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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1675 27 C78/, no. []
1675 12 Jan 26 Joane Hide the relict and administratrix of John Hide late of East Greenwich, Kent, gentleman v. Thomas, earl Rivers & the lady Elizabeth, countess Rivers C78/1928, no. 11 [2]
1675 13 Jan 26 The Dean and Chapter of Carlisle; Robert Kirkeley; and Cuthbert Roddam v. Mary Astell, an infant; John Astell; and John Smyth The bounds of several tenements in Wydon, Northumberland. Follows at least two actions at Northumberland assizes. C78/862, no. 6 [3]
1675 16 Jan 26 Andrew Barker; and William Robinson, esqs, executors of Sir Samuel Micoe, knight v. John Stone C78/993, no. 13 [4]
1675 19 Jan. 26 Sir Thomas Nott, administrator of Dame Elizabeth his late wife v Sir Henry Frederick Thynn; Sir James Thynn; Sir Thomas Thynn; and Thomas Nott Portion payable by will of Sir Thomas Thynn from the manor of Longleate, Wilts. C78/732, no. 5 [5]
1675 25 Jan 26 Lewis March esq & Mary his wife; Rice Powell esq; & William Powell gentleman v. Martha March widow and Richard Greenwell & Mary his wife C78/1912, no. 16 [6]
1675 25 Jan 26 William Baldwick; and Nathaniel Baldwick; and Mary Baldwick, infants by said William Baldwick their guardian v. Thomas Wood; Anne Howard; and Richard Stannard & Anne his wife C78/871, no. 2 [7]
1675 25 Jan 27 William Browne, an infant, by John Annand, his guardian v. Thomas Browne C78/993, no. 14 [8]
1675 27 Jan 26 William Bonner; Robert Hill; Martha Elfleete; George Fettiplace; John Wood; Richard Richardson; Richard Short; John Martin; and Thomas Robinson creditors of Henry Hollyday decd v Adryan Hollyday, widow & administratrix of the said Henry Hollyday Debts payable from personal estate of Henry Hollyday. C78/732, no. 7 [9]
1675 27 Jan 26 John Dixie of Grays Inn, esq v. Walter Moncke & Alice his wife; Anne Meredith; and Isaac Light C78/1930, no. 13 [10]
1675 29 Jan 26 Richard Scovile v Laurence Squibb; Francis Hastings and Anne Hastings infants; John Whiteway; Thomas Thornhurst; John Cole; Melchisedeck Gillett; Robert Larder; John Newburgh; Henry Arnold; Robert Constable; James Taylor; and William Derby Trust of lease of Isslington Farm, Puddletowne, Dorset. C78/743, no. 3 [11]
1675 1 Feb 27 John Tinckler brother and heir of Henry Tinckler, one of the sons of William Tinckler the elder late of Great Riburgh, Norfolk, blacksmith v William Tinckler; Edward Thompson; and Roger Cooke Legacy payable from lands in Riburgh, Norfolk. C78/727, no. 4 [12]
1675 1 Feb 27 Anne Pooler widow the relict and executrix of John Pooler gentleman v. Humphrey Pooler and Dorothy Pooler C78/1910, no. 7 [13]
1675 3 Feb. 27 Richard Bland v George Shalcrosse and Mary his wife; and William Wareing Debts and financial trusts in connection with sale of barley. C78/727, no. 8 [14]
1675 4 Feb 27 Nathaniel Wall (son and heir of John Wall decd and first son of the body of Mary Wall decd late wife of the said John Wall, daughter of John Davy), an infant by Sir Joseph Sheldon v Thomas Buckler and Henry Marwood Bonds and accounts re profits of houses and lands in Kent. C78/733, no. 4 [15]
1675 5 Feb 27 Thomas Parry, citizen and bricklayer of London & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Crosby, citizen and merchant taylor of London; John Hacketts of St Pauls, Covent Garden, Middx, carpenter & Sarah his wife; and Mary Meads; and Martha Meads, spinsters and infants, by said Thomas Pary v. Thomas Sanders & Katherine his wife C78/1001, no. 23 [16]
1675 5 Feb 27 Edward Prescott of Dover, Kent v. Thomas Broome, son and executor of John Broome of Dover; John Broome of Eltham, Kent, gent; and John Edwards of Dover, merchant C78/1076, no. 4 [17]
1675 8 Feb. 27 Nicholas Roberts and George Lee merchant v John Jefferyes Debts payable from profits of tobacco trade C78/742, no. 9 [18]
1675 8 Feb 27 Nathan Wilson and Thomas Greene and others creditors of Thomas Woodcock of London merchant v. Henry Scarburgh and Thomas Woodcock C78/1910, no. 5 [19]
1675 8 Feb 27 Anne Morden, widow and executrix of John Morden, clerk; and Robert Morden, son and heir of said John an infant by said Anne his mother v. Katherine Wallett, relict of John Wallett; Thomas Wallett, son and heir and executor of said John and William Wallett C78/846, no. 9 [20]
1675 9 Feb. 27 James Langham; Sir William Langham; and Sir Stephen Langham, sons & executors of Sir John Langham; and Dame Rebeccah Lake, widow, late wife of Sir Thomas Lake v Sir Lancellott Lake Marriage treaty of messuage in the Strand, lands and wharfs in St. Andrews Wardrobe, London and coppices in Stanmore and Edgworth and the manors of Cannons and Winbarrow, Middx C78/742, no. 16 [21]
1675 9 Feb 27 James Sherley the elder, clerk; James Sherley the younger; John Sherley; Edward Sherly; and Thomas Sherley the four sons of said James Sherley the elder by Mary his wife, infants (james being about 18; John, 17; Edward, 15; and Thomas, 13) by James Sherley the elder their father; John Little, gentleman & Judith his wifew; Thomas Little their son an infant (about 8) by John Little his father v. Margaret Lewys, widow late wife of Edward Lewys and executrix of Sarah Hawkins widow C78/1941, no. 6 [22]
1675 10 Feb. 27 Jonathan Prideaux v William Luttrell. Cancellation of paid up bonds lost in civil wars. C78/727, no. 5 [23]
1675 11 Feb 27 Richard Reave and Anne his wife, relict & administratrix of Horatio Moore v Thomas Lisle; George Perrier; Horatio Moore and Frances Moore Profits from messuage called "Dukes Playhouses" including tennis court in Ficketts Field, (no county given C78/742, no. 15 [24]
1675 11 Feb 27 Henrietta Fisher; Anne Fisher; and Elizabeth Fisher, children of Henry Fisher of Liddington, Wilts, esq & Frances his wife, infants, by Jane Fisher of Liddington their grandmother; and William Swayne; and Anne Swayne, children of Lawrence Swayne of Horsham, Sussex, gent, infants, by said Lawrence their father v. Sir William Juxon, knight and baronet C78/1061, no. 14 [25]
1675 12 Feb 27 Saint John Taylor and Mary his wife v George Fawnt; Charles Bentley; Richard Boughton and Mary his wife; and against Edward Boughton; Judith Boughton; Anne Boughton; and Elizabeth Boughton infants by the said Richard Boughton Marriage settlements of manor of Bilton, Warwicks C78/790, no. 15 [26]
