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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1669 21 C78/, no. []
1669 11 Jan 20 Rowland Hale v Thomas Francklyn and Randolph Yarwood executors of James Warner Rent arrears from messuage in Kentish towne, Middx. C78/688, no. 6 [2]
1669 15 Jan 20 Katherine Clarke, spinster v Walwin Clarke; Thomas Moreton and Elizabeth his wife; William Duncombe the elder; and Richard Wilcox Incumbrances on lands in Oxhill and Tysoe, Warwicks inherited under terms of a marriage settlement C78/669, no. 8 [3]
1669 17 Jan 20 William Allanson and Sarah his wife relict of John Osbaston v Peter Stanynought, clerk; James Smalshawe; Robert White; and William Best Accounts of estate of John Osbalston. C78/728, no. 10 [4]
1669 19 Jan 20 John Galping, clerk v. Essex Pawlett, esq; Andrew Riccard, knight; and William Weare C78/1725, no. 2 [5]
1669 25 Jan 20 Michael Harvey; and Nicholas Raynton, Walter Hampton and Daniel Mellish, merchants, trustees for the said Michael Harvey; William Harvey; John Angell, Robert Clayton, Henry Mellish and John Morris, trustees for the said William Harvey v Sir Edward Hungerford; Edward Hungerford his son & heir apparent; Rachell Hungerford his daughter; Henry Rogers; Edward Phillips; Thomas Warr; Sir Eliab Harvey; Mary Harvey; Sir Heneage Finch; John Prestwood; Sir Edward Deateing; and Henry Pratt Debts of St. John Hele payable from trust of lands in Devonshire C78/694, no. 7 [6]
1669 28 Jan 20 Charles Wheeler of Fulham, Middx baronet v. John Tregonwell esq & Mary his wife and Mary Davyes an infant by said John and Mary his wife her guardian C78/2040, no. 12 [7]
1669 27 Jan 20 Charles Naylor; Joseph Naylor; Samuel Rasby & Susanna his wife v Joseph Naylor; Mabel Naylor, widow; and Christopher Naylor Trust of copyhold lands in Wakefield, Yorks. C78/669, no. 5 [8]
1669 29 Jan 20 John Lenthall of Besselsleigh, Berks, esq v. Francis Manby; and Dawes Wymondsell, esq, executor of William Wymondsell, esq C78/1271, no. 9 [9]
1669 29 Jan 20 Peter Victoryn v. Henry Browne C78/1271, no. 11 [10]
1669 1 Feb 21 James Burvill, clerk; and John Casier, gent v. Thomas Gibbon the elder; Thomas Gibbon the younger; Edward Gibbon; and Valentine Jekyn C78/862, no. 9 [11]
1669 1 Feb 21 James Baker, gent, cousin and next heir of Mary Oxenden, late daughter of Sir Henry Oxenden, knight & Mary his late wife, one of the daughters of Robert Baker, gent, who was son and heir of Thomas Baker, gent, who was the eldest son and heir of John Baker, who was also the father of said Robert Baker, who was younger brother of said Thomas Baker C78/1078, no. 16 [12]
1669 4 Feb 21 William Whitmore of ___, Ches, esq & Dorothy his wife, infants, by Henry Hockenhall of Tramore [Tranmere], Ches, gent, their guardian v. Marchana Wilson; William Place; and Walter Smith C78/1003, no. 11 [13]
1669 4 Feb 21 John Parry, esq & Margaret his wife; and Frances Thelwall, spinster, sister of the plaintiff Margaret, two of the daughters of Edward Thelwall of Glantannat, Denb, esq & Margaret his wife v. Robert Wynne; and Richard Middleton, esq C78/1261, no. 9 [14]
1669 5 Feb 21 Thomas Chapman; John Nedham; Abraham Spence, rector of Market Bosworth, Leics v Beaumont Dixie; William Roberts; Wolfstan Dixie; Thomas May; Henry Thame; Thomas Underwood; William Dod; & James Conduitt Administration of the Grammar School of Market Bosworth, Leics C78/669, no. 2 [15]
1669 6 Feb 21 Christopher Pecke v William Eveleigh and Richard Brooke Mortgage of moiety of messuage in Pereton in Whimple, Devon. C78/688, no. 5 [16]
1669 8 Feb. 21 William Stretton; Richard Bassett; and John Hinton, churchwardens of the parish of Cleabrooke, Leics; John Thorpe; William Wright; and Jones John Garrett overseers of the poor of the same parish v William Rowney Payment of legacies raised from lands in Coventry, Warwicks, to provide poor children with schooling and apprenticeships C78/669, no. 3 [17]
1669 8 Feb 21 John Dennys son & heir of John Dennys decd son & heir of Nicholas Dennys decd v Thomas Hunt and Susan his wife and Richard Dennys Title to lands in parish of St. John Bowe, Exeter, Devon, subjected to a marriage settlement. C78/725, no. 18 [18]
1669 8 Feb 21 Robert Gough executor of William Gough late resident at Galatta of Constantinople merchant one of the Levant Company, his brother v Sir Thomas Bendish Debts C78/740, no. 6 [19]
1669 9 Feb 21 Bryan Wilson v. John Wilson C78/851, no. 5 [20]
1669 9 Feb 21 Edward Bampfield of Hardington, Som, gent v. Warwicke Bampfield, esq; John Buckland; John Hippisley; John Harrington; John Trethewy; George Bampfield; Mellior Farwell; Henry Foster & Katherine his wife; mary Bampfield; Elizabeth Bampfield; Alexander Popham; Henry Rogers; Edward Phellipps; and Robert Phelipps C78/1003, no. 12 [21]
1669 9 Feb 21 Thomas Whitmore v. Susanna Whitmore, widow; [missing] Whitmore and Anne Whitmore infants by the said Susanna; George Audley; Ralfe Poole; Ambrose Sparrow; and Hugh Wade C78/1297, no. 8 [22]
1669 10 Feb 21 John Ferris v Richard Peirce and Richard Robbins Mortgage of house and lands in Ashton Keynes, Wilts. C78/677, no. 2 [23]
1669 10 Feb 21 Thomas Edwards and Martha Cragg an infant by the said Thomas Edwards v Edward Stiles and Sarah his wife; and Richard Cooper Portion payable from messuage called the "Acron" in Brittames Burse ['Britain's Burse' or 'New Exchange', on the Strand], Middx and personal estate of John Cragg C78/688, no. 3 [24]
1669 10 Feb 21 Mathew Babington; William Whalley; Thomas Babington; Henry Hulse; William Oswyn; John Oswyn; William Fisher; and Susanna Marshall widow & relict of John Marshall v Anne Fisher, widow & relict of John Fisher; Mountjoy Fisher; Elizabeth Benet, widow & relict of John Benet; William Staveley, clerk, rector of Cossington als Cussington, Leics; Tobias Marshall; John Chamberlaine; William Bate; Anne Mason als Castledyne; Jonathan Martin; Elizabeth Scampton, widow; and Agnes Brewing Bill (14 June 1668) seeking ratification of articles of agreement (10 Aug. 15 Chas. II) to have general enclosure of the manor of Cossington or Cussington, Leicestershire C78/691, no. 10 [25]
1669 10 Feb 21 Elizabeth Fisher, widow, an infant of 19 years, relict and administratrix of Thomas Fisher decd by Richard Fisher v. Anne Fisher, widow and administratrix of William Fisher decd Estate of William Fisher decd, citizen and freeman of London, father of the plts late husband. (date supplied from finding aid) C78/1414, no. 30 [26]
1669 12 Feb 21 William Annyson the younger, gent v. John Penwarden, since deceased & Anne his wife C78/1021, no. 9 [27]
1669 13 Feb 21 James Elkington; Mathew Roydon; Henry Hall; Elizabeth Flavell, widow; John Flavell; and Silas Bedgay, clerk v Thomas Plampin; John Langston; and William Astell, rector of Shawell, Leics Bill (11 June past) alleging refusal to accept new allotments made in September 1665 after agreement (no date) to enclose the open field of the manor of Shawell, Leicestershire, with provision for the schoolmaster, the rector and the poor C78/669, no. 4 [28]
1669 13 Feb 21 John Aledfounder of Dedham Sussex clothier v. Robert Aylefounder; John Trenham & Elizabeth his wife and others (sic) C78/2026, no. 12 [29]
