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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1691 3 C78/, no. []
1691 Hilary 2 Thomas Jones knight and Penelope Mainstone widow daughter of said Sir Thomas and relict of William Mainstone merchant v. John Mainstone; Anthony Bowyer esq; Sir Thomas Millington knight; William Clough esq; and others (sic) C78/1912, no. 22 [2]
1691 10 Jan 2 Dame Elizabeth Anderson widow of Sir John Anderson, Elizabeth Collins widow & executrix of John Collins late of St Martin's in the Fields, Middx and Katherine Anderson, Frances and Mary Anderson v Sir Edmund Anderson brother of the said Sir John Anderson Jointure interests in the manors of Burneby [Burnby]and Howald [Hawold] and lands in Huggate and North Dalton,[Yorkshire]. C78/1213, no. 3 [3]
1691 ? 14 Jan 2 Katharine Brabazon, an infant, one of the daughters and coheirs of Waltham Brabazon of Harleston, Sussex, earl of Meath, Ireland, by Thomas, earl of Sussex, her guardian v. Alice, countess of Drougheda; and John Humpreyes, gent C78/1051, no. 2 [4]
1691 19 Jan 2 Edward Cookes the younger, gent, & Elizabeth his wife v. Edward Cookes the elder; and Humfry Mascall, gent C78/1716, no. 15 [5]
1691 20 Jan 2 James Fiske of Shepstead, Suffolk administrator of Thomas Fiske the younger late of Rattlesden, Suffolk decd who was executor of Thomas Fiske the elder v Thomas Challinor and Elizabeth his wife, Ann Rushbrooke and Robert Fiske Trust settlement of lands in Woolpit, Suffolk C78/1120, no. 2 [6]
1691 20 Jan 2 William Stokeham, doctor of phisick v. Lady Elizabeth, the Countess Dowager of Anglesey C78/908, no. 4 [7]
1691 23 Jan 2 Charles Yallopp, esq v. Sir William Barkham, baronet; Sir John Napper, baronet; Norton Curtis; Robert Walpole; Robert Coney, esqs C78/978, no. 1 [8]
1691 23 Jan 2 Bridget, countess dowager of Plymouth, widow of Charles, earl of Plymouth v. Nathaniel Bladen, esq C78/1047, no. 2 [9]
1691 26 Jan 2 William Vane late of London, esq deceased v Samuel Tracey; Daniel Mathews; William Mathews; and Christopher Vane C79/151, no. [10]
1691 27 Jan 2 Sir William Humble of Stratford Langton [Stratford Langthorne], Essex v Charles Bill son, heir and executor of his late father John Bill late of Canewood [in St Pancras], Middx decd and against Robert Hampson Serjeant at law and Charles Garrett the executors of the said John Bill in trust during the minority of the said Charles Sale by John Bill of the equity of redemption of estate at Dovers [Dovers Green in Reigate], Surrey, then mortgaged to Sir Charles Cotterell, and a moiety of the King's Printing Office. C78/1361, no. 2 [11]
1691 27 Jan 2 John Hill; Obadiah Sedgwicke; and George Sittwell of London merchants v. Sir John Moore knight and Benjamin Hinton C79/16, no. [12]
1691 29 Jan 2 Henry St John and Angelica Magdelena his wife late the widow of Phillip Wharton decd v Daniell Brand, Robert Fich, Thomas Silvester, Mary George, Anthony Ivatt, Mathew German, Peter Johnson, Edward Bucher and Anne his wife, Elizabeth Clough and Mary Wharton an infant Complt Angelica's jointure on marriage to Phillip Wharton. C78/1326, no. 4 [13]
1691 2 Feb 2 Sir Edmond King knight v. John Withers C79/92, no. [14]
1691 3 Feb 2 Matthew Johnson of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. Sir Humfrey Edwin knight and John Hall esq C79/139, no. [15]
1691 3 Feb 2 John Butcher v. John Hill; Benjamin Hinton; Obadiah Shedwicke; and George Sittwell, assignees of the commissioners of Bankruptcy in common awarded against Benjamin Hinton of London, goldsmith; George Parker; Parson Parkes; Rosomond Watson & Elizabeth his wife; and William Shorte since deceased C78/1005, no. 3 [16]
1691 3 Feb 2 Robert Brice, son and heir of Elizabeth Brice, only daughter and heir of Mary Young, one of the sisters and coheirs of Robert Linthwaite, who was eldest son and heir of William Linthwaite, who was eldest son and heir of Thomas Linthwaite v. George Hewet, administrator de bonis non (by Frances Hewet his executrix) with the will annexed of George Neale, esq; and Mary Hewet, widow and executrix of Neale Hewet C78/1019, no. 3 [17]
1691 4 Feb 2 Sir James Ward, knight v. Benjamin Hinton, citizen and goldsmith of London; John Ill; Obediah Sedgewick; and George Sawell C78/1606, no. 1 [18]
1691 4 Feb 2 Joseph Devenish & Mary his wife, the only daughter of William Whitaker; and William Peele; Edmond Peele; Elizabeth Peele; and Sarah Peele, sons and daughters of said Mary Devenish by Edmond Peele her former husband, and grandchildren of said William Whitaker, all infants under the age of 16 years, by said Joseph Devenish & Mary his wife, their mother; and Anne Devenish, daughter of said Joseph Devenish & Mary his wife, an infant of tender years, by said Joseph Devenish, her father and guardian v. Samuel Irons; Joseph Biscow; William Whitaker, son of said William Whitaker C78/977, no. 7 [19]
1691 4 Feb 2 William Rodes, esq v. Thomas Wilson C78/1034, no. 1 [20]
1691 5 Feb 2 John Smith esq v. John Duvall esq and Elizabeth, viscontess Purbeck his wife; Sir Richard Deerham & Frances his wife; Sir John Edwards; Heath Edwards; Richard Stevens; John Fothe; and John Cropper C78/1912, no. 23 [21]
1691 5 Feb 2 Francis Lowe, gent; Samuel Trickett, clerk, & Anne his wife; Prudence Wyld; Anne Wyld; Lucy Wylde; Zouch Wyld; and Thomas Wyld, children of Thomas Wyld and Lucy his wife being all infants by said Thomas Wyld their father and guardian; and said Thomas Wyld, & Lucy his wife, trustees for said Francis Lowe; Samuel Trickett, & Anne his wife; and the said Prudence, Anne, Lucy, Zouch, and Thomas Wyld v. Susannah Harryman, widow, the relict of Francis Gregg, gent; and Thomas Gregg, the two other executors of said Francis Gregg; John Gregg; William Gregg; and Susanna Gregg, now the wife of Thomas Legh, children of said Francis Gregg, being infants; and John Greaves; and (added later:) John Owen, & Abigale his wife; John Calvert; William Barker; Dorothy Savile; and George Savile, an infant C78/1558, no. 13 [22]
1691 5 Feb 2 George Bowes, son and heir of Barbara Bowes, sister and heir of Henry Watts, gent v. Mary Lodge, widow; Robert Lodge; George Emerson & Elizabeth his wife, lately called Elizabeth Lambert House & lands in Cockfield, Co Durham mortgaged by Henry Watts to Henry Helmraw, Henry Watts then left for New England for many years, and it is claimed he settled the mortgage by delivery of Beaver skins from New England to the value of the mortgage. C78/1079, no. 5 [23]
1691 6 Feb 2 Isaac Dehew & Isabella his wife one of the daughters of William Barnes late of Hornchurch, Essex, tanner & Isabella his wife both deceased v. William Barnes; Jonathan Campbell; Henry Duffield & his wife; and others (sic) C78/2040, no. [24]
1691 9 Feb 2 John Hill, an infant, by Robert Layp v. William Brewer, gent C78/1640, no. 11 [25]
1691 9 Feb 2 Sir Thomas Hagerston v. John Basier & The Lady Margaret Stote, his wife; Sir Ralph Jennyson; Robert Jennyson; and Henry Holmes, And later also Bertram Stote; Margaret Stote; Dorothy Stote; Frances Stote, children of Sir Richard Stote & Dame Margaret his then wife Moiety of the manor of Greate Benton als Long Benton[Longbenton], Northumberland, demised by Sir Francis Brandling in 1633 to Thomas Wray as security for Brandling's debts. Which lands should have descended to Charles Brandling, the son & heir, who was a colonel in the Royalist Army, and hence left the estate in Wray's possession in attempt to save it from sequestration, and which was then passed to Sir Richard Stote by a pretended lease. Purchased by the complt from Robert Brandling, son of Charles Brandling, but cannot gain possession. C78/967, no. 6 [26]
