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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1687 3 C78/, no. []
1687 18 Jan 2 Thomas Hamond v. Alexander Courthopp; William Dyke; Susan Peter; Charles Courthopp; John Courthopp; and Richard Courthopp; Thomas Fowke; Thomas Westerne; Richard Taylor; William Rooke; George Etkins; Thomas Dowling; John Baker the elder; and John Baker of Mayfield C78/928, no. 6 [2]
1687 24 Jan 2 William Alexander; Francis Childes; and James Fletcher, creditors of Anthony Barker of Sunning, Berks, gent, a lunatic committed to the guardianship of Thomas Ray of Lincolns Inn, Middx, gent for themselves and several other persons, creditors of said Anthony Barker v. Thomas Ray; Anthony Barker, & Elizabeth his wife C78/821, no. 5 [3]
1687 (bill) Hilary Term Sarah, duchess of Somerset; Sir Samuel Grimston baronet; Sir William Gregory knight serjeant at law; Dorothy Clarke of Pewsey, Wilts, widow; Dorothy Pyke of Milton, Wilts, widow; Edward Browne of St Gregory's, Som, gentleman; Henry Pyke of Milton, yeoman; William Cooper of Milton yeoman; Thomas Keylway the elder of the parish of Wootton Rivers, Wilts, gentleman; Thomas Keylway the younger of the same parish, gentleman; George Cooke of Chute, Wilts, butcher; Stephen Pyke of Easton, Wilts, yeoman; Samuel Moorne of Milton, yeoman v. Thomas Mitchell gentleman; Thomas Sloper; Joseph Wall clerk; William Noyes; John Tarrant; Jeffery Winter; Thomas Smith; John Greene; Anthony Whithart; Pittman Stagg; and John Acreman C79/36, no. [4]
1687 18 Jan 2 John Hargraves & Susan his wife and William Midgely & Frances his wife v. Henry Murgatroid; Thomas Murgatroid; Edmond Starkey; Robert Allanson; Robert Ramsden; Richard Aske; and Edward Wildman C79/36, no. [5]
1687 18 Jan 2 Roger Clayton, gent v. John Clayton, gent, & Mary Clayton, widow, since deceased C78/792, no. 3 [6]
1687 24 Jan 2 Joseph Bagnall, son and heir of John Bagnall, citizen and merchant taylor of London v. Thomas Brookeing; Simon Trobridge; and Thomas Pengelly, executors of Robert Snow, who was executor of Simon Snow, the executor of Joseph Snow C78/982, no. 2 [7]
1687 26 Jan 2 Charles Cock of Iver, Bucks, gentleman v. Edward Burrish; Richard Weeden; Anthony Stephens; and robert Mordant C78/2070, no. 7 [8]
1687 26 Jan 2 William Okley, an infant, by Edward Peedle v. John Brafield; and John Clarke C78/1138, no. 7 [9]
1687 29 Jan 2 William Hewytt an infant by William Hewytt his uncle v Margaret Countess Dowager of Marlbrough, Anthony Shepheard and Robert Hewytt Will of John Hewytt late of Gray's Inn, Middx decd. Messuage called the Kings Armes in Leadenhall Street, City of London. C78/1354, no. 5 [10]
1687 29 Jan 2 Edward Mountfort, esq, an infant, by Pattricke Gilmore v. Thomas Harris, esq; Thomas Harris the younger & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Giffard; and Gyles Trunnell, gent C78/962, no. 4 [11]
1687 4 Feb 2 Sir Edward Atkins, knight, lord chief baron of the court of the exchequer; Sir Robert Atkins, knight, serjeant at law; Sir James Butler, knight; Sir George Strode, knight, serjeant at law; and others (sic), being feoffees and treasurer of the society of Lincolns Inn v. Robert King & Dame Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Kempe C78/893, no. 4 [12]
1687 4 Feb 2 Thomas Ward, citizen and upholder of London v. William Hawhey; and George Gooday C78/956, no. 3 [13]
1687 5 Feb 2 Thomas Mason, citizen & cooper of London v Christopher Sheene Mortgage of messuager on the north east corner of the Woolstaple, Westminster, Middx C78/1215, no. 5 [14]
1687 5 Feb 3 Thomas Hamond of ____, Hants, husbandman v. Anne Hickes, widow C78/759, no. 2 [15]
1687 5 Feb 2 Edward Carpenter, gent v. Leonard Prince, clerk C78/816, no. 6 [16]
1687 9 Feb 3 Elizabeth Partridge, by John Hull v. Dorothy Comber; William Gouge; Richard Blany; and Benjamin Comber C78/1628, no. 11 [17]
1687 9 Feb 3 William Reignold v. Gilbert, earl of Clare; William Schrimsheire; William Russell; and Mary Taverner C78/999, no. 3 [18]
1687 11 Feb 3 Anthony Coren gentleman & Elizabeth his wife formerly called Elizabeth Way the only sister, heir, and administratrix of Richard Way gentleman v. Arthur Champernoone esq; Samuel Pyne; and others (sic) C78/1912, no. 9 [19]
1687 12 Feb 3 Sigismond Stydolph v Ralph Thicknesse, Nicholas Wyld & Hercules Comander executors of Thomas Bostocke, and William Bostocke son of the said Thomas Bostocke, and Jerman Ireton & Mary his wife daughter of the said Thomas Bostocke and others (not named) Accounts re trust of unspecified lands C78/922, no. 2 [20]
1687 12 Feb 3 (missing) v. George Bowden gentleman who was the uncle and heir of Robert Bowden gentleman who was the brother and heir of Thomas Bowden gentleman who was the brother and heir of Barnaby Bowden gentleman who was the son and heir of Nicholas Bowden gentleman elder brother of the defendant George Bowden AND v. Sir John Curzon knight and baronet; John Chambers gentleman; and Sir Symon Degg knight C79/196, no. [21]
1687 12 Feb 3 Ralph Gale and Israel Edwardes executors of Mary Gingell widow and relict of Ralph Gingell formerly Mary Pittman v. Abigail Lendoe widow administratrix of William Pittman; Richard Giles; Paul Bishop; James Kemish; John Parke & his wife C78/1939, no. 2 [22]
1687 12 Feb 3 Walter Love, churchwarden; Thomas Everett; and William Totman, overseers of the poor of the parish of Ashwell, Herts, for themselves and for the rest of the inhabitants of Ashwell v. The Master and Wardens of the Merchant Taylors of the Fraternity of St John the Baptist in the City of London C78/1600, no. 5 [23]
1687 12 Feb 3 Thomas Colthurst, esq; Thomas Catesby, esq; Peter Cannon, clerk; John Cowley, gent; John Freman, gent; Anne Lucas, widow; Robert Richards, gent; Sarah Smith, widow; William Whitworth, sr, gent; John Newton, gent; and Anne Parnell, widow and relict of Thomas Parnell v. John Hackney, gent; Francis Guy; Thomas Teeton; Samuel Freeman; Thomas Harris; Henry Lambe; James Gourden; Joseph Moorewood; and George Cox C78/1016, no. 8 [24]
1687 14 Feb 3 Thomas Gibbon, esq & Jonett wife, who was daughter and heir of Griffith Grant v. Griffith Grant; and Marmaduke Gibbs C78/942, no. 2 [25]
1687 14 Feb 3 Richard Shelley, gent v. Edward Metcalfe C78/965, no. 6 [26]
1687 17 Feb 3 Durant Jenkinson; Nicholas Eaton; and John Eaton v. Benjamin Hinton; Sir John Moors; Edward Villiard; Veretage Lenton; Francis Moore; John Bowden; Anthony Ward; Christopher Constantine; Robert Wilkinson; John Hill; Obediah Sedgwicke; and George Sitwell C78/927, no. 5 [27]
1687 19 Feb 3 Elizabeth Whitaker an infant by Thomas Chambers v. Thomas Whitaker £50 in trust for the complt by Lady Katharine Ingram late of Hays, Middx, placed with Thomas Whitaker the complt's father's brother. C78/1425, no. 8 [28]
1687 19 Feb 3 Richard Ashby v. Charles Creed & Joyce his wife, who was the daughter and devisee of Humphry Longmore and executrix of Henry Longmore; Robert Powell; and James Powell, infants, by Francis Haynes their guardian C78/965, no. 1 [29]
1687 20 Feb 3 William Cake and Walter Cake v. Roger Cake; and John Cake, since deceased C78/893, no. 6 [30]
1687 21 Feb 3 Thomas Shaftoe v. Sir Robert Shaftoe; Sir Ralph Jennison; Henry Holme; George Wearedale; John Phillippson & Anne his wife AND also v. Dame Mary Nicholson; Dorothy Milbancke; Dame Margaret Stote; William Carr & Judith his wife; John Pilkinton; Humphry Wall; William Apdaele; George Ovington; Nicholas Featherstonhaugh; and Sir Ralph Carr Refs previous bill of 1684 of Jane Dodd, widow of Thomas Dodd v Humphrey Nicholson, Marke Milbancke, George Ovington, Sir Richard Stote, Sir Robert Shaftoe, Henry Holme, Ralph Jenison, George Wearedale, George Wilkinson, Thomas Trotter, John Phillippson & Anne his wife, Cuthbert Coltherst and [blank] Carr executrix of William Carr junior decd. Moiety of manor of West Morton, Sedgefield, Co Durham, jointure for Jane Dodd. C78/962, no. 4 [31]
1687 21 Feb 3 Sir Henry Brabant, knight v. Robert Mitford, esq Complt had leased a water mill in Jesmond, Northumberland in order to use the water to drive a pumping engine to remove water from his coal mines, claims the deft had intercepted the water course to use the water to drive his own pumping engine to remove water from coalmines in Heaton. C78/965, no. 2 [32]
1687 21 Feb 3 Thomas Liddell, gent v. Acklam Milbancke; Ralph Milbancke; and Dorothy Milbancke Mortgage by James Liddell, the complts father, & Jane his wife of lands in Gateshead, Co Durham to Marke Milbancke C78/965, no. 5 [33]
1687 23 Feb 3 William Craven & Anne his wife sole daughter and administratrix of Elizabeth Stanes late wife of George Standes one of the children of Henry Dickenson eldest son and heir of William Dickenson v. Thomas Ellis & Dorothy his wife; Henrietta Dickenson; Henry Saunders; Anne Bland; and Anne Dickenson C79/176, no. [34]