1669 13 Feb 21 Richard Coxeter of Bampton, Oxon v. Giles Batson and John Batson; Ambrose Sheppard; Ellen Batson, widow; John Sandford; and George Greenwood Assignment of the lease of farm and lands called Goodfellowes Court in Filkins, Broadwell and Kempscott, Oxon for the life of Robert Batson and Ellen his wife. C78/1443, no. 3 [30]
1669 13 Feb 21 Samuel Symon, an infant of about 15 years; and Elizabeth Symon, in infant of about 17 years; and Anne Symon of about 9 years, being all children of Thomas Symon late of St Clement Danes, Middx, freeman and citizen and goldsmith of London, deceased, by Humphry Gifford of London, their guardian v. Elizabeth Symon, executrix of said Thomas Symon C78/1073, no. 8 [31]
1669 16 Feb 21 Thomas Panton v Sir Charles Stanley; Sir George Ento; William Thursby; Theophilus Smith; John Gale; and John Barfoote Trust settlement of the manor of Martin iuxta Horncastle, and lands in Aslaby [?Aslackby], Milthorpe and Anthorpe [?Austhorpe in Ewerby par.], Lincs C78/685, no. 5 [32]
1669 18 Feb 21 Thomas Stanly & Penelope his wife; and Frances Bradshaw an infant by George Hill (which said Penelope & Frances were the only daughters of John Bradshaw decd) v Thomas Mawdesley; Luce Kent executrix of Roger Kent her late husband (who with the said Thomas Mawdesley were executors of the said John Bradshaw); Edmond Pershall; Thomas Pershall; William Millington; and Thomas Bradshaw son & heir of the said John Bradshaw Accounts re guardianship of complainant C78/686, no. [33]
1669 18 Feb 21 William Leeke and Mary his wife; John Bellingham and Anne his wife; which said Mary & Anne were the only daughters and heirs of Samuel Bolles decd v Henry Perkins and Elizabeth his wife; and Edward Steere Bonds re payment of portion. C78/686, no. 11 [34]
1669 18 Feb 21 Phillipp Best, merchant, son and administrator with the will annexed of Richard Best, merchant v. John Turner, merchant C78/1003, no. 13 [35]
1669 19 Feb 21 Barbarah Mallett, widow & relict of Richard Mallett decd v Christofer Favell and Johanna his wife; Robert Levett; Michael Anne; Edward Ashton; and William Nicholl Mortgage of tenement and lands in Normanton, Yorks. C78/694, no. 9 [36]
1669 19 Feb 21 Nicholas Glynn, esq v. Francis Reynold; George Perryman; and Jane Perryman C78/1012, no. 13 [37]
1669 19 Feb 21 Sir William Bolton, knight; Patrience Ward; and William White the elder v. Philadelphia, lady Wentworth, widow; Henrietta Maria, lady Wentworth, an infant, by Philadelphia her mother and guardian; and Sir William Smith, baroent C78/1276, no. 9 [38]
1669 23 Feb 21 John Browneing of Cowleye, Gloucs v Richard Robins Mortgage by lease of lands called East Dixen or East Rixon in Ashton Keynes, Gloucs C78/677, no. 3 [39]
1669 23 Feb 21 Richard Daw v Walter Couch and Dorcas his wife; and John Dawe Title to lands in St. Ives, Cornwall. C78/728, no. 11 [40]
1669 25 Feb 21 Edith Perwyn, executrix of Tovell Aylmer v. Edward Tokin, gent; and Mary Grigg, an infant by Margaret Love her mother and guardian C78/1726, no. 5 [41]
1669 25 Feb 21 Edith Perwyn, executrix of Tovell Aylmer v. Edward Tokin, gent, & Mary Grigg, an infant, by Margaret Love his mother and guardian C78/1725, no. 4 [42]
1669 2 March 21 John Beck and John Unthanck v Francis Gilstropp Lease of tenements in Rosemary Lane, Middx C78/670, no. 1 [43]
1669 2 March 21 Richard Peachell of St Saviours Southwarke v John Carpenter of the Strand, Middx, bodiesmaker; and the Lady Dionis Fairemeadowe, widow Lease of tenement near New Exchange in the Strand, Middx. C78/728, no. 15 [44]
1669 5 March 21 Abraham Vandebend v Thomas Levingston and Anne his wife; and Constantine Skynner since decd Rents and profits from lands in Beenham, Berks. C78/688, no. 2 [45]
1669 5 March 21 John Foorth, alderman of London/ William Foorth, doctor of laws; Daniel Foorth, brewer; and Thomas Foorth v. Philadelphia, lady Wentworth, widow; Henrietta Maria, lady Wentworth, an infant, by said Philadelphia her mother and guardian; Sir William Smith, baronet; Sir William Bolton, knight; Patience Ward, merchant; William White, sr; Robert Stacy; and William White the younger C78/1276, no. 8 [46]
1669 13 March 21 John Yate, esq v. John Segrave, esq & Mary his wife; Gilbert Thornbrough, gent; and Edith Chaff, widow C78/851, no. 4 [47]
1669 19 April 21 John Harris and William Boulte, citizens of London & executors of James Partridge of London v John Partidge and Hellen his wife Refusal to allow executors access to estate of unspecified lands in Sussex C78/735, no. 12 [48]
1669 21 April 21 Fabian Phillipps, esq & Margaret his wife, daughter of Robert Moyle, esq, heretofore third prothonotary of the court of common pleas at Westminster; and John Moyle; and Thomas Moyle, gents, infants, younger sons of said Robert Moyle, by Henry Hinckeslow, doctor in phisick; and John Taylor, bachelor of divinity, their guardian v. George Farmer, esq, third prothonotary of said court of common pleas; Christopher Clapham then esq now Sir Christopher Clapham, knight & Margaret his wife, executrix of said Robert Moyle C78/1286, no. 9 [49]
1669 22 April 21 John Levett and Mary his wife formerly called Mary Mote v Sir Godfrey Copley Leases of manor of Plumtree and lands in Normanton [Normanton on the Wolds], Clipston and Keyworth, Notts. C78/694, no. 11 [50]
1669 23 April 21 Mary Codrington, an infant, by Mary Codrington her mother and guardian v. Charles White, esq; and Richard Gildon, gent C78/850, no. 4 [51]
1669 24 April 21 Isabell Bucke, daughter and heir of John Bucke, an infant, by James Johnson her guardian; and the said James Johnson v. Edward Bucke Trust settlement of lands in Rosse Burton, Pidsey and Colden, Yorks. C78/850, no. 2 [52]
1669 30 April 21 Henry Titchborne v Goyce Harvey Rent charge from lands in Northwood, Isle of Wight. C78/681, no. 6 [53]
1669 30 April 21 James Dolliffe younger son of Richard Dolliffe of Halifax, Yorks, an infant by the said Richard Dolliffe his father guardian v. Richard Hewitt & Katherine his wife; James Gartside; Edmond Holme otherwise Wolfenden; John Clough; and Jonathan Wolfendon C79/93, no. [54]
1669 30 April 21 John Pollen; Peter Blake; William Philpott alias Purveyor; William Sweetaple; Thomas Waller, an infant, son and heir of Thomas Waller, by Bryan Hunt, his grandfather and guardian; John Moring, son and heir of John Moring; Edward Hunt; Roger Bird, an infant, son and heir of Roger Bird, by Jone Bird, widow, his mother and guardian; William Gammon; John Cleeve; Peter Russell & Mary his wife, daughter of Thomas Barwicke, deceased; Martin huyward; and John Batchelor v. Rachell Venables; William Smith; Samuel Holmes; and Nicholas Venables C78/1073, no. 6 [55]
1669 (--) May 21 Oliver Easton and Philadelphia his wife; Julian Ladore, Gracian Ladore and Arnold Ladore infants; and Sir John Churchman executor of Francis Ladore v Nathaniel Denew; John Denew; Peter Ladore; Edward Buckle; and John Holmes Possession of personal estate of Peter Ladore. C78/692, no. 1 [56]
1669 1 May 21 Richard Oldfield v. Olive Croft, widow Badly faded. Deft is widow of Thomas Croft, and daughter of John Dymely. Mention of property in Killingbeck & Kirkedighton, Yorks. C78/1412, no. 11 [57]
