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1700 C78/, no. []
1700 10 Jan 12 Charles, duke of Bolton, now deceased [Charles Paulet, 1st Duke of Bolton c.1630–1699]v. Henry Hildyard, esq; and Thomas Bendlowes re. It was ordered that the said parties should proceed to a trial at the next Assizes to be held for the county of Lincoln ... C78/788, no. 1 [2]
1700 10 Jan 12 John Clement of the Middle Temple, London, gent v. Thomas Launder, gent; and others (sic) re. sale 20 May 1685 of advowson of Shenley, Herts. to Joshua Lomax with messuage and four closes of land in par. Farnham, Surrey.... C78/828, no. 2 [3]
1700 11 Jan. 12 Elizabeth Marshall v Thomas Poultney. Return of payments made for inadequate repairs to houses in Horseshoe Ally, Southwark, Surrey C78/1200, no. 7 [4]
1701 13 Jan 12 Henry Long of Totteridge, Herts, esq, & Jane his wife; and Richard Cary of London, esq v. Charles Kent; and Joseph Wright of London, merchants re. marriage agreement 8 Oct 1712 (sic), between Henry Long [Bayford, Herts] and Jane (née Cary); terms and conditions. C78/1578, no. 1 [5]
1700 16 Jan 12 William Rastor & Elizabeth his wife; and Anne Daniell, legatees and executrices of Henry Stock v. Thomas Stock, brother and heir of said Henry Stock re. ordered, adjudged & decreed that the said freehold estate should be sold to the best purchaser that could be got... C78/1142, no. 6 [6]
1700 22 Jan 12 Thomas Burton, gent, eldest son and heir apparent of Philip Burton, gent v. George Burton, son of said Phillip Burton by a second ventre AND v. Bridget Burton, widow and relict of said Phillip Burton; and Phillip Burton her son re. will 27 Jan 1691, of Philip Burton; manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Cambs. and Oxon. C78/1131, no. 5 [7]
1700 25 Jan 12 Daniel Cox, doctor in physick, & Rebecca his wife, who was executrix of Rebecca Coldham, relict and executrix of John Coldham, esq v. Nicholas Battersby; Sir Thomas Lane, knight; Michael Watts; Abraham Tillard; and Obediah Hughes [vide 1716 C78/1341, no.3] re. marriage agreement 23 Oct 1690, Rebecca (eldest dau. of complt. & g-dau. of John and Rebecca Coldham) with the deft. Nicholas Battersby.. C78/1662, no. 1 [8]
1700 27 Jan 12 Francis Peckett; Marmaduke Peckett; Charles Peckett; and Thomas Stanley & Thomasin his wife, which said Francis, Marmaduke, Charles, and Thomasin are sons and daughters of said Richard Peckett of Cloumell [Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, Ireland]; and Thomasin Williams, widow and relict of Thomas Williams, which said Thomasin Williams is sister of said Richard Peckett of Cloumell v. Lucy Ma__ Adams; James Morecroft; Henry Colpes; Christopher Johnson; and John Burgh re. will 10 Jan 1667, of Richard Peckett; very great personal estate; debts to value of £20.000 'at the least'... C78/1992, no. 1 [9]
1700 29 Jan 12 Thomas Starke of London, merchant v. Nicholas Cole Spencer; and John Spencer (and, added later:) John Rust re. £509 9s 4d allegedly due to complainant by Nicholas Cole Spencer; trade of fitting out of ships and ship merchandise. C78/1717, no. 6 [10]
1700 3 Feb 12 William Elwes of Stoke [Stoke Clare], Suff, esq & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters and younger children of Phillippa Weekes, widow and relict of Oliver Weekes of Tortington, Sussex, esq; John Elwes Weekes; and Rawleigh Weekes both infants of about 15 years the two other younger children of Phillippa Weekes by said William Elwes their brothr; Francis Broderwicke of Langford, Berks, esq; and Samuel Cockerill, Gloucester, gentleman

v. Sir John Elwes knight [1635-1702]; William Dodwell, esq; and Carew Weekes, esq

re. descent of messuage or tenement, 30 acres of arable, 20 of meadow and 10 of pasture in par. Dowdeswell, & property in Churchdown, Gloucs; deed 10 Dec 1691. C78/1992, no. 2 [11]
1700 6 Feb 12 Francis Browne, a lunatic, by Paul Chamberlen, doctor of phisick his committee v. Charles Manning, & Alice his wife re. will June 1680, of John Browne, father of complt; messuage or tenement with barns, stables gardens and backsides of 3 acres etc. in par. Deptford, Kent; bequests. C78/1523, no. 3 [12]
1700 10 Feb 12 Lady Anne Wingate widow v Humphrey Fish, Arthur Wingate Intended marriage of Francis Wingate, deceased, and Miss Fish. Conveyance of properties to John Ayleworth and John Collier. Manor of Biscott [Biscot in Luton], Beds. C78/805, no. 5 [13]
1700 10 Feb 12 Edward Langford of Gosport, Hants mariner v Anthony Bezeley and Joshua Woodman Debts of Anthony Bezeley boatswain of His Majesty's ship The Norfolk C78/1369, no. 2 [14]
1700 11 Feb 12 Joseph Bentham, doctor in divinity, by the name of Joseph Bentham, clerk, administrator with the will annexed of his late father Joseph Bentham, doctor in divinity v. Anne Tresham, widow; Anthony Taylor & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Tresham, widow; John Martin; and William Dyer; and others (sic) re. loan April 1676 £100, by Elizabeth Tresham (now deceased) from Lewis Cuthbert, yeoman; lease on certain houses in The Strand and Charing Crosse Street in par. St Martin's in the Field... C78/1025, no. 3 [15]
1700 12 Feb 12 (?) Elizabeth Morley the widow and relict of Richard Morley, esq; Henry and Charlott Morley, son and daughter of said Richard Morley; and sir George Browne, baronet, & Gertrude his wife, one of the daughters of said Richard Morley, infants by Edmund Webb, esq v. Thomas Morley, esq re. ordered and decreed that the defendant Thomas Morley, should come to an account before Doctor Edisbury, a Master of this Court for what of the testator Richard Morley's estate has come into his hands... C78/1632, no. 3 [16]
1700 14 Feb 12 William Musgrave doctor in physick & Phillippa his wife v. George Saffin gentleman re. messuage or tenement called Pallesland [? Paulsland] with lands, meadows and pastures in par. Colompton [Cullompton], Devon; devised by indenture 1 Sept [1573] by Thomas ?Kisdon and Henry Skinner to Roger ?Robinson. C79/178, no. [17]
1700 14 Feb 12 Charles Packe, gent; Anne Packe, spinster; Robert Clifton, & Francis his wife, legatees of Christopher Packe, esq; and Sarah Froman, one of the creditors of said Christopher Packe for herself and the rest of the creditors of said Christopher Packe v. Clifton Pack; and George Pochin, esq re. will 6 Feb 1696, of Christoper Packe and his considerable real and personal estate.[Prestwold, Leics]. C78/1561, no. 6 [18]
1700 15 Feb 12 John Armitage, gent, then an infant, by his guardian v. Ralph Eaton, clerk; and George Armitage, gent re. will 24 Dec [1681-2] of John Armitage (complt's uncle); capital massuage called Keresforth Hill [now in Barnsley] and several others messuages in Barnesley [Barnsley] and Dodsworth, Yorks., plus considerable personal estate. C78/1566, no. 2 [19]
