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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1667 19 C78/, no. []
1666 or later Patrick [?Gray?] administrator of William Gray v John [?Rynnger?]. Estate of William Gray, who was slain near Bigleswood [Biggleswade], Beds. C78/855, no. 1 [2]
? Sir .... Russell v Gertrude Spencer, widow; William Spencer; Sir Thomas Stile; Charles .....; and John Butler Bond for debt. C78/855, no. 3 [3]
1667 15 Jan 18 John Loder v John Bowles; John Smith and John Prince Legacies from personal estate by will of Mark Loder, the complts father C78/721, no. 18 [4]
1667 17 Jan 18 Owen Jervis v John Wynn and Lloyd [?Peirs?] Mortgage of lands in Castle, Montgomeryshire. C78/670, no. 15 [5]
1667 18 Jan 18 Dame Jane Crofts of Ixworth Thorpe, Suff, widow v. James Hodges of Grays Inn, Middx, gent; Rowland Hale; and John Richardson C78/992, no. 12 [6]
1667 24 Jan 18 James Taswell and Francis Somers, then decd v Dame Dorothy Rosewell late the wife of Sir Henry Rosewell decd; Samuel Hiland; James Taswell the younger; and William Taswell Purchase of manors of Lymington, Southbrent and Carsewell, Devon C78/748, no. 15 [7]
1666 25 Jan 18 Mary Gilbourne widow the relict of Thomas Gilbourne gentleman deceased son and heir apparent of Henry Gilbourne esq and Elizabeth Gilbourne an infant daughter and heir of said Thomas Gilbourne by the said Mary her mother and guardian v. the said Henry Gilbourne esq; Sir John Lenthall knight; Dame Bridget his wife; and Edmond Lenthall esq C79/46, no. [8]
1667 28 Jan 19 Richard Bond v Sir George Waterman and Dame Elizabeth his wife; and John Hammond Bonds in connection with lease of messuage in Tower Street, London C78/721, no. 15 [9]
1667 28 Jan 18 Richard Winter of Hampton, Norfolk, tanner v Richard Drury of Dunham, Norfolk Legacies payable by will of Thomas Winter late of Baughton, Norfolk, clerk, father of the complt. C78/748, no. 14 [10]
1667 28 Jan 18 Edith Smyth, widow, late wife of Richard Smyth late of Stoake Gifford, Gloucs v William Mattocks; Richard Berkely; Henry Syms; and William Archard Possession of copyhold lands in Stoke Gifford, Gloucs. C78/1203, no. 7 [11]
1667 29 Jan 18 John Pitman, esq v. John Isson; John Mark; and John Skeat C78/1073, no. 16 [12]
1667 31 Jan 19 William Burnett v. Henry Anderson; Robert Anderson; Robert Salum; and Thomas Norcliffe Claims upon the manor of Barton, Yorks, following sale free of encumbrances. C78/1274, no. 10 [13]
1667 1 Feb 19 Thomas Stanley and Penelope his wife; and Frances Bradshaw an infant by George Hill v. Thomas Mawdesly, Roger Kent executors of John Bradshaw decd, late father of the said Penelope and Frances; Edmond Pershall; Thomas Pershall; William Millington; Thomas Bradshawe son & heir of the said John Bradshawe; Francis Biddulph; and George Ford Refs previous decree of 20 June last past. C78/1299, no. [17] [14]
1667 4 Feb 19 John Cooper otherwise Butcher v Richard Cowper als Butcher and Edward Mitchell Mortgage of lands in Rudgweek [Rudgwick], Sussex. C78/722, no. 9 [15]
1667 4 Feb 19 Seth Waite v. Francis Astley; and James Holbrooke Accounts of trade between the complt, a linen draper of York, and the deft Astley of London C78/1274, no. 6 [16]
1667 6 Feb 19 Ralph Farre, citizen & goldsmith of London v William Welsh. Title to messuage and brewhouse in Whetstone in Finchly Middx and lands in Totteridge, Herts C78/1209, no. 1 [17]
1667 6 Feb 19 John Wilson; Edward Gades; John Hanns; Nicholas Sanford; and Thomas Fox; and Richard taylor; Samuel Taylor; Elizabeth Taylor; Mary Taylor; Sarah Taylor; Rebecca Taylor; and Hanna Taylor, infants and children of Raphell Taylor and of Jane his late wife, by Samuel Taylor their uncle v. Raphel Taylor, gent; Francis Knight, gent; and John Billingsley C78/851, no. 15 [18]
1667 6 Feb 19 Anthony Mildmay, esq v. Robert Mower C78/1274, no. 7 [19]
1667 6 Feb 19 Benjamin Norcliff, esq v. Francis Spentley; and Thomas Boyes; and others C78/1274, no. 9 [20]
1667 8 Feb 19 John Woodhall infant son and heir of Edmond Woodhall jr of Hale Munden, Herts., by Thomas Johnson and Joan his wife guardians v Samuel Meade Waste and damage to trust estate of the manor of Little Munden, Herts, and accounts of profits C78/715, no. 13 [21]
1667 8 Feb 19 William Chappile v John Fowkes; William Chilcott and George Richards Possession of farm of Watton, Dorset. C78/738, no. 3 [22]
1667 8 Feb 19 Mary March daughter of David March late of Chamler in the Isle of Wight decd and grandaughter of Stephen March late of Newport, Isle of Wight v Thomas Knight; William Loveing; John Ball Legacies payable by will of Stephen March from messuages and lands in Buxton or Brixton and Portchester, Hants C78/748, no. 11 [23]
1667 9 Feb 19 Henry Trigg and Margaret his wife; Richard Ruminges and Sarah his wife; Richard Hooke and Hannah his wife; Jane Peacock, widow; James Collyer; Henry Lee and Elizabeth his wife; James Whitmore; John Banister and Alice his wife v Richard Watford Portions from profits of sale of lands in Albury, Surrey C78/668, no. 2 [24]
1667 9 Feb 19 Alban Chare and Thomas Collett v Samuel Wilkinson; Charles Cheney; Dame Grissell Lawrence, relict of Sir John Lawrence; Edward Cox; John Cooper and others (not named) Lease, mortgage and sale of glebe lands in Chelsea, Middx C78/721, no. 14 [25]
