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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1693 5 C78/, no. []
1693 (bill) Hilary Term 4 Dame Elizabeth Burton alias Holford widow relict and one of the executors of Sir William Holford knight; Charles Holford esq; Elizabeth Holford; Mary Holford; and Katherine Holford, the said Mary and Katherine Holford being infants by the said Charles Holford their brother; John Burton gentleman; Phillip Burton esq; Walter Cary esq & Annabella his wife; Henry Holford esq brother of the said Sir William Holford and also one other of the his executors & Katherine his wife; Edward Holford gentleman; Frances Holford; Eliabeth Pope administratrix of Richard Holford deceased; Edward Burdett esq; and Samuel Bullock on behalf of themselves and other creditors of said Sir William Holford deceased and of Sir William Holford his son who were entitled to the benefit of the Act of Parliament v. Sir William Holford & the lady Frances his wife one of the daughters of the late James, earl of Salisbury; Geoffrey Palmer; Matthew Johnson; and Richard Brudenell esq; Ebenezer Sadler gentleman; and William Massey gentleman C79/55, no. [2]
1693 (bill) Hilary Term 4 Richard Biddulph of Biddulph, Staffs, esq; John Biddulph son and heir of the said Richard Biddulph being an infant by the said Richard his father; Mary King; and James Bamber v. Thomas Cholmondley esq; Henry Bulstrode esq; and George Middleton gentleman C79/55, no. [3]
1693 Hilary Term 4 Godfrey Lee, gent; John Cottis the elder; John Cottis his son, an infant under 10 years, by said John Cottis his father; John Hitchcocks, & Mary his wife formerly Mary Smith; and John Taylor an infant under the age of 10, son of Mary Taylor by said Hitchcock v. Edwin Griffin, esq; and others (sic) Vacated fragment C78/767, no. -- [4]
1693 11 Jan 4 Hugh Boscawen v John Mayowe Rights to dig for tin in the fee of Killiheath, and also in lands in Kenwyn [in Truro] called Crucroll Nansiferne Pitts Lowwarn Crukbaglack Coffranto and Chasewater, all in Cornwall. C78/1369, no. 14 [5]
1693 13 Jan 4 Charles Busbye, esq v. Robert Boulter; and William Brent C78/779, no. 1 [6]
1693 16 Jan 5 Thomas Hale, gent, administrator of Margaret his late wife, who was one of the daughters and coheirs of Edward Eltonhead, esq v. Sir Samuel Dashwood, knight; and Francis Dashwood, gent, executors of Francis Dashwood, esq C78/1026, no. 8 [7]
1693 18 Jan 4 Andrew Baden; John Blake; Jonathan Freestone; Thomas Moyer; Mary Friend; ____ Andrewes, widow; Richard Moone; James Hopwood; John Adams; George Heyter; ___ Tabor, widow; Ellis Glyde; Richard Lye; ____ Harris, widow; Henry Griffin; Thomas Phillipps; ____ Sympson; Edward Ellis; James Taler; William Harris; ____ Rowles, widow; Abraham Browne; John William Gorens; George Card; George Nicholas; John Axford; William Cowdner sr: John Kent; John Silver; Daniel Hunt; Roger Beskett; Matthew Batten; Stephen Batton; Nicholas Frowd executor of Edward Frowd; Sarah White; Robert Tort; Benjamine Tort; Anne Tort; William Patience; John Dyer, widow; ____ Moore, widow; Sarah Mayor Sainsbury, widow; Lawrence White; Charles Francis; Martha Dyer, widow; Mary Sumption, widow; Anthony Sumption; ____ Nicholas, widow; Henry Lane; Thomas Smith alias Cuttler; Thomas Evans; John North; Henry Cooke sr; John Smith alias Cuttler; John Asdridge; George Charles Hollyer; ___ Goyne, widow; Roger Browne; Charles Burroughes; Thomas Palater; George James; Thomas Carpenter; ____ Penny, widow; Thomas Burrowes; John Frye; Richard Phunley; Thomas Langridge; John Mayor; Jonathan Butt; Humphrey Maberley; William Dawkins; William Burges alias Penny; Robert Parradice; John Sanders; Richard Hoskins; Jeffrye Stowe; George Wallopp; Francis Wroughton; Malechisedecke Ray; James Bennett; Christopher Gardiner; John Priaulx; Richard Phillipps; William Penny; Peter Shergoll; Thomas Stringer; Dorothy Eyre, widow administratrix of Richard Eyre; John Hillington; Thomas Wintworth; Abigaile Jacob, widow; John Martin; Thomas Hawle; William Viner; Robert Blandford; Thomas Kingstone; Edmund Nash; Charles Viner; Thomas Robertes; William Fisher; John Higham; John Valent; Katherine Thomas executrix of ___ Thomas her late husband; Anne Caple; Mary Barebone; Elizabeth Page; John Gore; Robert Brett; George Hughes; George Harris; Ferdinando Young; Edward Kensington; Robert Westbury; Hugh King; Thomas Blake; Amy Bedbury, widow; Mary Courtney, widow; Kingstone Fulcher; Henry Stoakes; Oliver Shergoll; Robert Read; John Smith; John Mays; Timothy Adlam; Charles Keely; Henry Alist; Thomas Turham; Robert Searle;Christopher Wilmott; George Phillipps; William Gardiner; James Hudson; Christopher Long; Michael Baker; Francis Newham; Joseph Ghost; Thomas Powell; William Coster; William Jeffreyes; George Ackridge; William Gauntlett; William Sackler; John Stephens & Catherine his wife; William Turner; Robert Tilly; Robert Ward; Thomas Sweete; Timothy Edwardes; Edward Thistlethwaite; Robert Gugar; William Osbeston; Peter Shergoll; George