1687 23 Feb 3 Alice Perrier, widow and executrix of George Perrier esq v. John, lord Brereton son and heir of William, lord Brereton deceased; James Jenninges administrator of said William, lord Brereton; the lady Elizabeth Brereton, mother of the said William, lord Brereton; Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret, Frances Brereton daughters of said lady Brereton and sisters of said William, lord Brereton; John Thorncroft; Herbert Barrington esqs; Sir Jeoffrey Shackerly knight; Thomas Cholmondley esq; and John Taylor executor of John Tayler C78/2012, no. 3 [35]
1687 23 Feb 3 Francis Bassett of Trehiddy, Corn, esq, son and heir of Francis Bassett of Trehiddy, esq, an infant, by Lucy Bassett, widow, his guardian; and said Lucy Bassett; Jonathan Rashleigh, esq; Humphry Borlase, esq; and Humphrey Courtney, esq, executors and trustees of said Francis Bassett v. Henry Dottyn, esq; AND v. George Sprye, esq; Arthur Sprye, clerk; and William Sprye, esq, executors of Arthur Spry, esq C78/956, no. 2 [36]
1687 24 Feb 3 John Rhadhams v James Bowyer Mortgage of meadows near Colchester, Essex. C78/920, no. [37]
1687 24 Feb 3 George Pitt v Vere Essex, Earl of Ardglasse, Ireland Rent charge from former monasteries of Downe, St. Patrick de Downe, St. John and Saint Thomas de Downe, Saule Inch and lands in Downe, Patrick, County Down, Ireland. C78/925, no. 3 [38]
1687 25 Feb 3 Ralph Widdrington esq., 3rd son & heir of Sir Henry Widdrington v Ralph Widdrington D.D., John Rushworth, Barbara Widdrington executrix & relict of William Widdrington decd eldest son of the said Sir Henry, Ellianor Widdrington widow & executrix of Edward Widdrington one of the younger sons of the said Sir Henry, Martha Widdrington widow & executrix of Robert Widdrington another of the younger sons of the said Sir Henry and Patricius Widdrington another younger son of the said Sir Henry Trust settlement of lands in Cheesburne Grange, Nesbitt, Ouston and Hawkewell [Northumberland]. C78/960, no. 5 [39]
1687 25 Feb 3 Sir Edmund Harrington and Dame Sarah his wife v Edward Stillingfleet Doctor in Divinity, Edward Fowler Doctor in Divinity, William Paine clerk and Edward Attwood Legacies in the will of Judith Aston widow, mother of the complt Dame Sarah C78/1326, no. 2 [40]
1687 25 Feb 3 Robert Carleton, esq; and others (obscured) v. Charles, earl of Dorset and Middlesex; John Morgan; Sir Thomas Millington; William Jephson; Thomas Fowle; Richard Wood; William Allen; Daniel Norton; Rice Jones; William Thoroton; Mordant Chrersherold; William Lilly; Richard Minors; William Lilly; Richard Minors; William Nicholas; Henry Coap; Samuel Coap; Richard Alehorne; Thomas Morton; Samuel Mason; Edward Bickerstaffe; Daniel Hodges; Joseph Devenish; John Robins; William Morgan; Robert Wilmott; Charles Craford alias Crisfield; James Dobson; Margaret Gardiner; Eve Robotton; John Martin; William Calloe; William Barkely; David Williams; Elizabeth Hensloe, widow; Francis Maidstone; Stephen Humphreys; Thomas Fenshaw; and Thomas Broadgate C78/904, no. 2 [41]
1687 26 Feb 3 Elizabeth Chishall, widow, & Elizabeth Chishall an infant by the said Elizabeth her mother v Thomas Mewce Mortgage of lands in North Marston and Oving, Bucks. C78/910, no. 9 [42]
1687 26 Feb 3 Richard Hill & Anne his wife and Alice, Elizabeth, Anne, Dennis, and Barbara Hill infant children of the said Richard and Anne by the said Richard their father; Thomas Killner & Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas, Margaret, and Elizabeth, and Mary Killner infants children of the said Thomas and Elizabeth by the said Thomas Killner their father v. Margaret Harden widow C79/45, no. [43]
1687 26 Feb 3 George Furzar v. Godson Penton; and Stephen Penton C78/754, no. 6 [44]
1687 26 Feb 3 John Prise, an infant, by sir Thomas Prise, baronet v. Thomas Benson, doctor in divinity; John Jefferyes, esq; and Vere Cromwell, lord Morpeth and earl of Carlisle C78/962, no. 5 [45]
1687 26 Feb 3 Moses Bruth of New Windsor, Berks, apothecary; and Richard Widmer of Maidenhead, Berks, tanner v. Thomas May & Elizabeth his wife C78/1166, no. 1 [46]
1687 26 Feb 3 Sir Mathew Andrewes, knight v. Stephen Doddington, gent & Margery his wife C78/1285, no. 2 [47]
1687 28 Feb 3 Mathew Dove & Margaret his wife v. Peter Wade C78/962, no. 8 [48]
1687 28 Feb 3 John Lethbridge of Exeter, merchant; and Daniel Vinicombe of Aphington [Alphington], Devon, gentv. Robert Dabbynott; Edward Rowe; Charles Ford & his wife; and John Chilcott C78/1263, no. 4 [49] PS
1687 29 Feb 3 Jane Kirkby the widow and relict of Richard Kirkby late of Kirkby, Lancs, esq v. Roger Kirkby esq C78/2042, no. 11 [50]
1687 4 March 3 Leonard Welstead v William Thursby and Thomas Lord Bishop of Peterborough Parsonage house for the Rectory of Abington, Northants, the old parsonage house being ruinous and partly blown down. C78/1335, no. 4 [51]
1687 4 March 3 William Greene of the parish of St Margaret, Westminster, Middx, brewer v. Mary Vincent widow as also v. Mary, Thomas, Anne, Sarah, Joan, John, and Hanna Vincent the children of said Mary Vincent the elder C79/176, no. [52]
1687 4 March 3 Anne Hunt, an infant; and John Hunt; and Anne Smallbrooke, widow; and Anne Chambers, widow v. Henry Mathews C78/893, no. 2 [53]
1687 4 March 3 Richard Blundell of Bremridge, Devon, gent, son and heir of John Blundell esq v. Edmund gibbon; Henry Blagdon; Peter Blagdon; John Bradford; Bernard Goddard; and Henry FitzWilliams, gent C78/894, no. 5 [54]
1687 4 March 3 Mary Silvester of Reading, Berks v. Judocus Crull, doctor in phisick; Giles Baggs; Henry Ryley; Robert Crull; and Jane Crull C78/1282, no. 2 [55]
1687 7 March 3 George Collingwood and Mary his wife, surviving daughter of John Grey v Thomas Grey, son & heir of the said John Grey Portion payable from mortgaged lands in Murton, Durham and Paston, Northumberland. C78/960, no. 6 [56]
1687 10 March 3 Elizabeth Gerard, sole daughter and heir of Digby, lord Gerard, baron of Gerard Bromley, who was son and heir of Charles, lord Gerard of Gerard Bromley; said Elizabeth Gerard being an infant of about 8 years, by the Lady Elizabeth Gerard, widow, her mother and guardian v. Sir Peter Colleton, baronet; William Freeman, esq; Robert Freeman; and John Foche C78/816, no. 5 [57]
1687 10 March 3 Anne Browne, widow, relict, and executrix of George Browne, her late husband v. John Hodges; and James Davis C78/1006, no. 4 [58]
1687 11 March 3 Anthony Coren v Elizabeth Rowcliffe widow, John Rowcliffe an infant son & heir of Baldwyn Rowcliffe decd, Nicholas Webber, Thomas Southcott, John Hawkins, William Hicks and Loveday his wife and Mary Short an infant, and Peter Spoure Title to Manor of Cary, St Gyles in the Heath, Devon. C78/1345, no. 3 [59]
1687 11 March 3 Henry Markinfield gentleman & Hannah his wife; Henry Markinfield jr; and Elizabeth Markinfield infants by said Henry Markinfield their father; John Savill clerk & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth and Anne Savill their daughters infants by said John Savill their father v. John Stephenss C78/2060, no. 12 [60]
1687 15 March 3 Daniel Brent, administrator of Susanna Brent, his late wife, heretofore called Susanna Yates v. Robert Yates; Daniel Weeks & Anne his wife; John Hiller; Arthur Best; Augustine Need & Susan his wife; George Fellows; Francis Swayne; William Geale & Diana his wife; William White; and Richard West C78/1284, no. 2 [61]
1687 17 March 3 Thomas Burgh of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Samuel Jones alias Wake, esq, an infant by Edward Mountagne esq his guardian; Henry Edmonds esq; Francis esq; and Christopher Davenport gentleman C79/16, no. [62]
1687 17 March 3 William Adderley, esq; and William Rawlins v. John Humphreyes C78/909, no. 1 [63]
1687 22 March 3 John Kent v Sir William Ducy, John Flavell, Thomas Jolley and Edward Moreton and others (not named) Title to a piece of ground in Bassishaw Ward, London on which houses had been burnt and demolished by reason of the late dreadful fire of London C78/1336, no. 5 [64]
1687 22 March 3 James Graves; Thomas Hatchett; Francis Asty; Richard Ellis; Samuel Stancliffe; Richard Tedbury; John Blewitt; Thomas Horton; Henry Lambe; Christopher Cawthorne; George Pyle; Peter Marke; Parie Slater; Jonathan Chase; Doctor ___ Surcott; Humphrey Dyer; William Serle; Isaac Ash; ___ Gidler; John Carles; Joris Vandenbeth; ___ Newland; Mary Baxter; ___ Tugg, all creditors of Alexander Hatchett v. Josiah Dewye; and Thomas Knowler, executors of Alexander Hatchett C78/1714, no. 2 [65]