1691 10 Feb 2 John Burnett, gent; and John Trustlove, gent, by John Trustlove the elder his father and guardian, cousins and heirs of Henry Scudamore, gent v. George Middleton, gent C78/1605, no. 4 [27]
1691 11 Feb 2 Robert Bourne, gent v. Anne Bourne, widow; and Robert Wilde, esq; and Job Winton, executors of Richard Vobe; Elizabeth Vobe; and Mary Vobe, the only children of said Richard Vobe; the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, lord of the manor of Mathon, Worcs; John Traughton, esq; Henry Cliffe; and Thomas Bridges, gent C78/966, no. 2 [28]
1691 12 Feb 2 Michael Newnam of the Inner Temple, London, esq & Mary his wife, sole daughter and heir of Francis Barton of the Middle Temple, London, esq, who was eldest son and heir apparent of John Barton, Serjeant at Law v. Sir John Leigh, knight, since deceased & Dame Katherine his wife; Ursula barton; Michael Gardner, esq; and others (sic) C78/977, no. 3 [29]
1691 13 Feb 3 Samuel Blount and John Warden gentleman and Sarah Blount spinster the only child of Samuel Blount gentleman an infant by said Samuel Blount and John Warden v. Stephen Brigden; John Fremd; and Thomas Graston C78/1911, no. 11 [30]
1691 14 Feb 3 John Brode of Clabham in Yatton, Som, yeoman; Arthur Thomas of Barrow,Gurnee, Som, Yeoman; Mary and Sarah Davies daughters of John Davies late of Claverham, busbandman, deceased by said John Brode and Arthur Thomas v. Davies C78/2012, no. 11 [31]
1691 17 Feb 3 John White, esq v. Sir Thomas Hussey, baronet; Alexander Clarke, gent; Katherine Leeke; William Gregory, & Bridget his wife; Francis Dye; Charles Day; John Day; Bridget Day; Alice Knott; William Johnson; Anne Newham; William Welby; William Rawson; and Richard Dye C78/1605, no. 6 [32]
1691 18 Feb 3 Joseph Hull of Little Bardfield, Essex, yeoman & Susannah his wife executrix of Thomas Stubbing gentleman her late husband and John Edwards jr of Topfield, Essex, gentleman administrator of Jane his late wife formerly Jane Stubbing v. Charles Wale and Gregory Wale gentleman C78/1907, no. 13 [33]
1691 19 Feb 3 Elizabeth Reynolds; and Anne Reynolds, daughters and executors of Samuel Reynold, infants, by Thomas Baker their guardian v. Nicholas Marshall; Thomas Grove; Isaac Welman; and Maurice Hamond C78/938, no. 4 [34]
1691 20 Feb 3 Dorothy Northfolke, widow & relict of Robert Northfolke v Hope Gifford and Martha his wife, aunt & heir of Dorothy Northfolke the sole daughter & heir of the said Robert Northfolke decd Estate and will of Robert Northfolke. Manor of Lexden, Essex, and properties at Colchester. C78/795, no. 6 [35]
1691 20 Feb 3 James Duffield & Elizabeth his wife v. George Parker C78/2060, no. 10 [36]
1691 20 Feb 3 Henry Milborne v. Humphrey Pibus; Jane Elstobb, widow, executrix of Ralph Elstobb; Dame Christian Brabant; Henry Brabant; William Aubone; John Hill; Ralph Brandling; Phillipp Hodshon; and Thomas Hessletine & his wife Estate of Sir Henry Brabant decd. Working of Jesmond Colliery [Northumberland] by the complt & his partner in agreement with Sir Henry Brabant. Claim of Sir Henry Brabant to have leased 2/3 of the colliery, but Ralph Brandling & Phillip Hodgeshon being seised of 1/6 & 1/3 respectively, Brabant's lease was only of 1/2, and which he had in fact mortgaged before his agreement with the complt. C78/908, no. 1 [37]
1691 21 Feb 3 Elizabeth Fortrey widow of Samuel Fortrey decd v William Fortrey brother heir and administrator of the complts late husband, Sir Henry St George, Sir Francis Compton, David Bigg trustees, Trevor Fortrey, Sir Thomas Tennison, Sir John Lawson and Richard Bamier. Marriage settlement and jointure of lands in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx and the manors of Bowton [Boughton in Southoe] and Southoe, Hunts C78/917, no. 1 [38]
1691 21 Feb 3 John Alford, esq & Sarah his wife; Henry Bryan; and Nicholas Willis v. Sir Thomas Earle, knight & Dame Ellianor his wife; Joseph Jackson; Anne Yate, widow; Robert Yate; Robert Henley & Anne his wife; William Donne & Mary his wife; and Martha Yate C78/937, no. 5 [39]
1691 24 Feb 3 John Watkyns; Hannah Watkyns; and Elizabeth Watkyns infants children of Thomas Watkyns of Bristol linen draper & Ann his wife deceased who was one of the daughters of John Gore of Bristol butcher & Hannah his late wife also deceased by the said Thomas their father and guardian v. the said John Gore; James Cole; John Freke; Robert Stephens & Elizabeth his wife C79/158, no. [40]
1691 25 Feb 3 Henry Rolle of Shapwick, Som, esq, only son and heir of Sir Francis Rolle, knight and Dame Priscilla Rolle v. said Dame Priscilla Rolle, widow, his mother C78/1053, no. 3 [41]
1691 27 Feb 3 Francis Naylor of Staple Inn, London, gent & Bethia his wife, sole daughter and heir of George Beadnall of Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumb, merchant; and George Naylor, eldest son and heir apparent of said Francis and Bethia Naylor, an infant, viz, about 16 years, by Roger Draper, esq, his guardian v. Katherine Beadnall; Thomas Lidle, gent; John Lidle; Sir James Clavering, baronet; Henry Lidle; and others (sic) Settlement of the estate of George Beadnall. Manor of Lameton, Northumberland, lands etc in Wooden & Ovington, Northumberland, mansion house in Middle Blackdeane in Wardale[Weardale], Co Durham, 1/6 part of a colliery in Crawcrooke & Kepier, Co Durham, lease of colliery in Wickham[Whickham], Co Durham, share in colliery called Baglehole Colliery and several other collieries C78/954, no. 3 [42]
1691 3 March 3 John Smith of London, esq v. John Duvall, esq; and Elizabeth, viscountess of Purbeck alias Elizabeth Villiers alias Elizabeth Danvers, widow and relict of Robert Danvers, esq; Sir Richard Deerham, knight & Frances his wife, daughter of said Viscountess; Sir John Edward, knight; Heath Edwards, esq; and Richard Stephens; and others (sic) C78/975, no. 2 [43]
1691 4 March 3 John Lower, gent; and John Lower the younger his eldest son; and Richard Lower his second son, infants, by said John Lower their father v. Sir Thomas Millington, knight; John Price; and Thomas Axe, gent C78/938, no. 3 [44]
1691 5 March 3 Leonard Robinson, gent; Richard Hill; Ezekiell Eggleston; Lawrence Sampson; Adam Robinson; and Ralph Ram, jr v. John Yates; David Lowthorpe, & Frances his wife C78/1630, no. 8 [45]
1691 5 March 3 Peter Crooke of Luton, Beds, mercer & Elizabeth his wife v. John Watt of London, merchant; and Francis Camfield of London, tobacconist & Elizabeth his wife C78/1053, no. 2 [46]
1691 6 March 3 Robinson Colston v Richard and Mary Thorpe Portions payable under marriage settlement of manor of Swinfleete [Swinefleet], Yorks C78/1120, no. 1 [47]
1691 6 March 3 John Iles v Stephen Hopwood Lease of part of field called Goodmans Fields als Lemans Fields in Saint Mary Matfellon als Whitechapel, Middx C78/1326, no. 8 [48]
1691 6 March 3 Sir John Champante of the parish of St Andrews Holborn, Middx, knight v. Paule Amyas; Edward Donelan & Dorothy his wife; and John Eves & Mary his wife C78/2070, no. 3 [49]
1691 6 March 3 Henry Awdley of Beerchurch, Essex, esq, brother of the half blood to Thomas Awdley of Beerchurch, esq and only heir male of Sir Henry Awdley, knight, who was father of the said complainant and also of said Thomas Awdley v. Ursula, countess dowager of Plymouth; Sir Willoughby Hickman baronet; Sir Robert Markham, baronet; Sir Robert Shaftoe, knight; and Theophilus Leigh, esq, executors of earl of Plymouth; Dame Barbara Allibone; Dame Mary Yate; Mary Awdley; Katherine Barker, widow; Sir Edward Gage, baronet; Pierce Butler, esq; and James Dodd C78/1528, no. 13 [50]
1691 6 March 3 Henry Bull, esq v. Alexander Prior & Christian his wife C78/1268, no. 8 [51]
