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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1671 23 C78/, no. []
1671 10 Jan 22 James Holt merchant & Jane his wife the sole sister and heir and administratrix of John Saris who was for some years before his death a lunatic or idiot v. Gregory Wilshire gentleman uncle and guardian to the said Joane Saris and executor of Gregory Wilshire sr gentleman his father who was also her guardian in his lifetime C79/173, no. [2]
1671 13 Jan 22 William Kenwricke of Boughton under the Blean [Boughton under Blean], Kent, esq v. William Reeve, gent C78/1078, no. 12 [3]
1671 16 Jan 22 Thomas Bolton v. Richard Atkinson Will of William Bolton, the complts uncle. Lease of lands in Skipton upon Craven, Yorks, held of the Earl of Cumberland C78/1602, no. 15 [4]
1671 19 Jan 22 Henry Reeves and John Kirkham v. John Holme C79/173, no. [5]
1671 19 Jan 22 Sir Charles Lloyd, baronet, brother and heir of John Lloyd, esq v. Percy, lord Powys, since deceased C78/1261, no. 5 [6]
1671 23 Jan 22 Richard Earle; and Edmund Pearson v. George Benson & Hannah his wife; John Wallin; Samuel Wallin; and George Potts C78/1012, no. 7 [7]
1671 25 Jan 22 Simon Bennet and Thomas Russell v Lionel Galesfeild; Edward Moore; and Richard Allen Title to manor of Hurtmore, Surrey C78/740, no. 15 [8]
1671 25 Jan 22 Charles Vaylie v. Thomas Cullen C79/173, no. [9]
1671 25 Jan 22 Richard Gibbon gentleman v. Thomas Cullen C79/173, no. [10]
1671 27 Jan 22 William Elson v Thomas Pannett Mortgage of lands in Pagham, Sussex C78/740, no. 3 [11]
1671 28 Jan 22 Azarias Parsons, gent v. John Pollard & Margaret his wife C78/1012, no. 11 [12]
1671 29 Jan 23 Edmund Waller esq v. Robert Brice esq & Dorothy his wife; Sir Henry Wright; and John Derby C78/2022, no. 17 [13]
1671 29 Jan 23 Edward Haulsey, gent v. Sir Thomas Bateman, baronet; and Robert Beddinfield C78/883, no. 12 [14]
1671 31 Jan 23 Edward Cox v. Richard Cox and Paul Silvester C79/13, no. [15]
1671 Feb 23 Sir Francis Rodes, baronet v. Isaac Knight, esq; John Thornton, gent; and William Bush, esq C78/1559, no. 16 [16]
1671 1 Feb 23 Roger Stoughton v Martha Owen; Sir Thomas Littleton; Jane Price; Samuel Price; and Edward Owen son & heir of Edward Owen decd Redemption of mortgage of lands in Dyffrin, Lanvayrie, Montgomeryshire. C78/730, no. 4 [17]
1671 1 Feb 23 Thomas Russell and others (not named) v Sir John Jacob. Mortgage of tenement in Halstead, Essex. C78/740, no. 14 [18]
1671 1 Feb 23 John, earl of Bridgewater son and heir of John, late earl of Bridewater v. Robert, earl of Sunderland C79/173, no. [19]
1671 1 Feb 23 William Lee v. Timothy Wade; Sarah Bradbent; and Edward Barnwell C78/1266, no. 14 [20]
1671 3 Feb 23 John Mundy v Robert Hayward and John Moore Ownership of lead. C78/697, no. 3 [21]
1671 3 Feb 23 Anne Quick, widow v. Anne Browne, widow, administratrix of George Browne; George Tarrantes; and Margaret Woodham C78/1286, no. 5 [22]
1671 5 Feb 23 Francis London, gent v. Francis Styles; John (Beales???); and Christopher (Jetter?) C78/1013, no. 8 [23]
1671 8 Feb 23 John Humphry son & heir of John Humphry and Elizabeth his wife both decd v William Shawe and Elizabeth his wife; John Wood; and Thomas Wood Mortgage of messuage and mills in Thaxted, Essex C78/697, no. 8 [24]
1671 8 Feb 23 William Gwynne of Talliaris, Carm, esq v. Henry, lord marques of Worcester, and Elizabeth Petre widow C78/2069, no. 23 [25]
1671 8 Feb 23 The Wardens and Scholars of St Mary College of Winchester in Oxford commonly called New College; and John Denton of Normaston, Oxon, esq v. William Parkins; Thomas Grove; John Spratley; Henry Packson; Richard Jeffrey; Thomas Holding; John Parkins; Richard Waddupp; Richard Clarke; Henry Markham; John Willmott the younger; Mary Buckingham; Edward Durrant the younger; Edward Durrant the elder; John Tutchin; George Cowley; John Willmott the elder; William Tutchin; William Kelle; William Nelson; John Bedford; George Burton; Edward Tutchin; John Holdinge the elder; and William Parkins C78/2020, no. 20 [26]
1671 10 Feb 23 John Gratwick of Cowfold, Sussx, administrator of Anne his wife v Nicholas Stone Debts of Henry Stone payable from testamentary settlements of his lands in Thackham, Sussex C78/741, no. 5 [27]
1671 10 Feb 23 Richard May of Canterbury, gentleman v. Thomas Norton, gentleman & Anne his wife; and John Robert, esq C78/1930, no. 30 [28]
1671 10 Feb 23 Jane Southcott v. Sir Sandys Fortescue, baronet; John Fowell; John Glanvile, esqs; and John Harris, gent C78/975, no. 9 [29]
1671 11 Feb 23 Edward Twyford gentleman v. John Fell doctor in divinity dean of Christchurch, Oxford; John Lenthall esq; The Rector and Fellows of Lincoln College, Oxford; The President and Fellows of St John Baptist College, Oxford; John Pleydall gentleman; Henry Martin; John Stone sr; John Stone jr; Robert Southby; Henry Fairebeard; William West; William Harris; Richard West & Jane his wife; Ann Banting; Thomas Greening; John Lane; and William Lane his son; Stephen Prince; Edward Southby; John Quenth; Simon Huckwell; Robert Gilkes; Richard Greenway & Joan his wife; Thomas Bedford; William Wright; William Pencoll; Susanna White; Anne Fairebeard; John Hewett; Richard Tilman & Alice his wife; Thomas Brabam; Elenor Battes; Katherine Harris; William Tirrold; Humphrey Dawson; Henry Banting; Mary Smith; Henry Argent; Thomas Smalbone; Richard Butler & Anne his wife late Anne Walker; John Smart; John Ferryman; William Bedford; George Harris; Francis Smith; Charles White an infant by Michael Mallett esq & Mary his wife his guardians; John Combles & Anne his wife; Martin Arnold; Symon Batten; Anne Champneys: John Hewes; Stephen Alder; Anne Dawson; Richard Dawson; Mary Smith; John Heron; and William Wright C79/173, no. [30]
1671 11 Feb 23 Thomas Detton of Chertsey, Surrey, gentleman v. Elizabeth Baker administratrix of John Baker her late husband who died intestate and Charles Baker his son and heir an infant of about 8 years C78/2040, no. 9 [31]
