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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1681 33 C78/, no. []
1681 10 Jan 32 Sir William Rawstorne, knight; and John Buckworth, executors of Edwin Browne; and Edwin Browne, son and heir of said Edwin v. John Boys; and Nicholas Boys C78/801, no. 10 [2]
1681 11 Jan 33 Joshua Beale, esq v. Hannah Tavernor alias Lamphire; John Hicks; Samuel Busfield; Nathaniel Hudson; Anne Paice; Simon Bennett, esq; Anne Dell; Francis Ingoldsby the elder, esq; Francis Ingoldsby the younger, his son and heir, to which bill Isaack Preston was afterwards added by special direction of this court; and others C78/1163, no. 3 [3]
1681 13 Jan 32 Elizabeth Reed widow relict and executrix of William Reed esq and Elizabeth Price widow mother of said Elizabeth Reed v. Richard Reed esq father of said William Reed C78/1929, no. 3 [4]
1681 13 Jan 32 Richard Wade v. John Jennings; William Jennings; Thomas Bassett; and Elizabeth Mathew C79/95, no. [5]
1681 18 Jan 33 Elizabeth Crouch, widow v. Thomas Cooke C78/1280, no. 5 [6]
1681 28 Jan 32 Mary Beachampe of Burneham, Somerset, widow v Sir Francis Popham, Warwick Bampfeild, John Winter, Thomas Warr and Anne Rogers Estate of Henry Rogers, manor of Burneham [Burnham-on-Sea], Somerset. Disputed lease. C78/865, no. 1 [7]
1681 3 Feb 33 Richard English v. Robert Cage, esq; and others (sic) C78/989, no. 3 [8]
1681 3 Feb 33 John Barnard v. Daniel Hoare C78/1128, no. 5 [9]
1681 4 Feb 33 John Goodman & Anne his wife; William Goodman; Anne Goodman jr & Elizabeth Goodman infant children of the said John Goodman & Anne his wife by the said John Goodman their father and guardian v. Edward Hopton; William Jolly esqs C79/45, no. [10]
1681 5 Feb 33 John Price v. Jane Read; Elizabeth Read; Anne Read; and Mary Read infants daughters and coheirs of Arthur Read; Thomas Mason an infant son and and heir of Thomas Mason who was son and heir of Thomas Mason; Elizabeth Mason; Thomas Mason son and heir of William Mason; Anne Wormell widow and relict of William Wormell esq deceased; Bartholomew Wormell brother and heir of the said William Wormell and Katerine Wormell daughter and heir apparent of the said Bartholomew Wormell C79/27, no. [11]
1681 5 Feb 33 John Smith an infant by Lucy Smith his mother and guardian v. John Lee, esq; Robert Jones; and Edmond Lee, esq, since deceased C78/891, no. 9 [12]
1681 5 Feb 33 Peter Henton, citizen and merchant taylor of London v. Thomas Moore, citizen carpenter of London; and George Walker C78/1086, no. 1 [13]
1681 7 Feb 33 Peter Civill & Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of Sir Charles Rich baronet; Civill Rich; Civill Charles Rich; and Margaret Civill children of the said Peter and Elizabeth infants by their guardian v. Sir Robert Rich knight and baronet & Dame Mary his wife the other daughter of the said Sir Charles Rich; Nathaniel Rich; Peter Rich; and Nathaniel Rich father of the said Sir Robert C79/39, no. [14]
1681 7 Feb 33 William Cave v. Dame Frances Wortley, widow; Robert Gargrave; Dame Mercy Oneby, widow; and John Oneby Will of Bridgett Fawnt. Mortgaged estate of Thomas Underwood of Burton Overy, Leics C78/1410, no. 2 [15]
1681 7 Feb 33 Thomas Debden v. Thomas Bagg; John Plenty; and Samuel Plenty C78/892, no. 3 [16]
1681 8 Feb 33 George Doddington esq v. George Doddington esq; Thomas Gouge; William Gouge; John Roy; John Nash; Abraham Williams; John Meredith; Sir Richard Temple baronet; John St Albins; and John Wylde esqs C78/1913, no. 2 [17]
1681 8 Feb 33 George Doddington, esq v. George Doddington, esq; Thomas Gouge; William Gouge; John Roy; John Nash; Abraham Williams; John Meredith; Sir Richard Temple, baronet; John St Albans; and John Wilde, esqs C78/1260, no. 5 [18]
1681 9 Feb 33 Edward Norman v. John Fisher, esq & Mary Symonds C78/1163, no. 4 [19]
1681 9 Feb 33 Elizabeth Lassells, only daughter of George Lassells, esq, by Anne Harrison, his former wife, deceased v. Anne Lassells, afterwards wife of said George and now his widow and relict; John Lassells, an infant, son and heir of said George, by said Anne Lassells his last wife; and John Lascells, gent, brother of said George C78/1163, no. 5 [20]
1681 9 Feb 33 Sir Thomas Barker of Lynden, Rutl, baronet, nephew and heir of Thomas barker of Lynden, esq v. Thomas Tryst, esq; Henry Greene, gent; and Valentine Goodman, gent C78/1174, no. 3 [21]
1681 10 Feb 33 Sydney Bere, esq, surviving executor of Peter Warburton, esq; Roger Coningsby, administrator of goods etc unadministered of Robert Yarway of London, scrivener v. John Stanhope, esq, son and heir of John Stanhope, esq; Sir John Curzon, baronet; John Curzon; Nathaniel Curzon; Alexander Stanhope, esq; and Thomas Yarway C78/1636, no. 2 [22]
1681 11 Feb 33 Jeffery Thomas v Sir George Waterman, Christopher Waterman his son Debts of Sir George, secured with pretended property in Kent, in the parish of Sholden C78/875, no. 2 [23]