1667 11 Feb 19 Ursula Flathers, widow & relict of William Flathers, late Archdeacon of Northumberland decd v Thomas Ferrand and Agnes his wife; Martin Thornton; and Thomas Wade Portion payable from trust of land in North Stainely, Yorks created by William Staveley the complts father, and Sampson Satveley & Thomas Staveley his sons. C78/685, no. 11 [26]
1667 11 Feb 19 John Bendish and Augustine Messenger v Giles Symonds; William Symonds; and Henry Buckenham Trust of copyhold lands in Whitwell or Whitwell Symonds, Norfolk. C78/698, no. 8 [27]
1667 11 Feb 19 Sir William Hartopp of Ratherbury, Leics, knight v. Robert Barnard; Edward Smith; Francis Byrch; Henry Hynde; Mary his wife; and William Gund C78/857, no. 1 [28]
1667 11 Feb 19 Dame Elizabeth Dacre the widow of Francis, late Lord Dacre decd v. Thomas Leonard; Robert Barnham since Sir Robert Barnham; Sir Thomas Parker since decd; and Thomas, Lord Dacre son and Heir of the said Francis, Lord Dacre an infant by the said Thomas Leonard and Sir Robert Barnham C78/1299, no. [15] [29]
1667 12 Feb 19 William Ellis v Edmund Fiddy senr; Edmond Fiddy junr; Richard Morris; Richard Gogney; John Howman; Christopher Walker; John Legate and Mary his wife Mortgage in trust of lands in Swants, Norfolk C78/717, no. 3 [30]
1667 12 Feb 19 Dame Dorothy Rosewell relict of Sir Henry Rosewell late of Lymington, Somerset decd v Francis Somers; James Taswell; Samuel Hiland; James Taswell the younger; and William Taswell and others (not named). Possession of the manors of Lymington and Southbrent, Somerset and Carsewell, Devon. C78/748, no. 8 [31]
1667 12 Feb 19 Henry Ford esq & Ellianore his wife v. Sir Thomas Rowe knight; Henry Row; and Robert Row esqs C79/18, no. [32]
1667 13 Feb 19 Nicholas Rea & Joyce his wife; and Joane Griffith v. Gilbert Jones and Charles Jones gentleman C78/2069, no. 25 [33]
1667 18 Feb 19 Naariah Cooke v John Knight Debts and mortgage of lands in Westhide, Luton, Beds C78/698, no. 13 [34]
1667 18 Feb 19 James Lutton v. Bridget Lutton widow; Ralph Hodgkin & Christian his wife; Elizabeth Lutton; and Sarah Hodgkin infants by said Bridget Lutton their guardian C79/18, no. [35]
1667 19 Feb 19 John Blanckes of Bledlowe, Bucks v Francis Wethered; Thomas Hester; Anne Emery, widow; Martha Blanck and Eugenia Blanckes, spinsters; James Sale; Thomas Wethered, Anne Wethered, Francis Wethered and Johanna Wethered infants & children of the said Francis Wethered; and Sarah Hester, James Hester and Elizabeth Hester infants & children of the said Thomas Hester by Sarah his wife, who was one of the daughters of the said James Blanckes Possession of lands in Bledlow, Bucks C78/1212, no. 5 [36]
1667 19 Feb 19 John Gore & Alice his wife, one of the daughters of Elizabeth Shawe, who was the daughter of Richard Aske of the Inner Temple, esq v. John Rushworth, esq C78/1274, no. 8 [37]
1667 20 Feb 19 Henry Cookes v George Cole; Fulke Bookey; William Bookey; John Chellingworth and Susan his wife; Francis Knight; and Francis Saunders Mortgage in trust of lands in Stoke Prior, Worcs C78/674, no. 8 [38]
1667 21 Feb 19 Robert Clayton; John Morris; Nicholas Charlton; and Joseph Sheldon v. Thomas Dove; and Anne Dove C78/1073, no. 18 [39]
1667 22 Feb 19 Durant Jenkinson v John Johnson Marriage settlement of lands in Sandon, Essex C78/693, no. 5 [40]
1667 25 Feb 19 Robert Leeson; Anne Bell, widow; Morgan dendy; Thomas Smith; Edward Wood, creditors of Walgrave Sidey; and John Sydey an infant, one of the sons of the said Walgrave Sidey by John Turner v Sarah Sidey; Sarah Sidey; and Walgrave Sidey Debts payable from testamentary trust settlement of lands in Bury St. Mary, Suffolk, Geldham, Essex and Wingmore, North Elam, Kent. C78/685, no. 15 [41]
1667 25 Feb 19 John Gore, an infant, by John Sparrow his guardian; Roger Singar; and Richard Haman, by John Goddard his guardian v. Nicholas Blake; Richard Kent; Robert Sadler; John Poore; and Richard Miller C78/1073, no. 20 [42]
1667 26 Feb 19 Edward Williams and Jane his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of John Powell; and Powell Williams son & heir of the said Jane; Maurice Mathewes and Katherine his wife on a bill of revivor v William Whitmore son & heir of Sir George Whitmore decd; Hugh ap Evan and Jane his wife Maintenance payments from trust of unspecified lands C78/748, no. 9 [43]
1667 28 Feb 19 FitzWilliam Commisby; Humfrey Commisby; and others named v. Rowland Place (?) & Katherine his wife C78/2027, no. 9 [44]
1667 29 Feb 19 Jane Coward and Mary Coward infant by Elizabeth Coward widow their mother and guardian v. William Pierce doctor of divinity; Edward Strode; George Hellier esqs; and Timothy Kinett gentleman C78/2035, no. 13 [45]
After 1667 (?) Benjamin Bushell of Twickenham, Middx, gent v. John Child, gent; Joseph Bushell & Amy his wife Case fragment. No judgment. No year mentioned in the bill. Event mentioned in 1667. C78/1272, no. 14 [46]
1667 17 April 19 Francis Rockley bill of revivor v Sir John Kaye; Sir Thomas Wentworth; and Sir Francis Burdett Payment of annuities from trust settlement of unspecified lands in Yorkshire. C78/680, no. 6 [47]
1667 18 April 19 Laycock v William Wayde, Arthur Laycock or Lacock, Richard Bradley Estate of Edmond Laycock. Properties in Kent. C78/855, no. 2 [48]
1667 19 April 19 Honor Carew and Ellen Carew daughters of John Carew late brother of Edward Carew decd, by Sir Arthur Denny, Gerrett Fleming and Donogh Kelihar v Richard Graham Legacies payable by will of Edward Carew C78/685, no. 18 [49]
1667 19 April 19 Thomas Flood and William Robinson v William Bond and John Wynn Bonds for debts re delivery of wheat C78/1212, no. 6A [50]