1671 13 Feb 23 John Bexhill and Johane his wife; and John Soane an infant by the said John Soane (sic) and his wife v John Harrison, clerk; and William Pannell executors of William Soane decd Payments due from lands at Sidlesham Sussex. C78/740, no. 7 [32]
1671 13 Feb 23 William Parker v Thomas Pannett Mortgage of lands in Northwood, Pagham, Sussex C78/740, no. 8 [33]
1671 13 Feb 23 Richard Peard v. Thomas Hoblin C78/1913, no. 10 [34]
1671 13 Feb 23 Sir Jeremy Whitchcott, baronet; Isacke Foxcroft, esq; William Oakes, esq; James Gibbons; and John Nukins, gent v. John Cave, esq C78/863, no. 3 [35]
1671 14 Feb 23 Sarah Jackson, an infant of about 12 years, by Sarah Jackson, widow, her mother v. Thomas Hall, esq C78/975, no. 10 [36]
1671 19 Feb 23 Etheldred Hyde widow and relict of Edward Hyde v. Charles Crooke esq C78/1926, no. 19 [37]
1671 20 Feb 23 Mary Smith an infant by Edward Masters v Thomas Bell Bonds and Debts. C78/800, no. 7 [38]
1671 20 Feb 23 John Turner of London merchant v. Benjamin St John esq Bill of Hilary term 1669. Equity of redemption to lands in Cold Overton. C78/895, no. 13 [39]
1671 21 Feb 23 William Tate, esq v. Edward, earl of Sandwich; Maurice Tresham, esq; Sir Thomas Crew, knight; William Mountague; John Crew; Anthony Collins; and Francis Bagshaw, esq; Katherine and Elizabeth Tate, spinsters; and Katherine Tate, widow C78/1002, no. 13 [40]
1671 22 Feb 23 Richard Swann of Stratford upon Avon, Warw, gentleman v. Peter Yate, gentleman C78/2021, no. 6 [41]
1671 23 Feb 23 Edward Lord Mountagne v Peter Woodcocke; Henry Arney; William Selby; and John Hunt Rent arrears from lands in Polebrooke and Hennington, Northants and conveyance of land in Barnewell All Saints, Northants C78/741, no. 17 [42]
1671 23 Feb 23 Henry Tovey v. John, viscount Tracy C78/2021, no. 5 [43]
1671 23 Feb 23 Edmund Read, & Mary his wife v. Francis Howett, & Janes his wife; Augustine Bee; Christopher Hall; Anne Jackson; and John Jackson C78/1602, no. 17 [44]
1671 23 Feb 23 John Ellerker, gent, executor of Anne Middleton v. George Middleton, an infant, by Nathaniel Middleton, his guardian; and Mary Middleton C78/883, no. 13 [45]
1671 23 Feb 23 Warwick Bampfield v. Edward Bampfield; ___?; Henry Rogers; Edward Phillipps; and Robert Phillipps C78/996, no. 12 [46]
1671 24 Feb 23 Thomas Hodges; William Cockcroft and Martha his wife; Timothy Robinson and Rebecca his wife; Richard Hodges and George Hodges infants by Mary Hodges their mother v Paul Priaulx and John Hodges Legacies payable by will of Thomas Hodges from Deeply and Moreton farms and Broughton and Melborne, Yorks C78/732, no. 10 [47]
1671 24 Feb 23 Robert Jacob of Creating St Mary, Suff, gent v. Robert Booth C78/1124, no. 6 [48]
1671 24 Feb 23 Alexander Baker, gent; Thomas Daniel Gould; Thomas Stich, gents; Alice Fletcher, widow; ___ Ryder; ___ Hobson; ___ Francklyn; ___ Comberford; ___ Haugh; ___ Breadstreete; ___, lady Knolles; Sir Thomas Wiseman, knight; ___ Sabbe; ___ Brabant; ___ Watton; ___ Tirrill; Richard Rossiter; ___ valence; and ___ Ramsey, creditors of Anthony Roper, esq, deceased v. Edward, earl of Dorset; and Sir Henry Compton, Knight of the Bath C78/1283, no. 7 [49]
1671 27 Feb 23 Thomas Martyn, esq v. John Cocke & Anne his wife; Thomas Adams; Robert Adams; and Robert Pead, clerk C78/1256, no. 2 [50]
1671 27 Feb 23 Thomas Martyn, esq v. John Cocke & Anne his wife; Thomas Adams; Robert Adams; and Robert Pead, clerk C78/1264, no. 9 [51]
1671 28 Feb 23 Robert Bridgwood, merchant v. Sir Alexander Deuce, executor of Edward Bridgwood C78/1002, no. 12 [52]
1671 1 March 23 Sir Ralph Banckes of Kingston Hall, Dorset, knight & Dame Mary his wife; ___ Allestrey, doctor of divinity, Provost of the College of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Eaton, Bucks, founded by King Henry VI; and the Fellows of the same College; Edmund Bowyer, esq; William South, clerk; Rochard Lockert, gent; Giles Turner, gent & Jane his wife; Agnes Cole; and Johan Cole, infants, by said Giles Turner their guardian; John Muncke; Samuel Gregory; Joun Burt; William Spynney; James Bartlett; and William Rogers, all inhabitants within the county of Dorset v. Richard Hapwood; Margaret Jenkins, widow; John Gregory; Mathew Isaacks; Christian Fiford; John Coles; Nicholas Mewe; Abraham Isaack; Anne Coles, widow; Thomas Meeringe; John Tollerfield; Margery Guy, widow; William Marryott; John Meeringe; and John Pitt, clerk C78/1073, no. 2 [53]
1671 2 March 23 Charles Vaughan; John Vaughan; and Edward Vaughan, sons of Sir Charles Lloyd of Garth, Montg, baronet, calling themselves by the name of Vaughan, the said Edward being an infant, by said Charles Vaughan his guardian v. Charles Salesbury; Rowland Vaughan; Howell Vaughan; John Lloyd; Magdalen Vaughan; and Katherine Vaughan C78/1261, no. 4 [54]
1671 6 March 23 Richard and Paul Jenkinson v George Brough son and heir of Godfrey Brough Payment for coal mined from Plott closes in Walton, Derbys C78/697, no. 7 [55]
1671 6 March 23 Daniel Wicherley v Mary Sandall and Nicholas Walgrave Portion payable from lands in Aswardley (no county given). C78/700, no. 6 [56]
1671 6 March 23 Elizabeth White, widow v. George Dod; Edward Watts; Robert Gilpin; and Agneta Wild C78/1012, no. 10 [57]
1671 7 March 23 Dorothy Wood widow and relict of Edward Woode of Newcastle upon Tyne, draper; Alexander Simpson of Newcastle upon Tyne, draper; and [?Josua?] Greene of Newcastle upon Tyne, merchant v. [?Thomas?] Longuevile & Dame Mary his wife, late the relict of Sir Andrew Young, knight; John Blunt; Francis Peery; John Hameston; Elizabeth Cramlington Incomplete conveyance ("by reason of the troubles happening aboute that time in those parts" ie the Civil War) of 2 messuages or burgages etc on Sandhill, Newcastle upon Tyne and warehouse on Allhallows Banck which had been mortgaged by Henry Mitford late of Deckham House, Co. Durham and Elizabeth his wife, to Sir Andrew Young. C78/873, no. 9 [58]
