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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1682 34 C78/, no. []
Before 1683 Ambrose and Margaret Webb v. Abraham Poore; Doctor Webb; Richard Hill prebendary of North Grantham; Edward Webb & Margaret his wife C79/55, no. [2]
1682 Hilary Term (bill) 34 The Lord Mayor and Aldermen of The City of London for themselves and for Anne Gansell and one of the children of Charles Morescoe of London, merchant, an infant of about 15 years; and the said Anne Gansell by said Mayor and Aldermen, her guardians v. Jacob David, & Leonora his wife, executrix of said Charles Morescoe; and the said David Gansell C78/1528, no. 4 [3]
1682 Hilary Term (bill) Robert, viscount Purbeck, & Dame Margaret, viscountess, his wife v. Sir Richard Bellingoe; Daniel Arthur; Sir James Butler; and Francis Bourke C78/1607, no. - [4]
1682 10 Jan 33 John Cale, citizen and plumber of London v. George Boreman, esq C78/1114, no. 4 [5]
1682 10 Jan 34 Robert Hide, esq & the Lady Finetta his wife v. Sir Francis North, knight, CJCP; Henry Parker, esq; George Chamberlaine, gent; and Andrew Holbech, gent C78/1138, no. 5 [6]
1682 19 Jan 33 Samuel Paulson and Anne his wife v Jane Etherington formerly the wife and since the widow & executrix of James Askew citizen and leatherseller of London decd, afterwards the wife & now the widow of one Mr Etherington decd; and against Jane Askew & Thomasine Askew, infants, daughters and coheirs of the said James Askew Mortgage by the complt of lease to messuages in church of St Katherine Cree [Aldgate], London. C78/1395, no. 2 [7]
1682 24 Jan 33 John Stronde son and heir of John Stronde & Elizabeth his wife youngest daughter and heir of William Marshal v. Anne Peachy widow and Edward Peachy C79/91, no. [8]
1682 26 Jan 33 Sir Robert Rich late of Enfield, Middx, baronet v. Sir George Moore baronet C78/2042, no. 6 [9]
1682 28 Jan 33 Edward Whitaker, gent v. Parris Slaughter; John Winstanley; John Letton; James Cox; George Peterson; Thomas Vint; Thomas Sutton; John Mason; and James Oades C78/907, no. 2 [10]
1682 1 Feb 34 Dutton Gifford, Gabriel Gifford v Sir Halswell Tynt, George Northover and Jane Gifford Estate of Richard Gifford. Manors of Kingsamborne [King's Somborne], Stockbridge, Rumsey [Romsey], Hampshire. Provision for his children C78/865, no. 6 [11]
1682 6 Feb 34 James Cocke v. Thomas Cockaine; and Francis Cockaine the younger Marriage of deft Thomas and Anne one of the daughters of the complt. Estate in Bigging [Biggin] in the manor of Hartington [Hartington Nether Quarter, Derbs] C78/1410, no. 7 [12]
1682 7 Feb 34 Edward, Lord Ingram, Viscount Irwyn an infant by Edward, Earl of Manchester v Henry Slingsby; George Townsend; and Sir Bryan Stapleton son, heir and executor of Sir Henry Stapleton Accounts of testamentary trust settlement of unspecified lands in Yorkshire C78/1180, no. 4 [13]
1682 7 Feb 34 William Petre v Lucy Petre; John Petre and Peter Farmer Rents and profits of marriage trust settlement of lands in Stanford Rivers, Essex. C78/1223, no. 8 [14]
1682 7 Feb 34 Sir Humphrey Briggs, knight and baronet & Dame Magdalen his wife; Edward Lutwich, esq; Isabella Locier, widow; Humphry Jenkins, gent v. Sir Robert Cotton, baronet; Samuel Smyth; Thomas Smyth; Joseph Smyth; Robert Thorpe; John Turton, sr; William Turton; John Turton, jr; Thomas Foden; Christopher Lowe; Thomas Procter; John Potter; Elizabeth Tourneur, widow; Isabell Sprott; and Elizabeth Curteis C78/963, no. 8 [15]
1682 7 Feb 34 William Serjeant, esq, & Jane his wife v. Symon Maine, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Maine their son, an infant; and others (sic) C78/1595, no. 11 [16]
1682 8 Feb 34 John Butlin v. Margery Hopkins C78/989, no. 12 [17]
1682 10 Feb 34 Francis Everet and Thomas Ricardson v. John Gale, John Milbancke, Francis Tayspill, John Brett & Johanna his wife, Mary Everet, Everet Flacke, James Richardson, James Stanford, Sarah Standford, John Crow, Jonathan Crow, Isaac Crow, Jacob Crow, and Edward Morden & Mary his wife. Bill of Trinity term, 1681. Devise in trust of lands in Colchester. C78/1240, no. 11 [18]
1682 10 Feb 34 Susanna Warren of Barnestaple, Devon, spinster an infant by Charity Skitch her grandmother v. Richard Parminter; William Downe; Richard Melhuish; and John Ley C78/1913, no. 1 [19]
1682 10 Feb 34 John Orme executor of John Orme his late father decd v. Ellen Hawkes widow and executrix of Thomas Hawkes decd Will of John Orme the father. C78/1410, no. 8 [20]
1682 13 Feb 34 Richard Taylor son and heir of Richard Taylor late of Haslingden, Lancs, innkeeper v. John Taylor C79/91, no. [21]
1682 13 Feb 34 Henry Wilkinson, gent, son of Francis Wilkinson, gent v. Richard Shuttleworth, gent, & Grace his wife; and John Atkinson C78/1604, no. 3 [22]
1682 14 Feb 34 Elizabeth Thackston, widow; Francis Arundell, esq; and Charles Wells, esq v. Benedict Errington; Elizabeth Newton; William Cooke; Richard Cooke; Richard Jopling; James Cooke; and one Robert Robinson, since deceased C78/1017, no. 12 [23]
1682 15 Feb 34 Isaac Dorisla; Richard Widdowne; and John Marriott v. Humpry (sic) Davis C78/989, no. 8 [24]
1682 16 Feb 34 Edward Boughton, esq, son and heir of Thomas Boughton, esq, an infant, by Hastings Ingram, esq, his guardian v. Richard Boughton, gent; Nicholas Steward, esq; Edward Palmer, esq; Henry Grove, esq; Richard Saltonstall, esq; and Francis Boughton, esq C78/1004, no. 7 [25]
1682 17 Feb 34 Sir Thomas Barnardiston baronet and William Clopton esq executors of Giles Barnardiston esq and Frances Barnardiston widow v. Thomas Plume; Robert Plume; Susan Plume; Elizabeth Barnard; Alice Barnard; Edward Johnson; and Nathaniel Senior C78/2034, no. 15 [26]
1682 18 Feb 34 Charles Stanhope, esq, & Frances his wife, who was the daughter of Dame Elizabeth Topp, widow v. John Wilson, son and heir of William Wilson; James Dutton, & Mary his wife; Robert Morris; Richard Mason; John Girton the elder; and John Girton the younger C78/1636, no. 1 [27]