Johnson; John Nicholas; John Stronge; George Clementes; Daniel Stockwell; Richard Atridge; William Russell; John Chubb; John Creed; George Bandes; Elizabeth Heyward; Nathaniel Greene; George Richardson; John May; and Charles Hayward; Peter Woodcocke; John Goldwyer; John Ames; William Burgesse; James Gringe; Richard Glasse; Peter Gayne; George Jackson & Sarah his wife; John Lason; Ralph Hoare; Alexander Nicholas; Stepen Raymond; William Rooke; William Viner; ___ Butler; William Waterman; James Richard White; Adam Wheeler jr; John Wayland; Christopher Willmostt; William Blake; Henry Blake; John Blaxton; George Rignoll; Michael Baker; John Carter; Anthony Casburt; William Coudry jr & Jane his wife; George Bard & Elizabeth his wife; John Fusser; Robert Gosse; Christopher Gardiner painter; John Harris; and Bartholomew Haynes, all of them creditors of Phillip, late earl of Pembroke v. Thomas, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; Robert, earl of Sunderland; and Sidney, lord Godolphin; Goufyer, marquis of Thais; Henrietta, countess dowager of Pembroke his wife; the lady Charlott Herbert an infant daughter and heir of said Phillip, late earl of Pembroke now wife of John, lord Jeffreyes; Sir William Villiers baronet; Herbert Salladine, esq; John Cholmely, esq; William Pinsent, esq then Sir William Pinsent baronet; Thomas Fowle then Sir Thomas Fowle knight; Francis Negus; William Clerke and Richard Uphill esq C78/1939, no. 3 [8]
1693 18 Jan 4 William Hathornethwaite; and William Jervis v. Thomas Jackson; Jervis Jackson; William Thompson, & Elizabeth his wife; Ralph Procter, & Phebe his wife; Margaret Hackson, spinster; and Theophilus Pearson; and Robert Callis gentleman C78/779, no. 7 [9]
1693 23 Jan 4 George Bagnall v. John Dowley; and Elizabeth Bagnall, widow; Mary Bagnall; and Martha Bagnall C78/779, no. 6 [10]
1693 26 Jan 4 William Burrough & Elizabeth his wife v. Nicholas Drury, esq & Catharine his wife; Amy Burrough, widow and executrix of Charles Burrough, gent; Richard Phillipps the elder and younger; Elizabeth Phillips; and Amy Phillipps, children of said Richard the elder; Amy Baxter, widow; Thomas Witherden & Bridget his wife; and Susan Burrough, spinster C78/1125, no. 5 [11]
1693 27 Jan 4 John Wright, gent v. William Abnett, & Elizabeth his wife, the only issue, daughter, and heir of Henry Ford; and Humphry Powell, gent C78/768, no. 3 [12]
1693 27 Jan 4 Thomas Chum; William Jones; and Anne Smallman, creditors of Thomas and Margaret Aram v. Thomas Aram, an infant, by William Byne his guardian; and Mathias Aram; Elizabeth Aram; Arnold Aram; and Thomas Longdon C78/769, no. 6 [13]
1693 28 Jan 4 Sir John Somers, Attorney General, at the relation of Sir Hugh Ackland of Killerton in the parish of Broadcliffe [Broadclyst], Richard Chappell, Richard Evans, John Moore, John Hall, Ralph Hake, John Ratcliffe als Combe and Edward Martyn all of the parish of Broadcliffe [Broadclyst], Devon, being the eight men of Broadcliffe for the time being and governors of the Almeshouse in Broadcliffe v Roger Cannter Title to certain premises, the rents of which are claimed to have been bequeathed by Henry Burrough to the maintenance of the poor people in the Almshouse of Broadcliffe [Broadclyst], and to the curate of Netherex [Nether Exe]. C78/1369, no. 13 [14]
1693 1 Feb 4 Edward Kany v Thomas Manning, Ambrose Isted and Susan Manning spinster Mortgage of lease of parcel of ground, part of Exeter House Garden in the Parish of St Clements Danes, Middx C78/1369, no. 21 [15]
1693 4 Feb 4 Peter Burrell, gent; John Wilson, administrator of William Wilson; and John Burrell, gent v. George Downes; Richard Binley; Anthony Lax; Ralph Johnson; Ralph Rawlings; William Wilkinson; Anne Savile; Mathew Robinson; and Leonard Robinson, gent now Sir Leonard Robinson, knight Mortgage of the properties at Midleton/Middleston, Co Durham, formerly of Christopher Downes, father of the deft George Downes. C78/1026, no. 7 [16]
1693 9 Feb 4 William White v Thomas Pomfrett, William Hartley, Jospeh Phillips, John Tabarr, Amy White and Samuel White. Discharge of statute on messuage and lands in Caldecott in Newport Pagnall, Bucks. C78/919, no. 2 [17]
1693 9 Feb 4 Robert Chaplyn, esq, executor of Dame Ann Chaplyn of Bearford in Downton, Wilts, widow v. Dueson Bacon C78/1629, no. 9 [18]
1693 10 Feb 4 Mary Mellersh of Wonersh, Surrey spinster, sister & heir of Thomas Mellersh decd who was devisee of Ralph Mellersh late of Chichester, Sussex decd v John Margernin and others (not named) Mortgage of Starr Inn, Chichester. Refs bill in Ralph Mellersh, Edward Woodward & Anne his wife, Walter Jefferies & Lydia his wife, Sarah Hobson & Rebecca Hobson v John Hudson, Symon Dixon & Margaret his wife, dated 1655 C78/1309, no. 3 [19]
1693 10 Feb 4 Thomas Lewen eldest son of George Lewen late of the City of Durham decd v Richard Mascall and Richard Simpson Title to messuage called Overwhitwell in the Co. of York, formerly the estate of Henry Lewen decd, the complts grandfather, and latterly of Robert Lewen who died in Barbados without heirs. C78/1369, no. 12 [20]
