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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1674 26 C78/, no. []
1674 Hillary Term 25 Thomas Priestley; John Priestley; and Mary Priestley; Elizabeth Priestley; and Joseph Priestly, infants, by James Chadwicke, their guardian v. Susan Steeton C78/1264, no. 7 [2]
1674 10 Jan 25 Dame Anne Dethicke, widow v Sir John Banks; Edward Rudge; and Benjamin Dethicke Division of estate of Sir John Dethicke, consisting of personal estate and shares in the East India Company. C78/743, no. 6 [3]
1674 12 Jan 25 Isabel Greene spinster; John Price; and Edward Greene esqs v. Luke Killingworth Debts of the deft, manors of Hepwell and Killingworth in Northunberland as security. C78/2026, no. 3 [4]
1674 16 Jan 25 John Lloyd v. John Jones and Howell Thomas C78/2070, no. 29 [5]
1674 16 Jan 25 James Bengoe & Mary his wife; and Rebecca, spinster, daughters of Richard Yate v. William Hill, clerk C78/891, no. 15 [6]
1674 20 Jan 25 Thomas Marten of Treley in the parish of St Gennis, Corn, gentleman v. Peter Hallett C79/19, no. [7]
1674 23 Jan 25 John Peard of Barnestaple, Devon, gentleman v. John Cutley & Susanna his wife C78/1912, no. 14 [8]
1674 23 Jan 26 George Wainwright & Elizabeth his wife, late the wife of Robert Pryor; and Joane Pryor v. John Pryor; and Thomas Peck C78/1192, no. 8 [9]
1674 26 Jan 25 Hugh Spencer, gent v George Butterfield Debts owing to Butterfield - bonds of Thomas Godfrey, deceased C78/895, no. 5 [10]
1674 27 Jan 25 Dame Mary Carr, widow v. Roger Vaughan, esq; Sir Richard Cock, baronet; Richard Cock, esq, son and heir of Richard Cock, esq decd; John Bromwell, administrator of said Richard Cock; William Cooke, esq; Charles Cock, esq; John Jeff, esq; and Roger Scudamore, creditors of said Richard Cock; Sir Miles Cooke, deceased; Miles Cook, knight, then Miles Cooke, esq; Oliver Luke, esq; Thomas Hodges, esq; Nicholas Overbury, esq; and Richard Hall, gent C78/852, no. 1 [11]
1674 28 Jan 25 John Wigley v. William Hitford & Mary his wife C79/18, no. [12]
1674 28 Jan 25 John Fielder, esq v. Benjamin Studley C78/1286, no. 2 [13]
1674 29 Jan 25 Henry Alexander, Earl of Sterling; Sir Robert Crooke and Dame Susan his wife; Henry Zuizan alias Alexander and Jacoba his wife, the said Dame Susan Crooke and Jacoba Zuizan als Alexander and Mary Countess of Sterling decd the mother of the complt Henry Alexander, Earl of Sterling being the sole daughters and heirs of Sir Peter Vanlore the younger, only son and heir of Sir Peter Vanlore the elder v Thomas Levingston and Anne his wife; Abraham Vandenbende; Thomas Cressey; Thomas Perkins and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Marriott; Joell Stephens; Alexander Blagrave; John Hatcher; James Masters; Dame Frances Glemham; Jacob Lacey; Allan Boylton; Samuel Boylton; and Nathan Knight son heir and executor of Walter Knight, by Bill of Revivor and others (not named) Title to lands in Berks, Kent, Essex, Wilts, Somerset, Radnor, Middx and London (former estate of Sir Peter Vaulore C78/723, no. 8 [14]
1674 31 Jan 26 Richard Bassett esq v. Dame Martha Bassett; Sir Edward Mansell, baronet; Humphrey Windham; and Edmond Gamage, esqs; Anthony Carne, gent; Henry Hothersall; Richard Blake; Lawrence Atterbury; Edward Mathewes, esq & his wife; and James Cory & his wife C78/993, no. 8 [15]
1674 3 Feb 26 Joseph Hull, esq v. Thomas Waldegrave, esq; Thomas Mott, clerk; and William Gurnell, clerk C78/846, no. 11 [16]
1674 3 Feb 26 Thomas Clarke of Great Charte, Kent, gent, administrator with the will annexed of Mary Clarke his late wife, who was the daughter of Nicholas Baker of Warehorne, Kent, yeoman, deceased v. John Knight of Lidd, Kent; John Baker; and Thomas Hodges of Warehorne C78/1044, no. 11 [17]
1674 5 Feb 26 Joseph Witter of Frodsham, Chester, gent, executor of Elianor Wilcoxon, widow, who was the widow and relict of Richard Wilcoxon, gent v. Hannah Croston, widow, executrix of Grizell Grover, widow C78/1280, no. 9 [18]
1674 6 Feb 26 James Smith v John Gourney and Daniel Mathews Debts for payment of 36 barrells of Indigo Agra or Lahora. C78/732, no. 8 [19]
1674 6 Feb 26 Thomas Colwall; and Daniel Colwall, esq v. Sir William Thorold, knight; Anthony Thorold; John Harrington; Anthony Eyre; and Thomas Ellis, esq C78/1124, no. 9 [20]
1674 7 Feb 26 William Williams v. James Beaple, son and heir of James Beaple, who was son and heir of Richard Beaple AND v. William Awbrey C78/789, no. 1 [21]
1674 7 Feb 26 Thomas Turner of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. John Boys, esq C78/1044, no. 9 [22]
1674 9 Feb. 26 Thomas Hand v John Pound; Henry Oake; Robert Pawling; Katherine Jackson; and Alexander Wright Annuity due from tenement in St. Mary's Parish, Oxford. C78/723, no. 9 [23]
1674 9 Feb 26 Basil More esq v. Thomas FitzWilliams administrator of Thomas FitzWilliams his father C79/18, no. [24]
1674 9 Feb 26 Joseph Frame of Barnstaple, Devon, mercer v. John Westlade; John Forde; Henry Sherland; and Richard Boundie C78/946, no. 12 [25]
1674 10 Feb 26 Lovisi de Plancy, widow, administratrix of Peter de Plancy her late husband v. Thomas, lord bishop of Lichfield and Coventry and Dame Mary Chester, widow C78/2026, no. 4 [26]
1674 11 Feb. 26 Sir Edward Mansell of Margam, Glamorgan v Richard Bassett. Mortgage of Fishwere farm in St. Mary Church, Glamorgan C78/733, no. 8 [27]
1674 11 Feb 26 Adlard Cage gentleman v. Judith Parker widow and Stephen Parker her son both of Monks Eleigh, Suff C79/68, no. [28]
