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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1660 C78/, no. []
1660 Hilary term William Bignall v James Bignall Interests in real and personal estate of James Bignall, including lands in Sheire (no county given) C78/668, no. 16 [2]
1660 20 Jan Francis Nedham son & heir of Francis Nedham decd v Samuel Bordman; Samuel Morton; John Allen Dispute over the enclosure of manor of Gaddesby, Leicestershire: allocation of enclosed lands after the common and open fields had been enclosed by Bordman. C78/551, no. 2 [3]
1660 23 Jan Richard Bovett esq; Richard Butts esq & his wife; John Turberville esq; Phillip Kad; William Kent; Zachary Stoble gentleman; William Bicknell; John Morris; Agnes Bridge widow; George Connington; William Toogood; Ellis Hutchins; John Rowland; Anthony Arden; Harvis Killin; Jasper Kill; Anthony Mitchell; Thomas Fisher; William Craddock; Robert Millett; Edward Allen & his wife; Andrew Symes; Thomas Stallington; Frauncis Stallington; Anthony Hayne; John Arden; John Dorvell; John Wollans; Joane Clothyer; Agnes Clarke; Anne Walter; Joane Touniton; Joan Frauncis; Agnis Glover; Jane Kellway; Ralph Broddrigg; Samuell Conoley & his wife; Josias Cooty; Robert Mellyer & his wife; Joane Hickes widow; and Joseph Plumber C79/177, no. [4]
1660 24 Jan Roger Sleeman v William Rowe. Lease of house and shops in Helston, Cornwall C78/594, no. 3 [5]
1660 25 Jan Simon Gray, son of Oliver Gray, gent v Richard Spicer, gent; and Thomas Dringe C78/881, no. 3 [6]
1660 27 Jan Edward Coke one of the sons of the late Sir Edward Coke v Suckling Jay & Thomas Nowell Statutes levied on the manor of North Elmham and Nowers, Norfolk. C78/598, no. 7 [7]
1660 27 Jan Katherine Bretland the elder; Katherine Bretland the younger & Francis Bretland executors of John Bretland decd v Thomas Carleton; John Bradbourne; John Lufton; Henry West Title to Nether Burrowes Farm, Derbys C78/612, no. 8 [8]
1660 27 Jan Samuel Woodcocke of Didenham, Wilts, son & heir of Thomas Woodcocke decd v Thomas Stocke; Elizabeth Blundell by her guardian; Daniel Blundell Trust and possession of lands in Shinfield, Berks. C78/644, no. 8 [9]
1660 28 Jan Francis Hungerford of Reading, Berks v William Glanvill; Thomas Lord; Thomas Perkins; Henry Hodges; Joane Loveday, widow; Daniel Wells; William Morley; Robert Whipp; John Whipp; William Heath the elder; William Harding; Robert Harris the elder; Robert Harris the younger; Edward Jenner; Henry Hunt; John Waldron; Thomas Loveday; Daniel Heath the elder; William Berry; Robert Heath; Francis Crosse Bill (Mich 1659) seeking ratification of agreement (no date) to have general enclosure of the commons of Little Hinton, Wiltshire, and make payment of tithes in money not kind. C78/651, no. 9 [10]
1660 30 Jan Mary Henn v John Churchman; Raynald Trahme; Anthony Henn; Mary Hardcastle Mortgage of lands in Westcott and Waddesdon, Bucks. C78/730, no. 16 [11]
1660 1 Feb Susan Hudson, widow, late wife of William Hudson v James Hawley; Payne Fisher son & heir of Paine Fisher decd Trust of tenement and shops in New Brantford, Middx. C78/572, no. 5A [12]
1660 3 Feb Samuel Gonson infant by John Felton his guardian v. Christofer Newton the younger; Lawrence Newton; Mary Butterworth; George Brough; Jane Brough widow; Joan Brittain widow; John Collinson; Robert Pylton and Edward Newham C79/98, no. [13]
1660 6 Feb William Momma, merchant of Amsterdam v Abraham Momma Debts of Gerlach Momma payable from house in St. Martins Lane, London C78/644, no. 9 [14]
1660 7 Feb Thomas Rawlins of Stratford upon Avon, Warks & Mary his wife daughter of Thomas Astrey late of Woodend, Harlington, Beds; Dorothy Astrey & Donner Astrey infants by John Dormer their uncle v William Shepperd and Richard Edwardes Portion payable from trust settlement of manor of Woodlowes in Harlington and Eddington, Beds C78/644, no. 5 [15]
1660 8 Feb Richard Blacker son & heir of Richard Blacker late of Gillingham, Dorset v Alice Willoughby, widow; Thomas Grove; Francis Cradocke; Thomas Meggs Mortgage of messuages and lands in the manor of Gillingham, Dorset C78/646, no. 3 [16]
1660 9 Feb 12 Henry Owen v Sir Edmond Pye, Sir Thomas Allen and Sir John Lucas Debts of Sir John Lucas and bonds of Sir Thomas Allen C78/586, no. 11 [17]
1660 9 Feb Thomas Wood and Robert Wood, infants by their father Thomas Wood v Joane Sallowes and William Sallowes Rents and profits from testamentary settlement of houses and messuages in Rederith (no county given). C78/644, no. 4 [18]