1693 10 Feb 4 Andrew Searle, gent v. William Staunton, son and heir of William Staunton, gent C78/1141, no. 2 [21]
1693 11 Feb 4 Joane Stibbins v Alexander Caddington & Joane his wife Loan to William Foxall decd, late husband of the deft Joane, on security of lands in Gloucs. C78/1309, no. 6 [22]
1693 11 Feb 4 Francis Pellatt administrator of Lettice his wife decd, Katherine Pellatt and Lettice Pellatt infants v Mary Coldham widow, Peter Coldham an infant and George Woodroffe Trusts for the children of Richard Coldham decd. Wanford Mill, Wanerly, Surrey C78/1356, no. 8 [23]
1693 13 Feb 5 Obadiah Walker v. Sarah Weston widow and administratrix of Thomas Weston C79/67, no. [24]
1693 13 Feb 5 William Petre, esq, an infant, by John Petre, esq v. Arnold Squibb; Christopher Guise; William Holford; Margaret Bletchington; Mathew Simpson; and Judith Price C78/1115, no. 2 [25]
1693 16 Feb 5 Thomas Hales v. Anne Brecknock; John Delabere; Sarah Hales; Christian Hales; and Anne Hales Will of Thomas Hales, the complts late father. Estate in Castle Eaton, Wilts. C78/1443, no. 8 [26]
1693 16 Feb 5 Charles Feltham & Elizabeth his wife, relict of Thomas Hastings; Jenkin Lewis & Elizabeth his wife, she being under 21 years, by said Jenkin Lewis her husband; Thomas Hastings; William Hastings; John Hastings; and Sarah Hastings, all being under 21 years, by said Jenkin Lewis v. Sir William Bateman, baronet; Richard Milner; Humphry Bowyer; Denzill Onslow; Cuthbert Brereton; Henry Dring; and Francis Wise C78/1198, no. 9 [27]
1693 18 Feb 5 John Ball and Anne his wife, James Smith an infant by Timothy Redman, William Jones and Anne his wife v Sarah Fifield widow Will of Richard Fifield. Copyhold estate called Sillands or the Hartes Horne in Yately in the manor of Hallplow, Hants. C78/1356, no. 1 [28]
1693 18 Feb 5 John Bindlos of Portsea Island, Hants, esq v. William Collins; and John Thorncroft C78/1137, no. 3 [29]
1693 20 Feb 5 Gilham Hills of St Anne Blackfryers London son and residuary legatee of Henry Hills late citizen and stationer of London decd v Adiell Mill, Phillip Brent, Elizabeth Tomlinson, Phillip Owen, Abraham Chambers, Jacob Touson, Humphrey Draper and others (not named) Estate of Henry Hills. One third part of a moiety of the grant of the Office of the King's Printer. C78/1356, no. 2 [30]
1693 20 Feb 5 Charles Bathurst, Edmund Bathurst, John Bathurst, Thomas Bathurst, Daniel Bathurst, James Bathurst and Susanna Bathurst younger children of Robert Bathurst senr late of Leachlade, Gloucs, infants by Margaret Bathurst widow, their mother v Robert Bathurst, Robert Oatridge, Henry Oatridge and Gyles Cleeve Trust settlement of lands in Leachlade [Lechlade], Gloucs C78/760, no. 4 [31]
1693 20 Feb 5 Sir George Treby, knight, Attorney General, at the relation of Joshua Pulford, clerk, vicar of Leighton Buzzard, Beds; Ralph Doggett, bailiff of said town; John Bedcott; William Freeman; and Edmund Osmond, church wardens; and Thomas Baskerfield; and Thomas Burnham, overseers of the poor of said town, for themselves and for the poor and impotent widows, inhabitants of said town for the time being v. Richard Pawlett, gent, Mathew Disney, clerk; John Truelove; and Thomas, lord Leigh C78/1233, no. 4 [32]
1693 23 Feb 5 George Lewis esq v. Charles Vann and John Romsey esqs; William Blethyn; Henry Ramsey; and John Lewis gentlemen; and Francis Lewis an infant by his guardian C79/172, no. [33]
1693 23 Feb 5 Silvanus Vaughan clerk v. John Lewis esq and John Edwards C79/172, no. [34]
1693 23 Feb 5 Robert Wyatt of Stanlake, Oxon, gent v. Henry Weale; Thomas Tisdale, & Sarah his wife C78/761, no. 8 [35]
1693 25 Feb 5 John Moore, & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Papworth C78/793, no. 5 [36]
1693 27 Feb 5 Henry Drury v. Richard Harwick; John Goddard, clerk; and others (sic) C78/1638, no. 4 [37]
1693 27 Feb 5 Sir Thomas Chicheley, knight v. John Chambers C78/1116, no. 2 [38]
1693 28 Feb 5 James Pymm, gent, one of the younger children of William Prymm v. Margaret Chance; Charles Prymm; William Leigh & Elizabeth his wife; John Midgley; and Francis Reade C78/1233, no. 3 [39]
1693 2 March 5 John Browne, administrator of Anne Browne his late wife and also administrator of William Rant; Charles Stumett the only child of Ellen Stumett deceased; and Mary Browne and Katherine Browne, daughters of said Anne Browne, by said John Browne v. John Yallop; and Thomas Smith C78/793, no. 7 [40]
1693 7 March 5 John, earl of Kildare, Ireland; Sidney, lord Godolphin; Sir James Langham, knight; Henry Guy, esq; and Robert Rosseter, esq v. Bridget Kent, relict of Richard Kent, esq; John Kent, esq, brother of said Richard Kent; Sir Stephen Fox, knight; Nicholas Fenne, gent, executor of said Richard Kent; John Kent; and Richard Kent, an infant by his guardian, sons of Robert Kent, another brother of said Richard Kent C78/779, no. 2 [41]
