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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1673 25 C78/, no. []
1673 (bill) Hilary 25 Thomas Colly of Georgeham, Devon, clerk v. Edward Rutter C78/1910, no. 2 [2]
1673 14 Jan 24 Samuel Fretchwell the elder; and Samuel Fretchwell the younger and Elizabeth Fretchwell infants v George Perryer. Debts and payments for maintenance and education from trust settlement of bonds C78/718, no. 5 [3]
1673 14 Jan 24 Elizabeth Harvey widow & relict of Sir Daniel Harvey late of Combe Nevill, Surrey decd; Edward Harvey son & heir of the said Sir Daniel Harvey; Daniel Harvey, Elizabeth Harvey and Jane Harvey younger children of the said Sir Daniel Harvey v Sir Heneage Finch, Attorney General, Sir Edward Deering; Sir Eliab Harvey; and John Prestwood Annuities payable from trust settlement of lands in Downebarton [in St Nicholas-at-Wade par.], Isle of Thanet, Kent C78/719, no. 3 [4]
1673 14 Jan 24 Robert Busby citizen and draper of London v. John Southcott and others (sic) C79/19, no. [5]
1673 16 Jan 24 Sarah Brooke spinster v. Gilbert Cornewall & his wife; Richard Churlett; and William Lench C78/2025, no. 1 [6]
1673 17 Jan 24 Sir Robert Atkins, Knight of the Bath now JCP and trustee for Dame Martha Acheson, wife of Richard Atkins of Tuffleigh, Gloucs, esq v. said Richard Atkins; and George Castle, doctor of phisick C78/1154, no. 6 [7]
1673 20 Jan 24 Christopher Clapham, knight v. Dorothy Moyle, widow, administratrix of John Moyle; and Thomas Moyle C78/1598, no. 8 [8]
1673 24 Jan 24 Thomas Kendall, esq & Mary his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of John Hallett, esq v. Mary Hallett, the relict and administratrix with the will annexed of said John Hallett; Joanna Hallett, the other daughter and coheir of said John Hallett; John Lawrence; Richard Shute; and Richard Shute (sic) C78/1078, no. 11 [9]
1673 25 Jan 24 Daniel Trott v Thomas and Richard Knight Mortgage of copyhold lands in Trelawney and Talland, Cornwall. C78/723, no. 5 [10]
1673 25 Jan 24 Elizabeth Wilbraham, the widow and relict of Hugh Wilbraham, esq v. Sir Thomas Delves, baronet, baronet; Sir Peter Pindar, baronet; Henry Elwes, esq; and others (sic) C78/993, no. 7 [11]
1673 29 Jan 24 Sir Roger Norwich; Edward Maydwell; and Richard Rawlins v Susanna Inge and Lucy Hungate, widow, administratrix of Dame Martha Hungate, widow decd Bonds C78/718, no. 4 [12]
1673 29 Jan 24 Christopher King v John Whitfield and [blank] Cherry Trust of messuage and lands in Wooburn, Bucks. C78/1203, no. 1 [13]
1673 29 Jan 24 Christofer King v. John Witfield, esq; and William Cherry, gents C78/1232, no. 1 [14]
1673 31 Jan 25 John Richardson of the Inner Temple, London, esq, son and heir of Robert Richardson late of Saxby, Leics, gent v. Adam Wand C78/848, no. 5 [15]
1673 31 Jan 25 William Turbill of the Middle Temple, London, gent v. John Vaughan, executor of Anne Hayne, widow; and Thomas Needham; and Richard Playford C78/1154, no. 11 [16]
1673 1 Feb 25 Sir William Leach son & heir of Sir Edward Leach decd v Gilbert Mosely and Andrew North lessee of him the said Gilbert Title to lands in Beamor, Duchy of Lancaster. C78/730, no. 1 [17]
1673 5 Feb 25 Thomas Parsons v William Kirkeby and Mary Kirkeby, widow Mortgage of lands in Long Whatton, Leics. C78/718, no. 3 [18]
1673 6 Feb 25 William Bragg v William Marshall Mortgage of lands in South Bowood, Devon C78/900, no. 4 [19]
1673 6 Feb 25 Owen Davies, clerk v. The Master, Fellows and Scholars of Trinity College, Cambridge; Sir Phillip Boteler, Knight of the Bath; John Boteler, esq; Sir Rowland Lytton, knight; William Lytton, esq; Sir Richard Spencer, baronet; Sir John Gore, knight; John Gore, esq; Sir Ralph Radcliffe, knight; Edward Radcliffe, esq; George Nodes, esq; Stafford Leventhorpe, clerk; George Nedham; Fitch Nedham; William Langthorpe; William Bristowe; Francis Bristowe; George Banister, sr; Richard Bowcocke; Edmund Nodes; Richard Nodes; John Gynne; William Clarke; John Hitchin, sr; John Hitchin, jr; Richard Hitchin; George Clarke, jr; John Nash; William Heath, sr; William Heath, jr; Robert Heath; John Clisbey, sr; John Clisbey, jr; John Trigg; John Hitchin; Thomas Greene; John Hitchin; George Hitchin; Arthur Pulter, jr; John Spencer; and Henry Ellyott C78/1163, no. 7 [20]
1673 7 Feb 25 William Smith and Samuel Dover v John Sallett and Agnes his wife; John Oldus; Robert Bayly; Elizabeth Sayer; Robert Sayer; Thomas Walne and Elizabeth his wife Disputed fines for admission to customary lands in the manor of Pulham, Norfolk. C78/723, no. 10 [21]
1673 7 Feb 25 Thomas Hanbury, knight v. Henry Robins and an other (sic) C78/849, no. 7 [22]
1673 8 Feb 25 Sir John Pettus v Henry Narford clerk Trust settlement of lands in Stoke Holy Crosse, Friston, Marketshall and Castor, Norfolk C78/718, no. 11 [23]
1673 8 Feb 25 William Monins, esq v. Dame Elizabeth Monins, widow; and others C78/849, no. 5 [24]
1673 8 Feb 25 Thomas Warcopp, gent; John Bell; Anne Bell; Jane Walton, widow; Robert Walker; John Stapleton; John Cutbert; Ralph Loftus, yeoman; and Jane Beckwith, widow v. Richard, archbishop of York, primate of England, and metropolitan; and Miles Staveley, gent C78/883, no. 11 [25]
1673 8 Feb 25 Thomas Salmon of Midsomer Norton, Som, yeoman; Richard Frye of the same, yeoman; Daniel Hoskins of the same, yeoman; Richard Watkins of the same, yeoman; John Greene, son and executor of William Greene of Child Compton, yeoman; Edward Perry of the same, yeoman; Edward Hill of the same, gent; Henry Buck of the same; John Bayly of the same, clothworker; Anne Kelson of the same, widow; Ellianor Spurlock of the same, widow; John Spurlocke of the same, yeoman; Grace Woolford, executrix of Henry Woolford, yeoman; Rose Huish, spinster; Ladwine Goodwine, yeoman; Lettice Warrett, widow; Robert Sparke, carrier; Richard Smith, blacksmith & Alice his wife; William Butcher, clothier; Phillipp Ames; and John Sperring, yeoman; Richard Smith, yeoman; Thomas Pinckard, miner; Richard Cox, husbandman; Thomas Gullock, yeoman; John Gullock, yeoman; Thomas Shute, yeoman & Mary his wife; Thomas Redly, husbandman; Roger Tegg, yeoman; James Edwards, husbandman; Robert Magges; and Stephen Biggs, yeomen; Christopher Luffe, husbandman; and John Robbins, coal miner, all tenants and purchasers of meane estates of several messuages, tenements and hereditaments of William Stocker, esq of Child Compton, deceased, for themselves and other like tenants and purchasers v. Anthony Stocker the younger; John Harrington; and John Buckland, esqs C78/996, no. 2 [26]