1691 7 March 3 Nicholas Vele son and heir of Nicholas Vele of Alveston, Gloucs by Alice his wife one of the sisters of Robert Blanchard late of London goldsmith decd v Christopher Cratford, Sir Francis Child, John East and Richard Blanchard. Legacy payable by Will of Robert Blanchard from personal estate (including shares in diamond trade) and farm in Hayes, Middx C78/917, no. 3 [52]
1691 23 March 3 John Daniell v Sarath Hunt relict and executrix of John Hunt decd and Mary Hunt her daughter an infant Debts of John Hunt decd. Also parcel of pasture ground called Dockfeild near a farm called Owre Farm in the parish of Milton als Middleton [Milton Regis in Sittingbourne, Kent] C78/1326, no. 5 [53]
1691 21 April 3 Sarah Foster of Kensington, Middx, relict and executrix of John Foster of Kensington, esq v. Sir Richard Wiseman, knight; Richard March; and Francis March C78/823, no. 2 [54]
1691 22 April 3 Thomas Knapp and Mary his wife sole daughter of John Herne of Amringale [Arminghall ], Norfolk by Mary his late wife who was one of the daughters & coheirs of Luckyn Cotton late of Scarston in the said county decd v John Herne; John Hobart; and Anthony Freston Marriage agreement between the complt Mary's late father & mother. C78/1402, no. 2 [55]
1691 22 April 3 John Johnson, gent & Johanna his wife v. Robert Thurleby, since deceased; and John Walpole C78/913, no. 4 [56]
1691 23 April 3 Dame Elizabeth Howard of Sissingherst, Kent, widow v. Edmund Beaghan, esq; and Anne Beaghan, daughter of said Edmund C78/823, no. 3 [57]
1691 25 April 3 John Wynne v. Thomas Price and Grace Panton alias Price C79/158, no. [58]
1691 27 April 3 David Heard of St Dunstans in the West, London, bricklayer & Mary his wife, late wife of William Rawlin v. Richard Etheridge, gent & Jane his wife; and Thomas Prigg C78/1054, no. 1 [59]
1691 27 April 3 John, lord Delawarr, son and heir of Charles, lord Delawarr, and also administrator of his said father Charles, lord Delawarr v. Sir John Cutler, knight and baronet; Edward Allen; William Swaine, esq; Edward Plampin; Peter Blake; Joseph Hinckman; William Wimbleton; John Burrard; Thomas Axe; Edmund Swaine; Edmund Boulter; and Joshua Lush C78/1238, no. 1 [60]
1691 30 April 3 Mary Judd the wife of William Judd and heretofore the wife of Thomas Duncombe decd by John Fisher v William Judd (complt's husband), Nicholas Waddisworth, William Miller and John Lindley New Close, Stewkley, Bucks, jointure from the complts first marriage. C78/1305, no. 1 [61]
1691 1 May 3 John Baker v Harry Bayly, John Crosse, John Thomas and William Owsley. Taxes for poor and pew rents and payments from Framwood Farm, Trull, given in trust for repairs to the church at Trull, Somerset C78/940, no. 7 [62]
1691 1 May 3 Elizabeth Deering of Westminster, Midd, widow, late wife of Nicholas Deering, gent; James Tooth of Westminster, gent, & Jane his wife, daughter of said Nicholas Deering and said Elizabeth v. John Clarke, & Sarah his wife; Margaret Simpson; Jane Scott; and Mary Scott C78/756, no. 1 [63]
1691 1 May 3 Josias Calmady of Langdon, Devon, esq v. Richard Shapleigh, esq; John Buller, esq; Richard Coffin, esq; John Shapleigh, gent, an infant; Sir Edward Waldo, knight; John Gayer, esq; John Worth, esq; Simon Worth; Thomazine Worth; and Bridgett Worth, infants C78/824, no. 2 [64]
1691 2 May 3 Robert Moore of Egham, Surrey, gent v. Peter Rycant, & Charlott his wife; and Sir Gilbert Gerrard Cossine, baronet C78/756, no. 3 [65]
1691 4 May 3 Attorney General (not named) for Samuel Keckewich, Daniel Jones and William Taylor vicar and churchwardens of Rayneham, Essex and Dr Daniel Mills, Francis Dale and Tobell Acton minister and churchwardens of St Olave Harstreet, London for poor of those parishes v Daniel Gregory, Henry Sykes and others (not named) Charitable bequests payable by will of John Lowen from lands in Raynham, Essex. C78/1213, no. 2 [66]
1691 4 May 3 William Rutter & Margaret his wife administratrix of John Rutter citizen and haberdasher of London who died intestate v. Francis Child then esq now knight; Samuel Symon; John Hibbert the elder; John Hibbert the younger; Sarah Hibbert; and Francis Hibbert C79/92, no. [67]
1691 4 May 3 Phillip Causton, gent v. Edmond Rolfe, gent, executor of Thomas Smith, gent; and Francis Smith, only child of said Thomas Smith & Frances his wife C78/1192, no. 2 [68]
1691 5 May 3 Thomas Grey v John Hall a lunatic by Gilbert Parke his committee and the said Gilbert Parke and Elizabeth Wood widow Mortgage of lands in East and West Otterburn, Northumberland. C78/918, no. 6 [69]
1691 5 May 3 Edmond Beaghan, esq; and Anne, his daughter, by Anne his late wife, deceased, an infant, by said Edmund v. Dame Elizabeth Howard, widow; Sir William Hooper, knight; HumphreyJones, executor of John Middleton; William Browne, & Anne his wife, executor of Richard Newton; Sir Nathaniel Powell, baronet, son and heir of Sir Nathaniel Powell, baronet; Richard Kilburne, son and heir of Richard Kilburne; Peter Fludd, uncle and heir of Thomas Fludd, son and heir of Thomas Fludd, son and heir of Alablaster Fludd, who was son and heir of Thomas Fludd; Elizabeth Baker; Katherine Bake; John Dowell, & Mary his wife AND said Dame Elizabeth Howard v. said Edmund Beahan; and Anne his daughter; Sir William Hooker; Humphrey Jones; William Browne, & Anne his wife; John Dowell, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Baker; and Katherine Baker C78/824, no. 3 [70]
1691 11 May 3 William Estcourt and Charles Estcourt, two of the younger sons of Sir Thomas Estcourt, knight, by Dame Anne Estcourt his wife, the said William and Charles being both infants, by the said Dame Anne their mother v. Sir Thomas Estcourt, knight, eldest son and heir of said Sir Thomas Estcourt; John Jacob, esq; Jasper Chapman, jr, esq; Richard Goodenough, gent; Jasper Chapman the elder, gent; and Richard Holford, esq C78/1606, no. 2 [71]
1691 12 May 3 Mary Streete widow & executrix of Henry Streete of Kidlington upon the Greene, Oxon decd v Margarett Streete widow & administratrix of Woodhull Streete late of the City of Oxford decd and against Timothy Box and Thomas Box Will of Henry Streete. Manors and other property in Berks, Cambs, Middx, London and the City of Oxford. C78/1352, no. 4 [72]
1691 12 May 3 John Foster v. Thomas Foster, esq Settlement of the estate of Sir Mathew Foster, the complts grandfather. Manors of Edderston[Adderstone], Newland, Waivendon[?Warenton?] & Shudlaw[Shidlaw], rectory & tythes of Carham, and the townships of Learmouth, Aumdran[Mindrum], Money-Lawes[Moneylaws], Preston[Pressen] & Hiny-Lawes, Northumberland C78/966, no. 6 [73]
1691 12 May 3 Roger Coke, esq; Robert Bedingfield; and James Shuter, together with Robert Coke of Nonsuch, esq, since deceased, administrators of Robert Coke of Holkham, esq v. Francis Bagg; and John Elmston C78/978, no. 4 [74]
1691 14 May 3 Thomas Bownest, esq; and Dame Jane Nightingale, wife of Sir Thomas Nightingale, baronet, by said Thomas Bownest, her trustee and next friend v. Sir Robert Nightingale, knight; Thomas Swymborne, esq; and said Sir Thomas Nightingale, baronet C78/954, no. 1 [75]
1691 15 May 3 Joseph Cleydon and William Blackwell executor of Richard Blackwell decd v John Grubb, Robert Geles and Mary his wife, Henry White, Susanna Browne, William Willmott, John Mason, Joseph Sumner and Leticia his wife and others (not named). Debts payable from trust mortgage of the manor of Horsenden [in Longwick-cum-Ilmer par.], Bucks. C78/1213, no. 1 [76]
1691 15 May 3 William Randolph, esq & Abigail his wife; William Bannister, since deceased & Margaret his wife in right of said Margaret; Elizabeth Nevett since also deceased; and Martha Nevett, spinster, the said Abigail, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Martha being daughters of Thomas Nevett for themselves as the said Martha in right of Thomas and Edward Nevett, two of the sons of the said Thomas Nevett, deceased v. Edward Nevett, since also deceased; Robert Nevett; John Daxon AND also v. Ursula Nevett; and Alice Nevett inserted after by order of this court. C78/978, no. 5 [77]
