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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1666 18 C78/, no. []
1666 26 Jan 17 John Barker, citizen & goldsmith of London v Samuel Battelye and Elizabeth his wife, Robert Rowe the father, Edward Taylor, John Webb, Anne Elkyn, William Weston, John Syllyard and Mathias Goodfellow Debts owed to the complainant a Goldsmith of London. C78/557, no. 17 [2]
1666 8 Feb 18 Thomas Freeke executor of John Freeke his brother v Sir David Fowlis. Bonds and debts. C78/736, no. 16 [3]
1666 9 Feb 18 Sir Anthony Irby v Henry Barcroft and Thomas Taylor Delivery of 30 lasts of "cole, seede" C78/689, no. 3 [4]
1666 12 Feb 18 George Hellier of Whitchurch in the parish of Benagree, Somerset v Robert Hellier; John Casebeard and Anne his wife Annuity from messuage in Queens Charleton, Somerset. C78/682, no. 16 [5]
1666 12 Feb 18 Francis Mollineux; Thomas Stillington; and Joseph Micklethwaite v Robert Hitch, Dean of York; and Thomas Midleton Debts and legacies payable from profits of sale of trust lands in York and Huntington, Yorks C78/683, no. 7 [6]
1666 12 Feb 18 John Wright and Mary his wife; Thomas Carter and Johan his wife (which said Mary & Johan are the daughters of William Hobson decd) v Nicholas Blackbeard; Henry Shaw; William Smyth; John Rushworth; John Wentworth; and William Portington Trust of messuage and lands in Audwarke [Aldwarke], Yorks. C78/683, no. 8 [7]
1666 12 Feb 18 John Gold by John Francis his kinsman & guardian; Robert East of the parish of Stebenheath, Middx and Mary his wife, the said John Gold and Mary East being the only surviving children of Rebecca Gold late of Stebenheath, widow decd v John Osborne Financial trusts associated with Rebecca Gold's marriage to, and subsequent divorce from, George Snoden C78/703, no. 6 [8]
1666 13 Feb 18 Humfrey Gifford and Richard Turner surviving executors of Mary Williams v George Lowe Payment of legacies and charitable bequests C78/700, no. 19 [9]
1666 13 Feb 18 Mary Clench of Creating All Saints, Suffolk, widow, relict of John Clench v William Jermy; Edward Sheppard; William Scutt; Miriall Clench; and Thomasine Clench Rentcharge from lands in Kirton, Creating All Saints, Creating St Mary and Earle Stonham, Suffolk C78/1204, no. 11 [10]
1666 19 Feb 18 Sir Henry Coker and Dame Elizabeth his wife, daughter & heir of Edmund Ludlow, son & heir of Henry Ludlow v Richard Bevis Rents and other dues from manor of Kingston Deverell (no county given) C78/670, no. 9 [11]
1666 19 Feb 18 Joane Holmes and Elizabeth Holmes of London, spinsters;, and Humphry Holmes an infant by John Cressett of the Inner Temple v Francis Porter and Mary his wife; George Vickers and Sarah his wife; and Walter Buchanan and [blank] his wife Accounts and inventory of personal estate of Thomas Gee of London, haberdasher. C78/682, no. 6 [12]
1666 20 Feb 18 Temperance Paradice v Richard Miller Legacies payable by will of Isacke Paradise from his personal estate C78/655, no. 1 [13]
1666 (bill) Easter Term 18 William Frances of Saxingham, Norf, yeoman v. John Flowerdew; Robert Flowerdew; Rachell Flowerdewe; John Webster; and John Cullen C78/1013, no. 9 [14]
1666 25 April 18 William Lloyd executor of Dame Katherine Vanlore als Pelham late the wife & executrix of Peter Vanlore junr, and afterwards the wife of Peregrine Pelham decd, by bill of revivor v William Powell als Hinson executor of Edward Powell; John Shaw administrator of Peter Vanlore the elder not administered by Dame Jacoba his wife, and of the said Dame Jacoba not administered by Thomas Crompton her executor Legacies by will of Sir Peter Vanlore C78/722, no. 14 [15]
1666 3 May 18 Robert Fenwicke, esq v. John Fenwicke, gent Settlement in trust of lands, farms etc in Ellington, West Slickbourne and Bedlington in Northumberland and Durham by the complt upon the deft, his nephew, these having been purchased from the Trustees for the sale of Bishop's Lands C78/1001, no. 7 [16]
1666 5 May 18 James Taswell and Frances Somers v Dame Dorothy Rosewell the late wife of Sir Henry Rosewell; Samuel Highland; James Taswell junior; and William Taswell Unencumbered possession of manor of Lymington, Somerset. C78/682, no. 13 [17]
1666 5 May 18 Mayor and citizens of London (as Governors of St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Christ's Hospital and St. Thomas's Hospital, London) v Thomas Bell; Richard Wotton als Watton; Richard Bell and Dorothy his wife; William Bell; Daniell Bell; Abraham Fothergill and Anne his wife; Richard Graham and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Benson; and William Parker Bequests to the hospitals by will of William Bell, from personal estate and lands in Adle Streete, London and King Street, Westminster. C78/693, no. 16 [18]
1666 7 May 18 John Winterborne; and John Wright v. John Jones C78/1274, no. 12 [19]
1666 9 May 18 Henry Widdrinton v Thomas Rawden and Robert Hawson, since Sir Robert Hanson(sic) Lease and trust of 60 acres of pasture, formerly a warren, in Weston Underedge, Gloucs C78/698, no. 10 [20]
