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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1688 4 C78/, no. []
1688 17 Jan 3 William Parker, esq; William Anson, & Isabell his wife; Jennett Carryer; and Elizabeth Carryer, which Isabell, Jennett,and Elizabeth were daughters and coheirs of Robert Carryer v. William Turner, gent; and William Walker, & Katherine his wife C78/1558, no. 6 [2]
1688 17 Jan 3 John Westbrooke of London, salter v. Francis Vandenbrooke; William Gouban; Paul Cloots; Thomas Cloots his son; Charles Barbon; Don Dona Mucio; and Thomas Jeffard C78/928, no. 1 [3]
1688 18 Jan. 3 William Watkins v Avia Watkins relict and administratrix of Joseph Watkins decd; and James Hughes. Mortgage of a house (unspecified) and debts C78/960, no. 2 [4]
1688 18 Jan 3 Elizabeth Cockram the elder, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Cockram; Elizabeth Cockram; William Cockram; and Prudence Cockram, all infants, by said Elizabeth their mother and guardian v. John Juell C78/971, no. 4 [5]
1688 23 Jan 3 Sarah Parsell, spinster; Rebecca Duncombe, widow, late wife of Richard Duncombe, gent; John Trice, esq; Thomas Trice, gent; William Goodhall, gent; Walter Pout, gent; John Ventris, esq & Rosamond his wife; James Pratt; and William Devereux v. Sir Beaumont Dixie, baronet; Edward Thompson; and Robert Bloxham C78/1255, no. 5 [6]
1688 26 Jan 3 Sir Charles Sedley of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, knight and baronet v. William Colegrave and George Slaughter esqs C78/2032, no. 5 [7]
1688 26 Jan 3 Elizabeth Marshall, an infant of about 5 years, daughter and heir of John Marshall, who was son and heir of Thomas Marshall, by Richard Wilson, her guardian v. John Francis; Elizabeth his wife; and George Francis C78/935, no. 3 [8]
1688 27 Jan 3 Jasper Peters, & Hellen his wife, an infant, by her said husband v. Robert Browne, since deceased C78/754, no. 4 [9]
1688 1 Feb 3 Sir Richard Newdigate of Arbury, Warw, baronet and William Wyatt executor of William Wyatt late of Astley, Warw, clerke and John Bull of Astley, clerk v. John Veare Failure of the deft to pay his share of a sum levied upon the freeholders of the parish of Astley to enhance the stipend of the present and previous Minister of the parish. C79/176, no. [10]
1688 2 Feb 3 Edward Williams v. John Springfield; and Elizabeth Springfield C78/1632, no. 12 [11]
1688 3 Feb 3 Thomas Moore, yeoman, & Margaret his wife; and Michael Symonds, & Anne his wife v. John Denn; and Alphria alias Alviria his wife, sole executrix of Henry Hamond, yeoman C78/1596, no. 5 [12]
1688 4 Feb 3 Elizabeth Broune, spinster v. Sir Thomas Gery; George Rodney, esq; and Anna Maria, countess dowager of Shrewsbury his wife C78/1628, no. 6 [13]
1688 7 Feb 4 Daniel Brent of Harmondsworth, Middx, yeoman v. William, lord Pagett; Henry Pagett, esq; John Baldwyn, esq; and others (sic) C78/2029, no. 9 [14]
1688 7 Feb 4 Sir Thomas Exton, knight, doctor of Laws; Edward Bettenson, esq; Roger Stoughton, esq; and John Currance, esq; and Francis Gregory, executor of Sir Joseph Colston, knight; and Francis Wightwick, esq v. Sir Edward Greaves, baronet; and William Steed, gent C78/979, no. 6 [15]
1688 8 Feb 4 Rebecca Hushar, infant, by Sarah Tookie; Jonathan Tookie; Samuel Hoecraft; and Sarah Tookie v. Thomas Ward; and John Singleton C78/1730, no. 9 [16]
1688 8 Feb 4 Rebecca Hushar, infant, by Sarah Tookie; Jonathan Tookie; Samuel Hoecraft, and Sarah Tookie v. Thomas Ward; and John Singleton C78/1713, no. 9 [17]
1688 10 Feb 4 Richard Whithed, administrator of Henry Whithed his late father, Roger Pope, William Pope, Edward Young v John Archer & Mary his wife, Richard Edwards, Giles Eyres The will of Richard Jones: manors of Benham Lovell [in Sppen par.], Westbrooke [Boxford with Westbrook], Holvenham [Hoe Benham], Easton Welford, Boxworth [Boxford], Berkshire. Administration of the estate by Trustees. C78/815, no. 3 [18]
1688 10 Feb 4 John Asgill v Rowland Broadstocke & Elizabeth his wife Payments due from lands in Evesham, Worcs C78/910, no. 3 [19]
1688 11 Feb 4 Richard Moore of Bewicke, Yorks [Bewick in Aldbrough par., East Yorks] gent, son and heir and administrator of John Moore, gent v. William Thompson, esq C78/1609, no. 5 [20]
1688 14 Feb 4 Mary Pyall, widow, the relict and executrix of Solomon Pyall v. Sir Jacob Asley, baronet; and Richard Utting C78/792, no. 1 [21]
1688 17 Feb 4 Roger Jennings and Edward Nicholas, esqs v. Richard Mostin, esq C78/2029, no. 14 [22]
1688 18 Feb 4 Sir Joseph Seymour of Langley marsh, Bucks, knight v. Sir Henry Seymour, baronet, an infant and son and heir of Henry Seymour esq; Edward Seymour, esq, son and heir apparent of Sir Edward Seymour, baronet; Edward Seymour of Barkhamstead, Herts, esq; and Charles Daw of Langly Marsh, esq C78/894, no. 4 [23]
1688 18 Feb 4 Henry Whitchcott of Finchley, Middx, gent & Gertrude his wife, lately wife of Richard Peacock of Finchley, esq and daughter of Sir John Lawrence of London, knight v. Sir John Lawrence, knight and alderman of London; Thomas Peacock, esq; Richard Peacock; Michael Peacock; Reginald Williams of Stoake Nayland, Suff, esq; Anthony Knightsbridge of Grays inn, Middx, esq; John Pollexfen; and Charles Chamberlaine, both of London, merchants; and Thomas Sturney of the Inner Temple, London, esq C78/1047, no. 3 [24]
1688 18 Feb 4 William Brodnax of Godmersham, Kent, esq, an infant above 14 and under 21 years, by Herbert Randolph of Grays Inn, Middx, esq, his guardian v. Thomas Turner of Canterbury, esq C78/1063, no. 4 [25]
1688 21 Feb 4 Sir James Ward, knight; John Currance; and William Pawlett, esqs; Sir Robert Napper, knight; John Adams; and Gerrard Vanheythuysen v. Sir John Mordant, baronet; Davenport Lucy, esq; Edward Wills, gent; Katherine Lucy; and Elizabeth Lucy C78/1600, no. 3 [26]
1688 21 Feb 4 Christopher Weatherhead of Ingham Lodge [?Kexby par.], Yorks, gent v. William Battesby; John Lonsdale; and Richard Lonsdale, an infant C78/1595, no. 3 [27]
