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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1690 2 C78/, no. []
1690 (bill; fragment) Hilary Term 2 Christopher Peman, gent v. John Cart C78/1064, no. 1 [2]
1690 9 Jan 1 William Bamfield and Hugh Shortridge, trustees of Sir George Sheirs decd v Samuel Trist the purchaser under them the complts and against Edward Richbell, John Cooper, Thomas Wood, Richard Burgesse, Henry Vincent, John Monke senior, William Mitchell and John Monke jun, churchwardens and overseers of the poor of the parishes of Great Bookham and Fetcham, Surrey Legacies to the poor of Great Bookham & Fetcham in the will of Sir George Shiers. C78/1305, no. 10 [3]
1690 14 Jan 1 Martin Wilkinson, executor of Mathew Lock v. Nathaniel Hudson C78/1005, no. 5 [4]
1690 16 Jan 1 Samuel Rowlatt, gent v. Gilbert Staughton, carrier C78/1079, no. 1 [5]
1690 18 Jan 1 Daniell Harris v. Dame Theodosia Ivye alias Brian and William Williams gentleman C79/193, no. [6]
1690 18 Jan 1 Daniel Harris v. Dame Theodosia Ivye alias Bryan; and William Williams, gent C78/926, no. 7 [7]
1690 18 Jan 1 Margaret Sherwood of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, widow v. Marke Errington & Dorothy his wife; Gilbert Errington jr; Bennet Errington; Ralph Jennison knight; Robert Jennison; Henry Holmes; and Edward Collingwood C79/16, no. [8]
1690 24 Jan 1 Thomas Starke v. John Browne C78/968, no. 5 [9]
1690 28 Jan 1 William White son and executor of Elizabeth White his mother who was relict and executrix of James White his father also deceased v. Samuel White grandson and heir to the said James White viz., eldest son and heir of Samuel White who was eldest son and heir of said James White C79/70, no. [10]
1690 29 Jan 1 Thomas Mollineux, esq & Margaret his wife, one of the sisters and coheirs of Robert More, esq v. Nathaniel Molyneux, esq; William Waltham; Richard Coldham, gent; Joseph Yates, esq; and George Allanson C78/975, no. 3 [11]
1690 29 Jan 2 Sir Phillipp Skippon, knight v. Henry Doughty, gent C78/1238, no. 2 [12]
1690 31 Jan 1 John Harbord youngest son & executor of Sir Charles Harbord decd v Susan Harbord late wife & executrix of Phillip Harbord decd, who was son & heir apparent of Sir Charles Harbord Lease of manors of Wymondham & East Dereham, Norfolk to Phillip Harbord in trust for Sir Charles Harbord. C78/1305, no. 5 [13]
1690 1 Feb 1 Robert Rowland; Christopher Blenkearne; Matthew Bradford; and Peter Glasbrooke v. Richard Besant; Samuel Custance; Samuel Llupton; Mark Proudfoot; William Bellamy; Smart Goodenough; John Roth; and Abraham Carris C78/2011, no. 1 [14]
1690 2 Feb 1 Anne Shaw spinster, Gowther Kerfoote and Robert Watmough v George Potter and Jane his wife Dispute over the loss of a gold watch. C78/795, no. 7 [15]
1690 3 Feb 1 John Evernden of Wickhambreaux, Kent, yeoman v. Thomas Evernden; George Evernden; John Stoddar & Ann his wife; William Whiteing & Catherine his wife C78/2014, no. 2 [16]
1690 3 Feb 1 Daniel Froom, an infant, by said Richard Froome, his guardian v. Richard Collins C78/1005, no. 7 [17]
1690 4 Feb 1 Robert, lord viscount Teviot, Scotland & the lady viscountess Teviot his wife since deceased, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer, late of Yarnton, Oxon, baronet v. Dame Jane Spencer, relict of said Sir Thomas Spencer; George Marwood, esq & Constance his wife; Sir Samuel Gerrard, knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife; John Dormer, esq & Katherine his wife C78/972, no. 2 [18]
1690 4 Feb 1 Tobias Hosea of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, an infant, cousin and heir of Alexander Hosea, citizen and weaver of London, son of Thomas Hosea, who was son and heir of Thomas Hosea, who was uncle and heir of said Alexander Hosea, by Elizabeth Hosea, his mother v. Joseph Collins; John Shewell, citizen and weaver of London; Thomas Powell of Key Court in the parish of St Mary Aldermanbury; and Josias Bates of Hollingbourne, Kent C78/1046, no. 4 [19]
1690 7 Feb 1 Samuel Wiseman of London, esq v. Elizabeth Beake; and Francis Tyson; and others (sic) C78/977, no. 10 [20]
1690 10 Feb 1 John Jones the younger of Lyons Inn, Middx, gentleman v. Elizabeth Fotherby widow and Anne Duckett C78/1912, no. 20 [21]
1690 11 Feb 1 Dorothy Kidbey, widow and relict of John Kidbey of Fryan [in Ingatestone and Fryerning par.], Essex, gent; and John Kidbey; Edmond Kidbey; and Elizabeth Kidbey infants, sons and daughters of said John Kidbey by said complainant Dorothy their mother v. Henry Appleton, esq C78/1550, no. 3 [22]
1690 12 Feb 1 William Errington, Thomas Kirsopp, Richard Stokoe, William Stokoe, John Glewright, Anthony Stokoe, John Watson, John Snowball, Thomas Elliott, Cuthbert Lambert, Cuthbert Carnaby, George Stokoe and Richard Lambert v Roger Wilson Bill (Trinity 1684) re title to messuages in Parke Sheeles, Wallicke Meadows and Newbrough in parish of Warden, Northumberland with rights of common pasture on Newbrough Common, Northumberland, which had been illegally enclosed (of late years). C78/919, no. 1 [23]
1690 14 Feb 2 Christopher Lister esq v. Sir John Kay baronet C78/2060, no. 8 [24]
1690 18 Feb 2 Sir John Machell, jr, gent v. Ralph Holt, esq; and John Machell, esq C78/926, no. 5 [25]
1690 18 Feb 2 Thomazin Newte, widow, the relict and executrix of Richard Newte, clerke, and administratrix of Thomas Newte, merchant, her son; John Newte; Peter Newte; William Mervin & Christian his wife; Henry Newte, gent, an infant, by said Thomazine his mother and guardian; and Edward Newte v. William Northcote, esq & Alice his wife, surviving executrix of Henry Newte C78/939, no. 6 [26]