1674 13 Feb 26 Richard Smith executor of William Barton v. Nicholas Ireland and others (sic) C79/68, no. [29]
1674 14 Feb 26 Arthur Dacres, doctor in phisick v. Sir Thomas Player, knight, chamberlain of the City of London C78/1288, no. 9 [30]
1674 16 Feb. 26 William Cambridge of Yate, Gloucs; Sir Harbotle Grimston, master of the rolls; and Sir William Child, one of the masters of chancery v Ralph Cooper; Henry Symes and Susan Symes Mortgage of lands in Yate, Gloucs. C78/733, no. 7 [31]
1674 16 Feb 26 Henry Garth v. Thomas Emerson Deft sold standing crop of 25 acres of wheat, rye and barley at Hell Close House, Co Durham to both the complt, and previously to a John Pilkington, who reaped the crop. Deft later brought action against the complt upon the contract at the Cannon Fee Court of the Dean & Chapter of Ripon, Yorks. C78/883, no. 10 [32]
1674 17 Feb. 26 Robert Shaw of London, merchant v John Wright and Hugh Forth Sale of cargo of sugar C78/1000, no. 7 [33]
1674 17 Feb 26 Robert Inman, clerk; Gabriel Layton, gent; and William Hardcastle v. William Ullithorne & Beatrice his wife; William Ingleby & Mary his wife C78/1280, no. 10 [34]
1674 20 Feb 26 Thomas Sharpe the younger of the Castle of Lincoln, Lincs, gent v. Thomas Sharpe the elder; Thomas Bell; Edward Dove; Nathaniel Gosse; and Elizabeth Gosse C78/1590, no. 6 [35]
1674 22 Feb 26 Richard Bassett, esq v. Dame Martha Bassett, widow; Sir Edward Morgan, baronet; and Anne Thomas C78/1001, no. 22 [36]
1674 23 Feb 26 Thomas Herendon v. William Gamball C79/18, no. [37]
1674 25 Feb. 26 Theophilus, John and William Lawrence sons of Christopher Lawrence decd, who was the brother of John Lawrence decd, infants by Elizabeth Lawrence their mother v Robert Bragg; Stephen Blackwell; William Thomas; and Sansome Allen Trust settlement of lands in Harlington, Cranford and Harmondsworth, Middx. C78/727, no. 10 [38]
1674 25 Feb 26 Jane Walkington, widow, the only sister and heir of Thomas Fryer the younger decd; and Ralph Walkington an infant son & heir apparent of the said Jane v William Chesheire; Richard Chesheire; and Isaac Jones Lease of lands in Admaston, Wrockardine, Salop C78/733, no. 6 [39]
1674 25 Feb 26 Christopher Parker v. William Heavisides C78/2061, no. 8 [40]
1674 25 Feb 26 William Mildmay, esq v. Sir Jeremy Whitchcott, baronet; and Benjamin Whitchcott, doctor in divinity C78/1725, no. 10 [41]
1674 25 Feb 26 Christopher Parker v. William Heavisides C78/883, no. 9 [42]
1674 27 Feb 26 John Warfield and Anthony Ball v. William Edwardes C78/2026, no. 2 [43]
1674 1 March 26 Sir Francis Russell, baronet v. Thomas Marshall and Dorothy Marshall, daughter of said Thomas, an infant, by said Thomas her guardian C78/847, no. 3 [44]
1674 2 March 26 William Medley v. Nicholas Martyn; and John Rowse C78/993, no. 18 [45]
1674 3 March 26 Roger Corham of Winchester, Hants, esq v. Phillip Rudsby of Winchester, plumber C78/1078, no. 7 [46]
1674 5 March 26 Elizabeth Doyly widow and relict of Robert Doyly v Thomas Coates and Mary his wife; Mary Doyley and others (not named) Annuity payable from trust settlement of lands in Turville, Bucks C78/723, no. 6 [47]
1674 5 March 26 John Crispe; and Thomas Crispe, esqs, the surviving executors of Sir Nicholas Crispe, knight and baronet v. Mathew Blucke, esq, one of the Six Clerks of same court, administrator of William Blucke his father and assignee of William Blucke, esq, his brother C78/764, no. 3 [48]
1674 5 March 26 Sir Edward Brett, knight; Richard Brett, esq; and Elizabeth Brett, widow and relict of Alexander Brett, esq v. John Ewens, esq & Anne his wife; Robert Brett, esq; John Rutland; Thomas Nurse; William Jones; and Francis Jenings C78/1286, no. 1 [49]
1674 7 March 26 Anne Walker, widow v. Edward, lord Rockingham; John Knight; Robert Clayton; and ___ Goodwyn C78/1032, no. 4 [50]
1674 7 March 26 Timothy Stanney, gent v. Henry Jeyne; Thomas Duppa, esq; Ralph Whistler, esq; and Francis Jeyne C78/1280, no. 10 [51]
1674 (bill) Easter Term 26 VOIDED: Thomas Munchall of London gentleman & Sarah his wife youngest daughter of Robert Winchurst of Stowerbridge [Stourbridge], Worcs, ironmonger v. George Winchurst and Humphrey Jeston C79/65, no. [52]
1674 27 April 26 Anne Merrett of London spinster v. Richard Merrett C78/1913, no. 21 [53]
1674 30 April 26 John Woosencroft v. William Corbin C79/170, no. [54]
1674 7 May 26 Sir John Williams v John Cary. Division of moieties of manor of Minster in Isle of Thanet, Kent, between tenants-in-chief common. C78/743, no. 4 [55]
1674 8 May 26 Thomas Johnson and Thomas Johnson his son, an infant v Lawrence Moyer and Robert Johnson Trust of lands in Eaton [Eton] and New Windsor, Bucks. C78/744, no. 3 [56]
1674 8 May 26 Roger Clavell of Steeple in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, gent; and George Browne of Braddle in the said Isle, gent v. Theophilus Woodnoth, clerk; John Napper; and Nathaniel Napper, gent C78/1078, no. 4 [57]
1674 8 May 26 Roger Clavell of Steeple in the Isle of Purbeck, Dorset, gent; and George Browne of Bradle in said Isle, gent v. Theophilus Woodnoth, clerk; John Napper; and Nathaniel Napper, gent C78/1086, no. 6 [58]
1674 9 May 26 William Taylor v Richard Barrett and Anne Bradford Possession of messuage and lands in Little Marckle [Little Marcle] in Ledbury, Heref C78/734, no. 7 [59]
1674 9 May 26 Hesekiah Kitching and Barbarah his wife, Nathaniel Kitching an infant v Richard Blackman Estate and will of Robert Shard C78/875, no. 5 [60]
