia and The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of London v. Laten Frewen, gent C78/1037, no. 7 [13]
1703 22 Feb 1 Jaques Gonsales v. Peter Lepipre; John Rudgee; Barrington Eaton; Nicholas Skinner; Disney Stamford; Samuel Rawston; and Gerrard Conyers C78/2009, no. 4 [14]
1703 23 Feb 1 Mary Powell; and Elizabeth Powell, administrators of Roger Powell, their brother, who was the son and heir of John Powell, their brother, who was the son and heir of John Powell, their father v. Leonard Jones C78/1151, no. 5 [15]
1703 25 Feb 1 Reginald Bretland, serjeant at law and Robert Fowle executors of Sir Thomas Fowle decd v. John Bridgeman and others (not named) Mortgage by deft of messuage and lands called Pullin in Maston [Matson in Gloucester], Upton St Leonards, Painswick and Cranham in Gloucs. C78/1451, no. 2 [16]
1703 25 Feb 1 John Thompson v. Abigall Harrison; and Mary Scarbrough C78/1107, no. 1 [17]
1703 26 Feb 1 Mary, Joseph and Elizabeth Osman infants, 3 of the children of John Osman decd by Mary their mother, by Richard Atkins v John Osman son and heir of the said John Osman, Mary Osman widow of the said John Osman, Thomas Man, George Rose and Joseph Osman. Legacies payable from trust surrender of copyhold lands in Cheverells Green, Glampstead [Flamstead] and St Giles in the Wood [priory in Flamstead], Herts C78/1190, no. 3 [18]
1703 26 Feb 1 Banistre, lord Maynard, eldest son and heir and also executor of William, late lord Maynard, baron of Estaines v. Sir Thomas Brograve, baronet, & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Sir Lyonell Tollemache, baronet, earl of Dysart, Scotland C78/1618, no. 13 [19]
1703?? William Feilder and Thomas Feilder administrators de bonis non of William Feilder their father v. Elizabeth Lingwood executrix of Thomas Jones; Sir Selathiel Lovell knight; Nathaniell Sharpe; John Lloyd esq; John Feilder & Mary his wife; Matthew Gowden & Anne his wife; Sarah Rainbow; and Richard Jones C79/197, no. [20]
1703 1 March 1 Richard Llissiman v. Nathaniel Stratton, Mark Stratton; and Edward Belitha, executors of Nathaniel Stratton; Miles Grimes, & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Nathaniel Stratton deceased; WIlliam Eyre, & Mary his wife, daughter of Nathaniel Stratton deceased. C78/1784, no. 7 [21]
1703 1 March 1 Richard Backwell; Barnaby Backwell; and Leigh Backwell, three of the sons of Edward Backwell of London, goldsmith, deceased v. John Backwell, esq; Richard Mountney; James Hayes, esq; Henry Morrison; Richard Green & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Morrison; Sir John Mordaunt, knight; Shem Bridges, esq; Thomas Lofield, esq; Nathaniel Turner; Stephen Quineo; and Benjamin Warren C78/1029, no. 2 [22]
1703 2 March 1 Susanna Cooke, widow and relict of James Cooke, gent; Samuel Cooke, eldest son and heir of said James, by said Susanna Thomas Cook; James Cooke; Edward Cooke; and Anne Cooke, sons and daughter of said James and Susanna, all infants, by said Susannah their mother v. Henry Beck; and Theophilus Leigh, esqs C78/1652, no. 2 [23]
1703 3 March 1 Joseph Bentham, doctor in divinity, administrator with the will annexed of his late father Joseph Bentham, doctor in divinity v. Anne Tresham, widow, relict, and executrix of William Tresham, her late husband; Anthony Taylor & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Elizabeth Tresham, widow and relict of George Tresham, esq; John Martyn; and William Dyer; and others (sic) C78/1029, no. 3 [24]