1681 11 Feb 33 John Gaythorne v. John Arthur; Dionis Waide and Margaret his wife; William Waide their son an infant; and Michael Fisher Mortgage by Robert Bawlne and Richard his eldest son of a messuage in Gowdall, Yorks. C78/1410, no. 1 [24]
1681 11 Feb 33 Elizabeth Sleigh v. John Pickering, esq C78/1581, no. 11 [25]
1681 15 Feb 33 John Moone v. Cornelius Lyde, gent; and Henry Robins C78/1260, no. 9 [26]
1681 15 Feb 33 Richard Lane; Thomas Davidge; and John Bartlett v. John Daws C78/1260, no. 10 [27]
1681 16 Feb 33 Isaacke Basire and George Story and Elizabeth his wife administratrix of Thomas White decd v Robert Roper, Robert Blakiston, John Hall, Christopher Faucett and Richard Jackson. Free passage of water and provision of drainage in Prior Close Colliery and Rainton Colliery, Durham. C78/1229, no. 1 [28]
1681 17 Feb 33 Agnes Cove; Mary Cove; and Rebecca Cove, an infant, by Julian Cove, her mother and guardian v. Edward Molle & Mary his wife; Joane Cove; William Seagar, gent; John Coyle; and Christopher Manning C78/1260, no. 7 [29]
1681 18 Feb 33 John Garlick, esq; and John Clerke; and others, the churchwardens and overseers for the poor of Wells, Norf v. Robert Win; John Win; and Henry Win C78/1004, no. 10 [30]
1681 25 Feb 33 Cromwell Lockhart of Ley, Scotland, esq & Anne his wife v. Ralph Mountague, esq; and Dame Elizabeth Harvey, widow C78/952, no. 7 [31]
1681 26 Feb 33 Francis Henry Cary, clerk, administrator of Lettice his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas Appletree, esq v. Appletree Appletree, esq, eldest son and heir of said Thomas Appletree, esq; John Cary; Ambrose Holbech; and Richard Kilby, executors and trustees of said Thomas Appletree; William Draperan, infant, by William Gannocke his guardian, son of Jane the other daughter of said Thomas Appletree; and said William Gannocke, administrator of said Jane during her son's minority C78/1086, no. 2 [32]
1681 26 Feb 33 John Graffham of Aldbury [Albury], Surrey, yeoman v. Ockenden Lintott; and John Lintott C78/1265, no. 8 [33]
1681 1 March 33 Francis Stockdale brother of Margaret Stockdale v. George Aldridge executor of Margaret Stockdale AND also v. Susanna Farrow; Frances Langford; Leonard Lane; William Farrowe; and Francis Farrowe infant C78/1941, no. 12 [34]
1681 2 March 33 Richard Derbyshire v James Monteth; John Turner & Hester his wife; John Holgate & William Holgate &Anne Holgate Trust settlements, by William Holgate decd, of manor of Thunderley [DMV in Wimbish par.] and lands in Walden [Saffron Walden], Wimbish, Debden [in Uttlesford], Essex C78/1010, no. 16 [35]
1681 5 March 33 Edward Attwood the elder for himself and Harman Attwood (eldest son of the said Edward) and Edward Attwood junior (another son of the said Edward) and Elizabeth Attwood (daughter of the said Edward the elder) v. George Walton and Bridgett his wife, grandaughter and executrix of William Johnson, vintner decd; and Henry Redmaine Will of William Johnson, step father of the complt Edward Attwood the elder. Estate includes leases in Chancery Lane and Bell Yard, St Dunstans in the West, London. C78/1302, no. 5 [36]
1681 5 March 33 Edmund Davenport, merchant v. Giles Duncombe, esq; Henry Spurstowe; and Andrew West, since deceased C78/952, no. 6 [37]
1681 5 March 33 John Bryan v. Margaret Walton; Thomas Walton; Luke Miller; Roger Stevens; Thomas Bates; and John Easton C78/976, no. 6 [38]
1681 5 March 33 Anne Lee, widow v. Thomas Yates, doctor in divinity; Mathew Johnson; and Richard Graham, esqs, executors of George Hill, esq C78/1069, no. 5 [39]
1681 13 April 33 Grace Skelton, widow as executrix of Clement Skelton her late husband v. Anne Skelton, widow C78/872, no. 6 [40]
1681 18 April 33 Simon Bagg master of arts and Christopher Greene Cooke v. John Tabor gentleman C78/2042, no. 8 [41]
1681 20 April 33 Robert Chase, citizen and goldsmith of London v. Anne Baker; Richard Newman & Margaret his wife; Sir Robert Jason, baronet; Sir John Pettus, knight; George White; John Hickes; and others (sic) C78/948, no. 1 [42]
1681 20 April 33 Robert Chase, citizen and goldsmith of London v. Anne Baker; Richard Newman & Margaret his wife; Sir Robert Jason, baronet; Sir John Pettus, knight; George White; John Hickes; and others (sic) C78/972, no. 8 [43]
1681 23 April 33 Thomas Freeman, an infant of about 9 years, by Simon Weaver, gent, his guardian v. John Fotherley, esq; Dorothy his wife; and Thomas Fotherley C78/1021, no. 2 [44]
1681 26 April 33 Lewis Pollard of Chawley [Chawleigh], Devon, gent v. Frances Pollard of Borrington [Burrington], Devon, spinster P.S. C78/1149, no. 5 [45]
1681 26 April 33 The Honorable Wreothesly Baptist Noell, esq, son and heir apparent of the Honorable Edward Noell, esq, since Lord Noell, an infant of the age of about 17 years, by his said father v. Sir Phillipp Warwick, knight C78/1174, no. 2 [46]
1681 26 April 33 Edward Henning v. Sir Lancelott Lake, baronet; Richard Newman, esq; Joshua Lomax, esq; and Thomas Machell, gent C78/1291, no. 17 [47]