1673 10 Feb 25 Thomas Cadye and Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Milward. Mortgage of tithes in Aldermarston, Worcs. C78/706, no. 2 [27]
1673 10 Feb 25 Richard Fawkes v George Hurdman. Interests in lands in Kempsey, Worcs. C78/733, no. 15 [28]
1673 10 Feb 25 Dorothy Bowyer an infant by Thomas Bowyer her uncle v Tymothy Eage and William Parker Portion payable from trust of unspecified lands in Staffs C78/742, no. 7 [29]
1673 12 Feb 25 Elizabeth Allen widow and William Allen executors of Thomas Allen v. Abiah Tirrold; Richard Blake; and Richard Lewenden C78/2025, no. 2 [30]
1673 13 Feb 25 Morris Shipton v. John Smith and John Barber C79/170, no. [31]
1673 17 Feb 25 Henry Frances and William Brookes churchwardens of the parish of Westham, Essex and Edward Edwards; John Mould and Joshua Cobham overseers of the poor of the said parish v Valentyne Austen; Peter Blower; and Robert Mortimer Non-payment of bequest to poor of the parish from profits of houses in Church Street, West Ham, Essex C78/719, no. 4 [32]
1673 17 Feb 25 Richard Wilward of Hamersmith, Middx, barber surgeon, son of Thomas Milward decd; Elizabeth Milward, spinster, daughter of the said Thomas Milward; Anthony Lovelace and Collubery his wife one of the daughters of the said Thomas Milward v Thomas Loveday and Sir John Browne Annuities from trust settlement of the rectory of Caversham, Oxon C78/719, no. 5A [33]
1673 20 Feb 25 Walter Lloyd and Bridgett his wife v Owen Brigstock and Elizabeth his wife; William Powell an infant Marriage settlement of lands in Llanbither and other lands in Cardigans and Carmarthens C78/729, no. 3 [34]
1673 20 Feb 25 Mark Newman of Hemingford Grey, Hunts, gentleman, lord of the manor of Hemingford Grey; Thomas Parnell; Anne Newman, widow; William Russell; Mary Lacke; John Parnell; John Kirke; Elizabeth Newman, widow; Robert Ingram; Christopher Earle; Thomas Clarke, gentleman; John Bedford, gentleman; Sir John Bernard baronet; Nicholas Mynnes; Henry Overall; Thomas Newman; John Grey; Richard Hamey alias Mustard; Edward Paine, gentleman; ____ Heycock, gentleman; John Lindsey; Robert Walpoole; Roger Pecke; Richard Rignell; John Martine; William Martine; Edward Lindsey; Gabriel Porter; Robert Butler; George Gamon; Thomas Butler; Robert Ivatt the elder; Robert Ivatt the younger; James Havering; Thomas Ibbot; Bartholomew Ibbott; Thomas Rignell; Thomas Maylin; Thomas Marriott; John cooper; William Barbar; John Barbar; John Grange; Alice Butler, widow; Thomazine Ibbot, widow; Jane Key, widow; Thomas Lacke; Thomas Dennis; Robert Caverly; Thomas Sandiner; William Martin; Richard Willon; Thomas Newat; John Ashton; Edward Morgan; William Symmell; James Yeate & Alice his wife; John Atley & Elizabeth his wife; Hugh Harney & Joane his wife; John Bond & Judith his wife; John Trice, esq; Jane Browne, widow; Dorothy Bragg, widow; Elizabeth Raven, widow; Thomas Currell & Margaret his wife; Ellen Pope, widow; Mary Kinge, widow; and Martha Barringe, widow v. Benjamin, lord bishop of Ely and Griffith Lloyd esq C78/2027, no. 15 [35]
1673 20 Feb 25 George Knight, gent; Robert Knight, clerk; Isaack Knight, gent; Christopher Palmer, gent & Dorothy his wife; Perces Knight; and Jane Knight, spinsters, the said George, Robert, and Isaack being the sons and the said Dorothy, Perces, and Jane being the daughters of Isaack Knight late of Louth, Lincs, esq v. Paul Glisson, clerk; Michael Clipsham; and William Knight, gent C78/848, no. 3 [36]
1673 20 Feb 25 Humphry Wilks & Bray his wife, administratrix de bonis non of Edward Cadwell; Elizabeth Cadwell, infant by said Humphrey Wilkes; Rebecca Cadwell, infant by Sarah Cadwell, widow, her mother v. Mary Hudson, widow, executrix of Thomas Hudson C78/863, no. 2 [37]
1673 21 Feb 25 Christopher and Thomas Marden two of the sons of Thomas Marden decd v George Shepheard; John Harvey; John Marden; Peter Marden; and Sarah Marden Legacies from personal estate by will of Thomas Marden. C78/719, no. 5B [38]
1673 21 Feb 25 Isaac Lord Bishop of Soder and Man, since translated Bishop of Saint Asaph, Phillip Barrow of Chatham, Kent v Roger Lukin Estate of Walter Clopton of Eaton, Buckinghamshire. Money entrusted to Sir William Russell - properties at Wingham and Preston next Wingham, Kent C78/785, no. 3 [39]
1673 21 Feb 25 Arthur Bickerton gentleman v. David Morris, esq C78/2022, no. 8 [40]
1673 21 Feb 25 Arthur Bickerton gentleman v. David Morris esq C78/2022, no. 11 [41]
1673 22 Feb 25 Sir John and Richard Williams v Edward Stephens Improvements to mortgaged premises of a messuage called "Tyringhams House" in High Street, Leicester C78/743, no. 8 [42]
1673 22 Feb 25 George Kirkham, John Kirkham, Elizabeth Kirkham, Jane Kirkham, and Dorothy Kirkham children of William Kirkham late of Pinhoe, Devon decd; and Anne Chichester an infant, grandchild to the said William Kirkham by the said George Kirkham her uncle v Mary Kirkham the relict and executrix of the said William Kirkham and John Row, John Southcott and John Chichester the trustees and overseers of the will of the said William; and Francis Kirkham his son & heir Trust settlement of the manors of Boaston and Ringmow and lands in Bointon, Marledon, Ipplepon, Salcombe, Sidmouth and Shagbrooke, Devon C78/1219, no. 6 [43]
1673 22 Feb 25 Martyn Fenwicke, esq v. Thomas Fenwicke; and Jane Denyson his daughter Payment of a bond about 17 years ago for 20 sheep sold by the deft to Henry Fenwicke, gent, which not being cancelled, the complt was now being pursued for at Newcastle Assizes. C78/848, no. 15 [44]
1673 22 Feb 25 George Reve, knight and baronet v. Charles Yaylee, esq C78/1243, no. 1 [45]
1673 24 Feb 25 William Harvey, & Fortune, his wife, relict and executrix of her late husband; William Boulton, gent v Richard Atkinson; and William Benson C78/1591, no. 6 [46]
1673 25 Feb. 25 Richard Beckford citizen and clothworker of London v Sir Dennis Gawden Mortgage of manor of Yate, Gloucs C78/3, no. 3 [47]
1673 25 Feb 25 Ann Heming of Droitwich, Worcs, widow v. William Bell the younger, gentleman C78/2028, no. 2 [48]
1673 25 Feb 25 William Marston gentleman v. John Ekins, gentleman C78/2019, no. 1 [49]
1673 25 Feb 25 William Marston gentleman v. John Ekins gentleman C78/2019, no. 3 [50]
1673 25 Feb 25 John Wilson of London, vintner v. John Wharton of Norwich, surgeon; and Henry Greenwood of Norwich, hosier C78/1913, no. 16 [51]