1703 3 March 1 Edward Hippesly, son and heir of Mary Hippesly, by William Hippesly, her late husband, which said Mary was one of the daughters and coheirs of Edward Vaughan, clerk v. Joseph Morewood; and Rebecca Morewood; and Elizabeth Morewood; and Mary Morewood, children of said Joseph Morewood, by Elizabeth his late wife, deceased; Richard Barrett & Susannah his wife; and Lancelott Barret their son C78/1144, no. 3 [25]
1703 4 March 1 John, lord Culpepper, baron of Thoresway v. Margaret, lady Culpepper; Thomas, lord Fairfax & Katherine his wife; Susanna Willis alias Weldon alias Laycock; John Pearshall, esq & Charlott his wife C78/1253, no. 2 [26]
1703 9 March 2 Elizabeth Freeman, widow and lunatic by Edward Silvester her guardian assigned her by the high and honourable Court of Chancery v. James Donford Estate in Barnsley, Yorks of Edward Silvester the complts father, who had gone overseas during the Civil Wars, and is believed to be dead. C78/1420, no. 5 [27]
1703 10 March 2 Robert Dodd gentleman & Anne his wife; Thomas Vivian & Elizabeth his wife v. Henry Hussey gentleman; William Hussey gentleman; Carleton Whitelock esq; Humfry Hetherington; Thomas James; and others (sic) C78/2043, no. 11 [28]
1703 10 March 2 Anne Clutterbuck, widow and only surviving executrix of Samuel Clutterbuck, her late husband, gent v. Sir Thomas Glean, baronet; Penelope Eyre; Frances Pullin; Thomas Clutterbuck; Edward Barradell; Thomas Manning; Joseph Durden; William Hills; Jacob Whiddon; and Henry Barradell C78/1621, no. 13 [29]
1703 12 March 2 Thomas Willis, esq; and Joseph Burrough, gent, the executors of Robert Castell v. Isaac Loader C78/1532, no. 2 [30]
1703 27 March 2 William Lilly v George Cholmondley. Office of Agency of H.M. Grenadier Guards. C78/1140, no. 1 [31]
1703 12 April 2 Rebecca Dell; William Grove & Sarah his wife late Sarah Idle; Lydia Idle; Charles Idle; Katherine Idle; and Richard Idle grandchildren of Charles Idle late of Becconsfield, Bucks, gentleman; the said Rebecca Dell and William Grove & Sarah his wife in their own persons and the said Lydia Idle, Charles Idle, Katherine Idle, and Richard Idle being infants by Sarah Idle widow their mother v. Edmund Waller esq; Thomas Smith gentleman; William Idle; Alexander Bosville & Anne his wife; WIlliam Grove; Jeoffery Grove; William Kent; Elizabeth Grove; and Deborah Grove C79/40, no. [32]
1703 15 April 2 George Taylor v. Anne Savile, widow; Anne Taylor, wife of said complainant; George Taylor; and Bartholomew Dutton C78/813, no. [33]
1703 16 April 2 Samuel Stephenson of Sutton Coldfield, Warw, esq & Frances his wife, who was the sister and heir of Mathew Scott of Conger Hurst, Kent, esq and also executrix of said Mathew Scott v. Thomas Frewen; and Willliam Campion, esqs C78/1043, no. 2 [34]
1703 23 April 2 Joseph Venables, gent; and Joseph Bloodworth for themselves and other creditors of John Worsley v. John Worsley; Thomas Worsley; and John Houghton C78/1144, no. 2 [35]
1703 24 April 2 The Mayor, Aldermen, Commonality and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the Hospital of St Bartholomew in London v Daniel Bedingfield, Daniel Allen, George Newland and Simon Seckley executors of the last w & t of John Watt decd, James Airey, Francis Camfield and Elizabeth his wife Estate of John Watt, messuages in Lincs and a messuage in Enfield, Middx & trust for the benefit of poor people in the said hospital. C78/1310, no. 1 [36]
1703 26 April 2 Thomas Allen of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Westminster; and William Grimes of said parish v. Richard Curtis, gent; Mary White, widow; and Samuel Hill & Margaret his wife C78/1008, no. 2 [37]
1703 1 May 2 Roger Howman, doctor of phisick v. William Bloome C78/1618, no. 10 [38]