1687 5 April 3 Jasper Chapman creditor and one of the assignees of the estate of Jasper Tanner a bankrupt v. Nathaniel Tanner son and heir of said Nathaniel Tanner and executor of Elizabeth Tanner was was the executrix of William Tanner; Jonathan Rogers; and Nathaniel Ridler; and Elizabeth Ridler who were executors of Nathaniel Ridler; John Cox; Toby Chapman; Elizabeth Tanner; Robert Mundy; Thomas Oldfield & Elizabeth his wife; John Tanner and Anne his wife; and Mary Player; and Samuel Trotman esq; John Hickes; and Edward Fielding creditors and surviving assignees together with the said complainant of the said estate of said Nathaniel Tanner the bankrupt C78/1991, no. 3 [66]
1687 5 April 3 Robert Butler of Greys Inn, Middx, esq; and Roger Jackson of St Clement Danes, Middx, gent v. Sir John Sydenham, baronet; and Henry Pollexfen, esq C78/1604, no. 1 [67]
1687 5 April 3 Edward Marling v. John Gore; Richard Norris; and Henry Norris C78/893, no. 5 [68]
1687 5 April 3 Katherine Venables, widow, relict, and one of the executors of Peter Venables, esq, baron of Kinderton, Ches v. Robert, lord Ferrers, baron of Chartley; Sir Thomas Wilbraham, baronet; Thomas Cholmondeley, esq; and Anne Venables, daughter and heir of said Peter Venables C78/1016, no. 5 [69]
1687 6 April 3 Thomas Stampe of London v Smith, Mascall and Masters Partnership in the Hop Trade C78/1326, no. 1 [70]
1687 6 April 3 Sir Charles Englefield baronet an infant by the Honorable Phillippa Mohun spinster his guardian v. Anthony Englefield esq and others (sic) C78/1915, no. 15 [71]
1687 12 April 3 Henry Bellingham, son and heir of Bowyer Bellingham of Haslemore, Surrey, esq, grandson and heir of Thomas Bellingham esq, and great grandson and heir of Richard Bellingham, esq, & Jane his wife both deceased v. Sir William Morley, Knight of the Bath; Joane Fielder, widow and administratrix of Henry Fielder, gent; Richard Fielder the son; and Mary fielder the daughter of said Henry; Dame Margaret Bowyer, widow of Sir Thomas Bowyer, knight; Edward Bowyer; Nicholas Covett?, gent; Thomas Bowyer, merchant; William Peckham, esq; Richard Farrington, esq; Thomas Paine; Sir Thomas Hussey, baronet; John Peachy, esq; Charles Ballett, gent; and Henry Goreing, esq C78/1608, no. 1 [72]
1687 15 April 3 John Hunt, esq & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Margaret Roscarrack, her mother, who was executrix of Charles Roscarrack, esq, her father v. Edward Noseworthy, esq, the elder, since deceased; and Edward Noseworthy, the younger, esq C78/956, no. 1 [73]
1687 15 April 3 Clare Mannay; and Mary Mannay, daughters of Francis Mannay of London, merchant & Clare his wife, sisters and coheirs of Francis Mannay, son of said Francis Mannay the father and Clare his wife, who was daughter of John Harris of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Sir Paul Whitchcott, knight and baronet; Sir Francis Pemberton, knight, Serjeant at Law; and Christopher Cratford, esq C78/999, no. 1 [74]
1687 18 April 3 Francis Dorrington of Sidney, Surrey, esq; and Daniel Sheldon of London, esq v. Peter Jackson; Lewis Buckle; and John Watson C78/821, no. 4 [75]
1687 18 April 3 Tristram Fenwicke, esq v. Elizabeth Lilburne, widow and relict of William Lilburne, esq; William Lilburne; and Robert Lilburne, both of them infants; James Clavering, esq; William Cuthbertson; and Cuthbert Johnson; and others (sic) Mortgage by the complt & Susan his wife of the manor of Kenton, Northumberland, a moiety of the coal mines, and 4 tenements in Gunnerton, Northumberland, to the said William Lilburne, in order to consolidate the complts debts. C78/929, no. 5 [76]
1687 20 April 3 Elizeus Matthew v. William Hayne C78/1636, no. 10 [77]
1687 22 April 3 Charles Bill, son & executrix of John Bill decd v Charles Garrett; Francis Darcye Savadge & Diana his wife; Robert Hampson; Sir William Humble; Sir Charles Cotterell; Thomas Wratten; Samuel Collins; Nicholas Dixon; Thomas Crumpe; John Hodges & John Holt and also Sir Charles Cotterell & John Holt v Charles Bill; Robert Hampson & John Hodges Payments and interest due on mortgage and debts in connection with rebuilding of

printing house and other houses in Black Fryars, London.

C78/920, no. 4 [78]
1687 22 April 3 Thomas Frederick, esq, & Leonora his wife, one of the children of Charles Moriscoe of London, merchant v. Jacob David, 7 Leonora his wife, the relict and executrix of said Charles Moriscoe; Sir John Letheleir, knight; Samuel Letheleir; and others (sic) C78/1591, no. 3 [79]
1687 23 April 3 Richard Powell of St Andrews, Holborne, Middx, esq v. Alexander Damastero & Honor his wife; and William Bridgeman C78/999, no. 7 [80]
1687 27 April 3 Edward Husbands & Elizabeth his wife v Edmund Coleman the elder and Edmund Coleman the younger. Marriage settlement of lease of tenement in cathedral precincts, Norwich C78/1120, no. 15 [81]
1687 27 April 3 Thomas Benskin; and Elizabeth Granger, widow, relict, and executrix of Robert Granger v. William Tomlinson, gent; Walter Bagnold, gent; and Alexander Walthall, gent C78/1558, no. 4 [82]
1687 27 April 3 Henry Hitchcott of Finchley, Middx, gent; Gertrude his wife, lately wife of Richard Pecocke of Finchley, esq and daughter of Sir John Laurence of London, knight v. Sir John laurence, knight and alderman of London; Thomas Pecocke, esq; Richard Pecocke; Michael Peacocke; Reginall Williams of Stoke Nayland, Suff, esq; Anthony Knightsbridge of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; John Pollexfen; and Charles Chamberlaine, both of London, merchants; and Thomas Sturmy of the Inner Temple, London, esq C78/1058, no. 7 [83]
1687 30 April 3 Ralph Lawton of Grayhurst, Bucks, esq v. George Chapman; Roger Chapman; William Hartley; Godfrey Withers; Richard Edmonds; Thomas Pearson; William Odell; and John Davis C78/1171, no. 2 [84]
1687 2 May 3 Phillip de Carterett, baronet, & the Lady Elizabeth his wife; sir Robert Atkins, knight; Richard Hopkins, esq; Henry Hawley, esq; Richard Stephens, esq; and Francis Wright v. Jane Cotterell, widow C78/1714, no. 5 [85]
1687 3 May 3 Charles Howard esq v. Sir John Lawrence knight by Benjamin Newland knight; Sir William Pritchard knight; Sir Edward Abney knight; Sir John Knatchbull knight and baronet; George Pitt; Henry Thornehill; James Smithsby; Samuel Traverse; John Blackwell jr; John Roberts; and John Darnell esq C78/2042, no. 14 [86]
1687 3 May 3 James Littlepage; Joseph Littlepage; and Elizabeth Littlepage, all infants, by John Hills; and the said John Hill, administrator of James Littlepage and administrator of Elizabeth Littlepage alias Kidwell during the minority of the three infants v. James Foe; William Dixon; and Thomas Kidwell C78/1714, no. 4 [87]
1687 3 May 3 John Lugg, gent & Mary his wife, sole daughter and heir of Sir John Kirke, knight; and Thomas Lugg their son, an infant, by said John Lugg, his father v. Robert Smith; Dame Anne Kirke; Judith Langston; Annabella Langston; John Langston; Lewis Langston; and Lucy Langston, infants, by their mother and guardian; and James Kirke, executor of Dame Anne Kirke, since deceased C78/1166, no. 4 [88]
1687 4 May 3 sir Richard Rothwell, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife; Henry Fane, esq & Anne his wife; Stephen Oliver; Adam Fering & Elizabeth his wife;Edward Newlove; Stephen Wyles; Thomas Stennett; Machael Stennett; William Wyles; Robert Saule; John Willowby; Thomas Essoine; Mary Clarke, widow; William Stennett; Elizabeth Bellamy, widow; John Willoughby; Marke Jenkinson; Anne Scath; William Hall; William Burrell; and Richard Ingalls; and others (sic) and freeholders of and within the town of Ewerby [Sleaford], Lincs v. The Lady Elizabeth Widderington; and Ralph Widdrington, esq C78/927, no. 6 [89]
1687 4 May 3 Henry Hope of Rotterdam in Holland, merchant v. William Brooke; John Throughton, esqs; John Weaver; Henry Dod; Robert Wilkinson, gent; Richard Williams; Richard Mathews; Godfrey Webster; Thomas Cooke; Nicholas Carey; and Thomas Lewis, esq C78/1282, no. 1 [90]
1687 5 May 3 John Coppin, gent, executor & Mary his wife, who was executrix of Dame Jane Roberts, executrix of Sir John Roberts, knight v. John Allen; and Phillipp Yorke, gent C78/1054, no. 2 [91]
1687 5 May 3 John Coppin, gent, executor of Mary his late wife, who was executor of Dame Jane Roberts, executrix of Sir John Roberts, knight v. John Allen; and Phillipp Yorke, gent C78/1087, no. 2 [92]
1687 6 May 3 Elizabeth Fotherby, widow and executrix of Elizabeth Brome, who was the executrix of mr Seriant Brome v. William Hartridge; William Pyseing & Alice his wife; Bernard Kendall & Anne his wife C78/1054, no. 3 [93]
1687 6 May 3 Anthony Cozen of Lawhilton, Corn, gent & Elizabeth his wife, formerly Elizabeth Way, the only sister and heir and administratrix of Richard Way of Biddeford, Devon, gent, deceased v. Arthur Champernoone; and Samuel Pyne, gent; and Elizabeth Way C78/1112, no. 2 [94]