1666 10 May 18 Peter Salmon of Stepney, Middx, doctor of phisick v. The Governors, Assistants, and Fellowship of Merchant Adventurers of England; Sir Richard Foord, knight; Sir Charles Lloyd, baronet; Sir Anthony Bateman, knight; Sir George Wynne, baronet; Sir Joseph Ash, knight; Sir John Shawe, knight; Thomas Smith; Rowland Wynne; Mark Wynne; Nicholas Lawrence; Richard Gay; john Doggett; ___ Clotterbooke: ___ Gay; ___ Sykes; Thomas Essington; Roger Pocoke; Edward Booles; ___ Robinson; Jerimy Elwes; Thomas Tyte; ___ Phesant; Edward Tidcombe; John Mascall; Henry Collier; Samuel Tyrrell; ___ Attway; William Williams; William Gore; ___ Barron; ___ Farrington; Lucy Knigthtly; ___ Farrington; ___ Mellish; ___ Hampton; ___ Ram; ___ Gore; Edward Saunders; Henry Smith; Robert Fenne; ___ Andrewes; ___ Stubbins; ___ Jones; Humphery Taylor; Jonathan Ash; John Boyes; ___ Gaby; Johnb Lethiler; ___ Fenn; Robert Duke; Christopher Pack; Joseph Almon; Isaack Light; George Crooke; William Johnson; Thomas Stampe; Mallachy Pym; George Spillman; ___ Fletcher; Ralph Bracy; John Iveson; ___ Webb; John Smith; John Kett; ___ Reynes; Robert Aynsworth; Thomas Eyans; Robert Gay; Thomas Bale; Robert Wassington; Samuel Angier; Isaac Vivian; Edward Holding; ___ Holford; ___ Holford; Peter Lloyd; Jerum Farmer; George Clarke; Clement Clarke; Leonard Scott; Thomas Thynne; ___ Beale; ___ Harris; ___ Archer; George Chandler; Godfrey Lee; ___ Lee; ___ Barnard; ___ Bell; and George Wytham C78/1258, no. 4 [21]
1666 11 May 18 James Wainewright; Thomas Drinkwater, Humfrey Thornebury; and Thomas Leigh v Arthur Ward the elder; John Ward & Mary his wife; Arthur Ward the younger; Andrew Lloyd; John Payne; Edward Ward; Thomas Ward; and John Blodwell Title to lands in Oswestry, Parkinton, Weston Lullingfield, Stanwardine in the Field and Kuyton, Salop C78/693, no. 8 [22]
1666 11 May 18 Thomas Tempest and Anne his wife v Henry Arthington; Christopher Townely; and William Worthington Annuity from trust of the manor of Uslett or Willow Parke or Wilfe Park, Yorks. C78/693, no. 12 [23]
1666 12 May 18 Daniel Greenewood clerk & Mary his wife administratrix of Edward Firth with the will annexed of her father v. Gilbert Brooke C78/2035, no. 11 [24]
1666 14 May 18 Edward Williams and Jane his wife one of the daughters and coheirs of John Powell late citizen & clothworker of London; and Katherine Powell the other daughter & coheir of the said John Powell v Sir George Whitmore; Hugh ap Evan and Jane his wife Trust of lands in Denbighshire to be purchased with a portion left by will of John Willett C78/682, no. 5 [25]
1666 15 May 18 Simon Bennett of Beachampton, Bucks v Pexall Broccas and Stephen Coles Lease of messuage called "Quabb" in Titchfield, Hants. C78/736, no. 5 [26]
1666 15 May 18 Abigaile Cole, widow, relict of John Cole; and Nicholas Cole, an infant, son of said John and Abigaile by said Abigaile his guardian ____ v. Thomas ____ C78/859, no. 15 [27]
1666 15 May 18 Samuel Sewell, gent v. Algernoone, earl of Northumberland; Edward, bishop of Carlisle; George Denton; Hugh Potter, esq; and Frances Sewell, widow C78/1001, no. 4 [28]
1666 18 May 18 John Povey v John Yate Possession of lands in Witney, Oxon C78/683, no. 6 [29]
1666 18 May 18 Henry Powtrell of West Hallam, Derbs, esq & Anne his wife v. Sir Clement Armiger of Bedford, Beds, knight C78/866, no. 8 [30]
1666 19 May 18 John Adams v. Thomas Hounsell and John Fowke since deceased C79/18, no. [31]
1666 19 May 18 Elinor Lee; and Anne Lee, daughters and heirs of Sir Henry Lee, baronet & Dame Anne his wife, infants, by Anne, countess of Rochester their guardian; Sir Ralph Verney, knight and baronet; Thomas Yate, doctor in divinity; Richard Salway, esq; and John Carey, gent v. Christopher Bennett, clerk; John Mereweather, sr; Sarah Willoughby; Frace Willoughby; Richard Filk?; Walter Herle; Richard North; John Smith the younger; Jane Newton; John Andros; William Holloway; Richard Nicks; William Shewter; John Smith the elder; John Samuel; William Saintsbury; Mary Barbet; John Clarke; Margery Heyward; Phillip Planke; Henry Crawley; William Oram; John Longe; James Townesend; Mary Hayward; Robert Hayward; Roger Lacy; Anne Hoskins; John Hoskins; Edmond Philks; john Philks; Andrew Newton; Jane Saintsbury; Hugh Holloway; John Tucker; John Holloway; George Skinner; Gabriel Still; John James; Elizabeth Barley; Richard Wyat; Isaac Selfe; Richard Barley; William Glasse; Julyan Kenger; Thomas Purches; Richard White; Christopher Hitchcocke; Joseph Still; John Asher; Thomas Wise; Henry Coleman; Thomas Bacon; Anne Lea; Alice Snowe, widow; John Fell, doctor in divinity, dean of Christchurch in Oxford; The Chapter of the said church; and Sir William Caley, knight, freeholders, copyholders, and leaseholders, inhabitants, commoners, or occupiers of lands or tenements in the parish of Market Lavington, Wilts C78/1243, no. 5 [32]
1666 21 May 18 John Durnford of Sherborne, Dorset v John Albyn; Henry Albyn; and Henry Durnford Annuity from marriage settlement of lands in Sherborne, Dorset C78/739, no. 2 [33]
1666 22 May 18 Thomas Hayward; John Smith and Sarah Towes v Jane Trenchard, widow & administratrix of Henry Trenchard with the will annexed Payment of debts from profits of sale of lands in Middilzoy, and Over Badgworth, Somerset C78/670, no. 7 [34]
1666 22 May 18 Christopher Dawling v. Nicholas Eyre C78/1001, no. 6 [35]
1666 23 May 18 Osbert Stead of Hillington, Norfolk by Hatton Berners v Sir William Hovell. Bill (15 June 1665) seeking ratification of articles of agreement (no date) allowing complainant to enclose 35 acres of common in return for quitclaim of his pasture rights elsewhere in the common grounds. Hillington, Norfolk C78/682, no. 9 [36]
1666 23 May 18 Nathaniel Beard of Standish, Gloucs and Nathaniel Mallett of Rockhampton, Gloucs v James Mitchell; William Walkley; Daniel Walkley; Samuel Mill; Henry Wadley; Walter Harris; Hamlett Chamberlaine; Samuel Forde; Nathaniel Aldridge; and Judith Vick Title to messuage and lands in Standish, Randwick and Moreton Valence, Gloucs. C78/1212, no. 9 [37]