1673 27 Feb 25 Elizabeth White by Griffith Dawes esq her guardian v. Thomas White gentleman and others (sic) C78/2069, no. 21 [52]
1673 27 Feb 25 Thomas Flood v. Dorcas Birkhead administratrix of Thomas Birkhead her late husband and John Biggs C79/19, no. [53]
1673 27 Feb 25 John Rogers v. Richard Dornier C78/1243, no. 4 [54]
1673 27 Feb 25 Sir Phillipp Parker of Wenham, Suff, knight; and Henry Parker of East Bergholt, Suff, esq, executors of Dame Mary Saltonstall, widow, who was the relict of Sir Richard Saltonstall v. Richard Serieant, of Dinton, Bucks, esq & Jane his wife; William Harrington, doctor in the civil law; Simon Mayne, gent; Elizabeth Browne; and John Thompson C78/1264, no. 10 [55]
1673 28 Feb. 25 Thomas Collett citizen and cooper of London v William Dobson and Katherine his wife late Katherine Warner; and Benjamin Crosley an infant by Moyes Edwards his guardian assigned by this court Mortgage of lands in Bermondsey, Surrey. C78/730, no. 3 [56]
1673 28 Feb 25 Thomas Foster (about 17 years old) and John Foster (about 10 years old) sons of John Foster late of Bocking, Essex, being infants C79/19, no. [57]
1673 March 25 Atkins Moore child of Humphrey Moore and Jane his late wife v William Castell. Administration of will of John Atkins, great grandfather of the complt C78/733, no. 14 [58]
1673 1 March 25 Owen Feltham of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; John Lurkin of Hunston, Suff, gentleman; Edward Beckham of Guyton Thorpe, Norf, bachelor in divinity; William Cary of Halseworth, Suff, gentleman; John Mantle of Warham, Norf, gentleman; Joane Rawlins of Norwich, widow; Alice Sporne of Wells, Norf, widow; Mary Ford of London, widow executrix of Richard Ford late of Islington, Middx, gentleman; Robert Sbye of Sculthorpe, Norf, yeoman; Thomas Crosse of Runcton Holme, Norf, yeoman creditors of Robert Feltham late of Sculthorpe, gentleman v. Christian Feltham, widow relict and executrix of Robert Feltham and Robert an infant the grandson and heir at law of the said Robert Feltham C78/1941, no. 5 [59]
1673 3 March 25 John Wise and Henry Avery v Hugh Bethell Mortgage in trust of lands in East and West Theddlethorpe, Lincs C78/718, no. 7 [60]
1673 3 March 25 Ranald Grahme, esq v. Sir William Bowyer, knight and baronet; and Sir Roger Hill, knight C78/1591, no. 7 [61]
1673 3 March 25 Robert Clynton, esq, administrator of Joyce Clynton, his late wife v. James Young C78/1590, no. 20 [62]
1673 5 Mar. 25 William Millett of London v John Percivall and Elizabeth his wife; Sir Thomas Style; and John Knatchbull Trust of the manor of Farthingloe and rectory of Hugham or Huffam, Kent. C78/1228, no. 8 [63]
1673 5 Mar 25 John Honor of Hadley, Middx v. Robert Bryan Mortgage by the deft of 2 tenements or burgages in Marlbrough, Wilts. C78/1416, no. 3 [64]
1673 7 April 25 Thomas Midleton, citizen and haberdasher of London; Thomas Midleton, the only child of said Thomas Midleton, an infant, by said Elizabeth Midleton his mother v. Samuel Sheafy; and William Bowler C78/953, no. 5 [65]
1673 7 April 25 William Loveday; Robert Butler; John Deighton; John Warman; Thomas Arden; William Smith, administrator of Thomas Dixon; Phillipp Liddiard; James Harward; Mary Strainge; William Jefferyes; John Kinge; and Thomas Symonds v. Henry Fisher; John Fisher; Jane Fisher; William Langton; Edward Keate; Richard Morse; Sir John Lewis; William Sadler; John Draper; henry Alworth; Francis Doncaster; and Nicholas Webb C78/1044, no. 5 [66]
1673 8 April 25 The Company for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America v. Timothy Littleton serjeant at law now Sir Timothy Littleton knight executor of John Littleton who was brother and executor of William Littleton; and Edward littleton C79/30, no. [67]
1673 11 April 25 George Lee; and William Nevett v. Isaack Barton; John Harris; and Thomas Shamant C78/854, no. 6 [68]
1673 19 April 25 Paul and Debora Handcocks v Herbert Handcocks and Edward Filley Testamentary trust by will of George Handcocks of messuage in Bishops Stanford, Heref C78/733, no. 16 [69]
1673 19 April 25 William Paul of Newington Green, Middx, knight v. Theobald Hothersall; William Avery & Elizabeth his wife; and John Nicholls C78/1166, no. 9 [70]
1673 23 April 25 George Tyte, mariner, and Elizabeth his wife late wife and administratrix of William Wrenman decd and surviving daughter of Joane Land, widow decd v Thomas Raper and Elizabeth his wife Lease of lands near Shoreditch, Stepney, Middx. C78/725, no. 5 [71]
1673 23 April 25 Richard Gough of Medwald, Radnor, gentleman and Roger Gough his son v. Edward Vaughan; Mary Vaughan; John Owens; John Vaughan; and Dudley Wynne C78/2069, no. 20 [72]
1673 23 April 25 Sir Robert Hildyard, baronet, alias knight and baronet, & Dame Jane his wife, the relict of John Lister, esq v. Robert Southeby, & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of the said John Lister; John Lister, son and heir and executor of said John Lister; William Lister, esq; and Jane Lister, executors of Hugh Lister, esq, which said William and Hugh were executors of the said John Lister during the minority of his said son the defendant John Lister; Leonard Richardson; and Samuel Walker C78/1591, no. 11 [73]
1673 24 April 25 John Crispe and Thomas Crispe, esqs, the surviving executors of Sir Nicholas Crispe, knight and baronet v. Mathew Bluck, esq, one of the Six Clerks of the same court, administrator of William Bluck his father and assign of William Bluck, esq, his brother C78/1600, no. 12 [74]
1673 25 April 25 Robert Mason v William Terry and Richard Yalden Mortgage of Cornmill and lands in Farneham, Surrey. C78/730, no. 2 [75]
1673 25 April 25 Sir Robert Hildyard, baronet, alias knight and baronet, & Dame Jane his wife, the relict of John Lister, esq v. Robert Sowtheby, & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of said John Lister; John Lister, son and heir; William Lister, esq; and Jane Lister, executors of Hugh Lister, esq, which said William and Hugh were executors of said John Lister during the minority of his said son the defendant; john Lister; Leonard Richardson; and Samuel Walker C78/1600, no. 9 [76]
1673 26 April 25 Richard Lloyd, citizen and mercer of London v William Shute the elder and William Shute the younger, his son Bonds in connection with promise to levy a fine on lands in Over Segrey, Wilts. C78/725, no. 4 [77]