1675 15 Feb 27 Francis Poulet of Welles, Som, esq; Michael Warton, esq; and Thomas Smith, esq v. Humfry Hooke knight C78/1930, no. 3 [27]
1675 15 Feb 27 Michael Henshawe, an infant, by William Adderley; and James Launder, gent, his guardian v. John Whitehall, esq; and Rowland Whitehall, gent C78/1587, no. 1 [28]
1675 18 Feb 27 Charles Toll and John Spoure gentleman administrators of Peter Hendra esq v. Rawlyn Mallocke esq C78/1912, no. 17 [29]
1675 18 Feb 27 Seckford Cage, esq; and Vavasor Cage, infants, by Mary Cage, widow, their mother and guardian v. Sir Henry North, baronet C78/1589, no. 5 [30]
1675 20 Feb 27 Edward Webb the younger v. Edward Webb the elder clerk and doctor in divinity; Sir Gabriel Lowe knight; Joseph Poynt; Michael Tayler; Ralph Willett the younger; Abraham Poore; and Richard Still clerke C79/53, no. [31]
1675 20 Feb 27 Samuel Kenn v. Roger Lambert; John Boyes; Mary Harris; and James Whithall & Dorothy his wife C78/1032, no. 10 [32]
1675 22 Feb 27 Dame Jane Leche, relict of Sir William Leche; Thomasine Leche of the age of 21 years daughter of the said Sir William Leche; William Leche on of the younger sons of the said Sir William; Jane Leche, Elizabeth, Hester, Rose, Dorothy, Anne and Mary 7 of the younger daughters of the said Sir William Leach being all infants by the said Dame Jane Leche their mother and Henry Toller v Edward Leche son & heir of the said Sir William; John Leche and Phillip Leche 2 of the younger sons of the said Sir William Leche by George Combes; George Evelin of Wotton; George Evelin of Nuttfeild; Edward Smith; Thomas Dawling; Ambros Phillips the elder; Ambros Phillips the younger; Paul Jodrell; and the said George Coombes administrator with the will annexed of the said Sir William Leche Debts and legacies of will of Sir William Leche payable from the manors of Squerries and Duffeild, Beaweeper, Southwood, Holland, Edrichey and Biggen, Derbys. C78/732, no. 6 [33]
1675 24 Feb 27 Rt. hon. George, Lord Berkley Mowbray Segrave and Breouse v Sir Kingsmill Lucy; Sir William Turner and Cesar Cranmer Incumbrances on trust settlement of lands in Bosham, Funtington Thorney and Buckfold, Sussex C78/727, no. 7 [34]
1675 24 Feb 27 Sir John Tufton of the Mote, Kent v Phillip, Earl of Chesterfield; Henry, Lord Wootton; The master ........... Skinners; Richard Babington; and [?Gertrude?] hsi wife; Nicholas Skinner; Richard Wilkinson; John ....inson; and Henry Hall Possession of part of the manor of Bassett, Warwicks, and annuity payable from the manor of Fillwith, Kent. C78/1225, no. 1 [35]
1675 24 Feb 27 Sir John Vaughan knight of the Bath otherwise called the lord John Vaughan son and heir apparent of Richard, earl of Carberry v. Richard, earl of Carberry; David Morgan esq; Sir Humphrey Menoux baronet; and Sir John Finch defendant C78/2070, no. 26 [36]
1675 24 Feb 27 Phillip Casinghurst; Oliver Browne; Martha Sympson widow; Adam Gilby & Helen his wife v. Francis Jaggard C78/1892, no. 13 [37]
1675 24 Feb 27 Catherine Walton, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Walton, gent v. Thomas Swayne, gent C78/1044, no. 13 [38]
1675 25 Feb 27 John Markes; Thomas Moore; Samuel Blinn; William Bawcombe; Francis West; Richard Towner; William Diskins; and Edward Millington executor of William Millington v Robert Whitpaine the younger; Edward Norton; John Bridger; Johan Trumblett; and John Barnard Mortgage of copyhold lands in the manor of Hurstperpont, (no county given) by the deft Robert Whitpaine. C78/742, no. 6 [39]
1675 23 Feb 27 William Growne v Thomas Growne Delivery of bonds and payment of legacies. C78/1000, no. 3 [40]
1675 25 Feb 27 John White of Ockford FitzPaine, Dorset, gent, executor of Thomas White; Walter Kerley of Blandford Forum, Dorset, grocer; Thomas Palmer, son of John Palmer of Blandford Forum, gent; Richard Frost of Charlton Marshall, Dorset, husbandman; Francis Reekes of Blandford Forum, innholder; Thomas Baskett of Crambrone, gent; Elias Talbott of Horton, potter; Peter Holloway of Horton, servingman; Alice Farrant of Manington, widow; Dorothy Browne of Little Hinton, widow; Robert Mitchell of Winborne Minster, innholder & Bridget his wife, executrix of William Mullings v. William Collyer of Oxford, gent C78/1044, no. 10 [41]
1675 25 Feb 27 Mary Bampfield; Elizabeth Bampfield, spinsters; and James Foster, gent v. Warwicke Bampfield, esq; Edward Phellips, esq; and Robert Phellips, esq C78/1259, no. 3 [42]
1675 26 Feb 27 William, Viscount of Stafford v Marke Cottle and Alice his wife; Elizabeth Smith; and William Foster Mortgage by lease of the manors of Wibboston and Stoakes (or Lawrence Place), Beds. C78/742, no. 13 [43]
1675 26 Feb 27 James Hibbins v Richard Norwich and John Warter Bonds and debts C78/742, no. 14 [44]
1675 26 Feb 27 Joseph Maynard esq & Mary his wife daughter and heir of Sir Edward Mosley the father baront and of Dame Mary his wife and sister and heir of Sir Edward Mosley baronet also deceased the son and heir of the said Sir Edward the father and Dame Mary and Administratrix of Anne Mosley her late sister v. Edward Mosley the elder esq and Edward Mosley the younger his son; Oswald Mosley esq; and Anne Mosley C79/68, no. [45]
1675 26 Feb 27 Thomas Stephenson; Robert Suckling; and William Poole v. Elizabeth Hickman widow and relict of Richard Hickman late citizen and cooper of London and Richard Hickman son of the said Richard Hickman C78/2049, no. 3 [46]
1675 26 Feb 27 William, viscount of Stafford v. Mark Cottle, & Alice his wife; Elizabeth Smith; and William Foster C78/1726, no. 6 [47]
1675 26 Feb 27 Jervas Nevill of Holbeck, Yorks, esq; and Daniel Wigfall of London, merchant v. Elizabeth Wigfall, widow; Barbara Wigfall; and John Wigfall C78/863, no. 9 [48]
1675 27 Feb 27 Christian Ryves, widow, relict and executrix of John Ryves of London, esq v. Sir Robert Vyner, knight and baronet; and Edward Backwell, esq, citizens and aldermen of London C78/1044, no. 14 [49]
1675 1 March 27 Roger, Earl of Orrory (Ireland) v Charles Booth; William Sherborne; Timothy Coles; Robert Woolmer and Cicelea his wife; Phillipa Laugherne; Thomas Coningsby; Benjamin Prior; and Humphrey Coningsby Marriage settlement of lands in Hampton Courte, Pencombe, Leominster and other lands in Herefs, Worcs and Salop. C78/729, no. 2 [50]
