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1658 C78/, no. []
1658 13 Jan Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper; Sir John Lucas; Edward Roberts; Ralph Hawtrey; Mary Suckling; Sarah James, widow; Robert Terwhitt; Peter Hughes; Edward Cranfield; Mary Browne; Roger Price; Dame Margaret Melton, widow; John Cropley; William Pawlin; Joseph Smith; Richard Broughton; William Palmer; Sir Martin Barnham; Babington Bradley; Sir Arthur Jenney; Richard Seymour James Clegorne; Susan Onyon, widow; Dame Anne Tufton, widow; Richard Allen; Dame Alice Colvell, widow; Sir Rowland Saint Johns; William Parker; Philip Progers; Edmund Browne; Humfrey Ward; Edward Babington; John Eaton; Frances Saunders, widow; Theophilus, Earl of Suffolk; William Ward; Robert South; William Hitchcockes; Edward Salisbury; Henry Berty; Joseph Ling; William Coleman; Edward Heath; Robert Willoughby; William Lane; William Gooderidge; Sir Harbottle Grimston; Andrewe Plumpron; John Parker; Lanncelott Chapman; Richard Lowe; Daniel Holdenby; Thomas Brickedon; William Gibbs; Charles Bentley; Joane Smith, widow; Robert Flattman; Edward Brooke; James Martin; William Mattingley; Richard Harman; Elizabeth Atty; Robert Holford; John Winch; James Gwaltier; Elizabeth Bennett; Mary Glover; Mathew Pindar and William Tombes executors to Sir Paul Pindar decd on behalf of themselves and other the creditors of Spencer, late Earl of Northampton v James, Earl of Northampton; Sir Edmond Pye; Sir John Washington; John Langham Debts of Spencer, Earl of Northampton, payable from manors of Henley upon Thames, Oxon, Long Sutton, Kilmersden, Watton, Henford and Yevell and Babington, Somerset, rectory of Eastwood, Essex and messuages in Bishopsgate, London C78/579, no. 4 [2]
1658 13 Jan George Younge an infant by John, Lord Lovelace v Richard Younge. Annuity from messuage in parish of St. Mary's in the University of Oxford. C78/638, no. 8 [3]
1658 16 Jan Alexander Temple and Mary his wife v William, Earl of Strafford Debts and legacies payable from trust of half of the barony of Trinitary, Lordship of Shelola and Carnow, Dublin, Wichlowe, Wexford and Catherlagh, Ireland. C78/537, no. 3 [4]
1658 23 Jan Elizabeth Bradshaw, widow, the relict of George Bradshaw late of Eyam, Derbs and Francis Bradshaw son of the said George & Elizabeth, an infant v Sir John Pate; Dame Lettice his wife; Edward Pate; George Bowden Division of personal estate C78/870, no. 17 [5]
1658 25 Jan William Abbott of Colchester, Essex, woolen draper v John Keame executor of Richard Keame executor of Thomas Abbott Debts and legacies payable by will of Thomas Abbott from lands in Colchester, Fedring, Coxford and Aldham, Essex C78/542, no. 12 [6]
1658 28 Jan Thomas Lorring and Amy his wife v Edward Badghott Marriage treaty of manor of Overton in Prestbury, Gloucs C78/556, no. 10 [7]
1658 29 Jan Charles Lee v Marmaduke Darrel; Clement Spillman; Dudley Rhense; [blank] Bird; William Bowyer; Henry Glenham; Elizabeth Lee; Anne Lee; Gerves Elwes; Gerrard Gore Dispute over the manor of Burnham alias Huntercombe, Buckinghamshire. Also Clewer Mills and other properties. Settlement of debts owed to Elizabeth Elwes C78/492, no. 3 [8]
1658 29 Jan Charles Cockaine, esq; and John Corderoy v. Elizabeth Massam, widow, since married to Francis Savage, esq C78/1294, no. 10 [9]
1658 31 Jan John Ripponer v Ellen Burnett, widow; Thomas Pretious, clerk; Richard Shafton; William Markenfield; William Kattrick; Marmaduke Browne Debts and bonds of Thomas Ripponer C78/539, no. 1 [10]
1658 31 Jan Francis Savage v. Richard Ren; Roger Ren; John Wharton; James Palmer; John Penrice; John Looker; and Hugh Norton C78/1298, no. 2 [11]
1658 1 Feb Richard Curwood and Susanna Curwod v John Ashburnham and Dame Elizabeth Pawle his wife Possession of copyhold lands in Sampford [Sampford Peverell], Devon formerly of Rebecca Curwood the complts mother C78/639, no. 10 [12]
1658 3 Feb William Revell of Oyston, Derbs v Henry Bright and Elizabeth his wife late the wife of Edward Harris decd and John her son Disputed lease on a farm C78/492, no. 5 [13]
1658 3 Feb Zachary King v Orlando Jermyn Debts in connection with linen trade C78/1150, no. 5 [14]
1658 4 Feb Winston Churchill v Sir Richard Strode and John Drake Cancellation of release of lands in Chalmington, Dorset. C78/639, no. 18 [15]
1658 6 Feb Peter Macklesfield and Humphry Vize v John Greaves the father & John Greaves the son Possession of manor of Chesterton, Staffs. C78/549, no. 16 [16]
1658 6 Feb Raph Gale v Sir Thomas Danby; Thomas Hutchinson; William Bullmer; John Hutchinson; George Ferrer; Thomas Davill; Ellen Clerke; Margaret Jackson Rent arrears from lease of messuage and lands in Morton Flatts, Scruton, Yorks C78/601, no. 5 [17]
1658 7 Feb Thomas Hood; John Stratford; Francis Mansfield; John Swynfen v Anne Charlton, widow; Nicholas Charlton; Stephen Charlton; John Charleton Debts in connection with purchase of lands in Olvecroft or Wolvescroft in Newtown als Newtown Lindford, Leics, formerly of Edward Charlton late husband & father of the defts C78/870, no. 20 [18]
1658 8 Feb Dud Dudley v John Fullerton; John Knott; John Wheeler; Edward Parkins; Edmund Ashenhurst Rents and profits from alleged trust of lands in Tapton, Womborne and Dudley Parke, Staffs C78/646, no. 16 [19]
1658 9 Feb Mary Wilcocks, widow, administratrix of John Lukey her late father v William Warring Possession of tenement in Bodmin, Cornwall C78/579, no. 2 [20]
1658 9 Feb John Wildman v William Churchill & Grace his wife; Robert Meller; Paul Calton Mortgage of manor of Shrenhain, Stallputts and Bewcott, Berks C78/579, no. 6 [21]
1658 10 Feb Jane Luke, by Samuel Luke her father v Richard Edwards executor of Richard Edwards his father. Legacy payable from personal estate of Dame Mawde Luke relict of Sir Oliver Luke late of Woodend, Beds. C78/599, no. 12 [22]
1658 11 Feb Walter Carlyon v John Hawes, Henrv Edmonds and John Chattey Concerning the royal preemption of white tin C78/492, no. 2 [23]
1658 11 Feb Anne Foster, widow, executor of Sir Nicholas Halse & administratrix of William Foster v Francis Buller & his wife, daughter of Ezechiell Grosse; Dame Grace Halse; Margaret Grosse relict of Ezechiell Grosse the younger; Thomas St George; John Snapp Possession of lands in Fontongollen in St Penkeveln, Cornwall. C78/579, no. 3 [24]
1658 11 Feb Richard Buxton one of the cousins & coheirs of Thomas Shereman that is to say son & heir of Elizabeth Buxton who was one of the sisters of Timothy Shereman decd, father of the said Thomas Shereman; Christopher Hardy an infant, the other cousin & coheir of the said Thomas Shereman that is to say son & heir of John Hardy who was eldest son & heir of Margaret Hardy decd who was one other of the sisters of the said Timothy Shereman v Robert Eldred; Constance his wife; Nicholas Eldred Possession of a woodground in Moulton, Norfolk. C78/554, no. 7 [25]
1658 11 Feb John Berry v Roger Chamberlyn; Edward Thrufton; John Truftone; John Pasmore Title and alleged entry and waste in messuage and lands in Tiverton, Devon C78/639, no. 13 [26]
1658 12 Feb Sir Jacob Garrard v Richard Berney & Mary his wife Purchase of the 'Blew Anchor' and the 'Saint Giles Head' and the 'Crown' in Gracechurch Street, Saint Leonards, Eastcheap, London, from William Clapham C78/492, no. 6 [27]