1660 9 Feb Ann, Countess Dowager of Dorset, Pembroke and Mountgomerie formerly the wife of Richard, late Earl of Dorset decd; James, Earl of Northampton & the Lady Isabella his wife one of the daughters & coheirs of the said Richard; John, Earl of Thanet Island & the Lady Margaret his wife the other daughter & coheir of the said Richard on behalf of themselves & for the poor of the Hospital or college of East Grinstead, Sussex v Richard, Earl of Dorset; Charles, Lord Howard Testamentary bequest of funds from lands in Sussex to build hospital. C78/650, no. 4 [19]
1660 9 Feb John Lambe and William Horges v Alexander Staples Entails on lands at Olston, Wilts. C78/710, no. 6 [20]
1660 10 Feb John Estwick; Samuel Estwick; Elizabeth Estwicke; Thomas Estwick; Mary Estwicke; Hannah Estwicke; .... Estwicke; Nathaniel Estwicke children of Stephen Estwicke late of London, and one of the aldermen of the said city v Sir Robert ....; Thomas Allen, The Lord Mayor of London; William Thompson; Tempest Milner Dispute over the manors of Darlington, Sedberge and property in County Durham, purchased by authority of Parliament C78/583, no. 2 [21]
1660 11 Feb Richard Jackson, clerk v John Cowper; Thomas Blaickling; Adam Sawer; Richard Holmes; John Bland; Anthony Willan; James Hebblethwayte and others (not named) governors of the Free Grammar School of Sedburgh, Yorks Payments due to schoolmaster of the Free Grammar School of Sedburgh, Yorks. C78/612, no. 6 [22]
1660 13 Feb Elizabeth Johnson; Richard Johnson; Mary Johnson infants by Thomas Dawson who married Johan Johnson all children of Richard Johnson, clerk decd v Robert Palfryman; Robert Hastings; Richard Hodgson Legacies and portions payable from lands in Lincs, and personal estate of Richard Johnson C78/572, no. 4 [23]
1660 13 Feb Anne Cumberford, spinster, daughter & heir of William Cumberford late of Tamworth, Staffs and John Booden, citizen & merchant taylor of London v Thomas Rogers. Mortgage of farm in Glascote and lands in Tamworth, Staffs. C78/702, no. 3 [24]
1660 13 Feb George Naldrett v. Agnes Badmering, widow; William Millett; Anne Naldrett, widow; John Naldrett; and Ralph Naldrett, infants by Francis Farley their guardian C78/882, no. 2 [25]
1660 17 Feb Thomas Middleton sole executor of Timothy Middleton; Anne Kynnaston, spinster; Garthrude Franck, spinster; Randolph Baskervile; Margaret Allott executrix of John Allott, clerk decd; Dame Anne Wentworth, widow; Mary Wright, widow sole executrix of Henry Molle late of Trinity College Cambridge decd; John Hill; John Cox; Barnham Soame; William Johnston creditors of Stephen Soame; Penelope Soame & Mary Soame only daughters of the said Stephen Soame, infants by William Soame their uncle, on behalf of themselves & diverse other creditors & legatees of the said Stephen Soame v John Soame; Thomas Bucke; Thomas Rayner; William Soame; Bartholomew Soame Legacies and debts of Stephen Soame payable from the manors of Wetheringsett, Brockford, Stonham Comitis or Earl Stonham, Thorney Lees, Thorney Campsey and Thorney Keebles, Suffolk C78/541, no. 1 [26]
1660 17 Feb Thomas Stuckley and Thomas Chase v Dame Margaret Ackland, widow; Arthur Ackland an infant; Dame Margaret Cholmley, widow; Edward Cooke; William Cooke; Charles Knight; Henry Halse Debts and legacies from trust of the manors of Cleeve, Riveton and Hackworthy and tenements in parishes of Lankey [Landkey], Newport, Barnstaple, Swinbridge [Swimbridge], East Downe, Bwin, Arbor [Berrynarbor], Newton St. Syers [Newton St Cyres], Tedborne St. Mary [Tedburn St Mary], Hatherley [Hatherleigh], North Leino [North Lew] and Ingerleigh [Inwardleigh?], Devon PS C78/639, no. 9 [27]
1660 22 Feb Thomas Clitherowe and Christopher Clitherowe, infants, sons of Christopher Clitherowe late of Pinnor, Middx by Benjamin Clitherowe of London, draper v Sir William Trollopp; Charles Hall; James Clitherowe; John Clitherowe Trust of lands in Herts and Middx and lease of tenements in Petty France, London. C78/559, no. 6 [28]
1660 22 Feb John Bestpitch v Ralph Kempe and Leonard Adams Mortgage of lands in Winchcombe, Greete and Sudeley, Gloucs. C78/697, no. 14 [29]
1660 23 Feb Lady Mary St. John late wife of William Arundell of Horneingsham, Wilts decd, son of Thomas, Lord Arundell decd v Elizabeth, Countess Dowager Peterborough; Sir William Brownelowe; William Chadwell Profits of trust of manors of Thornton, Dorset and Sutton Mandeville, Wilts. C78/672, no. 3 [30]
1660 24 Feb unfit at beginning of case [Sir Thomas Hampson & Dame Mary his wife; Robert Ashton; Robert Yarway; Sallowes v Sir Edward Alston; William Alston & Elizabeth his wife; Gartrude Dennys] Manor of Farley C78/1923, no. [11] [31]
1660 29 Feb Henry Robinson and Susan his wife and Susan Mills an infant, her daughter v Henry Sandford. Legacy payable by will of Jonas Sandford C78/644, no. 6 [32]