1675 1 March 27 Phillipp Russell gentleman executor of William Russell his late father v. Thomas Russell; Richard Russell & Sarah his wife; Edward Wither & Deborah his wife; and John Packer C79/68, no. [51]
1675 1 March 27 Henry Vernon baronet v. Thomas Astley; John Widley; William Widley and others (sic) C79/18, no. [52]
1675 1 March 27 The Mayor and Burgesses of Derby v. Henry Mellor, esq C78/1723, no. 13 [53]
1675 1 March 27 John Mole, gent, son and administrator of John Mole, esq, intestate, unadministered by George Mole late administrator v. John Francklyn and George Francklyn, executors of Nicholas Francklyn, esq; Elizabeth Bosse, widow; and others (sic) C78/847, no. 2 [54]
1675 1 March 27 William Yeames the elder of Ratcliffe, Middx, shipwright v. David Lambert of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Surrey, mariner & Mary his wife C78/1076, no. 1 [55]
1675 1 March 27 Sir William Drake of Shardeloes, Bucks, knight, only son of Francis Drake, esq, brother of Sir William Drake of Shardeloes, knight and baronet, uncle to the plaintiffs, by Dorothy his wife v. James Ravenscroft, esq; Harman Atwood; James Perrott, gent; Thomas Sparke; William Longueville; Francis Drake, esq; John Drake, an infant; and Sir Francis Drake, knight C78/1256, no. 1 [56]
1675 2 March 27 Edward Wood of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, esq v. John Kirke, gentleman; Elizabeth Sheires, widow executrix of Robert Sheires who was executor of George Sheires; Andrewe Pecke; and John Blisse C78/1930, no. 2 [57]
1675 6 March 27 Anne Mosley spinster sister of Sir Edward Mosley the elder baronet v. Sir Charles North eldest son and heir apparent of Dudley lord North, baron of Kirtling & the lady Katherine his wife late wife of Sir Edward Mosley the younger deceased without issue, son and heir of the said Sir Edward the son Mosley Maynard son and heir apparent of said Joseph and Mary Nicholas Mosley esq; and Oswald Mosley his son; Edward Mosley the elder esq; and Edward Mosley his son an infant C79/65, no. [58]
1675 15 March 27 John Houghton and John Tillison v Edward Trussell. Mortgage of tenements and lands in Leominster, Heref C78/743, no. 1 [59]
1675 12 April 27 Anne Astley executrix of George Astley v. Sir Thomas Smith baronet and Dame Beatrix his wife and James Zouch C79/68, no. [60]
1675 15 April 27 Sarah Lewis, executrix of Nicholas Lewis her late husband v Richard Smith and Robert Thurston Mortgage of lands in Sherrardyne, Gloucs C78/734, no. 10 [61]
1675 17 April 27 John Bevis & Mary his wife, administratrix of Arthur Tanner & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Piggott, esq & Florence his wife; and Sir Hugh Smith, Knight of the Bath and baronet C78/891, no. 11 [62]
1675 23 April 27 Dame Philadelphia Clerke, widow & administratrix of Sir John Clerke; Arthur Onslowe; Broome Whorwood; and John Clerke v Edmond Squibb Cancellations of bonds re annuity from manor of North Weston, Oxon C78/733, no. 3 [63]
1675 23 April 27 James Brayly v. George Evelin esq; Mary Gitting; and Thomas Bynes gentleman C79/170, no. [64]
1675 26 April 27 Sir William Coney v Nicholas Colborne; Sir Joseph Sheldon; Thomas Cannon; Robert Welstead; Nicholas Warren; and Robert Taunton Mortgage of land in parish of St. Margaret near Fish Street, London C78/727, no. 3 [65]
1675 26 April 27 Richard lloyd, citizen and mercer of London v. William Shute the elder, gent, since deceased; William Shute the younger, his son C78/948, no. 10 [66]
1675 27 April 27 Edward Strode, esq v. William Strode, esq, son and heir and executor of William Strode, esq C78/1589, no. 7 [67]
1675 28 April 27 Mary Freake and Jone Weldon, widows v. Mary Weldon, widow; James Weldon, gent; Isaac Garret & Margaret his wife; William Taylour; and Timothy West C78/847, no. 1 [68]
1675 29 April 27 Gabriel Barnes of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. William Gegg C78/1910, no. 4 [69]
1675 29 April 27 William Edgell v. John Cock C78/862, no. 4 [70]
1675 30 April 27 Richard Tipton v Joseph Tipton and Elianor Tipton Estate of Thomas Tipton, deceased. Debt to Richard Prince C78/785, no. 2 [71]
1675 3 May 27 John Silke, gent v. John Currier & Margaret his wife C78/857, no. 4 [72]
1675 4 May 27 William Edgell v. Thomas Lewis, esq; and Thomas ____ C78/862, no. 2 [73]
1675 5 May 27 Dame Jane Leche, relict of Sir William Leche decd; Thomasine Leche of the age of one and twenty years, daughter of the said Sir William Leche; William Leche one of the younger sons of the said Sir William; Jane Leche, Elizabeth, Hester, Rose, Dorothy. Anne & Mary, seven of the younger daughters of the said Sir William Leches, infants by Dame Jane Leche their mother & Henry Toller v Edward Leche, son & heir of the said Sir William; John Leche & Phillip Leche 2 of the younger sons of the said Sir William Leche by George Coombes; George Evelyn of Wootton; George Evelyn of Nuttfield; Edward Smith; Thomas Dawling; Ambrose Phillipps the elder; Ambrose Phillipps the younger; Paul Jodrell; and the said George Coombes administrator with the will annexed of the said Sir William Leche Debts and legacies of will of Sir William Leche payable from the manors of Squerries and Duffeild, Beaweeper, Southwood, Holland, Edrichey and Biggen, Derbys C78/732, no. 2 [74]
1675 5 May 27 John Deane gentleman; George Duke gentleman; and Avis Duke widow executors of John Duke gentleman v. Nicholas Aldridge of West Wellowe, Wilts, gentleman C79/170, no. [75]
1675 5 May 27 John Ledgingham merchant v. Elizabeth Duke widow and Robert Duke C78/1910, no. 6 [76]
1675 5 May 27 Thomas Peade, citizen and haberdasher of London & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix de bonis non (by William Justice, deceased) with the will annexed of John Benbow, citizen and grocer of London, and also administratrix de bonis non of said William Justice v. Sir William Jones, Attorney General; and Sir Theophilus Biddulph, knight and baronet C78/1001, no. 17 [77]
1675 7 May 27 Francis Bickly, gent v. Nicholas Brookes; Thomas Brookes; and others (sic) C78/857, no. 3 [78]
1675 7 May 27 John Good, clerk v. Elizabeth Ekins, widow; and John Ekins, infant, by said Elizabeth Ekins his guardian C78/1004, no. 11 [79]
