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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1689 1 C78/, no. []
1689 28 Feb 1 Thomasine Powell, sole daughter and heir of Richard Powell, jr, an infant by her guardian v. Alexander Damascene & his wife; and others (sic) C78/1005 no. 6 [2]
1689 4 March 1 Thomas Pearce; Carleton Pearce; Croft Pearce; Elizabeth Pearce infants by Thomas Britton of London merchant guardian; Robert Rookwood & Mary his wife v. Herbert, lord bishop of Hereford; the said Mary Pearce widow; Edward Pearce; Richard Garth esq; John Jay; and Henry Reeve C79/35, no. [3]
1689 29 March? 1 Nathaniel Harryman, one of the younger sons of John Harryman of Derby, derbs; and Dunage Harryman of Derby, one of the daughters of said John Harryman v. Chrisopher Davenport; Hugh Newton; Frances Harryman, widow and relict of said John Harryman the father; and John Harryman an infant, by said Frances Harryman his mother and guardian C78/1558, no. 14 [4]
1689 10 April (bill) 1 Sir Henry Bond, baronet, son and heir of Sir Thomas Bond, baronet and one of the three executors of Sir Cesar Wood lately Granmer Knight; and William Sage, esq, the two other executors of Sir Thomas Bond; William Ball, esq; Sir Thomas Powis, knight, Attorney General; Sir Patrick Trant, baronet; Sir Cornewall Bradshaw, knight; Sir Nathaniel Johnson, knight; Anthony Row, esq; Robert Notts, esq; William Bridges, esq; Edward Seymoure; John Hawles; Jane Kingdon, widow; Theodosia Kingdon, together with said Edward Seymour; John Hawles; Jane Kingdon; and Theodosia Kingdon together with the said Bridges were executors of Samuel Kingdon esq; Sir Robert Dashwood, knight and baronet; Sir Samuel Dashwood, knight; John Perry, esq; and Edward Noell, sr, executors of George Dashwood, esq; Richard Heybourne, carpenter; Job Bickerton, carpenter; William Webb, carpenter; Jeffry Wood, merchant; Benjamin Leach, bricklayer; William Bond, esq; Benjamin Hinton, goldsmith; and Erasmus Splidt, merchant v. George Hinde; Jane Hinde; Hurch Hunt; Samuel Pott; Thomas Symond; Hanworth Frith; John Hill; Obedia Sedgwicke; George Scitwell; Richard Frith; Calspen Thomas; John Browne; Thomas Scitwell; Thomas Beacon; Alice Stanford; and Sir Edward Nelthorpe, baronet C78/1528, no. 7 [5]
1689 13 April 1 Jane Loyd, an infant of 18 yars by John St Nicholas, esq v. Richard Parry C78/821, no. 2 [6]
1689 18 April 1 Aaron Goodyeare v. Dame Alice Rawstorne; Thomas Davenport; William Edwayn; and Samuel Rawstorne infants by Dame Alice Rawstorne their guardian; and Joseph Reynardston C78/2032, no. 2 [7]
1689 24 April 1 Frances Rolle; Sarah Rolle; Pricilla Rolle; and Mary Rolle, four of the daughters of Sir Francis Rolle of Shapwicke, Som, knight, infants, to wit, Francis of about 16 years, Sarah of 14, Pricilla of 13, and Mary of 11, by Sigismond Stidolfe of Headley, Surrey, their guardian v. Sir Halswell Tynte of Halswell, Som, baronet; Dame Priscilla Rolle, relict of said Sir Francis Rolle; and Henry Rolle, esq, only son and heir of said Sir Francis Rolle C78/1112, no. 4 [8]
1689 26 April 1 Edward Gladwin, citizen and goldsmith of London v. John Hitchman the younger C78/934, no. 4 [9]
1689 4 May 1 Richard Barwis v. Thomas Simpson C78/779, no. 5 [10]
1689 4 May 1 John Davie, esq, thentofore high sheriff of Devon; Thomas Glanville; and Roger Andrews, keepers of the sheriff's ward or prison for the county; and Thomas Streete v. John Pince C78/1239, no. 5 [11]
1689 6 May 1 Bridget Nuthall an infant, daughter of Henry Nuthall & Margaret his wife deceased the only sister of Posthumous Edwards by said Henry her guardian v. Eilizabeth Edwards widow and relict of said Posthumous Edward; and Nicholas Beare merchant C78/2032, no. 3 [12]
1689 6 May 1 Emas Philipps, brother of Elisha Philipps, esq v. Elisha Philipps C78/1623, no. 1 [13]
1689 6 May 1 Henry White; William Clarke; Richard Michaell; and Peter Lacy, tenants of the ancient tenements of the manor of Hinton Hampner [Hinton Ampner], Hants, for themselves and the rest of the tenants of the ancient tenements within the said manor v. Sir Hugh Stewkly, baronet; and Richard Maggott, doctor in divinity, dean of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity at Winchester and Chapter of the same C78/1062, no. 3 [14]
1689 7 May 1 Mary Taylor widow relict and executrix of Nathaniel Taylor esq v. John Price and Sir Josiah Child knight and baronet C79/16, no. [15]
1689 8 May 1 John Hill, esq; and Francis Swynfen, gent, executors of Edward Lloyd, esq for themselves as executors and creditors of Henry Brigg, esq; Martin Baldwyn, esq; John Bowater, esq; Roger Bowlas, formerly servant of said Edward Lloyd; Edward Kynaston, draper; William Leighton, mercer; Wittingham Taylor; Richard Borratt, gent; Humfry Jones, gent; Thomas Bigg, draper; John Gibbons, taylor; David Griffith, sadler; Richard Williams, blacksmith; and Robert Sheppard, mercer, creditors, and several other creditors of the said Edward Lloyd v. Sir Charles Lloyd, baronet; Dame Elizabeth Lloyd; and Hester Lloyd, spinster C78/981, no. 2 [16]