1687 7 May 3 Richard Woollaston esq and Nicholas Woollaston gentleman v. Thomas Winford, esq; Samuel Walkin; and Thomas Roote C78/2012, no. 4 [95]
1687 7 May 3 John Browne and Thomas Sandes v. John Hinde; John Perry; Patrick Trant; and William Meade C78/1992, no. 3 [96]
1687 7 May 3 William Wade; and George Wade, infants, by John Archer & Anne his wife and William Stonestreete v. John Giles; and Nicholas Sandford C78/962, no. 3 [97]
1687 11 May 3 William Bamfield; Hugh Shortrudge; and Dame Elizabeth Sheires, widow and relict of Sir George Sheires; and Elizabeth Sheires, widow, mother, and executrix of said Sir George v. William Glascock esq & Elizabeth his wife; Sir Thomas Nightingale baronet; and Dame Jane his wife; Thomas Polley, esq; Alice Newce, widow; and William Fitch, esq an infant by George Bramstone doctor oflaws his guardian C78/2033, no. 5 [98]
1687 11 May 3 Henry Atkinson, esq v. Sir Richard Grahme, baronet; John Atkinson, esq; and Dorothy Atkinson, widow C78/886, no. 2 [99]
1687 13 May 3 Richard Woollaston, jr, of London, merchant v. Ralph Harbottle of London, woodmonger C78/1558, no. 5 [100]
1687 13 May 3 Adam Colclough, esq v. Roger Ferrall & his wife; Henry Oxburgh & his wife; Bevill Wimberley; and Edward Tilson C78/999, no. 15 [101]
1687 13 May 3 Sir Richard Francklyn, knight and baronet v. Charles Stuteville, esq; and William, lord Byron C78/1237, no. 2 [102]
1687 17 May 3 Anne Baldrey, widow; and Henry Hobbs v. Mary Birdsey; Elizabeth Birdsey; Katherine Birdsey; Frances Birdsey; Anne Birdsey; and Deborah Birdsey C78/797, no. 3 [103]
1687 21 May 3 Richard Middleton of London esq v. Sir Thomas Grosvenor baronet and John Edisbury esq C78/2042, no. 1 [104]
168715 25 May 3 Philadelphia Bradford, executrix of Thomas Burgon decd, & William Wood v Lionel Copley and William Simpson Estate of Lionel Copley, deceased, late of Wadworth, Yorks. Debt to Thomas Burgon C78/885, no. 8 [105]
1687 26 May 3 William Herbert esq v. James Herbert, knight; Richard Hopton, esq; Henry Goodricke, esq; Dame Deborah Hopton; Edward Hopton, esq; and Deborah Hopton C78/2033, no. 4 [106]
1687 26 May 3 Henry Guy esq v. Sir Richard Anderson baronet; William Hill; William Forster de Bottome; Edmond Birch; John Putnam; Edward Hollman; Edward Bayly; William Pratt; John Abrathett; Samuel Partridge; James Jordan; John Forster; John Geary; William Forster; Henry Geary; Samuel Budd; John Wuncombe; Benedict Winch; Joseph Martin; Henry Munn; William Cheyne esq; John Miller; Daniel Clerke; Edward Belcher; Joseph Christmas jr; Thomas Rolph; Oliver Bunker; Thomas Newton; Richard Waldwyn; William Waldwyn; Thomas Humfry; William Smyth; William Arnutt; Henry Bate; Daniel Ghost sr; William Border; William Sumner; George Baldwyn; John Forster de Dunstans; John Clerke; Thomas Mathewes; Andrew Braddy; John Chappell; Mathew Clerke; William Worster; William Stopps; Thomas Aldredge; Samuel Holmes; Mathew Barton jr; Henry Holmes; Francis Mantague; Thomas Brandon; Daniel Ghost jr; Stephen Rowbert; John Elliott; William Chenill; WIlliam Waldwyn; Thomas Flaxman; Edward Smith; Edward Browne; Edward Dagnall; Thomas Keates; Mathew Chilterne; John Hothman; Robert Adkins; Bernard Bagnall; Mary Evans widow; John Tockfield; Thomas Harding; Nicholas Gibbs; Thomas Cox; Henry Geary; Henry Dell; Thomas Cutler; Thomas Hunsdon; John Seare; Robert Duncombe; John Leach; Nicholas Kempster; Samuel Bate; John Stoppe; Jeremiah Jackson; Thomas Brewer; William Geary; Richard Gurney; William Glemster; Roger Peirce; Anne West widow; Humfry Payne; John Crawley; John Tompkins; John Eddowes esq; William Glemster de Coles Greene; Francis Seare; Thomas Graie; Richard Harding; Thomas Woodrooffe; William Lake Taylor; Thomas Border; Thomas Hinton; Thomas Egleton; John Harding; John Border; Anthony Deely; Benjamin Holliman; Hugh Fincher; Thomas Worsley; Henry Batchilor sr; Henry Batchilor jr; Richard Wakeman; Robert Arnutt; William Fowler; Jane Tredway widow; John Tredway; John Dagnall gentleman; Daniel Forster; Francis Doggett; Mary Wheeler widow; John Knight; James Littleton sr; William Forster de Dunsley; Robert Brutnell; Benjamin Randall; William Watt; William Nutt; Mathew Kempton; John randall; Richard Grover jr; William Lake lutar; John Geary; Richard Dagnall; James Littleton jr; Joseph Tockfield; Daniel Birth; John Butterfield; Thomas Cooley; Elizabeth Sawell widow; Mathew Barton sr; Sebastian Grace; Robert Bishop; Edward Forster; William Cutler; John Gregory; Mary Harding widow; Alice Pratt widow; Mary Boughton; Daniel Harding; Robert Barnes; Joshua Geary; Daniel Batchilor; John Sweetsire; Judith Horsley widow; Edward Ellyott; Richard Ellyott; Henry Grange; Robert Duncombe; richard Rolfe; John Seare; Francis Dell; Henry Smyth; Daniel Hodson; Susannah Forster widow; George Finch; Robert Hood & Martha his wife; Harris Smith; John Dagnall; Henry Benning; Christopher Ives & Anne his wife; Nathaniel Macaskree; Henry Gaskin; Elizabeth Lovely widow; Edward Darrell; John Pyott; John Gaskin; Alice Deverell widow; Elizabeth Bishop widow; Henry Reeve; Sarah Merriott; Nathaniel Bromley; John Thompson; John Batchilor; Thomas Parsons; Sarah Doggett; Richard Sutton; Sarah Edlyn; Francis Brudnell; Edward Bate; Alice Cutler; John East; Francis Ingleton; Mary Axtell widow; William Gregory; Pharfar Price; Elizabeth Potter; Mathew Emerton; Thomas Smart; Jane Bishop widow; William Chisterne; Martha Lake widow; Faith Lake; Elizabeth Lake; Anne Seabrooke widow; John How an infant by Elizabeth How his mother and guardian; Henry Liveing an infant by Thomas Newton his guardian; Henry Patridge an infant by Joseph Bate his guardian; Mary Abrathel an infant by Thomas Newton her guardian; Carola Walmsley an infant by John Dudsbury her guardian; Richard Seare an infant by Thomas Newton his guardian; John Welman an infant by Francis Welman his guardian; Lake Dunton an infant by Obadiah Merryott his guardian; John Boder an infant by Littleton Powell esq his guardian; and John Theed gentleman an infant by Margaret Theed widow his mother and guardian C78/1913, no. 5 [107]
1687 26 May 3 Christopher Norton, esq; and Benjamin Purchas, gent v. William Mascall of York, goldsmith; Lionell Richardson; and John Burges, gent; and Balthazar Flusheers C78/1609, no. 3 [108]
1687 26 May 3 John Oveatt,& Rebecca his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Richard Ford, knight v. Dame Grace Ford, since deceased, who was the widow, relict, and administratrix of said Sir Richard Ford; John Ford, since deceased, & Theophila his wife; Samuel Ford, & Jane his wife, which said John and Samuel were the sons of the said Richard Peter Proby and Grace his wife, one of the daughters of said Sir Richard and Baldwyn Higgins, who married Hannah another daughter of said Sir Richard, to whom he was administrator C78/1593, no. 2 [109]
1687 26 May 3 John Colwall, esq & Lucy his wife, both since deceased, eldest daughter of John Ramsey of the City of London v. Francis Chamberlaine; John Ramsey, since deceased; Anne Ramsey, afterwards married to Henry Herbert, esq and since deceased; and Mary Ramsay, since married to Sir William Boughton, baronet; The Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of St Bartholomews Hospital, London; and the Lord Mayor and Aldermen; and Sir Thomas Player, knight chamberlain of the City of London C78/914, no. 1 [110]
1687 28 May 3 John Ashburnham, esq; and William Ashburnham, his son and heir apparent, an infant, by said John Ashburnham his father and guardian; Sir Denny Ashburnham, baronet; and Denny Ashburnham his son and heir apparent; William Ashburnham; and Charles Ashburnham, infants, sons of said Sir Denny Ashburnham by said Sir Denny their father; Thomas Ashburnham, gent; and Thomas Ashburnham, his son and heir apparent, an infant, by his said father; Sir Johon Smith baronet; and Charles Smith, esq, his brother v. Richard Daysey, esq; Charles Toff, esq; and Ashburnham Toff, an infant, his son and heir apparent; and Amy Lawrence the widow and executrix of John Lawrence, esq C78/1606, no. 7 [111]
1687 30 May 3 William Doble the elder, gent, since deceased; and William Doble the younger, gent v. Alexander Pryor, gent C78/894, no. 6 [112]
1687 1 June 3 Daniel Brent of Harmondsworth, Middx, yeoman v. William, lord Pagett; Henry Pagett, esq; John Baldwyn, esq; and others (sic) C78/2033, no. 1 [113]
1687 1 June 3 Robert Archer of Dublin, Ireland, esq; Thomas Trant; and Maurice Trant of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, gent; and James Sevins, taylor v. William Walker of London gent, of the county of Wexford, Ireland; and Robert, earl of Londonderry, Ireland C78/1714, no. 6 [114]
