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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1679 31 C78/, no. []
1679 9 Jan 30 Thomas Butler, gent & Katherine his wife; Mary Weekes, an infant, by Alexandere Weekes, gent, her father and guardian; Nicholas Hancocke & Mary his wife; and Jane Long, widow v. Thomas Heddington; Elizabeth (Hiskins?); Hugh Frey & Anne his wife; William Gillet & Dorothy his wife; Edward Standish & Mary his wife; Fredericke Sagitary; Willliam Wake; and Willliam Okeden of Moone Critchill [Moor Crichel], Dorset, esq C78/1057, no. 11 [2]
1679 9 Jan 31 Thomas Trotman v. Richard Baldwin C78/1097, no. 13 [3]
1679 11 Jan 30 Martha Winchombe widow, Benedict Winchombe, Frances Winchombe, Martha Winchombe, Henry and Edmund Winchombe v Seymour Bowman, William Blount, William Gawen and John Winchombe Proving of the will of John Winchombe the elder decd, and sale of portions of the estate of to pay his debts and provide portions for his younger children. Manors of Henwick and Frambrow [?Farnborough], Berkshire. C78/1336, no. 8 [4]
1679 14 Jan 30 Richard Lebas, esq & Kiffiana his wife; Margaret Lebas; Charlotte Lebas; and Charles Samborne Lebas, children of said Richard Lebas by said Richard Lebas their father v. Lewis Lewis, esq; Richard Gosfright; Francis Gosfright; and Margaret Samborne C78/903, no. 5 [5]
1679 15 Jan 30 Paptist Pigott and Edward Pigott v. Elizabeth Nowers administratrix of Daniell Nowers her late husband; Barbara Sumner; Richard Darby; George Gwer; William Hester; Samuell Thornebury; Robert Trinckett; Thomas Girdler; and Richard Saunders C79/182, no. [6]
1679 15 Jan 30 Richard English v. Randolph Poulson C78/997, no. 7 [7]
1679 16 Jan. 30 John Crowley eldest son & heir of Henry Crowley v John Niccolls; William Crowley, the complts uncle and others (not named). Tithes to messuage in South Mimms, Middx. C78/1221, no. 11 [8]
1679 16 Jan 30 Joseph Jackson & Judith his wife; Elizabeth Preddy; and Anne Preddy v. Humfery Ambler; Thomas Cox; and Elizabeth Southerton C78/1097, no. 10 [9]
1679 23 Jan 30 Sir James Langham, knight and baronet; Sir William Langham; and Sir Stephen Langham, knight, executors of Sir John Langham of Cottesbrooke, Northt, knight and baronet v. Sir John Bunce, baronet; and Fabian Phillips, esq C78/1729, no. 9 [10]
1679 24 Jan 30 Richard Prowd v. Stephen Binzard; Thomas Fardoe; Edmund Lee; Thomas Robinson; and Robert Jones C78/903, no. 7 [11]
1679 25 Jan 30 Robert Almond; Thomas Finch & Mary his wife; George Wilson & Jane his wife; and Abell Leyer & Margaret his wife, being the only son and all three daughters of Robert Almond v. Robert Davy; Walter Jones; and others (sic) C78/984, no. 9 [12]
1679 25 Jan 30 William Smallwood v. Edward Davies C78/1471, no. 5 [13]
1679 25 Jan 30 Stephen Piercy of Duning, Berks, bricklayer v. William Speed C78/1181, no. 3 [14]
1679 27 Jan 30 Francis Brierwood, administrator of Martha Brierwood his late wife; William Ashton & Deborah his wife; Lidia Greaves; and Briget Greaves; Elizabeth Greaves; and Katherarine Greaves, infants by Henry Gibbs, gent & Elizabeth his wife, their guardians v. John Parker, esq, serjeant at law; Nicholas Martyn, esq; Elizabeth Morgan, executrix of William Morgan now the wife of John Slaughter, gent; and William Bleverhasset, gent C78/906, no. 4 [15]
1679 29 Jan 31 Thomas Cotton, esq v. Katherine Cotton, widow; Richard Bures, gent; John Mathewes; and John Lench, esq; Thomas Withers, gent; and Dame Elizabeth Lowther, widow C78/884, no. 1 [16]
1679 31 Jan 31 Valentine Archer and Mary his wife, the only child & heiress of Francis Butterfield late of London, distiller, who was the only son & heir of Francis Butterfield late of Hillingdon, Middx, yeoman v William Hill an infant, son & heir of William Hill late citizen & vintner of London decd and others (not named) Mortgage of copyhold lands in Hayes, Middx C78/860, no. 2 [17]
1679 31 Jan 31 Henry Hickman the elder; Henry Hickman the younger & Anne his wife; Nathaniel Hickman & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Cooke & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Rushall & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Thorneton & Margaret his wife; Samuel Rushall; Allice Hickman, widow; and Elizabeth Hedge, widow v. John Thorneton, esq C78/977, no. 6 [18]
1679 3 Feb 31 William Strode esq v. Edward Strode, esq C78/2024, no. 5 [19]
1679 3 Feb 31 Joseph Bridges v. Joane Bridges, widow; John White & Mary his wife; Edward Westwood & Judith his wife C78/906, no. 1 [20]
1679 3 Feb 31 Joseph Bridges v. Joane Bridge, widow; John White & Mary his wife; Edward Westwood & Judith his wife C78/906, no. 5 [21]
1679 4 Feb 31 Robert Adams & Anne his wife; Lidia Ward; William Shelton the elder; George Cox; William Shelton the younger; Thomas Wright; William Wright; Richard Harvey & Elizabeth his wife v. John Little; Richard Bridges & Mary his wife; John Tisser; Edward Hayes; William Willus; Joseph Willus; and Elizabeth Stubble (?) C79/121, no. [22]
1679 4 Feb 31 John Canning v. Anne Mason widow and executrix of Thomas Mason; John Bent; Roger Broad; Peter Booker & Anne his wife C78/2040, no. 27 [23]
1679 6 Feb 31 William Okeden of Moore Critchill, Dorset, esq v. John Hind of Cornehill, London, goldsmith C78/1057, no. 12 [24]
1679 7 Feb 31 Francis Millington of London, esq; and John Millington of Newick, Sussex, esq v. Mary St Lowe of St Dunstans in the East, London, widow; and Charles Porter of the Middle Temple, London, esq C78/1164, no. 2 [25]
1679 10 Feb 31 Mary Pettiward, widow & executrix of Roger Pettiward decd who was the executor of John Pettiward v Jeremiah White and George Underwood Debts and bonds owed to estate of John Pettiward. C78/1221, no. 1 [26]
1679 10 Feb 31 Francis Jaggard; and Mathew Garrard v. Habbakuk Layman; Samuel Barker; Samuel Dowfulg; and John White an infant C78/1727, no. 1 [27]
