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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1661 13 C78/, no. []
1661 10 Jan 12 Elizabeth Denham and Anne Denham by John Denham their father v George Tipping; William Calverley; Robert Whitlock; Robert Mitford Trust settlement of the manor and advowson of Whittington, Gloucs by Dame Appollina Hall, widow of Sir Alexander Hall & sister of the complts mother. C78/630, no. 15 [2]
1661 15 Jan 12 Anthony Kuipe v Nicholas Fisher & Roger Bateman Bonds re debts. C78/597, no. 22 [3]
1661 15 Jan 12 Thomas Micklethwaite & Elizabeth his wife; Cornelius Prole & Anne his wife v John Boateman since decd & Anne his wife; Christopher Legard; Robert Legard Inventory of estate of James Brampton and payment of his debts and legacies. C78/627, no. 7 [4]
1661 19 Jan 12 Thomas Atkinson; George Mowson; Nicholas Mowson; George Mowson the younger; Robert Hall; Richard Ayray; Arthur Gilpin; Nicholas Ward; George Harrison; Peter Warriner; John Warriner; Edward Holme; William Thwaites; John Briggs the elder; and John Briggs the younger customary tenants of the manor of Whitwell and Selside, Westmorland v Henry Wilson Exaction of allegedly unreasonable fines from customary tenants of Whitwell and Selside, Westmorland C78/597, no. 20 [5]
1661 19 Jan 12 Ambrose Edwards surviving assignee of the estate of Leonard Leonards a bankrupt v George Turner Debts for supplies of beer. C78/699, no. 11 [6]
1661 21 Jan 12 Abraham Perrott of London v Thomas Ashfield, Hampden Ashfield, William Sandys and Dame Anne Darrell his wife since decd, Sir Ralph Freeman, Sir Thomas Bludder, Sir John Trevor, Lancelott Lake, Marmaduke Darrell, Symon Rewse, Francis Vernon, Sir John Underhill, Mathew Pitcher, John Hamond, John Becks, William Newman, Barbara Woodfield, Sarah Symonds, George Dannett and Ursula Hanson. Lease of dues from the seacoal farm of Newcastle upon Tyne, and marriage settlement of lands in Fullmer and Missenden and Honybeere, Somerset. C78/638, no. 2 [7]
1661 24 Jan 12 Dame Lettice Vachell of Coley, Berks, widow, late the wife of Sir Thomas Vachell v Sir John Evelyn; William Leman; Thomas Vachell Recompence for jointure lost by sale of the lands in St. Michael, Berks, in order to buy manor of Quenington, Gloucs. C78/561, no. 11 [8]
1661 25 Jan 12 Richard Tristeane & John Tristeane & John Robins v Michael Tresaher & Thomas Luckes Title to messuage called Trenezen in Veryan, Cornwall. C78/593, no. 6 [9]
1661 26 Jan 12 Judith Brewer, widow, executrix of Andrew Brewer decd v Richard Comport Lease of piece of meadow in St. George parish, Southwark, Surrey C78/607, no. 5 [10]
1661 26 Jan 12 Lawrence Chambers of London, merchant v. John Freeman; William Fletcher; John Goodine; and William Mason C78/1257, no. 19 [11]
1661 26 Jan 12 Christopher Allanson, esq, son and heir of Edmond Allanson, esq, an infant, by Henry Hethersall, gent v. Thomas Jekyll, gent; and Anne Allanson, widow C78/1260, no. 13 [12]
1661 28 Jan 12 George Prior an infant by Penelope Prior, widow, his mother and guardian v George Prior Debts and legacies payable by will of Richard Prior from messuage called the "Dogg" tavern in Westminster, Middx C78/643, no. 13 [13]
1661 28 Jan 12 William FitzHerbert, esq; Rowland Eyre; and Christopher Heveningham, gent v. Joseph Eyre, gent; and Edward Morten C78/869, no. 7 [14]
1661 29 Jan 12 Robert Copping and Susan Marston, widow, administratrix of Mathew Marston her late husband v Mary Brooke, widow. The estate of Mathew Marston, a property called 'Southwoods' and other properties in Essex. C78/557, no. 5 [15]
1661 29 Jan 12 William Ashburnham v Miles Button Annuity on security of the manor of Angelus, Pembs C78/592, no. 7 [16]
1661 29 Jan 12 John Hatch & Robert Whiteing v John Lawrence; Anthony Bateman; Constance Wallis, widow Cancellation of bail bond. C78/597, no. 21 [17]
1661 29 Jan 12 John Brady the younger v John Brady the elder & Somella his wife; Thomas Toll; William Stanton Bonds in trust in connection with settlement of lands in Kings Lynn, Norfolk C78/716, no. 12 [18]
1661 29 Jan 12 Nicholas Willimott of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. John Jones; Nathaniel String; William Bearblocke; and William Ivatt an infant by said William Bearblocke his guardian C78/869, no. 5 [19]
1661 30 Jan 13 Richard Conquest v Richard Conquest; Edward Reede; Gregory Reede; William Knight; William Dennis; Ralph Harvey; Oliver Rand; William Allen; George Cox; Thomas Cox Land at Steventon, Haughton Grange and Houghton Conquest, Beds C78/583, no. 19 [20]
1661 31 Jan 13 Roger Jenyns and Sarah his wife formerly Sarah Parsons, widow v George Dalton. Accounts re drainage of Upwood Fenn and lands in Upwell, Norfolk. C78/610, no. 5 [21]
1661 31 Jan 13 George Dalton v Roger Jenyns; Sarah his wife; John Latch; Richard, Lord Gorges; Mathew Wolfe; John Bradbourne; William Sheeres; John Lufton Accounts re drainage of Upwood Fenn and lands in Upwell, Norfolk. C78/610, no. 7 [22]
1661 31 Jan 13 Elizabeth Kinge, widow v John Tovy; Robert Whiteinge; John Redwood; John Clarke; James Cooke; Roger Downe; George Strangewaies; Nicholas Strangewaies Trust settlement of farm at Preston Bermundsey, lands in Yeovall, rectory and advowson of Charleton Convile or Charleton Horethorne, Somerset C78/738, no. 12 [23]
1661 1 Feb 13 John Simpson v John Swift and Martha Swift Marriage of Elizabeth Swift, marriage portion of a house at Shakewell, Middlesex C78/583, no. 7 [24]
1661 1 Feb 13 William Clapham v Richard Sykes; John Sykes; Mary Sykes; William Hardisty Marriage settlement of lands of Hunslett Hall, Yorks. C78/630, no. 2 [25]
1661 1 Feb 13 James Davenporte of Clements Danes, Middx v Sir Edward Longuevill; Thomas Longueville; John Pollard; William Pollard; John Reeve; Arthur Kettleby Bonds C78/747, no. 3 [26]
1661 4 Feb 13 John Pollard of Whitchurch, Devon and Margaret his wife v Grace Cuttiford administratrix of George Cuttiford; John Jacob; Sir Richard Grenvile since decd & Dame Mary his wife formerly Dame Mary Howard and others (not named) Debts and bonds payable from Okehampton Parke and lands in Tavistocke, Devon. C78/592, no. 6 [27]
1661 4 Feb George Tarrant of Upclatford, Hants v William Tarrant the elder; William Tarrant the younger; John Woodman Possession of manor of Upclatford, Hants, formerly property of George Tarrant the complts grandfather. C78/747, no. 4 [28]
1661 5 Feb 13 Humfrey Weld and Stephen Switzer v Sir John Lenthall; Anne Mosely; Henry Latham; James Davenport; Charles Causfield; William Livesey Debts and bonds C78/704, no. 15 [29]
1661 6 Feb 13 Thomas Sumner v Mary Sumner, widow; Andrew Thorne & Mary his wife; Thomas Waine & Anne his wife Trust, mortgage and possession of lands in Epping, Essex. C78/1204, no. 10 [30]