1671 25 April 23 The Lady Mary, viscountess Grandison, widow and relict of William, lord viscount Grandison; and Francis, lord Dacres & The Lady Elizabeth his wife, said Mary and Elizabeth being the daughters of Anne, viscountess of Dorchester v. Edward, earl of Dorset; Sir Thomas Glemham; Chalenor Chute; and Henry Glemham AND v. Sir John Jacob; George Pike; Robert French; and Sir Thomas Allen C78/1013, no. 11 [59]
1671 8 May 23 Robert Hancock, executor of Robert Hancock v. Sir John Jacob, knight and baronet; and Robert Chevall C78/996, no. 11 [60]
1671 9 May 23 Thomas Pening, then an infant by Richard Sprignall v Thomas Challoner Legacies payable from unspecified lands in Sussex C78/735, no. 7 [61]
1671 10 May 23 William Day v George Solby Debts and accounts for apothecary goods C78/700, no. 7 [62]
1671 11 May 23 Robert Randall of Kentisbury, Devon, gentleman v. Humfry Randall esq father of said complainant C78/1913, no. 11 [63]
1671 12 May 23 Henry Penning, esq v. Sir Gobart Barrington, knight; Henry Mildmay, esq; and Sir Mondeford Bramston, knight C78/1602, no. 12 [64]
1671 16 May 23 Henry Hickman and Joanna his wife v William Strode; Edward Strode and John Strode. Legacies payable by will of William Strode of Barrington, Somerset from manor of Martock and lands in Glaston and Edgarly, Somerset C78/697, no. 4 [65]
1671 16 May 23 Gertrude Nasborough, administratrix de bonis non of Robert Webb v. John Ash, administrator with the will annexed of John Ashe his father; Sir Joseph Ashe; and Elizabeth Ashe, widow, executrix of Edward Ashe C78/992, no. 1 [66]
1671 17 May 23 John Brooke v Edward Thruston. Debts and bonds. C78/719, no. 8 [67]
1671 17 May 23 John Coke esq son and heir of Thomas Coke late of Grays Inn, Middx esq an infant of the age of 7 years or thereabouts by Sir John Hartoppe of Buckminster, Leics, baronet his guardian v. Richard Pope & Alice his wife; Samuell Swanwicke; Allaine Swanwicke; John Cole; John Ratcliffe; William Lowth; Anne Dale; Robert Bateman; Robert Buxton; Richard Ford; Henry Bewley; Alice Fosbrooke; Edward Coke; Henry Seagrave; George Stone; and John Charnell C79/173, no. [68]
1671 17 May 23 Christopher Cratford; Belliver Davies; Stephen Bedard; and Daniel Fawcant, son and heir of Didier Fawcant, an infant, by said Stephen Bedard v. George FitzJeffrie, esq C78/1594, no. 2 [69]
1671 18 May 23 John Hodges v. William Hodges; Ambrose Atfield & Anne his wife; and John Try & Mary his wife C78/1124, no. 5 [70]
1671 19 May 23 Ferdinando Kelly and Mary his wife, Priscilla and Anne Withins, executrixes of Mary Withins decd their mother v Thomas Culling Forfeiture of close in Aspley Guise, Beds and lands in Wabenden, Bucks C78/700, no. 5 [71]
1671 19 May 23 Miles Pennington esq v. Richard Hutton & Margaret his wife; and Christopher Perry; and others (sic) C79/13, no. [72]
1671 20 May 23 Henry Bright of Little Stoneham, Suff, gent v. Thomas Cropley & Martha his wife; Owen Feltham, esq; and Robert Feltham; and Christian Feltham (infant) C78/848, no. 1 [73]
1671 22 May 23 William Greenefield administrator of George Fettyplace v Edward Birtby Assignation of mortgage of unspecified premises C78/850, no. 1 [74]
1671 24 May 23 Robert Layton v Anne Woller, widow and relict of Edward Woller; Edward Grymes; John Woller; and Thomas Woller Mortgage of manor of Foxton, Yorks. C78/718, no. 16 [75]
1671 25 May 23 John Norris son & executor of Thomas Norris decd; Hester Norris, Sarah Norris, Anne Norris and Ruth Norris sisters of the said John Norris v William Goddard Marriage portion from copyhold lands in Ham and Ogborne, (no county given). C78/649, no. 1 [76]
1671 25 May 23 Charles Crompton of London, esq v. Henry North, esq; and Francis North, esq C78/1012, no. 2 [77]
1671 27 May 23 Ralph Willbraham esq v. Robert Evans gentleman and Edward Evans son and heir apparent of said Robert Evans C79/173, no. [78]
1671 30 May 23 Joseph Harvy, doctor of the civil law v. Sir Thomas Allen, knight and baronet; Allan Lockhard; Jonathan Barthrop; Thomas Collett; and John Bradborne C78/1590, no. 14 [79]
1671 30 May 23 Cleyton Milborne, son and heir of the body of John Milborne and Susan his second wife; Elizabeth Thomas; John and Susan Milborne, younger children of said John and Susan, infants, by Sir Thomas and Richard Cleyton their guardians; and the said Sir Thomas and Richard Cleyton; and Thomas Shepheard; and ____ and _____, executors of Alice? Cleyton, widow v. Henry Milborne; Charles Milborne; George Milborne;George Milborne; and Dame Elizabeth Morgan, widow C78/1012, no. 5 [80]
1671 30 May 23 John Norwood v. Sir Thomas Ingram, knight; Christopher Ellison; Anne Ram; Joseph Fydell; Thomas Pishey; Jeremiah Vasin & Margaret his wife C78/1124, no. 3 [81]
1671 2 June 23 Elizabeth and Grace Benson, cousins and heirs of Robert Benson decd, daughters and heirs of John Benson decd who was nephew and heir of the said Robert Benson decd v John Dawson son & heir & executor of John Dawson decd Damages for theft of cloth from house in Leeds used as military quarters. C78/697, no. 2 [82]
1671 2 June 23 Elizabeth Moore, widow, executrix of Sir Anthony Morgan v Dame Elizabeth Morgan relict of the said Sir Anthony Morgan; Arthur, Earl of Anglesey; and John Tasburgh Statutes raised on unspecified lands in Ireland. C78/697, no. 6 [83]
1671 3 June 23 Thomas Chaunce, gent v. Margaret Clarke, widow; Anne Clarke; and Margaret Clarke, infant; William Brigges, & Anne his wife C78/1727, no. 12 [84]
1671 3 June 23 Bruen Reeve, doctor in divinity and dean of the King's Free Chapel in Windsor Castle and the rest of the canons there; and Thomas, lord Leigh, baron of Stonleigh v. John Sibley, gent C78/789, no. 8 [85]
1671 5 June 23 Benjamin Watts, gent v. Ellen Lodge; John Place, & Jane his wife; and William Preston, & Isabell his wife C78/1594, no. 3 [86]