1658 12 Feb James Beversham of Cranford, Suffolk, clerk and Mildred his wife v Thomas Moore; Elnor Cooper; Robert Richardson Legacies payable by will of Francis Forman late of Coston, Leics, father of the complt Mildred, from lands in Coston leased from Frances, Countess of Thanet C78/542, no. 11 [28]
1658 12 Feb Edward Blenerhassett v Richard Fletcher Lands mortgaged by Blenerhassett to Thomas Fletcher C78/551, no. 9 [29]
1658 12 Feb James Chudleigh executor of William Lantroe who was executor of William Lantroe his father v John Morgan; Sarah his wife; James Godwyn Lease of burgages, messuages and lands in Taunton, Somerset. C78/639, no. 17 [30]
1658 12 Feb Thomas Young the surviving executor of William Compton decd; William Compton, Godfrey Compton, Charles Compton, Dorothy Compton & Mary Compton five of the younger children of the said William Compton v Walter Compton Trust sale of lands in manor of Harpury in the city of Gloucester C78/678, no. 3 [31]
1658 17 Feb Thomas Hall by William Hall his father v Margaret Hayter, widow; Thomas Webb & Susan his wife Interests in tenements in New Sarum, Wilts. C78/591, no. 1 [32]
1658 17 Feb Edward Barksdale v Henry Denny & Joane his wife; John Parker & Anne his wife; John Ryder; Margaret Hilliard als Milton; Alice Folwell; Thomas Martyn; Christopher Cooper; William Pidgeon; John Sherwood; Thomas Woodnett; Thomas Martyn the younger; Alexander Dismer; [blank] Burges; Henry Gastrell Title and possession of lands in Speenhamland, Shawbridge, Tatham and Newberry. Berks C78/591, no. 2 [33]
1658 17 Feb John Keble of Grays Inn, Middx v Thomas Timperley; Nicholas Timperley; William Doyly; Henry Darley; Samuel Smyth; Sir Ralph Hare; Gregory Gawsell Trust settlement of lands in Kimpsoe, Dredgery, Tillingham, Mayland, Lawlinge, Latchington and Althoan, Essex and Suffolk C78/712, no. 10 [34]
1658 17 Feb John Keeble of Grays Inn, Middx, esq v. Thomas Timperley; Nicholas Timperley; Sir William Doyley; Henry Darley; Samuel Smith; Sir Ralph Hare; and Gregory Gamsell C78/2023, no. 10 [35]
1658 18 Feb Elizabeth Musgrave & Katharine Musgrave daughters of William Musgrave decd v Robert Brandling & Dame Elianor his wife; Myles Stapleton & Mary his wife; Charles Fairefax; John Brotherton; Jam Mosse; George Inham Legacies payable from personal estate of Elizabeth Sherborne late of Eshold, Yorks, widow C78/599, no. 9 [36]
1658 19 Feb John Elliott of Port Elliott, Cornwall v Sir Richard Edgcombe; Richard Hix; Simon Momford Distraint of cattle for arrears of annuity from manor of Trevelin, Cornwall. C78/621, no. 5 [37]
1658 20 Feb Edward Gould son & heir of Henry Gould, merchant decd v Anne Gould, widow; William Symons & Anne his wife; Hugh Jones & Alice his wife; Nicholas Gould; James Gould Debts and legacies payable by will of Henry Gould from profits of sale of manor of Lewe Trenchard, Devon C78/639, no. 14 [38]
1658 22 Feb Anne Swanly, John Swanly, Elizabeth Swanly & Sarah Swanly, infants by William Swanly their father and guardian v William Ryder and Mathew Wills Legacies and testamentary settlement by will of Ann Wills, of "The George" Inn, Ratcliffe, Surrey C78/559, no. 10 [39]
1658 23 Feb Thomas Clitherow and Christopher Clitherow infants sons of Christopher Clitherow late of Pinner, Middx by Benjamin Clitherow of London draper their guardian v. Sir William Trollopp baronet; Charles Hall esq; James Clitherow; and John Clitherow gentlemen C78/1923, no. 12 [40]
1658 23 Feb William Punchard v George Plym and Katherine and James May Mortgage of messuage called "The Key" in Barnstaple, Devon. C78/639, no. 4 [41]
1658 24 Feb John Willan by William Wilcox v Richard Atkinson & Elizabeth his wife; William Atkinson the said Richard Atkinson's father; Alice Browne Title to messuages and lands in Howgill house, Milbecke, Garth and elsewhere in Dent, Yorks C78/600, no. 6 [42]
1658 24 Feb Edward Walker v John Stourton and Mary his wife. Legacies payable by will of Roger Harris of the City of London. C78/747, no. 10 [43]
1658 24 Feb John Freeman the younger v John Freeman the elder and Clement Bacon Trust of messuage in Bishopsgate Street, London. C78/747, no. 11 [44]
1658 26 Feb. Anthony Metcalfe v Lawrence Sayer. Estate of Anthony Metcalfe, deceased, the complts grandfather. Manor and lordship of Aldbrough, and lands at East Layton, North Yorkshire. C78/551, no. 8 [45]
1658 27 Feb Andrew Wall of Ludshott, Hants, esq v. Edward Phillips and Henry Rogers, esqs and Janes Hele and Dorothy Hele C78/2023, no. 7 [46]
1658 1 March Alexander Hawtres of Bodicote, Oxon, gentleman; William Danvers the elder of Adderbury, Oxon, gentleman; Richard Croft; Edward Davyes; Isaack Clerke; William Robins; and Thomas Neale in their own names and in the names of all other creditors of William Clarke late of Oxhill, Warw, glasier (?) upon a commission of bankrupt sued out against him v. John Calcott gentleman & his wife C78/2023, no. 11 [47]
1658 3 March William Delavall and Mary his wife one of the daughters of Sir Peter Riddell decd v Dame Mary Riddell; Nicholas Whitehead; John Tirwhitt; Mary his wife; Francis Bowes; William Carre Title to copyhold tenements in manor of Elsewicke [Elswick], Northumberland. C78/599, no. 10 [48]
1658 4 March George Sharpulls, John Sharpulls, Humfry Sharpulls, Katherine Sharpulls & Elizabeth Sharpulls, infants by George Sharpulls their father and others (named) v Humfry Abbott, merchant. Legacies payable from personal estate of Katharine Abbott late of London, the complts grandmother C78/575, no. 13 [49]
1658 4 March Francis Sprey; Jerome Sprey v Sir Henry Crooke; William Pur...; Richard ..... Legacies from will of Judith Crooke late wife of the deft Sir Henry Crooke. C78/615, no. 4 [50]
1658 4 March William Drax; Alexander Jackson; and John Parry v. William Robinson; Henry Scaly; Samuel Gookin; Arthur Symcooll; William Skinner; Edward Careter; and Goodith White, widow C78/2023, no. 3 [51]
1658 6 March Gilbert Nevile & Dame Ann his wife then late the wife of Sir Marmaduke ?Darrell? decd & formerly the wife of John Clapham decd v Elizabeth Lady Darrell, widow, then late the wife of Sir SAmpson Darrell decd, son & heir of the said Sir Marmaduke Darrell; Marmaduke Darrell brother of the said Sir Sampson Dispute over rents of the manor of Fulmer, Missenden, and other lands in Buckinghamshire C78/587, no. 16 [52]
1658 6 March Newarke Beckwith of the City of Westminster and Elizabeth his wife v Wickstead Wolmore & Anne his wife; Wickstead Meld & Elizabeth his wife Legacies payable by will of Amy Tredway of London, widow, from her personal estate. C78/678, no. 2 [53]
1658 7 March Sir Robert Stapleton, knight v. Elizabeth _____, widow C78/2023, no. 5 [54]
1658 Decree date eroded. Robert Jeofferyes v Nathaniel Hamon; William Eborne the elder; Henry Eborne; Richard Eborne; Nicholas A..sham; William Eborne the younger & Ruth his wife; John Barton Bill. Easter 1656. Forfeiture of copyhold lands in the manor of Isleworth & Syon, Middx C78/658, no. 1 [55]
1658 31 March William Parlett of Downeham Markett, Norfolk v Ralph Apsely and Thomas Scott Debts, bonds and mortgage of lands in North Would [Northwold], Norfolk C78/643, no. 24 [56]