1661 7 Feb 13 Edward Parker and Thomas Lord v Charles Abbott; Richard Crouch; William Knipe; Dorothy Abbott; Jane Abbott; Francis Abbott; Charles Abbott; Martha Abbott; John Abbott; John Abbott the grandchild Testamentary settlement by will of Francis Abbott of messuage called Clobbe in Bewley, Hants. C78/602, no. 5 [31]
1661 8 Feb 13 Thomas Warren of Rederith, Surrey, scrivenor v Osmond Bilson; Edward Roberts; Nicholas Allen; John Wood Rents due from tenements in St. Saviours, Surrey. C78/990, no. 12 [32]
1661 8 Feb 13 Edmond Wood & Frances his wife; Edward Rude; and Elizabeth his wife; Alexander Fraine & Elianor his wife; said Frances, Elizabeth, and Elianor being the daughters and coheirs of John Coxhead, gent v. Thomas Snell C78/1232, no. 6 [33]
1661 9 Feb 13 Peter Barker of East Deerham, Norfolk v John Osborne; George Watts & Elizabeth his wife Trust of houses and lands in East Deerham [East Dereham], Norfolk. C78/562, no. 13 [34]
1661 9 Feb 13 Henry Huddleston v Lionel Walden; Elizabeth his wife; Alice Balam; Mary Balam; Anne Balam; Jane Balam; Susan Balam; Elizabeth Blundell Mortgage of manor of Huntingtons in Sawston, Cambs. C78/592, no. 11 [35]
1661 9 Feb 13 Bridget Trevillian, widow and relict of Thomas Trevillian, gent; Elizabeth Jennings, widow and relict of Marmaduke Jennings, esq, the only daughter and sole heir of the said Thomas Trevillian; and Thomas Jennings, youngest son of said Marmaduke Jennings and of said Elizabeth by said Elizabeth his mother and guardian v. William Goold; John Goold; Thomas Greene; Robert Webb & Sarah his wife; Robert Cox & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Goold an infant C78/869, no. 3 [36]
1661 11 Feb 13 Dame Jane Leach the relict & executrix of Sir Edward Leche decd; Henry English son & executor of Henry English his late father v Maurice Wynne; Richard Newdigate; William Cooke; Henry Wynne; Edward English; Ambrose Phillipps Trust sale of manors of Lexhome and Rosse, rectories of Houghton and Create and Little Walsingham, Norfolk C78/562, no. 5 [37]
1661 11 Feb 13 Sir William Cholmley; Dame Katherine his wife; Leonard Wastell & Elizabeth his wife which said Katherine & Elizabeth where the daughters of John Savile decd v Margarett Savile; Ann, Mary & Dorothy Savile infants by the said Margaret their sister; John Garway; William Garway; John Savile an infant by the said John Garway Portions payable by will of John Savile, from lands in Methley, Selby, Braton and Drax, Yorks. C78/609, no. 8 [38]
1661 11 Feb 13 John Kirke, brother, heir & executor of Hugh Kirke decd v Thomazine Kirke, widow, the late wife & relict of the said Hugh Kirke; Richard Bradshawe; William Moore Legacies payable from personal estate of Hugh Kirke. C78/643, no. 15 [39]
1661 11 Feb 13 John Oake the elder v Avice Oake, widow; Nicholas Sheppard; John Williams the elder; Raynold Clench; Robert Sheppard Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Sturminster, Newton, Dorset. C78/738, no. 13 [40]
1661 12 Feb 13 Peter Smith and Thomas Needham, overseers of the poor; Richard Hickson, William Burgis & William Howse, churchwardens & Tho... Jarvis, constable of Broughton Astley, Sutton and Prunethorpe, Leicestershire; Francis Duckett; Abraham Coultman of Broughton Astley; John Perkins of Prunethorpe; Edmund Read of Sut... as well for themselves as the rest of the freeholders, landholders & inhabitants of the parish of Broughton Astley v Thomas Grey an infant commonly called Lord Grey of Grooby an infant by the Lady Dorothy Grey his mother; Henry Grey; Thomas Wayte; Creswell Levnor; Robert Colborne Bill (Trinity 1660) seeking compensation for loss of lands given to charitable uses lost by enclosure (divers years previously). C78/638, no. 1A [41]
1661 12 Feb 13 William Bullman; Joseph Nudd; John Nudd v Thomas Larwood Profits of trust of lands in Ormsby, Norf C78/657, no. 12 [42]
1661 13 Feb George Davis of Netton in parish of Great Durneford, Wilts v Anne Davis, widow, the late wife of William Davis decd; William Davis son & heir of the said William Davis decd Mortgage and other financial incumbrances on the manor of Netton, Wilts C78/602, no. 8 [43]
1661 15 Feb 13 John Stileman of Feildalling, Norfolk; John Grove of Wells next the Sea, saylor; John Tidd of Feildalling; Margaret Reeder, widow, the relict & executrix of John Reeder late of Wells, merchant decd v John Armiger of London Payment for purchase of a ship. Refs action of trover & connercon in the court of Upper Bench at Westminster C78/627, no. 9 [44]
1661 16 Feb 13 Sir John Underhill v Sir Ralph Freeman; Sir Thomas Bludder; Sir John Trevor; Lancelott Lake; Thomas Ashfeild; Abraham Perrott; John Bex; Jeremy Whitchcott; John Hancocke administrator of Hampden Ashfeild Interests in the farm of cole, Newcastle, Northumberland and rectory of Chesham, Bucks. C78/990, no. 11 [45]
1661 18 Feb 13 Katherine Cuffe, widow, relict of George Cuffe decd and administrator of Richard Alsopp late of London decd unadministered by Anne his relict & executrix, and also administratrix of the said Anne Alsopp & administratrix of Richard & Henry Alsopp decd, two of the sons of the said Richard Alsopp the father; William Alsopp; Thomas Fleetwood & Susan his wife one of the daughters of the said Richard Alsopp the father v Elizabeth Toppesfield, widow, relict & executrix of William Toppesfield; George Parker; Christopher Townsend Accounts of estate of Richard Alsopp and leases of tenements in White Chappel and St. Andrews, Holborn, Middx C78/592, no. 10 [46]
1661 18 Feb 13 John Hepden v William Colepepyr and Mary his wife administratrix of William Langham her late husband. Redemption of mortgage of messuage, lands and forge and workmens' houses in Burwash, (no county given). C78/643, no. 16 [47]
1661 20 Feb 13 William Clotworthy of London, haberdasher (sole administrator of Robert Gray late of London, merchant taylor decd) v Christopher Rayner Embezzlement of money and goods belonging to Robert Gray C78/627, no.11 [48]
1661 20 Feb. 13 William Clotworthy of London, haberdasher, administrator of Robert Gray of London, mercer decd v Simon Middleton. Debts due to estate of Robert Gray C78/627, no. 12 [49]
1661 21 Feb 12 Frances Molineux widow and Sir Gervas Clifton knight and baronet v. Henry Harwell and Richard Molineux C78/1925, no.1 [50]
1661 22 Feb 13 Francis Woodcock of Grays Inn and Mary Woodcock, spinster, executors of Henry Woodcock of Seaford, Sussex v Anne Woodcock; William Gratwick; Thomas Worge; Richard Diplock; John Swayne; Thomas Deane; John Howell; [blank] Raddly; [blank] Handerbird Interests in estate of Henry Woodcock, of lands in Angmering, Sussex. C78/556, no. 9 [51]
1661 22 Feb 13 William Wheeler of Silveshoe, Beds v Henry Sheppard. Trust of 2 closes of pasture in Pulloxhill and Higham Gobion, Beds C78/648, no. [52]
1661 22 Feb 13 Anne Browning, widow, the late wife & relict of Samuel Browning decd and Samuel Browning son of the said Samuel decd and of the said Anne, an infant v John Browning, father of the said Samuel decd; William Partridge, father of the said Anne Jointure interest in marriage settlement of Cotes farm (no county given). C78/704, no. 14 [53]