1679 11 Feb 31 Dorothy Bradshaw, relict of Peter Bradshaw of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; and Mary Bradshaw, daughter and heir of said Peter Bradshaw, an infant of about 13 years, by Dorothy her mother, and guardians, said Dorothy and Mary being also executrices of said Peter Bradshaw v. Sir Robert Gayer, Knight of the Bath; Sir Thomas Doleman, knight; Dame Elizabeth Rich, widow; Thomas Browne, gent; and Jeremiah Rawsterne and others (sic) C78/1164, no. 1 [28]
1679 12 Feb 31 Richard Kilvington & Mary his wife executrix of Thomas Gardner the elder; Moses Wilbore & Alice his wife only daugher and heir of Thomas Gardner the younger v. John Gardner C79/95, no. [29]
1679 12 Feb 31 Stephen Humfrey, gent; Anne Humfrey; and John Humfrey, infants by said Stephen Humfrey their guardian, which said Stephen, Anne, and John Humfrey were children of Stephen Humfrey the elder, who was the brother of John Humfrey, deceased v. Francis Hill; Benjamin Strange; and Stephen Humfrey C78/1280, no. 1 [30]
1679 13 Feb 31 Angell Harrington; Elizabeth Harrington; and Mary Harrington, spinsters, the three daughters and coheirs of William Harrington, infants, by Angell Hampton, widow, their mother and guardian v. John Bagshaw & Frances his wife, executrix of Anne Evelyn C78/973, no. 6 [31]
1679 15 Feb 31 Walter Tucker v. Richard Ball Badly worn, names supplied from finding aid. C78/1414, no. 26 [32]
1679 15 Feb 31 Benjamin Hyett, gent v. Maurice Phillips C78/892, no. 7 [33]
1679 15 Feb 31 William Baker, clerk & Dorothy his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas Brudnall, esq v. John Agard; and Thomas Ormogen C78/881, no. 1 [34]
1679 21 Feb 31 Mary Osborne; Sarah Osborne; Elizabeth Osborne; and William Osborne infants by William Osborne their father and guardian; and William Orme; Thomas Orme; and Sarah Orme; Elizabeth Orme; and John Orme also infants by Edward Orme their father and guardian v. John Dolphin and Robert Silvester executors of William Heath; George Stubbs & Jane his wife; John Dolphin; Anne Dolphin; William Dolphin; Sarah Dolphin; Damaris Dolphin; Elizabeth Dolphin; Thomas Dolphin; Richard Dolphin; and George Dolphin infants by John Dolphin their father and guardian; Robert Silvester; Mary Silvester; and James Silvester infants by Robert Silvester their father and guardian; John Milner; Elizabeth Morris; and Ann Birch C78/2037, no. 11 [35]
1679 24 Feb 31 Sarah Porter, spinster v. Gilbert Norton; Katherine Copley; and William Copley C78/1231, no. 3 [36]
1679 25 Feb 31 Richard Farley, gent v. Mary Wheake, widow C78/1104, no. 9 [37]
1679 26 Feb 31 Sir William Doyley, knight; and Sir Henry Poole, baronet v. Dame Anne Poole, widow; Anne, countess dowager of Newburgh; Charles, earl of Newburgh; and James Levinston, infant, by said Dame Anne their mother and guardian C78/1097, no. 12 [38]
1679 27 Feb 31 Joane Markes widow v. John Stevens; George Moody; William Smith & Margaret his wife executrix of William Fryer her former husband; John Browne; and John Merewether C79/182, no. [39]
1679 27 Feb 31 Susan Marlow, widow and relict of Richard Marlow v. John Maxie; and Thomas Chaplin, executors of said Richard Marlow; William Marlow; and Richard Marlow; Joseph Beomond, doctor in divinity; Henry Parker, esq; and John Lambe, gent C78/876, no. 10 [40]
1679 28 Feb 31 son of earl of Atholl v. William, earl of Derby C79/197, no. [41]
1679 1 March 31 The Warden and Poor People of Parson Lathams Hospital in Barnewell, Northt v. Sir Thomas Stittier, knight; William Dickenson, esq; Edward Tasker; Thomas Bretton; Thomas Bray; John Greene; Jeremiah Berrill; Mary Allen; and others (sic) C78/1727, no. 2 [42]
1679 1 March 31 John Temple, esq v. Abraham Clarke; Edmond Colvile; and Thomas Busfield C78/984, no. [43]
1679 1 March 31 Peter Sponer; Thomas Teasdale; John Pycroft; William Chittleburgh; Robert Tompson; Samuel Faucett otherwise Fassett; William Parker; Mary Gooth; and Hester Bullocke, widow; Robert Wales; John Crane; Arthur Athill alias Ashill; Hercules Foster; Anthony Browne & Susann his wife; Henry Prudence; Henry Andrewes; Robert Mollett; Thomas Smith; Robert White; Sarah Wyatt; Leonard Sotherton; ___ Morrell, widow; Peter Scrivener; William Meadowe; Peter Chandler; Robert Bate; Thomas Allen; ___ Mickleburgh, widow; John Rose; Thomas Bell; Robert Money; John Seamans, creditors of William Johnson, gent, deceased; William Brightmeere; Mary Mollett; and Priscilla Rake, legatees of said William Johnson v. William Massey the elder, deceased; William Massey the younger; Robert Tachburne & Anne his wife; Mary Allington; Giles Allington; Hester Preston; Thomas Willson; John Halle; and others (sic) C78/984, no. 9 [44]
1679 2 March 31 Robert Merefield, grandson & heir of Robert Merefield by George Gough & Robert Johnson, executors of the said Robert Merefield decd v Agnes Ilett, George Ilet by the said Agnes his mother, William Witheman and Mary Macey Estate of the late John Ilett - land at Whitelackington, Somerset. Mortgages and bonds for debt. C78/865, no. 9 [45]
1679 18 March 31 Edward Billingsley, esq; and Anne Billingsley, daughter of said Edward, an infant, by said Edward v. Barbara Sharpe, widow, elict, and executrix of John Sharpe, gent C78/1608, no. 4 [46]
1679 24 March 31 Nathaniel Wall of Bulls Crosse, Middx, gent v. Thomas Buckler; Elizabeth Wall; and Anne Wall; and Katherine Wall, infants C78/1086, no. 8 [47]
1679 29 March 31 John Morley an infant by his guardian v. William Morley C78/899, no. 8 [48]
1679 (bill) 24 April 31 George Holworthy; Rebecca Holworthy; John Holworthy; and Anne Holworthy the surviving children of Richard Holworthy late of London merchant & Mary his wife; the said John Holworthy and Anne Holworthy being infants by the Honorable John Strode esq their guardian v. Dame Susan Holworthy; Henry Henley esq; and Sir Nicholas Strode knight C79/9, no. [49]. See also a version vacated and incomplete:[50]
1679 29 April 31 Margaret Risley, the relict of Thomas Risley of Chelwood, Bucks, esq; and Thomas Risley, gent, their son v. John Risley, esq; Sir Ralph Verney, knight and baronet; Edmund Verney, esq; and George Woodward, gent C78/1179, no. 8 [51]
1679 12 May 31 Edward Gay v. Robert Greene and Amy Bussey C78/1893, no. 7 [52]