1673 26 April 25 Sir James Edwards, knight; Robert Biddolph; Richard Wynn; Sir Richard Chiverton, knight; Henry Norton; Josyah Evrall; Jeremiah Freeman; James Pickering; Leon Robinson; John Pellicorne; ____ Pellicorne; Wigford Trason; Abraham Delaraigne; James Spencer; Mary Spencer; German Price; and Mary Spencer, widow v. Edward Woodward C78/1231, no.11 [78]
1673 28 April 25 Richard and Edward Spranger v Richard Spranger. Legacies payable from lands in Northweald, Bassett, Essex C78/727, no. 12 [79]
1673 29 April 25 Fabian Phillipps, esq, & Margaret his wife; and Dorothy Moyle, relict and administratrix of John Moyle esq v. Sir Christopher Clapham, knight, & Dame Margaret his wife, executrix of Robert Moyle, esq C78/1600, no. 10 [80]
1673 1 May 25 John West esq & Mary his wife v. John Pleydall the elder gentleman & his wife; John Pleydall the younger; and Christopher Wood C78/2019, no. 2 [81]
1673 5 May 25 Humphry Walrond son and heir of Thomas Walrond v. John Mogford and William Mogford C79/19, no. [82]
1673 5 May 25 James Marwood, gent & Grace his wife v. Margaret Seamour, widow: Henry Seamour; and Elianor Lethbridge, widow C78/859, no. 2 [83]
1673 5 May 25 John Metford, an infant, by Christopher Wilkinson, gent, his guardian v. Edmond Squibb, esq C78/1266, no. 3 [84]
1673 6 May 25 John Wentworth, esq v. Robert Wood; Francis Moore; George Bramhall; Robert Arnold; and others (sic) C78/1590, no. 22 [85]
1673 7 May 25 Sir Francis North, Solicitor General and Sir Roger Norwich v Joseph, Lord Bishop of Peterburgh; Sir Heneage Finch, Attorney General; and Richard Cumberland, clerk Bill (20 Feb. last past), reciting agreement for general enclosure of the open fields (Sept 1649), with arrangements made in lieu of tithes and glebe lands to church, later rejected by new incumbent. Brampton, Northamptonshire C78/718, no. 2 [86]
1673 7 May 25 Thomas Batson of London merchant v. Sir Richard Wiseman knight; Mary Wood; Roger Wood; Hercules Comaunder; Tweedy Crowther & Mary his wife; Robert Wood; John Wood; Thomas Wood; Elizabeth Wood; and Anne Wood C79/12, no. [87]
1673 7 May 25 Sir Henry Andrewes of Lathbury, Bucks, baronet v. Edward Hope the elder C78/854, no. 8 [88]
1673 9 May 25 Thomas Allen of St Andrews, Holborne, Middx, gent v. Henry Mellor of Derby, Derbs, esq C78/1729, no. 6 [89]
1673 9 May 25 Edmund Walthew v. Gerard Russell, esq C78/1266, no. 5 [90]
1673 10 May 25 Miles Gurnell, citizen and armourer of London, and Bridgett his wife, sister and heir of Francis Cory her late brother decd and administratrix of the said Francis v Sir Justinian Lewyn Redemption of mortgaged lands in Earsham, Norfolk C78/725, no. 7 [91]
1673 10 May 25 William Pryor of Tuddington, Beds, gent; Francis Winton of Leighton Beane and Desert, Beds, gent; and Richard Doggett of said Leighton, gent v. William Pawlett, esq & Deborah his wife C78/1198, no. 6 [92]
1673 13 May 25 Peter Humphreys v Henry Lloyd; Edward Humphreyes and Ellen his wife Possession of mortgaged messuages and lands in Rhydorthwy, Flints C78/733, no. 17 [93]
1673 13 May 25 John Cartwright v. Eliza Griffith and John Mayne C78/2019, no. 4 [94]
1673 15 May 25 John Pulford, esq v. William Briggs the elder; William Briggs the younger; and John Fotherley, esq Dispute over a messuage at Scotts Bridge, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. C78/895, no. 7 [95]
1673 16 May 25 Thomas Sherwall v Robert Starr Debts and accounts of merchandize C78/725, no. 2 [96]
1673 16 May 25 Nicholas Warren v. Ambrose Mudd; and John Boughton C78/858, no. 2 [97]
1673 26 May 25 Thomas Owen, executor of Phillipp Lupo decd, cousin & heir of Katherine Moorecroft also decd v Mary Lupo, widow and Thomas Chappell Title to lands in East Smithfield, Middx and Old Fish Street, London C78/727, no. 11 [98]
1673 27 May 25 Thomas Povey, esq; and Sarah Povey, spinster v. John Wynn, knight C78/1592, no. 5 [99]
1673 28 May 25 Sir Thomas Gore of Barrow, Somerset v John Walker; Charles Steward and William Walker Settlement of manor of Charterhouse, Heyden, Somerset and the offices of Usher of the Exchequer and Usher and Proclamators in Common Pleas and of Marshalls, Ushers and Barriers in every Eyre and Sessions before Justices in Eyre in every county C78/733, no. 10 [100]
1673 (bill) Trinity Term 25 John Finch, gent v.___ C78/862, no. 1 [101]
1673 2 June 25 William Bell & Mary his wife v. Anne Heming, widow C78/2028, no. 4 [102]
1673 2 June 25 Anne Heming, widow v. William Bell the elder and William Bell the younger; and Samuel Hunt C78/2028, no. 3 [103]
1673 2 June 25 Robert Berry of Guildford, Surrey, mealman v. Mary Burges, sister and heir at law of John Terrey and also his administratrix; William Burgesse, son and heir of said Mary; and John Mill C78/879, no. 7 [104]
1673 4 June 25 Edward Badby; and Thomas Leigh, an infant, by said Edward Badby, his guardian v. Sir Francis Leigh, knight; and John Barton, Serjeant at Law C78/1243, no. 2 [105]
1673 6 June 25 Jonathan Styles, Constable of the town of Loddington, Northants; Thomas Willis, John Smith, Churchwardens; and John Clerke, overseer for the poor for all inhabitants of Loddington, Northants v Elizabeth Goodyeare, the widow and relict of Henry Goodyeare her late husband, and John Goodyeare, son & heir of the said Henry Goodyeare Arrears of rent from Cransley Mills, Cransley, Northants. C78/1228, no. 5 [106]
1673 9 June 25 William Richards v Edward Backwell. Debts. C78/1000, no. 12 [107]
1673 9 June 25 John Wollett alias Willett gentleman v. John Robertes esq C78/1930, no. 18 [108]
1673 10 June 25 Sir William Drake of Shardeloes [in Amersham par.], Bucks, knight, only son of Francis Drake, esq, brother of Sir William Drake of Shardeloes, knight and baronet, uncle to the plaintiff, by Dorothy his wife v. James Ravenscroft, esq; Harman Attwood; James Perrott, gent; Thomas Sparke; William Longueville; Francis Drake, esq; John Drake, an infant; and Sir Francis Drake, knight C78/1264, no. 8 [109]
1673 12 June 25 Nicholas Strode knight one of the examiners of this court and Sir Thomas Seyliard of Eatonbridge, Kent, baronet v. Robert Seyliard; Thomas King; Henry Stanford; Edmond King; Thomas Holenden; John Stanford;Samuel Sleeth; Richard Nightingale; Robert Leigh; and Gilbert Spencer C78/1930, no. 1 [110]