1682 18 Feb 34 The Lady Willoughby, widow and relict of Charles, late lord Willoughby, baron of Parham, her late husband v. Elizabeth Willoughby; Sir Robert Clayton, knight; John Morice, esq, since deceased; Sir William Hickman, baronet, since deceased; Sir Robert Markham, baronet; Sir James Rushout, baronet; and Sir Eliah Harvey, baronet C78/1022, no. 8 [28]
1682 23 Feb 34 Robert Peter; and John Dering v. William Faldo the father, gent; and William Faldo his first son C78/976, no. 1 [29]
1682 25 Feb 34 Phillipp Lockton & Frances his wife, late wife of Thomas Medhop, gent; and John Medhop; Mark Medhop; and William Medhop, sons of the said Thomas Medhop, deceased, being infants, by said Philipp Lockton & Frances his wife, their guardian v. Thomas Medhop the younger, son and heir of said Thomas Medhop AND v. John Moulden & his wife; Richard Haynes & Anne his wife, daughter of said Thomas Medhopp, deceased; Thomas Hord, esq; and William Gardner, esq C78/1022, no. 2 [30]
1682 27 Feb 34 Robert Haldanby esq & Katherine his wife v. Walter Kennedy esq an infant by Adam Springall his guardian & Lettice his wife; Robert Pleydall esq & Elizabeth his mother; Elizabeth and Dorothy Pleydall infant and daughters of said Elizabeth their mother and guardian; Dorothy Snell an infant by Joane her mother and guardian; the Right Honorable John lord Lovelace; and Sir John Borlase baronet C79/44, no. [31]
1682 27 Feb 34 George Laye gentleman & Anne his wife sister and heir of Thomas White v. William Donington esq a lunatic; Henry Lovebond gentleman; and Robert Antrobus C79/39, no. [32]
1682 28 Feb 34 Richard Caple of Gloucester esq; Robert Payne of Gloucester; and Edward Bedford of Presbury, Gloucs clerk executor of William Caple late of Prestbury, gentleman v. William Caple gentleman; Margaret Caple; Mary Caple; Elizabeth Caple; Richard Caple; and Christopher Caple all of the infants C79/91, no. [33]
1682 28 Feb 34 George Doddington esq; William Gouge gentleman v. George Broughton esq & Susan his wife; Arthur Broughton; and John Broughton C78/1913, no. 3 [34]
1682 1 March 34 Samuel Sheppard; Lucy Knightley; James Dobson; John Thredor; [blank] Whitroe; Elizabeth Cragg; Catesby Odams; [blank] Daniell; Thomas Hinton; John Gerard; Henry Colledge; Lawrence Dyer; [blank] Holtome; Abigall heifer; Luke Barrowe; William Ward; Phillipp Pinckney; George Cotton; & William Bucknell creditors of Sir Edward Boughton v Dame Anne Boughton, widow relict and executrix of Sir Edward Boughton; William Boughton; and Ambrose Holbech Debts and mortgages of lands in Moorebarne [Moorbarns] in Lutterworth, Leics. C78/1180, no. 1 [35]
1682 1 March 34 William Downes; and Richard Buck & Johannah his wife v. Joseph Canthorne the elder; John Price; Edward Bulkley; and Joseph Canthorne the younger C78/891, no. 6 [36]
1682 1 March 34 William Thompson; Robert Thompson; George Thompson; Thomas Thompson; Mary Thompson; Elizabeth Thompson; Katherine Thompson; and Anne Thompson, children of Samuel Thompson, esq and grandchildren of Sir William Thompson, knight, infants, by Dormer Shepeard, their guardian v. Samuel Thompson; and The Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies C78/1017, no. 10 [37]
1682 2 March 34 Thomas Sapp; Richard Sapp; John Sapp; and Anne Sapp, children of Thomas Sapp, by Hester his late wife, infants, by Sherrington Farewell, their guardian v. Sir James Edwards, knight; and the Masters, Keepers, or Wardens and Commonalty of the Company of Brewers, London C78/989, no. 13 [38]
1682 3 March 34 John Mannering of South Farnham, Surrey, tanner v. James Smith of New Windsor, Berks, esq C79/192, no. [39]
1682 3 March 34 Wadham Strangwayes, esq & Elizabeth his wife; and Rachell Radford, spinster v. Thomas Baynard, esq; Thomas Moore, esq; Thomas Gundry, esq & Grace his wife; Humphry Hull; Robert Pitt; and William Wake, gent C78/1285, no. 4 [40]
1682 4 March 34 John Wootton and Stephen Goodwyn, clerkes v Anne Harris, widow; Thomas Burden; Robert Harris; Timothy Harris; Mary Harris; and Anne Harris Jointure interest in lands in Bloxham, Warwicks. Walter Harris, clerke, deceased, late husband of the deft Anne, and father of the other defts C78/915, no. 8 [41]
1682 4 March 34 Robert Blanchard since decd; Humphrey Gifford & Elizabeth Poole since also decd, but then the widow & relict of [blank] Poole, Doctor in Divinity decd, and formerly the widow & relict of Thomas Symons v Warwicke Ledgingham; John Tisser; and James Tisser Financial trust in connection with mortgage of manor of Ottery Saint Mary, Devon. C78/1010, no. 12 [42]
1682 4 March 34 Jasper Chapman the elder; Jasper Chapman the younger; and Richard Poole v. Richard Nelmes esq & Mary his wife C78/1941, no. 13 [43]
1682 6 March 34 Robert lord Willoughby & Dame Mary his wife an infant by said lord Willoughby her guardian v. John, lord bishop of Rochester & the lady Katherine his wife; Sir William Dolben knight one of the justices of the court of king's bench; Sir Thomas Meeres knight; Eubule Thelwell; and Owen Hughes esqs C78/2042, no. 5 [44]
1682 8 March 34 Elizabeth Samine widow of John Samine, Joseph Samyne, Thomas Samyne, Sarah Samine, Martha Samine, and Susan Samine children of John Samine (Thomas and Susan being infants) by the said Elizabeth their mother and guardian v Francis Eades, John Tisser, and Peter Samyne Mortgage of manor of Bromley, Middx, tenements in Leyton and Hackney, Essex, and Walthamstow, Essex, and London, and Fordam [Fordham], Cambs, to various people followed by John Samine's will and provision for his wife's dower; failure of trustees to provide maintenance. C78/1302, no. 7 [45]
1682 11 March 34 William Bower v. William Gardiner; and Richard White C78/999, no. 6 [46]
1682 16 March 34 Margaret Danby widow the relict of Thomas Danby esq v. Charles Danby brother and heir of Thomas Danby who was the son and heir of said Thomas Danby C79/5, no. [47]
