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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1676 28 C78/, no. []
1676 14 Jan 27 Thomas Smith, merchant v. Thomas Stampe C78/993, no. 4 [2]
1676 19 Jan 27 John Beale; John Wright; and Joseph Wright v John Cornewell son & heir of Nicholas Cornewell decd; Nicholas Cornewell, Martha Cornewell and Sarah Cornewell Testamentary settlement by will of Nicholas Cornewell of lands in Bennefield, Northants. C78/742, no. 2 [3]
1676 20 Jan 27 Vincent Amcotts; Thomas Hall; and Robert Jenkinson trustees for the said Vincent Amcotts v Hugh Bethell Mortgage of manor house in Harrington, Lincs. C78/742, no. 5 [4]
1676 25 Jan 27 Ursula Knight, widow v. William Allen & ___ his wife C78/898, no. 10 [5]
1676 27 Jan 27 Thomas Gledstone of London, feltmaker & Anna his wife one of the daughters of Robert Ripley late of Kingston upon Hull v. Elizabeth Ripley widow C78/1910, no. 9 [6]
1676 28 Jan. 27 Edward Holt v Richard Wyatt Mortgage by surrender of copyhold messuage in manor of Waltham, Essex C78/732, no. 1 [7]
1676 28 Jan 28 Edward Barkham, baronet v. Sir Phillip Parker, baronet C78/1018, no. 1 [8]
1676 1 Feb 28 Edward Gillett the younger v. John Serjant & Sarah his wife and Sarah Fittz an infant by the said Sarah Serjant her mother and guardian C78/2070, no. 25 [9]
1676 1 Feb 28 John Vaghan of Ottery St Mary, Devon, esq v. Thomas Gewen, gent; Mary Gewen, widow; and one Henry Springham, inserted by an order of 15 Nov 1664 C78/948, no. 4 [10]
1676 1 Feb 28 George Marman of Enmore, Som, gent v. Aldred Seaman of Milverton, Som, gent; John Pratt; Mary Lemyng, widow; and others (sic) C78/1259, no. 5 [11]
1676 4 Feb 28 John Shipton, gent & Lucy his wife, eldest daughter of Sir Toby Tirrell, baronet v. Sir Thomas Tirrell; Sir Robert Cotton; Robert Hampson; and Gregory Symonds C78/1198, no. 4 [12]
1676 4 Feb 28 Job Williams, gent v. Susan Holman, widow, relict, and administratrix of George Holman, her late husband C78/1282, no. 6 [13]
1676 5 Feb 28 The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of St Peter, Exeter for themselves and the poor of the almshouses of St Annes Chapel in the parish of St Sidwell, Exeter v. Henry Quicke the father; Henry Quicke the son; and others (sic) C78/948, no. 7 [14]
1676 7 Feb 28 Gyles Stedman gentleman & Katherine his wife relict and executrix of Richard Talboys esq v. Henry Chapman C79/68, no. [15]
1676 7 Feb 28 William Dormer, esq v. John Owen, doctor of divinity; Sir Simon Allen; Timothy Doyley; Peter Wilimott, Simon Shephard; _______; Edward Wise; John Hopkins; William Hopkins; and Thomas Broadwater, an infant; Katherine Banger; Elizabeth Banger; Mary Banger; and Anne Banger, spinsters C78/1011, no. 6 [16]
1676 9 Feb 28 Arthur Barnardiston; Joseph Brand and Mary his wife one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Barnardiston; and Nathaniel, Samuel, John, Michael, Anne, Elizabeth, Martha and Armyne Barnardiston sons & daughters of the said Sir Thomas Barnardiston v Sir Thomas Barnardiston Payments due from trust settlement of manor of Great Coates, Lincs C78/970, no. 8 [17]
1676 11 Feb 28 Sir William Ellis one of the Justices of Court of Common Bench at Westminster v Sir Roger Langley. Mortgage of lands in Sheriffe Hutton, East Lilling and West Lilling [deserted village in Sheriff Hutton par.], Yorks C78/950, no. 7 [18]
1676 11 Feb 28 Francis Comberford, gent; and Thomas Comberford, his son and heir v. Katherine Comberford; Mary Comberford; Anne Comberford; John Birch; and Charles Stanley C78/1725, no. 13 [19]
1676 11 Feb 28 Philadelphia, lady Wentworth, widow and relict of Thomas, lord Wentworth, who was the son and heir apparent of Thomas, earl of Cleveland; Isaac Bringhurst, clerk; Edward Elliott; Paul Pauley, gent; Edward Bartlett; Thomas Grimley; Robert Nash; Lawrence Wilsheire; Thomas Bulmore; Robert Horton; and Simon Scott v. John Clay; Gabez Jefferyes; John Hall; and George Oakland C78/1601, no. 3 [20]
1676 11 Feb 28 John Foote, gent v. Edward Wattes; and Richard Wattes C78/948, no. 6 [21]
1676 11 Feb 28 Thomas Chaplyn & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Oliver Pollye, yeoman v. Stephen Coe; Ellen Hewitt; and Alice Kingsbury C78/948, no. 9 [22]
1676 11 Feb 28 Nicholas Tresize v. Richard Hickes, gent C78/949, no. 11 [23]
1676 11 Feb 28 Robert Taylor v. Michael Pince & Joane his wife; and others (sic) C78/949, no. 12 [24]
1676 11 Feb 28 The Mayor and Commonalty of the Town of Colchester, Essex v. Anne Smith, widow C78/1275, no. 11 [25]
1676 12 Feb 28 Sir Henry Blount, knight & Dame Hester his wife; Thomas Pope Blount, esq, son and heir appareent of said Sir Henry Blount; Charles Blount, gent, an infant, second son of said Sir Henry Blount by said Sir Henry his guardian; Sir Thomas Tyrell, baronet, & Dame Franes his wife; Sir Thomas Howe, knight, & Dame Hester his wife; and Hester Busby an infant by said Sir Henry Blount her guardian v. George Master, esq; William Master, an infant; and Sir Thomas Gore, knight C78/861, no. 8 [26]
1676 12 Feb 28 Jane Swayne, widow; John Swayne, gent, an infant, by said Jane his mother and guardian; Thomas Thornehurst, esq; Richard Campion, esq; Thomas Baynard, esq; and James Gould, gent v. John Churchill, esq; Robert Swayne, an infant, by said John Churchill, esq, his guardian C78/1268, no. 3 [27]
1676 14 Feb 28 Richard Greene of Bouchers Hall in the parish of Telsbury [Tollesbury], Essex and Mary his wife; and Anne Hill, spinster of the same place v Thomas Gardner; Thomas Gardner an infant by Jemima Gardner his mother; William Vernon; and Robert Clavell Portions payable from financial trusts invested in Bouchers Park Wood, [Essex] C78/1222, no. 5 [28]
1676 14 Feb 28 Sir Phillipp Parker, knight; and Henry Parker, esq, executors of Dame Mary Saltonstall, widow v. Jane Serieant the elder, widow; William Serieant the elder; William Serieant the younger, & Jane his wife; and Francis Lindsey C78/1596, no. 7 [29]
1676 14 Feb 28 Richard Wattle; and Nicholas Charleton, churchwardens of St Martin's, Ludgate v. Valentine Petyt, gent C78/906, no. 12 [30]
1676 17 Feb 28 David Brond; Benjamin Brond; Mary Brond; and Elizabeth Brond, children of Elizabeth Brond, widow, relict of Benjamin Brond, one of the daughters of David Davidson deceased, being infant; and Davidson Browneing, also an infant, son of Anne Browneing, widow, one other of the daughters of said David Davidson by Samuel Mover, gent C78/1598, no. 1 [31]