1693 7 March 5 Richard Letten; John Letten; and Elizabeth Letten, infants, children of Nathaniel Letten, by Richard Nicholls v. Susanna Letten the widow and executrix of John Letten; Susanna Letten; and Sarah Letten, children of Nathaniel Letten; Martha Letten; Susanna Letten; and Elizabeth Letten, children of John Letten; and John Mason C78/779, no. 3 [42]
1693 7 March 5 Margaret French, the widow and relict of William French v. Robert French; and Isabell French C78/779, no. 4 [43]
1693 8 March 5 Sir Thomas Byde, knight v. Dougall Campbell, esq & Mary his wife, late wife of Skynner Byde, esq and also administratrix of said Skinner Byde; Thomas Byde; Barbara Byde, son and daughter of said Skinner Byde C78/1079, no. 9 [44]
1693 10 March 5 Richard Sutton of St Dunstans in the West, London, vintner v. William Drax, sr; Meliora Drax; William Gouge, & Hannah his wife; Meliora Gouge; and William Drax, jr C78/1782, no. 10 [45]
1693 10 March 5 Joane Parnell, administratrix of Henry Parnell v. Richard Jarvis; Roger Lavers; Richard Coming; Thomas Bowhay; and John Lavers C78/826, no. 2 [46]
1693 7 April 5 Howell Morgan esq v. Morgan Price & Blanch his wife; Thomas Hudson; and Roger Shelliy C79/42, no. [47]
1693 6 May 5 William Herbert citizen and merchant taylor of London v. Charles Bill son, heir and one of the executors of John Bill decd; Charles Garrett; Francis Darcy Savage and Diana his wife; and others (not named) Will of John Bill. Profits from the King's Printing House. C78/1413, no. 5 [48]
1693 8 May 5 Henry Marten, gent v. John Loder, esq C78/1121, no. 4 [49]
1693 9 May 5 Christopher Sparke gentleman v. John Worsley esq; Robert Tym since deceased revived v. Martha Tym widow his executrix; Bevis Lloyd esq; Sir Wiseman; Dame Margaret Frowde; Leonard Upsall son and heir of Leonard Upsall deceased; Edward Sparke; Arthur Sparke; and Mary Sparke C79/37, no. [50]
1693 9 May 5 John Dunmall; Edward Warman; Richard Murrell; and Alexander Pope on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Edward Larkin a bankrupt late of London deceased v. Nicholas Crispe baronet; Mary Larkin widow and relict of said Edward Larkin; and Mary Duck (?) C78/2061, no. 12 [51]
1693 9 May 5 The Lady Anne Holles; and John Thwaites v. Thomas Wise, esq C78/777, no. 2 [52]
1693 11 May 5 Thomas Browne, William Robert, Richard Butler, James Kenwyn, William Powell one of the younger sons of Thomas Powell and executor of James Powell one of the other sons of the said Thomas Powell, Phillip Watt and Frances his wife, John Audley and Elizabeth his wife, Charity Nicholas widow, Mary Powell and Rachael Powell v John Holworthy merchant, William Jones, William Wogan and Thomas Pritchard and others (not named) Refs decree of 4 July 2 William & Mary. C78/1369, no. 18 [53]
1693 12 May 5 George Musgrave; and Richard Musgrave, infants, by Thomas Bere, esq v. George Musgrave, esq; Thomas Musgrave; and Richard Musgrave, gent; and William Musgrave, doctor of physick C78/945, no. 5 [54]
1693 16 May 5 Samuel Cockerell for Mary Harrison, wife of John Harrison and relict and executrix of John Mason, her former husband; and John Mason, eldest son of said John and Mary Mason and administrator of Mary Mason his sister; and Thomas, younger son of said John and Mary Masy (sic), an infant, by said Samuel Cockerell v. said John Harrison C78/793, no. 2 [55]
1693 16 May 5 Jacob Turner of Smyrna in parts beyond the seas, merchant, surviving administrator of Thomas Thyn of Smyrna, merchant v. Charles Nicholls of London, merchant; Thomas Palmer ; and Ralph Lane of London, merchants C78/1072, no. 3 [56]
1693 18 May 5 Richard Williams v Humphrey Williams Complt employed the deft (his eldest son) to manage his estates in Denbighshire. Deft purchased property in his own name, rather than the complts. C78/1303, no. 5 [57]
1693 18 May 5 Anne Winchcombe the only daughter of Sir Solomon Swale baronet deceased and widow and relict of John Winchcombe esq v. Sir Solomon Swale baronet son and heir of Sir Henry Swale baronet who was son and heir of said Sir Solomon Swale; and Henry Hitch son and heir of Doctor Robert Hitch late dean of York C79/37, no. [58]
1693 20 May 5 Thomas Durrant & Mary his wife, late wife of Edward Randall v. Mary Randall, an infant, daughter and heir of said Edward; and William Randall; and Richard Randall, executors of said Edward C78/1026, no. 3 [59]
1693 20 May 5 Jasper Kinsman, esq v. Edward Bury, eldest son and heir of Henry Bury & Martha his wife; Henrietta Bury, widow, relict of said Henry; Henrietta Bury, widow, relict of said Henry; Henrietta Bury, spinster; and John Bury, younger children of said Henry William Palmer; and Richard Bacon, trustees; and Thomas Freeman; Giles Browne; John Allen; John Orlebar; Christopher Temple; Joseph Fountaine; and Richard Boraston, creditors of said Edward Bury C78/1065, no. 1 [60]
1693 22 May 5 Samuel Garth and Martha his wife executrix of Dame Frances Wortley decd, formerly Frances Fawne spinster v Charles Egerton and Elizabeth his wife Debt of Randolph Egerton to Frances Fawne. C78/1369, no. 19 [61]