1682 5 April 34 Rt. hon. Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Thannett, relict & executrix of Nicholas, late Earl of Thannett Island decd v Sir Cecyll Bishopp & Sir John Tufton Trust settlement of lands in parish of St Botolph's without Aldersgate, Middx C78/1050, no. 8 [48]
1682 6 May 34 Rebecca Robbins, widow, relict of John Robbins of Hawkhurst, Kent, gent v. John Bigg & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Browneing; Nathaniel Ponder; Elizabeth Bigg; Susanna Bigg; and Mary Bigg, daughters of said John Bigg & Elizabeth his wife C78/907, no. 1 [49]
1682 6 May 34 Oliver Cloberry, merchant v. Ezekiell Lampen, merchant, executor of William Cloberry C78/983, no. 6 [50]
1682 7 May 34 Samuel Swaine the elder of Holsford, Yorks v. Samuel Jenkinson; William Cotton; William Jenkinson; Sarah Jenkinson; Joseph Emerson & Hannah his wife; and Robert Ferrand C79/91, no. [51]
1682 10 May 34 Mary Metford widow and Samuel Metford an infant by the said Mary Metford his mother and guardian v. John Chappell gentleman C79/71, no. [52]
1682 11 May 34 Arthur Onslow of West Clandon, Surrey; and John Clarke of Aston, Oxon v. Phillip Burton; Sir Adam Browne; George Woodroffe; Sir John Oglander; and Henry Muschampe Manor of Shabbington, Bucks, and debts of Sir William Clarke C78/1416, no. 4 [53]
1682 15 May 34 Arthur Mansell of Grays Inn, Middx, esq on behalf of Ann Duckett wife of Thomas Duckett esq and of Mansell Duckett; Ann Duckett; James Duckett; and William Duckett infants children of Thomas Duckett by the said Ann his wife v. Thomas Meeres knight and the said Thomas Duckett C79/46, no. [54]
1682 15 May 34 Rebecca Sabine, an infant, by Thomas White & Gertrude his wife, her guardians v. Edward Williams & Elizabeth his wife; John Sabine the elder; John Sabine the younger; Sarah Sabine; Richard Coles; Hannah Sabine; Joane Savine; and Edmund Sabine, children of John Sabine the elder C78/989, no. 9 [55]
1682 19 May 34 Arthur, earl of Anglesey v. Sir James Butler knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife C79/71, no. [56]
1682 19 May 34 Judith Brend widow and relict of Thomas Brend esq v. Francis Brend esq and John Jefferies esq C79/43, no. [57]
1682 20 May 34 Robert Goodall and other creditors of Thomas Terrill deceased v. James Terrill; Martha, Margaret, and Joseph Terrell infants by Joshua Abbot their guardian; and Joseph Terrill, Warner Lucas & Mary his wife executors and legatees of said Thomas Terrill C78/2049, no. 2 [58]
1682 22 May 34 Francis Goylmer v. Phillip Badiston & Judith his wife; and Gregory Smyth C78/1128, no. 1 [59]
1682 23 May 34 John Twisleton & Anne his wife; and Richard Waring; and Anne Waring, infants by said John Twisleton v. John Chambers; and The East India Company C78/891, no. 4 [60]
1682 24 May 34 Anthony Savage, gent; Joseph Morwent, gent; Benjamin Talboyes, gent; and John Thomas, sr, clothier v. Charles Savage, gent C78/891, no. 5 [61]
1682 26 May 34 Edward Price son and heir apparent of Robert Price doctor in divinity rector of Stoke [Stoke Rochford alias South Stoke], Lincs v. Ann Price; Edmond FitzGerald & Mary his wife; and Alice Price widow C79/46, no. [62]
1682 26 May 34 Peter Clayton; Rober Smithier; and William Pointz of London, gent v. Peter, bishop of Ely C78/818, no. 7 [63]
1682 26 May 34 Sir John Harpur, baronet, son and heir of Sir John Harpur, baronet, his late father; and Anne Harpur, only daughter of said Sir John the father, both infants, by Henry Harpur, esq, their uncle v. Sir William Hickman, baronet, since deceased; John Carey; William Whitelock; Robert Burdet; and Robert Willimot, esqs; Henry Dyson, gent; Gilbert Thacker, esq; and Nicholas Willlimot C78/1017, no. 9 [64]
1682 27 May 34 Alice Trill the younger v. John Blake the elder; John Blake the younger; Alice Trill the elder now wife of Henry Reekes; Robert Edwards C79/46, no. [65]
1682 27 May 34 Sir Scroope Howe and Reginald Pindar v. Sir Henry Blount; William Gore; William Busby; Robert Paston and Dame Hester his wife; and Charles How Trust settlement of the manor of Kempley, Gloucs & Herefs by Sir Thomas Grobham How decd late uncle to the plt Sir Scroope. C78/1410, no. 9 [66]
1682 30 May 34 Edward Osborne, clerke v. William Jerrom; John Gisborne; and James Motteram Messuage in Friar Gate, Derby. C78/1410, no. 11 [67]
1682 (bill) Trinity Term The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Jesus College in the University of Cambridge v. Thomas Murgatroyd and William Dennison C78/2041, no. 1 [68]
1682 2 June 34 Charles Greene, son and heir of Charles Greene, yeoman v. William Warner & Mary his wife; and Ephraime Robins, an infant, by said Mary his mother and guardian C78/891, no. 3 [69]
1682 13 June 34 Mary Bruncker of London, widow v. Peter Chambers, gent C78/1759, no. 6 [70]
1682 15 June 34 Sir John Gell, baronet; John FitzHerbert, esq; Elizabeth Sacheverell, widow; John Osborne, gent; Edward Osborne, gent; Katherine Ditwall, widow; Henry Plumtree, esq, & Joyce his wife; Martin Hope, clerk; Richard Alsopp; James Metteram, & Jane his wife; Margery Glen, widow; Luke Glen; Christian Glen; and Andrew Glen, an infant, by said Margery Glen his guardian v. Thomas Orme; Francis Agard; Ferdinando Lowe; and John Adderly; William Smyth; Richard Bate; Addam Woolley; Sir Edward Littleton, baronet; John Harryman; William Boyer; John Ellis; George Blackwall; Charles Cavendishe; Elizabeth Broughton; Francis Wilkinson; William Alley; Lucey Houghe; John Houghe; Gilbert Merry; John Millington; Margaret Tickeridge; John Lowe; Ellen Beeley; George Taylor; Thomas Browne, esq; Hester Sherwood, widow; Thomas Eyley; and John Higgs C78/818, no. 9 [71]
1682 19 June 34 William Cooke v. Thomas Warner; and William Warner Charges against the complt by the Exchequer regarding shortfall in hearth tax revenues for 1664 while he served as High Sherriff of Gloucs for 1664 and collector of the hearth tax. Complts entitlement to 3 pence in every 20 shillings collected. Default of the complts deputy, the deft William Warner. C78/1453, no. 2 [72]