1660 29 Feb Richard March, brother and heir of John March late of Limehouse, Middx decd v. Richard Warren & Elizabeth his wife; Clement Stonard; Francis Stonard; Richard Lowther; Thomas Pall; Phillip White; Richard Ryeman; and Benjamin Andrewes Refs final decree of 7 May 1653. C78/1414, no. 41 [33]
1660 1 March Thomas Jacques of London, merchant v Katherine Smith; Anne Smith; Elizabeth Smith; George Smith Estate of George Smith: Longmarsh and other property at Barking, Essex. The placing of George Smith as a woollen draper C78/583, no. 3 [34]
1660 3 March Sir John Gwilliams v Rt. Hon. Bennett, Lord Sherrard Estate of Abel Gwilliams, a draper of London. Died intestate, administration of his estate C78/587, no. 5 [35]
1660 3 March Thomas Bostocke of London, scrivenor v Anthony Hobart; Ralph Thicknes Quitclaim of interests in freehold and copyhold lands in Mettingham, Bungaye St. Johns, St. Johns of Ilkettsall and St. Andrewes, Suffolk. C78/644, no. 7 [36]
1660 5 March John Barton v Richard Slade; John Wellington; Richard Squire; William Squire; George Alured; Anne his wife; Michael Key otherwise Sateeley Title to Lobland farm in Silberton[Silverton], Devon PS C78/594, no. 2 [37]
1660 5 March Richard Moore; James Nutley; Richard Reeve; William Bere v Robert Wallop Debts payable from trust settlement of manors of Bury and Skilgate, Somerset and Worle, Somerset, Wilts and Dorset, Stanton upon Arrow, Heref, Fitts, Painton, Redcastle, Hopton and Minton and Wittingstowe, Salop C78/612, no. 9 [38]
1660 2 June Raphael Benige [Beninger] an infant son & heir of Raphaell Beniger by Elizabeth Beniger his mother and the said Elizabeth Beniger administratrix of Katherine Goche thentofore wife of Raphaell Beniger, clerk, and late wife of John Goche v The Principal and Scholars of Brazenose College, Oxford; Daniel Greenwood; John Houghton; Samuel Bruen; Robert Litler; John Marriott; Charles Holloway Grange House and land at Piddington, Northamptonshire: bequest for the building of the College. C78/587, no. 1 [39]
1660 4 June Nathaniel Blayden an infant by Elizabeth Blayden v Robert Lindsey & Elizabeth his wife; Edmond Watson the elder; Edmond Watson the younger & Alice his wife Title to manors of Ackworth, Harden, Haworth and East Haigh, Yorks C78/612, no. 7 [40]
1660 4 June Sir Henage Proby of Agmondesham, Bucks v Thomas Warwick Distinguishing of copyhold and leasehold lands in the manor of Yaxley, Hunts. C78/638, no. 4 [41]
1660 8 June William Avys the younger & Joanna his wife v. Edward Russell the younger; ____ Morris & Elizabeth his wife; John Smyth; John Russell; and Charles Goodwyn, gent C78/882, no. 1 [42]
1660 9 June Elizabeth Mordant and Anne Mordant sisters to the late Earl of Peterburgh v Ursula Orlebarr relict of John Orlebarr late before of Halcold, Beds decd; Richard Orlebarr an infant son & heir of the said George (sic) Orlebarre by the said Ursula Orlebarr his mother; Dan.. Towers of London; Henry Goodladd of Grimdon, Northants Trust of messuage called Hemwick Hall, Beds. C78/572, no. 1 [43]
1660 22 June John Crawhall; Mathew Ridley; John Barrow; Francis Barrow; George Barrow of the Hill; Thomas Awburn; John Ridley of Bogg; George Barrow of Fold; Nicholas Glenwright; Nicholas Makepeace; Hugh Ridley of Ramshawfield [Ramshaw Field]; William Addison; Christopher Barrow; George Barrow of Holehead; Hugh Pattison; John Marshall; George Parker; George Vaugh; Henry Greene; Thomas Barrow of Huntercrooke; Richard Thompson; Christopher Thompson; Hugh Ridley of Banckeshead; William Lowes; Henry Glendening; Bartholomew Barrow; George Shorte; William Ridley of Waltowne; Christopher Charleton of Leadyeate; Henry Do.. of Hornestead; Edward Dodd of Overlanarkers [Linacres]; Edward Dodd of Nether Lenackers; John Dodd of Cragsheale [Craigshield]; Edward Dodd of the same; William Milburne of the same; Edward Charleton of Roses Bower; John Ridley of Midleburne Stone House [Middleburn] all of them tenants of customary tenements within the manors of Henshaw, Waltowne & Warkesburne, Northumberland v Francis Nevile; Sandford & Jarvaise Nevile sons of the said Francis Ratification of agreement regulating customs, fines and services from customary tenants of the manors of Henshaw, Waltowne and Warkesburne, Northumberland. C78/598, no. 3 [44]
1660 23 June Thomas Freame v Giles Lawrence Rents and profits from alleged marriage settlement of rectory and lands in Bengeworth, Worcs C78/644, no. 2 [45]
1660 25 June George Young and and Thomazine his wife v John Puddicombe & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Mortimer; Julian Keech Title to mortgaged lands in Crediton, Devon. C78/572, no. 2 [46]
1660 27 June John Barham v Anne Shurley, widow; Arthur Shurley; John Peckham Debts. C78/644, no. 3 [47]