1693 23 May 5 Sir John Holt Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench and Frances Levett of London, mercer v Anne Mills widow, Christopher Smith and other (not named) Mortgage of messuage on Sheete Streete or Sheire Street, and several closes all in New Windsor by Thomas Havergill. C78/1303, no. 4 [62]
1693 23 May 5 James Ravenscroft, esq, an infant, by Thomas Sherridan, esq & Ellen his wife, mother of said James, his guardians v. Richard Sheppard; and Anne Smith, widow C78/1175, no. 3 [63]
1693 26 May 5 Theophilus Rowlett v Phillip Wilkinson and Anne his wife and others (not named) Mortgage of messuage etc in the town of Huntingdon. James Torkington son and heir of Lawrence Torkington decd, brother and heir of John Torkington decd. C78/1365, no. 2 [64]
1693 30 May 5 Robert Wilmot, gent v. Henry Gilbert, esq; Mary Thacker; Edward Wilmot; and Richard Wilmot, gents C78/1026, no. 6 [65]
1693 2 June 5 Wormeley Hethersett of Thetford, Norf, gent v. Gardner Hewytt, esq C78/1624, no. 4 [66]
1693 2 June 5 Sarah Bush, the only child of John Bush of Luton, Beds draper, an infant, by Joane Bush, widow, her mother; and also said Joane Bush v. Sarah Noades, sister of said John Bush C78/1519, no. 9 [67]
1693 2 June 5 George Turney and Anthony Turney, infants, by Sarah Turney, their mother; and the said Sarah on her own behalf v. Lucy Blackman, executor of Jacob Lucy Rowland; St John John Oriotts; Rachell Tudway; Bashan Bayer; William Barnes; John Pratt; John Yeomans; and John Fry C78/777, no. 6 [68]
1693 2 June 5 Thomas Brunt of London, cheese monger; Richard Weston; Thomas Hargate; Edward Curtis; John Wright; John Carryer; and ___ Thompson, for themselves and others, the creditors of Claydon Jolly v. Christopher Clapham, esq & Elianor his wife; and Benjamin Clapham & Elizabeth his wife C78/1173, no. 4 [69]
1693 3 June 5 Sir Richard Carew, baronet, an infant under the age of 10, by Walter Kendall, esq, his uncle and guardian v. Dame Mary Carew; the Honorable Hugh Boscowen, esq; Jonathan Rashely; and Nicholas Morrice, esqs C78/1794, no. 3 [70]
1693 13 June 5 Francis Grevill; and Elizabeth Dunston, widow, relict, and executrix of John Dunston v. John Cudworth, esq C78/777, no. 5 [71]
1693 21 June 5 Camnell Durrant of Geistwick, Norf, executor of Mary Bulwer, widow, who was the executrix of William Bulwer, gent v. John Goldsmith, gent; Thomas Newman, clerk; and William Newman C78/1714, no. 13 [72]
1693 22 June 5 Sir James Tillie of Pentillie, Cornwall v John Lampen senr and John Lampen junr. Debt owing to Tillie, the mansion house of Paderda als Padreda, Linkinhorne, Cornwall and rectory of Linkinhorne as security C78/825, no. 6 [73]
1693 22 June 5 Joseph Harvey & Rebecca his wife v. Martha Clopton widow sister and administratrix of Phillip Barrow C79/67, no. [74]
1693 23 June 5 Edward Downes, son and heir apparent of Edward Downes of Shrigley, Chester, esq v. Edward Downes, his father; Francis Lindley; George Piggott; Thomas Minshull; and Lawrence Downes; Elianor Downes; Margaret Downes; and Anne Downes the children C78/1581, no. 8 [75]
1693 27 June 5 Richard Deane, Simon Beale, William Bull, Thomas Barwell, Isaac Taylor and Elizabeth his wife administratrix de bonis non of Thomas Creswell decd, John Laply administrator de bonis non of Edward Homerstone decd, Jane Fisher relict & administratrix of Hugh Fisher decd, Thomas Kingsmill and Mary his wife relict & executrix of Albion Thompson decd, John Vicars executor to Mary Scultrope executrix to Thomas Scultrope decd, Thomas Bixterstaffe executor to Silvester Whituell v Gervase Price, Mary Lucy, Wilkin Chiffinch, Joseph Mawtus, Magdalen Ragois widow and Mary Miners als Mury widow Gervace Price decd was by letters patent 13 Charles II Sergeant of all Trumpetts, Drums & Fifes. Distribution of annual fees due to all Trumpeters from the Sherriffs of every county. C78/1324, no. 2 [76]
1693 27 June 5 Wyke Parker executor and residuary legatee of Edmund Parker esq his father v. George Parker & Elizabeth his wife and others (sic) C78/1938, no. 3 [77]
1693 27 June 4 Thomas Highlord, sr; and Charles Highlord, eldest son and heir of said Thomas Highlord v. Dame Susannah Biddulph; Susannah Highlord; Judith, Thomas, Zachary, Elizabeth, and John Highlord, children of the complainant Thomas Highlord C78/779, no. 8 [78]
1693 27 June 5 John Gill, only son and heir of Susan Gill, an infant, by Henry Gill v. Elias Doughty & Abigail his wife; Peter Butcher & Martha his wife C78/1122, no. 2 [79]
1693 28 June 5 John, lord Delaware, son and heir of Charles, lord Delaware and also administrator of his said father, Charles, lord Delaware v. Sir John Cutler of Westminster, knight and baronet; William Swaine of the Middle Temple, London, esq; Edward Allen of London, scrivener; Edward Plumpyn; Peter Blake; Joseph Hingeman; William Wimbleton; John Burrard; Thomas Axe; Edmond Swayne; Edmond Boulter; and Joshua Lush C78/1071, no. 2 [80]