1667 26 April 19 Edward Ashton; Edward Franke; Mathew Franke; Anne Ashton and Margaret Ashton, infants children of Anne Ashton by Edward Ashton their father v. Sir William Adams; Thomas Yarburgh; Henry Eyre; John Franke son of Robert Franke; Anne Pelham; Jane Pelham; and Margaret Pelham C78/1299, no. [14] [51]
1667 27 April 19 Sir Walter Wrottesley v John Adams and Jane his wife. Portions, legacies and payments for maintenance from will of Sir Walter Wrottesley the elder C78/721, no. 12 [52]
1667 27 April 19 Christopher Wormall v John Hutchen. Mortgage of copyhold lands in Nasing, Essex. C78/721, no. 13 [53]
1667 1 May 19 John Reeve of St Paul Covent Garden, Middx, cordwainer v Dorothy Reeve, widow; Richard Ryder; Richard Reeve; and Mark Reeve Lease of messuage in Russell Street, St Martin in the Field, Middx C78/1209, no. 2 [54]
1667 3 May 19 William Cripps and John Cripps infants by William Cripps; and Sarah Cripps an infant by [blank] Chapman v Richard Westwood; John Westwood; and William Spranger Possession of lands in Hamingfield, Rochford, and Rettenden, Essex C78/668, no. 1 [55]
1667 3 May 19 William Roberts rector of Carlton Curleiw, Leics v Sir Thomas Hesilrige; Robert Hesilrige; Henry Guilford; Robert Johnson; William Cobley, clerk; John Tomlyn; Robert Somerfield; Thomas Staveley; Anne Staveley; Jane Watt, widow; Thomas Watt; John Browne; Anthony Hesilwood; John Nedham; Edward Nedham; Miles Marston; John Newton; George Sherwood; Robert Dowley, clerk; William Newby Bill (30 Nov. 1665) petitioning for commission to award tithes or equivalent compensation payable to the parishes of Carlton Curlieu and Noseley from the town of Ilston so that the two rectors could support a curate in Ilston, and explaining that because of the enclosure of Ilston, Leicestershire (about 50 years since) the parish boundaries were no longer known. C78/669, no. 13 [56]
1667 3 May 19 Henry Currer executor of Henry Cowgill decd v Governors of possessions, lands and revenues of the free Grammar School of King Edward VI in Sedbergh, Yorks; John Cowper; John Bland; Anthony Willan; Richard Holme; Robert Hall; and Joseph Watkinson and others (not named) Lease of messuage in Ilkley, Yorks. C78/685, no. 13 [57]
1667 3 May 19 George Southcott and Elizabeth Southcott infants by Alice Southcott, widow, their mother; Sir Edmond Fortescue; John Quick the younger; John Hore; Roger Hurrell; Thomas Newcomen; and Nicholas Newcomen v Richard Duke and John Southcott Trust of lands in Maplethorpe [Mablethorpe], Lincs C78/722, no. 6 [58]
1667 3 May 19 Jacob Jesson; Nathaniel Jesson; Rebecca Jesson; Elizabeth Jesson, infants, by Dorothy Jesson, their mother and guardian v. George Scott; Richard Loton; Abraham Jesson C78/1274, no. 5 [59]
1667 6 May 19 Robert Jason of Broade Somerford, Wilts v Abigail Roberts relict & executrix of John Roberts, citizen & haberdasher of London her late husband. Bonds, debts and extents on messuage in St. Christophers, London, and messuages in Billingsgate, London C78/696, no. 6 [60]
1667 6 May 19 Edward Wixteed v Edward Evans Bonds and debts. C78/699, no. 4 [61]
1667 6 May 19 Sir William Talboys gentleman by Thomas Burton his guardian v. Benjamin Talboys and Richard Talboys gentleman C78/2035, no. 8 [62]
1667 14 May 19 Edmund Dawber the late husband & administrator of Susan Dawber als Crispe als Watts decd; Thomas Watts & Ann Watts infants v Thomas Crispe, executor of John Crispe Legacy payable from personal estate of John Crispe. C78/698, no. 12 [63]
1667 15 May 19 Mary Berrisford v. Thomas French gentleman; and Alice Moore C78/2027, no. 10 [64]
1667 17 May 19 John Desborowe of Ellesley, Cambs v Thomas Agg Trust settlement of manor of Ettesley or Eltesly, Cambs C78/703, no. 3 [65]
1667 20 May 19 John Deane, citizen & Chirurgion of London and Elizabeth his wife late wife of Richard Mauditts of London, merchant v Sir Thomas Byde; Arthur Mauditt and William Holgate Portions payable from trust of messuages and lands in Chestley or Chesley, Middx C78/738, no. 1 [66]
1667 20 May 19 William Boteler; George Franklin; Charles Mordant; George Negus; Edward Gale; John Negus the elder; Charles Stoakes; William Stoakes; Edward Islopp; and Robert Tole v. Richard Taylor, esq C78/992, no. 9 [67]
1667 22 May 19 William Pearce, doctor in divinity & Mary his wife; John Bridges, esq; Thomas Martin; Henry Foxwell; John Rush; Richard Boole; James Rush; Robert Grimstead the younger; Richard Cope the elder; Thomas Haynes; Henry Grimstead; Ralph Ironside, clerk; John Boslin; Thomas Brice; Thomas Cooper; Edward Haggatt; John Peppitt; Stephen Horler; Stephen Gregory; Alice Pearle; Humphry Aish; William Yeeles; James Witch; William Bartholomew; Daniel Aish; Richard Bay; Thomas Topp; Thomas Pepper; Hugh Adams; Bartholomew Tucker; John Mathewes alias Sannaway; William Waller; John Mann; Henry Gapper; Henry Bull; Milliam (sic) Mogg; Walter Aphole; Jane Baber; Nicholas Rush; Thomas Hawker; Stephen Seavyer; Robert Seavyer; Silas Cooke; William Chapple; mary Smyth, widow; Mary Smyth; John Hurd; Walter Tucker; John Tucker; Francis Brookes; Henry Floyd; William Goodson; John Evered; Theodore Austine; Richard Wason, Nicholas Jeanes & his wife; Ralph Chynnocke; Elianor Frye, widow; John Walter; Joane Callowe; Robert Mathewes alias Sannawayes; Gartrade Haynes, widow; William Dove; John Beavill; William Mogg; Edward Perry; James Pittney; Richard Lockyer; Thomas Close; Amy Close; John Close; Gabryell Close; Prescilla Wythers, sidow; John Wythers; Robert Fountaine; Mary Leman, widow; William Pyne; Anne Rush; William Marsh; John King; Richard Hafford; Alice Haynes, widow; Thomas Haynes; Elizabeth Grimstead; Ursula Knowles, widow; John Knowles; Anthony Ball; Arthur Good; John Jeanes; Humphry Dewe; Joane Hooper, widow; John Hooper; Samuel Quarman; Martha Banton, widow; Robert Orchard; Edward Cary & Judith his wife; Nathaniel Perry; Ursula Haggatt, widow; Sarah Smith; William Pewe; Mary Forwood; William Pester; Katherine Lane; John Hodges & his wife; William Dyke; John Cooper; Ambrose Uphill; Henry Pester; Agnes Hooper; William Nicholes; John Cooper, yeoman; Bernard Cope; and John Grimstead v. Anthony Poole; Christian Poole, widow; George Poole; Humfrey Coward; Richard Grimstead; Thomas Pester; and Thomas Hooper C78/1267, no. 6 [68]