1679 12 May 31 Hadsley Greene, an infant, by John Greene v. Edmond Easterford, gent & Rebecca his wife; Edward Taverner; John Bright; Robert Hhadsley; Henry Glascock; William Turner; and Sarah Turner his wife C78/1163, no. 6 [53]
1679 13 May 31 Bartholomew Crane & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Jervase Came v. John Seaver C78/899, no. 7 [54]
1679 15 May 31 Katherine, lady Grey of Warke, dowager, the relict and executrix of Ralph, lord Grey of Warke, who was executor of William, lord Grey of Warke v. William Armorer Rents & arrers due from the deft on the complts jointure, lands in Chillcroft, tithes of Belford & Middleton, all Northumberland. C78/1607, no. 13 [55]
1679 16 May 31 John Weekes the younger of Shaftesbury, Dorset v. Luke Weekes, gent; William Mayo, gent; and John Weekes the elder, gent C78/997, no. 4 [56]
1679 16 May 31 Clare Griffith, widow, administratrix of William Griffith v. Thomas Baskervile, esq & Frances his wife; and William Suffield, gent C78/1097, no. 11 [57]
1679 17 May 31 George Osborne gentleman v. Richard West C79/95, no. [58]
1679 21 May 31 Ruth Courtis; and Joane Courtis, spinsters v. Mary Skinner, widow; John Skinner; Francis Pabsley; and others (not named) C78/973, no. 7 [59]
1679 23 May 31 Joseph Lloyd of London adminitrator of Edward Langton late of London mercer during the minority of Sarah Langton daughter of the said Edward a mnor about the age of 17 years with the will annexed and by Margaret Langton late administratrix of said Edward Langton at the time of his death with the testament annexed left unadministered v. Martha Claxton widow C78/2069, no. 16 [60]
1679 24 May 31 William Dorrell and Elizabeth his wife v Valentine Lane. Sale of parsonage close in Monks Risborough, Bucks C78/1229, no. 8 [61]
1679 24 May 31 The Portreeves and Burgesses of the Town of Chard, Somerset and the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor there and William Bragg v. Richard Opie C78/1295, no. 2 [62]
1679 26 May 31 John Still of Shaftesbury, Dorset, esq, son and heir and also executor of John Still, esq v. John Beaton, & Mary his wife of Yeovill, Som; Christopher Pawlett, & Mary his wife of Shilling Okeford, Dorset; and William Strode of Charleton Adam, Som, gent C78/1727, no. 4 [63]
1679 28 May 31 Charles Knottisford, esq; Dame Frances Sandis, widow; Richard Ligon, esq; John Savage, gent; Francis Dearecroft; Edmund Coucher, gent & Anne his wife; Thomas Browne & Elizabeth his wife v. John Bearecroft the elder, esq; John Bearecroft the younger, gent; Thomas Watson the elder, gent; Thomas Watson the younger, gent; and The Dean and chapter of Worcester C78/892, no. 9 [64]
1679 29 May 31 Dame Anne Hale, widow and relict of Sir Mathew Hale knight late lord Chief Justice of King's Bench; Mary Adderley; Anne Adderley; Susan Aderley; and Edward Adderley the younger children of Edward Adderley, esq and of Mary his wife one of the daughters of said Sir Mathew Hale knight and now wife of Edward Stephens gentleman infants by the said Dane Anne Hale guardian; Robert Gibbon esq; and Nicholas Heskins v. Sir Gabriel Lowe knight; Andrew Barker esq; Edward Stephens & Mary his wife; Andrew Pinnell; Mathew Hale grandchild and heir of said Sir Mathew Hale knight; Gabriel Hale his brother; Ann Hale; Mary Hale; and Frances Hale their sisters; and Thomas Adderley eldest son of said Edward Adderley esq C78/2024, no. 6 [65]
1679 30 May 31 Anthony Sturt of London, merchant v. Richard Dawson of London, carpenter C78/1727, no. 5 [66]
1679 30 May 31 John Creed; Henry Ashurst; Peter Ducane; John Chuse; Anne giver; Thomas Atwood; Roger Newhaus; John Lanknell; Anthony Groven; Robert Cuthbert; Jacob Jacobson; Francis Tiffen; Theodore Gunter; Mary Burington; Joseph Fenn; Jons Bateman; William Vaughan; George Hawles; Elizabeth Garveys; Anne Box; Anthony Rawlins; John Higgens; Alice Nicholls; and William nicholls, executors of Caleb Nicholls; Margaret Haynes, executrix of Richard Haynes; Francis Neve, executor of Peter Wright; Christopher Yates & Mary his wife, executrix of Anthony Buggin; Elizabeth Stobart, executrix of William Stobart; Dame Katherine, lady dowager Grey, executrix of William, lord Grey, who was executor of Thomas Grey, esq his son (as by the probate under seal of the respective will of the said several testators then ready to be produced by the said complainants their respective executors might appear) v. John Lindsey & Dorothy his wife, relict, and administratrix of John Colvile; Josiah Colvile, son and heir of said John Colvile; William Colvile, brother of said John Colvile; William Browne; John Wise; Thomas Morris; and Henry Saunders, trustees of said John Colvile C78/871, no. 1 [67]
1679 31 May 31 Henry Orange v Richard Stratfold; Samuel Grange; Henry Wells; and Nicholas Grange Discharge of trust settlement of lands in Aston Clynton, Bucks. C78/1229, no. 7 [68]
1679 31 May 31 Joseph Huddleston, gentleman v. James Burton; William Dent; John Dent his son; and John Mann Sale of a messuage and 2 shops in Newcastle [?upon Tyne], the mortgage for which had not been redeemed. C78/1893, no. 6 [69]
1679 31 May 31 Dame Elizabeth Penniston, widow, the relict and executrix of Sir Thomas Penniston of Cornewell, Oxon, baronet v. Sir Fairmeadow Penniston, baronet; James Astrey, gent; Charles Penniston; Henry Anthony Penniston; Fettiplace Osbaldeston Penniston; Ralph Penniston; Francis Penniston; Popia Penniston; Leticia Penniston; and Cornelia Philarista Maria Penniston C78/1231, no. 1 [70]
1679 3 June 31 John Thorne, & Elizabeth his wife v. George Elkin C78/801, no. 15 [71]
1679 3 June 31 Sir Richard Wiseman, knight & Dame Mary his wife; and Richard March of London, merchant v. Thomas Roberts; and Robert Lovett, esqs C78/951, no. 2 [72]
1679 4 June 31 Christopher Joyner; Thomas Joyner; William Joyner; Elizabeth Joyner; and Katherine Joyner, sons and daughters of Christopher Joyner, infants by Thomas Joyner their uncle and guardian v. Elizabeth Petta, spinster C78/1727, no. 3 [73]