1673 12 June 25 Bryan, lord viscount Cullen, Ireland; Thomas, lord viscount Fanshaw of Donamore, Ireland; Sir Ralph Banckes, knight; James Pitt, esq, son and heir of Edward Pitt, esq; Charles Cornewallis, esq; William Heviningham & The Lady Heveningham his wife v. Thomas, lord Richardson; Mondeford Spillman; John Randall; Sir George Wakeman; Dame Jane his wife; Henry Haveningham; Arthur Haveningham; Elizabeth Haveningham; Lewis Grabu & Bridget his wife; Maurice Kendall; and Jane Haveningham C78/1243, no. 3 [111]
1673 13 June 25 Arthur Fry v Richard Polkingthorne and others (not named) Cancellation of honoured bonds C78/725, no. 6 [112]
1673 13 June 25 Lodowick Bray, esq, administrator of Bridgit Bray his mother v. Sir Henry Andrewes, baronet; William Browlowe, esq; George Mountague; and George Papillion, esqs C78/1591, no. 10 [113]
1673 13 June 25 Jeremiah Dove, esq; Richard Dyett, esq & Anne his wife, lately Anne Greene; Thomas Scott, gen & Mary his wife lately Mary Green; and Richard Verney, esq v. Myles Fleetwood, esq & Dame Barbara St John his wife; Sir St Andrew St John baronet; Sir Thomas Alston, knight and baronet; Sir John Robinson, knight and baronet; Henry Greene; and William Greene gents C78/1032, no. 1 [114]
1673 14 June 25 John Dove and Elizabeth Dove, infants by Henry Dove their father v Jeremiah Dove and Mary Downhall Legacies from personal estate of William Downhall C78/727, no. 1 [115]
1673 14 June 25 Henry Roker the elder and Francis Paine, churchwardens of Witley, Surrey; John Chitty, Richard Bexall, overseers; Charles Osborne & Edward Batchelor, churchwardens of Thursley; George Matchwick & James Collins, overseers; John Bickley, clerk, vicar of Witley; Stephen Humfrey; John Paine; Henry Roker jun; John Barrett; William Lunn; & Richard ede 6 of the inhabitants of Witley v Joan Smith, widow; Andrew Meale; Richard Smith executors of Anthony Smith decd; Arthur Onslow & Richard Cooper, overseers of the will of the said Anthony Smith Legacy of £200 to purchase lands to use of poor of Witley and Thursley, Surrey C78/790, no. 18 [116]
1673 14 June 25 Stephen Frye v Peter Hull alias Hall; William Seager alias Segar and Anne his wife Sale of copyhold estate in Morton, Dorset C78/900, no. 3 [117]
1673 16 June 25 Elizabeth Berrenger , spinster, daughter of Richard Berrenger late of Iver, Bucks v Thomas Berrenger son & heir of the said Richard Berrenger Portion and maintenance, payable by will of Richard Berrenger, from Milldridge farm, Bucks C78/1228, no. 4 [118]
1673 16 June 25 Thomas Knowsley v. Hugh Roberts & Anne his wife executrix of Edward Gethin C79/170, no. [119]
1673 16 June 25 William Mountague of the Middle Temple, London, esq; William Brent of Grays Inn, Middx, esq; And Thomas Sparke of the Inner Temple, London, gentleman v. Robert Eyre & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Dickins; and John Cole C78/2028, no. 6 [120]
1673 16 June 25 William Quicklove son and heir of William Quicklove late of Whiteleasey, Isle of Ely, Cambs v. Robert Lambe; Richard Reade & Margaret his wife; and Edmund Farrer or Ferrour C78/2028, no. 5 [121]
1673 16 June 25 Dame Susanna Fetiplace of Leachlade, Gloucs, widow, late the wife of Sir John Fetiplace of Swinbrooke, Oxon decd v. Sir Edmond Fetiplace of Swinbrooke; Sir Francis Wenman of Caswell, Oxon Administration of the estate of Sir John Fetiplace who died intestate. Complts jointure. C78/1452, no. 11 [122]
1673 16 June 25 John Gould, esq v. Lyonell Harrison C78/1725, no. 9 [123]
1673 17 June 25 Joseph Glanvill, clerk and Mary his wife; William Stocker; Margaret Stocker; and Katherine Stocker younger children of William Stocker v John Harrington; John Buckland; Maudley Samborne; Henry Bull; amd Anthony Stocker the younger; Jane Rookwood, widow; and Edward Hill Legacies payable from trust of the manors of Child Compton, Henton, Blewett and Avell, Somerset and the Lordship of Corton, Dorset C78/732, no. 15 [124]
1673 17 June 25 Susanna Richard wife and relict of Sir Andrew Richard v. John, lord Berkeley, Baron of Stratton C78/859, no. 4 [125]
1673 17 June 25 Charles Berkeley; John Berkeley; Morrice ______ v. _____ and Anne Berkeley daughter of said John ______ C78/859, no. 5 [126]
1673 17 June 25 The Wardens and Commonalty of the Mystery of Mercers of the City of London v. William Robinson, esq; and Andrew Barker, esq & Elizabeth his wife C78/996, no. 3 [127]
1673 18 June 25 Penelope Warnford, widow, sister and administratrix of Michael Borkley, esq v. Walter Jones, doctor in divinity; and Hannah King; and (added later:) Sir John Robinson, knight and baronet C78/1600, no. 11 [128]
1673 18 June 25 Christopher Layer; and William Layer, esqs; and John Layer; John Peckover; and John Gooth, gent; Mary Wilson, widow; and Jane Chapman, widow, the relict and administrator of Edward Chapman, gent v. Thomas Dockwra, esq; and Katherine Wrenn, widow C78/854, no. 7 [129]
1673 18 June 25 Edward Cox of Bishops Founthill, Wilts, gent v. Anne Cox, daughter and heir of Francis Cox C78/1078, no. 6 [130]
1673 19 June 25 John Singar alias Smith v. Thomas Blake; and Edward Blake C78/1044, no. 7 [131]
1673 20 June 25 Sir Henry Thompson, knight; and James Nelthorpe, esq; and Thomas Bickley; Richard Bickley; Nathaniel Bickley; Elizabeth Bickley; Mary Bickley; Jane Bickley; Amy Bickley; and Charles Bickley, sons and daughters of Sir Francis Bickley, baronet, grandchildren of Sir Francis Bickley, all infants, by Thomas Mann, gent, their cousin v. Sir Francis Bickley, baronet; sir Jonathan Keate, baronet; Francis Bickley, esq; Edmond Page, esq; and Francis Childers, gent C78/895, no. 6 [132]
1673 21 June 25 Marmaduke Darrell, esq, son and heir of Sir Sampson Darrell, who was son and heir of Sir Marmaduke Darrell v. Sir Jeremy Whitchcott, baronet C78/863, no. 11 [133]
1673 23 June 25 Elizabeth Bennett of Albington, Cambs, widow, her mother v. The Right Honorable Henry Coventry, esq; and Andrew Newporte, esq C78/1590, no. 23 [134]
1673 26 June 25 Sir Francis North, Solicitor General v Sir Roger Norwich; Obrian, Lord Viscount Cullen; and Sir William Pargiter Sale of lands in Brampton, Northants, already encumbered. C78/718, no. 1 [135]
1673 26 June 25 Joshua Burton, an infant, by Edmond Lemon v. Robert Hamond; and Giles Hamond C78/1591, no. 12 [136]
1673 27 June 25 Thomas Lawrence an infant by Edmond James v Bernard Pleydell and Anne Lawrence Division of jointly-purchased lands in Cricklade, Cricklade St. Sampsons and Chelworth, Wilts C78/715, no. 11 [137]