1667 22 May 19 William Pierce, doctor in divinity & Mary his wife; John Bridges, esq; Thomas Martin; Henry Foxwell; John Rush; Richard Coole; James rush; Robert Grimstead the younger; Richard Cope the elder; Thomas Haines; Henry Grimstedd; Ralph Ironside, clerk; John Goslin; Thomas Brice; Thomas Cooper; Edward Haggott; John Perpitt; Stephen Horley; Stephen Gregory; Alice Pearle; Humfrey Aish; William Yeeles; James With; William Bartholomewe; Daniel Aish; Richard Day; Thomas Topp; Thomas Pepper; Hugh Adams; Bartholomew Tucker; John Mathewes alias Sanaway; William Walker; John Man; Henry Garper; Henry Bull; William Mogg; Walter Axhole; Jane Baber; Nicholas Rush; Thomas Hawker; Stephen Davier; Robert Seavier; Silvas Cooke; William Chaple; Mary Smith, widow; Mary Smith; John Hurd; Walter Tucker; John Tucker; Francis Brookes; Henry Lloid; William Goodson; John Evered; Theodore Austin; Richard Wason; Nicholas Jeanes & his wife; Ralph Chynnocke; Elizanor Frye, widow; John Walter; Joan Callowe; Robert Mathewes alias Sanawayes; Gartrude Hannes, widow; William Dove; John Beavill; William Mogg; Edward Perry; James Paney; Richard Kockyere; Thomas Close; John Close; Gabriel Close; Prescilla Withers; Robert Fountaine; Mary Leman, widow; William Pyne; Anne Rush; William Marsh; John Kinge; Richard Hafford; Alice Haymes; Eilizabeth Grimsteed, widow; Richard Grimsteed, son of said Elizabeth Grimsteed; Ursula Knowles, widow; John Knowles; Anthony Ball; Arthur Good; John Jeanes; Humfrey Dewe; Joane Hooper, widow; John Hooper; Samuel Quarman; Martha Banton, widow; Robert Orchard; Edward Carie & Judith his wife; Nathaniel Perry; Ursula Haggot, widow; Sarah Smith; William Pewe; Mary Forwood; William Pester; Katherine Lane; John Hodges & His wife; William Dike; John Cooper; Ambrose Pyhill; Henry Pester; Agnes Hooper; William Nicholls; John Cooper, yeoman; Bernard Cope; and John Grimsteed v. Anthony Poole; Humfrey Coward; Richard Grimsteed; Thomas Pester; and Thomas Hooper C78/1267, no. 7 [69]
1667 24 May 19 John Bill of Canewood, Middx, esq v. Robert Offley, esq; and Christopher Barker, esq C78/1271, no. 14 [70]
1667 3 June 19 John Buggin & Anthony Buggin the younger sons of Anthony Buggin the elder of Offenham, Worcs & Elizabeth his wife; and Robert Buggin, Elinor Buggin, Mary Buggin, Anne Buggin, William Buggin; Edward Buggin & Thomas Buggin sons & daughters of the said Anthony Buggin the elder & Elizabeth, infants v Theophilus Andrewes and Dorothy Martyn Portion payable from profits of sale of messuage in Evesham, Worcs. C78/677, no. 7 [71]
1667 3 June 19 Sir John Jacob; Sir Nicholas Crispe; and Sir John Harrison v. Hezekiah Heynes; John Blackwell; and Simon Middleton executors of Thomas Smithsby C78/1915, no. 1 [72]
1667 5 June 19 John Wallis and Henry Chiver infant son and heir of Seacole Chiver esq by John Wallis his guardian v William Duckett; Thomas Hungerford; Edward Wallis; James Ash; and Mary Norborne Trust settlement of lands in Idbury, Dowld, Foskett and Churchill, Oxon C78/680, no. 2 [73]
1667 7 June 19 Thomas Adamson of Weareham, Norfolk & Frances his wife, daughter and heir of Richard Say late of Weareham & Elizabeth his wife both decd, which said Elizabeth was one of the daughters & coheirs of Thomas Morley late of Weareham decd v Elizabeth Say, widow and Richard Say son of the said testator Richard Say by the said Elizabeth his second wife Possession of lands in Islington and Tilny, Norfolk. C78/748, no. 3 [74]
1667 10 June 19 Thomas Peerman; Gilbert Laty; Richard Cannon; Thomas Hawkins and Susan Hawkins, which said Thomas & Susan Hawkins were infants v Thomas Lisle; William Brookes; and Elizabeth Meddins, widow Rent charge from lease of messuages in St. Clement Danes, London. C78/687, no. 9 [75]
1667 10 June 19 John Girling v John Wilby Marriage settlement of messuage and lands in Osmondston or Scole, Micklemore and Disse, Norfolk C78/698, no. 9 [76]
1668 10 June 19 Helen Rogers v. Sir Edward Hungerford knight of the Bath; Edward Phillipps; Henry Rogers; Thomas Warrand; Andrew Wall C79/155, no. [77]
1667 11 June 19 Dorothy Humberston widow and relict of James Humberston v. James Humberston an infant by Francis Humberston his father and guardian and the said Francis Humberston; William Humberston; Danile Walton; William Weatherhead; and Edward Potter C79/93, no. [78]
1667 11 June 19 Humfrey St___n v. John Latimer; ___ Green; ___ Duke C78/1012, no. 19 [79]
1667 12 June 19 John Billingsley, citizen & vintner of London v Henry Prescott and Edmond Hinton Debts, bonds and possession of lease of River Wye in Surrey C78/736, no. 6 [80]