1700 17 Feb 12 William Harris, esq v. George Parker, esq; Mary Parker, widow; and Mary Parker, spinster; Thomas Elsing; John Northmore; and Daniel Ivy re. rights of the complt. William Harris in the manor and hundred of Lifton (alias Liften, alias Lidfton), Devon; granted in 43rd year of Queen Elizabeth, 10 Dec[1600-01]. C78/1938, no. 2 [20]
1700 17 Feb 12 John Machell junr v. Ralph Holt and John Machell senr Refs decree of 11 July 1688 C78/1485, no. 7 [21]
1700 19 Feb. 12 George Kay and Dorothy his wife, originally Dorothy Savile an infant by John Wainehouse and Sarah his wife, which said Sarah was administratrix of Robert Savile, Dorothy's late father and brother of John Savile v Charles Hall senr and Sarah his wife, their son and daughter Charles Hall junr and Dorothy Hall, and Hannah Teasdale widow. Debts and legacies payable by will of John Savile from trust of lands in Burton, Brumfleet [Broomfleet], Greetland and Norland, Yorks and Dublin, Ireland C78/1227, no. 1 [22]
1700 20 Feb 12 Gervas Newton; Penelope Newton; Elianor Newton; and Frances Newton the younger v. Sir John Newton jr, baronet; Francis Stringer, esq; Edward Bigland serjeant at law; and Thomas Edwards esq re. provision, by indenture of lease and release, for the unmarried daus. of Sir John Newton, senior [1626-99 of Culverthorpe & Haydor, Lincs.]. C78/2008, no. 3 [23]
1700 21 Feb 12 William Rastor; and Elizabeth Rastor alias Daniell, his wife; and Anne Daniel v. Thomas Stock [vide 1700, C78/1142, no.6] re. descent of capital messuage or mansion house, houses, buildings, yard, orchards and gardens in Elsenham, and closes of arable land, meadows and pastures in pars. Henham and Stantead [Stansted] Mountfitchet, Essex belonging to Henry Stock, deceased, gent. C78/1249, no. 1 [24]
1700 24 Feb 2 John Bradshaw, gent; and James Grundy, bachelor in phisick, executors of Robert Rigby, gent v. John Davyes & Elizabeth his wife re. loan £100 May 1697, by John Davyes & wife Elizabeth (née Rigby) from late Robert Rigby, secured on bond £200 conditional on repayment of loan. C78/1249, no. 2 [25]
1700 26 Feb. 12 Jane Hill, Edward Hill, Robert Hill and others v Joanne Dyke, Thomas Dyke and Nicholas Burge, Edward Chamberlaine The estate of James Hill, deceased. Messuage in the parish of Bampton, Devonshire. A house called 'Waybridge' and other properties. C78/805, no. 7 [26]
1700 26 Feb 12 John Tenly & Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Lloyd & Anne his wife; Andrew Lawrence; Paul Binssire; Josias Clarke; John Clarke; William Wyne; and Elizabeth Wyne re. will 11 Jan 1690, of Josias Clarke (senior, complt. Elizabeth's late father); legacies. C79/22, no. [27]
1700 27 Feb 12 Gabriel Collins, gent, & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Alderson, executor of Samuel Alderson; Richard Fendall; and Charles Shales re. marriage agreement as lease and release 20/22(sic)Dec 1691, Gabriel Collins & Elizabeth née Graves; messuage or tenement with yard, backsides, outhouses and appurtenances at Ridley Greene in pars. of Dogwell and Writtle, or one of them, Essex. C78/1537, no. 6 [28]
1700 2 Mar 12 Samuel Axe of the City of Exeter, mercer v Elizabeth Baily administrarix of John Baily late of the City of Exeter, barber decd and Nicholas Kendall. re. complt. Samuel Axe stood surety and entered into bonds for debts of Nicholas Kendall, grocer when he was in Exeter... C78/1224, no. 5 [29]
1700 2 March 12 Theodore Haultaine, merchant v. John Pitt; and others (sic) re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Sir John Franklin, Master of this Court to take an account between the parties, to examine what the complainant expended for the said defendant...; expenses and costs. C78/1633, no. 5 [30]
1700 2 March 12 Priscilla Robinson, widow, relict and administratrix with the will annexed of Richard Robinson her late husband v. Billidge Cleyton, & Margaret his wife; and (added later:) William Robinson; and Richard Sheppard, & Anne his wife re. will 17 Aug 1686 of Anne Robinson, and the death of her husband Richard Robinson the elder (possessed of a great personal estate), of par. St Clement Danes, Middx. 14 years before, leaving her and 4 children under age... C78/1584, no. 6 [31]
1700 5 Mar 12 Robert Daniell v Owen Morgan and William Davies Marriage settlement on marriage of complt and Elizabeth daughter of deft Morgan. Estate in the parish of Llangollen, Denbigh. C78/1370, no. 1 [32]
1700 5 March 12 Thomas Trevor knight Attorney General at the relation of and on behalf of the Mayor and Commonalty of the City of New Sarum [Salisbury], Wilts v. John Bushell; William Antrum and Rowland Taylor re. will 18 Jan 1695 of Thomas Taylor, very considerable real and personal estate, value £12,000 & upwards; £1,000 purchase and erect a convenient almshouse within New Sarum [Taylors Hospital, ...for the maintenance of six poor single men of that city...]. C78/1935, no. 17 [33]
1700 8 March 12 Will Gifford Knight, widow and relict of Valentine Knight v. John Wattes; and John Games re. sale 1684 by Valentine Knight to Lyonell Lockyer for £650, a great messuage called the 'Royall Oake' & five small tenements and all other houses, outhouses, yards and backsides, thereto belonging in par. St Andrew Holborn... C78/1783, no. 7 [34]
1700 9 March 12 John Vigures of Westminster, Middx, barber surgeon v. William Hester of London, merchant; James Oades of London, scrivener; and Christopher Prisicke re. loan £100 3 Sept 1688, by John Hubburt and William Hester (both now deceased) from complt. John Vigures, secured by penal bond of £200; obligations of heirs and assigns. C78/1718, no. 10 [35]
1700 9 March 12 Mary Boon, widow v. Richard Goodall; William Hurt; George Woodford, & Anne his wife; Humphrey Spurway; and The Governors and Company of the Waterworks and Waterhouses in Shadwell re. indenture(s) 25 June 1688, and ownership of lands associated with waterworks in par. St Paul, Shadwell [Shadwell Waterworks Company]. C78/1619, no. 7 [36]
1700 19 March 12 John Maw, gent v. Anne Maw, widow and relict of Anthony Maw, gent; Thomas Maw, only son and heir of said Anthony Maw; William Farmery, & Susan his wife; Robert Whiteley, & Ann his wife; Francis Morton; Richard Clarke; John Pinder; and Aron Maw re. covenant of 28 Aug 1697, and property of late Anthony Maw, messuages, cottages, lands etc. in manor of Epworth, Lincs; his debts... C78/1635, no. 7 [37]