1693 30 June 5 Sir Robert Howard his Majesty's Auditor General, Edward Wilcox, Richard Butler (since decd) and Mary his wife formerly called Mary Strickland, Anne Mathews widow and executrix of Jonathan Mathews late innkeeper decd, William Taylor of Burford, Oxon baker, Robert Forth and William Atkinson v John Earl of Buckingham, Mary Dutchess Dowager of Buckingham, Thomas Lord Bishop of Rochester, Sir William Villiers, George Pitt, Sir Robert Clayton, John Wyldman (since decd), Sir Robert Gayer, Elizabeth Browne, William Cherry, George Bradbury, James Hayes, Symon Winch and Anne his wife and John Lidgold Mortgage by George late Duke of Buckingham decd of his estate to pay debts. C78/1369, no. 11 [81]
1693 30 June 5 Daniel Vickers of Woodbridge, Suff, merchant v. Nicholas Fenwick; and Mathew White of Newcastle upon Tine [Tyne], merchant; and John Basse of Woodbridge Complts accounts regarding the assistance in purchase by Daniel Tittery of Newcastle upon Tyne, Broadglass maker and agent for the defts Fenwick & White, of 4248 bushels of wood ashes from 4 ashgatherers in Suffolk. Also shipping by the complt of further loads of ashes and corne, wheat, rye & peas for the defts Fenwick & Wright. Refs to previous action at Suffolk Lent Assizes in 1690. C78/1529, no. 6 [82]
1693 30 June 5 Edward Fane, son and heir; and Mary Fane, only daughter of Henry Fane of Grantham, Lincs, esq, by Anne his wife, being infants, by Sir William Yorke, baronet, their guardian v. Sir Richard Rothwell, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/1122, no. 1 [83]
1693 3 July 5 Mirable Boteler the wife of Gregory Boteler, by John Baldwyn v. George Archer; said Gregory Boteler; and Roger Pitkin C78/787, no. 1 [84]
1693 4 July 5 Dorothy Cradock, the widow and relict and one of the executors of Thomas Cradock, esq, her late husband v. Ralph Hutton; and Thomas Bowes, esq, two other executors of said Thomas Cradock AND v. John Speareman; and Ralph Gowland; and others C78/794, no. 1 [85]
1693 5 July 5 Sir Robert Menhennicke v Christopher Porter Debts of the complt and John Glyn. C78/1356, no. 7 [86]
1693 6 July 5 William Fowler administrator during the minority of William Fowler his son of the goods of Francis Cockayne left unadministered by Hester his relict and executrix with will annexed of the said Francis Cockayne and also William Fowler the son by his said father and guardian v. Barbara Potts widow and executrix of Robert Potts and Phillip Stannard executor of John Browne Esq C78/1903, no. 6 [87]
1693 6 July 5 Peter Stembridge the younger & Dorothy his wife; Elizabeth Paul, spinster; and Mary Paul, an infant, by said Peter Stembridge her guardian v. John French & Elizabeth his wife; Mathew Paul an infant; Peter Stembridge the elder; John Reed; and Joseph Paul C78/945, no. 3 [88]
1693 7 July 5 Mary Parsons, an infant under the age of 14, by George Lewis of Carmarthen, gent, her guardian in socage to the said Mary Parsons being her mother's brother; and he the said George Lewis v. Samuel Clarke C78/761, no. 6 [89]
1693 8 July 5 Ames Trevelyan, gent, administrator of Anne his wife, lately called Anne Lacy; Edward Langden, gent & Elizabeth his wife, lately called Elizabeth Lacy, two of the daughters of William Lacy, esq v. John Northcott; James Cade; George Musgrave; Francis Trevelyan; William Lacy; Sarah Lacy, widow; David Yea & Dorothy his wife' C78/945, no. 4 [90]
1693 10 July 5 Sir Walter Plumer, baronet v. Arthur Owen, esq C78/1546, no. 2 [91]
1693 11 July 5 Elizabeth Scott, widow, lately the wife of William Scott the elder; John Scott; William Scott the younger; and Mary Scott, infants, by said Elizabeth Scott their guardian; Mary Bull; Henry Bull; Elizabeth Bull; and William Bull the younger, also infants, by William Bull the elder their father v. Mary Garland, widow, executrix of Nicholas Garland; and Anne Scott, daughter of said William Scott, sr C78/768, no. 2 [92]
1693 11 July 5 Timothy Davison; and George Morton v. John Fenwick Mortgage of East Heddon, Northumberland by Cuthbert Fenwick (now decd), the deft (his son), Martin Fenwick (another son), and William Lilbourn to Sir William Blackett, Mathew Jeffreyson & the complts C78/773, no. 2 [93]
1693 13 July 5 Henry Portman lately Henry Seymour; Thomas Earle; Richard Founds; Edward Berkeley; and Nathaniel Palmer, esqs, trustees and executors of Sir William Portman, baronet v. Sir Thomas Millington, knight; and John Price, gent, surviving executors and trustees of Doctor Richard Lower; Loveday Lower; and Philippa Lower, daughers and legatees of said Doctor Lower; and Ricahrd Lower, kinsman and one other of the legatees of said Doctor Lower C78/945, no. 5 [94]
1693 18 July 5 Henry Blomfield, clerk, son and heir of Mary Blomfield, one of the daughters of Henry Whiting, gent; Samuel Fuller & Judith his wife, another of the daughters of said Henry Whiting; Henry Parsons & Christian his wife, another of the daughters of said Henry Whiting; and Elizabeth Parsons, an infant and only child of said Henry Parsons & Christian his wife, by said Henry her father and guardian v. Dame Margaret Ventris, widow and executrix of Sir Peyton Ventris, knight, deceased C78/1122, no. 3 [95]