1703 7 May 2 Elizabeth Morley the widow and relict of Richard Morley, esq; Henry and Charlott Morley, son and daughter of said Richard Morley, & Eliabeth his wife, infants by said Elizabeth their mother; Thomas Morley, esq, eldest son and heir of said Richard Morley; and Sir George Browne, baronet, & Dame Gertrude his wife, one of the daughters of said Richard Morley, infants by Edmund Webb, esq v. Thomas Morley, esq C78/1626, no. 1 [39]
1703 7 May 2 Roger West of Masworth, Bucks, esq, administrator of Eleanor, his late wife, late one of the daughters of Sir John Knatchbull of Mersham Hatch, Kent, baronet; The Honorable Peregrine Bertie of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, esq; Charles Lodowick Cotterell of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, knight; and Dame Elizabeth Mouns of Waldershare, Kent, widow v. Sir Thomas Knatchbull, baronet C78/1043, no. 1 [40]
1703 7 May 2 Robert, earl of Cardigan; Edward Cropley of Grays Inn, Middx; and William Rowley of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, esq and now groom porter to Queen Anne v. Richard, Lord Bellew, baron of Buleek, Iregland & Frances, countess dowager of Newburgh his wife, one of the daughters of Francis, lord Brudenell, deceased, who was son and heir apparent of said complainant the earl of Cardigan C78/1137, no. 1 [41]
1703 8 May 2 Sophia Nappier; Ann Nappier; and Theodora Nappier, an infant, by said Sophia and Ann Nappier her sisters, daughters of Sir Robert Nappier of Punknoll, Dorset, knight and baronet v. Sir Charles nappier, baronet, son and heir of said Sir Robert Nappier; William Lawrence, esq; Thomas Seaward; and Joseph Seaward; and Robert Bayly, clerk C78/1037, no. 4 [42]
1703 11 May 2 Lewys Atterbury and Walter Ridley executors of William Carpenter decd v William Carpenter, Roger Chapman, Stephen Cooke and others (not named) Will of Elizabeth Chapman widow decd C78/1355, no. 3 [43]
1703 14 May 2 William Pigbone sr and William Pigbone jr v. Thomas Conny and Francis Conny an infant by said Thomas Conny his father and guardian; Thomas Cripps; and John Cripps an infant by said Thomas Cripps his father and guardian; Richard Dewy; Thomas Wilkinson; and Martha Wilkinson an infant by said Thomas Wilkinson her guardian; Thomas Browne & Elizabeth his wife; Jacobus alias James Browne an infant by Thomas Burnaville his guardian; Sir Robert Clayton knight; Arthur Reeves; and others (sic) C78/1902, no. 5 [44]
1703 14 May 2 Rachell, countess dowager of Westmoreland, relict, and executrix of Vere, earl of Westmoreland v. Thomas, earl of Westmoreland; and The Honorable John Fane; and Mildmay Fane; The Lady Mary Fane; The Lady Susan Fane; andLady Rachell Fane; Gregory Hastard, doctor in divinity; Edward Austin, esq; and Nathaniel Blakiston, esq, & Mary his wife C78/1652, no. 1 [45]
1703 14 May 2 John Kendrick the executor of Sir William Cranmer decd v. John South; Elizabeth Carling; Edward Hildeyard; John Garrott; Elizabeth Fenne; Robert Love; Andrew Cooke; Thomas Ashby; and Elizabeth Cooper C78/1492, no. 3 [46]
1703 25 May 2 John Scott of Highbray, Devon, yeoman, & Johan his wife; John Jove the ponniter? of Stoke Rivers, Devon v. Thomas Allen, gent; and Nicholas Hawkins, gent, & Susanna his wife C78/1713, no. 3 [47]
1703 25 May 2 Matthew Skevington of Blossomvill, Bucks, gent, & Martha his wife; Hann Sloane of London, doctor of phisick; and William Prior of Clifton Renns, Bucks, which Martha was sister of Samuel Langley of London merchant v. Nicholas Sanford; and John Williams C78/1563, no. 10 [48]
1703 28 May 2 Frances Peers; and Ann Peers, daughters of John Peers, esq, by Frances his second wife, both infants, viz, Frances of about 17 years and Ann about 16 years, by Elizabeth Horner then a widow and who is since intermarried to William Milman, esq v. Robert Chaplyn, esq C78/1194, no. 1 [49]