1674 11 May 26 William Spencer v Sir Henry Humlocke. Bonds re conveyance of interests in messuage and lands in Hansworth [Handsworth], Staffs C78/743, no. 7 [61]
1674 11 May 26 Diana Reresby v. Sir Thamorth Reresby knight C78/1941, no. 2 [62]
1674 13 May 26 George Bigg brother of William Bigg decd v Mary Bancks; Thomas Templar; William Gewin; Peter Putt; Edward Willmott; Thomas Sheppard; Margaret Cockram; Joseph Curtis; [blank] Godfrey, widow; Edward Gibbins; Thomas Tayler; Edward Davis; John Tayler; John Mannsell; Cuthbert jenings; and John Mayne Possession of messuage and lands in East Smithfield, Middx C78/732, no. 14 [63]
1674 14 May 26 Sir Thomas Bide and Raphe Skynner executors of John Skynner v Luke Norton and William Angell Mortgage of 41 acres in common fields of Offley, Herts. C78/732, no. 9 [64]
1674 14 May 26 Ferdinando Kelly gentleman & Mary his wife; and Anne Withen, spinster v. John Taylor; Richard Potter; William Robinson; Roase Rauvington; George Hilston; Anne Cox; Edmund Withens; WIlliam Hanslopp & Priscilla his wife C78/2028, no. 7 [65]
1674 16 May 26 Thomas Woodward executor of Sarah his late wife who was relict and executor of John Staverton v William Ley & his wife; Charles Ley; and Mary Randall; William Lench; Christopher Woodward; and Henry Dyson Trust settlement of coppices in Hanbury, Worcs. C78/729, no. 1 [66]
1674 19 May 26 Edward Campfield, esq; and James Ashton v. Richard Cooke C78/1001, no. 24 [67]
1674 20 May 26 Oswald Mosley eldest son and heir apparent of Nicholas Mosley esq; Edward Mosley another of the sons of the said Nicholas; and Nicholas Mosley his youngest son an infant by James Lancashire esq complainant and only sons of the said Nicholas Mosley the father v. Edward Mosley the elder esq; Edward Mosley the younger his son; Anne Mosley and the said Nicholas Mosley the elder C79/68, no. [68]
1674 21 May 26 Thomas Edgerley, gent v. William, lord bishop of Lincoln; The Lady Anne, viscountess Baltinglass; John Price, clerk; John Hickman; Samuel Hickman; Maris Aris; George Aris & Elizabeth his wife; and Elizabeth Warr C78/946, no. 13 [69]
1674 22 May 26 William Dyke (11 yrs), Edward Dyke (9 yrs), Thomas Dyke (6 yrs) and Elizabeth Dyke (2 yrs), children of John Dyke late of Dulverton, Somerset by Margaret Dyke their mother v Thomas Dyke, Doctor of Phisicke. Debts and legacies due from personal estate by will of John Dyke C78/725, no. 1 [70]
1674 23 May 26 Francis Butler the younger, son and heir apparent of Francis Butler the elder, esq v. Sir William Adams, baronet; Sir James Rushout, baroent; and the said Francis Butler the elder, & Dame Katherine Maynard his wife C78/1590, no. 11 [71]
1674 25 May 26 George Barnes v. William Westbrooke esq and Richard West gentleman C79/18, no. [72]
1674 25 May 26 Charles Morgan, gentleman v. Richard Croft; John Morgan; Phillip Cecill C78/2026, no. 5 [73]
1674 25 May 26 The Portreeves and Burgesses of the town of Chard, Somerset and the Churchwardens and overseers of the poor; William Bragge v. Richard Opie Will of Richard Harvy decd. C78/1412, no. 19 [74]
1674 27 May 26 William Billingsley an infant by Jospeh Wallbanck v John Bellinges and William Rowe, trustees for Richard Billingsley; Edmund Midwinter heir of Edward Midwinter; Sarah Midwinter executrix of the said Edward Midwinter; Paul Wick and William Wheatley trustees for the said Edward Midwinter Mortgage of lands in Sow [?Sowe in Coventry], Warwicks C78/790, no. 17 [75]
1674 27 May 26 William Rawlinson v. William Ivory & Anne his wife; John __eare; and William ___d C78/854, no. 1 [76]
1674 29 May 26 William Strode esq v. Edward Strode, esq C78/2026 no. 6 [77]
1674 30 May 26 Edward Matheu, gentleman v. Richard Skipp & Margaret his wife; George Wall & Mary his wife C78/2026, no. 7 [78]
1674 (bill) Trinity Term 26 William Allestrey of Derby, Derby, esq v. William Crone, doctor in phisick & Mary his wife; Jacob Crone; and William Rouse C78/1076, no. 5 [79]
1674 (bill) Trinity Term 26 Susan Enos of Weathamstead, Herts, widow, relict and executrix of Samuel Enos of Greys Inn, Middx, gent v. Thomas, earl Rivers; Robert Hide; and Samuel Hide C78/1288, no. 1 [80]
1674 1 June 26 John Elam v. Frances Dams, widow; Sarah Wade; and Mary Wade, infants by said Frances Dams their guardian C78/867, no. 1 [81]
1674 1 June 26 Mary Cooper the widow and relict of John Cooper v. Richard Cawte; Mathew Stocke, clerk & Elizabeth his wife; and Arthur Mayne C78/1078, no. 3 [82]
1674 2 June 26 Robert Bartie and William Mountague and John Channcy executors of Mountague Lane v Hoo Steward; John Spicer; and John Paltock Mortgage of messuage rectory and farm called Berrey in Braughing, Herts. C78/743, no. 2 [83]
1674 2 Jun 26 William Meakin v. Sir Jerome Whitchcott; William Oakes; Hugh Pyers; Edmund Peirce; William Duckinfield; Charles Hubb...; Robert Browne and William Pever Lease of two rooms in the Fleet Prison, London, and the Office of Clerke of the Fleet. C78/1412, no. 21 [84]
1674 2 June 26 George Jolland & Faith his wife; and William Midwinter, an infant, by said George and Faith his guardians v. Robert Hindmarsh; and John Pinder C78/1280, no. 7 [85]
1674 4 June 26 Robert Robotham, Arthur Smithson executors of Robert Robotham decd v Ralph Adderley, Susan Nurse, widow, and Walter Nurse. Property of Thomas Rogers in Tamworth, Warwickshire. C78/895, no. 4 [86]
1674 5 June 26 Sir Thomas Tyrrill v Dame Lucy Tyrrill and John Barrington Estate of Sir Edward Tyrrill, the manor of Leckhamstead, Buckinghamshire. Also dispute over property on the manor of Thorneton C78/895, no. 3 [87]