1690 18 Feb 2 Mary Squire; Samuel Squire; Edward Squire; Francis Squire; Susan Squire; and Thomas Squire, infants, by Samuel Squire of Durnford, Wilts, clerk, their father v. William Bird of Hackney, Middx, merchant; and William Drinkwater C78/1049, no. 4 [27]
1690 18 Feb 2 Sir Edward Scott of Westminster, knight; Sir James Cotter, knight; Richard Grace, esq; and Dame Anne Stapleton, widow, executors of Sir William Stapleton, baronet v. Sir Patrick Grant, baronet C78/1049, no. 6 [28]
1690 19 Feb 2 William Duncomb, esq; and Jane Duncomb, both infants, by John Childe, gent v. Thomas Symes, gent; George Woodroffe, esq; John Langley, esq, & Mary his wife; and Anne Hull, widow, since married to Richard Kelley, gent C78/796, no. 3 [29]
1690 20 Feb 2 Gawen Aynesley, gent v Robert Vaughan alias Shaftoe Settlement by John Aynesley of East Shaftoe, of his properties in East Shaftoe & Hartburn, Northumberland on Dalton Shaftoe & his male heirs only. C78/968, no. 7 [30]
1690 21 Feb 2 Mary and Dorothy _____ infants by John Oldbury of London merchant their father v. Robert Bodington & Dorothy his wife; Thomas Martyn & Jane his wife C79/67, no. [31]
1690 21 Feb 2 Sir George Treby, knight, Attorney General at the relation of the parishioners and poor of the parish of Brixam, Devon v. Edward Yard, esq; Mary Lang, widow; and William Henry; and Elianor Lang, infant C78/822, no. 2 [32]
1690 21 Feb 2 William Nix; Mary his wife; and Margaret Blinkhorne, widow v. Thomas Flatman; and Thomas Pettit, esqs C78/912, no. 2 [33]
1690 21 Feb 2 Thomas Pochin, esq; Thomas Woodcocke & Elizabeth his wife; William Palmer; George and John Pochin v. Sir Beaumont Dixie, baronet C78/1016, no. 2 [34]
1690 26 Feb 2 Ralph Ingram, citizen and merchant taylor of London v Nathaniel Barnard, Katherine Barnard, John Barnard, Jacob Selfe, Daniel Dyke, William Gough, Richard Hillier and Katherine his wife Mortgage of manor of Longford or Langford in Finehead, Somerset C78/1213, no. 4 [35]
1690 27 Feb 2 Robert Beach esq; Richard Yerbury; and Samuel Hall v. Paris Slaughter C78/2041, no. 3 [36]
1690 27 Feb 2 George, marquess of Halifax v. Baldwin Higgons esq; Robert Butler esq; John White; Richard Butler; Benjamin Mercer; John Greatehead; and Thomas Medhurst C78/2040, no. 5 [37]
1690 27 Feb 2 George, Marquess of Hallifax v Baldwin Higgons; Robert Butler; John White; Richard Butler; Benjamin Mercer; John Greathead; and Thomas Medhurst Conveyance of 3 acres called Baldwins Gardens, St Andrews Holborne, Middx and messuages, tenements erected there. C78/1398, no. 3 [38]
1690 28 Feb 2 Thomas Carpenter son and heir of Thomas Carpenter decd by Elizabeth his wife the sole daughter and heir of the deft John Bennett, and William Carpenter and Alice Carpenter their younger children v William Carpenter, Sampson Ward, John Bennett, Sir William Russell and John Carpenter. Marriage settlement of manor of home and lands in Fawley, Gathridge and the Leigh, Heref C78/1120, no. 5 [39]
1690 2 March 2 James Johnson gentleman v. George Pockley and Richard Pockley gentlemen C79/14, no. [40]
1690 2 March 2 Daniel Yates & Mary his wife v. John Longden C78/937, no. 2 [41]
1690 3 March 2 Thomas Wetherell, son and heir of William Wetherell, son and heir of Thomas Wetherell v. John Spencer, gent; John Naylor, gent & Margaret his wife; Richard Baxter & Elizabeth his wife C78/908, no. 2 [42]
1690 5 March 2 Martha Thwaites, one of the daughters of William Thwaites & Frances his wife both decd, by Humphrey South her guardian v John Dye and Frances his wife, James Thwaites, James Strutt and Isaac Heath Specification of payments and interest to be paid to the complt according to a decree of 22 August last. C78/1305, no. 11 [43]
1690 5 March 2 Anne Beverley, widow, relict of James Beverley, esq, and executrix of Margaret Duncombe, widow; and Anne Elizabeth and Margaret Beverley, daughters and coheirs of said James Beverley, infants by said Anne Beverley their mother and guardian v. Dame Priscilla Beverley, widow, relict of Sir James Beverley, knight; Thomas Beverley the elder; Thomas Beverley the younger; Thomas Webster & Elizabeth his wife, formerly Elizabeth Whitwicke; Chowning Ratcliffe; Judith Gold; Anne Jolliffe; Eliabeth Mellish; John Foth; Mary Alston; Anthony, lord viscount Falkland; and Sir James Hayes, knight C78/983, no. 6 [44]
1690 6 March 2 Richard Dyer, clothier v Stephen Tymewell Debts of Thomas Androsse, clothier of Taunton, Somerset in connection with buying and selling of serge cloth delivered to London. C78/900, no. 1 [45]
1690 6 March 2 Henry Chichester gentleman; Henry Chichester clerk; Amos Chichester doctor of phisick; and Bridget Acland C78/1912, no. 19 [46]
1690 6 March 2 Bartholomew Baggs v. Henry Church C78/1528, no. 10 [47]
1690 6 March 2 Leonard Wells, gent v. Joseph Dodd C78/939, no. 5 [48]
1690 20 March 2 Phillip Bennett the elder of Southover [in Lewes], Sussex only brother and heir of John Bennett late of Wootton, Sussex decd, Thomas Bennett, Phillip Bennett the younger, Anthony Bennett and Frances Bennett sons and daughter of the said Phillip Bennett the elder v Richard Bridger, George Raynsford, Thomas Middleton, John Godman, Edward Godman and Walter Cole Profits of trust settlement of lands in West Grinstead, Sussex. C78/765, no. 3 [49]
1690 3 April 2 James Stephens v Dame Katherine Throckmorton, widow, James Scrimshire & Carolina his wife, Katherine Throckmorton, Sir Richard Edgecombe, John Powell, William Delahay and Thomas Davis Mortgage of manor of Cloverwall [Clearwell], Gloucs, estate of Sir Baynham Throckmorton decd, late husband of the deft Dame Katherine, and father of deft Carolina Scrimshire. C78/1305, no. 4 [50]