1700 28 Mar 12 Thomas Hodges; Daniel Hadlow; Edward Jeffery; and Margaret Affray, widow v. William Symond, surviving executor of William Allen late of Marden, Kent decd; James Allen, William Allen, Anne Allen, Mary Allen, Elizabeth Allen, Philadelphia Allen and Margaret Allen children of the said William Allen decd Will of William Allen. Messuages and land in Kenarton als Kenardington, Appledore, Hedcorne [Headcorn] & Smarden, all in Kent. C78/1437, no. 4 [38]
1700 13 Apr 12 Thomas Wise, esq v. Anthony Rowe, esq; Mary Wise, widow; Eliabeth Browne, widow; and Francis Langston, esq re. loan £120 1682, by Rowe and Richard Wise (complt's late brother) from the complt. Thomas Wise... C78/1536, no. 1 [39]
1700 18 Apr. 12 Margaret Pollard v Henry and Anne Endmore re. loan May [1685/6] by Henry Endmore from Robert Rous now decsd., but then of Oxford, secured on messuage with garden in Goldsmith Street, Oxford, in par. All Hallows [All Saints]... C78/1224, no. 4 [40]
1700 20 April 12 John Drake; and Richard Milner, esqs; Anthony Guidott, gent; ___ Clare; George Bidle; Robert King; Phillip Ayres, esq; John Fisher; Thomas Kirkham; William Bell; Robert Balmeforth; Posthumus Paine; and Daniel Bennett; and Mary Drake, sole daughter of Montague Drake, esq of about 5 years, by said Phillip Aires for themselves and for the other creditors and legatees of said Montague Drake

v. Jane Drake, widow; Montague Garrard Drake; Mary Drake; Francis Drake, esq; Sir John Garrard, baronet; Simon Harcourt; and William Jenings, esqs; and Bezaleel Knight, gent

re. indenture 16 Oct 1694, and Montague Drake's [1673-1698, of Shardeloes, nr. Amersham, Bucks] very great real estate in London, Kent, Bucks., Hertford., Chester and elsewhere in England, and a very great personal estate of £10,000+; his considerable debts... C78/1635, no. 8 [41]
1700 22 April 12 Richard Uphill and Dame Anne Boteler widow v Sir Cesar Child an infant by Sir Stephen Evans re. will £80,000 May 1697 of George Weldon merchant, legacy due of £100 [Weldon died 1697 on voyage back to England, buried Mauritius]. C78/1357, no. 3 [42]
1700 23 April 12 Thomas Mervin v. Sheldon Mervin; Frances Nicholas; Andrew Lover; James Hussey; and Frances Earlesman, widow re. loan 16 Nov 1683 £100, by Edward Mervin (complt's uncle) of Woodcott, Dorset from Edward Paine of New Sarum [Salisbury], Wilts. upon his and complt's father's security... C78/1537, no. 3 [43]
1700 25 April 12 Robert Radford linen draper and James Priest innholder v John Radford and Nathaniel Radford re. ordered and decreed that the defendants should deliver to the complainant Radford all the deeds, leases, writings in their custody or could come by relating to, or concerning, the said estate in question...[decree of 13 July 1699]. C78/1357, no. 2 [44]
1700 26 Apr 12 Thomas Heath citizen and goldsmith of London v John Sharpe, Jefferie Jefferies, John Jefferyes and Susan Bowater re. alleged wrongdoing in the building of one large house and 11 lesser houses on parcel of ground in Church Field, behind the Churchyard of St Leonard, Shoreditch in Stepney, Middx; covenants, mortgage... C78/1357, no. 5 [45]
1700 26 April 12 John Percivale baronet and Phillip his brother infants by Phillip Percivale esq; and the said Phillip Percivale esq and William Percivale the sons of George Percivale esq; and charles Percivale another son of said George Percivale an infant by Richard Aldworth esq v. Robert Southwell knight; Robert Henley; and Phillip Maddox re. It was ordered and decreed that Robert Southwell should proceed with the execution of the trusts therein, and that Master Potter Meredith of this Court should question the defendant... C78/1905, no. 6 [46]
1700 26 April 12 Richard Lewis, gent, executor of Lewis Morgan, esq v. Davis Williams & Margaret his wife; James Yates, & Mary his wife; and John Jones, & Elizabeth his wife re. loan £700 'about ten years since' by the late Lewis Morgan from Geoffrey Harcourt, secured on messuages and lands in par. Langeney, Brecon; the will 20 Nov 1696, of Lewis Morgan. C78/771, no. 3 [47]
1700 26 April 12 Lawrence Witham, gent v. Ralph Crathorne, gent; Sir Solomon Swale, baronet; Dorothy Swale; Humfry Bellamy; Andrew Hopegood; and Edward Bellamy re. debts of sir Solomon Swale [1st Baronet 1610–1678]; capital messuage called Swale Hall and other messuages, lands, tenements, closes and inclosed grounds in manors of Swale Hall and West Grenton [Grinton], Yorks. C78/1142, no. 3 [48]
1700 12 May 12 Wadham Wyndham and Elizabeth Wyndham children of Thomas Wyndham esq infants by John Wyndham esq v. Margaret Wyndham re. will 15 Apr 1698, of Thomas Wyndham (complt's father); capital messuage and divers mills, lands and tenements in Nutshalling [now Nursling, suburb of Southampton], Hampshire; bequests... C78/2013, no. 10 [49]
1700 14 May 12 Jane Chatfield, spinster v. John Harpson re. ownership of messuage or tenement called ?Butchers with one acre of land in par. Pulborough, Sussex. formerly owned by late William Chatfield or by Anne, his wife. C78/1554, no. 3 [50]
1700 16 May 12 Simon Harcourt of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Dame Mary Anderson, widow; Henry Harcourt; Richard Harcourt; Elizabeth Harcourt; Margaret Harcourt; Arrabella Harcourt; Sir Edward Seabright, baronet; and John Hatcher, gent re. descent of property of Sir Richard Anderson [c.1636-99, whose two sons both predeceased him] of Pendley & Wigginton, Herts. & Notting Barnes in Kensington, Middx [complt. Simon Harcourt was widower of Anderson's eldest dau.]. C78/1116, no. 5 [51]
1700 17 May 12 The lady Elizabeth Noell v. Baptist, earl of Gainsborough [Baptist Noel, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough of North Luffenham, 1684-1714] an infant by Susanna Noell his mother and guardian; the ladies Elizabeth and Rachell Noell infants by Katherine, countess dowager of Gainsborough their mother and guardian; the Honorable John Noell esq; and said Susanna Noell re.ordered and decreed that the complt, should be paid legacy of £5,000, with interest from the time of the Act of Parliament...[from estate of Wriothesley Baptist Noel, late 2nd Earl of Gainsborough,1661-1690]. C78/2013, no. 9 [52]
1700 17 May 12 Jane Rowdon of Rowdon, Herefs widow and executrix of Anthony Rowdon decd

v Mary Barnaby widow, Timothy Brigginshaw and Anne his wife, Timothy Brigginshaw an infant their son, Anne and Margaret Brigginshaw their daughters, Anne Rowdon widow, Richard Rowdon of the Royal Exchange, Elizabeth Mary Sarah and Hepziba his daughters, Thomas Rowdon, Michael Baily and Elizabeth his wife, Mary now wife of Henry Whittington and Katherine Rowdon daughters of the said Thomas Rowdon, Anne Robert and Anthony Jennings children of Robert Jennings, John Rowdon and Richard Rowdon brothers of the said Thomas Rowdon, Richard Powell and Thomas Coningsby.