1676 17 Feb 28 Sir William Wyndham, baronet v. Richard Strode, esq C78/898, no. 11 [32]
1676 17 Feb 28 William Doughty, gent v. John Style; George Keate; Edward Booker; and Redman Fitz Garrold C78/947, no. 5 [33]
1676 18 Feb 28 John Goddin; William Anderson; Isaac Wood; Edmond Atwater; Thomas Harris; Francis Constable; John Sheppard; John Taylor; Richard Murrell; William Leake; William Harrison, sr; William Evans; James Boctry; Robert Lucas; William Harrison, jr; John Baddin; Richard Martox; Richard Chambers; Henry Wray; Edmund Grove; Richard Shalcross; Elibeth Snelling, widow; Morgan Griffith; ___ Breath; William Thorne; John Constable; John Hicocke; Heyward Day; Ann Lucre; John Killocke; William Harwood; William Norman; John Stanbury; William Ingram; Edward Wood; John Ellett; Thomas Thurton; William Pigeon; Thomas Nye; Robert Keeble; William Anderson; Robert Batlett; Nicholas Wythers; Joseph Bachelor; Thomas Bleere; Thomas Wood; Robert Wood; Henry Robinson; Richard Baldwyn; Edward Nayward; Thomas Radams; Thomas Killocke; John Johnson; John Millington; John Cornish; Thomas Lewyn; James Creswell; Henry Clements; Dorothy Eaton; Francis Aldriche; Thomas Pope; William Smyth; Ralph Chamberlaine; Richard Ashdowne; Elinor Smythes; Samuel Andrewes; ___ Willon, widow; Thomas Piggott; William Watkins; James Leaver; John Smith; George Tyler; Isaac Jackson; James Crutcher; Henry Smith; Edmund Bartlett; William reene; Richard Keep; Thomas King; Walter Holcher; John Combes; Robert Bedford; Michael Farlep; Thomas Rummell; Anthony Newton; Thomas George; John Pyper; Samuel Freeman; Thomas Akleworth; Robert Cross; ___ Ellery, one of the almesmen; Henry Pullin; Nathaniel Reed; Rebecca Hatfield; Thomas Firs; John Blake; Robert Bruce; Thomas Piddock; Robert Robert; Robert Hunt; William King; Robert Jackson; Henry Burg; William French; Thomas Overington; George Burnell; William Kelly; Anne Love, widow; Symon Margaret; Robert Shell; Anne Best, widow; George Gold; Thomas Harding; Samuel Daniel; Richard Humfrey; Anthony Holberne; John Colson; Thomas Dod; Francis Blee; and Alice Ingram, widow, all of them parishioners and inhabitants of Croydon, Surrey v. William Clewer, doctor in divinity, vicar of Croydon; Richard Norman and Martin Steed Small tithes in Croydon C78/849, no. - [34]
1676 19 Feb 28 William Hampton, clerk & Margaret his wife, the executrix of Edward Cooke, clerke v. Thomas Tarre & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Frances Cooke, widow C78/898, no. 9 [35]
1676 19 Feb 28 Dame Sarah Corbett, widow, relict of Sir Vincent Corbett, baronet v. Sir John Bolles, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/1273, no. 3 [36]
1676 20 Feb 28 John Moseley & Ann his wife v. Giles Steele & Ann his wife C78/853, no. 1 [37]
1676 22 Feb 28 Nicholas Wilton and Thomasine his wife the youngest daughter of Sir Robert Clench v Edward Shepperd and Elizabeth Cobb Annuities payable from lands in Holbrook, Greating All Saints, Greating St. Mary and Kirton, Suffolk C78/790, no. 9 [38]
1676 22 Feb 28 Margaret Mitchell widow and relict of Nathaniel Mitchell late of Leeds, Yorks, merchant; and Elizabeth Mitchell daughters and heirs of said Nathaniel Mitchell by said Margaret Mitchell their mother v. Sarah Mitchell widow and John Mitchell C79/17, no. [39]
1676 22 Feb 28 The Portees and Burgesses of the Town of Chard, Som; and the church wardens and overseers of the poor there; and William Bragge, esq v. Richard Opie C78/1231, no. 6 [40]
1676 23 Feb 28 Benjamin Dukes, clerk & Mary his wife; Samuel Dukes; Benjamin Dukes; Mary Dukes; and Elizabeth Dukes, children of the said Benjamin and Mary all infants by said Benjamin their father and guardian v. Phineas Fletcher and Edward Heighes C78/2028, no. 8 [41]
1676 23 Feb 28 Sir Heneage Finch, knight and baronet, Attorney General v. John Stephens; Thomas Stephens; Thomas Aldersey; John Dodd; Sir Francis Gerard, knight, executor of Sir Gilbert Gerard baronet, executor of Anne Moulson, widow, executrix of Sir Thomas Moulson, knight; and ___ Edwards, executor or administrator of Thomas Edwardes, gent C78/861, no. 10 [42]
1676 23 Feb 28 Michael Webb v. Joseph Burrish; Francis Roberts; and Henry Haward C78/1061, no. 1 [43]
1676 23 Feb 28 Sir Heneage Finch, knight and baronet, Attorney General v. John Steevens, esq; Thomas Aldersey; Thomas Stevens; John Dod, gent; Sir Francis Gerrard, baronet; and ___ Edwards Concerning a charitable use given by Sir Thomas Moulson, knight, for the maintenance of a school master and preacher in the school and chapel by him thentofore created in Hargrave, Ches C78/1282, no. 8 [44]
1676 24 Feb 28 John Miller by his guardian; Samuel Brewster; Daniel Brewster; Christopher Forster; William Hart; and Samuel Hart v. Thomas Talbott; Francis Smith; Thomas Smith; Giles Martin; Edward Brewster; and Richard Hamerton C78/1725, no. 12 [45]
1676 24 Feb 28 Mayor, Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the Hospitals of Edward VI, King of England, of Christ Bridwell and St Thomas the Apostle in or near London v. Magdalen Diamond; Miscah Russell; Thomas Gouge; William Jenkins, clerks; Thomas, Paul, and John Fisher. C78/861, no. 7 [46]
1676 24 Feb 28 William Fairer; and others (sic), tenants of the manor of Grayriggs Lamrigg, and Docker, Westmoreland v. Anthony Duckett, esq C78/879, no. 5 [47]
1676 25 Feb 28 William Page, esq, & Bridget his wife, executrix of Peter Edward, gent, who was executor of John Edwards, esq, who was son and heir of John Edwards v. Mathias Ring; and Mary Stubbs C78/1589, no. 3 [48]
1676 25 Feb 28 Edward Twyford, gent; and John Twyford, gent, his son v. Edmund Warcupp, esq, one of the clerks of the petty bag C78/1273, no. 4 [49]
1676 28 Feb 28 Thomas Goodwyn doctor in divinity & Mary his wife administratrix of Anne Woodcott widow v. John Smith & Anne his wife; James Pindar; and Edward Clarke C78/1912, no. 18 [50]
1676 1 March 28 Edward Symond v. Elizabeth Symond and Hannah Symond infants C78/2070, no. 19 [51]
1676 3 March 28 Dorothy Citty, widow, relict, and administratrix of Daniel Citty, citizen of London v. Mary Citty; John Dregn; and Isack Alvis alias Alvitrer C78/993, no. 5 [52]
1676 3 April 28 Sir Mathew Holworthy; Thomas Beckford, merchant; and John Chambers, scrivener v Thomas Neale and Dame Elizabeth Gould his wife; Sir John Norton; John Gerrard; Marke Cottle; Christopher Cratford; Nicholas Gould; Elizabeth Gould; and Jane Gould Sale of already mortgaged lands in Throckmorton Street, Queenhith and Saint Pauls Churchyard, London C78/950, no. 8 [53]