1690 11 April 2 Henry Hildyard of Kelstern, Lincs v. Sir Josiah Childe, baronet; Elizabeth Howland, relict and administratrix of John Howland; Elizabeth the daughter and heir of said John Howland; and Sir Robert Clayton, knight C78/823, no. 4 [51]
1690 3 May 2 Sir Henry FitzJames & Dame Jane his wife, relict and administratrix of Thomas Hoare, esq v. said William Morehead; Frances Howes; and Sir Edmund Turner C78/1051, no. 5 [52]
1690 8 May 2 Samuel Porter v. Morton Slaney C78/1598, no. 14 [53]
1690 8 May 2 Dorothy Milbancke, widow v. Thomas Harle Mortgage, by the deft to the complt, of his lands in East Matfen, Northumberland C78/969, no. 2 [54]
1690 12 May 2 Nathaniel Stephens of of Estington, Gloucs, son & heir of Richard Stevens and grandson of Nathaniel Stevens, both also of Estington v Edward Webb, Thomas Webb, Nathaniel Webb and Richard Selwin and others (not named) Disputed rights of pasturage within the wood called Winnors Hedge or Winnorsedge in the manor of Horseley, Gloucs. Refs Bill of Revivor filed by Richard Stevens in 1660, and also refs to bill of complaint exhibited by Nathaniel Stevens the grandfather & William English, and to complts great grandfather Richard Stevens' ownership of the wood. See also C78/1305 no. 9 C78/1305, no. 7 [55]
1690 12 May 2 Nathaniel Stephens of Estington, Gloucs, son & heir of Richard Stevens and grandson of Nathaniel Stevens both of Estington v Edward Webb, Thomas Webb, Nathaniel Webb and Richard Selwin and others (not named) Disputed rights of pasturage within the wood called Winnors Hedge or Winnorsedge in the manor of Horseley, Gloucs. Refs Bill of Revivor filed by Richard Stevens in 1660, and also refs to bill of complaint exhibited by Nathaniel Stevens the grandfather & William English, and to complts great grandfather Richard Stevens' ownership of the wood. See also C78/1305 no. 7 C78/1305, no. 9 [56]
1690 14 May 2 Edward Goddard; and Katherine Goddard, son and daughter of Edward Goddard of Letherhead, Surrey, gent & Katherine his wife, also deceased, infants, viz, Edward of about 4 years and Katherine of about two years and a half, by John Goddard, sr, of Asted, Surrey, gent; and said John Goddard, sr, for himself; and John Goddard, jr, his son, an infant of about the age of 10 years, by said John Goddard sr, his father; and Edward Gates, son ____ Gates & Anne his wife, an infant of about the age of 8 years, by said ____ Gates, his father v. John Nicholson; James Close; and Katherine Best alias Blades C78/1198, no. 12 [57]
1690 15 May 2 Sir Francis Warre, baronet; and George Musgrave, gent, trustees nominated for Dame Frances Windham the widow and relict of Sir William Wyndham, baronet; and the said Dame Frances Wyndham v. Richard Strode, esq; and Sir William Parkyns, knight C78/939, no. 3 [58]
1690 16 May 2 Charles Dobson; and Mary Dobson, since deceased; and Jane Dobson, executors of Edward Dobson, esq, their late father, infants, by Leftwich Oldfield, esq v. John Warren, esq; and others (sic) C78/796, no. 4 [59]
1690 16 May 2 Hugh White; and William Finch v. Peregrine Palmer; William Garrett; and William Dramesfield C78/1239, no. 9 [60]
1690 17 May 2 Samuell Webb & Elizabeth his wife only daughter of Thomas Smart deceased v. Thomas Smart; Richard Smart; Andrew Smart; and Richard Thynne C79/158, no. [61]
1690 17 May 2 The President, College, or Commonalty of the faculty of Phisicke, London v. Thomas Foster gentleman C79/151, no. [62]
1690 19 May 2 Thomas Cooke, James Cooke and Samuel Cooke of London v Dowse Cooke an infant (since decd) and John Brockett Will of John Cooke eldest son of Edward Cooke decd who was eldest son of John Cooke decd. Manor of Hurtesley, Herefs and other property in Kinnersley, Norton, Letton, Ayleton, Pixley, Woolhope, Over Braynton, all Herefs and Silchester, Hants. C78/1349, no. 6 [63]
1690 19 May 2 Elizabeth Jacomb; and Frances Jacomb, spinsters; Thomas Jacomb; Robert Jacomb; Samuel Jacomb; George Jacomb; John Jacomb; and Beecher Jacomb, infants by Richard Smith their uncle and guardian v. William Jacomb; and Robert Blaney, gent C78/1716, no. 14 [64]
1690 19 May 2 Charles, lord Gerrard, baron of Brandon, now earl of Marklesfield v. Thomas Jolliffe, esq, son and heir of William Jolliffe; Alexander Fytton, esq; William, lord Brereton since deceased; and Sir Thomas Trevor, Knight of the Bath and baronet, since also deceased; Benjamin Barron; Henry Mainwaring, & Frances his wife; Thomas Minshall; Edward Minshall; Essex Marrick; and Lettice Draper since married to John Bird C78/817, no. 1 [65]
1690 22 May 2 Thomas Foster of Sabridgeworth, Herts, gent v. Arthur Jarvis; and John Ballett C78/1238, no. 3 [66]
1690 27 May 2 Elizabeth Jaques, widow, relict and administratrix of George Jaques, clerk, her late husband; and Elizabeth Jacques; and Mary Jacques, daughters and heirs of said George Jaques, infants, by their guardian; and Elizabeth Badgent, widow v. Richard Conway, alias Edge; Edward Bigland, Serjeant at Law; Thomas Charleton, esq; John Strey; William taylor; and James Holland C78/1019, no. 4 [67]
1690 30 May 2 Richard Castell v. Francis Stevens; and others (sic) C78/933, no. 1 [68]
1690 30 May 2 Joseph Scriven; William Daynes; John Davenport; Tobiah Harvey, es; John Harvey; and Samuel Harvey, gent v. Tobiah Humfry, jr, esq C78/938, no. 7 [69]
1690 31 May 2 Edmund Beaghan, esq; and Anne, his daughter by Anne his late wife, deceased, an infant, by said Edmund v.Dame Elizabeth Baker, now Dame Elizabeth Howard; Sir William Hooker, knight; Humphrey Jones, executor of John Middleton; William Browne, & Anne his wife; executrix of Richard Newton; Sir Nathaniel Powell baronet, son and heir of Sir Nathaniel Powell, baroent; William Kilburne, son and heir of Richard Kilburne; Peter Fludd, uncle and heir of Thomas Fludd, the purchases herinafter named; Elizabeth Baker; Katherine Baker John Dowell, & Mary his wife C78/821, no. 1 [70]