1666 25 May 18 John Long v Thomas and Grace White and others (named). Mortgage of lands in Tilshead, Wilts C78/635, no. 2 [38]
1666 25 May 18 Priscilla Cooper daughter and heir of John Cooper decd by Ann Mason her aunt & guardian v Henry Seager and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Palgrave; John Hide and others (not named) Administration of estate of lands in Remerstone, Garderston and Thuxton and Hardingham, Norfolk. C78/688, no. 17 [39]
1666 25 May 18 William Joanes, citizen and cutler of London v. Faith alias Faithfull Boughey; and John Mansell C78/1001, no. 5 [40]
1666 25 May 18 John Long the elder of Tilshead, Wilts, gent v. Thomas White; Grace, his wife; and John Harvest, an infant, by said Thomas and Grace his mother and guardians C78/1073, no. 19 [41]
1666 26 May 18 Robert Lynsey, Susan Lynsey, Mary Lynsey and Hannah Lynsey, infants and children of John Lynsey decd by Samuel Moodey alderman of Cambridge; and John Lynsey administrator of Christopher Lynsey decd one other of the children of the said John Lynsey decd; and Lydia Lynsey, Rose Lynsey, Richard Lynsey, Joseph Lynsey and Robert Lynsey infants & children of Joseph Lynsey decd by Tytus Tillett; and Robert Chaplin, John Chaplyn and Elizabeth Chaplyn infants & children of John Chaplin; and Margaret Woodward, Susan Woodward and William Woodward infants & children of Felix Woodward; and Josias Zephorie, Susan Zephorie, Elizabeth Zephorie, Thomas Zephorie and Hannah Zephory infants & children of Thomas Zephorie v Elizabeth Rose Legacies payable from personal estate of Christopher Rose, late alderman of Cambridge C78/693, no. 14 [42]
1666 30 May 18 William Beaumont gent v. Edmund Neale and Zachary Neale Defendant was a tenant in Redborne and owed tithes to plaintiff as lay impropriator of Redborne parsonage, Herts. C78/663, no. 9 [43]
1666 30 May 18 Francis Hide, John Hide, James Hide, Charles Hide, George Hide, Mary Hide and Constantyne Hide seven of the children of Mary Hide, sister of William Smith decd v Bartholomew Smith Legacy payable from personal and unspecified real estate by will of William Smith C78/722, no. 17 [44]
1666 30 May 18 Edward Hooper executor in trust of Phillip Francis, merchant decd during the minority of Phillip Francis an infant son of the said Phillip Francis, and his executor named in his said will v John Kellond. Bonds and debts in connection with trading voyages to Newfoundland. C78/722, no. 18 [45]
1666 1 June 18 Nathaniel Rolls doctor of physicke v Sir John Cremer Obscure boundaries of lands in North Runcton, Hardwicke, Sechey, Westwinch and Middleton, Norfolk which should have paid tithes to rectory of North Runcton with Hardy and Sechey annexed. C78/716, no. 2 [46]
1666 12 June 18 Sir Robert Cordell of Melford, Suffolk v Mary Savage Arrears of annuities payable from lands at Long Melford, Suffolk C78/720, no. 2 [47]
1666 15 June 18 Steward Foster of the Middle Temple, London v Anthony Kecke; William Nellson; Sir Humphry Foster, an infant; and John Howse Annuity payable from manor of Whitesley, Cambs. C78/682, no. 12 [48]
1666 15 June 18 Henry Saxton and Lawrence Wharton v Henry Saxton, clerk; Thomas Fitzwilliam; Thomas Squier; Edmund Waller; John Cooke; and [blank] Cooke Portions raised from trust of farms in Luddington, Lincs and Hawkhouse Green [in Kirk Bramwith par.], Yorks C78/693, no. 11 [49]
1666 15 June 18 Thomas Davies v Sir Edward Sydenham and Charles Sydenham Lease of ground near Bankside in St. Saviours parish, Southwark, Surrey C78/693, no. 15 [50]
1666 15 June 18 John Halcott v. William Howlett & Elizabeth his wife and others (sic) C78/2027, no. 7 [51]
1666 16 June 18 Isaac Barton and Elizabeth his wife v William Clarke and Susan his wife surviving executrix of Susanna Sherwyn decd Marriage treaty between John Sherwyn and Elizabeth. Dispute over six messuages at Wapping, Middlesex. C78/855, no. 8 [52]
1666 18 June 19 Sir John Knight knight v. John Knight esq; Shershawe Cary; and Thomas Jennyns esq C78/2035, no. 6 [53]
1666 19 June 18 John, Earl of Mulgrave, by Sir John Bennett and Lady Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Mulgrave mother of the said Earl v Sir John Monson the elder Allowance for maintenance of infant Earl. C78/682, no.10 [54]
1666 19 June 18 Henry Killigrew doctor in divinity master of the Hospital of Savoy of the foundation of Henry VII and the Chaplins Perpetual of the same hospital v. Sir Nicholas Cole knight & Dame Margaret his wife; William Dellasis esq; Sir William Darcy knight; Jerrard Salvin esq; and Thomas Davidson esq now knight C79/18, no. [55]
1666 19 June 18 Carina Hetly relict and administratrix of William Hetley esq v. James Huxley esq and John Bigges C78/2035, no. 14 [56]
1666 20 June 18 Thomas Stanley and Penelope his wife; and Frances Bradshaw an infant by George Hill, which said Penelope & Frances were the only daughters of John Bradshaw v Thomas Maudesley; Roger Kent; Thomas Bradshaw; Edmund Pershall; Thomas Pershall; William Millington; Sir Foulke Lucy; Francis Biddulph; and George Ford Mortgage of unspecified lands in Cheshire C78/693, no. 6 [57]
1666 20 June 18 Thomas Stanley and Penelope his wife; Frances Bradshawe an infant by George Hill, which said Penelope & Frances were the only daughters of John Bradshawe v Thomas Mawdesley; Roger Kent; Thomas Bradshawe; Edmund Pearshall; Thomas Pearshall; Willm Millington; Sir Foulke Lucy; Francis Biddolph; and George Ford Interests in mortgaged lands in Cheshire. C78/694, no. 8 [58]