1688 21 Feb 4 Sir Francis Wheeler, knight & Dame Arabella his wife, one of the sisters and coheirs of Sir William Clifton, baronet, being an infant, by said Sir Francis Wheeler, her husband; Samuel Greaves; Thomas Gibbons; Henry Upton; Thomas Alcroft; George Field; Thomas Bennett; Paul Mansfield; Samuel Hind, gent; Elizabeth Twisden; Mary Goodwyn, widow; Charles Ballet, gent; Clifford Thurlby, clerk; John Orelbar, esq; Edward Woodwrd; Carew Guidott, esq; ___ Hobart; James Pollett; ___ Browne; George London; Robert Bradford; Robert Longland the elder; Francis Dove; Robert Panton; William Partridge; Edward Barrodell; Thomas Young; Robert Longland the younger; John Rawlins; Robert Johnson; Francis Chad; John Rogers; and Charles Peter; Clayton Paule Wincles; Nicholas Strawbridge; William Petty; William Johnson; Jervas Rippon; Francis Willoughby, gent; ___ Watkinson; Thomas Bunneyes; John France; John Hawkins; Edward Wilkinson; Richard Tuffin; Thomas Gray; John Bush; William Bilby & Elizabeth his wife, lately Elizabeth Tibson; William Flamstead; William Woolhouse; Edward Hickling; ___ Wright, widow; Thomas Cooke; Thomas Coppocks; Robert Peach; William Drury; Thomas Needham; Humphrey Barker; Thomas James, jr; William Cawthorpe; ___ Brittaine, widow; John Malin, gent; John Hart; Isaac Turner; ___ Reyner, widow; Francis Smith; Elizabeth Whitby; John Greaves; Samuel Richards; Francis Kirke; and Francis Cocke v. William Sacheverell, esq; Edward Bigland, serjeant at law; Sir John Parsons, knight & Dame Katherine his wife, another of the sisters and coheirs of said Sir William Jervas Clifton, baronet; and Robert Clifton, esq; Sir John Mathewes, knight; John Richards; Francis Fisher & the Lady Mary Marrow his wife; Thomas Fredericke, esq; Henry Fredericke Thynne; Francis Millington; and William Rawlinson, serjeant at law; and Edlizabeth Fownes, widow C78/1033, no. 1 [28]
1688 22 Feb 4 Sir Robert Sawyer Attorney General on behalf of the Charity for "the poor people where there is most need as hee (the executor) in his wisdome shall think fitt" v. Sir Thomas Proby baronet; Mathew Johnson; and Edward Harvy esq; John Norton esq & Mary his wife; and Dopley Norton their son; Thomas Barton the elder gentleman; Brian Satterthwait & Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Garneys; George Welby; Richard Snow; Mathew Southwell; William Filbridge since deceased; James Marriot; Mary Kirkham widow since married to Francis Russell gentleman; and Charles Kirkham esq C79/4, no. [29]
1688 22 Feb 4 Thomas Jenney, administrator with the will annexed of Dina Jenney, widow during the minority of Elizabeth Jenney, spinster, an infant of 19 years and daughter of said Dina Jenney; and the said Elizabeth Jenney by said Thomas Jenney, her guardian v. Sir Henry Chancey, knight; and Charles Pigeon, esq C78/753, no. 4 [30]
1688 22 Feb 4 Christopher Sparke; and Nicholas Ford, executors of Dulcibella Ford, a widow, who was relict and executrix of John Ford, esq; and Mary Goodrick, an infant, by said Nicholas v. John Goodricke, clerke C78/754, no. 5 [31]
1688 23 Feb 4 Anne & Elizabeth Phipps infants under the age of five years by Arthur Goodday and Elizabeth his wife v Sir Edmund Warcupp; George Hyde and John Oake Will of James Phipps of Swallowfield, Berks, father of the complts. Includes schedule of executor's accounts. C78/1389, no. 1 [32]
1688 23 Feb 4 Richard Wincle v. Richard Wincle, sr & Margaret his wife C78/935, no. 2 [33]
1688 24 Feb 4 Anne Rooper v Edward Rooper and Henry, Lord Arundell of Wardour. Payments due from trust settlement of manors of Shalford [?Kent] and Hackington, Kent. C78/920, no. 7 [34]
1688 24 Feb 4 Elinor Wilcox, widow v. John Pembridge, gent C78/999, no. 12 [35]
1688 27 Feb 4 William Spencer of the borough of St Martins near Canterbury esq administrator of Thomas Gold gentleman with the will annexed coadministered by Jane late wife of Robert Mascall gentleman executrix of the said Thomas Gold v. Anne Kitchell widow; Francis Kitchell; Thomas Kitchell; John Whitfeild; Francis Lovelace gentleman; Margaret Lovelace spinster; the Honorable Peregrine Bertne esq & Sarah his wife; Sir John Knatchbull baronet & Jane his wife; the lady Anne Pratt widow and Elizabeth Percivall widow C79/176, no. [36]
1688 28 Feb 4 Jane Kirkby the widow and relict of Richard Kirkby esq v. Roger Kirkby esq C78/2042, no. 10 [37]
1688 28 Feb 4 John Cowper v. Holmer Lunne gentleman; Giles Pid__ gentleman; and John Cocker the younger an infant C78/2042, no.16 [38]
1688 28 Feb 4 John Phillipps v. Christopher Peay, carpenter C78/927, no. 2 [39]
1688 29 Feb 4 George Bickerton executor of John Wharrow and others (sic) v. Sir Adam Browne baronet; Arthur Onslow esq; Sir John Oglander baronet; George Woodroffe, esq now Sir George Woodroffe, knight; John Clerke esq; Henry Muschampe gentleman; Sir William Clerke baronet; and Phillipp Burton, gentleman C78/2029, no. 7 [40]
1688 29 Feb 4 John Annand of London, merchant v. Edward Bradburne C78/1111, no. 1 [41]
1688 2 March 4 Thomas Griffith esq son and heir of Robert Griffith v. Jane Griffith widow and relict of said Robert Griffith; John Lloyd & Katherine his wife; Elizabeth Griffith; John Saunders & Elianor his wife; Sir Hugh Williams baronet; and William Ritter C79/25, no. [42]
1688 2 March 4 Richard Castell v. Francis Stephens C78/1162, no. 1 [43]
1688 3 March 4 John Wing junior and Elizabeth his wife and Henry Hunt an infant v William Hunt an infant; John Wing senior; and Richard Fidos Portions payable from trust settlement of lands at Stock Greene and Bradley in Hanbury. [Worcs] C78/920, no. 3 [44]
1688 3 March 4 John Honychurch; and Nicholas Honychurch v. James Jenkyns; and George Daniel, gent C78/1794, no. 14 [45]
1688 3 March 4 Frances Bereford, widow, the relict of Richard (?) Bereford of London, esq; ____ v. Sir Thomas Bereford, knight since deceased; John Bickerfield; William Kenall; Nathaniel Haggatt, esq; George ___field; and Baldwin Juppa ? C78/1528, no. 1 [46]
1688 3 March 4 The Principal, Fellows, and Scholars of Jesus College, University of Oxford, of Queen Elizabeth's foundation v. Thomas Bedford, gent; and Evan Jenkyns C78/971, no. 1 [47]
1688 3 March 4 John Coltman of Limehouse, Middx, mariner v. Abraham Dolms; Thomas Delme; and John Price C78/971, no. 2 [48]
1688 3 March 4 Richard English , citizen and merchant taylor of London v. Mathew Brograve of Beckenham, Kent, widow (sic), late wife of John Brograve of Beckenham, esq; and Mary Brograve widow of Thomas Brograve of Beckenham, esq, who was son and heir of said John; and John Francis Brograve, son and heir of said Thomas C78/1063, no. 2 [49]