1667 13 June 19 Edward Merryweather and Humphrey Grinsell executors of Thomas Hanwell v Phillip Eyton and Thomas Townsend Redemption of mortgaged lands in Salop. C78/724, no. 20 [81]
1667 14 June 19 Isabell Webb, relict and surviving executrix of Roger Webb; Philippa Webb, relict and administratrix with the will annexed of Thomas Webb, son and heir of said Roger; and Thomas Webb, son and heir of said Thomas, by said Phillippa his guardian v. George Stearne C78/1012, no. 17 [82]
1667 14 June 19 Nicholas Johnson; Francis Sambrooke, gent; Margaret Creispe,widow; Thomas Creispe; and Joseph Creispe, infants and children of said Margaret Creispe, by said Margaret their mother v. John Trout, gent, administrator to Elianor his late wife, who was the executrix to Henry Lawes, gent, her former husband C78/1073, no. 17 [83]
1667 15 June 19 Thomas Stoughton son of William Stoughton and executor of Jonathan Stoughton his brother v. Timothy Staughton son of Anthony Staughton who was eldest son of William and eldest brother of Jonathan C79/18, no. [84]
1667 16 June 19 William Humberston and James Humberston an infant by Francis Humberston his father and guardian v. George Woodcock & Mary his wife C79/93, no. [85]
1667 17 June 19 John Inwood jr son and heir apparent of John Inwood sr gent v. John Claypoole jr esq Claypoole was supposedly seised of the manor of Loleham / Loham / Lollam, Northants., and bargained and sold for £2,000 for term of 500 years with provision for redemption. Inwood jr and sr thereafter made provisions for Inwood jr's marriage to Amabella daughter of Nicholas Haly gent with the premises. C78/663, no. 6 [86]
1667 17 June 19 John Hagley v Thomas Hearne and Jane his wife and others (not named) Marriage settlement of copyholds in Dulverton (no county given). C78/722, no.8 [87]
1667 17 June 19 William Spry, gent v. Elizabeth Dunkin, widow; and Christopher Treise C78/1012, no. 18 [88]
1667 18 June 19 John Ashburnham of Ashburnham, Sussex, esq, one of the grooms of his Majesty's bedchamber v. Christopher, lord Hatton; John Keeling then serjeant at law and now lord Chief Justice of England; and John Pilkington gentleman C78/2035, no. 10 [89]
1667 19 June 19 Richard Vosper v John Perrow and others (not named). Mortgage and purchase of lands in Burrian, Cornwall C78/722, no.12 [90]
1667 19 June 19 Frances, Duchess dowager of Somerset; and Sir Seymour Shirley an infant by Dame Katherine Shirley, widow, his mother v Thomas, Earl of Southampton; Sir Edward Richards; Thomas Levington; and Sir Thomas Higgons Trust of the manor, castle and parks of Chartley, Staffs and other lands in Staffs and Warwicks C78/1203, no. 2 [91]
1667 21 June 19 Agnes Hare an infant by William Hare her uncle v John Parsons of Oake, Somerset; John Ingram; John Chappell; Edward Bickeley; Michael Washer; William Parsons; and John Parsons of Pitmister, Somerset Possession of lands in Milverton, Somerset. C78/688, no. 13 [92]
1667 21 June 19 John Elliott of Port Elliott, Cornwall v Robert Roberts; John Silley; and John Higham and Joane Higham executors of John Higham late of London decd Debts and bonds. C78/748, no. 2 [93]
1667 22 June 19 John Davy of Ruxford, Devon esq v. Nicholas Isaack C78/1915, no. 3 [94]
1667 25 June 19 Edward Palmer and Alice his wife sister & heir of George Pitt decd; and Roger Nicholls v Richard Page; Benjamin Page; John Barber; John Edling; Thomas Finch; and Richard Aylord Bill (Hilary 1666) alleging claims of common pasture rights in land in Weild Common Harrow on the Hill, Middx, enclosed 60 years previously. Court ordered that the enclosed 150 acres should be enjoyed in severalty C78/685, no. 14 [95]
1667 25 June 19 Hellen Carrington, administratrix of Anne Francis; and Susan Carrington v. William Medd the elder; and William Medd the younger by said William Medd the elder, his guardian assigned by this court to defend this cause Moneys due from an agreement to partition of the Manor of Spannton, Yorks. C78/992, no. 8 [96]
1667 26 June 19 James Eresey, esq; Gilbert Eveleigh, gent; Walter Deeble, merchant; and Francis Whiddon, clerk v. Mary Giles, widow; Mary Giles the daughter and heir of Edward Giles, gent; and Andrew Hilly C78/1277, no. 1 [97]
1667 27 June 19 Edward Spurdence and Mary his wife; and Thomas Tomlinson and Joane his wife, the said Mary & Joane being the daughters and coheirs of Nicholas Botson als Botswaine decd who was one of the sons of Henry Botson als Botswaine decd, and nieces and coheirs of Thomas Botson another of the sons of the said Henry Botson als Botswaine v Martha Smith als Elmy; Richard Smith; and John Crowfoote Testamentary settlement by will of Henry Botson of messuage, hopyard and orchards in Beccles, Suffolk. C78/698, no. 5 [98]
1667 1 July 19 Sir Thomas Fletwood of Calwich, Staffs, baronet v. William Osborne; and John Osborne, gents C78/866, no. 9 [99]
1667 2 July 19 Sir John Cropley a creditor of William Moorhead v William Moorehead; Reignold Grahame; John Bradborne; William Parker and also against the Farmers of HM Customs Debts due to farmers of H.M. Customs. C78/721, no. 9 [100]
1667 2 July 19 John Thimbleby of Irnham, Lincs son & heir apparent of Sir John Thimbleby late of Irnham and Dame Elizabeth Thimbleby widow & relict of the said Sir John Thimbleby v Anne Brittaine the elder; Anne Brittaine the younger; and John Howett Bill (Trinity 1667) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) and second agreement (Jan. 18 Chas. II) to exchange plots and have general enclosure of the commons of the manor of Bulby, Lincolnshire. C78/736, no. 15 [101]