1676 3 April 28 William Naylor v. Sir William Wild, knight and baronet now JKB; Joane Martyn; James Church; William Edwards; John Harvey; John Browne, esq; Henry Hanslopp; William Fellow alias Fellowes; Sir Edmond Berry; Godfrey Knight; Daniel Berry; Francis Bates; William Powne; Richard Howe; John Veale; William Buckerfield; Henry Butterfield; Thomas Barwell; Robert Chapman; Mathew Salter; Richard Moore; Henry Brodnox; Edward Lose; James Best; Richard Wright; John Oateridge; Francis Ferris alias Pharoh; Godfrey Harrison; and others (sic) late members of the Company of Woodmongers C78/948, no. 8 [54]
1676 10 April 28 John Brakes, gent v. Robert Clay, gent & Elianor his wife C78/1268, no. 4 [55]
1676 14 April 28 William Howard and Anne his wife daughter and heir of Nathaniel Kirtland v Ralph Tasker and James Mayo Title to manor of Newport Pagnell, Bucks. C78/744, no. 14 [56]
1676 14 April 28 Roger Salter v John Reyner Mortgage of lands in Geist, Luton, Norfolk. C78/790, no. 5 [57]
1676 14 April 28 Robert Yate and Thomas Earle merchants, and Robert Aldworth esq executors of Joseph Jackson merchant v. Thomas Chester esq C78/1930, no. 11 [58]
1676 14 April 28 Robert Goning esq son and heir and also executor of Elizabeth Goning widow v. Thomas Chester esq and others (sic) C78/1930, no. 10 [59]
1676 14 April 28 William Allen gentleman & Katherine his wife executrix of Thomas Farmer the younger who was executor of Ralph Farmer clerk who was executor of Thomas Farmer the elder v. Thomas Chester esq C78/1930, no. 9 [60]
1676 14 April 28 Francis Woodward of Bristol, brewer v. Thomas Chester, esq and others (sic) C78/1930, no. 8 [61]
1676 15 April 28 John Atkinson the younger of Louth, Lincs, tallow chandler v. John Atkinson, the plaintiff's father, of Lowth C78/1124, no. 12 [62]
1676 17 April 28 William Duncombe and Richard Grange v Raphe Hough Title to mortgaged messuage in Brickhill and lands in Greater Brickhill, Bucks C78/744, no. 11 [63]
1676 18 April 28 Mary, George, Susan and Hannah Whitlocke, William Pittman, Anne Pittman, William Mitchell, Anne Mitchell, Thomas Parsons, John Parsons and Anne Parsons, all under the age of 21 years by John Abington v John Ware Legacies payable from personal estate. C78/890, no. 2 [64]
1676 19 April 28 John Warren of Bristol and Richard Warren his brother sons of Richard Warren & Mary his wife v. Thomas Greene; Richard Hurtnoll; Nicholas Tilley; and Thomas Horne C78/1930, no. 12 [65]
1676 20 April 28 John Clarkeson administrator of Frances his wife and William Clarkson an infant by the said John his guardian v. Christopher Meale C79/68, no. [66]
1676 24 April 28 James Herbert, esq, second son of Philipp, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, lord chamberlain of the household of King Charles I by his first wife the lady Susan de Vere, one of the daughters of Edward de Vere, earl of Oxford v. Philip, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery; and John, lord Pawlett; John Tregonnell; Francis Wroughton; William Thomas; and Giles Eyre, esqs; and Francis Negus C78/1061, no. 3 [67]
1676 24 April 28 Sir Hugh Smith, Knight of the Bath and baronet v. Warwicke Bampfield, esq; John Winter, esq; Thomas Warre, esq; Anne Rogers; Alexander Popham, esq; and Sir John Saint Barbe, baronet C78/1268, no. 1 [68]
1676 25 April 28 Edward Stephens v William Weston; Francis Edes; Thomas Crane; Henry Smith; and William Combes Reconveyance of lands in Cookehill, Worcs and Ownall, Warwicks. C78/742, no. 1 [69]
1676 28 April 28 Dame Anne Coulston, widow; Robert London, esq; Sir Christopher Calthorpe, Knight of the Bath; and James Calthorpe, esq; Thomas Tunperly, esq; and Henry Bedingfield, gent v. John Carter; Sir Thomas Slater, baronet; Nicholas Edward, doctor of phisick; Bennett Garman; and John Ravenscroft, esq C78/947, no. 10 [70]
1676 29 April 28 Jane Straine widow v. John Fox & Mary his wife and others (sic) C78/1910, no. 10 [71]
1676 1 May 28 Phillip Elmes v. [blank] Richards an infant by John Suffeild his guardian Mortgage of customary messuage in Copner, Isle of Portsea, Hants. Custom of the manor. C78/1453, no. 11 [72]
1676 1 May 28 Francis Lowden, esq & Margaret his wife, sole daughter and heir of Sir Robert Stone, knight; Robert Lowden, son and heir apparent of said Francis and Margaret; and Frances their daughter, infants, by said Francis Lowden and Margaret his wife v. William Tindall; John Heron, esq; William Carpenter; and Anthony Samwell C78/997, no. 13 [73]
1676 1 May 28 John Pyne, esq v. Thomas Gardner; and Richard Brinsmeade C78/1267, no. 5 [74]
1676 1 May 28 John Cridland, an infant, by Thomas Cridle and Anne Stanfast, his guardians v. Lewis Sweeting; Robert Dashwood; Christopher Hawkins; John Streete, sr; Henry Sweeting; John White; and John Sydenham C78/1268, no. 2 [75]
1676 3 May 28 John Maynard knight his Majesty's Chief Serjeant at Law v. Oswald Mosley esq C79/68, no. [76]
1676 3 May 28 Anthony Rous & Mary his wife; William Rous his son and heir apparent, an infant, by him the complainant, Anthony his father and guardian; and John Wills, administrator of Mary his lat wife, one of the daughters of said Anthony Rous v. Robert Rous, gent; Elias Wills & Anne his wife, since deceased; AND also v. Nicholas Wills; Richard Styles; Alexander Rondle; Thomas Stephens; Henry Styles; and Thomas Styles the younger, who were by order of this court inserted into the bill; and others (sic) C78/947, no. 8 [77]
1676 3 May 28 Jonathan Barthropp of Greys Inn, Middx, esq v. Elizabeth Collett the elder, widow, relict, and administratrix of Thomas Collett, gent; Peter Collett; and Elizabeth Collett the younger, infants; and John Bradbourne, esq C78/1288, no. 3 [78]
1676 5 May 28 Thomas Tallon, esq v. Thomas Rawlings, gent C78/861, no. 9 [79]
1676 6 May 28 Elizabeth Badger, widow; Jane Badger, widow; Nathaniel Bostocke and Elizabeth his wife, Andrew Crosse; Rowland Crosse; and Thomas Crosse infant by Andrew Crosse their father v William Pay The estate of Rowland Badger: messuage called the 'Lodge' in the Parish of Hanley Castle, Worcestershire C78/785, no. 1 [80]
1676 6 May 28 James Dorset v. Edward Peachey and Francis Chandler C78/846, no. 2 [81]
1676 6 May 28 Charles Morris; Edmund Morris; Robert Morris; and Richard Morris, infants under 14, being the only sons and children of Robert Morris late citizen and skinner of London, by Edmund Smith, esq, their grandfather v. James Reading, esq; John Sandford, esq; Richard Hawkins; and Margaret Morris, widow C78/861, no. 6 [82]