1675 8 May 27 George Scott; and Edward Scott, sons of Edmond Scott, citizen and merchant of London v. Henry Mallory & Frances his wife; and John Culpepper her son, an infant, by said Henry Mallory, his guardian C78/1288, no. 5 [80]
1675 10 May 27 Thomas Martin the elder v. Henry Chitty, esq; Margaret Haulsey, widow, Edward Haulsey, an infant, by said Margaret his mother and guardian; Thomas Wood & Elizabeth his wife; Joyce Barnes; and others C78/1280, no. 6 [81]
1675 11 May 27 Abraham Jaggard of London, merchant for themselves and for John Jaggard; Abraham Jaggard; Thomas Jaggard; Sarah Jaggard; and Mary Jaggard, infants by said Abraham Jaggard their father and guardian v. Mary Wight, widow C78/1154, no. 1 [82]
1675 12 May 27 John Miller by his guardian; Samuel Brewster; Daniel Brewster; Christopher Foster; William Hart; and Samuel Hart v. Thomas Talbott; Frances Smith; Thomas Smith v. Thomas Talbott; Frances Smith; Thomas Smith; Giles Martin; Edward Brewster; and Richard Hamerton C78/1725, no. 11 [83]
1675 14 May 27 Robert Foyle gentleman v George Eyre; Robert Eyre; and others (sic) C78/2070, no. 27 [84]
1675 15 May 27 William Brookes v Richard Milner executor of Dudley Short decd Lease and trust of messuages and tenements in Drury Lane, St. Giles in the Fields, Middx C78/734, no. 4 [85]
1675 15 May 27 John Dennis of London, gent, an infant, by Sarah Sanderson, widow and relict of Thomas Sanderson of London, sadler, his mother and guardian v. Thomas Child, esq; and Jasper Ove, executor of Simon Ove, gent C78/1589, no. 10 [86]
1675 15 May 27 William Gough, gent v. George Stedman; and others (sic) C78/1001, no. 20 [87]
1675 18 May 27 Nathaniel Driver v Phillip Dorney and Hester his wife and others (not named) Mortgage of messuage and lands in Uley, Oldpin and Darstey, Gloucs C78/733, no. 1 [88]
1675 19 May 27 Thomas Ashman of Paridge alias Parigg, Som, gent, as grandson and next heir male then living of Thomas Ashman of Pilton, alias Pulton, gent v. Joane Redwood, widow C78/1268, no. 5 [89]
1675 19 May 27 Frances Ellise, widow, the relict of Andrew Ellise of Alray, Flint, esq, for herself and Dame Cecill Langley, wife of Sir Richard Langley v. William, lord Brereton; Sir Timothy Tirrell, knight; and Thomas Griffith; John Langley, esq; and Sir Richard Langley C78/1288, no. 8 [90]
1675 20 May 27 Anne, marchioness dowager of Clanrickard v. Helen, countess of Clancartie Callaghan; earl of Clancartie; Margaret, viscountess Muskry, widow and relict of Charles, late viscount Muskery; Frances MarcKartie; Sir Valentine Browne, baronet; and George Mathewes, esq C78/1018, no. 13 [91]
1675 31 May 27 John Webb v. George Deven & Elizabeth his wife C78/1011, no. 9 [92]
1675 4 June 27 Thomas Sloper and John Allanson v Edward Harvey and Joane Martyn Debts and bonds C78/733, no. 2 [93]
1675 4 June 27 Thomas Browne v. Robert Johnson C78/874, no. 9 [94]
1675 5 June 27 Sir Thomas Tyrrill, baronet v. Dame Lucy Tyrrill; and John Barrington, knight and baronet C78/895, no. 3 [95]
1675 5 June 27 John Pyne the elder, esq v. Thomas Gardner; and Richard Brimsmeade C78/1259, no. 6 [96]
1675 7 June 27 William Ashburnham, esq v. Hatton Farmer, gent; and others (sic) C78/857, no. 2 [97]
1675 8 June 27 John Busby v John Dormer, Sir John Dormer, Sir Isaak Gibson, William Busby; and William Sheppard Dispute over a manor house and meadows at Abingdon, Berkshir C78/895, no. 2 [98]
1675 8 June 27 William Palmer v. John Upperton; and Mary Palmer and Barbara Palmer infants Marriage settlement of William Palmer and Mary Upperton (now decd) the only daughter of Thomas Upperton. Title to the manor of Rustington, Sussex. C78/1302, no. 1 [99]
1675 8 June 27 William Palmer, gent v. John Upperton; and Mary Palmer; and Barbara Palmer, infants C78/863, no. 7 [100]
1675 8 June 27 Sir John Busby, knight v. John Dormer, esq; Sir John Dormer, knight and baronet; Sir Isaack Gibson, knight; William Busby, esq; and William Shepard, esq C78/895, no. 2 [101]
1675 9 June 27 Isaac Mawditt, merchant v. Dennis Drake, gent; Lewes Pollard, gent; Sir John Rolle, Knight of the Bath; and Grace Lillicrapp, widow C78/953, no. 2 [102]
1675 9 June 27 Ursula Burges, relict and administratrix of Thomas Burges, gent v. Elizabeth Burges; William Skynner; Nicholas Clarke; and Henry Hughes C78/1018, no. 12 [103]
1675 12 June 27 Hannah Mitchells an infant by Robert Niblett v Katherine Vering, widow and William Hickman Estate of Mary Symons, a house at Bermondsey, Surrey C78/845, no. 6 [104]
1675 13 June 27 John Miller of Covent Garden, Middx, taylor v. Henry Stephens; Margaret Pollard; Mary Rolle; and Roger Wallacomb, executor of John Wallacombe, who was a trustee for said Mary Roll C78/1288, no. 4 [105]
1675 14 June 27? Vincent Russell of Baslingham [Bassingham], Lincs, son & heir of Vincent Russell then late of Hagworthingham, Lincs v Thomas Prye Debts and interests in houses and lands in Newark upon Trent, Notts and lands in Waddington, Lincs C78/1219, no. 3 [106]
1675 14 June 27 Alexander Denton of Hillesdon, Bucks, esq, son and heir of Edmund Denton of Hillesdon, esq; and Hester Denton, wife of said Alexander Denton, sole daughter and heir of Nicholas Hernaman, esq, infants, by Thomas Isham of the Middle Temple, London, gent v. Susan Harman C78/1288, no. 6 [107]
1675 15 June 27 Stephen Mosdell, Marshall of His Majesties Court of Kings Bench and Prison thereunto belonging v Lucy Luttrell, widow Expenses incurred in the arresting and nursing of escaped prisoner George Reynell C78/726, no. 1 [108]
1675 15 June 27 Anne Wortley als Newcomen natural daughter of Sir Francis Wortly late of Wortley, Yorks an infant by William Harberd; William, Lord Crofts v Dame Frances Wortley, widow, John Stafford, Samuel Benham, Edward Francke and Alexander Holt, goldsmith Debts of the late Sir Francis Wortley. Manors of Wortley, Pelley [Pilley in Tankersley par.], Hunthelfe [?Hunslet], Howland [Hoyland], Swayle [?Swale], Newhall, Yorkshire. C78/845, no. 2 [109]
1675 16 June 27 Henry Sumner esq son heir and executor of William Sumner his father v. William Gillmore & Anne his wife daughter and administratrix of Thomas Harborne the elder; Mary Harborne the relict of said Thomas Harborne and Thomas Harborne his son and heir C79/170, no. [110]