1669 1 May 21 Tempest Milner and Maurice Gething and John Acroyd executors of Barnabas Meere v Humfrey Allison; Samuel Patteson; John Hall and others (not named) Debts of Edward Patteson, payable from mortgaged tenements in Plymouth, Devon. C78/686, no. 9 [58]
1669 1 May 21 Warden, keepers and community of Sadlers of London and John Thomas v William Johnson, clerk, parson of St Martins Orgar, London; Francis Bullock & John Layton churchwardens there; and John Russell Title to lands in parish of Saint Olave, near London. C78/700, no. 20 [59]
1669 3 May 21 George Whyte administrator of Richard White decd v John Evans and Anne his wife; William Rutland; William Jones; Thomas Nurse; and Alexander Brett Debts of Robert Brett, payable from lands of former monastery of Whitelands, Carmarthens. C78/697, no. 10 [60]
1669 3 May 21 John Cock, citizen and brewer of London v Robert Norwood and Elizabeth his wife; John Johnson; and Thomas Johnson Bonds in connection with brewery trade in London and mortgage of premises in Blith Lane, Hammersmith and Fulham, Middx C78/750, no. 10 [61]
1669 6 May 21 John Powell of the parish of St Paul Covent Graden, Middx, gentleman v. Samuel Bougtrey gentleman & Grace his wife C78/2044, no. 14 [62]
1669 7 May 21 James Erissey, esq; Gilbert Eveleigh; Walter Deeble; and Francis Whiddon v. John Crossing; John Yeabb; and Mary Giles C78/859, no. 13 [63]
1669 8 May 21 Edmond Williamson surviving executor of Sir Francis Williamson his late father v Sir Andrew Henley executor of Robert Henley Lease of tithes of parsonage of Dodington, Isle of Ely, Cambs C78/694, no. 10 [64]
1669 10 May 21 John Osborne and Margaret his wife; Richard Gardner and Edward Osborne infants by the said John Osborne v Lionel Mills and Ann his wife; and William Jolley Legacies payable from copyhold lands in Bungay Soca, Suffolk. C78/726, no. 17 [65]
1669 11 May 21 Robert Perrott and John Perrott two of the sons of Robert Perrott Citizen and Haberdasher of London, infants v Sarah Perrot, widow. Legacies of £100 each due to the complts from the Will of John Perrott late Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London decd (dated August 1665), brother of Robert Perrott and uncle of the complts. Legacies being withheld by the deft, widow & executrix of the decd, claiming that they would not be able to provide her with a legal discharge as they were under age C78/750, no. 9 [66]
1669 11 May 21 Henry Phillipps, an infant, first son and heir apparent of Robert Phillipps of St Martins in the Fields, London, esq, one of his his said Majesty's Bedchamber (sic), by said Robert Phillipps, his guardian v. Edward Phillipps of Corfe Mullen, Dorset; Thomas Phillipps, third son of Edward Phillipps of Mountague, esq; Robert Seymer of Hanford, esq; Joseph Hussey of Stower Paule, gent; Robert Hussey of Corfe Mullen, gent; John Odber & Jane his wife; and Stephen Jay C78/1044, no. 1 [67]
1669 12 May 21 Thomas Tooke v Cranmer Harris; Charles Tooke; Richard Pooley; Roger Norton and Martha his wife; John Tooke; Margery Tooke; Elizabeth Tooke and another (not named) Trust settlement of lands in Wormley, Cheshunt, Broxborne and Amwell Magna, Herts and Holborn, London C78/725, no. 17 [68]
1669 12 May 21 John Canon esq son and heir of Morris Canon esq who was cousin and next heir of Sir Thomas Canon knight also deceased viz, son and heir of David Canon eldest brother and heir of the said Sir Thomas Canon v. Isaac Lloyd esq & Elizabeth his wife relict and executrix of said Morris Canon and administratrix de bonis non of said Sir Thomas Canon unadministered by Morris her former husband; Sir Hugh Owen; and Arthur Owen C78/2069, no. 24 [69]
1669 12 May 21 John Pearson, doctor in divinity, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and The Fellows and Scholars of the same College; the Right Honorable Basill Fielding alias Basill of Hayesburgh, earl of Denbigh; George Garret of Lare; Richard Thompson; Thomas Garret; Michael Poole; Michael Hudson; Mathew Poole; Richard Wallis; Anne Wallis, by her guardian; George Garret; John Hurst; John Freare; Francis Izard; William Gilbert; Anne Kyne, widow; and John Sutton, most of Ulsthorpe in the parish of Cleybrooke, Leics v. Thomas Bradgate, esq & his wife; Samuel Bird; Sir John Curson, knight and baronet; John Curson, esq; John Garret alias Crick Garret; Richard Garrett; John garrett the elder; William Rafes & his wife; Michael Perkens; Francis Perkins; William Howcott & his wife; Richard Gilbert; John Garret; George Cawdle; Thomas Lawrence; Thomas Pell; Thomas Page; Frances Bradgate; Mary Marson; John Marson; Richard Procter; John Garret alias Jones Garret; Robert Page; Richard Cawdle; John Brewis; William Marshall; Dame Elizabeth Bennett; Henry Burton; Charles Thompson; Henry Pearse; Thomas Morris; Daniel Densheire & his wife; Henry Scambler; St John Bennett; John Garrett; Michael Carter & his wife C78/1002, no. 11 [70]
1669 13 May 21 Dame Bridgett Lenthall, widow & relict of Sir John Lenthall; William Lenthall, grandson & heir of the said Sir John Lenthall; Katherine, Lady Paslay, widow & relict of honourable James Hamilton, Lord Paslay; Edward Moore and Frances his wife; and Mary Raynold, widow, daughter of the said Sir John Lenthall v Sir Thomas Rous Conveyance of the legal estate of the office of Marshall of the Marshallsea of Kings Bench Court and prison. C78/700, no. 17 [71]
1669 13 May 21 George Lulls, executor of John Younge v Thomas Blinckorne Mortgage of lands in Leake [Old Leake] and Alderchurch [Algarkirk], Lincs C78/711, no. 5 [72]
1669 14 May 21 Thomas Westcott v Thomas Tucker. Portions payable from mortgaged lands in Showbrooke [Shobrooke] and Combe Martyn [Combe Martin] and Exeter, Devon C78/725, no. 10 [73] PS
1669 14 May 21 John Robbins of Hawkhurst, Kent, gentleman v. Richard Freebody; Mathew Robins; Frances Robins; and Richard Turley C78/1930, no. 19 [74]
1669 15 May 21 John Lowe, esq, son and heir of John Lowe, esq, late son and heir of Vincent Low, esq v. Robert Willimott, nephew and heir of Robert Willimott, late son and heir of Robert Willimott of Chadson C78/867, no. 17 [75]
1669 17 May 21 Samuel Herne of Watton, Northants v Jeremy Stevens of Watton, clerk Bonds for debt and payments for purchase of lands in Watton, Northants C78/735, no. 11 [76]
1669 17 May 21 William Rosewell, esq v. Sir Keeling, knight, CJKB; and Mary Keeling, an infant, daughter of said Sir John Keeling, by said Sir John Keeling, his (sic) guardian C78/1276, no. 7 [77]
1669 18 May 21 John Wilkins, since Lord Bishop of Chester v Adiel Bethell and Mary his wife Mortgage of lands in Westcott, Wadeson (or Waddeston), Bucks, already the subject of a trust settlement. C78/711, no. 9 [78]
1669 19 May 21 Rosmore Wood an infant by Dame Martha Wingfield his mother v Thomas Wood executor of Richard Wood; and Elizabeth Merricke Debts and legacies of Richard Wood payable from his personal estate C78/677, no. 1 [79]
1669 22 May 21 John Bacon of Reading, Berks, woolendraper v. Robert Malthus of Northall, Middx, clerk C78/1003, no. 10 [80]