1703 31 May 2 John Pollexfen, esq, & Mary his wife v. Dame Katherine Lawrence, widow and administratrix of Sir John Lawrence, knight C78/813, no. 2 [50]
1703 1 June 2 Thomas Warkman; William Warkman; Joseph Warkman; Frances Warkman; and Elizabeth Warkman infants by Elizabeth Warkman widow their mother; and the said Elizabeth Warkman widow v. George Mortimer and Robert Cousins executors of Richard Waite C79/5, no. [51]
1703 1 June 2 John Trotter, esq v. William Wilkinson & his wife; and Thomas Wilkinson, son of said William C78/1029, no. 5 [52]
1703 5 June 2 Robert Lightfoote and Lenox Lightfoote his son, Sir Randolph Mackdonell, Dame Dorothy Walker and Barbara Palesto v Rt. hon. Henry Howard, Henry Horrdesuell, Charles Pinfold and Edward Fleming Debts and legacies payable by will of Frances, Countess dowager of Portland from lands near Whitelesea [Whittlesea], Isle of Ely, Cambs, and in Walton upon Thames Surrey, and a house called Portland House in Pall Mall, Westminster C78/1218, no. 3 [53]
1703 5 June 2 Peter Phesaunt, esq, eldest son and heir of Peter Phesaunt, esq; William Phesaunt, younger son of said Peter; and Mansell Phesaunt, an infant of about 20 years, by said Peter Phesaunt his eldest brother and guardian, said Mansell Phesaunt being the youngest son of said Peter Pheasaunt deceased v. Dame Mary Leman, widow; John Leman, esq; Tanfield Leman, esq; and Sir William Leman, baronet C78/1639, no. 2 [54]
1703 5 June 2 John Leman; and Tranfield Leman, esqs, brothers to Sir William Leman, baronet and the surviving trustees appointed in the will of said Sir William Leman v. The Lady Mary Leman, widow and relict and executrix of said Sir William Leman; and Lewis Newnham, gent C78/1147, no. 2 [55]
1703 5 June 2 Stephen Smith and Thomas Larkin, tenants of divers messuages, lands, and tenements in Northaw, Herts late belonging to Sir William Leman, baronet, and at the time of the bill to Dame Mary Leman, widow, his relict and sole executrix and also creditors of said Sir Willbiam Leman for themselves and divers other tenants and creditors of said Sir William Leman; and Mary Newnham; Anne Newnham; Theodosia Newnham the younger; and Elizabeth Newnham, daughters of Theodosia Newnham, wife of Lewis Newnham, gent, and granddaughters and legatees of said Sir William Leman, by said Lewis Newnham their father v. Dame Mary Leman, widow; John Leman; and Tanfield Leman, esqs; and William Leman, baronet, grandson of said Sir William Leman C78/1147, no. 4 [56]
1703 7 June 2 Erasmus Greenwood; William Lomb; John Barrett; Benjamin Sabberton; Samuel Westall; John Green; Hugh Greenwood; and William Greenwood, creditors of Joseph Osgodby and Thomas Smith, merchants, who by commission issued under the Great Seal of England were found and declared to be bankrupts within the statutes in that behalf made v. John Lansdall C78/1029, no. 4 [57]
1703 8 June 2 Benjamin Jeffryes sole executor of Sir Thomas Streete decd v. Tanfeild Vachell Refs previous decree of 18 July 1700 C78/1493, no. 7 [58]
1703 11 June 2 William Cherry and Thomas Browne v George duke of Bucks; Sir Robert Clayton; John Wildman; Thomas Spratt doctor in divinity; Sir William Oulston; John Nicholls; Ambrose Phillips; John Holland and others (not named) Trust settlement of the Duke of Buckingham's estates. C78/1374, no. 10 [59]
1703 18 June 2 Martin Wilkin, one of the sons and executor of Thomas Wilkin gent v. Thomas Buck; Joseph Sparrow; and John Blewitt C78/1635, no. 14 [60]