1658 22 April Denham Hunlocke; John ..erspoole; John Tulley; Thomas Thompson; Anne Julyan, widow; William Saunders; Richard Blake; Edward Emes; Edward Perkins; William Nash; John Graunt v Henry Rogers; John Winter; Thomas Warr Debts of Hugh Rogers payable from manor of Bradford, Somerset. C78/594, no. 14 [57]
1658 30 April Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigh, Warks; John Williams; William Robinson; Abraham Scott all of Stoneleigh v Henry Cowper, clerk & vicar of Stoneleigh Charitable bequests to constable and churchwardens of Stoneleigh, Warwicks by wills of Thomas Kyten and Rowland Griffin. C78/643, no. 23 [58]
1658 30 April Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigh, Warks; John Williams; William Robinson; Abraham Scott all of Stoneleigh v Henry Cowper, clerk & vicar of Stoneleigh. Legacies payable from lands in Stoneleigh, Warwicks, by wills of Thomas Ryton or Burbury and Rowland Griffin C78/644, no. 22 [59]
1658 3 May John Heath merchant v. _____ & Katherine his wife; Thomas Restall & Anne his wife; Richard Harrison; and Thomas Clissold C78/2020, no. 1 [60]
1658 4 May Anne Fillmer one of the daughters and coheirs of Alice ...., widow decd v John Rowse Legacy payable by will of Sir James Weston from lands in Wisbech and Eline, Cambs. C78/615, no. 5 [61]
1658 7 May Thomas Sackvill v Sir John Sackvill, William White, Peter Farneden; Richard Eyar and others (not named) Estate of Sir Thomas Sackvill, messuage called 'Hancocks' Parish of Sedlescombe, Sussex. Also an iron works and stocks of young timbers C78/555, no. 13 [62]
1658 11 May William Heywood administrator of William Heywood decd, his late father, unadministered by Avice Hampton decd ,late wife of John Hampton decd, daughter & executrix of the said William Heywood for & on behalf of John Hampton & Susan Hampton children of the said Avice by the said John Hampton v Mary Hampton relict & administratrix of John Hampton; George Long and another (not named) Lease of lands in Preston Candever, Hants C78/690, no. 13 [63]
1658 12 May James Parry of Poston, Herefs v Edward, Earl of Worcester; Henry, Lord Herbert; Nicholas Phillpot; Humphrey Jones Redemption of mortgaged manor of Poston and manors of Vowchurch and Turvaston, Heref. C78/678, no. 1 [64]
1658 13 May Phillip, Viscount Strangford by Robert, Earl of Leicester v John Fotherley Trust of the manors of Ostenhanger or Westenhanger, Berwicke, Otterpoole, Pastlong, Ashibifford or Ashford, Vasture or Vastower Court. Altwall, Lydcourt, Sturrey, Haugh or Hawe, Swingfeild, and Whitstable, Kent C78/644, no. 28 [65]
1658 13 May Elizabeth Orde, an infant, by Dame Elizabeth Forster, widow v Henry Orde; Thomas Forster; Lionel Bradforth Administration of trust of household goods of Henry Orde, the complts father, and lands & mill in Horckleife, Northumberland. Complt the grandaughter of Ralphe Forster decd. C78/667, no. 9 [66]
1658 13 May Thomas Bennett of London, doctor of laws; John Coltson doctor of phisick; Mathew Bennet, clerk; Elizabeth Gregory of Horley, Oxon, widow; Thomas Gregory of Horley; Francis Gregorie of London, draper; Henry Gregory of Oxford, gent; Thomas Sutton of London, clerk & Elizabeth his wife; Jane Gregory; George Lee of London, draper & Winifrid his wife; Edward Brackgrove of Wotton, Oxon, gent, administrator of Elianor his late wife v. Thomas Lawrence; and Giles Lawrence C78/882, no. 11 [67]
1658 14 May Robert Wood of Chellerswood, Somerset v Humfry Sandford; Humfrey Jacob; Dorothy Rotherdon Shares in personal estate of Henry Wood and lands in Taunton Deane, Somerset. C78/621, no. 7 [68]
1658 15 May Isabell Cotterell of Conderton, Worcs, widow, executrix of William Roberts her late husband decd v William Roberts Possession of copyhold messuage and lands in Overbury, Worcs C78/643, no. 22 [69]
1658 17 May Sir William Monnson, Viscount Monnson of Castemaine in Ireland v Robert, Earl of Leicester; Phillipp, Viscount Strangford; Robert Raworth; John Fotherley; Thomas Marsh Debts on security of mortgage of the manor of Graston, Northants. C78/644, no. 29 [70]
1658 18 May William Turton, Alice Turton, Elizabeth Turton & Joane Turton children of William Turton decd, infants by John Turton & Robert Pecke v Anne Turton, widow Legacies payable from personal estate (including a house in Shrophire) of William Turton, senior C78/579, no. 1 [71]
1658 18 May John Collett of Northlach, Gloucs v William Arkhill of Upper Slaughter, Gloucs and Mary his wife; Richard Whitmore Purchase of copyholds in the manor of Lower Slaughter, Gloucs. C78/646, no. 8 [72]
1658 22 May Sindony Blunter, widow; Harcourt Loughton v Gifford Bale; Thomas Hall; Thomas Hatch; Roger Pearse; Raphe Cranwell The property of Fitzhugh Cranwell, in Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire. Disputed will. C78/555, no. 4 [73]
1658 22 May Thomas Lucas; Francis Bullyn; William Lovell v William Lovell since decd;John Lovell; John Gardiner & Elizabeth his wife Trust settlement of lands in Nortoft in Guildesbrough, Northants, to maintain a schoolmaster in the free school of Guilsborough C78/530, no. 1 [74]
1658 22 May Richard Dawson of Watlington, Norfolk, grazier v Robert Dunn Debts and bonds C78/530, no. 2 [75]
1658 22 May Edward Payne of Portenhall, Beds and Anne his wife v John Newman Financial trusts and marriage treaty. C78/601, no. 3 [76]
1658 22 May Thomas Cridland & Willmot his wife and Johane Jollett, widow, daughters of Richard Jeane decd v Edmond Jeane. Portions payable by will of Richard Jeane from personal estate and unspecified lands. C78/621, no. 6 [77]
1658 22 May Wingfield Bodenham son & heir of Sir Francis Bodenham decd v Dame Theodocia Bodenham widow & relict of the said Sir Francis; Frances Bodenham his daughter; John Bodenham his younger son; Francis Williamson Payment of legacies from estate of Sir Francis Bodenham. C78/638, no. 6 [78]
1658 25 May John Vallentine, citizen & woodmonger of London v George Oithing Sale of lands in Thundersly, Essex C78/1150, no. 1 [79]
1658 26 May Anne Rogers, singlewoman v John Hele and Dame Dorothy his wife; Helena Rogers; Hugh Smith; John Winter; Thomas Warr; Henry Rogers; William Fry Trust settlement of manors of Bradford, Whitcombe, Coates and Knighton, Somerset C78/594, no. 13 [80]
1658 27 May Richard Gittins; ...man & Edward Joice & Joice his wife v Edmond Brent; George Whithare; Katherine his wife; Richard Whiteheare; Jonathan Trebarfoote Property of Thomas Potham at Drury Lane, London. Sale of tenements to John Parker C78/588, no. 5 [81]
1658 28 May Walter Westcott; Thomas Tickner; Rowland Worsopp v Richard Russell; Edward Worsopp; Elizabeth his wife; Bridgett Tristram; Mary Tristram. Estate of William Tristram, salter of London. A messuage in the parish of Saint Andrews, Holborn, in the tenure of Thomas Clarke. Also property at Chigwell, Essex. C78/492, no. 7 [82]
1658 29 May Isaack King, clerk, rector of Littlebury, Essex v Edward Pecke and Christopher Greene Title to rectory of Littlebury, Essex C78/601, no. 7 [83]
1658 10 June Sir Richard Ashfield, baronet v. Sir Richard Minshall, knight & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/882, no. 10 [84]
1658 11 June Thomas Sherwill v John Bligh Enrolment of a judgment in a case held before the Lord Protector in Upper Bench. Assurance policy for journey from Cornwall to Gibraltar C78/702, no. 7 [85]