1687 3 June 3 David Lloyd clerk & Ellen his wife administratrix of Owen Williams esq v. Lancelot Bulkeley; John Bulkeley; and Robert Hookes esq C79/25, no. [115]
1687 3 June 3 The Master, Schoolmaster and thirteen poor men of Ewelme Almshouse in Ewelme, Oxon; William Drake of Ramridge als Ramrage, Hants and Constance his wife; Henry Whithead of West Tythesly, Hants; and William Goddard of Woodhay, Hants v. The Bayliffe, Honest men and Burgesses of the Town and Borough of Andover, Hants; Walter Robinson; Peter Blake; and John Popinioy Rights to the manor of Ramridge als Ramrage, and the fair called Weyhill Fair, held upon Weyhill. C78/1425, no. 10 [116]
1687 3 June 3 John Preist, gent v. William Moore; Robert Tonstall; John Tonstall; and one Thomas Moore C78/972, no. 7 [117]
1687 3 June 3 Thomas Holder, esq & Bridget his wife; Robert Sidersin, esq & Katherine his wife; and Elizabeth Graves, three daughters of Richard Graves, esq, deceased; and Elizabeth Gibbs, widow v. Henry Gibbs, an infant, the executor; George Gibbs; William Tew; and Marke Proudfoote, administrator with the will annexed of Henry Gibbs, gent C78/1166, no. 5 [118]
1687 4 June 3 Mary Fell, daughter & heir of James Fell, by Frances Fell her mother & the said Frances Fell, widow & relict of the said James Fell, only son & heir of Thomas Fell decd v John Wright and Dorothy Barrow Title to lands in Elverston, Lancs. C78/960, no. 4 [119]
1687 4 June 2 Sir Edward Bromfield and Dame Anne his wife v John Palgrave, Robert Baynham, Thomas Sherman, Francis Millington and John Page Deft Palgrave's mortgage to Dame Anne, then Anne Lant of London, widow, of the manors of Salthouse, Kelling, Ilkesalls [?Ilketshall, Suffolk], Bardolfes als Bardwells [Bawdeswell] in Norfolk. C78/1345, no. 2 [120]
1687 4 June 3 John Astley, gent v. Thomas Patten, esq; and Susanna Doughty C78/1594, no. 14 [121]
1687 4 June 3 Sir Thomas Tipping, knight; and George Tipping, esq, his third son v. Edward Cosyns, esq; Lucretia Tipping, an infant by said Edward Cosyns her guardian and grandfather C78/1045, no. 6 [122]
1687 4 June 3 Thomas Nicholas v. Daniel Hodges & Mary his wife C78/1087, no. 1 [123]
1687 6 June 3 Thomas Nott son & heir of Sir Thomas Nott late of Westminster decd v George Hill son & heir of George Hill decd and against Mathew Johnson and Richard Graham executors of the said George Hill decd Complts debts. Mortgage of messuage called the Queen's Stables in Richmond, Surrey. C78/1345, no. 1 [124]
1687 6 June 3 Francis lord Hollis; Robert Cage esq; John Jones doctor of laws & Mary his wife v. Ellen Starkey; Samuel Starkey; John Ellis; William Gunter esq; William Hide; the Dean and Chapter of Hereford; and the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of Reading, Berks C79/172, no. [125]
1687 6 June 3 Caleb Hodges v. Richard Hodges Will of John Hodges the father of complt & deft. Property in Longhope, Gloucs. C78/1451, no. 3 [126]
1687 7 June 3 Simon Mayne, Lord of the Manor of Dinton, Bucks v. Richard Beke; Henry Sumner senior; Henry Sumner junior; Thomas Smith; John Breton, clerk; Richard Strickland, clerk; Thomas Chapman, clerk; Anthony Godwin; John Plummer and Alice his wife; John Saunders; Robert Reynolds senior; William Eggle... senior; Clement Hunt; Richard Adeane; Thomas Mableby; Richard Greenewood; Nathaniel Aldridge; Mary Goodgame, widow; Leonard Fetch; William Kingham; Robert Reynolds junior; Thomas Hill; John March; Henry Goffe senior; Francis Dassett; Silvester Lane; Thomas Headach; Jane Hunt; Edward Nicholls; Francis Guilford; Samuel Shrimpton; Henry Clarke; Richard Smallbrooke; Anne Fulkes, widow; Simon Slaughter; Henry Goffe junior; Charles Fetch; Richard Hurst senior; Richard Hurst junior; Henry Scopp senior; Henry Scopp junior; John Saunders; William Smith; John Rogers; William Adkins; Edward Parish; Elizabeth Saunders, widow; Elizabeth Moores, widow; Susan Messenger, widow; Thomas Nixon; Rowland Reynolds; William Fulkes; Thomas Wheeler; Thomas Moores; Alice Howes, widow; Thomas Tirrell; Nicholas Bostall; Alexander Farmborow; and William Howes Lord of the manor's rights to pasture on the commons of the manor without hindrance from the defts who are freeholders of the manor. C78/1425, no. 11 [127]
1687 7 June 3 Henry Norwood, esq; Robert Cage, esq; John Loder, esq; Seaborne Buckeridge, administrator de bonis non of Thomas Levingston, esq; Elizabeth Baulding, administratrix of John Huntington, clerk; Margaret Millington the elder; Francis Parker, alias Fortescue; Theodore Adams; and ___ Libscombe v. John Curteis, by Richard Anderson, baronet; Elizabeth Hatcher; Charles Cesar; Richard Anderson; Symon Harcourt & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Curteis; Henry Hatcher; Anne Hatcher; _____ executor of said John Hatcher the father; _________ the children of Anne Redborne; _____, son of John Tege; Constantine Buckle; Joane Lugrove; Thomas Mathewes; John Rowe; ____ executor or administrator of John Savile; William Carter the minister; and church wardens of Tydmarsh; ____ executor or administrator of John smith; James Faireclough; and Henry Faireclough; Anne Phipps; and Constantine Phipps; Richard Cooper; John Curteis, jr; Thomas Curteis; Phillip Goddard, the overseers of the poor of Benham; ____ executor of administrator of James Smith; George Lugrove; ____ Peacocke, widow; _____ the executor or administrator of William Sprules; _____ the other sons of said John Curteis the father; Robert Levingston; ____ the executor or administrator of William Brice; ___ Roberts; Mary Rowe, formerly Mary Child; Katherine Goddard; and _____; and _____ her two children; Samuel Howard; Arnold Sartission; Elizabeth Hatcher, jr; Katherine Hatcher; Elizabeth Blunt; and ____ her eldest son; Charles Amont; Anne Knapton; ___ _____ _____ the three children of said Charles Cesar; Sir Charles Cesar; William Gay; ___ Fisher; and William Chamberlaine; and others (sic) C78/931, no. 1 [128]
1687 8 June 3 Richard Dow v Robert Dow; Richard Porter; Mathew Stevenson; George Aldrich, Francis Golding & Robert Waytes Legacies payable from lands in Brandiston and Littleburrow, Suffolk. C78/1120, no. 7 [129]
1687 8 June 3 John Finch, infant, by Richard Finch, his father and guardian v. Nicholas Ditcher; Elizabeth his wife; and John Cooper C78/893, no. 1 [130]
1687 8 June 3 Edward Metcalfe, citizen and silk thrower of London, one of the executors of John Balch of Spittlefields in the parish of Stepney, Middx, esq; and Robert Aske of London, esq; Paul Docminique of London, merchant; William Pierson of London, weaver; Peter Mariscoe of London, weaver; and William Metcalfe of London, merchant, creditors of of said John Balch for themselves and all the rest of the creditors of said John Balch v. Elizabeth Balch, an infant, the daughter and heir of said John Balch, by George Reeve her guardian; Robert Balch; The Governors of the Charity for the Relief of the Poor Widows and Children of Clergymen; The President, Treasurer, and Governors of Bridwell Hospital; William Sydenham; Robert Vandenancker; Charles Pitcarne; Paul Priaulx; Gerard Bruse & Elizbeth his wife; Alice Whitehall; Doctor Richard Griffith; William Bowdler; and Henry Berisford C78/1045, no. 2 [131]
1687 9 Jun 3 Francis Baker and Robert Baker an infant by Robert Baker his guardian v Frances Smith executrix of John Smith who was executor of Matthew Smith Legacy from the will of Matthew Smith. C78/1326, no. 3 [132]
1687 10 June 3 Sir George Humble; Ann Humble, John Humble & Thomas Humble, infants & children of George Humble decd by Mary Humble their sister, & the said Mary Humble on her own behalf v Sir William Humble; Anne Martell, widow & Peter Martell her son Trust settlement of lands in Lincs, Kent and Surrey and personal estate of £30,000. C78/820, no. 1 [133]
1687 11 June 3 Abraham Shapton v. Gabriell Hubberd; and William Finney Settlement of the debts of the complt. Manor of Great Taynton, Gloucs. C78/1451, no. 4 [134]
1687 11 June 3 Elizabeth Palmer of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, widow v. Baldwin Bird C78/1171, no. 3 [135]
1687 14 June 3 Robert Hawkins v. Joseph Tayler & Mary his wife; Jonathan Wilson; and Thomas Lee C78/2042, no. 15 [136]
1687 14 June 3 Margaret Lewin, widow v. Margaret Salisbury Lewin; and Alice Salisbury Lewin C78/1632, no. 3 [137]
1687 14 June 3 Burdis Calvery of Boston, Lincs, executor of William Gibbs of Boston, Lincs v. Sir Drayner Barr; John Jolly, sr; and John Jolly, jr; William Spelkes; Hester Storr, widow; John Storr: William Storr; and Thomas Storr, infants by said Hester their mother C78/1171, no. 5 [138]
1687 16 June 3 Cadwallader Wynn esq v. John Wynn esq; Robert Wynn clerk; Robert Pugh; and John Price gentlemen C79/28, no. [139]