1690 31 May 2 Robert Fenwicke for Dame Mary Lloyd, formerly wife and relict of Sir John Lloyd, baronet, formerly the wife of Charles Hutchinson, esq; and Anne Lloyd, daughter and heir of said Sir John Lloyd, by said Dame Mary, an infant, by said Robert Fenwick v. Benjamin Woodroffe, doctor in divinity; and James Smallwood, gent, the said Charles Hutchinson, Henry Conquest, Thomas Kinsey, since Sir Thomas Kinsey knight C78/978, no. [71]
1690 31 May 2 Thomas Bourne v. Thomas Stone; Susan Stone; Thomas Lyng, esq & Susan his wife; and Susan Rogers C78/912, no. 2 [72]
1690 31 May 2 The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Peterborough, Northt v. John, earl of Mulgrave; and Thomas Denman C78/983, no. 4 [73]
1690 2 June 2 Thomas Conningsby esq by the name of Thomas Conningsby of Marsh Maund in the parish of Bodenham, Heref, esq v. David Williams and Thomas Conningsby esq C79/41, no. [74]
1690 6 June 2 Alexander Staples esq & Elizabeth his wife surviving executrix of William Hickman her former husband v. Joseph Hickman; Thomas Mewse; Jane Hickman; Thomas Bryan & Joanna his wife C78/2012, no. 9 [75]
1690 6 June 2 William Pawlett, esq & Martha his wife v. Mathew Disney, clerk & Sarah his wife C78/1152, no. 1 [76]
1690 12 June 2 John Richardson, gent v. John Wightwicke, gent; and Charles Wightwicke, gent, infants by their guardian; Sir John Knightly, baronet; Francis Fisher, esq; Thomas Webstar, esq & Elizabeth his wife late wife of John Wightwick, esq, late father of the said Infant; and Thomas Wightwick, gent, late brother of said John Wightwick esq C78/936, no. 4 [77]
1690 17 June 2 Henry Martin of the island of Jamaica and Thomas Beachamp administrator in trust for said Henry of the goods of Elizabeth then deceased late wife of said henry; Richard Shaw & Katherine his wife (which Elizabeth and Katherine were the daughters of William Knight late of London, arms painter v. Edward Bodham since deceased and Henry Colchester C78/2040, no. 6 [78]
1690 17 June 2 John Maynard; Samuel Maynard; Mary Maynard; and Martha Maynard, infants by their guardian v. Mathew Disney; William Hampson; Elizabeth Hampson; and Edward Bates C78/926, no. 2 [79]
1690 17 June 2 Daniel Ford of London, merchant; and William Nutt of London, merchant; and Joshua Watmough of London, gent, mainpernors of said Daniel Ford v. Sarah Bewly, widow, executrix of John Bewly, merchant, who was executor of Thomas Bewly C78/977, no. 9 [80]
1690 20 June 2 Thomas Willim alias Gwillim v. Anne Morgan, widow C78/967, no. 7 [81]
1690 20 June 2 William Tyndall of London, gent v. Sir John Knatchbull of Mersham, Kent, baronet; Robert Crawford of Bobbing, Kent, esq & Dame Francis his wife C78/1069, no. 6 [82]
1690 25 June 2 Frances Moyer, widow and executrix of Lawrence Moyer, esq v. Thomas Johnson, gent; Edward Johnson; Susanna Johnson; Elizabeth Johnson; and Mary Johnson C78/964, no. 4 [83]
1690 25 June 2 Christopher Fairehall, an infant, by his guardian v. Edward Drakefield & Jane his wife, since deceased; John Wicker & Sarah his wife; and Ellianor Wood, an infant C78/964, no. 5 [84]
1690 26 June 2 William Coldwell of Wisbeech in the Isle of Ely, Cambs, clerk v. William Balam; Thomas Bymon and James Verdon C79/128, no. [85]
1690 26 June 2 Henry Byam; and William Byam; and Elizabeth Balch, widow v. Susannah Beard C78/938, no. 6 [86]
1690 27 June 2 Joshua Henshaw v. Edward Ellison and Samuel Ellison infants C78/2060, no. 6 [87]
1690 27 June 2 Thomas Ogle, & Anne his wife v. Sir William Chaytor; and Henry Chaytor Will of Nicholas Chaytor, the complt Anne's late father. Manor of Bewtrone als Butterby, Co Durham C78/1640, no. 9 [88]
1690 30 June 2 John Duvall esq and Elizabeth vicountess Purbeck his wife and others (sic) C78/1911, no. 9 [89]
1690 30 June 2 George Savage, gent v. John Wattson C78/1559, no. 2 [90]
1690 30 June 2 Elizabeth Drake, widow v. John Stoneman & Elizabeth his wife; and others (sic) C78/983, no. 3 [91]
1690 1 July 2 Thomas Walker, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Katherine Gaines, spinster; Richard Lucy, clerk, & Florence his wife; and John Williams, son and heir of Blanch Williams late wife of Daniel Williams, esq, an infant, by said Daniel Williams, his father, which said John Williams is since also deceased and which said Elizabeth, Katherine, Florence, and Blanch were the sisters and coheirs of John Gaines, esq v. Elizabeth Penry; Charles Penry; Sir John Powell; Charles Hughes; John Waters; Elizabeth Penry; and Mary Penry C78/1640, no. 1 [92]
1690 3 July 2 John, Lord Berkeley, William Berkeley, Thomas Robson, Henry Hodson, Christopher Cratford and Charles Bishopp v Bernard Greenville and Anne his wife, Lady Katherine Morley, George Greenville and Thomas Boteler. Marriage portion raised from manors of Hawnby and Hilton, Normanby in Pickering Lyth, Newby and Whorlton, Yorks. C78/1190, no. 1 [93]
1690 3 July 2 Walter Manning v. Thomas Manning esq; Henry Newton doctor of laws; Thomas Fitch; and Nathaniel Hunt C79/16, no. [94]
1690 3 July 2 Sir John Swinborne, baronet v. Francis Godfrey, esq; and Francis Plowden, esq C78/1604, no. 7 [95]
1690 3 July 2 Thomas Lee, esq v. Edmund Bradbury C78/756, no. 4 [96]
1690 3 July 2 Mary Keymer v. Edward Penny, gent; Henry Moore; and Thomas Moore, children and executors of Henry Moore, infants by their guardian C78/936, no. -- [97]
1690 4 July 2 Henry Stephens v. Edward Winch; and Henry Winch C78/936, no. 3 [98]