1667 2 July 19 John Salmon; Robert Salmon; Andrew Salmon; and Mara Salmon, infant by their guardian v. Alice Andrews, widow; Benjamin Bradbourns; John Drury; Richard Greene; William Pollard; Ralph Pickman; Henry Whitakers; and Robert Shawe C78/992, no. 7 [102]
1667 4 July 19 Katherine Jefferson by John Foster and Elizabeth his wife, which said Elizabeth was aunt & tutrix to the said Katherine and administratrix of Marmaduke Jefferson not formerly administered by Elizabeth his late wife v Robert Horsfield Distribution of personal estate of Marmaduke Jefferson who died intestate in the Province of York C78/685, no. 9 [103]
1667 5 July 19 William Elston of Saxby [Saxby-all-Saints], Lincs, blacksmith and John Elston of Appleby, Lincs, blacksmith v Joseph Fisher and William Fisher Title to unspecified messuage purchased by the complt William from William Fisher of Santon, Lincs C78/731, no. 2 [104]
1667 5 July 19 Edmund Woodward v Mary Chambers, widow; John Wellifed als Thornebury; George Wellifed; Thomas Wellifed; John Taylor; Robert Turton; Richard Turton; Thomas Symond; and John Taylor of Lower End Mortgage of messuage and lands in Birlingham, (No county given). C78/749, no. 12 [105]
1667 6 July 19 Armiger Warner and Susan his wife relict & executrix of John Ellison her late husband decd v Edmond Ellison; Humphry Ellison; and Soloman Smith Bonds. Barbados. C78/670, no. 13 [106]
1667 9 July 19 Christopher Wormall v John Hutchen. Mortgage of copyhold lands in Nasing, Essex. C78/721, no. 10 [107]
1667 9 July 19 Robert Jason then esq now baronet v. Henry Ford esq; John Stowell esq now knight; and Sir Henry Rowe knight deceased C79/93, no. [108]
1667 9 July 19 Sir William Chislett esq v. Thomas Burges; Edward Starkey; Thomas Browning; and John Parris C78/2035, no. 9 [109]
1667 9 July 19 Robert Bolles younger son of Robert Bolles decd, an infant by Robert Markham; Isabell Bolles and Katherine Bolles daughters of the said Robert Bolles decd; Mary Bolles and Anne Bolles also daughters of the said Robert Bolles decd, infants by Robert Markham v. John Bolles, son & heir of the aforesaid Robert Bolles decd; Thomas Williamson; Edward Ayscogh; and Thomas Smith C78/1299, no. 13 [110]
1667 10 July 19 Richard, Earl of Burlington and Corke, Ireland and Charles, Lord Clifford his son & heir apparent v Francis Bland. Confirmation of exchange of messuage and parsonage house of Londesbrough, Yorks C78/693, no. 1 [111]
1667 10 July 19 Sir Clifford Clifton; Robert Leeke and Gervais Holland executors of Sir Gervais Clifton decd v Rt. hon. George Mountague; John Ferrers; and Sir John Newton Trust settlement of the manor of Carleton Kingston and Carleton Baron. (No county given.) C78/724, no. 15 [112]
1667 10 July 19 Sir Phillip Mathewes of Great Gobyons, Essex, eldest son & heir of Joachim Mathewes late of Great Gobyons decd v Phillip Mathewes, widow (sic); Tristram Conyers; William Comyns; Marke Anthony Mathewes; Joachim Mathewes; James Mathewes; Thomas Coleman and Sarah his wife; and Isabella Mathewes Inheritance of the manors of the Barbican, London and Gobyons, Essex C78/748, no. 1 [113]
1667 10 July 19 Francis Fortescue & Joyce his wife; Elizabeth, Katherine, and Sarah Fortescue, infants, by said Francis and Joyce their guardians; Anthony Rodney, an infant, by Henry Norwood, his guardian; and said Henry Norwood v. Henry Slingsby, esq; Sir William Cage, knight; and Walter Petre C78/992, no. 10 [114]
1667 12 July 19 Alice Hickman of London, widow & administratrix of Henry Hickman, citizen & salter of London decd v Henry Hickman Administration of estate of Henry Hickman C78/674, no. 6 [115]
1667 12 July 19 Rowland Jewkes and Mary his wife; Sir Joseph Seymor; Sir Charles Cleaver; and Hartigill Baron v William Style; John Payne; Thomas Langley; and Ann Jewkes an infant Financial trusts by will of Rowland Jewkes the elder. C78/721, no. 11 [116]
1667 12 July 19 Zurishaddai Lang executor of John Wolstoncroft v Mary Wolstoncroft, widow; Charles Wolstoncroft; Thomas Coppin; John Sharpe; Edward Greene; John Greene and others (not named) And also Mary Wolstoncroft relict of the said John Wolstoncroft v Zurishaddai Lang and others (not named) And also William Bolton now Sir William Bolton, and others creditors of the said John Wolstoncroft v Zurishaddai Lang executor of the said John Wolstoncroft and others (not named) Debts and legacies payable from personal estate of John Wolstoncroft. C78/748, no. 5 [117]
1667 Michaelmas Term 19 Thomas Gower, knight; and George Hilliard, gent v. Thomas, lord viscount Baltinglasse & Dame Anne his wife C78/1262, no. 6 [118]
1667 12 Oct 19 Edward Hooper and John Smith executors of John Barton decd v James Oswald administrator of Thomas Crompton decd; and Thomas Collett Interests in lands near Winchester, Hants C78/670, no. 14 [119]
1667 14 Oct 19 Jane Done, spinster and Sir James Thynne v Sir Samuel Jones Statutes and debts of George, Lord Goring payable from manors of Radmell, Rothingdeane, Steaning, Northese, Ditchling and Bletchington, Sussex C78/683, no.1 [120]
1667 15 Oct 19 John Perry and Dorothy his wife; John Hopper and Anne his wife; and Florence Parson ( which said Dorothy, Anne & Florence their daughters of Henry Parsons) v Robert Thetcher and Elianor Parson, widow Trust settlement and mortgage of lands in Sampford Arundell, Somerset. C78/722, no. 11 [121]