1676 8 May 28 Mary Wykes the relict of Roger Wykes decd and mother of John Wykes also decd, son & heir of the said Roger v Edmond Parker Annuity payable from marriage settlement of lands in Spreton, Sandford and Drustenton, Devon. C78/890, no. 9 [83]
1676 8 May 28 Sir Harbottle Grimston, baronet, master of the rolls; Sir William Child; Sir Justinian Lewen; Sir Thomas Estcourt; Sir Mondeford Bramston; and Sir Nathaniel Hobart, knight, masters in ordinary of this high court of chancery v. Elizabeth Mann, widow; and John Mann gent C78/764, no. 2 [84]
1676 9 May 28 John Fellow & Elizabeth his wife, the only surviving daughter of John Deane, esq, her late father v. Joane Cowdrey, widow, relict and executrix of James Cowdrey her late husband; and others (sic) C78/1288, no. 2 [85]
1676 11 May 28 Edmond Marsh, gent, an infant, by Thomas Cricke & Anne his wife, mother of said Edmond and relict and executrix of Robert March of Fordham, Norf, gent v. Edmond Barber, esq C78/947, no. 7 [86]
1676 11 May 28 Peter Emont v. William Collings; John Taylor & his wife; Margaret Emont; and Mary Clarke C78/1275, no. 10 [87]
1676 21 May 28 John Crosse, esq; Robert Crosse; and Thomas Crosse, by said John Crosse; William Crosse by Robert Ditchfield; Ralph Longworth & Joane his wife; Robert Ditchfield & Julian his wife v. Richard Radley; John Rogerson; Leonard Egerton; William Hulme; Hamlett Ashton; Ellis Hey; Roger Rogerson C78/883, no. 5 [88]
1676 26 May 28 Mathew Lister of London, merchant & Sarah his wife v. Richard Lister; Christopher Lister; and Mathew Lister C78/1166, no. 12 [89]
1676 27 May 28 William Jones v Thomas Price Sale of stock and implements and rents due from farm in Avening, Gloucs. C78/860, no. 7 [90]
1676 29 May 28 Mary Morley, widow; Thomas Morley; and John Morley, gent v. Christopher Eyons C78/1018, no. 6 [91]
1676 2 June 28 Simon Bellamy of Exeter merchant & Elizabeth his wife; Jane Legaslike; and Wilmotte Legaslike; the said Elizabeth Jane and Wilmotte beings sisters of William Legaslike of Southwark, Surrey, silk dyer and of Henry Legaslike deceased brother of said William Legaslike C79/17, no. [92]
1676 3 June 28 Thomas Betswood of St Mary, Savoy, Middx, gent, son and heir of Thomas Betsworth of St Clements Danes, Middx, esq, who was son and heir of Sir Peter Betsworth of Milland, Sussex v. Mary Box, widow C78/993, no. 3 [93]
1676 5 June 28 John Wheatly of Chertsey, Surrey, yeoman v. Thomas Cressey esq C78/1911, no. 2 [94]
1676 6 June 28 Barbara Harvey, widow, relict, and executrix of Henry Harvey v. Constance Harvey; Francis Harvey; and Sir Andrew Henley, knight C78/898, no. 8 [95]
1676 7 June 28 Dame Martha Cony, widow, relict and executrix of Sir William Cony, knight v. Ralph, lord Grey of Warke, since deceased C78/948, no. 2 [96]
1676 7 June 28 Jane Williams, an infant, sole daughter and heir of William John, by Gwenllyan John her mother and guardian v. John ap John; and Joane verch John C78/962, no. 1 [97]
1676 7 June 28 Edward Progers, esq v. William Harper & Rebecca his wife, granddaughter and heir of Richard Killett the elder, deceased; and John Killett C78/1018, no. 4 [98]
1676 7 June 28 Sir James Johnson, knight v. Nathaniel Scottow, executor of Joseph Scottow C78/1018, no. 5 [99]
1676 8 June 28 Sir John Williams v John Cary. Measurement of lands in the manor of Minster Court Shift in Isle of Thanet, Kent C78/742, no. 4 [100]
1676 8 June 28 Thomas Kerton of Upwell, Norf, gent v. John Marshall; Frances Marshall; and Thomas Bankes C78/1001, no. 15 [101]
1676 10 June 28 Frances Wickham of Winchcombe, Som, widow sole executrix of Elizabeth Raynon, widow and Dorothy Raynon of the same, spinster v. Henry Warr C78/1930, no. 15 [102]
1676 10 June 28 Richard Norwich, citizen and haberdasher of London v. John Sanders; Bryan Kitchingman; and William Bond C78/997, no. 16 [103]
1676 13 June 28 George Perryer v George, Viscount Hallifax; Robert Foley; John Foorth; John Huniades and Phillip Foley Debts on security of brewhouse and lands in Taunton, Somerset. C78/742, no. 3 [104]
1676 13 June 28 Thomas Martin of Hadleigh, Suff, apothecary; and Joseph Coleman of Hadleigh; Edward Challenor, school master there, for themselves and all other inhabitants of said town and of the said school master there and all other school masters then then after should be there v. Thomas White the elder of Hadleigh, yeoman C78/1284, no. 1 [105]
1676 14 June 28 Jarvase Rockeley v. Christopher Wilkinson gentleman & Barbara his wife deceased the relict of William Harpham and others (sic) C78/2070, no. 24 [106]
1676 14 June 28 Charles Boscawen, esq v. Hugh Boscawen, esq; Samuel Roll, esq; Arthur Fortescue, esq; and others (sic) C78/947, no. 11 [107]
1676 14 June 28 Sir Thomas Nott, knight, administrator of Dame Elizabeth Nott his late wife v. Sir James Thynne, knight, since deceased; and Sir Thomas Thynne, knight, since deceased; and Sir Henry Frederick Thynne, knight and baronet C78/949, no. 10 [108]
1676 15 June 28 Dorothea Oglander the only daughter of Sir William Oglander late of Nunwell in the Isle of Wight, Hants, knight and baronet by guardian Dame Dorothy Oglander her mother v. Sir John Oglander baronet and William Webb esq C79/17, no. [109]
1676 18 June 28 Roger Omer of St John the Baptist, Isle of Thanet, Kent, an infant, by Thomas Jull, his guardian v. Thomas Sladden of St John the Baptist, Kent, yeoman & Mary his wife C78/1075, no. 6 [110]
1676 20 June 28 Thomas Ellis of Bristol, merchant and Elizabeth Buckley an infant by said Thomas Ellis her guardian v. Elizabeth Balman, widow C78/1930, no. 14 [111]
1676 20 June 28 Sir John Metford, gent, son and heir of Samuel Metford, who was younger brother and next heir at law to John Metford, doctor of phisick v. Christopher Wilkinson, gent C78/1267, no. 11 [112]
1676 21 June 28 William Goldsmyth v Sir Charles Gawdy; John Margett; Richard Moyse; and Richard Dowe Debts. C78/790, no. 8 [113]
1676 21 June 28 Edward Herbert and Jane his wife; Christopher Webb and Anne his wife v Richard Combe and William Cotton Possession of tithes and lease of parsonage of Hemel Hempstead and hamlets of Bovingdon and Flaunden, Herts C78/1221, no. 4 [114]
1676 21 June 28 Elizabeth Baskervile; John Baskervile; Mary Baskervile; and Symon Baskervile an infant by the said Elizabeth, sons and daughters of Francis Baskervile esq v. Thomas Baskervile; Thomas Cripps; John Glanvill and Roger Bodenham C79/17, no. [115]