1693 19 July 5 Sir Thomas Doleman of Shaw, Berks, knight; Lewis Doleman, gent, youngest son of said Sir Thomas Doleman; and Dorothy Doleman, spinster, youngest daughter of said Sir Thomas Doleman v. Sir Robert Gayer of Stoke Poges, Bucks, knight of the Order of the Garter; and John Blagrave of Reading, Berks, esq C78/1713, no. 11 [96]
1693 20 July 5 John Carnsew v. Benedict Dunscombe and Grace his wife; Martha Lugg, widow; and Margaret Chinoweth, spinster Will of John Carnsew late of Trewoone, Cornwall decd, the complt's late uncle. C78/1411, no. 5 [97]
1693 20 July 6 Isaac Williams, & Susan his wife v. Thomas Pudley, esq; and Henry Tuthill C78/771, no. 2 [98]
1693 22 July 5 Francis Danby v Sir Robert Clayton, Mary Cheyne widow and administratrix of Thomas Cheyne, and John Dalton Debts of Sir Robert Clayton. C78/1371, no. 2 [99]
1693 24 July 5 Robert Codrington esq v. Barnard Orchard gentleman C79/128, no. [100]
1693 24 July 5 Charles Hincks v. John Atkinson esq and Thomas Hincks gentleman C78/2061, no. 13 [101]
1693 25 July 5 Francis Neve, gent; William Lacy; Francis Wright; Edmond Norris; John Norris; George Clearke; ___ Caton, gent; Owen Godfrey; John Hewson; John Barker; and John Lucas, merchant, creditors of John Hooke of Weston, Norf, yeoman v. Jane Hooke; Peel Hooke; John Hooke; Edmond Hooke; Nathaniel Hooke; Samuel Hooke; and Jane Hooke C78/1620, no. 1 [102]
1693 25 July 5 James Fiske, clerk v. Elizabeth Fiske, widow; Robert Fiske; Robert Jacob; John Copeman; Thomas Bright; Martha Westhorpe; Thomas Rosse; ___ Turner; Zachary Seagar; Stephen Canceller; William Baker; George Salter; John Boggas; Henry Herne; Thomas Cocksedge; Thomas Sergeant; Anthony Marsh; Thomas Ellis; Robert Hempson; William Blomfield; Anne Low; William Byatt; John Crosse; Richard Bancroft; Henry Syer; ___ Barnes; ___ Theobald; and others (sic) C78/1121, no. 5 [103]
1693 28 July 5 James Athill; Robert Burton; Thomas Colles; Thomas Neale; Anthony Athill; John Brett; Thomas Sheringham; John Wyne; and John Cressey, all inhabitants of the town of Fowlsham, Norf v. Robert Chapman, gent C78/1624, no. 2 [104]
1693 28 July 5 Mary Daffy and Martha Daffy daughters of Anthony Daffy late citizen and freeman of London v Charles Trubshawe and Ellen his wife and others (not named) Complts share of the estate of their late father, including the recipe for 'Daffyes Elixir', which had been shared with the deft Ellen, formerly the wife of Anthony Daffy, in trust for the complts. C78/1303, no. 2 [105]
1693 29 July 5 Hugh Noven v. Martha Jones and Richard Muckeston C79/44, no. [106]
1693 29 July 5 Henry Hull, an infant about 18 years old, by George Bucks, gent v. David Daggett, gent C78/1640, no. 8 [107]
1693 29 July 5 Roger Howman; William Howman; and Edward Davies v. Judith Corie, administrator of William Corie; William Chettleburgh; Susan Copping, widow, relict of William Copping; Richard Gay; Mary Copping, widow; and Susan Copping, daughter and heir of George Copping, infant, by her guardian C78/1026, no. 5 [108]
1693 29 July 5 Frances Bispham, widow v. William Hulme, esq; Thomas Winstanley; Laurence Livesley; William Peeres; Richard Heys; Henry Byrom; Hamlet Woodes & Elizabeth his wife C78/1026, no. 2 [109]
1693 29 July 5 Thomas Golding of Layborne, Kent, gent v. Christopher Venman of Strode, Gent C78/1072, no. 6 [110]
1693 29 July 5 Edward Smith, esq & Elizabeth his wife, the relict and executrix of Humphry Satterthwaite v. John Taverner & Jane his wife, the daughter of said Humfry Satterthwaite; John Taverner, jr; Elizabeth Taverner; Mary Taverner; Jane Taverner; Edward Taverner, gent; Thomas Taverner; Richard Taverner; Elizabeth Taverner; Sarah Taverner; Margaret Taverner; Martha Taverner; Kenelme Smith; and Robert Waringe C78/1108, no. 8 [111]
1693 31 July 5 Humfry Zouch, clerk; William Braxton; Joseph Godwin; and Thomas Willen v. John Marsh, esq C78/1714, no. 14 [112]
1693 2 Aug 5 Samuel Gibson v. Joseph Gibson C79/37, no. [113]
1693 19 Oct 5 Edward Goddard; and Catherine Goddard, infants by John Goddard, gent, their guardian; and said John Goddard, for himself and John Goddard his son, an infant, by said John Goddard his father and guardian; and Edward Gates, an infant, by ___ Gates, his father and guardian v. John Nicholson, gent; James Close, gent; and Catherine Best alias Blades C78/1198, no. 8 [114]
1693 19 Oct 5 Edward Goddard; and Catharine Goddard, infants, by John Goddard their guardian; and said John Goddard, for himself and John Goddard, his son, an infant, by said John Goddard his father and guardian; and Edward Gates, an infant, by ___ Gates, his father and guardian v. John Nicholson, gent; James Close, gent; and Katherine Best alias Blades C78/1248, no. 10 [115]
1693 26 Oct 5 Stephen Rothwell of Thurgandby [Thorganby], Lincs, esq v. Ralph Maddison of Stainton le Hole [Stainton-le-Vale], Lincs, esq C78/2070, no. 15 [116]
1693 3 Nov 5 Joane Parnell, administratrix with the will annexed of Henry Parnell v. Richard Jarvis; and others (sic) C78/826, no. 1 [117]