1661 23 Feb 13 Dame Milicent Pole the relict of Sir German Pole and German Pole & Anne his wife v Anne Pole the relict & administratrix of Edward Pole decd Estate of German Pole: manor of Radborne, and several other properties in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, Leicestershire and elsewhere C78/583, no. 6 [54]
1661 25 Feb 13 George Cooke of Bixley, Kent (eldest son & heir of George Cooke lately decd who was third son of Edmond Cooke late of North Cray, Kent & younger brother of Lambert Cooke hereinafter named, both decd)v Thomas Bayles and Hanna his wife, daughter & heir of William Fiffin decd. Mortgage of tenements in North Cray, Kent C78/562, no. 11 [55]
1661 26 Feb 13 Jane Done, spinster, & Sir James Thynne executors of Charles Thynne who was executor of Gresham Thynne late of London, spinster decd v Sir John Jacob; Samuel Jones; William Hippesley; John Davies; Charles Goreing; Anthony Stapely; Henry Goreing; Henry Goreing the elder; Henry Goreing the younger; William Devereux; Francis Overy; Anthony Deane; Hugh Audly; Edward Denny; Samuel Jones Debts payable from trust settlement of manors of Rottingden, Radnill, Northease and Blytchington, Sussex and messuage in St. Margarets, Westminster. C78/990, no. 10 [56]
1661 28 Feb 13 Robert Smith & Elizabeth his wife relict and executrix of George Willis late of London merchant v William Massey and others (not named) Debts of Walter Hill, payable from sale of his lands in Shenfield, Essex, to estate of George Willis to allow payment of his debts and the legacies of his will C78/593, no. 5 [57]
1661 28 Feb 13 Ambrose Thomas of Plymouth, Devon, merchant v Nicholas Hicks Terms of sale of lands and tin-mines in Lanlivery, Cornwall C78/690, no. 16 [58]
1661 1 March 13 Thomas Church, since decd v John Bridgeman Debt. 600 pounds owed by Theophilus Tirrett. Lease of Rectory of Painsford, Cambs. C78/1317, no. 11 [59]
1661 1 March 13 Elizabeth Raynon widow v. Henry Warre gentleman & Dorothy his wife C79/125, no. [60]
1661 2 March 13 Arthur Kelley, gent, son and heir of Thomas Kelley, who was son and heir of Arthur Kelly of Peters Marland v. Dorothy Kelly, widow; Francis Kelley, gent; and Arthur Kelly, gent C78/1013, no. 23 [61]
1661 4 March 13 Richard Billingsly of London son & heir of Henry Billingsly decd son & heir of Sir Henry Billingsly late of Skifton, Gloucs decd, son & heir of Sir Henry Billingsly late alderman of the City of London also decd v Phillip Langley; Samuel Trotman; Patrick Cary; John Billingsly; Mary Panford; John Field; Vincent Delabar & Barbara his wife; George Flower; [blank] Flower, widow; Thomas Viner; John Ponteing; Lyonell, Earl of Middx Title to manors of Scifton als Sison and Mangerfield, Gloucs and lands in Penhoe, Salisbury Magor, Redwicke, Greene Moore and Preston, Mons. C78/651, no. 8 [62]
1661 7 March 13 Thomas Steward of Stuntney in the Isle of Ely, Cambs v John Child & Sarah his wife; Thomas Allen; Michael Selby; Christopher Marshall Sale of encumbered estate of the manor of Coveny and Maney, Chatterys, Wardey, Wardeliles in Chatterys and Tyndalls in Chatterys, Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/561, no. 1 [63]
1661 7 March 13 John Evans then of Leachlead, Gloucs v John Geareing; John Bond; Stephen Baduly; Ralph Parr; Drew Cartwright; John Smalcombe; Simon Fariner; Jeffery Thurgood Lease of Butlers Court farm in Leathleade, Gloucs C78/689, no. 7 [64]
1661 7 March 13 Humfrey Taylor of Ewelne, Oxon v Richard Hester; Anne his wife; Elizabeth Taylor an infant; Thomas Knivett; John Edmonds Mortgage of lands in Newberry, Berks. C78/1220, no. 6 [65]
1661 11 March 13 Neville Hall of Kenington, Kent v John Brett. Costs re mortgage of unspecified premises C78/643, no. 12 [66]
1661 11 March 13 Nevill Hall of Kenington, Kent v Thomas Brett Absolute conveyance of unspecified mortgaged premises C78/651, no. 9 [67]
1661 (Bill) Easter Term 13 Edward Chester, son and heir of John Chester, eldest son of Sir Edward Chester of Barkeway, Herts, knight, deceased; Edward Chester; Robert Chester; and Anne Chester, younger children of said Sir Edward Chester, all infants, by Robert Eade of Cambridge, doctor of phisick their guardian v. Abell Buckley & Judith his wife; and Margaret Cockayne C78/1129, no. 9 [68]
1661 27 April 13 Edward, Lord Gorges, Baron of Dundalke, Ireland son & heir of Edward, Lord Gorges likewise Baron of Dundalke decd, which said Edward, Lord Gorges was eldest brother of Sir Theobald Gorges late of Ashley, Wilts decd v William Foster; Helena his wife; Edward Mansell; Anne his wife; Thomas Lloyd; Elizabeth his wife; Richard Pitt Testamentary settlement of the manor of Ashley, Wilts, by will of Sir Theobald Gorges C78/562, no. 10 [69]
1661 27 April 13 Thomas Hemblinge v Thomas Blomefield Dispute over the sale of the "White Lyon" in the parish of Saint Giles, Norwich C78/586, no. 6 [70]
1661 2 May 13 Sir William Waller v Richard Maijor; John Dunch; Edward Hooper; Peter Seale executors of John Barton decd Title to manor of Thurmond, Hants. C78/710, no. 4 [71]
1661 3 May 13 Thomas Moore son of Margaret late the wife of Henry Wade by John Moore her former husband; Robert Prentice & Margaret his wife one of the daughters of the said John Moore & Margaret; John Morphew & Mary his wife one other of the daughters of the said John Moore & Margaret v John Browne; Robert Browne; Thomas Browne; Henry Wade; John Gilbert; Edward Casson Trust of profits of sale of land in Aslacton, Norfolk C78/562, no. 2 [72]
1661 3 May 13 Phineas Andrewes v Sir John Read and Robert Jaques Rent arrears from unspecified farm payable by distraint on personal goods. C78/562, no. 9 [73]
1661 3 May 13 Thomas Dawson & Anne his wife v John Bright Widow's share in personal estate of James Bright late of Attercliff, Yorks C78/597, no. 19 [74]
1661 3 May 13 Richard Powis v Hugh Sharpe; John Lockey; Robert Stocks; Christopher Duddy Mortgage of tenement in White Chappel, London. C78/990, no. 9 [75]
1661 6 May 13 Edward als Edmond Fuller v George Rive and others (not named) Title to copyhold lands in Tuddington, Beds C78/657, no. 14 [76]
1661 6 May 13 Lionell Cooke of Bargham, Suff, gent v. William Rose & Anne his wife C78/1129, no. 2 [77]
1661 10 May 13 John Pyne of Curry Mallett, Somerset v Edward Tidcombe Bonds re apprenticeship of Francis Pyne in merchandising in the City of London C78/562, no. 4 [78]
1661 10 May 13 Thomas Waller v John Moxon Accounts re rye trade with Prussia on the ship the Charles of Hull, Francis Knolles, master C78/597, no. 18 [79]
1661 13 May 13 John Martin v Elizabeth Garfoote, widow since the wife of [blank] Croydon, doctor of laws; Thomas Garfoote an infant; Thomas Gundry; William Whorwood; Nicholas Gundry Possession of messuage called "The Crane Inn" in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey C78/1204, no. 9 [80]