1660 27 June John Pantall and Mary Pantall v Sarah Greene Management of minor's estate of lands in Cublington, Heref. C78/697, no. 15 [48]
1660 29 June Elizabeth Hobson, widow v Thomas Spence; George Spence; Robert Woolley; Thomas Place Sale of tenement and lands in manor of Middleham, Yorks. C78/599, no. 3 [49]
1660 30 June Complainant's name illegible v Walter Hanslopp; Deighton & Elinor his wife; Moore & Mary his wife; Mary, Thomas, Charles & Gertrude Spencer Jointure and possession of lands in Harbury. (No county mentioned). C78/598, no. 8 [50]
1660 30 June Edward Bulwer v Edward Gawdy; Elizabeth his wife; James Hawes; William Cushmer Rents due from plots with disputed boundaries in manors of Broseyard and Nortonhall in Gestwicke, Norfolk C78/716, no. 13 [51]
1660 30 June 12 John Wentworth of Lincoln's Inn, Middx son of Jefferie Wentworth late of Letton, Norfolk decd v. Dame Anne Wentworth and John Garneys Settlement of the estate of John Wentworth late of Somerlyton, Suffolk decd, elder brother to the said Jefferie and uncle to the complt, in Suffolk and Norfolk. C78/1412, no. 13 [52]
1660 2 July Roger Ford an infant son & heir of Charles Ford decd by Arthur Campernowne v Abraham Webber executor of the said Charles Ford; Thomazine Ford relict of the said Charles Dower claim on lands in Plympton, Devon. C78/595, no. 1 [53]
1660 3 July Ann Mackworth daughter of Humphrey Mackworth decd v Thomas Mackworth, eldest son & heir of the said Humphrey Mackworth Portion payable from trust of part of the manor of Stoake, Salop and lands in Flints. C78/594, no. 1 [54]
1660 3 July Nevill Hall of Kenington, Kent v Mary Osborne, widow; John Osborne; Robert Thatcher Sale and mortgage of lands in Hartlipp, Hastowe and Upchurch, Kent C78/652, no. 8 [55]
1660 7 July 12 (dismissed) Lawrence Washington; John Herne; John Daleswell; William Mudge the elder; William Mudge the younger; Robert Haward v William King, rector of Myntie Bill (Hilary 1657) alleging loss of tithes due to parish of Mynetie, now being paid to parish of Garsden as a result of agreement (no date) to enclose part of the forest of Brayden, formerly held in common by the manors of Mynetie and Garsden, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, whereby part of the waste of Mynetie was allotted to the parishioners of Garsden. C78/556, no. 12 [56]
1660 7 July Richard Brooke v Thomas Cooke Salary for factor in clothes trade, Blackwell Hall, London C78/572, no. 3 [57]
1660 7 July 12 Henry Davys and Christian his wife v. Joane Baker; Peter Mootham and Charity his wife; Abraham Blake and Joane his wife Purchase by the complt Christian, while she was previously a widow, of the reversion of house in Plymouth, Devon from Peter Baker. C78/1412, no. 15 [58]
1660 7 July 12 Anne Yeend and Richard Jeenes executors of Abraham Yeend v. Richard Shelbury; Samuel Ferrars; Thomas Skipwith and Mary his wife; Martha Fleming; Elizabeth Fleming; and Penelope Fleming Debts of the deft Ferrars. C78/1412, no. 14 [59]
1660 9 July Arthur Cooke & Ursula his wife administratrix of Anthony Robinson her late husband decd v Sir Gervase Clifton; Gartrude Flower, widow; John Bird; Henry Wright Lease of cottage and lands in Kinoulton, Notts C78/598, no. 5 [60]
1660 9 July 12 Sir William Strickland; Richard Etherington; Phillip Wheath; Richard Beilby; Thomas Anlaby; John Spencer v Francis Kirby; John Harrison; John Beverly; Peter Beverley; Arthur Beverley; John Spetch the younger; Robert Ashton; Henry Hodgson; George Anlaby; Robert Ruston; William Ruston; William Thorneton; Francis Clarke; William Hodgson; John Baker; Richard Vasey; Isabell Kirby; Richard Milner; John Storker; John Melton; William Andrewe; Thomas Storker; Edward Banckes; Richard Ashton; Thomas Salton; William Lambe; James Boynton; Thomas Lovell; Thomas Gowland; Robert Hewitson; Peter Wilson; Lawrence Colby; Edward Beale; Mary Pashby; Christopher Hodgson; John Kerry, clerk; John Lambe, clerk; Thomas Hall; Mathew Lambe; William Hird; Anne Ashton; John Blenkin; Richard Sandeman; John Wasting; Christopher Jackson; Robert Watson; William Hutchinson; Richard Curdeux Bill (Mich. 1657) seeking ratification of agreement (30 Jan. last before the bill) to have general enclosure of common grounds in the manor of Rillington, Yorkshire C78/598, no. 6 [61]
1660 9 July Robert Coles and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Sir John Girlington decd and Dame Katherine his wife v Walter Blakeston; Adam Bland and the said Dame Katherine Girlington his wife; Henry Thompson; John Burton Title to lands called Sandhall, No county given. C78/599, no. 4 [62]