1681 27 April 33 Dutton Gifford, Gabriel Gifford, sons of Richard Gifford decd, infants by Oliver Saint John v Sir Halswell Tynte, George Northover and Jane Gifford. Estate and will of Richard Gifford C78/865, no. 5 [48]
1681 29 April 33 Mathew Mathews & Sarah his wife; Elianor Chilton, widow; John Leighton; and William Leighton; and Mary Leighton, by John Leighton, sr, esq, their guardian v. Richard Leighton, esq; Bartholomew Baker, jr; and George Baker C78/1004, no. 9 [49]
1681 29 April 33 William Dyer, gent v. Sir John Swynorton, dyer, baronet C78/1114, no. 3 [50]
1681 30 April 33 Stephen Hickes, merchant v. Charles Boschawen, esq C78/974, no. 11 [51]
1681 30 April 33 Isaac Williams; Alexander Althorne; John Goodwyn; Richard Goodwyn; Phillip Boulton; Thomas Chovesley; Robert Barton; Thomas Watts; Francis Lunn; James Blagrave; Humphrey Kilby; Margaret Smyth; Francis Cary; Mary Scullard; Walter Garrett, clerk; Bryan Holloway; Walter Garrett; Thomas Fowles; John Speede, doctor in phisick; John Gillingham; James Lee; Thomas Moriday; Anthony Seager; John Taylor; Henry Howell; Edmond Pele; Thomas Rosse; Sarah Bright; and Elizabeth Dance for themselves and others the creditors of The Lady Elizabeth Noell, late with of said Edward, lord Noell and daughter of the late earl of Southampton v. Anthony, earl of Shaftsbury; William, lord Russell; Edward Noell, esq, since Lord Noell; and Wriotheslby Baptist Noell, eldest son of said Lord Noell, by said Lady Elizabeth his wife C78/1179, no. 3 [52]
1681 4 May 33 William Hamett brasier; John Bennicke butcher; Francis Hopkins yeoman; and Charles Trevanion esq v. Henry Dicker C79/91, no. [53]
1681 4 May 33 Sir Henry Bosvile knight v. Elizabeth Bosvile widow and others (sic) C78/1929, no. 6 [54]
1681 6 May 33 Mary Keaton relict and administratrix of Alexander Kenton late master and part owner of the ship Jacob; John Strode; Nathaniell Tenth; William Hooker esqs; Abraham Jacob; John Wise; John Hall; Richard Parry; John Flavell; and Robert Brittaine merchants part owners of the said ship v. John Coltman; George Scott; William Warr; Thomas Goddard; Robert Hawkins; Francis Minthall; and James Hubbert C79/182, no. [55]
1681 6 May 33 Digby Kittermaster, one of the younger sons of Thmas Kittermaster of Coleshill, Warw v. William Sadler; John Sadler; John Woode; and William Holioake C78/892, no. 4 [56]
1681 7 May 33 Anne Dale, Mary Margaretta Dale, Henry Dale, Katherine Dale and Elizabeth Dale, infants by Henry Dale their father v Richard Lee, son & executor of Richard Lee decd who was executor of Mary Lee his late wife; William Codd; John Grigson and Elizabeth his wife Payment of legacies C78/1010, no. 14 [57]
1681 7 May 33 Ralph Sleigh, gent v. Thomas Lomas; William Harrison; and Ralph Sternedale C78/1097, no. 1 [58]
1681 9 May 33 Richard Farmer, citizen and salter of London v. James Plummer; and Charles Plummer; and James Plummer, an infant, son of Robert Plummer, deceased C78/989, no. 2 [59]
1681 9 May 33 Roger Burton v. Thomas Braine; Samuel Taylor; and George Spencer C78/1086, no. 10 [60]
1681 10 May 33 Robert, earl of Kingston, by the name of Robert Pierrepont, esq, an infant, by Sir Humfry Foster, baronet, his guardian v. Henry, late marquis of Dorchester and earl of Kingston since deceased; The Lady Elizabeth Pierrepont; and Gervas Pierrepont, esq C78/976, no. 13 [61]
1681 11 May 33 William Taylor v. John Fox; Thomas Chappell; and George Harrison Settlement of part of the complts estate in order to clear his debts. C78/1410, no. 3 [62]
1681 14 May 33 John, lord Poulett, an infant, only son and heir of John, lord Poulet deceased, by The Right Honorable Susannah Pouylett, his guardian; The Right Honorable Francis Poulett, esq; Sir John Sidenham, baronet; Sir Thomas Putt, baronet; Sir Thomas Carewe, knight; Edward Cooke; and Edward Strode, esqs, trustees and executors of John, lord Poulett v. Sir Edmond Windham, baronet; Sir Hugh Smith, Knight of the Bath and baronet; Sir Francis Leake, knight; William Palmes, esq; Dame Anne Strode; William Strode, esq; and Margaet Poulett C78/1272, no. 18 [63]
1681 17 May 33 Thomas Cole, gent v. Andrew Parranton, gent C78/1727, no. 15 [64]
1681 17 May 33 Samuel Reyner; and Daniel Reyner v. Edward Wynne, esq C78/1260, no. 3 [65]
1681 20 May 33 Thomas Westerne esq; Richard Graham, esq & Elinor his wife sole daughter and Heir of Colonel Thomas Colepeper who was second son and heir of Sir Anthony Colepeper knight; Sir Alexander Colepeper his eldest son and heir who died without issue; John Springate; Joseph Blewet; John Hatch; Robert Highwood; William Gibbis; and Anthony Crockford tenants in possession of the lands and tenements late of the said Sir Anthony lying in villages, fields, and precincts of Goudhurst and other places in Kent v. Bridget Colepeper; James Colepeper; and Robert Colepeper C78/1929, no. 5 [66]
1681 20 May 32 Nathaniel Hamond, an infant, by William Hamond his brother and guardian v. John Wood; and John Hamond, executors of William Hamond C78/801, no. 12 [67]
1681 20 May 33 Marshall Bridges of Tilton, Herefs, esq v. Thomas Canut; Thomas Mathewes; and Walter Canut C78/1086, no. 9 [68]