1688 5 March 4 Anthony Forster, & Elizabeth his wife; and Katherine Browninge, widow, daughters and heirs of John Markland, gent v. Humphry Munt, executor of John Markland C78/1606, no. 6 [50]
1688 5 March 4 Cecil Fisher, & Martha his wife v. James Tawdin, executor of James Tawdin; and Thomas Langthorne, gent C78/1596, no. 3 [51]
1688 5 March 4 Sir Edmond Anderson, baronet, executor of Charles Anderon, esq, his late brother v. John, lord Belasyse, baron of Worlaby; Dame Ursula Monson, widow, relict and sole executrix of Sir John Monson, baronet; Sir Edmond Wynne, baronet; Sir Edward Ayscough, knight; Michael Wharton; William Monson; and Christopher Aveyard, esqs C78/792, no. 2 [52]
1688 6 March 4 William Longueville; and Charles Bonitbon, esqs, executors of Elizabeth Collwall, widow, who was the executrix of John Collwall, esq v. Francis Chamberlayne, executor of John Ramsey, esq; Henry Herbert, esq; Sir William Boughton, baronet; Mary his wife; and others (sic) C78/927, no. 4 [53]
1688 6 March 4 Thomas Cripps v. John Stephens C78/999, no. 10 [54]
1688 9 March 4 John Fisher alias Brett; Nathaniel Fisher; and Edward Fisher being both of them infants, by said John Fisher their guardian, son of Henry Fisher of Greeton, Northt, gent, and of Elizabeth his wife v. Stephen Beckingham, esq; and Anne Cole, widow C78/1558, no. 9 [55]
1688 10 March 4 Sir Henry Capell, Knight of the Bath, & Dame Dorothy his wife; Edward Russell, esq; William Harbord, esq; and Henry Edmonds; and Francis Crane, esqs, executors of Sir Samuel Jones, knight v. William, earl of Bedford C78/816, no. 1 [56]
1688 10 March 4 Edward Russell, esq v. William, earl of Bedford C78/999, no. 8 [57]
1688 10 March 4 Henery Meaux of Clerkenwell, Middx, esq; and Henry Meaux of Kingston in the Isle of Wight, Hants, esq v. Sir William Meaux, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Browne, widow, relict of George Browne of Buckland, Surrey; John Spencer, gent: John Browne; Mary Browne; Susan Browne; Adam Browne; Thomas Browne; Elizabeth Brown; and George Browne C78/1062, no. 10 [58]
1688 23 March 4 Thomas Munne, gent; Susan Slater, spinster; Phillipp Stowers; and others annexed in a schedule, creditors of Robert Norfolk of Rumford, Essex, esq v. Dorothy Norfolke, widow; Hope Gifford & Martha his wife; and John East C78/977, no. 11 [59]
1688 30 March 4 Sir Simonds Dewes; Willoughby Dewes; Priscilla Dewes and Elizabeth Dewes infants by John Poley their kinsman v Dame Phillippa Dewes, widow; Roger Pitts; Francis Clinton; and Thomas Folkes Marriage settlement of manor of Hawton (No County given). C78/1120, no. 14 [60]
1688 26 April 4 Anne Talbot, widow; John Vincent; Edward Atwood; Mordecay Winter; and Henry Stoughton, clerk, executor of Thomas Stoughton, creditors of Robert Daniel, gent v. Mary Daniel, relict of said Robert Daniel; Frances Daniel, afterwards the wife of Henry Eglington; George Daniel; Riches Browne; Henry Saunders; Anne Daniel; Mary Daniel; Alice Daniel; Agnes Daniel, children of said Robert Daniel C78/979, no. 5 [61]
1688 26 April 4 Michael Gardner, esq v. John Loggin; John Ellis; Samuel Mansfield; Thomas Trefuse; and Edward Whitaker C78/999, no. 9 [62]
1688 27 April 4 Sir Jerome Smithson of York, baronet v. Richard, archibishop of York; Henry Tireman, esq; and Richard Gilliam, gent C78/1606, no. 5 [63]
1688 27 April 4 George Robins; and Rowland Robins, two of the sons of George Robins, deceased, by Anne his wife, daughter of Rowland Chequer, likewise deceased v. Sarah Robins C78/935, no. 4 [64]
1688 28 April 4 Hannah Smith, widow, the relict and executor of John Smith v. Elizabeth Crompton; John Perry; and John Hindes C78/1632, no. 8 [65]
1688 28 April 4 Rebecca Wood, an infant, by Joshua Pordage v. Deborah Wood; and Thomas Major C78/927, no. 3 [66]
1688 2 May 4 Moses Pitt executor of Richard Mill late of St Margarets, Westminster, Middx, esq v. Richard Chubb; John Chubb; Robert Chubb; Nathaniel Bennett & Honour his wife; John Jeoffrey & his wife; John Penwarden & Jane his wife; John Penwarden the younger; Robert Penwarden; Jane Penwarden; Rebecca Penwarden; Joan Penwarden; Rebecca Mill; John Mill; Rebecca Mill the younger; Honor Winocont; John Winocont; George Winnocont; and Many Winnocont C79/25, no. [67]
1688 3 May 4 Francis Lord Hawley, son & heir of Sir Francis Hawley decd & grandson & heir to Francis, late Lord Hawley, Richard Hawley, second son of the said Sir Francis Hawley, both infants by Dame Garthred Hawley their mother v Edward Hawley, Peregrine Bertye, Sir John Carnley, Barnett Greevill, Arthur Hide and the Dean and Chapter of Bath & Wells, Somerset Deeds and grants of land by the late Francis, Lord Hawley. C78/815, no. 2 [68]
1688 3 May 4 Thomas Walker & Elizabeth his wife, Katharine Games, spinster, Richard Lucy, clerk & Florence his wife, which said Elizabeth, Katharine & Florence are the sisters & coheirs of John Games decd v Elizabeth Penry, widow, Charles Penry, Elizabeth Penry & Mary Penry infants by John Powell, Charles Hughes, John Waters Mortgage of copyhold tenement in Brecon County. C78/960, no. 1 [69]
1688 3 May 4 John Blanshard v. George Metham; Christopher Otterburne; and Thomas Nicholls C78/929, no. 1 [70]
1688 3 May 4 Charles, earl of Dorset v. Henry, bishop of London; Henry Powle of Williamstrip in Colne St Adwins, Gloucs, esq; Thomas Sackvill, esq; and John Tottersall, clerk C78/1071, no. 5 [71]
1688 4 May 4 Roger Jennings and Edward Nicholas, esqs v. Richard Mostin, esq C78/2032, no. 6 [72]
1688 7 May 4 Christopher Northend, son & heir of John Northend decd v Jane Northend since decd, Nathaniel Richard & Anthony Northend Marriage settlement of lands in Hundersley or Hunsley [High Hunsley], Yorks. C78/920, no. 8 [73]
1688 7 May 4 Willin Eyfford Knight widow relict and administratrix of Valentine Knight esq her late husband v. John Watts; John Eames; and Thomas Russell C79/16, no. [74]
1688 7 May 4 John Harris and Elizabeth Harris widow v. Sir Peter Daniel knight; Robert Townson; and Robert Osbalston C78/2061, no. 3 [75]
1688 8 May 2 John Hawtry, clerk, & Kinbrough his wife, only daughter and heir of Richard Caryll, esq v. John Cugg, gent C78/1528, no. 2 [76]