1671 6 June 23 John Lethulier of London merchant v. William Borough sr esq and William Borough jr C79/38, no. [87]
1671 6 June 23 Leonard Staunton; George Staunton; Francis Stanton; Bridget Staunton; and Dorothy Staunton, children of Francis Staunton, late doctor in divinity v. Sir Thomas Beverley, knight; Thomas Homersley; and Venables Staunton C78/1012, no. 3 [88]
1671 6 June 23 Anne Walker, widow v. Charles Nowell; Thomas Carr; William Carr; and Richard Broxnupe? & Alice his wife C78/1266, no. 15 [89]
1671 7 June 23 Sir Richard Raynsford executor of Grevill Verney decd v Lady Diana Verney the relict and administratrix of Sir Grevill Verney; and William Verney an infant son & heir of Sir Grevill Trust of the manor of Compton, Warwicks. C78/1225, no. 4 [90]
1671 10 June 23 William Fitch of Hertford and Katherine his wife; Sarah Ward, widow; Thomas Hord, salter and Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Partridge, brasier and Mary his wife; and Robert Haton v Leonard Battle; Elizabeth Burdett; Thomas Burdett and Thomas Feltham Testamentary settlement of lands in Ware, Herts C78/700, no. 3 [91]
1671 17 June 23 Giles Thornburgh, clerk and Jane his wife v John Nicholl and Sarah his wife administratrix of James Baker; and John Baker Redemption of land in Burgam [Burpham], Worplesden, Surrey. C78/800, no. 6 [92]
1671 20 June 23 Christopher Gayloe and Joyce his wife; Thomas Pingle, James Pingle and Margaret Pingle infants by the said Joyce their mother v Patience Jackson, widow. Legacies from personal estate, by will of Thomas Pingle. C78/729, no. 5 [93]
1671 23 June 23 Thomas Blackall esq & Martha his wife executors of Dame Margaret Melton widow v. Alexander Rigby esq C78/1491, no. 4 [94]
1671 26 June 23 Christopher Smith v Humphrey Stafford and Walter Knight, since decd Possession of copyhold lands in the manor of Bradfield, Berks C78/706, no. 4 [95]
1671 26 June 23 Sir Thomas Gower administrator of Edward Gower his late son v Rt. hon. James, Earl of Sussex son & heir of Thomas, late Earl of Sussex; Richard Pelson; Sir Godfrey Copley; Sir William Lowther; Sir Solomon Swayle Timber rights in Hawkeworth Wood, Kerall [Kirkstall] and Heddingley [Headingley], Yorks. C78/718, no. 17 [96]
1671 26 June 23 Jeoffry Moore; St John Moore; and Henry Moore all infants by Sir St John Moore knight their father v. Henry North esq C79/38, no. [97]
1671 26 June 23 Christopher Emerson of London, merchant; John Hockenhall; Michael Oldsworth; and William Wise esqs v. Richard Deereham; Edmond Nicholson; Joseph Porters; Adrian Porters; Giles Porters; William Derrickson; Nicholas Jacobs; Adrian Smore; Robert Ricks; Thomas Bartondale; Thomas Price; George Nichollson; and Mathrew Bungay C78/1926, no. 11 [98]
1671 28 June 23 Luke Cooke, innholder v Joane Curtis, widow Mortgage of messuage in Stratford, Herts C78/726, no. 5 [99]
1671 28 June 23 Edward Twiford of Northmore, Oxon, gentleman; John Lenthall esq; John Fell doctor in divinity and dean of Christchurch Cathedral, Oxon, John Pleadall; Robert Southby; John Heron; Henry Martin gentleman; Charles White gentleman an infant by Michael Mallett esq and ____ his wife his guardians; John Stone sr; John Stone jr; Henry Fairebeard; William West; William Harris; Richard West & Jane his wife; Ann Banting; Thomas Greeneing; John Lane; Stephen Prince; Edward Southby; John Quenth; Symon Huckwell; Robert Gilkes; Richard Greenaway; Thomas Bedford; William Wright; William Pencott; John Hewett; Richard Silman; Thomas Brabam; Symon Battin; Humphrey Dawson; Henry Banting; Henry Argent; Thomas Smallbone; John Smart; Francis Smith; Martin Arnold; Richard Dawson of Northmore; and the Rector and Fellows of Lincoln College, Oxford; Susan White; Anne Fairebeard; Elianor Battes; Katherine Harris; Mary Smith; and Anne Walter widow v. John Ferryman; William Bedford; George Harris; John Combes & his wife; Syon Batten; Anne Champneys; Stephen Alder; Anne Dawson; the President and Scholars of the college of St John Baptist, Oxford C79/173, no. [100]
1671 28 June 23 John, earl of Atholl, Scotland v. Charles, earl of Derby; and Henry Ashton, administrator of Charlott, countess dowager of Derby C78/1602, no. 11 [101]
1671 30 June 23 Thomas Salmon v Stephen Temple; John Fiennes; and Sir Purbeck Temple Payment of fees to Salmon's school in Hackney, payable from profits of lands in Sutby, Welford and Ranee, Warwicks C78/719, no. 7 [102]
1671 30 June 23 Richard Lone; Thomas Turman, deputy and John Turner, William Walker, Thomas Hardwicke, Anthony Hinton and Henry Travers common council men of the parish of St Sepulchers, London; and George Knight and Francis Beacham, church wardens of the said parish; and Michaell Poultney an infant by Thomas Poultney his father v Benjamin Peake surviving executor of Sir Robert Peake Bequest to parish of St. Sepulcher, London from personal estate by will of Robert Peake. C78/722, no. 4 [103]
1671 30 June 23 Clement Lavender cooke v. Sir Phillipp Palmer knight and baronet and Thomas Staples esq C79/173, no. [104]
1671 30 June 23 Edward Falconer & his wife v. Henry Burt; Walter Burt; and Alice Burt, since married to John Smith C78/858, no. 10 [105]
1671 30 June 23 Nathaniel Whetham , gent, son and executor of Nathaniel Whetham v. John, lord Pawlett C78/858, no. 11 [106]
1671 1 July 23 James Johnson v. John Hobson; Robert Johnson; and James Barker C78/1602, no. 19 [107]
1671 3 July 23 Isaac Newton of Whitby, Yorks administrator of his late father Isaac Newton of Whitby decd v John Burdett, William Wigginer and Nicholas Barnard Redemption of mortgage of lands in Whitby, Yorks. C78/730, no. 12 [108]
1671 3 July 23 Robert Randall, gent & Martha his wife, the relict of Alexander Brome, gent v. Thomas Sturges, esq; and Henry Brome; and also John Brome; Martha Brome; and Elizabeth Brome, infants C78/1292, no. 5 [109]