1689 9 May 1 Ennice __ Cooke v. Francis Mundy, esq; Gilbert Mundy, gent; and Henry Gilbert, esq C78/1559, no. 3 [17]
1689 11 May 1 Martha Gay, widow & relict of Anthony Gay late of Bristol, merchant v Sir Halswell Tynt, John Gay, Thomas Seaple, Edward Carpenter & John Hartnell Debts and incumbrances on trust settlement of lands in Middle Marwood [in Marwood], Barnstaple, Sutcombe, Great Torrington, Tawton Bishop [Bishop's Tawton ] and other places in Devon. C78/755, no. 1 [18]
1689 11 May 1 William Hill; and Henry Hill v. John Dowley C78/961, no. 2 [19]
1689 13 May 1 Thomas Clutterbuck, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Chamberlayne, esq, & Anne his wife, said Elizabeth and Anne being two of the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Freame the younger thentofore of Nether Lippiat, Gloucs, esq, & of Anne his wife, said Elizabeth and Anne's mother, who was sister of Sir Thomas Bludder, knight v. Anne Freame; Henry Windows, & Sarah his wife C78/753, no. 1 [20]
1689 16 May 1 Richard Tatlock v. John Tatlock, gent; and Alexander Radcliffe, gent C78/911, no. 7 [21]
1689 21 May 1 William Adams & Rebecka his wife sole daughter and residuary legatee with brother Charles Russell of all the goods, chattels, and personal estate of Jane Russell their late mother v. Jonathan Gorstellow Snow esq; Richard Snowe gent; and the said Charles Russell C79/172, no. [22]
1689 27 May 1 Richard Amery, gent v. Andrew Oglethorpe, gent; William Spencer, doctor in divinity; and Richard Kellam C78/977, no. 8 [23]
1689 29 May 1 Reignold Deer esq v. Lewis Hopkins gentleman C79/172, no. [24]
1689 30 May 1 Richard Ashfield and Anne Ashfield two of the children of Sir Richard Ashfield baronet deceased v. Dame Dorcas Ashfield; James Hoare esq; William Denton doctor in phisicke; Thomas Smith esq; Anne Tresham widow; Sir William In_on baronet; Dame Mary Rogers widow; Sir John Ashfield baronet; and Elizabeth Ashfield C79/121, no. [25]
1689 (bill) Trinity term 1 John Davis & Anne his wife v. (Daniel?) Hodgkin C78/14, no. [26]
1689 (bill) Trinity Term 1 Jonathan Rich; Edward Robinson; Richard owen; and John Whittin v. Anthony Merry; William Grammer; Morris Mosely; Conyers Harrison; Mathew Robinson; and John Wheaten C78/1115, no. 4 [27]
1689 1 June 1 John Hills, an infant, by Robert Lay v. William Brewer, gent C78/796, no. 6 [28]
1689 1 June 1 Love Justice; and Charles Justice v. Rose Franckland, relict and administratrix of Hugh Franckland; Meliora Drax, executrix of Ursula Drax, executrix of William Drax; Hugh Franckland; Margaret and Frances Franckland, infants by their guardian C78/968, no. 2 [29]
1689 3 June 1 Thomas Pollington v. Jane Seagar, widow, relict, and executrix of William Seagar, gent; and John Seagar, son and heir of said William Seagar C78/972, no. 3 [30]
1689 4 June 1 John Stace of Wendover, Bucks v John Mathell & Susannah his wife, George Chamberlane, Richard Chamberlane & Ambrose Holbech Debts payable from personal estate of Dorothy Ralegh C78/1170, no. 4 [31]
1689 5 June 1 William Kinaston gentleman one of the sworn clerks of Richard Garth esq one of the six clerks of Chancery v. John Ward; Roger Ward; George Ward; Richard Ward; Edward Kinaston; John Edwards; Thomas Davies; and John Payne C79/29, no. [32]
1689 7 June 1 Richard Allen v. Francis Qatten; and others (sic) C78/934, no. 3 [33]
1689 8 June 1 John Duvall esq and Elizabeth viscountess Purbeck his wife and others (sic) v. Sir John Edwards knight and Sir Richard Dereham knight and baronet and others (sic) C78/1911, no. 8 [34]
1689 9 June 1 William Bower v William Gardener and Richard White Interests in leases of lands in Rumford, Essex. C78/1219, no. 5 [35]
1689 10 June 1 John Munson, Frances Munson and Dorothy Munson, children of Anthony Munson decd by Edward Syms v Sir John Terwhitt & Sir Thomas Gascoyne Administration of estate of late Anthony and Dorothy Munson C78/1120, no. 17 [36]
1689 10 June 1 John Cholmeley gentleman v. Sir Hugh Cholmeley baronet; Mary Cholmeley widow; Hugh Cholmeley; John Cholmeley; Anne Cholmeley; Hatton Compton esq; Nathaniel Stephens esq; Daniel Sheldon esq; John Carpenter gentleman; John, earl of Mulgrave; and Edward Lassells Marriage settlement of Nathaniel Cholmley, the complts brother, and 'the deft', the only child of the said Sir Hugh Cholmeley. Manors of Whitby, Whitby Laithes & Stakesby C78/1911, no. 10 [37]
1689 12 June 1 John Hames, executor of William Richardson decd v Bartin Overand, Henry Green & Frances his wife Bonds and mortgage of lands in Belton, Rutlands. C78/1170, no. 5 [38]