1669 25 May 21 Lawrence Carter v Richard Lawrence Junior Mortgage of lands in Beachampton, Bucks. C78/669, no. 1 [81]
1669 26 May 21 John Beaumont of Sywell, Northants and Dame Philicia his wife; William Willmer son of the said Dame Philicia by William Willmer her former husband, an infant by Ralph Lawton of London v Philicia Willmer and Mary Willmer, infants; William Sneyd; and Francis Harvey Debts and maintenance payments due from trust settlement of manors of Sywell Hannington and Traford and other lands in Northants C78/713, no. 8 [82]
1669 26 May 21 Nicholas Blake of Ollantre???, Hants; and Richard Kent of Bentley, Hants, gent v. Roger Singar; Richard Haman; John Poore; John Gore; Richard Miller & Jane his wife C78/1078, no. 19 [83]
1669 27 May 21 Sir Richard Grobham How and Dame Anne his wife relict of John Dutton v William Dutton adopted heir and executor of the said John Dutton Payment of annuities from lands in Shirborne, Winrith Northlach, Kissingtbn, Eastlach and Cheltenham, Gloucs C78/700, no. 18 [84]
1669 27 May 21 John Bill, esq v. Christopher Barker, esq & Ursula his wife; George Sawbridge; Henry Hills; James Smith, esq; Simon Smith, esq; John Lock, gent; Richard Smithsby, gent; and others (sic) C78/1271, no. 10 [85]
1669 28 May 21 John Rayner v Rt hon George, Lord Viscount Hallifax; William Pierepoint; Sir William Hickman; Anthony Gyre; Francis Stringer; Francis Sandys; and Robert Mapletoft, sub dean of the Cathedral Church of Lincoln Implementation of will of John Darell leaving messuage and lands in West Retford, Notts, to found a hospital there. C78/686, no. 8 [86]
1669 28 May 21 Martha and Mary Hulbert, spinsters v Thomas Hulbert Mortgage of encumbered lands in Melksham, Wilts. C78/711, no. 4 [87]
1669 No decree date given; Bill. Easter. 21 Chas. II 21 Sir Geoffrey Palmer, for fellows and scholars of Trinity College, Cambridge v George Newman Money for scholarships to maintain poor scholars born in Kent or Cambs, given by will of Stephen Newman from lands in Cavenham and Marston, Kent C78/696, no. 2 [88]
1669 9 June 21 William Cutler v Sir William Ryder; Sir Richard Ford; John Buckworth; and Richard Bayly Bonds re partnership in trade with "Swedland and Guiney." C78/684, no. 3 [89]
1669 9 June 21 John, lord viscount Tracy, son and heir of Robert, lord Tracy v. Dorothy, lady Tracy, the relict of the said Robert, lord Tracy; Robert Tracy, an infant, son of said Lord Tracy; and John Cocks, esq C78/751, no. 3 [90]
1669 11 June 21 John Horsewell v Arthur Bury, clerk Annuity payable from messuage and lands in Aveton Gifford, Devon C78/688, no. 1 [91]
1669 13 June 21 John Wiseman, & Anne his wife, the eldest daughter of George Briggs of London, merchant v. Sir Reginald Foster, knight, & Dame Anne his wife, late Anne Briggs, widow, relict, and executrix of said George Briggs and Charles Briggs an infant, by said Anne his mother and guardian C78/1669, no. 6 [92]
1669 14 June 21 Thomas Overing; Nicholas Smith; Thomas Wadland; William Orton, executor of William Orton; Alexander Baker; and Samuel Wanley, creditors of Thomas Browne, late of Leicester, Leics v. Jane Browne, relict of said Thomas Browne, now the wife of Joseph Cradocke; George Worden; John Byfield; George Carter; and Francis Scampton C78/867, no. 14 [93]
1669 16 June 21 Sir Thomas Meeres; Bassett Cole; Thomas Arnold; George Arnold; Richard Clarke; Bridgett Doomelawe; John Thorpe; William Dolben; William Gardiner; Francis Holden; Richard Winne; [blank] Melchey; [blank] Childe; Joane Macroe; John Nicholl; John Woodward; Richard Browne als Bourne; Francis Martin; Sir Thomas Allen; Sir John Cutt; Sir William Rishton; creditors of Sir William Bowyer v Sir William Bowyer; Humfry Weld; Sir John Weld; Thomas Herris; Daniel Andrews; trustees of the said Sir William Bowyer Debts on security of manors of Denham Court, or Doggett, and Hedgerly, Bucks. C78/687, no. 7 [94]
1669 16 June 21 Anne Dowsett, Mary Dowsett, Edward Dowsett, John Dowsett and Hester Dowsett infants by Anne Dowsett their sister v Mary Wright executrix of Thomas Wright; and Thomas Wright and Mary Wright son & daughter of the said Thomas Wright decd, infants; and Mary Wright executrix of John Wright Interests in estate of Edward Dowsett of lands in Northweald, Essex C78/711, no. 8 [95]
1669 16 June 21 John Pearse and Lois his wife v William Thornebury; Gregory Pearse and Margaret his wife Income from marriage settlement of tenements in London, damaged by fire C78/726, no. 16 [96]
1669 18 June 21 John Russell v Master, fellows and scholars of Jesus College, Cambridge; Samuel Gatward; Charles Baron Disputed boundaries of plot of 80 acres in Steeple Moreden and Gilden Moreden, Cambs C78/687, no. 6 [97]
1669 18 June 21 John Lee; Thomas Lee; and Richard Lee, gent v. William Burrough the elder, esq; and William Burrough the younger his son; and Christopher Goodfellow esq C78/859, no. 11 [98]
1669 18 June 21 Robert Trew; and Elizabeth Trew, infants, by John Trew of Poole, their grandfather and guardian v. Mary Trew, widow; Peter Pitt; and Thomas Deirick C78/1078, no. 23 [99]
1669 21 June 21 Anne Lee of St Martins in the Vintree, London, widow v Humfery Newton of Owdle, Northants; Samuel Cock; and William Doughtie and others (not named) Mortgage of lands in parish of St. Mary, Bedford, Elveston, Cardington and Kempston, Beds C78/735, no. 10 [100]
1669 21 June 21 Thomas Arnold, esq; Maurice Gethin, esq; and Thomas Steyne, gent v. William Burrough, esq; William Burrough the younger his son; and Christopher Goodfellow, esq C78/859, no. 12 [101]
1669 22 June 21 Sir Thomas Hooke v George Hill and Robert Yarway Discharge of encumbrances on copyhold messuages in Highgate, Middx C78/686, no. 5 [102]
1669 22 June 21 Anne Tilson, widow, relict of Tilson; and Anne Tilson an infant, daughter of said Anne and John Tilson by the said Anne her mother and guardian v. Edward Tilson; John Atkin; and Nicholas Graves C78/851, no. 3 [103]
1669 23 June 21 Thomas Hollis v Henry Mallory and John Culpeper Rebuilding of messuage in St. Mary Woolchurch, London, destroyed by great fire C78/700, no. 16 [104]
1669 23 June 21 Caleb Haggar v William Cripps and Sarah his wife Annuity payable from mortgaged lands in Epping, Essex C78/800, no. 9 [105]
1669 23 June 21 Edward Rayner v. Henry Greaves; Richard Jenkinson; Thomas Cotterell; and Robert Woodhouse C78/867, no. 13 [106]
1669 23 June 21 Sir Thomas Gower, knight and baronet, administrator of Edward Gower, esq v. Richard Pelson, esq & Anne, countess dowager of Sussex his wife C78/1276, no. 6 [107]
1669 23 June 21 Anne Minshall v. Richard Spicer; and John Wolfe, executors of Geffrey Minshall; and Randolph Minshall; and John Minshall C78/1286, no. 8 [108]
1669 25 June 21 Anthony Laythorne an infant by John Laythorne his father and guardian v. Ralph Sturkey esq; Thomas Dymocke; and William Touchett executors of Elizabeth Laythorne executrix of Anthony Laythorne C79/93, no. [109]
1669 25 June 21 John Nicholson v. Henry Murgatroid; Thomas Murgatroid; William Murgatroid; Henry Clapham; John Ramsbottome; Thomas Parkinson; Joseph Fournes; William Cawcroft; and Michael Crosley John Murgatroid, debts and trust settlement of estate in Morton, Riddlesden, Keighley, Shipley, Wadsworth and Heptonstall, Yorks. C78/1412, no. 22 [110]