1671 4 July 23 Robert Bonson v Richard Malham; John Parker & Jane his wife; Roger Higgs; Francis, John & Jane Malham infants by the aforesaid John & Jane Parker Mortgage of manor of Elstacke [Elslack] and lands in Skipton, Yorks, already encumbered with legacies. C78/729, no. 7 [110]
1671 5 July 23 Arthur Sprye v Richard Lanyon; Francis Carthew; and Stephen Robins Lands in Trethewell, St. Evall, Cornwall used as security for bonds C78/722, no. 2 [111]
1671 5 July 23 James Thompson, esq & Elizabeth his wife v. Sir Willoughby Aston, baronet; and Thomas Browne, gent C78/848, no. 9 [112]
1671 5 July 23 Robert Hampson, esq v. Anne Holliwell; John Jorden; and William Thorpe C78/873, no. 8 [113]
1671 5 July 23 John Edward, esq; and Ursula Lloyd, widow and relict of David Lloyd and sister of said John Edwards v. Thomas Lloyd, gent C78/1261, no. 3 [114]
1671 6 July 23 Francis Eyre, widow v. William Tatton, esq & Anne his wife; Francis Burton, esq; John Story; Andrew Morewood; Nicholas Stones; Robert Tatton; and John Cave C78/867, no. 7 [115]
1671 7 July 23 Henry Seamor v Sir Charles Cleaver; Rowland Jewkes; John Powney; Thomas Staples; and Sir John Parsons an infant Payment and legacies due from lands in Parke in Langly Marsh (No county). C78/900, no. 5 [116]
1671 7 July 23 Thomas Tiffin, yeoman, eldest brother and heir of Robert Tiffin of Long Melford, Suff, clothier v. Mary Tiffin, widow and administratrix of said Robert Tiffin; and George Cricke; and Edward Groome C78/1238, no. 8 [117]
1671 8 July 23 Richard Cutt, esq, an infant, eldest son and heir of Richard Cutts, esq, cousin and heir of Sir John Cutt, baronet by Joan Cutt widow his mother v. Sir Thomas Allen, knight; William Bowyer, esq; Edward Pickering, esq & Dorothy his wife C78/848, no. 4 [118]
1671 8 July 23 John Puddecombe v. Jane Sloman; Wilmott Sloman; Johan Sloman; and Elizabeth Sloman C78/858, no. 9 [119]
1671 8 July 23 Thomas Moore & Jemima his wife v. Jonas Waters; Benjamin Norwood; William Everden; Ralph Grove; and Nicholas Marsh C78/1009, no. 11 [120]
1671 10 July 23 Rt. hon. Edward, Earl of Manchester, since decd; Henry Stapleton; Henry Slingsby; George Townesend; and Edward, Lord Ingram Viscount Irwyn in the Kingdom of Scotland, infant, son & heir of Henry, late Lord Ingram Viscount Irwyn v Anthony Freeston; Sir Francis Goodrick; Dame Lucy Jobson, widow; Dorothy Armitage; William Mason; William Lyley; Francis Shillitoe; William Shillitoe; John Millnthorpe; Thomas Shepheard; William Hopwood; Edmund Bunny; George Shillitoe; Hugh Shillitoe; Michaell Spink; Richard Cockell; William Chapman; William Bloome; Henry Foxcroft; Mathew Williamson; William Duffan; John Pymont; Richard Austwick; and Paul Bevers Determination of rents, customs, etc., after loss of court rolls of manors of Altofts and Warmfield cum Heath, Yorks. C78/718, no. 12 [121]
1671 10 July 23 Richard Craile of St Dunstans in the West, London, blacksmith v Samuel Baker; William Harris; Edmond Patteshall; Abigaile Baker & Rebecca Baker Trust of profits of sale of "White Lyon" in Fleet Street, London C78/738, no. 15 [122]
1671 10 July 23 Sir John Maynard knight serjeant at law v. Arthur, earl of Anglesey; Sir Anthony Chester knight; Mary Lowe widow; and James Lowe esq C79/173, no. [123]
1671 10 July 23 Peter Windar; Bridget Gage, widow; and Margaret Carus v. Thomas Gage, esq; and Robert Cesar, gent C78/848, no. 12 [124]
1671 11 July 23 William Leveson als Gower of Scitnam [Stittenham], North Yorks youngest son of Sir Thomas Gower of Scitnam aforesaid v Sir Job Charleton and Samuel Baldwyn, serjeant at law Lease and release of unspecified lands in Salop, Cheshire and Staffs. C78/697, no. 1 [125]
1671 11 July 23 John Hill, gent v. Symon Spatchurst of Honnington, Wilts, esq C78/1073, no. 3 [126]
1671 12 July 23 Richard Smith v. Anne Perkins, widow; and Valentine Knight C78/848, no. 14 [127]
1671 12 July 23 William Angell v. William Nutley C78/867, no. 8 [128]
1671 13 July 23 Roger Price v William Lane; Wellesborne Sill the elder and Wellesborne Sill the younger, an infant by Henry Lane Purchase of lands at Fullwell, Oxon and Westbury, Bucks. C78/740, no. 4 [129]
1671 13 July 23 Elizabeth Heron, spinster v. Sir Cuthbert Heron, baronet; and Thomas Carnaby, gent & Dorothy his wife Cuthbert Heron the father of complt and the deft Sir Cuthbert. Trust settlement of the manors of Pigdon in the parish of Midford [Mitford], West Whelpington in the parish of Kirke Whelpington called Ray and Blackhalls, both in Northumberland. C78/895, no. 11 [130]
1671 13 July 23 Thomas Hoseman of Hatfield, Herts, yeoman v. Leonard Peacock; John Robinson & his wife; and Robert Foster & Avis his wife C78/996, no. 10 [131]
1671 14 July 23 Edward Wayte & Grace his wife v. Samuel Berry and Frances Rushley widow C78/2069, no. 22 [132]
1671 14 July 23 John Mewe & Ellianor his wife; and George Martyn & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Knight, gent; and Sir John Oglander, knight C78/848, no. 10 [133]
1671 15 July 23 Ralph Scowell, esq v. Sir John Austen, baronet; Robert Austen, esq; and Edward Austen, gent C78/1292, no. 4 [134]
1671 17 July 23 John Ilson the younger deceased who was executor of John Ilson the elder his late father v. John Marks C79/13, no. [135]
1671 17 July 23 John Canninges v. George Carleton C78/854, no. 9 [136]
1671 17 July 23 Nicholas Mason v. Mary Duncombe, widow; Roger Duncombe, esq; Arthur Onslow, esq; Vincent Randill, esq & Dorothy his wife C78/1012, no. 4 [137]
1671 20 July 23 Sir Thomas Hatton, baronet v. Sir Walter Long, knight and baronet C78/996, no. 9 [138]
1671 21 July 23 Edward Wilson an infant by John Wilson his father and guardian v. Sir Edward Brett knight; Emanuel Thomas gentleman; James Lowe esq & Elizabeth his wife; and Dame Dorothy Dromond C79/38, no. [139]
1671 22 July 23 Simon Bennett v Edward Moore; Francis Pemberton; and Humphrey Tuckey Mortgage of lands in Walton, Booteley, Kirkedale Marsh and Liverpool, Lancs C78/741, no. 9 [140]