1703 23 June 2 John Lloyd and Mary his wife executrix of Daniel Evans her former husband decd, Leticia Evans, Mary Evans, Jane Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Rebecca Evans and Sarah Evans daughters and coheirs of the said Daniel Evans v James Vaughan Mortgage of Dyffryn Archtwy in the parish of Kilchedyn, Carmarthen by James Vaughan senr & Jennett his wife, and the deft James Vaughan junr & Sarah his wife . C78/1346, no. 2 [61]
1703 23 June 5 Martha Corsellis of Layer Marney, Essex, widow, relict of Nicholas Corsellis of London, merchant; and Nicholas Corsellis of Layer Marney, esq, son and heir of said Nicholas Corsellis v. John Corsellis; and Samuel Wiseman C78/1623, no. 5 [62]
1703 25 Jun 2 Mary Woodgate and Anne Woodgate daughters and coheirs of Edward Woodgate of East Grinsted, Sussex tanner decd v Robert Woodgate Will of Thomas Woodgate late of Greenstead, Sussex the complts grandfather. Several messuages in the counties of Kent & Sussex. C78/1374, no. 8 [63]
1703 29 June 2 Robert Daniell of Sawbridgeworth, Herts, taylor and Anne his wife, Samuel Dugard of Ilford, Essex and John Jigter of London, taylor and Susan his wife v Daniell Dugard and Thomas Dugard Will of Thomas Dugard the elder. Mortgage of a lease of Gilden Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Herts. C78/1316, no. 1 [64]
1703 30 June 2 Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, knight v. John Tench; and Edward Stracey C78/1784, no. 6 [65]
1703 30 June 2 Robert Woolley, & Anne his wife, one of the daughters of Francis Pinney the elder and Mary Pinney, spinster, an infant by Robert Stoakes her uncle v. Hannah Pinney the widow, relict and sole executrix of Francis Pinney the elder; Francis Pinney his eldest son; and Thomas Mullins; and Richard Lucas C78/1784, no. 5 [66]
1703 1 July 2 Richard Bray v. Miles Blount; Thomas Blount, gent & Mary his wife; Roger Pennant, esq; Edward Hughes, gent; and Thomas Mostyn C78/1006, no. 3 [67]
1703 2 July 2 Mary Brayly widow v. Obadiah Stocker; Amos Stocker; Thomas Grove; and Nicholas Marsh C79/166, no. [68]
1703 3 July 2 James Edmonds, cordwaner v. Jonathan Braban of the same trade C79/132, no. [69]
1703 3 July 2 Robert Stevens of Fallow [?Fawley], Berks, husbandman v. William Merry of Charlston [?Hundred of Charlton], Berks C78/1008, no. 1 [70]
1703 6 July 2 Henry Edes and Mary Edes the son and daughter of Henry Edes of Chidham, Sussex, gentleman infants by Francis Doyley the elder; and Roger Keys clerks their guardians v. George Parker of Chichester, Sussex, gentleman C78/1995, no. 2 [71]
1703 8 July 2 Richard Webb v. John Hooker and William Cooper C78/1484, no. 2 [72]
1703 10 July 2 Samuel Carte v Rowland Eyre, Henry Eyre, Mary Eyre widow, Sir Edward Northey Attorney General and James Lord Bishop of Lincoln. Enclosure at Eastwell, Leics. complt is current incumbent of church & rectory of Eastwell. C78/1335, no. 2 [73]
1703 12 July 2 Phillipp Wilkinson gentleman & Anne his wife v. William Thornton son and heir of Arthur Thornton esq and William Kitchingman Marriage settlement of Arthur Thornton (father of the deft William Thornton) and the complt Anne (who at the time was widow & executrix of Robert Bowes, and daughter of the deft William Kitchingman) C78/2039, no. 6 [74]
1703 12 July 2 Thomas Edlyne, gent v. Charles Coleing, gent; John Renney, & Mary his wife; Mary Coleing, widow; Francis Gwyn, esq; Sir Thomas Powis, knight; William Baver, esq; and Edon Widdow C78/1718, no. 13 [75]
1703 13 July 2 Anne Brackley, widow v. James French; Peter Saffree; Andrew Hutchinson; and George Hutchinson Lease of messuage known by the sign of the Two Fighting Cocks near Thouldstrand in the parish of St Saviour's, Southwark, Surrey and adjoining glasshouse and warehouses C78/1416, no. 5 [76]