1669 25 June 21 James Tong; Daniel Cooke; and William Lake an infant v. Leonard Sprackly Mortgage of estate in Tunstall & Borden in Kent C78/1412, no. 10 [111]
1669 25 June 21 Thomas Goodwyn, an infant, by Sir John Duke, baronet, his guardian v. Nicholas Cutler; John Howland, esq; and William Whitfield, gent; and others (sic) C78/1275, no. 5 [112]
1669 26 June 21 Annabella, Countess dowager of Kent and Sir Humfry Wynch v Banestre Maynard son & heir apparent of William, Lord Maynard; and William Maynard an infant, son and heir of the said Banestre Maynard Marriage settlement of the manors of Bagworth, Lindridge and Thornton, Leics and lands in Woodplumpton, Lancs, Furtho, Northants, Inwardsby and Hungerton, Leics and tithes in Leics, Lancs, Northants and Bucks C78/700, no. 15 [113]
1669 28 June 21 Stephen Oliphew v Nicholas Richards; Timothy Richards; Alice Richards, widow; Timothy Richards her son an infant; and others (not named) Mortgage and sale of lands in Farrindon, Devon, already subject to rights of dower. C78/726, no. 13 [114]
1669 28 June 21 William Alanson of Wem, Shrops and Sarah his wife the relist of John Osboldaston v Robert White; William Best; Peter Staynynought, clerk; and James Smalshawe Legacy to poor of Leyland, Lancs, payable from trust settlement of lands in Strand on the Greene, Middx. C78/728, no. 13 [115]
1669 28 June 21 Thomas Veele, esq, grandchild and heir of Thomas Veele, esq, viz., son and heir of William Veele, who was son and heir of said Thomas, deceased; Robert Veele; and Margaret Veele, brother and sister of the complainant Thomas; Thomas Hill; Mary Hill; Dorothy Hill; Edward Hill; and Richard Hill, children of Edward Hill & Elinor his wife, daughter of Thomas Veele, deceased, infants, by said complainant Thomas Veele their guardian; and the said Edward Hill, father v. Nicholas Veele; and Thomas Veele, sons of the said Thomas Veele the elder; Allan Brodricke, knight; and William Brodricke, gent C78/1286, no. 4 [116]
1669 29 June 21 Sir Edward Barkham son & heir of Sir Robert Barkham; and Jane Allured, widow, one of the daughters of the said Sir Robert Barkham v James Huxley and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Barkham; Robert Coney & Alice his wife; Dame Dorcas Delanne, widow; Mathew Alured; John Alured; Robert Alured; and Jane Alured children of the complt Jane Alured by John Alured decd Annuities payable from trust of lands in Friskney, Lincs. C78/726, no. 14 [117]
1669 29 June 21 John Hasleden of Coventry, clothier v. Edward Burt C78/1003, no. 9 [118]
1669 29 June 21 John Sutton v. William Parker the elder; William Parker the younger; Samuel Parker; Martha Parker; Mary Parker & Elizabeth Parker children of the said William Parker the elder by Edmund Williamson AND v. William Taylor an infant C78/1297, no. 6 [119]
1669 30 June 21 Charles Naylor; Joseph Naylor; Samuel Rasby and Susanna his wife v Mabel Naylor, widow, and Christopher Naylor her son an infant; Dulcibella Naylor, widow relict and executrix of Joseph Naylor; and George Naylor son & heir of the said Joseph Division of moiety of premises in Wakefield, Yorks. C78/691, no. 8 [120]
1669 30 June 21 Alexander Prescott the elder v Alexander Prescott junior; Alexander Halsall; James Halsall; John Mathewes; George Crosner Rent charge from mortgaged lands in Radwinter and Bendish, Essex C78/691, no. 9 [121]
1669 30 June 21 James Bullocke, gent v. Godfrey Clarke, esq; John Bullocke, esq, an infant; Cornelius Clarke, esq; and Sarah Bullocke, widow C78/867, no. 16 [122]
1669 1 July 21 Simon Wood and Elizabeth his wife relict and administratrix of Edward Sanders v Nicholas Sanders; Thomas Watts; and Roger Jones Lease of salt house in Droitwich, Worcs. C78/701, no. 3 [123]
1669 1 July 21 Martha Every, widow v. John Gould, esq; John Every, esq; and John Hurding, esq C78/1726, no. 4 [124]
1669 1 July 21 Martyn Lister, esq v. Richard Hartley, gent & Mary his wife C78/973, no. 4 [125]
1669 1 July 21 Sir Giles Tooker, baronet v. Anthony, lord Ashley; Sir Thomas Gore, knight; Dame Phillippa his wife; Sir Walter Ernle, baronet; Dame Martha his wife; and John Thornton, gent C78/1078, no. 17 [126]
1669 2 July 21 Edwyn Baldwyn v Elizabeth Williams, widow and Anne Williams an infant. Payment of legacies. C78/750, no. 3 [127]
1669 2 July 21 Edwin Badwyn v Elizabeth Williams and Anne Williams. Payment of legacies from the estate of Francis Haslewood late of Offenham, Worcs. C78/750, no. 11 [128]
1669 2 July 21 Sir Thomas Lee, baronet; William Sheppard, esq; John Temple, gent; Jane Clerke, widow; Richard Clerke, yeoman; and Richard Hamden, esq v. Thomas Larchin; Thomas Pott; William Flookes; Henry Fly; and William Fuller C78/862, no. 8 [129]
1669 6 July 21 William Pearse and Phillipp Pearse an infant by the said William his father and guardian v. Henry Threele C79/93, no. [130]
1669 6 July 21 Robert Rolle, gent & Anne his wife; and Robert Lamb, jr v. William Duckett, esq; and Thomas Blanchard, clerk C78/1073, no. 7 [131]
1669 8 July 21 Edward Mosley the elder and Edward Mosley the younger an infant v Sir John Maynard; Joseph Maynard and Mary his wife; Anne Mosley; and Thomas Leigh Portions payable from trust settlement of unspecified manors in Lancs, Cheshire, Staffs, Derbys and Leics. C78/681, no. 7 [132]
1669 8 July 21 William Morse & Mary his wife, daughter of Henry White v. Nicholas Greene, esq; Thomas Neate; Henry Cullymore; and Walter White C78/1078, no. 21 [133]
1669 9 July 21 Richard Barker and Theodosia his wife, one of the sisters of Sir Bethell Wray (a lunatic) v Anthony Thorold and John Cooper curator of the person & estate of the said Sir Bethell Wray Auditing of accounts of lunatic's estate and custody of his person C78/686, no. 2 [134]
1669 9 July 21 Richard Isaacke and Katherine his wife v Sir Peter Prideaux; Sir George Trevelian; and John Willoughby Interests and arrears due from financial trust. C78/726, no. 15 [135]
1669 9 July 21 Sir Theophilus Byddulph of London, knight and baronet; and Peter Birkinhead, citizen and mercer of London v. Thomas Temple, esq C78/1726, no. 3 [136]
1669 9 July 21 Richard Gilbert and John Gilbert by John ___ their uncle v. Nicholas Edler?; John Street; and William Ninne C78/878, no. 8 [137]
1669 10 July 21 Robert Merring of Mungret Castle, Limerick, Ireland, merchant & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Merringe the younger; Elizabeth Merringe; Richard Merringe; Thomas and John Merringe children of said Robert Merringe & ELizabeth his wife infants by said father and mother; William Ayloffe of Stomer, devon, esq; ___ Courtney of Molland, Devon, widow; ___ Byan; and Christopher Goodwin of Plymouth v. John Cutcliffe esq; Nicholas Dennis esq; William Westcombe gentleman; Arthur Ackland; and George Humes gentleman C78/1915, no. 9 [138]
1669 12 July 21 Dawes Wymondsold executor of William Wymondsold decd v. Sir Harry Coningsby; Sir William Hicks; Sir William Hicks; Thomas Culpepper; and Dame Mary Camball, widow Sale by the deft Culpepper of estate at Sedgbury House, Kent and in Goodhurst, Hawkhurst & Cambrook, Kent. C78/1412, no. 12 [139]