1689 12 June 1 Sir Benjamine Newland and Stephen Reynolds, grocer v Benjamine Newland Mortgage by the deft Benjamine Newland of East Cowes in the Isle of Wight, merchant, of a capital messuage in East Cowes. C78/1389, no. 2 [39]
1689 13 June 1 John Jones doctor of physick v. Samuel Heming; John Heming; William Carpender clerk; and Roger Chapman C79/139, no. [40]
1689 15 June 1 William Dainter v. Luke Warringer; William Hutchins, & Elizabeth his wife; Israel Jelley; John Cadman; Barbara Jelley; and Judith Jelley, widow, administratrix of Thomas Jelley her son, an infant deceased intestate and of Elizabeth Jelley an infant, by Judith her mother and guardian C78/761, no. 1 [41]
1689 17 June 1 John Bankes of Kingstone Hall, Dorset v. Sir William Portman, Knight of the Bath, baronet; Sir Robert Jenkinson, baronet; and Sir John ____ Curtis, knight C78/1062, no. 5 [42]
1689 18 June 1 Daniel Shaftoe gentleman v. Thomas Dobson; Thomas Robson; Arthur Shaftoe; Thomas Potts; and Joseph Read an infant by his guardian Purchase of an annuity by John & Margaret Shaftoe, the complts father & mother, from Thomas Dobson of Humshaugh, Northumberland, cordwainer, Edward Robson late of Humshaugh decd & John Read of Humshaugh, yeoman also decd, C79/17, no. [43]
1689 18 June 1 John Hore, son and heir of Mathew Hore of Landulph, Corn, gent, who was the son and heir of John Hore of Landulph, gent v. Nicholas Tyacke & Thomazine his wife; and John Moulton C78/933, no. 4 [44]
1689 18 June 1 William Cox v. Robert Young & Mary his wife; John Burge; and Thomas Burge, infants, by said Mary Young, their guardian C78/1259, no. 9 [45]
1689 19 June 1 John West v. Mary Freeman widow; Thomas Freeman; John Freeman; Samuel Freeman; and Nathaniel Freeman C78/2061, no. 11 [46]
1689 19 June 1 Jon Richardson of Lambeth, Surrey, gent, & Anne his wife; Richard Hooker of St Pauls, Shadwell Middx, blockmaker, & Elizabeth his wife; and William Lister of Gravesend, Kent, clerk v. John Farrow C78/1632, no. 9 [47]
1689 20 June 1 Bartholomew Baggs v. Henry Church C78/1528, no. 9 [48]
1689 20 June 1 William Winter & Mary his wife v. Mary Combes, widow; Thomas Robson; Robert Petty; Anthony Combes; Peter Combes; William Combes; Miles Combes; Elizabeth Combes; and Anne Combes C78/911, no. 8 [49]
1689 21 June 1 Sir Watkinson Payler baronet v. Lewis Dumoulin & Rebecca his wife; Salathiel Dumoulin; Peter Dumoulin; and Mary Dumoulin infants by said Lewis Dumoulin their father and guardian C78/2060, no. [50]
1689 21 June 1 Nathaniel Wade esq & Anne his wife late Anne Davies widow relict and one of the executors of Samuel Davies; and Samuel Davies and Hester Davies children of said Samuel and Anne by said Nathaniel and Anne v. John Osgood one of the executors and Thomas Speed and Joseph Davies overseers of said Samuel Davies C78/2012, no. 7 [51]
1689 24 June 1 Edmond Ludlowe of Eling, Middx, Elizabeth Basnett, widow, William Fall, Richard Oxinden, Samuel Master, clerk, George May, Dame Frances Winchcombe, widow, Susan Boucher, spinster, Thomasine Grubb, spinster, Phillip Sandford, clerk, Anne Moore, widow, John Whitfield & [blank] Dubbledee for creditors of William Mann v Mary Mann, widow & relict of the said William Mann, John Cropley, William Mann son & heir of the said William Mann, William Longville, Thomas Ewer, Richard Onslowe, Thomas Sackville, Sarah Butler & Richard Monings, creditors by mortgage of the said William Mann, Sir William Hedges & Dame Anne his wife, Samuel Barton, clerk, George Arnold, Simon Harcourt & Peirs Fineaux & others (not named) Debts payable from lands in Chatham, Harbledown, Tunford Canterbury and Bonnington, Kent. C78/1170, no. 6 [52]
1689 24 June 1 Susanna Attlee, widow v. William Attlee C78/1005, no. 8 [53]
1689 26 June 1 Roger Chamberlaine, gent v. John Crosse, sr; John Crosse, jr; and Elianor Denham; and John Blagden C78/897, no. 8 [54]
1689 26 June 1 Susannah Harvey v. Elizabeth Allicocke, administratrix de bonis non (by Edward Palmer, gent) of William Roberts, clerk, her late brother; and others C78/1019, no. 6 [55]
1689 27 June 1 Thomas Mackworth esq and Sir Humphry Mackworth knight v. Edward Morris gentleman; Theodore Morris; Dorothy Morris; Elizabeth Jevon; Sarah Somerfield; Edward Morris esq; John Nevell gentleman; and Roger Gethwin gentleman C78/2011, no. 3 [56]
1689 27 June 1 Robert Graham; James Cunningham; and Andrew Cooke, executors of Alexander Cuthbert of St Mary, Savoy alias Strand, Middx, taylor v. Christian Cuthbert, the widow and relict of said Alexander Cuthbert; John Cuthbert; Andrew Cuthbert; and Dowgall Cuthbert, infants C78/933, no. 2 [57]
1689 28 June 1 John Viner & Elizabeth his wife; Alexander Mercater & Ann his wife v. Nathaniel Haggett esq; William Meredith, gentleman; and Thomas Tyson C78/1938, no. 8 [58]