1682 21 June 34 John Davis, & Elizabeth his wife, relict and executrix of John Short v. Richard Boddicott; and Thomas Taylor C78/818, no. 8 [73]
1682 21 June 34 Henry Sumner, esq v. Gawen Turner & Ann his wife, administratrix of Sir John Lloyd the elder, baronet, unadministere by Dame Beatrice his relict; and Sir John Lloyd the younger baronet C78/876, no. 7 [74]
1682 22 June 34 John Lane, executor of Joseph Lane v. Dorothy Lane, widow C78/989, no. 11 [75]
1682 23 June 34 Stavely Staunton, an infant, by his guardian v. Mountague Pickering, esq, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Pheasant C78/1712, no. 4 [76]
1682 23 June 34 Francis Bickley and Anne Bickley, infants, by Dame Mary Bickley, widow, their guardian v. Sir Jonathan Keate, baronet; and Sir Francis Bickeley, baronet C78/1023, no. 12 [77]
1682 26 June 34 Attwood Finch; Margaret Finch; John Finch; Thomas Finch; Edward Finch; Mary Walker; Thomas Walker; Bernard Walker; Alice Walker; William Walker; and Abigail Walker, infants v Nicholas Walker Legacies payable from personal estate of Mary Rush. C78/915, no. 5 [78]
1682 26 June 34 Benjamin Roy, clerke, and Anne his wife, and infant v William Portman; George Savage; John St Albon; William Thomas; and George Stillingfleete, executors of John Conduit(the complt Anne's late father); John Conduit; Lawrence Conduit; and Robert Conduit Portion payable from manors of Kylne [Kilve] and Holford, Somerset, by will of John Conduit. C78/1223, no. 6 [79]
1682 27 June 34 Sir Robert Rich and Dame Mary his wife one of the children of Sir Charles Rich decd; Charles Rich, first son of the said Sir Robert Rich and Dame Mary v John Berners and Dame Elizabeth Rich his wife Testamentary trust of houses in St Brides, London, by will of Sir Edwyn Rich. C78/1223, no. 7 [80]
1682 27 June 34 Edward Manners, son and heir of Jane Manners by Robert Manners his father and guardian; Dorothy Grey, widow of John Grey; and John Grey, son and heir of said John grey and heir apparent of said Dorothy Grey, which said Jane Manners and Dorothy Grey were two of the daughters and heirs of Edward Lisle who was only son and heir of John Lisle v. William Lisle; and others (sic) C78/881, no. 6 [81]
1682 27 June 34 Thomas Ferrebee, clerk & Alice his wife v. Sir William Estcourt, baronet; William Harding; John White; Alexander Wilkinson; Amy his wife; Stephen Spicer & Jane his wife C78/891, no. 7 [82]
1682 27 June 34 Sir Thomas Hervey, knight, brother, heir, executor and residuary legatee of John Hervey, esq v. Ralph Mountague, esq; and Elizabeth Hervey, widow; and others (sic) C78/952, no. 2 [83]
1682 27 June 34 Jonathan Yate of Blisworth, Northants, clerk, brother and heir of Thomas Yate, doctor in divinity and late Principal of Kings Hall and Brasenose College, Oxford, deceased v. John, bishop of Oxford; John Cary; and Thomas Baxter C78/1084, no. 4 [84]
1682 28 June 34 Sir Thomas Hardres son and heir of Sir Peter Hardres baronet an infant by Dame Frances Atkins and Dame Phebe Hardres widow and relict of said Sir Peter Hardres v. Thoresby Hardres gentleman sole executor of Doctor Peter Hardres and surviving executor of Dame Elianor Hardres C78/191, no. [85]
1682 28 June 34 Sir James Butler knight v. George Carew esq C79/71, no. [86]
1682 28 June 34 Henry Rands & Anne his wife which said Anne was then about the age of 17 years by said Henry Rands guardian; and Erasmus Darwin, which said Anne and Erasmus were two of the children of William Darwin esq v. Anne Darwin; Thomas Darwin; Thomas Darwin; John Pindar; Thomas Ewer; and William Darwin C79/7, no. [87]
1682 28 June 34 Christopher Banastre of Banke, Lancs, esq v. Edward Fleetwood of Penwortham, Lancs, esq; and Christopher Greenfield of Preston, Lancs, esq; Thomas Dod of Ormiskirke, Lancs, gent; Thomas Winckley of Preston, gent; Richard Lee of Bretherton, Lancs, gent; Anne Banastre; and Mary Banastre C78/1084, no. 5 [88]
1682 30 June 34 Barnaby Love, clerk v Sarah Jevon, widow and others (not named) Debts on security of tithes of church of Wouston or Wousington [No county given. ] C78/1010, no. 11 [89]
1682 1 July 34 Benjamin Beachinall, & Hester his wife, daughter of John Hyron of London, gent v. Christopher Reeve; Anne Beachinall the elder; and Anne Beachinall the younger C78/1607, no. 1 [90]
1682 3 July 34 Anne Cooke widow and executrix of Gilbert Cooke decd v. Gervase Shawe executor of James Shaw; Joshua Hoyle and Elizabeth his wife Messuage and lands in Cowley, Derbs. Settlement on marriage of Gilbert Cooke and Susanna Shawe, natural sister of William and James Shaw C78/1410, no. 10 [91]
1682 3 July 34 Thomas Gervis, son of Ralph Gervis & Anne his wife, who was one of the daughters of Richard Hawksford v. Thomas Asby & Rebecca his wife; John Bennett & Barbara his wife; Roger Hurlbutt & Dorothy his wife; William Lea & Mary his wife; and John Barton & Elizabeth his wife C78/891, no. 2 [92]
1682 3 July 34 George Beadnall of Newcastle upon Tyne, merchant v. Francis Naylor, gent & Bethia his wife; and Sir Thomas Draper, baronet Marriage settlement of the defts Francis Naylor & Bethia, the complts only daughter C78/974, no. 10 [93]
1682 4 July 34 Richard Herring v Henry Walrond and others (not named) Dispute over money collected from the display of Siamese twins born to the complts wife. A pretended licence by Walrond, as Lord of the Manor, for the showing of the children C78/865, no. 3 [94]
1682 4 July 34 Bartholomew Baker, gent v. Margaret Rawlins, widow; Gyles Rawlins, infant by said Margaret his guardian; and Edward Turner & Anne his wife C78/903, no. 1 [95]
1682 4 July 34 Thomas Roper & Alice his wife v. Sir John Castleton, baronet; Francis Jermy; Anthony Jermy; Phillip Haward; and Richard Clarke C78/1017, no. 7 [96]
1682 4 July 34 Edward Mervyn of Salisbury, Wilts, gent & Frances his wife, sole daughter and heir of Francis Sheldon of Manston, Dorset, gent v. Robert Maundrell, gent, executor of William Mandrell C78/1084, no. 3 [97]