1669 15 July 21 William Booth v William Sankey and William Piggott Mortgage of moiety of houses in Drury Lane, London C78/686, no. 7 [140]
1669 15 July 21 Thomas Lewes v Robert Reynes and Margaret his wife; Thomas Wayt and Jane his wife; William Parkins and Elizabeth his wife; Anne Whitby; John Morton; Thomas Willoughby; Mary Willoughby; Phillipp Willoughby; Sarah Willoughby; Jervas Piggott; Alexander Ekins; Francis Blyth; William Bushby; and Richard Bradshaw Title to lands in Stamford, Notts, Loughborough and Coates, Leics. C78/800, no. 10 [141]
1669 15 July 21 John Tombes, gent v. Arthur Ruddle, gent, an infant, by Lancelott Emot, his guardian; and Anthony Emot C78/1286, no. 7 [142]
1669 16 July 21 Henry Willett v Francis Tryon. Bonds in connection with the pawning and sale of pictures and arras hangings. C78/711, no. 10 [143]
1669 16 July 21 Lawrence Halsted of London v Sir Thomas Rich and Sir Thomas Chamberlaine Performance of agreement re sale of the manor of Sonning, Berks and Oxon and manor of Caversham, Oxon C78/1222, no. 6 [144]
1669 17 July 21 Richard Cocks v Dame Mary Carr, widow. Accounts of a trust settlement of £8,000 of the estate of Sir Robert Carr decd. C78/750, no. 5 [145]
1669 17 July 21 Mary Lloyd & Katherin Lloyd infants by Richard Williams v Elizabeth Price, John Price, David Jenkins, Phillipp Jones, Evan Lewis, Rowland Dawkins, Edmond Jones, David Evans & John Llewelyn Property of Rees Lloyd: 'Llyne Adam' Glamorganshire C78/785, no. 5 [146]
1669 27 July 21 William Windham son & heir of Thomas Windham decd by Thomas, Lord Richardson v Dame Frances Windham; Arthur, Earl of Anglesey; James, Lord Annesley; Hugh Phillipps; John Ashfeild; Sir John Holland; Sir Robert Kempe; Sir Wadham Windham; Hugh Windham; Sir Thomas Rant; Robert Suckling; Sir John Palgrave; Thomas Meade; Richard Chamberlaine and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Baldocke; Martin Forster; Thomas Blofeild; Leonard Blofeild; John Wase; Robert Tilleston; Thomas Southerton; The Lady Frances Windham, widow; John Windham; and Sir John Hobart Trust of lands in Felbrigg, Aylemerton, Toft, Overhall, Netherhall, Susted, Metton, Parnowhall, Banningham, Tuttington cum Crackford, Cole by cum Tilcock, Thurleton Banyard, Wicklewood, Crownethorpe and Dilham, Norf C78/686, no. 1 [147]
1669 11 Oct 21 Francis Clarke son of Sir Francis Clarke and Dame Elizabeth his wife, an infant, by Sir Francis Clarke his father v Richard Pagitt and Tymothy Eman Portion and legacy payable from will of Nazareth Pagitt C78/699, no. 1 [148]
1669 11 Oct 21 Gabriel Barnes, gent v. William Southcott, esq; Henry Winter, esq & Katherine his wife; James Bryan, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Mary Southcott now the wife of William Brueton, esq; Margaret Southcott; Jane Southcott (said Katherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, and Jane being the sisters and coheirs of Edward Southcott, son and heir of Sir Popham Southcott, knight; and Sir Maurice Berkly, knight and baronet now Lord FitzHarding; Sir Thomas Carew, baronet; Henry Ford, esq; Gilbert Eveleigh; Leonard Pelty since deceased; and Humphrey Steere C78/859, no. 10 [149]
1669 12 Oct 21 Richard Comport v Sir Samuel Jones Rents due from lands in Lambeth, Surrey. C78/686, no. 3 [150]
1669 12 Oct 21 Mary Wilson, widow; and Margaret Byfleete then an infant, by John Speke, gent, Margaret's guardian, said Mary and Margaret being daughters and coheirs of Thomas Byfleete, esq v. Mary Byflete, widow; John Byflete; and William Byflete C78/1012, no. 14 [151]
1669 23 Oct 21 Thomas Colepeper of Hackington, alias St Stephens, Kent, esq, son and heir of Sir Thomas Colepeper, knight v. Elizabeth Hynd, widow, late wife and executrix of John Hynd, gent; Richard Cooke; Benjamin Cooke; John Hynd; and Henry Colepeper clerk C78/751, no. 7 [152]
1669 23 Oct 21 John Stevens of Ratcliffe in the parish of Stepney, Middx, yeoman & Sarah his wife, sister and administratrix of Edward Miles of Ratcliffe v. George Cooke, esq C78/1003, no. 8 [153]
1669 25 Oct 21 Francis Vernon of London v William Gwillm and Jeremiah Malpas Incumbrances and debts on lands in Walthamstowe, Essex C78/711, no. 7 [154]
1669 26 Oct 21 Thomas Adams v. Sir Robert Jason baronet; Robert Rouse; and Phillipp Cooke gentlemen C79/93, no. [155]
1669 26 Oct 21 John Digby esq and Dame Katherine Howard his wife since deceased v. Sir Kenelm Digby knight C78/2021, no. 8 [156]
1669 27 Oct 21 Christopher Osmond and James Osmond v George Ivie Bonds in connection with cloth trade to Portugal. C78/726, no.10 [157]
1669 29 Oct 21 Richard Taylor gentleman v. George Blackbourne & his wife; Robert Nunns; and Thomas Sandwich C79/93, no. [158]
1669 5 Nov 21 Richard Bullock and Unity his wife executrix of John Scott her former husband decd, who was executor of William Lightfoote decd v Robert Dynes administrator of Joane Lightfoote decd the relict of the said William Lightfoote and others (not named) Unpaid legacies and bequests from personal estate by will of William Lightfoote C78/719, no. 11 [159]
1669 5 Nov 21 Godfrey Rhodes v. Sir Jordan Crosland and Thomas Rymere Debt of complts father to Ralph Rymer, who was executed for high treason. C78/1415, no. 1 [160]
1669 6 Nov 21 Thomas Closon v Samuel Lee; Thomas Parker the elder; Thomas Parker the younger; David Clarke; Sir Robert Viner; Sir Joseph Sheldon, Sherriff of London and Middlesex; Thomas Evans and John Foster, coroners of the County of Middlesex Discharge of bonds C78/700, no. 8 [161]
1669 6 Nov 21 John Nelson of Duncott in the parish of Greenes Norton, Northt; and John Langford of Rothersthorp, Northt, yeomen v. George Wake, doctor of laws; Mr John Howes and Robert Stevens, cobrethern of St Johns Hospital, Northampton; Bridgett Howes; John Howes; and Daniel Howes C78/1003, no. 7 [162]
1669 8 Nov 21 John Barrington esq v. Erasmus Harby baronet and William Walker C78/1915, no. 7 [163]
1669 8 Nov 21 John Cressett of the Inner Temple, London, gent v. John, lord Roberts; Robert Roberts, & Sarah his wife; Charles Bodvill Roberts; Sir Richard Wynne, baronet; and Henry Wynne, esq C78/751, no. 9 [164]
1669 10 Nov 21 Anne Astley executrix of George Astley decd v Sir Thomas Smith and Dame Beatrix his wife; and James Zouch Annuity payable from manor of Odiam, Surrey C78/681, no. 2 [165]
1669 10 Nov 21 Miles Fleetewoode, citizen and haberdasher of London v Anthony Biddulph of London; Edward Carter; Thomas Roach; Nathaniel Humfryes; Mathew Syner; and Thomas Jupe Debts in connection with sale of Lattin plate C78/735, no. 6 [166]
1669 10 Nov 21 William Lelam citizen and leatherser of London and Alice Lelam an infant by said William Lelam her father and guardian v. Thomas Porter and Olive Wooden C78/1930, no. 22 [167]
1669 15 Nov 21 Robert Salvin executor of Rebecca Salvin, widow, his late mother decd v Cuthbert Heron now Sir Cuthbert Heron son & heir of Cuthbert Heron his late father; Cuthbert Collingwood son & heir of George Collingwood decd; Thomas Carnaby and Dorothy his wife; and Richard Turbutt Payment of annuity from capital messuage of Pigdon, Northumberland C78/691, no. 7 [168]