Interests in a marriage settlement of the manor of Rowden and lands in Avenbury, Bromyard, Wharton and Bridenbury, Heref C78/1200, no. 8 [53]
1700 17 May 12 John Roden v. Martha Jones widow; John Cressitt esq re. will of Thomas Jones, died about Apr 1696, of Clerkenwell, Middx. and his house with ground adjoining New Prison, Clerkenwell [Bowling Green Lane, EC1]; his debt of £51 10s... C78/1915, no. 20 [54]
1700 18 May 12 Dame Mary Parker [née Fortrey], the widow and relict of Sir Phillip Parker of Arwarton [Erwarton], Suff, baronet v. Sir William Longe; Sir Phillip Parker; Calthorpe Parker; and Mrs Rebecca Parker re. will 22 May 1690 of Sir Phillip Parker [2nd Baronet]; divers manors, lands, tenements etc. in Suffolk & Norfolk, and a considerable personal estate. C78/1619, no. 9 [55]
1700 28 May 12 Sir Edward Abney one of the executors of the will of James Smithsby decd; Sir Francis Head and Dame Margaret his wife eldest daughter and one of the coheirs of the said James Smithsby, she being an infant; Anne Smithsby the other daughter and coheir of the said James Smithsby, and infant v. Sir Robert Hamilton and Dame Margaret his wife; Sir Thomas Fowle; Sir Francis Child; John Rogers; and John Adams re. will 14 May 1691 of James Smithsby; lands and tenements in Middx & elsewhere, and of a share in the New River Water[works]; bequest to daus. Dame Margaret Head and Anne Smithsby £6,000 a piece, out of his whole estate, with increase, at their marriages or at age 21 etc...; alleged wrongdoing by executors. C78/1439, no. 4 [56]
1700 31 May 12 John Pollexfen, esq [1636-1715] v. Sir Edward Hungerford, knight of the Bath re. loan £15,000 26 May [1642-3] by Sir Edward Hungerford [1596-1648], from Sir Gyles Hungerford [1614-1685], since deceased, secured on manors or lordships of Cannon Leigh & Champstone [Champson near Molland], Devon. C78/813, no. 4 [57]
1700 3 June 12 Humphrey Style, esq v. Elizabeth Martin; Robert Bosvile; Richard Young; and John Style re. descent of manors in Leics. and Staffs. belonging to late Sir Humphrey Style (complt's uncle) [c.1596–1659], by right of his marriage to Dame Elizabeth [dau. and heiress of Robert Peshall, or Peeshall, of Eccleshall, Staffs]. C78/1287, no. 7 [58]
1700 4 June 12 Samuel Browne merchant & Elizabeth his wife v. William Foorth clerk & Anne his wife; and John Saunders re. loan 11 June 1691 £350, by William Foorth from George Saunders (complt. Elizabeth's late husband) & John Saunders, his bro., secured on watermill, called Cook's Mill alias Gibson's Mill & millhouses, yards, orchards, gardens etc., etc. & lands in pars. West Burgholt [Bergholt] or Fordham, or one of them, Essex. C78/2039, no. 9 [59]
1700 4 June 12 Erasmus Hallett of Beaminster, Dorset, bailiff; and John Birt of Beaminster, yeoman v. Henry Wood; Thomas Hallett the elder; and Thomas Hallett, jr re. entry of Henry Wood, bailiff by writ of fieri facias, into lands at Coltly [now Coltleigh farm] in par. Maperton [Mapperton near Beaminster], Dorset and his seizure and sale of animals and goods, thinking they belonged to Mathew Birt, when instead they belonged to Thomas Hallett... C78/1537, no. 2 [60]
1700 5 June 12 Edward Spencer, gentleman v. George Coxeter, esq & Mary his wife; Nicholas Harding, esq & Elizabeth his wife; John Niblett; Robert Gareing; John Gareing; John Strange; Robert Newman; John Hussey & Elizabeth his wife re. will 18 Dec 1597 (sic) Edward Dodge, and descent of 'mannor and burrow' of Lechlade, and manor and farm of Saint John's at Saint John's Bridge, Gloucs and of the 'sat' of Saint John's priory.... C78/1991, no. 2 [61]
1700 6 Jun 12 Francis Mogson and Elizabeth his wife the only daughter and heir of William Pennerton late of Fremsbury [Frindsbury], Kent decd. v. John Lampard and Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Blake; and Mary Blake Refs previous complaint, dated 1691, of the current complts v. John Lampard and Elizabeth his wife; and John Bettenham. Legacy due to the complt Elizabeth from her father's will. C78/1437, no. 3 [62]
1700 11 June 12 Sir Cesar Child baronet and Dame Hester his wife both infants by John Child gentleman v. Sir Henry Hatsell knight by Stephen Evance knight; Hester Goodyer widow [of Hereford]; and Richard Child esq re. marriage agreement 10 Nov 1698, Sir Cesar Child baronet [d.1724] and Dame Hester (née Evance) his wife; £5,000 in lands and hereditaments. C78/2070, no. 14 [63]
1700 22 June 12 James Scrimshire, & Carolina his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Baynham Throckmorton, knight v. Barbara Stevens, widow, one of the executors of James Stevens, esq; Charles Horde the other executor; Sir John Worden, knight; William Longuevile, esq; Sir John Powell, knight; Dame Catherine Throckmorton, widow of said Sir Baynham and Catherine Throckmorton, daughter of the said Sir Baynham and afterwards the wife of Thomas Wyld, esq; Mary Baskett; and Mathias Wood re. conveyance 18 Dec 1679, of part of estate of Sir Baynham Throckmorton at Clower-Wall [now Clearwell], Gloucs. to the use of Jeffry Jeffreys and John Jeffreys, junior in trust for John Jeffreys, the elder... C78/814, no. 2 [64]
1700 25 June 12 Alexander Popham, esq, an infant, by the Right Honorable Edward Seymour, esq, and William Carr, esqs, his guardians v. Warwicke Bampfield, esq; John Winter, esq; Anne Rogers; Thomas Warr, esq; Sir John S_ Barber, baronet AND said John Winter; Warwick Bampfield; Thomas Warr; and Anne Rogers v. Alexander Popham; Edward Seymour; and William Carew re. it was ordered & decreed that the defendants. the trustees, should come to an account for the personal estate of the complainants uncle, and also for the rents etc. of the real estate and what of it had been made by them since the said Mr Rogers death; Referred to Sir Samuel Clerke, a Master of this Court. C78/1625, no. 1 [65]