1682 5 July 34 William Powell v. Joane King widow, John Pinkard, Peter Slaye, Robert Gadd, and John Bickham Bill of Trinity term, 1681. Agreements surrounding a marriage and copyhold lands in Taunton Deane, Soms. C78/1240, no. 10 [98]
1682 5 July 34 Susan Upton administratrix of Thomas Upton her husband v. Roger Griffith gentleman and Thomas Upton gentleman son and heir of the said Thomas Upton C79/43, no. [99]
1682 5 July 34 Sir John Bowyer, baronet & Dame Jane his wife; Sir Roger Bradshawe the younger, knight & Mary his wife; Robert Peirpoint, esq & Anne his wife; and Randall Egerton, esq & Elizabeth his wife; William, earl of Craven; and Sir John Baber, knight v. Sir Clement Clarke, baronet & Dame Sarah his wife, daughter ad heir of George Talbott, esq; and George Skipp, esq C78/985, no. 9 [100]
1682 7 July 34 John Turner executor of William Turner his late father; and Richard Cridland v Elizabeth Baynard, widow, executrix of William Baynard decd; William Gill and John Turner Estate of William Turner. C78/865, no. 4 [101]
1682 7 July 34 John Hale, esq; Edmund Hale; Thomas Newland; John and Holeswell Carter, infants and surviving sons of Gerrard Cater by Grace his first wife, daughter of said John Hale by said John and Edmund Hale, Everard and Theodosia Cater also infants and children of said gerrard Cater by Theodosia his now wife by the same guardians v. Samuel Tomson, esq; sir John Buckworth, knight; Gerard Cater; John King; John harvey; and William Wogan, esq C78/1548, no. 2 [102]
1682 8 July 34 Anthony Sambach and Anne Sambach, spinster v Henry Purefoy decd Legacy payable by will of George Purefoy from the manor and forest of Gisborne, Yorks. C78/915, no. 7 [103]
1682 10 July 34 James Hobart, esq v. William Rawlins C78/801, no. 8 [104]
1682 11 July 34 Dame Katherine Jacob, the relict of Sir John Jacob, baronet, heir, and executor of Sir John Jacob, knight and baronet his father v. John Thacker; Sir John Watts & Dame Jane his wife, executrix of John Waddington C78/891, no. -- [105]
1682 11 July 34 Robert Framingham, clerk, executor of William Mitchell, clerk and administrator of Dorothy Mitchell, late wife of said William Mitchell during the minority of Dorothy Mitchell; Thomas Mitchell; Brilliant Mitchell; Horatio Mitchell; and William Mitchell, infants, children of said Dorothy Mitchell, by said William Mitchell and Dorothy Mitchell (Thomas, Brilliant, Horatio, and William by said Robert Framingham their guardian v. Sir Robert Harley, Knight of the Bath C78/907, no. 3 [106]
1682 12 July 34 Mary Clayton, widow and relict of William Clayton of Whitwell, Derbs, gent; and William Clayton, first son of the body of said mary Clayton by said William Clayton, an infant, by said Mary Clayton, his guardian v. Henry, duke of Newcastle; and Thomas Farr, gent C78/1592, no. 1 [107]
1682 12 July 34 Dorothy Berney, daughter of John Berney of Swardeston, Norf, esq, said Dorothy being an infant, by Denzill Onslow, esq, her guardian; Barnard Church, esq; Anne James, widow; Israel Long, gent; John Keene, gent; Sarah Andrewes; Mary Wild, widow; Thomas Waller, Serjeant at Law; William Payne, gent; and Michael Wrightson, gent, one of the clerks of Chancery in the office of Six Clerks, creditors of said John Berney and to whom he stood indebted at the time of his death for his own proper and particularly debts by contracted on his own behalf in several sum of money v. Thomas Berney, son and heir of said John Berney; John Hobart; John Mingay; John Herne; and Willliam Branthwaite, esqs C78/1017, no. 8 [108]
1682 13 July 34 John Pyne, esq, son and heir of John Pyne, esq v. Amy Pyne, widow and relict and executrix of said John Pyne C78/896, no. 1 [109]
1682 14 July 34 Sir Edward Chisenhale, knight v. Charles, lord North; and Edward Rigby C78/1084, no. 1 [110]
1682 14 July 34 John Bullocke, gent, second son of William Bullocke v. Sir John Knight, knight; John Knight, esq; Anne Knight, spinster; and Joseph Bullocke C78/1118, no. 1 [111]
1682 15 July 34 Nicholas Barbon, doctor in physicke v. Sir Thomas Draper, baronet C78/974, no. 9 [112]
1682 15 July 34 Sir Walter St John, knight and baronet; Sir Allen Apsley, knight; and John Cary, esq v. William Lenthall, esq C78/983, no. 11 [113]
1682 17 July 34 William Swinburne of Plankey, Northumberland an infant of the age of about 6 years by Joseph Bittleston & Margaret his wife mother and guardian v. John Swinburne the elder and John Swinburne the younger Estate at Minstrell Acres [Minsteracres], Northumberland settled by John Swinburne, the complts grandfather, upon William Swinburne the complts father C79/13, no. [114]
1682 17 July 34 Benjamin Wareing & Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Hamond C78/989, no. 10 [115]
1682 18 July 34 Sir Robert Sawyer, Attorney General for Vice-Chancellor and Regius Professors of University of Cambridge v Masters of Peterhouse College Profits of manor of Heslington, Yorks and lands in Chelmsford, Essex, given by will to support a Chair of Moral Theology. C78/980, no. 4 [116]
1682 18 July 34 Richard Haywood; Thomas ____; William Rice; and Thomas Wethered v. Humfrey Munt C78/1892, no. 1 [117]
1682 18 July 34 Richard Heywood; Thomas Barneby; William Rice; Thomas Wethered v. Humphrey Munt C78/1610, no. 5 [118]
1682 18 July 34 The Honorable Margaret Danby of Malton, Yorks, widow; John Staunton of Skelton, Yorks, gent; Margaret Palmes; and Elizabeth Palmes, daughters of William Palmes of Linley [Lindley], Yorks, esq; Alexander Denton of the Middle Temple, London, Esq; William Denton of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, doctor in phisick; Anthony Staunton of Skelton; and Elizabeth Dodd v. Sir Ralph Palmes, & Mary his wife Will of Lucy Shepheard of Linley [Lindley], Yorks. C78/1601, no. 11 [119]
1682 19 July 34 William Blanterne the elder v. William Blanterne the younger C79/43, no. [120]
1682 20 July 34 William Taylor v John Herring. Mortgage of lands in parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey C78/1010, no. 10 [121]