1703 13 July 2 Elizabeth Gregory, widow and relict of William Gregory the elder, esq; and William Gregory; and Elizabeth Gregory the younger, children of said William Gregory by said Elizabeth Gregory his wife, all infants by Timothy Geers, esq v. Elizabeth Gregory and Elizabeth Geers, widows, joint executrices of said William Gregory, esq C78/1784, no. 8 [77]
1703 16 July 2 Mabel Fretwell, widow and relict of Ralph Fretwell, esq, a lunatic, by John Rayner, esq, her brother and committee; Dorothy Fretwell; and Mabell Fretwell, infant, daughters of said Ralph Fretwell, by said John Rayner their uncle and guardian; Dame Katherine Wastneys, widow; Sir Hardolph Wastneys, baronet; Edward Hutchinson, & Katherine his wife, executors of Charles Hutton, esq v. John Stacy, gent; and Thomas Aldham, executors of Ralph Fretwell C78/, no. 1 [78]
1703 17 July 2 Thomas Crompton esq; Nicholas Harrison; and John Pearce v. William Williams; Samuel Langley; Robert Lloyd; Samuel Roden; William Smith; Thomas Fardley; Richard Gough; Job Gough; Daniel Powell; Thomas Beddow; Francis Benbow; Thomas Pugh; William Buckley; Francis Evans; George Bryan; Sarah Harris; John Pugh Newell; Edward Isabel Jones; and Hugh Gough C79/22, no. [79]
1703 17 July 2 John Nourse of Wood Eaton, Oxon, esq v. Thomas Francke, clerk; Edward Carter; John Reeve & Martha his wife; and John and Sarah Reeve their children C78/1037, no. 8 [80]
1703 23 July 2 James Nevill v. Thomas Stokes and William Newnham C78/1917, no. 1 [81]
1703 23 July 2 Roger Howman, doctor of physick v. William Bloome C78/1619, no. 2 [82]
1703 23 July 2 John Kenrick of Flowe, Surrey, esq, executor of Sir William Cranmer of London, knight v. Francis Leigh of the Middle Temple, London, gent C78/1037, no. 9 [83]
1703 23 July 2 John Kenrick of Flower, Surrey, esq, executor of Sir William Cranmer of London, knight v. John Rossington; Joseph Rossington; John Pagett; Isaac Leysden & Margaret his wife C78/1042, no. 1 [84]
1703 10 Sept 2 Thomas Casse, esq v. Thomas Freeman, esq; Margaret Russell, widow; and others (sic) C78/1713, no. 6 [85]
1703 15 Oct 2 Sir William Clarke baronet then an infant by his guardian v. Sir Adam Browne, baronet; Arthur Onslow, esq; Sir George Woodroffe, knight; John Clarke; Henery Muschamp; and Thomas Carter, esq C78/1773, no. 2 [86]
1703 28 Oct 2 Thomas Hyde of Poole, gentleman v. Thomas Hyde of Hastings, Sussex, mariner of Hastings, Sussex, mariner and Robert Wood of London, merchant C78/1895, no. 12 [87]
1703 28 Oct 2 Rebecca Monck of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, spinster v. George Richardson Will of Thomas Monck late of Richmond, Surrey, the complts uncle decd. Title to 4 houses in Pall Mall. C78/1442, no. 8 [88]
1703 28 Oct 2 John Hide of Poplar, Middx, mechant; Andrew Stone of London, goldsmith; and Peter Delme of London, merchant v. Francis Eell, esq C78/1653, no. 8 [89]
1703 30 Oct 2 Mathew Humberstone, esq & Mary his wife, late Mary Wise, spinster, one of the daughters of John Wise v. Sir Robert Clayton, knight, one of the aldermen of London; and Anne Wise, widow and mother of the said complainant Mary C78/1043, no. 3 [90]
1703 3 Nov 2 John Ford of London, gent; and Edward Noble of St Clement Danes, Middx, victualer v. Honora Callow; Bridgman Callow; Edward Ryder & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Saunders, widow; and Thomas Shuckforth C78/1042, no. 2 [91]
1703 4 Nov 2 William Webber gentleman v. Richard Wescott & Agnes his wife relict and executrix of William Webber; Judeth Webber; and Agnes Webber infants daughters of the said William Webber and Agnes Wescott C79/159, no. [92]