1660 10 July Benjamin Cleere of Colchester, Essex, mariner v Sarah Goodwyn, widow; Caleb Godwyn an infant by the said Sarah his mother Mortgage of messuage in Magdalen Street, Colchester, Essex C78/559, no. 5 [63]
1660 10 July 12 Martha Saltmarsh executrix of William Saltmarsh decd v George, Lord Viscount Castleton; Thomas, Lord Windsor; Sir William Hickeman; William Godfrey; Willoughby Godfrey; Ralph Eure Debts payable from trust of the manor or Orby, Lincs. C78/609, no. 9 [64]
1660 10 July William Thurston an infant, eldest son of William Thurston of Offard Darcy als Daynes, Hunts v Thomas Martyn and John Atkinson executors of William Thurston late of London Testamentary settlement by will of William Thurston, of lands in Chigwell, Lamberne, Thoyden and Albridge, Essex C78/664, no. 6 [65]
1660 11 July Thomas Pordage v Vespasian Harris Mortgage of messuage and garden in parish of St. Margaret, Canterbury, Kent, leased from Hospital of Maynards Spittle, Canterbury C78/651, no. 7 [66]
1660 16 July James Lord viscount Savile an infant and son heir and executor of Thomas Lord viscount Savile by Ann viscountess Savile his mother and the said Anne viscountess Savile relict of said Thomas viscount Savile and by the last will and testament of the said Thomas lord viscount Savile appointed to be administratrix of said Thomas viscount Savile v. Thomas Chitchley esq; Dame Anne Savile his wife; and Francis Nevile esq C78/1923, no. 13 [67]
1660 17 July Elizabeth Mathewes the relict of Francis Mathewes decd and sole daughter & heir of Sir Robt Willoughby decd v Edward Pitt, clerk; Dame Elizabeth Willoughby the relict of the said Sir Robert Willoughby; Francis Finch of Rushock; Francis Finch of the Inner Temple; John, Francis, Mathew, Elizabeth & Jane Mathewes infants, the children of the said complt by Roger Mollniex Trust of profits from manor of Turners Puddle, Dorset C78/559, no. 4 [68]
1660 17 July [Christian name eroded] Lands v Sir Harbotle Grimston; Thomas .....; Thomas Gerard; Thomas Coppinger Debts of Henry Grimston payable from trust of lands in Boxley, Kent. C78/646, no. 1 [69]
1660 20 July Edward Skipwith an infant by Richard Peckett v Edward Skipwith and Thomas Skipwith Marriage treaty of lands in manor of Quadring in Holland and lands in Granthame, Gosbertowne and Castle Bytham, Lincs C78/556, no. 16 [70]
1660 20 July Pearse Edgcombe esq v. Walter Carlion C78/1926, no. 12 [71]
1660 21 July Christopher Copley v Lionel Copley Title to messuage in Wadworth and lands in Stanfall, Wellingley, Wilhouke, Hesley, Klewpose, Rosington and Twickhill, Yorks C78/598, no. 4 [72]
1660 23 July Richard Goldston v John Marshall; The Lady Jane his wife late the Lady Jane Williams, widow, and Anne Williams the daughter of the said Lady Jane Accounts of redemption of mortgage of manor of Amport or Andeport, Hants C78/602, no. 3 [73]
1660 23 July 12 John Bellamy, citizen and wine cooper of London v. Thomas Blosse the elder, esq; Thomas Blosse the younger & Frances his wife; Thomas Dey the younger; and Fredericke Scott C78/1129, no. 7 [74]
1660 25 July 12 Mary Henn v John Churchman; Raynald Grahme; Anthony Henn; Mary Hardcastle Mortgage of manor of Westcott and Waddesdon, Bucks. C78/556, no. 15 [75]
1660 25 July 12 John Crane v Nicholas Arnold Mortgage of house in Michelstowne or Michel Church in Langhangell, Kilcomey, Mon. C78/599, no. 1 [76]
1660 25 July Nevill Hall of Kennington, Kent v Thomas Brett Mortgage of lands in Barking and Shadepherst, Kent. C78/644, no. 1 [77]
1660 25 July 12 Jane Breton, Hester Breton and Martha Breton daughters of Elizabeth Breton of Teton, Northants, widow; William Rushton; William Thorowgood; John Julian; John Blomley; Dorothy Wilson and Elizabeth Breton, Mary Breton, Sarah Breton, Robert Breton, Thomas Breton all children of Mary Breton of Teton aforesaid, widow relict of Francis Breton late of Teton decd v Tristram Conyers; Lestrange Calthorp; Francis Mulsoe; William Barkley; Stephen Breton; Thomas Freeman; Richard Mason; Katherine Tate; Alexander Say; William Barker; Elizabeth Mulsoe; John Ward; Thomas West; Elizabeth Breton; Mary Breton; and Francis Breton son & heir of the said Francis Breton decd Testamentary settlement of manor of Teton and lands in Ravensthorpe, Thornby, Hollowell and Sulby, Isle of Ely, Cambs. C78/990, no. 14 [78]
1660 26 July Robert Nelson v Dame Mary Saltonstall, widow and Helen Nelson, widow Houses in Fetter Lane, London. Property mortgaged in 1646 C78/583, no. 5 [79]
1660 26 July 12 Alice Escott, widow of Richard Escott late of Lincoln's Inn, Middx decd; John Escott; Charles Escott; Alice Escott the younger; Mary & Martha Escott the sons and daughters of the said Richard and Alice Escott v. Brett Norton; John Keate and Ursula his wife; Ann Norton, widow; Ralph Dallender and Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Wiseman an infant Will of Richard Escott. Estate in Linkinhorne, St Stephens by Lanceston and St Thomas, Cornwall. Partially obscured, year taken from finding aid. C78/1412, no. 18 [80]