1690 4 July 2 Roger Norton, gent, gent v. Robert Wynne, esq; and Mary Williamson C78/1239, no. 8 [99]
1690 5 July 2 Leonard Robinson, gent; and Leonard Robinson, merchant, administrators of Stephen Robinson, gent v. Anne Bell, widow and relict of Christopher Bell C78/1605, no. 2 [100]
1690 8 July 2 Thomas Wybergh v. Sir John Lowther of Lowther baronet and William Atkinson C78/2041, no. 6 [101]
1690 8 July 2 James Reynolds gentleman v. Richard Sparrow and Baron Brittayne C78/2012, no. 10 [102]
1690 7 July 2 Richard Chambers, gent; and others (sic) v. Edward Mann; John Ansell; John Porter, esqs; Thomas Cooke; William Warner; and John Pitcher, gent C78/1638, no. 1 [103]
1690 7 July 2 Sir Richard Onslow, baronet v. John Bower, & Martha his wife; and Richard Webb, esq C78/796, no. 2 [104]
1690 10 July 2 William Skinner, & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Inn, & Margaret his wife; Charles Lane; Margaret Smith, widow; Peter Jones; and Elizabeth Diggs, widopw v. John Lane of London, mercer; and Richard Hoddiloe C78/822, no. 3 [105]
1690 15 July 2 Emanuell Kellam & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Edward Wallis the elder, gent; Edward Wallis, jr; John Wallis; Frederick Wallis; Tedbald Wallis; Henry Wallis; Anne Wallis; Rosamond Wallis; Patience Wallis; and Elizabeth Wallis, being the rest of the children of the said Edward Wallis, sr, and infants by said Emanuel Kellam; and the said Emanuel Kellam, on behalf of Mary wife of said Edward Wallis sr v. Thomas Beaumont; William Wilton; Edward Elmsall; John Oates; Thomas Shepley, executors of Thomas Hobson; Edward Wallis; and Thomas Wallis C78/912, no. 1 [106]
1690 15 July 2 John Gilbert v. James Gunter & Mary his wife; Edward Williams & Maudlin his wife C78/968, no. 4 [107]
1690 17 July 2 Sarah Nelson an infant by Henry Gilling v. John Danby; William Warwick; Elizabeth his wife; William Midleton sr; William Middleton jr; John Danby; Grace Danby; Sarah Nelson; Thomas Benelowes sr; and Thomas Benalowes jr C78/2060, no. 5 [108]
1690 18 July 2 Sir Thomas Powis knight Attorney General as well on behalf of the poor of the parish of Milcombe, Oxon, as on behalf of and at the relation of Josias Key of Milcombe, Oxon, gentleman and the Josias Key v. George Dalby; John Yonick sr; John Yonick jr; Samuel Stranke; John Potter; George Tomkins; John Hickman; Thomas Burchall alias Chaplin (deceased?); Thomas Burchall alias Chaplin jr; John Gibbert; William Hawkin; William Dalby; Thomas Warner; and John Warner. C79/121, no. [109]
1690 18 July 2 Richard Birch v. James Barston; John Ackworth; and William Starkes, church wardens of the parish of Lambeth, Surrey C78/926, no. 1 [110]
1690 18 July 2 Charles Yallopp, esq v. Sir William Barkham, baronet; Sir John Nappier, baronet; Norton Curtis, esq; Robert Walpoole, esq; and robert Coney, esq C78/977, no. 6 [111]
1690 18 July 2 Hamond Claxton, esq v. Dorothy Claxton, widow; Adam Fleton, esq; Benjamin Lanye, since deceased & Anne his wife; and Edward Pilborough C78/1033, no. 7 [112]
1690 19 July 2 Robert Barry, Jane Barry and Margaret Barry infants by Jane Barry their mother, Elizabeth Barry and Mary Barry, the younger children of Vincent Barry jun decd, and Jane Barry their mother v Thomas Southby son & sole executor of John Southby his late father decd. Lease in trust of manor & farm of Old Thame, Oxon C78/1305, no. 6 [113]
1690 19 July 2 Bartholomew Gracediew, merchant; Thomas Whitfield, gent; and Dame Elizabeth Ancher, devisees and executors of Thomas Hewytt of London, esq v. William Fielder C78/, no. [114]
1690 22 July 2 Mary Styles v. Thomas Baxter; and William Godbold; and others (sic) C78/796, no. 1 [115]
1690 22 July 2 John Allen, infant, by John Blynman, his guardian v. Elizabeth Blynman, widow C78/938, no. [116]
1690 22 July 2 George Gould of Exeter, mercer v. Humfry Yeo & Anne his wife; John Yeo; Sarah Yeo; Margaret Yeo; Dorothy Yeo; and John Cursons C78/983, no. 1 [117]
1690 22 July 2 Thomas Bullock v. John Browne; and Armiger Browne C78/983, no. 2 [118]
1690 24 July 2 Other, earl of Plymouth an infant son and heir of Other, late lord Windsor and grandson and heir Thomas, earl of Plymouth by Thomas Medhurst gentleman, guardian v. George Marquess of Halifax; Thomas, viscount Weymouth; Ursula, countess of Plymouth; Sir Willoughby Hickman knight; John Emes, gentleman; John Price; John Deagle; William Sherwood; Gilbert Malkin; Tobias Sedgwick; and others (sic) C78/2040, no. 2 [119]
1690 24 July 2 Thomas Browne, esq; William Roberts, gent; Richard Butler, gent; James Kenbyn, gent; and William Powell, one of the younger sons of Thomas Powell, gent and executor of James Powell, one other of the younger sons of said Thomas Powell; Phillipp Wath & Frances his wife; John Audley & Elizabeth his wife; Charity Nicholas, widow; Mary Powell; and Rachael Powell, an infant, for said William Powell, her brother and guardian, daughters, creditors, devisees, and legatees of said Thomas Powell the elder v. John Holworthy; William Jones, esq; William Wogan, esq; Thomas Pritchard, esq; Thomas Springat; and others (sic) C78/977, no. 11 [120]
1690 25 July 2 James Mortimer v Thomas Denman. Sale of unspecified, encumbered lands, Lincs. C78/1240, no. 6 [121]
1690 25 July 2 John Rogers of Theydon Garnon, Essex, yeoman v. Elizabeth Butler and John Butler C78/2038, no. 11 [122]
1690 25 July 2 Sir Edward Scott, knight; Sir James Cotter, knight; Richard Grace, esq; the Lady Ann Stapleton, widow, executors of Sir William Stapleton, baronet v. Sir Patrick Trant, baronet C78/1049, no. 1 [123]
1690 26 July 2 Christopher Smith v. John Suffield; Thomas Barton; and Thomas Lock C78/939, no. 2 [124]