1679 7 June 31 Henry Walrond; and Thomas Jenings, esqs v. Sir Harbottell Grimston, baronet; Samuel Grimston, esq; George Lowe, esq; Dame Elizabeth Howe; and Sir James Howe, baronet C78/899, no. 6 [74]
1679 7 June 31 Daniel Richards v. Sir Gilbert Lort, baronet, an infant, by Dame Susanna Lort, his mother and guardian C78/1104, no. 10 [75]
1679 17 June 31 John Duncombe v James Lowe and Elizabeth his wife; Francis Howse; and Mary Lowe, Elizabeth Lowe, Raynes Lowe, Anne Lowe, James Lowe, Margaret Lowe, Francis Lowe, Anthony Lowe and Martha Lowe, infants Trust and mortgage of the manor house and lordship of Clifton (No County given). C78/1229, no. 6 [76]
1679 18 June 31 Dame Katherine Pym, widow, relict of Sir Charles Pym, knight and baronet; Sir Gilbert Gerard, knight; Tristram Conyers, serjeant at law; Peregrine Palmer; and James Stedman, esqs, all of them being executors of Sir Charles Pym; and Sir Haswell Tynte, baronet v. Sir Charles Pym, baronet, an infant, son and heir of said Sir Charles Pym; Richard Gay, esq; and Martha Gay, widow C78/1598, no. 10 [77]
1679 19 June 31 Elizabeth Hickman of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, widow, relict, and surviving coexecutrix of William Hickman, gentleman, her late husband v. Elizabeth Hickman an infant; Henry Clifton; and William Bowell, gentleman C78/2040, no. 25 [78]
1679 20 June 31 Elizabeth Hugley of Edmonton, Middx, widow and relict of John Hugley, esq v. Sir William Beecher, knight; and Thomas Hillerseene, esq; Sir Nicholas Pelham, knight, & Dame Jane his wife; Elizabeth Hugley, widow and relict of James Hugley; and Robert Cressit, esq, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1602, no. 6 [79]
1679 20 June 31 Sir Francis North, knight, CJCP v. Charles Mordant the elder, esq; Charles Mordant the younger, gent; Henry Mordant; John Mordant; Mary Mordant; The Honorable John North, doctor in divinity; Roger North, esq; and Robert North esq C78/973, no. 3 [80]
1679 23 June 31 William Williams administrator of Elizabeth Williams his daughter; Francis Pearcy an infant by Robert Pearcy his father; Frances Mitchell an infant by William Mitchell her father; and Parnell Mitchell & Elizabeth Mitchell both infants by Ralph Mitchell their father v William Speed. Legacies payable from unspecified estate of Francis Mitchell C78/1229, no. 5 [81]
1679 23 June 31 William Sutton of London, gent, executor of Joane Sutton of Shernehorne in the parish of Bayton, Worcs, spinster v. William Sutton & Katherine his wife; Thomas Bird & Anne his wife; William Maberry & Susan his wife; Edward Crow the elder; Thomas Sutton, clerk; Susan Sutton; and Sarah Sutton C78/1269, no. 1 [82]
1679 25 June 31 Mary Leminge, widow; George Warman, gent; John Rawlingson & Mary his wife; and Margaret Warman, spinsterv. William Heath; Elizabeth Pratt, widow; William Pratt, gent; and Aldred Seaman the elder, gent C78/899, no. 5 [83]
1679 25 June 31 Sir Robert Wiseman, knight, doctor of the civil law; and Allington Painter, esq v. Margaret Harfleete, widow; and George Newman, esq C78/1075, no. 4 [84]
1679 26 June 31 Thomas Cave and Elizabeth Cave children of John Cave by Elizabeth his late wife infants by Leonard Roades v. John Bonner and the said Elizabeth and Rebecca Champney widow C78/2040, no. 26 [85]
1679 28 June 31 Richard Clarke; Joseph Clarke; and Henry Weare gentlemen v. James Cadell and Mary Cadell C78/2024, no. 7 [86]
1679 28 June 31 Edmund Thomas, an infant of about 5 years, son and heir of William Thomas, es, who was son and heir of Edmund Thomas, esq, by Thomas Wharton, esq, son and heir apparent of Phillip, lord Wharton v. Mary Thomas, widow and relict of said William Thomas the complainant's father C78/1602, no. 7 [87]
1679 28 June 31 Gilbert Bourne v. Sir Harswell Tynt; Henry Bull; George Musgrave; Helena Bourne, widow; and Florence Bourne C78/1295, no. 5 [88]
1679 30 June 31 Edward Manwaring of Whitmore, Staffs, esq v. Sir Michael Heneage knight; Sir Edward Abney, knight; Thomas Lyddall esq; and Anne Manwaring; and Elizabeth Manwaring infants daughters of said complainant by Elizabeth his said deceased wife sister of said Sir Michael Heneage C78/2040, no. 21 [89]
1679 30 June 31 Thomas Browne esq & Martha his wife daughter heir and administratrix of Thomas Gooch the elder with the will annexed; Anne Browne; and Phillippa Browne daughters of said Thomas Browne & Martha his wife grandchildren of said Thomas Gooch, the said Anne and Phillippa being infants by Thomas Browne their father v. Thomas Gooch; Leonard Gooch; and Phillip Gooch C78/1893, no. 5 [90]
1679 30 June 31 Edward Dod the elder, administrator of John Draper v. Gawin Turner, & Anne his wife; and Elizabeth Evans C78/1727, no. 6 [91]
1679 1 July 31 Dorothy Rice of Newton, Carm, widow v. Thomas Mansell; Thomas Lewis; Griffith Rice; Henry Rice; and Elizabeth Rice C78/871, no. 6 [92]
1679 2 July 31 Robert Sharpe; Robert Vincent; Sarah Palmer, widow; John Toomer; Richard Thomas; John Read; Matthew Russell; Margaret Bennett, widow, executrix of William Bennett; Thomas Tilley; James Turner executor of Joane Turner; Edith Dallidowne, widow; Mary Ballett executrix of John Ballett; Richard Horder; John Roch; Joane Mackerell; Thomas Snellgrove; and George Feltham the respective creditors of Thomas Mitchell late of Bedhurst in the parish of Funtnull, Dorset v Robert Mitchell; Martha Mitchell; William Bennett; Richard Lannyug; George Hunt; Thomas Johnsons and Alexander Thomas Debts of Thomas Mitchell, payable from sale of lands in Bedhirst, Hargrove and Funtnall, Dorset C78/915, no. 13 [93]
1679 2 July 31 Sir Edward Thompson v. William Miles and Joshua Moore C78/1914, no. 11 [94]
1679 2 July 31 Sir Edward Williams, knight, second son of Sir Thomas Williams, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of Sir Henry Williams, baronet, by Dame Abigaile his wife, the only daughter of Samuel Wightwicke, esq, infants, by William Willilams, esq, their guardian v. Thomas Lane, esq; the said Dame Abigaile his wife; Sir Thomas Williams; John Wightwick, esq; Francis Wightwicke, esq; and Abigaile Williams C78/952, no. 8 [95]