1660 28 July Elizabeth Cradocke, widow, executrix of John Cradocke decd v William Marsh and Peter Cole The estate of John Cradocke. Marsh the London factor of Cradocke, a merchant of Dover C78/583, no. 4 [81]
1660 28 July Edmond Izard and William Izard, Harvey Izard, Francis Izard, Charles Izard, Mary Izard & Elizabeth Izard infants by the said Edmond Izard their brother guardian and next friend v John Izard son and heir of John Izard of Beckley, Oxon, the complainant's late father and others (not named) And the said John Izard by the name John Shillingford als Izard v Dorothy Shillingford als Izard; the said Edmond Shillingford als Izard and others (not named). Settlement of manor and rectory of Beckley, Oxford, and division into separate holdings among co-owners C78/592, no. 13 [82]
1660 28 July 12 Ralph Clarke, clerk; Anthony Wagstaffe; Robert Watts; Humfrey Pettey, gent; Thurston Rivington; Edward Haslam; William Stanner; George Taylor, esq; Thomas Boulsover; and Francis Bagshawe for themselves and for several other persons creditors of George Beastowe of Chesterfield, Derbs, deceased; George Beastowe; Godfrey Beastowe; and John Beastowe, sons of said George Beastowe, infant by Hugh Beastowe their guardian v. Frances Beastowe, widow, executrix of George Beastowe; and Gilbert Heathcoate and Robert Barker, overseers of said will C78/869, no. 6 [83]
1660 28 July 12 William Domvile, esq & Bridget his wife; and Daniel O'Neile, esq v. Sir Lancelot Lake, knight C78/1013, no. 25 [84]
1660 30 July Ralph Gale, citizen & haberdasher of London & John Pickersgill of London v Sir Thomas Danby; Tempest Milner; William Wood; Anne, John, Robert & Thomas Askwith Bonds re mortgage of lands in Beeston, Leeds, Yorks. C78/599, no. 2 [85]
1660 30 July Thomas Elwood, citizen & tiler of London v Richard Hodgson; Richard Higginson; Francis Steele Title and possession of messuage in St. Faithes parish, London C78/638, no. 3 [86]
1660 1 Aug 12 Susanna Martyr of Emington, Oxon, spinster v Elizabeth Hampden, widow and Richard Hampden Legacy payable by will of Richard Hampden from lands in Emington, Oxon, and Bexley, Kent C78/704, no. 16 [87]
1660 4 Sept 12 Thomas Havington v Thomas Osborne & ...herine his wife; Lucy Havington; and others (illegible). Sale of encumbered manor of Gate and Blossomes, Sussex. Estate of William Havington the plts late father C78/609, no. 11 [88]
1660 Mich Term 12 Robert Bastard of Great Dunham, Norfolk v John Gibson Mortgage of lands in Greate Dunham, Norfolk C78/716, no. 14 [89]
1660 (bill) Michaelmas Term William Foxcroft v. John Lister & Mary his wife; and Dorothy Forge C78/1269, no. 4 [90]
1660 15 Oct 12 Humphrey Primate v Thomas Sympson. Mortgage of lands in Clampton Court, London. C78/630, no. 19 [91]
1660 16 Oct 12 Daniel Dunn by Symon Archer v Roger Pemberton; Alice Pemberton; Roger Roe; Ralph Littlehales; Thomas Seymer; Richard Woosell; Henry Holloway; Morris Hartshorne; Thomas Hartshorne; John Highway; [blank] Wilmore; Christopher Taylor; [blank] Swayne; Christopher Morrall; John Bowen; Edward Willowes; Mary Padmore otherwise Browne otherwise Moone Debts and bonds C78/672, no. 11 [92]
1660 27 Oct 12 Mary Freston of Thimbleby, Lincs, widow, relict and ___ of Robert Feeston of Thimbleby, doctor of phisick, deceased; and Thomas Freston of London, merchant taylor v. Robert Richardson C78/1232, no. 7 [93]
1660 29 Oct 12 Christian Plumpton v. Andrew Plumpton Will of Henry Plumpton the complt's late grandfather. C78/1412, no. 17 [94]
1660 29 0ct 12 Vincent Amcotts of Grays Inn, Middx and William Amcotts younger brother of the said Vincent; Vincent Lawson of Toft, Lincs & Mary his wife, sister of the said Vincent Amcotts in right of the said Mary v Augustine Perry Annuity payable from lands in Amcotts, Lincs. C78/747, no. 5 [95]
1660 30 Oct 12 Benjamin Folkard v Thomas Lockington and John Snowe Possession of lands in Gillingham St. Marys, Norfolk. C78/657, no. 13 [96]
1660 31 Oct Randolph Caldecott of Bishopston, Wilts v William Carent of Tomer, Somerset; James Carent; William Horlocke Annuity payable from manor and advowson of Woodyates, Dorset. C78/990, no. 15 [97]
1660 ? Nov 12 Peter Blower v. William Dixon; Robert Glover; and Richard Duke Will of Peter Blower the complt's grandfather decd. Trust settlement of estate in London, Essex & Suffolk. C78/1412, no. 16 [98]
1660 3 Nov 12 William Ellyott & Bernard Vane v Thomas Whatman & Joseph Collyer Cancellation of bonds re conveyance of Stroude farm, West Sherborne, Hants. C78/556, no. 13 [99]