1691 15 May 3 Francis Cater of Coventry v. The Mayor, Bailiffs, and Commonalty of the City of Coventry; Thomas Rogers; Edward Lapworth; Edward Owen; Thomas Lawrence; John Yardley; Jonathan Daniel; William Snell; Simon Lucas; William Meacocke; and Ralf Phillipps C78/1005, no. 2 [78]
1691 16 May 3 Loveday Lower; and Phillippa Lower of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, doctor in phisick; Richard Mathew; William Mathew; and Anne Mathew, the children ofJohn Mathew and of Dorothy his wife being all infants by John Trelawney of Ham, Devon, esq v. Sir Thomas Millington, knight; John Price; Thomas Axe; and Elizabeth Lower C78/938, no. 2 [79]
1691 18 May 3 Edward Whitaker v John Loggin a bankrupt, William Loggin and William Pawlin formerly partners with the bankrupt William Newsham servant to the partners John Ellis and John Smith assignees of the comissioners Thomas Gooding, [blank] Rastall and [blank] Cole Debts and bonds re partnership in iron mills in Kent C78/916, no. 1 [80]
1691 18 May 3 Thomas English of Buckland, Kent, esq & Dorothy his wife one of the daughters of James Zouch of Woking, Surrey, esq v. James Zouch esq C78/2070, no. 2 [81]
1691 19 May 3 John Creswell the elder, esq; and John Creswell the younger, son and heir apparent of John Creswell the elder; Paul Creswell; Charles Creswell; William Creswell; and Thomas Creswell, all sons of said John Creswell the elder and infants, by said John Creswell their father and guardian v. Peter Whalley, clerk; and Robert Ives, gent C78/1629, no. 4 [82]
1691 21 May 3 Thomas Chettell of St Mary, Blandford, Dorset, esq; and Maurice Bockland of Standlinch, Wilts, esq v. Dalby Thomas of London, merchant; and George Penne C78/824, no. 1 [83]
1691 22 May 3 Ambrose Webb, clerk, & Anne his wife v. Henry Young; and Edward Young, clerk C78/1638, no. 7 [84]
1691 22 May 3 The Schoolmaster and Thirteen Poor Men of Ewelme Almshouse in Ewelme, Oxon; William Drake of Ramridge alias Ramridge, Hants, esq, & Constance his wife; Henry Whitehead, esq; and William Goddard of Woodhay, Hants, esq v. The Bailiff, Honest Men and Burgesses of the Town and Burrough of Andover, Hants; Walter Robinson; Peter Blake; and John Poppinjoy C78/1629, no. 3 [85]
1691 22 May 3 Sir George Treby, knight, Attorney General v. The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Pembroke College, University of Oxford; Elizabeth Kenwricke, widow; and William Kenwrick & Katherine his wife C78/937, no. -- [86]
1691 23 May 3 Frances Walsale; and Elizabeth Gunthorpe v. William Burrough, executor of John Style of Stepney, gent; and others (sic) C78/1125, no. 13 [87]
1691 24 May 3 Katherine Wenman; and Mary Wenman, infant, by Sir Robert Dashwood, knight and baronet, daughters of Richard Wenman of Casewell, Oxon, baronet, lord Wenman, viscount Tuam, Ireland v. Dame Katherine Wenman, the widow and executrix of said Lord Wenman; Sir Richard Wenman baronet, lord Wenman, viscount Tuam, Ireland; Phillipp Wenman; Doroliza Wenman; and Mary Wenman C78/1640, no. 13 [88]
1691 26 May 3 John Smith, one of the executors and trustees of John Greene, gent; Mary Greene, coexecutrix of John Greene and eldest daughter of the testator John Greene; Mercy Greene; Anne Greene; and Deborah Green, three of the younger children of said John Green v. Thomas Gale, doctor in divinity; and Jonathan Grteen, son of said John Green C78/1713, no. 1 [89]
1691 27 May 3 Henry Ogle, esq v. Mathew Alnwicke, gent Accounts due from the deft who was country clerk to the complts father, John Ogle, when he was Sheriff of Northumberland in 1654 C78/966, no. 5 [90]
1691 28 May 3 Thomas Gregor v. Thomas Trewolla C78/1694, no. 5 [91]
1691 28 May 3 Thomas Wilsmore; and John Shepheard, churchwardens of St Gyles within the liberty of the town of Colchester, Essex; and Benjamin Cock; John We___; Henry Dakins; and John Stanley the overseers of the poor for themselves and for the rest of the parishioners and also for the poor of the said parish v. John Walkeden, esq C78/794, no. 5 [92]
1691 28 May 3 William Abbott & Christian his wife; William Edye; Charles Edye; and Mary Edye v. Henry Edye C78/1181, no. 9 [93]
1691 10 June 3 John Cooke, gent v. John Young; and Paul Young, sons and only executors of James Young, merchant; and Ann Ball, widow and relict of John Ball, esq C78/1599, no. 1 [94]
1691 10 June 3 Sir Thomas Tempest, baronet; Sir Edward Blackett, baronet; Sir William Blackett, baronet; and Francis Anderson, esq, an infant, by Dorcas Anderson v. Roger Garscell; Roger Sowerby; James Curtis; Humphry Sidebottome; and Christopher Errington C78/756, no. 2 [95]
1691 12 June 3 Thomas Bullocke, gent v. John Browne, executor and residuary legatee of Francis Bullocke, gent v. John Browne, executor and residuary legatee of Francis Browne, gent; and Armiger Browne, an infant, son an dheir of Hugh Browne, son and heir of Armiger Browne, edlest brother and heir of said Francis Browne, by Susan Briggs his guardian assigned by this court C78/977, no. 4 [96]
1691 13 June 3 William Stewkley esq v. Sir Hugh Stewkley baronet C79/28, no. [97]
1691 15 June 3 Sir James Hayes v Sir Edward Hungerford, Thomas Prettyman, Hugh Norris and Thomas Rowe. Payments and debts due from sale of encumbered lands in North Borne [Northbourne], Sholden, Betteshanger and Ham [near Sandwich], Kent. C78/940, no. 6 [98]
1691 15 June 3 William Ewavas, esq; Nathaniel Hooke; Thomas Arnold; Ramath Askey; Thomas Bowley; Henry Preedy; Richard Wenman; Dorothy Trolove; John Phillipps; Richard Patchett; Thomas Garrett; John Herbert; William Trullocke; Edward Wake; Francis Thompson; and Christopher Savery, creditors of Robert Coke of Holkham, Norf, esq, for themselves and for other creditors of said Coke as contribute to the suit v. Thomas, earl of Danby; the lady Anne Cooke; Edward Cooke; Roger Cooke; Robert Beddingfield; James Shuter; Samuel Maidwell; Anthony Friston; Richard Friston; John Hall; William Ettericke; Thomas Knight; Thomas Loyd; Jane Fleete; Anne Chandler C78/1640, no. 7 [99]
1691 15 June 3 Henry Norris v. Edward Marling; John Gore; John Pare; and Richard Norris, his father C78/937, no. 5 [100]
1691 16 June 3 Sir William Scroggs, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Kings Bench v Mary Boufoy, Anne Smithsby and Anthony Gawdy Purchase of manor of Wealdhall, Essex from Sir Anthony Browne C78/1352, no. 2 [101]
1691 16 June 3 Luke Meredeth & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Charnell Maior deceased & Mary his wife v. Susannah Maior the elder; Susannah Maior the younger; Margaret Royston; Richard Chiswell & Mary his wife; Thomas Tubman & Elizabeth his wife; Mary and Thomas Fenwicke; Margaret, Susannah, Edward, John, Richard, and Katherine Butterfield; Richard Green & Mary his wife, the younger daughter of the said Charnell Maior C78/913, no. 3 [102]
1691 16 June 3 John Blynman, gent v. John Browne & Joane his wife; James Hurman; and William Hassell C78/938, no. 1 [103]
1691 18 June 3 Thomas Denny v. Lucia Mannock, widow; and Ambrose Copland C78/1638, no. 6 [104]
1691 21 June 3 Richard Poole gentleman v. Sir John Guyse baronet and Thomas Rich gentleman C78/2060, no. 7 [105]
1691 22 June 3 Francis Herne, gent; and John Woolsey, & Susanna his wife, late wife of John Herne, who was only son of said Francis Herne v. John Herne; and others (sic) C78/1716, no. 16 [106]