1690 26 July 2 Sir Halswell Tynte, baronet; Henry Roll; Nathaniel Palmer; Henry Bull; Peter Roynon; John Hunt; John Sandford; george Long; and Henry Goold, esq; Thomas Davidge; Robert Mandrell; and Gerrard Newcourt, gent C78/1268, no. 7 [125]
1690 28 July 2 Richard Woodward of Fulham, Middx & Mary his wife, and also Anne Woodward, Richard Woodward and Thomas Wodward their children; John Lewin of London & Elizabeth his wife, and Anne & Katherine their daughters v Sir Peter Apsley, Sir Benjamin Bathurst, William Stringer, Sir Thomas Orby and Charles Orby his son & heir Money due from the personal estate of Anne Winter decd, widow of Thomas Winter, who later married deft Charles Orby C78/1305, no. 2 [126]
1690 28 July 2 Prisca Colburne widow v. William barker baronet C78/1912, no. 21 [127]
1690 28 July 2 Elizabeth Bampton, widow and executrix of John Bampton of Horwood, Bucks, gent v. Leonard Fetch, & Margaret his wife; and Joseph Freere C78/781, no. 7 [128]
1690 29 July 2 Thomas Skinner of London esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Mark Moulosse & Jane his wife; Henry Howell; Anthony Cheney; Clement Plumstead; Roger Newham; and John Thompson C78/2070, no. [129]
1690 29 July 2 Peter Greenestreete of Ospringe, Kent, gent; and Ann Greenstreete his sister, infants, by their kinsmen; Thomas Greenestreete of Ospringe, yeoman; William Humersham of Ospringe, maulster; and William Henman of the same, yeoman v. Gideon Delawne of Provender [in Norton, near Faversham], Kent, esq; and John Sherwin of Faversham, clerk C78/1069, no. 7 [130]
1690 30 July 2 Mary Harris widow the relict of James Harris the younger, and daughter of Stephen Watt decd v James Harris, father & executor of James Harris the younger, Arthur Hart, George Hart, Thomas Carey & Anne his wife, William Daines, John Sandford, Samuel Wallis & Walter Lougher Messuages etc in Bedminster, Somerset. Complts jointure. C78/1305, no. 8 [131]
1690 30 July 2 Philadelphia, lady dowager Wentworth, widow and relict of Thomas, late lord Wentworth, late son and heir apparent of Thomas, late earl of Cleveland likewise deceased v. Anne, baroness Wentworth of Nettlestead, lady dowager Lovelace; Sir Robert Howard, knight; John Wildman, esq; Sir Thomas Littleton, baronet; Sir John Lowther, baronet; John Pilkington, gent; Joseph Yate; Samuel Knowles; and others (sic) C78/1630, no. 1 [132]
1690 31 July 2 John Martyn, merchant v. Henry Kelsey; Bennet Swayne; Thomas Beach; John Martyn the father of Samuel Martyn deceased; Bartholomew Martyn; Elizabeth Martyn the widow and relict of said Samuel Martyn; and John Martyn an infant son and heir of said Samuel; and Elizabeth Martyn C78/1940, no. 6 [133]
1690 31 July 2 Margaret Urlin of London, spinster executrix of John Urlin her late father decd v. Rebecca Urlin, widow; and Christopher Mills executor of Thomas Urlin decd; Arthur Turner and Elizabeth his wife, sister of the said Thomas Urlin Will of John Urlin. Debt owing by Marmaduke Darell upon a judgement in King's Bench. C78/1445, no. 2 [134]
1690 31 July 2 Henry Jones v. John Slater; Bevis Lloyd; John Falthropp; John England; Roger Smith; Nicholas Croft; Thomas Lloyd; Dorothy Danvers; Robert Cooke; and Andrew Hull C78/959, no. 1 [135]
1690 31 July 2 Susanna Jenkins, an infant of 9 years, by Daniel Duprie of Old Artillary Lane, London, merchant, by her grandfather and next of kin v. Elizabeth Rookes, widow C78/1049, no. - [136]
1690 31 July 2 Dame Katherine Harman, widow v. John Price the elder & Elizabeth his wife; John Price the younger; Mary Price; and Elizabeth Price, infants; Mordecai Fromanteel; and Abell Evans & Sarah his wife C78/1268, no. 6 [137]
1690 2 Aug 2 Francis Gramer v. John Walmisley; Samuel Walmisley; and John Hudson C78/1019, no. 5 [138]
1690 15 Aug 2 Richard Gooding; Robert Phipps; Joseph Benjamin; Richard Tayler; Samuel Fassell; Thomas Smith; John Bouchar; Roger Harris; William Dautry; Humphrey Roe; Edward Hollay; John Phipps; John Ballard; Abraham Steevens; Robert Hart; John Gardiner; John Sheppard; Henry May; and William Twisden, all inhabitants of a pace called the New Town in the hamlet of Mile End, parish of Stepney, Middx, for themselves and all other inhabitants of said place v. John Stuchfield; Edwar Stapes; John Coates; Joseph Rolfe; John Butler; Thomas Wright; Leonard Johnson; Robert Chaundler; Robert Greene; Gregory Savery; William Millishepp; Mathew Hallin; John Pollard;John Mumford; Daniel Hancks; Richard Clarke; Thomas Boulton; Robert Pratt; John Collier; Roger Berryman; Thomas Mumford; Thomas Stoame; and John Ashman, all inhabitants of the hamlet of Mile End called the New Town C78/1640, no. 2 [139]
1690 7 October 2 Peter King v. William Packer & Abigail his wife; Robert Celes an infant son of the said Abigail by Robert Celes her former husband deceased; Thomas Bostall; and Thomas Freeman? C79/68, no. [140]
1690 13 Oct 2 Francis Nicholson esq v. Symon Edolph esq C78/1940, no. 7 [141]
1690 13 Oct 2 Richard Radford; George Radford, son and heir of said Richard; and John Scobell v. Thomas Head; Joane Radford, widow; Andrew Beard; and Bartholomew Beard C78/936, no. 2 [142]
1690 18 Oct 2 William Battishill & Elizabeth his wife v. John Dagg; and John Machell C78/939, no. 1 [143]
1690 18 Oct 2 Sir John Cutler, knight and baronet v. Arthur Shallet; John Browne; and Thomas Sandes of London, merchants; John Wells; John Steele; Thomas Pargiter; John Culling; Jeremy Thomas; John Hill; Obadiah Sedgwick; George Sittwell; Richard Frith; and Cardogan Thomas C78/1051, no. 3 [144]
1690 24 Oct 2 John Smith, citizen and slater of London v. Mary Ireland C78/968, no. 3 [145]
1690 25 Oct 2 James Smith v. Dame Elizabeth Howard, widow C78/1559, no. 11 [146]