1667 15 Oct 19 Anthony Pratt of Cherry Orton, Co Huntingdon; and Godferry Wildbore of Glenton, Northants v William Bond; Sir John Hewley and Dame [blank] his wife Mortgage of farm or grange called "The Lowe" and tithes in Broomefield, Peterborough, Northants C78/749, no. 16 [122]
1667 23 Oct 19 John Garland als Tovey v John Harbin; Roger Downe; George Noble and his wife Trust settlement of the manor of Preston Bermondsey, Somerset C78/711, no. 1 [123]
1667 23 Oct 19 Thomas Hewitt, mariner v. William Watts; Edward Bushell; Sir Martin Noell; Jeremy Bonnell; Nathaniel Bonnell; Symon Bonnell; Thomas Rastall; and George Buknall, & his wife Money due to the complt as master of a ship called the Hopewell part owned by Edward Watts & Edward Bushell of London. Voyages to Guinea, Barbados & Jamaica, ship stranded off the guinea coast and only the complt, one crewman and a boy survived. C78/1725, no. 7 [124]
1667 25 Oct 19 John, Earl of Mulgrave, an infant by Sir John Benet and Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Mulgrave his wife, mother of the said [complt] v Sir John Monson the elder Accounts of trust of the manors of West Butterwick and Flixborough, Lincs, Mulgrave and Seaton, Yorks C78/749, no. 10 [125]
1667 26 Oct 19 William Richardson v. Ranald Grahame esq; Ozias Churchman; and Charles Houston son and heir of John Houston C78/2035, no. 7 [126]
1667 30 Oct 19 Sir John Mill, baronet & Dame Margaret his wife v. Richard Atkins, esq C78/1073, no. 15 [127]
1667 4 Nov 19 William Cutler the elder v Robert Walley Rents due from Conduithead and lands in Stepney, Middx. C78/711, no. 12 [128]
1667 6 Nov 19 John Talveley, esq v. Thomas Wilcocks; and Thomas Needham C78/1257, no. 1 [129]
1667 7 Nov 19 Anthony Mildmay, esq v. Robert Mawer C78/1274, no. 3 [130]
1667 8 Nov 19 William Sacheverell of Morley, Derbs, esq, eldest son, heir, and executor of Henry Sacheverell of Barton, Notts, esq v. Henry Danvers, esq & Anne his wife; John Wright; George Cooke; George Greene; Robert Bateman; William Pentell; William Adderley; Thomas Cotton; Thomas Porter; Sampson Cotton; William Cotton; John Lee; Richard Turner; Thomas Wright; James Webb; William Adams; John Shalcrosse; Richard Harding; John Cookes; and John Stonnyer C78/866, no. 10 [131]
1667 8 Nov 19 Richard Wastfield, an infant of about 16 years, by John Gale of Lowden, Wilts, gent, his guardian v. Christopher Batt, gent & Jane his wife C78/1078, no. 24 [132]
1667 11 Nov 19 John Howell of Langome, Mon. v William Harris Possession of land called "Gworlod Coyken", Mon. C78/749, no. 11 [133]
1667 13 Nov 19 John Corbett and Anne his wife administratrix of John Upsham v Elizabeth Hinchman administratrix of Joseph Hinchman her late husband Debts. C78/670, no. 12 [134]
1667 13 Nov 19 Cecily Godwin an infant by Francis Tegge v John Godwin. Testamentary dispute of personal estate and houses in Clerkenwell, Middx C78/680, no. 5 [135]
1667 13 Nov 19 John Cooke, Francis Cooke & Elizabeth Cooke children of John Cooke the younger & Elizabeth his wife v John Weykes and Elizabeth his wife; and Hutton Barners and others (not named). Trust settlement by mortgage of site of the manor of Ashton, Northants. C78/726, no. 18 [136]
1667 13 Nov 19 Anne Blagrove of Fewcott, Oxon, spinster and Edmond Mason, father in law of the said Anne Blagrove v William Blagrove; John Colly senr; John Colly jun; John Wise senr; John Wise junr Bonds re trust of lands in Fewcott, Oxon. C78/1225, no. 5 [137]
1667 14 Nov 19 William Wild and Mary his wife and John Rogers an infant v Arthur, Earl of Anglesey; James Zouch; Dame Beatrice Lloyd; Elizabeth White and others (not named) Financial trust by mortgage of lands in Hartley and Wintney, Hants and trust settlement of manors of Grewell, Wintney and Odiham, Hants and Wooking, Surrey C78/722, no. 10 [138]
1667 14 Nov 19 Bonham Kemsley of Chatham, Kent v Richard Perritt Possession of lands in Cliffe and High Halstowe, Kent. C78/749, no. 13 [139]
1667 15 Nov 19 Thomas Skinner v Thomas Merry Financing of voyage of the ship "Thomas" of London to the East Indies C78/669, no. 12 [140]
1667 16 Nov 19 Richard Sessions and Thomas Sessions infants by Richard Sessions their father and guardian and the said Richard Sessions v. George Raves & Ann his wife; William Raves; and John Salter C79/38, no. [141]
1667 18 Nov 19 William Joyce, Francis Gynne, William North and Thomas Sell v Richard Fordham gent, Bridget Willett widow, and Edward Turner gent Will of Andrew Willett clerk concerning a portion of tithes held on a very long term (1,000 years?) from the manor of Queenbury [Queensbury], Herts., the executor of which (Andrew Willett his son) became bound in a penalty of £26 for the payment of £13 15s 6d. C78/663, no. 5 [142]
1667 18 Nov 19 Thomas Woodford, John Bampton v Edward Berkeley, Edward Blacker, John Perne Dispute over property at Britford, Wiltshire. C78/785, no. 8 [143]
1667 18 Nov 19 William Wandesford of London, woolen draper v. William, earl of Strafford; and Sir Greorge Wentworth C78/1274, no. 1 [144]
1667 20 Nov 19 Anne Potts sole daughter and heir of Charles Potts late of the Middle Temple by Edward Hudson and Frances his wife v Sir John Potts; John Potts and others (not named). Testamentary settlement, by will of Charles Potts, of the manors of Beomont, Mose and Skighaw, Essex, and tenements in St Andrews parish, Holborn, Bishopsgate and Turn Mill Street, London. C78/1212, no. 3 [145]