1679 3 July 31 Henry Grey of Enfeild, Staffs; and James Grove of Poole Hall, Shrops and Anne his wife (one of the daughters of Thomas, Lord Grey, late of Grooby decd) v. John Grey; and Humfry Levinz Will of the late Lord Grey. Estate in Broughton Astley als Ashley, and Hutton and Prince Thorpe, all in Leics. C78/1302, no. 2 [96]
1679 4 July 31 James Phillipps gentleman son and heir of James Phillipps by Dorothy his wife v. John Phillipps gentleman C78/2040, no. [97]
1679 4 July 31 Sir Francis Pemberton, knight, Serjeant at Law, now JKB; John Howland, esq; and William Cherry, gent v. James Whitlocke, esq & Mary his wife; Thmas Pitcher; and John Pitcher C78/973, no. 5 [98]
1679 4 July 31 Robert Boughton v. Robert Haslehurst and Elizabeth his wife; and George Hill C78/1471, no. 3 [99]
1679 5 July 31 Thomas Prigg sr & Deborah his wife v. John Hiskins; Nicholas Haynes; and William James C78/2024, no. 8 [100]
1679 5 July 31 Elianor Briggenshawe; Elizabeth Briggenshawe; and Susanna Briggenshawe, an infant by said Elianor and Elizabeth her guardians, and all the daughters of William Briggenshawe v. Timothy Briggenshawe an infant by Thomas Geeres, esq, his guardian C78/903, no. 4 [101]
1679 7 July 31 Dame Rebecca Lylton, widow, executrix of Sir Rowland Lytton v Katherine Sabine, widow & executrix of Richard Sabine, now the wife of William Thompson; George Gay; Sir John Sabine; William Lee; Richard White and Susan his wife administratrix of William Whiteing decd and others (not named). Trust and mortgage of lands in Heme and Chistlett, St Nicholas Atwade Mouncton, and St Gyles in Thanet, Kent C78/1229, no. 4 [102]
1679 7 July 31 Mary Howard relict and widow of Henry Howard late of Clun, Salop, esq v. John Edwardes gentleman and Robert Howard brother and heir of the said Henry Howard C79/182, no. [103]
1679 8 July 31 Thomas Rowe & Anne his wife; and Dorothy Rowe, their daughter v. Aldred Seaman; and Barbara Vincent C78/941, no. 3 [104]
1679 8 July 31 John Bainbrigg v. William Bainbrigg C78/1471, no. 4 [105]
1679 10 July 31 George Pitt, esq v. Robert Carter C78/1601, no. 2 [106]
1679 11 July 31 Ezekiell Pargiter, gent; Margaret Smith, widow; William Edwards; Sir Thomas Samwell, baronet; and Thomas Pargiter, doctor in divinity, for themselves and other creditors of Sir William Knight v. Dame Elianor Pargiter, widow; and Elianor Pargiter, an infant; Francis Pargiter; and Edward Stratford C78/1133, no. 9 [107]
1679 12 July 31 Jane Baldwer; and Elizabeth Baldwer v. Jane Baldwer; and Richard Baldwer C78/903, no. 6 [108]
1679 12 July 31 Thomas Sherman v. Sir James Smith, knight; ___ Dunster; John Wheley; Henry Biggs; Stephen Backwell; and Francis Allen C78/1148, no. 10 [109]
1679 12 July 31 Oliver Francklyn v. John Marwood, son and heir of John Marwood, gent; Frances Marwood, widow, the relict and executrix of said John Marwood; and John Marwood, son and heir of Thomas Marwood, gent C78/1275, no. 4 [110]
1679 15 July 31 Julian Noy, widow, relict, and administratrix of Joseph Noy v. John Bosustow, gent; John Ellis & Anne his wife; John Wallis & Sarah his wife; and Francis Geare, son and heir of Barbara Geare; which said Anne, Sarah, and Barbara were the sisters and coheris of said Joseph Noy C78/973, no. 9 [111]
1679 16 July 31 Dorothy Wallopp, widow and relict of Henry Wallopp, esq, son and heir of Robert Wallopp, esq; and Henry Wallopp esdq, son of said Henry Wallop & Dorothy v. Anthony, earl of Shaftesbury; and John Wallopp; AND also v. John Hoskyns; Thomas Stringer; John Locke; and Anthony Shepheard afterwards inserted by order of this court C78/973, no. 8 [112]
1679 18 July 31 John Tonge, esq v. Dorothy Benson; Robert Benson, son of Robert Benson deceased; Tobias Jenkyns; Richard Graham; and Francis Lund (Dorothy, Robert, and Tobias having been inserted as defendants by order of 30 April 1677) C78/951, no. 3 [113]
1679 19 July 31 Sir William Blackiston baronet v. Charles lord Baltimore; Elizabeth Calvert; Humfrey Weld esq; John Calvert; Calvert Smithson; Richard Burke; and George Peirson Marriage settlement of the complt & Mary, one of the daughters of Cecil, Lord Baltimore. Manor of Gibside, Co Durham & manors of Christchurch & Westover, Hants. C78/2069, no. 7 [114]
1679 19 July 31 Robert Bullock v. William Dunwell & Anne his wife; and Francis Sanderson C78/884, no. 6 [115]
1679 19 July 31 Henry Powle of Colne St Allen, Gloucs, esq; George Bradbury of the Middle Temple, London, esq; and William Cherry of the Middle Temple, gent v. Dame Anna Powle, widow and relict of Richard Powle; and John Powle, only son and heir of said Richard Powle, an infant C78/1161, no. 3 [116]
1679 19 July 31 Thomas Everard of Wormingford, Essex & Elizabeth his wife v. William Stilleman & Jane his wife C78/1265, no. 10 [117]
1679 21 July 31 Francis Burgoyne v. Robert Burgoyne C78/1295, no. 4 [118]
1679 22 July 31 Timothy Cole; and Thomas Symonds & Lettice his wife v Robert Cole; Edward Eve; William Coote; and James Monteth Trust of two inns called the "Rose and Crowne" and "Angell" in Walden, Essex C78/915, no. 12 [119]
1679 25 July 31 Elizabeth Leeds, widow & sole executrix of Edward Leeds late citizen & Vintner of London decd v Joyce, Edward and John Leeds, children of the said Edward Leeds and the complt Testamentary disposition of houses in Pudding Lane, London. C78/880, no. 1 [120]
1679 25 July 31 Robert Vaulx; Robert Tyrrell; and George Whitehead v. Henry Shelle; Leonard Thompson; and John Thompson C78/1893, no. 8 [121]
1679 28 July 31 Petronella Viccars, widow; Rebecca Viccars; and Jane Viccars, spinsters; and Anne Viccars an infant by said Petronella Viccars her mother v. Timothy Viccars C78/878, no. 6 [122]
1679 28 July 31 Thomas Hatcher, esq, son and heir of John Hatcher of Careby [near Little Bytham], Lincs, esq, an infant of about 18 years, by Edward Paine, esq, his guardian v. Sir Thomas Meeres, knight; John White, esq; and Elizabeth Hatcher C78/1061, no. 10 [123]
1679 29 July 31 John Goffe of Halstocke, Dorset and Joane his wife v. Richard Baker and Roger Baker C78/1295, no. 3 [124]