1703 4 Nov 2 Susan Decostar of St Andrews, Holborne, Middx, widow and David Pigeon (heretofore Reyner) son of said Susan Decostar by said Susan Decostar v. Daniel Beddingfield; John Ward; John Poley esq; and the Master and Fellows and Scholars of Christ's College, Cambridge; John Ripling C78/1995, no. 5 [93]
1703 4 Nov 2 John Vigures of Westminster, Middx, barber surgeon v. William Hester of London, merchant; James Oades of London, scrivener; and Christopher Prisicke Refs previous decree of 28 Oct 1698. Administration of estate of John Hubbuck decd. Revived by Robert Vigures and Sarah Vigures, son and widow of the complt now decd. C78/1718, no. 14 [94]
1703 4 Nov 2 John Hill, citizen and haberdasher of London v. John Reynolds; and others (sic) C78/1713, no. 4 [95]
1703 6 Nov 2 Nathaniel Combes v. Mary Alford widow C79/22, no. [96]
1703 11 Nov 7 Thomas Starke of London, merchant v. Katherine Arnall, widow; and William Bates C78/1713, no. 7 [97]
1703 12 Nov 2 George Pepin gentleman v. Agnes Kingford spinster executrix of Robert Kingford clerk C79/166, no. [98]
1703 12 Nov 2 John Squire of Chichester, Sussex & Alice his wife one of the daughters and younger children of Edward Madywick of Chichester, Sussex, gentleman deceased v. Edward Madywick; Henry Cobden & Mary his wife; John Cole & Hannah his wife; and John Woods C78/1995, no. 4 [99]
1703 19 Nov 2 John Young & Mary his wife; Henry Gander; and Samuel Pierce v. William Swaine, an infant; Mary Beane; Clement Beane; and James Chambers C78/1151, no. 7 [100]
1703 22 Nov 2 Thomas Blissett v. William Giles; Edward Mosdell; John Heare & Hannah his wife; and John Hodges jr C78/1904, no. 5 [101]
1703 23 Nov 2 William Randall then residing in the West Indies, who was cousin german and next of kin to Captain Henry Martin; and Sarah the wife of said William Randall, who was administratrix to said Captain Henry Martin during the absence of her said husband v. Sir David Mitchell; and James Heriott, goldsmith C78/1234, no. 8 [102]
1703 25 Nov 2 Mary Morgan an infant by Edmond Morgan and also the said Edmond Morgan v Thomas Lewis Marriage settlement of Thomas Morgan the younger decd and Elizabeth Morgan daughter of Henry Morgan, mother of the complt Mary & sister of the complt Edmond Morgan. Estate in Whiston [Whitson], Redwick, Magor, Baslegg, Llamhangell [Llanfihangel], Llantarnam, Llanthewy Vach, Banteage [Pant-Teg or Panteg] & Christchurch in the County of Monmouth. C78/1374, no. 6 [103]
1703 25 Nov 2 Elizabeth Baron widow and administratrix of John Baron; James Weekes administrator of Phillippa his wife; John Shaw clerke & Mary his wife; Thomas Mosse clerk executor of Elizabeth his wife; Anne Baron spinster; William Johnson esq & Agneta his wife; and Oliver Tench esq v. John Mitchell the elder esq; John Mitchell the younger; Mary Cossins widow administratrix to William Cossins her late husband and Elizabeth Cossins spinster their daughter now the wife of Samuel Pierce gentleman C79/125, no. [104]
1703 25 Nov 2 William Burton and Robert Burrough an infant by said William Burton v. Samuel Garrett alias Garrard now Sir Samuel Garrett alias Garrard baronet C78/2031, no. 7 [105]
1703 27 Nov 2 Mary Barrington spinster executrix of Captain John Barrington decd v Richard Harnage. Debts due in compensation for levy money and payments for soldier's quarters C78/1250, no. 2 [106]