1658 14 June Thomas Levingston of the Inner Temple, London & Anna his wife daughter & heir of Sir Charles Ceasar & Dame Anne his wife both decd, which said Dame Ann was one of the daughters of Sir Peter van Lore the elder late of London decd v Nicholas Blackwell. Estate of the late Sir Peter Van Lore the Elder. The manors and lordships of Steeplehall and Bodnecke, Essex. Disputed titles C78/492, no. 1 [86]
1659 14 June Thomas Williams v Owen Williams. Bonds and obligations for debt C78/588, no. 3 [87]
1658 14 June Walter Dowce, gent, administrator of Thomas Dowce and John Dowce his brothers, deceased v. John Jones; James Witheres; Edward Pace; Elizabeth Hunt, widow; Elizabeth Pitt, widow; Rebecca Dashwood, widow; Mary Mayor, widow; Mathyas Freeman; Thomas Brackley; Robert Holmes & Margery his wife; William Knight; John Batchelor; Richard Skynner;Thomas Walter & Mary his wife; Roger Clavell; and Richard Waker C78/882, no. 8 [88]
1658 15 June Thomas Styles now decd; Thomas Rich v Charles Cockaine, Viscount Cullen; Sir Thomas Fanshawe; William Cockaine Trust of annuity from manors of Cottesbrooke, Northants and Hunsden and Eastwicke, Herts. C78/601, no. 9 [89]
1658 15 June William Rogers v Nicholas Harris Mortgage of arable lands and woods in Pigglesworth, Gloucs C78/643, no. 21 [90]
1658 15 June William Moore; Richard Boyse & Elizabeth his wife; John Lanzell & Anne his wife children of Elizabeth Moore & John v William Eldred; William Woodcocke Portions payable from mortgaged premises in parish of St. James, Colchester, Essex C78/658, no. 6 [91]
1658 15 June Henry South and Edward South by Daniel South v Henry Foyle the elder; Christian his wife; Henry Foyle the younger his son; Elizabeth Foyle his daughter; Lord Edward Pawlett; Edward Davies; James Davies; William Kent; James Goldston; Thomas Baker Marriage and trust settlements of lands in the manor of Abbots Anne, Hants. C78/747, no. 14 [92]
1658 16 June Katherine Lacy, widow, the relict & late wife of William Lacy decd v Charles Hughes; Jane his wife; Thomas Gunter Mortgage of lands in St. Michaell iuxta Uske, Monmouths C78/671, no. 9 [93]
1658 16 June John Dickens; George Dickens; Job Throgmorton; John Robinson; Thomas Bowyer; John Johiffe; Josuah Fowler; John Davis v David Rutts; John Osbourne; Isaack Taylor Accounts re overseas trade with Russia in caviar C78/702, no. 10 [94]
1658 16 June James Viccars, merchant taylor of London v. Edward Ryder; Rachell Trapps; Thomas Moore; _____; ___ Skynner Ryder; William Ryder; _____; _____; Lancellot Ryder sons of _____ Riegate, Surrey (some names added from finding aid) C78/1921, no. 6 [95]
1658 16 June Mary Talbott, widow; William Talbott son & heir apparent of the said Mary; and Robert Lawrence v. Edward Bagehott; Edward Guise; and John Stratford; Robert Newman the younger; Robert Fisher; John Holmes; Thomas Hawling; William Randoll; William Blake; Anthony Baker; John Smart; Giles Walter; Thomas Walter; Richard Newman; Robert [?Barnes?]; Edward Hackett; Thomas Marshall; Edward Hall; Thomas Latmer; Richard Tucker; Richard Ballinger; Thomas Tuffly; Edward Watts; Richard Lay; Thomas Smart; Gabriell Little; Edmond Ballinger; Edward Cartwright; Robert Hett; Edward Pruit; Giles Barnes; Richard Holmes; William Hicks; Thomas Tayler; John Dowdeswell; John Turbett; John Gibson; Phillip Brakes; Robert Ellis; Nicholas Ashmeade; Richard Hobbs; William Church; Richard Ellis; Benjamin Baldwyn, yeomen; Elyanor Blick; Johan Gooderich; Anne Buttwell, widows; Richard Rogers, gent; Raphe Dodwell; Joseph Hincksman; Robert Mason the elder; Robert Lord; Thomas Tumbrell; [?...?] Tumbrell; Raf Tumbrell; Richard Bursted; Richard Blackborne; John Mason; Thomas Harris; John Parks; Thomas Compton; Griffin Lea; Robert Ebsworth; Richard Tumbrell; Richard Johnson; John [?...?]; William Ling the elder; John Wright; James Wicksen; Edward Thornedell; Edward Yonge; Robert Hall; Edward Manley; Stephen Partenton; John Smith; Giles Mason; Thomas Harvey; Thomas Griffith; and Elyanor Williams, widow Manors of Prestbury, and Seavenhampton and Brockhampton in Gloucs. C78/1298, no. 6 [96]
1658 17 June Richard Harris of London, clothworker v Alice Harris als Starke; William Starke; Thomas Starke & Anne his wife Possession and trust of copyhold tenements in Ringwood, Hants. C78/559, no. 2 [97]
1658 17 June Thomas Langwine and Diggory Smale, churchwardens of the parish of Lancells, Cornwall on behalf of the poor of the said parish v Susan Roberts, widow. Legacy given to poor of the parish of Lancells by will of William Mill from lands in St. Clement Danes, London C78/559, no. 9 [98]
1658 17 June Katherine Lacy, widow and relict of William Lacy decd v Charles Hughes; Jane his wife; Thomas Gunter Mortgage by surrender of lands in St. Michael iuxta Uske, Mon. C78/671, no. 18 [99]
1658 19 June George Ent doctor of physicke executor of Josias Ent merchant v Gilbert Lambell; Joseph Lambell executor of John Lambell decd; John Lovering, merchants Differences in accounts for supply of wine from the Canary Islands C78/559, no. 3 [100]
1658 19 June Margaret Norris an infant by Colonel John Jones now Lord Jones, and the said John Jones administrator of Katherine & Frances Norris decd v Thomas Norris Estate of Edward Norris (the plts father), manor of Speake, Lancashire. C78/588, no. 2 [101]
1658 21 June Mary Roper the relict & executrix of Philip Roper decd v George Farmer and Elizabeth Yarham Annuity payable from five houses built on land in Pursfield in St. Giles in the Fields, Middx. C78/671, no. 10 [102]
1658 22 June William Brach, citizen & girdler of London v Edward Davies and Jeffery Davies his son Title to two messuages in Kinton, Salop. C78/668, no. 19 [103]
1658 22 June Richard Huett v. Edmond Bray otherwise called Sir Edmond Bray; and Reginald Bray an infant C78/1298, no. 3 [104]
1658 23 June Rebecca Vachell, widow, relict of Tanfield Vachell late of Reading, Berks decd v Sir John Evelyn; William Leman; Thomas Vachell an infant by ...ell Moverell Debts and legacies of Tanfield Vachell payable from sale of unspecified trust lands. C78/643, no. 20 [105]
1658 26 June Hugh Gibson v John Heminge & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Ashmole; John Cole Interests in marriage settlement of lands in Great Barr, Aldridge; Staffs. C78/563, no. 1B [106]
1658 26 June Thomas Saunders and Mary his wife v John Savile; Francis Goodricke; John Jackeson; Cotton Horne; William Horne; Mathew Wentworth Annuity payable from manor of Staunton, Yorks. C78/1150, no. 8 [107]
1658 26 June Robert Reynolds of the Middle Temple, London, esq v. John Turner C78/1232, no. 10 [108]
1658 28 June Abraham Thewles v Sir John Kay and Robert Awdesley Marriage settlement and mortgage of lands in Henley, Yorks. C78/870, no. 19 [109]
1658 29 June John Gobee of Middx and Bridgett his wife the only daughter & heir of Thomas Andrewes late of the City of London decd v James, Earl of Carlisle Mortgage of manor of Syward or Seaward in Waltham, Essex. C78/601, no. 2 [110]
1658 29 June Elizabeth Longmore, widow, executrix of William Longmore her late husband v Robert Stone; John Smith; William Smith; Sarah Smith; Ellenor Smith; Elizabeth Smith; Anne Smith infants by the said John Smith their father Redemption of mortgage of lands in Shrawley, Worcs C78/644, no. 12 [111]