1661 14 May 13 Lawrence Brinley v Anthony Stanlake, Roger Blackhurst, William Bedell, Thomas Dowse, William Millington, George Waterman Dispute over the payment of tithes by the City of London to the Archbishop of Canterbury. C78/586, no. 7 [81]
1661 14 May 13 Margaret Griffith, widow & relict of Sir Henry Griffith decd and eldest daughter of Sir Francis Wortley decd v Sir Francis Boynton and Sir Edward Wortley Marriage settlement and jointure from manors of Whichnor and Alrewas (including fishing rights), Staff and Haystropp, Yorks C78/631, no. 19 [82]
1661 14 May 13 George Harrison of East Bargholt, Suff, gent v. George Harrison; Anthony Blomfield; and Richard Dove C78/1129, no. 3 [83]
1661 15 May 13 Thomas Starkey v Thomas Braddell son & heir of John Braddell; Tempest Slinger; Margaret Cunliffe; Nicholas Cunliffe; Ellis Cunliffe Mortgage of St. Lawrence Chapel and lands, (no county given). Ref to complt being prisoner at Lancaster C78/592, no. 5 [84]
1661 15 May 13 Nicholas Sampson v. Ann Parker widow and Henry Pearce C79/18, no. [85]
1661 16 May 13 Isaack Penington; John Hamond; Robert Procter, clerk; Thomas Cole, clerk; Thomas Buxton; John Harrison; Robert Baker; John Backler; John Spurgeon; Leonard Spurgeon; John Cock, inhabitants of Shimpling, Yorks, for themselves and poor inhabitants v John Shardelow and Anne Shardelow, widow Trust of messuage in Dickleburgh, Norfolk, given to use of poor of Shimpling. C78/627, no. 6 [86]
1661 17 May 13 Thomas Blundell and Anne Sexton, spinster, executors of Jane Finch late of Norwood in the parish of Heese, Middx, widow v Richard English and Elizabeth his wife Legacies payable by will of Jane Finch from lands in Norcott, Norwood, and Southall, Middx C78/1204, no. 8 [87]
1661 20 May 13 William Browne the younger of Buckton, Yorks & Anne his wife late the wife & relict of Henry Robinson decd v Simon Thorold & Isabell his wife; Jeremy Elwes; John Woodhouse; John Robinson; James Edwards; Godfrey Reeve; John Thorold; Robert Thorold Manor of Buckton, Yorkshire, and the rectory of Shipton, the estate of the late Henry Robinson. Debt owed to Sir Jervas Elewes. C78/557, no. 4 [88]
1661 20 May 13 John Hobart of Weybread, Suffolk and Thomas Hobart surviving executors of Sir John Hobart late of Blickling, Norfolk v Edmond Bell; Dame Merryell Bell; Dame Mary Bell; Nathaniel Hobart; and others (not named) Debts of Sir John Hobart payable from profits of sale of lands in Blickling, Norfolk. C78/562, no. 6 [89]
1661 20 May 13 Thomas Middleton v Elizabeth Middleton relict of John Middleton; Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Charles, Barbara & Anne Middleton children of the said John & Elizabeth Middleton, infants; Bray Chowne administrator of the said John Middleton Trust and leases of Dewbush and Shelley and other lands in the manor of Findon, Sussex C78/628, no. 6 [90]
1661 20 May 13 William Arram of Rudold in the parish of Newnham, Gloucs, yeoman, son and heir of Richard Arram, his late father, who was son and heir of William Arram v. Ann Arram, widow C78/1260, no. 22 [91]
1661 13 Charles Doughty v Thomas Harris, Sir Thomas Spencer, Sir William Morton, John Morton, and Thomas Stratton Debts of Thomas Harris. C78/586, no. 9 [92]
1661 21 May 13 Henry Beale of Walton, Bucks son & heir of Bartholomew Beale late of Walton & Mary Beale his wife v John Smith and Thomas Catesby Profits of trust sale of lands in Walton, Bucks C78/627, no. 5 [93]
1661 24 May 13 Mary Hobb widow v. William Chaplin & Barbara his wife; Thomas Webber; and Thomas Cookesley C79/125, no. [94]
1661 27 May 13 Elizabeth Curtis widow daughter of Lettice Smyth who was daughter of Dorothy Smyth late sister of Jasper Lambert v John Seeds Annuity from messuages and lands in London C78/657, no. 11 [95]
1661 30 May 13 John Lambe v William Farmer, Edward Jones and George Vaughan Lease granted by the Mayor and Commonalty of London to Margaret Heron upon houses at Paternoster Row, parish of Saint Michael A Querne C78/583, no. 9 [96]
1661 30 May 13 Joane Search of Thorneby, Gloucs, widow, one of the executrices of William Jobbins late while he lived of the parish of Iron Acton, Gloucs v Robert Walker and Joane his wife; Edward Tyler; William Brinckworth; William Mayo Legacies payable from lands in Iron Acton, Gloucs. C78/990, no. 7 [97]
1661 31 May 13 Robert Needler and Frances Haman, widow v Barbara Wright; Robert Wright; Edward Fisher; Richard Hatley Title to houses in Shoreditch, London. C78/630, no. 17 [98]
1661 1 June 13 John Stanton, esq; William Boyle; and Susanna Boyle, widow v. Thomas Sanders; and John Sanders C78/1260, no. 24 [99]
1661 15 June 13 Cresheld Draper by John Goldwell v Thomas Cresheld Testamentary settlement, by will of William Draper, of lands in Crayford and Erith, Kent C78/627, no. 4 [100]
1661 17 June 13 Roger Hall & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Martyn & Hester his wife, the said Elizabeth & Hester being executrices of Thomas Andrewes v James, Earl of Carlisle since decd; John Gobee & Bridgett his wife Mortgage of manor of Sywardston, Waltham Holy Cross, Essex. C78/630, no. 5 [101]
1661 19 June 13 Robert Abdy; George Smith; William Vincent; Nathaniel Wich; Thomas Bowyer; John Juxon; Edward Austin; John Steevens; John Beare; Edward Knipe; Stephen Vaughan; Richard Danidge; Joseph Ash; Henry Hunter; Thomas Bronefield; Thomas Rastall; Christopher Packe; Robert Dawes; John Millett; Samuel Barnardiston; Thomas Roberts; Charles Longland; [blank] Kirridge the relict of Thomas Kirridge and George Gosnell executors of the said Thomas Kirridge decd; Martha Wood; George Smith and Pa... Priaulkes executors of Hugh Wood; the said Christopher Packe executors of Simon Edmonds; Robert Bardett and John Woolfryse executors of Nathaniel Wright decd; the said Joseph executors of Edward Ash decd; the said George Smith & Gabriel Roberts executors of John Nelson decd v James Wich of London, merchant. Debts re partnership in East Indies trade. C78/643, no. 11 [102]
1661 20 June 13 Thomas Case, clerk v Mary Sams, widow and Thomas Sams. Debts and obligations of John Cogey and William Cogey, merchants C78/583, no. 12 [103]
1661 20 June 13 Jane Done, spinster & Sir James Thynn v Sir John Jacob and Samuel Jones and others (not named) Debt of Lord Norwich to Gresham Thynn and others C78/785, no. 4 [104]
1661 21 June 13 Phatuell Fish of Staveley, Yorks, Clerk & Mathew Fowler of Walsgrave, Yorks v Richard Thompson the elder, Richard Thompson the younger, Stephen Thompson, William Ford, Richard Burton, William Robinson, Giles Robinson, Christopher Lost, Thomas Thompson, John Dale, Richard Fish, Francis Hudson, Thomas Storey, John Potter, Mark Stancliff, Francis Dale, Francis Potter, William Potter, John Watson, Thomas Wolfe, John Burton, Raphe Witty, Richard Story, William Court, John Dickenson, Thomas Shaw, Robert Gamble, Roger Boys, freeholders of the town of Walgrave, Yorkshire Agreement for the enclosure and division of the open fields and commons of Walgrave, undertaken by the parties for the mutual improvement of their arable land. C78/557, no. 2 [105]