1676 22 June 28 John Holland gentleman v. Andrew Bayly; Rodolph Quatermayne; John Tompkins; William Stephenson executors of George Bayly; John Holland gentleman the elder; and Sarah Holland; George Baly; Mary Baly; and Elizabeth Bayly infants by their guardians C78/2070, no. 23 [116]
1676 26 June 28 John Markes, executor of John Markes; Thomas Moore; Samuel Blunt; William Bascombe; Francis West; Richard Towner; Edward Millington, executor of William Millington v. John Reynold, & Elizabeth his wife, sister and heir of Robert Whitpaine, son and heir of Robert Whitpaine his father; Goddard Newington; William Scras; Edward Norton; William Baldwin the younger; John Bridger; Joane Trumblett; and John Bernard C78/1726, no. 9 [117]
1676 26 June 28 William Lascells, esq, & Katherine his wife v. Hugh Savile, gent; and William St Quinton, esq C78/1590, no. 12 [118]
1676 26 June 28 Ralph Freake; and William Coward, esq v. Henry Richardson, baron of Cramond, son and heir of Thomas, lord Richardson and the Lady Ann Richardson, relict of said Thomas, lord Richardson; and William Richardson, esq C78/1112, no. 3 [119]
1676 27 June 28 Katherine Lee, daughter and sole executrix of John Lee, knight; Richard Lister, executor of Martin Lister, knight v. Richard Holman, gent C78/881, no. 2 [120]
1676 28 June 28 Harbert Pellham of London merchant, executor of Edward Pellham who was executor of John Harrison of London, merchant v. John Steele & Abigail his wife; Isaac Barton; Edward Barton; Maurice Abbott & Rebecca his wife; Elizabeth Steele; John Hale & Margaret his wife; William Charles; and WIlliam Paman C78/2028, no. 9 [121]
1676 29 June 28 Sir John Bennett, Knight of the Bath; Sir Henry Capell, Knight of the Bath; Sir Eliab Hervey, baronet; Mrs Elizabeth Bennett, relict of John Bennett, esq; Mrs Katherine Hampson; Giles Hungerford, esq & Mary his wife; and Margaret Paulett, relict and administratrix of William Paulett, gent; William Thursby; Joseph Keeble, esq; Michael Babbington, gent; Francis Naylor, gent; Richard Allenn; William Gilmore; Timothy Taylor; Mary Halfhead, widow; John Spellor; ___ Caine; ___ Coxe, widow; ____ Wiggins; ___ Lynch; Robert Levins; Thomas ____; ___ Tuby; William Symons; and ____ Kidd, creditors of Ambrose Bennett of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Sir Richard Ingoldsby, Knight of the Bath; Robert Hampson, esq; Henry Hampson, esq; John Bennett an infant by his guardian; Symon Bennett, esq; Richard Hubart, gent; and Thomas Bulstrode, esq C78/872, no. 7 [122]
1676 29 June 28 Richard Busby, doctor in divinity, treasurer of the Cathedral Church of Wells, Som, and parson church of Martocke, Som v. James, earl of Salisbury C78/948, no. 3 [123]
1676 29 June 28 Valentine Hepward v. Robert Hodson; and William Lawes C78/949, no. 9 [124]
1676 29 June 28 Thomas Atkins of London, gent & Susanna his wife v. Peter Otger; Samuel Devisher; William Vanbrugh; and John Hamben & his wife C78/997, no. 14 [125]
1676 29 June 28 William Greening, citizen and clothworker of London v. William Freeman, by Edmond Wymondsold, his guardian; and said Edmund Wymondsold & Hannah his wife; George Townsend, esq; John Freeman; John Durdant; Elizabeth Freeman Greening, an infant, by John Peyton, her guardian; and Richard Field C78/1001, no. 14 [126]
1676 1 July 28 John Colwall, esq v. Richard Downes, esq, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1599, no. 9 [127]
1676 1 July 28 John Boylstone; Rebecca Boylstone; Mary Boylstone; Richard Boylstone; Katherine Boylstone; Edward Boylstone; and Elizabeth Boylstone, sons and daughters of Richard Boylstone, deceased, infants, by George Jeffryes, esq, common serjeant of the City of London, their guardian; and Henry Boystone, one of the sons, and Mary Boylstone, one of the daughters of Henry Boylstone, deceased; and Jophn Boylstone; Edward Boylstone; and Richard Boylstone, other sons of Henry Boylstone, infants, by the said Henry Boylstone, their brother and guardian v. Thomas Stansall, executor of Edward Boylstone C78/1001, no. 13 [128]
1676 1 July 28 Thomas Chapman of Chester, goldsmith; and Randle Hulme of Chester, gent v. James Rawlinges; and Joshua Brookes C78/1001, no. 16 [129]
1676 1 July 28 William Woolley v. Martha Roydon, widow, executrix of Matthew Roydon; John Roydon; and Sarah Roydon C78/1273, no. 5 [130]
1676 3 July 28 Sir Robert Shirley of Staunton Harold, Leics, baronet; the lady Elizabeth Seymour grandchild and heir of Frances, late duchess of Somerset and marchioness of Hertford; Thomas Thynne, esq & the lady Frances his wife daughter of the lady Mary, countess of Winchelsea and grandchild of said duchess of Somerset; Heneage Finch; Thomas Finch; Charles Finch; Leopaldus Finch; Lesley Finch; and Jane Finch sons and daughters of Mary, countess of Winchelsea; and Marianne Finch grandchild of said countess of Winchelsea; Conyers Darcy esq; Frances, countess of Southampton, wife of said Conyers Darcy; Charles, lord Clifford & the lady Jane Clifford his wife; the said Heneage, Thomas, Charles, Leopaldus, Lesley, Jane, and Marianne Finch being all infants by the said Thomas Thynne their guardian v. Thomas Gape and William Gregory esqs C78/2021, no. 3 [131]
1676 3 July 28 William, duke of Newcastle v. John Digby, esq; Richard Neale; Robert Chapple; Gervas Hutton; Oliver Taylor; John Richardson; Rowland Woollhouse; John Meakin; Robert Taylor; John Greenwood; William Whelpdale; John Thorpe; Francis Wilson; Paul Wilson; John Wilson; John Cheetham; John Ashley; John Ball; Paul Eyre; Christopher Eyre; William Snowden; Richard Thorpe; Thomas Cooke; Charles Buttery; William Coates; Robert Ward; George Caulton; Robert Eyre; Christopher Whelpdale; James Bentley; John Eyre; Robert Clarkson; George Lord; Richard Janson; William Powbold; Elizabeth Hutton; Richard Snowdon; John Daud; William Pinckney; William Frith; James Ball; Edward Willey; William Hurst; Thomas Coe; James Rowland; Elizabeth Bramley; Mary Newbold; Joseph Snowdon; Thomas Snowdon; Edward Widnall; Darcy Mollineux; and others the freeholders, landowners, and tenants of the lordship or township of Mansfield Woodhouse, parcel of the manor of Mansfield in Sherwood in Nottinghamshire C78/1599, no. 11 [132]
1676 4 July 28 Dame Frances Russell, widow, relict of Sir John Russell, baronet; Sir William Russell, baronet; Richard Russell; John Russell; and Elizabeth Russell, children of said Sir John Russell, infants, by said Dame Frances Russell their mother v. Gerrard Russell, esq; Sir George Downeing, knight and baronet; William Webb; Edward Bourne; and others (sic) C78/948, no. 5 [133]