1690 27 Oct 2 Robert Smith gentleman & Mary his wife v. Francis Duffield esq C78/2045, no. 16 [147]
1690 30 Oct 2 Thomas Williamson v. Edward Rigby; Sir Edward Chesenhall, knight; and Edward Worthington C78/908, no. 5 [148]
1690 31 Oct 2 John Cocks esq executor of Richard Cocks baronet v. Charles Cockes gentleman C78/2060, no. 9 [149]
1690 6 Nov 2 Edward Gladwin v. John Hitchman C78/936, no. 2 [150]
1690 12 Nov 2 Edmond Draper, esq; Francis Naylor, gent; Roger Draper, esq; Robert Bedingfield; John Ive; Marke Proudfoote; George Gibbs; William Tew; and Henry Gibbs, gent, an infant, by said George Gibbs v. John Spatchurst, esq; and Simon Spatchurst C78/975, no. 4 [151]
1690 13 Nov 2 Thomas Jefford after Sir Thomas v John Westbrooke and Malachy Pine Debts and accounts re Spanish iron C78/916, no. 3 [152]
1690 14 Nov 2 John Jones doctor in physick v. Samuel Hemming; John Hemming; William Carpenter; and Roger Chapman C79/201, no. [153]
1690 14 Nov 2 Michael Portington of Portington, Yorks, esq v. Alexander, earl of Eglington of Scotland & Grace his wife; Richard Greene; Anne Arthington; John Portington; and Henry Portington C79/92, no. [154]
1690 14 Nov 2 Thomas Sams, gent v. Lydia Sams, the widow and relict of William Sams; and John Raven C78/1638, no. 3 [155]
1690 15 Nov 2 Roger Howman, doctor in phisicks; William Howman; and Edward Davies v. Judith Corie, widow, relict, and administratrix of William Corie, esq, her late husband; Susan Copping, widow and relict of William Copping, sr, gent; William Chettleburgh; Richard Gay; Mary Copping, widow and executrix of George Copping, gent; and Susanna Copping, daughter and heir of said George Coppinge C78/1019, no. 2 [156]
1690 19 Nov 2 Henry Awdley of Beerchurch, Essex, esq, brother of the half blood to Thomas Awdley of Beerchurch, esq, and also only heir male of Sir Henry Awdley, knight, who was father of said complainant and also of said Thomas Awdley v. Ursula, countess dowager of Plymouth; Sir Willoughby Hickman, baronet; Sir Robert Markham, baronet; Sir Robert Shaftoe, knight; and Theophilus Leigh, esq, executors of the earl of Plymouth; Dame Barbara Allibone; Dame Mary Yate; Mary Awdley; Katherine B arker; Sir Edward gage baronet; Pierce Butler, esq; and James Dodd C78/1528, no. 12 [157]
1690 19 Nov 2 William Bridges, esq v. Jane Kingdon C78/756, no. 5 [158]
1690 20 Nov 2 Samuel Rogers and Jane Rogers v. Edward Rogers and Alice Rogers C79/14, no. [159]
1690 20 Nov 2 Eneas Newton, esq v. Sir Arthur Northcoate, baronet; Annamas Ware; Walter Ware; and Susanna Ware C78/1640, no. 10 [160]
1690 20 Nov 2 Nicholas Lannyng the elder v. Nicholas Lannyng the younger; and Mary Lannyng, widow C78/774, no. 3 [161]
1690 21 Nov 2 Thomas Peacock administrator of Mary his late wife v. Henry Spooner & Mary his wife; Samuel Smith & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Freeman & Frances his wife; Mary Smith widow; Thomas Wheeler gentleman; John Brand; and robert Gyver C78/2040, no. 3 [162]
1690 22 Nov 2 Sir Thomas Powis, knight, Attorney General of King James II, at the relation of and for Richard Fleed, son and heir of Robert Fleed, who was the surviving trustee of the charitable use mentioned in the case; John Gough; John Huckley; and Thomas Good, overseers of the poor of the parish of Wivelscombe, Som; William Hare; Robert Trutch; and Christopher Wilkins, three of the alms people settled in the charitable use aforesaid v. Francis Coventry, esq; William Coventry, an infant, son of Walter Coventry of London, merchant; Sir Laton William Child, knight, one of the masters of Chancery; and William Dobbyns of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq C78/1064, no. 6 [163]
1690 24 Nov 2 Richard Fleetwood, esq, & Anne his wife v. Richard Fleetwood, gen; Christopher Greenfield, esq; Christopher Parker, esq; Robert Shaw, gent; William Werden, gent; and John Kempe C78/1714, no. 19 [164]
1690 26 Nov 2 Robert Heyton of St Martin's in the Fields, Middx, gent v. William Beales; Thomas Savage; and Jeffery Wood C78/1638, no. 2 [165]
1690 26 Nov 2 Richard Bonner; and John Bonner, his son v. John Gasoigne & Mary his wife, the daughter and heir of Roger Widdrington; and Gervas Hamond & Katherine his wife, late wife and executrix of said Robert Widdrington Claims to the title of the manor of Reevely, Northumberland, which had been conveyed by John Collingwood to his son Thomas Collingwood, who then conveyed to Daniel Collingwood, from whom it descended to George Collingwood his brother C78/968, no. 1 [166]
1690 26 Nov 2 Joane Pritchard of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, spinster; Jane Pritchard alias Steed; and James Steed, her husband; and Thomas Roberts, gent v. Richard Laugher of Tythegston, Glam, esq & Cecill his wife; ___ Evan; David Thomas; and John Deere C78/1053, no. 4 [167]
1690 27 Nov 2 Dame Theodosia Ivye alias Bryan of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, widow relict of Sir Thomas Ivye late of London knight v. Edward Birkby then of the parish of St Andrews, Holborne, Middx; Barbara Mico; and Sir Richard Sherborne C78/2070, no. 4 [168]
1690 27 Nov 2 Edmond Myres; William Brooksbanke; William Muncaster; Ferdinando Crowdeson, infant ; John Fox; Ralph Elletson; John Smith; Edward Jackson; Thomas Waters; John Lewthwaite; Hugh Atkinson; George Nicholson; Thomas Cragg; Elizabeth Hunter, widow; and divers other customary tenants within the several manors or lordships of Millom; Kirksanton; Satterton; Bootle; Cornage; Whitham; Whitbeck; and Uplha, Cumberland, heirs and purchasors and claiming of and from Anthony Fox and others (sic), the tenants and parties complainants to the decree herein and in the complainants' bill set for forth as well on their own forth and on the behalf of the tenants' several manors or lordships v. Joseph Hudleston, esq; Richard Hudleston; Thomas benson; and Marmaduke Holtby & Joyce his wife; and others (sic) C78/966, no. 3 [169]