1689 28 June 1 John Lavie of London, merchant & Mary his wife; Mary Haskell, an infant, by Edmund Clerke, her guardian; Johanna Crich, wife of Edward Crich; Isaac Crich; Elizabeth Crich; Johannah Crich; Edward Crich; and Miles Crich, children of said Edward Crich, by Samuel Crich, gent, their guardian; Edmund Robinson; and Sarah Robinson, infants, by Edmund Robinson their guardian v. Sir Benjamin Newland, knight; John Bartlett, gent; Edward Crich, clerk; Henry Lewin, sr, gent, executors of Isaac Hart C78/1062, no. 6 [59]
1689 29 June 1 Elizabeth, widow and executrix of John Brunsell, clerk v. Samuel Brunsell, doctor of divinity; Elizabeth Outlaw, widow; William Cox, clerk; William Sacheverell, esq; Henry Moore; and Andrew Meires clerks C78/1712, no. 1 [60]
1689 1 July 1 Mary Adkins widow and administratrix with the will annexed of Edward Paul during the minority of Samuel Paul an infant and the said Samuel the infant by the said Mary Adkins v. John Dayne & Mary his wife C78/1941, no. 10 [61]
1689 1 July 1 Mary Adkins, widow and administratrix with the will annexed of Edward Paull during the minority of Samuel Paull, an infant; and the said Samuel the infant, by said Mary Adkins v. John Dayne, & Mary his wife C78/1610, no. 1 [62]
1689 2 July 1 William Wintle, administrator of Samuel Wintle his father and of Sir John Wintle v. Anne Blackwell, widow, relict, and executrix of Jonathan Blackwell C78/961, no. 1 [63]
1689 2 July 1 Samuel Bath, since deceased v. Anne Fellowes, widow, one of the executors of George Fellowes, who was executor of Francis Gorway; Robert Wyld, esq; who was assignee of Sir Rowland Berkley, who was mortgagee from George Fellowes of the lands in question; Higham Coke, esq, son an dheir of Richard Coke, clerk, who purchased the land in question of the said Anne Fellowes and Robert Wyld C78/961, no. 4 [64]
1689 2 July 1 Unton Crooke, esq & Gratious his wife v. Thomas Brookeing; Thomas Pengelley; Rawlin Mallock; Humfrey Walrond, esq; Charity Walrond; Humphrey Walrond, jr; Thomas Walrond; Elizabeth Walrond; Gratious Crooke jr; Charity Croke; Elinor Corke; Bridget Croke C78/1033, no. 5 [65]
1689 3 July 1 Mary Underwood, relict and executrix of John Underwood her husband; and John Underwood; Daniel Underwood; Richard Underwood; and Isaack Underwood, the four sons of said John and Mary Underwood v. Daniel Canham C78/1272, no. 14 [66]
1689 4 July 1 George Pockley, gent, an infant, by George Pockley his father v. Mary Pockley, widow, relict and administratrix with the will annexed of John Pockley, esq, the complainant's late uncle; Thomas Langly, gent; Thomas Pierson, gent; Francis Smith; and John Robinson C78/1598, no. 13 [67]
1689 5 July 1 Anne Tindall, widow v. Samuel Baddiley C78/1632, no. 5 [68]
1689 5 July 1 Paul Foley of Stoke Court, Herefs, esq v. Deverux Winghtly, son and heir of Deverux Winghtley of Fawesly [Fawsley], Northt, esq; Elizabeth Knightley, widow; Sir John Crew of Uckington, Ches, knight; Lucy Knightley of London, merchant; William Courteer of Cowley Parke, Worcs, esq; Thomas Foley of Whitely Court, Worcs, esq; and Thomas Foley, the complainant's son & Ann his wife C78/1049, no. 5 [69]
1689 8 July 1 Francis Widdrington, gent v Thomas Clennell, esq; and John Clennell, gent Purchase by the deft Thomas Clennell of property in Thropton, Northumberland from Lancelott Allgood & James Carr on behalf of the complt C78/961, no. 2 [70]
1689 9 July 1 William Newcombe v William and Mary Spurway Sale of coppice wood in Okeford, Devon for charcoal manufacture C78/900, no. 2 [71]
1689 9 July 1 John Mayott of Oxford, mercer & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Christopher Wood late of Holywell alias St Cross near Oxford, gentleman & Margery his wife v. Anthony Wood; and Richard Hancks C78/2032, no. 4 [72]
1689 11 July 1 William Milles of Canterbury, Kent, draper v. Mabella Hawkins C79/192, no. [73]
1689 11 July 1 Charles Brigstock of Barking, Essex, shopkeeper C78/191, no. [74]
1689 11 July 1 Anne Postuma Bothomley, widow and relict of John Bothomley of York, merchant; John Bothomley; Anthony Bothomley; and Gerrard Bothomley, children of John Bothomley deceased, being infants, by said Anne Postuma Bothomley their mother v. Sir John Hewley, knight; Thomas Rokeby, esq C78/1604, no. 6 [75]
1689 11 July 1 Sir Robert Barrington, knight v. James Haw; and Amy Haw C78/822, no. 5 [76]
1689 11 July 1 Walwyn Gascoigne of London, merchant, administrator of Stephen Gascoigne late of the Island of Barbados in the parts beyond the seas esq complainant's late brother with the will annexed during the minority of Walwyn Gascoigne an infant of the age of 5 years only son and executor of said Stephen Gascoigne v. Francis Moore gentleman C79/16, no. [77]