1676 4 July 28 John Long of Kenne, Devon, gent v. George Browne C78/1267, no. 2 [134]
1676 6 July 28 Robert Cropwell v Edward Martin and John Lacy Debts on security of lands in Connington (No county given). C78/880, no. 7 [135]
1676 6 July 28 Rt. hon. Lady Mary, Countess dowager of Warwick, relict & sole executrix of Charles, late Earl of Warwick decd v Rt. hon. Robert Earl of Manchester; Charles Monntague, Lord Mandevile; Robert Monntague; and Heneage Monntague Legacies and maintenance from trust settlement of manors of Chattam, Prittwell and Milton, Essex C78/950, no. 6 [136]
1676 6 July 28 George Furss of Great Torrington, Devon, yeoman v. Thomas Joce C78/1911, no. 1 [137]
1676 6 July 28 William Hutton, gent, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Jenings, widow, the said Mary and Elizabeth being executrices of Thomas Jenings v. Martin Dixon; and Miles Jenings C78/1599, no. 10 [138]
1676 6 July 28 William, duke of Newcastle v. George Wakefield; Mary Clayton, widow, executrix of William Clayton; and Mary and Andrew Clayton, gent C78/1596, no. 9 [139]
1676 6 July 28 William Hutton, gent, & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Jenings, widow, the said Mary and Elizabeth being executrices of Thomas Jenings v. Martin Dixon; and Miles jenings C78/1589, no. 13 [140]
1676 6 July 28 William Kent of Boscombe, Wilts, esq v. William Rymes of Basingstoake, Hants; Henry Barfoote; and Richard Rawlings C78/1061, no. 4 [141]
1676 9 July 28 David Hodgson the elder; William Hodgson; John Liddell; Robert Liddell the elder; Robert Liddell the younger an infant by Isabell Liddell, widow, his guardian; Robert ....anby; Edward Robinson; John Bordell; William Hodgson; John Hodgson of Northend; John Hodgson of Westend; John Hutton and Mabell his wife; John Hodgson of Crosse; Ellianor Hodgson of Crosse, widow; Joseph Mathewes; John Hodgson of Buckbottome; ...... Hodgson of Buckbottome, widow; Rowland Hodgson; William Hodgson, glover; Richard Hodgson; William Lonsdale an infant by Jane Lonsdale, widow; Margaret Herbertson als Hodgson, widow; Margaret Robinson, widow; Joseph Hodgson an infant by Isabell Hodgson, widow; John Robinson; Robert Hodgson; William Hodgson; William Liddell; Thomas Blaine; George Miller; Arthur Hodgson; John Lonsdale; John Robinson; Henry Wildman; David Wilson; Elizabeth Sturdy an infant by Margaret Hodgson; Thomas Mason; Barnard Mason; John Wilson of the Well; Thomas Wilson; Christopher Wilson; Rowland Liddell an infant by Rowland Glaister; Isabell Story infant by Anne Story, widow; Rowland Hodgson of the Fold; John Robinson; George Liddell the elder; John Glaister; Richard Hodgson; Thomas Sturdy, carpenter; Thomas Sturdy, taylor; William Sturdy; Elizabeth Sturdy, widow; Margaret Dixon infant by Richard Dixon; Thomas Sturdy of Morehouse; John Barne; William Shepherd; John Hodgson als Robert John; Robert Hodgson; Anne Hodgson, widow; John Hodgson als John over the gate; John Hodgson als John Lilyate; Francis Threlkeld; William Hodgson infant by Richard Mathew; William Hodgson son of Thomas; John Robinson; John Cooke; Robert Browne; Edward Moore; Thomas Hodgson; John Threlkeld the elder; William Hewett infant by John Johnson; Janet Hunt, widow; Richard Becke; Allen Hodgson; George Blaylock als Blaklocke the younger; John Hodgson son of Thomas; Edmund Liddell; John Falder; George Blaylocke als Blacklocke the elder; Robert Hobson; John Browne; John Threlkeld junior; Thomas Robson; John Hodgson of Kirkegate; John Hinde; William Burton; John Norman; John Robson; William Goldy; John Hodgson, bayliffe; Robert Hodgson and Ellinor his wife; John Walby; Robert Wilson; Francis Howard; John Watson; Thomas Falder; John Pattison jun; William Liddell; William Hodgson; Jane Pattison als Martin, widow; William Mathew; Jane Mathew, widow; Rowland Glaister and Anne his wife; John Hodgson of Downhall; John Stoddert infant by Mary Stoddert, widow; Robert Wilson; John Henderson of Drumliming; John Plummer; John Baine; John Stodert infant by Mary Stodert; Thomas Nixon; John Tiffin infant by Elizabeth Tiffin, widow; William Tiffin; Robert Aisbrigge infant by Margaret Aisbrigge, widow; Michael Hodgson; John Hodgson of Thorneby; Thomas Ismay; Richard Plaskett; Thomas Jefferson; John Hodge; Thomas Hodge; George Stamper; John Twentyman; Robert Barne; Winifred Barne, widow; Richard Barne; Christopher Henderson the elder; Christopher Henderson jun; John Furnace; Leonard Blaine; Anne Blaine, widow; John Stodert; Margaret Stodert, widow; Thomas Liddell; Symon Ayston; Thomas Hodgson; Anne Barne, widow; John Barne; John Stodert; William Stodert als Blaine; George Stodert; Anne Stodert, widow; Francis Stodert; George Stodert, weaver; John Smith infant by George Stodert; John Smith; Joseph Stubb infant by John Walker, clerke; John Stodert; Thomas Wallace; Cuthbert Wallace; Simon Carr; Peter Barwis; Thomas Furnace; William Wilson; Thomas Harding; William Henderson; John Henderson and Jane his wife; Anthony Barne; William Stodert als Blaine; William Barwis; John Furnace; Anne Furnace, widow; John Barwis; Richard Wilson, clerke; John Newton; John Blackburne; George Stodert; Edward Mathew; John Rickarby infant by Jane Rickarby, widow; Christopher Blaine; William Jefferson; Robert Barne; Christopher Henderson; William Smyth; John Smyth; John Atkinson; Anne Atkinson, widow; George Barne; Thomas Gate; Thomas Tiffin; John Scott the elder; Robert Huntington; John Thomlinson; John Studholme senior; John Studholme junior; Anne Ritson, widow; Anne Watson, widow; John Williamson; John Ritson; Robert Wilson; Thomas Jefferson; Isabell Jefferson, widow; William Jefferson and Janet his wife; William Mathew; Thomas Robinson; John Hinde; Elizabeth Hinde, widow; John Rickarby; John Barwick; Robert Mathew infant by Anne Mathew, widow; John Robinson; Jane Jefferson, widow; John Williamson, weaver; John Robinson of Moore End; Anne Mathew infant by Margaret Mathew, widow; Thomas Ritson; Anne Ritson, widow; John Boake; Thomas Jefferson; Thomas Howe; Richard Matthew; Janet Matthew, widow; Thomas Ritson; John Carnddesse the elder; George Gasse; John Graham infant by Isabel Graham; George Blalocke of Rockliffe; Thomas Nixon; George Hewett and Janet his wife; Ellianor Hewett, widow; Robert Ivison; James Nixon; John Hodgson; Janet Hodgson, widow; Thomas Hewett; Thomas Jackson; Elizabeth Jackson, widow; Henry Hewett; William Jackson; Robert Jackson; William Wilkin