1688 11 May 4 Elizabeth Holden, widow relict and administratrix of Robert Holden late of London, brewer v. Thomas Beaton C78/2029, no. 5 [77]
1688 11 May 4 Richard Croke, gent, lord of the manor of Little Kemble, Bucks v. Thomas Gibson; John Biggs; William Bignall; Joseph Francklin; John Liveing; and John Lewis C78/1255, no. 2 [78]
1688 16 May 4 Sir John Mill, baronet, son and heir of Sir John Mills, baronet v. Dame Margaret Wills; and others (sic) C78/754, no. 3 [79]
1688 18 May 4 Elizabeth Thomas widow v John Sherman of Boughton Ayloffe [Boughton Aluph near Ashford], Kent Mortgage of the Rectory of Wye, Kent. C78/1336, no. 3 [80]
1688 19 May 4 Sir Nicholas Stuart of Hartley Mawduit, Hants and Dame Mary his wife one of the executors of Dame Mary Richardson als Goften widow decd, John Smith of Tedworth, Hants, Jane Stuart of Hartley Mawduit spinster, Simeon Stuart, James Worseley, Charles Worseley, Stuart Worseley, Sandyes Worseley and Mary Ady all infants v Edward Sandyes, co-executor of the will of the said Lady Richardson, and Mary his wife, and Mary Sandyes their daughter and others (not named) Legacies in the will of Dame Mary Richardson decd C78/1336, no. 4 [81]
1688 19 May 4 Thomas Smith; Elizabeth Smith; and Ellen Smith, infants, sons and daughters of Edmond Smith by Thomas Smith, their uncle and guardian and administator of Edmond Smith; John Golden; Peter Golden; and James Golden, sons and administrators of Ellen Gooden their mother, who was sister of James Smith; and the said Thomas Smith the uncle in his own right v. Edmond Gooden; James smith; Jane Smith, widow; and others (sic) C78/886, no. 4 [82]
1688 21 May 4 William Munson esq administrator de bonis non of Peter Dutton esq; Loftus Brightwell esq; Bartholomew Canter; John Andrewes; Andrew Clench doctor in phisick; John Downes; William Horler; Thomas Bretton; and Henry Rogers v. Dorothy Walthall widow; Catherine Dutton; Sirt John Werden; Sir Richard Reynell; Elizabeth Dutton; Thomas Dutton sr; Timothy Dod; and Richard Ralphson C78/2061, no. 4 [83]
1688 21 May 4 Elizabeth Snowden; and Magdalen Snowden, infants by James Snowden their father and guardian v. Henry Gilling & Faith his wife; and Sarah Nelson an infant by said Henry Gilling her guardian AND v. Edward Ridsdale, gent C78/886, no. 3 [84]
1688 21 May 4 Richard Jones, esq, son and heir of Samuel Jones, esq, who was one of the brothers of Sir William Jones of Grays Inn, knight, an infant by Sir Richard Hart, knight, and Richard Normansell, gent, his guardians v. John Tillotson, doctor of divinity; Thomas Pelham; and William Gore, esq, executors of said Sir William Jones; Dame Elizabeth Jones, relict of said Sir William Jones; Elizabeth Pelham; and Lucy Pelham C78/972, no. 4 [85]
1688 23 May 4 Peter Walter v. Edward Smallman C78/1716, no. 10 [86]
1688 23 May 4 Mary Stallman, widow v. William Simpson, & Martha his wife; and Martha Hunlocke, widow C78/1714, no. 11 [87]
1688 23 May 4 Richard Woodland; Henry Gunnell & Joyce his wife v. Stephen Trigg C78/1169, no. 1 [88]
1688 23 May 4 John Dickens of Toddington, Derbs, yeoman v. Henry Gold the elder; Henry Gold the younger; William Gold; and Ellen Gold C78/1587, no. 14 [89]
1688 23 May 4 Sir Robert Sawyer, knight, then Attorney General, for the poor of the borough and parish of Taunton St Mary Magdalen, Som; and of Richard Quarrell and Robert Collins the then constables of said borough; John Rosseter; William Dryer; and Thomas Munday, the then churchwardens of said town and parish; and Nicholas Marke; Elisha Peck; Robert Butten; and Robert Bartholomew, overseers of the poor with the said churchwardens of said town and parish; and the respective successors of said constables, churchwardens, and overseers of the poor in the said respective offices v. Edward Hobbs; and John England, esqs, executors or trustees of John Meredith of said Taunton, gent C78/894, no. 3 [90]
1688 25 May 4 William Putt of Femtow, Devon, esq; Henry Fry of Buckerell, esq; and Samuel Isaac of Ottery St Mary, gent v. Richard Osbourne, gent, & Joane his wife; Henry Henley; Philibert Cogan; Nicholas Seaward; Richard Putt; John Mitchell; Joshua North; Henry Humphrey; William Loring; James Starre; Margaret Mitchell; John Hutchins, & Katherine his wife; John Saunders; Elizabeth Evans; William Levermore; Thomas Ford, & Mary his wife; Richard Skinner; William Crow; Hugh Baker; Samuel Powning; Nicholas Wood; Margaret Hare; Temperance Grimstocke; Richard Leate; Thomas Channon; Joseph Searle; Felicia Blampine; Nicholas Blampine; Thomas Edmond; Katherine and William Blampine C78/821 no. 3 [91]
1688 25 May 4 Walter Catford the younger, gent v. Thomas Venn; John Catford; Henry Sellecke; and John Venn C78/894, no. 2 [92]
1688 25 May 4 John Saunders, gent, executor of John Saunders v. Richard Beale; John Palmer; John Pelham; and Edward Linfield C78/962, no. 7 [93]
1688 26 May 4 Frediswed Goulston and Mary Goulston both infants by Robert Morris of Abington, Berks, gentleman, their grandfather v Dame Frediswed Goulston and Morris Goulston an infant by said Dame Frediswed Goulston his mother and guardian C79/16, no. [94]
1688 28 May 4 Sir William Jones, late Attorney General of Charles II, by the relation of John Luddington and Robert Parsons the younger, then churchwardens of Istleworth, Middx; and Sir Theodore Devaux, knight; Francis Butler, esq; Richard Downton, then esq now knight; Henry Champion, esq; William Blake, esq; John Baker, esq; and William Chilcott the elder, esq, inhabitants of said parish of Istleworth on behalf of the poor children and poor there v. Robert Gregg, & Elizabeth his wife; and Isaac Oliver C78/1558, no. 10 [95]
1688 29 May 4 Elianora Francklin; Elizabeth Francklin; and Essex Francklin, daughters of Sir Richard Franklin, knight and baronet, by Dame Elianora Francklin, widow and relict of said Sir Richard Thomas Francklin, esq, administrator of said Sir Richard Francklin; Sir Charles Gerrard, baronet; Miles Corbet, gent; and others, the creditors of said Sir Richard Francklin v. Thomas Savage; Anthony Sandbach; and Thomas Prise, esqs, the said Dame Elianora Francklin and Sir Richard Francklin, baronet C78/1255, no. 4 [96]