1658 29 June John Dickson of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, chururgion and Andrew Hay of [blank] in the Commonwealth of Scotland executor of Archibald Hay decd v Rt. hon. James, Earl of Carlisle and John Jonstone Bonds and debts due to estate of Archibald Hay, and mortgage of the manor of Sawley, Yorks. C78/644, no. 25 [112]
1658 30 June Richard Stothard & Anne his wife one of the two daughters of Ambrose Coates late of Newcastle upon Tyne & Grace his wife v Christopher Ellison; Richard Fenteman; Robert Atkins & Lucy his wife Lease and mortgage in trust of tenement in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland C78/600, no. 10 [113]
1658 30 June John Hatch of London, merchant v Edward Younger; Elizabeth Lathwell, Mary Lathwell & Susan Lathwell, infants Quiet possession of messuage and lands in Fenny Stratford and Bow Brickhill, Bucks. C78/658, no. 5 [114]
1658 30 June Pyster Hyde v John Woodman and Jane his wife Purchase of house in Winchester, Hants. C78/710, no. 13 [115]
1658 30 June Charles Cokayne; Lewis Tresham; Dame Mary Watts; Roger Kilvert; William Day v Edmond and Robert Bell and Tristram Dyamond Bill (Easter 1653) alleging difficulties in process of drainage and enclosure of 420 acres of common fen for the use of the lord and reciting agreements (20 March 44 Eliz. and c. 30 years ago) to have the fen drained at the lord's cost, and act of Parliament (1651) empowering the drainage and giving compensation for loss of common rights by tenants. Upwell, Norfolk C78/730, no. 18 [116]
1658 5 July Rt hon. Richard, Earl of Dorset son & heir of Edward, late Earl of Dorset decd v William Forster; Thomas Bound; Sampson Bentall; Humphry Forster & William Forster infants Possession of manor of Eastington and lands in Longdon, Castle Moreton, Welland, Holfast and Upton upon Severne, Worcs. C78/638, no. 7 [117]
1658 5 July William Hobdon and Frances his wife v Walter Harris; John Steevens Trust of tenements in Huish Champflower, Somerset. C78/639, no. 8 [118]
1658 6 July George Crosse minister of Clifton Campvile, Staffs; Thomas Mowseley; Humphrey Mowseley v John Coventry an infant; William Coventrie; Sir George Savile Bill (Mich 1656) seeking assurance of rent-charge, payable in lieu of tithes to the minister .of Clifton Campvile, Staffordshire, after agreement (Oct. 1655) to have enclosure of the common ground called Hampton, in Clifton Campvile C78/575, no. 11 [119]
1658 6 July John Coventrie an infant by Sir George Savile v George Crosse; Thomas Mowseley; Humfrey Mowseley Bill (Easter 1656) seeking ratification of agreement (Oct. 1655) to enclose common field called Hampton in Clifton Campvile, Staffordshire, because lord of the manor, as a minor, could not confirm the agreement C78/575, no. 12 [120]
1658 6 July Alissimon Pierrepont, widow & relict of Francis Pierrepont decd v John Batty; William Strelley; Timothy Kettlewell; Robert Pierrepont; Francis Pierrepont; Winifred Pierrepont; Henry, Marquess of Dorchester; William Pierrepont; Jervase Pierrepont; George Pierrepont Widow's share of personal estate of Francis Pierrepont. C78/600, no. 8 [121]
1658 6 July Elenor Berry and Elizabeth Hoton, widows, two of the creditors of Sir Edward Morgan of Lantornam, Monmouthshire decd v Anthony Turbervile; Peirse Butler; Dame Mary his wife; Sir Edward Morgan Debts payable from lands in Maghen, Bedwesly and Carleon, Monmouthshire. C78/712, no. 8 [122]
1658 7 July Myles Fleetwood and Edward Cooke v Dame Jane Pyle, widow; John Codrington; John Dennys & Mary his wife Possession of lands in Hutton, South Brent, Chedder and Tornock, Lymsham, Axbridge, East Brent and Bemstow, Somerset C78/564, no. 3 [123]
1658 7 July John Tregagle; Richard Gremoile; Isabell & Jane Tregagle, infants by Sir Peter Killigrewe v Nicholas Courtney & Jane his wife Estate of John Tregagle, several manors in Cornwall and other counties. Disputed bequests. C78/587, no. 15 [124]
1658 8 July John Hawtry; Edward Betenson; Robert Cordell executor of Sir John Cordell; William Hulme, citizen & grocer of London; Michael Jones, citizen & haberdasher of London; Henry Payne; John Melhuish, citizen & [blank] of London; William Codrington; Charles Keepe; John Tourney; John Williams; Dame Mary Bolles, widow; Anne Borne, spinster v Thomas Bird; Charles Leeds; Jonathan Rogers; Edward Henden; John Henden; George Farmer; Henry Woollaston Debts. C78/541, no. 3 [125]
1658 8 July Anthony Smith, Mayor of the City of Durham; Richard Lee, Henry Rowell & Anthony Daile, Aldermen of the City of Durham; John Hall, Gilbert Marshall, Isaack Gilpin & William Hutchinson, Governors of the Charitable Stock of the City of Durham v Mary Allenson, widow and Marmaduke Allenson Non-payment of profits from leases of collieries and coalpits at Hargill, Grewburne and Sofley, and the coal mines called Carter Thorne als Kelley Pitts, in Co. Durham, bequeathed to charitable uses by Henry Smith. C78/1150, no. 6 [126]
1658 9 July John Moore and Alice his wife v Dorothy Ashwell, widow Rent-arrears from houses in East Cheape, London C78/541, no. 4 [127]
1658 9 July Susan Stacy of Bradwell next the Sea, Essex, spinster by John Fowle of Grays Inn v Henry Sandford and Edward Samms Legacy payable from personal estate of Jonas Sandford. C78/698, no. 7 [128]
1658 12 July John Wilcox v William Weekes Bonds for debts of William Weekes, dyer, of Plymouth, Devon since decd. C78/572, no. 13 [129]
1658 14 July John Hale v Sir John Bale and John Bale son & heir of the said Sir John Mortgage of messuage and lands in Carleton Curlew, Leics C78/658, no. 7 [130]
1658 15 July Richard Cox of Dumbleton, Gloucs v John Cox; Henry Coxe; Charles Cox Testamentary settlement, by will of Charles Cox, of lands in Archenlench and Dumbleton, Gloucs, Leavings or Parlant, Bucks and St. Pancras, Middx C78/646, no. 7 [131]
1658 16 July Anne Carpenter, widow v John Cole & Mabella his wife; Dame Bridgett Lisle, widow; William Lisle Possession of mortgaged part of the manor of Lower Lillington, Dorset. C78/644, no. 26 [132]
1658 16 July John Shelley and Bridgett his wife v Dame Christian Earsfield and others (not named) Legacy from manor of Worth and other lands in Sussex and Kent from Sir Thomas Earsfield the complt Bridgett's father C78/667, no. 15 [133]
1658 17 July John Turnor of London, merchant v John St. Johns; John St Johns; Rowland St Johns; Francis St Johns; Benjamin St Johns; Mary St Johns; Anne St Johns; Francis Selwyn; John Cave Discharge of trust on purchased lands in the manor of Coldoverton, Leics C78/638, no. 5 [134]
1658 20 July Robert Easam of London, grandchild & heir of Mathew Easam late of Shittlington, Beds decd v. William Tuckey of Hollywellbury in the parish of Shittlington, yeoman, decd C78/1298, no. 4 [135]
1658 14 Oct William Rogers v Nicholas Harris. Redemption of mortgaged lands in Pigglesworth, Gloucs. C78/644, no. 23 [136]
1658 14 Oct John Davis, esq v. John Robinson, alderman of London C78/882, no. 9 [137]
1658 15 Oct Thomas Oliver of East Butterwicke, Lincs v Francis Tirwhitt; Thomas Lees; John Lees; Gartrud otherwise Gartwright Lees, widow; John Dalton; Henry Glemham Title and restoration of mortgaged lands in Dunham, Darlton and Kingston, Notts. C78/542, no. 10 [138]