the younger; James Maxwell; William Rey infant by Sibbell Rey, widow; Peter Hewett; William Hewett infant by Elianor Hewett, widow; John Irwing; William Wilkin the elder; Thomas Jackson and Isabell his wife; Sybbell Rey; Robert Nixon; John Robinson; William Nixon; Michael Richardson; Christopher Graham of Garreston; William Hennell; Rosomond Irwing, widow; John Graham; Robert Graham; Robert Rey and Elizabeth his wife; William Jackson junior; William Jackson senior; Christopher Jackson; Richard Fargison; Thomas Graham; Janet Graham, widow; William Bell son of Julian; Rymond Story; Blanche Tayte, widow; William Maxwell; Robert Story; Thomas Story; Symond Jackson the younger; Christopher Jackson of West Lynton; Symond Jackson the elder; John Phillipp; William Graham and Jane his wife; Thomas Jackson; John Heslopp; Richard Story; John Jackson the elder; John Ivison; John Graham infant by John Browne; John Jackson the younger; John Browne; Walter Phillipp; William Heatherington; George Heathrington; William Graham; Richard Graham; Thomas Carndesse; Thomas Pattison; Peter Poole; John Pattison; John Herbert; Jane Herbert, widow; John Lawson; Thomas Lawson; John Hodgson of Drumbrough; Christopher Irton; Dorothy Peirson, widow; William Taylor; Edward Sharpe; Christopher Sanderson; David Hodgson; Thomas Poole; Joseph Poole; Edward Mathes; Richard Backhouse; Thomas Backhouse infant by John Backhouse; Robert Robinson; Robert Fairlam; John Peirson; John Fairlam; Peter Miller; Thomas Wilson the elder; John Dunnell; Edward Backhouse; Thomas Lawson the elder; Anne Richardby, widow; Edward Sharpe; David Hodgson the younger; John Mathewman; John Will senior; John Will junior; George Fell; John Lowther; Robert Hoshart; Simon Smith; Thomas Smallwood; John Carr; John Harrison; Simon Harrison; Mary Hodgson als Marke infant by Margaret Hodgson als Marke, widow; William Hodgson; Christopher Lawson; John Hodgson of Aiston; and Thomas Wilson junior all being customary tenants of and within the Barony of Burgh als Brough in the County of Cumberland v. Henry, Earl of Norwich, Earl Marshall of England C78/1469, no. 6 [142]
1676 27 July 28 William Lee of London, merchant v. Sarah Broadbent and Timothy Wade C78/846, no. 1 [143]
1676 8 July 28 George Lee merchant v. Sarah Bowler widow administratrix of John Bowler her late son C78/1893, no. 10 [144]
1676 9 July 28 William, duke of Newcastle v. John Digby, esq; Richard Neale; Robert Chappell; Gervas Hutton; Oliver Taylor; John Richardson; Rowland Woollhouse; John Meakin; Robert Taylor; John Greenwood; William Whelpdale; John Thorpe; Franis Wilson; Paul Wilson; John Wilson; John Cheetham; John Ashley; John Ball; Paul Eyre; Cristofer Eyre; William Snowden; Richard Thorpe; Thomas Cooke; Charles Buttery; William Coates; Robert Ward; George Caulton; Robert Eyre; Christofer Whelpdale; James Bentley; John Eyre; Robert Clarkston; George Lord; Richard Janson; William Newbold; Elizabeth Hutton; Richard snowden; John David; William Pinckney; William Frith; Jane Ball; Edward Willey; Willliam Hurst; Thomas Coe; James Rowland; Elizabeth Bramley; Mary Newbold; Joseph Snowden; Thomas Snowden; Edward Widnall; Darcy Molineux; and others, the freeholders, landowners, and tenants of the lordship or township of Mansfield Woodhouse, parcel of the manor of Mansfield in Sherwood, Nottinghamshire C78/1589, no. 12 [145]
1676 18 July 28 Richard, lord Arundell, baron of Trerice v. James Butler, esq; Edward Rooper, esq; Samuel Lamott; and John Riches, merchants C78/1001, no. 12 [146]
1676 14 Oct 28 Sir Francis Compton, knight, & Dame Jane his wife; and John Pollexfen of London, merchant v. Robert, lord viscount Purbeck & the Lady Margaret his wife C78/947, no. 4 [147]
1676 16 Oct 28 Margaret Mitchell widow and relict of Nathaniel Mitchell and Phebe Mitchell; and Elizabeth Mitchell daughters and coheirs of the said Nathaniel Mitchall infants by said Margaret Mitchell their mother and guardian v. Sarah Mitchell widow and relict of Samuel Mitchell deceased and John Mitchell son and heir of said Samuel Mitchell an infant by said Sarah Mitchell his mother and guardian C79/17, no. [148]
1676 16 Oct 28 Julyan Noy, widow, relict, and administratrix of Joseph Noy v. John Bosustoe, gent; John Ellis & Anne his wife; John Wallis & Sarah his wife; Francis Geare; and others (sic) C78/947, no. 3 [149]
1676 24 Oct 28 John Briscoe esq & the lady Anne his wife; Thomas Porter esq; Thomas, earl of Portland; James Porter esq; Francis Harvey esq; Sebastian Willoughby gentleman & Anne his wife C79/17, no. [150]
1676 26 Oct. 28 William Jones v Thomas Price Sale of stock and implements and rents due from farm in Avening, Gloucs C78/860, no. 5B [151]
1676 30 Oct 28 Alexander Walthall, gent v. Nicholas Wilmott, serjeant at law, now Sir Nicholas Wilmott, knight C78/947, no. 2 [152]
1676 30 Oct 28 John Onseley, gent v. Charles Corsellis C78/1018, no. 3 [153]
1676 31 Oct 28 Richard Ranson & Elizabeth his wife v. Christopher Hewson C78/846, no. 3 [154]
1676 6 Nov 28 Mary Currer, widow and relict of Hugh Currer; Margaret Currer; Anne Currer; Elizaebth Currer; and Thomas Currer, children of said Hugh and Mary, infants, by said Mary their mother and guardian v. Hugh Currer and William Currer, executors of said Hugh Currer; John Currer; Henry Currer; Christopher Currer; John Calbeck & Mary his wife; Thomas Blakey & Helen his wife C78/853, no. 9 [155]
1676 6 Nov 28 Richard Pecocke, widow and relict of Richard Pecocke, esq v. Samuel Neale C78/947, no. 6 [156]
1676 7 Nov 28 Edward Fleming and Margaret his wife, grandchild and heir of George Bland v Francis Page; William Blaker; John Wright; and Edward Hobson Title to the manor of Raymonds, Sussex C78/744, no. 10 [157]
1676 13 Nov. 28 Samuel Cusse, son and administrator de bonis non of Henry Cusse his father, and brother & administrator of Henry Cusse v Joseph Ash son of John Ash; Edmond Webb and [blank] his wife executrix of James Ash; and John Ash son & executor of the said John Ash the father. Title to mortgaged premises, Longstreete Farm, Enford, Wilts C78/890, no. 4 [158]
1676 17 Nov 28 Henry Johnson; and Mordecay Fromonteel v. James Hickson, esq; William Witham; and Clement Witham C78/949, no. 2 [159]
1676 17 Nov 28 Hugh Trevanion, gent one of the younger sons of John Trevanion, esq v. Sir John Arundell, knight & Dame Anne his wife, relict of said John Trevanion; and an other C78/949, no. 7 [160]
1676 17 Nov 28 John Bagwell v. John Burnard; and Thomas White C78/1275, no. 9 [161]