1689 11 July 1 Hannah Clobery; and Mary Clobery, two of the daughters and coheirs of Sir John Clobery, knight; Charles Leigh, esq; William Bromley, esq; William Cranmer, esq; Clobery Holt, son and heir apparent of Sir Charles Holt, baronet; Thomas Whiteing, eldest son and heir of Peter Whiteing; Charles, Anne, Jane, and Mary Holt, younger children of said Sir Charles Holt and grandchildren of said Sir John Clobery, said Mary Clobery, Clobery Holt, Charles, Anne, Jane, and Mary Holt being all infants, by said Susannah Clobery their guardian v. Dame Anne Clobery, widow, relict, and executrix of said Sir John Clobery AND v. said Sir Charles Holt & Dame Anne his wife; and Clobery Bromley, son and heir apparent of said William Bromley, by Katherine his late wife, one other of the daughters of said Sir John Clobery C78/1019, no. 8 [78]
1689 11 July 1 Robert Jacob of the town and port of Dover, Kent, esq v. Thomas Toddeman; and Edward Roberts, both of the said town of Dover, esqs; Thomas Nowell of the same, gent; William Chapman of London, esq; and Thomas Williams of London, goldsmith C78/1062, no. 1 [79]
1689 11 July 1 William Tyndall, citizen and merchant of London and administrator of Walter Tyndall of London v. Major Bradley, gent C78/1062, no. 4 [80]
1689 12 July 1 Philip Oxton & Magdalen his wife, who was thentofore called Magdalen Alexander and was daughter of John Wilford of Hadley, Middx, esq v. Roger Dave & Elizabeth his wife; and George Wilford C78/1263, no. 1 [81]
1689 16 July 1 James Boyce; Thomas Boyce; and Margaret Boyce, children of John Boyce deceased and Mary his wife, infants, by Humfry Munt of St Clement Danes, Middx, ironmonger; and Erasmus Migglewright of London, clockmaker, their guardians v. William Boyce; Daniel Langley; and John Boyce C78/1272, no. 5 [82]
1689 17 July 1 Ralph Hartley of Kingsbury, Middx v. Richard Bowater Mortgage of property in Kingsbury by the complt.Refs bill of John Gunston v. the current complt, and decree of May 1684 C78/1445, no. 1 [83]
1689 17 July 1 Charles, lord marquis of Winchester now duke of Bolton v. Thomas Bendlowe the elder; Thomas Bendlowe the younger; and William Wray C78/961, no. 3 [84]
1689 18 July 1 Abigail Heveningham an infant only daughter of Sir William Heveningham knight & Dame Barbara his wife both deceased by the Honorable Francis Villiers esq her uncle v. Henry Heveningham esq; George, lord viscount Grandison; Richard Pagitt, esq; Edward Fitz Gerald Villiers esq; and Sir Roger Potts baronet C78/2032, no. 4 [85]
1689 18 July 1 Edward Denne and John Denne v. William Denne; Katherine Denne; and others (sic) C78/1712, no. 12 [86]
1689 19 July 1 Robert Barber of Adderbury, Oxon v Elizabeth Barber, Susannah Barber, Bea.. Barber, Samuel Waldo, Timothy Waldo, Richard Pile, William Wright, Ambrose Holbech & Ralph Barber Marriage settlement and trust of lands in Milton and Adderbury, Oxon C78/1170, no. 1 [87]
1689 20 July 1 John Dormer; Robert Dormer; Charles Dormer; William Dormer; Phillip Dormer; James Dormer; Frances Dormer; and Clement Dormer, all children of Robert Dormer of Dorton, Bucks, esq, and infants, by Sir Charles Cotterell, knight, their grandfather v. Sir Charles Lodowick Cotterell; Sir William Trumbull; and Ambrose Holbech C78/1171, no. 6 [88]
1689 22 July 1 John Terry of St Clement Danes, Middx, gent v. Sir John Sydenham, baronet; and Edward Strode, esq, trustees for the Lord Pawlett C78/934, no. 2 [89]
1689 25 July 1 Sir Thomas Williamson of East Markham, Notts v Thomas Frewen, Sir Edward Frewen his son & Thomas Frewen son of the said Sir Edward Agreement re sale and drainage of manor of Bonby, Lincs. C78/1213, no. 6 [90]
1689 22 Aug 1 Martha Thwaites one of the daughters of William Thwaites & Frances his wife also deceased, a minor by Humphrey South her guardian v. John Dye & Frances his wife; James Thwaites, gentleman; James Strutt; and Isaac Heath C78/2032, no. 1 [91]
1689 6 Sept 1 Judith and Elizabeth Buggin, infants, daughters of Edward Buggin, deceased, by Thomas Collins their father in law and guardian v. William Buggin, administrator of Robert Buggin citizen and haberdasher of London C78/911, no. 6 [92]
1689 26 Sept 1 Appleton Onghan v. Samuel Staines C78/1632, no. 10 [93]
1689 12 Oct 1 John Banner of London?, salter v. Elizabeth Bromhall; Joseph Southen; and Elizabeth Southen C79/190, no. [94]
1689 15 Oct. 1 Susannah Brownell, relict & administratrix of John Brownell, and Robert Constable v Ralph Brandling, Robert Gray D.D. and Thomas Haggerston. Mortgage of lands in Mitford and Morpeth. C78/924, no. 3 [95]
1689 15 Oct 1 Mary Holloway, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Holloway citizen and merchant taylor of London v. Joseph Greenhill; Nathaniel Holloway; and others C78/911, no. 3 [96]
1689 15 Oct 1 William Crane, esq v. Robert Scroope, esq & Lucy his wife C78/911, no. 4 [97]
1689 18 Oct 1 John Heath v Jane Nicholas, widow Marriage settlement and jointure interests in lands in Dagnam [Dagenham ], Essex C78/1213, no. 5 [98]
1689 21 Oct 1 Martin Ryder, esq; Thomas Pyne, esq; Richard Osborne, gent; and Richard Cliffe, mechant, administrator with the will annexed of Sir Peter Leare, baronet, in trust for Sir Thomas Leare, baronet, his nephew, an infant, by said Martin Ryder; Thomas Pyne; Richard Pyne; and Richard Cliffe v. Thomas Mathews, clerk C78/822, no. 4 [99]