1658 15 Oct Elizabeth Bullocke, widow and Richard Woodford, clerk v Symon Ive; Valentine Knight; Edward Smith; George Smith Mortgage of lands in common fields of Creaton, Great Creaton and Creaton Halle, Northants C78/644, no. 24 [139]
1658 15 Oct John Hallett v Margaret Benson; Thomas Balston; John Stamford Bonds and debts of Thomas Benson late husband of the deft Margaret. C78/702, no. 9 [140]
1658 15 Oct Elizabeth Kay, widow, administratrix of William Kay v. David Belt C78/1294, no. 4 [141]
1658 21 Oct Thomas Sorrell of ___, Essex, gent & Jane his wife; and Thomas Sorrell; John Sorrell; Jane Sorrell; Margaret Sorrell; Susan Sorrell; Mrs Sarah Sorrell; _______; Thomas Sorrell the elder & Jane his wife, being all infants, by Thomas Sorrel the father, their guardian v. Theophilus Dillingham, doctor in divinity; and Jeffery _____, gent C78/1009, no. 15 [142]
1658 25 Oct Charles Pleydall v Sir William Button. Dispute over a lease on a farm at Pewsey, Wiltshire C78/587, no. 13 [143]
1658 26 Oct Anne Bennett, widow, relict of Edward Bennett and youngest daughter of Alexander Monnington decd v James Russell; Peter Oviatt; Pauncefoote Wall; Richard Monnington; Michael Witham; Richard Ravenhill; Anne Knight, widow Title to reversion interests in freehold lands in Upper Shellwick, Hereford, Heref C78/671, no. 3 [144]
1658 27 Oct Thomas Wynn of London, merchant v Mary Alston, widow. Title to tenements "The Bell" in Bramford and "The Feathers" near Bramford bridge, Suffolk. C78/542, no. 8 [145]
1658 27 Oct Mathew Noel of the City of London, vintner v James Peck Debts and bonds C78/716, no. 19 [146]
1658 28 Oct William Carter v Richard Bell, Ralph Bell and Robert Holborne Custody of debentures entrusted to Bell, they being payment to Carter for his services as a Lieutenant in the Parliament forces C78/551, no. 3 [147]
1658 28 Oct Ambrose Elton the younger and John Skipp v Richard Gowland; Henry Page; Thomas Crumpe; [blank] Needham Arrears of rent owed by tenants to parsonage of Sedbury, Heref. C78/650, no. 8 [148]
1658 29 Oct Sir Robert Wingfield, an infant, son & heir of Sir Richard Wingfield late of Easton, Suffolk decd, by Sir John Jacob of Bromley, Middx his grandfather and the said Sir John Jacob himself as administrator of the said Sir Richard Wingfield during the minority of the said Sir Robert v Richard Turner and Thomas Humble Administration of Sir Richard Wingfield's personal estate and trust settlement of manor of Edlston, Suffolk. C78/542, no. 7 [149]
1658 30 Oct Thomas Radcliffe v John Wolverston; Thomas Frowen & Judith his wife Bonds and debts of the complt to Margaret the wife of the deft John Wolverston of Fulham, Middx C78/601, no. 4 [150]
1658 30 Oct John Sharpe v John Marsham and John Maynard Lease and repairs of house in Salisbury Court, London. C78/601, no. 8 [151]
1658 3 Nov Edward Carvell; Thomas Honner; Benjamin Sanebe; .... ...ell; Richard Johnson; Thomas Michell; Francis White the elder; Valentine Stalworth; John Boulstred; William White; Thomas Stevens; Francis White the younger; Thomas Allwells; Ruben Perrott; William Deareman the elder; William Deareman the younger; George Shaw; Thomas Mathew; Joseph Adkins; Thomas Reve; Edward Fersham; Thomas ..asford; Thomas Curtis; Robert Gotheridge; John Wainewright; Richard Priestley; Elizabeth Ward; Jane Drawater; Mary Atwells, copyhold tenants of Toddington, Beds v Sir Henry Crofts and Humfrey Fish Ratification of agreement re timber rights in the manor of Toddington, Beds C78/644, no. 17 [152]
1658 4 Nov Thomas Isaack, esq v. Charles Vaughan, esq C78/1294, no. 9 [153]
1658 5 Nov James Huxley v Thomas Gregory Manor of Derneford, parish of Wotton, Oxfordshire. Disputed terms of copyhold, also over land on the manor of Woodstock C78/587, no. 12 [154]
1658 6 Nov Governors of the lands of Hospital of King James in the Charterhouse, Middx at the humble petition and at the costs of Thomas Sutton v John Rye; Judith Bradnell; Robert Oliver; John Goodwyn; William Woodwarde; [blank] Ashbie; William Goodridge Payments of rents from tenants of the hospital's lands in Dunsey [Dunsby near Bourne], Lincs. C78/613, no. 5 [155]
1658 6 Nov Thomas Starkey v James Pickis and Elizabeth his wife Performance of financial agreements of marriage treaty C78/667, no. 2 [156]
1658 8 Nov William Merrivell son & heir of Thomas Merrivell v Francis, Lord Seymor; Charles Seymor; John Gowland Mortgage of messuages and lands in Soley, Wilts. C78/645, no. 2 [157]
1658 11 Nov Christopher Blencow v Henry Thompson; George Barwick & Anne his wife Concerning the penalty of a bond entered into by Anthony Blencow and for the payment of a legacy from Sir Henry Blencow, the complts father, to Elizabeth Blencow one of Sir Henry's grandchildren & late wife of the deft Thompson C78/551, no. 5 [158]
1658 11 Nov John Lloyd, gent v. David Edwards C78/882, no. 7 [159]
1658 12 Nov John Sayer v Robert Wilson Mortgage of the manor of South Kilvington, Yorkshire, as surety for a debt to Wilson C78/587, no. 10 [160]
1658 13 Nov Lewis Hole and Thomas Hole v Robert Bayley and .... ....ux, widow Custody of lands in Erington, Devon, the estate of a lunatic John Rogers. C78/621, no. 1 [161]
1658 13 Nov Mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of City of Winchester v Thomas Carleton. Annuity out of lands in High Street, Winchester, left to the City for charitable uses C78/710, no. 10 [162]
1658 14 Nov Thomas Bennett; Thomas Farewell; Mathew Davis; John Rosewell & Elizabeth his wife v John Harris; Roger Watkins; Henry Harris; William Rosewell Accounts of profits of trust of tenement in Congresbury, Somerset. C78/602, no. 10 [163]
1658 14 Nov Robert Smith of Brompton Ralph, Som, clerk v. William Putt esq; Nicholas Makeley the elder; and Nicholas Makeley the younger C79/177, no. [164]
1658 15 Nov Symond Middleton; John Soame; William Romney; Ralph Freeman; Sor William Platers; Sir Thomas Abdey; Philip Owen; Abraham Chambers; executors of Mary Monox; Dame Theodora Demeherne; Elizabeth Castleman; Peter Bulteale; Thomas Cambell; John Garnishe; Sir William Palmer; Mathias Taylor; Sir William Martin; Sir John Goore v Gyles Davies Profits from cloth trade with Constantinople C78/650, no. 7 [165]
1658 16 Nov John Badcocke of Godmanchester, Hunts, clerk v William Robbins; George Norbury; Sarah his wife; Anne & Elizabeth Ferrers Purchase of messuage and land in Godmanchester, Hunts. C78/550, no. 2 [166]
1658 16 Nov William Spring of Pakenham, Suffolke by Dame Elizabeth Spring his mother v James Hobart. Bequests of will of Elizabeth Spring the elder from her personal estate. C78/550, no. 3 [167]
1658 16 Nov Samuel Osborne eldest son & heir of Samuel Osborne decd v Thomas Wicks Mortgage of "Peacocks' Mill" in Stanwell, Middx C78/667, no. 18 [168]
1658 16 Nov James Davenporte v Edward Longvile; Thomas Longvile his son; Henry Langracke Bonds. C78/747, no. 8 [169]
1658 17 Nov William Cholmely administrator of Katherine his wife one of the daughters of Sir John Hotham decd v Dame Sarah Hotham, widow; Sarah her daughter; William Hotham; Charles Hotham Legacy payable from personal estate of John Hotham C78/613, no. 3 [170]