1691 26 June 3 John Sandford of Nynehead, Som, esq v. Bridget Wood, widow and relict of Thomas Wood; George Wood Powell; and Roger Powell, nephews and heirs at law of said Thomas Wood; Sarbington Savery, esq; Francis Fulwood, doctor of divinity; James Farewell, doctor of divinity; and Charles Brune, esq, three of the trustees appointed in a deed of settlement and in the will made by said Thomas Wood AND v. Robert Collins; Edward Jermin; Henry Page; Thomas Page; John Yeard; George Hare; John Carslake; Thomas Butler; Bernard Smith; Maryann Lian Talbott; Samuel Dell; Edward Chandler; John Doddington; George Cockram; George Bennison; Thomas Mundey; Dennis Lutley; William Jones; Robert Kerslake; Alexander Preddy; Thomas Cawsey; William Foweracre; Nicholas Loveing; Robert Toogood; George Hare; Nicholas Comer, clerk; John Bruford; Robert Parsons; George Brice; Roger Powell; Elizabeth Sandford; William Blackford, gent; Mathias Hanbill, gent; John Machell the elder; John Machell the younger; George Davy; Richard Hamlyn; Richard Charde; John Collard; Mary Chally; Abraham Burnard; John Ferris; Thomas Jones; Thomas Shott; Anne Cheete; Thomas Thetcher; William Syle; John Ellard; John Clarke; Dorothy Simpson, widow; William Harvey; Edward Hawley, esq; Katherine Carew, widow; John Ward; and Hurch Mills, creditors of said Thomas Wood C78/1037, no. 10 [107]
1691 27 June 3 William Nicholas v. Mark Arundell esq; Nathaniel Hunt; Thomas Smith; John Stone; Arthur Warren; Henry Woolfe; Dorothy Pound; Catherine Pound; Elizabeth Pound; Mary Pound; John Jackson; and John Robinson C78/2012, no. 13 [108]
1691 29 June 3 William Farrow v Robert Farrow the elder; William Farrow and Robert Farrow the younger his sons, infants. Will of William Farrow decd, the complts uncle. Annuity due from one yardland and appurtenances in Barton, Northants. C78/1391, no. 2 [109]
1691 29 June 3 Thomas Hull esq & Penelope his wife who was the eldest daughter of Randall Egerton esq v. Elizabeth Egerton widow; Sir John Corbett baronet & Dame Frances his wife; Diana Egerton; Anne Egerton; Jane Egerton; Sir John Bowyer knight; William Sneyd esq; and John Offley esq C79/28, no. [110]
1691 30 June 3 Daniel Mercer, John Knapp, Edward Sherwood and George Cole of London creditors of John Asten late of the parish of Christ's Church, Surrey v Peter Power, Richard Hill, Edward Browne and the said John Asten. Accounts re trade with Cadiz, Spain in dyer's goods and cloth. C78/916, no. 2 [111]
1691 30 June 3 Alexander Milbourne and Elizabeth his wife v George Barnesly, Thomas Bowers and Elizabeth Watson. Legacy payable from personal estate of William Watson. C78/1227, no. 3 [112]
1691 1 July 3 John Butcher; and John Wilson v. Jonathan Willson C78/1005, no. 1 [113]
1691 2 July 3 Purpill Templer, gent & Anne his wife v. Francis Westropp, gent; Isaac Hurst; and Purpill Templer the younger; Anne Templer; John Templer; Thomas Templer; and Sarah Templer C78/1233, no. 6 [114]
1691 4 July 3 Henry Rumball or Rumbold an infant of about 11 years by Richard Peppert v Sir Benjamin Bathurst, Edward Burdett, James Halsall, Elizabeth Rumbold and Charles Rumbold Legacy payable from personal estate of Henry Rumbold. C78/918, no. 7 [115]
1691 7 July 3 Dane Frances Wylde widow on behalf of Anne Zouch wife of James Zouch v Daniel Colwall the elder and Sir Thomas Pilkington two of the executors of John Colwall decd, William Longville and Charles Bonython executors of Elizabeth Colwall decd, Richard Spour, Foot Onslow and Susanna his wife, Daniel Colwall the younger and Thomas and Elizabeth Colwall children of the said Susanna by Arnold Colwall her former husband, and James Zouch Annuity due from the will of John Colwall. C78/1352, no. 5 [116]
1691 8 July 3 Elizabeth Harris of Barnestaple, Devon widow, one of the sisters and coheires of John Martin late of the City of Exeter decd, Christopher Coke of Exeter merchant and Mary his wife daughter of Mary Thomas decd another of the sisters of John Martin, John Watts of London merchant son of Dorothy Watts another sister of John Martin, Richard Turner and Dorothy his wife, and Robert Meadowes and Elizabeth his wife, which said Elizabeth and Dorothy were daughters of the said Dorothy Watts v Elizabeth Martin, John Hicks and Katherine Stutt daughter of Katherine Stutt decd another of the sisters of the said John Martin Agreement on the marriage of the said John Martin decd and the deft Elizabeth Martin formerly Elizabeth Hickes sister of the deft John Hickes. C78/1356, no. 3 [117]
1691 8 July 3 Edward Whettall v. Edward Davyes; Mary Whettall; and Elizabeth Whettall, infants by the said Edward Whettall their guardian C78/966, no. 4 [118]
1691 8 July 3 Charles, earl of Westmoreland and Lord le Spencer; The Honorable Sir Vere Fane, Knight of the Bath; and Francis Darcy Savage, esq & Diana his wife, daughter of John Bill, esdq (the complainant Francis Darcy Savage only joining therein for conformity and claiming no interests in the matters thereby demanded for his own use and benefit but for the use and benefit of the said Diana his wife according to the indenture mentioned in the case) v. Charles Bill, esq; Charles Garret; ___ Herbert; Thomas Newcombe, esq; John Williams; and Adriell Mills C78/1079, no. 2 [119]
1691 11 July 3 Jonathan Browne of Sowbach in the parish of Stanton upon Hineheath, Salop, gent v. Francis Chilton; Thomas Johnson; and others (sic) C78/1175, no. 4 [120]
1691 13 July 3 Richard Anderson of Pendler, Herts, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Sir Edward Farmer of Cannons, Essex, knight & Dame Margarett his wife; Dame Arrabella Wiseman widow the relict and executrix of Sir William Wiseman late of Canfield, Essex, baronet and also executrix of George, lord viscount Hewitt of Goron Baron of James Town in the kingdom of Ireland deceased; Sir Charles Crofts Read of Bardwell Place, Suffolk, knight & Dame Mary his wife, which said Elizabeth lady Anderson, Margarett lady Farmer; Arrabella lady Wiseman, and Mary lady Crofts Read are the four surviving sisters and heirs of the late viscount Hewitt and also devisees in his will v. Sir George Riders baronet and George Marshall C79/193, no. [121]
1691 13 July 3 ___ Morrison relict and executrix of (Thomas?) Morrison v. John Backwell ____ and Charles Duncombe C79/146, no. [122]
1691 13 July 3 Bernard Grenville esq & Anne his wife; Sir Thomas Meeres knight; and Robert Meeres esq v. John Middleton gentleman & Anne his wife C79/42, no. [123]
1691 13 July 3 Thomas Bedford of London, gent v. Edward Wynne, esq; and Samuel Trist, esq C78/978, no. 2 [124]
1691 13 July 3 James Murford v. Thomas Murford; Thomas Nuttall; and Thomas Turner C78/1079, no. 4 [125]
1691 16 July 3 Edward Mann gentleman; Priscella Borrett widow; Thomas ___ & Priscilla his wife; and Thomas Booth & Mary his wife v. Mary Booth widow; William Cooper esq & Judith his wife; and Samuell Powell C79/163, no. [126]
1691 16 July 3 James Rudge; Mary Rudge; Sarah Rudge; John Rudge; Thomas Rudge; and Peter Rudge infants by Edward Rudge merchant their uncle v. Edward Lewis & Martha his wife; Richard March; and William Clarke C78/2060, no. 14 [127]
1691 16 July 3 Margaret Baynes of London, widow, the relict and executrix of John Baynes of London, gent; and Thomas Baynes; Joseph Baynes; Edmond Baynes; Margaret Baynes; and Mary Baynes, five of the children of said John Baynes, by said Margaret Baynes; Dutton Seaman of London, gent; Clement Sankey, doctor in divinity; Thomas Clarke of Horne Church, Essex, gent, the said Thomas Baynes being one of the executors of Elizabeth Warren of London, creditors of said John Baynes v. Robert Brabourne, gent; Thomas Greene, doctor in divinity; Thomas Gilbert of London, scrivener; Lucy Courthopp, who was the daughter of John Lee alias Warner, doctor in divinity, and late wife of John Baynes, esq, son of the said John Baynes, also deceased; Lee Warner, esq; and John Baynes, an infant, grandson of said John Baynes, deceased; and Thomas Blackmore, mercer C78/1112, no. 1 [128]