1671 23 July 23 John Scott v Anne Edlyn, widow; Thomas Edlyn; Leonard Sowersby; Charles Edlyn; Mary Edlyn; Anne Edlyn and Katherine Edlyn Sale of piece of ground in Cordwainer St, London C78/700, no. 2 [141]
1671 25 July 23 Samuel Roll, esq v. Leonard Yeo, esq; Thomas Colley, clerk; Nicholas Dennis, esq; Henry Chichester; and Edward Pointz, gent, executors of Sir John Chichester, baronet; Sir John Maynard, knight; Samuel Koyle, gent; and Sir Jon Chichester, baronet, son and heir of said Sir John Chichester, baronet, an infant, by Henry Rutter, esq, his guardian assigned by the court C78/1602, no. 13 [142]
1671 25 July 23 Thomas Shynne; Christopher Browne; Lawrence Parker; and Richard Rersbury v. Peter Woodcocke; Henry Arney; and William Selby C78/848, no. 6 [143]
1671 29 July 23 Ralph Messenger an infant by John Messenger his father v Thomas Johnson; Richard Johnson; and Simon Messenger Testamentary settlements and payments from lands in Henley-upon-Thames, Oxon C78/800, no. 4 [144]
1671 29 July 23 Anthony Oldfield; Elizabeth Oldfield; and Mary Oldfield, infants and younger children of Sir Anthony Oldfield, baronet, deceased & Dame Elizabeth his wife, by Richard Love, gent v. Sir Christopher Clapham, knight; John Holmden; Richard Campion, esqs; Dame Elizabeth Oldfield; and Sir John Oldfield, baronet C78/956, no. 7 [145]
1671 31 July 23 Ralph Norton, citizen and leatherseller of London v Thomas Smith and Jonathan Frost Debts. C78/1203, no. 6 [146]
1671 31 July 23 John Rayner, esq v. Thomas Wildbore, gent, & Jane his wife; Elizabeth, countess dowager of Clare; Arthur Stanhope; Sir Edward Rossiter; John Wolstenholme; Sir John Hartopp, baronet; Mountague Cholmley; Thomas Bristow; Henry Walter; John Shore; and Richard Mason C78/1602, no. 14 [147]
1671 1 Aug 23 Sir Lewis Palmer, baronet, son and heir of Sir Geoffry Palmer, knight and baronet, Attorney General deceased; and Geoffrey Palmer his son and heir apparent; Robert Palmer; Margaret Palmer; Elianor Palmer, jr, son and daughters of said Sir Lewis Palmer, infants, by said Sir Lewis Palmer their father; Edward Palmer, esq & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of the said Sir Geoffrey Palmer; Geoffrey Palmer; Anthony Palmer; Edward Palmer; Charles Palmer; John Palmer; Margaret Palmer; Frances Palmer; and Elizabeth Palmer, sons and daughters of said Edward Palmer and said Elizabeth his wife, infants, by the said Edward their father; and John DelaFountaine, esq & Frances his wife, another of the daughters of said Sir Geoffrey Palmer v. Sir Francis North, knight, solicitor general; Sir Abell Barker, baronet; Mathew Johnson, esq; and Michael Brighouse, executors of Sir Geoffrey Palmer, C78/856, no. 3 [148]
1671 1 Sept 23 John Cowley v Robert Richardson and Adam Wand Bill (Easter 1664) alleging fraudulent acquisition of estate from illiterate by solicitor under pretext of "hindering" a general enclosure after agreement (10 years before) which had earlier (no date given) been ratified by the court. Hollwell, Leicestershire. C78/718, no. 13 [149]
1671 Michaelmas Term 23 William Wagner (?) v. ___ Davy, now the wife of Richard Stanl_s; Susan ____; ___ ___, wife of John Lewes; Silvester Childe; and Anne Davy C78/1013, no. 10 [150]
1671 17 Oct 23 Thomas Norton, clerk v. Av___ Davies, widow and Thomas Lewis, esq C78/2022, no. 18 [151]
1671 19 Oct 23 Arthur Ackland merchant v. Arthur Wyott gentleman C78/1913, no. 12 [152]
1671 23 Oct 23 Thomas Carew; Richard Milward; and Henry Spurstow, esq, surviving executors of John Roll, esq v. George Mayo, esq C78/1594, no. 6 [153]
1671 24 Oct. 23 John Mildmay v Sir Barrow Fitch Bonds. C78/800, no. 5 [154]
1671 25 Oct 23 Sir Robert Smith of Westham, Essex, baronet executor of Sir Robert Smith knight and baronet his late father v. William Burrough the elder esq and William Burrough the younger esq C79/13, no. [155]
1671 25 Oct 23 Henry Sidney, esq v. The Governors, Bailiff, and Commonalty of the Company of Conservators of the Great Level of the Fens; Thomas Woodward; and John Bridgman C78/1266, no. 11 [156]
1671 28 Oct 23 Mary Munday widow and administratrix of Richard Munday her late husband v. Bridget Swale; Andrew Bond; Rebecca Thompson; and Charles Gold C78/2022, no. 13 [157]
1671 30 Oct 23 Griffith Thomas & Mary his wife; David Pew & Margaret his wife; James Hayes & Elizabeth his wife v. John Hayne; George Ewer; John Cutler & Mary his wife and others (sic) C79/13, no. [158]
1671 30 Oct 23 Thomas Hawkins of Brereton, Bucks, gent v. William Stratfold; John Backwell; and William Reede C78/1594, no. 8 [159]
1671 30 Oct 23 Francis Hodges of London, gent, executor of Thomas Radecliffe of London, esq, one of the younger sons of Joshuah Radcliffe and one of the grandchildren of Henry Radecliffe of Todmerden, Lancs, esq also deceased v. Joshuah Radcliffe; James Scholefield; and Anne Winkeley C78/1266, no. 12 [160]
1671 31 Oct 23 William Love; Thomas Bretton; Thomas Pearle; Simon Delboe; Edward Pearce; James Clitherow; Judith Sayon, widow; Nathaniel Lotte; Nicholas Van Accer .... executors of Abraham Sayon decd; Jo.. White; John B..worth and William Roilestone both of London executors of Edwin Browne decd and Abigale Bush executrix of Abraham Bush decd; Sir Martin Noell; George ..lmson; Thomas ..... and Martha his wife daughter of Nathaniel Te... decd; the said Sir Martin Noell, George Robinson and Thomas Noell being the executors of Sir Martin Noell decd who was administrator of the said Nathaniel Te...; Francis Dashwood and Martha his late wife and the said Thomas Noell and Martha his wife being the administrators of the said Nathaniel Temes by the said Francis Dashwood and Martha his wife v Sir George Oxenden and Thomas Atkins executor of Jane Noke, widow, executrix of William Noke decd Trust for joint stock in trading venture to Machaw in China. C78/800, no. 3 [161]