1681 30 May 33 Sir John Wynne knight and baronet v. Sir Thomas Littleton knight and baronet & Dame Anne his wife; Thomas Littleton esq; William Price esq; John Price esq & Margaret his wife; and Sir Lancelot Lake knight C78/2042, no. 4 [69]
1681 31 May 33 John Berry of Tharverton v. ___ Tuckfield; James Tuckfield; Humfry Drewe & Mary his wife C78/1909, no. 10 [70]
1681 31 May 33 Robert Tayler; Joseph Skillett; John Beardesley; Margaret How, widow; Joyce Maund, widow; Amy Skillett, widow; Cornelius Clerke; Elizabeth Sirneley, widow; Cornelius Priest, seven of the poorest late tenants of Sir John Repington of Annington, knight and two of the poorest late tenants of George Paine of Annington, gent v. Elizabeth Bett, an infant; George Webber; Edward James, & Elizabeth his wife; William Squelch; Edward Squelch; William Lakin, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Bett; Samuel Bett; Elizabeth Squelch; and Annah Betts C78/1727, no. 16 [71]
1681 3 June 33 John Howson, an infant, by Dorothy Howson his mother v. John Hemingway; Joseph Thoresby, gent; Joshua Walker, gent; Sir Thomas Norcliffe, knight; and Layton Fizbancke, gent C78/1595, no. 9 [72]
1681 3 June 33 James Twiford & Sarah his wife; Mary Goodman, an infant, by said James Twiford, her guardian, which said Sarah and Mary were the daughters of Gabriel Goodman; William Merricke; Robert Baker; William Browne; and Thomas Edwards, executors of Gabriel Goodman v. Jane Goodman, widow, administratrix of George Goodman, esq; Elizabeth Goodman, an infant, by her guardian (which Elizabeth was brother's daughter of George Goodman and his heir at law); George Goodman; and Jane Goodman, children of William Goodman, jr, deceased, by George Cockerill their guardian; Thomas Newton; and others (sic) C78/1097, no. 3 [73]
1681 4 June 33 Christopher Ridding v. Brian Burrow, an infant; Walter Skyring; and Arthur Burrow C78/1598, no. 5 [74]
1681 4 June 33 William Betts, gent, executor of George Sterling; Andrew Sterling; and Charles Sterling, infants, brother of said George Sterling, by said William Betts v. Robert Sterling, gent, brother and heir of said George Sterling; and Martha Fernley C78/796, no. 10 [75]
1681 4 June 33 Rebecca Bedell of London, widow v. John Ford C78/952, no. 3 [76]
1681 4 June 33 Thomas Collins, citizen and stationer of London v. John Ford C78/985, no. 10 [77]
1681 4 June 33 Alice Jesson, widow v. Richard Husbands, jr C78/1023, no. 10 [78]
1681 6 June 33 Joseph Baller v Richard Harris & Lucy his wife; Thomas Harris & Joane his wife; Amias Pollard & Henry Drake Mortgage of a messuage called 'Mullacott' by Harris to Amias Pollard C78/865, no. 2 [79]
1681 6 June 33 The Master, Wardens, and Freemen and Commonalty of the Mystery of Vintners of the City of London on behalf of themselves and the poor of the said Company and Sir Thomas Longueville baronet v. John Symonds and Michael Lamborne C78/2042, no. 7 [80]
1681 7 June 33 Ruth Browne spinster one of the daughters and coheirs of Alexander Browne esq v. Giles Travers gentleman; Richard Ayloffe esq; Margaret Cornwallis widow; Cornelius Cornwallis an infant by her son George Blagrave esq & ELizabeth his wife; and Edward Scoles an infant C79/91, no. [81]
1681 8 June 33 Sir Henry Purefoy baronet executor of Dame Anne Wynn widow deceased his grandmother v. George Purefoy and Knightly Purefoy esqs C79/95, no. [82]
1681 9 June 33 Thomas Decke, gent v. Arnold Aram; John Hinde; and Thomas Kirwood C78/892, no. 8 [83]
1681 10 June 33 Adam Godwin gentleman; Thomas Godwin son and heir apparent of the said Adam & Margaret his wife eldest daughter of James Rodd v. said James Rodd C78/2069, no. 12 [84]
1681 11 June 33 Bryan Cockaine viscount Cullen & his wife v. Sir William Beversham knight, one of the masters of this court and others C78/2040, no. 13 [85]
1681 11 June 33 Richard Gogney v. Bridgett Matlett; William Browne; William Mason; Nicholas Todd; ___ Gervis; and WIlliam Mantell C78/1941, no. 15 [86]
1681 11 June 33 O'Brian, lord viscount Cullen, Ireland; Sir Roger Norwich of Brampton, Northt, baronet; Sir William Haslewood, baronet; ___ Garret & his wife, the widow and relict of Sir George Buswell, knight, for and as the surviving feoffees or trustees of said Sir George Buswell for the poor and school of Clipson, North; Elizabeth Wildbore, widow; Anne Wentworth, widow; Mary Creswell; Susanna Creswell; Sarah Creswell; Sibilla Creswell, which said Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Susanna, Sarah and Sibilla are the daughters of John Creswell, esq, deceased; Sarah Earnsby; Robert Cattle; John Andrews; Alice Walton; John Vernunne; David Prowitt; Crace Hoye; Anne Wilson; Robert Cooke; John Willoughby; Richard Willoughby; William Howkins; and William Admitt, the trustees or guardians for the children of Simon Tarcey; Sir Roger Cave, baronet; John Blackwell; Thomas Williams; Richard Burman; Richard Harden; John Lee; William Wood, jr; William Browne; Henry Compton, for himself and