1675 16 June 27 Miles Staveley, esq v. James Rookeby; and George Rookeby C78/883, no. 7 [111]
1675 17 June 27 George Collingwood, esq v. Humphrey Weld, esq; and The Lady Mary Talbott C78/946, no. 7 [112]
1675 18 June 27 James Powell and Elizabeth his wife v Sir Thomas Hanbury Legacies payable from trust of tithes of Pannington, Gloucs C78/734, no. 9 [113]
1675 18 June 27 Thomas Duning v. John Earneley, gent; and Christofer Stone, doctor in divinity C78/1599, no. 8 [114]
1675 18 June 27 John Speccott, esq v. John Hale & Anne his wife; John Hale the grandchild; Elizabeth Hale; Richard Duke; Servington Savery; and William Bastard C78/946, no. 8 [115]
1675 18 June 27 Francis Edwards & Mary his wife; Richard Edwards; Martha Edwards; Elianor Edwards; and Mary Edwards, the younger children of said Francis & Mary, by said Francis & Mary their guardians v. William Allen, clerk & Katherine his wife; James Webb, esq; and Elizabeth Sheward C78/1011, no. 8 [116]
1675 18 June 27 Sir William Windham, knight and baronet v. Roger Cole C78/1259, no. 2 [117]
1675 19 June 27 John Skrimshire and Hannah his wife; Joshua Key and Sarah his wife; which said Hannah and Sarah were the daughters heires and executrices of William Marshall v Walter Broomesgrove, clerke Erection of houses on ground adjoining St Peters Church, Lincoln. C78/1219, no. 2 [118]
1675 19 June 27 John Warren of Bristol and Richard Warren his brother who are sons of Richard Warren & Mary his wife v. Thomas Greene; William Hurtnoll; Nicholas Tilly; and Thomas Horne C78/1930, no. 6 [119]
1675 19 June 27 Abraham Abeales; and Mary Abeales, infants by Samuel Lamott their guardian v. Christopher Deyncote, executor of William Abeales C78/863, no. 8 [120]
1675 19 June 27 Nicholas Hookes, gent v. John Symball, surviving executor of Henry Symball, eldest son of said Henry; and others (sic) C78/1076, no. 3 [121]
1675 19 June 27 John Hole v. Christopher Harrison C78/1280, no. 2 [122]
1675 21 June 27 Elianor North, widow, late wife and relict of Edward North and lately wife and relict of Francis Vintever, and one of the daughters of Richard Pick esq v. Edward Pick, esq C78/1726, no. 8 [123]
1675 21 June 27 John Greene alias Thorpe, esq v. William Sheppard and Richard Bayly, esq; and others (sic) C78/846, no. 4 [124]
1675 21 June 27 Thomas Martin of Hadleigh, Suff, apothecary; and Joseph Colman of the same, yeoman, the present churchwardens of the parish of Hadleigh; Edward Challoner, schoolmaster there, for themselves and all the other inhabitants of said town and for said Edward Challoner the present schoolmaster there and for all other schoolmasters that hereafter shall be there v. Thomas White C78/1124, no. 11 [125]
1675 22 June 27 Edward Berkley of Pill, Som, esq v. Thomas Cooke; and Isaac Cooke C78/1267, no. 4 [126]
1675 24 June 27 William Morgan of Mayen, Monmouth; Richard Lewis of Edington, Wilts; and Jefferey Daniell of St Margarets near Marlborough, Wilts v William Soame and William Jephsen Legacies payable from trust settlement of lands in Glamorgan and Monmouth. C78/717, no. 6 [127]
1675 25 June 27 Edmond Broadway the elder and Margaret his wife; and Charles Broadway, William Broadway, Anne Broadway and Edmond Broadway their children, infants v Richard Hill; Richard Baugh; Stephen Baldwyn. Dispute over several messuages and properties in Gloucestershire C78/845, no. 4 [128]
1675 25 June 27 Edmund Broadway & Margaret his wife; Charles Broadway; William Broadway; Anne Broadway; and Emund Broadway infants children of said Edmund Broadway & Margaret his wife by the said Edmund Broadway their father v. Richard Hill gentleman; Richard Bough esq; and Stephen Baldwyn executor of Edwyn Baldwyn his late father C79/65, no. [129]
1675 25 June 27 Phillipp London, gent, an infant of 19, by John Aydy, gent, his kinsman v. Sir Thomas Slater, baroent; Sir Joseph Colston, knight & Dame Anne his wife; and Robert London, esq C78/862, no. 3 [130]
1675 25 June 27 George Redshaw v. John Braithwayte; Sir Richard Grahme, baronet; and Samuel Redshawe Lease of a parcel of ground called Sledmireholme in the parish of Ripon, Yorks. Formerly held by Sampson Staveley. C78/883, no. 8 [131]
1675 25 June 27 William Vandenbergh, merchant; and Katherine Othger, widow and relict of David Otger, merchant v. Judith Adrian, executrix of John Adrian; and James Maurois, executor of John Maurois, who was executor of Elias Maurois C78/975, no. 8 [132]
1675 26 June 27 Anne Walsh (aged 15) and Elizabeth Walsh (aged 6) by Joseph Walsh their father v William Palmes Legacies payable from personal estate of Anne Palmes. C78/732, no. 3 [133]
1675 28 June 27 Henry Kirke; Henry Balgay; Nicholas Bradshawe; Robert Bagshawe; John Bennett; Alexander Bennett; George Messor; Francis Taylor; Elizabeth Bower; William Turner; Elizabeth Beard; John Moust; Robert Carington; Anne Bradley; William Jackson; Edward Dixon; Elizabeth Kirke spinster; Mary Kirke spinster; Ellen Kirke spinster; Margaret Ollerenshall spinster; Elizabeth Ollerenshall spinster; Samuel Dakyn; Richard Yeanely; George Wright; Francis Gee; John Bennett; Nicholas Smith; William Wood; and Thomas Froggatt creditors of Henry Kirke deceased v. Charles Lingard; Robert Marshall; Thomas Lomas; and Robert Lomas executors of the said Henry Kirke; Elizabeth Kirke widow relict of the said Henry; Ellen Kirke; Margaret Kirke; Elizabeth Kirke; and Anne Kirke infants daughters and coheirs of Henry Kirke C79/65, no. [134]
1675 28 June 27 John Demerand & Frances his wife; and Susan Monins v. Sir Thomas Styles, baronet; and William Monins, esq C78/849, no. 3 [135]
1675 28 June 27 John Cornish, gent v. Thomas New, clerk C78/898, no. 12 [136]
1675 28 June 27 Edward Leigh of London, gent v. Henry Stafford, esq; Sir Ralph Bancks, knight; Sir William Turner, knight; and Thomas Barker, gent C78/953, no. 3 [137]
1675 28 June 27 Marmaduke Danby, gent v. John Danby; and Richard Pierse Messuage, 4 oxgangs and a number of closes in Aiskew, Yorks C78/1018, no. 10 [138]
1675 30 June 27 Elizabeth Maplet an infant by Elianor Hull her guardian v. John Pococke & Anne his wife; and Robert Chapman C78/1930, no. 5 [139]
1675 3 July 27 Peter Quynnell v Thomas Newton and Henry Gardyner Mortgage of lands in Embhams in Chiddingfold, Surrey C78/790, no. 13 [140]