1676 18 Nov 28 Edmond Davenport of London, merchant v. Henry Spurstow, merchant; Sarah Gourden, widow; and others (sic) C78/949, no. 3 [162]
1676 20 Nov 28 Richard Salwey, jr; and Robert Blaney, gent v. Henry, earl of Litchfield; Sir Walter St John, baronet; Sir Ralph Verner, knight and baronet; and John Cary, gent C78/1726, no. 12 [163]
1676 20 Nov 28 Sir William Juxon, baronet; William Gregory, esq; Michael Rutter, esq; John Barnard, esq; and John Humades, esq v. Raph Dutton, esq; Robert, earl of Linsey; Dame Elizabeth, countess of Lindsey; and Fracnis Henry Lee C78/1726, no. 10 [164]
1676 20 Nov 28 Raufe Freke, esq v. Thomas, lord Culpeper & Dame Margaret his wife; Charles Henry, lord Wotton; Elizabeth Hamilton, widow; Sir Edward Brett; and Thomas Sheafe C78/853, no. 4 [165]
1676 21 Nov 28 Sir William Luckyn, baronet v. John Rushworth, esq; Anne Pinchon, widow and relict of John Pinchon, esq; Edward Pinchon her son, an infant; John Tempest esq; Richard Davyes, & Susanna his wife; Sir William Humble, baronet; and William Comyns, esq C78/1604, no. 5 [166]
1676 22 Nov 28 Reginald Wilsham v. Walter Deeble; Robert Hancocke, clerk; and John Deeble C78/1011, no. 3 [167]
1676 23 Nov 28 Henry Gooding v. John Hill, clerk; William Bunckum; and Robert Gooding C78/1267, no. 3 [168]
1676 27 Nov 28 John Grove v Christopher Lambe. Mortgage of lands in Egerton, Kent. C78/860, no. 6 [169]
1676 27 Nov 28 John Jeven; and others (sic) v. Richard Dudley C78/879, no. 4 [170]
1676 1 Dec 28 Elizabeth Woolley; and Elianor Woolley, the two surviving daughters of Robert Wooley of Denton, Lincs, gent, being both infants, by Joseph Clarke of Grantham, doctor of phisick v. James, earl of Salisbury; William Welby, esq; Francis Peete, clerk; Barbara Woolley, widow, relict of said Robert Wolley, the complainant's mother; Charnell Woolley; and John Woolley, uncle of said Robert Wolley C78/864, no. 7 [171]
1676 4 Dec. 28 Nicholas Phillips v Richard Phillips the elder and Richard Phillips the younger and others (not named) Testamentary settlement of bonds, personal estate and shipping. C78/950, no. 5 [172]
1676 4 Dec 28 Henry Fairefax, esq v. Stephen Trigg C78/851, no. 3 [173]
1676 5 Dec 28 William Watson of St Giles in the Fields parish, Middx, perfumer executor of Thomasine Davyes alias Norincott, the relict of William Norincott v. Thomas Corbett; Richard Fowler; and Rowland Baugh C78/1911, no. 3 []
1676 5 Dec 28 John Forth, esq & Albina his wife v. Ursulah Pepys, widow and administratrix of Thomas Pepys her late husband; and Thomas Pepys an infant, son and heir of said Thomas Pepys C78/906, no. 7 [174]
1676 6 Dec 28 Sir John Otway, knight, & Dame Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of John Brathwaite, who was next brother of Thomas Brathwaite, esq, who died without issue of his body on or about November then last past; and Bratwaite Otway an infant, first and eldest son of said Sir John on the body of said Dame Elizabeth by him begotten by said Sir John his next friend v. Robert Brathwaite, gent; Dorothy Sandys, widow; and Dorothy Brathwaite C78/1590, no. 13 [175]
1676 6 Dec 28 Francis Metcalfe of Chelmsford, Essex, doctor in phisick v. Thomas Kirwood of London, gent Concerning a treaty of marriage between the defendant and Mary, now his wife and the complainant's daughter C78/764, no. 1 [176]
1676 6 Dec 28 Peter, bishop of Bath and Wells v. John Hippisley; Charles Yorke; Thomas Napper; and Preston Hippisley C78/868, no. 8 [177]
1676 7 Dec 28 Arthur Fowke, esq, by the name of Arthur Fowke of Symonsbury, Dorset, gent, son and heir apparent of Arthur Fowke of Symonsbury, Dorset v. William Chilcott, gent, son and heir of William Chilcott of Briddy, Dorset C78/1270, no. 3 [178]
1676 8 Dec 28 Dame Martha Bassett of Beaupree, Glam, widow v. Richard Bassett, esq; Sir Edward Mansell; Humphry Wyndham; Edmund Gamage; Anthony Carne; Henry Hothershall; Richard Blake; Lawrence Atterbury; Edward Mathewes & his wife; and James Covey & his wife C78/997, no. 13 [179]
1676 11 Dec 28 Bernard Thachwell & Sarah his wife, daughter of Edmond Blackbrough and sister of Stephen Blackbrough, who left Sarah his relict and executrix v. Gilbert Cooper, who married the relict of Stephen Blackbrough C78/874, no. 3 [180]
1676 11 Dec 28 Dame Abigaile Smith, widow and relict of Sir Thomas Smith of Hatherton, County Palatine of Chester, baronet v. Bennett, lord Sherrard; Francis Carleton, esq; and Frances Smith, daughter and heir of said Sir Thomas Smith, by her the said Dame Abigaile, an infant, by The Honorable Charles Carrington, esq, he runcle and guardian C78/1061, no. 8 [181]
1676 11 Dec 28 Elizabeth Solley of Deale, Kent, widow v. John Whitfield of Canterbury, gent & Rebecca his wife C78/1061, no. 5 [182]
1676 13 Dec 28 Warwick Bampfield of Hardington, Som, esq v. John Vaughan and Hugh Vaughan esqs C78/1911, no. 7 [183]
1676 14 Dec. 28 Thomas Turgis v Robert Wither and John Hunt since decd Mortgage of lands in Bentworth, Hants C78/790, no. 7 [184]
1676 14 Dec 28 George Tresham, esq & Anne his wife; Richard Fancourt, esq & Anna his wife, daughters of said George Tresham & Anna his wife; and Elizabeth Tresham; William Tresham; Maurice Tresham; Edward Tresham; and Clemencia Tresham, children of said George Tresham & Anna his wife, infants, by their guardian v. John, earl of Exeter; and Sir Lewis Palmer, baronet C78/1018, no. 2 [185]
1676 15 Dec 28 Edward Whitton v. John Searle; and Peter Lloyd, executors of John Barsano; and Edmond Lee, esq C78/868, no. 1 [186]
1676 19 Dec 28 John Shelton esq son and heir of John Shelton late of West Bromwich, Staffs, esq & Mary his wife both infants by Joseph Prickman of London merchant, guardian; and the said Joseph Prickman v. Walter Needham doctor in phisick & Elizabeth his wife, the relict and executor of John Shelton; Thomas Banaster esq; and Benjamin Shute C78/1911, no. 4 [187]
1676 19 Dec 28 Edmund Broadway the elder, gent & Margaret his wife; and Charles Broadway; William Broadway; Ann Broadway; and Edmund Broadway, all infant children of said Edmund and Margaret by said Edmund their father, guardian v. Richard Hill; Richard Baugh, gent; and Stephen Baldwyn, gent, executors of Edwyn Baldwyn, gent C78/851, no. 2 [188]
1676 19 Dec 28 Jerome Rawstorne of London, merchant v. Thomas Williams, merchant; Rebecca Williams, widow; Robert Williams, mercer; Samuel Williams; Rebecca Williams; Joseph Williams; Mary Williams; Elizabeth Williams; and Sarah Williams, infants C78/1164, no. 8 [189]