1691 17 July 3 John Carveth of Penzance, Corn, gent & Mary his wife, administratrix de bonis non (by Henry Tremenhere) of John Tremenhere of Penzance, merchant; and John Henderson Tremenhere, executor of said John Tremenhere with the will annexed and also administratrix of John Henderson Tremenhere v. John Tremenhere of Penzance, merchant; Thomas Worth; and William Worth of Penryn, merchants, brothers to said complainant Mary; William Cocke of Helstone, Corn, attorney at law, son in law to said William Worth; Thomas Corey of Marazion, Corn, merchant; George Richards; and Andre Vigures of Penzance, merchants; Richard Hickens of St Ives, Corn, merchant; Lewis Doe; Thomas Hearte; Robert Mitchell; Phillipp Papillion, merchants; John Haweis, esq; John Freethy; William Painter, esq; Francis Painter, gent; Reginald Trenhayle, clerk; Richard Pearce C78/1059, no. 5 [129]
1691 17 July 3 Thomas Hesiltine, gent, since deceased; James Emerson; and Ellis Cooper, gent; John Murton; and George Black; and others (sic) v. Henry Lambton; and William Lambton, esq; and Christopher Fawcett Lease of colliery in the manor of Harraton, Co Durham at the rent of 6d per score for every 20 corves of coal, which adjoined those of the defts at Lambton Agreement concerning the working of a waste on the boundary of the two collieries in order to deal with excess water in Harraton Colliery. C78/1079, no. 3 [130]
1691 18 July 3 Walter Bignall; and William Bignall, two of the children of Walter Bignall of Wandsworth, Surrey, infants, by Thomas Bignall their uncle v. Robert Maynard; and John Stafford, executors of said Walter Bignall C78/975, no. 1 [131]
1691 19 July 3 George Welborne v. John Tayler & Luce his wife C78/1125, no. 14 [132]
1691 20 July 3 Jane Freeman, widow, relict, and executrix of Estwick William Freeman her late husband v. Abraham Freeman, gent C78/1233, no. 7 [133]
1691 21 July 3 Sir George Treby knight Attorney General by the relation of John Berridge; William Tyler; and John Freeman on their own behalf and for the other cottagers of and the inhabitants of certain houses in Exton wherein one John Rathby deceased formerly boarded v. Sir Edmond Harrington baronet and John Thompson esq C78/2070, no. 17 [134]
1691 22 July 3 Thomas Darwin and John Blackstone executors of John Bent decd in trust for his children v William Bent son and heir of the said testator John Bent, Edward Rigby and Anne his wife, John Leneeve an infant, and Edward Browne and Elizabeth his wife Wills of John Bent and his brother William Bent, both decd. Agreement to lease of houses in the parish of St Faith and St Austin, which were agreed, but not executed before the death of William Bent. C78/1336, no. 2 [135]
1691 22 July 3 Robert Cesar of London, gent & Johanna his wife; and Johanna Cesar, spinster; and Dame Ann Poyntz, widow, their daughters; Manwareing Davies of the Inner Temple, London, esq; and Lewis West of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Richard Kinsey, citizen and vintner of London C78/1064, no. 3 [136]
1691 24 July 3 John Worley v Richard Warner Refs decree of 21 November last past. C78/1354, no. 6 [137]
1691 24 July 3 Phillipp Wenman, esq; Doreliza Wenman; and Mary Wenman, an infant by said Phillipp Wenman, her guardian v. Dame Katherine Wenman, widow and executrix of Richard Wenman; Richard, lord Wenman; Katherine and Mary Wenman, son and daughters of said Richard, lord Wenman; Sir Edward Norris; and Sir Richard Holloway, knight C78/1640, no. 12 [138]
1691 24 July 3 George Gay, jr, & Elizabeth his wife v. Nicholas Wilton; Symon Folkes; and Henry Bolt, esqs; and Andrew Card, gent C78/1638, no. 13 [139]
1691 24 July 3 Phillip Kedington, widow v. Nicholas Wilton; Simon Folkes C78/1638, no. 12 [140]
1691 24 July 3 Humberston Marsh of Ashwicking, Norf, gent, & Dionesse his wife; Sir Robert Baldock, knight; and John Lovell the elder gent v. Nicholas Wilton; Simon Folkes; and Henry Bolt, esqs; and Andrew Card, gent C78/1638, no. 9 [141]
1691 24 July 3 Mary Tooley, widow and relict of Henry Tooley of Watton, Norf, clerk; Margaret Tooley her daughter, an infant, by said Mary her mother and guardian; Sir Robert Baldock, knight; and Henry Baldocke, esq v. Nicholas Wilton; Simon Folkes; and Henry Bolt, esqs; and Andrew Card C78/1638, no. 8 [142]
1691 24 July 3 Wormeley Hethersett of Thetford, Norf, gent v. Gardner Hewytt, esq C78/1630, no. 4 [143]
1691 24 July 3 Thomas Lee, esq, nephew and heir of Thomas Lee of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Thomas Savill; and Robert Savill C78/761, no. 4 [144]
1691 24 July 3 Phillipp Wenman, esq; Doreliza Wenman; and Mary Wenman, an infant by said Phillipp Wenman, her guardian v. Dame Katherine Wenman, widow and executrix of Richard, lord Wenman; Richard, lord Wenman; Katherine, and Mary Wenman, son and daughters of said Richard, lord Wenman; Sir Edward Norris; and Sir Richard Hooloway, knight C78/1640, no. 12 [145]
1691 24 July 3 Thomas Jackson, gent v. Thomas Norcliffe, & Susan his wife C78/787, no. 4 [146]
1691 24 July 3 John Waxham v. John Hilton C78/937, no. 4 [147]
1691 24 July 3 Richard Tilden v. Samuel Farmer, esq & Mary his wife, since deceased; Mary Spiar; Elizabeth Spiar; Rebecca Spiar; George Payne; The Honorable Thomas Walrende, esq & Ellizabeth his wife; and Sir Robert le Gard, knight, one of the masters of chancery C78/978, no. 3 [148]
1691 24 July 3 Joane Pritchard of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, spinster; Jane Pritchard alias Steed; and James Steed, her husband; and Thomas Roberts, gent v. Richard Laugher of Tythegston, Glam, esq & Cicill his wife; ___ Evans; David Thomas; and John Deere C78/1064, no. 4 [149]
1691 25 July 3 William Glyde, esq v. John Nicholls, sr; John Nicholls, jr, since deceased; Roger Cheeke; John Buttson; Dorothy Davy, widow; Doctor Richard Annesley, & Dorothy his wife; Amy, Lucy, Rebecca, and Lettice Day C78/1794, no. 13 [150]
1691 28 July 3 Abraham Jaggard the elder, citizen and grocer of London v William Lloyd Doctor of Divinity then Bishop of Norwich and Anne his wife, Sir Robert Adams, Thomas Adams, John Heather, and John Lloyd and Hannah Lloyd infants, children of the said Bishop of Norwich and his wife Marriage agreement between Thomas Adams decd and the deft Anne, then by the name of Anne Jaggard spinster. C78/1361, no. 3 [151]
1691 10 Aug 3 Rebeccah Hildesley, widow and relict of Stephen Hildesley; and Mark Hildesley, an infant, eldest son of said Stephen Hildesley, by said Rebeccah his mother and guardian v. Mark Hildesley; and John Hildesley esqs C78/823, no. 1 [152]
1691 24 Aug 3 Henry Drax and Walter Drax infants by Anne Ernle widow their grandmother and Elizabeth Drax the mother of the said infants, relict and sole executrix of Thomas Drax esq her late husband v. Sir Walter St John baronet C79/22, no. [153]
1691 20 Oct 3 John Pitts of Norwich, woolendraper v. John Lambert, gent C78/1610, no. 8 [154]
1691 20 Oct 3 Sarah Evans, widow, relict, and sole executrix of Abell Evans of London; and Mordecay Fromantell, merchant v. William Gosse C78/1108, no. 1 [155]
1691 23 Oct 3 George Wright & Anne his wife formerly Anne Oughton v. Josia Allen & Mary his wife; and others (sic) C78/937, no. 1 [156]
1691 27 Oct 3 Joseph Bentham, doctor of divinity; Richard Fancourt the younger, gent, son and heir apparent of Richard Fancourt, esq, by Anne his first wife; and Anne Fancourt and Elizabeth Fancourt, spinsters, daughters of said Richard and Anne Fancourt; the said Richard Fancourt, Anne and Elizabeth Fancourt being all infants, by said Joseph Betham their guardian v. said Richard Fancourt the elder; Ezechiel Johnson, clerk; Sir Mark Guyon, knight; Lyon Fancourt; Joseph Blater; Anne Walker; and Anne Dixon C78/1079, no. 7 [157]