1673 27 June 25 Elizabeth Benson and Grace Benson the daughters and coheirs of John Benson decd, coheirs and heirs of Robert Benson also decd v John Dawson, son heir and executor of John Dawson decd Case arising from the activities of the Duke of Newcastle at the house of Robert Benson of Leeds. Dispute over quantities of cloth C78/875, no. 6 [138]
1673 27 June 25 The Master, Fellows, and Scholars of the College of the lady Francis Sidney Sussex in the University of Cambridge v. Sir John Bolls baronet; John Hatcher; George Pelham; and others (sic) C79/19, no. [139]
1673 27 June 25 Michael Butterfield v. Michael Fryer, executor of George Fryer C78/854, no. 5 [140]
1673 27 June 25 Jane Hill, widow and relict of Henry Hill, clerk v. John Hill, gent C78/1267, no. 1 [141]
1673 30 June 25 James Nelthorpe, Thomas Bickley, Richard Bickley, Thomas Mann and others v Sir Francis Bickley, Sir Jonathan Keate, Edmond Keate, Francis Childers and Edmond Page Estate of Sir Francis Bickley, deceased. Manor of North Wheatley, Nottinghamshire, and other properties. C78/895, no. 6 [142]
1673 30 June 25 Alice Lewis widow v. Thomas Turner and Theodore Lewis gentlemen C79/170, no. [143]
1673 30 June 25 Francis Manning of the Middle Temple, London, gentleman v. James, earl of Salisbury; John Gibbs; and Charles Arthur C79/12, no. [144]
1673 2 July 25 John Adams & Margaret his wife v. Andrew Newport and James Halsall esq C78/2022, no. 6 [145]
1673 2 July 25 Thomas Brandon gentleman v. Christopher Hobart, gentleman C78/2022, no. 9 [146]
1673 2 July 25 Samuel Walker & Anne his wife; and William Walker their son, an infant, by said Samuel Walker his father and guardian; and William Woolfrey; Mary Woolfrey; and John Woolfrey, children of William Woolfrey, mariner, all infants, by said William Woolfrey their father and guardian v. Jonathan Palmer; Edmond Thorne & Elizabeth his wife; and Parnell Moore C78/1044, no. 6 [147]
1673 3 July 25 John Farvaws, son and administrator of Daniell Farvaws of London, merchant v. Peire Williams, executor of Robert Hooper during the minority of Robert Hooper an infant; and Anthony Watlinger C78/996, no. 1 [148]
1673 4 July 25 William Spencer, esq, & Elizabeth his wife, daughter and only child of the late Lady Elizabeth Gerrard, by Dutton, lord Gerrard, which said Lady Gerrard was one of the daughters and coheirs of Henry, late earl of Thomond, Ireland v. Charles, duke of Richmond; and Lenox Henry now earl of Thomond; Henry, lord O'Brian his son; Lady Katherine his wife; Mary, countess dowager of Thomond and ___ FitzHarries C78/1590, no. 21 [149]
1673 4 July 25 Margery Wrightington, widow, administratrix of Percivall Lindley v. Elizabeth Lindley, executrix of Thomas Lindley, gent C78/867, no. 3 [150]
1673 5 July 25 Francis Vannacker and Cornelia his wife; and Samuel Devisscher and Abraham Devisscher and William Beeve infants by the said Samuel v Francis Tyson and Isaack [?Vinck?] Trust of tenements and ground called "Coldharbor"or "Coldherborowe' in Thames Street, Little All Hallowes, London C78/743, no. 5 [151]
1673 5 July 25 George, duke of Buckingham; John Goodchild; and Richard Campion of Westminster, carpenters v. Anthony, earl of Shaftesbury, Lord High Chancellor of England; Christopher, duke of Albemarle, earl of Torington, baron Moncke of Potheridge Beauchampe and Teys and Knight of the Garter; Sir Thomas Osborne, knight and baronet now viscount Osborne, Lord High Treasurer of England; Sir Robert Moray, knight; John Morris, esq; John Tillotson, doctor of divinity, dean of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury; William Waterson; and Phillipp Marsh, gent; Jane Sheffield, Lord Rockingham; Sir Richard Chiverton, knight; William Megg, esq; William Legg, gent; Masters ___ Washington; James Clitherowe; and John Clitherowe, gents; Sir Robert Gayer, knight; Thomas Cole, gen; The Lady Sheffield; Mathew Johnson; and Michael Brighurse, gens; ___ his wife; ___ Avery, gent; Colonel ___ Titus; ___ Bruncker, esq & ___ his wife; and Nicholas Vanacre, merchant. C78/852, no. 2 [152]
1673 5 July 25 John Longe, gent, executor of William Longe, esq v. Christopher Clarke the elder, merchant C78/859, no. 3 [153]
1673 5 July 25 Edward Brabazon, esq, second son of Edward, earl of Meath, Ireland & Cecilia his wife v. Francis Lawley, baronet; and William Herbert, executor of Sir Henry Herbert, knight C78/1198, no. 7 [154]
1673 7 July 25 Anne Secker, widow v Sir William Ellis; John Thornton; George Thornton; Ciprian Thornton; and William Bury Trust settlement of the manor of Digby and lands in Bloxholm, Fursney [?Fulney], Friskney and Kirton-in-Holland, Lincs. C78/713, no. 5 [155]
1673 7 July 25 Gascoigne v. Sturt C78/1928, no. 6 [156]
1673 7 July 25 Sarah Naylor v William Ayloffe Mortgage of lands in Barnestaple, Devon C78/721, no. 1 [157]
1673 7 July 25 John Young v John Raynes Mortgage of lands in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey C78/728, no. 4 [158]
1673 7 July 25 Sir Lodowick Dyer v William Geery; Sir Thomas Geery; Richard Newdigate, serjeant at law; Robert Leigh; and George Parker Profits of trust of unspecified lands. C78/732, no. 16 [159]
1673 7 July 25 William Bowyer (an infant by Thomas Bowyer his uncle) and Anne his wife v George Bird and George Eaton Legacy payable by will of Richard Dale C78/742, no. 8 [160]
1673 7 July 25 John Pyne the elder v John Pyne the younger; John Baker; John Stuit; and Thomas Colebert Marriage settlement of lands in Marriot and Crewkerne, Somerset and Little Windson, Dorset C78/900, no. 6 [161]
1673 7 July 25 William Smith v. John Tebb C78/1591, no. 9 [162]
1673 7 July 25 William Nicholson v. Thomas Barrett; Joseph Yates, & Grace his wife C78/1591, no. 8 [163]
1673 7 July 25 Richard Beel, executor of Margery Rowe v. William Evans C78/1231, no. 10 [164]
1673 9 July 25 Henry Alexander, Earl of Sterling in the kingdom of Scotland; Sir Robert Croke and Dame Susan his wife; Henry Zinzan als Alexander and Jacoba his wife; the said Dame Susan Croke and Jacoba Zinzan als Alexander and Mary Alexander Countess of Sterling being the sole daughters and heirs of Sir Peter Vanlore the younger, only son and heir of Sir Peter Vanlore the elder decd v Thomas Levington and Anne his wife; Abraham Vandebende; Thomas Glemham; Sir Richard Anderson; John Vandebende; Thomas Cressey; Thomas Perkins and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Marriott; Joell Stephens; Alexander Blagrave; Walter Knight since decd; John Hatcher; James Masters; Dame Frances Glemham; Sir William Hinson als Powell; Jacob Lucy and Thomas Boylston since decd Interests in trust settlement of lands in East Compton, West Compton, Tilehurst, Speenham and Tidmarch, Berks, Tunbridge and Hadlow, Kent, Bodnecke and Steeple, Essex, Weston, Somerset and other lands in Radnor, Middx, Devon and London. C78/727, no. 13 [165]