1675 5 July 27 Mary Pheasant, widow & relict of Stephen Pheasant; and Stavely Stanton son & heir apparent of the said Mary Pheasant v Abigail Pheasant widow & executrix of Nathaniel Pheasant; and Christopher Goodfellow, serjeant at law Mortgage of the manors of West and East Langton, Leics C78/742, no. 10 [141]
1675 5 July 27 Anne St Amand widow; and Anne, Mary, James, Sarah, Jane, and Walter St Amand infants by the said Anne St Amand their mother and guardian; and Samuel Fox gentleman v. Charles Chetwynd C79/18, no. [142]
1675 5 July 27 Maurice Thompson; and William Ayloffe, esqs v. Nicholas Corsellis; and Peter Somes, esq C78/953, no. 1 [143]
1675 5 July 27 Mathew Waterhouse, gent; Daniel Thorpe; and Thomas Bancks v. Richard Beamont; and Sir Solomon Swayle, baronet C78/1018, no. 10 [144]
1675 5 July 27 Henry Sayers of the Inner Temple, London, esq; William Cherrey of the Middle Temple, London, gent, administrators of Joanna Blisse, late wife of William Blisse, esq, during the minority of Robert Partridge; and Henry Partridge, sons of said Joanna, by Henry Partridge, esq, her former husband; and the said Robert Partridge and Henry Partridge being infants, by said Henry Sayers v. John Whafield, gent & Rebecca his wife C78/1288, no. 10 [145]
1675 6 July 27 Margaret Finnes widow & administratrix of Samuel Finnes v Thomas Clarke; William Farre; Richard Clarke; and Erasmus White Assignment of interests in lease of houses in Old Street, London. C78/1000, no. 5 [146]
1675 6 July 27 Thomas Paynter; Robert Maw clerk; Robert Cole; Thomas Bymon clerk; Clement Crabb sr; Clement Crabb jr; Thomas Crosse; Samuel Maulden; Henry Meadowes; John Meadlowes; John Meader; Samuel Martin; Thomas Hawles; Isaack Payne; Henry Moore; Thomas Ghorpe; Henry Hawkes; Henry Hollowell; Robert Crabb sr; Abel Payne; Thomas Moore; Thomas Crabb; Robert Crabb jr; Marian Smith widow; Joseph Naun; Margaret Alderton widow; William Barrett; Thomas Payne; Richard Smith; William Lambe; Thomas Gunton; Ann Curtis spinster; Nicholas Suston; _____ Melsoppe; John Reeve; Samuel Ward; William Wilkinson; William Hardman; Thomas Crabb jr; Francis Leader; Robert Battee; William Crabb jr; John Saunders; John Plumbe; John Crabbe; Margaret Lambert widow; George Smith; Samuel Cater; James Peachey; Rebecca Berry widow; Robert Frost; Mary Green; John Scott; William Crabb sr; Edmond Pont; Edward Rowlett; William Easy; George Clarke; John Fisher; Thomas Clarke; William Cooke; Sarah Harris widow; John Love jr; John Herne; George Wilson; Robert Thompson; Sarah Mansell widow; Richard Spencer; Temperance Aires widow; Edmond Rous; John Love sr; James Topping sr; Thomas Waddlow; Sarah Holmes spinster; Henry Waddelow; Thomas Wilson; Christopher Mobbs; Anne Wright widow; John Smith; and Thomas Morley all of them tenants and copyholders of the manor of Littleport, Isle of Ely, Cambs and commoners within the common fens and waste within the said manor v. Edward Patherith esq C79/18, no. [147]
1675 6 July 27 Simon Hayes; and Samuel Hayes; and also James Hayes; Benjamin Hayes; and Rebecca Hayes, infants, by their guardians v. William Zouch, gent C78/1154, no. 2 [148]
1675 7 July 27 Joane Utber, widow, executrix of Richard Utber on behalf of herself and Elizabeth Hutchinson daughter of the said Richard Utber and wife of Thomas Hutchinson v Sir Richard Hatton, Robert Clarke, George Scott and John Gore Estate of Richard Utber, deceased. Manor of Brownes Wood, Middlesex. Lands at Saint Pancras and Kentish Town C78/845, no. 5 [149]
1675 8 July 27 William Bowyer & Anne his wife v. George Byrde; George Eaton; George Dale; and Millicent Dale Will of George Dale father of the complt Anne C79/65, no. [150]
1675 9 July 27 James Hickson, esq; Edward Hicks, doctor in divinity & Sarah his wife; John Leeinknell; Elizabeth Walker, widow; Thomas Perkins; Thomas James; George Ayray; Christopher Wall; Richard Meynell; William Butler; Richard Selwyn; Elizabeth Philipps, widow: Joseph How; Thomas Cash & Hester his wife; Thomas Coborne & Alice his wife then lately called Hester Eames and Alice Eames; Mary Maude, spinster; Damoris Smith, widow; Thomas Gould; James Hammond; Joane Martyn, widow; John Stent & Katherine his wife lately called Katherine Povey; Richard Povey; and Anne Nicholls, widow; Thomas Ewen; John Freund; the said Elizabeth Philipps; and Samuell Guy, executors of Margery Guy, widow; Thomas Mawdesley; Michael Clipsham; Jeremiah Horsnaile; Charles Cortellis; James Cortellis, doctor in phisicke; Mary Cortellis, spinster; Thomas Brittle; William Holdinge; George Sargison; Edward Neale; William Towers; George Crosley; Charles Rawlins; Richard Worgay; Richard Britten; Mathew Gibbin; Robert Ingram; Edward Buckerfield; Edward Newens; William Wilkins; William Stanton; and Thomas Bullimore v. James Orvell; John Skinne; Elizabeth Witham; William Witham; John Witham; Clement Witham; and Thomas Witham C78/863, no. 5 [151]
1675 9 July 27 Mary Clarke; and Abraham Clarke, executors of Abraham Clarke v. James Oakes; and Thomas Bishop C78/1018, no. 9 [152]
1675 10 July 27 Ralph Hodgkin, merchant v. Elizabeth Blackman, widow; Anne Argile, widow; and Francis Bramston, widow; Anne Argile, widow; and Francis Bramston, serjeant at law C78/853, no. 8 [153]
1675 12 July 27 Sir Peter Leare, baronet v. Thomas Flood; and John Leare C78/1001, no. 18 [154]
1675 13 July 27 Samuel Sowton, merchant v. Peter Albertsenhoost; and David Strough C78/849, no. 2 [155]
1675 13 July 27 Phillip Cecill the elder, esq; and Phillip Cecill the younger, gent v. William Markey, gent & Elizabeth his wife; and Benedict Markey, widow C78/1011, no. 7 [156]
1675 15 July 27 Elinor Ireland; Mary Ireland; and William Ireland v Robert Thurston and Richard Smith Legacies payable from personal estate of William Barton. C78/734, no. 6 [157]
1675 15 July 27 William Gilling; Henry Gillinge, son and heir of said William Gillling; George Norton; and William Dale v. Thomas Kirkby Mortgage of property in South Kilvington, Yorks C78/883, no. 6 [158]
1675 15 July 27 William Doughty, gent v. John Style; George Keate; Edward Booker; and Redmond FitzGarrald C78/975, no. 5 [159]
1675 15 July 27 William Halford, esq, now Sir William Halford, knight v. William Prettyman; and Thomas Prettyman C78/1018, no. 8 [160]