1691 28 Oct 3 Henry Lowe, John Golden, Goucher Kerfoot, John Allam, William Ashton, Roger Baber als Fleming, Randall Barnes, Thomas Corles, Samuel Marsh, John Hasleden, Peter Massey, Henry Daubebin, Henry Rideard, Adam Orford, Mary Kerfoot, Richard Woodnoft, Robert Birchall, Arthur Lamdder, George Sorrowcold, Jonathan Travis, [blank] Smith, Peter Lowe, James Fogg, Thomas Birch, Edward Ounsworth and Jane his wife, Anne Flenville, Margaret Jenkins, Henry Telwill, Thomas Massey, Robert Bootle, John Corles, Goucher Macher, Alice Corles, John Rowson, Thomas Knowles and Mary his wife v Thomas Bennett clerke, John Bennett, Alexander Pilkington, and also against William George Richard Earl of Derby and Nicholas Lord Bishop of Chester. Attempts to change the ancient yearly rents due from the complts as tenants of the manor of Winwick cum Holme, Lancs. C78/1369, no. 22 [158]
1691 29 Oct 3 Mary Langdon of London spinster v. William Jordan & Elizabeth his wife; and Edward Jordan C78/2070, no. [159]
1691 31 Oct 3 Frances Turvile, widow v. Robert Bryan C78/1581, no. 12 [160]
1691 6 Nov 3 George Broome of the City of London, merchant v. Edmund Harrison; John Horsey; and Richard Horsey C78/1474, no. 3 [161]
1691 10 Nov 3 Margaret Sheires; and Anne Sheires, infants, by Emanuell Miles their guardian v. Elizabeth Sheires, widow; John Sheires; and John Williams, gent; and others (sic) C78/788, no. 2 [162]
1691 12 Nov 3 William Drope of Stanmore Magna, Middx, gent v. John Pepys; John Barrett; Sampson Salt; Peter Shuttleworth; Alice Gibson; John Parsons; Thomas Etheridge; John Child; and Thomas Tanner C78/1051, no. 1 [163]
1691 13 Nov 3 William Burgoine of London merchant v Benjamin Schutt, Thomas Bird, William Atwood and Robert Hutchins Dispute over trading accounts, including a shipload of fish from New Found Land to Oporto, Portugal, consigned by the Defts to the Complt. C78/1352, no. 1 [164]
1691 13 Nov 3 Hercules Horsey v. Jane Wiseman, spinster; Sarah Foster, widow; and John Plilmer, esq; and others C78/1629, no. 8 [165]
1691 13 Nov 3 Frances Walsale; and Elizabeth Gunthorpe, widows v. William Burrough, executor of John Style, gent C78/1125, no. 12 [166]
1691 13 Nov 3 Stephen Martin; John Wall; Edward Tillett; and Edward Moore, creditors of William Ellis the younger v. Robert Woodgate & Mary his wife; John Cooke & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Rand & Martha his wife; Edward Rigby, esq, lord of the manor of Boxted, Essex; and Henry Parker, esq, lord of the manor of East Bergholt, Suff C78/1192, no. 5 [167]
1691 14 Nov 3 Phillip Lesserteare & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Michael Mohun of St Giles in the Fields, esq, deceased; Theophilus Lesserteare; and Anne Lesserteare, children of said Phillip and Elizabeth Lesserteare by said Phillip and Elizabeth v. Anne Mohun, widow; Robert Hodson; and Gilbert Thorneburgh C78/913, no. 1 [168]
1691 16 Nov 3 Elizabeth Hanham v. Thomas Fidler; Richard Atkins alias Atkinson & Dorothy his wife; Ambrose Wilson & Elizabeth his wife; and Michael Ayre C78/913, no. 2 [169]
1691 17 Nov 3 Roger Brookes gentleman and Hannah Turbervile widow v. John Peyton administrator of William Jennings and Henry Jennings C79/28, no. [170]
1691 17 Nov 3 Arnold Burdett v. Sir Edward Blackett, baronet C78/782, no. 5 [171]
1691 17 Nov 3 The Right Honorable Henry Powle, esq, Master of the Rolls v. William Winter, esq; George Skipp, esq; Anne Skynner, widow; John Surman; John Thorne & Anne his wife; Mary Trist, widow; John Phillipps; Benjamin Pritchard, clerk; William Bissell; Richard Brew; Stephen Skynner; John Moreton; and Anthony Vobe C78/1072, no. 11 [172]
1691 18 Nov 3 William Hiasford yeoman and Anne Hiasford his daughter an infant by said William her guardian v. Thomas Craddocke C78/2041, no. 18 [173]
1691 18 Nov 3 Thomas Haselfoote; Henry Haselfoote; Robert Haselfoote; Vesey Haselfoote; Rebecca Haselfoote; and Alice Haselfoote, infants, by said Thomas Haselfoote, their brother, all children of Rebecca Haselfoote of Messing, Essex, widow v. Sir Phillip Parker, baronet; William Haselfoote; and Obediah Paul C78/1638, no. 10 [174]
1691 19 Nov 3 Susanna Bulkely of London widow & executrix of John Bulkely late of the Island of Jamaica, and formerly of London, grocer decd v James Thorowgood and others (not named) Mortgage by John Bulkely to Peter Thorowgood late citizen and salter of London, of a moiety of messuage called Greaves and other messuages in Graven Hanger, Salop, purchased by William Bulkely grandfather of the said John Bulkely C78/1352, no. 3 [175]
1691 19 Nov 3 Stephen Martin; John Wall; Edward tillett; and Edward Moore, creditors of William Ellis the younger, deceased v. Robert Woodgate, & Mary his wife; John Cooke, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Rand, & Martha his wife; Edward Rigby, esq, lord of the manor of Boxtead, Essex; and Henry Parker, esq, lord of the manor of East Bergholt, Suff C78/802, no. 2 [176]
1691 20 Nov 3 Sir Marmaduke Gresham v Dame Mary Maynard widow Mortgage of the jointure of Martha Gresham, widow of Edward Gresham and daughter of Sir John Maynard C78/1309, no. 5 [177]
1691 20 Nov 3 John Jones of London doctor of laws v. The Bishop, Archdeacon, and Chapter of Llandaffe; William, lord bishop of Norwich; Dame Elizabeth Lloyd widow; William Beaw; Thomas Roberts; Thomas Andrews clerk; Francis Davis clerk; Phillipp Maddock clerk; John Lougher clerk; John Francklin clerk; and Thomas Wilkins clerk C79/172, no. [178]
1691 21 Nov 3 Richard Harris or Haft v George Cornish and William Chappell Marriage treaty of personal estate and copyhold lands in Taunton Deane and Staplegrove, Somerset at the marriage of the complt and Elizabeth Gunston daughter of John Dunston C78/940, no. 3 [179]
1691 21 Nov 3 Edward and Rebecca Pearce v Henry and Walter Trosse Marriage settlement of lands in Yendacott, Shewbrooke, Feninton, Buckerell and Exeter, Devon C78/940, no. 4 [180]
1691 21 Nov 3 Sir William Haward knight v. John Burrowes; Christopher Barron; William Barron; Abraham Barrington; Edward Horwood; William Ravenhill; Robert Barron; William Waltren; and William Rowe C78/201, no. [181]
1691 21 Nov 3 Sir Robert Sawyer knight then Attorney General at the relation of Daniel Wacherly esq and John Gardner on behalf of themselves and others the inhabitants of Clive and Sanlow and of _____ Hughe, clerk; ____ Turner clerk; and Samuel Orpe clerk, late curates of the chapel of Clive and of ____ Anchors then curate of the said Chapel v. the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Shrewsbury; Andrew Tayler; and Robert Forster C78/2038, no. 12 [182]
1691 23 Nov 3 Edmund and Francis Crane, esqs, executors of Sir Samuel Jones, knight v. Samuel Jones, esq; Henry Jones; Isaake Wake; Drury Wake; Robert Wake; Baldwin Wake; and William Wake C78/826, no. 6 [183]
1691 25 Nov 3 Charles Wetherell gentleman & Bridget his wife administratrix de bonis non with the will annexed of Lawrence Pickering v. William Turner; and Elizabeth Meller widow C78/2060, no. 16 [184]
1691 25 Nov 3 John Wray, son of Thomas Wray, an infant, by Thomas Jones v. Thomas Harman, & Elizabeth his wife; and James Whitfield C78/1519, no. 8 [185]
1691 27 Nov 3 Richard Woollaston v. William Attwood and Mary his wife; John Wood; Edward Leigh executor of Edward Leigh his father; and Mary Attwood, Elizabeth Attwood, Leigh Attwood and Anne Attwood children of the said William Attwood and Mary his wife Mortgage of property in Essex. C78/1445, no. 4 [186]