1673 9 July 25 Edmond Dixon v Richard Read and Richard Thrall Bonds re interests in houses in Old Fish Street, London. C78/732, no. 12 [166]
1673 9 July 25 William Williams, gent v. Elizabeth, countess dowager of Arrundell & Surrey C78/852, no. 3 [167]
1673 (bill) Michaelmas Term 25 Robert, earl of Lindsey & Elizabeth, countess of Lindsey his wife late lady Elizabeth Lee; Sir Walter St John baronet; Sir Thomas Peniston baronet; Sir Ralph Vermy, knight and baronet; Sir Richard Howe knight and baronet trustees of the said Elizabeth, countess of Lindsey; William Soame, esq and the lady Beata his wife; Sir Francis North knight Attorney General, the said ladies Beata, Frances, and Frances were the daughters and coheirs of the late Right Honorable Thomas Pope of Wroxton knight and baronet earl of Downe, Ireland; and John North and Mathew Johnson esqs v. George Chamberlaine esq; John Cary; and Ambrose Holbech gentlemen C78/1928, no. 13 [168]
1673 (bill) Michaelmas Term 25 Sarah Knightley the widow and relict of Essex Knightley late of Fawseley, Northants, esq and Davereux Knightely of Fawseley, esq v. John, lord Crewe; Sir Edward Harley, knight of the Bath; Richard Hampden; John Swinfer; Raphael Humfrey esqs; and Humfrey Vernon clerk; Richard Butler; William Jolliff; Joseph Aris; and Hugh Mason C78/1928, no. 12 [169]
1673 29 Sept 25 Charles Wheeler, esq, son and heir of Penelope Wheeler his late mother v. Martha May, widow; Thomas May; and Edward May C78/1280, no. 3 [170]
1673 8 Oct 25 Richard Castell & his wife; William and Henry Arkill v. Anthonie Arnold, gent; Thomas Walgrove; John Charles; and Thomas Brandish C78/891, no. 14 [171]
1673 16 Oct 25 Sir Phillip Howard knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife the relict and executrix of of Sir John Baker late of Sillinghurst, Kent, baronet, son and heir of Sir John Baker his father lately deceased; and Phillip Howard esq an infant son and heir apparent of said Sir Phillip Howard and the said Elizabeth his wife v. Sir William Hookey knight; John Middleton; Robert Greenewell; Nathaniel Powle; Thomas Fludd; Alabaster Fludd; Richard Kilburne; Richard Newton; Robert Thorold; James Debutt; Robert Newton; Elizabeth, Mary Anne, and Katherine Baker daughters of the said Sir John Baker by said complainant Elizabeth and all infants C78/2019, no. 6 [172]
1673 17 Oct. 25 Somersett Fox administrator of Anna Fox, widow decd v Jane Done. Debts. C78/1000, no. 14 [173]
1673 28 Oct 25 Richard Tilsley of London draper v. Daniel Jevon C79/12, no. [174]
1673 31 Oct. 25 John Vanburgh the elder v Edward Harrington; Thomas Langford and Sarah his wife Debts and bonds C78/1000, no. 6 [175]
1673 5 Nov 25 Thomas Gibson v Thomas Lewes Debts in connection with purchase of manor of West Wickham [West Wycombe], Bucks. C78/1000, no. 11 [176]
1673 6 Nov. 25 Elizabeth Wentworth of London, widow & relict of Roger Wentworth late of Bocking, Essex v William Barker; William Williams; Thomas Pearle; and Thomas Wentworth Dower rights in the manor of Bockenhall, Essex. C78/728, no. 5 [177]
1673 7 Nov 25 John Temple v Abraham Clarke; Edmond Colvile; and Thomas Bulfeild Mortgage of lands in Maidstone, Kent C78/723, no. 3 [178]
1673 8 Nov 25 William Goates v. Thomas Goates his brother; and others (sic) C78/876, no. 1 [179]
1673 8 Nov 25 William Devon & Margaret his wife v. Samuel Younge; and Thomas North C78/1231, no. 9 [180]
1673 10 Nov 25 William Cambridge of Yate, Gloucs; Sir Harbotell Grimston; Sir William Child v Ralph Cooper; Henry Symes; and Susan Symes Recognizances on mortgage of messuage and lands in Yate, Gloucs C78/733, no. 11 [181]
1673 10 Nov 25 John Lloyd; Francis Gillowe; John Jeffs; Thomas Worthington and Jane his wife v Henry Arthington; Christopher Towneley; William Claxton; Thomas Tempest and his wife Mortgage of Waterton Hall in Waterton [in Luddington par.], Lincs. C78/733, no. 13 [182]
1673 12 Nov 25 Isaack Lloyd & Elizabeth his wife, late relict of Maurice Cannon, esq v. Henry Lloyd & Rachel his wife, relict of _____ C78/993, no. 19 [183]
1673 14 Nov 25 Thomas Thorne of Fulham, Middx, gent v. Richard Newman & Margaret his wife lately the wife of Thomas Baker, esq, deceased and daughter of Nicholas Burnell also deceased; ___ Burnell; Thomas Lewis; and Bartholomew Pickering C78/1154, no. 10 [184]
1673 14 Nov 25 Mary Scutt of Westminster, widow v. Job Williams; Susan Holman, widow; and Richard Fishborne C78/1154, no. 12 [185]
1673 15 Nov 25 Heneage Finch, knight and baronet, now lord keeper of the great seal of England and then his Majesty's Attorney General; and Daniel Finch, esq v. Nicholas Toke, esq C78/1599, no. 12 [186]
1673 15 Nov 25 John Nicholles of Finchley, Middx, yeoman & Joan his wife v. John Pawlett, gent; and Thoma Francklyn C78/854, no. 2 [187]
1673 15 Nov 25 Thomas Vane, esq v. Sir Thomas Twisden, knight and baronet, JKB; and Dame Frances Vane, widow C78/854, no. 4 [188]
1673 17 Nov 25 Henry Literman v John Adryans. Co-partnership in Sugar refinery on the Bankside, London. C78/744, no. 8 [189]
1673 17 Nov 25 Francis Crane of Stoke Parke; William Crane; Francis Crane the younger v. Edward Beedle, esq; and Rebecca Beedle C78/1001, no. 25 [190]
1673 17 Nov 25 John Cotton; and Edward Hill, gent; and Fridiswid Potter, widow v. Thomas Were; and George Palmer, gents; Stephen Warren; and Henry Potter C78/1032, no. 2 [191]
1673 18 Nov 25 Sir Alexander Bence v Nathaniell Micklethwayte; John Miller; Thomas Bell; Thomas Gould; Richard Peirce; John Birch; John Hawes; Richard Alye; John Searle; John Reade; and Henry Wassey Debts in connection with hiring of ship "Concord", for voyage to West Indies C78/1000, no. 8 [192]
1673 19 Nov 25 Sir Thomas Garrard v Thomas Goddard. Lease of lands in Igborough, Norfolk. C78/728, no. 1 [193]
1673 19 Nov 25 Lawrence Alcocke of the City of Westminster, gent, & Penelope his wife, only daughter and heir of John Morgan of Little Paxton, Hunts, gent; and William Hally of Alconbury, Hunts, gent, executor of Lewis Phillipps of Huntington, Hunts, gent; and Lewis Phillipps, nephew of said Lewis Phillipps an infant, by said William Halle his guardian v. John Jackson; and John Cawthorne. C78/854, no. 3 [194]