1669 15 Nov 21 John Henbury v. Henry Whitehed, esq C78/851, no. 1 [169]
1669 15 Nov 21 Katherine Bowyer, widow, relict, and executrix of William Bowyer, esq v. Humfrey Tucker; Anne Alcorne; and Elizabeth Alcorne C78/857, no. 8 [170]
1669 15 Nov 21 Richard Hele, gent v. George Reynell, esq & Ann his wife C78/859, no. 9 [171]
1669 16 Nov 21 George Greenhill; Thomas Greenhill and Henry Greenhill v John Greenhill; Sir Thomas Chambers; The Governor & Company of East India Merchants. Shares in estate of Henry Greenhill, of goods and stock in the East India Company C78/711, no. 6 [172]
1669 16 Nov 21 John Vinte the elder, gentleman; John Vinte the younger, gentleman; William Bradshawe the elder; William Bradshawe the younger; Thomas Hinde gentleman; Thomas Makepeace; William Ledbrooke; William Hinde; Richard Bayly; James Wagstaff; Raph Lees; Richard Brookes; Robert Ladbrooke; Nathaniel Ledbrooke; Thomas Mason; Robert Ledbrooke; Jonathan Ledbrooke; William Yardley; and Richard Robinson residents and inhabitants and freeholders of Knightcott and Northend in the parish of Burton Dassett, Warw v. John Ledbrooke C78/2021, no. 7 [173]
1669 17 Nov 21 Joane Greene of Waltham Holy Crosse, Essex, widow v Nicholas Blincoe and Jane his wife Testamentary settlement of personal estate. C78/735, no. 8 [174]
1669 17 Nov 21 Henry Edward v. John Boswell and William Legat C78/2027, no. 11 [175]
1669 18 Nov 21 Richard Gargrave son & heir of Francis Gargrave, and nephew & heir of Sir Richard Gargrave v Sir John Bright and Roger Molineux Trust of lands in Himsworth Yorks. C78/694, no. 1 [176]
1669 19 Nov 21 Richard Porter v William Paul and others (named). Executor's accounts of income from lands in Essex, Sussex, Kent and London. C78/725, no. 15 [177]
1669 19 Nov 21 Mary Catchmay; Hannah Catchmay; Rebeccah Catchmay; and Elizabeth Catchmay, daughters of Christopher Catchmay, esq v. Edward Nicholas, & Judith his wife; and Elizabeth Morgan C78/1723, no. 12 [178]
1669 20 Nov 21 Henry James, clerk, surviving executor of Giles Strong decd; Nicholas Apley and Abraham Apley executors of Henry Apley, who was joint executor of the said Giles Strong v Robert Gale; Thomas Harvie; and John Daid Payments due on mortgage of lands in Taunton Deane, Somerset. C78/725, no. 16 [179]
1669 20 Nov 21 William Cooke; John Marshall; George Lulls; and John Slater, all of London, gent v. John Morecroft, doctor in phisick; and John Morecroft his son, an infant C78/857, no. 7 [180]
1669 21 Nov 21 Thomas Fowke merchant v. Thomas _____; Thomas Birkeham; Stephen Bearecroft; John Slocombe; and John Church; _______ ; Edmond Slocombe C78/2021, no. 1 [181]
1669 22 Nov 21 Sir John Lockhart of Edinbrough, Scotland v Sir John Davies; Sir Thomas Lee; Sir John Brownlow; and Thomas Robinson Debts payable from profits of sale of manor of Pangborne, Berks C78/692, no. 3 [182]
1669 22 Nov 21 Robert Jaques of Elmestone, Kent, esq v. Stephen Solley C78/1930, no. 20 [183]
1669 23 Nov 21 Sir Andrew Riccard and Dame Susanna his wife; Sir Henry Cesar and Dame Elizabeth his wife; Charles Ceasar and Jane Ceasar children of the said Sir Henry Ceasar and Dame Elizabeth; and Jane Bateman, spinster v Sir William Bateman and Sir Anthony Bateman Legacies payable by will of Robert Bateman, citizen skynner and chamberlaine of the City of London, from his personal estate and unspecified lands in Essex C78/736, no. 11 [184]
1669 24 Nov 21 Joane Bernard spinster v. Giles Rawes; John Drayne; Lawrance Nehellen; and Richard Lockyer C79/93, no. [185]
1669 24 Nov 21 Thomas Cooper, merchant v. Christofer Baine C78/1293, no. 15 [186]
1669 25 Nov 21 John Cooke, Francis Cooke and Elizabeth Cooke, children of John Cooke the younger decd and the deft Elizabeth his wife v John Weykes and Elizabeth his wife; Hatton Barnes and others (not named). Division of shares of profits of manor of Ashton, Northants. C78/728, no. 6 [187]
1669 26 Nov 21 John Ferris v Richard Peirce and Richard Robbins Mortgage of house and lands in Ashton Keynes, Wilts C78/701, no. 2 [188]
1669 26 Nov 21 Mary Rawlin widow v. William Cooke; Richard Rolfe; Josias Barham; James Rolfe; Henry Weekes & Freeguift his wife; and John Wynn C78/1930, no. 21 [189]
1669 26 Nov 21 Anthony Nicholas, clerk v. Robert Cholmeley Bond entered into by the complt upon his son John Nicholas being taken as apprentice by the deft. C78/851, no. 2 [190]
1669 27 Nov ? Sir Algernon Peyton, Lord of the manor of Doddington within the Isle of Ely, Cambs v. Sir John James; Roger Jennyns; William Walsham; Maximilian Walsham; William Neale; Thomas Harrison; Edmond Smith; Thomas Mobb; Cornelius Symons; John Neale; James Sheppard; John Walsham of Outward End; John Walsham junior of Northwood side; James Stratton; Thomas Sheppard; Adam Coward; Jonas Moore; Thomas Squire; Sarah Walsham, widow; Robert Maskew; John Neale; Thomas Neale; Hull Stewkeley; John Davies; Jeoffry Fenton; James Walsham; Elizabeth Walsham; John Potton; John Marshall, clerke & Elizabeth his wife; John Whitwicke; Edward Robinson; Dorothy Ambry; Susanna Woodfull; William [blank]; Gabriell Hutchinson; Robert Hutchinson; John Young; Thomas Wendy; John Browne; James Sheppard; Richard Hartupp; Margaret Gosse; Thomas Campps; William Browne; John Love; Miles Prannce; John Sherman; Hugh Nordwell; John Martin; Thomas Meares; Robert Hurst; Joseph Wendy; Robert Stratton; William Hill; John Smith; Thomas Neale; William Mobb; Robert Welby; Thomas Wheate; William Wheate; William Ruttyer; Robert Wildebore; Robert Neale senior; Thomas Coward of Elme; William Hampson; Rachell Bingham, widow; William Couledge; John Walsham; John Sedgewicke; John Sheppard; Richard Grainger; Robert Neale junior; Thomas Jarman; Valentine Wilkinson, widow; Richard Cooke; Robert Couledg; William Wilkin; Widow Middleton; William Coward; Lawrence William; Andrew Nordwell; Robert Coney; John Coney; William Coney; Gabriell Sheppard; John Peirson; George Younge; Reynald Sheppard; William Barrett; William Sheppard; James Walsham; Robert Sherman; John Allison; John Williams senior; William Williams; Nicholas Couledge; William Walsham senior; William Mathew; Thomas Walsham; Frances Walsham, widow; Robert Stanwell; John Rowen; Mathew Squire; Thomas Walsham; Robert Coward; William Walsham junior; John Walsham; Robert Walsham; Marke Southwell; William Walsham, med; John Williams junior; Daniell Newman; Anne Thorpe; William Abbott; Mathaniell Browne; Elizabeth Neale; Mathew Browne; John Neale; Thomas Pearson; John Ingraham; Mathew Key; Thomas Coward; Anne Thorpe, widow; Widow Southwell; Stephen Coward; Richard Whitton; John Coward; Thomas Blacke; Thomas Scott; John Ball; Martin Life and Alice his wife; John Newman; William Coward; William Couledge; John Sadler; Robert Fisher; Jeremy Dutch; William Harrison; Christopher Redding; Edmond Palmer; William Coward; Walter Abbott; Alexander Abbott; William Abbott; Frances Lockey; Mary Squire; John Stratton; John Tedmont; Anne Wigglesworth; Alice Wigglesworth; Sarah Walsham; Reynold Sheppard; Abraham Crispe; Henry Nordwell; Thomas Colledge; Mary Southwell; William Blott; Thomas Sheppard senior; Edward Booth; William Phillipson; John Edgie; Nathaniel Potten; Lancelott Squire; Anthony Sympole; Thomas Marshall; and Thomas Pinfold Rights to graze, and attempted enclosure of the common wastes of the hamlet of March in the manor of Doddington within the Isle of Ely C78/1415, no. 2 [191]