1693 3 Nov 5 Arthur Humphreyes, clerk v. Richard Jones; and John Jones, gents C78/945, no. 1 [118]
1693 7 Nov 5 Miles Wallis, gent v. Henry Blomfield, executor of Barny Welham C78/1121, no. 1 [119]
1693 8 Nov 5 John Wallop, esq administrator of Henry Wallop esq his brother late deceased v. Nathaniel Pinney, gentleman; Hester Pinney spinster C78/2011, no. 4 [120]
1693 13 Nov 5 John Johnson v. John Critchton doctor in phisick & Sarah his wife; Phillip Harman; and Walter Thimbleton C78/2061, no. 14 [121]
1693 15 Nov 5 Francis Cartwright, widow v. Charles Dymoke, esq C78/1125, no. 2 [122]
1693 18 Nov 5 Sir Richard Reynell knight and baronet and Timothy Dodd esq v. William Munson esq; Loftus Brightwell; Bartholomew Canter; John Andrewes; John Downes; Andrew Clench; WIlliam Horser; Thomas Bretton; Henry Rogers; Augustine Dudley; John Smith; John Massey & Dorothy his wife C78/2061, no. 15 [123]
1693 21 Nov 5 William Marriott, esq v. Edmond Cooke, & Mary his wife C78/781, no. 2 [124]
1693 21 Nov 5 The Attorney General, at the relation of Richard Humfryes, clerk, vicar of Kington St Michael, Wilts; Robert Holloway, one of the overseers of the poor of the parish; James Power of Kington St Michael, gent; Jonathan Deeke, jr, for divers poor people, inhabitants of Kington St Michael v. Isaac Gale, gent & Meriell his wife; Dorothy Coleman, widow; and William Coleman, her son; Thomas Stokes the elder, gent; and Thomas Stokes the younger; William Mountjoy; William Wastfield, gent; William Player; Francis White; William Thomas; Nathaniel Bayley; and Robert Pontin C78/1108, no. 6 [125]
1693 23 Nov 5 Theophilus Davies, Elizabeth Mead, Thomas Haynes, Ellward Robinson v Edward Davies, John Hyde Estate of the late Edward Davies: Balleries of salt water at Droitwich, Worcestershire, held on leases. C78/825, no. 3 [126]
1693 23 Nov 5 Sir John Percivalle baronet and Phillip Percivalle his only brother by Phillip Peercivalle esq their cousin; and the said Phillip Percivalle son and heir of George Percivalle esq; and William Percivalle second son of said George Percivalle; and Charles Percivalle another son of the said George Percivalle by Richard Aldworth esq his father in law v. Sir Robert Southwell knight; Robert Henly; and Phillip Maddox C78/1903, no. 7 [127]
1693 23 Nov 5 Elizabeth Pennyall; John Smith & his wife; Katherine Thurston; and Margaret Thurston v. John Denne, esq; Ithiell Lynch, clerk; William Marler & Dorothy his wife C78/1116, no. 4 [128]
1693 24 Nov 5 Anthony Ashfield; Francis Strutt & Mary his wife v. Rowland Lacy, esq; Sir Edmund Fettiplace, baronet; Charles Fettiplace, esq; Dame Arrabella Lacy, widow; and Mary Rose, widow C78/1121, no. 2 [129]
1693 4 Dec 5 Michael Emerson & Ann his wife, one of the daughters of William Bard, esq, deceased v. Richard Nelthorpe, esq, & Susanna his wife, formerly the wife of said William Bard and mother of the complainant Ann and also daughter of George Pudsey, esq, deceased; Sir William Wilson, knight, & Dame Jane his wife C78/1633, no. 1 [130]
1693 13 Dec 5 Margaret, Lady Stawell, widow, dowager of John, lord Stawell, administratrix of same v. Sir Edward Des Bovery, knight; Charles Shales; Edward Sheldon; and Nathaniel Reading C78/943, no. 1 [131]
1693 15 Dec 5 Samuel Eyre, esq v. John Mills C78/1939, no. 5 [132]
1693 15 Dec 5 John Faulding v. Hester Booth C78/1624, no. 3 [133]
1693 15 Dec 5 Henry Lyons, infant; John Lyon, infant; Katherine Lyon, infant, by Joseph Foot; Joseph Foot & Eliza his wife; John Davies & Susanna his wife; and Henry Lyon, sr v. James Styles; Richard Ryde; and William Lawton C78/1065, no. 2 [134]
1693 18 Dec 5 John Coleman; and Robert Trebick and Mary his wife, which said John Coleman and Mary Trebick are the son and daughter of Henry Coleman who was brother in law to Richard Hunt v. John Woodson and Anne his wife; John Harmsworth; Henry Coleman; Richard Coleman an infant by the said Anne his mother Will of Richard Hunt. Property in Alverstoake, Hants C78/1452, no. 16 [135]
1693 19 Dec 5 Francis lord Hollis; Robert Cage esq; John Jones & his wife v. the Dean and Chapter of Hereford; the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Reading; John Ellis; Ellen Starkey; and Samuell Starkey esq C79/172, no. [136]
1693 20 Dec 5 Sir Robert Howard, Auditor Genera and Richard Butler since decd and Mary his wife, formerly called Mary Strickland and others (not named) v John Earl of Buckingham, Mary Countess Dowager of Buckingham, Thomas Lord Bishop of Rochester, Sir William Villiars, Sir Robert Clayton, Sir Robert Gayer, Elizabeth Browne, William Cherry, George Bradbury, James Hayes, Symon Winch and Anne his wife and John Lydgold Refs decree of 30 Jun 5 William & Mary. Debts of George late Duke of Buckingham decd. C78/1371, no. 7 [137]
1693 20 Dec 5 Charles Wetherall gentleman & Briget his wife administratrix de bonis non with the will attached of Lawrence Pickering v. William Turnor and Elizabeth Mellor widow executrix of Robert Mellor Refs previous decree of 23 April 4 William & Mary C78/2061, no. 16 [138]