1671 4 Nov 23 Charles Pawlett, Lord St. John of Basing 1st son and heir apparent of John, Lord Marquesse of Winchester v John, Lord Marquesse of Winchester. Discharge of encumbrances on estates in Wilts, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall. C78/706, no. 9 [162]
1671 4 Nov 23 Charles, Lord Mohun Baron of Okehampton (then an infant by Cordelia Harris, widow, his aunt v Rt. hon. Katherine, Lady Mohun, widow & relict of Warwick late Lord Mohun decd Dower and jointure interests in manors in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall (unspecified). C78/722, no. 1 [163]
1671 4 Nov 23 Thomas Dennis & Anne his wife, sister and administratrix of Leonard Kempe v. Martha Arnold widow C78/1913, no. 13 [164]
1671 6 Nov 23 Thomas Robinson, esq v. Andrew Snape; Elizabeth Proctor, widow; Joseph Frances; and Henry Widdrington, esq & his wife C78/856, no. 2 [165]
1671 7 Nov 23 Vernon Browne, gent v. William Williams, since deceased; Humphry Williams; and John Williams C78/953, no. 13 [166]
1671 10 Nov 23 Richard Frisby and Elizabeth Frisby, infants, by Susan Smyth their grandmother and guardian v. Moses Burton; John Gabrey; Thomas Hynd & Elizabeth his wife; John Bentley; Thomas Clayton; and Anthony Goldeston C78/848, no. 13 [167]
1671 10 Nov 23 John Lovering the elder; John Lovering the younger; and Richard Cressinge v. John Marton the younger C78/858, no. 8 [168]
1671 10 Nov 23 Bartholomew Lane of Winborne Minster, Dorset, gent v. Stephen Dodington of Woodlands in the parish of Meere, Wilts, gent & Mary his wife C78/1044, no. 2 [169]
1671 10 Nov 23 John Salusbury the elder, esq v. John Salusbury the younger, gent C78/1261, no. 2 [170]
1671 10 Nov 23 Gustavus Venner, gent v. Ferrers Gresley, gent & Elizabeth his wife; John Brooke, gent & Margaret his wife; and Frances Gorton, widow C78/1292, no. 3 [171]
1671 11 Nov 23 Edmund Pershall; Mathew Moreton and Mary his wife; Hannah Cartwright, widow & relict of Thomas Cartwright; and Mary Cartwright an infant daughter and heir of the said Thomas and Hannah v Thomas Cartwright the elder Marriage settlement of lands in Breewood and Blackden, Staffs and Covent Garden, Middx C78/741, no. 12 [172]
1671 13 Nov 23 William, late earl of Salisbury v. Sir Thomas Leigh, knight C78/1602, no. 21 [173]
1671 16 Nov 23 George Blacke v. Sir Thomas Player, knight, chamberlain of the City of London; Sir John Lawrence, knight; William Avery, esq; Peter King; and John Annand, merchant C78/1002, no. 5 [174]
1671 17 Nov 23 Dame Katherine Cater, widow and relict of Sir Edward Cater; and Jeames Cater eldest son of the said Sir Edward, an infant by William Bix v Samuel Cater Possession of 7 acres of meadow in Boxmeade in Kempston, Beds. C78/741, no. 19 [175]
1671 17 Nov 23 The Master and Fellows of the College of St Margaret and St Bernard commonly called Queen's College, University of Cambridge v. John Harris; Hezekiah Burton, doctor in divinity; and Marke Hildesley, esq C78/848, no. 8 [176]
1671 17 Nov 23 Nathaniel Duckfield & Mary his wife; John Collins & Anne his wife, the administratrix of Susan Ford; Margaret Ford, spinster, administratrix of Anne Forde with her nuncupative will annexed, the sdaid Mary, Anne, and Margaret being daughters of said Anne Ford their mother v. Thomas Lynge, esq C78/873, no. 6 [177]
1671 17 Nov 23 William Foster, gent; and many others (sic), the customary tenants of the manor of Clapham, North Yorks v. Sir Christopher Clapham, knight, lord of the said manor C78/1266, no. 13 [178]
1671 19 Nov 23 Thomas Long and Thomas Newman v John Bartlett; Richard Slade; William Gouldesborough; Samuel Webb; and John Webb Debts payable from lands in Conock, Wilts C78/649, no. 5 [179]
1671 20 Nov 23 Richard Gibbon gentleman v. Thomas Cullen C79/173, no. [180]
1671 20 Nov 23 Clayton Milborne son and heir of the body of John Milborne & Susan his second wife; Elizabeth Thomas; John and Susan Milborne younger children of said John and Susan Milborne infants by Sir Thomas and Richard Cleyton their guardians; and the said Sir Thomas; and Richard Cleyton; Thomas and Richard Blanchard executors of Alice Milborne; and Thomas Shepherd v. Henry Milborne; Charles Milborne; George Milborne; and Dame Elizabeth Morgan, widow C78/2022, no. 16 [181]
1671 20 Nov 23 Thomas Hawkes, gent v. John Dixie;John Trice; Robert Goodall; Hannah Goodall; Sarah Partesoyle; Richard Duncombe, & his wife; Margaret Trice; Mary Trice; Samuel Pont, & his wife; Walter Pont; Hannah Pont; and Frances Rolt C78/1594, no. 7 [182]
1671 20 Nov 23 Charles Dingley, gent, son and heir apparent of Francis Dingley, gent, & Frances, his wife, relict and executrix of Anthony Astly, esq v. Francis Dingley, gent; and James Dingley; Nathaniel Clayton; William Marriot; and Thomas Brelsford C78/1592, no. 2 [183]
1671 21 Nov 23 Sir Thomas Englefield baronet v. Anthony Englefield esq son and heir of Anthony Englefield esq younger brother of complainant C78/2021, no. 1a [184]
1671 22 Nov 23 Thomas Appleby, esq v. Mary Appleby an infant by Sir Thomas Gascoigne, baronet, her guardian; Hellen Appleby since the wife of George Ravenscrofte, esq; Sir Thomas Gascoigne, baronet; William Blakeston; Anthony Salvin; and Henry Dale Mortgage of lands (itemised & named) in Pittington, Co Durham, by defts Salvin & Dale in trust for deft Blakeston, to Francis Appleby decd, in trust the complt, his brother. C78/873, no. 5 [185]
1671 25 Nov 23 Giles Broad the elder of Twyverton als Twerton, Somerset and John Broad his son & heir apparent v Joane Hungerford, widow and Giles Hungerford a minor of the age of 2 years by the said Joane his grandmother and guardian assigned by order of this court Mortgage of lands in Twiverton, Somerset C78/730, no. 10 [186]
1671 25 Nov 23 Martha late widow & relict of John Lake and administratrix of John Lake the son of the said John Lake and Thomas Lake son of the said John the father an infant by said Martha his guardian v. James Tonge gentleman C79/38, no. [187]