as guardian for the heirs of William Compton; Samuel Chapman; Elizabeth Allen; Giles Barnackle; Robert Earnsby; John Wills; Henry Ireson; William Earnsby; Richard Page; Edward Dowse; William Andrews; Francis Currall; John Murcott; Henry Smith; John Crispe; William Hipwell; Thomas Perkyns; John Porter; William Wright; Richard Cooke; William Wood; John Aris; Robert Carter; Richard Higgs; Thomas Wood; John Meacock; William Chapman; Thomas Caldecot, esq; Bryan Janson, esq; Edward Smith; George Clerke; and Robert Clerke, which said Mr Caldecot, Mr Janson; George and Robert Clerke; and Edward Smith were trustees for the poor of the town of Lilbourne, Northt; Cornelius Wood & Mary his wife; Henry Browne; and John Clarke, inhabitants and freeholders, landholders and occupiers of land with the parish of Lilbourne, Northt v. William, bishop of Peterborough; Sir Creswell Levins, Attorney General; and John Greene, clerk, vicar of Lilbourne [Northants.] C78/1134, no. 2 [87]
1681 13 June 33 John Beasely v. Richard Boughton, esq C78/892, no. 1 [88]
1681 13 June 33 Humphry Davis v. Isaac Dorissa; and Richard Plowman; and others (sic) C78/989, no. 7 [89]
1681 14 June 33 John Briscoe the elder, esq; and John Briscoe the younger, an infant, son and heir of Lady Anne Briscoe, late wife of said John Briscoe the elder daughter of the Lady Isabella, one of the daughters of Mountjoy, earl of Newport, deceased; and Nicholas, earl of Banbury, deceased by said John Briscoe the elder his father v. George Porter the younger, esq C78/976, no. 7 [90]
1681 15 June 33 Elizabeth Felton v Richard Keble. Mortgage and incumbrances on lands in Godgrave [Gedgrave], Orford and Sudborne [Sudbourne], Suffolk. C78/1010, no. 15 [91]
1681 15 June 33 Thomas Young an infant by Thomas Young v. Thomas Hasting executor of William Young; and William Young C78/2024, no. 10 [92]
1681 17 June 33 Elizabeth Parke v. Joseph Cooke C78/1941, no. 16 [93]
1681 17 June 33 Thomas Wells, gent, one of the executors of Ralph Dyson, gent v. Henry Dyson, gent, the other of the executors of said Ralph Dyson AND v. Robert Browne; Thomas Sharpe; Joseph Cradock; and others C78/1022, no. 5 [94]
1681 18 June 33 Thomas Travell of Northampton, Northt, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. William Pococke C78/1179, no. 4 [95]
1681 20 June 33 Harris alias Henry Symes esq v. Thomas Debden C78/1929, no. 7 [96]
1681 20 June 33 Abraham Cully v. Thomas Aungier; Christopher Isles, since deceased; and Thomas Cock C78/1163, no. 2 [97]
1681 22 June 33 William Stratford of Dover, Kent; William Yeames; Mary Culmer, infants by Richard Culmer their father v Deborah Gibbon of Dover, widow Testamentary settlement of lands in Kent and Middx. C78/1050, no. 7 [98]
1681 22 June 33 Thomas Cowling v. Richard Rookes; and John Holmes C78/1588, no. 5 [99]
1681 23 June 33 Elizabeth Coles of London, widow; and Samuel Coles, an infant by said Elizabeth his mother v. Thomas Hancoxe; William Moyer; Edward Grace; John Wolfe; Benjamin Coles; Mary Coles; Hannah Coles; and Sarah Coles C78/1727, no. 14 [100]
1681 24 June 33 James Terrell of Okeley, Bucks, esq, and Thomas Hobey of Marlow, Bucks, esq next friends of and on behalf of Elizabeth Hobey; Katherine Hobey; and Anne Hobey daughters of Phillip Hobey of Neath Abbey, Glam, esq v. Elizabeth Hobey C79/191, no. [101]
1681 24 June 33 George Prouse & Elizabeth his wife daughter and heir of Matthew Irish who was eldest son and heir of James Irish v. John Irish & Prudence his wife C79/91, no. [102]
1681 25 June 33 Sir Ralph Ashton baronet v. Thomas Mosely gentleman and Henry Madison C78/2061, no. 10 [103]
1681 25 June 33 Joseph Sheild of Queenborough in the Isle of Sheppey, Kent, administrator of Thomas Sheild his brother and Thomas Marshall of Queenborough & Patience his wife v. John Batchelor administrator of Joshua Pix during the minority of Joshua Pix his son C78/1929, no. 9 [104]
1681 28 June 33 Thomas Jones an infant about the age of 8 years by Mary Mathews widow his grandmother; Sir John Mathews knight; Samuel Alsopp gentleman; Robert Jones gentleman; and Edward Jones gentleman her friends and guardians v. Samuel Gardiner gentleman C79/30, no. [105]
1681 28 June 33 Moses Harris & Sarah his wife, administratrix of James Bevan her former husband v. James Bevan, son and heir of said James Bevan; William Bidgood, jr; and John Corrocke C78/942, no. 1 [106]
1681 28 June 33 Sir Richard Chiverton, knight v. Samuel Sandys, sr, esq; Hamnett Sandys, jr; Edwyn Bandys; Mary Bandys; John Pettus, knight; Richard Marriott; James Smith, knight; James Best; and Stephen Thompson AND said Samuel Sandys sr; Samuel Sandys, jr; Edwyn Sandys; and Mary Sandys v. Sir Richard Chiverton, knight; Sir John Pettus, knight; and Stephen Thompson C78/989, no. 1 [107]
1681 28 June 33 Aviell Borfett, clerk & Mary his wife; and Robert Spence, creditors and legatees of Mary Nicholas of Faxton, Northt, spinster; and Frances Borfett; Elizabeth Borfett; and Sophia Borfett, infants, legatees of said Mary, by Aviell their father v. Sir Edward Niccolls, baronet; Edward Niccolls, esq; Samuell Borfett, clerk; George Castle, clerk; and Edward Bringest C78/1134, no. 6 [108]