1687 16 June 3 Susanna Godson of York, spinster, one of the children of Susanna Godson of Water Fullforth [Water Fulford Hall in Fulford par.], Yorks v. George Rasine C78/1594, no. 13 [140]
1687 16 June 3 John Wentworth, esq; and John Wheately; and Thomas Wheately v. Dame Lucy Jackson; Bradwardine Jackson, baronet; Nicholas Manliverer & Fines his wife; John Adams & Vere his wife; Katherine Jackson; Bradwardine Tindall since deceased; Edward Wingfield; Martin Wickham; Sir John Bright, baronet; Christopher Stead; Alice Everard; John Farrer; Thomas Hall; Edward Holcott, since deceased; and Richard Shann C78/1016, no. 7 [141]
1687 16 June 3 William Crosse, gent & Katherine his wife v. Hugh Nash; Charles Cludd, esq; Henry Small; and Thomas Browne C78/1166, no. 7 [142]
1687 17 June 3 John Whalley v Christopher Buckles and Christopher Burnett. Purchase of houses in Newark, Notts. C78/920, no. 2 [143]
1687 17 June 3 Thomas Lee of Darnehall, Ches, esq; Thomas Aldersey of Chester, gent; Robert Vanables of Winchame, Ches, esq; John Foach of London, gent; Robert Freeman of London, merchant; William Freeman of Sandowne Castle, Kent, esq; Francis Naylor of Staple Inn, London, gent; Edward Rigby, citizen and merchant taylor of London; Katherine Marbury, relict, widow, and sole executrix of William Marbury of Marbury, Ches, esq; Joseph Bunbury of Boughton, Ches, gent; Sir James Bradshaw, knight; Christopher Banister of Bank, Lancs, esq; Elizabeth Browne, administratrix of Thomas Browne of London, gent; Thomas Wood; and Thomas Lane, executors of Richard Kidder; Thomas Raper; and Charles Whittaker v. Katherine Marbury; Mary Marbury; Elizabeth Marbury; William Noy; John Basnett; Thomas Sutton; Sir Richard Brooke, baronet; Henry Brooke, esq; John Brooke; and Pusey Brooke, gent C78/816, no. 4 [144]
1687 17 June 3 Richard Lane, an infant, by James tyrrell, esq v. Henry Lane; William Lane; Charles Lane & Elizabeth his wife; Frnces Lane; Anne Lane; Thomas Osborne & Kingsmill his wife; Charles Ellis; and Thomas Hooton C78/1171, no. 1 [145]
1687 18 June 3 Alexander, Earl of Eglington, Lady Grace his wife, Bartin Allott v Henry Edmonds, Thomas Edmonds & William Simpson Dispute over marriage settlement and jointure for Lady Grace C78/885, no. 7 [146]
1687 21 June 3 Dorothy Jennings spinster daughter of Robert Jennings & Penelope his wife v. Robert Jennings; William Pratt; Richard Dalton; and John Selleck C79/195, no. [147]
1687 21 June 3 William Blackett, baronet v. Sir John Fenwicke, baronet Mortgage by the deft of the manor or lordship of Hexham [Northumberland], to Sir William Blackett, the complts father, and Edward Blackett the complts brother C78/909, no. 5 [148]
1687 21 June 3 Charles Curtis, an infant, by John Hodges his guardian; and also the said John Hodges v. Edward Earle; and Joan his wife C78/1259, no. 10 [149]
1687 22 June 3 Leonard Plucknett of St Margarets, Westminster, Middx, gent; Henry Fry of Westminster, carpenter; Edward Rogers of Westminster, gent; John Norton of Westminster, grocer; Thomas Wood of Westminster, victualer; Richard Dakins, citizen and grocer of London; Jonathan Gaden of Wesminster, bricklayer; and John Tuffnell of Westminster, masons v. Jane Kirke, widow, relict, and executrix of John Kirke of St Margarets, Westminster, gent; Arnolk Kirke, son and heir of said John Kirke, an infant; William Rogers of Westminster, bookseller; and Robert Devinish of Mortlack, esq, administrator of said John Kirke; John Sutton of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, gent; Thomas Apthorpe of Drewry Lane, Middx, potter; and Nichola Barbon of London, doctor of phisick C78/1063, no. 1 [150]
1687 22 June 3 John Mede of Wenden Loughts, Essex, esq, administrator with the will annexed of Thomas Mede of the same place, esq v. Thomas Corbet; Laurence Corbet; and Joseph Coleing, esq; and others (sic) C78/1263, no. 3 [151]
1687 23 June 3 George Vernon of Sudbury, Derbs, esq v. Thomas, lord bishop of Lichfield and Coventry C78/2037, no. 1 [152]
1687 23 Jun 3 Robert Thorowgood of King's Lynn, Norfolk and Katharine his wife executrix of Roger Briggs her then late brother decd v. Margaret Gray; Ralph Gray; and Robert Gray Refs previous decree of 5 May 2 James II. Estate of Roger Briggs, including accounts for working lead and lead mines. C78/1425, no. 9 [153]
1687 23 June 3 Henry Stapilton, esq v. Bennett Sherrard, esq, & Dorothy his wife; Henry, lord Fairfax; Thomas Stowen; Ricahrd Aldburgh; and the lady Stapilton his wife; Sir Thomas Mauliverer, baronet, & Dame Katherine his wife; and Sir John Fenwick C78/1608, no. 2 [154]
1687 23 June 3 Sir John Curzon, knight and baronet; and William Allestry, esq, creditors and administrators with the will annexed of William Mundy, esq v. Gilbert Mundy; and Edward Mundy, gent, surviving sons and administrators of John Mundy, esq; Francis Mundy, son and heir to said William Mundy; Francis Agard late a servant to said John Mundy; and William Mundy; Charles Farneham, gent; German Pole; and Henry Gilbert, esqs, devisees and executors of said William Mundy; Charles Cooke, brother in law to said William Mundy; John Musters, esq; Richard Levis, gent; (and, added later:) Gilbert Cooke, esq C78/1558, no. 8 [155]
1687 24 June 3 Jeremiah Copping, citizen and fishmonger of London v. Lyonel Copley, esq, son and heir of Lyonel Copley, esq; William Simpson, gent, executor of said Lyonel Copley; Sir George Cooke, baronet; and Benjamin Stavely C78/797, no. 5 [156]
1687 24 June 3 John Turvin v. John Holmes C78/999, no. 14 [157]
1687 24 June 3 Sir Robert Reeve of Thwayte, Suff, baronet, executor of Sir George Reeve, knight and baronet, his late father v. Sir John Leigh, knight, son and heir of Sir Thomas Leigh, knight; Sir John Lowther, baronet; John Corrance, esq; and Mary Girling C78/1290, no. 1 [158]
1687 25 June 3 Nathaniel Noel gentleman; John Shaw gentleman & Grace his wife; and Elizabeth Noel v. George Robinson and Robert Faulconer C78/2029, no. 10 [159]
1687 25 June 3 Edward Boyes of Betteshanger, Kent, esq v. Thomas Farbrate C78/1714, no. 7 [160]
1687 27 June 3 Richard Armistead; John Wilkinson; Stephen Pukhaver; Henry Lund; Henry Walker; Henry Wilkinson & Stephen Clarke v Stephen Hamerton; John Kellett Laurence & James Kaley Marriage settlement of Manor of Hellyfield [Hellifield], Yorks C78/1120, no. 8 [161]
1687 27 June 3 William Bosvile gentleman son and heir of Edward Bosvile gentleman v. Thomas Bosvile gentleman and Jane Bosvile spinster C79/36, no. [162]
1687 28 June 3 Edward Mellish v. Nicholas Orton and Henry Burman C78/2033, no. 3 [163]
1687 28 June 3 William Swaine, esq v. Robert Foyle; Thomas Foyle; John Foyle; Rachell Foyle; Giles Tinker & his wife; John Hancocke; Samuel Stone; William Kent; Thomas Seely; Nathaniel Jeffery; John Bayly; John Gale; John Morant; Robert Monday; Margaret Burges; Elizabeth Burges; Thomas Wickham; Phillipp Hatchett; Richard Russell; and Charles Wingfield C78/1069, no. 1 [164]
1687 29 June 3 John Laycocke; Edmund Laycocke; Nathaniel Pighells; John Elnott; and Edmond Jackson v. William Bawden and Martha Bawden C78/2042, no. 13 [165]
1687 29 June 3 Edward Cutchy & Damaris his wife, niece and next of kin to Nicholas Ives, clerk v. Lady Frances Wyndham, widow; Thomas Wyndham, esq; Robert Leigh; Philip Day; and Roger Grabham C78/894, no. 7 [166]
1687 1 July 3 Thomas Hercules v Fabian Phillips. Debts and mortgage of Wanklyns farm in Leominster, Heref C78/925, no. 1 [167]
1687 1 July 3 Anne Symonds of Lyning, Kent, widow v. David Penvold of Lyning, Kent, yeoman C78/1045, no. 4 [168]
1687 1 July 3 Joseph Streake & Elizabeth his wife v. Sir Thomas Byde, baronet & Dame Mary his wife; John Forster; Edmund Awbery; and Samuel Awbery C78/1118, no. 2 [169]
1687 1 July 3 Elizabeth Ball of Stamford, Lincs, widow; Thomas Ball; Frances Ball; Jane Ball; Sarah Ball; and Elizabeth Ball, said Thomas, Frances, Jane, Sarah, and Elizabeth being infants, by said Elizabeth Ball their mother and guardian v. Samuel Ball, clerk; Sir Thomas Griffith, knight; John Plowright; Thomas Hobman; Stephen Naylor; Richard Craycroft; and Nicholas Dickenson C78/1137, no. 9 [170]
1687 1 July 3 Sir Mathew Andrews, knight v. Stephen Doddington, gent & Margery his wife C78/1285, no. 1 [171]
1687 2 July 3 Evan Harryes gentleman v. Elizabeth Sturlock widow executrix of Jonathan Sturlocke who was administrator of John Sturlocke his father; Mary Sturlocke an infant by the said Elizabeth her mother; and Mary widow and relict of said John Sturlocke; William Davies; Theophilus Bevan; Griffith Williams & Mary his wife; Jame Sturlocke spinster; John Sturlocke jr; William Lloyd; and Rees Jones C79/135, no. [172]
1687 4 July 3 William Pye v John Oliver, George Seagood, Susanna Seagood, Martha Seagood, Mary Seagood and Anne Seagood Agreement to demolish and rebuild old ruinous houses near Charing Crosse, St Martin in the Fields, Middx. C78/1336, no. 7 [173]