1689 23 Oct 1 John Crawford, gent & Etheldred, his wife; Robert Peverell & Elizabeth his wife; and Anne Pensex, the said Etheldred, Elizabeth, and Anne being daughters and coheirs of Henry Pensex, jr and heirs of Henry Pensex, sr v. Thomas Whitfield, son and heir and administrator of Richard Whitfield, sr, by Mary his wife, one of the daughters of the said Henry Pensex, sr C78/1019, no. 7 [100]
1689 24 Oct 1 Robert Stamper; Henry Haughton & Christian his wife; The Lady Elizabeth, countess of Ranelagh; the Lady Rachell, viscountess Falkland; Sir James Hayes; and James his son; Elizabeth Danvers; Thomas Hawker & Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Hughes; Katharine Pennant; Mary Parry; ____ Tyler; Frances Betteson; Frances Smyth, daughter of John Smyth; Frances Smyth, daughter of Thomas Smith; The Lady Katharine Jones; ___ Oldfield & his wife; Albina Selwyn; Theodocia Bettenson; Frances Selwyn; ___ Byas; Francis Twuleston; ____ Fanshaw; Arabella Dives; and John Heather, all except the complainant Samper being legatees of the Honorable Frances Ellis, widow C78/968, no. 8 [101]
1689 28 Oct 1 Henry Rands, administrator & principal creditor of Sir Osbert Rands his late brother v William Longe, Samuel Storey & Elizabeth Froggett Debts and Bonds. C78/1120, no. 4 [102]
1689 31 Oct 1 Thomas Cooth; and John Cooth, executors of Alice Cooth their mother, who was executrix of John Cooth her husband v. John _ude, since deceased; Ranulph Manning; and Arthur Baron C78/1528, no. 8 [103]
1689 6 Nov 1 Francisco de Casseres of London, merchant v. Thomas Morgan; Charles Pope; and John Johnson; William Brooke; Edward Farneham; and John Philpott C78/926, no. 3 [104]
1689 8 Nov 1 Thomas Friend of ___, Hants, husbandman v. Henry Shotter, & Jane his wife; Willliam Golding; and John Friend C78/761, no. 3 [105]
1689 9 Nov 1 Edmund Knight v William Tyrrington & his wife, Jeffrey Adamson & his wife, Robert Colbeck, Thomas Holder & John Grey Title to copyhold lands in Northwold, Norfolk C78/1120, no. 3 [106]
1689 12 Nov 1 Thomas Richardson, gent v. Sir John Knightley, since deceased; Francis Fisher, esq; Thomas Webster, esq & Elizabeth his wife, which Elizabeth was formerly the wife of John Wightwicke, esq; John Wightwicke; and Charles Wightwicke, sons of said John Wightwicke; and Thomas Wightwicke C78/934, no. 6 [107]
1689 13 Nov 1 Samuel James, gentleman v. Nahum Croseby and Joseph Gorrall & Sarah his wife C78/2012, no. 8 [108]
1689 13 Nov 1 John Turvin v. James Plumer C78/1005, no. 4 [109]
1689 16 Nov 1 Charles Yeomans & Elizabeth his wife, Mary Palmer v Thomas Brooke & Dorothy his wife, Daniel Peacocke & Benjamin Cole Legacies payable by will of Robert Paling from lands in Nettlestead, Suffolk and a house in Spittlefield, London. C78/924, no. 2 [110]
1689 16 Nov 1 Thomas Hollier, an infant v. William Millman, gent C78/1722, no. 8 [111]
1689 18 Nov 1 The Right Honorable Henry Powle, esq v. John tattershall of Waldron, Sussex, clerk; Mary, countess of of Orrery, Ireland; and Charles Boyle, esq, her son C78/1064, no. 5 [112]
1689 21 Nov 1 Thynn Harrison, an infant, by Charles Harrison of Hirst, Wilts, gent, his uncle and guardian; and Katherine Harrison, infant, by John Harrison of Pulborough near Petworth, Sussex, doctor of laws, her uncle and guardian v. Jacob Turner of London, merchant; and Robert Thynn, clerk C78/1049, no. 3 [113]
1689 22 Nov 1 Francis Wyvell, esq & Anne his wife, late wife of Christopher Hewley, grocer, and daughter of Sir William Caley Barrones v. Dorothy Hewley; and Anne Hewley, daughters and coheirs of said Christopher Hewley AND v. Sir John Hewley, baronet; and John Wright C78/1595, no. 7 [114]
1689 27 Nov 1 George Smith of East Warden, Sussex, clerk, cousin & heir of Thomas Smith late of Binderton, Sussex v Alice Smith, Nehemiah Brandreth, James Paddon, William Fossey & John Gells Marriage settlement and trust of lands in Binderton, Apuldrum [Appledram], North Bearstead and South Bearstead [Bersted], Sussex C78/1170, no. 2 [115]
1689 28 Nov 1 White Wickham, an infant, by Joseph Wickham his father v. Lucy White; and William Woodcocke & Elizabeth his wife C78/934, no. 5 [116]
1689 29 Nov 1 Henry Baker v. Dame Elizabeth Harvey widow and Anthony Best gentleman C78/2038, no. 8 [117]