1681 2 July 33 Dame Elizabeth Moums of Waldershire, Kent, widow and relict of Sir Edward Moums late of Waldershire baronet v. John Giles and Richard Giles C78/1929, no. 8 [109]
1681 3 July 33 William Clarke v. John Jeanes; Samuel Bayly; Russell Alsopp; Samuel Holford; Samuel Hood; and Thomas Alcokke the younger C78/1712, no. 11 [110]
1681 5 July 33 Elizabeth Bent widow relict and executrix of Thomas Bent widow relict and executrix of Thomas Bent v. Humphry Walbancke & Anne his wife C79/27, no. [111]
1681 5 July 33 Sir Francis North, knight, CJCP v. William Soame the elder, esq; William Soame the younger; Peter Soame esq; and Ralph Freeman, esq C78/976, no. 2 [112]
1681 5 July 33 Francis Boughton, esq v. Anthony Welden, esq; John Orlabar, esq; Charles Umpherville, esq; and Samuel Francklin, esq C78/1004, no. 8 [113]
1681 6 July 33 Theophilus Davies v. Anne Yeomans and Henry Yeomans her son an infant C78/1941, no. 14 [114]
1681 7 Jul 33 Sir Robert Smith v. John Pyott the elder and Anne his wife; and John Pyott the younger Marriage settlement of John Pyott the younger and the daughter of the complt. Messuages in London & lands in Low Layton & Walthamstow, Essex C78/1425, no. 3 [115]
1681 7 July 33 William Pollard, gent v. John Brograne C78/1022, no. 7 [116]
1681 7 July 33 John Whittington, esq v. Edmund Arrundell; and Henry Crane, gent C78/1114, no. 6 [117]
1681 9 July 33 Katherine Lant of London, widow v John Baker and others (not named). Property in the parish of Saint Mary Aldermanbury, London. Disputed titles C78/875, no. 3 [118]
1681 9 July 33 Allen Brent v Edward Nevett and William Hyde Mortgage of lands in Finchley, Middx. C78/1180, no. 3 [119]
1681 9 July 33 William Merricke v. Elizabeth Dawe; John Dawe; William Dawe; Richard Dawe; Grace Dawe; and Robert Dawe, children of Richard Dawe deceased; and Richard Lane; Thomas Davidge; John Bartlett; Katherine Dawe widow relict and executrix of said Richard Dawe; and Thomas Haynes C78/2034, no. 18 [120]
1681 9 July 33 Thomas Hicks, gent; William Batten the elder; William Batten the younger; Ricahrd Daniel; George Rowe; John Tanner; Thomas Beckalegg; Walter Row; Roger Jeffery; John Mathew; and Dinah Hall, all of the parish of St Paul, Corn v. Ezechiel Arundell, esq; and others (sic) C78/952, no. 4 [121]
1681 11 July 33 Thomas, lord Bruce, son and heir apparent of Robert, earl of Aylesbury and Elgin, an infant, by said earl his next friend; and the Lady Elizabeth, wife of the said Lord Bruce, grandchild and heir of William, duke of Somerset and sister and next heir of William also late duke of Somerset, who was the only son of Henry, lord Beauchamp, the said Elizabeth's father, who was the eldest son of her said grandfather v. Thomas Gape, esq, since deceased; The Honorable Conyers Darcy, esq, & the Lady Frances, countess of Southampton his wife; Charles, lord Clifford, & the Lady Jane his wife since also deceased; Charles, lord Maidstone, an infant; Thomas Thynne; and William Gregory, esqs, executors of Frances, duchess of Somerset; and John Pleydall, esq C78/1595, no. 10 [122]
1681 12 July 33 Christopher Shaw; Dorothy Shawe; and Richard Shawe an infant by Anne Shawe his mother v Ralph Evans executor of Margaret Shaw late of London, widow Charitable legacies to poor of Highgate, Middx, payable from personal estate. C78/1050, no. 6 [123]
1681 12 July 33 Sir Francis North, knight, CJCP v. Arthur Champernowne; Alice Champernowne; Elizabeth Way, widow; Honor Trenhale; Alice Trenhale; George Trenhayle, sons and daughters of said Honor Trenhayle the elder; Humphrey Williams the elder & Dorothy his wife; John Williams; Thomas Docton the younger; Phillipp Docton; Bridget Docton the younger; Alice Docton, children of said Thomas Docton the elder; Lewes Incledon, esq; Thomas Gifford; Anthony Coren & Elizabeth his wife C78/974, no. 8 [124]
1681 12 July 33 William How; and John How, gent, infants, by Henry Lee of Da__ St John, Kent v. Dame Elizabeth How, widow C78/976, no. 3 [125]
1681 12 July 33 Thomas Turner of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; and Thomas Papillon of London, merchant v. John Boys of Fredvill, Kent, esq; and Nicholas Boys, his son and heir apparent C78/1044, no. 15 [126]
1681 12 July 33 Sir William Gregory, knight, one of the Barons of the Exchequer; and Sir Thomas Thynn, baronet & the Lady Frances his wife, one of the daughters of the Heneage, earl of Winchelsea, by said Mary Hide, one of the daughters of Frances, late duchess of Somerset v. Heneage, earl of Winchelsea; and Conyers, lord Conyers; Charles, lord Clifford; Charles Boyle; Thomas, lord Brace & the Lady Elizabeth Brace his lady; Charles, lord Maidstone; Heneage Finch; Thomas Finch; Leopald Finch; Lesley Finch; Lany Jane Finch; and Marianne Finch C78/1084, no. 2 [127]