1703 30 Nov 2 Joseph Davillon gentleman & Joanna his wife only sister of John Bluett esq deceased; John Davison gentleman; and Frances Davisson spinster; John Cheeke gentleman & Joanna his wife; Robert Grandy gentleman & Ratchell his wife; Hugh Ash gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; and Henry Davisson & Anne his wife, which said John and Frances Davisson, Joanna Cheeke, Rachell Grandy, Elizabeth Ash, and Anne Davisson are the son and daughters of said Joseph Davisson and Joanna his wife v. Mary Baynard spinster; Edward Clarke; and William Phelipps esq C79/166, no. [107]
1703 2 Dec 2 Archibald Douglas v. John Glassell; Samuel Hey; and Robert Corrie C78/1653, no. 7 [108]
1703 3 Dec 2 Edward Williams clerk and Daniel Williams tanner two of the younger sons of Richard Williams late of Abertran, Brecon decd v Anne Williams widow and Tobias Williams clerk Will of the said Richard Williams decd. Capital messuage etc called Abertrane Vawr in the parish of Llanspithitt [Llanspyddid], Brecon, and another messuage in the parish of Llandilorvane [Llandeilo'r Fane], Brecon. C78/1373, no. 4 [109]
1703 4 Dec 2 Vincent Shortland son and heir of Vincent Shortland who was brother and heir of Richard Shortland decd v John Harris Estate of Richard Shortland, including messuage, homestead and one yardland in Flower, Northants. Attempt to protect his personal estate by confessing a judgement to Samuel Harris for a greater sum than he was indebted. C78/1355, no. 1 [110]
1703 4 Dec 2 Thomas Pennyston and Anthony Pennyston deceased by Nehemiah Arnold esq v. Elizabeth Pennyston widow their mother the relict and executrix of said Anthony Pennyston their father; Elizabeth Pennyston; Mary Pennyston; and Ankettle Pennyston instants and sisters of the complainants; Elizabeth Lewis widow; and Harcourt Masters esq C79/151, no. [111]
1703 6 Dec 2 William Bartlett v. John Searle; William Fryer & Alice his wife C78/1245, no. 7 [112]
1703 13 Dec 2 William Summers the elder of Colchester, Essex, weaver; William Summers; Henry Summers; and Thomas Summers infants and sons of said William Summers the elder by said William Summers the father v. Godfrey Webster of London packer executor of Henry Summers late of London merchant; Joseph Wolfe; John Pendeeke; John Summers eldest son of teh complainant; William Summers the father; Joseph Summers; and Joseph and Jeffry Summers his sons; Nathan Summers; and Nathan his son; and John Summers of Witham, Essex, weaver C78/1995, no. 1 [113]
1703 15 Dec 2 William Thornton son and heir of Arthur Thornton esq v. Phillip Wilkinson gentleman & Anne his wife administratrix of Arthur Thornton C78/2041, no. 21 [114]
1703 18 Dec 2 Sir Thomas Trevor attorney general of William III at the relation of John Pettifer vicar of Blakesly, Northants, clerk informant v. Elizabeth Warwick, Mary Warwicke, Hannah Warwicke, and Alice Warwicke spinsters and also v. Thomas Betham then deceased and Martha his then wife. William Foxley's will that provided for his sister for life plus six months, then in trust to establish a grammar school with a schoolmaster from Oxford or Cambridge University. C78/1300, no. 3 [115]
1703 18 Dec 2 Jane Baskervile the wife of Richard Baskervile the defendant and Thomas Baskervile an infant son of the said Richard and Jane by William Gore v. Thomas Baskervile esq; the said Richard Baskervile his son; Francis Baskervile; William Gore; John Gore; Richard Rayner; George Nodes; Joseph Knight & Dame Philippa Gore his wife C79/192, no. [116]
1703 18 Dec 2 Edward Robey, son and heir of Edward Robey of Chester, linen draper, who was son and heir of Edward Robey v. John Handley & Mary his wife, daughter and administratrix of Thomas Rowlandson of Chester, ironmonger; and Thomas Thomason C78/1147, no. 3 [117]
1703 23 Dec 2 William Rollinson, gent v. Thomas Gregg and Gyles Siston, gent C78/1774, no. 6 [118]
1703 2 C78/, no. []