1674 5 June 26 Denham Hunlocke v. Jeremy Smith; Ambrose Bennett; and Edward Heath C78/1590, no. 3 [88]
1674 6 June 26 Elizabeth Terwhit, widow v. Sir Joseph Colston, knight; Humfrey Weld; George Petty; and Francis Gregory C78/1032, no. 6 [89]
1674 15 June 26 The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Jesus College in Cambridge v. John Stacy; John Hall & Dorothy his wife; Thomas Whitakers; and John Forster C78/1032, no. 7 [90]
1674 19 June 26 Edward Syvier; and Sarah Syvier; and Mary Syvier, infants, by said Edward Syvier the guardian v. John Parker C78/1044, no. 8 [91]
1674 20 June 26 Edward Sharples son and administrator of Thomas Sharples v Mary Patchat and Richard Patchet Testamentary dispute re personal estate of Thomas Sharples C78/880, no. 4 [92]
1674 20 June 26 Christofer Cratford; Belliver Davies; Stephen Bedard; and Samuel Fontant, son and heir of Dedier Fontant, an infant, by said Stephen Bedard v. George FitzJeoffrey esq C78/1590, no. 4 [93]
1674 22 June 26 Katherine Stutevile v John Northall; Jervas Rossell and Jane his wife; Thomas Beeston; Dorothy Jenkins and others (not named). Debts and legacies payable from trust settlement of the manor of Bulwell, Notts C78/723, no. 2 [94]
1674 23 June 26 Sir John Underhill v William Soame; Tyrrill Prettyman; Sir Robert Cotton; Mervin Tutchett; William Waller; and v Thomas Tyrrell Payments due from marriage settlement of lands in London, Paddington, Kensington and Chelsea, Middx and Chelmsford, Essex C78/723, no. 1 [95]
1674 25 June 26 Anne Braddock, widow and relict of William Braddock; Mary Braddock; Elizabeth Braddock; and Anne Braddock, infants, daughters of said William and Anne, by said Anne their mother, guardian v. Cristopher Woodhouse; John Crispe & Mary his wife; Stephen Eure; and Samuel Sheafe C78/846, no. 6 [96]
1674 26 June 26 Edward Hooper of Plymouth, Devon, gentleman v. Degory Cloake and Nicholas Couch C78/1910, no. 1 [97]
1674 27 June 26 Thomas Cheeke, esq v. Phillip, viscount Lisle; and John Harvey, esq C78/1599, no. 15 [98]
1674 27 June 26 Thomas Cheeke, esq v. Phillip, viscount Lisle; and John Harvey, esq C78/1590, no. 2 [99]
1674 30 June 26 William Naylor v Sir William Wyld now one of His Majesties Justices of Kings Bench; Joane Martin; James Church; William Edwards; John Harvey; John Browne; Henry Hanslop; William Fellow als Fellowes; Sir Edmond Berry Godfrey; Daniel Berry; Francis Bates; William Powney; Richard Howe; John Veare; William Buckerfield; Henry Butterfield; Thomas Barwell; Robert Chapman; Mathew Salter; Richard Moore; Henry Broadnox; Edward Lole; James Best; Richard Wright; John Oatridge; Francis Ferries als Pharoah; Godfrey Harrison; and others (mot named)late members of the Company of Woodmongers. Debts and forfeiture of Charter of Woodmongers of London. C78/727, no. 6 [100]
1674 30 June 26 John Greene alias Thorpe of Harrow on the Hill, Middx, esq v. John Laney, esq; Nicholas Godfrey late father of Jeoffery Godfrey late of Buckland, Herts, molster; and Nicholas Godrey eldest son and heir of said Jeoffery C78/846, no. 7 [101]
1674 30 June 26 John Mainwaring, gent v. Humphrey Trafford, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Henry Birkheved, gent; and Thomas Mainwaring, gent C78/1280, no. 8 [102]
1674 1 July 26 William Cox; Melchesedicke Cox; Elizabeth Cox; Samuel Perren & Elizabeth his wife, all legatees of Joseph Cox v. John Cosley & Elizabeth his wife C78/1259, no. 8 [103]
1674 3 July 26 John Venables v Robert Venables and Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Lea; Anne Lea; and Richard Venables Accounts of profits of trust of Agdon Hall and lands in Harton and Hartford, Cheshire C78/734, no. 3 [104]
1674 3 July 26 Edward Ord, clerk and Penelope his wife the lawful daughter of Ralph Selby decd v William Selby; Rowland Selby; and Thomas Swinburne Portion due from Branxton, Monylawes and Lowicke in Durham and Northumberland. C78/880, no. 5 [105]
1674 3 July 25 Bryan Janson and Margaret Oldfield one of the daughters of Dame Katherine Oldfield v. Maurice Thompson; Robert Thompson; and William Oldfield an infant by the said Maurice Thompson his guardian and John Goodwyn C79/18, no. [106]
1674 6 July 26 Mary, countess dowager of Warwick, widow and relict of Charles, late earl of Warwick v. The Honorable George Mountagne, esq; Francis Boeteller, esq; William Jellopp, esq C78/946, no. 10 [107]
1674 6 July 26 Sir William Morice, knight; and Edmund Prideaux, esq v. Phillip Holditch C78/946, no. 11 [108]
1674 9 July 26 Alice Whitfield widow & administratrix of Henry Smith her late father v John Jones; Henry Jones and Sir Humphrey Hooke Profits of lease of lands in manor of Elberton, Gloucs. C78/733, no. 5 [109]
1674 10 July 26 William Rawlins executor of John Rayner decd v Thomas Gamble; Thomas Goddard; Elizabeth Rayner; William Rayner; and Thomas Rayner Mortgage of lands in Willoughby Waterles, Leics. C78/719, no. 2 [110]
1674 11 July 26 John Jefferyes; Nicholas Roberts; and George Lee v Edward Kempe; Robert Cleyns; Nicholas Harrison; Edward Leeman; William Nevett; John Wright; Robert White; John Merricke; and John Dandy Debts payable from stock of tobacco. C78/742, no. 11 [111]
1674 13 July 26 Samuel Reeve v Nicholas Clerke executor of John Humberston decd, William Humberston, Mary Humberston Estate of John Humberston, deceased. Dispute over bequests C78/895, no. 1 [112]