1687 4 July 3 Stephen Ford the elder of London, clerk; Lucy Ford, spinster (several names obscured or erased) Lobb, & Anne his wife, lately Anne Chorles an infant by said ___ Lobb her husband; Ralph Ford; Stephen Ford; and Mary Ford, infant by Luce Ford v. Sir Rice Rudd, baronet; William Wogan, esq; and Gyles Hooper, gent C78/1806, no. 7 [174]
1687 5 July 3 Sir Henry Capell knight of the Bath; William Dayns; and George Woodford v. William Brewer; John White; Benjamin Mercer; Mathew Keat; and John Mawcus C79/45, no. [175]
1687 5 July 3 William Leveson Gower, esq v. John, earl of Bath; the Lady Frances Wyndham, widow; Sir Edward Wyndham, baronet & the Lady Katherine his wife, infants, by said Lady Frances their guardian; Sir Edward Hungerford, Knight of the Bath; Sir Cyril Wiche, knight; John Wyndham esq, serjeant at law; Thomas Erle, esq; Nathaniel Palmer, esq; and William Wyndham, esq C78/942, no. 3 [176]
1687 6 July 3 Daniel Deweinge of Norwich, worstead weaver v Samuel Warkhouse and Michael Deweinge Debts incurred by and on behalf of Thomas Deweinge decd (complts father) in purchasing yarn, and whether or not the complt was his partner and therefore liable. C78/1313, no. 6 [177]
1687 6 July 2 Thomas Grice; John Saywell; and James Layfield for the poor of Sackville College of East Grinstead, Sussex v. John Bancroft and divers other persons C78/1714, no. 8 [178]
1687 6 July 3 The Master and Wardens of the Guild or Fraternity of the Body of Christ of the Company of Skinners of London v. Thomas Glover C78/935, no. 6 [179]
1687 6 July 3 Edward Moseley, esq & Anne Moseley, executors of Sir Edward Moseley, baronet v. Mary Greene; Samuel Harmer; Edward Bootle; John Alexander; and others (sic) C78/972, no. 6 [180]
1687 7 Jul 3 Sir Robert Thompson the surviving executor of Sir Thomas Hooke; and Samuel Thompson executor of Sir William Thompson v. Dame Elizabeth Hooke; Sir Sele Hooke; Mary Hooke; and Anne Hooke Marriage of Sir Thomas Hooke with the deft Dame Elizabeth, niece of the complt Robert and sister of the complt Samuel. Manor and Rectory of West Somerton, Norfolk, manor of Martham, Norfolk. Other property in Winterton, Hemsly, Holmesly, Rawlesby, Bastwicke, Repp, Obys and Clibesby, all in Norfolk, and also the manors of Shelford and Stretton Baskerville, the rectory of Burton Hastings, and other property in Shelford, Stretton, Burton Hastings, all in Warks, and the manor of Frampton, Gloucs. C78/1441, no. 1 [181]
1687 7 July 3 Mary Hughes; Alice Hughes, an infant by Richard Hughes her uncle v. Thomas Hughes, an infant; and Robert Hughes C78/1716, no. 13 [182]
1687 11 July 3 Nathaniel Cranford v Henry Goulding Legacies due from lands in Broxwelle, Lambeth, Surrey. C78/910, no. 2 [183]
1687 14 July 3 Appleton Onghan v. Samuel Staines C78/1632, no. 11 [184]
1687 17 July 3 Susanna Brownell, relict and administratrix of John Brownell; and Robert Constable, esq v. Robert Gray, doctor in divinity; Thomas Vaggerston; and Ralph Brandling C78/929, no. 6 [185]
1687 24 July 3 Sir John Holland, baronet v. Sir Peter Gleane, baronet C78/1628, no. 7 [186]
1687 5 Aug 3 John Streete of Salisbury, Wilts, clothier & Mary his wife v. William Batt; and William Wilkinson, both of Salisbury, gents C78/1045, no. 5 [187]
1687 12 Oct 3 Philipp Langdale, esq, son and heir of Sir William Langdale, knight, esq, son and heir of Sir William Langdale, knight v. Marmaduke, lord Langdale; Thomas Dalton; Toby Humphrey; Marmaduke Langdale; William Langdale; Richard Foster, & Frances his wife; Mary Elizabeth; and Amanda Langdale; John Thorpe; Thomas Aislaby; Giles Hall; Charles Hall; John Aislaby, & Anne his wife; Henry Constable; Robert Dolman; Thomas Tempest; and Peter Vavasor C78/1591, no. 2 [188]
1687 12 Oct 3 William Atwood of London, merchant v. Humphry Weld, esq C78/753, no. 5 [189]
1687 19 Oct 3 Mary Fogg widow v. Richard Dutton gentleman; Margaret Dutton spinster; and Thomas Dutton gentleman C78/2037, no. 2 [190]
1687 19 Oct 3 Robert Carleton, esq; and Dame Elizabeth Dayrell his wife, the relict of William Morgan esq v Charles, Earl of Dorset; John Morgan; Sir Thomas Millington & Dame Anne Hannah his wife; William Jephson; Thomas Fowle now Sir Thomas Fowle; Richard Wood; William Allen; Daniel Norton; Rice Jones; William Thorowton; Mordant Cherserole; William Lilley; Richard Minors; William Nicholes; Henry Coape; Samuel Coape; Richard Alehorne; Thomas Morton; Samuel Mason; Edward Bickerstaffe; Daniel Hodges; Joseph Devenish; John Robins; William Morgan; Robert Willmott; Charles Crawford als Criffeild; James Dobson; Margaret Gardner; Eve Robottom; John Martin; William Calloe; William Barkley; David Williams; Elizabeth Henslow, widow; Francis Maidstone; Stephen Humphreys; Thomas Henshaw; Thomas Broadgate; Thomas Morgan; Sir Edward Mansell; Sir Trevor Williams; Lewis Morgan & Nehemiah Williams C78/904, no. 1 [191]
1687 25 Oct 3 Anthony Forster, & Elizabeth his wife; and Katherine Browneing, widow, daughters and heirs of John Markland, gent v. Humphrey Munt, executor of John Markland C78/1595, no. [192]
1687 27 Oct 3 John Bartlett; Richard Baker; and Richard Dawson v. John Child; Robert Stanley; and John Hooker C79/173, no. [193]
1687 4 Nov 3 Richard Ashfield and Anne Ashfield two of the children of Sir Richard Ashfield baronet then lately deceased v. Dame Dorcas Ashfield; James Hoare esq; William Denton doctor in physick; Thomas Smith esq; Anne Tresham widow; Sir William Inge baronet; Dame Mary Rogers widow; Sir John Ashfield baronet; and Elizabeth Ashfield C79/121, no. [194]
1687 4 Nov 3 Robert Smyther v. James Woods; Charles Barkesdale; Edward Palmer; Richard Huffam; Thomas Rowe; Thomas Greene; Robert Wilkinson; Robert Elton; and George Lee; and others (sic) C78/753, no. 3 [195]
1687 5 Nov 3 John Mede of Wenden Lought, Essex, esq, administrator with the will annexed of Thomas Mede of the same place, esq v. Thomas Corbett; Lawrence Corbett; Joseph Coleing; and others (sic) C78/1263, no. 2 [196]
1687 7 Nov 3 Thomas, lord Leigh; Sir Richard Newdigate, baronet; and John Parker; and John Cotton, their bailiffs v. Skeffington Broome; John Shilton; John Thornehagh, esq; Thomas Broome; John Shilton; John Thornehagh, esq; Thomas Broome; Thomas Bryerley; Anthony Sadler; John Mills; and Thomas Steele C78/935, no. 5 [197]
1687 8 Nov 3 Ignatius Glastocke, gent, & Anne his wife v. Elizabeth Radley, widow; Richard Radley; Mary Radley; and Thomas Danwood alias Beane C78/797, no. 1 [198]
1687 9 Nov 3 Thomas Harrington, esq; and Elizabeth Newcomen, widow v. William Smith C78/886, no. 5 [199]
1687 9 Nov 3 Philadelphia Lynch, an infant, daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Lynch, who was chief governor of Jamaica, by Charles Herbert, esq, administrator with the will annexed of said Sir Thomas in trust for the said Philadelphia v. Dame Mary Lynch, widow and relict of said Sir Thomas Lynch; Sir Charles Littleton; Hender Mouldsworth; and William Beeston C78/1045, no. 3 [200]
1687 11 Nov 3 Robert Thorowgood of Kings Lynne, Norf, merchant, & Katherine his wife, executrix of Roger Briggs her then late brother v. Margaret Gray; Ralph Gray; and Robert Gray C78/1628, no. 5 [201]
1687 11 Nov 3 John Hill v. William Farby; and Thomas Sympkins C78/816, no. 3 [202]
1687 16 Nov 3 Martin Button of Diffrin, Glamorgan esq and William Watkins of Penywrlod, Brecknock, gentleman v. Mary Jones widow; Robert Jones esq; and Oliver Jones gentleman sons of the said Mary by Oliver Jones the late husband deceased C79/132, no. [203]
1687 16 Nov 3 Thomas Conyers an infant, by Margaret Conyers his mother v. Nicholas Conyers, esq; John Tempest, esq; William Conyers, gent; Ralph Conyers; Richard Middleton, esq & Katherine his wife C78/971, no. 5 [204]
1687 17 Nov 3 William Boyle of Belinsthorpe, Rutland, son & heir of John Boyle decd v Bartin Hearson; William Hearson & Randolph Shipley & Anne his wife Disputed management of estate of John Hearson including lands at Belinsthorpe, Rutlands. C78/1170, no. 7 [205]
1687 17 Nov 3 Barnham Powell esq son and heir apparent of Sir Nathaniel Powell of Soyaston Place, Kent, knight and baronet v. said Sir Nathaniel Powell his father; Leonard Powell; Anne Powell; Robert Powell; Henry Powell; and William Campion C78/2012, no. 5 [206]
1687 17 Nov 3 George, lord Harcourt Grandison; Henry Howard, esq, & Mary his wife v. Sir Clement Clarke, baronet; Talbott Clarke, esq; and John Coster C78/1716, no. 9 [207]
1687 17 Nov 3 Gilbert Aspinall, esq v. Richard Leigh, esq: John Case; Thomas Cooke, gent; Jane Leigh; Dorothy Leigh; and Mary Leigh; Pewsey Brooker & Anne his wife; Robert Oldfield & Ellen his wife, daughters and executors of Henry Leigh C78/886, no. 1 [208]