1681 13 July 33 William Clark v. John Joanes; Samuel Bayly; Russell Alsop; Samuel Holford; Samuel Heed; and Thomas Alcocke the younger C78/1712, no. 3 [128]
1681 13 July 33 Sir James Graham, knight & Dame Isabella his wife; Standish Hartscougne, esq & Anne his wife; and Jane Toxtech, widow, sisters and coheirs of Sir Thomas Bramhall, son and heir of John Bramhall, late lord primate of Ireland, who was brother and heir of William Bramhall, gent v. John Fenn & Katharine his wife; Dame Margaret Ayloffe; and others (sic) C78/892, no. 2 [129]
1681 19 July 33 Christian Martyn, widow v. Thomas Edgar; Theophilus Hooke; Edward Steynor; and Sir Francis Wimington, knight C78/1097, no. 2 [130]
1681 17 Oct 33 Katherine, lady Grey of Warke, dowager, the relict and executrix of Ralph, lord Grey of Warke, who was the executor of William, lord Grey of Warke v. William Armorer Refs previous decree of 15 May 31 Chas II. Rents due at the death of William, Lord Grey & Lord Ralph [Grey], for Ditchant[Detchant] Towne & demesne, Balmburrow tythes, Belford tythes, Middleton tythes, Ditchant Colliery & Chilcroft lands [Northumberland] C78/1608, no. 5 [131]
1681 22 Oct 33 William Webb of London esq v. Margaret Jefferson widow; Anthony Jefferson her son; John Crooke; and Cuthbert Hendry Mortgage of a messuage in Flesher Street, Durham, formerly 3 burgages and formerly the dwelling house of Hugh Walton, Alderman & after of Henry Rowell C79/91, no. [132]
1681 24 Oct 33 James Budd and Penelope his wife one of the daughters of Thomas Peirson decd; Samuel Peirson, Deborah Peirson, & Dorcas Peirson 3 of the younger children of the said Thomas Peirson infants v Henry Gibbs since decd and Elizabeth his wife; George Aldrich & margaret his wife; Henry Rence & Elizabeth his wife one other of the daughters of the said Thomas Peirson; Humphrey Humfreys; John Fletcher; Thomas Fletcher; and Edward Barrington Profits and legacies payable from trust settlement of lands at Bromley, Kent. C78/1010, no. 13 [133]
1681 24 Oct 33 John Fowler & Mary his wife v. Thomas Baylis C78/891, no. 6 [134]
1681 4 Nov 33 Frances Preston widow, sister of Barnaby Wartnaby decd; William Smith the elder; Barnaby Smith; William Smith the younger; John Withers and Elizabeth his wife; Francis Turner and Margaret his wife; Roger Smith; John Thornton; Elizabeth Gosse; Anne Barnes; Watnaby Barnes; William Simpson and Mary his wife; Hugh Barnett and Hester his wife; Alice Goodwin, widow; Joane Thorneton, widow; Henry Hawksworth and Rebecca his wife; and William Mathews kinfolk and legatees of the said Barnaby Wartnaby decd v. William Hall and Thomas Gretton executors of the said Barnaby Wartnaby Will of Barnaby Wartnaby [blacksmith of Nottingham], lands in Notts. C78/1410, no. 4 [135]
1681 7 Nov 33 Elizabeth Smith widow the relict of John Smith late of St Giles without the walls, Middx, esq v. Benjamin Hinton of London goldsmith C79/45, no. [136]
1681 8 Nov 33 John Holmes v. Oliver Westland C78/1069, no. 3 [137]
1681 10 Nov 33 Thomas Washer, gent & Katherine his wife, one of the daughters of Sir Robert Bolles, baronet; and Thomas Agar, esq & Mary his wife, one other of the daughters of said Sir Robert Bolles v. Sir John Bolles, baronet; John Hatcher, since deceased; George Pelham, esq; George Antrobus & Anne his wife; Thomas Wandall; Jeremy Forman; and John Tayloe C78/1163, no. 1 [138]
1681 15 Nov 33 William Adderly of Lincolns Inn, esq v. Anthony, earl of Shaftesbury C78/976, no. 12 [139]
1681 18 Nov 33 Edward Gray v. Samuel Sowton; and Edmund Dickson C78/903, no. 2 [140]
1681 19 Nov 33 William Leggatt v. Thomas Burrowe C78/884, no. 8 [141]
1681 21 Nov 33 Thomas Jarvis of the City of London, merchant and Elizabeth his wife, late daughter of Edward Duke decd v Sir John Duke, executor of his father the said Sir Edward Duke Legacies payable from personal estate of Sir Edward Duke C78/1050, no. 9 [142]
1681 21 Nov 33 William Fielder, son and heir of William Fielder v. Margery Fielder, widow; Judith Cole, widow; John Cole; Mary Fielder; Edward Fielder; Elizabeth Fielder; Anne Fielder; John Fielder; and Thomas Fielder; George Fielder; Dorothy Fielder; Jane Fielder; and Margery Fielder, infants by said Margery Fielder their mother and guardian C78/1712, no. 2 [143]
1681 21 Nov 33 Stuart Walburg Howard, infant by William, lord Paston her mother, guardian v. Edward Progers, esq C78/881, no. 4 [144]
1681 22 Nov 33 Charles Woolly v Robert Neve and Sarah his wife; Alice Ward; and James Ward Mortgage of Ashby Grange, Dorset. C78/915, no. 10 [145]
1681 22 Nov 33 Robert Jordan, gent v. Richard Nevill, esq; Frances Nevill, an infant, by her guardian; William Miller; and the Governors and Company of the New River Water brought from Chadwell and Amwell to London C78/1114, no. 5 [146]
1681 23 Nov 33 Edward, lord Ingram, viscount Irwyn, Scotland, an infant, by Sir Henry Stapleton, baronet, since deceased; and Henry Slingsby, esq; and George Townesend, esq, his guardians; and said Sir Henry Stapleton; Henry Slingsby; and George Townesend v. Sir William Lowther, knight; and William Lowther, esq, son and heir apparent of the said Sir William Lowther C78/1022, no. 3 [147]