1700 26 Jun 12 Winifred Bridger, widow and Lawrence Bridger v. George Herlackenden and Mary his wife; and Arthur Lake re. indentures 18 Apr 1695 & 28 Feb 1697 for the absolute purchase, for £7,400, of messuages, lands, premises, woods and woodgrounds (free from all encumbances) in par. Woodchurch, Kent from George Herlackenden . C78/1437, no. 6 [66]
1700 27 June 12 Richard Davy; John Small; Alexander Croote; Daniell Lightfoot; Robert Parsons; George French; William Hooper; Edward Adams; Jonathan Miller, Jonathan Langworthy; John Marsworthy; William Lightfoot; Joane Marsworthy widow; Tapper Langdon; George Langeman; Robert Croote; John Ellis; John Hamlin; Jacob Reed; Richard White; and Edward Raw

v. Richard Knight; John Knight; William Speke; John Goodwin; William Drinkwater; John Collins; and William Collins an infant

re loan ?£200 22 May 1693, by Richard Knight from Thomas Collins secured on his manor of Moreton Hampstead [Moretonhampstead], Devon. C79/178, no. [67]
1700 29 June 12 Edward, earl of Sandwich & Elizabeth, countess of Sandwich his wife; John, lord viscount Lilburne & the Lady Mallett his wife; Francis Grevill, esq, son and heir apparent of Foulke, lord Brooks & the Lady Anne his wife

v. Edward Henry, earl of Lichfield; Edward Henry,lord Quarrendon, eldest son and heir apparent of said Edward Henry, earl of Litchfield; James Lee; Charles Henry Lee, esqs, younger sons of said earl of Lichfield; Sir Walter St John, baronet; Anthony Bowyer, esq; and John Cary, gent

re. descent of capital messuage or farm with garden, orchards, yard lands and closes of inclosed ground in par. Adderbury alias Cadbury, Oxon. belonging to late Earle of Rochester [1612-1658] sometime lord Wilmott of Athlone the grandfather of lady complt.[ who was born Elizabeth Wilmot, daughter of John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester]. C78/1175, no. 1 [68]
1700 1 July 12 John Vigures of Westminster, Middx barber surgeon v William Hester of London merchant, James Oades of London scrivener and Christopher Prisicke [Prissick] Debts of John Hubbucke and William Hester both now decd. Note this decree is incomplete, and the date is taken from the record of the appeal to the House of Lords C78/1336, no.(not numbered) [69]
1700 2 July 12 Edward Nightingale, esq, son and heir of Geoffrey Nightingale, esq, and cousin and heir and executor of Gamaliel Nightingale, sometime consul for Charles II at Aleppo in Turkey v. Edward Mitchell, gent re. several considerable sums of money deposited at interest in the hands of Edward Mitchell by Gamaliel Nightingale, before his departure for Aleppo [now in Syria]. C78/1637, no. 7 [70]
1700 3 July 12 Grace Cornwallis, widow; Robert Bipttiffe; and John Watson v. Anne Utting; James Aldrich; and John James re. marriage agreement 1653, Thomas Utting and Anne Freeman; £300 marriage portion & certain copyhold lands and tenements, messuage and outhouses, two pieces of land, wood, pasture etc. in Tivitshall [Tivetshall St Margaret], Norf. C78/1639, no. 10 [71]
1700 ? 3 July 12 Ann Tonge, widow, relict and administratrix of Richard Tonge; and Thomas Burton, jr v. Christopher Johnson re. from Feb or Mar 1695, the overpayment of rent for several lands by Richard Tonge and Thomas Burton to the defdnt. Christopher Johnson. C78/1619, no. 8 [72]
1700 4 July 12 Joseph Baller of Barnstaple, Devon, apothecary, & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Northmore, esq re. indenture 18 Jan vicesimo sexto Caroli scdi [1674-5] demise by John Lovering to Thomas Northmore [1643-1713] of a field or close of land approx five acres in the par. St Thomas the Apostle [Exeter], Devon. C78/1713, no. 5 [73]
1700 5 Jul 12 Abigall Woodstock of London, widow of Thomas Woodstocke late citizen and blacksmith of London decd; Abraham Wilkins and Mary his wife, sister of the said Thomas Woodstock; Thomas Wilkins son of the said Abraham Wilkins and Mary his wife; William Chapman and Mary his wife, daughter of the said Abraham Wilkins and Mary his wife; William Wilkins and Isaac Wilkins infant sons of the said Abraham Wilkins v. John Longland and John Lingard executors of the said Thomas Woodstock re. will 20 May 1694, of Thomas Woodstocke; considerable real estate and great personal estate; one half part to Abigail Woodstock, other half part as followeth...int al hospital of St Bartholemew in London...etc. C78/1437, no. 5 [74]
1700 5 July 12 Nathaniel Lloyd, doctor of laws; and Elizabeth Acherley, executors of Elizabeth Lloyd of London, widow v. Thomas Whitfield; Dame Mary Keck, widow; Francis Keck, esq; Ralph Argill; and Marmaduke Alford re. will of sir Anthony Kerk, late one of the Lords Commissioners for the custody of the Great Seal of England, and his indenture of demise 18 Apr 1685, £511 15s to Thomas Whitfield & Richard Shirley, piece of ground and the messuages theron, situate on east side of Drury Lane in par St. Clements Danes, Middx., commonly called Kings Head Court... C78/828, no. 3 [75]
1700 5 July 12 Edward Goddard; and Katherine Goddard, infants, by John Goddard, gent; and said John Goddard; and John Goddard his son, an infant, by said John Goddard his father; and Edward Gates, an infant v. John Nicholson, since deceased, executor of Edward Goddard; James Close; and Katherine Best alias Blades re. will October 1686 of Edward Goddard; a messuage and lands in Leatherhead, Surrey, and a considerable personal estate; bequests to wife Katherine now dead.... C78/1131, no. 7 [76]
1700 6 July 12 Samuel Beldon and Anastahan Beldon infants and only children of Samuel Beldon by Henry Baker v. Elizabeth Whitton; Anne Morse widow and relict of James Morse; Thomas Viccars; and Stephen Mason re. death of Samuel Belden in Dec 1696, messuage, barn and about 70 acres land,and his real and personal estate, value about £1,500, near St Albans in Hertford; Elizabeth Whitton administrator of estate. C78/1904, no. 1 [77]
1700 6 July 12 Robert Pulbury v. Henry Bradshaw re. employment of complt. as shipwright by the defndt. Henry Bradshaw, master of ship or vessel called 'Affrican Galley'(200 tons). C78/1633, no. 6 [78]