1675 15 July 27 Edward Underhill v. Nicholas Hele, esq C78/1275, no. 12 [161]
1675 16 July 27 Charles Hyldeyard; Edward Hyldeyard; Anne Hyldeyard; Penelope Hyldeyard; Althuna Hyldeyard; Diana Hyldeyard; Elizabeth Hyldeyard; Muriall Hildeyard; and Aldada Hyldeyard, all of them sons and daughters of Henry Hyldeyard esq v. Sir Richard Hatton, knight C78/846, no. 5 [162]
1675 16 July 27 Francis Drury of Great Dunham, Norf, gent, son and heir of Richard Drury, which Richard Drury was eldest brother and heir of Thomas Drury of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq v. Thomas Drury of Downeham Market, Norf, gent; William Drury, son of William Drury of St Katherines, Middx, gent; Thomas Cricke of Downeham Market; Anne Goyle of Askham, Norf, widow; and Walter Drury C78/1057, no. 2 [163]
1675 27 July 27 Daniel Norton, gent; James Heydon; Thomas Bedford; and Susan Bedford, executors of Henry Bedford; Thomas Savage and Anne Barnard administratrix of Thomas Barnard v. John Searle; Thomas Cheevely; John Rookeby; and Joseph Rokeby C78/846, no. 8 [164]
1675 (bill) 7 Aug 27 Gabriel Barnes esq v. John Eyans; William Canning son and administrator of Richard Canning; William Canning brother of the said Richard and Adam Pigott C79/65, no. [165]
1675 11 Oct. 27 Jane Hill widow & relict of Robert Hill and daughter of Richard Williams als Clerke and Jane his wife v Robert Kynaston and Matthew Vynen Possession of Bushy Close in Wincalton, Somerset C78/744, no. 12 [166]
1675 11 Oct 27 Mary Freke and Jane Welden, widows v Mary Welden, widow; James Welden; Isaac Garrett and Margaret his wife; William Taylor; and Timothy West Dispute over an earlier decree of the Court. C78/845, no. 3 [167]
1675 11 Oct 27 Elizabeth Grove, widow v Phillip Humfrey and Richard Mill Payments due from lands in Cuckfield, Sussex. C78/1000, no. 4 [168]
1675 15 Oct 27 John Shipton, gent & Lucy his wife v. Dame Lucy Tirrell; Anne Jackman; Sir Robert Cotton; Robert Hampson, esq; and Gregory Symonds C78/1198, no. 5 [169]
1675 20 Oct 27 Dame Elizabeth Modyford, widow, relict, and administratrix of Sir James Modyford, knight and baronet; Mary Modyford; Elizabeth Modyford; Grace Modyford; and Sir Thomas Modyford, baronet, children of said sir James James, by said Dame Elizabeth Modyford their mother and guardian v. Sir Andrew King, knight; Thomas Modyford; and Charles Modyford, esqs C78/911, no. 5 [170]
1675 21 Oct 27 Francis Rockley esq & Frances his late wife v. Lucas Lucy of London merchant; Robert Thorpe esq; Brandon Hilliard; and others (sic) C79/68, no. [171]
1675 23 Oct 27 Sir John Mayne, knight and baronet v. Charles Aston, administrator of his brother John Aston C78/1590, no. 9 [172]
1675 5 Nov 27 Robert Drake and John Frohock, gents, churchwardens of Great St Mary's in Cambridge; and Robert Scott, minister of the same parish, on behalf of themselves and the rest of the inhabitants there v. Thomas Buck, esq; Edward Stoyt, doctor in physick, gent; Samuel Newton; and Owen Mayfield, gents C78/853, no. 7 [173]
1675 8 Nov 27 John Pyne the elder, esq v. Thomas Gardner; and Richard Brimsmeade C78/1259, no. 4 [174]
1675 13 Nov 27 Thomas Greaves, doctor of divinity; and John Greaves, his son v. Sir John Barnard, baronet; Godfry Wildbore; and Robert Wildbore C78/1001, no. 19 [175]
1675 13 Nov 27 Margaret Davye of St James, Middx, singlewoman, sole daughter and heir of William Davye of Exeter, merchant v. Robert Dabinett of Exeter C78/1078, no. 1 [176]
1675 15 Nov 27 Francis Blake, gent & Elizabeth his wife; Arthur Babington, gent, & Margaret his wife; and John Carr & Susanna his wife, which said Elizabeth, Margaret, and Susanna were sisters and coheirs of Thomas Carr, who was son and heir of William Carr, esq, who was son and heir of Thomas Carr esq v. Frances Thompson, relict and executrix of Henry Thompson; Jonathan Thompson an infant, son and heir of said Henry Thompson; Elianor Orde the elder; Elianor Orde; Anne Orde; and Sarah Orde, infants, daughters, and coheirs of Bartram Orde Mortgage of Messuages, lands etc in Kimerston, parish of Ford, Northumberland by Thomas Carr grandfather of the complts. C78/1589, no. 8 [177]
1675 15 Nov 27 Edmund Smith & Mary his wife, one of the daughters of Ralph Ashton, esq; Elizabeth Ashton; Hester Ashton; and Sarah Ashton, three other daughters of said Ralph Ashton, infants by Mathew Smith their guardian v. Beatrix Ashton, widow and relict of Richard Ashton, son and heir of said Ralph Ashton; and Richard Ashton an infant of 4 years, son and heir of said Richard Ashton by said Beatrix Ashton his mother and guardian C78/871, no. 4 [178]
1675 15 Nov 27 Lewis Pollard of Chawleigh, Devon, gent v. Frances Pollard of King's Nympton, Devon, gentlewoman C78/1288, no. 7 [179]
1675 16 Nov 27 Daniel Norton, gent; James Heydon; Thomas Bedford; and Susan Bedford, executors of Henry Bedford; Thomas Savage and Anne Barnard, administratrix of Thomas Barnard v. John Searle; Thomas Chevely; John Rookeby; and Joseph Rookeby C78/853, no. 5 [180]
1675 17 Nov 27 John Carwitham, gent, an infant of about 14 years, by John Kendall, esq, his guardian v. Peter Austin C78/946, no. 5 [181]
1675 19 Nov 27 Anthony Chepman of ____, Corn, gentleman v. Edward Chepman C78/1910, no. 8 [182]
1675 19 Nov 27 Francis Lowther v. William Richardson C78/1599, no. 16 [183]
1675 19 Nov 27 Mary Lloyd; and Katherine Lloyd v. Richard Williams; and Margaret his wife C78/1123, no. 2 [184]
1675 20 Nov 27 Benjamin Blackham one of the free tenants of the kinges town of Sutton Coldfeild v. The Warden and Society of the said town of Sutton Coldfield C78/182, no. [185]
1675 20 Nov 27 Francis Singleton, executor of John Singleton v. John Till C78/1231, no. 7 [186]
1675 23 Nov 27 John Thompson, esq v. John Langley; and Edward Bushell C78/975, no. 6 [187]
1675 23 Nov 27 Elizabeth Mabely, widow v. John Baker C78/1011, no. 5 [188]
1675 23 Nov 27 Thomas Swinnerton; and Thomas Storer v. Thomas Patcher; and Francis Patcher C78/1018, no. 7 [189]
1675 24 Nov 27 Ralph Constable and Anne his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of Sir William Fish v Robert Awdley Trust settlement of lands in Bigleswade, Beds C78/790, no. 10 [190]