1674 13 July 26 Simon Heale; John Harris; and Richard Lumley v. Hugh Hunsden; John Fawle; Nicholas Fabian; Joseph Badcocke; Thomas Tuckett; John Algar; James Rodd; and Hugh Spry C78/891, no. 12 [113]
1674 13 July 26 Thomas Butler of Westminster, Middx, gent, son and administrator of Anne Butler, widow v. Thomas Weld, esq; and Susannah Dawson C78/1004, no. 12 [114]
1674 13 July 26 Isaac Wood of Croydon, Surrey, poulterer v. Rachell Allingham; and William Allingham C78/1154, no. 5 [115]
1674 14 July 26 Scudamore Pitt and Dame Katherine his wife late wife of Sir Thomas Bromley v Henry Bromley; Sir Richard Lee; and Joseph Walsh Trust settlement of the manor of Wick Episcopi, Worcs. C78/734, no. 8 [116]
1674 14 July 26 Elizabeth Roynon v Henry and Dorothy Warr. Claims on lands in Martock, Taunton and Horton, Dorset, sequestrated estate of George Balch C78/900, no. 8 [117]
1674 15 July 26 Edmund Calamy, gent v. Alablaster Fludd, esq C78/846, no. [118]
1674 18 July 26 Elizabeth Stevens widow: Margaret Stevens; Francis Stevens; William Stevens; and Mary Stevens infants by the said Elizabeth their mother and Guardian v. James Heron and John Heron C79/18, no. [119]
1674 18 July 26 Francis Crane, esq; William Crane; and Francis Crane, jr, gent v. Edward Beedle, esq; and Rebecca Beedle C78/1001, no. 25 [120]
1674 20 July 26 James Prescott of the Middle Temple, London, esq; and Meriat Prescott, relict of James Prescott, gent; and John Ludford, esq, executors of said James Prescott v. Richard Lucy, esq; and ___ Hales, widow C78/1154, no. 7 [121]
1674 25 July 26 John Fisher of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Thomas Patten, gent, & Mary his wife; Susan Doughty; Elizabeth Cunliffe, widow; George Piggott, gent; John Cotton; Thomas Cunliffe; John Tomlinson; Christofer Trueman; Henry Tatham; George Hanson; John Becke; John Atkinson; Edward Deering; and William Fisher C78/1601, no. 1 [122]
1674 25 July 26 Theophilus, earl of Huntington & the lady Elizabeth his wife an infant by her said husband her guardian; and Robert, lord Deincourt eldest son and heir apparent to Nicholas, earl of Scarsdale and Mary, wife of said Robert, lord Deincourt both infants by said Nicholas, earl of Scarsdale their guardian v. Sir Thomas Foote, knight and Baron; Sir Francis Rolls, knight; Arthur Anslowe, esq; Edward Lewis, esq; Denzill Onslowe, esq & Dame Sarah his wife C78/846, no. 10 [123]
1674 27 July 26 Andrew Yarranton gentleman v. William Bell C78/1926, no. 21 [124]
1674 29 July 26 Basil More esq v. Thomas FitzWilliams administrator of Thomas FitzWilliams C79/18, no. [125]
1674 29 July 26 Adam Bland esq & Bridget his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of William Bernard v. Mary Bernard widow and relict of said William Bernad; Elizabeth Bernard one of the daughters of said William Bernard; Samuel Clutterbucke and Anne his wife; Arthur Bickerton & Cordelia (?) his wife two other of the daughters and coheirs of said William Bernard C78/2026, no. 11 [126]
1674 29 July 26 John Bennett, gent; Thomas Carpenter; and John Carpenter, infants by said John Bennett their guardian v. Thomas Carpenter; Humfrey Walker; and others (sic) C78/946, no. 9 [127]
1674 7 Aug 26 John Mosyer, esq; Thomas Farrington, merchant v. Jeremiah Carter; and Benjamin Lloyd, executors of Benjamin Lloyd; John Lloyd, an infant, by Samuel Skinner, his guardian; and Thomas Dittfield, gent C78/1001, no. 21 [128]
1674 12 Oct 26 Henry Alexander, esq, earl of Sterling, Scotland; Sir Robert Crooke, knight; and Dame Susan his wife; Henry Zinzan alias Alexander, esq; Jacoba his wife; the said Dame Susan Crooke; and Jacoba Zinzan, alias Alexander; and Mary Alexander, countess of Sterling, deceased, the mother of same complainant Henry Alexander, earl of Sterling, being the sole daughters and heirs of St Peter Vanlore the younger, baronet, only son and heir of Sir Peter Vanlore the elder, knight v. Thomas Levingston, esq & Anne his wife; Abraham Vandenbende, esq; Thomas Glemham, esqs; Sir Richard Anderson, baronet; John Vandenbende; Thomas Cossey; Thomas Perkins & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Marriot, gent; Joell Stephens, gent; Alexander Blagrave; John Hatcher, esq; James Masters, est; Dame Frances Glemham; Jacob Lucy; Allan Beylston; Samuel Beylston; and Nathan Knight, son, heir and executor of Walter Knight; and others (sic) C78/953, no. 4 [129]
1674 13 Oct 26 Henry Hunt v. Jacob Avoab; Isaack Cordoso; Joseph Desilva; George Willoughby; and Thomas Dethick C78/993, no. 15 [130]
1674 16 Oct 26 Barbara Nicholls widow v. Thomas Ledgard an infant by Katherine Wells widow his guardian and Ann Ledgard widow C78/2049, no. 4 [131]
1674 20 Oct 26 Timothy Johnson v. Henry Slater; Edward Slater; John Lowson; and Gervas Fletcher C78/874, no. 8 [132]
1674 20 Oct 26 Timothy Johnson v. Henry Slater; Edward Slater; John Lawson; and Gervase Fletcher C78/879, no. 6 [133]
1674 23 Oct 26 Ketherine Bowyer, executrix of William Bowyer, esq, her late husband v. Humfry Tuckey; Anne Alcorne; Elizabeth Alcorne; and others (sic) C78/849, no. 4 [134]
1674 24 Oct 26 John Cocke v. William Edgell; Mathew Clements; and Robert Thorpe C78/862, no. 5 [135]
1674 27 Oct 26 John Herbert of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Nicholas Bennett; and Anne Bennett C78/1154, no. 4 [136]
1674 28 Oct 26 Richard Jennings of London, merchant v. Theophilus Swift C78/993, no. 17 [137]
1674 28 Oct 26 Mary Nedham; and Elizabeth Nedham, two of the daughters of Robert, lord viscount Kilmorrey v. Sir Henry Vernon, knight; Sir John Booth, knight; Sir Peter Leicester, baronet; Randle Egerton, esq; Richard Scriven, esq; Ralph Starkey, esq; William Owen; and Ralph Morhall, clerks C78/1256, no. 3 [138]