1682 20 July 34 Peter Blackborrow gentleman v. Elizabeth Saunders and Anne Saunders infantes; William Owen; Jeremiah Owen; and Theobald Shelley C79/30, no. [122]
1682 21 July 34 Sir Andrew Henley v. Sir Gerard Fleetwood; John Christmas; and Henry Heighes Settlement on marriage of Dutton Fleetwood, son of Sir Gerard Fleetwood and Ann the daughter of Sir Henry Salisbury decd. Lodge, ground & park called Wordsham Parke, Hants. C78/1412, no. 20 [123]
1682 21 July 34 Francis Golfright; and Richard Golfright, executors of Thomas Samborne, esq; Margaret Lebas; Francis Lebas; Charlott Lebas; Charles Samborne Lebas; and Kiffiana Lebas, infants, by said Francis Golfright; and Richard Golfright v. Lewis Lewis, esq; and Richard Lebas, esq C78/1548, no. 3 [124]
1682 21 July 34 Robert Sturch and Mary his wife v Sir James Edwards Debts of Anthony Langstone payable from messuage and lands in South Littleton, Worcs C78/915, no. 4 [125]
1682 22 July 34 Richard Holford of Lincolns Inn, Middx v. Edward Althorne gentleman; Elizabeth Hodgkinson widow; Peter Clayton; and Thomas Leman gentlemen C79/41, no. [126]
1682 22 July 34 Joseph Browne of London and Martha his wife, formerly the wife of [blank] Looker v John Seaman als Salman; Sarah Clement; Robert Tiley; Hester Tiley, widow; Richard Clarke; Richard Tiley; and Benjamin Seaman als Salman Title to lands in parishes of Katherine and Eson, Somerset. C78/1240, no. 4 [127]
1682 22 July 34 Richard Muckleston v. William Jones C79/43, no. [128]
1682 22 July 34 John Langley, esq v. Thomas Francis, esq; and others (sic) C78/1712, no. 5 [129]
1682 22 July 34 Richard Page of Bighton, Hants, clerk v. Roger Jule; Charity his wife; Henry Miller; and Katherine Pewde C78/1084, no. 6 [130]
1682 29 July 34 Sir Robert Jason baronet son and heir and administrator of Sir Robert Jason esq his late grandfather v. Sir Henry Ford knight; Thomas Putt baronet; Sir Thomas Rowe; and William Stowell esq C79/91, no. [131]
1682 11 Oct 34 The Wardens or Keepers and commonalty of the Art or Mystery of Sadlers of the City of London v. Thomas Franckland doctor in phisick & Ruth his wife; Robert Raworth; Henry Herringman; and Peter Williamson C79/191, no. [132]
1682 14 Oct 34 William Warner of St Giles without Cripplegate, Middx and William Ambrose for and on behalf of Anne Cleve then the wife of William Cleve of Endboone, Berks formerly Anne Calverd widow of Thomas Calverd then late of St Giles without Cripplegate decd; William Stone of Westminster, Middx and Susanna his wife then an infant; and Felix Calverd and Sarah Calvert infants, the said Susanna, Felix and Sarah being children of the said Thomas Calverd by the said Anne Cleve v William Cleve Will of Thomas Calverd. Estate in Reading, Berks. C78/1395, no. 4 [133]
1682 16 Oct 34 George Farrington executor of Henry Farrington decd v George Chute and Katherine his wife, widow & residuary legatee of George Baker; Judith Gould executrix of John Gould who was the executor of George Baker; and Ezechiell Wright Debts and accounts of partnership called "Baker and Company", Naples C78/1215, no. 4 [134]
1682 24 Oct 34 Christopher Greene v. William Ivatt C79/30, no. [135]
1682 24 Oct 34 Anthony Rowe esq v. Sir Thomas Rowe baronet; Sir Thomas Byde knight; Rees Gwynne; Dorcas Gwynne executrix of Charles Wharton and Richard Gower C78/2034, no. 14 [136]
1682 25 Oct 34 Thomas Frederick, esq; and Leonora his wife, one of the children of Charles Moriscoe of London, mrchant; and Anne Moriscoe, an infant, an other of the children of said Moriscoe; Sir Thomas Player, knight, chamberlain of the City of London v. Jacob David, & Leonora his wife, the relict and executrix of said Charles Moriscoe; Sir John Letheleir, knight; Samuel Letheleir; and others C78/1603, no. 5 [137]
1682 25 Oct 34 Thomas Frederick, esq, & Leonora his wife, one of the children of Charles Moriscoe of London, merchant; and Anne Moriscoe, an infant, another of the children of said Charles Moriscoe, by Sir Thomas Player, knight, chamberlain of the City of London v. Jacob David, & Leonora his wife, the relict and executrix of said Charles Moriscoe; Sir John Letheleir, knight; Samuel Letheleir; and others (sic) C78/1601, no. 8 [138]
1682 27 Oct 34 William Faulkner, the eldest son of William Faulkner alias Falcaner, gent and of Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Mary Aynscombe, widow v. Elizabeth Faulkner, widow; and William Peckham, esq C78/954, no. 7 [139]
1682 28 Oct 34 John Thacker gentleman v. Thomas Fizer; Benjamin Fizer; Mary Redman, widow, executrix and relict of Herny Redman; Thomas Watton; and Henry Redman C78/1929, no. 4 [140]
1682 28 Oct 34 Robert Cooke, citizen and tallow chandler of London v. Phillippa Mathews, widow of Joakim Mathews, esq; dame Ann Mathews, widow of Sir Phillipp Mathews, baronet; and Sir John Mathews, baronet, son and heir of said Sir Phillipp Mathews, baronet C78/907, no. 4 [141]
1682 28 Oct 34 Richard Dodsworth v. Elizabeth Allen; and Stephen Robinson, gent C78/1023, no. 13 [142]
1682 30 Oct. 34 Edward Low & Dame Dorothy Peyton his wife, relict & administratrix of Sir George Peyton decd; and Joseph Peyton v Francis Vannacker; George Banks; Noah Bancks; and Dorothy Taylor Testamentary settlement by will of Thomas Edney, of 40 messuages in Charter House Lane, White Lyon court and Farrwell Court, London and lands in Brasin [?Braughing], Great Hornchurch and Little Hornchurch, Herts, and manor of Walsham Hall, Suffolk C78/915, no. 1 [143]
1682 30 Oct 34 Francis Jenkes & Sarah his wife v. Richard Halford & Ann his wife C78/1114, no. 1 [144]
1682 8 Nov 34 James White v. John Small C79/38, no. [145]
1682 8 Nov 34 Frances Howes, widow v. Richard Harrison, esq; Sir Edmund Turner, knight; and William Morehead, clerk C78/1051, no. 6 [146]