1687 18 Nov 3 Jane Gifford of Gotehurst, Som, an infant by Sir Hasswell Tynte baronet her guardian and the said Sir Hasswell Tynte v. John Burland gentleman C79/195, no. [209]
1687 18 Nov 3 Phillip Doughty, esq v. Francis Brunetty, merchant C78/1064, no. 2 [210]
1687 19 Nov 3 Nicholas Caplin v. Henry Ashurst; and Elizabeth Pead, widow C78/1632, no. 6 [211]
1687 19 Nov 3 John Whalley the only grandchild and heir of Francis Calley, being an infant, by Charles Walker v. John Whalley the elder, father of said complainant; Peter Whalley the elder; Peter Whalley the younger; Thomas Seymour; Thomas Gaudy; Robert Warner; and The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Clare Hall College, Cambridge C78/816, no. 2 [212]
1687 21 Nov 3 Michael Whitehead v Thomas Johnson Alleged assignment of mortgage of lands in Coniston, (No County Given). C78/1120, no. 16 [213]
1687 21 Nov 3 Sir William Parkyns, knight, one of the Six Clerks of Chancery; Nicholas Pearse, gent; William Adderley; William Keckwith; Mary Strode, gent; and Martha Strode for themselves and other creditors of Sir William Strode, knight v. Sir George Treby, knight; Dame Anne Smith, widow and relict of Sir James smith, knight; Sir William Courtenay, baronet; Richard Osborne, esq; Jacob Lucy, esq; Richard Strode, esq; and William Walker C78/1179, no. 1 [214]
1687 22 Nov 3 James Carrington, gent v. Sir John Curzon, knight and baronet; and John Chambers, gent C78/1558, no. 11 [215]
1687 23 Nov 3 John Tendring, esq, son and heir and also executor of Thomas Tendring, esq, his late father v. Jane Pococke; and Elizabeth Pococke C78/1016, no. 4 [216]
1687 24 Nov 3 Samuel Hicks of Walthamstow, Essex, gent, an infant, by Ann Hicks, widow, his mother v. Thomas Edge, gent C78/1596, no. 6 [217]
1687 25 Nov 3 John Mill; and Adiell Mill v. Elizabeth Castle; and Daniel Brent C78/999, no. 11 [218]
1687 25 Nov 3 Giles Catchpole v Thomas Bassell C78/1259, no. 11 [219]
1687 28 Nov 3 John Floyer of the City of Lichfield, doctor of phisick & Mary his wife lately called Mary Fleetwood, the relict and sole excutrix of Arthur Fleetwood, esq, her late husband v. John Lloyd; Andrew Taylor; Henry Fleetwood; Jane Fleetwood; Mary Fleetwood; Barbara Fleetwood; and Honor Fleetwood C78/1062, no. 2 [220]
1687 30 Nov 3 James Baldwer; Jane Baldwer; and Elizabeth Baldwer infants by Peter Baldwer v. Richard Baldwer; Michael Yorke; Robert Thacker gentleman; John Mingay; and Robert Mingay C78/1892, no. 10 [221]
1687 30 Nov 3 Elizabeth Foster; and Avis Foster v. Margaret Foster, widow; and Margaret Foster and Avis Foster daughters of said Margaret Foster C78/1632, no. 1 [222]
1687 30 Nov 3 Sir Nevile Catelyne, knight; Robert Gooch, executor of Leonard Gooch; Mary Snell, executrix of Robert Snell; Nathaniel Booty; Elizabeth Curson; Anne Smith; Richard Page, & Anne his wife; Thomas Meech; William Richardson; Isaiah Norton, administrator of Thomas Norton, creditor of Thomas Hayes, gent, deceased; and Richard Greene, creditor of Bridget Hayes, executrix of said Thomas Hayes C78/1628, no. 8 [223]
1687 30 Nov 3 James Baldwer; Jane Baldwer; and Elizabeth Baldwer, infants by Peter Baldwer, gent v. Richard Baldwer; Michael Yorke; Robert Thirkle, gent; John Mingay; and Robert Mingay, esq C78/1610, no. 6 [224]
1687 5 Dec 3 Thomas Frederick, esq, & Leonora his wife, one of the daughters of Charles Moriscoe of London, merchant v. Jacob David, & Leonora his wife, relict and executrix of said Charles Moriscoe; Sir John Letheleir, knight; Samuel Letheleir; and others (sic) C79/1590, no. 1 [225]
1687 5 Dec 3 Hester Noy, widow; Alathea Goston, widow; Jane Harris, widow; Dame margaret Mill, widow; and Dame Margery Fortescue, widow, all sisters and coheirs to the late Lord Edwin Sandys; and Henry Savadge, eldest son and heir of Mary Savadge, another of the sisters and coheiresses of said late Lord Edwin Sandys v. Sir John Mill, baronet; Oliver Saint John; Henry Doyley; Giles Eyres, esq; and Anthony Guidott C78/754, no. 7 [226]
1687 6 Dec 3 Sir Francis Clinton, knight; Henry Stone; and George FitzWilliams esq; William Osgodby; and George Middlemore v. Thomas Booth & Elizabeth his wife; John Bryan & Dorothy his wife; Charles Newcomen; Anthony Midlemore; John Booth; and Frances Midlemore C78/886, no. 6 [227]
1687 8 Dec 3 John Shallett of London merchant v. Sir John Cutler knight; Richard Frith; Cadogan Thomas; John Hill; Obediah Sedgwick; George Sittwell; Benjamin Hinton; and Richard Greene C78/197, no. [228]
1687 8 Dec 3 Symon Beale & Frances his wife v. Barnaby Lane; Elias Lock; John Powell; and John Brockett C78/2029, no. 12 [229]
1687 8 Dec 3 William Hunt v. Thomas Hawkes C78/999, no. 13 [230]
1687 10 Dec 3 Peter Jones the elder and Peter Jones his son and heir apparent being an infant by the said Peter Jones his father and guardian; Roger Thomas Griffith; John Lloyd; William Lloyd; Thomas Lloyd; and Edward Lloyd; Margaret Lloyd, Dorothy Lloyd; and Elizabeth Lloyd the children of the said John Lloyd being infants by the said John Lloyd their father and guardian; David William & Alice his wife; Robert Price & Shonnett his wife; and Thomas Price; Mary Price; and Anne Price children of the said Robert Price and Shonnet being infants by the said Robert Price their father and guardian; William Parry & Dorothy his wife; and Esther Parry and Margaret Parry children of the said William Parry and Dorothy; and Katherine Hughes; Shonnett Hughes; Mary Hughes; and Anne Hughes children of the said Dorothy by Roger Hughes deceased her first husband being infants by the said William Parry father and guardian of the Esther and Margaret Parry and guardian to the said Katherine Shonnett, Mary, and Anne Hughes v. Humfrey Jones and William Jones C78/2071, no. 3 [231]
1687 10 Dec 3 John Kelynge; Sir William Lytton & Dame Phillippa his wife; Martha & Mary Kelynge v William Boteler; Samuel Bedford; Michael Gardener; Ralph Baldwyn; Charles Kelynge, Antellminelli Kelynge, Alice Kelynge & Elizabeth Kelynge, infants by Dame Phillippa Kelynge their mother Portions and legacies payable from trust settlement of lands at Southill, Broome, Stanford Gastlyngs and Hatton Garden, Beds and Middx C78/1120, no. 6 [232]
1687 10 Dec 3 Mary Crowe; Philadelphia Crowe, infants, by Patrick Crowe, esq their father v. Thomas Burrell, executor of Thomas Burrell C78/909, no. 6 [233]
1687 10 Dec 3 Thomas Cawfield; Augustine Baslow; and Samuel Stancliffe and others (sic) the creditors of Nicholas Scholefield v. Thomas Swinsey and others (sic) C78/2042, no. 3 [234]
1687 10 Dec 3 Roger Coke; and Robert Coke, esq; Robert Bedingfield; and James Shuter, administrators of Robert Coke of Holkholm, Norf, esq v. Francis Jacob C78/954, no. 4 [235]
1687 11 Dec 3 Elizabeth Butler the wife of William Butler gentleman one of the daughters of William South of Swallow Cliffe, Wilts, esq, deceased by Peter Courtney, gentleman the then husband of Mary mother of the said Elizabeth; and the said Peter Courtney & Mary his wife the said complainant v. the said William Butler and Sir George Pudsey; Robert Hyde; and Walter South C78/1940, no. 5 [236]
1687 12 Dec 3 Leonard Flackett v William Dowdeswell, since decd. Debts C78/960, no. 3 [237]
1687 14 Dec 3 John Heron second son of Sir Cuthbert Heron of Chipchase, Northumberland, baronet v. Sir John Key baronet; Sir Richard Graham baronet; Thomas Carnaby esq; and Elizabeth Heron only daughter of Cuthbert Heron esq deceased who was the eldest son of the said Sir Cuthbert Heron baronet by Dame Mary Mallory her guardian Marriage settlement of Cuthbert Heron, the complts brother, & Elizabeth Mallory, daughter of Sir John Mallory late of Studley, Yorks. Manor of Simonburn, Northumberland, (detailed schedule of properties) C79/13, no. [238]
1687 14 Dec 3 Gawen Tripe v. John Taylor C78/1915, no. 16 [239]
1687 14 Dec 3 Ambrose Paradise; William Noyes; and John Mitchell, gent, executors of John Paradise of Send, Wilts v. Abraham Barrington, gent; and Edward Norwich C78/1166, no. 6 [240]
1687 19 Dec 3 David Lock & Elianor his wife v. Sarah Jevon C78/2029, no. 11 [241]
1687 19 Dec 3 William Brereton, gent; William Attlesey; Clement Gooch, gent; and William Cobb, creditors of Charles Reynolds v. William Reynolds; Charles Reynolds; and William Alderman C78/797, no. 2 [242]
1687 20 Dec 3 George Bateman; and Hugh Bateman, infants, by Richard Bateman their father and guardian v. John Osborne, esq; and Edmund Parker, gent C78/1558, no. 12 [243]
1687 23 Dec 3 Thomas Lownes & Elizabeth his wife v. Dame Anne Smith widow; John Bovey gentleman & Elizabeth his wife; Sir Henry Capell knight of the Bath; and Richard Garth esq C78/2042, no. 12 [244]
1687 23 Dec 3 Nathaniel Spindler v. Edward Wilford, & Priscilla his wife C78/821, no.6 [245]
1687 3 C79/, no. []