1661 21 June 13 Michael Wharton of Beverley v Henry Darly and Edward Gipson. Title to half of the rectory and tithes of Cottingham, Yorks. C78/643, no. 8 [106]
1661 21 June 13 Clement Jermy and Custance Jermy v John Jermy Legacies due from testamentary trust settlement of lands in Marlingford, Norfolk. C78/716, no. 11 [107]
1661 26 June 13 Thomas Worrall son of Thomas Worrall, citizen & barber Chirurgeon of London & Mary his wife v James Hartley & Mary Stapp, an infant by Mary Knight her mother Mortgage of messuages in Newport Pannell and North Crawley, Bucks and Southwark, Surrey C78/643, no. 5 [108]
1661 26 June 13 Thomas Parkinson v Thomas Cleaver, widow (sic); John Heeles; Thomas Browne Quiet possession and discharge of encumbrances from lands in Carleton, Yorks. C78/657, no. 10 [109]
1661 26 June 13 Adam Baines and Martha als Mathewe his wife v William Dawson the elder; William Dawson the younger; Elizabeth Dawson Testamentary settlement of profits of lands in Heyworth and Huntingdon, Hunts. C78/990, no. 8 [110]
1661 26 June 13 John Martyn, gent v. Simon Snowe, merchant; Rawlyn Mallack, an infant, by said Simon Snowe, his guardian; and Henry Cary, esq, now Sir Henry Cary, knight C78/1260, no. 23 [111]
1661 27 June 13 Margaret Morris, widow, relict & executrix of John Morris late of London, merchant decd v William Ellwood and Bryan Harrison Delivery of personal estate of John Morris C78/1209, no. 17 [112]
1661 28 June 13 Elizabeth Thorold, widow; William Thorold son of the said Elizabeth; Anthony Williams; Mary his wife daughter of the said Elizabeth; Elizabeth Thornehill an infant by Richard Thornehill her father; Thomas Lucas an infant by Thomas Lucas his father v William Savill; Francis Fines; Humfry Walcott Legacy payable from trust of tenements in manor of Newton and Haceby [in Newton par.], Lincs, by will of William Savill. C78/562, no. 3 [113]
1661 28 June 13 Winston Churchill v Mary Churchill, widow & Thomas Mewe, clerk Dispute over the will of John Churchill, deceased C78/586, no. 8 [114]
1661 28 June 13 John Vibert executor of Martyne Vibert his late father decd v John Newman and another (not named) Delivery of bonds re purchase of land in Ludgvan Cornwall C78/592, no. 3 [115]
1661 28 June 13 Edmond Tooke; John Saunders; Thomas Redshawe; John Yateman; John Exton; William Carricke & Elizabeth his wife exectrix of Richard Berrington decd; Elizabeth Baynbridge, widow, executrix of William Baynbridge decd; Thomas Woodham; John Harris assignee of William Baker decd; John Jackson executor of Dame Susanna Green, widow decd; William Wood & Elizabeth his wife executrix of Thomas Reade decd; Thomas Arnold executor of Samuel Arnold decd; Jane Holman, widow, administratrix of Richard Holeman decd; John Pottrell, apothecary, executor of John Pottrell decd; William Thomas executor of Edward Thomas decd; [blank] Escott, widow, executrix of Charles Escott decd; Jonathan Welby, clerk, executor of Richard Church decd; Sir Richard Everard & Dame Frances his wife executrix of Sir Gervase Elwise decd; Hannah Dowgill executrix of Robert Dowgill decd; William Danvers & Samuel Danvers executors of William Danvers decd; William Swanley executor of Tristram Stephens decd; Robert Hancocke; William Hancocke; George Vickars; William Palmes administrator of Anne Tevery, widow decd v Cornelius Burton; Thomas Partington; Thomas Evans Debts of John St. John and Andrew Burton, payable from manor and advowson of Sapcotes, Leics C78/738, no. 11 [116]
1661 28 June 13 William Soutly v. Thomas Prince C78/998, no. 3 [117]
1661 29 June 13 Robert Exley v Anthony Foxcroft; Thomas Lister; John Barker; Michael Bates Possession of tenements and lands in Hallifax, Yorks. C78/609, no. 6 [118]
1661 29 June 13 Robert Exley v Anthony Foxcroft; Thomas Lister; John Barker; Michael Bates Possession of tenements in Hallifax, Yorks. C78/610, no. 4 [119]
1661 29 June 13 Elianor Goodrick daughter & only child of William Goodrick of Tickenham, Somerset, and sole daughter & heir of Elianor late wife of the said William decd and formerly the wife of Nicholas Poyntz of Tickenham, an infant by Samuel Bellingham of Merton, Surrey v Roger Williams and Elizabeth his wife; Richard Browne & Joane his wife; William Cox Trust settlement of the manor of Tickenham, Somerset by Rice Davies late of Tickenham grandfather of the complt C78/990, no. 6 [120]
1661 1 July 13 Ambrose Hampson of London, merchant; George Hampson of Bradwell, Oxon; Katherine Hampson & Margaret Hampson 2 of the daughters of Sir Thomas Hampson decd v Robert Hampson and John Loder Recognizances and extents on manor of Longworth, (no county given). C78/562, no. 8 [121]
1661 1 July 13 Katherine Style, widow, relict of Edmond Style late of Beckingham, Kent decd v Dame Elizabeth Scott, widow, relict of Sir Stephen Scott decd; John Scott son & heir of the said Sir Stephen. Share in profits of lands in Haringey or Hornsey, Middx by will of John Scott. C78/562, no. 12 [122]
1661 1 July 13 Francis Mannay & Clare his wife; Joyce Harryes, spinster; Francis Buckley & Jane his wife, the said Clare, Joice & Jane being daughters & coheirs of John Harries decd v Charles Harryes & Sarah his wife; Mary Hart; Maurice Heachman; John Finnes; Thomas Goodwyn; Thomas Meyton Settlement of estate of intestate John Harries, consisting of lands in Fulham, Middx, Beds, Kent and Surrey C78/597, no. 23 [123]
1661 1 July 13 Elizabeth Quested of the parish of St Martins in the Field, Middx, widow, administratrix of Marke Quested late citizen & fishmonger of London decd v Richard Aldworth and Edward Lewis executors of Richard Aldworth decd Cancellation of bonds of Mark Quested C78/643, no. 6 [124]
1661 1 July 13 Elizabeth Michaell, widow; Henry Michaell, John Michaell, Timothy Michaell, Samuel Michaell and Mary Michaell all infants by the said Elizabeth v Samuel Michaell; John Michaell; Isaacke Cooke Debts of Henry Michaell payable from profits of sale of lands in Staunton Weeke, Somerset. C78/738, no. 10 [125]
1661 1 July 13 Sir Henry Clovett v. Sir William Fitch; William Goldingham; Robert Chester; and Thomas Eden Doctor of the Laws Trust settlement of the manor of Westhanningfield Hall, Essex. C78/1412, no. 4 [126]
1661 2 July 13 William Cory & Elizabeth his wife late relict and administratrix of Francis Halton of Lowth, Lincs v John Beverley & Hugh Ayscough Annuities payable from trust settlement of the manors of Castle Carlton. Great Carlton, Little Carlton and Dalby, Lincs. C78/592, no. 1 [127]