1660 5 Nov Gratian Allen and Susanna Allen, infants by Jacob Allen their father v Nathaniel Dale and Abigail his wife Unpaid bequests from will of Gratian Allen C78/745, no. 8 [100]
1660 5 Nov 12 Thomas Staresmore, gent & Susanna his wife; Richard Sprygnell, gent; Elizabeth Sprignell; Rebecca Sprignell; Gideon Sprignell; William Sprignell; Hester Sprignell; and Judith Sprignell, infants, by William Delawne, esq their kinsman and guardian v. Dame Anne Sprignell, widow; Sir Robert Sprignell; John Ireton, esq; and Francis Heath, gent C78/1013, no. 24 [101]
1660 9 Nov Andrew Brewer of Highworth, Wilts, cordwayner and Amy his wife v John Milborne Annuity payable from personal estate of Mary Shakespeare. C78/990, no. 16 [102]
1660 12 Nov Dr. Charles Lisle v Clement Austen & Anne his wife; Henry Browne and Daniel Markeham Houses at Watling Street, London. Charges upon these properties. C78/583, no. 8 [103]
1660 12 Nov 12 Joshua Dunton of Wellington, Shropshire v Francis Forrester Rent arrears from lands in Wellington, Salop C78/662, no. 9 [104]
1660 13 Nov Abraham Pelland of Portslade, Sussex; Edward Woodcocke of Newtymber in said county; Edward Barker & Thomas Woodcocke his trustees; Peter Marchant of Ditcheling in said county; Christopher Wheeler of Keymore in said county & Mercy his wife, daughter & heir of Thomas Renvill; Henry Falconer, citizen & vintner of London only son of Henry Faulconer, citizen & haberdasher of London decd; Thomas Turner of Keymore & Margaret his wife, sister & heir of Verrall decd; John Winchester of Preston in said county; Alexander Bridges of Lindfield in said county; Walter Hurst of Keymore; all copyhold tenants of the manor of Keymore, Sussex v Sir Thomas Parker; John Auste, clerk; John Auree; John Pickering Privileges of copyhold tenants of the manor of Keymore, Sussex. C78/648, no. 15 [105]
1660 14 Nov 12 Michael Cope v Thomas Broxholme and Mary his wife. Bonds and debts C78/609, no. 10 [106]
1660 16 Nov 12 Charles Lloyd of London v Rowland Hunt; Elizabeth Boteler, widow; William Ellis an infant by Elizabeth Ellis his mother Mortgage of messuage and land in Dolegroninmaine, Montgomeryshire C78/643, no. 9 [107]
1660 16 Nov 12 John Farnden v Jane Markwick widow, William Peachy, Roger Goldwick, William Markwick, George Berkeley and Henry Peckham Estate of John Marwick decd. Copyhold messuage and land in Bosham, Sussex. C78/1317, no. 10 [108]
1660 17 Nov 12 William Wise v Thomas Moore Mortgage of messuage and lands called Lower Colladen in Sourton, Devon. C78/592, no. 8 [109]
1660 17 Nov 12 Thomas Phelps & Jane his wife and Elizabeth Bicknell daughters & coheirs of Thomas Bicknell v. William Silly and Thomas Webb C79/194, no. [110]
1660 17 Nov 12 John Bowen gentleman v. Anne Edwards widow; Owen Edwards gentleman; Robert Birt esq C79/53, no. [111]
1660 19 Nov Emanuel Penhallow and Elizabeth his wife daughter of Edward Trelawney decd v Richard Porter For fulfilment of agreements made on conveyance of Barton farm in Breage near Helleston, Cornwall C78/690, no. 15 [112]
1660 19 Nov 12 Edmond Home and Anne his wife v Elizabeth Bosvile, widow, and Robert Bosvile an infant by the said Elizabeth his mother Rent charge due from lands in Blorepipe, Staffs. C78/990, no. 17 [113]
1660 19 Nov 12 Henry Brightman, gent v. Christopher Pym, gent C78/869, no. 4 [114]
1660 20 Nov 12 Alexander Dyer & Constance Aylesworth, widow v Bridgett Delbridge, widow; Henry Pye; Thomas Kempe, John Moyle Concerning a writ of dower against Alexander Dyer and Aylesworth, arising from the estate of Ashton Aylesworth C78/586, no. 12 [115]
1660 20 Nov 12 Sarah Sharpe; Hannah Sharpe; and Mirabella Sharpe, infants by William Ward and Thomas Ward their guardians v. Thomas Sharpe, son and heir apparent of Thomas Sharpe by his first wife; Richard Hetherley; Thomas Hetherley; Henry Jackson; and Robert Johnson C78/869, no. 2 [116]
1660 21 Nov 12 Robert Knaston v George Devoreux & Bridgett his wife and Robert Vaghan. Debts of Arthur Price. Property at Churchstocke, Montgomeryshire, and other places. C78/586, no. 5 [117]
1660 21 Nov 12 Walter Graham of the Inner Temple & Mary his wife one of the daughters of Gualter Frost decd v Guarter Frost the son & Phebe Frost the widow & relict of the said Gwalter Frost decd; Abraham Babington; Henry Cymball; [blank] Hynd Bonds. Estate of the late Gwalter Frost. C78/630, no. 16 [118]
1660 21 Nov 12 Robert Sainthill and Gilbert Keate esqs v. Benjamin Barron esq C79/18, no. [119]
1660 22 Nov 12 Barbara Middleton relict & administratrix of Thomas Middleton; John Hill; Henry Breathe; Thomas Smith v Thomas Hale Debts owed to estate of Thomas Middleton for services as pilot on ship "Elizabeth and Mary". C78/559, no. 12 [120]