1666 20 June 18 Thomas Pinny executor of Hugh Copleston v. Barnard Pinny C79/18, no. [59]
1666 21 June 18 Edward Wardour esq son and heir of Edward Wardour sr esq infant by Mary Wardour widow, his mother v. Roger Sayer gent Wardour sr was seised of lands in by the custom of the manor of the prebend of Chiswick, Middx, and around 1642 used it as security for a loan of £500 from Arthur Farwell esq. with provision for redemption by payment of £526 13s 4d. C78/663, no. 7 [60]
1666 21 June 18 John Jervis son of Doctor William Jervis v. Richard Collins C78/2027, no. 8 [61]
1666 22 June 18 Sir George of Radley, Berks and Margaret Stonehouse v George Stonehouse; John Stonehouse; James Stonehouse; Charles Burton; and Robert Perrott Trust settlement of the manor of Radley, Berks. C78/715, no. 12 [62]
1666 22 June 18 Richard Pole v Francis Lippingcott. Interests in forfeited estate of Sir John Stawell at Bishops Lydeard, Somerset C78/722, no. 19 [63]
1666 22 June 18 Sir George Stonehouse of Radley, Berks, baronet & Lady Margaret his wife v. George Stonehouse, esq; John Stonehouse; James Stonehouse; Charles Burton; and Robert Perrott, gent C78/901, no. 2 [64]
1666 25 June 18 Mary Gould; Averine Gould and John Gould v Robert Troope and Gabriel Lapp Legacies payable by will of William Gould payable from copyhold lands in Alson or Alvideton, (no county given). C78/738, no. 17 [65]
1666 26 June 18 William Hill of Dodderhill, Worcs v Richard Mence; Henry Cookes; John Wallis & Elizabeth his wife; Jane Hill; and Isabell Hill Annuity from trust of lands in Astwood in Dodderhill, Worcs. C78/674, no. 3 [66]
1666 26 June 18 Job Lies v John Higdon of London; [?Samuel?] Osborne son & heir of Samuel Osborne then late of Stanwell, Middx, miller decd; Robert [?...?]; and John Kitchell. Possession of mortgaged lands and mill in Stanwell, Middx. C78/696, no. 8 [67]
1666 26 June 18 Dame Elizabeth Anderson widow & executrix of Sir Henry Anderson v Henry Anderson son & heir of the said Sir Henry Anderson. Interests in the estate of Sir Henry Anderson consisting of the manor of East Cowton als Long Cowton, Yorks and lands in Billingham. Durham C78/1209, no. 3 [68]
1666 27 June 18 Richard Ballard v John Ballard; George Ballard; Thomas Ballard; Lycett Ballard; Edmond Ballard; Henry Wellington; and Thomas Bennett Possession of two messuages in Clehunger, Heref. C78/1204, no. 6 [69]
1666 27 June 18 Penelope Hele widow late the wife and executrix of John Hele v. Robert Northcott esq; John Drake esq; and John Hele an infant and son and heir of John Hele by his guardian C79/18, no. [70]
1666 27 June 18 James Knuckle v. Henry Owen; Edward Brookes; Hugh ___; and Mary ___ C78/859, no. 14 [71]
1666 27 June 18 Christopher Crooke administrator of Sarah Crooke one of the daughters of Walter Burton decd; and Sarah Atkins administratrix of John Burton her late father decd, one of the sons of the said Walter Burton v. William Lilly the present master; Clement Elwood and Thomas Elwood the present wardens and assistants of the Company of Tylers and Bricklayers of the City of London C78/1299, no. [18] [72]
1666 28 June 18 Isabella Lusher, widow v Anne Banks, widow; John Arnold and Elizabeth his wife; Henry Bancks; and William Cole Discharge of incumbrances of messuage called "Princes Arms" in Fleet Street, London C78/668, no. 3 [73]
1666 29 June 18 George Jackson v Edward Rich. Bonds of Statute staple on lands in Stapleford, Notts. C78/703, no. 4 [74]
1666 29 June 18 George Turner of Sidlesham, Sussex; and Andrew Warner of the said parish, executors of Richard Woolvyn als Woolven of Sidlesham v John Woolvyn or Woolven by William Baldwyn Debts payable from profits of sale of copyhold lands in Shotford, Sussex C78/737, no. 4 [75]
1666 2 July 18 George Baker; Thomas Odell; William Feild and Elizabeth his wife; William Baker; Alice Wheeler; Peter Edwards; Joell Baker; John Girton the elder; George Wheeler; Sarah Baker; Thomas Feild; Ralfe Wheeler; John Girton the younger; Joshua Wheeler; Henry Sheppard; John Wilcox; John Barnes and Martha his wife; Thomas Cox the elder; Thomas Cox the younger; Richard Lysett; Thomas Richardson; John Mouse; Joane Barrett; Elizabeth Cole; Robert Cole; Anne Mouse; Richard Mouse; Thomas Duncombe; Peter Raynhoe; Bernard Turner; and Simon Baseley tenants of the manor of Cranfield, Beds in behalf of themselves and the rest of the copyhold tenants of the manor v John Pitkin; Thomas Monney; Richard Kilpin; Thomas Gregory; William Bedcott; Nicholas Price; Henry Odell, Lords, and Charles Dymock, steward of the same manor Agreement re customary fines customs and privileges for copyhold tenants of Cranfield, Beds C78/698, no. 14 [76]
1666 2 July 18 Phillip Lavender; Rebecca Uncles, widow relict & executrix of Thomas Uncles decd; William Pope; John Pufford; John Dolphin; Anne Goldsmith, widow; Isaac Foxcroft; Thomas Moseley; and Elizabeth Bird, widow v Benjamin Whitchcott; William Barrett; Henry Duke; and Richard Barrett Debts payable from trust settlement of tenements in Leadenhall Street, London. C78/722, no. 15 [77]
1666 2 July 18 George Parkerof Willingdon, Sussex and Thomas Gilbert of Bourne, Sussex v Elizabeth, Lady Abergavenny; William Thursby; and John Prosser Mortgage of the manor of Radmell or Deverington Radmell, Sussex C78/737, no. 3 [78]