1674 29 Oct 26 Mary Scott, an infant of about 5 years, by Samuel Scott, her guardian; and Francisca Maria Philliskirke, an infant of about 6 years, by Margaret Philliskirke, widow, her mother and guardian v. John, earl of Ogle; Robert, earl of Lindsey; Baptist, lord Cambden; Edward, lord Mountague; John, lord Rosse; John, lord Burley; William Perpoynt, esq; and The Mayor, Bailiff, and Burgesses of the Borrough of Leicester; John Rushworth, esq; Theophilus Smith; and Mary Dillingham C78/1078, no. 2 [139]
1674 30 Oct. 26 John Porter v Robert Buck and Sibell his wife; John Smith since decd and Mary his wife; John Hodgson and Damaris his wife; William Doughty and Elizabeth his wife; William Strangleman and Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Tawnt and Margery his wife; Thomas Riches and Nazareth his wife; and Stephen Lawes Payment of legacies from lands in Suffeild, Gunton and Antingham, Norfolk. C78/790, no. 16 [140]
1674 30 Oct 26 Sir Edward Mansell of Margam, Glam, baronet v. Watkin Jenkins gentleman C79/68, no. [141]
1674 30 Oct 26 Jarvas Rockley gentleman v. Francis Rockley; James Brooke; John Spencer; William Hayford; Thomas West & his wife; John Lee; William Wilkinson; Christopher Wilkinson & Barbarah his wife; Sir Francis Cobb; and Robert Waller C78/2069, no. 19 [142]
1674 3 Nov 26 Richard Newman & Margaret his wife v. John Templer; Edward Blurton; Henry Bine; and Thomas Templer C78/1154, no. 4 [143]
1674 4 Nov 26 Sir John Maynard, knight, Serjeant at Law to the King v. Thomas Freman, gent C78/1256, no. 4 [144]
1674 7 Nov 26 Christopher Clapham, & Dame Margaret his wife, the relict and executrix of Robert Moyle the elder, esq, late third prothonotary of the court of common pleas at Westminster, and administratrix of Robert Moyle, gent, one of the younger children of said Robert Moyle the elder v. Fabian Phillipps, esq, & Margaret his wife; Dorothy Moyle, widow and administratrix of John Moyle, esq; Thomas Moyle; Dame Elizabeth Oldfield, widow; and Sir John Oldfield, baronet C78/1605, no. 3 [145]
1674 12 Nov 26 William Love esq and Thomas Murthwaite surviving executors of John Young late of London merchant v. Thomas Browne esq C78/2069, no. 18 [146]
1674 12 Nov 26 William Strode esq v. Edward Strode esq C78/2026, no. 10 [147]
1674 13 Nov 26 Luke Chapham and John Harewell, esqs v. Alice, countess of Norwich; Roger, earl of Castlemaine; Sir Sackvile Crowe, baronet; Sir Samuel Jones, knight; John Crowe, gent; and the Lady Katherine Scott C78/847, no. 6 [148]
1674 14 Nov 26 James Clayton v William Levison Gower and Francis Charleton Rents due from manor and iron and coal pits at Ketley, Salop. C78/744, no. 7 [149]
1674 16 Nov 26 Sir John Cotton v Robert Heath and Mary his wife; Roger Lukin; and Sir Edward Fust Debts and bonds. C78/732, no. 11 [150]
1674 16 Nov 26 Phillip Sabine of Beaksborne, Kent, gentleman & Elizabeth his wife v. Richard Slater esq and Henry Loo merchant C78/1910, no. 3 [151]
1674 16 Nov 26 William Holden v. Robert Milward & his wife; George Staverton & his wife; and Mary Motham C78/874, no. 7 [152]
1674 17 Nov 26 Thomas Morgan esq v. Phillip Collins; William Robins; Richard Williams and others (sic) C79/2070, no. 28 [153]
1674 18 Nov 26 Gabriel Stuchbury v. Charles Gore; John Shepard; Nicholas Read; Sarah Stuchbury; Thomas Sumers; Susanna Sumers; John Marsh & Elizabeth his wife C78/2019, no. 5 [154]
1674 18 Nov 26 Henry Jerome eldest son & heir of Henry Jerome late of Abingdon, Berks decd, by Katherine his first wife v. Henry Jerome the younger, one other of the sons of the said Henry Jerome the father, by Jane his second wife; Willm Chaplyn and Jane his wife; and William Brooman Trust settlement of the Abbey Mills near Abingdon and 300 acres of meadow for the benefit of the complt. C78/1443, no. 16 [155]
1674 20 Nov 26 Sir Richard Rothwell v Dame Elizabeth Hussey; Sir Charles Hussey; Sir Robert Markham; William Brownlow; John White; and others (not named). Encroachment (including illegal enclosure) of lands in Westhall in Carlton in Mooreland [Carlton-le-Moorland], Lincs and disinheritance of tenants C78/727, no. 9 [156]
1674 20 Nov 26 Katherine Squire widow, relict, and administratrix of Thomas Squire gentleman and administratrix of William Squire with the will annexed v. John Ireton esq and John Perrman C78/1912, no. 2 [157]
1674 20 Nov 26 John Best and Timothy Slicer on behalf of themselves and other landholders of Duddage, Greening, and Hillend in the parish of Twyning, Glouc v. Thomas Sparry the elder; Thomas Sparry the younger; and Edward Baugh C78/847, no. 4 [158]
1674 20 Nov 26 Mary Browne of London, widow, the relict of Thomas Browne late of London, grocer v. William Savage the elder; William Savage the younger, executors of said Thomas Browne and Roger Sayer C78/847, no. 5 [159]
1674 21 Nov 26 Walter Rice of Newton, Carmarthen, esq & Dorothy his wife v. Sir James Butler knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife C79/68, no. [160]
1674 24 Nov 26 John Morecroft v Sir Solomon Swale; George Ayslaby and Mary his wife; Elizabeth Mallory; Jane Mallory and [blank] Redshawe Mortgage of messuage called "Munwicke" in Ripon, Yorks C78/734, no. 5 [161]
1674 24 Nov 26 Thomas Morris administrator of Patience Morris his late sister v. Stephen Evans and John Davies gentlemen C79/170, no. [162]