1660 24 Nov John Newell & Rose his wife one of the daughters of Elizabeth Roe decd the daughter of Edmond Bubben late of Ormesby, Norfolk decd v Anne Ward & John Brightmere Legacies payable by will of Edmond Bubben, from lands in Ormesby, Norfolk C78/592, no. 12 [121]
1660 24 Nov Thomas Davies the elder of Slymbridge, Gloucs v Richard Yate; Christopher Hodges; Rebecca his wife; Samuel Comelyn; Anne his wife; Rebecca Hodges; Joane Hodges; Elizabeth Hodges; Edward Haynes; Richard Fleminge Possession of messuage and lands in Slymbridge, Gloucs C78/697, no. 16 [122]
1660 24 Nov Richard Allen of Lamas, Norfolk, tanner and Mary his wife; James Dickerson of Norwich & Anne his wife v Robert Hawe & his wife Testamentary settlement of lands in Neatshead and Urstead, Norfolk. C78/716, no. 10 [123]
1660 24 Nov 12 Initial section missing [heir of William Lambe decd v Richard Harlackendon and others] Trust settlement of messuage & lands in Ackworth, Yorks. Estate of William Lambe & Anne his wife C78/1925, no. [?2?] [124]
1660 26 Nov 12 Sarah Sharpe; Hannah Sharpe; and Mirabella Sharpe, infants, by William Ward and Thomas Ward, their guardians v. Thomas Sharpe, son and heir apparent of Thomas Sharpe by his first wife; Richard Ketherly; Thomas Ketherly; Henry Jackson; and Robert Johnson C78/1559, no. 6 [125]
1660 27 Nov 12 Richard Porter v John Gregor Mortgage of lands in Tresumple, St. Clements, Truro and Trevethinick, Cornwall C78/592, no. 9 [126]
1660 28 Nov 12 Timothy Remington of North Newbald, Yorks and Elizabeth his wife v Henry Darley; Richard Darley & Elizabeth Darley, widow Marriage portion of £500 C78/556, no. 11 [127]
1660 28 Nov 12 John Salter; Christopher Jay; John Gray; Henry Herne; Elyas Browne since decd; Hannah Gooch, widow; Richard Swallow; Robert Swallow as well in their own names as on behalf of the rest of the creditors of Richard Jenkinson since decd v The said Richard Jenkinson; Robert Rosse; Edmond Wise also since decd Bonds re payment of debts of Richard Jenkinson. C78/561, no. 3 [128]
1660 ? 28 Nov Robert Posthumus Constable esq and Frances Constable widow v William Langdale esq; Thomas Rayson; William Jourdan; Michael Barman; John Vanser; Elizabeth Vanser; Robert Newmarch; Thomas Crathorne; Francis Duddinge; Stephen Westoby; Edmond Johnson; ____ Simpson; Jane Carr; Robert Carr; Thomas _______; Jane Saunderson; Richard Saunderson; Dorothy Deane Manor of Norcliffe, Yorks C78/1921, no. 28 [129]
1660 30 Nov 12 Colepepyr Snelgrave late of Beckinham, Kent; Thomas Snelgrave, brother of the said Colepepyr & Henry Snelgrave, son, heir & executor of Henry Snelgrave late of Beckinham decd by Thomas Snelgrave of St Mary Magdalen Bermondsey, Surrey their cousin v Thomas Colepepyr; William Colepepyr; Roger Shoyswell & his wife Possession of house in Greenwich, Kent. C78/602, no. 7 [130]
1660 3 Dec 12 John Mingay of the City of Norwich & Anthony Mingay, sons of Anthony Mingay late of the said City decd; John Hobart & Roger Mingay of the said City surviving executors of the said Anthony Mingay decd v Edward Mileham. Lease of messuages and lands in Burlingham St. Peter, Norfolk C78/627, no. 10 [131]
1660 8 Dec Thomas Rudd, Anne Rudd, Katherine Rudd, Margaret Rudd, Susanna Rudd & Elizabeth Rudd the son & daughters of Thomas Rudd late citizen & haberdasher of London decd by Anne Rudd their mother v William Hobson and William Northey Fines for copyhold tenants of the manor of Stepney, Middx C78/610, no. 2 [132]
1660 12 Dec 12 Diones Prestwood of Totnes, Devon, widow, relict & administratrix of Thomas Prestwood decd v John Kellond the younger of Painsford, Devon; John Brookeing of Totnes; Nicholas Vavasor of Totnes, merchant Mortgage of rectory of Totnes, Devon. C78/990, no. 13 [133]
1660 13 Dec 12 Anne Brinley, Richard Brinley, Bridget Brinley, George Brinley, Robert Brinley & Elizabeth Brinley, children of Richard Brinley v Elizabeth Brinley relict & executrix of Robert Brinley Estate and will of Robert Brinley, merchant of London. C78/583, no. 11 [134]
1660 15 Dec 12 Edward Buckley & Martha his wife; Paul Thornedick an infant by Anthony Hinton v Hugh Allington and Anne his wife Legacies payable from personal estate of Paul Thornedick. C78/627, no. 8 [135]
1660 17 Dec 12 Edward Piggott v. Richard Gilby & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of William Forcell and Nicholas Sandon C78/1129, no. 4 [136]
1660 18 Dec 12 Charles Pym v Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Mulgrave; John, Earl of Mulgrave; Sir John Monson Dispute over alum mines and works on the manor of Mulgrave [Yorks]. Disputed leases. C78/586, no. 10 [137]