1689 29 Nov 1 Sir Francis Wheeler, knight & Dame Arabella his wife, one of the sisters and coheirs of Sir William Clifton, baronet; Samuel Greaves, gent; and others, creditors and legatees of said Sir William Clifton v. William Sacheverell, esq; Edward Bigland, serjeant at law, executors of said Sir William and devisees of the manor of Kinnolton and other lands in Nottinghamshire of said Sir William to be sold for payment of the debts and legacies of said Sir William; Sir John Parsons, knight & Dame Katherine his wife, another of the sisters and coheirs of said Sir Willliam Jervas Clifton, baronet; and Robert Clifton, esq, infants by their guardian Sir John Mathewes, knight; John Richards, esq; Francis Fisher, esq & Dame Mary Marrow his wife; Thomas Fredericke; Henry Frederick Thynn; and Fracnis Millington, esq; William Rawlinson, serjeant at law; and Elizabeth Fownes C78/1033, no. 6 [118]
1689 3 Dec 1 Richard Kent of Corsham, Wilts, esq, lord of the manor of Aldborne, Wilts; John Southby esq; Francis Goddard esq; John Crispe & Mary his wife; Abigaile King, widow; Gabriel Martin, gentleman; Elizabeth Martin, widow; John Smyth, gentleman; Henry Evans, gentleman; Thomas Greinfield, apothecary; George Adams the elder; Thomas Coleman the elder?; Oliver Corr; Robert Pearce; Richard Story; John Bacon; John Pearce; Zachary Dixon the elder; Zachary Dixon the younger; John Collins; Edward Wittes; William King: john Elderfield; Henry Restall; William Mott; Thomas Wild; John Corr; Roger Browne; Thomas Collins; Thomas Strong; henry Neate; Nicholas Goddard; John Gilbert; Thomas Gillmore; ; Anthony Savery; Robert Church; John Looker; Marke Stoneham; Thomas Fowler; John Adee; Roger Adee; Thomas Mott; Richard Story; John Bacon; Thomas Knackstone; Charles Smith; Roger Dennis; Giles Stephens; Richard Sheppard; John Mudge; Thomas Brind; Roger Lawrence; Timothy Fairechild; Susanna Gilbert; Francis Strong; Margaret Cong; Martha Blagrowe; Mary Sheppard; Elidzabeth Adee; Edward Hinton; John Sheppard; Thomas Chamberleyne; John Hopkins sr; John Hopkins jr; Richard Gould; John Pearce; John Wooldridge; Robert Kempton; Thomas Pearce; Jane Wittes; Edward Liddiard; John Looker; John Gyatt; Anne Salt; Dorothy Collins; Roger Browne jr; Robert Wyatt; Thomas Aldridge; Robert Pearce jr; and Richard Sheppard, all of them freeholders, copyholders, and leaseholders within the manor of Aldborne; Gilbert, bishop of Salisbury ordinary of the diocese of Salisbury and patron of the vicarage of Aldborne; William Jackson clerk vicar of the vicarage of Aldborne; Richard Meggot doctor in divinity dean of the cathedral church of the Holy Trinity of Winchester, Hants, and the chapter of the same church owners of the inheritance of the manor and parsonage impropriate within the manor and parish of Aldborne and of the gleeb lands, tenths, tithes, profits, and emoluments whatsoever in the same belonging; Frances Nicholas, widow; and Oliver Nicholas her son, farmers, lessees, and tenants of the said dean and chapter of their said manor and parsonage impropriate etc v. Sir Richard Hart knight; Richardf Normansell esq; Mary Jones widow; and Richard Jones an infant C78/1938, no. 9 [119]
1689 3 Dec 1 Thomas Frederick, esq, & Leonora his wife, one of the daughters of Charles Moriscoe of London, merchant v. Jacob David, & Leonoral his wife, relict and executrix of said Charles Moriscoe; Sir John Letheleir, knight; Samuel Letheleir; and others (sic) C78/1595, no. 1 [120]
1689 3 Dec 1 Roger Cooke; Anthony Freestone, esqs v. Ciriat Coke; Samuel Verdon; Henry Ossant; and Abigall Yallopp C78/1072, no. 12 [121]
1689 4 Dec 1 John Darton and Priscilla his wife, William Luce and Elianor his wife, which said Priscilla and Elianor are two of the daughters of Mathew Ham v Mathew Ham and Joane his wife, Edward Seacombe and Anne his wife, Reynold Seacombe and John Seacombe Complts Priscilla and Elianor are children by Mathew Ham's first wife. Deft Joane is his 2nd wife, and deft Anne is a daughter by this second wife. Concerns promises by Mathew Ham ensure that legacies are paid to the complts Priscilla and Elianor, and concerns that the defts are influencing him to renege on the promises. C78/1369, no. 8 [122]
1689 5 Dec 1 Anthony Foster & Elizabeth his wife (alias Elizabeth Salisbury, widow) and Katharine Browning, widow, daughters of John Markland v Humphry Munt, surviving executor of the said John Markland. Administration of will of John Markland. C78/924, no. 1 [123]
1689 5 Dec 1 George Greene the younger, son of George Greene the elder citizen and combmaker of London, by the said George Greene the elder his next friend and guardian by this Court specially admitted Complt v Rowland Bulkeley Legacies due to the complt in will of Rowland Bulkeley late of the Island of Barbados C78/1305, no. 12 [124]
1689 5 Dec 1 Francis Buttram v. Sir John Bawden, knight; and other defendants C78/926, no. 4 [125]
1689 6 Dec 1 Edward Webb, esq v. Nathaniel Webb; Edward Hancocke; George Webb, sr; George Webb, jr; Stephen Webb; and others (sic) C78/766, no. 2 [126]
1689 6 Dec 1 William Herbert, gent v. Edward Carne & Elianor his wife, late wife and relict of Henry Herbert; Walter Daffield & Margaret his wife; and Mary Herbert C78/933, no. 3 [127]