1667 21 Nov 19 James Symonds and Mary his wife; Mary Dapeline, widow; Robert Cheston and Pleasance his wife; Ambrose Dunn administrator of Martha Dunn his late wife; Richard Purdy and Elizabeth his wife; and Francis Chittleborough and Mary his wife v John Mingay; Robert Hawes; Anne Hawes; Richard Hawes & Mary his wife; John Rumbellow; and Cicely Suggate Debts and legacies due from profits of sale of lands in Ovington and Saham Toney, Norfolk C78/724, no. 21 [146]
1667 22 Nov 19 Jacinth Sacheverell v Alexander Walthall; Nicholas Willymott; and John Bonington Debts payable from trust settlement of manor of Barrowcoate, Derbys C78/722, no. 5 [147]
1667 22 Nov 19 Sir Kingsmill Lucy an infant, son & heir of Sir Richard Lucy by Richard Lucy v Francis Lucy Testamentary trust settlement to provide for maintenance and education from personal estate and unspecified real estate of Sir Richard Lucy C78/724, no. 18 [148]
1667 25 Nov 19 John Draper of St Clement Danes, Middx, silkman v Thomas Buckham and William Vessey Mortgage of messuage "The Hare" in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx. C78/687, no. 10 [149]
1667 25 Nov 19 Gilbert Fitch the younger and Anna his wife; and Sarah Clare, widow, the relict & executrix of Daniell Clare her late husband, creditors of Starning Phillipps late of Wolvey, Warks v Ezechias Smalbrooke; Edward Phipps and Anna his wife late the wife of the said Starning Phillipps; Elizabeth Phillipps daughter and heir of the said Starning Phillipps; Thomas Bradgate; and Gilbert Fitch Debts of Starning Phillipps payable from lands in Wolvey, Warwicks C78/691, no. 5 [150]
1667 25 Nov 19 Mary Portington, widow, executrix of William Portington, clerk, who was executor of Anne Glover, widow, late wife of Roger Glover esq v. Charles Rolt; and Thomas Rolt C78/902, no. 1 [151]
1667 25 Nov 19 Abraham Barnefield, gent v. Thomas Melhuish, gent C78/1232, no. 4 [152]
1667 25 Nov 19 John Harrison of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, farrier v. Sir William Gideon, knight; Henry English; George Hill; Ambrose Scudamore; Henry Woodward; and Mary Woodward C78/1271, no. 15 [153]
1667 27 Nov 19 Sir Grevill Verney son & heir of Grevill Verney decd by Richard Verney his uncle v Sir Francis Wenman executor of Sir Thomas Wenman, Lord Viscount Wenman of Tuam Custody of orphan (complainant) and administration of his estates in Warwicks, Gloucs, Lincs, Cambs, Leics, Somerset, Staffs, Herts and Northants. C78/681, no. 8 [154]
1667 27 Nov 19 Richard Spencer and Barnard Salstonstall v Francis Williamson; Thomas Collett; and John Bradbourne Bonds and debts payable from trust of Hanson Grange farm and other lands in Thorpe, Derbys C78/736, no. 13 [155]
1667 28 Nov 19 Thomas Maundrell v. Robert Hippesley, esq; Mary Eyles, widow; and John Eyles her son C78/1078, no. 25 [156]
1667 29 Nov 19 Elizabeth Hyron the elder, relict & late wife of HUmphry Hyron decd; Samuel Hyron, Thomas Hyron and Margaret Hyron sons and daughter of the said Humphry Hyron, infants; and Elizabeth Hyron the younger, John Hyron and Francis Hyron son and daughters of the said Humfrey Hyron v John Ballard; Thomas Phillipps; and Robert Hyron Trust of lands in Gloucs and Worcs. C78/750, no. 8 [157]
1667 3 Dec 19 Sara Herne, widow, sister of Edward Ironside decd; Nathaniel Herne; Joseph Herne; and Edward Whitwell late husband & administrator of Margaret Whitwell his late wife decd; Joseph Hall and Sara his wife (which said Nathaniel & Joseph Herne, Margaret Whitwell & Sara Hall are the children of the said Sara Herne & nephews & nieces to the said Edward Ironside) v Samuel Ironside. Testamentary trust settlement of lands in Rickmansworth, Herts and in Lincs. C78/680, no. 1 [158]
1667 7 Dec 19 Henry Parkhurst executor of Sarah Parkhurst, widow, his late mother decd v. Thomas Vernon and William Inwood executors of Henry Weston decd C78/1299, no. 12 [159]
1667 9 Dec 19 Walter Charleton and George Sisson, executors of Anthony Richardson v. Stephen Jay, clerk C78/851, no. 14 [160]
1667 11 Dec 19 Edward Wixted- v Edward Evans. Bonds and debts C78/699, no. 3 [161]
1667 12 Dec 19 William Beversham v Richard Springold; Thomas Goffe; Hugh Laughton; and Martha beversham late wife and relict of Robert Beversham late of St Dionis Buck Church, London, grocer decd Disputed will of Robert Beversham C78/749, no. 15 [162]
1667 18 Dec 19 Thomas Stiffe son & heir of Thomas Stiffe decd who was son & heir of Thomas Stiffe the complts grandfather decd, and also next cousin & heir of Anne Stiffe decd who was the surviving daughter and heir of Stephen Stiffe decd, brother of the said Thomas the complts said late father v Sir Robert Duckenfield and William Duckenfield Title to lands in Bramley and Stratfield, Hants. C78/724, no. 19 [163]
1667 20 Dec 19 John Walker of the Middle Temple and Joseph Radcliffe of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, oyleman, executors of Katherine Hurleston late of the said parish of St Martins in the Fields, widow decd; Thomas Isaack and Katherine his wife; Humphry Hurleston, Rose Hurleston, Honor Hurleston and Phillippa Hurleston children of the said Katherine by Humphry Hurleston her second husband, infants v John Sydenham and Jane his wife one of the two daughters and coheirs of Alexander Portrey decd; Owen Feltham and Mary his wife the other daughter and coheir of the said Alexander; Sir Francis Godolphin; and Martin Blake Trust settlement of manors of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnstaple and Pilton, Devon by Alexander Portrey first husband of the said Katherine Hurleston C78/717, no. 2 [164]