1688 30 May 4 John Popham; Leticia Popham; and Elizabeth Popham, all infants (John about 4 years; Leticia about 5 years; Elizabeth about 3 years), by Edward Sedmour, esq v. Alexander Popham; and Edward Ford, esqs C78/754, no. 2 [97]
1688 30 May 4 Edward Wywell of London, gent & Margaret his wife v. Sir John Parsons, knight; Roger Hudson, goldsmith; and Thomas Coleby of London, gent C78/1062, no. 9 [98]
1688 30 May 4 Benjamin Nelson of Orton, Northt v. Jonathan Bayly; Benjamin East; John Bilton; William Scott; Lewis Wyman; and Richard Vialls C78/1138, no. 8 [99]
1688 31 May 4 Sir Henry Bond (and Richard Heyborne and William Ball?) v. Jane Hind C79/197, no. [100]
1688 31 May 4 Henry Forster, gent, third son of Arthur Forster, esq, who had issue three sons (Nicholas Forster his eldest son; Cuthbert his second son since deceased, and the complainant his third son) v. John Forster; Jannett Forster; and Katherine Forster C78/971, no. 3 [101]
1688 1 June 4 William Mitchell v Nicholas Clarke, clerk, William Chamberlaine, John Belbin, Abraham Mathewes, Phillip Andrewes, Richard Osgood, Thomas Weekes, John Lush, Robert Horder, William Meggs, William Pond Disputed tithes from lands in Shaftesbury, Dorset between parishes of Holy Trinity and Donhead St. Mary, Wilts. C78/920, no. 6 [102]
1688 1 June 4 Humphrey Lloyd gentleman; Lewis Jones; Thomas Williams; Humphrey David ap David; Oliver Humphreys; Morgan Griffith; John Lloyd esq; Robert Morris; Jane Humphreys; Samuel Walter; Mary verch Thomas; Robert Jones; Walter Griffithes; Jane Wynne widow; Anne Jones; Elizabeth Jones; Alice Roberts widow; and Griffith Allen as well for themselves as for other creditors of John Williams late of Brynbora in the parish of Myvod, Montg, gentleman, lately deceased; and John Vaughan gentleman; Oliver Wynne; Griffith Davies; Thomas Davies; and William Morris as being sureties in seveeral securities for divers debts contracted by the said John Williams v. Margaret Williams, widow relict and sole executrix of said John Williams AND v. John Williams; Evan Williams; William Williams; Ellen Williams; Anne Williams; and Margaret Williams all six being infants and children of the said John Williams deceased by the said Margaret his relict C78/2070, no. 6 [103]
1688 4 June 4 Thomas Warne, gent, son, heir, and administrator of Thomas Warne his late father v. Thomas Williamson; William Salter; and John Duffield & Mary his wife C78/979, no. 2 [104]
1688 12 June 4 The President and Fellowes of Syon College within the City of London v. Edmond Haslewood; and William Taylor C78/1596, no. 4 [105]
1688 13 June 4 Sir Thomas Cutler of Lechlade, Glouc, knight, & Dame Susanna his wife, formerly wife of Laurence Bathurst, esq, son and heir of Sir Edward Bathurst of Lechlade, Gloucs, baronet v. John Greening, gent, & Anne his wife; George Coxeter, gent, & Mary his wife C78/757, no. 2 [106]
1688 14 June 4 Charles Hutton of the City of Lincoln v. Sir Christopher Musgrave, knight and baronet; Basill Fielding, esq; John Middleton; and Henry Skiring C78/1179, no. 2 [107]
1688 16 June 4 John Hill of London, merchant v. Mary Harry, the widow and relict of Benjamin Harry C78/1632, no. 13 [108]
1688 18 June 4 John Spicer v Sir Gobert Barrington, Dame Margaret Hewitt, Dame Rebecca Liston Property in Braugham, Hertfordshire - lately the property of Hoe Steward, called 'Rotten Row'. Debts of Steward C78/815, no. 1 [109]
1688 18 June 4 Nicholas Trott of London, merchant v. Edward Audley of London, mariner, & Mary his wife, granddaughter and sole heir of William Sayle late of Bermuda, gentleman C79/176, no. [110]
1688 18 June 4 Ames Oland, alias Wooland v. Sir Robert Henley, knight; John Leigh, esq; John Ashford; and John Hurding, esq C78/894, no. 1 [111]
1688 19 June 4 John Foster & Anne his wife who was a sister of (? Edward Willoughby citizen and druggest of London?) v. Henry Lascoe & Anne his wife another sister of and administratrix of said Edward Willoughby; Elizabeth Dards another sister of Hugh Willoughby brother of said Edward Willoughby C78/3, no. [112]
1688 20 June 4 Gustavus Horne of Tingwicke, Bucks, gent v. Thomas Risley, esq; and Bridget Benyon C78/1175, no. 7 [113]
1688 21 June 4 William Warwicke, gent; and Jane Welbury, daughter of George Welbury, an infant by said William Warwicke, her guardian v. Henry Becke, surviving executor of John Becke, who was surviving executor of John Robinson C78/1148, no. 3 [114]
1688 22 June 4 Saint Leger Scroope & Elizabeth his wife v Francis Butler, Margery Moor, widow, Marmaduke Moore & William Moore an infant & others (not named) Mortgage of lands in Woolwich, Kent. C78/1120, no. 13 [115]
1688 22 June 4 John Minkes, an infant, by Thomas Cremer his guardian v. Henry Hull; and George Webb, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1632, no. 7 [116]
1688 23 June 4 Theodore Colladen, Doctor of Phisick, administrator of Dame Hester Holles decd v Francis Lord Holles and others (not named) Payments to be made to settle the jointure of the late Dame Hester Holles. Manor of Ifield and messuage in Crawley, Sussex, manor of Pepper Harrow, Surrey and messuage & land in East Haldon, West Haldon & Chaldon, Dorset C78/1313, no. 7 [117]
1688 23 June 4 Charles Bill, esq v. Thomas Price; Thomas Praters; Roger Whiteley; and Thomas Gleane C78/1528, no. 3 [118]
1688 23 June 4 Thomas Mason v. George Chester; Thomas Eastman; and Gabriel Hippesley C78/927, no. 1 [119]
1688 23 June 4 Sir John Mordant of Walton Devile, Warw, baronet; Thomas Fetherstone of Parkwood, Warw, esq; Dorothy Elizabeth Throckmorton of Haseley, Warw, widow; Clement Throckmorton of Haseley, esq being an infant, by said Elizabeth Throckmorton his mother and guardian; John Lewis Mordant of Haseley, esq; John Dadley the elder of Hatton, Warw, yeoman; and Isaacke Rowley of Haseley, Warw, husbandman v. Edward Clopton, esq & Martha his wife; Sir John Clopton, knight; James Prescott, esq; and Henry Smith, gent C78/932, no. -- [120]
1688 26 June 4 Samuel Porter, gent v. Morton Slaney, gent C78/1595, no. 4 [121]