1675 24 Nov 27 Baptist Piggott; and Edward Piggott, creditors of Daniel Nowers v. Elizabeth Nowers, relict and administratrix of said Daniel Nowers; Henry Hunnington & Barbarah his wife, late Barbara Sumpner, mother of said Elizabeth Nowers; Richard Darby; and Robert Saunders C78/863, no. 6 [191]
1675 25 Nov 27 James Hubbart, since decd; Thomas Lone; John Neave; Thomas Reeve; William Whincop; Thomas Sheeres; Phillip Farmer; John Truson; Thomas Wright; Ralph Keeble; John Reynold and Thomas Lethersdale chief owners of land and inhabitants within the parish of Kelshall, Suffolk for poor of Kelshall, Suffolk v Thomas Eade the elder; James Garnham the elder; William Wright; Ralph Eade the elder; Ralph Eade the younger; Thomas Robson; Thomas Eade the younger; and James Garnham the younger Profits (bequeathed to poor of Kelshall) of lands in Kelshall, Carleton, Middleton, Sipton, Yuxford and Peasenhall, Suffolk C78/790, no. 12 [192]
1675 22 Nov 27 John Briscoe esq & the Honorable the lady Anne his wife the only daughter of the Right Honorable Nicholas, earl of Banbury and the lady Isabella countess of Banbury his wife both deceased, which Lady Isabella was one of the daughters of Mountjoy, earl of Newport deceased C79/18, no. [193]
1675 23 Nov 27 John Windham, esq, one of the younger sons of Thomas Windham, esq, deceased v. William Windham, esq C78/975, no. 7 [194]
1675 24 Nov 27 John Toreur of London gentleman v. Martha Saunders widow and Daniel Saunders her son an infant C78/2070, no. 22 [195]
1675 24 Nov 27 William Stephens, gent, & Anne his wife, one of the daughters of Lewis Bromley v. William Cholmeley the elder, esq; Thomas Jennery; William Window; John Hayne; and Francis Griffith, trustees of the said William Cholmeley the elder; Francis Jones, & Thomazine his wife, one of the daughters of said William Cholmeley the elder; William Cholmeley the younger; Lewis Cholmeley; and Jasper Cholmeley, infant, other children of said William Cholmeley the elder C78/1596, no. 12 [196]
1675 26 Nov 27 Robert Potto and Elizabeth Smith, infants, by Roger Smith, father of said Elizabeth and grandfather of said Robert Smith their guardian v. Hester Cockayne, widow; Thomas Hitch; and Edward Cattell C78/853, no. 6 [197]
1675 26 Nov 27 William Stawell, esq, son, heir and executor of Sir John Stawell of Bovey Tracey, Devon, knight and administrator of John Stawell, his younger brother, and heir to his said brother v. Richard Stephens, esq; Robert Stephens, esq since deceased; and Anthony Earick, esq C78/947, no. 9 [198]
1675 27 Nov 27 John Bright & his wife; Sir Theophilus Biddulph, baronet; William Love, esq; Richard ___ & his wife; John Gregory & his wife; Job Throckmorton _______; _____ Norton v. Robert Frampton; Richard Charlton; Thomas Havers, administrator of William Chapple; Sir Erasmus Harby, administrator de bonis non of Sir Job Harby by Thomas Pengally; Simon Trobridge; and Thomas Broking, administrators de bonis non of Simon Snowe C78/997, no. 17 [199]
1675 29 Nov 27 John Carpenter of the parish of Aimley, Heref, grandchild and heir at law of John Carpenter v John Booth; Gregory Pember and Elizabeth his wife; Evan Phillips; Thomas Powell; and Richard Stallard Possession of messuage and lands in Aimley and Kinnersley, Heref C78/734, no. 1 [200]
1675 29 Nov 27 Mary Wykes the relict of Roger Wykes decd, and mother of John Wykes also decd, son & heir of the said Roger v Edmond Parker. Annuity payable from marriage settlement of lands in Spreton, Sandford and Drustenton, Devon. C78/890, no. 10 [201]
1675 30 Nov 27 Edward Frowde of Salisbury, Wilts v. William Wastfield the younger of Salisbury; Robert Barber, esq; Luke Weekes; Christofer Batt; Edward Wastfield; and Mabel Wastfield, widow C78/1057, no. 1 [202]
1675 2 Dec. 27 Samuel Barnes; and Samuel Smith the younger and Sarah his wife lately called Sarah Barnes; Abigail Barnes, children of William Barnes decd, and administrators of Anne Pull wife of Robert Pull formerly called Anne Barnes one other of the children of the said William Barnes which were not administered by the said Robert Pull who was administrator to the said Anne Pull his wife and afterwards died and also administrator of Henry Barnes another of the children of the said William v Thomas Burridge; Elizabeth Garrard, widow; Hannah Barnes; and Jonathan Burridge Testamentary settlement of lands in Swanton Abbot, Norfolk. C78/790, no. 11 [203]
1675 4 Dec. 27 Henry Sumner son, heir and executor of William Sumner v William Gilmore and Anne his wife the daughter and administratrix of Thomas Harborne the elder; Mary Harborne, relict of the said Thomas Harborne; and Thomas Harborne son & heir of the said Thomas Harborne Dower and mortgage of lands in Walton, Bucks. C78/970, no. 1 [204]
1675 7 Dec 27 Rowland Okeover (son & heir apparent of Sir Rowland Okeover of Okeover, Staffs) and Elizabeth his wife daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Pettus late of Rackey als Rackheath, Norfolk, an infant v Dame Elizabeth Pettus, widow, the relict of the said Sir Thomas Pettus; Sir John Marsham; Sir John Pettus; Robert Haughton; and William Stratford Possession of manors of Little Ellingham, Castor, Hardwicke and Tilney All Saints, Stokesby, Huntingfield, Kings Lyn, Islington, Farrington and Church Warton, Norfolk C78/734, no. 2 [205]
1675 10 Dec 27 John Mole son & administrator of the goods of John Mole unadministered by George Mole v John Francklyn; George Francklyn, Richard Stratfield and Elizabeth his wife; George Rye; Samuel Theed; William Abraham; William Cleaver; Richard Pleystowe; Thomas Freere; Elizabeth Bosse; Richard Blackwell; George Benyon; Thomas Andrewes and his wife The debts of Thomas Bosse to Peter Paradine and Tomasine Cretch C78/845, no. 1 [206]
1675 13 Dec 27 William Willoughby, esq; William Willoughby, gent; and Katherine Cholmely, widow, heirs of Edward Blacker, esq, his great grandfather v. Maurice Berkely, gent; Edward Berkely, esq; Huttoffe Grove, gent; John Pearne & Jane his wife; Seymour Bowman, esq; and others (sic) C78/1259, no. 1 [207]
1675 14 Dec 27 Andrew Francklyn, citizen scrivener of London v. Mary Adderly, widow, administratrix of Hugh Adderly her late husband C78/1589, no. 9 [208]
1675 20 Dec 27 Moses Brooke v. Richard Norwich; James Graves; and Thomas Clitter C78/993, no. 6 [209]