1691 27 Nov 3 Stephen Baxter of Mendham, Suff, gent; Elizabeth Stebbing; Sarah Stebbing; and George Stebbing, infants, by said Stephen their grandfather v. Francis Gardiner, esq; and Henry Stebbing, gent C78/1125, no. 10 [187]
1691 28 Nov 3 John Sweetaple v. William Brooke, esq; John Weaver; Robert Wilkinson; James Woods; Charles Barkesdale; Richard Huggham; Thomas Westrow; and Edward Hulse C78/1716, no. 17 [188]
1691 28 Nov 3 Sir Thomas Dolman, knight v. Thomas Dolman; and Robert Thornhill, esq; and Francis Oldfield, gent C78/1715, no. 6 [189]
1691 28 Nov 3 John Howse of Carleton Road, Norf, gent v. Charles Alden & Margaret his wife; and John Girling C78/1125, no. 11 [190]
1691 3 Dec 3 Samuel Bate of Wilstone in the parish of Tring, Herts, yeoman v. Henry Smith of King's Langley, Herts, gentleman C78/2070, no. 16 [191]
1691 4 Dec 3 William Beveridge als Berridge v. Richard Davenport and Dorothy his wife; Sir William Halford brother of Sir Thomas Halford decd; William Sacheverell; and James Sacheverell Will of John Berridge, Doctor of Divinity, the complts grandfather. Advowson of the rectory of Kibworth Beauchampe, Leics. C78/1445, no. 3 [192]
1691 4 Dec 3 Anne Douglas, widow and administratrix of James Douglas, esq v. James Herriott C78/1713, no. 10 [193]
1691 5 Dec 3 Job Allibon and Katherine his wife, Randolph Mathews and Elinor his wife and Bridgett Maddox widow, which said Katherine and Bridgett were the only daughters of Elizabeth Nest decd natural sister of Henry White and the said Elinor was only daughter of Swithin White natural brother to the said Henry who died unmarried and intestate v Thomas Lightfoote Estate of Henry White decd. Tenements, Timberyard and Osier ground at Lambeth, Surrey. C78/1349, no. 5 [194]
1691 5 Dec 3 Catterick Birkbeck son & heir of Thomas Birkbeck decd v Thomas Pulleyne Attempts to deceive the complts of his inheritance of the lordship of Carleton als North Carleton, Yorks. C78/1369, no. 20 [195]
1691 8 Dec 3 Joseph Chesheire v. Thomas Wright; and Nicholas Wigg; and others (not named) C78/937, no.-- [196]
1691 9 Dec 3 Hawley Bishopp, John Reeve and infant by the said Hawley Bishopp, John Bulteel, Charles Hara, William Mellish and Francis Geary v Edmund Heming, Edward Windus and Samuel Huchinson Shares in the invention for lighting the streets. C78/1326, no. 7 [197]
1691 9 Dec 3 Sir John Moore of London knight v. Ralph Hartley late of Kingsbury, Middx, gent C79/146, no. [198]
1691 11 Dec 3 Mary Griffith widow of Daniel Griffith the elder decd v Rice Phillips and Anne his wife formerly the widow of William Frost decd and Mathew Griffith Complt's marriage portion. C78/1369, no. 24 [199]
1691 11 Dec 3 Charles Robinson, esq; Margaret Robinson, widow; Elizabeth Cotterell, spinster; Mary Robinson, spinster; Issabell, countess dowager of Roscommon; Margaret Robinson; Katherine Robinson; and Anne Robinson, spinster and daughters of said Margaret and legatees of Lieutenant colonel Boynton v. Susan Tobyn, widow, executrix of said Boynton (since married to Alexander Higgins C78/966, no. 1 [200]
1691 11 Dec 3 Hester Turner, widow and executrix of John Turner, esq; Charles Wale, gent; and Phillip Oddy, gent & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of said John Turner v. Joseph Sparrow & Jane his wife; Clement Scot C78/1108, no. 5 [201]
1691 12 Dec 3 Francis Sanderson esq executor of Charles Sanderson esq; Dame Elizabeth Hickman; ___; Margaret Hickman; and Bridget Hickman daughters of said Dame Elizabeth Hickman; Nicholas Tayler; Francis Marton; Richarde Taylor; Diana Deaaltry widow and exectrix of William Dealtry; and Edwartd Jackson v. Sir Willoughby Hickman baronet; Thomas Hill esq; Francis Sandis esq; and ___ his wife; Henry Dawney esq & Mildred his wife; Dorothey Godfry; Margaret Godfrey; Elizabeth Godfrey; and Joseph Godfrey C78/1941, no. 1 [202]
1691 14 Dec 3 Mary Edmonds infant, only daughter and heir of Henry Edmonds decd, by Sir Henry Goring as guardian and said Sir Henry Goring administrator of John Edmonds the said infant's brother v Thomas Peckham and Thomas Edmonds executors of the said Henry Edmonds decd. Profits from trust settlement of lands in Yapton, Walberton Ford, Tortingtoy, Barneham and Littlehampton, Sussex. C78/765, no. 4 [203]
1691 14 Dec 3 John __ & Sarah his wife v. Mathew Bluck; and Richard Webb, esqs; John Wilsheire, gent; Audrey Castell, widow; and Wilsheire Castell C78/793, no. 9 [204]
1691 15 Dec 3 Thomas Abbott of Woodford, Northants, clerk v Henry Lee, William Leach and Jane his wife, William Cuthbert, Joseph Short and [blank] his wife and Hannah Long Will of George Cuthbert clerk. C78/1326, no. 6 [205]
1691 16 Dec 3 George Bagnall, an infant, by Edward Carter, gent, his guardian; and the said Edward Carter in his own right v. John Dowley; Elizabeth Bagnall, widow; Mary Bagnall; and Martha Bagnall C78/778, no. 4 [206]
1691 16 Dec 3 Charity Lee, relict and executrix of Thomas Lee, esq v. Frances Padnor, widow, heir of Thomas Butler; Edmond Butler the elder; and Edmond Butler the younger, executors of Richard Butler; and Magdalen Ash, widow C78/802, no. 3 [207]
1691 17 Dec 3 John Hore, son and heir of Mathew Hore, who was the son and heir of John Hore v. Nicholas Tyacke; Thomazine his wife; and John Moulton C78/1794, no. 7 [208]
1691 17 Dec 3 Edward Sparke v. Thomas Middleton; Anne Middleton; and Sarah Middleton C78/771, no. 1 [209]
1691 17 Dec 3 Sir Robert Jenkinson of Walcott, Oxon, baronet v. Sir John Ashfield, baronet, son and heir of Sir Richard Ashfield of Hearterstead, Sussex, baronet and Anne his wife; Henry Hoare, son and heir of James Hoare; James Hoare the elder, father of the said James Hoare; ________, the executors or administrators of said James Hoare; Thomas Master, esq & Elizabeth his wife, who was daughter and heir of John Briver of Aston, Gloucs, gent; Sir Robert Atkins, jr; Phillipp Sheppard, esq; John Cox of Tarleton, Gloucs, gent, executors of said John Briver; Nathaniel Briver of Bristol, Som, gent; William Millett o fLondon, gent; James Selby, esq; and John Knight C78/1072, no. 10 [210]
1691 19 Dec. 3 Thomas Grey v John Hall by Gilbert Parke Assignment of mortgage of lands in East and West Otterburne, Northumberland. C78/918, no. 4 [211]
1691 19 Dec 3 Thomas Bourne v Thomas Stone, Susan Stone and Thomas Ling and Susan his wife Also additional case Susan Stone widow v Thomas Bourne, Josiah Vauzz and Martha his wife and John Wilmott. Accounts of stock in trade and rents of unspecified premises C78/918, no. 5 [212]
1691 19 Dec 3 Sir James Hayes v Sir Edward Hungerford Payments and debts due from sale of encumbered lands in North Borne [Northbourne], Sholden, Betteshanger and Ham [near Sandwich], Kent. C78/940, no. 5 [213]
1691 19 Dec 3 Joseph Thurlton, gent v. Saintcleer Umfrevile, gent C78/1638, no. 11 [214]
1691 19 Dec 3 Elizabeth Campion, the widow and relict of Richard Campion; Elizabeth, John, Roland, Margaret, and Joseph Campion, infants by said Elizabeth Campion their mother and guardian v. John Campion; Rowland Reynolds; John Frost; John Chaplin; and Richard Campion the son C78/769, no. 7 [215]
1691 22 Dec 3 Sir Thomas Hervey, John Hervey son and heir of the said Sir Thomas, and Isabella Hervey wife of the said John Hervey and only daughter and heir of Sir Robert Carr decd, Carr Hervey and Isabella Carr Hervey children of the said John and Isabella infants v Sir William Ellis and Sir William Yorke Manors of Sibthorpe, Notts and Milcote, Warwicks C78/1349, no. 3 [216]
1691 22 Dec 3 Evelyn Earl of Kingston brother and heir to William late Earl of Kingston decd v William Cheney, Sir John Trenchard and Thomas Hoby Trust settlement of manor of Bardney, Lincs C78/1349, no. 4 [217]