1690 3 Dec 2 George, marquess of Halifax v. Mathew Bluck; Richard Webb; and Baldwin Higgons esq; (added later:) Samuel Clerke C78/2040, no. 4 [170]
1690 3 Dec 2 John Tremenheere of Penzance, Corn, merchant; Ricahrd Pearce, gent; and Henry Tremenheere, son and heir apparent of Henry Tremenheere, since deceased, an infant by John Earveth, gent, his guardian v. Katherine Grosse; Elizabeth Grosse; Mary Grosse; Anne Grosse; Thomas Bevis; Mary Gross, widow, since deceased; Tobias le Grosse, esq; and John Grosse C78/977, no. 1 [171]
1690 4 Dec 2 Samuel Mellish; and Tobiah Harvey, esq v. William Ellin, gent C78/941, no. 7 [172]
1690 5 Dec 2 Henry Honor v Mary Honor, widow, relict & executrix of Walter Honor decd, Daniel Ellingham and Gabriel Ellingham Estate of Walter Honor. Properties at Stanbridge, Eggington and Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire C78/795, no. 4 [173]
1690 6 Dec 2 Jane Wilson of Woodfoot, Cumberland, widow and John Wilson her son v. John Tayler; Thomas Singleton and John Rawlins C79/37, no. [174]
1690 9 Dec 2 Elizabeth Toone, an infant, by Thomas Palfreeman v. Sarah Toone; and John Bartlett, & Anne his wife C78/1630, no. 7 [175]
1690 9 Dec 2 Mary Freeke, widow and relict and executrix of Richard Freeke of Exeter, grocer v. John Williams, merchant C78/822, no. 1 [176]
1690 9 Dec 2 Nicholas Cooke of East Greenwich, Kent, esq, son and heir of Nicholas Cooke the younger, esq v. John Arnold C78/, no. 5 [177]
1690 10 Dec 2 William Blois, an infant, by Sir Charles Blois, baronet v. John Braine, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1640, no. 6 [178]
1690 11 Dec 2 William Lower of the parish of St Andrew's Holbourne, Middx v Samuel Weale and others (not named) Hercules Lower of Trecan, parish of Lanreth, Cornwall, the complt's grandfather decd. Marriage agreement on marriage of Richard Lower and Philadelphia, the complt's parents. C78/1369, no. 25 [179]
1690 13 Dec 2 Richard Jones, esq, son and heir of Samuel Jones, esq, one of the brothers of Sir William Jones, knight, an infant, by Sir Richard Hart, knight; and Richard Normandsell, gent, his guardian v. John Tillotson, doctor of divinity; Thomas Pelham, esq; and William Gore, esq, executors of said Sir William Jones; Dame Elizabeth Jones; Elizabeth Pelham; and Lucy Pelham C78/977, no. 2 [180]
1690 13 Dec 2 Robert, lord viscount Tiviott, Scotland & the Lady Jane, viscountess his wife, since deceased, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Spencer of Yarnton, Oxon, baronet v. Dame Jane Spencer, relict of said Sir Thomas Spencer; George Marwood, esq & Constance, his wife; Sir Samuel Gerrard, knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife; John Dormer, esq & Katherine his wife, which said Jane lady viscountess Tiviott, Constance Marwood, Dame Elizabeth Gerrard, and Katherine Dormer were the four daughters and coheirs of said Sir Thomas Spencer C78/981, no. 1 [181]
1690 15 Dec 2 James Yarway v. Edwin Denbigh Articles of agreement concerning the sale of lands in Houghton, Beds. C78/795, no. 6 [182]
1690 15 Dec. 2 John Scolefield, Thomas Milne, William Buckley an infant by Edmond Buckley, Henry Buckley, John Wrigley, John Garside, Edmond Buckley, James Buckley, Abraham Buckley, Isaac Lees, Francis Scolefield, James Wrigley, Francis Garside, Edmund Garside and John Garside v Robert Whitehead, Henry Whitehead, James Broadbent and John Wrigley Division between joint owners of lands in Hellbrighthorpe and Saddleworth, Yorks. C78/917, no. 2 [183]
1690 15 Dec 2 Rt. hon. Thomas, Earl of Stamford v Edmund Gibbon and Robert Yeondall. Accounts of stewardship of lands in Burrop, Hartland, Caryingham, Killigwicke and Hunts Court, Devon Cornwall, Somerset and Gloucs C78/1240, no. 5 [184]
1690 15 Dec 2 John Lingard v. William Collington; Richard Griffin, both since deceased; and Humphrey Hales C78/908, no. 3 [185]
1690 15 Dec 2 James Yarway, gent v. Edwin Denbigh, gent C78/1192, no. 6 [186]
1690 16 Dec 2 Francis Sone of Eltham, Kent, gent v. John Johnson of London, coach maker; Thomas Playters of ___, Suff, gent; William Pocklington, scrivener, attorney at law C78/1051, no. 4 [187]
1690 18 Dec 2 John Howell cousin & heir of Mary Miller decd, late wife of Daniel Miller & also the surviving daughter & heir of Roger Pasfeild decd v John Warren Estate of Roger Parsfeild, messuage and tenements at Wickham, Essex. Debt to Thomas Chipperfield C78/795, no. 5 [188]
1690 18 Dec 2 Charles Feltham & Elizabeth his wife, late wife of Thomas Hastings v. Richard Milner; and Humphrey Bowyer, executors of said Thomas Hastings; and Thomas Hastings; Elizabeth Hastings; William Hastings; John Hastings; and Sarah Hastings, sons and daughters of said Thomas Hastings, infants, by their guardian C78/1198, no. 11 [189]
1690 22 Dec 2 Sir Gilbert Gerrard by Sir Samuel Gerrard his brother v Edward Horseman and Gilbert Horseman Manor of Brafferton, Yorks & lands at Dunsforth (detailed list of closes, parcels & tenants), in trust for the benefit of the complt. C78/1305, no. 3 [190]
1690 22 Dec 2 George White of London merchant administrator of Samuel White merchant during the minority of Susan White and Mary White only children of the said Samuel White and in trust for them and the said Susan and Mary White both infants by the said George White their uncle v. The Governor and Company of Merchants of London trading to the East Indies C79/92, no. [191]