1689 6 Dec 1 Edward Webb, esq v. Nathaniel Webb; Edward Hancocke; George Webb, sr; George Webb, jr; Stephen Webb; and others (sic) C78/934, no. 1 [128]
1689 7 Dec 1 William Sharpe of Kings Cliffe, Northants & Elizabeth his wife v Richard Foster and Thomas Foster Legacies payable from profits of lands in Nassington, Northants C78/1170, no. 3 [129]
1689 10 Dec 1 David Atkins clerk since deceased and Thomas Burrowes gentleman v. Anne Dodd widow; Magdalen Johnson; Sarah Dodd spinster; Robert Cooper & Priscilla his wife; Robert Colbach & Anne his wife; Francis Dodd; Thomas Dickin clerk & Elizabeth his wife; Charlton Hill sr; Charlton Hill jr; John Hill; Rowland Hill; and Thomas Dickin gentleman C79/29, no. [130]
1689 10 Dec 1 Henry Procter, gent; John Frind, gent; George Wyatt; Zachary Wyatt; and John Gill, an infant by said George Wyatt his guardian v. William gill, an infant by Susanna Gill his mother and guardian; and Dorothy Gill widow C78/897, no. 1 [131]
1689 10 Dec 1 Mary Wharton, sole daughter and heir of Philip Wharton, esq, only son and heir and also executor of Sir Thomas Wharton, Knight of the Bath; the said Mary being an infant, by Ann Byerly, sr; and Anne Byerly, jr, her guardians v. Dame Jane Wharton, widow and relict; and Elizabeth and Jane Wharton, daughters of said Sir Thomas Wharton; Henry Saint John, esq; and Angelica Magdalena, his wife, late wife and also executrix of Philip Wharton; and John, lord Downes C78/1016, no. 1 [132]
1689 12 Dec 1 Thomas Morley v Anne, Countess dowager of Rochester; Edward, Earl of Sandwich & the Lady Elizabeth his wife; Lady Mallett Willmot and Henry Batntun & the Lady Anne his wife Mortgage of manors of Shorehampton, Weston Saint Laurence and Ditton, Gloucs. C78/918, no. 1 [133]
1689 12 Dec 1 Sir William Opie v. John Morgan; Elizabeth Holbathe widow; Thomas Holbathe and Nathaniel Holbathe C79/150, no. [134]
1689 12 Dec 1 John Price, an infant, by Thomas Price v. Thomas Benson, doctor of divinity; John Jeffryes, esq (since deceased) to whom Dorothy the wife of Thomas Flower is daughter and heir; and Vere Cronwell, lord Morpeth and earl of Carlisle C78/1640, no. 3 [135]
1689 12 Dec 1 Henry Baynton, esq & The Lady Anne, his wife, an infant by said Henry her husband; and the Ladies Elizabeth and Mallett Wilmott, infants, daughters, and coheirs of John, late earle of Rochester, by the countess of Rochester their mother v. Maurice, viscount FitzHarding; Anthony Bowyer, esq; John Bowles; Edward Clarke; and George Musgrave, executors of William Clarke C78/911, no. 1 [136]
1689 13? Dec 1 John Jenkins and Anne his wife administratrix of James Lazenby unadministered by Anne Lazenby v Thomas Powell, Joseph Collins and John Shewell Legacies due to the complt Anne from her father James Lazenby, her mother Anne Lazenby and Alexander Hosea, executor of the will of Anne Lazenby, all now decd C78/1313, no. 8 [137]
1689 13 Dec 1 Elizabeth Finch; Carolina Finch; Theodora Finch; Judith Finch; and Ruth Finch infants by Thomas Horton esq guardian; and said Thomas Horton v. John Nausan & Ruth his wife and Thomas Boone & Sarah his wife C78/2038, no. 9 [138]
1689 13 Dec 1 Thomas Doubledew; William Holmes; Francis Vayles; and Elizabeth Algure, widow v. John frary; and Thomas Betts, executors of Richard Warner; and Elizabeth Warner, then the widow and relict of said Richard Warner and now the wife of said John Frary; and John Warner, son and heir of said Richard Warner C78/796, no. 5 [139]
1689 13 Dec 1 Hester Storr, widow; William Storr;Thomas Storr; Edward Storr; and Mary Storr, said Edward and Mary being infants, by said Hester Storr, their mother and guardian v. Burdis Calvery; Sir Drayner Massingberd, baronet; John Jolly, sr; John Jolly, jr; William Spelkes; Nicholas Gibbs; and Thomas Thompson C78/1175, no. 5 [140]
1689 16 Dec 1 Edward Smyth of Whitchurch, Bucks, esq v. Margaret Trelawney, widow, administratrix of Dame Dorothy Seymore; and William Monson, esq C78/938, no. 6 [141]
1689 16 Dec 1 Edward Smith of Whitchurch, Bucks, esq v. Margaret Trelawney, widow, administratrix of Dame Dorothy Seymore; and William Monson, esq C78/939, no. 4 [142]
1689 17 Dec 1 Simon Huntley of Harryettsham, Kent, yeoman v. Elizabeth Wood; and Henry Savery C78/1049, no. 2 [143]
1689 20 Dec 1 Richard Hughes then of Powis Castle, Montg, gen v. Elizabeth Rogers; Penelope Rogers; and Anne Rogers infants by Margaret Rogers their mother now married to Richard Rock gentleman AND v. the said Margaret and John Mathewes esq her father C78/2070, no. 5 [144]
1689 20 Dec 1 William Judd v. Nicholas Wadsworth C78/911, no. 2 [145]
1689 23 Dec 1 Sir Thomas Travell of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, knight v. Sir Thomas Pilkington, knight, Lord Mayor of the City of London; Sir John Parsons, knight; Ambrose Holbech, gent; Phillip Gardiner; John Travell; and Thomas Travell, sons of said complainant Sir Thomas Travell C78/1171, no. 5 [146]