1700 9 July 12 John Simpson, only son and heir of Elizabeth Simpson, eldest daughter and one of the coheirs of John Roberts of Canterbury, esq, & Elizabeth his wife, an infant, by Susanna Simpson, his grandmother; Allen Opps, doctor of phisick, & Margaret his wife, who was the other daughter and coheir of said John Roberts, & Elizabeth his wife; John Oldfield; Richard Turner; Thomas Branford; Israel Fox; Mary Looke; Mary Wickham; Mary Ginder; Robert Deanes; and Josias Hicks, undertenant of the complainant Simpson and Opps and his wife v. William Turner, esq; John Turner, gent; William Taylor, gent; Anthony Horsmonden, gent, & Jane his wife re. conveyance 12/13 March [1668-9] by John Robert to William Turner kt. capital messuage and 340 acres land in par. Alkeham [Alkham], Kent. C78/1523, no. 2 [79]
1700 12 July 12 John Latham of Highgate, Middx, gentleman executor of Daniel Latham of Highgate clerk v. John Snow re. loan £200 14 June 1681, by John Snow from Daniel Latham, secured on messuages, lands and tenements in Fann Alley in or near Goswell Street, in par. Saint Botolph's Without Aldergate [St Botolph Without Aldgate,EC3], Middx. C78/1897, no. 16 [80]
1700 12 July 12 Erasmus Smith, esq v. Sir Edward Smith, baronet, & Dame Bridget his wife; and Thomas Owen, esq re. will 19 May 1690, of Erasmus Smith {complt's late father); estate of £2,000+ p.a, personal estate of £10,000; bequests and conditions. C78/1652, no. 7 [81]
1700 12 July 12 Dorothy Godfrey; Margaret Godfrey; and Elizabeth Godfrey, spinsters v. Sir Willoughby Hickman [1659–1720], baronet; Gervas Eyre, esq; and Joseph Godfrey re. marriage agreement 1/2 Dec 1670, William Godfrey and Margaret Packington (dau. of Sir John Packington) [married Rampton, Notts], £3,000 portion, manor of Thonock [near Gainsborough, Lincs], property at Woodhall in par. ?Womvell, Yorks., property at Misterton and Walkingham [Walkeringham], Notts. and at Langworth, Lincs. etc.; claims of three spinster daus. C78/1619, no. 10 [82]
1700 12 July 12 Richard Bignall, gent v. William Aspin; Thomas Aspin, & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Bowater; Doctor William Graham; and John Harvey re. payment for pains and expenses, surveying the manor of Woolwich in Woolwich and Charlton, Kent, formerly the inheritance of Henry Gilbourne, decd... C78/1573, no. 2 [83]
1700 13 July 12 Edward Harvey v The Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies; Shem Bridges and Robert Graydon Refs decree of 4 August 11 William. Money due to the estate of the complt's. late father. C78/1392, no. 3 [84]
1700 15 July 12 Richard Wickham v. Charles Gresley Lease of lands in Stogursey, Som., with mortgage and right of redemption. C78/805, no. 8 []
1700 15 July 12 Adlard Cage, & Elizabeth his wife, only daughter of Henry Slingsby, esq, and sole sister and heir of Anthony Slingsby, esq, her brother v. Henry Harrison, gent re. debts of defendant Henry Harrison, (formerly in trade and falling into ill circumstances), for his board and lodging from 1681, at Burrough Green, Cambs. C78/1720, no. 3 [85]
1700 17 July 12 Thomas Vyner surviving executor of Sir Robert Vyner decd v. Thomas Vyner re. will 29 Aug 1688 of Sir Robert Vyner [1st Baronet, 1631-1688] and manors and lands in city of London and Leics. & Middx and elsewhere; bequests & his considerable debts. C78/1479, no. 2 [86]
1700 17 July 12 Samuel Jackson v. Hugh Warren AND Hugh Warren v. Samuel Jackson and others (sic) re. will 22 Sept 1693, of John Warren of Wells [Wells House near Kilmuckridge], co. Wexford, Ireland; messuages, lands and tenements in Ireland; no children, but 'a great many relations'; left his estate, earning £400 p.a., to cousin Hugh Warren, on the condition that Hugh pay Samuel Jackson, the executor, £5,000 to be divided among John Warren’s other relatives... C78/2015, no. 3 [87]
1700 19 July 12 Sir John Moore; Sir William Withers; Peter Floyer; Thomas Lant; Samuel Brockenborough; and Arnold Squib on behalf of themselves and others the creditors of Sir Robert Vyner late of London decd v. Thomas Vyner vide 1700 C78/1479, no.2 [86], above re. will 29 Aug 1688 of Sir Robert Vyner, property in city of London and Leics. & Middx and elsewhere; bequests & many debts. C78/1479, no. 1 [88]
1700 19 July 12 Richard Holder of London, merchant v. John Saunders, sr; John Saunders, jr & his wife; and Nathaniel Stevens; and others (sic) re. loan £100 25 Aug 1693, by John Saunders, senior of par. St James, Westminster from Edward Latham, secured on parcel of ground in par. Kensington, Middx., leased to Saunders by Francis Barry, mercer of London. C78/1074, no. 2 [89]
1700 20 July 12 Thomas Pelham, esq; Philadelphia Saunders, then a single woman but since the wife of John Shrimpton, esq; and Martin Folkes, esq, executors of Phillip, earl of Leicester

v. Robert, earl of Leicester, & the countess of Leicester his wife; John, earl of Bridgewater; and Henry earl of Rumney; Phillip, lord viscount Lisle; John Sidney; Thomas Sidney; Joscelin Sidney; the ladies Elizabeth Sidney and Katharine Sidney; John Cartwright, & Katharine his wife; Phillipp Cartwright; and Katharine Cartwright; Elizabeth Highenis; Francis Highenis; Grace Saunders alias Pensat; Jane Saunders alias Pensat; Elizabeth Baxter; John Watkins; and Job Watkins, sons and executors of William Watkins their father; Charles Olmiers; William Pinnock; Richard Leggott; Hugh Dennett; Thomas Lywood; Anne Barkley; Richard Glover; Samuel Siars; Thomas Crosse; Joseph Howell; and William Clifton; and others (sic)

re. it was, by consent of the defdt. the Earl of Leicester [1649-1702] the complt. Saunders and all the defendants who were legatees of the said Philip, Earl of Leicester [1619-1698], Ordered and Decreed that the defendant, the Earl of Leicester, should forthwith make such jointure & settlement on the Countess of Leicester, his wife, and of the issues male & provision for the issues female of her body, by him begotten... C78/828, no. 4 [90]