1661 2 July 13 Henry Lewse of Fitzhead, Somerset and Elizabeth his wife the only daughter of William Richars late of Fitzhead v Elizabeth Richars and others (not named) Bonds re payment of portion from messuage called Lovelinch in Milverton, Somerset. C78/592, no. 2 [128]
1661 2 July 13 Robert Thompson v Hugh Currer and William H.... Lease of five closes in Skipton, Yorks. C78/609, no. 5 [129]
1661 2 July 13 Marmaduke Johnson and Elizabeth his wife, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Hewett v Edward Wrotesley & Martha his wife; Walter Wrotesley; Richard Wrotesley; William Vesey; George Jessopp Trust of farm called Clayworth Grange in Clayworth, Notts. C78/609, no. 7 [130]
1661 3 July 13 Richard Gardner of Letherhead, Surrey v Thomas Benett Mortgage of houses in Carter Lane, London C78/562, no. 1 [131]
1661 3 July 13 Walter Collins, clerk; Martin Jeffery; Thomas Jeffery; Martin Gorham; William Gorham; John Gorham; Walter Collins the younger; Sarah & Henry Collins infants v Edward Darrell; James Darrell since decd; Martin Jeffery who was executor of Walter Kippinge And also Dorothy wife of the deft Edward Darrell; Ann Darrell, widow, relict of James Darrell Debts and legacies payable by wills of Walter Kippinge and Ann Towne from lands in Birlemge, Bremley, Pembery and Tewdley, Kent. C78/643, no. 10 [132]
1661 3 July 13 Henry Sheppard; William Babington; Thomas Peirson; Francis Serjeant; James Marriott; William Radwell; John Barker; John Crooker alias Crookett; William Denis the younger; Stephen Jarvys; Thomas Slow; William Sharpe; Thomas Newould by William Sharpe; Robert Ivory; Henry Nottingham; Judith Allen, widow; John Higgens; Samuel Marriott by James Marriott v Robert Yarway; Mathew Denis; William Denis Agreement re rents, heriots and forfeitures of customary lands in the manor of Kempston Dawbney or Dawbeney, Beds C78/657, no. 9 [133]
1661 3 July 13 Edward Moore; [blank] Dike; Jane Leeke, widow, executrix of Richard Leeke her late husband v William Pease Bonds for debts of Robert Leeke. C78/704, no. 13 [134]
1661 3 July 13 John Ryland, clerk, Rector of Bilton, Warks v Thomas Boughton; John Newbold; Faux Newbold; Edward Clarke; John Clerke; John Hickox the elder; John Hickox the younger; John Walker; John Perkins; Humfrey Perkins; William Hickox; John Roe; John Enos; Richard Odams; John Keene; John White; Thomas Warren; Thomas Buttrice; Robert Westley; Abraham Over; Nicholas Burton; Thomas Arden; William Palmer; Robert Staples; Daniel Hamond; Bazill Adnett Bill (Hilary 1656) reciting agreement (4 years before the bill) to enclose, sever and divide the common fields of Bilton, Warwickshire, and give new plot for glebe and £60 p.a. in lieu of lost tithes and alleging that the agreement with the rector had not been kept, court confirmed the agreement. C78/739, no. 20 [135]
1661 3 July 13 Nathaniel Parkehurst, esq & Sarah his wife; and Sarah Parkehurst, the only daughter and child of said Nathaniel and Sarah, being an infant, by said Nathaniel and Sarah, being an infant, by said Nathaniel especially appointed by this court her guardian v. Peter Vandeput, merchant C78/1258, no. 16 [136]
1661 9 July 13 John Gifford son of Richard Gifford & Mary his wife one of the daughters of Richard Jenkin decd, administrator of Thomas Jenkin & Richard Jenkin sons of Richard Jenkin decd v Thomas Knight; William Knight; John Knight; George, Lord Eure Legacies payable by will of Richard Jenkin from lands in Burmarsh and Selleng, Kent. C78/697, no. 17 [137]
1661 10 July 13 Robert Nelson v Dame Margery Saltonstall and Hellen Nelson Redemption of mortgages of houses in Fetter Lane C78/583, no. 10 [138]
1661 10 July 13 Thomas Boughton v John Ryland, clerk; John Enews; John Newbold; Faux Hickox the younger; John Walker; John Perkins; Humfrey Perkins; John Roe; Richard Odams; John Keene; John White; Thomas Warren; Thomas Buttrice; Robert Westley; Abraham Over; Nicholas Burton; Thomas Arden; William Palmer; John Palmer; Robert Staples; Henry Malyn; John Malyn; Daniel Hamond Bill (14 Feb. 1656) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) to enclose common field of Bilton, Warwickshire. C78/739, no. 21 [139]
1661 17 July 13 Sir Thomas Stone of Northmore, Oxon son & heir of James Stone late of Yarneton, Oxon decd v Charles Russell, John Harris, William Hack, Robert Southby, Ursula Stone. The estate of James Stone, properties in Northmore, Oxfordshire. Also a fishery in the Thames and a Thames ferry C78/557, no. 3 [140]
1661 17 July 13 Richard Porter v John Gregor Redemption of unspecified mortgaged lands in Cornwall. C78/592, no. 4 [141]
1661 17 July 13 Katherine Weston, widow, relict of Richard Weston decd v Ralph Weston and Phillip Weston Jointure from marriage settlement of lands in Ridgley and Brewerton, Staffs C78/602, no. 2 [142]
1661 18 July 13 John Crew the younger, second son of John Crew the elder of Steane, Northants v George Halfhead; Timothy Crew; Thomas Felton Encumbrances on manor of Maydbury or Maydenbury, Beds or Northants. C78/562, no. 7 [143]
1661 18 July 13 Thomas Pamplyn and Christopher Harris churchwardens of Hornsey, Middx, on behalf of themselves and the rest of the parishioners v Sir Thomas Draper executor of Roger Draper late of Islington, Middx decd. Legacies left by will of Roger Draper to help poor boys become apprentices. C78/714, no. 7 [144]
1661 20 July 13 Rt hon John, Earl of Mulgrave by Elizabeth, Countess dowager of Mulgrave his mother v Sir John Munson. Testamentary trust settlement by will of Edmond, Earl of Mulgrave, of manors of West Butterwick and Flixborough, Lincs and Mulgrave and Seaton, Yorks. C78/643, no. 7 [145]
1661 20 July 13 Ralph Sleigh of Broadmeadowe within the manor of Sheene, Staffs; Thomas Mort of Sheene; Thomas Sleigh; Thomas Tidderton; John Bissett; John Ward; Hugh Ward; Thomas Percivall; Nicholas Crichloe; Mary Crichloe, widow; George Crichloe; John Slacke; William Millward; George Percivall; Thomas Lathome; Thomas Bateman; Humfry Dakyn; Edmund Harrison; William Horobin; Thomas Ward; Richard Slacke; James Slacke; William Fox; Margaret Percivall; James Copcke; Samuel Wardle; Thomas Wardle; William Millward; George Crichloe; Richard Millward; and Edward Goodwin of Sheene v Edward Brereton; John Buxton; Henry Cocke; George Needham; William Edensor; Thomas Gillman; Robert Bateman Bill (Mich term 1659) seeking confirmation of agreement (26 Jan. 1649) by copyholders of Sheene, Staffordshire, to purchase shares in the waste and common grounds and enclose and divide them into plots C78/704, no. 10 [146]
1661 20 July 13 John Pynsent, esq v. Henry Rogers, esq; and Robert Pynsent, gent C78/1258, no. 15 [147]
1661 23 July 13 Dorothy Weslake, widow v. Bernard Weslake, who died suit pending; Richard Weslake; Josias Calmady; Richard Wallis; and Julian Tanner C78/1013, no. 22 [148]
1661 25 July 13 John Doughty of London, merchant v Francis Ashe & others (not named). Accounts re manufacture of potash and soap in Russia C78/593, no. 7 [149]