1688 27 June 4 Thomas Worseley, esq, & Mary his wife; Ursula, countess dowager of Plymouth, relict of Thomas, earl of Plymouth; Theophilus Leigh, administrator of Elizabeth his late wife; Thomas Hutton, esq; Richard Hutton, gent; Mathew Hutton, clerk; and Charles Hutton, gent v. Sir Robert Markham, baronet, and his children; Sir Robert Shaftoe, knight, serjeant at law, and his children; and the children of Sir William Foster, knight, & Dame Dorothy his wife; John Legard; Thomas Legard; William Legard; Dorothy Legard; Francis Legard; Frances Arthington; and Anne Arthington; and the children of Ursula Cartwright C78/1608, no. 3 [122]
1688 29 June 4 William Chudleigh gentleman v. John Cole sr and Frederick Tilney esqs C78/2061, no. 5 [123]
1688 29 June 4 Thomas Hunt, gent, son and heir apparent of William Hunt, gent v. Thomas Newman, gent; and Sir Robert Baldocke, knight, one of His Majesty's Serjeants at Law C78/1628, no. 9 [124]
1688 29 June 4 Wadham Strangwayes, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Baynard, esq; Thomas Moore, esq; Thomas Gundry, esq & Grace his wife; Humphrey Hull, gent; Robert Pitt, gent; and William Wake, gent C78/1278, no. 4 [125]
1688 30 June 4 Lodewicke Bray v Sir Henry Andrewes, Sir Nathaniel Herne, William Brownlow, George Monntague, John Whitehouse & Mary his wife formerly Mary Skipwith, Daniel Burr, Penelope Burr, George Papelion, Francis Winckfield, Humphrey Edin, Robert Thompson & Margaret Ashton Mortgage of the manor of Shingleton, Kent and lands in Lachbury, Bucks C78/925, no. 6 [126]
1688 30 June 4 Richard Pope v. Samuel Heming C78/932, no. -- [127]
1688 3 July 4 Edward Smallman, gent v. Peter Walter; John Wilding, & Jane his wife; and Edward James, jr C78/1716, no. 11 [128]
1688 3 July 4 John Lister, esq; Elizabeth Lister, widow; and William Davy, gent, creditors of Samuel Lister, gent, for themselves and other creditors of said Samuel Lister v. Abigaile Lister; Walter Lister; Richard Hotham; Isaac Gervis; John Gervis; William Frow; George Maior; Sarah Lister, widow; Richard Nelthorpe, esq; Edward Nelthorpe; and William Wharton C78/1255, no. 3 [129]
1688 5 July 4 Sir James Ward, knight; John Currance; William Pawlett esq; Sir Robert Napper, knight; John Adams; and Gerrard Vanhuythison v. Sir John Mordant; Davenport Lucy; Edward Wills; George, duke of Northumberland & Katherine his wife late Katherine Lucy; and Elizabeth Lucy C78/2029, no. 4 [130]
1688 4 July 4 The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Christs College in the University of Cambridge begun by Henry VI and after his decease augmented, finished, and established by Margaret, countess of Richmond and Derby, mother of Henry VII v. John Bent the elder; Edward Howard; William Humfry; Edward Humfrey; Robert Langford; Thomas Langford; and Richard Langford C78/1598, no. 12 [131]
1688 5 July 4 Sir James Ward, knight; John Currance; William Pawett, esqs; Sir Robert Napper, knight; John Adams; and Gerrard Vanhuythison v. Sir John Mordant; Davenport Lucy; Edward Wills; George, duke of Northumberland & Katherine his wife late Katherine Lucy; and Elizabeth Lucy C78/2029, no. 6 [132]
1688 8 July 4 Christopher Harris of Hayne, Devon, esq, deceased v. Thomas, lord viscount Falconbridge; Sir William Turner, knight; and Dame Theophila Harris C78/1794, no. 8 [133]
1688 9 July 4 Mary Mathews, widow v. James Cruffe; William John; John Williams alias Lamborne; Edward Lyllycrapp; George Richards; John Carne; John Thomas; Julian Viram; Stephen Richards; Elizabeth Clarke; Nicholas White; and Joseph Hall C78/1794, no. 17 [134]
1688 10 July 4 Walter, lord Aston baron of Farfar, Scotland and John Giffard esq on behalf of Magdalen then wife of Michael Casey esq and one of the daughters of Walter Fowler late of St Thomas, Staffs, esq v. Michael Casy & Magdalen his wife C78/2041, no. 19 [135]
1688 10 July 4 Jasper Peters, & Helen his wife, an infnat, by her said husband v. Sarah Browne; and Anne Browne, executors of Robert Browne C78/754, no. 1 [136]
1688 10 July 4 Richard Cobb executor of Katherine, late countess of Bath v. Sir Henry Fane, Knight of the Bath; Charles Fane; and George Fane, infants by said Sir Henry Fane their father and guardian C78/897, no. 10 [137]
1688 10 July 4 Sir John Maynard, knight, serjeant at law to the King; Sir Robert Henley, knight; Henry Henly, esq; Joseph Maynard, son and heir apparent of said Sir John Maynard; and Henry Hake, yeoman v. Edward Nosworthy, esq C78/1063, no. 3 [138]
1688 12 July 4 William Brett of Rennington, Kent gentleman v. Thomas Marsh esq; Thomas Jaques; John Thacham; Isaak Snelling; and Robert Foyle C79/176, no. [139]
1688 14 July 4 Phillip Cobb of the parish of St James, Middx, victualler v. James Allen & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Tims; and Richard Greene C79/176, no. [140]
1688 17 July 4 Edward Goddard, an infant, by John Nicholson, his guardian appointed by the will of his father Edward Goddard of Leatherhead, Surrey, gent; and said John Nicholson as executor of said Edward v. Thomas Fancott; and Richard Fancott C78/1148, no. 2 [141]
1688 18 July 4 Thomas Hardye v. Edward Hardye; Robert Hardye; and John Creswell C79/71, no. [142]
1688 18 July 4 Sir Basil Firebrasse, knight v. Sir William Russell, knight and Richard Brett esq C78/2029, no. 2 [143]
1688 18 July 4 James Child; John Fleete; and Samuell Danvers v. John Dandridge; William Russell; and Thomas Terrell C78/929, no. 4 [144]
1688 18 July 4 Thomas, earl Rivers v. William George Richard, earl of Derby; William, earl of Strafford; Mary Richardson, widow; and Thomas Munne; and others (sic) C78/1033, no. 2 [145]
1688 19 July 4 James Crosse of Southampton, merchant v. Simon Edolph esq C78/2061, no. 3 [146]
1688 19 July 4 Robert Thorowgood of Kings Lynn, Norf, merchant, & Katherine his wife, executrix of Roger Briggs, her late brother v. Margaret Grey, widow; and others C78/1623, no. 2 [147]
1688 19 July 4 William Bridges, esq; and Jane Kingdon, widow v. The Lady Rachell Russell C78/761, no. 5 [148]
1688 19 July 4 Margaret Thorowgood, widow v. Sir James Johnson, knight C78/796, no. 7 [149]
1688 19 July 4 Dorothy Booth; Elizabeth Booth; and Mary Booth, the daughters of Edward Booth of Morden, Surrey, clerk, being all infants, by Dorothy Booth, widow, their mother and guardian v. William Booth; Robert Greenwell; William Greenwell; and John Booth C78/979, no. 4 [150]