1666 2 July 18 William Iverson v John Prettiman, Edward Winston, Thomas Cowden, Mary Wills, Thomas Hobman Property on the manor of Stepney, Middlesex, the property of Jane Robinson, invasion of her land C78/855, no. 6 [79]
1666 2 July 18 William Tate, esq v. Henry Rushton; Thomas Hackett; John Grubb; William Rushton; and William Rushton, an infant C78/1004, no. 15 [80]
1666 2 July 18 Joseph Chambers v. Sir George Smyth and Dame Rebecca Vincent executrix of Sir William Vincent decd C78/1299, no. [19] [81]
1666 2 July 18 Frances Tucker, an infant, by John Hodder, clerk her guardian v. John Hardy; James Keate; and Barnard Painter C78/1292, no. 1 [82]
1666 3 July 18 Joseph Rives citizen and woolendraper of London v John Andrewes citizen and woolendraper of London. Debts re woollen drapery trade. C78/682, no. 11 [83]
1666 3 July 18 George Ward, an infant, by Sarah Ward, widow, his mother; and said Sarah Ward v. William Piers, doctor in divinity, archdeacon of Taunton and prebend of Milverton Prima, Som C78/1292, no. 2 [84]
1666 4 July 18 Thomas Bere; Robert Chattey and Priscilla his wife; and Phillip Jeane on behalf of themselves and other creditors of William Doble decd v John Doble; Tristram Wood and Robert Cannon Debts payable from testamentary trust settlement of lands in Ashbrittle, Somerset. C78/724, no. 4 [85]
1666 4 July 18 George Cornish and Jane his wife v. Alice Carpenter, widow C78/1299, no. [20] [86]
1666 11 July 18 Simon Bennett v Pexall Broccas and Stephen Coles Lease of messuage called "Quabb" in Titchfield, Hants. C78/736, no. 4 [87]
1666 13 July 18 Sir Thomas Middelton, knight v. William Masters, gent; Susanna Masters, spinster; James Ely; Thomas Good; Richard Gravill; Christopher Gravill; Thomas Gravill; Mary Gravill; Francis Fowler; Joice Phillipps; and Thomas Penson C78/1257, no. 2 [88]
1666 14 July 18 Thomas Bland son & heir of George Bland decd v William Blakey; John Easton; Dowglas Easton; Robert Thornecombe and Susan his wife; Josias Pellett; Thomas Knowles and Elizabeth his wife; and William Bayly and Elizabeth his wife Execution of will of George Bland and management of his estate in Felpham and Arundell, Sussex C78/662, no. 3 [89]
1666 14 July 18 John Bartram of [blank], Herefs v Thomas Danett and John Danett Mortgage of unspecified lands C78/673, no. 2 [90]
1666 14 July 18 Thomas Wadland v John Welles; Francis Muxloe; and Thomas Mason and Frances his wife Mortgage of lands in Peckleton, Leics and Water Orton, Warwicks C78/669, no. 15 [91]
1666 14 July 18 William Bagnall and Mary his wife; and Thomas Sandford v Michael Rutter and John Rutter, executors of Michael Rutter decd Testamentary settlement of personal estate C78/670, no. 10 [92]
1666 14 July 18 John Bartram of [blank], Herefs v Thomas Danett and John Danet Mortgage of unspecified lands C78/674, no. 4 [93]
1666 14 July 18 Mary Clarke, widow relict & executrix of Sir Thomas Clarke late of Putney, Surrey decd v Dorothy Farwell, widow relict & executrix of John Farwell; and Silvester Garrard, widow relict & administratrix of Anthony Garrard Discharge of encumbrances on lands in Plumpstead, Kent C78/696, no. 7 [94]
1666 14 July 18 Margaret Danby sole executrix of Jane Danby her mother v Francis Tyton. Estate of Michael Stubbs: parcel of land in Vine Court and Shoe Lane, Saint Andrews, Holborn. Debt to Sir Francis Tryon. C78/855, no. 7 [95]
1666 16 July 18 George Walklate of the parish of St Gregory near the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London v George Bryers Mortgage of messuage in Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Hants C78/674, no. 1 [96]
1666 16 July 18 Sir Thomas Gore of Barrowe, Somerset son & heir of William Gore late of Moreden, Surrey; William Brigg the elder of the City of London v Christopher, Lord Hatton; Christopher Hatton the son & heir apparent of the said Lord Hatton; John Clement; Richard Langhorne Possession of the manors of Gretton, Church Brampton and Chappel Brampton, Northants C78/674, no. 5 [97]
1666 16 July 18 Dame Anne Knightley, widow & relict of Sir Richard Knightley; Sir Edward Seabright decd and Elizabeth his wife; Essex Knightley; and Jane Knightley, infant v Sir Thomas Crew; John Trevor; Richard Hampden; Devereux Knightley; Valentine Knightley & Lucy Knightley Legacies and other payments due from trust settlement of lands in Fewstey, Preston and Suscombe, Northants, Cowley and Coton, Staffs C78/715, no. 1 [98]
1666 16 July 18 Sir Edward Barkham; Eliza: Bond; Thomas Berney; John Berney; Francis Dackett; Richard Mapps; Sir John Pettus; Richard Crowne; Anne Berney; Francis Berney; Grace Berney; and the children of Cuthbert Norris; creditors & legatees of Henry Berney decd v Robert Bircham; Alice Loads, widow; Margaret Marsham, widow; Sir Thomas Guybon; Richard Godfrey; William Watts; William Davy and Henry Berney Trust settlement of the manors of Annerhall, Castlehall, Berisford or Barford, Norfolk to pay mortgage repayments, legacies, etc C78/717, no. 4 [99]
1666 18 July 18 John Baker of London, brother & heir of Clement Baker decd who was eldest son & heir of Edward Baker late of London, and who was also father of the said John Baker v Thomas Rudd by Anne Rudd his mother. Redemption of mortgaged houses in St Mary Aldermanbury, London. C78/1212, no. 10 [100]
1666 18 July 18 Sir Phillipp Tirwhitt of Stainfield, Lincs, baronet v. Christofer Smyth; James Gresham, esq; Judith Morley; Marmaduke Darrell & Alice his wife C78/1013, no. 12 [101]
1666 18 July 18 John Fournesse, son and heir of William Fournesse, being an infant, by John Houldsworth, his guardian v. Martin Ledgiard C78/1274, no. 4 [102]