1661 26 Sept 13 Edmond Snow of St Mary Magdaline near unto Barmondsey, Surrey, clothworker v Margaret Pratt, widow & Richard May Title to lands called Sextons and Gardins in Southwark, Surrey C78/1208, no. 16 [150]
1661 (bill) Trinity Term 13 Robert Randall of Kentisbury, Devon, gent v. Elizabeth Richards, widow; and Humphrey Randall, esq C78/1232, no. 2 [151]
1661 11 Oct 13 Leonard Frankland v Christopher Bayne; Thomas Redshaw; George Aislaby; Edward Wilkinson Reconveyance of mortgaged moiety of messuage on farm called Kilborne Park farm, Yorks C78/631, no. 17 [152]
1661 14 Oct 13 Samuel Smyth v Anthony Peniston; John Ducy; Charles Cawley Re-assignation of mortgaged tenement, "The Kings Head" in Gracechurch Street, London C78/597, no. 12 [153]
1661 14 Oct 13 Thomas Mouston, gent v. Thomas Copleston; and John Copleston, esq; and John Foxwell C78/859, no. 20 [154]
1661 18 Oct 13 Francis babington and Henry Babington v Thomas Bowden; Edith Farrar administratrix of George farror decd; Mathewe Bluck Lease of lands in Moorefeild, London C78/990, no. 5 [155]
1661 24 Oct 13 Sir Seymour Pile of Baverstocke, Wilts v Dame Jane Pile; Thomas Strickland & Elizabeth his wife; Anne Pile; Jane Pile; Sir William Strickland; William Whitmore Testamentary trust settlement by will of Sir Francis Pile of manors of Compton or Compton Beauchampe and Knighton, Berks. Great Bubton and lands in Woodhill Corson or Corson Cleeve, Pepper Cleeve, Cutspis, Broadtowne, Yeastbury, Tidcombe, Collingboume and Kingstone, Wilts C78/561, no. 12 [156]
1661 25 Oct 13 Mark Cottle v Thomas Lea; William Bryan & Judith his wife; Joane Torado; John Field AND ALSO Thomas Lea; Mary Lea; Anne White v Marke Cottle and others (not named) Property in Sharpes Alley, London, Saint Sepulchre, Cheeke Lane, Saint Andews, Holborn and at Eltham, Kent C78/583, no. 13 [157]
1661 25 Oct 13 John Blome and Jane his wife v John Best and Margaret his wife and others (not named). Marriage settlement of two messuages and lands in Stone and Wittersham, Isle of Oxney, Kent. C78/650, no. 2 [158]
1661 26 Oct 13 Christopher Copley of Wadworth, Yorks v William Copley; Lionell Copley; Edward Barber; Robert Dawes; John Steele Marriage settlement of messuage in Wadworth and lands in Wellingley, Yorks. C78/624, no. 14 [159]
1661 26 Oct 13 John Pengelley v Robert Poole; John Poole; Peter Young Possession and trust of the manor of Street Marshall and land in Tyrmynigh, Montgom. C78/1204, no. 7 [160]
1661 28 Oct 13 Anne Cumberford, widow & Anne Cumberford, spinster v Dorothy Gilpin; John Gilpin; John Shelton Lease and settlement of manor of Wednesbury, Staffs C78/704, no. 8 [161]
1661 30 Oct 13 John Dealtry an infant by Francis Horsley & Mary his wife (mother of the complt) v John Spoford; Clement Reed; George Horsley; Anne Dealtry Trust of lands in Fulsutton, Yorks C78/630, no. 4 [162]
1661 4 Nov 13 Sara Throckmorton, widow, relict of Edward Throckmorton decd & Edward Throckmorton son & heir of the said Edward v John Throckmorton & John Powell Possession of copyhold lands in Olney and Wardington, Bucks. C78/597, no. 7 [163]
1661 4 Nov 13 William Hodges of St Martin in the Fields, Middx v Charles Andrewes and Anne Beck, widow Mortgage of land in Covent Garden, St. Martin in the Fields, Middx. C78/690, no. 17 [164]
1661 5 Nov 13 Thomas Parkinson v Margaret Emott, widow relict & administratrix of William Emott Possession of lands in Eastborne, Yorks C78/657, no. 8 [165]
1661 5 Nov 13 Anne Clarke widow v. Walter Barnes; Thomas Williams; Miles Phillipson; and William Knipe C78/2041, no. 14 [166]
1661 6 Nov 13 Thomas Hunt of Hoddesdon, Herts v Anthony Balam and Samuel Buck Testamentary trust settlement by will of Priscilla Waller of lands in West Walton, Norfolk and Wisbich [Wisbech], Cambs C78/628, no. 5 [167]
1661 8 Nov 13 Mathew Curtis late husband of Anne decd one of the daughters of Gyles Daniell decd; Thomas Snowe & Ursula his wife one other daughter of the same Gyles; Joane Smyth another daughter of the said Gyles v John King and Elizabeth his wife Inheritance of estate of Ralph Daniels, consisting of personal estate and copyhold tenement in the manor of Chilmarke, (no county given). C78/602, no. 6 [168]
1661 8 Nov 13 Susan Branwood, widow; Richard Kingsman & Sarah his wife; James Maning & Barbara his wife executors of Jane Sweeting who was the executrix of Reynold Sweeting v Thomas Fantleroy; Henry Ward; Katherine Vesey Debts due to estate of Rowland and Jane Sweeting C78/668, no. 15 [169]
1661 9 Nov 13 Francis Johnson and fellows of University College, Oxford v Anthony Foxcrofte and another (named). As C78/547, no. 10 under 17 Nov., 1662. C78/547, no. 11 [170]
1661 11 Nov 13 George Manley and Elizabeth his wife v Richard Manley the elder; Richard Manley the younger; John Turner. Title to house and lands in Westminster, Middx. C78/704, no. 12 [171]
1661 11 Nov 13 Mark Quested, Elizabeth Quested and Richard Quested infants by Thomas Figg; Alice Quested an infant by Alice Mill, widow; Richard Virgin, Anne Virgin and Amy Virgin by Edward Virgin their father v. James Hinckley; Symon Hinckley; James Crumpe and Frances his wife; Thomas Yorton and Anne his wife Will of Richard Quested C78/1412, no. 6 [172]
1661 12 Nov 13 John Campbell and Lady Mary Rich his wife v James, Earl of Suffolk; Henry Rich; Cope Rich; Sir Charles Harbord; Henry Lucas; Thomas Young; Edward Cooke Accounts of profits of sealing of the writs in the court of kings bench. C78/627, no. 1 [173]
1661 12 Nov 13 William Reeve v. Thomas Taynton; and Thomas Roberts C78/1260, no. 21 [174]
1661 13 Nov 13 Robert Dingley & Rebecca his wife executrix of Susan Wich v Sir Job Harby, Erasmus Harby, Edmond Hoskins; Job Throckmorton; Nathaniel Wich Estate of Susan Wich: sums owed by Job Harby and dispute over the title to the manor of Wallhall. C78/557, no. 1 [175]
1661 13 Nov 13 Thomas Mascall v Lancelott Petty; Richard Sharpe Title to lands in Shipton, Yorks C78/690, no. 14 [176]
1661 13 Nov 13 William Thorold of Cuxwold, Lincs and Anne his wife; Robert Skepper of Cuxwold v Alexander Emerson the elder & Frances his wife; Elexander Emerson the younger; Thomas Emerson; Edward Ayscough; Robert Peye; Francis Metcalfe; Francis Whetstone Partition of manor of Barnetby, Lincs between joint heirs. C78/747, no. 1 [177]
1661 14 Nov 13 Jane Done v. Sir Samuel Jones C78/998, no. 1 [178]
1661 15 Nov 13 Sir Thomas Bridges knight & Dame Anne his wife; Katherine Rodney and Jane Rodney three of the daughters of Sir Edward Rodney knight deceased v. Robert Hunt esq C79/125, no. [179]
1661 16 Nov 13 William Greene v Robert Anderson, Anne his wife late wife of Thomas Peart, John Danvers & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Swann; Henry Stubbs; James Astrey; Richard Astrey & Mary his wife Dispute over the sale of the house and manor of Chivalers alias Chifflers, Surrey. C78/586, no. 4 [180]