1688 19 July 4 Alexander Popham, esq, son and heir of Sir Francis Popham, Knight of the Bath; and Letitia Popham his daughter, both infants, by Sir Francis Gwyn, esq, the guardian v. John, lord Pawlett, baron of Hinton St George; Letitia Popham since married to The Honorable Edward Seymour, esq; William Carr, esq; and Henry Rumsey, gent C78/1278, no. 2 [151]
1688 21 July 4 Anthony Rowe of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, esq v. Sir Thomas rowe baronet; Sir Thomas Byde knight; Rees Swyn; Dorcas Gwyn; and Richard Gower C78/2032, no. 8 [152]
1688 23 July 4 Robert Nelson of the parish of Saint Martin in the Fields, Middx and the Lady Theophila his wife, late Lady Lucy v Samuel Oldfield and Albinia his wife; William Selwyn and Albinia his wife; Theodosia Betenson and Frances Betenson an infant Will of Richard Betenson late of Wimbleton, Surrey decd and Albinia, now the wife of the deft Oldfield, and also money due to his daughters from his marriage settlement with Albinia his wife, now the wife of the deft Oldfield. C78/1392, no. 1 [153]
1688 23 July 4 Richard Collingden v. Thomas Pluckenett, gent C78/1259, no. 13 [154]
1688 24 July 4 Richard Fitz, gent; Robert Fitz; Mathew Bealing, & Elizabeth his wife; and Frances Fitz, which said Richard, Robert, Elizabeth, and Frances were sons and daughters of Walter Fitz late of Teffont Magna, Wilts, gent v. William Nicholls; Benjamin King; Elizabeth King; and Mary Fitz C78/1794, no. 15 [155]
1688 24 July 4 John Hecking, gent & Anne his wife; and Mary Warrington, widow v. Robert Colman; Robert Rouse; and Rose Harrison, widow C78/796, no. 8 [156]
1688 24 July 4 Daniel Bickeston of Over Ettington, Warw, gent v. Pointz Porter, esq C78/1181, no. 2 [157]
1688 25 July 4 Anne Poyner, administratrix of Thomas Rea v Elizabeth Twinbarrow, administratrix of Patience Rea, the administratrix of the said Thomas Rea, & William Hucks Inheritance of personal estate of Thomas Rea. C78/1120, no. 18 [158]
1688 25 July 4 Robert Rolph; William Ladyman; Hercules Collins; Samuel Bonham; William Alderson; William Page; and John Harper v. Francis Johnson, esq, & Hannah his wife; Bostwicke Johnson; and Jane Johnson, infants, by Francis their father and guardian C78/1714, no. 9 [159]
1688 25 July 4 William Freeman of London, merchant taylor; John Hills of London, gent; William Hower of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq; Jeremiah Dodson of London, clerk; Peter Sharpe of Burmash, Sussex, gent & Mary his wife, executrix of John Barton; Robert Wilford of ___, Kent, esq; William Wilkins of London, innkeeper; Richard Bowles of London, cooper; Thomas Hawles of London, distiller, executor of James Gotely; John Malden of London, laborer; Francis Thredgold of Whitely, ___, mariner; William Searle of Newington Green, Middx; Anne Meeke; Susan Goode; and Elizabeth Mills, all of the city of London, widows, being some of the creditors of Thomas Simkin of London, scrivener v. Richard Gibson; Nicholas Belbin; Daniel Bretton; Martha Rawlinson; Thomas Simkin; Daniel Tracy; and John Chudleigh C78/1088, no. 1 [160]
1688 26 July 4 Henry Franke schoolmaster on behalf of himself and of 20 poor boys of the parish of East Greenwich, Kent v. The Master, Wardens, Brethren, and Sisters of the Guild or the Fraternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the mystery of the Drapers of the City of London C79/4, no. [161]
1688 26 July 4 John Tooke esq & Margaret his wife v. Anthony Hastings esq & Caroletta his wife; Sir William Scroggs, knight; John Piggott, esq; Harry Roynon, esq; John Wickstead an infant; and Edmond Prideaux C78/2029, no. 3 [162]
1688 26 July 4 Thomas King, executor of Anne Smith, widow v. Francis Lambert C78/1632, no. 4 [163]
1688 26 July 4 John Straight of Bradwell, Essex, yeoman, as administrator and in right of Sarah his wife v. Clovill Grubb, gent C78/1632, no. 2 [164]
1688 26 July 4 John Ashburnham, esq; and William Ashburnham, his son and heir apparent an infant, by said William Ashburnham his father and guardian; Sir Denny Ashburnham, baronet; and Denny Ashburnham his son and heir apparent; William Ashburnham; and Charles Ashburnham, infants, sons of said Sir Denny Ashburnham, by said Sir Denny their father; Thomas Ashburnham, gent; and Thomas Ashburnham, his son and heir apparent being an infant, by his said father; Sir John Smith, baronet; and Charles smith, esq, his brother v. Richard Bayly, esq; Charles Toll, esq; and Ashburnham Toll, an infant, his son and heir apparent; and Amy Laurence, the widow and executrix of John Laurence, esq C78/1595, no. 5 [165]
1688 26 July 4 John Annand of London, merchant & Sarah his wife, relict of William Browne and daughter of Benony Honywood, freeman and citizen of London v. John Honywood, son of said Benony C78/979, no. 1 [166]
1688 28 July 4 Anne Rooper v. Edward Rooper, esq; and Henry, lord Arundell of Warder C78/929, no. 5 [167]
1688 28 July 4 Gabriel Keyrer, gent v. Charles Leigh, esq C78/1016, no. 3 [168]
1688 4 Aug 4 Charles Mathew; Andrew Mathew; and Margaret Mathew, infant by Sir Edward Mansell, baronet, Gwenham Lewis, and Anne Treherne their next friends v. John Romsey, esq; and others (sic) C78/1624, no. 7 [169]
1688 13 Oct 4 Mary Woots, widow, the relict of John Woot; and John Woots, an infant, son and heir of said John Woots, by said Mary his mother and guardian v. Frances Tucker, widow, the relict of John Tucker; and Nathaniel Hunt, gent, administrator of said John Tucker C78/1255, no. 1 [170]
1688 18 Oct 4 Jonathan Bird, & Mary his wife; Mary Sheeres, daughter, an infant, by said Jonathan and Mary; John Cleere, & Mary his wife; and Joanna Milburne; and Mary Milburne, daughters of Ambrose Milburne, and infants, by said Mary Cleere their guardian v. George Hunt; John Smith, & Elizabeth his wife; and John Smith; and Elizabeth Smith, children of said John and Elizabeth Smith and infants C78/1623, no. 3 [171]
1688 22 Oct 4 William Fetherston, jr; John Mann, gent; Oliver Pawlett; Richard Leach alias Richardson; Edward Watts; John Eales; Mynot Radford; John Coles; Henry Horley; Richard Horley eldest son of said Henry; Samuel Calleway; Simon Bond; Moses Enocke; George Smith; John Hampe; John Cooke; and William Lovell & Mary his wife v. Thomas Cookes the elder & Dorothy his wife; Thomas Cookes the younger; William Bradshaw; and John Bradshawe, gent C78/935, no. 1 [172]