1671 25 Nov 23 Sibil Dawson widow and Grace Sykes widow v. William Coldcoll Copyhold close in the manor of Leeds, Yorks C78/2040, no. 8 [188]
1671 25 Nov 23 Richard Beake v. Thomas Theede; Thomas [Wes..]; John Gregory and Thomas Dover, an infant C78/1297, no. 4 [189]
1671 27 Nov 23 George Grime, gent v. Richard Grime, gent C78/789, no. 6 [190]
1671 27 Nov 23 Christopher Richmond, gent, son and heir apparent of Christopher Richmond the elder, esq v. said Christopher Richmond the elder; and an other (sic) C78/953, no. 14 [191]
1671 27 Nov 23 Richard Cooke of Buckland Dinham, Som, cardmaker v. Edward Bampfield; George Bampfield;John Duncombe; James Ashton; James Forster; and Henry Roger C78/993, no. 10 [192]
1671 27 Nov 23 Sir Robert Cordell v. Sir William Spring; Sir John Trott; Samuel Rowe; and Hugh Noden C78/1297, no. 5 [193]
1671 29 Nov 23 Christopher Tomlyns of Hurley, Berks v. Sir Thomas Hampton baronet C78/2026, no. 13 [194]
1671 30 Nov 23 John Thurston of Milderhall, Suff, gent, executor of Grace marham, widow; Francis Hunt, yeoman; and Jonathan Peachy, gent for themselves and others who should contribute to the suit, creditors of Thomas Norgate of Newmarket, Suff, innholder v. John Clayton, & Mary his wife; Mary Norgate; Walter Poulter the elder; and William Ruby the elder C78/1594, no. 9 [195]
1671 30 Nov 23 Francis Blake, & Elizabeth his wife; Arthur Babington, & Margaret his wife; Thomas Winckles; Susan his wife, which said Elizabeth, Margaret, and Susan are sisters and coheirs of Thomas Carr the younger, esq, who was son and heir of William Carr, esq, who was son and heir of Thomas Carr the eld, esq v. Sir John Gell, baronet; Margaret Bradforth then a widow and depending this suit married to John Jenkins, esq; John Watson; Job Palmer; George Pringle; Jane Pringle; Philadelphia Bradforth; Nicholas Foster; William Ogle; Bryan Grey, & Elizabeth his wife; and (added later:) William Armorer and John Devenish Thomas Carr the elder, the complts grandfather. Mortgage of his estate in the parish of Ford, Northumberland called Crookham, Hitherslaw, East Floddam als Low Floddam & West Floddam als High Floddam, and the manor of Cornehill in the Bishopric of Durham [now Northumberland] C78/1590, no. 15 [196]
1671 30 Nov 23 Frances Moys, widow v. Rawlin Mellock, esq; Simon Trobridge; Thomas Prengelly; Thomas Brookeing C78/858, no. 7 [197]
1671 1 Dec 23 Josias Field v. William Simpson & Mary his wife; John Chapman; William Lane; Anthony Gibbs; and Henry Whitbread C78/1926, no. 20 [198]
1671 1 Dec 23 John Antrum; Elizabeth Antrum; William Antrum; and Anne Antrum, all infants, by William Antrum their father and guardian v. John Moore; and William Yerbery C78/1073, no. 4 [199]
1671 2 Dec 23 Francis, lord Brudnell, & the Lady Frances his wife v. John Lee, esq; and Henry Favill, gent C78/1594, no. 10 [200]
1671 2 Dec 23 Elizabeth Bissey, widow and relict of Richard Bissey; Richard Bissey; Elizabeth Bissey; and Sarah Bissey, children of said Richard and Elizabeth, by said Elizabeth their mother and guardian v. Alice Watson, widow; Henry Watson, an infant; and Rotger Jackson C78/848, no. 2 [201]
1671 5 Dec 23 Elizabeth Pawly v John Cole Annuities payable from lands in Wichampton, Dorset C78/740, no. 3 [202]
1671 5 Dec 23 Thomas Rookes v. Thomas Leighe, esq, an infant, by his guardian; and Richard Bolney, an infant, by his father and guardian C78/818, no. 11 [203]
1671 7 Dec. 23 Thomas Wilkinson administrator of Daniel Wilkinson, citizen and linendraper of London decd v Thomas Pritchard. Debts of Daniel Wilkinson payable from his personal estate C78/741, no. 13 [204]
1671 7 Dec 23 Richard Perrit, gent, executor of George Perrit his father, who was executor of Bonham Sumner v. Emmanuel Cooper & Margaret his wife; William Kemsley by Thomas Coldwell his guardian; John Kemsley; Margaret Kemsley; and Elizabeth Cooper, by said Emanuel Cooper their guardian C78/873, no. 7 [205]
1671 7 Dec 23 Elizabeth Wilbraham the widow and relict of Hugh Wilbraham, esq v. Sir Thomas Delves baronet; Sir Peter Pindar, baronet; Henry Elwes, esq; and others (sic) C78/1002, no. 3 [206]
1671 8 Dec 23 William Kelson an infant by John Curtis & Elizabeth his wife his guardians v. Nicholas Kelson C78/2022, no. 15 [207]
1671 9 Dec 23 Edward and Richard Pitt v Maurice Clewer and Richard Cluer. Surrender in trust of unspecified premises. C78/729, no. 6 [208]
1671 13 Dec 23 Mary Leman; Anne Leman; Alice Leman; Catherine Leman; and Elizabeth Leman, infants, by Thomas leman; John Barker; and Thomas Crane, gent, their guardians v. Thomas Leman C78/789, no. 7 [209]
1671 14 Dec 23 Abraham Langford v. Henry Davies C78/848, no. 16 [210]
1671 16 Dec 23 Randall Dod administrator of Barbara his late wife decd v. Jeffrey Minshall; Sir Edward Minshall; Dame Mary his wife; Sir Thomas Manwaring; Roger Wilbraham; Ralph Morgell; Saboath Church; Roger Fox; and Roger Oulton AND Sir Edward Minshall; Dame Mary his wife and Mary Minshall their daughter v. Randall Dod; Roger Fox; Roger Oulton; Thomas Mainwaring; Thomas Dodd; Saboath Church and Humfrey Wiggins Refs previous decree of 14 Dec 21 ChasII C78/1297, no. 7 [211]
1671 18 Dec. Sir Phillip Monncton and Sir William Wentworth v Richard Birkhead Mortgage of lands in Stanley and Aberthorpe [?Aberford], Yorks. C78/718, no. 14 [212]
1671 18 Dec. 23 Robert King, clerk v Richard Gryme Payment of rents due from lands in Blickling, Norfolk, and accounts of sale of grain and hay C78/724, no. 3 [213]
1671 18 Dec 23 John Austen of Horbey, Oxon, gentleman v. Joseph Whetham esq & Susanna his wife C78/2035, no. 17 [214]
1671 20 Dec 23 Richard Tolson, esq, son and heir of Henry Tolson, esq v. George Lamplugh, esq; Thomas Lamplugh, his son; Abraham Molyns, & Frances his wife; and Edmond Winstanley C78/1602, no. 20 [215]
1671 23 Dec 23 John Tudor v. George Williams C78/953, no. [216]