1661 17 Nov 13 Edward Skipwith by Richard Peckett v Edward Skipwith and Thomas Skipwith Marriage treaty of manor of Quadring in Holland and lands in Grantham, Gosbertowne [Gosberton] and Castle Bytham, Lincs C78/556, no. 2 [181]
1661 20 Nov 13 John Hoby; Thomas Hoby &Phillip Hoby infants, all sons of Peregrine Hoby by Katherine his wife v Evan Seyes; William Coles; David Evans; Edward Penny Testamentary settlement of manor of former monastery of Neath and manors of Quedasley, Gloucs, North Ashley and Ashley iuxta Kinsgood, Hants by Edward Doddington of Somerly, Hants C78/556, no. 5 [182]
1661 20 Nov 13 William Gawen v Thomas Hawles; Thomas Sadler; Robert Eyre; Henry Twogood Possession of lands in the manors of East and West Hurdecott, Wilts. C78/602, no. 7 [183]
1661 20 Nov 13 Thomas Varvell v Richard Duke; John Brett Lease of yard in parish of St. Michael, Cornhill, London. C78/630, no. 14 [184]
1661 21 Nov 13 Richard Smith of Holditch, Devon administrator of John Smith the younger decd, his eldest brother, as administrator of John Smith their father v William Phelps Mortgage of messuages and lands in Holditch, Devon C78/695, no. 1 [185]
1661 21 Nov 13 William Beavin, citizen of London v Master Warden, four Fellows and six poor brothers, six poor sisters and twelve poor scholars of the College of God's Gift, Dulwich, Surrey. Leases of lands in St. Giles without Cripplegate, Middx. C78/748, no. 16 [186]
1661 25 Nov 13 Thomas Fleming son & heir of Thomas Fleming decd, an infant by Margery his mother v Thomas Beddingfield; Arthur Heveningham; Guybon Goddard; William Cobb; George Read Trusts in land at Swanton, Morley and Worthing, Norfolk. C78/630, no. 11 [187]
1661 26 Nov 13 John Calvert of St Andrews Holbourne, Middx v John Hunt als Tendring and Thomas Thetford Possession of the manors of Buston Hall or Burston Hall and Meliors, Norfolk. C78/624, no. 2 [188]
1661 26 Nov 13 [..nry] Bunbury of Stoake, Ches v Rt. Hon. George Lord Delamer, and Thomas Saunders Dispute over the rectory and parsonage of Stoake, Chester, and the management of the glebe lands by Saunders C78/855, no. 19 [189]
1661 27 Nov 13 Griffith Owen, citizen & grocer of London v William Wynn Redemption of mortgage of messuage in Llanegrin, Merioneths C78/648, no. 11 [190]
1661 28 Nov 13 Henry Hunt; Thomas Bludworth; Anthony Bateman; John Archer v Edmund Hoskins; Sir Job Harby; Job Throckmorton; Nathaniel Wyche; Erasmus Harby son & heir apparent of the said Sir Job; Rebecca Wyche Bonds and bankruptcy C78/630, no. 10 [191]
1661 28 Nov Avery Hills of the City of Canterbury, apothecary; Henry Twiman of the same city, draper; Thomas Southhowse of the town of Feversham, Kent; Wm Bucke of the same town, grocer; Thomas Sturton; Susan Washington, widow; Roger Suidry of St Clements Danes, Middx; John Gifford; and Anne Richardson, widow, creditors and debtees upon specialtyes and otherwise of Charles Hawkins late of Selling, Kent decd And Also Anne Hawkins, Mabilla Hawkins, Mary Hawkins, Frances Hawkins,, infant daughters and legatees of Charles Hawkins v Katherine Hawkins, widow & relict of the said Charles Hawkins And Against John Fry & Charles Hawkins only son & heir of the said Charles Hawkins decd Debts and legacies payable by will of Charles Hawkins from lands in Whitstable, Heme and Hornehill, Kent C78/651, no. 6 [192]
1661 29 Nov 13 William Gawin, esq v. Robert Gapper; and Thomas Gapper C78/942, no. 9 [193]
1661 2 Dec 13 Hugh Nanney and Sarah his wife one of the daughters of Martin Carricke, citizen & clothworker of London decd v Thomas Barnardiston; Sarah his wife; John Martin Possession of personal estate of Martin Carricke C78/672, no. 9 [194]
1661 3 Dec 13 Mary March v John March; Edward March; Stephen March Legacy by will of Stephen Marsh from profits of lands in Brickston, Isle of Wight, Hants C78/648, no. 12 [195]
1661 4 Dec 13 Johanne Misselden, widow, administratrix of Edward Misselden her late husband v Nathaniel Letten and John Letten, merchants. Financial trusts. C78/631, no. 18 [196]
1661 5 Dec 13 Richard Windsor & Lovis his wife one of the nieces of Sir Theodore de Mayherne decd v Armand de Caumont, Marquesse of Mountpovillan; John Colladon & Anne his wife; Theodore, Gabriell, Isabella & Susanna Colladon children of the said John Colladon & his wife Susan late wife of Charles de la Matyre; Henry, Mary & Amy de la Matyre children of the said Susan; and Robert Castle Share in personal estate of Sir Theodore de Mayherne C78/597, no. 17 [197]
1661 6 Dec 13 Francis Atkins v Joseph Atkins and Reynold Hatchett Mortgage by surrender of copyhold lands in Toddington, Beds. C78/648, no. 14 [198]
1661 7 Dec 13 Lewis Dowrich of Dowrich in Sandford within the parish of Crediton, Devon, esq v. Edmond Brockett & Ellen his wife C78/2041, no. 13 [199]
1661 11 Dec 13 Francis Downes v Henry Hungate Estate of Thomas Hogen, manors of Hamond and East Bradenham and several others in Norfolk. Leases to Robert Downes C78/583, no. 14 [200]
1661 12 Dec 13 George Browne, Norris Browne, Weston Browne, Mathew Browne, William Browne & Francis Browne younger sons of John Browne & Martha his wife, the said William & Francis being infants by John Tirrell; Thomas Cheveley & Elizabeth his wife; Martha Browne & Katherine Browne daughters of the said John Browne & Martha his wife v Martha Browne relict of the said John Browne; Anthony Browne; Sir John Tirrell; Stephen Smith Trust settlement of lands in Bradwell iuxta Mare, Essex. C78/690, no. 11 [201]
1661 16 Dec 13 Sir Henry Coningsby; Thomas Cambell; Sir Cyrillus Wich executor of Dame Jane Meyrick, widow decd; William Wymondsold; Martha Coningsby, widow; Elianor Trye v John Finch now Sir John Finch; Ralph Freeman; John Carter Debts of Francis Finch on security of mortgage of part of the manor of Munckshall [?Monk's Hall in Gosberton], Lincs C78/561, no. 13 [202]
1661 16 Dec 13 Robert Holman surviving executor of Michael Shrimpton decd; Michael Shrimpton son of William Shrimpton decd; Elizabeth Shrimpton relict & executrix of the said William Shrimpton v Robert Wallop; Richard Moore; Richard Reeve Mortgage of site of manor of Whitchurch, Hants. C78/710, no. 5 [203]
1661 16 Dec 13 Elenor Smith widow, relict & executrix of George Smith her late husband decd v George Smith; Thomas Smith; Basill Smith; Ellenor Smith; Margaret Smith Legacies payable from profits of sale of the manor of Gaudby [Gautby], Lincs C78/720, no. 13 [204]
1661 17 Dec 13 Francis Crover; William Crover; and John Crover, sons of Francis Crover, by Nicholas Johns, their guardian v. Anne Bradford, the widow and relict of Francis Bradford, since Anne Thomas, wife of Henry Thomas and now wife of Roger Aldie C78/998, no. 2 [205]
1661 19 Dec 13 Phineas Andrewes v Sir John Read and Robert Jaques Debts. Refs previous decree of 20 May last. C78/627, no. 3 [206]