1682 8 Nov 34 Robert Woolley, son and heir of Robert Woolley of Bollington Hall in the parish of Unley, Essex, gent, an infant, by Henry Lewes his guardian v. Thomas Brograve; Edward Brograve; Anne Powell alias de Cashua novit; William Lenke; Richard Sponze, gent; and the Governors of the lands, possessions, revenues or goods of the Hospital of King James founded in the Charter House, Middx at the humble petition and at the sole cots and charges of Thomas Sutton, esq; lords of the manor of Southminster alias South muster Hall, Essex C78/1052, no. 2 [147]
1682 9 Nov 34 Edmund Corbett and Henry Norton, merchants v Edward Backwell, Francis Holbech and Roger Braddill, merchants Arrangements for procuring the remainder of the Queen's portion from the Ministers of the Prince Regent of Portugal. C78/1340, no. 3 [148]
1682 10 Nov 34 Sir Richard Barker, knight v. Sir Francis Bridgeman, knight, & Dame Susan his wife; Dame Dorothy Bridgeman, widow; Sir John Bridgeman, baronet; Sir Ralph Verney, knight and baronet; Robert Pauncefoot; and Christopher Cratford C78/1601, no. 9 [149]
1682 11 Nov 34 Robert Chapman v. John Moone, the son; and Margaret Moone, the daughter and executrix of John Moone their father AND v. Mary Chapman, widow Mortgage of a 1000 year lease from John Atherton, Katherine his wife (one of the daughters and coheirs of John, Lord Conyers), and John Atherton his son to the complts grandfather of several parcels of ground called the Great Charlesse, the Little Charlesse (now called the Broadarse), the Little Calfe Close (now called the Broome Close) and 1/3 part of an Intack adjoining the Cateriding [Kateridden], all in Stanghow [North Yorks] in the County of York, at the yearly rent of 4 pence. Ref also to suit at the Council of the North William Shillitoe & his wife v Katherine Atherton. Complt was a royalist soldier during the Civil War. C78/1595, no. 2 [150]
1682 11 Nov 34 John Barnard v. Daniel Hoare C78/1128, no. 2 [151]
1682 13 Nov 34 Samuel Martin, jr; and John Butcher & Hannah his wife v. Susan Kirke C78/877, no. 8 [152]
1682 13 Nov 34 Henry Benedict Hall, esq, son and heir apparent of Benedict Hall, esq v. William Probyn; and William Williams C78/889, no. -- [153]
1682 14 Nov 34 Elizabeth Plumer v. Ralph Thicknes; Nicholas Wild; Hercules Commander, executors of Thomas Bostocke; and Willliam Bostocke, his son; Jerman Ireton & Mary his wife, daughter of Thomas Bostocke C78/881, no. 5 [154]
1682 14 Nov 34 Robert Sewell & Jane his wife v. Robert Sewell; Brune Sewell; Rives Sewell; Jonathan Sewell; and Katherine Sewell, infants, children of said complainants by Brune Rives their guardian; and also the said Brune Ryves; John Jones; Richard Goodall; Edmund Alston; and Thomas Swinnerton C78/889, no. 4 [155]
1682 15 Nov 34 Hugh Trevanion, gent, one of the younger sons of John Trevanion, esq v. Sir John Arundell, knight & Dame Anne his wife, relict of said John Trevanion; Richard Trevanion, gent, a younger son also of said John Trevanion; and others (sic) C78/985, no. 13 [156]
1682 15 Nov 34 John Fowke & Mary his wife v. Margaret Lewen, widow; Edmund Lewen; Daniel Lewen; Margaret Wilcox, widow; John Cooper & Elizabeth his wife C78/989, no. 6 [157]
1682 16 Nov 34 Constable Sheeler citizen and upholder of London, Marmaduke Bealing of the Parish of Saint Martins in the Field, Middx, William Fairbanke of the Parish of St Clement Danes, Middx, Thomas Thoroton of the Middle Temple, London and Frances his wife, James Jeffs of the Middle Temple and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Carr of the Parish of St Pauls Covent Garden, Middx, laceman and Elizabeth his wife, and William Lilly of the Parish of St Pauls Covent Garden, apothecary and Mary his wife v Richard Bealing and Thomas Heames Trusts in the will of Thomas Constable late of the Parish of St Paul Covent Garden decd, grandafther to the complts. Messuages etc in Bennington, Herts, messuages in St Pauls Covent Garden and the Parish of Knightbridge, Middx and St Margaret Westminster. Leases of shops in the New Exchange. Messuages etc in the Forest of Whitland, Carmarthen. C78/1340, no. 2 [158]
1682 17 Nov 34 Richard Gray barber surgeon of London & Alice his wife daughter of John Bull of Castlehold, Isle of Wite [Isle of Wight] gent v. John Bull son of John Bull & Batherine his wife, Parnell Bull widow relict of John Bull (mother of complainant Alice), Elizabeth Fockett widow (sister of complainant Alice), and Anne Fockett her daughter, Roger Fowke & Anne his wife, and Leonard Oates. John Bull sr's will that provided for his children and left the residue to Parnell his wife and Alice his daughter and made them his executors; Parnell concealed the will. C78/1302, no. 8 [159]
1682 17 Nov 34 Abigail Cockman, widow, the relict and executrix of Thomas Cockman the younger v. John Saunders; and John Rochford C78/907, no. 5 [160]
1682 17 Nov 34 George Tresham of Pilton, Northt, esq; and Arthur Barham of Hackney, Middx, clerk, residuary legatees and executors of Margaret marsh of Hackney, widow v. Richard Hawkins; William Parker, doctor in phisick; Robert Drake, gent; Martha Corbett, afterwards wife of Robert Mackworth; and Margaret Corbett, afterwards the wife of Richard Meredith C78/983, no. 8 [161]
1682 17 Nov 34 John Bradford & Anne his wife v. William Vernon, gent C78/989, no. 4 [162]
1682 17 Nov 34 Thomas Sturmy, gent, principal of the Inn or Hostel commonly called Clements Inn in St Clement Danes, Middx; Francis Gerard; Edward Gerard; Ralpe (sic) Edge; Ambro Holbech; Francis Edes; John Coates; Richard Bourne; Edward Palmer; William Hutchinson; Michael Wrightson; and John Stainsby, gent, ancients of the same society; Robert Eggleton; Charles Ballett; Henry Dotten; Henry Baldwyn; Robert Leeke; Thomas Stone; Thomas Gregge; Gyles Hooper; and Mathew Dodsworth, gentlemen companions of the said society for themselves and all other the companions and members of the said Society; Thomas Penn, tenant to the said Society; and George Leigh, porter of the same Society v. Francis Kellett, gent C78/1022, no. 1 [163]
1682 17 Nov 34 Moses Bennet, gent v. Joseph Cobbold; John Cobbold; Anne Cobbold; Alice Cobbold; and Sarah Cobbold C78/1169, no. 3 [164]