1681 24 Nov 33 Roger Turner gentleman and John Moore gentleman since deceased v. Jasper Webb; Thomas Webb clerk; and Isabell Webb C78/2034, no. 16 [148]
1681 24 Nov 33 Tymothy Pakeman of London, merchant v. John Sharpe; and Thomas Pakeman C78/1601, no. 5 [149]
1681 24 Nov 33 Thomas Hillesden, esq, & Mary his wife; Joseph Dawson, jr, & Susan his wife; and Elizabeth Martha; and Henry Foorth, Vane, esq; and James Tillie, gent C78/818, no. 10 [150]
1681 25 Nov 33 James Hoople of Rinmore [Ringmore], Devon, yeoman, church warden of Rinmore [Ringmore]for himself and the other inhabitants of the parish v. William Elliott; and George Reynell, clerk P.S. C78/976, no. 11 [151]
1681 26 Nov 33 Durant Alsopp v. Richard Handley & Sarah his wife; Batholomew Wood & Mary his wife; and Robert Cooke an infant Durant Alsopp decd. Trust settlement of messuages in Clarbrough, Heaton [Hayton] and Tilne [Tiln in Hayton par.], Notts. C78/1410, no. 6 [152]
1681 28 Nov 33 Thomas Hamond v. Elizabeth Bridgwater relict & executrix of Benjamin Bridgwater decd Debts of the defts decd husband to the complt C78/1302, no. 6 [153]
1681 29 Nov 33 Robert lord Brookes; John Brownlowe baronet; Henry Hunlocke baronet; Thomas Robinson esq; and Thomas Rook gentleman on behalf of themselves and other creditors of Sir Anthony Cope baronet v. John Cope baronet; Sirt Francis Fane knight of the Bath; Sir Thomas Chamberlaine baronet; Sir Edmond Bray knight; Richard Allestree doctor in divinity; William Thursby esq; William Gamock esq; John Draper gentleman; and others (sic) C79/38, no. [154]
1681 30 Nov 33 Jaen Anthonie de la Grene and Katherine his wife; and Charles Pegge v. James Bagnall; Charles Rogers; Edward Pegge; Elizabeth Pegge, widow; and Frances Pegge an infant Trust settlement of the manor of Kniveton, Derbs by Thomas Pegge late father of the plts Katherine & Charles and the deft Frances, and late husband of the deft Elizabeth. C78/1410, no. 5 [155]
1681 30 Nov 33 Thomas Hesilrige, baronet, son and heir of Thomas Hesilrige, baronet; Arabella Hesilrige; Diana Hesilrige; and Dorothy Hesilrige, daughters of said Thomas Hesilrige, baronet, infants, by John Horton; and Henry Gilford, their guardian v. Richard Salway, esq; Robert Leeves, clerk; William Skeffington; William Whalley; and Robert Hesilrige, esq C78/1017, no. 11 [156]
1681 3 Dec 33 Susanna Harman of London, spinster, sole daughter and heir of Edward Harman decd, and infant by Thomas Martin v Phillip Bromfield Mortgage to Edward Harman by John Sanderson & Sarah his wife of seven messuages called the Three Cupps & Three Cupp Alley in Shoreditch, Middx. C78/1395, no. 1 [157]
1681 6 Dec 33 Francis Wilkinson of London, gent v. Anne Wilkinson, widow C78/976, no. 5 [158]
1681 7 Dec 33 John Walwyn, clerk v. Roger Bird, clerk; John Rea; Rachell Walwyn; and Jane Walwyn C78/983, no. - [159]
1681 8 Dec. 33 Edmund Roberts of Canterbury one of the sons of Sir John Roberts v Elizabeth Roberts, widow; John Sympson and Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Roberts; Anthony Horsemonden; William Turner; John Turner; and Bryan Turner Title to and jointure from alleged gavelkind lands-at Filling, Alkham, Lydden, Ivechurch Appledore, Canterbury, Chistlett, Sea Salter and Sandwich, Kent. C78/1050, no. 5 [160]
1681 8 Dec 33 Francis Moore, & Martha his wife; John Moore; and Thomas Ward, & Sarah his wife v. Tobias Vanhulst; and John Genew C78/801, no. 9 [161]
1681 10 Dec 33 Elizabeth Potts, only daughter of Sir John Potts, baronet v. Sir Roger Potts, baronet C78/985, no. 12 [162]
1681 13 Dec 33 Elizabeth Spencer, spinster v. Sir Henry Heron of Cressy Hall [in Gosberton par.], Lincs, Knight of the Bath C78/1059, no. 4 [163]
1681 13 Dec 33 Alice Smith, widow and executrix of Joseph Smith, gent v. William Avery; Alice James, widow, administratrix of John James; Edward Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Martha, Mary, and George Smith, infants, by said Elizabeth their sister and guardian C78/1114, no. 2 [164]
1681 13 Dec 33 Henry Nickells & Margaret his wife; and William Nickells, son of said Henry and Margaret, a minor, by said Henry Nickells, his guardian; and Mary Leadley, widow, relict of Roger Leadley v. George Norton; John Ullithorne; Francis Barrab; and Thomas Bendlowes, gent C78/1148, no. 8 [165]
1681 15 Dec 33 John Coell, knight, one of the masters of Chancery; and Thomas Syday v. Dame Elizabeth Steward C78/976, no. 4 [166]
1681 17 Dec 33 Charles Bickley; Elizabeth Bickley; Mary Bickley; Jane Bickley; and Amye Bickley, infants, by Mary Bickley, widow their mother and guardian v. Sir Jonathan Keate, baronet; and Sir Francis Bickley, baronet C78/1022, no. 4 [167]
1681 20 Dec 33 Ann Marlar and Mary Marlar infants (Ann being about 6 years old and Mary being about 3 year old) by John Marlar citizen and blacksmith of London their father and guardian v. William Loggan of the parish of St Margaret, Westminster gentleman C79/191, no. [168]