1679 31 July 31 Richard Winwood esq executor of Robert Conway gentleman v. Gilbert Stradling infant C79/158, no. [125]
1679 31 July 31 Thomas Morris and Francis Smyth v Thomas Butterfeild; John Beard; Dorothy Butterfield, widow; Dorothy Chamberlaine, widow; Grace Butterfield, spinster; Richard Butterfield; George Gosnold; John Syms; George Evelyn; Joseph Troyte & Elizabeth his wife Debts of Richard Butterfield payable from mortgaged lands in Norborne, Bucks. C78/1219, no. 1 [126]
1679 31 July 31 William Gilding, administrator of Rose Gilding his mother, who was one of the daughters of John Chapman also deceased v. George Warren, & Mary his wife; and William Chapman, son and heir of said John Chapman C78/801, no. 13 [127]
1679 31 July 31 Sir Thomas Davies, knight; and Moses Pitts v. Martha Cooper, widow C78/874, no. 5 [128]
1679 31 July 31 William Grills gent; Henry Edmonds, gent & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Porter, widow; and Joane Grills, singlewoman v. John Doble, esq; Robert Cannon, gent; and others C78/984, no. 6 [129]
1679 31 July 31 Nicholas Bayly of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq v. Benjamin Collins & Jane his wife, executrix of John Minifye, who was the executor of George Clapp C78/1133, no. 7 [130]
1679 31 July 31 William Ballard, executor of Elizabeth Calvert, widow; Martha May, executrix of John May her late husband; and Thomas Argent & Mary his wife, administratrix with the will annexed of Margery Harries, widow, creditors of Mary Vernon alias Howard v. Elizabeth Lennard, widow; Sir William Courtenay, baronet; and others C78/1179, no. 9 [131]
1679 13 Oct 31 Richard Berry of Atherington, Devon, taylor & Mary his wife, sister and administratrix with the will annexed of John Drew during the minority of Mary Drew v. Mallett Halse & Mary his wife; Robert Hatch; John Saunders; John Shapland; Thomas Clotworthy; and others (sic) C78/1914, no. 12 [132]
1679 13 Oct 31 George Holworthy; Rebeccah Holworthy; John Holworthy; and Anne Holworthy, the surviving children of Richard Holworthy of London, merchant & Mary his wife, said John Holworthy and Anne Holworthy being infants, by The Honorable John Strode, esq, their guardian v. Dame Susan Holworthy; Henry Henley, esq; and Sir Nicholas Strode, knight C78/985, no. 11 [133]
1679 28 Oct 31 William Cobb an infant v. Marmaduke Thompson C78/2040, no. 22 [134]
1679 31 Oct 31 Matthew Deane, esq, Mayor of Corke, Ireland, for himself and for hte poor of the same city v. Sir Robert Coppinger, knight; and the Master, Wardens, Freemen, and Commonalty of the Mystery of Vintners within the City of London C78/1604, no. 4 [135]
1679 4 Nov 31 John Francis v. Edward Archer gentleman; Susan Bragg widow; John Peachy esq; and another (sic) C78/2069, no. 14 [136]
1679 4 Nov 31 Joseph Maynard, esq, administrator de bonis non (by Mary his late wife, sister of said Anne) of Anne Mosley during the minority and for the benefit of Elizabeth Maynard and Mary Maynard his daughters by said Mary his late wife; and the said Elizabeth and Mary Maynard, infants, by said Joseph Maynard, their father v. Edward Mosley, esq; and Anne Mosley C78/1097, no. 4 [137]
1679 4 Nov 31 Joseph Maynard, esq, administrator de bonis non (by Mary his late wife, sister of said Anne) of Anne Mosley during the minority and for the benefit of Elizabeth Maynard and Mary Maynard, his daughters, by said Mary his late wife; and the said Elizabeth and Mary Maynard, infants, by said Joseph Maynard their father v. Edward Mosley, esq; and Anne Mosley C78/1097, no. 7 [138]
1679 7 Nov 31 Samuel Dix, citizen and cutler of London & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Elizabeth Greenesmith of Stepney, Middx, widow, who was the relict and executrix of Stephen Greensmith of London, merchant v. William Searle; Thomas Kinglit, esq; Anne Kirton, widow C78/878, no. 5 [139]
1679 11 Nov 31 Thomas Jolland; and George Jolland; and also John Jolland, William Jolland; Edward Jolland; Anthony Jolland; Mary Jolland; Jane Jolland; and Benjamin Jolland infants by Mary Jolland their mother v. Rowland Dee; and Mary Ward widow C78/801, no. 14 [140]
1679 12 Nov 31 John Hill v John Powell; John Loggins; and Samuel Mansfield Banking debts and accounts. C78/1010, no. 18 [141]
1679 12 Nov 31 Sir William Blackiston baronet v. Charles lord Baltimore; Elizabeth Calvert; Humfrey Weld esq; John Calvert; Calvert Smithson; Richard Burke; and George Peirson Refs decree of 9 July 31ChasII. Manor of Danby Wiske, [North] Yorks C78/2069, no. 15 [142]
1679 13 Nov 31 Rebecca Garret an infant by Mary Garret her mother v. Edward Keate esq C79/28, no. [143]
1679 14 Nov 31 George Tunbrell v. Katherine Tunbrell, widow, the relict and administratrix of William Tunbrell decd C78/1471, no. 6 [144]
1679 17 Nov 31 John Kingsmell and Katherine his wife v. Thomas Durant Will of William Lancaster, father of the complt Katherine. C78/1302, no. 3 [145]
1679 17 Nov 31 Godfrey Heathcoate v. Samuel Smyth and Thomas Wheatley C78/1497, no. 1 [146]
1679 19 Nov 31 Charles, lord Willoughby, baron of Parham v. Dame Frances Harpur, widow; Sir John Harpur & Dame Anne, his wife; The Honorable Charles Cockaine & Katherine his wife; John Hall; Ralph Edge; and John Tuffin C78/1118, no. 4 [147]
1679 24 Nov 31 Gilbert Bourne v William Exon Dispute over a contract for the supply of lime for manure from the defts lime kilns at North Petherton, Somerset C78/865, no. 11 [148]
1679 24 Nov 31 Anne Gape, widow, the relict and executrix of Thomas Gape, esq; Thomas Gape, son and heir and one of the executors of said Thomas Gape, esq; Thomas Hayward, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Gape; and Frances Gape, the said Mary Hayward, Elizabeth and Frances Gape being daughters and legatees of said testator and Nicholas Southwaite, gent v. Marke Cottle; George Nicholas; Francis Bostocke Fuller; and Alexander Denton, esqs C78/1597, no. 6 [149]
1679 24 Nov 31 Robert Sherring v. John Norris; and Valentine Ockley C78/984, no. 7 [150]