1674 24 Nov 26 John Carpenter grandchild and heir of John Carpenter gentleman v. John Booth esq; Thomas Powell; Gregory Pember & his wife; Evan Phillips; and Richard Stallard C79/65, no. [163]
1674 25 Nov 26 Thomas Condon executor of Mary Towry, widow decd, relict & executrix of Robert Towry v Charles Redmaine, Richard Blanshard, William Towry Estate and will of Mary Towry. Debts owed by Redmaine to her estate. C78/875, no. 1 [164]
1674 25 Nov 26 Henry Foster, gent, third son of Arthur Foster, esq, who had issue three sons: Nicholas his elder; Cuthbert his second since deceased; and the said Henry his third son v. John Foster; Jennett Foster; and Katherine Foster C78/1590, no. 5 [165]
1674 26 Nov 26 Sir Thomas Hatton and Dame Bridgett his wife; John Davies and Mary his wife; Thomas Hatton, Mary Hatton, Elizabeth Hatton, Rebecca Hatton, Frances Hatton and Dorothy Hatton the younger son & all the daughters of the said Sir Thomas Hatton; and Hatton Davies, John Davies, Thomas Davies, William Davies, Christopher Davies, Elizabeth Davies and Dorothy Davies the surviving children of John Davies the elder and Mary his wife v William Boteler and Thomas Buck Legacies payable from personal estate of Dame Mary Hatton. C78/732, no. 4 [166]
1674 26 Nov 26 Christopher Keld v Thomas Robinson; Alice Keld relict of Thomas Keld decd; and John Smith Possession of messuage and lands in Throstonby [Throxenby] and Baisdale, Yorks C78/744, no. 13 [167]
1674 26 Nov 26 George Lee merchant v. Sarah Bowler widow administratrix of John Bowler her late son C78/1893, no. 12 [168]
1674 26 Nov 26 John Alder; Richard Mason; Josua Foster; and Walter Furnis, executors of Adam Lawton; and Mary Wall, widow v. Thomas Ashby; Joseph Webb; and Nathaniel Foster C78/1726, no. 7 [169]
1674 26 Nov 26 Smith Fleetwood, esq; Sir William Fleetwood, knight, since deceased; Elizabeth Stocke, widow; Griffith Lloyd, esq; Edward Swift, gent; and Thomas Woolsey, clerk v. William Rookeby, esq C78/1032, no. 8 [170]
1674 26 Nov 26 Paul Epes of Wye, Kent, gent, administrator with the will annexed of William Longe of Sea Salter, Kent v. James Stredwick in the parish of St Paul near and without the walls of Canterbury, Kent, gent C78/1044, no. 12 [171]
1674 26 Nov 26 John Rutland, gent v. Sir Edward Brett, knight; Richard Brett, esq; Elizabeth Brett; John Ewens & Elizabeth his wife C78/1259, no. 7 [172]
1674 27 Nov 26 Henry Alexander als Zinzan and Jacoba his wife one of the daughters of Sir Peter Vanlore the younger v Sir Edward Powell and Dame Mary his wife; and Thomas Crompton Portions payable from unspecified estate of Sir Peter Vaulore. C78/719, no. 1 [173]
1674 27 Nov 26 Francis Henry Cary of Stowe, Northt, cleric & Lettice Cary his wife, one of the daughters of Thomas Appletree of Dodington, Oxon, esq v. Henry Farmer of Tusmore, Oxon, esq; John Cary of Ditchley, Oxon, gent, the complainant Francis Henry's father; Richard Kilby of Soulderne, Oxon, gent; Ambrose Holbech of Mollington, Warw, gent; Phillip Appletree, son of said Thomas Appletree and brother to the complainant Lettice; and Jane Draper, widow, sister of said complainant Lettice C78/1076, no. 2 [174]
1674 27 Nov 26 Isaack Rebow & Mary his wife, the daughter and heir of James Lemming, gent, both infants, by John Rebow, gent, their guardian and father of said Isaack v. Joseph Clarke; and Thomas Talcott, esq C78/1124, no. 10 [175]
1674 28 Nov 26 Francis Knight, esq; Sir John Knight, knight; and Isaac Knight, merchant three of the sons of George Knight, esq v. Ursula Knight, widow and others (sic) C78/2026, no. 8 [176]
1674 30 Nov 26 Giles Watmer of Canterbury gentleman v. William Norton, esq and Thomas Norton son and heir apparent of William Norton C78/1930, no. 4 [177]
1674 1 Dec 26 George Gregory, esq v. John Towne, gent; Pickering Colby, gent; Elizabeth Towne; and Mary Towne, infants C78/1589, no. 11 [178]
1674 3 Dec 26 William Smithies; Jane Rawlinson; George Hutton; Thomas Holme; Henry Hadwen; John Marshall; William Marshall; Alice Hadwen; John Jaques, clerk; Christofer Proctor; John Fosster; Thomas Towne, clerk; Robert Jackson; Henry Singleton; and John Slater, creditors of John Thorneton of Ogcliffe, Lancs, yeoman, for themselves and for all other creditors of said John Thorneton v. Robert Thorneton, clerk; Thomas Simpson, gent; Thomas Thorneton, gent; Anne Thorneton, widow; and Edmond Thorneton C78/1599, no. 14 [179]
1674 4 Dec 26 Richard and Edward Spranger infants by William Ballett v Richard Spranger an infant by John Spranger his father Legacies payable from lands in Northweald, Bassett, Essex. C78/727, no. 2 [180]
1674 4 Dec 26 Christian Rives, widow, relict and administratrix of John Rives, merchant, her late husband, with the will annexed of the said John Rives v. John Wadlow; William Hargrave; and John Henderson; (added later:) John Sawyer; John Billingsley; Richard Kilsey; Thomas Dyas; Thomas Coates; Ricahrd Dermore; and Thomas Blagrave C78/1599, no. 13 [181]
1674 5 Dec 26 Francis Stone, gent v. William Shewen; Stephen Crispe; and William Walsh, executors of Adam Walker; Cornelius Walker; Mary Walker; and Elizabeth Walker, infant children of said Adam Walker C78/1596, no. 11 [182]
1674 7 Dec 26 Sarah Wisse v. Anthony Wisse; Benjamin Avery and Thomas Pullen C78/2026, no. 19 [183]
1674 8 Dec 26 Anne Palmes widow; Daniel Tayler gentleman; Thomas Gardner & Elizabeth his wife an infant; and Margaret Tayler; and William Tayler also infants by the said Thomas Gardner their guardian v. Daniel Nicholls clerk C78/1893, no. 4 [184]