1682 18 Nov 34 Stephen Alcockes, esq v. Roger Coke, esq; John Bishop, gent, & Katherine his wife; and Edmond Jenny, esq C78/801, no. 7 [165]
1682 20 Nov 34 Nathaniel Noell; John Shawe and Grace his wife; and Elizabeth Noell v George Robinson and Robert Faulconer Profits from plantation in Barbadoes. This entry is crossed out and endorsed as "vacat".] C78/1010, no. 8 [166]
1682 21 Nov 34 Gawen Turner gentleman & Anne his wife the surviving child and administratrix of the estate of Sir John Lloyd her late father unadministered by Dame Beatrice the said Sir John's late wife and complainant Ann's late mother and by Sir John Lloyd the complainant Ann's brother deceased v. Anne Gwynn widow and Rowland Gwynn gentleman C78/1912, no. 12 [167]
1682 21 Nov 34 Henry Berrisford, citizen and woolen draper of London v. Jane Dove C78/1601, no. 10 [168]
1682 22 Nov 34 Jonathan Bruen citizen and draper of London, administrator of Mary Bruen his late daughter decd v Mary Bruen widow and Tilston Bruen Will of Jonathan Bruen the elder, the complts late father. Estate in Chester and Tarven, Cheshire. C78/1395, no. 3 [169]
1682 22 Nov 34 Rebecca Villiers and Mary Villiers two of the daughters of Sir George Villiers baronet v. the said George Villiers; William Woollaston esq; Sir Thomas Beamont baronet lord viscount Sword, Ireland; John Suffield gentleman; and others (sic) C78/1914, no. 15 [170]
1682 22 Nov 34 Godfrey Meynell, esq v. Richard Meynell and George Ullocke, gent Trust settlement of the Manor of Bradley, Derbyshire C78/1587, no. 2 [171]
1682 22 Nov 34 Robert Errington v. Tristram Fenwich; and Martin Fenwick Manor of Kenton, Northumberland. Formerly held by Robert Fenwick & Isabell his wife, daughter & heir of William Bennett, great grandparents of the parties. C78/876, no. 3 [172]
1682 23 Nov 34 Richard Robinson v. John Nixon; John Robinson; and Thomas Hoole C78/818, no. 5 [173]
1682 24 Nov 34 Edmond Cherryman, cousin & heir of John Newman decd v John Hitchcocke and Nicholas Surkat Title to lands in Pulborough, Sussex. C78/1010, no. 9 [174]
1682 27 Nov 34 Josias Rycroft, esq & Barbara his wife v. Barbara Wood, by John Taylor her guardian C78/876, no. 2 [175]
1682 27 Nov 34 Ralph Grantham & Bridget his wife, the daughter and heir of George Meriton, esq, who was eldest son and heir of Doctor George Meriton late Dean of York v. George Meriton, gent, son and heir of Thomas Meriton, which Thomas was second brother of said George Meriton, the plaintiff's father C78/876, no. 5 [176]
1682 27 Nov 34 Henry Sayers, esq v. George, duke of Buckingham; Edward, lord Rockingham; Sir Robert Clayton, knight; John Wildman, esq; Thomas Spratt, doctor in divinity; Mathew Johnson, esq; George Bradbury; and James Hayes, esqs C78/1237, no. 6 [177]
1682 28 Nov 34 Humfry Hinchman gentleman v. Thomas Hinchman esq and Sir Thomas Exton knight C79/91, no. [178]
1682 29 Nov 34 Dame Anne Child relict of Sir William Child late of Kinlett, Salop and now the wife of Rowland Nicholls of Boycott, Salop, esq by William Gower gentleman ; Sir Francis Winington knight; William Lambe esq; Robert Goodwyn; and Christopher Stock clerks C79/92, no. [179]
1682 2 Dec 34 Thomas Browne and Elianor Anne his wife; Mary Browne, spinster; Henry Browne, Elianor Browne, Margaret Browne, infants by the said Thomas Browne; and Edward Dineley v William Browne Debts and legacies payable by will of Henry Browne from Goldfers Farm in Little Comberton and lands in Bricklehampton, Worcs, and Hasfield, Asherworth and Trinley or Tirley, Gloucs. C78/915, no. 6 [180]
1682 5 Dec 34 Samuel Howse of Reading, Berks v. John, lord Lovelace, baron of Hurley C78/1800, no. 2 [181]
1682 6 Dec 34 Henry Fendall, son and heir of Henry Fendall, citizen and cutler of London, by Nicholas Baxter of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Anne Fendall, widow and administratrix of said Henry Fendall C78/1138, no. 3 [182]
1682 6 Dec 34 William Joyce v. Humberston Waller; and Thomas Parker C78/1237, no. 5 [183]
1682 8 Dec 34 Mary Rayner, spinster v. Mary Rayner, widow; and John Rayner, gent, her son C78/1636, no. 5 [184]
1682 8 Dec 34 Saint Leger Scroope of Louth, Lincs, esq v. Robert Price, doctor of divinity; Edward Price; and John Spike C78/1128, no. 4 [185]
1682 12 Dec 34 John Beamount Tasbrough of Bodney, Norf, esq; and Henry Browne of Barnard's Inn,London, gent & Anne his wife, daughter and heir to Sir Maurice Williams v. Dame Susanna Williams, widow and relict of Sir John Williams; Sir Thomas Skipwith; Sir Thomas Williams; Thomas Skipwith, esq; Sir John Wynne; Sir Henry Beamount; Hector Phillipps, esq; Christopher Rich; Balthazar Arcamagh; William Terry; Susan Draper; and Sarah Hasting C78/1067, no. 4 [186]
1682 14 Dec 34 The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Mercers of the City of London v. William Robinson, esq; and Andrew Barker, esq & Elizabeth his wife C78/989, no. 5 [187]
1682 15 Dec 34 William Mildmay esq & Mary his wife the said William the son and heir of Dame Anne Mildmay; Benjamin Whitchcott doctor in divinity surviving trustee for the said William Thomas Kifford; John Fisher; and Samuel Brewster trustees upon the said William's marriage v. Thomas Duckett esq; Henry Mildmay; deceased son of the said Dame Anne Holliday Mildmay son of the said Henry Jasper Clutterbuck executor of one Clutterbuck deceased an other trustee for the complainant; William and Gyles Hungerford executor of the lady Hungerford who was executrix of the said Dame Anne C79/39, no. [188]
1682 27 Dec 34 William Hore, sr; William Hore, jr; John Cleake; Thomas Smith; Elizabeth Whitborough, executrix of Henry Whitborough; Richard Colridge; John Longe; John Northmore; Anthony Spurway; Walter Newton; John Ambry; Judith Phillips, widow; Gideon Broome; Gilbert Honywell; Charity Taylor, widow; Thomas Smith; and Nicholas Senthell v. John Osborne, & Margery his wife; Robert Eastchurch; John Atwill; William Pounsford; and Thomas White C78/1782, no. 12 [189]