1679 25 Nov 31 Charles Baldwyn & Mary his wife; Francis Halford; and William Halford, gent; Elizabeth Halford, spinster; and Jane Halford, an infant, by said William Halford her guardian; said Mary, Francis, William, Elizabeth, and Jane being children of Grissell Halford, widow v. William Bale, esq; Andrew Hull, gent; William Palmer; and Timothy Simms C78/1021, no. 8 [151]
1679 25 Nov 31 Thomas Seyliard; Anne Seyliard; and Susan Seyliard, three of the younger children of Thomas Seyliard of Penshurst, Kent, esq, infants, by Thomas Lee of Penshurst, clerk & Mary his wife, mother to the complainant, and relict and executrix of said Thomas Seyliard, their guardians v. John Seyliard, a minor and brother to the complainant; and George Holman, esq C78/1061, no. 12 [152]
1679 25 Nov 31 Gilbert Bourne, esq v. Sir Halswell Tynt, baronet; Henry Bull, esq; George Musgrove; Helena Bourne, widow; and Florence Bourne C78/1260, no. 6 [153]
1679 26 Nov. 31 Christopher Mountstephen, Jasper Woodhouse v Edmond Parker, William Piper. Manor of Preston Boyer and other properties in Somerset. Rectory of Bradford leases and bonds in dispute. C78/865, no. 12 [154]
1679 28 Nov 31 James Burslem of Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs, gent; and John Talbot of Wood Stanton, Staffs, yeoman v. John Hamersley; and Ralph Keeling C78/1727, no. 7 [155]
1679 1 Dec 31 John Adams of Scawsby, [South] Yorks, esq, son and heir apparent of Sir William Adams of Scawsby, knight v. Sir John Dawney; Sir William Ellis; Dame Mary Adams; Thomas Dawney & Elizabeth his wife; Margaret Adams; Mary Adams; and Jane Adams C78/1273, no. 1 [156]
1679 6 Dec 31 Barbara Acton widow and relict of William Acton esq and Barbarah Vincent mother of Barbarah Acton v. William Barneby and William Acton C79/27, no. [157]
1679 9 Dec 31 Joseph Coleburne executor of Richard Coleburne his father v. Margaret Coleburne widow and relict of Richard Coleburne; John Fish; and others (sic) C79/28, no. [158]
1679 9 Dec 31 Edmond Talbott, an infant, by Rebeccah Greene v. Samuel Hall; James Talbott; and others (sic) C78/984, no. 8 [159]
1679 11 Dec 31 Dorothy Goodlad relict and executrix of James Goodlad gentleman v. John Mordant & Barbarah his wife and others (sic) C79/28, no. [160]
1679 11 Dec 31 William Spenser v. Digby, lord Gerrard; Dame Jame Gerrard, widow; Charles, earl of Westmoreland; Sir Anthony Cope & his wife; Sir John Coryton; and Francis Lutterell C78/994, no. 3 [161]
1679 13 Dec 31 Anne Reading and Elizabeth Reading v. Daniell Reading and Francis Reading gentleman and Francis Harvey esq C79/182, no. [162]
1679 13 Dec 31 Christopher Pitt, citizen and woollen draper of London; John Francis of St Martins in the Fields, sadler; Thomas Templer of the same, hosier; Elizabeth Marchant, executrix of Zachariah Alnutt; Edward Alcock, groom; Ailonsby Bricklayer; James Allman; Warren Allman; James Adams; Thomas Arden, executor of Dixey Long, gentleman; George Anderson, butcher; John Allen, taylor; Anne Bringhurst, widow; William Blackbourne, administrator of Thomas Gipps; John Bignall, sadler; Sarah Brewer, executrix of William Brewer, painter; Thomas Brigham, coachmaker; Nicholas Baxter; Jeremiah Beckett; ___ Browne, plasterer; Thomas Breton, wine merchant; William Busse; Bridget Bennett, vintner; John Batten, ironmonger; Arnold Brasier; Bonham Baynard, wagoner; John Burton; Thomas Blake, sawyer; Edward Bates; Robert Burges; ____ Bowles, widow; Ferdinando Booth, clerk; Bryan Barwick; Arthur Francis, executor of Thomas Thetford; Katherine Bayley; Susan Bowles, widow; Edward Bradock; Elizabeth Bywater, widow; Thomas Brainch; ___ Butler, widow; Richard Browne; Robert Blaydon; Robert Bowman; ____ Bathurst, widow, vintner; Beane Taylor; ___ Browning, administrator of John Watson, habedasher; Richard Cartwright, milliner; John Cody, surgeon; Anthony Clodius; Edward Carleton, gent; Jane Cousins, gunsmith; Giles Champneyes, jeweler; Francis Colly, gent; Richard Cleare, carver; William Cheeseman, painter and glasier; John Cort; John Cripps, brewer; Elizabeth Crosse, widow; William Codd; John Chapman, glasier; ___ Cumber, widow, executrix of William Cumber, clerk; William Clarke, clerk; Richard Cousins, gent; Christopher Collgood, baker; John Calvert, gent; ___ Carter, glassman; Gabriel Cox, linen draper; ___ Cresswell; Edward Dowglas, farrier; Abraham Downeing, farrier; John Dry; Dorothy Dorick; William Doyly; Dennis Houdon; Clodius Divise, executor of Casper Calthoffe; Henry Eagles; Henry Eaden; James East, watchmaker; Richard Everist; James Easden; William Edward, carrier; ___ Eaton, widow, executrix of John Eaton; James Fleetwood, doctor in divinity; John Fowlkes, upholsterer; George French, haberdasher; Albon Francis, gent; ____ Fitchell, farrier; John Fanting; Edward Fowlkes; James Furnour; Edward Fulke; ___ Fry; ___ May, gent; William Fowlkingham; John Foard; Zacheus Greene, executor of John Piggott, plasterer; ___ Goodwin, widow; Heraulds, painter; Elizabeth Godsalve, executrix of Richard godsalve; William Gomeldon, esq; William Gowen, jr, gent; Richard Guilford, brewer; ___ Griswald, widow, administrator, butcher; Henry Gardner; Francis Greene, brickmaker; Joptha Gurr; Claude Guiott; John Gransden; John Gardner, wax chandler; Thomas Goodwin, ship carpenter; Richard Glandvile; Sir Edmundbury Godfrey, knight; Jerome Guy; Richard Holberta, harness maker; Elizabeth Hickford, widow; Jeremiah Hirst, glasier; ____ Herbert; William Hall, goldsmith; John Hills; William Hubbert; William Hayes; Benjamin Hale; John Hall; Thomas Hanniscombe; Anthony Haddocke, farrier; William Anniscombe; Abbot Hunt alias Newell, brickmayer; George Hill, gent; ___ Hoskins, harness maker; ___ Homond; Benham Hunlocke, taylor; Katherine Hodges, administrator of William Hodges, gent; George Hall; Alexander Horneby; Humphrey Huddy; Mathew Huffield; Juniper Jenkins, butcher; Francis Jefferyes, vintner; Thomas Jeffes; John Janes; Gerrett Johnson, cabinet maker; John le Roy; Edward Jellat, smith; Henry Johnson, cook; Edmond Johnson, painter; Richard Jones; ___ Jeator, widow; Katherine Johnson, widow and executrix of Edward