1673 19 Nov 25 John Smith v. Richard Hynds & his wife; John Hiccox; and John Selvedge C78/1032, no. 5 [195]
1673 21 Nov 25 Mary Penniston and Henry Redrich v James Phillips Interests in a trust settlement of part of the rectory of Perwick or Berwigge [Y Ferwig] , Cardiganshire C78/723, no. 7 [196]
1673 22 Nov 25 John Adye gentleman v. Robert Thodey vintner and William Thodey C78/1912, no. 15 [197]
1673 22 Nov 25 Bridget Clopton; Amy Clopton; Jemimah Clopton; and Anne Clopton, infants, by Bridget Clopton, widow, their mother and guardian v. Elizabeth Barrington, widow, administratrix of John Barrington, esq C781154/, no. 13 [198]
1673 24 Nov 25 John Reeve v Humfrey Pinsent; Ellianor Pinsent and John Washer Mortgage of lands in Chudley, Devon. C78/723, no. 4 [199]
1673 24 Nov 25 John Kestle and Katherine his wife, daughter and executrix of Thomasin Gynn decd v Nicholas Jeffery and Oliver Gynn Profits due from trust settlement of lands in Launceston and St. Stephens, Cornwall C78/723, no. 11 [200]
1673 25 Nov 25 Edward Bedell cousin and heir of John Bedell v Rebecca Bedell, widow relict and administratrix of Gabriell Bedell decd Arrears of rents and profits payable from trust settlement of the manor of Alconbury and Woolley, Hunts, and purchase of lands at Woodrising, Norfolk C78/728, no. 2 [201]
1673 25 Nov 25 Martin Cornish v Sir Sandis Forescue; John Fowell; John Glanvile and John Harris Bonds and debts. C78/728, no. 3 [202]
1673 25 Nov 25 George Pitt esq & Jane lady Chandos his wife v. Edmund Broadway; Richard Hill; Stephen Baldwyn; and Richard Baugh C79/68, no. [203]
1673 24 Nov 25 Mary Cooper, the widow and relict of John Cooper v. Richard Cawte; Mathew Stocke, clerk & Elizabeth his wife; and Arthur Mayne C78/1078, no. 5 [204]
1673 26 Nov 25 Richard Merrett v. Christopher Merrett doctor in phisick; Robert Merrett esq; and Christopher Merrett gentleman C78/1913, no. 17 [205]
1673 26 Nov 25 Thomas Babbington of Temple Rothley, Leics, esq v. John Breton, doctor in divinity, Master of Emanuel College, University of Cambridge; Thomas Breton, citizen and merchant of London; Richard Foley, citizen and grocer of London; and John Foley an infant C78/891, no. 13 [206]
1673 27 Nov 20 John, Lord Lovelace Baron of Hurley; Sir William Walter; and Henry Heylyn v. John Lenthall; Elizabeth Lacy alias Carr alias Wilson, widow; and Rowland Lacy alias Carr alias Wilson her son Title to certain property in a trust settlement of the estate of Rowland Lacy of Pudlicott in the parish of Charlebury, Oxon decd. Manors of Pudlicott, Shipton under Which Wood, Milton Sandbrooke, Milton Spencer and property in Oxon & Gloucs. C78/1452, no. 12 [207]
1673 28 Nov 25 Thomas Mead v. Edmond Parker, esq; and John Edmonds, gent C78/1231, no. 8 [208]
1673 29 Nov 25 Vincent Amcotts, esq v. Robert Story C78/1725, no. 8 [209]
1673 29 Nov 25 Sir Francis Chaplin of London, knight v. Sir John Hamby, knight; and Charles read, esq C78/1154, no. 9 [210]
1673 3 Dec 25 John Cartwright of Aynhoe, Northants, esq v. Eliza Griffith and John Maine, esq C78/2033, no. 15 [211]
1673 3 Dec 25 Richard Nash the elder and Richard Nash the younger an infant by said Richard the elder his guardian v. John Irons esq & Elizabeth his wife C78/2033, no. 16 [212]
1673 3 Dec 25 Daniel Tainturier v. Mathew Bowcheret & Anne his wife; Thomas Cuthbert & Mary his wife; Mary Tainturier; Thomas Chesterman; Robert Butler; and Humfrey Butler C78/1913, no. 18 [213]
1673 3 Dec 25 John Cantrell; Thomas Greene; and John Hope v. Samuel Benskin, gent; John Benskin the elder; and Richard Benskin C78/867, no. 2 [214]
1673 3 Dec 25 Katherine Walton, widow, relict, and administratrix of John Walton, gent v. Thomas Swayne, gent C78/1078, no. 8 [215]
1673 4 Dec 25 Elias Bond esq and Henry Inbber gentleman v. Richard Savage gentleman & Mary his wife daughter and heir of John Selby and late wife of William Bond likewise deceased; John Baskett esq & Mary his wife one of the daughters of the said Mary Savage by the said William Bond; Elias Bond; Anne Bond; Margaret Bond; and Katherine Bond children also of the said William Bond and Mary Savage; Edmund Butler esq; Daniell Dugdale; and Thomas Dugdale C79/170, no. [216]
1673 5 Dec. 25 Agnes Braythwaite v John and Anne Davies Delivery of paid up bonds. C78/1000, no. 13 [217]
1673 8 Dec 25 Benjamin Watts, gent v. Ellin Lodge, since deceased C78/1598, no. 9 [218]
1673 8 Dec 25 Jeremiah Briggs v. Edward Mereweather; and Nathaniel Luddington C78/863, no. 10 [219]
1673 8 Dec 25 Thomas Kendall, esq & Mary his wife, one of the daughters and coheirs of John Hallett, esq v. Mary Hallett, the relict and administratrix with the will annexed of said John Hallett; Joanna Hallett, the other daughter and coheir of said John Hallett; John Lawrence; Richard Shute; and Richard Shute C78/1078, no. 10 [220]
1673 9 Dec 25 William Ward and Humphrey Bowyer v Elizabeth Sumner; Sarah Adams; Deborah Glover; Thomas Davies and Elizabeth his wife; John Loayer; John Walter; Mathew Meriton; Henry Maddison; Guilbert Wharton & his wife Bonds and debts on security of personal estate. C78/1000, no. 9 [221]
1673 12 Dec 25 Thomas Putt baronet executor of William Putt esq his late father v. Christopher Gover C78/1913, no. 19 [222]
1673 12 Dec 25 John Barker v. Henry Brightmer, gent C78/1032, no. 3 [223]
1673 17 Dec 25 Johanna Chanon widow, relict, and administratrix of Richard Chanon gentleman v. Richard Harward C78/1913, no. 20 [224]
1673 17 Dec 25 John Tyas v Elizabeth Talbott and Mary Davies House and 22 bullaries of salt water in Droytwich, Worcs. C78/733, no. 12 [225]
1673 17 Dec 25 Be___ Mehewe v. Robert Vinter & Margaret his wife; William Vineter and Mary Rash C78/2026, no. 1 [226]
1673 18 Dec 25 Richard Lansdowne of Woodborough, Som, gentleman v. Christopher Buckle esq; William Lane esq & Jane his wife C79/19, no. [227]
1673 20 Dec 25 John King and John Smith v Edward Keiling; Jane Veere; Theophilus Dainty; Edward Wild; Thomas Barnes and Anne his wife; Thomas Norris and Mary his wife; Jane Waddington; and Elizabeth Waddington Debts and legacies payable by will of Thomas Daynty from lands in Hampstead, Kilborne and Marybone, Middx C78/742, no. 12 [228]
1673 20 Dec 25 Joshua Gilliard of Edmonton, Middx, esq v. The Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of the Mystery of Cordwainers of the City of London; William Wootton; Daniel Grissell; William Tanner; William Savage; and John Pasmore C78/1154, no. 8 [229]