1700 14 Aug 12 William Walter the younger; Ann Walter; and Thomas Walter, sons and daughters of William Walter the elder and Rachell his wife, which children were infants (William Walter, jr of 15 years; and other children younger) by said William Walter the elder, their father; Hugh Waterman the younger son of Hugh Waterman the elder and ___ his wife, an infant, by said Hugh Waterman the elder, his father; John Evans, & Rebecca his wife, which said Rachell, Rebecca, and the wife of the said Hugh Waterman the elder are the sisters of Samuel horne of Antigua, merchant

v. Thomas Horne, son of William Horne formerly of Ede [Ide] by Exeter; and Richard Cary of London, merchant

re. will 18 April 1697 of Samuel Horne, possessed of estates and interests, and a large personal estate consisting of ready money, and securities for money, plate, household goods...and a plantation in Antugua, horses cattle, leases, messuages and other goods and chattels of a very great value, more than sufficient to pay his debts...; bequests and debts. C78/1582, no. 1 [91] PS
1700 10 Oct 12 Sir John Moore; Sir William Withers; Sir Edward Bettinson; Sir William Hustler; Peter Floyer; Thomas Lant; Samuel Brockenborough; and Arnold Squib on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Sir Robert Vyner late of London decd v. Thomas Vyner [vide 1700 C78/1479, no.2 [86] & 1700 C78/1479, no. 1 (88) above] re. will 29 Aug 1688 of Sir Robert Vyner, property in city of London and Leics. & Middx and elsewhere; bequests & many debts. C78/1479, no. 3 [92]
1700 10 Oct 12 Benjamin Micklethwaite v. John Lindley [faded document] re. loan 1694 £120, by defendant John Lindley from complt. Benjamin Micklethwaite, secured on messuage and closes in township of ?Hepworth in ?Holme [?Yorks]. C78/1038, no. 1 [93]
1700 14 Oct 12 John Ferrers v. William Cherry, esq; Elizabeth Howland, widow; Ralph Howland, esq; and Richard Horwood [see below] re. bankruptcy proceedings concerning Samuel Ferrers and his manors, farms, messuages, lands tenements in the township, village, parish or precinct of Cookham, Berks. C78/1783, no. 8 [94]
1700 14 Oct 12 John Ferrers, gent; and Anne Ferrers, his mother v. William Cherry, esq; William Chilcott; and George Lamporte [see above] re. bankruptcy proceedings concerning Samuel Ferrers late of London, grocer and messuages, lands, tenements... and his thirteen strips of arable land lying dispersedly in the common fields of par. Cookham, Berks. C78/1027, no. 1 [95]
1700 18 Oct 12 Thomas Thorne v. Christopher Davenport, executor of Robert Thompson; Elizabeth Thompson, widow and relict of said Robert Thompson; and Samuel Hunter re. will 30 Sept 1678 of Thomas Thorne the elder, considerable personal estate, and two bonds entered into by Robert Thompson unto the testator... C78/1651, no. 9 [96]
1700 23 Oct 12 Robert Sayer v William Swingler and Robert Peet re. it was ordered and decreed that it should be referred to one of the Masters of this Court to compute what was due to the complt. for the £200 mentioned in the said decree and interest from the time of the exhibiting of the complaint... C78/1370, no. 13 [97]
1700 23 Oct 12 Sir George Herbert, baronet, & Dame Jane his wife, daughter of Dame Jane Knatchbull v. Edward Knatchull, esq; John Tomlyn, & Frances his wife; and Frances Tomlyn, daughter of said John Tomlyn and Frances his wife re.will 21 Feb 1698, of Dame Jane Knatchbull [c.1636-1699]; considerable real and personal estate, bequest of £100 to Frances Tomlyn, the dau. and conditions.... C78/1514, no. 2 [98]
1700 30 Oct 12 Frances Moyse, widow and relict and also executrix of William Moyse of Benenden, Kent, gent, her late husband v. John Gyles of Doddington, Kent re. claims on lands called 'Great Walkhurst', 40 acres & 'East Beneden' 11 acres in Beneden, formerly jointly owned by defdt. and late testator... C78/1517, no. 6 [99]
1700 31 Oct 12 Samuel Urwick v. Richard Harris re. demise £200 5 Apr 1662, of messuage or tenement and land in Aston, Salop by Francis Harris (father of defndt.) to Ann Coward decd... C78/1599, no. 3 [100]
1700 7 Nov 12 Dame Elizabeth Hobart, widow and relict of Sir Henry Hobart, knight and baronet v. Sir William Rawlinson, knight, serjeant at law and Sir John Hobart, son and heir of said Sir Henry Hobart, an infant re. will 21 March 1689 and codicil 10 July 1690, Sir John Maynard [1602-1690] (complt's late g-father); manors of Clifton [Clifton Reynes] and Hardmead [Bucks.], etc... C78/1651, no. 10 [101]
1700 15 Nov 12 Sir Philip Gell [3rd Baronet 1651–1719] v. John Borow esq; Anthony Alsopp esq; and Francis Gregg gentleman re. demise 1682 by Anthony Alsop £2,500, messuages, lands and tenements at Alsop in the Dale, Newton and Thorpe, Derbs. to defendant; capital messuage or manor house in Alsop in the Dale... C79/71, no. [102]
1700 16 Nov 12 Thomas Hardcastle & Margery his wife the only daughter and heir of Thomas Smith v. John Rukaby & Barbara his wife; Ralph Lowson & Marian his wife re. debts of late Thomas Smith, and his messuages or tenements and one shop in Newcastle upon Tyne, at a place called All Hallows Bank alias Butcher Bank; agreement of 26 Dec vicesimo tertio Caroli scdi [1671-2] . C78/2062, no. 6 [103]
1700 16 Nov 12 Giles Redman v. Simon Hutchinson; and Mathew Hutchinson re. defendants 2 Mar 1697 from Kendall, Westmorland to Richmond, Yorks.to buy ?stockings from complt; irregularirties in transaction. C78/1131, no. 6 [104]
1700 19 Nov 12 Francis Cole of St Erth, Cornwall v Samuel Walkey and Stephen Bryant. re. complt. Cole and defndt. Bryant, by bond or bill penal £10, 3 Mar 1693, jointly bound unto defndt. Walkey... C78/1224, no. 3 [105]
1700 19 Nov 12 William Turney, one of the executors of Alice Turney, widow v. Thomas Norgate re. non-payment of mortgage interest on lands and tenements in par. Brook [Brooke], Norfk. by David Turney to late Alice Turney C78/1619, no. 1 [106]