Johnson; Richard Ince; Robert Joyner, vintner; Mary Ladd, widow; __ Little, seamster; ___ ____, administrator of Thomas Littleton, gent; William Lowther; Robert Smith; ___ Lelly; Kenricke Lake, plumber; Henry Lost; Richard Leicester; John Loveday; Anne Lewington; Nathaniel Lomax, executor of Joseph Sole, harness maker; Henry Loader, wine merchant; ___ Mason, sadler; ___ ____, executor of Samuel Mew, oilman; Francis Maidston, mercer; Thomas Mason, button maker; William Mason; Sir John Morton, baronet; Rowland Marr; Jervis Mapplesden, surgeon; George Mapplesden; Thomas Mounford; Thomas Morley, smith; Miles Mortley; William Morgan, coachmaker; William Millard; Andrew Mugduggle; Edward Norris, joiner; John Nibblett, plasterer; John Ogleby, esq; James Parterish, baker; Elizabeth Peach, executrix of Samuel Peach; Thomas Ponsonby, coach maker; Lewis Paine; John Perris, poulterer; ___ Phillipps, distiller; Willia Pennell; Thomas Paine; Richard Parker; Richard Pierson, clerk; Thomas Pennell, carpenter; Thomas Painter, chandler; Thomas Phillipps, brewer; John Powell, surgeon; ___ Powell, widow; John Pembrooke, coller maker; Thomas Rogers, upholsterer; Richard Rogers; ___ Russell, fringe maker; Rebecca Rawling, cap maker; William Rowlonson, apothecary; John Roger, farrier; ___ Rose, widow; Richard Read; William Reader, painter; John Robinson, clerk; Clement Roach; Ricahrd Roote; Elizabeth Sedgwicke; ___ ___ executor of Henry Streete, mercer; Thomas Spencer; John Stacy, clerk; Benjamin Smith; Michael Shord; John Sedley, gent; William Smith; ___ Sparrow; Richard Stone, sadler; William Swift; Richard Smith; Richard Sighurst; John Smith; Mathew Smith; ____ Saxon, widow; George Savage; John Sturton; Thomas Scudder; John Spicer; George Stanley; Elizabeth Sympson, administratrix of John Sympson; ___ ___ executor of William Sweete, stone cutter; Elizabeth Smith, executrix of Anthony Smith; Joseph Swebey; Henry Tonge; Edward Treherne; John Turner; John Tomlin, gent; John Vallantie; John Wood, laceman; William Watson, harness maker; Francis Wiseman; William Waine, taylor; Thomas Wingfield, gent; John Watson, coachmaker; Thomas Whiteing, joiner; Edward Wooden; William Hurst, wheelwright; William Whittle, clerk; John Woody; Francis Wood; Edward Wooden; Stephen Whodley; Thomas Walker; John Wills, haberdasher; John Walker, smith; ___ Whynyard, gent; Sir Edward Walker, knight; Sarah Williams; John West, mercer; Henry Wells, pasterer; Edward Younger, sword cutler; John Younge; Joane Barber, spinster; ___ Littleton, widow; George Compton, goldsmith; Samuel Howard, mercer; John Terry, laceman; William Gostling, laceman; John Rogers, apothecary; ___ Croxton; William Trinder, shoemaker; Deborah Burton, milliner; Thomas Kingg, wax chandler; mary Cherrett, sempster; Edward Bew, milliner; John Renny, taylor; Frances Wilkcock, spinster; ___ Taylor, spinster; Thomas Tatton, shoemaker; ___ Hargrave, sempster; Morris Emett, bricklayer; Angier Carpenter; Thomas Kinward, joiner; John Parson, plasterer; ___ Farshaw, taylor; Mary Adams, spinster; Winifred Edwards, spinster; Mary Layd, spinster; Grace Moseley, spinster; Katherine Jones, spinster; Sir Thomas Davies, executor of Hugh Audley, esq; Humfrey Conningsby, gent; and Edward Wake, creditors of Charles, duke of Richmond and Lenox v. Lady Frances, duchess of Richmond and Lenox, relict of said duke; John, earl of Bath; Henry, lord Cornbury; and Robert Spencer, esq, trustees of said duchess; Henry, lord O'Brien & the Lady Katherine his wife, sister and heir of said Duke; Donatus O'Brien, their son; Arthur, earl of Essex; Sir Charles Bickerstaffe, knight; Martin Forster, esq, executors of said Duke; and John Wise, merchant C78/1081, no. 1 [163]
1679 15 Dec 31 James, lord Norris, baron of Ricott [Rycote in Great Haseley par.], Oxon & the Lady Elianora his wife, an infant, by said John, lord Norris v. anne, countess dowager of Rochester; The Honorable Thomas Wharton, esq & Anne his wife, an infant, by said Thomas Wharton, her guardian; Henry, earl of Clarendon; Sir Richard Verney, knight and baronet; Sir Allen Apsley, knight; Thomas Yate, doctor in divinity; Richard Salwey; and John Cary, esqs C78/1265, no. 9 [164]
1679 16 Dec 31 Petronella Vicars widow relict of Edward Vicars late of Mile End in Stepney, Middx, merchant; Rebecca Vicars; Jane Vicars; Edward Burgh & Anne his wife daughters of him the said Vicars v. Tymothy Vicars C79/182, no. [165]
1679 16 Dec 31 Joseph Offley, esq, brother and executor of Robert Offley, esq v. Margaret Walton, widow; Thomas Walton; Thomas Bate; John Baker, esq; Carewe Holford, esq; Hugh Phillipps; and William Brooke C78/906, no. 3 [166]
1679 17 Dec 31 John Shropsheire, gent v. Edward Berry; Rebecca Berry; and Richard Johnson C78/951, no. 4 [167]
1679 18 Dec 31 James Phillipps gentleman v. John Phillipps gentleman C78/2040, no. 23 [168]
1679 18 Dec 31 Frances Parkhurst, widow and executrix of Henry Parkhurst, doctor in divinity, who was executor of Sarah Parkhurst, widow v. Mary Fielding, widow, executrix of George Fieldinge, esq; George Rogers, doctor in phisick; Hugh Rogell; Agnes Roper, widow; Abraham Mould; Thomas Coulson; Thomas Hassard; Richard Hatton; Thomas Fisher; and William Stoakes C78/892, no. 6 [169]
1679 18 Dec 31 Simon Yorke of Dover, Kent, merchant v. Nicholas Eaton of London, merchant C78/1061, no. 9 [170]
1679 18 Dec 31 Sir John Scudamore, baronet, lord viscount Scudamore of Sligo, Ireland v. John Norgrave, son and heir of John Norgrave of Ivington, Herefs, gent; Katherine Norgrave, widow, relict, and executrix of said John Norgrave; John Colbatch & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Rowlatt & Katherine his wife; Richard Langford & Mary his wife; William Norgrave; Francis Norgrave; Fabian Phillipps, esq; Humfry Diggs; and John Rowlatt C78/1161, no. 4 [171]
1679 31 Dec 31 Sir Robert Gayer, Knight of the Bath v. Robert Parkehurst, esq; John Parkehurst; Elizabeth Parkehurst; Sarah Parkehurst; Katherine Parkehurst; Mary Parkehurst; and Thomas Parkehurst; and Thomas Browne C78/1161, no. 2 [172]