1674 8 Dec 26 Sir Peter Leare, baronet v. Thomas Flood; and John Leare C78/993, no. 16 [185]
1674 9 Dec. 26 William Allen v John Bence; Henry Beddingfield; William Burleigh; Priscilla Bence; Thomas Whitehead; Hester Whitehead; John Pue and Elizabeth his wife; Francis Blower and Joice his wife; William Bence and others (not named). Testamentary trust of part of rectory of Basleden, Berks. C78/790, no. 14 [186]
1674 9 Dec 26 Thomas Nourse; William Yate senior and Mary his wife; William Yate junior; and Charles Yate v Christopher Yarworth Testamentary and marriage settlement of lands in Cowley, Gloucs and Knowston, Oston, Sutton Croft and Broughton, Leics C78/890, no. 11 [187]
1674 11 Dec. 26 John, Richard, Elinor and Alice Judd children of John Judd decd who was son of Mary Judd, widow, also decd, which said Mary was one of the sisters of Dame Mary Eldred, widow, decd v George Arnold Legacies from unspecified lands by will of Dame Anne Eldred. C78/726, no. 3 [188]
1674 11 Dec 26 Richard Dewxell of Gloucester gentleman administrator of Frances Dewxell his late wife v. Sylvanus Wood, esq & Bridgett his wife; Roland Wood, esq; William Cooke, esq; and Richard Atkins, esq C78/1930, no. 7 [189]
1674 12 Dec 26 William Dyer, esq, & Ursula his wife, only daughter of Richard Taylor, esq; Wentworth Taylor, eldest son and heir; and Thomas Taylor the surviving younger son of said Richard Taylor, the said Wentworth and Thomas being infants by said William Dyer v. Katherine Taylor, widow and relict of said Richard Taylor and mother of said complainant Wentworth; and Thomas Taylor; and Ursula Dyer; Sir William Becher, knight; and William Boteler, esq, executors of said Richard Taylor; Christopher Hatton, esq; John Newton; Cuthbert Creed; and Mathew Clayton C78/1590, no. 8 [190]
1674 14 Dec 26 Thomas Hormold esq v. John Worfield gentleman and the dean and chapter of the collegiate church of St Peter, Westminster C79/68, no. [191]
1674 14 Dec 26 Edward Bastian, & Mary his wife, only daughter of Robert Tinby, for themselves and such child and children between them begotten or that then after they should have v. Sir Carr Scroope, baronet; Thomas Atmore; and Charles Butler C78/1590, no. 10 [192]
1674 14 Dec 26 Mary Beard, widow, executrix of Samuel Beard, her late husband v. Jacob Holditch; Richard Opie; and William Hooper C78/858, no. 1 [193]
1674 14 Dec 26 Sir Henry Finch, knight and baronet, Attorney General to the King v. John Steevens, esq; Thomas Aldersey; Thomas Steevens; John Dod, gent; Sir Francis Gerrard, baronet; and ___ Edwards Concerning a charitable use given by Sir Thomas Moulson, knight, for the maintenance of a schoolmaster and preacher in the schoolhouse and chapel by him thentofore erected in Hargrave, Ches C78/1256, no. 5 [194]
1674 16 Dec 26 Joshua Marshall, citizen and mason of London; Maurice Ematt, bricklayer; Henry Wilkind, carpenter; Peter Brent, serjeant plummer to His Majesty; George Drew, smith; and Isaack Corner, bricklayer v. Richard, earl of Burlington and Cork; Richard Graham, gent; and Elizabeth Denham, executrix of Sir John Denham, Knight of the Bath C78/1596, no. 10 [195]
1674 16 Dec 26 Sir Robert Yallop, knight; William Stanford, esq; Mary Paston, widow and relict of William Paston, esq; John Paston, second son of said William Paston; and Mary the daughter of said William Paston, beings infants, by said Mary their mother and guardian, among other legatees of said William Paston; Francis Manning, yeoman; ___ Waldgrave, gentlewoman; ___ Lugg; and ___ Messinger, creditors inter alia of said William Paston unto whom he was indebted at the time of his death in several sums of money v. William Paston, eldest son and heir of said William Paston; Sir Edward Barkham, baronet; Wolstan Paston; and Charles Trinder C78/1032, no. 11 [196]
1674 19 Dec 26 Benjamin Bridgewater v George Lavender; John Midgley; Thomas Gilbert; Samuel Banister; William Banister and others (not named). Mortgage of tenements in Broken Wharf, London C78/726, no. 2 [197]
1674 19 Dec 26 Charles, earl of Carlisle v. George Milborne; John Hutchinson; and Robert Barker, and later v John Butler & Isabell his wife, sister of the said George Milborne Toft & land in Moreton [?Murton], Northumberland, & a capital messuage in Tinmouth Streete, Northumberland, let by the complts great grandfather, Lord William Howard to Peter Delavall. The fields of Moreton have since been enclosed, and claimed the defts refuse to assist in the identification of the 4 acres due to the complt. C78/1590, no. 7 [198]
1674 19 Dec 26 Henry Sumner, esq v. Charles Lloyd, son and heir of William Lloyd, an infant by his guardian Bridget Lloyd, widow and relict of said William Lloyd; William Jenkins, an infant by his guardian Thomas Lloyd; John Lloyd & Elizabeth his wife; Lettice Lloyd; Katherine Lloyd; Lettice Browne alias Lloyd; Hugh Lloyd; and Morgan Lloyd C78/862, no. 7 [199]
1674 20 Dec 26 William Dyer, esq, & Ursula his wife, only daughter of Richard Taylor, esq; Wentworth Taylor, eldest son and heir; and Thomas Taylor, the surviving younger son of said Richard Taylor, the said Wentworth and Thomas being infants, by said William Dyer v. Katherine Taylor, widow and relict of said Richard Taylor and mother of said complainant Wentworth and Thomas Taylor and Ursula Dyer; Sir William Becher, knight; and William Boteler, esq, executors of the said Richard Taylor; Christofer Hatton, esq; John Newton; Cuthbert Creed; and Mathew Clayton C78/1589, no. 6 [200]