1666 19 July 18 Sir William Bromley of Bagington, Warks; and John Ferrars of Walton upon Trent, Derbs executors of Dame Anne Archer decd the late wife of Sir Simon Archer late of Warwick v Simon Archer, Andrew Archer and Elizabeth Archer, infants; and Thomas Freeman Marriage settlement of lands in Wemm, Salop and Tamworth, Warwicks C78/715, no. 2 [103]
1666 21 July 18 John Plumer v Edward Gale; Richard Markes; Henry Markes; Ralph Stephenson; Phillip Howseman; Richard Hollyday; John Tong; and Charles Markes Debts of John Markes payable from his personal estate and sale of lands in Cornebrough [Cornborough in Sheriff Hutton par.], Yorks. C78/693, no. 9 [104]
1666 21 July 18 Cutbert Sevisthwaite only son & heir of Cutbert Sevisthwaite decd, Mabell Sevisthwaite and Margaret Sevisthwaite daughters of the said Cutbert being all infants by Robert Scott the elder & Robert Scott the younger v Christofer Plumer and William Smithson executors of Anne Sevisthwaite, executrix of Jane Sevisthwaite decd Legacies payable from personal estate of Anne and Jane Sevisthwaite C78/693, no. 10 [105]
1666 21 July 18 John Cogg and Thomas Langley churchwardens of Denham, Bucks and churchwardens (not named) of Beaconsfield, Aylesbury, Wendover, Great Missenden and Burneham juxta Hitcham, Bucks v Sir William Rowe; John Pyott; Cheyney Rowe since decd; and John Page Annuities to poor of these parishes, by will of John Cheyney, payable from profits of the rectory of Tryng, Herts. C78/1203, no. 3 [106]
1666 21 July 18 Edward Blundell v. John Soame C78/1001, no. 3 [107]
1666 23 July 18 Daniel Benyon v John Saunders; Henry Browne; John Mchaughton; Frances Markham, widow; Thomas Chester; Samuel Blount; Richard Evans; and James Huxley Trust of lease of messuages near Watling Streete in St. Mary Aldermary, London C78/693, no. 7 [108]
1666 19 Oct 18 Steward Forster of the Middle Temple, London v Sir Humfry Forster an infant; Anthony Kecke; William Nelson; and John Howse executors of Sir Humfrey Forster decd Annuity payable from manor of Whitesley, Cambs. C78/682, no. 3 [109]
1666 23 Oct 18 Elizabeth Evans administrarix of her late husband Peter Evans not administered by Sir John Lloyd his executor and Peter Evans an infant by the said Elizabeth his mother, son & heir of the said Peter decd v Sir Thomas Smith and Dame Beatrice his wife, late relict & administratrix of the said Sir John Lloyd decd; and John Wall another of the said Peter Evans executors Mortgage of messuages called "Whitehouse" and "Kings Head" and lands in Epsome, Surrey C78/736, no. 9 [110]
1666 25 Oct 18 Sir Thomas Dayrell administratrix of Thomas Dayrell his late son & heir apparent; Mary Dayrell one of the daughters of the said Sir Thomas Dayrell; & Francis Dayrell, Marmaduke Dayrell, Wyndham Dayrell and Sarah Dayrell 4 other of the children of the said Sir Thomas Dayrell, infants v Sir Charles Lee and Dame Mary his wife; Sir Robert Reynolds and Dame Priscilla his wife; Sir William Bassett and Dame Martha his wife; William Hellier and Rachell his wife; and Francis Wyndham Shares in testamentary settlement of personal estate of Sir Hugh Wyndham C78/722, no. 13 [111]
1666 25 Oct 18 Thomas James and Cecill his wife v John Thomas; Walter Morris; Francis Williams; and Howell Bevan Marriage treaty of messuage and lands in Ragland (no county given). C78/682, no. 4 [112]
1666 25 Oct 18 Francis Andrews of Collingborne Kingston, Wilts and Anne his wife the relict and executrix of Samuel Linch late of Downton, Wilts v Eustace Mann; John Oglander; Francis Mitchell; John Lovibond; Thomas Worsely; Henry Berkinhead; Rowland Welstead; William Welsteed; and Elianor Lovibond, widow Financial encumbrances on lands in Downton, Wilts. C78/1209, no. 4 [113]
1666 26 Oct 18 Sir Brockett Spencer v John Love Lease of farmhouse called Almeshebury in Ippolitts, Herts C78/698, no. 15 [114]
1666 26 0ct 18 Thomas Penley v John Morton, Richard B... and George Smith. Dispute over the lease of a messuage in Cock and Key Alley, Fleetstreet, London. C78/855, no. 5 [115]
1666 27 Oct 18 Richard Vuett, gent & Elianor his wife, since deceased v. John Holmden; and Hugh Phillipps, gent; and others (sic) C78/1290, no. 2 [116]
1666 30 Oct 18 Julia Jermyn, widow, the daughter of Richard, late Lord Viscount Lumley decd v William Ashburneham; Sir Henry Peckham; and Robert Garter executors of the said Lord Viscount Lumley and others (not named) Trust of lands and tenements in London, Hants and Yorks C78/693, no. 3 [117]
1666 3 Nov 18 Thomas Wharton v Anthony Bierly; Jane Perkins, widow; Henry Perkins and Elizabeth his wife; Edward Steere; William Crashaw; George Rasine; William Perkins and Elizabeth Perkins Purchase money owed for messuage called Old Hall or Old Parke in Whitworth, Durham C78/693, no. 4 [118]
1666 3 Nov 18 Nathaniel Long gentleman v. Edmund Brewning esq C78/1915, no. 2 [119]
1666 5 Nov 18 Nicholas Joyce and wife (not named) v John Larder Possession of copyhold tenement in the manor of Kilne or Holford, Somerset C78/738, no. 2 [120]
1666 5 Nov 18 John Sutton of Paylton, Warks v John Smith; Richard Rose; and William Smith Mortgage of lands in Paylton, Monks, Warwicks. C78/1000, no. 10 [121]
1666 7 Nov 18 Edward Merryweather & Humfry Grinsell executors of Thomas Hanwell decd v Phillip Eyton and Thomas Townesend Mortgage of lands in Eyton, Salop C78/721, no. 17 [122]