1688 23 Oct 4 Anne Walter, widow; and Thomas Walter, the executors of Peter Walter v. Edward Smallman, gent C78/1716, no. 12 [173]
1688 28 Oct 4 Thomas Payne; Richard Coates; Martha his wife; Thomas Gascoigne; Anne Gascoigne; Richard Gascoigne; and Alice Gascoigne, said Richard and Alice being infants, by said Thomas Paine their guardian v. William Councer, gent; and John Hadland C78/929, no. 3 [174]
1688 3 Nov 4 Charles Curtis, an infant, by John Hodges the elder his guardian v. Edward Earle C78/1278, no. 3 [175]
1688 7 Nov 4 Evan Thomas; William Williams; Roger Williams; Morgan Bowen; Walter Christopher; John Wabbiesse; and Margarett Perrott v. Lewis Jones sr; Lewis Jones jr; and Samuel Ousley C79/190, no. [176]
1688 7 Nov 4 Sir Joseph Williamson, knight & the Lady Katharine O'Brien, baroness Clifton his wife; and Katharine O'Brien her daughter ; and Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, knight v. George Etkins, esq; John Stanbrooke; and William Merchant C78/962, no. 2 [177]
1688 7 Nov 4 Joseph Chamberlayne, gent v. Timothy Felton, esq C78/979, no. 2 [178]
1688 8 Nov 4 Francis Tunstall, gent; Robert Willson, gent; Christopher Smithson, gent; and Thomas Gyll, gent C78/1598, no. 11 [179]
1688 9 Nov 4 Sir Hugh Middleton of Twittinham, Middx, baronet; Adam Colclough of Grays Inn, esq for Dame Dorothea Midleton, wife of the said Sir Hugh; and James Appleford of St James, Middx, gent on behalf of himself and the rest of the creditors of said Sir Hugh v. Bartholomew Soame of London, goldsmith; and Dorothy Midleton, daughter of said Sir Hugh and Dame Dorothea his wife C78/1062, no. 7 [180]
1688 16 Nov 4 Thomas Wells and Jane Hobbs, widow and relict of Francis Hobbs, innholder v. Francis Hobbs, son and heir of said Francis Hobbs; Giles Estcourt; and John Thomas C78/934, no. -- [181]
1688 17 Nov 4 Thomas Lee of New Windsor, Berks, esq, nephew and heir of Thomas Lee of the Inner Temple, London and residuary legatee of Thomas Lee v. Sir Edmond Bradbury; Sir Gervas Elives; and Edward Bigland C78/753, no. 2 [182]
1688 21 Nov 4 John Ludlam gentleman; William Hobb & Mary his wife v. Humphry Courtney esq; and John Kestell C78/2029, no. 1 [183]
1688 22 Nov 4 The Lord Mayor and Aldermen of London for themselves and for Anne Gansell, wife of david Gansell and one of the children of Charles Morescoe of London, merchant, infant of about 15 years; and the said Anne Gansell by said Lord Mayor and Aldermen her guardians v. Jacob David, & Leonora his wife, executrix of said Charles Morescoe; and the said David Gansell C78/1528, no. 11 [184]
1688 23 Nov 4 Edward Martindale v. John Cary C78/2032, no. 7 [185]
1688 23 Nov 4 The then Mayor and Commonalty and Citizens of the City of London v. Sir Josiah Child, baronet C78/1596, no. 1 [186]
1688 23 Nov 4 Simon Fanshaw, esq v. Sir Gilbert Gerard, baronet; Roger Whitley; John Birch; Johb Basire; and Thomas Cradock, esq C78/761, no. 2 [187]
1688 24 Nov 4 Herbert Williams, gent v. William Herbert, esq; Samuel Gibson, & Anne his wife; Nicholas Toare, & Elizabeth his wife; and Susan Griffith, widow C78/1528, no. 6 [188]
1688 24 Nov 4 Herbert Williams, gent v. William Herbert, esq; Samuel Gibson, & Anne his wife; Nicolas Soare, & Elizabeth his wife; and Susan Griffith, widow C78/1528, no. 5 [189]
1688 26 Nov 4 John Duvall esq & Elizabeth viscountess Purbeck his wife and others (sic) v. Sir John Edwards knight; Sir Richard Dereham knight and baronet; Heath Edwards; and Richard Stephens esqs; and Thomas Edwards gentleman C78/1910, no. 18 [190]
1688 26 Nov 4 Anthony Forster, & Elizabeth his wife; and Katherine Browneing, widow, daughters and heirs of John Markland, gent v. John Markland C78/1596, no. 2 [191]
1688 27 Nov 4 William Wickes, younger son of Randlolph Wickes, esq, deceased; Sarah Wickes; and Dorcas Wickes, daughters of said Randolph Wickes, being all infants, by Susannah Wickes, widow, their grandmother v. Randolph Wickes, eldest son and heir of said Randolph Wickes; James Markham, gent; Thomas Eakins, gent; Thomas Ward, clerk; John Astell, gent; and Thomas Hutchinson, gent C78/1033, no. 4 [192]
1688 27 Nov 4 Sir William Cowper of Ratling Court, Kent, baronet; William Bridges, citizen and mercer of London; and John Tutt of London, merchant v. William Warne of London, scrivener; and James Harriott, citizen and clothworker of London C78/1062, no. 8 [193]
1688 28 Nov 4 Sir John Guise baronet and William Guise esq executors of Anthony Arnold; and Anne Arnold widow and relict of Anthony Arnold v. Sir Edward Smith baronet & Frances his wife devisee and executrix of Sir Richard Weston; Richard Arnold son and heir of said Anthony Arnold; and Henry Nourse esq C78/2061, no. 6 [194]
1688 28 Nov 4 Sir Robert Dacres, knight v. Edward Mellish, esq; and Richard Frith C78/929, no. 2 [195]
1688 28 Nov 4 (Bridget, countess dowager of Plymouth, widow of Charles, earl of Plymouth???) v. Nathaniel Bladen, esq C78/1047, no. 1 [196]
1688 29 Nov 4 Basill, earl of Denbigh (Denbeizch), by Thomas, lord Leigh; said Thomas, lord Leigh baron of Stoneleigh, Warw; The Honorable George Leigh of Leighton, Beds, esq; Sir John Bridgeman of Castle Bromwich, Warw, baronet; William Bromley of Baginton, Warw, esq; Basill Fielding of Barnacle, Warw, esq; Thomas Clearke of Willoughby, Warw, esq; John Westley of Ethrope, Warw, esq; Timothy St Nicholas of Stretton under Fosse, Warw, gent; Oliver Cave of Clifton upon Dunsmore, Warw, esq; and Francis Burden of Rugby, Warw, clerk, feoffees of the freeschool and almshouse of Rugby, Warw; and Nicholas Barebone of London, doctor in phisick v. William Howins; John Howins; Thomas Bonney & Mary his wife; Charles Newman & Mary his wife C78/1005, no. 9 [197]
1688 1 Dec 4 William Orchard v. Thomas Orchard, an infant, by Nathaniel Yerndall, his guardian; and John Burge, an infant by Joane Burge, widow, her mother and guardian; Robert Pullen & ___ his wife; Amos Portman; and ____ his wife; and Christian Pound C78/897, no. 9 [198]
1688 13 Dec 4 Alice Aston, widow, executrix of Thomas Aston, jr, her late husband v. Thomas Baker, & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Lyndon; and Richard Elymer C78/1714, no. 10 [199]
1688 4 C78/, no. []