1700 19 Nov 12 John Diodatte junr of London, factor v. Edward Finch; Robert Rowland; Alice Baxter; William Smith; William Wylett; Thomas Williams; Joseph Hobson; and John Phillips re. loan ?Oct 1686 £150, by late John Diodatte senior (complt's father) from Lawrence Baselye, secured on £300 bond... C78/1479, no. 6 [107]
1700 25 Nov 12 John Jennings and Charles Jennings executors of Humphrey Jennings decd v John Cantrell and Humphrey Vaughton. re. agreement 30 May 22CharlesII [1670-71] between Humphrey Jennings (complt's father) and Thomas Greene to have, hold and make use of 'the old furnace place' [ironworks] within manor of Hartshorne, Derbs. C78/1030, no. 2 [108]
1700 25 Nov 12 Mary Sills, the wife of John Sills by Jonathan Cambell; and the said Jonathan Cambell v. said John Sills; and John Atkinson re. the defendant John Sills persuaded the complainant Mary to marry him by promising, (indenture 5 June last) that he would settle an estate in Leicestershire on her, of value £20 per annum; failure to do so. C78/1651, no. 8 [109]
1700 26 Nov 12 George Aker, gent v. Richard Norton, esq, grandson and heir and administrator of Richard Norton, esq, cousin and heir and administrator de bonis non (by said Richard Norton) of John Norton, esq re. complt's right to 50 'rodds' of ground, known as Barton Purrock in par. Cosham [now in Portsmouth], Hants for 1,000 years at peppercorn rent. C78/1131, no. 4 [110]
1700 29 Nov. 12 William Leeves v Thomas Badmering re. ordered and decreed that it should be referred to Master Meredith of this Court to see what was due to the defendant Thomas Badinering on the Foot of the stated Account in 1689...; mortgage of manor of Buncton and lands in Ashington and Weston [Wiston], West Sussex. C78/765, no. 1 [111]
1700 30 Nov 12 John Scott of High Bray, Devon, yeoman, & Johan his wife; and John Joce the younger of Stoke Rivers [Devon], yeoman v. Thomas Allen, gent; Nicholas Hawkins, gent; Nicholas Hawkins, gent, & Susanna his wife re. ownership of tenement with the appurtenances called Westgate in par. Stoke Rivers owned by late Hester Wheeler, decd. mother of John Wheeler, for term of 99 years... C78/1718, no. 12 [112]
1700 4 Dec 12 Anna Maria Price, Elizabeth Price, Penelope Price and Julianna Price infants by Dame Anna Maria Price v Sir Vaughan Price, Sir Edmund Warcupp, Sir Bartholomew Showers and Robert Price re. trusts created 11 Feb 1692, by Sir John Price [Sir John Pryce, 3rd Baronet, c.1662–1699] decd. of Newtown, Montgomery decd. in favour of his four daus; very considerable estates in Montgom. and Cardigan., £1,000+ p.a. C78/1370, no. 7 [113]
1700 4 Dec 12 Robert Sheffield, esq, & Dame Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas late lord Fanshaw and late wife and administratrix of Sir Thomas Cambell, baronet v. George, lord viscount Castleton; and others (sic) re. refers to a previous case 30 Nov 1671, to have satisfaction about a marriage agreement, 5 May 1660, and £1,500 to be paid by complt. Dame Mary's father on her marriage with Sir Thomas Campbell... C78/1502, no. 1 [114]
1700 5 Dec 12 Bluett Wallopp, Dorothy Wallopp v Alice Wallopp, Thomas Jervis and the Rt. Hon. Thomas Smith re. a private bill, viz. 'An Act to enable Trustees to make Sale of the Inheritance of the Twelfth Part of several Manors, Lands, and Tenements, of Bluet Wallop Esquire, during his Minority; and to purchase other Lands with the Money to be raised by such Sale, to be settled to the same Uses as the Twelfth part was so settled.' [land in Dorset and Devon]. C78/805, no. 6 [115]
1700 13 Dec 12 Maurice Sheldon, esq, son and heir of Henry Shelton, esq, an infant, by Hester Shelton his mother v. Edmund Coleman; William Churchman; Robert Suckling; and Richard Sokenham, esqs; Anne Doggett, widow; John Pemberton; John Forrest; and John Baxter, & Sarah his wife re. descent of manors of Raydon or Raydon Hall, Markes or Markes Sullies or Sullies [Sulleys], Suffolk formerly property of Maurice Shelton (complt's late g-father). C78/1619, no. 15 [116]
1700 13 Dec 12 Richard, lord Bellew, baron of Duleek, Ireland; and Frances, countess of Newburgh, his wife v. Robert, earl of Cardigan; Edward Copley; and William Rowley, esqs re. marriage agreement 27 July 1695, Richard Bellew [3rd Baron Bellew, d. 1715] and Frances [Lady Frances Livingston, wid. of Charles Livingston, 2nd Earl of Newburgh] ; manors lands and tenements to value of £500 p.a.... C78/1137, no. 2 [117]
1700 14 Dec 12 Sarah Swann and Elizabeth Swann, infants, by their guardian v. Mary Swann; Robert Firbanke; John Swann; and Joel Swann, an infant, by his guardian; and John Wright re. will of John Swann 29 Nov 1695, and ownership of messuages, lands and tenements in Tunstead, Norf. formerly owned by him (the father of both complts. and of the defndts. John & Joel Swann). C78/1038, no. 2 [118]
1700 20 Dec 12 Charles, earl of Berkeley son and heir and also administrator of George, late earl of Berkeley and Arethusa lady dowager Clifford one of the daughters of the said George, late earl of Berkeley and widow and relict of Charles late lord Clifford v. Charles, earl of Burlington and Cork; Richard lord Clifford son and heir apparent of said Charles, earl of Burlington re. marriage agreement 25 Feb 1687, Charles, Lord Clifford [Charles Boyle, Lord Clifford, 1639-94 (intestate), of Londesborough, Yorks] and Arethusa Berkeley [1664-1743]; Lord Clifford to convey, within eight months of marriage, manors, lands and hereditaments in Cork, Ireland, value £1,000 p.a.... C79/71, no. [119]
1700 20 Dec 12 John Parsons; and Joseph Parsons v. Richard Marshall the elder, & Jane his wife; William Kinsey; and John Clerke AND also v. Mary Marshal; and Richard Marshall the younger, infants, children of said Richard Marshal the elder and Jane his wife re. loan £2,900 by Simon Marshall decd. from John Browne, secured on several freehold and leasehold messuages and hereditaments [abutting on land of late Sir William Pulterney (1624-91) in the Haymarket and Piccadilly, Middx]. C78/812, no. 3 [120]