1658 19 Nov Margaret Webb of Hamersmith, Middx widow late the wife of Thomas Webb citizen and sadler of London decd v John Offley of London, merchant & wardens and commonalty of Goldsmiths of London. Interests in testamentary settlement of lands in Henham and Dunmow, Essex and St. Peters Westchcape, London C78/594, no. 12 [171]
1658 19 Nov Rebecca Vachell relict of Tanfield Vachell late of Reading, Berks decd v Sir John Evelyn; William Leman; Thomas Vachell an infant by Ottnell Meverell Debts and annuities payable by will of Tanfield Vachell, from lands in Reading, Berks C78/643, no. 19 [172]
1658 19 Nov William Emott v Thomas Soutley & William Herbert Bonds and debts. C78/667, no. 8 [173]
1658 19 Nov Thomas Westerne; Thomas Wright; Alexander Mannder; John Shapcott als Chapcott; Mathew Skinner v Henry Crewes Title to lands in Crays Morchard, Devon, originally given to poor inhabitants there. C78/668, no. 18 [174]
1658 20 Nov Grace Owen, widow v Grace Hampton, widow; John Field; John Johnson and John Arthur Shop and house at Castle Street, Beaumarris, Anglesey. C78/587, no. 12 [175]
1658 20 Nov Robert Brewster of Wrentham, Suffolk v Thomas Akers; James Akers; Calvin Brinckly; James Bircham; Edmund Browne; Daniel Browne; Thomas Bunting; Nathaniel Bird; Thomas Bedingfield; John Bircham; George Bullen; Robert Blower; John Cooke; Henry Cooke; James Clayborne; Henry Clayborne; Robert Cooper; Jacob Cooke; William Dey; Edmund Dey; Thomas Davy; John Evered; Robert Feltwell; William Girlington; Thomas Hallman; William Harwood; John Hallowell; Thomas Hartwell; John Hipkin; Thomas Johnson; John Jury; Samuel Lynn; Robert Love; John Leeds; William Mundford; Samuel Mann; Thomas Medicliffe; Ralph Marham; Edward Newman; John Nabbs; Rice Olley; Richard Pashelder; Peter Page; John Potter; Henry Ransom; William Riches; Robert Rogers; Richard Smith; William Starth; John Spurrell; Thomas Thompson; John Walter; Robert Walter; William Younges; Mary Athill; Anne Akers; Ursula Bird; Rowes Burton; Bridgett Bishopp; Ursula Cooke; Margaret Dey; Anne Dennis; Anne Frary; Alice Gibbs; Anne Children; Tharner Gresham; Mary Head; Elizabeth Jervis; Winfred Leeds; Katherine Melton; Katherine Mann; Margery Shinquin Disputed customs and fines for copyhold tenants of manor of Hildolveston, Norfolk. C78/716, no. 16 [176]
1658 20 Nov Daniel Witcherly and John Sundinge gentleman v. Henry Rogers esq C79/158, no. [177]
1658 22 Nov Richard Crawley; Adam Tayler; Harman Nicholls v Thomas Dodson. Rights of ancient lights in messuage in St James Parish, Aldgate, London. C78/575, no. 3 [178]
1658 24 Nov Peter Snell v Peter Colyton otherwise Colton; Anne Snell, widow; John Heale Title to messuages and tenements in Zeale Monocorum, (no county given) [Devon]. C78/639, no. 6 [179]
1658 24 Nov Anthony Nicoll & Amy his wife; George Reynell & Elizabeth his wife; John Harrington & Mary his wife; Mathon Halse & Rebecca his wife, coheirs of Charles Speccott decd v John Tanner & Katherine his wife; Katherine Windham; John Trethewy Testamentary settlement by will of Sir John Speccott of the manors of Thornebury, Stockentinhead, Meadencombe, Bronnescombe, Aller Button, Pulworthy, Anstimony, Ashley, Stapledon, Esthelis or Esthelin, Huish or Huish Beaple, Beare or Bearewood, Speccott and Heighhame, Devon C78/702, no. 8 [180]
1658 24 Nov Johan Fursland & Anne Fursland, by John Elford, esq, their guardian v. John Rich, gent & Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Fursland; James Abraham; James Searle; and Henry Legassicke C78/1294, no. 8 [181]
1658 25 Nov William Aldcroft of Tenterden, Kent and Sarah his wife late wife of Thomas Brett late of Tenterden decd; John Brett, Mildred Brett, Sarah Brett & Elizabeth Brett infants, son & daughters of the said Thomas Brett & Sarah Aldcroft v John Brett, citizen & merchant taylor of London. Portions payable from personal estate of Thomas Brett C78/644, no. 21 [182]
1658 25 Nov John Rolfe v Mary Smith, widow. Debts in connection with the purchase of mines for 'Lyon Inne', Warden, Kent. C78/1150, no. 4 [183]
1658 26 Nov Edward Atkinsone of the Justices of the Common Bench at Westminster & Francis his wife executors of John Gulston; George Wentworth; Joseph Naylor; John Lake & Judith his wife; Jeremy Rossendale & Grace his wife the said Grace being administratrix of John Benson her late husband decd, for the use of Robert Benson; Thomas Benson; Susan then the wife of Abraham Haigh, Margaret the wife of John Naylor & Elizabeth the wife of Philip Lilly, the children of the bodies of the said John Benson & Grace his wife v John Hopkinson; Christopher Hodgson; Leonard Scurr; William Frear; William Child; George Gill Trust settlement of the manor of Beeston, Yorks. C78/613, no. 4 [184]
1658 26 Nov William Brooke of the City of Norwich; Joane Yallopp, widow & executrix of Robert Yallopp decd; Robert Yallopp son & heir of the said Robert Yallopp decd, an infant by William Priest of Thorpe, Norfolk v Charles Yaxley; John Hobart; John Lovell; George Strutt; John Binge; Robert Baldocke; William Davy Trust settlement and mortgage of manors of Bowthorpe, Cankney, Earsthall, Coulney and Wramplingham and tenements in Norwich, Norfolk C78/716, no. 20 [185]
1658 27 Nov Thomas Breakes of Pannell, Yorks v Francis Hardisty & Ellen his wife; John Midgeley; Thomas Robinson Descent of the Rectory & tithes of Hamsthwayte, Yorks held of the manor of Knaresbrough C78/600, no. 5 [186]
1658 29 Nov John Fowler executor of John Fowler decd v John Prowse and Edmond Cawse Bonds re freighting of ship "Boxtree" of Plymouth, in Tenariffe C78/541, no. 2 [187]
1658 29 Nov Margaret Baldwyn, widow v George Johnson; John Taylor; Thomas Cooper; Mary Juyans Mortgage of jointure lands in East Greenstead, Sussex C78/572, no. 12 [188]
1658 29 Nov Richard Middlemore an infant by Sir Edward Nicholls of Faxton, Northants v Luke Pretty. Rents due from watermill and watercourse in Oulton, Solihull, Warwicks. C78/650, no. 6 [189]
1658 29 Nov William Fenwicke of Bywell, Northumberland v Dorothy Heron and William Robinson Trust of lands and fishing rights in Bywell, Northumberland. C78/667, no. 3 [190]
1658 2 Dec Benlowes Peeres and Anne Peeres infants by Anne Peeres their mother v Bevercotts Cornewallis Legacies payable from personal estate of Abraham Burrell C78/572, no. 11 [191]
1658 3 Dec Balthazar Beare and Eliza his wife daughter of Sir Walter Leach and executrix of Magdalen Leach her sister decd v Rebecca Trosse, widow; Simon Leach; James Batten Legacies payable by will of Sir Simon Leach from tenements in Bridford, Silverton, Chidleigh, Cadleigh and Cadbury, Devon C78/639, no. 7 [192]
1658 3 Dec Thomas Gipps v Joane Sherwood Rents and profits from lands in Gesings or Gamsell in Ashley and Silverly, and Cheevely, Ashley, Burwell, Newmarkett, Ditton and Kirtlins, Cambs and Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk C78/671, no. 1 [193]
1658 3 Dec Richard Dagnall, gent v. John Iremonger; Robert Nutting; and Ulandina Iremonger, ironmonger C78/1294, no. 3 [194]
1658 6 Dec Ambrose Jennens, citizen & merchant of London v William Jennens Alleged fraudulent will of Abraham Jennens, citizen & cordwainer of London, the complts father C78/716, no. 18 [195]