1666 8 Nov 18 Thomas Bates and Abigall his wife the late widow and administratrix of Charles Hudgebutt of the City of London, wyerdrawer, the said Abigalls former husband decd v. John Padwicke; Francis Dobson; and Edward Hanna C78/1299, no. [16] [123]
1666 9 Nov 18 Nicholas Sanders of Droitwich, Worcs v Henry Amphlett; Elizabeth Saunders; and Thomas Watts Possession of two bullaries of saltwater in Upwith, Droitwich, Worcs C78/673, no. 1 [124]
1666 9 Nov 18 John Humfrey by John Humfrey v Thomas Turner; Haynes Barlee; Thomas Rayner; Thomas Simpson; John Cornelius; Joseph Hatch; James Crofte; John Barlee; William Barlee; John Chapman; Edmund Brookes; Francis Bridge; and Morisson Hatch Alleged forfeiture of copyhold messuages in Rickling, Essex C78/688, no. 16 [125]
1666 9 Nov 18 William Jones esq son and heir of Sir Phillipp Jones knight deceased, heir of Elizabeth Dodington, sister and heir of Arthur Dodington esq and administratrix of the unadministered goods of the said Arthur and Elizabeth Dodington v. Sir Francis Dodington knight; John Dodington; Edmond Windham esq; and John St Albyn esq son and heir of John St Albyn esq C78/2035, no. 12 [126]
1666 9 Nov 18 Anne Bowerman, widow, administratrix of Andrew Bowerman, doctor in divinity, her late husband; and William Lambe, gent, administrator of Sir John Lambe, knight v. John Aldridge the elder; and John Aldridge the younger C78/1073, no. 14 [127]
1666 15 Nov 18 James Spenceley v John Spencely; Anthony Spencely; Henry Spenceley; and William Spenceley his sons and William Spenceley, Simon Spenceley and John Spenceley sons of Robert Spenceley Mortgage of messuage in Whitaside in Grinton, Yorks. C78/693, no. 2 [128]
1666 16 Nov 18 Mary Hewitt, widow, late wife of Wignall Hewitt, gent v. Hierom Potkins & Triphena his wife C78/851, no. 10 [129]
1666 17 Nov 18 Gaven Grosvenor of Whately, Warks son & heir of Fulke Grosvenor late of Holt, Warks v Mary Grosvenor, widow; Henry Croxall; and Richard Adcocke Possession of, and annuity payable from, the manor of Holt in Kingsbury, Warwicks C78/736, no. 12 [130]
1666 19 Nov 18 Anthony Frere of Stoke Edith, Herefs v George Dodington; John Bearcroft; and Benjamin Mason Purchase and lease of the manor of Pixleyes Court and other lands in Pixley, Arperton and Munsley, Heref C78/748, no. 12 [131]
1666 19 Nov 18 Dorcas Penhellicke widow the relict of Alexander Penhellicke v. John Penhellicke C79/163, no. [132]
1666 20 Nov 18 Richard Bromley; Richard Wheelwright; and Richard Steenton v Edward Rider Bonds. C78/748, no. 13 [133]
1666 22 Nov 18 Oliver Pocklington of Higham Ferrers, Northants and Dean and Chapter of Peterburgh v Nicholas, Earl of Banbury; Bennett, Lord Sherrard; George Sherrard; Francis Sherrard; Sir Peter Thorold; Henry Weeteley; William Buclmaster; William Drage; Thomas Groome; Richard Redive; Anthony Corley; William Woolston; William Hills; Anthony Underwood; John Dillingham; Robert Underwood; Thomas Gilham; Samuel Baker; Edward Hardwicke; Hewen Blowfeild; William Lythell; Edward Read; Thomas Carter; James Blowfeild; Robert Porter; William Hardwicke; Richard Pully; Nicholas Mason; William Lewis; Anne Weekeley; and Elizabeth Trigge; Edmond Draughton; Richard Knighton; Edmund Squire; John Peircivall senr; John Peircivall junr; Mathew Draughton; William Clarke; Richard Warren; Thomas Norish; Richard Bates; John Fowler; Simon Allen; Abraham Betts; Mathew Bridgeford; Margaret Pitts, widow; Katherine Griffin; Alice Young; Bridgett Curtis, widow; William Vincent; Thomas Judd; William Hardwicke junr; William Jofferies; Robert Cox; Richard Gillam; Mathew Britchford; Ellen Peircivall; Mary Pettit; Thomas Knight; Thomas Wright; and Mary Moorein; Henry Underwood; Thomas Harriot; and Edward Ekins Tithe and boundary disputes in manor of Irethingburgh or Irtlingburgh, Northants. C78/713, no. 13 [134]
1666 22 Nov 18 Charles Aderly, Richard Hopkins, Robert Brake, William Jelliffe v William Jesson; Elizabeth Jesson; and Thomas Jesson The will and estate of William Jesson C78/855, no. 4 [135]
1666 22 Nov 18 Robert Owen & Margaret his wife v. Jervas Bennett & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Walker; and Joseph Fowler C78/1277, no. 2 [136]
1666 23 Nov 18 Carew Harvey als Mildmay v Mary Witherell, widow and John Wadland Debts of Josiah Bateman payable from mortgage of messuage and lands in Barking, Essex. C78/688, no. 14 [137]
1666 23 Nov 18 Martyn Cosens v Jane Perkins and Edward Perkins. Legacy payable by will of William Perkins from his personal estate and messuage in Bell Yard, London C78/703, no. 1 [138]
1666 26 Nov 18 Edward Greene v William Temple; Hester Steele; Edward Greene and his wife Marriage treaty re the manor of Cheadle, Cheshire. C78/736, no. 17 [139]
1666 26 Nov 18 Anne Moore, widow, late wife and relict of John Moore decd, eldest daughter of Sir George Fane & Dame Anne his wife both decd; and George Moore, Anne Moore and Mary Moore children of the said John Moore by the said Anne Moore, infants v Sir Roger Twisden; John Tregonwell; Robert Raworth; Thomas Bucke; Andrew Wanley Legacies payable by will of Sir George Fane and Anne Fane from lands in Tuddington, Beds C78/748, no. 6 [140]
1666 27 Nov 18 John Banckes and Frances Savile v Robert Smith; Anne Blow, widow; Elizabeth Blow; Sarah Blow; Mary Blow; ?..? Blow, infant daughters and coheirs of John Blow decd Possession of lands in Brentwood, Essex C78/662, no. 1 [141]
1666 27 Nov 18 Charles Powell of Uske, Monm gent v. Herbert Powell gent, Edward Davies, and Edward Robertes The will (related) of Thomas Powell (Charles's elder brother) concerning lands in Uske, Lanbadocke, and Langelby held by various titles C78/663, no. 8 [142]