1669 29 Nov 21 Edward Nicholas of Trellecks Grange, Co Monmouth v John Watkins and Anne his wife Marriage portion of land is Llantilio, Griffinny, Mons C78/750, no. 1 [192]
1669 30 Nov 21 Maurice Thompson of London, merchant v Richard Calvert and Edmond Calvert Mortgage of manor of Cockerham, Lancs. C78/725, no. 8 [193]
1669 1 Dec 21 Lawrence Fauconberge, gentleman v. Susan Legoe, widow; William Warne; and John Weaver C78/2040, no. 11 [194]
1669 4 Dec 21 John Brooking and Elizabeth his wife; Benjamin Risden and Margaret his wife; Lettice Rich & Mary Rich, infants, which said Elizabeth, Margaret, Lettice and Mary were daughters of James Rich decd by Margaret his wife, one of the daughters of Edward Cotton, clerk, heretofore Archdeacon of Totnes, Devon v Nicholas Isaac and Elizabeth his wife; Edward Cotton; William Davie, Gilbert Davie, and James Davye children of the deft Elizabeth by John Davie her former husband Rents and profits payable from part of the manors of Thorverton and Staverton, Devon C78/728, no. 7 [195]
1669 6 Dec 21 Bridget Zouch widow; Elinor Corderoy; Hugh Gamlyn; and John Goddard gentleman, executors of Henry Zouch late of St Margarets, Westminster, Middx, gentleman; and William Zouch son and heir of the said Henry Zouch being an infant by the said Bridget his mother and guardian v. Richard Sommers the elder and Richard Summers the younger; John Colvill; Samuel Highland; George Cleyton; and Robert St Hill & Mary his wife C79/13, no. [196]
1669 8 Dec 21 John Aldridge of Wendover, Bucks, an infant, one of the sons of Ambrose Aldridge of Wendover v John Collett and Samuel Grange Shares in profits of trust sale of lands in Bucks C78/1225, no. 6 [197]
1669 10 Dec 21 Katherine Ostendorp, spinster v. William Cavell & Mary his wife C78/1262, no. 5 [198]
1669 11 Dec 21 Sir Edward Ford of Harting, Sussex, knight v. John Ireton, esq C78/751, no. 10 [199]
1669 13 Dec 21 Robert Turton; William Roper and Richard Greaves v Samuel While and Thomas Hunt Reversal of decree of 20 April 1668, re debts and mortgage of unspecified lands C78/681, no. 1 [200]
1669 13 Dec 21 William Style v William Martin and Elizabeth his wife the relict & administratrix of Richard Bosville; Robert Bosville son & heir of the said Richard Bosville; Sir John Pershall; John Style; and Richard Young Marriage settlement of the manors of Cold Newton, Busdett Newton and Newton Marnnon, Leics C78/713, no. 12 [201]
1669 13 Dec 21 Rt. Hon Robert, Earl of Ailsbury v Rt. hon Sir Thomas Ingram and Sir Charles Harbord Payments due from lands in Oulston (or Owselweston) Markfield, Newbold and Knoston, Leics C78/750, no. 2 [202]
1669 13 Dec 21 Dawes Wymondsold, esq, executor of William Wymondsold, esq v. Sir Henry Coningsby, knight; Sir William Kicks, baronet; Sir William Hicks, knight; Thomas Culpepper; Dame Mary Cambell, widow C78/1276, no. 4 [203]
1669 14 Dec 21 Robert Wood brother of Thomas Wood the younger and son of Thomas Wood the elder both late of ____, Surrey v. John Ashendon C78/2027, no. 12 [204]
1669 14 Dec 21 Randoll Dod, esq, administrator of Barbara his late wife v. Jeffray Minshall, esq; Sir Edward Minshall, knight; Dame Mary his wife; Sir Thomas Mainwaring, baronet; Roger Wilbraham, esq; Ralph Morgell, esq; Sabaoth Church, gent; Roger Fox; and Roger Oulton C78/1286, no. 6 [205]
1669 14 Dec 21 Arnold Browne of Stepney, Middx, mariner; Thomas Grimley & Susan his wife; Edward Bartlett; William Bissakey; Abraham Carnoll & Joane his wife; and Owen Steward v. Philadelphia, lady Wentworth, widow; Henrietta Maria, lady Wentworth, baroness of Netlestead, an infant, by said Philadelphia, lady Wentworth, her mother and guardian; and Sir William Smith, baronet C78/1293, no. 14 [206]
1669 16 Dec 21 Elianor Harris and Anne Harris daughters of Sir Paul Harris, and sisters & coheirs of Sir Paul Harris their late brother v Rowland Hunt; John Shelcock; Richard Reynolds and others (not named) Portions payable from lands in Willaston, Salop. C78/725, no. 12 [207]
1669 21 Dec 21 Henery Scarburgh merchant v. Thomas Woodcock merchant Trading partnership to Russia C78/1915, no. 8 [208]
1669 26 Dec. 21 Thomas Snagg; John Vaux; Richard Sannders; Thomas Francke, clerk; Charles Dymocke; William Feild & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Odell; William Baker & Christian his wife; Peter Edwards; Robert Mann; Richard Partridge and Mary his wife; Joell Baker; Joshua Wheeler; Robert Woodward & Bandina his wife; William Miller; William Odell of the Elme; William Gammont; Henry Odell, glover; Richard Young; William Milward; John Girton senr; George Wheeler; George Fensham; Robert Cooper; John Wheeler and Elizabeth his wife; Henry Wheeler; John Bassett; Thomas Watts; John Bunyon; John Aldridge & Frances his wife; James Wilson by George Chapman; Richard Vaux; John Wilcox; Stephen Burrett; Thomas Gammont; John Odell, weaver; Joane Barratt, widow; Edward Franckland senr; George Francklyn; William Davy; William Haynes and Joane Parrish, widow; Mathias Purrier; Thomas Harding and Mary his wife; John Odell, grocer; Henry Hull; John Milward; John Francklyn; Thomas Odell, yeoman; Thomas Doe; Thomas Ward; John Blocke; Elizabeth Saunders, widow; William Smith; Edward Doe; Mathew Woolhead and Mary his wife; Susan Harding and Martha Harding by the said Mathew Woolhead; John Saunders by Elizabeth Saunders his mother; Edward Francklyn by George Francklyn his father; Richard Mouse by Anne Mouse his mother; William Barwicke; John Feild & Olive his wife; Thomas Brockhurst; William Bonefeild and Dorothy his wife; Henry Watts by the said Dorothy his mother; James Reynolds; Bernard Turney and Margaret his wife; Thomas Feild; Elizabeth Baker, widow; Leonard Gates and Susan his wife; John Osborne; Thomas Cox; Robert Barratt; Francis Button; John Hicke; Thomas Atwood and Anne his wife; William Firth; Thomas Toler; Thomas Cox junr; Thomas Fuller; William Odell; [blank] Purratt; Nicholas Hore; Thomas Smith and Anne his wife; George Sole & Katherine his wife; Elizabeth Martin, widow; Mathias Tomkins by Gilbert Tomkins; Thomas Basterfeild by William Feild; Mary Wheeler, widow; John Windwright; John Taylor; Henry Purrior; Richard Phillipps; Richard Purrier; Thomas Gammont of Wharley; William Foskett; Mathias Perrier; Simon Baseley; Thomas Wheeler and Helen his wife; Thomas Odell; [blank] Brooke; Peter Kaynhoe; Robert Wheeler de Crawley; Richard Purrier junr; David Rickson; Henry Vandrey and Sarah his wife; William White by Susan White; Edward Warner and Sarah his wife; Joshua Wheeler by Mary Wheeler his mother; George Baker by William Baker his uncle; Anne Mouse; William Juggins by Anne Atwood his mother; William Feild by Thomas Feild his father; John Horne; William Bennett; William Wheeler; John Girton junr; owners farmers and cottagers of Cranfeild, Beds v Thomas Duncombe Limitations imposed on use of common lands at Cranfield, Beds. C78/728, no. 14 [209]