1658 7 Dec Edward Parker; William Drake; Christopher Edmundson; John Munckes; Richard Dickondson; Robert Ellis; William Lowcocke; William Brockden; William Bailldon; Christopher Dickonson of Cawsall; Christopher Dickonson of the Greene; William Edmonson; William Hudson the elder; Thomas Brockden; Christopher Dickonson of Lecliffe; Christopher Bullcocke; Christopher Bullcocke of Hallings; Christopher Brigg; Richard Riley; James Hartley; Thomas Lowcocke the elder; James Hartley; Richard Lowcocke; Christopher Bracewell; John Muncknolls; Mary Bracewell, widow; William Lowcocke the younger; Christopher Higginne; Henry Hyggin; Thomas Kirke; James Ellis; Roger Broughton; John Bullcocke; Richard Bullcocke; Richard Thomas; Christopher Hartley; Christopher Dickonson of the Parke; Lawrence Leigh; Henry Dugdall; John Watson; William Hudson the younger; James Ellison; Nicholas Dugdall; William Watson; Myles Walker; Thomas Dugdall; Thomas Rydyhough; John Taylor; John Jackson; William Edmondson of the Coateflatt; John Boothman; William Higgin; Richard Broughton; Robert Smyth; William Smith; Margaret Hall; Isabell Parker, widow; Thomas Thomas; James Jackson; Henry Hartley; John Wallbancke; Richard Edmondson; William Parker; Margaret Hall, widow; Jennett Hartley; Richard Boothman; Samuel Atkinson; William Atkinson; Henry Boothman; John Brearcliffe; Thomas Ward v Abraham Halstidd; Lawrence Halstidd the younger; Mathias Halstidd; Edward Halstidd; Charles Halstedd; Oliver Halstedd; James Halstedd children of Lawrence Halstedd the elder; William Currer; Gamaliell Nightingall; John Halstedd; James Dickonson; John Hartley; William Hartley; Nathaniel Hartley; William Boothman; Henry Shawe; John Hargreaves; Thomas Smyth; William Ellingthorpe; James Hargreaves; Richard Watson; Christopher Waite; William Foster; Thomas Chamberlaine Ratification of agreement with tenants of Barnoldswicke, Yorks to purchase their holdings C78/600, no. 9 [196]
1658 7 Dec William Sampson and Hannah his wife v Sir John Wray Lease of the manor and farm of Woodhall, Norfolk C78/747, no. 7 [197]
1658 8 Dec Edward Picks; Edward Picks & Anne Picks infants by the said Edward their father v Thomas Woodford and Henry Wilford Trust of part of manor of Albery, Herts C78/575, no. 2 [198]
1658 8 Dec Richard Wilks of Wilenhall als Wilnhall, Staffs; Thomas Brinley; Erasmus Padmore; Richard Padmore v John Bale; Thomas Brookes; John Tomkys; Thomas Blakeman als Turner; Richard Blakeman als Turner; Thomas Hanson; Abraham Brookes; William Booth; John er;akeman als Turner; George Blakeman als Turner; Francis Carelesse; Widow Eaton als Fletcher; Richard Mavis; Richard Smith; George Perry; Margery Hill; George Rides; John Lunn; Thomas Parks; William Honyman; Widow Moseley; Widow Fletcher als Pedley; Abraham Avery; William Reade the elder; William Reade the younger; Thomas Blackman als Turner the younger Trust of copyhold and freehold lands in the manor of Siowe Heath and townships of Wilenhall and Bentley, Staffs, given to support a curate at Willenhall chapel of ease C78/644, no. 13 [199]
1658 8 Dec John Grigg of Flamstead, Herts, gent, son and heir of John Grigg of Flamstead, gent v. Barbara Potts, widow; Robert Booth, esq; and Robert Booth, an infant C78/1294, no. 2 [200]
1658 8 Dec Theophilus Brooke, by Thomas Dunn & Judith his wife, his guardian v. Andrew Bromeley C78/1294, no. 7 [201]
1658 9 Dec Richard Kirkeby; Roger Kirkeby, Ann Kirkeby & Temperance Kirkeby infants by the said Richard Kirkeby their father v Edward Trussell; Frances Murray; Jane Murray Legacies payable by will of David Murray, father in law to the complt Richard, from his personal estate C78/667, no. 13 [202]
1658 10 Dec John Moore, gent v. Sir John Mayne, knight and baronet C78/1009, no. 12 [203]
1658 11 Dec John Wentworth v Arthur Aldburgh; William Aldburgh; Hugh Smythson; James Brookes; Stephen Jackson; Henry Darley; Richard Darley; John Wood; Thomas Redshawe Trust settlement of manors of Humburton, Ellingthorpe and Aldburgh, Yorks C78/600, no. 11 [204]
1658 11 Dec Sir William Brereton baronet on his own behalf and as guardian to Mary Brereton and Cicely Brereton infants his daughters underage v. William Biddulph; Richard Newdegate esq; Richard Pyott esq; Anthony Biddolph; Theophilus Biddolph; Lawrence Wright doctor in phisick; and Henry Jackson gentleman C78/1921, no. 20 [205]
1658 13 Dec Anthony Loveday of Chedeston, Suffolk v John Baldwyn of Beccles, Suffolk, innholder Debts and bonds. C78/542, no. 9 [206]
1658 13 Dec Robert Nettleton executor of Dame Mary Osbaldston, widow decd v Christopher Wandesford; Major Norton; William Wandesford; William Humberston, draper; Sir Gerrard Lowther The estate of Christopher Wandesford, deceased. Debts owing to Sir Richard Osbaldson C78/551, no. 4 [207]
1658 13 Dec Mildmay, Earl of Westmorland; John Earl of Clager; Thomas Thornebust v John Stokes and William Stokes Principal from sale of manor of Seend and Seend Rewe, Wilts. C78/613, no. 2 [208]
1658 13 Dec Robert Pudd of Much Oakeley, Essex, husbandman v Thomas Nussey and Thomas Puckle Terms of lease of lands in Beamond, Essex. C78/710, no. 12 [209]
1658 13 Dec Sir James Crofts v Dame Mary Crofts, widow; Oliver St John Possession of mansion house in Paddington, Middx C78/747, no. 6 [210]
1658 14 Dec John Wingfield and Anne Wingfield v Thomas Essington; Sir Robert Wingfield an infant by Sir John Jacob; William Morgan; Thomas Humble and others (not named) Portions from testamentary settlement of manors of Brightwell, Casnolls or Foxhall, Rivershall in Waldringfield, Wickes Bishop and rectories of Waldringfield, Brightwell

Casnolls, Rushmere and Kesgrave, Suffolk, by will of Anthony Wingfield.

C78/550, no. 4 [211]
1658 16 Dec Blannch Tooke widow & relict of Ralph Tooke decd v William Tooke Settlement of a marriage portion C78/587, no. 11 [212]
1658 16 Dec John Covier & Agnes his wife executrix of Francis Mills decd; Henry Chorley executor of John Chorley decd; Elizabeth Sealy administratrix of Elizabeth Sealy decd; Henry Lugg & Penelope his wife, relict & administratrix of John Mallacke; Henry Amory; Robert Wescombe; Mary Mil..; Gunnett Meare; Justine Chilcott executrix of Richard Chilcott who was executor of John Chilcott v Robert Marks & Elianor his wife; Henry Goodinge; Robert Washer..ott Debts payable from trust of messuages in Fitzhead, Somerset. C78/621, no. 2 [213]
1658 16 Dec. Sir John Holland; Edmond Phettiplace; Thomas Jeoffries v Henry Green Office of Woodward in Oakley Wood, Gloucs. C78/650, no. 5 [214]
1658 16 Dec Miles Raven an infant, son & heir of Roger Raven of Chute, Wilts v Thomas Lower; William Lower; Gregory Tom; William Thomas; William Dickinson Legacies payable by will of Sir Francis Lower, from lands in Tregonicke and Depford, Cornwall C78/667, no. 14 [215]
1658 16 Dec John Jones esq v. Isaac Legay, merchant C78/1232, no. 8 [216]
1658 17 Dec Barbara Middleton relict & administratrix of Thomas Midleton; John Hill; Henry Breathe; Thomas Smith v Thomas Hale. As with C78/559, no. 12 under 22 Nov. 1660 C78/559, no. 13 [217]
1658 20 Dec Anne Lightborne, widow, relict & executrix of John Lightborne decd v Dame Katherine Vanlore, widow; Henry Crooke; John Lawrence Debts payable from manors of Hamsteed or Hamsteed Norris, Berks, and lands in Fenchurch Street and Coleman Street, London C78/671, no. 17 [218]