1666 27 Nov 18 Katherine Copley by Thomas Twitty v Gilbert Norton; Dorothy Heyward and John Gyles Marriage settlement of lands in Claynes, Worcs. C78/674, no. 7 [143]
1666 27 Nov 18 Abraham Vandenbend v Thomas Levingston and Anne his wife; and Constantine Skinner Trust settlement of manors of East Compton, West Compton, Tilehurst, Speenham and Tidmarch, Berks, Tunbridge and Hadlow, Kent, Bodnecke and Steeple, Essex, Weston, Somerset and other lands in Radnor, Middx, Devon and London C78/726, no. 19 [144]
1666 28 Nov 18 Dame Margaret Thelwall, widow relict & administratrix of Simon Thelwall v Symon Jones Cancellation of bonds re debts of Symon Thelwall C78/688, no. 15 [145]
1666 28 Nov 18 William Bullock; William Norton; Judith Neave, widow; John Rose and Elizabeth his wife; William Beales; Mary Bernard, widow; and William Turnor, creditors of Robert Copeman decd v Martha Copeman, widow; and John Copeman Portions and debts payable from lands in Billingford, Norfolk C78/724, no. 16 [146]
1666 29 Nov 18 Jeremy Newbrough and Elizabeth his then wife since decd v Emanuell Lurch and Mary his wife; and John Albyn and Agnes his wife Mortgage of lands in Cheddon, Fithpayne and Westmonncton, Somerset. C78/724, no. 5 [147]
1666 4 Dec 18 William Walton of Stoke Pryor, Herefs and Mary his wife, daughter of William Hodges, and relict and late wife of William Winde late of Stoke decd v Williarn Hodges; Farley Osborne; and Joan Winde, executors of William Wynde decd Portion payable from trust settlement of the archdeaconry of Worcester, rectory of Claverdon or Clavdon, and lands and tithes in Claredon, Langley Norton and Linsley, Warwicks. C78/748, no. 7 [148]
1666 5 Dec 18 Charles Bowes; and Susan Fenwicke, widow and relict of Charles Fenwicke of Hagthorpe, Yorks, gent, formerly the wife and relict of Charles Bowes, complainant's father v. Edward Kirlew, gent C78/1274, no. 11 [149]
1666 6 Dec 18 Henry Kempe of the Inner Temple & and Anne his wife v Elizabeth Fisher the elder; William Hayes and Mary his wife; Elizabeth Fisher the younger; and Hannah Fisher infant by Richard Hodges of White Chappell, Middx, baker Possession of lands in Isleworth, Twickenham, Middx. C78/682, no. 1 [150]
1666 7 Dec 18 Dorothy, Lady Dacre; Sir Dudley North; and Richard Barrett v Challoner Chute; Henry Barker; and Anthony Collins Payments due from profits of manor of Sutton Court, Chiswicke, Middx. C78/682, no. 2 [151]
1666 8 Dec 18 Charles Wheeler of Fulham, Middx v John Tregonnell and Mary his wife; Mary Davies an infant Mortgage of lands in Brockall, Sulmes, Bury and East Brigge, Lancs. C78/703, no. 2 [152]
1666 8 Dec 18 Thomas Flood and William Robinson, citizens & bakers of London v William Bond and John Wynn Accounts re supplier of wheat C78/748, no. 10 [153]
1666 11 Dec 18 Nathaniel Rolls doctor of physicke v Sir John Cremer Obscure boundaries of lands in North Runcton, Hardwicke, Sechey, Westwinch and Middleton, Norfolk which should have paid tithes to rectory of North Runcton with Hardy and Sechey annexed C78/716, no. 1 [154]
1666 12 Dec 18 Thomas Coffin v John Deacon. Mortgage of lands in Cury, Cornwall C78/721, no. 8 [155]
1666 12 Dec 18 Vere Harecourt; James Gardiner; Charles Hall; Henry Pinder; John Johnson; John Tathwell and Martha his wife; Aquilla Lilly, widow; John Maultby and Anne his wife; Henry Adkins; Richard Pinder; Francis Eastland; James Eastland; Robert Eastland; Thomas Nettleshipp and Mary his wife; and Robert Smith an infant by John Johnson; Faith Eastland; Robert Johnson; Eastland Johnson; James Harrison and Elizabeth his wife; Robert Clarke an infant by Robert Clarke; Richard Codd; Robert Humberston; William Jolland; John Leary; Thomas Goodridge and Mary his wife; William Henley and Elizabeth his wife; Edward Rogers an infant by John Leary; Thomas Hooker; William Hooker; Thomas Bishopp; William Coleman and [blank] his wife; William Leary an infant by John Willy; Thomas Boole an infant by Robert Graye; Katharine Thomlinson, widow; William Thomlinson an infant by Edward Eastland; Richard Barker; Richard Sadler; William Hart; John Hart; John Pawles and Bridgett his wife; William Huitt and [blank] his wife and as guardian to Richard Wilkinson an infant; Ann Yates, widow; John Yates an infant; Anne Willie an infant by John Willie; Charles Coldicott an infant by Christopher Pym; Henry Huitt an infant by Katherine Cussen; John Huitt an infant by Thomas Ewre; Katherine Cussen; William Willie the elder and William Willie the younger v William Willoughby; Edward Eastland and John Willie Bill (Mich 1666) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) to enclose the commons of Stourton and Bramsley [Bransby] in Stowe, Lincolnshire C78/736, no. 14 [156]
1666 13 Dec 18 Susan Pollington, widow relict & administratrix of Thomas Pollington decd v John Wilkin; Richard Mason and William Mason Damages due as a result of judgment in assault case held at Suffolk Assizes. C78/724, no. 6 [157]
1666 14 Dec 18 Walter Junes and Anne his wife; and George Roberts v Sir Jeoffery Palmer; James Digby; Reynold Grayhines; Hugh May and John Francis Mortgage of lands in Carleton, Carley, Leics C78/715, no. 3 [158]
1666 19 Dec 18 John Dodsworth v. Sir Edmond Jening; Dame Margaret his wife; Sir Edmond Barkeham; William White; Thomas Barkeham; George Dawson Refs previous decree of 22 Apr 27 ChasII. (Somewhat damaged, names supplied from finding aid) C78/1414, no. 27 [159]